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New York Dreams – Chapter III


Jamie dragged Sam out of the elevator with his much smaller and softer hand pulling at his arm. Throughout the ride he'd kept glancing up at Sam with adorable bashful smiles before looking away again at the ever increasing numbers on the display. He'd impatiently bounced up and down on his toes in eager anticipation of showing Sam off to both Ash and his Mom while Sam had tried to hide the growing trepidation gnawing in his stomach.


Not for the first time, Sam feared that what they'd done in his apartment would be plainly obvious to his mother as soon as they walked in the door. Would the look in Jamie's eyes betray the guilty pleasure he'd taken from having Sam's cock buried in his ass, or the radiant post-orgasmic glow on his face? Sam couldn't help but recall the thrilling pleasure he'd taken from the soon–to-be-eleven year old boy's magnificent young body. Glancing down at his ass as Jamie dragged him out, Sam felt the stirring growing in his groin yet again and his cock beginning to chub up in response.


Not now! Sam groaned inwardly as he pulled back on the hand trying to drag him down a very short corridor towards the large double door. There were only two doors on this level, one at either end of the short corridor and there was no stop on the 40th floor meaning that each apartment spanned two stories and half the floor space of this level. Of course he'd been to Shell and Jamie's old apartment when he'd been just a little kid, but he'd never been here having always made excuses whenever Shell had invited him over. Hell, he hadn't even known where Shell even lived. Perhaps this would be the first and last time he'd ever step inside or, Sam reflected, perhaps not.


"Hold up squirt," Sam said and Jamie turned to look up at him with a smile plastered across his face. "Remember... all we did today was watch a movie and have lunch okay?"


Jamie grinned and stepped up to him on his toes pulling Sam's arm down so their faces were level and whispered into his ear. "Yeah I know, but you did me too remember? Twice."


Sam couldn't resist; he pulled Jamie into a small alcove where the fire hoses and water mains were and pushed him up against the far wall by the shoulders. He bent down and lifted his head up with a hand under his chin and put his lips to the boy's as he spoke. "I know I did, but I think you wanted it just as much as me you little monkey."




"Maybe?" Sam said trailing the tip of his tongue across Jamie's lips before pulling away savoring the taste of him one more time. "Try definitely."


"I still get to do it to you next time though yeah?"


"If that's what you want." Sam said. "Have you ever done it to a grown up before?"


"No. Just Ash." Jamie said shaking his head.


"Yeah? You like doing Ash?"


Jamie grinned as he looked down at his crotch and then back up to Sam. "Yeah. He's real noisy though and he likes it when I'm laying on top of him and he's on his tummy, but sometimes he kinda wants me to do it standing up behind him and pressing my whole body against his back and jack him off at the same time. He says he likes feeling me move against him when I do it."


It was inconceivable he was having this conversation with a not quite yet eleven year old boy. "And what way do you like best?"


"Mostly like you did it so I can see his face." Jamie said. "I like watching him when I put it in him but sometimes I like it when we do it the other way too and I can kiss his neck and shoulders at the same time. He's really sexy and hot you know!"


Sam nodded and smiled. "I know. I saw him leaving the park today and he looked very sexy. Is he the same age as you?"


"Nah... He already turned eleven like two months ago."


"I bet you can't wait to get into his pants tonight."


"Soon as Mom goes out..." Jamie paused and smirked devilishly. "His dick'll go in so easy this time after you. He's gonna love it with your stuff still in there."


Fuck me, Sam moaned silently. "Jesus Jamie," He laughed quietly.


"It's true! Your cum's still in my butt `cos I didn't go to the toilet yet." Jamie grinned and shoved his hand down the front of his loose fitting shorts and played with himself. "I'm getting hard again." Sam knew Jamie had no underwear on and watched for a moment before the boy took his hand back out.


"Smell." He said holding his hand out to Sam's face.


"Mmm... I really wish your Mom wasn't home." Sam moaned holding the ten year old boy's hand to his face and took in a long deep breath of the intoxicating aroma of his prepubescent cock. He stuck his tongue out and licked the boy's middle finger before sucking it into his mouth and let it out slowly. "I'd rather taste it for real though."


"You wanna suck me here in the corridor?" Jamie asked incredulously.


"No." Sam said reaching down under his t-shirt grazing a fingertip across the smooth supple skin along Jamie's low slung shorts. The boy shivered and tensed his stomach muscles as he stifled a quiet high pitched giggle. "I wanna to go to your room so I can take these off you." Sam said. It was easy to slip two fingers inside the waistband where the V of his abdomen curved inwards and Sam felt the warm soft flesh of the boy's bald pubis on his fingertips. God he was smooth down there and so fucking hot too. Sam couldn't get at it quickly enough and his hand delved down the front of Jamie's shorts groping his hard penis, wrapping two fingers and a thumb around the rigid three and a half inches of hot little boy cock with his index and middle fingers kneading into the tight globe of his balls.


"I can show you my room if you wanted," Jamie breathed out obviously enjoying the slow stroking of Sam's hand wrapped around his miniature dick. "But Ash is there so you'll prolly hafta suck his too."


He said it like it'd be a chore; as if Sam would have to endure sucking off a hot sexy eleven year old boy's cock. Just the thought made Sam tremble with desire and felt the sticky emission leaking from his slit and into his briefs. Fuck it... that'll itch until I get home.


"I wish kiddo," Sam said. "One horny little boy is enough for me for one day."


All he could think about as he fondled his young balls and massaged his small cock up and down was following Jamie inside and making love to him all over again in his own bedroom. Without any doubt in his mind, Sam was sure Jamie's room would be pure boy; a private sanctum filled with games or model cars and planes, posters of sports stars or pop groups pinned up on the walls and dirty laundry strewn across the floor. If Sam knew his mother like he thought he did, Jamie's bed would be at least a queen, an expensive and brightly colored comforter of some cartoon or action hero with Egyptian cotton sheets and puffed up pillows. He couldn't help but imagine Jamie laying naked and masturbating and wondered how often Ash shared his bed or what fantasies he conjured up when he was alone.


He needed to stop this now and get Jamie inside, face his Mom and whatever she had to say to him. "Maybe you and Ash can come to my place one day and we'll see what happens?"


Jamie grinned. "Okay. You know he'll want to do sex though."


"Yeah I know." Sam said giving Jamie's hard prong a last firm squeeze. "That's why I suggested it." He extracted his hand from the front of Jamie's pants and pulled his freshly laundered t-shirt down to cover the small pole poking a tent in his loose fitting shorts. Trying to will his own cock to soften before he faced Shelly he knelt down in front of the boy. "Seriously though squirt, your Mom didn't sound mad or upset at me on the phone or anything did she?"


Shaking his head Jamie answered. "No, why?"


Not wanting to worry the boy in case his fears were unfounded Sam chose not to elaborate. "No reason buddy. Just wondered why she wanted to talk to me."


"You think she knows we were doing sex stuff don't you." Jamie smirked. Sam poked his head around the alcove making sure no one was about and then ran his hands through the boy's hair and cupped his cheek in the other.


