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New York Skater Boys Chapter I


Samuel Cooper stood in front of the full length mirror one last time before heading out the door. With his sketchbook and pencils in one hand, he couldn't help but smile at the fact that he'd agonized over what to wear for so long and feeling a little self-conscious considering who he was making such a fuss over. Having finally decided on his well-worn CrossHatch denim board shorts, plan white Tee and bright red Converse All Star shoes, Sam ran a hand through his hair, picked up his sunglasses from the console table and dropped his iPhone into his front pocket. Picking up a brown paper wrapped parcel that was leaning against the wall and tucking it under an arm, Sam left his apartment locking the front door behind him.


It was another beautiful day outside once he'd ridden down the elevator from the 9th floor and turned down 10th Avenue before climbing the steps to the High Line towards W 23rd Street. He stopped off at a coffee shop after descending back down to ground level again to get a takeaway flat white, and while he waited, pulled out his phone and opened the web browser to the private link the boy's mother had given him just a couple weeks ago. His screen loaded up with the images that had sent Sam's heart into overdrive and once again stared longingly at the sexually suggestive professional photos of the boy he was about to see again. If last weekend was anything to go by, in just thirty minutes or so and after another long week of constant fantasizing and masturbation, he'd come over to Sam again sitting down beside him on the park bench like he had before giving Sam the chance to hand over the present he'd promised him.


He was an absolutely stunning ten year old boy and had been the reason why Sam had started visiting the park on a Saturday morning a few weeks before. He'd known the kid's Mom for the last sixteen years but it'd been only two months ago that she'd placed a framed photograph of him on her desk in her office and Sam had been unable to stop looking at it very time he went in ever since. Shelly Evans owned a boutique art gallery that sold only high end pieces, and for the last three years she had once again sold Sam's work after a prolonged hiatus, and he now had a reputation as one of the `must haves' for anyone worth over seven figures.


Of course Sam had known she had a son. He'd known Shelly for six years before Jamie was born and had spent a fair amount of time around the kid whenever Shell visited, which was often back then. Sam had been seventeen when Jamie was born and old enough for the odd babysitting duty when asked as well as being invited to his first couple birthdays. But shortly after he'd turned nineteen Sam's life was shattered and he withdrew from the world, his art, Shelly and her son and disappeared into the depths of his grief while travelling around Europe getting high and feeling abandoned by the one person he loved the most in the world. After two years on the road and hitting rock bottom somewhere in Romania Sam decided to make his way back to the only home he'd ever known. He took a labouring job in construction but it would be another three years before he hesitantly took up his art again. His life had changed so much in those years and he'd grown up too. He was twenty five when he made contact with Shell again but he was never as close to her as he used to be and kept his distance. Not just because of what had happened, but because he knew Jamie would've been nine years old, and remembering him as a three year old toddler, Sam knew he was bound to be a very good looking boy. And that scared the shit out of him.


Shell had tried at first to lead Sam back into his old life, but he'd stoically refused not wanting to risk getting too close to anyone again and going through the pain he'd endured. So, after almost another two years of almost completely ignoring the fact that she had a ten year old son, whose age alone was enough to cause all sorts of sexual fantasies to fill his brain, his artwork had thrived and was once again in high demand. He and Shell rarely even spoke of Jamie or of anything personal or of importance, not that Shell didn't try and Sam knew she missed how things used to be but he wasn't ready to be what she wanted him to be. That was until the framed photo of Jamie had turned up on her desk and Sam had fallen instantly in lust with him. His heart rate quickened, his throat had gone suddenly dry and the stirring between his legs meant he had to hurriedly find a seat to hide the obvious arousal he'd felt deep in his loins before Shell noticed. He was far more than just good looking and a hell of a lot sexier than Sam had ever imagined he'd grow up to be. He was quite simply gorgeous, and after he'd gotten over his shock he'd finally asked about him with sincere interest. Shell reminded him that Jamie would be turning eleven in just a couple of months but, she had said, he seemed so much more mature and worldly than she remembered ever being at the same age.


They started talking about him more often over the next few weeks, and she obviously felt comfortable enough with Sam knowing, because she'd guardedly told him she'd caught him masturbating once and that he'd been so embarrassed. She also confided in him that she'd found some gay porn on his computer. They'd laughed about it and chalked it up to normal curiosity and the internet, but for Sam, he'd secretly been hoping it was a sign of something much more than mere curiosity. After finding out from his Mom that he usually spent Saturday mornings at the skate park Sam had decided to go in search of him, and when he saw him in the flesh for the first time in more than seven years, it was as if the rest of the world just disappeared. He was breathtaking; the kind of stunning good looks that turned heads wherever he went with a face that others couldn't seem to turn away from. His soft bedroom eyes were light brown like full-milk chocolate with thin blonde brows and dark luxurious lashes. He had clean-cut dirty blonde hair dyed with streaks of pure white that was styled and waxed into place trying to look like it wasn't, which Sam thought was so fucking sexy. Having seen his face in the photo, his eyes had been drawn to the boy's sensual red lips as he smiled with little dimples forming at the corners. His lightly tanned skin was smooth and unblemished without even a single freckle marring the almost flawless perfection of his face. Even though he was too far away to get a good long look at him he knew that Jamie's face would be just as gorgeous and sexy as his photo sat on his mother's desk. What Sam hadn't noticed until he got a closer look at that photo was the small gold ring in his left ear that Sam suspected was his own little admission to the world of his budding sexuality, a peek at the sexy boy he could be given the chance. At least, that's what Sam told himself in his own mind whenever he looked at it.


To Sam's eyes the photo appeared to be a professional modelling shot taken in a studio, which his Mom later confirmed and gave Sam the link for her personal access to the sites for him to look at the rest of the photos. In the framed photo of him on his Mom's desk he was posed in front of a plain white backdrop with a dark brown army trunk being the only prop on set. Jamie was sitting on it leaning back on his arms with his legs splayed wide apart dangling over the edge wearing faded blue jean shorts cut high up inside his thighs and frayed at the ends. An unbuttoned white shirt hung off his slim body and around his tapered waist, caught behind his arms showing off his flat stomach and the tensed muscles of his preteen abs. There was a highly sexual overtone to the photo and Sam was surprised Shelly had it framed on her desk but he was glad she did. Jamie had a coy smile that turned the corners of his cherry red lips upwards and his brown eyes sparkled with mischief as he started straight into the camera.


"Sammy!" The barista called out. "Your coffee dude."


Sam looked up from his phone and put it to sleep before dropping it back into his pocket. "Yeah, sorry Mason... Miles away." Sam said as he scooped up the cardboard cup from the counter smiling at the cute twenty-something year old before heading back out under the High Line and practically skipped along W 23rd towards Pier 62. He hadn't felt this good for so many years and he knew it was all because he was starting to fall in love with a ten year old boy he'd known so long ago.


After last week's up-close-and-personal encounter with Jamie, Sam wanted to be there before the boy and his friend arrived. He'd actually spoken to the ten year old for a few minutes the previous Saturday and even caught the delightful fragrance of an active boy as he bent over Sam's arm trying to look at his sketchbook. Sam had noticed Jamie glancing his way every few minutes sitting on the bench seat on the East side of the park under the shade of the abundant trees. He'd been there a good hour slowly pencilling in the details of the boy's bodies in constant motion as they swooped in and around the skate park bowl showing their graceful movements as though it were choreographed. At one point their eyes met when Jamie had again looked his way and held for what seemed like a whole minute before Sam looked back down at his art. Suddenly feeling self-conscious and aware that Jamie knew he'd been looking he kept his head down trying not to draw attention to himself. There was no way Jamie could ever remember him was there? He was only three years old the last time he saw him...


It was only half a minute later when he heard the approaching board and the hard scraping of wheels sliding across pavement that he looked up to see the boy coming to a stop in front of him.


Fucking hell he was hot. Wearing just a white New York Yankies singlet, orange Adidas training shorts and sneakers, the amount of bare ten year old flesh on display and the way that his clothes hugged his slim body made Sam's mouth go dry. With some effort not to roam his eyes over the boy's sexy wee body Sam looked up into the most beautiful face he'd ever seen. Even though his hair was ruffled and a little damp with sweat and his cheeks flushed red, Sam still saw the gorgeous young boy in the photo that he'd lusted over for weeks. He could also see the toddler he'd once known and waited, half expecting Jamie to somehow recognise him.


With his heart suddenly pounding in his chest, Sam managed to croak out a simple "Hey" as he stared spellbound at his perfectly flawless face. It was the eyes that did it for Sam. Those chocolate colored pools were so captivating it felt like he was looking into his soul.


"Hey." Jamie replied in a sweet, slightly high pitched boy's voice. "What'ya drawing?" He asked as he tried to lean forward and peer over the top of Sam's book.


"Ummm... Just whatever's here." Sam replied not wanting to tell him he'd come here specifically to draw him. He'd planned on giving the finished work to Shelly as a token of his appreciation for all that she'd done for him over the years, but it also gave him the perfect opportunity to sit for an hour or two and simply watch Jamie while he drew him. His stare lowered and held on the boy's full cherry lips for a few seconds and he briefly imagined how soft they would be to kiss and if he would taste as good as he looked.


"Can I see?"


"Sure, I guess." Sam said and turned his sketchbook sideways so that the boy would have to move beside him. As Jamie kicked his board to one side and scooted around to sit on the park bench next to him, Sam's eyes quickly travelled the length of his slender frame from the protruding bones of his collar, the smooth and hairless hollow of his pits all the way down to pause momentarily at his crotch. There was a small but definite lump under his shorts and Sam's mind went into overdrive imagining the treasures hidden underneath the thin layers of clothing and his cock began to swell rather uncomfortably in his CrossHatch board shorts.


"Whoa... that's so cool!" Jamie said looking up at Sam in awe. "Is that me? Did you just draw that now? It looks so real!"


"Ummm... Yeah, to both questions." Sam said feeling his hands going suddenly clammy. "This one is you." He flipped back a couple pages. "And these are your friends."


Jamie moved closer to him and leant over his arm for a better look, his hand brushing over Sam's as he traced the outline of his friend's portraits with his fingertips. Turning his head ever so slightly, Sam brought his nose to within an inch of the boy's head and took a deep lungful of air. The smell of him was intoxicating; an Earthy scent with just a slight hint of soap and the faint musk of an active and lively young boy.


"Go back to the one of me." Jamie said and turned his face up to look at Sam catching him with his eyes closed and his chest rising as he breathed in deeply. His eyebrows furrowed for a second before a faint smile formed on his lips when Sam opened his eyes and saw Jamie looking at him. He smiled back at Jamie wondering what he was thinking and wishing it was the same thing he was. Still, there seemed to be no flicker of recognition from the boy he'd once known.


"Sure." Sam flicked the pages back and let the sketchbook rest on his lap covering his groin and the unmistakable hard-on that was growing under his shorts. How he could've ignored Jamie's existence for so long was beyond Sam, and seeing how hot and sexy the now ten year old had grown up to be, Sam felt a deep regret at having missed so many years as the boy of his wettest dreams bowed his head down closer and closer to the pages in his lap.


Fuck me... Sam thought. His face was less than twelve inches away from his crotch and all he could see was the back of his head with his hair falling down into the nape of his neck. The loose fitting Yankies singlet gaped open at the back between his shoulder blades and Sam's eyes were drawn to the sleek curves of his neck and the protruding knobs of his vertebra at the base. He sure as shit has no idea what he's doing to me.


Sam felt a downward pressure on his lap from the sketchbook and looked down around Jamie's head. He had his hand flat on the page, his finger hovering over his likeness just below his own crotch and gently rocked the hard-backed cover back and forth over Sam's now very erect penis trapped in his shorts. "You can see where my dick is." Jamie said snickering quietly.


Oh fuck. It was true. Sam had drawn a small bulge in the boy's trainers, shading the creases of the fabric as it hugged the place that made him a boy. He'd fantasized about the small preteen morsel beneath as he'd drawn, wondering how big he was and how smooth and soft it would feel, but now he was embarrassed that the kid had actually pointed it out.


"Uhhh... what?" Sam said swallowing. How the fuck was he going to explain this?


"There!" Jamie said pointing and turning his head back around to Sam. "See? You drew where my nuts are."


"Umm, okay." Sam said thinking fast. "I drew you with fingers and eyes and hair too."


"But you made it bigger than it is and its way more detailed than my fingers and hair."


"Bigger?" Sam said with a smile on his face. Here was an opening and he was going to see if the kid could take a little teasing. "You mean you got a small one then huh?"


"What? No... I mean... shutup!" Jamie's face beamed realising he was the butt of a joke. "It's not that small." He lifted himself up with his hand laid flat on the sketchbook in Sam's lap, pressing down onto his hard cock making him wince and brought his other hand around between them. "It's like this big." He said holding his thumb and index finger as far apart as they could stretch.


"Yeah right," Sam guffawed. "What are you... Ten? Eleven? Can't be much bigger than an inch or two." He held his own thumb and fingers up indicating two inches and the pressure on his groin eased as the boy leaned back a little to look. Sam couldn't believe he was talking to Jamie about the size of his penis and with him practically laying across his lap already, it went way beyond his wildest dreams.


Jamie looked back up to Sam's face with a smile on his lips. "I'm Ten. And it is that big." The coy expression and narrowed eyes held for a moment and Sam could swear he could hear the boy's voice in his head saying `Wanna see it?'


"You mean when it's hard or soft?" Sam said with his head swimming. As far as Jamie knew they'd only just met, but in the space of only a couple minutes they were talking about the kid's dick and how big it was. He couldn't fucking believe it.


The expression on Jamie's face turned from insistent determination to bashful innocence. "Hard." He said quietly.


Before Sam could say anything more to entice him to continue, Jamie turned back to the page. "Can I have it?"


"Have what?"


"The drawing of me dumbass."


Dumbass? He turned his head to look down at Jamie's angelic face with a cheeky little grin forming at the corners of the boy's lips. He raised his eyebrows in a half-hearted expression of dismay. This kid feels brave.


"Nah, it's not finished yet." Sam said thinking quickly trying to orchestrate a reason for Jamie to come back and talk to him again. "And my name's Sam, not dumbass."


Jamie shot Sam a devilish smile before awkwardly lifting his hand up between them to shake. "Jamie." He said. His hand felt small and soft in Sam's as they shook for a few seconds and he was careful not to grip him too tightly.


"Nice to meet you Jamie." Sam said happy that he could call him by name even though he'd already known it.


"So can I have it when it's finished?" Jamie persisted looking back down at the picture of himself.


"Sure. How'bout I come back here next Saturday and give it to you."


"Yeah okay." He said pushing himself back up off Sam's lap. "And if you want..." He stood in front of Sam and bent over to retrieve his board from under the bench. "Bring a tape measure so I can prove it's bigger than two inches."


"Only when it's hard." Sam reminded him.


"OooOoo..." Jamie said raising his voice up and down. "And who's gonna make it hard?"


And then, as suddenly as he'd arrived he was gone without even waiting for Sam's response. All he could do was stare and watch as the boy wheeled away back to his friend and marvel at the brazen way he'd spoken to Sam. But now that he was gone Sam finally registered the nagging sense of familiarity that had been there throughout their conversation. Even though he couldn't quite put his finger on it, the thought persisted in the back of his mind that he couldn't shake. He could clearly see Shell in Jamie's young but stunningly beautiful face, and there was no mistaking him to be anything other than his mother's son. But there was something in his expressive looks and the way he stood that Sam found vaguely familiar yet so distant. Perhaps it was just the memory of the three year old boy he'd once known nearly eight years ago.


The next seven days passed with agonising slowness and today Sam had made damn sure he was back there in the exact same bench seat at the exact same time. Jamie had shown up before his friend got there and had come straight over to him, sliding to a stop on his board and sitting down next to him as if they'd known each other for years.


"So you got it?" Jamie asked as he leant back and combed his hand through his hair leaving his arm raised for a few moments. He was wearing another tight fitting singlet with large low cut holes for his arms exposing a mouth-watering treat of his smooth young body, but Sam's eyes were drawn to the well-defined muscles of his shoulders and biceps wondering how he got such a toned body. Below, his singlet hugged his slim waist and ended just short of his hips where Sam could plainly see the band of brightly colored GAP briefs under his board shorts.


Sam smiled at the boy's eagerness to see the finished drawing not even bothering with a simple hi. "Got what?" Sam asked thinking he was teasing him.


"A tape measure."


That stopped him dead in his tracks. "What?" He asked a little stunned. "I thought you were kidding."


The boy raised his eyebrows at him. "Maybe. But you didn't bring one so you'll never know will you." He said smiling. "Can I have my picture?"


God he's such a little tease, Sam thought as he struggled to focus on Jamie's question. "That kinda depends." He said.


"On what?"


