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"New Sheriff - New Laws"
The Mayor and town council searched over the 18 applications to fill the position of Sheriff. They new that being such a small southern town, one compromising of only 4500 people, and such a low salary, their quest for a reliable Sheriff was probably going to be a rather difficult one. In the past 4 months, the town has been plagued with a wide variety of crimes. Their once peaceful streets have since been the home of thugs, many of which, reside in a neighboring town.
One application captured the Mayor's attention. Colt Adams was a former Navy Seal and a current Texas Ranger with 16 years of law enforcement under his belt. The Mayor passed Colt Adam's resume and application along to the town council members. By far, in their eyes, this was their man! The Mayor, placing the phone on speaker, called a reference that Mr. Adam's provided in his resume and application. This reference was a Captain with the Texas Rangers.
Once their greetings were exchanged, the Mayor informed the Capt. what his call was about. This is what everyone in the room heard from the Capt. "Ah yes, Colt Adams. Well Mayor, I know we'll (Rangers) be sad to see Colt leave, cause he is certainly one of the most legendary Rangers throughout all of Texas. The shit that man's been through is what movie makers foam at the mouth over. Yes sir, Colt Adams is one hell of a man and he'll make you one hell of a Sheriff. (The Mayor explained the town's recent rise in crime) Mr. Mayor sir, one thing about Colt is that he don't give no shit, and he definitely don't take no shit either. The question you folks need to ask yourself is not whether or not Colt would make a good Sheriff, no sir that's not the question at all, but what you folks need to ask yourselves is whether or not you are ready for a man like Colt Adams. Huh, the crime you spoke about, Colt would tackle without hesitation. With all do respect sir, Colt Adams is what one could define as, as one bad ass mouther fucker who don't take no shit from anyone!"
A few more questions were asked by the Mayor, to which the Capt. readily provided the answers. Just prior to ending the conversation, the Capt. spoke once more for all ears in the room to hear, "Mr. Mayor sir, you obviously have never met Ranger Adams face to face yet. The man's voice is low just like that of Clint Eastwood, but don't ever let his soft voice fool you, no sir, don't make that mistake. Colt's mere presence alone commands respect, and fear, all at the same time. He's built like some freaking freight train, standing about 6' 7", and weighs a very muscular 310 pounds, and he's as fast as lightning. There's been many a criminal who thought they could outrun Colt, but they all felt his power when he caught them. There has also been more than a few who tested their fighting prowess against Colt, and let's say, not one of them would ever dare to ask for a rematch. Like I told you earlier, Colt Adams is one bad ass mother fucker and he'll definitely clean you town up, real quick like!"
Once their conversation ended, a vote was passed and every council member voted unanimously to hire Colt Adams as their new Sheriff. The day of the swearing in for Colt Adams to be their new Sheriff, over 2500 people gathered at the town's auditorium to witness the man that all the rumors had been created over. The Mayor, standing behind the podium announced Colt Adam's name, and the man wearing a tan cowboy hat, short sleeve blue flannel shirt and cowboy cut blue jeans, stood up for all to see. Standing next to the Mayor, who was fairly tall himself, standing a good 6'2", their new Sheriff towered over the Mayor and was a whopping three times as wide.
Sheriff Colt Adams addressed the crowd, "First of all, I thank all of you for this wonderful opportunity. I give you my word that you will once again be able to walk the streets without fear of anyone. Let it be know on this day that a new Sheriff's in town, and with that, comes new laws!"
Sheriff Adams was sworn in by the Mayor, and once all the mingling was over, Colt walked up to the Mayor, and asked, "Who's the top dog around these parts?"
The Mayor acted a bit surprised by the question, and with his hesitation, Colt asked in a different way, "Uh, who is the town's bad ass, you know, that one guy who likes to stir up travel that everyone fears when he walks into the room?"
A lady in her 40's overheard the question, and she is the one who provided Colt with the answer, "Oh, that's easy to answer. That would be Billy Joe Croucher. He's a trouble maker from the word go, and like all bullies, he loves beating up people for no reason whatsoever. Heck, even our old Sheriff did everything he could to avoid a run-in with Billy Joe. Sir, I know you are new here, but you need to be real careful around Billy Joe, cause he's nothing but troublesome trash!"
Once everyone left the auditorium, Colt knew he had to get the word out that he wasn't about to back down from anyone, so he set out looking for this, Billy Joe Croucher, to uh, introduce himself face to face with the town's bad ass. While Colt was driving around, he was also taking in the beautiful scenery this town offered.
Later that day, Colt pulled up to the town's only bar. It was a rundown dive of a place located at the end of a long dirt road. Colt parked his vehicle and stepped inside. Standing at the doorway just inside the bar, Colt waited for his eyes to adjust to the dim lighting. Country music was playing and at his best guess, there must have been 20 or so patrons milling around. Some were playing pool while others sat around tables, and there was 6 guys sitting on stools at the bar itself.
All eyes fell upon the new town Sheriff as he confidentially walked around shaking some of the men's hands as he passed them. What those wandering eyes saw was a huge muscular looking man wearing a tan colored cowboy hat, blue denim short sleeve shirt, cowboy cut blue jeans, and cowboy boots. Some went a bit further noting Colt's thick, but neatly trimmed, mustache and dashing green eyes. Some noted Colt's square like jaw which only added to his ruggedly handsome good looks.
As Colt walked in between two pool tables, the moment of truth presented itself when a young man, all of about 25 years old, stepped in front of him blocking his forward motion. Colt judged the guy to stand a good 6'4", and weighed a fairly solid 250 pounds. Without being properly introduced, Colt immediately guessed that this man was Billy Joe Croucher.
It was then that the man spoke, "Well, well, well, what do we have here? Looks like we've got us a new Sheriff. Just in case you aren't smart enough to figure things out boy, you aint in Texas no more. Dressing up like a cowboy don't impress nobody, especially not me! Let's get things straight before you find yourself all busted up. Around these parts, I'm the law, and don't you ever fucking forget it!"
Colt didn't even blink an eye as he glared into the man's eyes watching for the slightest of move. Colt's soft flowing voice was heard by all, especially now since someone had shut the jukebox off, "You must be Billy Joe Croucher. The way I see it, you don't have any respect for the law, but I will assure you that you will soon be changing your mind. In fact, your bullying days are over! The next time you feel like you just got to hit someone, give me a call, cause I hit back. And, just for the record, I'm a far cry from being a boy so don't ever fucking call me a boy ever again. You may strike fear amongst those who know you, but I promise you, you don't do shit for me. Either step out of my way, or the chances of you getting your ass beat are going to get pretty high."
Billy Joe was not accustomed to anyone standing up to him, especially anyone who was as calm as the man standing before him. Both Billy Joe and Colt knew it was too late for Billy Joe to back down now. All of his drinking buddies were watching and listening very carefully, all waiting to see a fight. Colt had been in this very same position many times and knew exactly what to look for.
The next thing that happened caused everyones jaw in the bar to hit the floor. Billy Joe lashed out with a fast right hook, but then their ears captured a bone crushing sound as they all watched Billy Joe fly into the air, landing with a thud on the hard floor in front of one of the pool tables landing flat on his back. As Billy Joe lay there, his entire face was a bloody mess with his blood pouring from his face and now dripping onto the floor. In short, Colt knocked the man out with one heavy handed blow.
Colt took the time to look at all inside the bar, then his soft commanding voice flowed through the silence of the room, "My name is Sheriff Colt Adams, and I will restore peace in this town. I don't tolerate bullying of any kind, and those who do will be answering to me. Let all your family members and friends know that you have a new Sheriff, and with that, comes new laws, and a new way of justice. If you know of anyone who likes to violate the laws, tell them I'll be gunning for them."
By the time Colt got back to his office, the rumor mill had already started about his confrontation with Billy Joe. Colt wasn't proud of what he had done to Billy Joe, but he knew it was something that had to be done. Instead of staying in his office, Colt walked the sidewalk of the main street, stepping inside all of the businesses to introduce himself to the owners and employees. For those who were walking around, they all felt safe knowing that their new Sheriff was making himself high profile in the publics view.
Within a couple of weeks, the crime that had once gripped this towns streets were no longer present. Those would be thugs decided it best to go far away instead of having to deal with Sheriff Colt Adams. Soon, there wasn't a crime of any sorts being reported. To say the least, Sheriff Adams earned their respect, not to mention, a fear of breaking the law.
In the eyes of many, Sheriff Colt Adams was a heavenly saint. Wherever he went, eyes strayed on his hulking physique and protruding crotch basket. Although he may have been this town's answer to a prayer, like many, Colt bore a deep dark secret too. He had been involved in several relationships, but thanks to his work, Colt never found a woman willing enough to deal with his odd working hours. But, that's not his secret!
Colt Adams deep dark secret was that he is a closeted boy lover. He had never had sex with a boy, but he always dreams about them. Colt's other fetish about boys are their butts. He couldn't explain it to himself, much less anyone else for that matter, but Colt had a die hard fetish of sniffing some young boys butt hole. No, he wasn't about smelling unclean butts, nor was smelling a dirty butt a turn-on either. But, through his law enforcement years, Colt became quite accustomed to conducting strip searches, especially on a young violator. It was during the strip search that Colt fed his butt sniffing hunger.
The Mayor invited Colt to toss out the first pitch at the ballpark for all of the youths. Colt was honored for being elected to toss out the first pitch, but knowing that all the boys would be gathered at the ballpark was nothing more than a boy lovers dream.
By now, everyone was accustomed seeing their Sheriff wearing a cowboy hat, some sort of button up shirt, and those tight fitting cowboy cut jeans, and his customary cowboy boots. Today was no different as Colt tossed out the first pitch to start the season. Though the town itself was small, Colt noted that these folks took great pride in their ballpark. There were 4 baseball fields formed in a giant circle with the concession stand located directly in the middle.
Colt walked around exchanging greetings, but kept his eyes roaming from one boy to the other. The boys that really caught his attention were those boys who are 10 years old up to around the 15 age range. And, there were more than plenty of those at the ballpark today. Colt stopped to see a young boy of around 12 standing at the plate waiting for the pitch. Those tight stretchy pants revealed a marvelous little butt as the boy innocently pushed his butt outwards. Colt's mouth constantly watered as he watched boy after boy after boy.
Knowing he would be present at the ballpark, and knowing that the park would be packed with young boys, Colt was smart enough to wear a jock strap. Even wearing a jock, Colt's cock steadily throbbed with angered hardness. Throughout the day, there had been plenty of eyes stealing glances at Colt's bulging crotch, and although unknown to Colt, there had been one set of eyes following his every movement.
Brian Thomas was your typical 13 year old boy, standing around 5'2" and weighing no more than 90 pounds. Brian has long wavy blond hair and piercing crystal blue eyes. To say the very least, Brian is truly a boy lovers fantasy come true. Everything about the boy seems utterly perfect! From his devastating great looks, his small unblemished button nose, perfect white teeth, and twin dimples piercing each smooth facial cheek, Brian was truly blessed in every way humanly possible. Even his soft voice is like that of a flying angel, capable of sending chills racing throughout unsuspecting bodies just from the sound.
Brian was in the auditorium the day Sheriff Colt Adams was sworn in. From the very first moment when Brian saw the Sheriff, something unexplainable ripped through him like a tidal wave. From that moment on, all Brian could think about was Sheriff Colt Adams. Oh yeah, Brian knew he was gay from early on in life, but thanks to being raised in the heart of the Bible Belt, and with a religious alcoholic father, Brian kept being gay a secret. His mother had passed away when he was 4 with a brain tumor, and after she died, his father became an alcoholic. Though his father remained religious, making sure to go to church every Sunday, he also made sure there was plenty of alcohol on hand. Brian's father was also very, very strict!