"I bloody hope not or I won't get to see you again." Sam said looking into the boy's deep chocolate brown eyes; a boy he'd fucked and brought to multiple Earth shattering dry orgasms only an hour ago. "And I really want to see you again."


"Me too." Jamie smiled. "Mom won't know. She doesn't know about me `n Ash and we even do sex when she's home sometimes."


"Oh really? I thought you said Ash was noisy."


"He is! Sometimes I have to put my hand over his mouth so she won't hear."


Sam suddenly flicked the end of Jamie's hard spike through his shorts with his fingers. "Owww!" Jamie jumped and his hands shot down to cover his groin. "Whatcha do that for?"


"To make it go down," Sam said grinning. "Did it work?"


"Yeah, but it hurt."


"Sorry buddy, but it was the fastest way so we can go inside."


"What about yours? I should punch you in the balls and see how you like it."


Sam laughed and stood up again. "I'm all good sport, but thanks anyway. C'mon," he said cocking his head. "Better go see your Mom. And I can't wait to meet Ash."


"I'm gonna get you back for that you know." Jamie said as they walked the rest of the way down the short corridor digging into his pocket and pulling out a single key to their apartment. He quickly put it in the slot and smiled up at Sam one last time before turning the handle and swung the door open.


Following close behind the young ten year old boy they stepped inside and Sam's jaw almost hit the floor. Far from the small yet tastefully decorated apartment they used to live in, the entrance to Shelly's new apartment opened up into a large double height living space surrounded on two sides by floor to ceiling glass overlooking New York's skyline. With gleaming wooden flooring covering the kitchen and the dining area, glossy white cabinetry, dark charcoal marble benchtop and mantle around an open fireplace the decor was modern and sleek, accentuated with stylish furniture and artwork. In a display of stunning architecture, a bridged walkway spanned the room above Sam's head leading to what he assumed were bedrooms on either side of the apartment with a glass and metal staircase that seemed to float in thin air. It was plain to see that Shelly's business was thriving and not what he'd expected after Jamie's awed reaction to his own much smaller apartment.


Oblivious to the opulence in which he lived and the magnificent view afforded from the huge glass windows, Jamie kicked off his shoes into a corner and skipped happily ahead of him leading Sam by the hand further into the apartment. Shelly was sat at the island bench with a glass of wine in hand and she'd looked up at them when the door had opened.


"Hi Mom!"


She smiled noticing his small hand clenched tightly in Sam's. "Hi sweetie," She said looking up at Sam arching her eyebrows. "Did you have a good time?"


"Yeah! Sammy made me the bestest chicken burgers ever and we watched Guardians of the Galaxy and then we rode here on his motorbike! It was so awesome." Jamie exclaimed as Sam extracted his hand from his and awkwardly shoved it into his jeans pocket.


"Hi Sam," Shelly said taking a sip of wine. "Seems you've gone and got yourself a fan."


Sam raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Yeah well, food and a movie will win any boy over in about two minutes flat." He said putting a hand on Jamie's shoulders once he realized Shell seemed friendly enough and not in the least bit upset at him. Jamie turned his head up at him grinning but Sam resisted looking down at the ten year old boy knowing what he was thinking; it wasn't the food or the movie that'd earned him that status.


"Ashley's up in your room sweetie playing X-Box or FrightNight or something." Shelly said getting up from her stool taking her glass to the fridge.


"FortNite Mom... Jeezzz." Jamie said in a serious tone and shook his head in pretend exasperation. He turned to leave and then looked up at Sam. "You wanna come meet Ash Sammy?"


"Jamie..." Shell said from the open fridge not letting Sam answer. "I need to talk to Sam for a few minutes okay? Go play with Ashley and I'll buzz your room when you can come back down. Now scoot."


"Ooookay." Jamie droned and frog walked around the island bench acting like the ten year old that he was. "Can we have a coke?"


Shelly passed him two cans from the fridge as Sam stood there nervously waiting to find out what it was that Shell wanted to talk to him about. He was sure it'd be to find out why Jamie had gone to his apartment, and even though there was no way she could know what they'd done, the simple fact that her son had accompanied him to his apartment had to worry her just a little.


"Beer Sam?" Shell asked holding out an imported beer in a cold green narrow necked bottle with rivulets of water running down the side. Jamie tuned his back to his Mom and as he passed Sam on his way to the floating stairs, he opened his mouth and wiggled his tongue at him suggestively and with a wicked smile he lifted the front of his t-shirt up just enough to tease him with an inch and a half of bare smooth skin above the flat of his bald pubis. The message was clear; look what you're gonna miss out on. For a child, Jamie definitely knew how to play the game.


Little shit.


"Sure." Sam said tearing his eyes away from Jamie's retreating back and took the offered bottle trying to appear calm. He twisted the cap off and placed it on the bench top as Shell topped up her glass.


"Let's sit in the lounge." Shelly said over the rapid pounding of Jamie's feet running up the stairs to his room. Sam glanced up at the hanging bridge walkway above his head and caught a last glimpse of him and his clothed back and ass before he disappeared around the corner presumably heading to his room.


His room, Sam thought. Fuck, I'd love to see his room and screw him senseless on his own bed. Ash was up there right now and Sam knew Jamie wouldn't waste any time telling him everything that had happened. As he followed Shelly into the lounge and sat down he couldn't help thinking that they were probably already making out with their tongues in each other's mouths.


"I hope Jamie didn't put you out coming over like that." Shell said. "I'm really sorry Sam. I'll have a chat to him and tell him he can't just invite himself over. He can be a real handful sometimes."


Yeah, a perfectly sized handful... or mouthful. Sam thought. "Hey, no problem. I didn't mind at all. He's turned into a pretty cool kid." He said instead taking a drink and feeling the relief wash over him. "I liked having him over. It was nice seeing him again and he seemed to enjoy himself. Besides, he needed me to wash his t-shirt for him because he got mud all over it at the park and thought you'd `spaz out'."


Shell laughed. "I probably would have, but if I know my son I'd bet he did that on purpose just as an excuse. He can be pretty crafty in getting what he wants sometimes."


Don't I fucking know it, Sam thought silently as he tipped his head back taking another mouthful of cold beer. Slowly swallowing and leaning forward to place the bottle on a coaster on the glass coffee table Sam smiled and looked up at Shelly. If she had any reservations about Jamie spending the afternoon at his place she certainly wasn't showing it, and Sam was sure Shell wouldn't so easily let her ten year old son wander off with a practical stranger without knowing he was safe. Somehow, it seemed, she'd known Jamie would try and invite himself over and she was okay with it Sam realized. She didn't know when or how, but she apparently knew her son well enough that it'd happen, especially after she'd told Sam how much Jamie had talked about him.


"You didn't mind did you?" Sam said feeling a lot more at ease. "I probably should'a called to let you know he was with me."