"On what you wanted me to write on it before I give it to you." Sam said and picked up the paper wrapped parcel at his side. "I drew it on proper paper and framed it for you, but I left a space for a message."


The incredulous look on Jamie's perfectly flawless and youthful face was worth every hour he'd spent painstakingly recreating the sketch, adding swaths of color that swirled round his body and brought it to life. He'd hand made the wooden frame from recycled cherry oak and varnished it to a high gloss. The lad would never know its value, but a small one-off original by Sam Cooper could easily be worth in excess of ten thousand dollars.


"You did that for me?"


"Sure I did." Sam said. "I like you so why wouldn't I?" What he didn't say was that he'd jacked off so many times during the week thinking about Jamie and his hot as fuck preteen body. He'd felt a little guilty thinking about Jamie and struggled to separate the toddler he'd known from the sexy as fuck ten year old boy talking about who was going to make his dick get hard with a complete stranger, but he'd gotten over that pretty fucking quickly.


He passed the wrapped present over to the boy who took it in his hands and laid it down on his lap. Without saying a word, Jamie slipped his small fingers in-between the paper and tore it open before turning the framed picture over to look at it. His mouth practically dropped open and his eyes grew wide. "Whoa... That's awesome!"


He looked back up at Sam and his heart almost melted. "You really did this for me? Thank you so much!"


"Glad you like it." Sam said. "You can think of me whenever you look at it."


Jamie's eyes sparkled and this mouth slowly formed into a wicked grin. "I'll put it over my bed then."


Sam let out a short laugh. "You're a strange little boy aren't you?"


"Yep." Jamie said still smiling and raised his fisted knuckles for Sam to bump. "But I really mean it. Thank you for this."


Bumping Jamie's small fist, Sam couldn't help but feel overjoyed that he seemed to like what he'd done. "Any time kiddo." He said. "So, any thoughts about what you want me to write?"


"I dunno. Can I think about it?"




They sat in silence for a minute before Jamie asked, "What's your last name? Mine's Evans."


"Cooper." Sam said. "Why do you ask?" Could he have seen his work at his Mom's gallery and put two and two together?


"Just wondering. Are you gonna draw some more today?"


"I was thinking about it yeah." Sam said.


"Can I watch you draw until my friend gets here?"


"Sure." Sam said and pulled his sketchbook out and opened it to a blank page. "Who did you want me to draw?"


"Them." He said without a moment's hesitation and pointed. Sam looked to where his muscled arm was outstretched aiming at a group of young boy's about Jamie's own age playing with a freebie. Two of them were shirtless and when he looked back at Jamie, he saw a faint glean in his eyes and a look he recognised so well. Remembering the gay porn his Mom had found on his PC, Sam figured he was more interested in boys than girls and was not shy in making it obvious.


As he began to draw, Sam asked Jamie about his school wanting to engage him in conversation. He was in sixth grade and went to a private Rudolf Steiner school on E 79th Street but didn't much like all the `hippy shit' their teachers made them do. He told Sam he was going to be a movie star one day and earn a billion dollars and live with all his friends in the biggest house he could buy. "And we could do whatever we wanted all the time."


"Sounds like fun." Sam said picturing Jamie doing `whatever he wanted'. The boys were taking shape on the page, the outline of their young bodies in motion as Jamie peered over his arm watching him sketch. It was difficult not to get distracted by him sitting so close with his bare arms and shoulders brushing against his and the constant bumping of his feet into Sam's legs, but it was the scent that wafted up from his youthful body that kept his cock semi erect and leaking all throughout their conversation.


"I did auditions a few weeks ago for a new TV program but I haven't heard back yet. It was really cool." Jamie told him. "I had to do all these lines and then they took loads of photos with me putting on a bunch of different faces like I was happy or sad or scare and stuff."


"Wow..." Sam said stopping what he was doing on the page and looked across at him. He'd had no idea Jamie was interested in acting and Shell had never mentioned it to him. "What was the TV program?"


"Buck Rodgers. They're gonna do a remake of it and I'm going to be Twiki." Jamie said and Sam noted the boy had already claimed the role as his own. "But I'll be like an android or something instead of a dorky robot like on the old one. Sorta like the kid on Extant and I'll go on missions with Buck Rodgers. Have you seen the old one? It's kinda lame."


"Yeah," Sam chuckled remembering. "I saw a couple episodes when I was a kid I think. When do you find out?"


"Soon I think... Maybe next week or the one after. Mom says not to get my hopes up but it's only between me and another boy now."


"Really?" Sam asked. "I think they'd be crazy not to pick you."


"I know right?" Jamie grinned at him. "It'd be so cool if I got it."


"I hope you do buddy." Sam said turning back to his book and resumed drawing but his concentration was still on the boy sitting next to him. "Let me know if you get it okay so I know to watch it. I'll be able to tell people I know you."


Jamie just smiled at him then and leaned into him watching him draw until his attention was finally torn away as he spied his friend appear in the park a few minutes later. "My friend's here. I should go." He said almost apologetically.


"Sure, okay buddy." Sam said trying quickly to think of another excuse to see him again. "Remember you need to let me write a message for you on that."


"Duh... of course. Will you be here next weekend?"


"If you will be," Sam said smiling. "Then I will be."


"Cool." Jamie said standing and Sam saw him adjust himself at the front for a second before picking up his picture and tucked it under an arm. A cheeky grin crossed his face. "Bye Sammy."


Sammy? He raised his eyebrows at the lad, but didn't say anything. It sounded sexy and adorable coming from Jamie and he fucking loved it.




"So?" Ashley asked looking around. "Where is he?"


Jamie looked over at the bench seats where he'd talked to Sam the last two weekends but he wasn't there. He scanned the rest of the skate park looking for him but didn't see him anywhere with a sense of disappointment descending over him. It would've been the third week in a row and Jamie was sure Sam was into him so he couldn't understand why he wasn't here. Checking the time on his phone he shrugged his shoulders and looked back at Ash. "He said he'd be here, but we're a bit early."


"Maybe you were wrong about him." Ashley said. "You were just hoping he was is all."


"No way. He was into me for sure and he did that drawing for me too." Jamie countered. "And I know he had a stiffy `cos I put my hand on it over his book the first time and he didn't do nothin' to stop me."


"Whatever. You just want your own instead of sharing mine." Ashley said smiling. Then his eyes sparkled. "Hey, if he is you should get him to do both of us at the same time like Uncle Ty does." He paused for a second and then smiled. "Do you think he's got a big dick?"


Despite their tender age, the two boys had been sexually active since they were almost nine years old and had both lost their virginity with Ashley's Uncle. On the occasions Ty was visiting from L.A, they'd both suck him and get their asses filled by the twenty six year old at least a couple times, and then they'd usually suck or fuck each other after if he hadn't done it for them first. They'd been best friends ever since they started school together, but now they were so much more than that. Awkwardly at first, they'd began to give each other pleasure like Ty did to them and now sucking and fucking each other was a foregone conclusion whenever they had a sleepover at one another's houses. Ash's younger eight year old brother Quinn had even busted them once, bursting into Ash's room when they'd been sixty-nining and had wanted to know what they were doing. He'd been very curious when Jamie had told him they were making each other feel good and he'd wanted to join in, but Ash had kicked him out of the room despite Jamie wanting him to let Quinn stay.


Jamie shrugged his shoulders at Ash's question and smirked.


"I hope he has." Ash said bringing both his hands up to his mouth like he was holding a soda can and mimicked sucking a huge cock in and out.


"You're so gay." Jamie deadpanned even though Ash was doing his best to make him laugh.


"So are you."


After a few seconds of quiet giggling and a shared smile between them that conveyed the unspoken secret they both shared, they kicked their boards up and turned away from the skate bowl. It was fairly quiet today even though it was another hot Saturday morning with only a couple dozen other skaters, mostly older teens and a few college age guys that the two boys knew well enough to keep away from. They sat down on the grass outside the chicken wire fence with their bare legs crossed and Jamie kept glancing around looking for any sign of Sam.


"Are you gonna tell him you know who he is now?" Ash asked.


"Yeah, if he comes."


"What did he look like? Was he hot?"


"Yeah... Kinda like David Beckham but way more sexy except he had like a burn mark on his arm here." Jamie said pointing to his own forearm just below his wrist.


"Did he have brown hair and red shoes?" Ashley asked cocking his head to one side looking over his boyfriends shoulder.


Jamie's eyes widened and an excited grin spread across his face. "Is he here?"


"Yep. And he's looking at us."


"Does he have his book?"


Ashley moved his head a little to the right and his eyes shifted looking over at Sam. "Yeah. He's sitting down. Should we go over?"


"Noooo..." Jamie said with a serious expression on his cute face. "You'll do something to scare him off."


"No I won't I promise." Ashley said smiling. "I was just gonna ask him if he wanted to suck my dick."


"Fuck you!" Jamie laughed and punched him in the arm.


"Okay! But when I do you tonight you can pretend I'm him." Ash said looking over Jamie's shoulder again and nodding at the guy sitting on the bench. He was staying the night at Jamie's and his Mom was out at some party or something leaving the two of them alone for a few hours. His preteen dick grew a little just thinking about fucking his boyfriend again and he reached down to slip a hand inside his pants to grasp his growing prong.


"I wish," Jamie said looking down at Ash's hand playing with himself under his pants. "Too bad Quinn can't come over tonight too."


"What, you hot for my little brother?" Ashley asked with a smirk on his face. He knew Jamie liked Quinn and sometimes joked about getting to do it with him too, especially after he'd seem them sucking each other. Ash on the other hand thought it'd be weird doing it with his own brother but didn't mind when Jamie had shown Quinn how to jack himself off and get the good feelings. He'd told Quinn it was called `getting your tingles' and the little tyke had been telling them when he got his tingles every time he did it.


"Yeah, he's cute." Jamie said with his own dick swelling in his shorts thinking about Quinn and watching Ash play with himself. He wanted so bad to shove his hands down his boyfriend's pants, but he couldn't; not out here. "He's just a smaller version of you."


"What? Have you even seen us? He doesn't look anything like me." Ash said raising his eyebrows. It was only partially true since Quinn shared the same facial features as his brother and they were easily recognisable as siblings. But whereas Ashley had dark auburn-brown hair and brown eyes, Quinn was sandy blonde with hazel and green speckled eyes and slightly paler skin. "He's okay I guess... but I like him better." Ash continued and cocked his head towards Sam.


"It sucks ass that we can't just ask him." Jamie complained chancing a glance over his shoulder at Sam. His heart beat faster at the sight of him and his dick sprang to life within a couple seconds.


"You should." Ashley said seeing the look on Jamie's face. "If he wigs out you can just pretend you were joking."


Jamie smiled remembering his little quip about the tape measure a couple weeks ago. "I should ask him if he brought a tape measure again." He'd told Ash all about their first conversation and how they'd talked about how big his dick was and then how he'd asked Sam if he'd brought one the next time he'd gone over to him. Ashley had laughed his ass off when he'd told him about telling the man to bring a tape measure.


"Yeah, if he did you could go back to his place and let him measure you." Ashley said thinking. "Do you think he lives close?"


"Dunno." Jamie said as he turned his head to look over his shoulder at Sam again. He saw him looking their way and smiled imagining him sliding his prick into his ass and doing him. "Maybe. Unless he takes a cab here."


Ashley took his hand back out from under his pants again. "You should find out and see if he'll take you there."


"How?" Jamie asked. "It's not like I can just say `Hey can we go back to your place so you can fuck me'."


"Why not? You said you were sure he was into you."


"Yeah but, what if he isn't?"


Ashley shrugged his shoulders. "What if he is?" He said peeking over Jamie's shoulder at the man again. He was still watching them but he had his book out and drawing in it.


"I know!" Jamie said with a thought forming in his mind and turned back to Ash. "I got an idea."


"What?" Ashley asked with a mischievous grin.


"Come with me." Jamie said as he stood up and flipped his skate board up into his hands with his foot. "My T-shirt's about to get all wet and dirty."




Sam looked up again from his sketchbook to see the two boys heading away from him as Jamie's friend glanced over his shoulder back at him. They were too far away for Sam to get a decent look at the other kid but he judged him to be about the same age as Jamie with darker coppery brown hair hanging loosely at the back and sides and teased up into a faux Mohawk on top. And he was tanned too; a light honey bronze color that contrasted with his hair and Sam's thoughts jumped into the kid's pants, speculating whether he had any tan lines or if the coloring extended below his waist line. What a fucking hot thought, Sam mused imagining the boy lying naked and exposed for the entire world to see.


He watched them go until they disappeared around a bend in the path behind a large clump of trees and looked back down at the pencil sketch he'd been drawing of Jamie. Sam had let his imagination wander while he'd sat there waiting for the ten year old boy to approach and had drawn him sitting down looking back at him with a sultry sexy expression on his beautiful face. He was resting back on his arms with one leg up, his foot planted to the ground close to his ass and the other spread open and lying on the side, bent at the knee and angling back in with his foot next the other.


Fuck! Sam thought with disappointment. He'd assumed Jamie would come over and speak to him again and tell him what he wanted Sam to inscribe on the framed picture, but obviously he didn't want to with his friend around. But, Sam realised, he didn't even have it with him so maybe he'd forgotten about it. Yet the way they'd kept stealing glances at him made him think they'd been talking about him. What had they been saying? He looked back down at his sketchbook and the image of Jamie on the page.


Sam had drawn him with loose fitting shorts that were gaping open at the leg and he now idly pencilled in the dark shadows within and a small but definite bulge in the material over his groin. The familiar stirring of desire started to well up inside him and he felt the tightening of his briefs as his cock grew and strained against them. He shifted uncomfortably and slipped a hand under the sketchbook to adjust himself allowing his cock the freedom it needed.


Why the fuck would be come here with a friend if he wanted to talk to me again? Sam thought. Maybe he doesn't want to.


But then he'd just stay away altogether wouldn't he? Why bother coming here at all?


The thoughts went around and around in his head as he drew in the details of Jamie's imagined chest, boyishly smooth and lithe with his shirt open at the front hanging loosely around his slender waist and firm stomach. He blew on the paper scattering the lead dust as he used his fingers to smudge the shadows and looked up again to where the boy's had gone. Still no sign of them.


He admired his latest drawing of the young boy with the same unfulfilled sexual craving he'd felt so often. Sam lightly traced his finger over the page, up the sleek curves of Jamie's calves and circled around the small bulge in his shorts between his outstretched legs, longing to be able to touch him in the flesh instead of just on paper. It was a yearning that burnt deep in his groin that refused to subside, a desire to touch and caress the body of a young prepubescent boy and to taste his skin, breathe in his sweet smell, to make love to him with his mouth and feel the tight grip of his ass around his cock as he moved in and out of him. But it was a fantasy. Nothing more than a longed for dream despite the fanciful thoughts that Jamie had actually flirted with him and teased him with talk about the size of his dick; a young boy's innocent trespass that stirred both resentment towards society and an unquenchable thirst to enjoy the body of a very young and sexy little boy.


Looking up and scanning the area once more, Sam flipped back to the drawings he'd finished late at night the previous week of Jamie and other boys in the park. He'd thought he'd be eager to come back with a barely veiled sexual message for Sam to write, but now that seemed unlikely as he'd apparently left and forgotten about Sam and his picture altogether.


He sat there trying to make sense of his apparent disinterest, lost in a cloud of confusion after having been called to his mother's office earlier in the week. Jamie had shown her the picture Sam had drawn of him and given to him as a present and she'd called him to come see her. She'd seemed somewhat pleased that he and Jamie had met and Sam thought he heard something in her voice when she'd asked him how he'd bumped her son, and why he'd give him a piece of art easily worth over ten thousand dollars. Sam had simply told her the truth; that he'd went in search of Jamie after she'd told him he spent Saturday mornings at the skate park to draw. He told her it had been intended it as a present for her, to thank her for her support and dedication to his art but that Jamie had approached him in the park and asked for it himself but that he hadn't remembered him at all.


Shelly had laughed, "That sounds like my boy!" She'd said to Sam. "He's definitely not shy!" For an hour they talked about him, how she'd managed after Sam had left bringing him up without a father, that he was a good kid, caring and kind and adventurous. She'd told Sam that when he was nine years old he'd given a years' worth of savings to a young boy in their building whose bike had been stolen, just because he felt bad for him. Shelly worried for him living in the city, but that she tried to spend as much time as she could away with him up at their lake house where he'd learnt to wakeboard and jet ski and to just be a kid. She was proud of him, but was saddened by how quickly he seemed to be growing up.