With Brian's father always passing out from his drunken stupor, Brian made use of the internet to feed into his gay desires. Although he was a virgin, Brian read many, many stories involving gay sex. He also educated himself on the proper usage regarding enemas. Having read about it, Brian began administering enemas to himself on a regular basis. Other than the nozzle of the enema, nothing else had dare to enter his butt. Brian wanted his first time being penetrated to be by a cock, and not some toy.
Brian knew first hand that he was blessed with angelic beauty, but unlike many, he didn't walk around with a chip on his shoulder. About a year ago, his best friend at the time, and in total confidence had asked him if he took a crap. After a short discussion, Brian's friend confided in him that several of the older guys, and some of the girls too had asked them if he had ever seen Brian naked, and if so, what did he look like. Also, it was then that some of them asked Brian's friend if Brian was capable of taking a poop. Even now, a year later, Brian can recall the words his best friend said, "Brian, just look at yourself man! Wherever you go, people stop dead in their tracks just to take a look at you. That's why some folks are curious if you can take a crap or not on account of the way you look."
It was soon after hearing his friend say that was when Brian began flushing out his system, just in case. Hearing people question whether or not he could actually poop was kind of stupid, but it was also very flattering as well. Heck, even he knew everyone pooped, and just because he was blessed with good looks, he certainly wasn't an exception to that fact either. But, he always made sure to clean himself out properly.
After having drank 4 cups of soda, Colt made his way to the public bathroom. It was nothing more than a concrete building that had two urinals and two stalls and two sinks. Colt walked up to the urinal on his left and was in the process of hauling out his meat when a young boy stepped up to the other urinal on his right.
They exchanged their hellos as Colt's eyes strained heavily to stare at the gorgeous angel to his immediate right. Colt noted the boy's long wavy blond hair and recalled those amazing perfect white teeth as he smiled at Colt. By now, Colt had hauled out his 5 inches of pissing limp man meat, and though he couldn't really tell, Colt thought the boy was staring at his pissing manhood. Colt's eyes fluttered as he watched the boy pull down his white stretchy baseball pants, giving Colt a glorious eye full.
The boy's cock arched out from the his slender body with a slight upwards arch, and in total disbelief for Colt, the boy's cock was brickyard hard. Colt's mouth watered as he guessed the boy's cock to be close to the 5 inch range with it being about as thick as the stalk of a carrot. The boy was holding his hard cock with his right hand, offering Colt an unobstructed view. Colt could see the makings of tiny blondish brown pubic hairs bordering either side of the boy's erect mouth watering pole. The head itself was in the shape of a perfect mushroom and the surgeon who conducted the circumcision was indeed a specialists in their field. The mushroom shaped cock head was a tad thicker than the smooth looking, creamy colored, non veiny, shaft.
Colt's eyes drifted momentarily to ogle over the boy's drooping hairless balls. From Colt's angle, the boy's balls were perfectly rounded and about the size of an American quarter. Countless times, Colt fantasized about sucking some young boy's cock, and savoring his cum, and now he was staring at the most perfect cock to have ever been created, belonging to the most incredibly gorgeous boy he had ever laid eyes on.
Leaning back just a bit, and trying hard to make the obvious not obvious, Colt's glaring eyes came into view with the boy's backside. All he could see was about an inch of butt crack, but that was good enough to make Colt's legs buckle from sheer heavenly delight. The smooth creamy flesh looked so delicious, and by eyeing the boy's crack, all Colt could do was wonder what those twin creamy valleys have hidden.
Colt wasn't the only one doing the spying, cause the boy standing to his right was none other than 13 year old Brian Thomas. Brian was doing all that he could to stare at the huge chunk of man meat before his very eyes. To Brian, Colt's flaccid cock was long, and very, very thick. The longer he stared at the Sheriff's meat, Brian was blessed with watching it grow. Soon, the meat of his desire was amazingly erect. Colt was so blind in eyeing the breath taking young beauty that he had completely forgotten all about his own cock, and its throbbing erect state.
Brian stared in total awe at the giant beast, judging it to be somewhere close to the 10 inch range. Just by seeing its mighty thickness, Brian made a mental note that it was thicker than his own forearm, and just like his own, the Sheriff's huge elephant sized meat was circumcised too. Even the huge mushroom shaped cock head was considerably thicker than the already super sized shaft. It was at that very moment that Brian questioned his own ability to be able to suck something so enormous, much less have something so mammoth take his anal virginity.
A man and his son walked in, and both Colt and Brian quickly forced their erect cocks back into their pants. The two washed their hands without uttering a single word, but once outside, Colt introduced himself properly. It was then that he heard the boy's soft angelic voice, causing his already throbbing cock to throb that much harder. Feeling the boy's hand as they shook hands sent chills racing up and down Colt's spine. To say the least, just by touching the boy's hand was electrifying at best!
By the end of their brief conversation, Colt knew Brian's name, his age, and where he lived. Neither spoke about what either had witnessed inside the bathroom, although both were fully mentally aware of it all. At the very end of their conversation, Brian confessed to Colt that he had always been curious to see the inside of the jail area. Colt didn't have to hesitate to invite Brian over to his office for a private tour.
Later that very same day, Colt was sitting behind his desk, milling over some paperwork. After his game, Brian rode his bike home only to find his father passed out on the sofa. Tip toeing into his room, Brian retrieved his enema kit. It was kind of like a hot water bag with a long hose and a 6" nozzle at the end. By now, Brian was well experienced in the art of administering an enema to himself, but over time, he experimented with various concoctions. Presently, he was filling the bag up with luke warm water, pouring in some minty tasting mouth wash, and adding in some coconut bath oil for good measure. Though he didn't know what to expect, Brian wanted to make damn certain that his asshole was squeaky clean, not to mention, his anal canal too.
Colt's office was not only the jail, but it also provided him with living quarters. He lived where he worked, and for Colt, that was good enough. The front door to the office crept open and in walked Brian. Colt's flaccid cock quickly began throbbing just at the mere vision of such an angel. Colt stood up to meet Brian, shook hands once again, then Colt proceeded to give Brian a private tour. The first steel door led from the office area into a small hallway. Then, another steel door led from the hallways into the holding cell area. There were four small jail cells and in the center of the hall, in front of the cells, was a metal desk with one stool. Brian was so excited it reminded Colt of a young boy walking in a candy factory.
Colt gave Brian permission to walk inside each cell as he watched the boy lay down on each metal rack (bed). Each time the boy turned away from him, Colt couldn't resist the urge to stare at his deliciously looking jutting butt. Brian was wearing a white tank top and white shorts with white sneakers. All that white only highlighted the fact of the boy's wavy long blond hair. Colt took the time to study a bit more physical characteristics of Brian. Brian's blondish brown eyebrows were of medium thickness, enhanced only by his long upwards curled blondish brown eye lashes. Though he dare to stare, Colt could only see a few small curls of the same blondish brown hair in the boy's armpits. Searching up and down Brian's body, Colt made mental note that the boy didn't even have peach fuzz on his arms, nor his legs.
Now, the two were standing near the desk when Brian picked up a piece of paper labeled "Strip Search." Before Brian had a chance to toss out a question, Colt spoke, "In here, before any prisoner is placed into a cell, they must undergo a strip search to prevent any contraband from being concealed."
His angelic soft voice purred, "You mean, they got to get naked?"
Colt fired right back, "Not only naked, but I have to search them to make sure they are not hiding anything. You'd be surprised at some of the ways people try to hide things, and where they hide them."
Brian, more inquisitive than ever, politely asked, "How do you go about the strip search?"
Colt, feeling the caged beast within his perverted soul escaping, quickly replied, "There's no way to really describe it. That's something a person has to experience for themselves, but if you stay out of trouble, you'll never have to be strip searched, or unless, you just wanted to see for yourself."
The silence of the cell area was painful to Colt, cause he was hoping beyond any and all hopes that this gorgeous young angel wanted to go along and willingly be strip searched. The longer he stared at this breath taking gorgeous boy, the more he wanted to ravish every delicious inch. All Colt could think about was smelling this young boy's ass, and viewing his entire nude little body.
Brian was fighting against his own will not to sound too overly eager, and after a few heart pounding seconds, he softly stated, "Yeah, sure Sheriff. I'd like to see what the criminals have to go through with the strip search thing."
Colt had Brian step in cell #2 as Colt positioned himself at the cell door's entranceway. Colt had Brian remove his shoes and socks, noting that the boy's feet were very small, and even they looked delicious. Then came the boy's tank top. As Brian was easing his shirt over his head, Colt stared intently at the boy's armpits. Just as he initially saw, the boy's armpits had only a few tufts of blondish brown hairs in the center. With the boy now shirtless, Colt studied his chest and stomach area. Brian's nipples were a pale pink, very tiny, and very erect! Although Colt knew Brian was only 13, the boy was muscularly developed. His chest was hairless and solid, and his rippling six pack abs danced joyously before Colt's perverted eyes.
Colt then ordered the willing boy to remove his shorts. Now, the gorgeous angel was wearing a sheer white bikini style underwear, and Colt didn't have to take a second look to see that the boy's teen cock was already rock solid hard. It was angling upwards along the boy's right side, begging and longing to be set free.
Colt had the boy slowly turn around so that his backside would be facing him. Much to Colt's surprise, this wasn't only a bikini underwear, but more so a thong. Colt's eyes literally danced within their sockets as he bore witness to the most incredibly chiseled tear drop shaped ass his eyes had ever seen. Yes, his butt was small, but awesomely shaped, especially for any boy to possess. Colt's mouth watered endlessly as he carefully studied the boy's unblemished and absolutely perfect muscular butt cheeks. For a brief second, Colt wished that if he died right now, he could come back as the thong that only this angelic beauty wore.
Making the boy face him once again, Colt had Brian remove his underwear. Again, Colt's eyes feasted on the erect 5 inches of teen cock angling itself slightly upwards. The boy's hairless balls swung a good couple of inches below, and the vibrant sac appeared to have been created out of pure silk. With the boy now completely naked, Colt barked, "Now, interlock your fingers behind your head and spread your legs shoulder length apart."
While Brian was getting into position, Colt rolled the stool into the cell and sat down before the naked 13 year old boy. Colt softly whispered, "Now, I have to check you for contraband, so don't move!"
Colt cupped the boy's balls with his right hand, gently stroking the underside of Brian's teen meat with his thumb. The silk like texture and the perfectly rounded balls felt like nothing Colt had ever felt before. Sure, by now at this point in his life, Colt had groped many a young boys balls, but none could ever compare with the sensation of the boy's balls he was now caressing. Brian was also doing his best not to moan, for this certainly was the first strange hand to have ever touched him in such a manner. As for Brian, it was like a steady current of electricity shooting throughout every shaking part of his body.
After a few minutes of manipulating Brian's jewels, Colt released them only to drape his fingers over the boy's pre-cum oozing cock head. Using his thumb and forefinger, Colt pressed them slightly, forcing the boy's precious, and ever so kissable, piss lips to part. In doing so, another huge glob of clear pre-cum came bubbling out.
Feeling the Sheriff's fingers on his aching erect cock sent wave after wave of glorified pleasures screeching through every vein and artery in his body. Brian also knew that if the Sheriff continued touching him in such a manner, he would soon be shooting his cum. Colt squeezed down on the piss lips a few more times, ensuring the top side of his thumb was completely coated with the boy's pre-cum, then had Brian turn around.
Once Brian's backside was facing him, Colt didn't hesitate to stick his pre-cum coated thumb into his mouth. The taste alone made his massive body shutter in pure delight. By no means was it close to being salty. If Colt had to describe Brian's pre-cum using only one word, he would declare the word to be "SWEET."
Colt had Brian step closer to the concrete wall, then spread his legs wide, and lower his body so that his forehead was resting on the wall with his hands still clinging to the back of his head. Once in place, Colt sat on the stool and shivered furiously as to what his eyes were now being blessed with. The boy's chiseled butt cheeks parted, making way for Colt to stare straight at the boy's most hidden and prized possession, his butt hole.