"Yeah you should've, but that's okay. His friend Ashley told me where he was when he got here." She took another sip of wine with an expression Sam couldn't read. He could see there was something behind that look, perhaps a mother's intuition kicking in and sensing that his interest in her son ran deeper than simple friendship. Her eyes bore into him as if trying to see into his heart, looking for some clue as to how he felt about her son and Sam held her stare for a long moment. If only he could tell her how he felt about Jamie and explain his love for her child and earn her approval; but it was fantasy. No matter what he thought he saw, there was no way a mother would allow her almost eleven year old son to be sexually active with a grown man no matter whether it was consensual or not.


He finally reached out and picked up his bottle again. "Then I guess I should tell you he wants me to go watch him at dance practice on Wednesday and then go back to my place after."


Shelly chuckled. "Little shit." She said smiling looking at Sam over the top of her glass. "On Wednesday? You okay with that?"


"Sure. Why wouldn't I be?"


"Well, he's just a kid and," Shell waved her glass around. "You know..."


"So?" Sam asked pretending innocence hoping she wasn't going to bring up what he knew they were both thinking; that a single gay male spending time alone with a prepubescent boy might seem inappropriate. The fact that it was true, that he'd already violated societies laws forbidding such things was beside the point. Or maybe she was hinting at her son's apparent homosexual interests wondering what Sam thought she would think about the two of them together.


"Nothing. If you're okay with it then so am I." Shelly said. "You sure he said Wednesday?"


"Pretty sure yeah. Why?"


Shelly paused smiling. "No reason. Besides, I think it'd be good for you to spend time with him."


"Why's that?" He took another mouthful of beer and leaned back into the couch.


"Because I can see it's made you happy Sam. I haven't seen you happy in a long time and it's nice." She said and then her expression changed as if she'd made a mental decision. "I think I need to tell you something though..."


"Okay." Sam said wearily not sure what she was about to say.


She paused for a while obviously thinking of how to say whatever she was about to tell him. "I tried so hard to get you back in our lives again Sam. For the last two years I kept inviting you here or suggested we go out because I missed you when you went away after Leo died. I missed the friendship we used to have and just talking with you. I don't know why, and you don't have to tell me, but nothing I did worked. I thought you'd at least want to see Jamie after being away so long but you didn't. You've kept us at a distance since you came back and when you did you never even asked me about him. Not once."


Shell looked at him waiting to see if he'd say anything or answer her, but when he didn't she went on. "I knew how much you loved Jamie when he was a kid and I thought you'd at least want to see him again but you didn't. It almost broke my heart thinking you didn't care because that's not the Sam I remembered. So that's when I put his photo on my desk where I knew you'd see it."


Sam didn't know how to react hearing she'd played on his memory of Jamie to force him out of the isolation he'd so carefully built up around himself to avoid being hurt again. Angry? Betrayed? Humiliated?


"You did that on purpose?"


"I did." She said without any hint of apology. "I had to do something and that was the only thing I could think of that might work. I know you lost so much when Leo passed away, but I can't let you keep living the way you are and I know you still love us Sam, so I did it."


"Shell..." Sam began.


She held up a hand to quiet him. "Just shut up and listen okay? As soon as I put his picture there it was like having the old you back all of a sudden and it was nice being able to finally tell you all about him, and I could see in your eyes that you missed him too. Leo wouldn't have wanted him not to know you Sam and neither do I."


The silence in the room was palatable as Sam digested what Shell had said and how his own selfishness had hurt her. "Why didn't you tell me this instead of... All this."


"Would you've listened?" She shot back.


She was right of course. He wouldn't have. "No. Probably not."


"Well, that's why. But it wasn't just for Leo, or for Jamie or even for you. It was for me Sam. I loved you like... not like a son, I'm not old enough to be your Mom, but l love you Sam. I always have from when you were twelve and I always will and I miss you so much. So please," Shell stopped and swallowed hard. "Please don't shut us out of your life."


After today there was no way in hell Sam was going to go back to being the person he had been three weeks ago. "I won't, I promise." He smiled and felt as though the world had suddenly been lifted from his shoulders. "Besides, Jamie knows where I live now so I doubt I'd be able to even if I wanted to."


Shell's face was a mask of emotion half way between joy and grief and Sam realized she'd been holding her breath and was nearly in tears. "Well, thank fuck for Jamie then huh?" She almost spluttered. "Come here and gimme a hug you bastard!"


Sam did as he was told and stood up with Shell and embraced her warmly in a tight hug. The tears that had threatened to spill over were gone and she smiled happily at him holding him at arm's length. "You know Jamie really likes you don't you?"


"Yeah, sure." Sam said casually acting as though he had no idea what she meant. "I like him too."


She studied his face for a moment before letting him go and sitting back down on the couch and took a sip of wine. "No, I mean... Never mind." She said waving her hand. "Obviously you're as blind as a bat."


"What?" Sam asked sitting as well and picked up his beer thinking he knew what she was about to suggest. In a way he hoped she would.


"Nothing," Shell smiled as though he were an idiot. "It'd be good for him to have someone like you that he can talk to."


Taking a mouthful he looked back at her. "Why would he need someone like me to talk to?"


"Why do you think?" Shelly said putting her drink down just as a loud thud came from upstairs. Both he and Shelly looked up at the same time and Sam wondered what they were doing up there. Sure as hell Ash already knew exactly what had gone on in his apartment by now and was probably bombarding Jamie with questions. Either that or it'd gotten him horny enough to risk playing around with Jamie while his Mom was still home.


"Look," Shell continued. "He's almost eleven now and you might think he's too young to know for sure, but I'm his Mom. He's gay. I told you about the porn on his computer and I see him looking at other boys and..." She looked up at Sam. "Men too. And I`m pretty sure those two up there are more than just best friends."


So she didn't know for sure about Jamie and Ash then. But she seemed convinced her son was gay.


"He's not too young Shell. I knew when I was about eight or nine that I was different to other boy's. I didn't like girls. I liked my friends and wanted to do all the things with them that they wanted to do with girls." It was a lie of course, but not that far from the truth. The boys in the warehouse weren't really his friends but they did talk about girls all the time and what they'd done with them but he'd never actually seen any of them fucking a girl. And he hadn't just wanted to have sex with the other boys, he actually had. A lot.


"See? That's why I think it'd be good for him. You went through the same thing and you know what it's like and you can make sure he's being careful... and safe. He`s never had a male to look up to and all my other friends have their heads stuck so far up their own asses he'd never talk to any of them. God knows he certainly wouldn't want to talk to me about it."


She smiled at him. "And now, because he met you all on his own, you're HIS friend, not mine. If you were just my friend he probably wouldn't want to talk to you either."


"Are you asking me to have the birds `n' bees talk with him Shell?" Sam laughed but he felt honored that she'd entrust him with that most sacred of all parental responsibilities even though he knew Jamie was well and truly past the need to have that little chat.


"Don't you mean the bees `n' bees talk?"


Unable to hold back the laughter Sam almost chocked on his mouthful of beer. He held his hand in front of his face as his eyes watered and swallowed. "Jesus Shell... You sure you think I'm the right person? You might not like the advice I give him about sex."


