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"Mike's Lap Dance"

We came stumbling in, drunk, wet and laughing our asses off. Running from the car, up the stairs to my crappy studio apartment on the second floor we had gotten completely soaked in the August thunderstorm.

"Fuck, dude, I'm soaked," Mike cried.

"No shit, me too!"

"Jesus, it's hot in here. Your landlord never got you ac?"

"Nah, he's too fuckin' cheap."  I opened one of the windows and switched on the little fan, trying to get some air into the tiny, hot room.

It was Mike's 21st birthday. We're buddies from the community college. Ended up working together on the same construction site for the summer while we tried to figure out what the hell we were doin' with ourselves. For his birthday I'd taken him to a strip club in town. Blew every last penny buyin' him brews and a lap dance. The chicks at this place were smokin'! We tried to make our beers last as long as we could, watchin' the girls work the pole. There was this one chick, I could tell Mike was into her, long brown hair, long legs and un-fucking-believable tits. Every time she came out to dance, Mike was silent, his jaw slack, watchin' her dance. I'd given him some singles to tip them and she was the only one he'd give a dollar to. She'd come up to the edge of the stage where we were sittin' and she'd get down on her knees, gyrating right in front of him. She was hot - flat, tan belly and those fuckin' tits jigglin' right in his face. She'd smile down at him and he'd just stare at her with that stupid fuckin' look on his face. And then he'd slowly pull out a single and tentatively place it in her g-string as she danced for him. As soon as she snapped her g-string around the bill, he'd yank his hand back as if he'd been bit. Then she'd move on, winkin' at him her firm round ass shakin' as she walked away.

"I think I'm in love," Mike said.

"I'll be sure to tell Jill," I replied.

He punched me hard on the shoulder. "You fuckin' tell Jill I was here and you're fuckin' dead."

"You'd be dead, dick-face, she'd fuckin' kill you. Don't worry, pussy. Not a word." Mike's girlfriend had a notoriously tight leash. It had been quite an elaborate operation gettin' him out alone tonight.

It was gettin' on closing time; we were both a bit tipsy. We were about to get ready to leave when that brunette came out from backstage and started makin' her way around the floor. She came right up next to Mike, all topless and shit, and started makin' small talk. Mike just sat there starin' at her like an idiot.

"It's my friend here's birthday, and I'd like to buy him a lap dance with you," I said.

"I'd be honored," she said in her soft, sultry voice.

I slipped her my last two twenties and she took his hand and led him off to the back room before he even knew what happened. As she was leading him off he turned back and gave me a thumbs up. I flipped him the bird. I sat there at the bar, my beer and my pockets empty. There was this chick dancin' the pole. She was pretty fuckin' hot. Curly red hair, nice, natural lookin' tits and a big round ass. She was bendin' over showin' off her mound covered in that tiny g-string and I couldn't help thinkin' about slidin' my stiff dick into her tight pussy. I imagined her pussy lips, covered in fine red hairs, stretching open as my big fatty split her open. My dick was rock-hard in my cargo shorts as i imagined splittin' her open while I was watchin' her dance, feelin' up her tits and showin' off her tight body.

I was considering heading to the men's room to snap one off when Mike came stumbling back to the bar.

"Holy shit..." he said.

"You pop off in your pants, stud?" I joked.

"Fuck you. Nearly," he said, bustin' up. "Fuckin' hell, that chick is on fire!"

Just then, the MC said the show's over and the house lights started comin' up revealing the seedy carpet and the rest of the old creeps who were there.

"Let's get the fuck outta here," I said and we bolted.

I grabbed his keys outta his hand and said, "I'm drivin', you're too fuckin' trashed."

He didn't object and we took off outta the parking lot. "Why don't you crash at my place. I don't wanna drive all the way back to your place. I'm not exactly sober myself. I'll roll you a joint"

"Sure, what the hell," he said.

"So. How was it?"

"How was what?"