Directly in the center of the creamy valley lay a single tiny little dot, a speck with no brownish tint whatsoever. Yes, Colt had seen, and smelled, plenty of boys assholes before, but just like the boy's magnificent perfect cock and balls, his asshole wasn't left out from sheer perfection. Colt hooked both thumbs on the very inner of Brian's butt cheeks, pried them outwards a bit as his nose centered itself just above the tiny speck.
Breathing in ever so deeply, Colt began feeding the caged animal within his very soul. The aroma spewing into his lungs was a fragrance he had never smelled before, especially on a young teenaged boy. His thumbs expanded his butt cheeks wider, and in doing so, Colt got a birds eye view of the elegant pinkness of the boy's inner most portion of his anal kingdom. Wasting no time, Colt breathed in ever so heavily, and again, that mind boggling scent caused his already spinning mind to swarm in a realm of pure lust.
Brian may be young and a virgin, but he wasn't stupid either. He could feel the Sheriff's hot breath beat down on his spread crack, knowing full well that the man behind him was smelling his exposed asshole. Although he knew what was happening, Brian inwardly prided himself in the fact that he knew his asshole was super clean.
Some time later, with Colt completely intoxicated over the fragrance of Brian's butt hole, and the mere sight as well, Colt forced his face from Brian's butt. His massive body was shaking fiercely as his eyes glued themselves to the boy's miraculously tiny bung hole. Sitting directly behind the boy, Colt definitely got a priceless view. Not only could he stare in awe at his speck of a butt hole, but Colt could clearly see the free swinging balls trapped in their silky sac.
Feeling no more breath hammering away at his crack, Brian figured the Sheriff was just looking at him, and by all means, that was fine by Brian. However, having gone this far, Brian wanted more. More than ever, he wanted to feel for himself the Sheriff's enormous cock take his anal virginity. Brian wanted to experience a blow-job, not only receiving, but giving as well. He had tasted his own cum plenty of times, and now craved to taste that of the Sheriff's. All sorts of thoughts crossed Brian's mind as he stayed glued into position. He had read where some men actually enjoyed licking young boys assholes, and his was more than ready to be licked. Sure, he thought that was a bit gross, but per his readings, the young boy having his asshole tongued always felt nothing but pleasure, and now, now Brian wanted to experience that very same pleasure.
Colt was still sitting down when he told Brian he could stand up. The boy did, but as he faced the seated Sheriff, his teen cock was directly in line with Colt's face, and Colt certainly didn't fail to notice it either. For a few heart pounding seconds, the only sound that could be heard were both of their thumping hearts.
Brian swallowed hard, not knowing what really to say, began softly speaking, "You know Sheriff, being strip searched was kind of fun. I'm sorry my pecker wont go down, but sometimes, it has a mind of its own. Besides, living in a small town like this, there's hardly ever anything for a guy my age to do. Speaking of age, I personally think the law sucks when it comes to having sex. I may only be 13, but I've done plenty of reading. I know all about sex, guys with girls, girls with girls, and guy on guy sex. I've done a lot of reading on guy on guy sex, and I for one don't have a problem with it. So, who cares if an older guy messes around with a boy under the legal age. The way I see it, is if the underage guy wants it, then there shouldn't be a law against it. What do you think Sheriff?"
Colt was still in a wondrous daze, staring in gut wrenching awe at the most beautiful cock he had have seen, belonging to the most beautiful boy his eyes had ever witnessed. Hearing the boy's words, and listening to the question, Colt's soft voice cracked as he spoke, "I'm not sure about it, but the law is the law. However, if both parties are willing, and both agree to total silence, then I guess I can't find a problem with it."
As Colt's eyes glared heavily upon the jutting boy cock, Colt's face began aimlessly venturing closer and closer to the flesh of perfection that was drawing him closer and closer by its magnetic sexual lure. Only in his fantasies had Colt ever sucked a cock, and swallowed its shooting cream. Colt's mouth was so close to Brian's teen meat that the boy could feel the man's fiery breath lash upon his throbbing member and tightening hairless balls. Even Brian began preparing himself for partaking in his first ever blow-job.
Colt's mouth opened widely as it was only within a fraction of an inch away from the boy's pre-cum oozing cock head, and just prior to his lips gracing the boy's rock hard pride, Colt's cell phone began ringing. The ring itself forced Colt to jump back into the stool, sliding it a few feet from where the naked gorgeous boy still stood.
The call was about a vandalism in progress, so once he hung up, Colt stood up, glared down at the gorgeous naked angel, then softly spoke, "I got to go handle some business, but please feel free to come back anytime, and oh, by the way, not a word to anyone about this, okay?"
Brian, feeling a bit frustrated after having come so close, and in one quick second, his dreams dispersed. Looking up at his dream lover, Brian angelically whispered, "You don't have to worry about me Sheriff. I wont tell a single soul, and you can take it to the bank, I'll be back!"
Colt eyed the boy as he got dressed, then led him out of the holding cell area, then sadly, watched the little angel walk out of the front door. Colt didn't have to reason with himself that no matter how hard he tried, even in his most wildest fantasy, his mind would never be able to create such beauty as the beauty that just walked out of his office. Even now, after the gorgeous boy was well out of sight, Colt recanted the boy's amazing and unexplainable anal fragrance. Now, he must go and handle business.
The call was about two young boys who were tossing rocks through the windows of a vacant house. Colt parked his vehicle about a block away, and as he walked closer, he could hear the sound of glass as it was breaking. Easing himself silently behind the house, Colt now saw the perpetrators standing side by side, and both totally unaware that their actions were being dutifully noted by the Sheriff.
The two boys were so engrossed at slinging rocks that neither heard the Sheriff as he walked up directly behind them, then latched onto both of their shirts with each of his larch paws, right at the scruff of their shoulders. Colt smiled that evil bearing grin of his as he spoke, "Well, well, well. Looks like I got myself a couple of no-good vandals."
The shorter, and younger of the two boys cried, "I'm sorry sir, I'm sorry, really I am sir."
The taller, and older boy quickly barked, "Shut-up and stop your damn crying!"
As Colt was walking both boys back to his vehicle, he looked at the younger boy and asked, "What's your name and how old are you?"
The boy fought back his whimpers as he replied, "Ryan Toliver sir, and I'm, I'm uh, 11 sir."
Colt repeated the question to the older boy, and his response was more deliberate, "Man, I aint got to tell you shit!"
At this point, all three had just walked up to Colt's vehicle, and once heard the boy's smart ass reply, Colt slammed the boy up against the side of his vehicle, and with an angrier than hell look, gritting his teeth as he said, "Look here boy, you might talk that kind of shit to some other people, but you will not disrespect me. When I ask you a question, you had best give me the honest answer, you got that son?"
When he felt his body being lifted up and then felt the sudden stop as it hit the side of the Sheriff's vehicle, that's when Nick (the older boy) realized he was in deep, deep shit! Nick quickly and more respectfully replied, "Sorry Sheriff. My name's Nick, Nick Toliver and Ryan is my little brother. And oh, I'm 16 sir."
The ride back to his office was filled with an eerie silence, more so for Nick and Ryan. Ryan, the 11 year old, couldn't stop balling his eyes out. Nick, trying to still act like he's some kind of tough guy, was doing everything possible to avoid breaking down and crying.
Once inside the Sheriff's office, Colt let both boys into the holding cell areas. He placed the youngest boy, Ryan, into the cell to his far left, then placed Nick into the far right cell, making sure both boys were completely prohibited from seeing the other.
Once the boys were in their perspective cells, Colt walked back to Ryan's cell and began studying the boy's physical features. At best guess, Colt guessed the boy was close to 5'2", and weighed a slender 85 or so pounds. The boy's hair was brown and curly, but kept short. To Colt, Ryan was kind of cute, but not cute enough to be involved in one of his fantasies, however, seeing the boy naked was still something he was eagerly excited about. Ryan's small nose was covered in tiny freckles, and his white teeth would probably need some braces in order to get them straightened out.
Colt informed both boys of the proceeding strip search, and one article of clothing at a time, Colt soon had young Ryan standing naked, legs widely spread, and both hands locked behind his head. Colt was standing in front of the naked boy, a good 5 feet away, to ensure himself the maximum viewing advantage. Ryan's soft boy cock was only about an inch long, circumcised, and very slender. His pubic area was completely void of any hair life, and that also included his hairless marble sized nuggets. The boy's tiny jewels were held tightly within their satiny looking sac, and just from viewing such a specimen, Colt had already made up his mind that he now had to have his hands on them.
Without uttering a single word, Colt scooted the stool directly in front of the nervous boy, sat down, and quickly cupped Ryan's hairless marbles with his right hand. Ryan instinctively lurched upwards as soon as he felt the Sheriff's hand clutch onto his balls. Just as he anticipated, the manipulation of the 11 year old boy's balls began making his preteen boy meat grow rapidly. All too soon, Colt was now blessed with eyeing Ryan's 3 1/2" jutting boy cock as it erected itself straight from the boy's body like a perfectly shaped missile.
As Colt fondled the boy's balls and lightly thumbed his preteen meat, Colt explained the process of checking for contraband. Ryan listened carefully although his body began tingling all over as to this overly rewarding stimulation to his unused boy parts.
A very short time later, Colt had Ryan turn around, bending over at the hips, spreading his legs shoulder length apart, and resting his forehead on the cold concrete wall. Sitting on the stool, Colt now saw the boy's hairless crack and asshole. Placing his thumbs on the inner most portion of Ryan's butt cheeks, Colt spread them outwards while his nose automatically dove in between the creamy valley.
Instantly, the aroma shot deep into his lungs, detecting a faint smell of soap, some natural boy sweat, and unfortunately, a heavier odor of poop. Colt took a few more deep whiffs before scooting the stool backwards, then ordered the boy to get dressed.
Upon leaving Ryan's cell, Colt slammed the cell door shut, locking it behind him as he pushed the stool over to Nick's cell. Nick, being all of 16, stood squared as Colt now was eyeing him up and down. Nick was about 5'10", and weighed a proportionate 165 pounds. Just like his younger brother, he too had brown curly hair and a faint trace of a one day fine mustache. Once Colt was done studying the boy's details, Colt ordered him to strip.
Being ever so defiant, Nick stood his ground, and blurted, "Fuck that! I aint fucking stripping for you!"
Colt had that evil smirk on his face as he replied, "Okay, but let me tell you how this works. There's two ways you can strip, conscious or unconscious, and you don't have much time to make up your mind. And, the next time you cuss me, I'm gonna whip your little ass until I beat some fucking respect into you, got it son? Now, either remove your clothes, or you will wake up naked. Now, what's it gonna be?"
Pure hatred flashed into Nick's eyes as he kicked off his shoes, peeled his socks off, then yanked his pullover t-shirt from his body, throwing each item of clothing at Colt's feet. Colt determined that Nick would be a fine catch for anyone, being somewhat considerably cute in his own boyish kind of way. His chest had some muscle definition, and so did his stomach for that matter. Colt also didn't see any hair except the patch of underarm hair inside each armpit.
From his inward belly button to the top of his shorts, Colt clearly saw a fine line of black fuzz forming a delicious looking goodie trail. Nick angrily ripped off his shorts, and threw them at the Sheriff's feet, and now stood wearing only his dingy well worn boxer shorts. Colt pointed a finger at Nick's underwear and the boy got madder than hell as he almost lost his balance as he almost tore them free from his body, and again, slung them to the ground before Colt's feet.
Before Colt's perverted eyes was a soft 3 inches of precious teen circumcised meat, hovering over two very full medium chicken egg sized hairy nuggets. The boy's black pubic hairs was in dire need of a proper trimming too, offering the impression of a wild overgrown bush. Nick's hairy balls swung freely between his legs an impressive 5 inches, if not more.