Over a fresh coffee and curious about the photo on her desk, Sam asked when it had been taken and joked that it looked like he was a model. She'd laughed and told Sam that he wasn't really, but his friend's Uncle shot for a small agency that specialised in kids clothing and he'd asked if Jamie was interested in modelling for them. Shelly had told him that it'd been just the once and that there were a dozen boys Jamie's age that `worked' there and it was then that she'd given Sam the link to the website. She lowered her voice even though there was no one else in the office when she'd told Sam; "I probably shouldn't say this, but the pictures they take are kind of... sexy. The boys are all posed to show off their bodies as much as the clothes they're wearing. But Jamie seemed to really like it so I don't see any reason why I shouldn't let him. He is kinda sexy though isn't he?"


Sam had almost choked on his coffee. "I... guess so." He'd said rather vaguely.


"Oh come on Sam," Shelly had laughed. "You're gay. I'm sure you can appreciate that he's got a hot body on him for a kid his age."


He'd just smiled at her not quite sure what to say. "He'll break a few girls' hearts I'm sure."


"Girls?" Shelly had said smiling. "I know you haven't forgotten about the gay porn I found on his computer. I don't think it'll be girls' hearts he'll be breaking. But I've never heard him go on about anyone like he has about you this last week." She'd said to him. "Sam this and Sam that... It's actually a little bit cute. I think he has a little crush on you so don't be surprised if he tries to hit on you or something."


Sam tried his best to feign an expression of shocked surprise. "Umm, okay." He said as the thin tendrils of suspicion started to worm their way into his mind. Did Shell somehow how that Jamie had an interest in older guys?


"I told him who you are." Shell said to him. "I mean, not that you used to know him, but that I sold your art. He looked you up on Google and knows you're gay and he was so excited when he found out that he had to come tell me everything he found out about you. He thinks he does, but he really can't hide what he's thinking from me."


Fuck it! Sam thought as the memory of what Shelly had said played in his mind. Why would he leave me hanging here like a moron thinking something might actually happen if what she'd said was true?


It was unfair of him he knew; he was only ten years old and would have no idea the effect he had on Sam but it still felt like a punch to the stomach that knocked the wind out of him. Taking a deep breath and trying to concentrate on something other than Jamie's absence, Sam reached out to the cardboard cup on the bench next to him and brought it to his mouth draining the last of his lukewarm coffee. Maybe he'd walk back over to Chelsea's Table for another. He had all day to sit here and gaze at all the hot young boys, taking mental pictures of his favourites with slim waists and shapely bubble butts that he'd imagine naked in his bed later that night.


Sam checked the time on his iPhone and saw over ten minutes had passed since the two boys had sauntered off and debated whether or not to give up and head back home. He idly turned the pages of his sketchbook back to the unfinished drawing of Jamie laying back in a provocative pose when he noticed the brown haired boy rounding a bend in the path not that far away. He was alone and a quick scan of the area showed no sign of Jamie.


He was heading towards Sam, but about twenty yards away he turned onto another path away from him with his skateboard tucked under one arm and glanced over his shoulder as if checking to see if Sam was looking or not. Having come much closer this time Sam saw just how hot he was with a slightly heavier build than Jamie but still slim and oh so very fucking sexy. The boy gave a small wave with his hand held low beside his hip and Sam tipped his head up in response as the realisation hit him that they had been talking about him and this boy knew who he was. But then where was Jamie? He thought as he unconsciously circled the tip of his index finger on the paper around the small bulge between Jamie's legs.


"You're rubbing the wrong one." A voice said in a quiet whisper beside his ear. "That one's not real."


Sam jumped and his head shot around to face Jamie never realising he was there until he'd whispered into his ear. With both hands gripping the back of the bench seat Jamie was leaning over his shoulder looking at his work and smiling at Sam's surprized reaction.


Jamie had crept up on Sam from behind while his attention was on his boyfriend and had looked over his shoulder at the pictured he'd drawn of him. Seeing himself drawn in that pose, with his shirt open revealing his chest and stomach and the loose pants that gaped open between his thighs made him smile. He'd never posed for the man and so he knew this came purely from his imagination. While the dark shadows up his pants leg shrouded what was underneath, the small but obvious bulge drawn in vivid detail showed every fold of the material and the unmistakable outline of his dick. But what made the young boy's heart beat faster was that the man's finger was touching him there and lightly tracing around where his dick and balls were.


"Shit..." Sam breathed out. "You scared the hell outa me kid." He said even as his mind started to register the fact that he was topless and his eyes lowered instinctively to the bare flesh of his chest and leaning sideways for a better view. It was as if time stood still for a moment while his mind processed what he was seeing and what he'd heard the boy say.


You're rubbing the wrong one? What the fuck did that mean?


"Sorry." Jamie smiled. "Is that me?" He asked leaving his last comment hanging in the air between them. Seeing where the man was looking, he pushed up until his elbows locked and his sleek preteen body was revealed to the man's gaze. Small indentations hollowed in above his collar bones like small swimming pools and his narrow waist tapered in from his boyishly defined chest with tiny, dark brown nipples centred on each breast. Sam was struck speechless for a few seconds, the skin of his body was as smooth and firm as he could ever imagine with a light tan that accentuated his youthful sex appeal.


"Umm... Yeah," Sam said swallowing hard. He couldn't tear his eyes off the sexy little boy's chest and again noted the curved muscles of his biceps as he propped himself up and he could just see the sleek hollows of his pits without a trace of hair. Fuck he was gorgeous. And so close. All he had to do was turn his head and he'd be able to brush his lips over the boy's soft skin. Even now he could smell him; the sweet fragrance of boyhood fused with jasmine and apples and he took in a deep breath savouring it like the most decadent of perfumes. It was the pure scent of preteen boy.


"You were touching me on my dick." Jamie said smiling as he leant back in over the park bench with his naked shoulder rubbing against Sam's. "I bet you were thinking about how big it is."


Sam's instinct was to deny it and pretend like he'd only been smudging the shadows out of a sense of self preservation. It was the life he'd learnt to accept; that he could never reveal the sexual attraction he felt for young preteen boys to anyone or risk being labelled a paedophile and a monster. But the way that Jamie said it with his voice lowered just a notch, the look in his eyes and the way he flaunted his body held closely to his own was as if he was flirting with him.


He couldn't be though could he? He's only ten years old. But then he remembered his mother's warning that he might hit on him, as well as the pictures he'd seen of him in very sexually suggestive poses wearing those tight jean shorts riding high up on his thighs and the open white shirt on the website Shelly had given him. He decided to hell with it, he'd already taken a risk talking like he had last weekend and the kid hadn't bolted. In fact he'd seemed to enjoy it.


"I already know how big it is..." Sam said. "I was ten once too you know." He held his hand up with his thumb and index finger spread apart about three or four inches like he had last week. "And I bet you don't have any pubes yet either." Sweet mother of God, was that his voice talking to a ten year old boy?


"Nope." Jamie said. "Not yet see?" He shifted his weight onto one arm and raised the one closest to Sam above his head exposing his hairless pit.


Oh. My. Fuck. Silky smooth and as sexy a sight as Sam had ever seen. His cock instantly swelled in his shorts and it was as though every other person in the world disappeared right then. All he could do was stare as he sucked in his bottom lip and bit down on it. "Nice." He managed to croak out after a few moments staring.


That won him the biggest smile from the boy as he lowered his arm again and stood up behind him to come around to the front of the bench seat having apparently made a decision to sit down. Sam's eyes followed him as he came around, first taking in the sight of his lean back that tapered down into a slim waist and hips with his shorts riding a little low over the soft rounded mounds of his butt where the shallow cleft of his crack was just beginning to form. As he turned to face Sam again he was rewarded with his first full frontal view of the boy's sexy little body and he could see the faint smile spread across Jamie's face even as his eyes wandered downwards.


With his fingers tightening around his sketchbook in his lap, Sam took in the sight before him and quickly scanned his eyes over the boy's smoothly defined bare chest and unbearably flat and toned stomach. The sleek contours of his narrow waist curved inwards and then back out to his hips with two incredibly sexy indented abdominal grooves falling downwards under his navel. His cute little innie belly button was more like a tiny horizontal fold rather than a penny sized circle. What he couldn't tear his eyes away from was the velvety smooth skin just above the waistband of his excruciatingly low hung shorts. His cock grew uncomfortably in his pants with a potent longing to touch him knowing his dick was just an inch or two below where he was looking. Sam drank in his beauty in the few seconds it took Jamie to stop and stand right beside him with his stomach just a couple feet away from his face. His eyes darted down to the boy's crotch and he felt an upwelling of anxiety and fear in his chest, realising that this could go a lot further than he expected. He could see the unmistakeable tenting of his shorts and that Jamie's immature cock was at least semi-hard and that he would, without a doubt in his mind, cross the line and act on his desires if he could.


"Draw a picture," Jamie whispered looking down at him. "It'll last longer."


"I'd love to." Sam said finally lifting his eyes back up into the boy's face. As Jamie sat down beside him he noticed for the first time the T-shirt he'd been wearing in his hand looking sodden and covered in mud. That explains the free peep show, he thought to himself.


"Yeah? Like this or without these?" Jamie teased as he tugged on his shorts.


Who the fuck is this kid? For a second Sam didn't know how to respond. If he played along and said without, would Jamie actually do it? "Whatever you want."


"Whatever I want?" Jamie said with his eyebrows raised. "What if I wanted to get naked?"


Sam couldn't help his natural instinct to look down at the boy's crotch as soon as he'd said it, imagining what he'd look like without a stitch of clothing on. Oh dear God how he'd love to see that, and even better to undress him himself. "Ummm... Sure. I guess that'd be okay." Fuck it! Why did he have to sound like a God damned retard!


"Do you live close?" Jamie asked.


"Yeah," Sam said inflecting the word into a question with Jamie's eyes boring into his. "On 10th by 23rd street."


Holly fucking shit! Was this actually happening? Sam couldn't be absolutely sure it wasn't just his imagination, but he was positive the hot as fuck young boy sitting next to him was coming on to him and was going to ask to go back to his place. From the flippant sexual comments and the flirtatious body language as well as the fact that he was now shirtless and showing off his killer preteen body, he was now practically inviting himself to Sam's and suggesting he strip naked for Sam to draw him. It all seemed too much of a coincidence for it to be anything other than a blatant invitation to take the next step. Or was it? Were his jokes about the size of his dick and drawing him naked just the spirited curiosity of a young boy talking about sex with a complete stranger? And could it have just been an accident that his shirt got soaked and so covered in mud that he had to take it off?


Jamie's eyes lit up as he smiled. "Do you got a laundry?" He held up the wet and mud-caked T-shirt as if trying to prove he needed one. "My Mom's gonna so ground me for this."


And there it was; the convenient excuse for Sam to take him home with him just like his Mom had said he would. "Sure I do. We can wash it and have it looking good as new in no time." Sam said. "Can't have you being grounded or I won't get to see you again."


"Sweet," Jamie said and flashed the sexiest damn smile Sam had ever seen as he leant back into the bench seat. "Maybe I'll let you see a lot more of me."


Sam's mouth was dry and he had to force his throat to swallow. That sure as hell wasn't his imagination.


"Yeah?" Sam said letting his gaze linger over the boy's body imagining once again how soft and tender the skin of his lower navel and abdomen would feel. "Who says I want to?"


"Whatever." Jamie said in a tone that clearly implied he knew he did. Sam watched spellbound as Jamie sucked in a breath making his stomach sink inward slightly leaving a half inch gap between the shallow depressions of his pelvis and his shorts offering a frustratingly narrow view of the smooth hairless expanse beneath. Sweet Jesus... Sam thought suddenly realizing Jamie wasn't wearing underwear.


The tantalizing glimpse of flesh hollowing in either side of his pelvis and below the waistband of his shorts lasted only a few seconds, but Sam was sure the boy had wanted him to see and had held his breath just to tease him. His flat stomach and abdomen looked firm and hard yet so fucking soft that begged belief and Sam was lost in his own private delirium as Jamie finally let his breath out and bent forward again. He stood up smiling and turned to face Sam with his shorts tenting just a little and held out his hand to him. Sam couldn't help but to admire his boyishly sexy chest and the small domes of his nipples before glancing down at his crotch and the unmistakeable shape of a small cock poking at the fabric of his shorts.


"Come on," Jamie said tossing his sodden T-shirt at Sam and grabbed his hand trying to pull him up. "Let's go."




If walking into his apartment building with an incredibly beautiful half-naked boy in toe wasn't nerve-racking enough and afraid of being seen by one of his neighbours, then waiting for the elevator and the ride up to his apartment was excruciating. From the moment they'd left the park Jamie had talked nonstop and barely let him get a word in edgewise, even when he'd told Sam he knew who he was.


"What do you mean buddy?" Sam had asked looking down at him as they walked down 11th Avenue. A few passer-by's eyed them with a mixture of expressions; from disapproving frowns towards Sam to obvious lustful stares aimed squarely at Jamie from more than just a couple of the men they passed. Sam wanted to laugh in their faces and tell them this beautiful boy was all his.


"I know who you are." Jamie repeated. "I Googled you. My Mom said she sells your pictures after I showed her the one you gave me and she said you were really cool."


"She does?" Sam said with feigned surprise. "Shelly's your Mom?"


"Uh-huh. And I know something else too..." Jamie said nodding his head and grinning like mad as if he couldn't wait to tell him what else he'd found out.


"Yeah? What's that?" He asked knowing what his Mom had already told him. He was glad she hadn't mentioned that Sam had known who he was otherwise the boy would know he'd been pretending all along.


"You're gay!"


"Google told you I was gay?" Sam said. "Well, it must be true then."


"It is true." Jamie pronounced matter-of-factually. "But you don't have a boyfriend or anything."


"Ha! And how would Google know that?" Sam laughed. "What if I had a secret boyfriend that nobody knew about?"


"Do you?" Jamie asked quickly looking a little crest fallen following Sam up the stairs to the High Line taking two steps at a time to keep up.


"No buddy, I don't." Sam said. "I wish I did though."


After a few moments of silence, Sam turned his head to Jamie before the lad spoke up. "I've got one." He said.


"Pardon?" Sam blurted as his eyes darted back down Jamie's smooth chest and stomach and the extremely low hung shorts around his hips. It was undeniable that Jamie lacked underwear and with only one miniscule piece of clothing on, he was so fucking hot Sam couldn't fathom how anyone could not look at him with longing in their hearts. It was criminal that the world denied children of their sexuality.


"I'm gay too." Jamie said and continued on as if it were no big deal, taking deeper breaths as they climbed the stairs. "And I've got a boyfriend except nobody knows about us. You saw him in the park."


"Oh," Was all Sam could say. What the fuck? Jamie and that sexy brown haired kid were boyfriends? Images flashed through Sam's head before he reeled himself in. Not boyfriend boyfriends, he thought. Not likely they actually have sex...


"His name's Ashley and we've been friends like forever and we have sex. But not with Quinn, that's Ash's little brother, he's only eight and still a virgin but I jacked him off once to show him how to do it and then he did it to me. He's really cute and I wanna do more with him but Ash thinks it's weird doing stuff with his brother so we don't." Jamie carried on. "We mostly only do it when Mom or Ash's parents are out but sometimes when Mom's home too `cos she never comes into my room. We do it up each other's butts but sometimes we just suck each other till we get the feelings. What way do you like more?"


Sam stopped mid stride and stared down at Jamie a step in front of him as it all spilled out of him in a rush. The boy turned and looked up at him with a wicked smile spread across his face. "Whaaaat?" He said acting all innocent but knowing he'd just shocked the man he wanted to do that stuff with and more.


Holly fucking SHIT! They actually have sex? Sam reeled. Real sex or was it just pretend, copying what they'd seen on the internet without actually achieving orgasm? With his mind imploding and any hope of forming a coherent sentence lost for the moment, Sam struggled to find his voice. "You oughta be careful who you tell that to."


"Why?" Jamie teased as he hooked his thumbs into the belt loops of his shorts. He purposely pushed down, lowering the waistband another half inch revealing the flat silken skin of his hairless mound. "You gonna take advantage of me?"


Slowly shaking his head side to side, Sam could only stare at the half-naked boy in front of him in utter disbelief. "I may not be able to stop myself if you keep that up." Sam said in a hushed voice knowing that people were starting to look. They were only a minute away from his apartment building and he had to get this kid off the street before he got them both into serious trouble, yet he couldn't stop himself looking down and stare hungrily as Jamie flaunted his young body in an obviously sexual manner towards Sam. Then an uneasy thought occurred to him, and acting like it was a joke, Sam asked "So, how many times have you invited yourself to men's houses that you've only just met?"


Jamie's face lost the cheeky grin for a second before it returned. "None. Besides, you're not a stranger `cos you know my Mom."


"Ah, well that's okay then. Come on," Sam said cocking his head up the stairs. "Almost there."