Shelly's smile slowly faded and she met his eyes for a few moments. "I wouldn't have asked if I didn't already know your views Sam." She was silent again for what seemed a half minute. Sam could see she was trying to put her thoughts into words so he kept quiet but he was very interested in what she was going to say. "You remember when we first met?"


"Sure." Sam said. He remembered it well. He'd been twelve and Leo had sent off some of his early work to her without him knowing but had omitted to include his age along with the samples. Although it was now located on 14th and 5th next to Union Park, back then Shell's gallery had been just a small converted townhouse when he and Leo had met her for the first time a few weeks after she'd opened. Sam remembered the awe he'd felt being surrounded by so many beautiful pieces of art. He'd known the names and artists of almost every one of them by sight and never imagined his would soon be among them.


"I don't think you realize this, but Leo and I spent a lot of time together without you when you were at school or whatever. He needed someone to talk to and he felt as though he could trust me. Don't ask me why, a vibe thing maybe." Shell put her glass down on the table. "Anyway, we talked a lot about a great many things but mostly we talked about you."




"Yeah, about you. You were all he talked about and he was so proud of you. It took some time, but he eventually opened up to me." Her eyes were kind and full of love for him even though he had no idea what he'd ever done to deserve it. "I know what you were to each other Sam, and how much he loved you. God, he loved you so much it made him cry sometimes. Not out of sadness, but because he was so filled with joy and happiness. You were his everything."


Sam's eyes started to blur as he listened, his beer forgotten in his hand.


"He told me about the night you found him and what you were back then, and how you got that scar." She said glancing down at Sam's wrist and brought her hand to her eye taking away a tear with her finger. "Jesus I'm so sorry for what you went through Sam... You were younger than Jamie is now but that didn't make your love for Leo any less real did it?"


All Sam could do was shake his head in silence.


"He didn't want you to know I knew. He thought you'd think I was doing you a favor selling your art because of it and not because it was good. And it was good Sam. It always has been. It took me a while to get over the fact that you were only twelve years old and you'd been having sex with him for two or three years already, but I knew everything and maybe even a few things you didn't know about Leo."


"You knew?" Sam said almost in a whisper when he finally found his voice. "Why didn't you tell me after he died?"


"Because I didn't need to Hon," She said reaching a hand over and putting it on his knee. "I probably wouldn't have told you I knew, except that now there's a good reason to. Leo was your lover Sam, but he also raised you since you were nine years old and you've become the man I know he would've wanted you to be. That's why I know I can trust you with Jamie, and that you'd never do anything to hurt him."


How could he tell her that he was in love with her son and that he'd rather die than cause him pain? Would she want to know her ten year old son had already lost his virginity when he was eight and that he'd willingly given his body not only to his best friend, but to both him and Ty as well? Even though society deemed him a minor and therefore too young to make his own decisions about sex, or to be permitted to engage in sexual acts with another person no matter the age, in Sam's own view he was more aware of his sexuality than most adults he knew. There were no restraints, no enforced moral doctrine that ate away at his soul telling him he was vile and broken. All Sam's life he'd had to keep secret the love that he'd shared with Leo for no other reason than to protect him from the world's hatred and preserve the falsehood of his memory. But Sam knew the truth. He'd been a lover to a young boy and had saved his life. Would Shell understand his attraction to Jamie? Could he ever explain it if she asked him to?


"I could never hurt him Shell. Not intentionally. But if you're right about him looking at men then maybe I can help. I probably looked at men a little differently than Jamie might be doing back then because there was always the danger I'd go off with the wrong one and they'd hurt me." Sam said with almost no emotion looking down at his wrist remembering. "But I still wanted to have sex with those men. And it wasn't because I was taught to or had to, but because I enjoyed it most of the time. In my experience, some boys are just born that way and start exploring their sexuality much sooner than most and I can tell you there are a lot more men out there who are sexually attracted to boys than most people would think."


It was the closest to the truth that Sam felt comfortable revealing to Jamie's Mom about both her son's burgeoning sexuality and his own attractions. She might very well be easing the way for Sam to tell her, but he wasn't quite ready to take that step just yet.


Shell looked at him with kind understanding eyes. "I know Sam. Leo couldn't hide the love he felt for you. There are some evil people out there who prey on boys like Jamie, but Leo wasn't one of them and... neither are you."


Sam's heart was suddenly pounding in his chest. The words were starting to form in his mind to confess his love and the sexual attraction he felt for her son but he couldn't bring himself to speak them out loud to her. "I don't know what to say Shell... Thank you. It makes me feel better knowing he had someone to talk to. I'm glad it was you."


She smiled again. Did he see a flicker of frustration in her expression? Had she been hoping he'd reveal himself? "He was a good man Sam. I have no idea how he managed being both your parent and your lover but he did. Did you know it was him that bought the first piece I ever sold of yours?"


"What?" Sam said surprised.


"Yeah... and then he gave it to the National Library along with a rather large donation to make sure it hung in the entrance where everyone would see it. It didn't take long before your career took off after that."


They sat in silence for a minute until Sam breathed in deeply and looked up at Shelly. "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"


"You want to know who Jamie's Dad is right?"


Sam nodded. "Jamie told me today that you had IVF. Was the... I dunno what you call them... The donator someone you knew?"


"Yeah, he was a friend and he knew I wanted a child so he offered and I said yes." Sam could tell there was something she wasn't telling him but he didn't pry. She'd tell him in her own good time.


"I take it he doesn't have anything to do with Jamie." Sam said. "He said he didn't have a Dad so I assume he doesn't know who he is."


"No. I've got photos so if Jamie ever wanted to know about him he can at least see what he looked like. He mostly looks like me but sometimes I can see little bits of his Dad in him."


Sam had to agree with her there. He did look at lot like Shell. "He's turned into a very good looking boy Shell. The lucky shit's definitely got your looks."


Shell's eyes widened and her mouth opened in mock surprise. "Was that a compliment Sam? Could I turn you straight?"


"Ha!" Sam laughed loudly. "Probably not."


"Worth a try I guess."


"I still don't know how you managed to have Jamie and run the gallery at the same time. You would've been only a little older than I am now back then."


Shelly smiled. "I might have been a blonde, but I knew how to twist people's arms into helping me like you and Leo. I might've even given some men the impression they were in with a chance..."


"And were they?"


She smiled putting on an innocent face. "I don't know what you mean..." Shelly said getting up from her seat. "Want another?"


"Nah, I'm on my bike." As she walked back into the kitchen Sam called out to her. "So was that what you wanted to talk to me about then?"




"Jamie said you wanted to talk to me. I figured that was it."


"Oh no baby..." Shell looked back at him smiling. "I got some good news for you. You know your `Angles in Flight' piece? It sold today. Eighty four grand."


"Fuck you... No way!"


"I'm not your type apparently." Shell laughed and for a second her eyes flickered up to the bridged walkway where Jamie had disappeared. "But yeah. And he wants two more, same style, same price."


"Get lost! That's over two hundred and forty thousand dollars!"