Colt rolled the stool in front of Nick, and in doing so, he explained the procedure for checking contraband. The boy refused to utter a single word, but once he felt the Sheriff's hand cup his balls, an accidental soft purr evaded his lips. As always, while fondling the balls, Colt intentionally used his right thumb to lightly caress the underside of the boy's rapidly growing teen organ.
The once 3 inch soft dangling meat rapidly grew to its fullest and hardest state, topping out at a solid 6 throbbing inches. Unlike his younger brother, Nick's cock had a slight upwards arch and a slight hook flowing to his left. The pink plumb shaped nob was slightly thicker than the creamy shaft, and the piss lips were steadily puckering. The other thing that Colt couldn't help not to notice was Nick's surprising thickness. When hard, the teenager's cock was rather thick for its length. Nick was fighting against the odds not to allow his inner feelings fly from his mouth as he began biting on his bottom lip. He knew his cock was hard, but he just couldn't will it to go down.
Colt released Nick's balls, then had him get into the same position he had just had his younger brother in. Again, hooking the insides of the boy's butt cheeks, and spreading them wider apart, Colt now studied the boy's butt. The crack was layered with black hair, and right at the center where his asshole is, gathered a thicker union of black hair.
Feeding into his butt sniffing fetish, Colt inched his nose directly over Nick's hairy asshole and began inhaling. It was very musky, providing a faint concoction of teen sweat, a hint of soap, and a very faint fecal odor. Over and over, Colt pleasured himself in smelling Nick's butt. When he was finally finished, Colt ordered the boy to get dressed.
After both boys got dressed, Colt took them to the chairs in front of his desk. It was there that both boys received the lecture of their lives. By the time it was all said and done, all three were laughing as though they were best friends. Both Nick and Ryan promised Colt that they have learned their lesson and will never go out of their way to violate the law. Colt shook their hands and the boys happily departed out the front door.
5 long weeks passed, and 15 butt spreading boys later, Colt couldn't get Brian, the gorgeous blond 13 year old, out of his mind. Brian was in the same situation too, not being able to get the Sheriff out of his mind. Though it was extremely difficult, Brian refused to jack-off and now sported a 5 1/2 week pent up load. Even while taking a shower, the water splashing onto his bloated balls kind of hurt. Every single day, 3 to 5 times per day, Brian rode his bike up to the Sheriff's office in hopes of continuing what they started. To make matters even worse, Brian spent many hours a day reading one gay sex story after another, all of which were of young boys having blissful sex with older men. By now, he no longer questioned whether or not he would be able to take the Sheriff's enormous cock up his ass. The only burning question was when.
It was early on a Sunday morning when something startled Brian from his sleep. Silently creeping inside his home, Brian tip toed to the area he thought the noise was coming from. His father was slumped into the recliner, drunker than drunk, and was still sucking down the liquor. Seeing this, Brian became wide awake, and knowing his father would soon pass out, he quickly went into his bedroom, retrieved his hidden enema kit, then proceeded to prepare it. Also, Brian knew that by his father already drinking, there would be no church for them today. With that in mind, Brian's sex craved mind kicked into overdrive, now rapidly deploying every thought to worshiping the Sheriff's gigantic cock.
Brian filled the enema bag with luke warm water, pouring in some minty mouth wash, a rather large abundance of coconut oil, then added in some baby oil. It took Brian 4 tries before the ingredients shooting out of his asshole was as clear as water. When he finished with his enema, Brian thought it would be best to soak his body in the tub, filling it with the sweet aromatic coconut bath oil.
He soaked for a good hour, and during the entire time of bathing, Brian's 5 inches of boy pride was harder than a slab of hardened steel. Still, he refused to touch it, other than to ensure it was properly cleaned. After toweling himself dry, Brian gargled with the minty tasting mouth wash, then brushed his teeth and tongue, taking some extra time in doing so. Still naked, and now inside his bedroom, Brian bent over so that the floor fan was firing its wind directly into his spread crack. Brian wanted to make sure that area was just as dry as the rest of him was.
Knowing that the streets would be empty of people, Brian put on his shortest and baggiest leg opening shorts he could find, and grabbed a t-shirt, then put his ankle high white socks on, then his sneakers. Just prior to slipping out of the house, Brian ran into his bathroom and poured a subtle amount of minty mouth wash into his mouth, and simply held it. In his mind, he was going to swash it around inside his mouth all the way to the Sheriff's office. He wanted his breath to be as fresh as possible.
Seeing his father already passed out in the recliner, Brian silently tip toed out of the house, hopped onto his bike, and began peddling towards the Sheriff's office. With his shorts being so baggy, and so short, Brian could feel the wind shoot up his pant leg and fire onto his cock and balls. If anyone was on the street, they would have no problem whatsoever seeing Brian's still rock hard teen cock and cum filled hairless jewels.
The mouthwash was setting his mouth on fire, but Brian was bound and determined to keep it swirling around inside his mouth until he arrived at his final destination. The ride alone, on a bicycle, was a good 20 minute ride, but with each downward push of his feet, all Brian could think about was feeling the Sheriff's super sized cock darting in and out of his no longer virgin butt. As he peddled, Brian kept on remembering the way some of the stories described the pain of having a huge cock take some young boy's anal virginity. Nobody had to tell him it was gonna hurt, cause he was smart enough to know that, but what he didn't know was just how bad it would really be. Nevertheless, being that this was his own personal quest, life itself would not stop him from having his cherry popped by the one man who constantly ravishes every one of his dreams.
Brian wasn't the only one who had awoken early. All night long, all Colt could think about was Brian, and all the gorgeous glory the boy was blessed with. As he showered, Colt could still remember the enchanting fragrance spewing from the most sweet smelling butt his nose had ever had the honor of sniffing. Even the boy's perfect 5 inches of teen pride prayed heavily on his mind. In his dream, Colt loved the taste of Brian's cum, and often times, woke himself up due to his heavy bear like growls. And, this morning was no different from all the rests. His dreaming about Brian caused him to wake up from making so much noise.
Colt just had his boxer briefs on when he heard a light tap at the backdoor. Colt's huge cock was already hard as he walked to the backdoor, unlocked it, then just barely opened the door, concealing his near naked body behind the partially opened door. His big heart began thumping like crazy as his eyes met the shirtless young angel, the angel of his countless dreams.
Brian had already spat out the mouthwash, making sure to have swallowed just a bit, and once their eyes made contact, Brian almost in a whispering manner, asked, "Can I come in Sheriff?"
Colt's mind was ablaze of various thoughts, but he did have enough sense left to utter, "Hold on for a second. All I got on is my underwear."
Brian's heart raced violently as he immediately shot back, "That's okay with me Sheriff, but we got to hurry cause I don't want anyone to see me here. Just let me in please!"
Colt opened the door, still concealing his body behind the door. Brian walked in and Colt closed the door, then made sure it was locked. Now, it was Brian's turn to get an eyeful of his dream lover. The man's back was shaped in a V from all those powerful muscles. When Brian saw Colt's butt, his own cock throbbed even harder, noting the power of those solid incredibly shaped butt cheeks.
Colt turned around to face Brian, and Brian's mouth fell open as he viewed the hulking Sheriff's solid body. The man's chest was covered with small curly black hair, but Brian could see the awesome muscularity of Colt's chest. The black curls covered the Sheriff's tight stomach, and all was totally lost once Brian's straying eyes ventured onto the tenting of Colt's underwear. The massive snake angled downwards, piping along the Sheriff's muscular thick right thigh, pushing outwards with Hercules type strength.
Brian was frozen in place as his eyes traveled the full length, up and down, the one incredibly massive object of so many of his breath taking fantasies. When Colt's hard cock throbbed, an audible angelic purr came spewing out of Brian's partially open mouth. Both man and boy heard the heart stopping purr.
Just standing there seeing Brian, carrying a shirt, glaring deeply into the boy's gorgeous face and mouth watering chest and stomach area, forced Colt's cock to throb endlessly. And with each throb, Brian's soft purring sounds slid easily into the stillness of the room's air.
Colt managed to whisper, "Good morning Brian. What brings you around this early in the day?"
Still transfixed on the Sheriff's visible erection, Brian's soft voice elegantly illuminated as he spoke, "I need to confess to something, cause it's driving me insane."
Colt quickly interjected, "What is it Brian? What is it that's so terrible?"
Forcing his eyes to drift upwards, Brian soon found himself staring into Sheriff Colt Adam's eyes, then carefully began speaking, "You don't know what it's like for me, living here in this backwoods town in the middle of the Bible Belt. My dad's a freaking drunk, and I'm uh, I'm different than the other boys around here. Sheriff, I'm gay! And, I've got this insane crush on you! Before you say anything, I already know what the screwed up laws say, but Sheriff, what the law doesn't tell you is that I am old enough, and smart enough, to know what I want. I may not be their (laws) precious "legal" age, but I'm tired of pretending to be something I'm not. All I can think about is you, and that whopping big ass cock of yours taking my virginity. There, I said it! And before you even say anything, I'm old enough, and definitely smart enough, to know I can never tell a single soul. So now, there's my confession to you Sheriff."
Listening to the boy's angelic voice and brain shattering words, Colt's massive legs felt more like rubbery strands. Looking down into the gorgeous boy's entrancing blue eyes, something warm began rushing throughout his entire hulking body. For the first time in his life, Colt was feeling something he had never ever felt before, and though he couldn't explain it, his own confession began spewing from his mouth, "Brian, I've never done anything with another guy before, especially a boy as young as you, but being totally honest, I am what you could call a boy lover. I love young boys, although they have all been nothing more than fantasies. And, to make matters worse for me, I have a fetish with boy butts. I love smelling them, and no matter how hard I try, I simply can't explain why I do. When I saw you that day in the bathroom at the ballpark, it was like a fantasy that my own mind could have never dreamed of. My God Brian, you are so incredibly gorgeous! When I performed the strip search on you, your naked perfections left an everlasting impression in my mind. And, since I am being so honest, your butt wasn't excluded in my smelling fetish. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the remembrance of an aroma that still lingers to this very day is beyond any proper description. Looking into that dot you call your butt hole left me intoxicated with pure lust. Brian, since that time, I have been unable, incapable, of thinking of anything, or anyone, but you."
If Brian had any fears whatsoever, none reflected upon his bolder than bold actions. Before any other words could be said, Brian stepped closer to the towering near naked Sheriff, reaching out with both hands until they locked onto the massive beast tenting Colt's underwear, causing both man and boy to expel a low series of grunts and groans. Brian had never felt anything like this in his young life. It was so thick, so hard, yet felt so incredibly soft. To brace himself, Colt placed both of his hands onto Brian's silky smooth shoulders, peering down at the magical hands performing an awe inspiring act upon his throbbing cock.
Colt's hands moved from Brian's shoulders, ending up at the point that each huge paw was now caressing the sides of Brian's precious face. It was then that Brian's eyes slowly flowed up Colt's massive body, drifting from side to side, until his eyes became one with the Sheriff's. Without a care in the world, and not a single brain cell functioning properly, Colt lowered his upper body so that before he knew what he himself was doing, his tongue was already roaming passionately inside Brian's minty fresh mouth.
This was Colt's first time kissing a boy in such a manner, and this was Brian's first time kissing like this period. However, Brian quickly picked up on things and slung his tongue deep into Colt's mouth. Now, their grunts and moans were being equally shared as they vibrated down each others throats. Between kissing such a delicate beauty, and reeling from the boy's tiny hands groping his harder than hard manhood, Colt thought he had died and was now in Heaven.
While they were torn in their lip locking, tongue sucking, wild, yet passionate kiss, Brian began tugging at Colt's underwear so he could finally free the enormous one eyed beast. Colt was so engrossed kissing the boy, and relishing in his awesomely sweet scent, he didn't even feel his underwear sliding down his body until they dropped down to his ankles. With Colt now naked, Brian's hands immediately returned to Colt's massive cock. Once he felt the boy's hands grace his cock, Colt's body shook, forcing a series of powerful moans deep into Brian's perfect body.