Jamie had bolted up the steps, taking them two at a time in his haste to beat Sam to the top and waited for him until he fell into line at his side and they walked the half block to his apartment at a brisk pace. There was a nervous silence between them and, thankfully, no one was in the foyer or the elevator as they made their way up, but Sam couldn't help stealing glances at him every few seconds. His eyes darted from the increasing numbers as they approached his floor to Jamie's near naked body and back again. The boy caught him looking and grinned, his head turned up at him and standing so close that his shoulder brushed against Sam's arm as they rode up in the car.


There was no longer any doubt in Sam's mind that Jamie was here because he wanted sex; whether that meant letting Sam cop a feel and jack him or to suck him off, or even getting fucked he wasn't sure, but the invitation was unmistakable. There was no question in Sam's mind that he was about to do something very illegal with a preteen boy that he hadn't done in a very long time, not since he'd been nine years old himself.


After what seemed an eternity, the elevator dinged and the doors slid open at his floor. As he stepped forward, Jamie reached out and took hold of his hand and Sam automatically looked down feeling almost giddy with anticipation. With a smile, he led Jamie down the short red-bricked corridor towards his apartment and Sam was filled with a sudden rush of longing for the ten year old boy along with a good dose of trepidation. God he wanted him, but the risk of discovery and the consequences would end his life as he knew it. But your honour, it was all his idea. He wanted me to fuck him... Somehow Sam didn't think that argument would convince a judge not to send him to prison for the rest of his life.


But all it took was just one look at Jamie as he fumbled with his keys to unlock the front door to set aside any misgivings he had. The kid was drop dead gorgeous and so fucking sexy. He stood with his shoulders against the wall and his hips pushed forward, the smooth skin of his navel curving gracefully down into his shorts that were so low around his waist that Sam couldn't tear his eyes away for a few seconds. Just a couple inches below, the boy's obvious excitement was evident as he stared at the small tent jutting out and distorting the fabric of his low hung shorts. What he couldn't believe was that this was the same kid Sam had known when he'd been three years old. He would've never imagined that seven years later he'd be leading the now ten year old boy into his apartment with the intention of doing some very naughty things with him.


Finally getting the key to turn, Sam opened the door wide and extended his arm to let Jamie in first. This was it, once they were inside and the door shut behind them he had no illusions that something was going to happen, but what he didn't know was how far the boy would go or if he really understood what Sam wanted to do with him.


"Whoa..." Jamie breathed. "Cool place." He stepped into Sam's modern and spacious warehouse apartment not realising that he'd actually been here before, and turned on his feet taking in the high vaulted wooden ceilings, the brownstone brick feature walls and open plan living, dining and kitchen spaces. It was strangely thrilling just to watch him as his lithe body twisted around until his gaze finally settled on the flight of open sided stairs leading up to his mezzanine bedroom. Sitting above his studio, second bedroom and guest bathroom overlooking the dining and lounge, the clear glass balustrades offered a view up to the ceilings but hid most of his king sized bed and none of the open ensuite bathroom.


"This is all just for you?" Jamie asked looking back at Sam.


"Yeah... Just me." Sam grinned winking at him. "And any cute boys who invite themselves over."


That got another smile out of him. "You must be rich."


"I do okay I guess." Sam said wondering how long it'd take him to turn the conversation back to sex. "Make yourself at home, but take your shoes off. You want a coke?"


"Uh-huh." Jamie nodded his head and kicked off his shoes leaving them where they skidded to a stop. Sam smiled and silently shook his head at the typical disregard for order and cleanliness from the ten year old boy remembering he hadn't been too different himself at that age when he first came to live here.


Jamie shoved his balled fists into his pockets and sauntered into the living area looking at the framed pictures hanging on all the walls. While a couple were Sam's own work, most were originals from other well-known artists but Jamie didn't seem interested in those. He stopped in front of one of Sam's favourites, a piece he'd drawn six months ago of two abstract forms entwined, vaguely resembling the human shape but of a small stature. His inspiration had been two young boys fighting over a ball and he'd watched them for a while before capturing their image on paper. One was trying to steal the ball from his friend's grasp from behind, bending over his back with his crotch pushing against the other boy's ass but Sam couldn't make it too obvious what was really on is mind.


Jamie looked back at Sam who'd dropped his T-shirt on the bench top and was pouring two tall glasses with Coke. "I like this one," He said with a mischievous grin. "It looks like they're having sex."


"Ha!" Sam laughed impressed with the kid's insight. "You'd know apparently." What he didn't say was that he'd thought exactly the same thing. "You want this here or over there?" He asked holding up the glasses and nodded towards the couches.


"Over here's good." Jamie said moving past the double bi-fold doors to the expansive deck outside. "Cool! You got a spa pool too."


"Yeah, but I don't use it much." Sam said. "It's not as much fun by myself."


Jamie just smiled at him with a grin dimpling his cheek and moved on to the next piece along the wall. Hidden behind the kitchen island Sam overtly slipped his hand into his trousers and adjusted his hardening cock into a more comfortable position before picking up the two glasses and making his way over to Jamie. With a potent longing, his gaze traversed down the sleek contours of the boy's naked back and wandered down to his narrow waist and the gentle curve of his ass as he approached. The shallow dip of his cheeks formed just above his shorts revealing a hint of his sexy ass and Sam could only imagine how gloriously erotic it would be to slip his hands inside and grope his young bare flesh. As if reading his mind, Jamie turned his head and looked over his shoulder at him with an innocently seductive expression that made Sam's semi hard cock throb with the craving he'd been unable to satisfy.


"Have a look around if you want," He managed to say putting the glasses down on the coffee table. "I'll go put your T-shirt in the wash. Did you want anything else washed while I'm at it?" Sam asked looking down at his shorts hoping like fuck he'd take the bait.


"Nah," Jamie replied and moved along the wall, his attention focusing on the large portrait above the open fireplace. "Who's that?" He asked looking back at Sam and cocked his head at the black and white image of a fifty something year old man posed on a stool smoking a large cigar.


"That's my..." Sam began. His automatic response was the same as it always was when someone asked. He was going to say `Dad', but the truth was he wasn't. He'd been his saviour and his lover from the age of nine when he'd found Sam living on the streets selling his body to strangers for a few measly dollars. "He was someone very special to me. Maybe I'll tell you about him one day."


"Okay. He looks kind." Jamie said sensing the subtle change in his voice. "Can I have a shower?"


"What?" Sam asked in surprise. "You want a shower?"


"Yeah, I'm kinda stinky from the park and I got mud down my crack." Jamie said easing the mood.


"I don't even want to know." Sam laughed thankful for the change of topic. "Up there," he said pointing to his mezzanine bedroom. "Towels are on the shelf."


Jamie glanced up to Sam's bedroom as he came over to him and grabbed his Coke. He'd seen the bedroom and assumed it was Sam's and really wanted to go up there with him. Though it wasn't visible from the main floor, the bathroom was separated from the bedroom by a half high dividing wall and the glass of the double shower was only slightly frosted. Large dark grey tiles covered both floor and walls with mirrored glass taking up one whole side above the vanity.


"Thanks." Jamie said taking a huge gulp of his coke and burped loudly. "Are you gonna come up too?" He took a small step forward and drained his glass before handing it back to Sam with that same wicked grin that conveyed so much more than words ever could.


It was almost more than Sam could stand. After the blatant sexual overtones of their conversations and Jamie telling him he had a boyfriend and they had sex and sucked each other off, having the boy that he'd watched and fantasized over for so many weeks about to get naked in his shower seemed surreal. Was he asking Sam to join him in there?


"What, in the shower with you?" Sam asked hoping he didn't sound too eager.


The look on the lad's face was amusing. He raised his eyebrows and his forehead creased with an expression that said `You wish!' "No dumbass, in your room so we can talk while I shower." He said and then grinned. "Unless you wanna get in with me. You can if you want."


"Stop calling me dumbass or I'll start calling you squirt!" Sam shot back before registering what Jamie had said.


"I don't squirt!" Jamie taunted as Sam just stared at him.


Holly Fucking Shit! I can get in with him if I wanted to? Sam opened his mouth and then closed it again, not sure how to respond. Shaking his head and slowly letting out a deep breath, he reached out and spun Jamie around by the shoulders and pushed him towards the stairs. "Go on ya little toad and stop teasing me. I'll wash your T-shirt so if you need something to wear just look in my drawers."


"Okaaaaaaay..." Jamie droned out as he padded bare foot up the stairs. "But when I'm done can I stay here with you till I gotta go home?"


"Sure," Sam said watching him climb the stairs. He thought he knew why Jamie was asking but didn't want to get his hopes up too high. "We can hang out and get to know each other a bit better."


Jamie turned as he reached the top and gave him the biggest sexiest smirks. "Cool."


After a few minutes Sam heard the shower start up and avoided looking up even though there was no way he could've seen into the bathroom or caught a glimpse of Jamie's smooth young body in all its naked glory from where he was. Instead, he went to the coffee table and bent over the iPad that was wirelessly connected to his state of the art sound system and opened Spotify. A smile formed on his lips as the first song that came up was Taylor Swift's `Blank Space'. He hit play and turned the volume up a notch before heading behind the kitchen into the utility room picking up Jamie's t-shirt from the island bench as he went.


The crystal clear sound reverberated in the high ceiling space as Sam held the small garment up to his face and breathed in the smell of the boy he so badly wanted. His cock flexed, swelling instinctively at the mere thought and ached for release with a slick wetness making his cut glans itch as it strained against his briefs. He silently laughed to himself as he roughly shoved a hand down his pants and inhaled the sweet aroma of Jamie, wondering whether the boy would catch on to the lyrics of the song.


`You can tell me when it's over, whether the high was worth the pain... We'll take this way too far... It'll leave you breathless, or with a nasty scar'


Grasping his now rampant erection in his fist, Sam massaged his hand around the bulbous head smearing precum down the strained skin of his blood filled six inch cock. He couldn't remember ever feeling as turned on and horny as he was right now, but as his arousal grew to boiling point, so did the anxiety and trepidation. As he removed his hand from his prick, it came away slimy and sticky with his excitement and he felt himself trembling slightly. He knew he shouldn't let things go any further, and had probably already gone too far in bringing Jamie to his apartment, yet the unspoken offer of sex with a drop-dead gorgeous ten year old boy had compelled him to push aside his doubts and fears.


Sam finally pulled Jamie's t-shirt away from his face and used it to wipe the precum off his hand before dropping it into the washer and setting it on a quick cycle. Taylor's voice was still echoing in the air when Sam returned to the living room wondering if he should go up or not like Jamie had asked and again felt the uncomfortable itch in his crotch.


Shit! He swore to himself. If anything were to happen he didn't want to be a sloppy mess down there and have Jamie turned off by it. Without thinking, Sam hurried to the stairs and bounded up into his bedroom to change before coming too and realising he'd unconsciously done exactly what he'd been procrastinating over. He glanced at the frosted shower door and saw the blurred form of Jamie's body in profile standing with his hands up to his head. Frozen with indecision, he contemplated getting naked and walking in on him but then the water stopped and the choice was made for him. He'd waited too long. Instead, Sam entered his large walk-in wardrobe and quickly stripped his trousers and briefs off, throwing them both into the hamper after using his underwear to clean himself up. He considered going commando but thought better of it. There'd be no way to hide his erection if he'd somehow gotten this all wrong and that he'd only seen and heard what he'd wanted to. But he pushed that thought aside as he changed into a fresh pair of black boxer briefs and board shorts, manhandling his junk around the button fly as he did himself up.


In a flash of brilliance, Sam quickly turned off the interior light of his walk-in before Jamie exited the shower hoping he'd be hidden within the darkened space. His hastily formulated plan was simply to watch and catch his first glimpse of the boy's naked body as he dried himself off, but Sam failed to fully appreciate the innate curiosity of a young boy in a stranger's bedroom. He took a step back into the shadows just as the shower door opened, a dripping arm reaching out to grab a large fluffy white towel from the vanity and disappearing again. A moment later Jamie stepped out into the heated tiles completely naked, the steaming hot water running down his lithe and agile body with the towel covering his head and his hands vigorously kneading his hair.


The first brief glimpse set Sam's heart racing, shooting adrenalin through his body like a shot of heroin. It was as though every muscle in his body tensed and he could feel the tingling at his fingertips as his eyes fixated on the glistening sausage of his sex, the wet satiny smooth mound from which it protruded and the compact orb of his balls tucked up tightly underneath. He was soft about two inches long, and remembering Jamie's boasting about his size he thought it was possible it could grow to three or four inches hard. Sam couldn't tell if he was cut but he could see the small pale acorn of his glans with a delicate ring of flesh that hugged his creamy white shaft and bunched up just below the ridge. But what caused his cock to lurch inside his clean pair of briefs was that Jamie was completely and utterly hairless, his sleek form the perfect embodiment of prepubescent boyhood, his wet tanned skin reflecting the overhead lights in shimmering waves. In contrast, the soft creamy white surrounding his crotch and upper thighs were a testament to society's puritan views, insisting the human body be hidden away under cover. They refused to accept that sex was as natural as breathing and that whether they liked it for not, children were sexual beings with their own needs and desires.


And as if to prove Sam's beliefs, when Jamie dropped the towel to the floor he'd lifted up on tippy-toes trying to see over the landing into the living room before looking down at his discarded shorts and flicking them out of his way with his foot. He turned to the mirror and studied himself for a few short moments as Sam gazed wantonly at his rounded ass with the crevasse of his cheeks hiding the tight muscle of his anus which he'd so often fantasized easing his cock into. But Sam's attention was drawn away almost as quickly as Jamie's hand moved to the front, and in the reflection of the mirror he watched in tormented agony as the boy began to fondle the immature organ between his thumb and two fingers until it hardened and pointed out like a small spike jutting from his body.


Sam stood rooted to the floor in his darkened hiding space as Taylor Swift's `Blank Space' came to an end and Hozier's `Take me to church' filled the room, watching Jamie staring at himself in the mirror idly masturbating in his bathroom seemingly unconcerned that Sam might catch him. Or, he realised, maybe hoping that he would. Yet he was still unwilling to make a blatant move on him in the fear that he was wrong about what was going on, but that didn't stop him from grasping his own hard cock through the fabric of his shorts. It lasted only a few more seconds before Jamie let his hand fall away and turned, the whole of his gloriously naked body revealed to Sam as he wandered into his bedroom. Still semi-hard, he looked over his shoulder only once and then crept on bare feet over to his bedside table and quietly opened the top draw taking a peek and then reached inside.


When he withdrew his hand Sam saw that he'd found his small plastic bottle of lube and turned it over to read the label on the back. A smile formed along his face as he realised what it was and his hand went back down to lightly stroke his juvenile spear, pushing it down until the tendons stretched and a small hollow formed at the base of his cock and let it spring upwards to slap against his navel. With another furtive glance over his shoulder, Jamie snapped open the bottle and lifted it to his nose before squeezing out a small amount and rubbed it between his thumb and fingers. Sam saw the expression on his angelic face change as the pieces fell into place in his young mind and in a swift motion wrapped his fisted hand around his short prong, deftly smearing the lube over his taut glans with his thumb and down the thin shaft of his fledgling cock. Sam knew all too well that because of whatever ingredient was in there, how quickly the warmth spread and he could see it in the ten year old boy's face as the lube begin to take effect, his mouth opening into a tight `O' before he clenched his teeth together and smiled. Jamie lifted his hand to his lips and touched his tongue to a finger tasting the strawberry flavoured lube while he continued to slowly massage his short pole with the other.


Just as Sam thought he'd have no choice but to reveal himself and run the risk of embarrassing the kid, or worse, distracting him from whatever plan he had in mind, the music died out once again and Jamie closed the drawer and turned back to the bathroom slipping the lube under his pillow. With his eyes still glued to the naked boy's retreating ass, Sam snuck from his hiding space and almost tripped watching Jamie bend over to retrieve his shorts at the exact moment Tove Lo's haunting voice echoed around him in sensual pleasure. The "Ah ha's" of `Stay High' followed him as he quietly descended the stairs, the vivid image of Jamie's pert and rounded backside fresh in his memory. The valley separating his smooth cheeks had parted slightly as he bent over and Sam had seen the circle of his anus which, to his knowing eye appeared to be darker and more cavernous than he'd expected. But before he could process the image, Jamie's voice called out, trying to be heard over the lyrics of "Can't go home alone again; need someone to numb the pain".


"Sammy?" He called out in his high pitched voice. "Can you come up here?"


He'd only just made it down without Jamie seeing, and struggling to comprehend the tell-tail signs of a kid's anus used to an adult cock or something else having been buried deep inside he went to the controls to turn the music down. "What's up squirt?"


He'd said this was the first time he'd invited himself into a man's home but from Sam's own memory, an anus doesn't get to look like that if it'd only been fucked by another ten year old boy. And now the kid was asking for him to go back up. After what he'd witnessed he had a pretty good idea what he wanted, and there was no doubt Jamie would see Sam wanted it too. After realising that he'd probably been fucked by something much bigger than another three inch cock he wouldn't be able to hide the throbbing bulge in his shorts.