"Welcome to the big league Honey. Remember my twenty percent though." She smiled. "We really should celebrate but I can't tonight `cos I'm out at a charity thing, and next weekend it's Jamie's birthday so it'll have to be after that. But we will celebrate Sam. You deserve it."


Sam was letting the news sink in and his mind was in a daze. Two hundred and forty grand! Holly fucking shit! He was doing the math; forty eight grand commissions for Shell would still leave him with almost two hundred. Shit.


"Hey, did you want to come?" Shell said pouring herself another wine. Apparently the commission on a quarter million dollar sale only warranted a brief discussion as though it were no big deal. It probably wasn't to her, but to Sam it was.


"Where?" Sam managed to answer.


"To Jamie's birthday. We're heading over to Coney Island for the afternoon with a bunch of his friends. It'll be pretty full on, but I think Jamie'll like it if you came."


Sam smiled. "Already invited." He said seeing the exasperated look on her face. "Why don't you come to my place after you're done on Wednesday since Jamie will already be there and I'll cook you both diner? It'll be fun."


"I'll bring the wine." Shelly said. She leant over to press a button on the wall before heading back into the lounge and sitting down again. "Leo told me about your culinary skills in the kitchen. He said you could've been a chief in a Michelin star restaurant if you'd done that instead of art."


"I'm not that... good." The thunder of running footsteps from above drew his attention as the two boys rounded the corner from the upstairs hallway. He looked up to see Jamie running ahead of Ash, both arms outstretched with his hands sliding along the railing smiling down at him. It was obvious they'd been waiting to be allowed back downstairs and as soon as Shell had buzzed his room they were at the stairs quick as a flash.


Sam caught a glimpse of the boy behind with his head tilted down looking back at him as one side of his mouth turned upwards into a lopsided grin before turning his back and followed Jamie down the stairs. The gelled faux Mohawk from earlier in the day was gone; his dark auburn hair all but hidden under a backwards turned beige cap and hung loosely over his ears and down the side of his face with the fringe tucked up under the Velcro strap. It stuck out of the hole in front like a peacock making him look so adorable and framing his cute, slightly rounded face. For a brief few moments they'd held each other's stare with an unspoken understanding passing between them. It was plainly obvious Jamie had told him what he and Sam had done as soon as he'd gone upstairs and the nervous grin that had flickered across Ash's face was filled with meaning.


As the boys bounded down the stairs Sam glanced at Shelly hoping she hadn't noticed the longing desire that he knew would be evident in his eyes. He was grateful when he saw her head turned looking up at them, but after the subtle comments she'd made he knew deep down she already suspected. He took in a deep breath to help settle the rising anticipation he felt in the depths of his groin hoping to reign in his imagination, but it was a losing battle. Sam knew Ash was a little hottie from when he'd seen him at the park earlier, and after watching the video that Jamie had shown him he also knew that under those baggy shorts and the loose fitting t-shirt was a sleekly toned body that he'd love to get his hands on. He'd had a flat and muscled stomach and narrow waist, his boyishly defined chest and shoulders were hot as fuck with tiny dark nipples no larger than dimes and the curve of his hips were so damned inviting that Sam just wanted to run his hands up and down his sides. But seeing him this close and instinctively imagining what the eleven year old boy looked like naked and how big his little cock would be made Sam's raging desire swell. Apart from the backwards turned cap, he was clothed in a long sleeved black `Detroit 1989 Cool Sports' t-shirt and white knee length `Street Beats' satin shorts with black and red trim that hid the slender boy's body from his roaming eyes. Sliding to a halt in front of them in their ankle socked feet, Sam couldn't take his eyes off either of the two preteen boys as they both grinned from ear to ear looking back at him.


"This is Ash Sam. I told you about him remember?" Jamie said completely ignoring his Mom as if she wasn't even there.


Sam hadn't been able to take his eyes off him and quickly glanced at Jamie as he spoke before looking back at Ash. He had a baby face and the rich dark brown pools of his doe-eyes were staring back at him appraisingly. It made him feel nervous wondering if the boy would like what he saw. He knew the truth of what Sam was and what he and Jamie had done, yet there he was standing in front of him with a shit-eating grin on his face. Without moving his head Sam glanced at Jamie again as he bent forward to stand and it was then that he caught Ash's sweet aroma. Like fresh green apples, the fragrant scent of soap hung in the air around him and for a second Sam thought he could smell the pheromones emanating from his every pore. His chest constricted with yearning as he stood more than a head taller than the eleven year old boy in front of him and held out his hand.


"Of course I remember. Nice to meet you Ash." Sam said keeping the slight quiver out of his voice. "Jamie's told me a lot about you."


Oh God, Sam thought as Ash's small hand was lost in his own. So fucking soft... and those lips! Pink and shaped like a cupids bow, the pronounced cleft centred on his upper lip under a small rounded nose was so fucking sexy. They were imminently kissable and Sam envied every intimate moment Jamie had spent breathing in the same air as this boy with his tongue inside Ash's mouth.


"Same." Ash said still looking up at Sam like a fawn with those big wide eyes. If Sam didn't know better he would have thought that Ash was wearing eyeliner, but he wasn't. Like Jamie there was not a single trace of femininity or the girly-boy trait sometimes found in budding gay boys of their age. He was a skater dude and all boy from head to toe and everything in-between. Especially everything in-between. "Jamie said you're coming to watch us practice on Wednesday."


"Yeah, if that's okay with you. Jamie showed me a video of your group dancing `n I wouldn't mind seeing you two in action for myself." Sam said unable to stop the slight grin forming at the corners of his mouth. He could see Ash understood what he meant by the way his eyes widened and the almost embarrassed smirk he gave him.


Ash quickly looked at Jamie for a second and then nodded his head. "It's okay."


"I hear you invited yourself back to Sam's afterwards." Shelly said to Jamie from the couch. "You and I need a little chat about letting me know where you are and inviting yourself to other people's places young man."


"Sorry Mom," Jamie said a little sheepishly looking at her for the first time since racing back downstairs. "Sammy said he wanted to watch and you know him so I thought it'd be okay."


"That's not the point Jamie. You're only ten and this is a big city so I need to know where you are even if you're with Sam okay? Next time you call me to tell me where you are."


Jamie nodded his head. "Sorry Mom. Can I go to Sammy's after practice?" He said sweetly in his little boy voice and pouted his lips.


Shelly laughed. "God you're impossible."


"So can I?"


"Yes..." Shelly sighed shaking her head. "Sam's invited us both for diner to celebrate your... I mean, selling some of his pieces today so I'll be there after work."


His what? Sam wondered. But before he could finish the thought Shelly continued. "But if I hear you've been a pain in the ass you'll be grounded for a week."


Both Sam and Jamie looked at each other and the boys tried in vain to hold back the smirks spreading across their faces. It was then that Sam realized he was still holding onto Ash's hand and let it go as the boy covered his mouth. Obviously, Jamie had told him about their deal to let him fuck Sam next time and Shelly's innocent remark had unintentionally hit bulls-eye. The size of his preteen organ sure as hell wasn't going to be a pain in Sam's ass, but hopefully it'd be big enough for it to be a very pleasant experience for both of them.