"You know what, fuckin' idiot. Your lap dance."

"That's between me and Justice."

"Justice? That's what she said her name was?"

"Yeah. What?"

"You fuckin' tool. That ain't her real name."

He looked at me blankly. "Well...," he trailed off.

"Well, nothin'. You're even stupider than you look," I said laughin' at his gullibility.

Just as we were pulling into the parking lot of my building, we heard the loud crack of thunder and it started to pour.

"Fuck dude, let's run," I said as we jumped out of the car and ran up the stairs to my apartment. We were totally soaked by the time I got out my keys and got the lock open.

I kicked off my flip-flops, stripped off my wet t-shirt and shucked off my cargo shorts so I was just in my boxer shorts. I dug around in the cabinet for a joint I knew I had stashed there and lit it up. Mike was just standing in the middle of the room, dripping wet and lookin' stupid. I lit up, took a drag off the joint and handed it to him.

"You wanna get outta those wet clothes, birthday boy?"

"Yeah, guess so," he said takin' a long drag.

I didn't bother puttin' anything else on. It was hot and humid and the little fan didn't do much to cool off the room. Plus, I kinda liked hangin' around my place with nothin' on. If Mike wouldn't have been there, I would've taken everythin' off. I put on some hip-hop music while Mike struggled with his wet sneakers and jeans.

I sat down on the fold out couch. "So, you never finished tellin' me about your lap dance."

"Like I said, that's between me and Jus..., her," Mike said, strippin' of his wet jeans. I couldn't help but notice that his y-fronts had gotten wet through his jeans and were nearly transparent. He walked towards me and handed me back the joint. I took a drag and watched as he walked back to where the stereo was, stripping off his shirt and then leaning over to fiddle with the stereo. Mike's body was pretty tight. Not that I thought of him that way. It's just, between workin' construction all summer and playin' sports during the school year, we were both pretty tight. I was lookin' over at Mike, leanin' over, his damp y-fronts clinging to his ass. He stood up straight lookin' at some of the books in the cabinet and he shifted his weight from side to side. I couldn't help starin' at his ass. Mike was lean and muscular, but he had a big ass. When we'd play pick up games me and the guys always teased Mike that he got an ass like a Dominican chick. It was true. Big and firm. I was gettin' pretty stoned, and horny, starin' at his big, muscular ass in the dim light.

"C'mon man, give me somethin'. Was she a good dancer at least?"

Mike turned around. "Hell, yeah she was. You saw her out there." Mike did a ridiculous little dance, tryin' to imitate how she worked the pole.

I bust up laughin' at him. He was a fool. The more I laughed, the more he did this crazy dance, kinda grindin' against a make-believe pole. I was laughin' so hard my eyes teared up. Mike grabbed the joint and took a drag.

"Best fuckin' present you ever gave me, bro," Mike said. He handed the joint back and I took one last drag before puttin' it out.

Just then one of the songs that they had been playin' at the strip club came on the radio and Mike let out a big whoop. He turned his back to me and started shakin' his ass like one of those chicks in the club. Man, his big ass jiggled just like those chicks. I don't know if it was the weed or the heat or what, but I felt my dick twitch in my boxers. Mike was goin' crazy, shakin his ass, singin' at the top of his lungs and generally crackin' himself up.

"That how she dance for you?" I asked.

Mike looked back over his shoulder at me and nodded, giving me a ridiculous wink.

"Oh yeah, that's right. She shook it alright. Right in my lap. Damn she was hot." Mike was going nuts. Shakin' his ass like he was in some kinda rap music video.

I scooted forwrard on the edge of the sofa, my legs splayed apart. I could feel my nuts hangin' low in the heat and my dick was stretchin' out lazily across my thigh.

"Let's see how she did it," I said. Mike spun around. Stopped. Stared at me. Watchin' me. I looked at his y-fronts and could see the bulge of his soft cock and his nuts. He cocked his head, and slowly a sly grin crept across his face.