Brian was also doing a whole lot of moaning as his fingers raced up and down the lengthy organ, relishing in its vibrant texture, and smearing gallons upon gallons of pre-cum all over Colt's thick giant. As the boy sucked Colt's tongue, and Colt sucked his, and while Brian was manipulating Colt's cock like never before, Colt's hands slid down Brian's back, constantly digging his fingertips into the boy's silky smooth flesh.
Their kiss was long, and very, very passionate, but when their lips finally broke, Brian stepped back, still holding the underside of Colt's giant cock head, then whispered, "My God, ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy gaaaawwwdddddd, it's, it's huge!"
Colt's body still shook savagely as his body gave thanks to the boy's caressing little hand on his cock. Stumbling for the right words to say, Colt mumbled, "Not to me it aint. I was born with it, so to me, it really isn't all that big."
Brian never once considered having a second thought whether or not he still wanted the Sheriff to take his virginity using his goliath cock. His only thought at the present moment was finding out for himself what the Sheriff's man cum would taste like. Already in his mind, Brian was bound and determined to have his anal cherry popped this day, and by nobody other than the man he now was in front of.
With one hand holding the underside of Colt's cock, Brian used his free hand to remove his shorts, and now, both man and boy shared their total and complete nude bodies to one another. Colt was just about to drop to his knees so he could suck that magnificent 5 inches of pure boy perfection when Brian leaned forward and began using his tongue to swirl all over Colt's highly sensitive cock head. Eventually, Brian worked his body so that he was now on his knees, lapping at the long fat beast with a fiery and deliberate passion. Brian did try to get some of Colt's cock head into his mouth, but it didn't take Brian long to realize that the head was just too freaking thick. Realizing this fact, Brian relented himself to using his tongue to make oral love to the Sheriff's cock.
Holding the enormous muscle with his right hand, Brian's left hand gently cupped Colt's large balls, caressing them with his electrifying fingers. All Colt could do was sling his head all over the place while crying out his lavish grunts and room echoing moans.
It only took less than three body shaking minutes before Colt felt his orgasm reek hell and havoc throughout his massive body. He did try and warn the boy that he was about to cum, but his merciful cries fell solely upon deaf ears. Brian braced himself knowing that one part of his fantasy was soon going to be a reality. He wanted to feel the Sheriff's cum as it blasted the interior of his mouth, and he really wanted to taste the Sheriff's man cream too.
Brian's fantasy came to light as he felt the first thick glob of ropey man seed explode with a vengeance, striking the back of his throat, and almost forcing his puckered lips away from the cum shooting massive cock head. Before Brian could swallow the first wave of cum, the man's cock erupted into a series of lightning fast bursts of more thick man goo. While the Sheriff's cock fired its beloved cream, Brian held his lips directly over the gaping, cum exploding, piss lips as he managed to swallow a very large load. Tasting Colt's cum enraged Brian's unknown inner beast, relishing in the way it tasted. Brian swallowed once more, and this time, he was able to distinguish a slight trace of salt, but nevertheless, he eagerly began to gulp down the copious supply of man seed, making room for more cream to swim within the realm of his hot little mouth.
Colt's body shook in a rage as his orgasm felt like it was never going to end. Never had he ever felt an orgasm so intense like this one before. It surged through his body like a heat sinking missile. Every time the boy sucked at his piss lips, vacuuming up the remainder of his dribbling and oozing seed, Colt cried out as his legs steadily kept on buckling.
A few more cum sucking seconds later, Colt no longer could stand the boy's tongue swirling wildly upon his sensitive cock head. Using both hands, Colt gently pushed Brian away from his still rock hard massive sausage. Brian stood upright just as Colt swept him into his arms as if he were cradling a baby. With the gorgeous boy safely tucked inside his powerful arms, Colt simply turned around and placed the boy on top of the desk, gently laying him down, flat on his back.
Out of sheer instinct, Brian automatically spread his legs widely, resting his feet close to the sides of the desk with his knees aiming themselves straight towards the ceiling. Colt eyed the naked beauty from head to toe, then focussed his attention on the 5 inches of magical boy wand that was making his mouth water in agonizing lust. Even the boy's hairless little balls looked like they were meant to be eaten.
As if his face were being drawn in by some kind of powerful magnetic force, Colt's face inched itself closer and closer to the boy's delicious looking cock. He had dreamed millions of times of this very same opportunity, and now the moment of truth was just a few fraction of inches away. As his nose lowered itself into the boy's crotch area, Colt began breathing in the wonderful aromatic fragrance spewing intoxicatingly heavy from the boy's crotch area. The scent of coconut was mind boggling as Colt's meaty tongue lashed out, slamming itself directly onto the boy's tightly withdrawn hairless jewels.
Brian squealed as soon as he felt the Sheriff's thick tongue glide across his aching erection, locking his little fingers on the underside of the desk's edges. Again, that fiery heat from the Sheriff's nose exploded onto his throbbing teen meat, sending a flood of wild emotions coursing throughout every square inch of his naked body.
Colt's tongue licked all over Brian's balls before opening his mouth and carefully sucking both small nuggets into his mouth. Once more, Brian couldn't contain his excitement as he screamed in pure delight as he now was feeling his balls being slow baked inside the Sheriff's oven like mouth. The man's tongue slithered all over his balls, sending more and more rocketing emotions crashing into his already spinning brain.
As Colt manipulated the boy's balls with his mouth and tongue, he was also pleasuring himself with using his nose to not only smell the boy's fragrance, but to rub it alongside Brian's throbbing boner. The feel of the boy's hard shaft rubbing against his nose sent chills racing up and down Colt's back. It was harder than a slab of steel, yet smoother than a sheet of pure silk. His first set of balls in his mouth, and Colt was now lost in a world known only to himself.
Brian's little body began humping upwards as if on auto-pilot. Each time his butt arched upwards, Brian grunted as he could feel his little balls forcefully remain inside the Sheriff's mouth. For Brian, it was kind of a dull ache, but on the other hand, it also felt incredibly awesome. Feeling his balls being tugged on while tongue spanked was a pleasure he couldn't ever explain, even if given a lifetime to do so.
Colt sucked and licked on Brian's balls for a good little while before allowing them to plop out of his mouth. No sooner had he released the boy's balls, Colt's tongue stabbed at the base of the boy's perfect meat, then began slowly gliding upwards, slithering from side to side until he reached the underside of Brian's mushroom shaped cock head. A bubble of pre-cum came oozing out and Colt knew he must taste the boy's love juice. Like a frog spearing a fly, Colt's tongue raced out and snatched the clear bubble of pre-cum, then yanked his tongue back into his mouth.
Faster than the speed of light, Colt's taste buds came alive with a refreshing new discovery. He knew what it was he was tasting, but being that this was his first time tasting someone else's pre-cum, other than his own, Colt really couldn't ascertain any taste whatsoever. While his mind and taste buds embarked on a bitter battle, Colt's mouth had a mind of its own as it quickly lowered itself onto all 5 inches, burying his nose into the soft satiny flesh of Brian's pubic area.
His first real cock was now lodged inside his mouth, and Colt knew right then and there that he was now addicted. The boy's cock felt right at home inside his mouth as he began slowly working his mouth up and down Brian's throbbing teenage erection while using his left fingers to toy with the boy's swollen cum filled nuggets.
Brian was lost in his own world too as he slung his head from side to side and constantly moaned profusely. His first blow-job, and now Brian himself knew what all the fuss was about. This was by far much better than him jacking himself off. Not only did he feel great with having his cock inside a mouth, but adding in the tongue action, Brian's body began convulsing insanely wild.
Colt grunted and groaned heavily as he became delirious by sucking on Brian's cock and steadily breathing in that sweet smelling coconut scent exploding from the boy's bucking body. Colt used his right hand to glide up and down Brian's chest and stomach area before winding up to Brian's tiny left nipple where he began using his fingers to pinch, pull, and caress.
Brian never knew his nipples could feed him so much devastating pleasures. He also could feel his orgasm creeping slowly up his body. With the addition of his nipples now being tweaked, Brian was on a one way train heading towards one hell of a massive orgasmic explosion. Having held out for 5 long days of not jacking off, and now experiencing his first ever blow-job, Brian knew he was just a few short strokes from exploding.
Colt wasn't just sucking Brian's cock, in fact and in all reality, he was making love to it. The steady slurping noises spewed from his mouth, along with a steady array of bear like moans. As if he knew the boy was getting close, Colt pulled his mouth off, then quickly went back to work on Brian's cum bloated balls.
In one way, Brian was completely overwhelmed by the Sheriff stopping just short of him exploding, cause he felt the building pressure on the very verge of blasting off, but feeling both of his balls engulfed into the Sheriff's vacuuming mouth felt mighty good too.
Never having sucked a cock before, and now loving it dearly, Colt had no clue whatsoever what he was actually doing to the boy, bringing him close to orgasmic pleasure, then stopping just short each time. With a 5 day load already having been stored, and now adding in this lengthy edge play, Colt had no clue that when Brian did cum, it truly would be a very, very huge load of boy cream.
Colt spent a solid hour sucking Brian's cock, making love to his balls, sucking each nipple, and lapping Brian's delicious armpits. Though Brian was way past the need to release his cum, Colt on the other hand was having the time of his life. There wasn't a square inch of Brian's body that he didn't want to taste. He licked, sucked, and gently bit the boy's armpits, then suck his cock, then gravitate to another area of the boy, but always returned to sucking Brian's overly addictive boy meat.
Brian was at the point he was literally begging the Sheriff to let him cum. It felt like his balls were going to explode anytime now. Even the slightest of touches to his cum bloated balls sent currents of electricity rocketing throughout his entire body.
Almost two hours later, inside Colt's head, another one of his fantasies that could possibly be a reality popped into his crazed mind. Colt backed away from the boy, then walked over to a far closet, retrieving a fold out cot. Colt opened the cot inside cell area #2, making sure that one end was resting up against the front portion of the bars. While Colt was working on the cot, Brian's eyes were focussed on the man's muscular body and enormous hard cock.
Since the jailhouse cot's cushion was thin, Colt yanked the thin mattress off of the steel rack and placed it on top of the cot's cushion. Realizing the two mattresses were still a bit hard, Colt quickly retrieved two more mattresses from the other cells. Once they were in place, Colt gave it a quick test to ensure a much softer padding.
Stepping up to the desk, Colt scooped Brian back into his arms, carrying the boy into the cell, then carefully lay Brian down on his back. Before fully standing, Colt couldn't resist sealing his lips over the boy's, and using his tongue to taste the boy's saliva once more.
While they were locked into a tongue sucking kiss, Colt's left hand found Brian's achingly hard cock and began to slowly jerk on it. The boy's angelic purrs flew into Colt's mouth, sending a tidal wave of pleasures crashing throughout his entire hulking body.
Brian thought that the time was now for him to release his load, and just as he felt his cum on the very edge of explosion, the Sheriff's hand departed his cum deprived cock. Still, Colt had no clue that the boy was in dire need to blow his load. For Colt, he never wanted this day to end. By far, he was having the time of his life with the most gorgeous boy who could ever be created from the heavens above.
Making his fantasy into a reality, Colt walked back over to the desk and retrieved two pair of handcuffs and two sets of ankle irons, then returned into the cell to peer down at the naked beauty. Brian saw the restraining devices and could only grace Colt's eyes with his heart piercing smile. As if the Sheriff read his mind, this too was one of Brian's fantasies involving himself and the Sheriff.
Colt placed one stainless steel cuff around Brian's right wrist, then stretched the boy's arm to his right, then attached the other cuff to one of the cell bars. Repeating his step, Colt did the same thing to Brian's left arm. Grabbing onto Brian's right foot, Colt eased it over the boy's smiling face, closing the cuff around the ankle, then locked it to one of the upper bars, making sure that Brian's right leg was a good shoulder length apart. Colt did the same to Brian's left leg as well, and once the boy was secured, Colt stood to Brian's left side admiring has handy-work.