"I already told you I don't squirt!" Jamie called back rather loudly even though there was no longer a need to shout.


Sam knew that this was the moment everything would change. The lifelong need to become the adult lover of a young prepubescent boy rather than the willing recipient compelled him to put one foot in front of the other and climb the steps up to his bedroom yet again. As he'd expected, Jamie was sat on the edge of his bed leaning back on his hands, dressed only in his shorts with his legs parted and the length of his small cock visible through the thin material hugging his crotch. He saw Jamie glance down at the bulge in Sam's own pants, the outline of his swelling cock held snuggly against his navel within his briefs as he paused at the top of the stairs. He looked back up into Sam's eyes with a closed lipped smile spreading across his face with little dimples forming at the corners.


Fuck me... He knows I want him. Sam thought as he drank in the sight before him; Jamie's sandy blonde hair was scruffy and slightly damp from the shower, his rich chocolate colored eyes were bright and alive and his face was flushed and radiant. His bare chest was toned and tanned like his face with small copper nipples and a defined groove running vertically between his breasts, centred on his ribcage and ended just above his flat stomach. The sleek curve of his waist and hips tapered in with a single thin crease stretching across his belly as he sat back regarding Sam in a pose that was clearly meant to be seductive. The irony that a ten year old boy was trying to seduce him was not lost on Sam having fantasized for so long that he'd be the one doing the seducing.


"You sure about that?" Sam asked responding to his shout of indignation wondering if Jamie knew just how much the simple fact that his orgasms were dry turned him on. Deciding to drop the pretence that they didn't both want exactly the same thing, Sam looked him in the eye. "Why don't you prove it?"


For a moment, Jamie's face betrayed his uncertainty before his lips once again curled into a mischievous grin. "You just wanna see my dick!"


"Yeah, I do." Sam said slowly walking towards the boy sitting on the edge of his bed wanting nothing more than to push him onto his back and smother his body with his own and delight in the tenderness of his skin beneath his roaming hands. But most of all he longed to delve into the boy's pants and feel the soft hardness of his preteen cock that he'd glimpsed only a few minutes ago and was now poking a tent in his shorts.


"Really?" Jamie whispered with his voice raising a notch watching Sam as he approached.


"Really." Sam's heartbeat was loud in his ears and he had to clench his fists to stop his hands from shaking in terrified anticipation.


Jamie regarded him again, trying to figure out if he was being teased. After a short pause when Sam had stopped a couple of feet away from him he said, "Do you wanna suck it too?"


Like you wouldn't fucking believe! Sam thought. Outwardly, he gave the barest of nods and took another step forward, reaching out his hand to Jamie's face and cupping his cheek in his palm. "Do you want me to?"


Jamie silently nodded his head, his face a mask of desire and lifted his hand to Sam's pulling it away from his face and slowly reclined back onto the bed bringing Sam with him. The movement surprised him with the experience in which Jamie seemed to possess, pulling Sam forward between his spread legs until he was holding himself up with one hand tucked into the crook of the boy's pit and a knee pressing into the mattress at his crotch. Jamie lifted his arm and propped his head up on his fist looking up at Sam hovering over him with his hairless pit exposed and his boyishly toned chest slowly rising and falling with each intake of breath. The smooth supple skin of his body radiated with a heat that carried the fresh fragrance of boyhood up into Sam's face as he looked down upon the most erotic sight he'd ever seen in his life. God he loved that smell and was about to lean down to breath him in when he felt Jamie guide his free hand down over his crotch and the small lump of flesh covered by the thin material of his shorts. With his hand turned and his fingers pointed down between the boy's legs and over his small sac, Sam felt the hard nail of his rigid cock poking up into his palm.


"I got a boner." Jamie whispered in a quiet voice as if it were a secret and lifted his hips up ever so slightly pushing his excited cock up into Sam's hand. The opening few base-filled drumbeats of Broods `Mother & Father' gently reverberated throughout the room with perfect timing and echoed the loud heartbeat in Sam's chest . He revelled in the sensation of holding a young boy's small package for the first time in his adult life and gently moulded his palm into it, his fingers automatically pressing into the soft spongy mass of his balls.


"Me too," Sam managed to say as he rubbed his palm up and down the short length of his shaft and glanced at the boy's crotch from his crouched position above him. "I've wanted to get into your pants ever since I saw you at the park." He tugged gently at the thin material hugging the boy's erection. "Can I take these off?"


Jamie eagerly nodded his head up and down. "Ah-huh."


Despite the countless fantasies Sam had dreamt up over the last few weeks of slowly caressing Jamie's hot young body; kissing and licking him all over before sucking him to a very dry orgasm, he instead lowered himself onto his ankles between the boy's outstretched legs intent on taking his hot and hairless little cock into his mouth and tasting the essence of his boyhood. He savoured the feeling of his compact bulge under his palm for a few brief moments with his face hovering mere inches over the boy's groin, gently squeezing his immature cock and slowly stroked his other hand across the boy's smooth navel. He cradled Jamie's tiny sac in his hand over his shorts, his fingers on one side and thumb on the other stretching the fabric tight around his hard cock and leant down, brushing his mouth along the short length and breathing in the smell of his sex.


He glanced up Jamie's prone body and grinned at the boy looking back down at him. "Mmmmmm... You smell good, but I bet you taste even better." He said as he tickled a fingertip along the delicate skin of his navel and slipped it underneath the waistband of his shorts. Jamie tensed as Sam's finger skimmed across his sensitive head and sucked in a stuttered breath, his eyes widening as his mouth opened for a second and closed again.


"Just take them off and suck it!" Jamie giggled with the yearning evident in his voice. With the free hand laying at his side he reached down to his button fly but Sam brushed it away smiling.


"I'm going to."


"Well hurry up then." He said impatiently. "Or I'll have to go find someone else to suck it."


But Sam knew he'd do no such thing. He gave the boy's small bulge another gentle squeeze and moved his hands to the top button slipping his fingers under the waistband as Jamie sucked in a breath. His slender stomach hollowed in with the taut muscles of his pelvis bristling with thousands of tiny goose-bumps giving Sam just enough room to slip his fingers inside and undo his shorts. The feel of the boy's soft skin under his knuckles as he worked open the top button was sublime and Sam leant in over his hands to softly brush his lips over the satiny smooth surface. The overpowering need to taste the young boy he'd fantasized over for weeks welled up inside him and, as he pried open each button he pulled the loose flaps apart and bent his head down feeling the hot spear of Jamie's exposed glans on his chin.


Small hands pushed down on his head forcing his mouth lower until his lips caressed the tip of Jamie's prepubescent cock, tracing along the small ridges on the underside where the two halves met forming an inverted `V' just below his tiny piss slit. But Sam could see none of this with his nose pressed into the soft skin of his navel, his eyes closed savouring the smell of his young preteen cock and the feel of his rock hard organ on his lips. Jamie moaned quietly above him lifting his hips up slightly and brought his other hand down from behind his head to push down on his shorts at either side of Sam's head.


Sam lifted away for a moment as the boy wormed his shorts down under his ass exposing himself fully and saw his mouth watering cock and balls up close for the first time. The first thing that Sam realised was just how small and young Jamie was, his cock no longer than three and a half inches with a perfectly bell shaped head and rock hard shaft jutting out from the tight corrugated sac of his balls. They were formed into a single globe of darker thicker skin that was held tightly against his body with a thin line beading down the centre that disappeared into his taint. He was completely bald and smooth without a trace of even the lightest of hairs; his skin seemingly like satin with faint blue lines snaking up the boy's short length and Sam reached around and helped him tug his shorts down around his hips.


He looked up from Jamie's crotch and saw him smiling down at him. "You are so fucking sexy Jamie." He said as he lifted the boy's legs by the back of his knees and closed them in front of him sliding his hands down his thighs and pulled his shorts from under his raised ass. He dragged them up his legs slowly, on fire with lust at stripping him of the single piece of clothing he had on and pulled them over his bent knees and off his feet throwing them to the floor somewhere behind him. Jamie lowered his legs back down either side of Sam now completely naked and lifted his feet onto the bed letting his knees fall apart, spreading his legs and smiling devilishly.


"I know," Jamie said reaching up and holding his knees wide. "You can lick my hole too if you want. It's clean. I washed it in the shower for you."


Despite already being rock hard, Sam's cock throbbed in his shorts and he felt a bubble of precum surge up his shaft and leak into his briefs at the boy's words and the shameless display of his naked body with his legs spread provocatively apart. It was a clear and unmistakable invitation to take what he'd so long desired.


"Fuck yeah... But I think I'll suck your dick first." Sam said with undisguised longing glancing over the defined muscles of his calves in awe once again at the boy's toned body wondering what he did to get so fucking hot. But it was his immature little cock and balls that drew his attention and he slowly stroked his hands along the inside of Jamie's thighs, lightly kissing the smooth skin a few inches away from his hairless sac. Sam pushed down on his thighs spreading Jamie's legs further apart and turned his head inward breathing in the sweet smell of his crotch. He blew out through pursed lips over the boy's rigid shaft and Jamie shuddered in delight, giggling as his small cock jumped looking down between his legs at Sam, watching as he slid his finger between the hard shaft and his navel and aimed his aching dick to his lips.


The touch of the small head on Sam's wet lips was like silk, a hot spear of flesh that pushed upwards into his mouth and slid along his tongue until his nose pressed firmly into the boy's soft hairless crotch. Jamie moaned above him, his head resting back onto the bed as Sam circled his fingers around the base of his cock pulling down on the skin and vacuumed in his cheeks, slowly pulling up with his lips locked around the thin shaft. The taste and feel of having a young preteen boy's cock in his mouth for the very first time in this adult life was like nothing Sam had ever experienced before. He flicked the tip of his tongue over the tiny slit before plunging back down, breathing heavily into the crease of his thighs as his saliva flowed, coating his small cock with a slick layer of spit.


Jamie's hips began to move and Sam felt a hand on his head as the boy started to slowly thrust in and out, his throbbing cock sliding back and forth over his tongue and hitting the roof of his mouth. Sam was on fire with lust and reached down into his own shorts and shoved a hand inside his briefs grasping his swollen cock in his fisted hand. He moaned in relief around Jamie's rigid organ sending a wave of pleasure through the young boy's body with the vibration, his quiet whimpers almost lost amongst the slurping of Sam's sucking mouth.


After only a minute of sucking the young boy off Sam raised his head and let it slip from his mouth, holding it an inch away from his lips looking up at Jamie and putting on a pretend look of confusion as he swallowed. "Why does your dick taste like strawberries?" He asked as he slowly massaged Jamie's stiff shaft up and down between his thumb and two fingers while jacking his own hard cock at the same time.


The boy's expression wavered for a second before a guilty grin spread across his face. "'Cos I found your slippery stuff in your drawer."


"Oh, you did huh?" Sam replied licking his lips and wrapped them around the small head pulling up just once before letting it out again. "Tastes good. You do know what that's for though yeah?"


"It's so you can fuck me." Jamie said with an emphasis on the word `fuck'. "But you have to make me orgasm first."


Jesus Christ, Sam thought as he looked up at Jamie in disbelief. It was the first time he'd heard the kid use that word and hearing him used it in that context sent a shiver of excitement up Sam's spine. "That's what it's for yeah, but I think you're a bit too young to do that." Sam said knowing that he'd already had something up his ass that was a hell of a lot bigger than his boyfriend's dick.


"No I'm not. Ash's Unlce..." Jamie started but then stopped with a flicker of panic showing on his face.


"Ash's Uncle what, Jamie...?" Sam prompted with understanding finally dawning on him.


Of course he and Ashley hadn't discovered sex all on their own. "Has Ash's Uncle fucked you?" He asked remembering the photos he'd seen and the obvious sexual tone of the shots that the other boy's Uncle had taken and the pieces started to fall together in his mind.


After a short pause Jamie nodded his head but didn't say anything. Sam asked the first question that came to mind. "When?"


The boy just shrugged his shoulders. "Dunno... Last time was a couple months ago maybe."


"The last time?" Sam repeated. "How many times has he done it?"


Jamie tried to hide the guilty look on his face and for the first time Sam thought he saw a trace of embarrassment before he answered. "A few times. If I'm there when he visits he does both of us but he's done Ash way more times than me."


"How long's he been doing it?" Sam asked and began moving his fingers up and down his hard little cock again having stopped a few seconds ago. He never thought he'd be asking a ten year old boy how long he'd been having sex with another man for, let alone the boy he used to know and who he'd been fantasizing about after seeing his picture in his mother's office a few weeks ago.


"Since we were eight." Jamie said. "He took us camping and did Ash first and then me the next day."


"Do you like it?"


"Yeah," Jamie nodded. "It feels good. Are you gonna do me too?" He asked a little quieter.


Do me... Sam swallowed and gripped his rock hard prick. God he loved hearing Jamie say it like that and his heart jumped into his throat realizing he was actually going to fuck him. "Hell yes."


"I knew you wanted to." Jamie said with a huge grin. "Are you gonna take your clothes off now?"


Sam smiled. "You just wanna see my dick." He said copying Jamie's earlier come-back.


"Yep!" Jamie answered lifting his eyebrows and nodding his head up and down.


Sam pulled his hand from beneath his briefs and shorts hoping that sometime soon Jamie would be undo them for him with his small childish hands groping at his prick. Sam brought his sticky hands up to the boy's crotch and traced his fingertip up the short length of Jamie's member wanting to dive back onto it.


"Did you want to help me?" He asked imagining Jamie's small hands groping his cock through his shorts as he undid them and leant in to caress the boy's small head with his lips and flicked his tongue across the tiny slit.


"Okay," Jamie said eagerly letting go of his knees and lowering his legs onto the bed around Sam's body. He pushed himself up into a sitting position forcing Sam's head from between his thighs and back onto his ankles. He nodded his head as Jamie raised his eyebrows seeking permission, his muscular arms outstretched to either side and clutching a handful of his t-shirt in his fists. "Lift your arms up." The boy ordered.


Sam did as instructed keeping his eyes locked on Jamie's as he pulled up on his t-shirt, lifting it up to his shoulders and shuffled his bare ass forward with his thighs spread obscenely wide around Sam's legs. His gaze lingered on Jamie's bright and radiant eyes that conveyed an unspoken longing before roaming over his flawlessly smooth and flushed face, awestruck by the graceful curve of his nose melding into his soft cheeks below his eyes and the small cleft of his upper lip. God he was so young.


Reaching down, Sam pulled his t-shirt up over his head with Jamie's hands following bringing his upturned face just inches away from his and dropped it in the floor behind him. He could feel the boy's breath on his cheek and smell the sweet scent of his young body as he lowered his arms and leant into him. With the boy's arms between them and his palms flat on his chest Sam held one hand behind Jamie's neck and moved his head forward lightly brushing over his soft wet lips with his own, his heartbeat pounding as he savoured the taste of the young ten year old boy's mouth. From his own experiences Sam knew full well that some boys shied away from kissing, but those were usually the straight ones and so he gently pressed into him hoping Jamie wouldn't pull back. Slowly, and ever so lightly he caressed his boyishly soft lips and traced the tip of his tongue along them as Jamie tilted his head to one side and his mouth opened. His small velvety tongue came forward to touch Sam's, and breathing a quiet moan into his mouth he began tracing his fingers around Sam's erect nipple. It was not the innocent touch of a child, but of a hot and horny little boy exploring the body of his adult lover and Sam breathed deeply, pressing hard into Jamie and thrust his tongue into his warm moist mouth.


There was no denying that Jamie had done this before, and not just once or twice. His mouth opened and closed in time with Sam's, his tongue pushing forward and retreating again and again and then he felt the boy reach down between them to grope at Sam's rampant cock over the stretched material of his shorts. This time it was Sam's turn to moan into Jamie's mouth as the boy grasped his hardness and rubbed his baby hand up and down his length.


It felt like an eternity but in fact lasted less than a minute before they separated with their lips wet with each other's saliva but remained only an inch apart. "Am I the first boy you've kissed?" Jamie asked into Sam's mouth as he continued to rub up and down on his throbbing cock.


Sam nodded his head and leant back. "As a grown up, yeah." He said. "I kissed a few boys when I was younger than you. You're better at it than they were." He glanced down between the boy's legs at his proud little member sticking up like a flag pole while Jamie continued to play with his nipple.


"Ash's uncle likes kissing and he showed us how." Jamie said with a smile. "You're not all hairy like he is though."


"Yeah?" Sam asked. "Which do you like better? With or without hair?"


"Without!" Jamie giggled.


"Me too." Sam said and brought his palm around Jamie's hip gliding over the silky soft skin of his thigh before grasping his short prong in his fist. "Small and smooth with a sexy hot body just like yours."