"What?" Shelly asked seeing their shared reactions. "What did I say?"


That only made the boy's laugh louder. "Nothing Shell, just a private joke between me and Monkey Boy here and now Ash too apparently."


"I'm not even going to ask..." Shell said getting up from the couch looking at her watch. "I suppose I should start getting ready since I need to be out by six thirty. You staying for a bit Sam or do you need to get going?"


"I suppose I should go." Sam said faking a smile. He didn't want to, but he couldn't appear too disappointed at leaving when he could so easily suggest he stay while Shelly was out to keep an eye on the two boys. They had their own plans for the evening and even though Sam was sure they'd eagerly welcome his participation, it was best if he let things happen in their own time rather than jumping the gun just for the chance to get into Ash's pants. There was no doubt that he would; it was plain as day that Ash would bend over and spread his cheeks wide for Sam's hard cock to slide right up his tight little ass.


"Can I show Sammy my room first Mom?" Jamie piped up hurriedly. "He hasta sign my picture he did for me."


"Sure sweetie, if Sam doesn't mind." Shelly said eyeing Sam and smiling as she headed under the stairs towards her bedroom. "Can you do me a favor Sam and order pizza for them? Jamie knows where the number is."


"Yeah okay." Sam answered as the two boys each grabbed a hand and dragged him to the stairs. Their palms were warm and soft and Sam felt the blood rushing to his cock as they led him up to Jamie's bedroom where he'd be alone with two of the sexist young ten and eleven year old's he'd ever set eyes on. He glanced down at his crotch thankful he wasn't pitching a tent already. It was then that he noticed the boy's bare legs as they scampered up the stairs side by side in front of him. He'd never really had a foot fetish, but looking down at their smooth muscled calves with only a light dusting of fine downy hairs drew his attention to their feet. Both wore small thin ankle socks that looked so fucking sexy and as they hurried up the stairs in front of him Sam imagined what it would be like to suck on their cute little toes and snake his tongue in-between them.


"I've got a felt pen for you to sign my picture like you said you were gonna," Jamie panted as they made their way up. "And then I'm gonna show you another video of me and Ash dancing on my `puter. Did you wanna see it?"


"I'd love to buddy." Sam said glancing at Ash. The older boy had been more reserved and quieter than Sam had expected from the little Jamie had told him about him, but he kept looking back at Sam with those deep brown eyes and an awkward smile. It was a look that made him feel self-conscious because he knew the expression on his face would be so easily read; I want to do very naughty things with you.


At the top of the stairs the two boys pulled Sam along the bridge and down the short hallway towards Jamie's bedroom. "Ash is like the star on that one eh Ash? It was for a music video and he had to pretend he was in love with her." Jamie said and Sam assumed the `her' was some teenaged girl singer. Then with his voice lowered to a whisper and looking at Sam he added, "She wanted to do sex stuff with him too but he wouldn't let her."


"Gross!" Ash sniggered quietly and then grinned at Sam over his shoulder. "She said I made her all wet! Who'd wanna do it to a girl anyway?"


"Not me." Sam said keeping his eyes on Ash for a few moments and unable to stop it, he glanced over the loose fitting black t-shirt down his back and stopped at his rounded ass. Jamie saw where he was looking and the two boys smiled at each other before spilling into his room pulling Sam along with them.


It was big. Although one entire wall was taken up by the same floor to ceiling windows as in the main living room overlooking Manhattan's skyline, nothing could disguise the fact that this was a ten year old boy's bedroom. Framed posters of male sports stars, pop groups and bare chested dancers poised in black and white hung in precise distance from each other along two walls. It was a room decorated for Jamie's personality and interests. The wall above his bed was a mural of graffiti art, but hanging in the centre directly above his bed was Sam's framed picture he'd drawn and given to Jamie right where he said he'd put it. Half completed Ninjago Lego models were strewn over the surface of the in-built shelving and drawers competing for space with at least a dozen gold and silver dance trophies. A massive monitor and laptop computer took up most of his desk space and Sam saw a wireless cam sitting beside the keyboard. The momentary thought of what that cam might have seen flashed through his mind, whether with Ash or complete strangers looking into his bedroom as he got naked for them and showed off his hot young body. A flat screen LCD TV hung on the wall next to a door to what he assumed was a bathroom and was connected to an X-Box game console with black and red controllers laying alongside. Discarded clothes, his skate board, game covers, his school bag and shoes all littered the floor but it was the unmade double bed that Sam looked at with its colorful young boy's comforter. That was where Jamie slept. Where he probably masturbated and where he and Ash had sex. It took only a second to take it all in but it left Sam feeling giddy as if he were drunk. And he was; drunk on the pure essence of two little boys standing before him. The expression on Ash's face when he saw where he was looking left no doubt about what he and Jamie were going to do as soon as they were left alone, and he wanted Sam to know it.


"Jamie said you and him did it today." Ash said turning to Sam as soon as Jamie closed the door behind them. He was only slightly taller than Jamie by an inch, but his build was heavier. He was still only an eleven year old boy but his chest was broader, his shoulders were squared and his arms looked thicker, stronger than Jamie's. He wasn't fat or even stocky, just bigger boned and fit. God he looked fucking hot. They both did.


Sam looked at Jamie and his chocolate colored eyes and the boy smiled back at him. "I told you I was gonna tell him."


"Didn't waste any time though did ya kiddo." Sam said and took a deep breath remembering the look on his face when he fucked him and how incredibly hot and tight he was.


"Nope!" Jamie grinned from ear to ear. "He asked as soon as I came upstairs."


He sat down on the edge of Jamie's bed and from his lowered level had to look up slightly at Ash. Why did he feel so fucking nervous? He knew Jamie was going to tell him and Sam had anticipated this conversation, but now that he was here alone with the two boys, one of which he'd had sex with not even an hour ago was surreal. It was exhilarating and yet Sam felt nervous as if he were at a crossroads. If he took the path of lust and desire, surrendered to his sexual longing and accepted the gift of their smooth young bodies, would he regret it? Would they? All it would take for it all to come crashing down was just one mistake, one wrong word or a moment of carelessness in the heat of passion for their secret to be discovered. What was done was done, but could he resist the temptation standing right in front of him now?


No fucking way. He knew where this was leading. Maybe not today, but Sam would fuck Ash just like he had Jamie. The boy wanted too, he could see it in his eyes and that turned Sam on more than just his body did.


"Yeah we did," Sam said looking at Ash again. "He told me you two do it with each other too."


Ash nodded his head. "We're boyfriends. We've done it heaps of times."


In a moment of clarity Sam understood that in his inexperience Ash might see him as a threat and was actually trying to stake his claim on Jamie. "He told me that too. Is it okay that we had sex Ash?"


Ash grinned and glanced at Jamie before turning back to Sam. "It's okay. I told him he should `cos you looked hot."