Brian tested the restraints noting he had very little movement with his hands or his feet. He could wiggle his fingers and toes, but other than that, that was pretty much it. Colt straddled the cot, then wasted no time in returning to sucking the boy's delicious teen meat while glaring into the boy's entrancing crystal blue eyes.
Colt took his time sucking Brian's cock, then slurping on his balls. Back and forth, back and forth, Colt took turns making oral love to the boy's cock and his beloved swollen balls. Unable to control his desires any longer, Colt shoved his nose directly on the creamy colored tiny dot and began deeply inhaling. Brian immediately knew the Sheriff was smelling his butt, but being all restrained, he knew he couldn't do anything about it even if he wanted to.
The smell was nothing less than enchanting, smelling of coconut, a minty freshness aroma, and a soft hint of scented soap. After several long minutes of doing nothing except smelling Brian's sweetened asshole, Colt began lapping into the interior of Brian's hairless spread crack, eventually ending with his tongue bitterly lapping at the sweet smelling tiny dot.
Brian could only purr as felt for the first time his asshole being tongued. Just like in all of the stories he had read, the feeling alone was way out of this world. As the beefy tongued lapped, struck, and drilled at his asshole, Brian's purrs began sounding more and more like roars. To aide in the sweltering pleasures, the Sheriff was gently stroking Brian's throbbing boyhood. Just as he felt like he was going to burst, the Sheriff removed his hand and left Brian to simply bask in the overwhelming pleasures of feeling a man's tongue take vast pride in dining on his bung hole.
Colt stabbed at the unbelievably scrawny little orifice over and over, becoming less patient as to penetrating the tightly sealed chamber. Just when Colt himself thought it pointless, the boy's anal ring opened just enough for Colt's meaty tongue to sneak right in. When the tongue penetrated his asshole, all Brian could do was scream, and once the boy's anal ring clamped down on Colt's tongue, all Colt could do was grunt.
The power of the anal ring closing was bone crushing in effort, and to help matters, Colt's tongue was immediately rewarded with a fiery scorching heat his tongue was not accustomed to. Not wanting to pull his tongue out, Colt forced more of his tongue into the boy's uncharted anal canal. Brian, feeling the thickness of the Sheriff's tongue dive into his bowel's cried out with a blood curdling scream. It didn't hurt too bad, but whatever the man's tongue was pressing up against, made Brian's entire body shake violently with a series of uncontrollable convulsions.
It certainly didn't take Colt long to begin cherishing having his tongue twirl around inside the boy's bone crushing chamber, not to mention, the blazing fire surrounding his butt probing tongue. Colt dined on Brian's ass for a long, long time, and as time ensued, Colt began taking turns eating Brian's butt, gnawing on his cum bloated balls, and sucking the most utterly perfect cock to have ever been created.
Nearing the 4 hour mark, Brian was crying heavily and in dire need of releasing his pent up boy cream. His body and mind were totally consumed from all the attention and pleasures, but now, now all he could focus on was blowing his load. Brian pleaded and pleaded for the Sheriff to let him cum, and during this succession of pleadings, Colt's ears finally heard.
With his mouth bobbing up and down on Brian's convulsing hard cock, Colt began mentally preparing himself to taste the boy's cum. In his fantasies, he always drank straight from the source, but now he was no longer dreaming. As his mouth and tongue worked furiously on the boy's cock, Colt's heart thumped heavier and heavier in anticipation of the boy's orgasm.
Colt placed his left middle finger close to his mouth, ensuring that he coated it with an ample supply of his own saliva. The boy was thrashing about as best he could, screaming and yelling with his ever breath. Colt placed his saliva coated left middle finger directly onto Brian's asshole, and trying to time it just right, waited for the boy to scream then inhale. As Brian did, Colt shoved his finger straight up Brian's anal canal. Brian screamed loudly as the burning sensation shot through his body, but that feeling was quickly forgotten about as his cock exploded violently.
Brian felt like his piss lips had completely tore themselves wide open as his boy honey came exploding out with a gut twisting vengeance he had never encountered before. Gush after massive gush of young boy juice came firing rapidly into Colt's mouth. Colt was a bit taken back as to the thickness and overall supply of the boy cream still rapidly jetting into his mouth. Desiring a desperate need to quench his own life long curiosity, Colt swallowed his first ever morsel of cum.
As the gooey nectar slid down his throat, Colt's mind, and taste buds, raced to ascertain the distinct taste that he was now tasting. A second helping, then a third, and all Colt could come up with was that this gorgeous little angel's boy honey was just that, honey! It wasn't salty, nor was it close to being bitter. In fact, in Colt's sweltering and spinning mind, he tagged Brian's teen cream as being sweet.
While Brian's cock unleashed his copious load, Colt was growling profusely as he became intoxicated on the boy's delicious cum. Gulp after gulp, Colt was now matching pace with Brian's cum shooting cock. When the rapid fire became a slow steady trickle, Colt sucked even harder, doing everything he could to suck the boy bone dry.
Brian was crying loudly, screaming with orgasmic pleasures, as his boy cock pumped out its last tasty remnants. The long thick finger wiggling inside his butt was performing some kind of majestic magic trick, and just when Brian thought his orgasm was subsiding, his body exploded once more and his vision went totally dark as his cock began erupting more boy cream into the eager Sheriff's cum milking mouth.
Colt growled and moaned as he eagerly drank down more of the boy's thick and gooey honey, inwardly craving for more, a lot more. Colt sucked and sucked, and sipped on Brian's life giving nectar as fast as the boy could serve it up. When the last of the boy's deliciously sweet cream was sliding down Colt's throat, Colt never let up on sucking profusely on Brian's now rather sensitive teen meat.
Just as his lips were gliding upwards up the boy's cock, Colt eased his finger out of Brian's bone crushing hot little ass. With his lips now glued over the boy's mushroom shaped cock head, Colt stole the moment to give his finger a quick sniff. The scent from his finger sent goose bumps popping up all over his massive body. Sure, he knew where his finger had just been, but it certainly didn't smell anything like it. It smelled of coconut oil with a mild hint of baby powder. The mixture alone was a scent that Colt knew he probably could never live without ever again.
Releasing Brian's shriveled up cock, Colt sat on the cot facing the boy's restrained body, glaring into the face of the most astonishingly gorgeous boy his eyes had ever bore witness to. His own meaty cock was hard and throbbing wildly in unison with his heavy beating heart.
Colt rotated his eyes from Brian's breath taking face to his tiny little bung hole, silently envisioning his cock darting in and out of such incredibly scrawny orifice. Though he was now dreaming about it, Colt had enough sense remaining to realize that his cock was way too big to ever get inside something as tiny as Brian's hairless butt hole.
Brian was in the middle of regaining his own senses, but he knew what he wanted, and vaguely seeing the Sheriff sitting in front of him, Brian's angelic soft voice cut through the thickness of the jailhouse walls, "Fuck me Sheriff! Put your cock in my ass! Fuck me, fuck me Sheriff!"
Looking directly at the boy's scrawny asshole, Colt's voice cracked as he spoke, "I don't think it'll fit. It's, uh, uh, it's so small, and I don't want to hurt you."
Brian shot back, "Please Sheriff, please! I want you to take my virginity, and I know it's gonna hurt, but I just got to go through with this. Please, please put it in me, please!"
The boy's voice stole his heart as Colt hopped up off the cot, walked in front of the desk and began rifling through the drawers. In one drawer, he retrieved a clean washcloth, and in another drawer, he located a small bottle of baby oil. With those items in hand, Colt resumed his position in front of the restrained boy, and now was smearing the slippery baby oil all over his super hard cock.
Colt's middle finger was heavily coated with the oil as he gently inserted it into Brian's butt hole. The boy immediately began moaning as the finger worked itself to its deepest depth. In and out, Colt worked his finger into the boy's ass, carefully twisting and turning it with due diligence. A minute or so later, Colt inserted another finger and Brian cried out as he now felt both thick fingers inside his rectum.
With two fingers carefully working themselves in and out of Brian's awesomely tight, and fiery hot, little butt, Colt watched as Brian's once soft cock became rigidly hard. It was then, seeing the boy's cock grow back to its magnificent 5 inches of pure heavenly perfection, Colt inserted a third finger. It was so incredibly tight Colt began wondering whether or not he would be able to make his manhood fit, but nevertheless, he was enjoying fingering Brian's butt while listening to the boy as he cried out from all these never before felt pleasures racing throughout his perfect little body.
The fingers in his butt sent a fiery pain rushing from his ass, and straight to his brain. In one way, they felt kind of painful, but in another unexplainable sort of way, they felt pretty darn good. However, Brian didn't want fingers up his ass, not him. He wanted to look into his dream lover's face as that huge cock fucked him with a fiery passion.
Brian screamed, "Now, now Sheriff, fuck me, fuck me, give me that cock! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Colt removed his fingers, applied some more oil on his cock, then wiped the excess off with the towel. He positioned himself on his knees with his enormously thick cock head already touching Brian's tiny bung hole. Colt's left hand latched onto one of the cell bars while his right hand locked itself onto his cock. Now, in the proper position, Colt began trying to shove his monstrous cock into the boy's microdot of a poop chute.
Brian felt the dull ache created from the pressure of the Sheriff's cock trying to gain entrance into his asshole. He knew he was about to feel some pain, but in his mind, even now at this very moment, Brian was more than willing to accept whatever he had to endure just as long as he could feel the experience of being fucked by a man, and a hell of a man at that.
No matter how hard he pushed, Colt's cock would either ride up the boy's crack, or glide downwards, and it was getting to the point that penetrating such a fortress was futile at best. While Colt was fighting against all odds, Brian's soft voice kept on offering words of encouragement. Brian was trying to help the cause too by trying to relax his butt muscles as best he could. Several minutes of frustrating attempts went by, and Colt was finding himself defeated in penetrating the boy.
Brian, in his most sexiest voice ever, whispered, "Yes Sheriff, yessssssss, yessssssssssss, take my virginity, take it, take it all! Gimme that big fucking cock Sheriff, give it to meeeeeeeeeeeee! Push, push, harder Sheriff, harder! I want to........... OW, OW, OW, OW, OHHHHHHH, OW, OW, OWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
While the boy was pleasuring Colt's ears with his angelic voice, Colt reared back and drove his cock hard, forcing the boy's once tightly sealed ass lips to part, and now Colt's entire enormous cock head and a good two inches had darted into Brian's anal canal with one mighty thrust. Colt held his position, now feeling the interior of the boy's rectum. It was almost unbearably hot, and the power of the boy's anal muscles could only be equated to the death lock of a starving anaconda.
The sharp and severe torturous pain reeking all hell and havoc throughout Brian's body was a pain he never thought of. It felt like somebody had just shoved a fire-hydrant straight up his ass and the mother fucker was on fire. He knew he was going to experience some pain, but he never imagined anything like the pain he was now experiencing. Every single time Colt's cock throbbed, Brian screamed to high heaven.
Though he wanted to remain still, Colt found himself in a rather vicarious position. The pressure now assaulting his cock was not only hot, but it was getting to be extremely painful. He knew he only had two choices, and he had to make up his mind quick. He could withdraw his cock, but then again, he remembered the difficulty getting in, or he could slowly slide another inch or so further up Brian's ass just to give himself some pain relief.
Brian was still screaming at the top of his lungs and Colt could clearly see the water pouring from both of Brian's precious little eyes. Colt cleared his throat, and asked, "Do you want me to pull it out?"
Brian, still screaming madly, shouted, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Colt held his pain riddled cock in place for a few more painful seconds before inching forwards, pushing another fat inch of man meat up the boy's ass. If it were even possible, the boy's screams got even louder. Brian felt no pleasure, none at all, and the pain he was now enduring was like nothing he had ever experienced before. Had someone walked in the room right now and shot him, in Brian's mind, that would only be a blessing.