"You think I'm hot?" Jamie asked with a coy smile taking his hand away from Sam's bulge and leant back on his arms enjoying the slow massage of his rock hard boner.


"Of course I do! Especially this." He squeezed a little tighter around the short pole in his fist with the wet glossy head barely poking out the top. The need to devour his small cock once again returned with a vengeance and Sam shuffled back onto his haunches, bent over at the waist and stretched the taut skin of Jamie's cock down with his fingers and wrapped his lips around the tiny helmeted head. Sam flattened his hand around the base of his organ with his thumb kneading into his tight balls, his fingers splayed out over his soft hairless mound and slid down on the boy's smooth young dick. With his forehead pressed into Jamie's navel he slurped up and down sliding his tongue around the thin hard shaft and sucked in his cheeks. Even with his lips pressed firmly into the soft supple skin of his mound and balls, the hot fiery spear of flesh never reached further than the back of his tongue and grazed along the roof of his mouth as the boy began to thrust slowly into his face.


His breathing became ragged and Sam heard a soft moan from above as he gripped Jamie's delicately hard cock with his lips in a tight ring around the shaft and flicked his tongue across his sensitive head. He didn't want to get him off just yet, so with one last long pull upwards he let the tasty little morsel slip from his mouth and sat back up. Making sure Jamie was watching, Sam swallowed his saliva and smiled down at the ten year old.


"You taste really good Jamie." Sam said as he again stroked his thumb and fingers up and down his short pole.


"Can I see yours now?"


"Sure." Sam said and moved up onto him kissing him again on the lips. He reluctantly let go of Jamie's hard three and a half inch organ and reached around to grab his wrists pulling him back up into a sitting position and eased his tongue into Jamie's open mouth. As he pressed his chest into the boy's naked body Sam guided his small hands to his groin and felt him gently grasp the shaft of his cock. He pulled back then, their lips parting and stood at the end of the bed with the stretched material of his shorts hugging the hard shaft of his drooling cock in front of Jamie's face. For the first time Jamie got to look at Sam's body as he stood up, showing himself off to the boy. He was somewhat proud of his body and worked at keeping in shape, swimming at the local Y and jogging in the park at least a couple times a week kept him fit and somewhat toned. He saw Jamie's eyes wander over his flat stomach with his prominent abdominal muscles and a light dusting of hair that trailed down from his navel under the band of his shorts and was pleased with the way he smiled and absently licked his lips.


"You're hot." Jamie said making Sam smile as well.


"So are you, but you have to take `em off if you wanna see it." Sam said looking down at Jamie from above. The boy's gaze dropped from his stomach to the outline of Sam's cock and purposefully slid his hands up and clutched both sides of his shorts, twisting his fingers and unclasping the top button with ease before moving down to the next until they dropped to the floor around Sam's ankles.


Even though he'd changed just a few minutes earlier, there was no mistaking the small wet circle surrounding his head darkening the stretched fabric of his briefs, and when Jamie saw it he looked up at Sam with a huge shit-eating grin on his face. Before Sam knew it Jamie's hands were tugging the band of his briefs outwards over his engorged cock and yanking them down around his hips pulling his shaft down in his haste to see it.


"Careful tiger," Sam winced as it sprang back up and slapped against Jamie's cheek leaving a wet sticky smear of precum right above his lip next to his nose. He wasn't huge by any means; just a little over six inches in length with an average thickness, but he'd been told many times from a very young age that what he did have was near perfection. His hard shaft was taut and stretched smooth and stood straight out from his groin, the trimmed pubic hair clipped to a short number two length emphasising his smooth freshly shaved balls beneath. The flared head of his cock was a dark flesh color, slightly red and glossy with precum oozing from his slit and just beneath the ridge was the circumcision scar that could only just be seen running all the way around.


Before Sam could utter another word or form a coherent thought with his eyes fixed on the clear film of precum on Jamie's cheek, the boy reached up with his hand and wrapped his palm around his throbbing cock and curled his fingers until they almost met his thumb on the other side.


"Oh... Shit..." Sam moaned in quiet ecstasy watching as Jamie smeared his thumb through the clear liquid of his excitement and rubbed beneath his glans. With no instruction or warning he leant forward and kissed Sam's bloated head with his lips parted, swiping his small tongue across the drooling slit and lapped at Sam's natural juices before circling it around his mouth. Sam could feel the boy's breath on his navel as he breathed deeply through his nose and watched, delirious with longing as Jamie held his rock hard cock up and laid it on the soft spongy flesh of his tongue. He pulled back slowly with his eyes looking up at Sam, dragging the underside of his head down to the sharp spear of his small organ and twirled it around the tip.


Jamie pulled back from his cock and licked his lips, looking up at Sam with a wicked smile and made a deliberate show of swallowing his salty offering just as Sam had with his own. "I've wanted to do that all day." He said with his voice a notch lower and more than a little husky. "Did you want me to suck you for real?"


"Yeah," Sam breathed out barely able to contain the desire that burnt deep in his loins. "But not too long though or I'll cum in your mouth."


"I don't mind." Jamie said slowly bringing his raging hard cock back to his lips and painting them with Sam's oozing juices. With his hand still gripped firmly around his shaft, the ten year old licked his head with the tip of his tongue all the while keeping his eyes upturned to Sam's face, watching him as he opened his mouth with his teeth covered and wrapped his lips around the bulging head down to the flared ridge. The effect on Sam was instantaneous; his pulsating head was suddenly surrounded by the exquisite moist warmth and the soft spongy cushion of his tongue, his cock expanding and filling the confines of Jamie's small mouth like he'd never experienced with any adult.


This is what a prepubescent boy's mouth feels like, Sam thought as he gently pushed in and held the back of Jamie's head with one hand. This is what my mouth felt like for Leo and all those other men.


He knew then that anything other than a young boy's mouth on his cock would pale in comparison to this. This is what he would always crave for as long as he lived. "Fuck... God, your mouth is so hot Jamie." Sam moaned as he eased his slick shaft forward through the tight ring of the boy's wet lips and felt the pressure increase as he vacuumed in his cheeks. Looking down he couldn't believe the erotic sight before him, or that it was actually happening, but he felt every breath, every little movement of Jamie's lips and tongue as he pulled back and then pushed forward again into his mouth. The beautiful boy's perfect and angelic face was radiant, his cheeks flushed and his jaw open as he stroked Sam's shaft in his small fist and sank down on his throbbing pole sliding his lips down to meet his hand and back up again. His own rock hard nail jutted up between his spread legs and he gripped it with thumb and finger, masturbating himself as his lips met his hand again and again. He moved his head slowly back and forth with the velvety pallet of his tongue curled around Sam's mushroomed head, leaving his shaft glistening with saliva on each upstroke edging Sam closer and closer to climax.


"Mmmm... Fuck that feels good." Sam groaned as he began to sway back and forth into the ten year old's hot mouth with his hands on the top of his head gently pushing him further down onto his cock. Jamie's hand was a blur between his legs wanking himself, his ragged breath cascading over Sam's navel and he pulled back letting the wet prick pop from his willing mouth and looked down at his own small organ.


Looking back up at Sam with a pleading look in his eyes Jamie asked, "Can you suck me again and make me orgasm after you cum in my mouth?"


Feeling the loss of the glorious warmth and spongy cushion surrounding his cock, Sam held his head up with a hand under his chin. "I don't want to cum in your mouth Jamie." He panted with unbridled desire.


"In my butt?" Jamie asked salaciously with a lewd grin.


"Uh-huh." Sam said. "Did you want me to make you squirt first?"


Jamie rolled his eyes and clenched his teeth. "I already told you I don't squirt!"


He knelt back down between the boy's legs and felt the kid's grip loosen and then drop away from his wet prick. Jamie continued stroking his own small cock as Sam leant into him and kissed him softly on the lips as he reached out to his wrist and pulled his hand away from his rigid three and a half inches of preteen boy cock. "I know. That's what I like about you."


He pushed Jamie with a hand on his immature chest forcing the boy onto his back and leant forward over him between his silky smooth and wide open thighs. "Put your hands on my head and tell me when you're close okay?"


Massaging his own raging hard-on for a few seconds, Sam brought his slime covered hand up to Jamie's slender shaft and circled his palm and fingers around it with his thumb rubbing along the tip. Coating it in his own natural lube he leant forward over Jamie's navel and bent his head down taking the boy into his mouth lifting his pulsating cock up from his soft mound. He felt Jamie's hands comb through his hair as he formed a tight `O' with his lips and slid down onto him, taking his whole three and a half inch length in one fluid motion before pulling up and descending back down again. The sensation of a ten year old boy's silky-soft erection sliding in and out over his tongue and between his lips was indescribable, and Sam finally understood now why all those men had craved his own young body at that age.


The taste of him was divine as Sam sucked up and down his short stick in slow sensuous strokes, caressing his tiny head and piss slit with his tongue as he snaked a thumb down to the root of his cock and pressing in just above his tight rounded ball sac. He rubbed him up and down with a little pressure electing a low moan from Jamie as he succumbed to the sensations flooding his young body and gripped the bed cover in his fists. As he continued to suck and fondle the boy's cock and balls Sam slid his palm up his inner thigh to the smooth skin of Jamie's navel, tickling his stomach and feeling the firm muscles of his abdomen tense as he shuddered in pleasure. Sam kept his eyes open, focused on the boy's tender young body as he whimpered and moaned above him. He watched as Jamie reached down with one hand to clutch at his thigh beside Sam's head, groping at his own skin and playing with a small coppery nipple with the other and began to move his hips up and down slowly fucking himself into Sam's mouth. Unlike so many boys that he'd known who would lay there passively with their eyes closed or staring off into space, their legs stuck out like sticks with barely a hint of the pleasure they may or may not have been receiving, it was clear that Jamie was hot and horny and enjoying what Sam was doing to him. With his legs bent and splayed wide, feet planted firmly on the mattress beside Sam's head he clawed at his inner thighs thrusting his hips to meet his mouth, his eyes wide open getting off on watching Sam suck him just as much as having his wet lips and tongue slide up and down on the red hot spear of his young cock. His breath came and went in ragged gasps and clenched teeth, his face a mask of anguished desire and longing watching Sam devour him over and over again.


As he bathed Jamie's preteen cock with his saliva and sucked it in and out of his vacuumed mouth, Sam spread his hands wide on the boy's thighs with his thumbs angling down and brushing across his taint. Jamie squirmed under him and moaned loudly as he spread his legs wider and reached down to his knees and pulled them back towards his chest presenting the puckered knot of his hole to Sam's roaming hands. His movement forced Sam to follow Jamie's slickened little cock in his mouth as his ass rolled up, his hands sliding down to grasp his firm mounds with his thumbs burrowing into the valley of his cheeks and pulling them apart. He knew what Jamie was silently demanding but he let the boy linger in sexual ecstasy for a few moments longer as he slurped up and down on his short pole, loving the feel and taste of him too much to let it out if his mouth just yet.


But Jamie would have none of it. He pushed on the top of Sam's head urging him down to lick and tongue his waiting hole between his spread cheeks. Sam on the other hand intended to take his time and savour this, the first thrilling taste and feel in so many years of a young boy's willing prepubescent body. He slowly eased up on Jamie's steely hard member, caressing his tiny helmet and with his lips grazing down the side of his thin solid shaft Sam descended to his tight rounded balls. They were soft and spongy under his tongue and the smooth hairless skin felt like satin as he lapped at them with his nose pressed into the crease of his thigh. Jamie shuddered under him and moaned again as Sam engulfed his balls into his mouth, his palms on both cheeks spreading them apart and skimmed his thumb over the puckered hole of his anus. With another forceful push on his head from above Sam finally gave the ten year old what he so obviously wanted. He buried his face into the boy's ass, his nose squashing Jamie's wet and glistening sac against his body as Sam slithered his tongue between his split cheeks and flicked just the tip across the quivering muscle.


"Nggaahhhhhh..." Jamie whimpered in torment and held his head back into the bed with his mouth gaping open in ecstasy. Sam watched him from his prone position, his face buried in his sweet young ass with his sexy as fuck body on display above his wide open legs. His lust filled eyes drank in the sight as he feasted on Jamie's hole, licking and caressing him and flicked his tongue back and forth and around in circles before spearing into him just passed his tight ring. The sweet nectar of the boy's entrance was slightly tangy and the tip of his tongue tingled with his taste but he smelt so good; lavender soap and musky boyhood fused together to excite Sam's senses all over again.


With his aching cock rock solid and drooling a long bead of precum that hung from his throbbing head Sam ate the boy's hole, moaning into his ass as he probed his tongue forward into the tight grip of Jamie's elastic lips. He slid a finger up and felt the soft opening of his flowering bud, the spongy flesh yielding as he curled it downward beside his tongue and slipped inside him.


The ease in which his finger slid in up to the second knuckle surprised Sam, but the though was only fleeting as the moist warmth of Jamie's inner flesh gripped him as he pushed in deeper into his inviting ass. Sam licked his tongue around the invading finger and felt Jamie squirm under him, his hand falling from his knees holding his legs up and grabbed the hot stick of boy cock in his crotch and began masturbating himself as Sam feasted on his hole. He had never felt or tasted anything so sweet or pure and so forbidden that all he could think of was sinking his raging hard cock deep into the boy's bowls and fucking him like he'd wanted to do for so long.


Sam slowly pulled his index finger from Jamie's ass and sucked it into his mouth tasting his juices, coating it with his spit before impaling it back in and turning it upwards towards his scrotum. He curled it up towards Jamie's cock and felt for the small hard nub of his prostrate he knew would be there, searching for the pleasure spot within his preteen body. Sam lifted his face and watched with wanton desire the tight lips of his ass fold back and forth as he fucked his finger in and out of Jamie's hot hole. The muscles of his sphincter clenched down around it as Sam finally found his mark, feeling the hard button of his immature prostrate and Jamie let out a strangle cry of pleasure and his hand stopped moving on his raging boner as though he were staving off an imminent orgasm. Wanting to bring the boy to his peak, Sam reached up with his free hand and pushed Jamie's away from his cock and sank his lips back down its short length mashing his face into the tensed muscles of his abdomen and then back up and down again, sucking hard wanting to feel Jamie's dry preteen orgasm in his mouth.


He was only vaguely aware of AronChupa's `I'm an Albatraoz' playing in the background as Jamie thrust his hairless cock up into Sam's mouth, hissing through his teeth with his mouth pursed into a tight O. His hands clutched at Sam's head and his legs wrapped around his face as the wash of orgasm hit him in full force with the finger in his ass brushing his prostrate and he involuntarily clamped down on it. His mouth opened without a sound and his back arched up lifting off the bed as climax tore through his young body. Sam felt his cock lurch in his mouth and the firm muscles of his stomach tensed, his finger gripped tightly in the boy's ass as he rode the wave of orgasmic bliss, pushing his crotch up into Sam's face trying to ram his spasming little cock as deep into the hot sucking mouth as he could


Jamie let out a high pitched giggle as Sam slowly slid his lips up his sensitive cock, tongue flicking across his tiny head with the thrill of orgasm slowly fading and let his legs fall back to the sides. He settled back down onto the bed panting, his chest heaving and his body shaking and looked down at Sam with half closed eyes. He smiled and took in a deep breath and sighed.


"Was that as good as it looked?" Sam asked slipping his finger from the ten year old's ass and kissed the taut head of his three and a half inch nail held within his hand.


"Ah-huh," Jamie nodded his head closing his eyes for a second and grinned down at him.


He let go of the boy's wilting cock and crawled up over Jamie's slender young body between his outstretched legs, his hands planted either side of his chest under his arms. Easing down onto Jamie's sexy wee frame and holding himself up on his elbows, Sam leant in and kissed him with his mouth parted and traced his tongue across his sweaty lips before lifting back up.


"Told you I don't squirt." Jamie breathed into Sam's mouth and Sam felt the boy push his erection up into his stomach. With their chests pressed together Sam moved up, sliding his leaking cock over his hairless sac and back down between the boy's crack pushing his throbbing head against his hot little hole.


"You may not squirt, but I tasted something when you came." Sam said with his mouth barely an inch from Jamie's. Seeing the nearly eleven year old boy writhe in orgasmic bliss and knowing he'd been the one to give him such pleasure was almost as good as getting off himself and blowing the load that was churning in his balls deep into his hot fiery ass. Almost.


Jamie's face crinkled with disbelief unsure whether Sam was telling the truth or not. "Really?"


Sam licked his lips and rolled his tongue around his mouth. "Yep. Definitely."


"Cool." Jamie grinned. "Ash said I don't."


"Yeah? Well I do," Sam said grinning as well. "And I really want to cum in your ass."


"Okay." Jamie said looking up from his prone position beneath Sam. "But then you have to suck me again."