Sam raised his eyebrows and laughed. "Me? You're the hot one Ash. Both of you are." He said looking at the two of them. Both were slender and firm and he knew from seeing the video of them dancing that Ash had a killer body hidden under all those clothes. But what he really wanted was to undress him with his own hands and see him completely naked stretched out on Jamie's bed with his hairless young body on offer, to take his hard little cock in his mouth with his face pressed into the bald mound of his crotch and suck the little stud off until he came in dry orgasm. He only had to ask and he'd probably let Sam do whatever he wanted.


"Are you gonna let me do you too?" Ash asked bluntly but with a mischievous knowing grin. "Jamie said you're gonna let him do it to you next time."


Sam's heart pounded in his chest knowing he'd let this boy do anything he wanted if it meant getting into his pants. "If you wanted to."


"I get to do it first though yeah Sammy?" Jamie asked plaintively.


"Of course you do tiger!" Sam said with a yearning to watch the boy's face as he slid his slender little cock inside him. "But then I get to do whoever does it to me. Deal?"


"Deal!" Both boys said at the same time and then looked at each other giggling like two little school girls.


God he was so fucking turned on. His eyes lowered to Ash's waist and wished he wasn't wearing the baggy t-shirt so he could see the small rounded bulge in his pants that he was sure would be there. If Shelly hadn't been just downstairs Sam would have grabbed him by the shoulders, ripped off his shorts and ploughed into him right then and there then let them both fuck him if they wanted to.


"So you gonna let me sign your picture and then show me this video or not?"


"Not until you suck our dicks!" Ash said a little too loudly making Sam wince. "Sorry." The boy whispered. "But can you?"


Sam sat there for a few moments looking at Ash incredulously with a faint smile on his face at the shear eroticism of having an eleven year old boy he'd only just met asking him for a blow job. From the little Jamie had told him about Ash he assumed the other boy would be even more forward than Jamie was, but to actually experience it was totally fucking mind blowing. And those eyes! How could he deny the kid whatever he asked when he had eyes like those? Fuck! He wanted to suck him so much it hurt.


"Probably not a good idea buddy." Sam said. Yes! Yes I'll fucking suck your dick! I'll suck it all fucking night if you'd let me. "Jamie's Mom's downstairs and if we get caught..." Sam breathed in deeply and clenched his teeth.


"Go on Sammy... Suck our dicks. Please? Mom never comes upstairs." Jamie pleaded and moved in-between Sam's legs. He reached out and lifted Sam's unresisting hand to his crotch and pushed his three and a half inch erection into it.


"Jamie," Sam said even as he cupped the boy's small balls into the palm of his hand and curled his fingers around the thin shaft of his growing penis under the loose fitting shorts. "You know I'd love to, but I can't. Not now okay?"


"When? Are you gonna stay when Jamie's Mom goes out?" Ash asked hopefully and Sam looked over at him and his eyes darted down his trim little body to where his hand was rubbing up and down at his crotch. With his shirt lifted just enough he could now see the unmistakable outline of his erect penis clearly visible under the flimsy fabric, but unlike Jamie it was obvious that it was confined within a pair of tight fitting underwear. He took a step closer until he was standing shoulder to shoulder with Jamie watching Sam's hand grope his boyfriend, and then he smiled raising his eyebrows at him and took his hand away from his groin.


The offer was blatant; he wanted the same treatment that Jamie was getting and Sam was on the verge of caving into his lustful thoughts and giving the boy exactly what he desired. It would've been so easy to forget about Shelly and relish in the sweet prepubescent bodies of the two boys, but he had to be responsible didn't he? He couldn't risk being wrong about Shell and what she might allow him to do with her son or leave it up to them to use their own judgement about when and where they satisfied their sexual needs. They were horny and excited and at ten and eleven years old they needed to learn that there were times when they couldn't just give into their carnal desires, and this was one of them.


Sam relaxed his hand and reluctantly pulled it away from Jamie's small bulge despite the boy's attempts to keep it there. "I wish I could but it's probably not a good idea. Besides, I think you two can take care of each other by yourselves."


"Awwww... Sammy!" Jamie whined. "Can you just do it real quick and then me and Ash'll both suck yours?"


It took all of Sam's willpower not to cave in and simply reach out to Jamie and pull him down onto his mouth. It would be so easy to give in to the sexual urges that coursed through his body and made his chest ache and heart pound loudly in his ears. He longed to see Ash's naked body after slowly stripping each piece of clothing from him and taking his hard boyhood into his mouth like he had with Jamie, but more than anything he wanted to see the boy's lips wrapped around his meat sucking him and then opening wide to show off the mouthful of cum Sam would surely give him. He took in a deep breath not sure if he was going to let them have what they wanted or to deny them their fun, but before he could utter a word Ash cut him off.


"Nah Jamie," Ash grinned looking him in the eye. "We should make him wait until we've got more time when we can both do it to him. He'll be really horny then and he'll let us do anything we want to him."


Fuck! How old was this kid? Sam thought as he looked at Ash in awe. Even though he'd only just turned eleven he seemed to possess the sexual maturity of someone much older. Whether it came from his experiences with his Uncle or he just naturally understood that Sam would be putty in his hands if he had to wait for days on end to get into his pants Sam had no idea, but he was thankful for being let off the hook.


"Okaaaay..." Jamie said puffing out his cheeks and crossing his eyes. "But you have to kiss Ash though."


Sam looked across at Ash and the boy smiled back at him. "Okay," Sam said with a sudden rush of adrenaline. He glanced at the boy's cupid lips already imagining how soft and juicy they'd feel when he ran his tongue across them and then inside his hot mouth. Little dimples formed at the corners as Ash grinned making him look so fucking cute and his dark brown eyes bore into Sam's knowingly.


"Just Ash? Or do I have to kiss you too?" He said shifting his eyes over to Jamie after winking at Ash.


"Duh! Me too dumbass." Jamie laughed.


"Right, that's it." Sam said and lunged at Jamie wrapping an arm around his small body and with the other he covered his hand over his mouth stifling any noise he might make. He twisted the boy around as he tried to yell out in surprise but all that came out was a muffled cry into his hand. Pushing Jamie backwards onto the bed Sam fell on top of him pinning one arm behind his back and fought to grab hold of his other hand. He lay over Jamie's prone body with his knees digging into the mattress either side of his legs holding them down, and letting enough of his weight press down onto his much smaller body Sam had him trapped in just a few seconds. The ten year old's strength surprised Sam though as he grappled for his free wrist and struggled to raise Jamie's arm above his head holding it down while keeping his hand covering his mouth.


"No more Mr. Nice Guy," Sam said breathing heavily into his face. He could feel both his own and Jamie's hearts beating as he pressed more of his weight down on top of him with his face only inches away from the boys and their eyes locked on each other.


"That's the last time you call me dumbass got it?"


Jamie tried to shake his head from side to side but Sam held him still. "Mmmmfffff!" He squirmed under him and Sam felt the moistness of his hot breath in his palm and the panting draft over his hand as Jamie exhaled through his nose, but his eyes were bright and wide open.