Over the course of several pain filled minutes, Colt was nearing the end of having his entire cock embedded into the boy's once virgin ass. With a solid 8 inches of ass packing beef lodged into Brian's no longer virgin ass, Colt tried to keep himself perfectly still, but his left hand slipped on the bar he was holding, and he accidently fell forwards before he could regain his grip. Now, the remainder of his giant cock quickly propelled itself to its farthest depth up the boy's mind boggling ass.
Colt's heavy balls were now resting on top of Brian's tightly withdrawn hairless nuggets, creating another painful addition to Brian's already pain riddled body. Brian seemingly thought that the man's humongous cock had surpassed his anal area and was now lodged somewhere inside his chest. With every breath he took, Brian screamed in agonizing pain. It felt like gasoline had been poured into his butt and now was lit, and now his ass was on a raging fiery blaze.
Releasing the bar, Colt placed his left hand on Brian's right inner thigh, then placed his right hand on the boy's silky smooth left inner thigh. Colt had no choice but to feel the awesome tightness, and burning fire, as his cock was now in something it had never been in before. All Colt could do at this point was sling his head backwards and cry out as to the vast pleasures ravishing his entire body.
A minute or so later, Colt slowly began to withdraw his cock from the pressurized anal oven, easing it out to the point he could see the crown of his cock head, then just as slowly, sink it all the way back home. As the overly thick cock departed his anal canal, Brian felt as though it was taking some of his body's organs with it. Still, Brian felt nothing but sheer devastating pain. This was nothing like all the stories he had read.
Colt had just sank his cock all the way home, his balls gracefully rolling on top of Brian's satiny smooth hairless jewels, and Brian was on the very edge of crying out for the Sheriff to take his cock out when the torturous pain quickly vanished from his body, and even quicker, being replaced with some kind of joyous thrill like pleasure unbeknownst to Brian. Now, enduring no more pain, but now relishing in raw sexual pleasure, Brian began experimenting with his widely stretched butt muscles. He started clamping down on them each time the enormous anal invader thought about departing his anal canal.
Now, it was Colt's turn to cry out as the powerful anal muscles came to life like never before and was clamping down on his cock while applying an even harder bone crushing pressure. It certainly didn't take Brian long to figure out by using his anal muscles, more and more pleasures exploded throughout his entire body.
Colt's once slow pace increased into a body thrashing thrust, driving his mammoth cock into the boy's ass with savagery vengeance. Each violent thrust caused the boy to scream his emotions ever so frantically. Now, now it was Brian who was screaming, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwddddddd! Yessssssssssss, yesssssssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, hard, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, haaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"
The gut wrenching sound of flesh assaulting flesh ricochet off the jail house walls. Colt was blind with rage, being driven by an unknown force to fuck the boy's ass into a hellish oblivion. Never had he tried to fuck anything so hard as the way he was now doing. Not only did the boy's ass feel like something from out of this world, but by staring into his gorgeous face only seem to heighten his already sexual hunger that much more.
Brian was drifting off into his own dreamy world, completely blind to his surroundings. He knew his eyes were open, but all he could see were millions of flashing stars. The elephant cock pounding his ass seemed to have sent him straight to heaven. Though his body was restrained, Brian's mind was as free as a soaring eagle.
Colt's body glistened heavily from his own sweat as he continued handing down some hammering thrusts, driving his cock into the boy's ass with blinding speed and locomotive force. In and out, in and out, over and over again, Colt pounded his cock into Brian's ass with animalistic ferocious velocity. The harder he fucked Brian, the louder Brian's purrs grew.
Brian felt his body suddenly explode, setting off a gut twisting series of uncontrollable convulsions. With no hands on his cock, Brian cried out as a tumultuous intense orgasm ravished his inner soul, forcing his cock to spray long ropey strands of cum onto his face, in his mouth, on his throat, and ending up on his chest and stomach area. While his cock was erupting, Brian swallowed the cum that shot into his mouth. While he was swallowing, he felt the Sheriff's lips cover his own, then felt the meaty tongue snake around inside his mouth.
With the boy's body convulsing, and now undergoing one long intense orgasm, Colt not only saw it, but thanks to the boy's anal muscles also convulsing, he too was feeling the orgasmic effects. With his tongue inside the boy's mouth, and again tasting Brian's sweeter than sweet cum, Colt's own orgasm caught him completely off-guard. Now, he was grunting ever so crazily into Brian's mouth as his huge cock began coating Brian's anal kingdom. With each cum spurt, Colt grunted harder and harder. He still managed to plow the boy's ass, but at this point in time, Colt was far off in a world of his own.
Brian returned grunts of his own as he felt the Sheriff's cum rocket up his butt and feeling his own cock as it constantly pumped out the remainder of his cum. Colt thrashed his hips forwards and backwards, pounding his man seed into the boy's canal like a maniacal rampaging bull. Even after having deposited every last drop of man juice up the boy's ass, Colt kept on jack hammering his butt buster in and out of Brian's ass like tomorrow would never come.
Both orgasms had ran their course, but Colt couldn't stop pleasuring himself by fucking the boy's hot little ass until they both reached the golden gates of Heaven. Much to Colt's own surprise, his cock stayed rock hard, and with his cock still hard, Colt made sure he was going to put it to good use, although he was bordering total and complete exhaustion.
5 long butt packing minutes ticked by when Colt finally ran out of strength. He had fucked the boy's ass until his cock was now semi hard, and his sweat poured from his body by the bucket loads. Colt eased his manhood out of Brian's ass, then sat down on his own bare butt, still maintaining a direct visual at the boy's slowly closing little hole. The sheer pinkness of the interior sent chills racing throughout Colt's body. Within a few seconds, and much to Colt's delight, the boy's anal orifice had once again sealed itself providing him with that spectacular tiny dot his cock had just been in.
Colt sat on the cot, staring at the boy's tightly closed asshole, huffing and puffing for some well needed oxygen. Brian was just now coming back from the world he had visited, and although his asshole ached, he also felt a tremendous void where the Sheriff's cock once profoundly filled. While his young eyes were trying to focus, Colt managed to fight to stand up, and began taking the restraints off of Brian.
Once Brian was freed, his weak and shaking legs plopped onto the cot's cushion while each arm draped downwards, touching the cold floor. Leaning his head to the right, all Brian could see was the Sheriff's 5 inches of soft, yet still amazingly thick, prime beef. Colt was propping his body up against the bars of the cell then hoisted his heavy limp cock upwards with his right fingers just to give it a brief inspection.
Amazingly, and oddly enough, Colt was more than happy to discover that his cock looked just as clean as it did before fucking the boy's ass into oblivion. His first piece of boy butt, and Colt saw no evidence of anything close to where his cock had once been in. Be it a good thing or a bad thing, being a die-hard boy lover, and a lover of boy butts, seeing nor smelling anything like poop coming from gorgeous young Brian, Colt made up his perverted mind that this hot little beauty simply does not poop.
While Colt inspected his cock, Brian watched him carefully, more so, looking for any signs of a bowel movement streak on the huge beefy organ. Seeing no signs indicating such activity, Brian was more than happy to know he had done a proper job of cleaning himself out earlier. With this fact out of the way, all Brian could think about was feeling the Sheriff's man meat ravish his butt once again, but now, right now there was a more pressing action building within his body. All the cum the Sheriff deposited up his rectum was rapidly building for one heck of an explosion if he didn't hurry up and sit on the toilet.
For Brian, this was a rather odd predicament. He knew what he had to do, but he didn't want to embarrass himself by shitting out the man's cum in front of him. Thinking quickly, Brian asked Colt for something to drink. Colt staggered out of the cell as Brian's watery eyes watched him walk out of the first steel door. Just as soon as the Sheriff was out of eyesight, Brian scurried over to the stainless steel combination of sink and toilet, and no sooner had his butt cheeks touched the cold steel of the toilet, all hell fired out of his aching butt hole.
Globs upon stringy globs of man goo plopped into the toilet's water, and with that came the sounds of the excitement as Colt's cum exploded from the boy's anal canal. Brian was thankful to be temporarily alone cause he sure didn't want the Sheriff hearing him fart his man juice out of his butt. Brian strained and strained, and he had just wiped his butt clean, and flushed the toilet when the still naked Sheriff walked back into the holding cell.
The cold juice tasted good as Brian drank it down slowly. While the boy drank the juice, Colt sat on the cot and eyed the most perfect angel to have ever been created by the heavens above. His voice spoke what his mind was thinking, "My God, you are soooooooooooooooo utterly gorgeous in every way imaginable."
Brian had just swallowed some juice, and wiped his mouth with the back of his left hand, then softly replied, "Thanks Sheriff, but to be honest, you are one super hot man."
Colt smiled then responded, "Okay then, with that being said and out of the way, does your butt hurt?"
Brian flashed Colt that heart stopping smile, then sexily whispered, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh heck yeah, but in a good way. Yes sir, in a good way indeed!"
The two chatted briefly before equally agreeing it was time to wash the sex off their bodies. Brian helped Colt put everything back in the cells the way they were supposed to be so nobody could ever suspect anything as to what they had just done. Instead of going into Colt's room where the two could shower, Colt thought it would be best to use the jailhouse shower. The shower in his room was just big enough for himself, but the jailhouse shower provided a lot more room just in case the "mood" presented itself to either himself or Brian.
Colt opened up a couple of new toothbrushes and a small tube of Crest toothpaste, and the two began brushing their teeth. While they were brushing, Colt couldn't help not notice the way Brian's flaccid one inch of ultimate boy meat danced from side to side. Seeing Brian's teen noodle dance before his straining eyes, Colt's own man meat began to slowly grow. This too certainly didn't go unnoticed by Brian's peering eyes either.
While Brian leaned over to rinse his mouth out, Colt stepped in behind him and watched as those lovely unblemished chiseled cheeks parted as Brian was now in the process of rinsing the toothpaste from his precious little mouth. The longer Colt dared to stare at such glaring cheeks of heavenly perfection, his cock started growing at a more accelerated rate.
When it was Colt's turn to rinse his mouth, now it was Brian's turn to stare at the Sheriff's butt of muscular definition. He could see the dark hairs as they presented themselves, spewing outwards from the man's butt crack. Stepping backwards a couple of steps offered Brian a view of Colt's heavy swinging balls as he moved his body while spitting out the rinse. Now, it was Brian's cock who was starting to grow at a rapid rate. His butt hole hurt, and hurt something awful, but Brian had already made up his mind he wanted to feel the Sheriff's mammoth cock once again, pounding the living daylights out of his hungry ass.
The shower itself was nothing special, but it was large enough so that if a prisoner had to shower, Colt could handcuff one of their hands to a side stainless steel bar. It also had a stainless steel hump on the far front corner just in case a prisoner had to sit down in order to take a shower.
Colt activated the water, taking the necessary time to make sure the water wasn't too hot. When the water was just right, he motioned for Brian to go first and start rinsing off. Brian was facing the shower head, looking up, making sure the entire front of his body was wet prior to turning around to soak his backside. Colt made sure he watched the boy's every movement, and in doing so, his cock was now rock solid.
Brian saw the Sheriff's huge pole as he faced him, and seeing the Sheriff's cock at its hardest state caused his own boyhood to become fully erect almost instantaneously. Brian's angelic eyes slowly drifted upwards, and now was being greeted with Colt's lusting eyes. No words were ever exchanged as their mouths magnetically began closing in on one another. Soon, their tongues entered the other's mouth while their hands frantically roamed the other's body. While they were kissing, the two inched themselves into a position so that the water was now being sprayed all over Colt's backside.
As they kissed, Brian had his left hand caressing the Sheriff's heavy hard cock while his right hand sensually caressed the man's solid butt cheeks, and ever so periodically, Brian forced his fingers deep into Colt's butt crack. Colt's hands slid all over Brian's back as he savored the boy's tongue, working both hands down the boy's back until they were now cupping and fondling Brian's tight little butt, and he too was periodically gracing the interior of Brian's butt cheeks.