"You bet tiger," Sam said and reached up under his pillow grabbing the small tube of strawberry lube. He waved it in front of Jamie's face and smiled.


"How'd you know that was there?" The boy asked looking surprised that Sam knew it was there.


"'Cos I saw you put it there after you got out of the shower."


"How? Where were you?" Jamie grinned knowing he's been caught out snooping around Sam's bedroom.


"In there." Sam said cocking his head towards the walk-in wardrobe. "You planned all this didn't you you little sex monkey."


"Kinda," Jamie answered with a cheeky grin. Sam kissed him again on the lips marvelling at the softness of his mouth and the tenacity of the not-so-innocent ten year old. He'd seen in Sam something that he'd kept secret for so many years and had boldly manipulated him for the sole purpose of getting off with him.


"And you want me to fuck you now don't you." Sam said moving his mouth to Jamie's ear. To be able to speak those words to a ten year old boy laying beneath him, a boy whose cock and asshole he'd just sucked and fingered to a very dry orgasm filled him with a longing so potent he thought he'd blow his load without having fulfilled his lifelong fantasy.


"Ah-huh." Jamie whispered with his mouth parted and head held back as Sam brushed his lips across the exposed skin of his throat and tickled him with his tongue. He lifted his legs and wrapped them around Sam's waist and locked his feet together behind his back. "I want you to cum inside me."


Sam's body shook with desire as the head of his throbbing cock lodged between the firm mounds of the boy's ass, his heart beating wildly in his chest and his cock spewed a stream of precum in response to Jamie's urgent demand.


He's only ten fucking years old! Sam's mind screamed inside his head. But you were only eight when you were nailed the first time, he reasoned with himself. And he said Ash's Uncle fucked him when he was eight too... Mine won't be the first cock he's had up his ass and he obviously wants it.


"You sure?" Sam asked. Despite his bloodlust and wanting nothing more than to plough into the kid's hot and tight little hole, he needed to be absolutely positive it was what Jamie wanted.


"Yesssss!" Jamie hissed at him with a determined look on his face.


"Say it," Sam told him wanting to hear the boy use the word. "Tell me you want me to fuck you."


"I. Want. You. To. Fuck. Me... Now." Jamie intoned sternly looking up at Sam imploringly with his soft brown eyes as he reached down between them and held Sam's rampant cock in his small fist to his waiting ass.


"How'd you want it... Like this?" Sam asked kissing him lightly on the lips again and pushed his cock forward sliding it between the crack of Jamie's ass.


"Yeah," Jamie panted. "It's easier to get in but you need to put your fingers in first. And use lots of that stuff on it!"


Sam couldn't believe what he was hearing; a mere ten year old boy was instructing him on how to stretch his hole before getting his ass fucked. But Jamie didn't know yet that Sam had been in his exact same position when he'd been his age, and it hadn't always been gentle. The night he'd found Leo Sam had been picked up on the streets by a nice looking guy in his early 30's and taken to a seedy motel only to find two more waiting for him inside. At just nine years old Sam had been raped and fucked three or four times by all three of them one after the other and had been left unconscious in the motel room without even the measly forty dollars the man had first promised him. They'd threatened him after they'd had their fun and held his wrist over the grill telling him they'd kill him if he went to the police. Sam had screamed in tormented agony into one of the men's hands clamped over his mouth before his world went blank and he passed out. He'd remained in the motel room for a couple hours afterwards, draped over the edge of the bed in the position they'd thrown his unconscious body until he woke up, bleeding and covered in cum. Barely conscious and in more pain than he could ever remember, the fat sweat soaked manager had hammered on the door before barging in and yelling that they owed him more money for the extra hours. But seeing Sam, a naked little nine year old rent-boy sprawled on the stained bare mattress with cum all over his body and leaking from his ass, he'd hurriedly unsnapped his belt and pulled out his thick meaty cock and fucked Sam one more time before kicking him back onto the streets hurling abuse at him as he'd limped away.


That was the night his life changed forever; staggering back to the abandoned warehouse along New York's gritty docks nearly twenty years ago, gingerly holding his burnt arm he'd seen a man dressed in an expensive business suit standing at the water's edge. His instinct was to ignore him and carry on as if he hadn't seen him `cos shit happens to everybody, so what the fuck did he care if he off'd himself. But then the man had looked around and seen him and Sam stopped walking, looking back at him and seeing the pain in his eyes. It was the same dead expression he saw in his own face and he went and gingerly sat next to the man. They'd just sat there for over an hour without a single word being spoken by either of them until finally Leo had asked if he was hungry. Sam never went back to the warehouse after that first night with Leo. He'd come to this very apartment with him where Leo had tended to the burns and his abused anus with a gentle touch. It wasn't until over two weeks later that Leo went down on him for the first time and taught him that sex with a man didn't have to be painful. He'd not pushed Sam into anything he didn't want to do and it was months before they actually made love one night after Leo had tearfully admitted to Sam that he'd seen him earlier that night and had wanted to approach him, but he hadn't. If only he had, he'd said, Sam wouldn't have had to endure the torture those men had inflicted on him. Leo had become his whole life since then and for many years after until he died when Sam was only nineteen.


So he'd give Jamie the illusion he was the experienced one, even if he was on the receiving end and it actually thrilled Sam to have the boy tell him how to make love to him.


"Sure buddy." Sam said replying to Jamie's demand already knowing the answer to his next question. "What did you want me to do with my mouth while I fingered you?"


"Suck my dick again!" Jamie grinned up at him.


Sam pushed up off Jamie's sexy body with his weight on one arm and looked down between them. "What... This?" He asked playfully hooking a finger around the hard nail of boy cock flicking it up then letting it slap back down on his navel.


Jamie nodded his head up and down slowly then lowered his legs to Sam's side and spread them wide. He stretched out on the bed and brought both arms up to lay his head on his hands with his smooth pits exposed to Sam's hungry eyes.


"Fuck you're a sexy boy," Sam said sitting back on his ankles between Jamie's legs looking down at his naked body spread out before him. Jesus he wanted to bury his nose into the smooth hollow of his pits and to lick him there. "How'd you get such a hot body Jamie?" He asked rhetorically not really expecting an answer.


Shrugging his shoulders and with his arms still raised up under his head as Sam roamed a hand up his thigh, Jamie looked a little embarrassed before answering. "Dancing I guess."


"Dancing?" Sam asked surprised with his eyebrows raised, but his hand continued up the boy's silken thighs and grasped his hard nail. "What kind of dancing?"


"All sorts. I go to Xandia's Dance Studio and we do loads of shows and stuff." Jamie said hurriedly. "You don't think that's girly?"


"What? No way buddy, I think that's sexy as fuck." Sam said smiling at him. His mother hadn't told him about that! "You'll have to tell me about it later though..." He held up the small bottle of lube. "Right now I got something else I wanna do."


"Me!" Jamie shouted.


"Yeah." Sam let go of his hairless cock and held his palm under the upturned bottle. "One finger or two?"


"One first, then two..." Jamie said smiling. "... and then three. But go slow `cos it's been ages since last time Ty did me."


Hearing Jamie mention Ashley's uncle prompted a pang of jealousy towards him for being the one who'd taken the kids cherry, and reminded Sam that someone else had already taught him the pleasures of sex. But he brushed the though aside not wanting think about it or whether Jamie would compare him to Ty. Instead, he placed the lube onto Jamie's stomach and climbed over his leg, laying down on his side next to the ten year old boy with his head close to Jamie's exposed pits.


"Has Ty ever licked you here?" Sam whispered and leant into his armpit as he lifted Jamie's leg over his hips allowing access to both his hard nail and his tight little hole. He ran his tongue flat over the bare skin of Jamie's pit breathing in deeply and stroked his palm down his thigh draped over his leg at the same time. God he tasted good. And so fucking smooth!


"No." Jamie giggled and squirmed a little beside him.


"No?" Sam feigned shock. "How about here?" He asked and moved up to his neck and nuzzled into Jamie's throat licking him there and suckling softly with his mouth.


Jamie craned his head to the side letting Sam nibble at his throat. "No." He said with a sigh.


"Really? Where does he lick you then?"


"Here," Jamie said pointing down to his nipples and then his cute as fuck tummy button.


"And where else?" Sam prompted.


"You know where." Jamie said in a whisper turning his head and opened his mouth to Sam's lips. Gone was the subtlety of their gentle caresses earlier, replaced by open mouthed passion as Sam pressed into the boy and felt the hot spear of his small tongue in his mouth. Their breaths cascaded over each other's cheeks, their shared saliva swallowed as Sam tasted the hot mouth of a ten year old boy he was about to fuck. Reaching down his firm young body Sam scooped up the lube in his hand and blindly popped the cap, his own tongue now in Jamie's mouth and pulled his leg up under his arm spreading the boy's legs wide apart. He held the bottle upside down over Jamie's crotch and squeezed a river of lube onto his compact balls that dribbled down into his crack and onto the bed. Sam dropped the small bottle to one side and pressed his palm flat against Jamie's hard nail and the small globe of his sac and snaked his middle finger down between his cheeks smearing the lube into the tight valley of Jamie's ass. Sam's finger descended and rubbed over the puckered muscle of his ring and circled around it before curling inwards, pushing at the tight hole until the boy moaned into his mouth as his finger slid back inside him up to the second knuckle with ease.


Sam thrust his tongue deep into Jamie's mouth feeling the heat of his body surround his finger and fisted his hand between his legs and angled it up, pushing in until his fist was pressed against his firm mounds imbedding it as far up his hole as he could get it. He curled it inside the boy's moist tunnel and slowly withdrew it before pressing back in, slowly fucking his hot little ass with his finger as he sucked Jamie's tongue into his mouth.


He'd never kissed a child before; not as an adult and not like this. His taste and the feel of his mouth was so sweet and pure and his tongue was soft unlike anything Sam had ever experienced and his blood boiled with desire; the craving for the boy's firm young body swelling up inside him as he tongued and fingered him with increasing speed until Jamie finally pulled away breathing heavily.


"Put another one in... And suck me... Please!" Jamie panted with his mouth open and his lips wet with their spit.


Christ this kid's on fire! Sam thought as he slid his finger out of Jamie's slick hole stroking it over his prostrate once more making him whimper in delight. Rolling onto his stomach Sam moved his body around and pulled Jamie's leg with him as he lay with his head hovering over his navel and hard three and a half inch hairless cock. He circled his middle finger around the yielding muscle of Jamie's anus again and pressed in feeling the elastic ring give and surround the tip before sliding his index finger in alongside it. With just a little pressure he slowly pushed in until both were buried in the boy's hole and bent his head down licking his tongue along the short length of Jamie's rock hard organ. Jamie moaned loudly from above as Sam sank into his ass with two fingers up to the second knuckle and took his cock back into his mouth once more, sucking up and down as he fingered him in slow shallow strokes.


Sam succumbed to the animal instinct that broiled within him and scissored his fingers in Jamie's warm moist hole, salivating on his young prepubescent cock with his face mashed into the boy's soft hairless mound. He found the hard nub of his prostrate and Jamie's hips jerked up as Sam flicked his fingers over his pleasure spot and he cried out in a muffled scream of ecstasy, his dick tingling deep inside his groin. Reached down Jamie gripped his inner thighs and pulled, spreading his legs as far apart as he could and felt the burning of his lips stretching as Sam forced a third finger into him. He was close to climax and breathed heavily with sweat beginning to prickle his skin, his back arching off the bed as he humped up into Sam's face fucking his stiff nail into his mouth. The next time Sam pressed into his spot he knew he'd orgasm again and then Sam would fuck him, except this time he'd be in charge and wanted Sam to look him in the eyes when he did him, not kneeling behind like Ty did.


With an arm under Jamie's raised leg and his fingers buried deep in his ass exploring, his other hand was on his body pushing the boy back down onto the bed. He roamed his flat palm over Jamie's chest and stomach feeling every protruding bone and the firm toned muscles of his stomach as he sucked his lips up and down the hard shaft of his throbbing boyhood. Sam couldn't believe he'd managed to get three fingers in the boy's ass so easily, albeit not at deeply as he'd had two, nor the sweet melody of high pitched whimpers and sudden gasps of pleasure emanating from Jamie's mouth in ever increasing volume. The excruciating heat of his small preteen cock jabbing in and out of Sam's mouth was like a fiery rod of wet steal and Sam relished the moment knowing it wouldn't last, lavishing it with his tongue and vacuuming his cheeks in around it. He craned his neck and manoeuvred his head between the boy's legs with his nose pressing into his soft spongy sac, his fingers playing inside Jamie's hot chute and he finally zeroed in on the button of his prostrate. The jolt of orgasm hit the ten year old once more as Jamie shuddered and slammed his legs closed around Sam's head in blissful climax, the muscles of his stomach tensing under Sam's hand as he cried out in a quivering, stuttered moan through clenched teeth. Sam's fingers were gripped tightly within his ass as he peaked, the muscle contracting around them as his dry orgasm racked his young body and finally releasing them as the wave of climax slowly abated.


"Ahhhh..." Jamie sighed settling his body back onto the bed. "That was so goooood..." Sam pulled his mouth from the boy's sated organ and turned his head up to Jamie's face, slipping his fingers from the slick tunnel of his hole.


"You liked huh?" Sam asked his voice low and husky. "We'll have to see if I can give you another one then, but I think it's about time I got to fuck your sexy little ass!" He pushed himself up and rolled to the end of the bed where he stood at Jamie's feet with his hard leaking cock jutting out from his body. Jamie's eyes locked on his resplendent member and a sexy smile spread across his face as Sam reached down and grabbed him by the ankles, pulling his lightweight body down the bed until his ass was almost hanging over the edge.


Jamie giggled even as he lifted his feet onto the bed with his legs spread invitingly at an almost 180 degree angle. "Yeah, I want you to ef - you - see - kay me." He said and Sam could see the partly open hole of his anus wink at him as Jamie flexed the muscles of his sphincter.


Sam's heart pounded in his chest as he looked upon Jamie's young body splayed out before him and a lustful grin crept across his face. "Pass the lube tiger..." He said. Jamie's hole looked so small and miniscule compared to his rock hard cock and he wondered how it was even remotely possible to breach the tight barrier of his ring and sink his cock deep into the boy. But he'd had three fingers up there already and he'd been fucked before, and Sam knew from his own experiences that a boy's ass muscles were pliable and could stretch to accommodate even the biggest cock when it needed to. He squeezed out a pool of slippery liquid onto Jamie's small sac and let it dribble down into his crack.


"It's cold!" Jamie squealed with his eyes wide and radiant and his face tensed in shock.


"Not for long sport." He replied already imagining what it was going to feel like being inside him. He was going to enjoy this... fuck he was going to enjoy this a lot.


Dropping the lube Sam grasped Jamie's balls in his palm, smearing it over his sac and softening cock, between his silken thighs and trailing a finger down the valley of his crack and into his puckered anus. He leant forward over Jamie with an arm up by his shoulder holding himself up.


"You really want it don't you?" He asked as he pulled his finger back out and stroked his rampant cock in his hand smearing it with lube before wedging it between Jamie's cheeks aiming the wet glistening head at his hole. Fuck he was so close already he didn't think he'd last five minutes inside him, but God did he want to feel the tight embrace of Jamie's ass around his cock and fuck him like he'd dreamt about for so many weeks.


"Just hurry up and do it already!" Jamie demanded playfully and wrapped his legs around Sam's waist, his thighs spread wide and reached down around his body grasping his cheeks in his hands and stretched his hole apart.


With his thumb pressing his head to Jamie's slick rubbery band, Sam leant down above Jamie's curled body and kissed him, his mouth open and his tongue filling the void as he pushed his cock forward. With the boy's help holding himself wide open with his hands spreading his ass cheeks apart, Sam easily breached the taut ring of muscle as Jamie groaned into his mouth and dug his heels into the small of Sam's back. His breath came in ragged gasps through his nose as Sam smothered his mouth with his own and his ass lips snapped closed around the flared ridge of the man's glans. Lifting up from Jamie's hot mouth Sam pushed up on his arms and looked down at their bodies; his bulging head imbedded into the ten year old boy's hole with the tight elastic ring stretched around the slick shaft gripping it tightly. He watched spellbound as his cock slowly pushed in, sinking deeper into the hot moist sheath of his ass and the spongy flesh surrounded him like a glove and gave way as he slowly drove forward. Jamie's mouth hung open and his hands held Sam's arms tight as he concentrated on relaxing the muscles in his ass, pushing out as Sam buried his cock half way inside.


"You okay?" Sam asked in a whisper looking down into Jamie's chocolate eyes. All he saw was intense concentration and pleasure, his face serious as he held his head back and using his legs behind Sam's back as leverage he rolled his butt off the mattress and into Sam's crotch. He nodded his head. "Ah-huh... Keep going." Jamie panted. "I want it all in me."