"Bet you'd like that, wouldn't you?" he asked.

"Maybe I would. Spent all my money on your sorry ass. Least you could do is gimme a little show. Show me what she did for you," I said.

"Alright, then. Guess I owe you that." The song changed, a slower tempo. Mike turned around again. Swayed his hips slowly, started laughin' to himself. He backed up slowly, between my legs and bent over, wavin' his ass in my face. I could see his crack through the thin, white material. He straightened up. Then he bent his knees lowering his ass on my lap. His ass made contact with my dick and I was fuckin' rock hard. He pulled away suddenly, but then looked back again. He looked down at my boxers, my thick dick pokin' up against my boxers. He had to have seen it; felt it.

The strangeness of the situation seemed to make it more exciting. For both of us. I mean, he was givin' me a lap dance for fuck's sake.

"Did you get hard when she danced for you?" I croaked.

"Rock hard," he said.

"What else she do?" I asked.

Mike's eyes were half closed as he turned around to face me. The bulge in his y-fronts looked bigger now. He stumbled a bit before closing in on me again. He stepped closer so his legs were on the outside of mine. He pushed me back on the sofa so I was leaning further against the back of the sofa. He put his hands on the back of the sofa and lowered his ass so he was grindin' his ass against my rock-hard cock again.

"She was doin this," he said, lookin' me right in the eye. His big, muscled arms on either side of my head as he rubbed his big ass against my boxer-covered cock.

"I was hard too," he whispered.

"You were?" I asked. Mike was so close, I could smell the beer and pot and man smell of him. I looked down at where our bodies met and I could see his cock, hard and pressing against the thin fabric of his underwear.

"Yeah, hard as hell. ‘Cept she was only wearin' a g-string. Had a nice ass."

Mike got up again, turning, facing away from me. Slowly he hooked his thumbs in his underwear, pushing them down slowly exposing the firm flesh of his big ass. It was a sight. Two big round melons, high and tight, yet soft and yielding. He backed up again and ground his now naked ass against my cock.

"She was doin' this," he said. "Felt fuckin' awesome. I was hard like you."

"Yeah?" I whispered.

My dick was fuckin' hard as a rock as his naked ass crack slid over my cock.

"Wished I could've ripped off my clothes and feel her against my naked skin," he said.

Mike moved away for a second and I didn't even think before I was shoving my boxers off fast as I could before he changed his mind.

When I got ‘em off, my stiff eight inches slapped up against my flat, tight stomach. Mike leaned back again. I nearly fainted when I felt his strong, firm ass, naked against my throbbing cock. It was hot and the sweat made his ass slick against my cock. His smooth, firm ass was drivin' me crazy.

"Yeah, wished I could've done that," he said.

He kept rubbbin' back and forth. I loved the way the my dick looked slippin' between his ass cheeks. His back was sweaty and I could feel the hairs around his hole ticklin' my cock.

"Wanted to fuckin' slide my dick up in her. Made me crazy watchin' her shake that ass on my lap," Mike said.

He slid further back so his hole rode right over my fat dick-head. I could feel it openin' for me. It wasn't like it was really happening. It was too surreal. He pulled further away and I grabbed my dick and rubbed it against his hole, parting his plump ass cheeks with my thick cock. I didn't know what I was doing. It was just happening. Like it was happening to someone else.

He rubbed his ass against my dick-head a few times, feeling the size of it. And then, as if it was no big deal, he readjusted himself and the head slipped in his ass.

I gasped. The tightness of his ass clampin' around my cock-head took my breath away. He didn't move for a second. He was bracing himself, his hands on his bent knees. Slowly he took more of my fat cock and I was amazed as I watched his tight ass swallow more of my thick cock. Fuck, it felt good. I grabbed his hips as he slid more of me up his tight velvety hole. He kept bouncin' on it. Each time goin' a little further, in time with the music. Pretty soon he had all eight up his tight hole and I moaned feeling his big, manly ass grindin' against my pubes.