Colt's growling grunts shot down Brian's throat as the boy's finger began prodding Colt's unsuspecting asshole. It was all Colt could do to remain standing once he felt his asshole open and one of the boy's fingers introduced itself to his anal canal. It felt mighty weird, yet somewhat pleasing. This was the first time, other than by a legitimate doctor, that anyone had ever stuck a finger up his butt. Each time the finger wiggled around, Colt found himself trying to stand on his toes.
Brian's cry was muffled thanks to Colt's own mouth as the boy lurched upwards once Colt's middle finger shot up his ass. Brian felt a sudden burning sensation, but that too quickly passed as he managed to once again use his powerful anal muscles to attack the anal invading finger.
Their bodies turned in slow motion, both making sure their bodies were soaking wet. When their kiss unlocked itself, Colt eased his finger out of Brian's tight little butt and began using the scented soap bar to soap Brian's back. The two were face to face and the boy still had a finger sneaking around inside Colt's ass and his other hand was still manipulating his erect man meat.
Colt lathered Brian's entire back area before working his soapy hands onto the boy's solid little butt. Up and down, back and forth, Colt made sure the boy's butt cheeks bubbled with lather before easing his fingers into Brian's tight little hairless butt crack. Colt's fingers slowly raced up and down Brian's crack, stopping each time directly in the middle to form a large gathering of soap suds at the boy's breath defying microdot of an asshole. Inching his feet wider a part, Colt lowered his body so that he worked his right middle finger all the way up Brian's butt. Colt was looking into Brian's closed eyes as his soapy finger began darting in and out while breathing in the boy's minty fresh moaning breath.
Then, Colt eased his left middle finger into the boy's ass, forcing Brian to propel himself upwards on his toes, and moan repeatedly. To Colt, the boy's moans were simply angelic purrs coming from a wingless angel. Brian's soft voice rose above the spraying water, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God yes, yessssssssssssss, yesssssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it feels, feels, soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooodddddddd!"
Colt's voice then followed, "I could make love to you forever and ever! Damn, you are so fucking beautiful Brian. You have no idea what you are doing to me, and shit, I don't have a fucking clue either, but I want you, I want you soooooooooooooooo fucking bad, and I mean all of you!"
Brian's lips formed a perfect circle as the passion flew from his mouth, blowing like a gentle breeze straight into Colt's inhaling nostrils. The two fingers dancing like ballerinas up his ass sent Brian's already raging emotions into a lust filled sexual frenzy. Colt was also moaning like crazy as the slender finger inside his butt was thrashing about ever so frantically.
Brian flung his head backwards and cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy gaaaawwwwddd, I'm, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, shit, I'm gonna cum, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, I'm..... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Colt quickly dropped to his knees, forcing the anal stabbing finger of Brian's to vacate his ass, and slammed his mouth onto the boy's soon to be cum squirting cock. No sooner had Colt had his lips around the middle of the boy's satiny smooth shaft, working his way all the way down, a series of ropey warm cum strands began firing away. Brian was screaming and Colt was grunting as the warm gooey nectar fired rope after stringy rope of pure boy honey into Colt's cum addicted mouth.
Again, swallowing the nectar of the Gods, Colt still couldn't distinguish much of a taste, but knowing it was Brian's teen cream made swallowing the gooey slush much more delicious. With each gulp, Colt moaned and groaned louder, and continued to suck Brian's cock although it had stopped producing anymore of his delicious boy cream.
Brian had to use the palm of both hands to pry the Sheriff's mouth away from his super sensitive teen meat. Once the Sheriff's mouth left his shriveling love stick, Brian looked down into the Sheriff's eyes, then passionately whispered, "I want to feel it in me! Fuck me Sheriff, fuck my ass like you really, really want it!"
Hearing the boy's voice, and understanding the words delivered by his voice, whatever part of Colt that was human, quickly dispensed from his body, leaving him with nothing more than animalistic desires. Colt removed his fingers from Brian's muscle clamping ass, then began lathering up his big throbbing man meat.
Brian slipped passed Colt, positioning himself in front of the stainless steel hump that was supposed to be used as a seat. Brian place his right foot on the hump, then spread his left foot outwards while bending over. His right hand clutched his right ankle while the palm of his left hand slapped the hard wall in front of him for additional support.
Colt stepped in behind Brian, placing his overly plump giant cock head onto the boy's soapy dot of a butt hole, then began applying pressure. This time around, it only took a couple of attempts before man and boy were both screaming as to the initial anal invasion. Brian immediately felt the sharp pain and the scorching fire that came with it as he felt the Sheriff's enormous cock slowly sink into his butt's depths.
Brian was steadily hissing as he felt inch by massive inch rip into his already aching butt. However, Brian knew the pleasures that awaited him, and wanting to get the pain over a lot more quicker, Brian shot his ass backwards until his butt cheeks struck the Sheriff's lower stomach and pubic hair. The pain was more than ferocious as Brian's entire body shook in a series of pain riddled convulsions.
With no more human control whatsoever, Colt gripped the boy's hips with both hands and began pile driving his cock in and out of Brian's ass with nothing more than sheer rage and utter violence. Brian couldn't do anything but scream, and he was screaming profusely. The power of the thrusts as the Sheriff's mammoth sized cock tore into his ass with each and every violent thrust sent wave after torturous wave of agonizing gut busting pain that exploded throughout every part of his body.
Colt was using the boy's hips to drive Brian backwards as he slammed his meaty pole all the way up Brian's fiery hot anal oven. After about 40 seconds of nothing but raw pain, the overwhelming pleasurable sensations took over. Feeling no pain, just nothing but ass plowing pleasure, Brian yelled, "Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, yessssssssssss, yessssssssssssss, that's it, fuck yessssssssssssss, gimme that big fucking cock Sheriff! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
Thrust after violent thrust, Colt drove his cock into the boy's anal canal as hard as he possibly could. Each time his cock descended into the boy's anal realm, Brian squeezed his anal muscles as hard as he could, and when Colt's cock began its quick retreat, Brian used his anal muscles to again attack. Their moans, grunts, and purrs echoed inside the open shower, mixed with the gut twisting sound of flesh slapping flesh.
While Brian basked in the pleasures of feeling the Sheriff's cock pound his ass senseless, Brian was aware of what happened the last time the Sheriff dumped his load up his ass, so with that thought processing in his head, Brian's voice chirped and rattled in unison with the violent thrusts his ass, and his body, was now enduring, "Cum in my mouth, cum in my mouth Sheriff! Oh shit, shit, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwddddd, fuck, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee hard, harder Sheriff, yessssssssss, yessssssssssssss, fuck myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssss!"
Now, Colt had his left hand on Brian's left hip and his huge right paw was gripping Brian's right shoulder, still yanking the boy backwards onto his pile driving cock. If Colt had his way, his free swinging balls would be inside the boy's ass too, and with each powerful thrust, he was trying to accomplish just that. By now, Brian was once again visiting another world as the pleasures consuming his entire body had unlocked the door, allowing his soul to run free.
Seeing the boy's long wet blond hair fling wildly all over the place, Colt used his left hand to grab a handful, and was now yanking backwards as his cock power slammed into the boy's magical anal kingdom. Having his hair pulled while being pleasured with the Sheriff's cock only seemed to ignite more consuming pleasures than he was already experiencing.
Brian, now enduring even more pleasures, released his right ankle with his right hand and quickly gripped his cock, then wasted no time in jerking the slender 5 inches of rock hard boy pride back and forth. In no time, Brian's body exploded, filling the interior of his head with millions of bright flashing stars. He jerked his cock even faster as his orgasm tore through his body like bullets from an automatic machine-gun.
Between the hair pulling, and the Sheriff's cock savagely pounding his ass, along with him jerking on his own teen meat, Brian screamed at the top of his lungs as he felt the first cum wave explode from his piss lips. To Brian, it felt like he was shooting an endless array of cum onto the shower wall and floor, but in reality, it was nothing more than a couple of little squirts. In fact, thanks to the obscene length of Colt's massive cock, the valve to Brian's bladder opened, and he was now pissing, but in his young spinning mind, Brian actually thought he was still firing his teenaged cum.
The longer Brian pissed, the more intense his orgasm felt. Along with Brian's long and intense orgasm, came an increasing violent assault from his restricting anal muscles. This was truly felt by Colt, and with each violent thrust, he could now feel his orgasm slowly trickling upwards.
At this point, Brian's piss was being shaken from his limp noodle with each and every thrust. No longer was it a steady stream, but more so, a few drops here and there. Still, Brian's body reacted to this intense orgasm in such a way that no words could even begin to describe the orgasmic pleasures that Brian was rewarded with.
With one last power thrust, Colt felt his orgasm enter the base of his cock. Immediately, he yanked his ass packer out of the boy's butt, and quickly turned Brian around. Brian had just sat on the hump, eyeing the Sheriff's cock as the man's hand jerked it with blinding speed. Brian opened his mouth just in time as he felt the first of many huge globs of man seed fly into his mouth. Colt jerked his cum shooting cock frantically, ensuring every flying drop landed directly into Brian's open mouth. Seeing his cum squirt into Brian's mouth, and glaring into the boy's magnificent beauty, Colt jerked his cock like never before.
When the cum sprays subsided, and only cum balls were now being produced, Colt began rubbing his cum coated piss lips all over the boy's lips. Brian, mouth still open, revealed the vast puddle of man juice gathered onto his bright pink tongue. When Colt smeared the last of his man goo onto Brian's bottom lip, Brian held his mouth open as he looked up into the Sheriff's eyes, then began swallowing until all was gone.
After Brian swallowed the last drop of the Sheriff's cum, he held onto the wall with his left hand as he stood. The two became intertwined in one long tongue sucking kiss. As they kissed, their hands roamed the other's body freely. After a good ten minutes of steady tongue sucking and body groping, their lips unlocked themselves.
This time around, they finished their showers and were now standing outside the shower stall drying themselves off. Still, Colt couldn't rip his eyes off of the naked young beauty. Brian's eyes remained glued to the cock he had grown to love, and cherish, and that being the cock of Sheriff Colt Adams. By now, the two stumbled around as they got dressed, both having problems with their still shaking rubbery legs cooperating.
Inside Colt's office, standing at the rear door, Colt placed both his hands on each of Brian's shoulders, looking deeper than ever to those amazing blue eyes, then whispered, "Our secret right?"
Brian smiled, then returned in a whispering manner, "You got it Sheriff, and I certainly hope we can do this again, real soon."
They kissed one more time before gorgeous young Brian walked out of the rear door, and rode his bicycle out of Colt's onlooking vision. As Brian slowly peddled his bike, all he now could think of was having a man's cock pound his butt and swallow some more man juice. Today, he had achieved his goal. No longer was his butt a virgin, nor his mouth either for that matter. He wanted sex, and boy oh boy did he get it, thanks in all to the Sheriff and that huge python he calls his cock. Brian realized a brand new door had just opened in his life, a door that provided him with so much pleasure knowing now his true passion for cock, a man's cock, better yet, the Sheriff's cock!
Colt sat in his office chair and folded his huge arms behind his head. Today, his boy loving fantasies came true. He had fucked a 13 year old boy, and not just any boy mind you, a boy in which his sheer looks will cause your body hair to rise in excitement, not to mention, your cock. He had tasted his first boy cum, and though it offered not much of a taste, it was still a boy's cum nevertheless. Now, he silently craved more, a lot more! Also, not only was he able to smell Brian's perfect little ass, but today, today he was able to taste it. Having tasted Brian's sweet smelling ass, Colt felt a newness in his life, one that the doorway is wide open, leading to a path of no return. He now knew he no longer would be able to contain the beast within after having fulfilled such a life long fantasy.
Now, it's time for the town's boy to get to know their new Sheriff, and the Sheriff's own personal set of laws!