Pushing himself up and standing again Sam slid the hand that he was holding himself up with down to Jamie's hip, encircling the boy's slender waist with his thumbs and fingers digging into the soft flesh of his stomach and ass pulling him back onto his cock gaining another two inches. The hot encompassing pressure built as his shaft slowly sank into the boy's depths, his short cropped pubic hair tickling Jamie's cheeks and pressed forward in until he was squashed against him and buried deep inside the ten year old's ass.


"God you feel so fucking hot Jamie," Sam moaned as he bottomed out in the boy, feeling his throbbing head hitting resistance as Sia's `Chandelier' filled the room. Jamie let out his held breath through an open mouth and stretched his arms out on the bed tightening the gip around Sam's waist with his legs. Sam held is slim hips holding him in place with his ass lifted off the bed and drew back a little. The suctioning of Jamie's bowls held the skin of his prick in place as the hard shaft slid outward an inch and the tight band of his ring curled backwards and squeezed his shaft. He pushed back in, watching Jamie's face for any signs of discomfort but instead saw him gasp, a low throaty moan as he pulled Sam back into him with his heels digging into his back.


The sensations of Jamie's warm moist passage assaulting his slickened cock was all consuming as Sam slowly moved in and out of him, holding his tender young body and lifted his hips up to his own waist. Jamie's preteen cock, hard and steely just a few minutes ago was now limp and soft at Sam's intrusion; the thin shaft no longer than an inch and the sticky glans smeared in lube swaying above his tightly held sac beneath as his body rocked back and forth. Sam's movements gradually increased, pulling further and further out with each stroke and plunging back in in long steady thrusts as he fucked him, the ten year old boy he'd once known and lusted over for weeks and who'd played him like a puppet, wanting to get fucked by Sam just as much as Sam wanted to fuck him.


Jamie's eyes never wavered from Sam's face even as he felt himself being pushed back on the bed with each thrust an inch or two at a time. Sam climbed up on his knees following him, holding his waist up off the bed with only his shoulder and head on the mattress and Jamie's hand found its way back to his flaccid cock. The small lifeless worm stirred and began to grow between his thumb and fingers with the squelching sound of their juices emanating from between his legs. Sweat prickled his body and his hair matted to his forehead as his breath came in ragged gasps, Sam's cock filling him over and over again with his thumbs digging into the firm smooth skin of his thighs.


"Faster..." Jamie moaned his dick once again hard between his thumb and fingers and flicked up and down on it like a jack hammer. Sam responded by pulling out almost all the way with his throbbing head caught behind the gripping lips of his tight ring and slammed back in hard, his balls slapping against Jamie's cheeks and pushing the boy's body back onto the bed as he leant in over him. He lowered Jamie's ass onto the mattress and pulled his legs from around his waist pushing them back into the boy's shoulders, plunging his cock down and nailing into his hot tunnel over and over again. With each thrust his balls squashed against Jamie's cheeks as he strived to bury into him and relished the loud moans of ecstasy as he massaged his immature prostrate. The sensations assaulting his bared glans as it slid smoothly back and forth through the soft sheath of Jamie's ass was incredible, his cock filling the void so completely it was as if the pressure surrounding him almost sucked him in further.


The boy's small naked body rocked beneath him as he pistoned into his ass, the heat radiating off him like a furnace and the smell of their sex fuelling Sam's desire anew with a longing more intense than he'd ever felt before. Jamie trembled as he jacked his miniature organ, the muscles of his stomach taut and rippling as he strived towards his third orgasm and involuntarily clamped down on Sam's cock gripping him tight as the man speared back into him. The unstoppable rise of orgasm burst up from deep in Sam's loins and he pulled Jamie's body back, thrusting his cock deep into the boy as hard as he dared and exploded deep in his guts. The three or four seconds before orgasm was exhilarating; the excruciating delay of climax as his cock expanded in Jamie's ass and the quivering of Sam's body before he jolted, moaning in a long shuddering breath as he came in pulsating waves of pleasure and drenched the boy's innards with hot sticky cum.


He held there for long seconds savouring each pulse of orgasm as they faded, dribbling the last of his seed into the ten year old's bowls until at last he opened his eyes and looked down at Jamie's smiling face. Sam couldn't believe he'd just fucked a ten year old kid let alone the stunningly sexy son of his art dealer that he'd once babysat for eight years earlier. He knew once would never be enough and fantasies were already forming in his mind about the next time, perhaps inviting Ashley back to his apartment with Jamie and watching them fuck each other and perhaps even getting into the other boy's pants as well. His cock twitched in Jamie's hot ass as the thought of nailing his boyfriend kept it from softening. Not that he needed further stimulation than the naked and sweaty little boy under him with the sexiest body he'd ever laid eyes on, his legs spread obscenely wide and Sam's hard cock still buried balls deep in his smooth and hairless ass. What a glorious fucking sight it was.


"You're still hard." Jamie said and flexed the muscles around Sam's lubed and cum slicked shaft. The sensation was exquisite and Sam leant down again and brushed his lips across Jamie's, tasting the salty sweetness of his lip and the breath in his lungs.


"That's because it really likes being in there," Sam murmured as he slid his tongue across Jamie's lips. "And because you really know how to make it feel good."


"I got lots a practice..." Jamie giggled as Sam slowly pulled back, his cock slipping from his ass with a wet sucking sound and lowered his body down on top of him. It felt like taking a massive dump and his hole was left feeling empty, the ring of his anus slowly closing and a little sore after so long without an adults thick shaft buried to the hilt inside him.


"Yeah?" Sam moaned as he kissed him again. "Maybe you should stay here and we can practice some more."


"Okay," Jamie said and let his legs fall to the sides with Sam laying between them. His fledgling cock was still hard and slippery having not managed to bring himself off before Sam had come inside him. He pressed up into Sam's stomach when the weight of his body pressed down onto him and humped his crotch back and forth craning his neck to one side letting Sam's lips snake down to caress his skin with his mouth. When he licked along the smooth hollow of his collar and bit down softly on his shoulder, Jamie had expected Sam to roll off him after he'd cum up his ass, but he didn't; not like Ty did. It was over once Ty had shot his load inside one of them and he'd leave both him and Ash to finish each other off instead.


"But I gotta get home before Ash gets there..." Jamie said feeling Sam's hand stroke down the side of his body and between them to hold his stiff nail. "He's gonna fuck me again tonight too."


"Lucky boy," Sam said with a smile feeling that Jamie was still hard. "I'd do you all over again right now if I could." He let go of Jamie's rigid stick and slid his arms under his wee body and held onto his shoulders, rolling over onto his back and pulled him over on top of him. The fact that he could do that so easily thrilled Sam, his preteen body so light and nimble that it took little effort to lift him and he was reminded yet again just how young and small he actually was.


"But you could suck me again and do it with your fingers though." Jamie said as Sam roamed his hands down to the boy's perky little ass and slid a finger inside his slippery crack. He felt a dribble of semen that rolled down from his newly fucked asshole over his smooth perineum and onto his wrinkled sac.


"Hell yeah," Sam said looking up at his young ten year old lovers face. "Come up here tiger and let me suck you."


God he loved talking like that to him. Jamie furrowed his eyebrows with a questioning look. "What'd'ya mean?"


"I mean come up here and sit on my chest so you can `ef-you-see-kay' my face." Sam said spelling out the work like Jamie had earlier.


Jamie sat up on Sam's lap smiling, looking down at his aching dick. "I've never done it like that before." He said shuffling forward on his knees around Sam's prone body.


"You'll love it I promise," Sam said hungrily eyeing his hairless crotch as he approached. "You can go as slow or as quickly as you want and I can finger your ass at the same time."


He scooted forward on his knees either side of Sam's chest until they were tucked into his armpits and hovered over him looking down with his proud little cock jutting out from his smooth crotch. Three and a half inches of hard flesh bobbed over Sam's chin with his tight and hairless balls pulled up into his scrotum in a wrinkled globe begging for his mouth's attention. Sam ran his palms up the back of Jamie's toned thighs to his recently fucked ass and pulled him forward, his head lifting up to gobble his small balls into his mouth with the short spike of his dick sliding across his cheek. Jamie smelt of sex; the drying saliva on his small hairless cock, the fresh scent of strawberry flavoured lube and semen in his ass and dribbling down his thighs and the musky aroma of an open hole coming from between his legs. That he'd just fucked the ten year old boy's ass not more than five minutes ago was enough to consume his thoughts and he ravished his puny little balls in his mouth, soaking them in his spit as he tongued them and snaked his fingers into the gaping cave of Jamie's hole. It was wet and sticky but felt so warm and inviting and Sam buried his two fingers to his fist seeking the hard nub of his prostrate. Sam craned his head back off Jamie's sac and licked his tongue along the underside of his short length flicking the tip back and forth across the excited glans eliciting stuttered moans of pleasure from Jamie's mouth. His stomach tensed as he leant forward on one arm above Sam's head and held his twitching boyhood with the other, aiming it at Sam's mouth and pushing in between his lips. Jamie's soft mound slammed against his face as he thrust into him, squashing his balls against Sam's chin and once again the taste of a young prepubescent boy filled his mouth.


As Jamie moved above him, all Sam could do was stare at the tensed rippling muscles of his lithe body, his abdomen undulating back and forth stabbing his hot preteen cock in and out between his lips. His sweaty chest heaved as he arched his back, Sam's fingers sliding in and out of Jamie's dilated ring feeling the difference from just a few minutes ago. Gone was the elastic grip of his puckered muscle, now a spongy mass of sloshy distended flesh swollen and sticky with Sam's load and his fingers easily moved back and forth without any resistance. Memories came flooding back to Sam of touching his own sensitive hole after Leo or the other men had fucked him; enflamed and tender for a while until his gaping lips slowly contracted, but then came the dull ache that lasted an hour or so and the hollow feeling of emptiness inside his bowls.


A soft muted grunt escaped Jamie's throat as his bruised and tender hole was fingered once again, but it lasted only a moment before the sudden pressure on his prostrate shot a sharp burning up from deep at the root of his cock to the fiery tip in Sam's mouth. He gasped and let out a whimper, the dull pain of Sam's finger in his already tender ass propelling his body forward, his knees slipping back and pushing his throbbing cock as deep into Sam's mouth as he could attempting to escape the intrusion. Jamie leant his weight on one arm and reached around behind himself and shoved Sam's hand away, forcing his fingers from his ass and tensed as his ring burnt in a blunt pain.


"It doesn't feel good," Jamie breathed heavily and brought his arm back to the front above Sam's head. Instead, Sam slid his thumb under Jamie's ass and pressed into the soft tissue and massaged the root of his hard cock buried beneath his scrotum.


The effect was almost instantaneous as Jamie's silky soft hard spear jerked in his mouth, straining to ejaculate non-existent semen as his body convulsed in yet another almost-dry orgasm. Jamie just hung his head down with his eyes and teeth clenched but didn't utter a sound. After a few seconds he slumped down and lay on Sam's body exhausted and spent. Sam could feel Jamie's beating heart pounding in his chest as his breath panted into his neck and throat. His young lean body was hot and sweaty and he felt so good laying on top of him with his legs spread either side of Sam's waist. He could feel Jamie's small cock rapidly shrinking until it was no more than a soft lump pressing into his stomach as Sam tenderly stroked his hands up and down the smooth skin of his back.


"You okay?" He whispered into Jamie's ear after a few minutes of gentle caress.


"Yeah," Jamie said lifting up on Sam's body and pressing his crotch into his stomach. "Just tired. I never orgasmed like three times in one go before."


"You were amazing kiddo," Sam said reaching up and tenderly kissed his soft lips. "I can't believe how good it felt to be inside you. I didn't hurt you did I?" He asked a little concerned. He knew how it felt, but he thought Jamie was used to being fucked. Maybe he wasn't as experienced as he'd let on.


"Just a bit at the end with your finger but it's okay." Jamie said. "It usually feels a bit funny for a bit after."


"I remember how that feels." Sam smiled as Jamie took in a deep breath through his nose. His sexy chest pressed down into Sam with their skin sticking together and slowly peeling apart again. He thought Jamie would ask what he'd meant by knowing how it felt, but in his tired state it obviously went over his head. "I'm really sorry I hurt you.


"'s alright," His voice was barely audible as he grinned down at Sam. "It was worth it to be your first boy. Does that mean I took your cherry?"


Sam laughed at the boy's apparent familiarity with such terms. "I guess you did kinda." He said. "I'm glad it was you."


They lay in silence for a few minutes with Jamie's head on its side on Sam's chest and his body draped over his as they rested. He could see the boy wasn't far off falling asleep so he nudged him awake. "I got some cream that'll make your butt feel better. We should put it on before you fall asleep."


"Kay..." Jamie yawned through half closed eyes and let Sam roll him over onto his side pulling his arm from under him before moving away. Sam eased up to sit on the edge of the bed and looked back at the ten year old as he pulled a pillow to his body and cuddled into it, his arm wrapping around it and his head sinking into the soft cushion. He was beautiful; his lithe form bathed in drying sweat and matted hair clinging to his forehead as he slowly drifted to an exhausted sleep. Sam could see it in his handsome face, the kindness his mother spoke of, his generosity and bravery and the hidden sexuality that bloomed just under the surface. Standing carefully as to not disturb Jamie he padded to the bathroom on bare feet, pausing at the controls on the wall to turn down the music and found the cream in the vanity drawer and wet a cloth with warm water. He had to step over the discarded towel and puddles of water from Jamie's shower and smiled to himself. He would've loved to have had a boy of his own flesh and blood, to experience even the most mundane of tasks like picking up after him or fixing dinner, to watch him grow and to teach him what it was to be a good person. Sam knew he'd never be able to share a son's joy and excitement of everything new, or to be there for him when he needed a hug or a kiss on a scraped knee or a gentle whisper in his ear telling him everything would be okay. But maybe he could take what little Jamie would give him and be happy for as long as it lasted.


With his sexual craving sated for the time being, Sam returned to the bed and gently lay back down on his side facing Jamie's back with the soft downy pillow held close to his body. He brought his hand up and began to lightly tickle his back with his fingertips, moving up and down from his shoulders to the curve of his cheeks circling around in lazy motions as he breathed in the smell of him. Gooseflesh prickled Jamie's skin and his breathing deepened as he relaxed into his gentle touch. Sam smiled to himself loving the feel of his young body against his, but it was the unspoken trust of simply falling asleep on his bed that was the greatest gift of all.


"That feels nice," Jamie muttered into the pillow sounding half asleep already. He shivered as Sam's fingers traced along the curve of his shoulder blades and then down over his spine. Jamie felt Sam's lips touch his shoulder as his hand descended to his lower back and further down enjoying the attention that Ty never gave him after fucking his ass.


Sam slowly worked his palm over the firm globe of Jamie's mound and down to his inner thigh, pushing up into the soft flesh and whispering into his ear. "Move your leg up sweetie so I can put some cream on."


Jamie moaned softly and his eyes flickered open for an instant, lost half way between consciousness and sleep but still aware of what was happening around him. Still on his side and snuggled up into the pillow, Jamie moved his furthest leg up and bent it at the knee with Sam's hand guiding it higher until his cheeks parted and his anus was exposed. At first Sam was shocked and felt a stab of guilt at what he saw. Having never seen his own hole after he and Leo had made love he shuffled down a little and tenderly parted Jamie's firm mounds for a closer inspection. The distended orifice was red and swollen, looking so much larger than a man's anus after sex due of the relative size of Jamie's slender young body, but he knew that it wouldn't take long to close and after only an hour the dull ache would diminish. A greasy film of lube and his own semen smeared the inner cleft of Jamie's anus and oozed from his dilated ass as Sam used his finger and thumb to split the tender cheeks apart. He gently dabbed the surrounding skin with the warm washcloth, avoiding Jamie's swollen anus for a minute before lightly pressing onto it as the water cooled a little.


"Mmmm..." Jamie moaned in his semi-conscious state and lifted his leg higher. Sam's eyes traversed down to the smooth skin of him perineum and the squashed hairless sac pressing into the bed as he bathed his sore anus with the lightest touch possible. After a few minutes he reached around and swapped the washcloth for the anti-inflammatory cream that Leo had used so often on him and unscrewed the lid. It was amazing how the sense of smell can bring back the memories as if they'd occurred just yesterday; he remembered the adoring caress of Leo's touch easing his pain after they'd made love, just like he did now for Jamie with a small amount of the soothing cream on his finger.


When he was done he let Jamie's cheeks close once again and leant down to kiss his sexy little ass. Jamie giggled softly and murmured a quiet thank you as Sam settled down beside him. He spooned into his body and draped an arm over Jamie's side and snuggled up into his neck, closing his eyes and let himself drift off to sleep breathing in the smell of the young ten year old boy he'd just made sweet love to for the first time.


To be continued...