He started ridin' me. Slidin' his tight hole up and down my thick shaft. My dick ached, hard as hell, up his tight smooth hole. I was mesmerized, watching his big ass taking all of my cock. I was surprised to see, from the movement of his arm, that he was jerkin' off. He was fuckin' into it! He started ridin' it faster, his big ass cheeks jigglin' as he pumped himself on me.

"Damn, feels good," I moaned.

"Yeah, fuckin' good."

He pulled all the way off and I grabbed my cock quickly and aimed back at his hole. He found my knob and sank back all the way down on my thick shaft. I grabbed his cheeks and massaged the yielding flesh. I gave his left cheek a slap and watched it shake. I squeezed his ass cheeks hard, digging my fingers into his muscled flesh. I grabbed his hips and pulled him against me hard, thrusting up to get more of my cock in him. His arm was moving fast, jackin' himself. I was gettin' close - I knew I would shoot soon. I let go and put my hands behind my head and watched as kept ridin' my thick cock. The sight of his big ass takin' me all the way was gettin' me closer. He slowed down a bit, sensing that I was close.

He pulled off again, leavin' me hard and aching. He turned around to face me. His own thick 7 incher was standin' up hard. He got in closer, straddling me. He reached around, grabbed my cock, brought it to his hole and sank down on it. I watched his cock as he slid down on me. Halfway down, his cock throbbed and jerked in the air and when he sank all the way down it jerked again. He ground his ass against my cock, all the way in. He started to ride me faster now, his hands bracing himself against my legs. I watched as his thick cock throbbed as he impaled himself on me. He was a little shorter than me, but maybe thicker and uncut. His foreskin rolled back halfway over his dick-head and I could see the pre-cum pooling up around his foreskin. His big low hangers bounced as he rode me.

The smell of sweat and funk hung heavy in the room and I could feel the cum boiling up in my heavy nuts. This was the weirdest, hottest thing I'd ever done. It was like I was watching something happening to someone else. I reached out tentatively and grabbed the hot, thick shaft of his cock. It was smooth and soft, yet hard as steel. I gently moved the skin up and down watchin' his generous foreskin cover and uncover his shiny head.

"Yeah, like that,"he moaned.

I kept it up as he rode me. Getting bolder, I gripped his shaft harder and started to jerk him faster. I was thrusting my hips up to meet his ass as he kept bouncing on my cock.

I felt him get harder in my hand and before I knew what was happening he groaned and his cock started spewing his cum as I fisted him. I could feel his ass clamp down hard on my cock as his dick jerked and throbbed in my hand, shooting his cum all over both of us. My nuts drew up tight in their sack and I fell over the edge, pumping my cock hard up into his ass and shooting cum up his tight, fiery hole. My dick jerked and throbbed as I shot my hot cum up his hole. He was riding me hard as I pumped his cock with my fist, cum spewing out of his piss slit. My body thrashed against his as I came in him, his ass still spasming around my cock. I came so hard I nearly blacked out. Mike moved more slowly on my cock as his big dick continued to ooze cum. He ground his ass back on my throbbing dick, moving in slow circles as I kept fillin' him with cum. He brushed my hand off his sensitive cock and I watched it throb and slowly deflate. Meanwhile he slowed to a stop on my cock.

He looked me in the eye and gave me a sheepish smile. I exhaled deeply and said, "Holy shit. That was amazing."

He quietly lifted himself off my cock, and without a word made his way to the bathroom. I watched, in awe, the way his big ass moved as he walked away from me.

I found a towel on the floor and cleaned myself off, listening to the sounds of the shower being turned on. I put my boxers back on and cracked open a couple of beers.

I was waiting outside the bathroom when Mike came out wearing only a towel.

"You better not tell Jill," he said smiling.

"Scout's honor," I said, smiling back.


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