"Tickle him." Ash whispered from behind Sam and then crawled up onto the bed kneeling next to Jamie's head. Sam glanced his way and to see him gently squeezing the excited lump now visible beneath the raised hem of his shirt and pulling at the thin satiny material as he scooted closer. The bare skin just under his baggy shorts and above his knees were smooth and silken with barely noticeable fine downy hairs and his calf muscles stood out sharply against the back of his legs. Sam ached to reach out and touch him and run his hands up his thighs and under the shorts but unless he let go of the squirming boy under him he couldn't.


"I don't have a free hand buddy," Sam said finally craning his head up to look at Ash's face. "Why don't you tickle him for me?"


"Mmmmooooo..." Jamie tried in vain to buck his hips up into Sam to forestall the inevitable and turned his head with difficulty to face his eleven year old boyfriend with pleading eyes.


"Where?" Ash asked with a wicked smile ignoring the look on Jamie's face. It was obvious he enjoyed seeing him trapped and helpless under the weight of Sam's body laying over him. "Under his armpits?"


"Yeah, I think he'd really like that wouldn't you squirt?" Sam said turning his attention back to Jamie's flushed face. The fringe of his dirty blonde hair was parted around his forehead and fell back into the tangled mess at the back of his head and Sam pressed down onto his mouth a little harder as Ash moved in closer.


"Dude! He called you squirt!" Ash laughed at Jamie and then turned to Sam. "More like squeak! You should hear him when we do sex stuff."


"Already have buddy," Sam smiled breathing a little more heavily now. "I told him he sounded like a baby lion cub."


Jamie's muffled voice vibrated into Sam's hand screaming, his body twisting and squirming under Sam as Ash dug his small fingers into the cave of his pits and tickled him mercilessly. The high pitched cry of anguish continued and Sam felt a wet moistness in his palm as Jamie squealed into it and kicked out with his legs, but he couldn't move an inch to escape Ash's torturous fingers with the weight of the man's body pressing down onto him.


"Mmmmmk Mmmmuuuu!" Jamie screamed into Sam's hand. His face was wet with tears from laughing so hard and his chest heaved as he sucked in breath.


"Fuck me?" Sam asked in mock surprise. "I think it'll be Ash be fucking you soon enough, but you can do me next time okay?"


"Yeah Jamie... I'm so gonna do you and if you want," Ash said with a devilish smirk and then shoved his hand between their bodies and under the waistband of Jamie's loose shorts. "You can do me with this after."


Sam lifted up slightly and looked down between them watching Ash's hand move up and down under the thin material of Jamie's shorts, and for a second he thought about risking it and telling Shelly that he was going to stay with them until she got home. Fuck he needed to get into that boy's pants!


"Unless you're gonna let us fuck you instead." Ash said when he saw Sam watching. Christ he was such a little tease!


Sam lowered himself back down with Ash's hand trapped between them and felt it pull against his navel as the boy tugged his arm out. Of he'd lain just a few inches higher he would've felt it drag backwards along his cock but it was too late, Ash had already pulled it free and was looking at him expectantly. His prick strained uncomfortably at his briefs, swelling with a sticky bubble of precum oozing from his bloated head as he contemplated saying yes. Below him he could feel Jamie trying to grind his hard little boner up into his navel and Sam pushed back feeling every inch of him as he ground himself against his body.


"God. You're just a couple little sex monkeys aren't you?" Sam joked but his craving was nearing boiling point. He really, really wanted to give in to it and just let Ash fuck him so he could plunge his aching cock so deep into the boy's ass until he bottomed out inside him. They had a few minutes at most before Shell would buzz Jamie's room, and if he was going to stay he'd have to come up with a reason why. He looked back to Ash. "I think he's learnt his lesson not to call me dumbass. You think I can let him go now?"


"No... You have to kiss him." Ash said still fondling his own hard penis under his shorts. "I wanna watch you do it."


Sam felt Jamie smiling under his hand and then the tip of his tongue poked out licking his palm. He looked back at the boy under him and moved his head in closer until their noses were touching. "I think Ash's pretty horny kiddo. You want him to fuck you?"


Jamie nodded his head and Sam slowly removed his hand leaving their lips only and inch apart. "Uh-Huh."


"You think he can wait long enough until your Mom leaves?" Sam asked glancing for a second at Ash's shorts clad crotch and his stroking hand. The unrelenting desire to reach out and wrap his fingers around the small organ and feel the boy's soft hardness was overwhelming, but instead Sam slid the hand that was covering Jamie's mouth down between their bodies. As he held himself up with an arm beside Jamie's shoulders Sam lowered his mouth kissing him on the lips and reached down into the waist band of his shorts where Ash's hand had been moments before. The hot hard nail of Jamie's small naked cock felt fucking fantastic as he caressed it in his palm and opened his mouth letting the boy's soft wet tongue push forward to find his own and flick back and forth. Sam squeezed his small balls and curled his fingers into Jamie's tight sac electing a throaty moan into his mouth as they shared both breath and saliva with their lips and tongues.


It was clammy and a little damp between his legs and Sam felt the heat radiating from the boy like a furnace as he groped and fondled his erect penis and tickled the soft skin of his bald flat mound. Reaching further down Sam crammed his hand between Jamie's thighs and snaked his fingers into the valley of his crack and over the warm moist rose of his hole. He was still fairly slick and tacky with lube and Sam's semen and pressing into the knotted ring of his hole, his fingers slid into the hot tunnel of living flesh without resistance. Instinctively Jamie spread his legs and relaxed, opening himself up to Sam's probing fingers and moaned blissfully into his mouth.


"That's so hot," Ash said in a surprisingly husky voice for such a little boy. "He's a really good kisser eh Sam."


Both Sam and Jamie ignored him, lost in the throes of sexual desire until Ash pushed them apart. Their mouths and lips came away gasping, his fingers slipping from the soggy embrace of Jamie's cum slicked volcano as they breathed heavily into each other's faces. Sam once again curled his hand around the boy's rigid cock and slowly moved it up and down smearing it with his own ass juices and watched as Jamie's mouth opened in pleasure. He could taste Jamie's mouth on his lips and licked them as he turned back to Ash longingly. His lips were so incredibly kissable and Sam's body practically shook with expectation. He reluctantly loosened his grasp on Jamie's straining spear and slipped his hand from under his shorts pushing himself up to straddle the boy's waist. He held his fingers up to his nose and inhaled, breathing in the smell of Jamie's ass and traced them along his lips.


He didn't need to say anything. Jamie knew Sam was tasting the mucus from his ass and pulled a sour face making Sam smile before looking away and turning his body towards Ash.


"Come here sexy and let me kiss you too." Sam said with a slight quiver to his voice. He hoped like fuck the boy would let him slip a hand inside his loose shorts and grope his small package. Was he bigger than Jamie or smaller? Was he cut? He sure as hell would be just as silky smooth down there as his boyfriend was, but would he taste as good?


Slowly, and with his eyes locked on Sam, Ash shuffled forward until his body was close enough for him to smell the scent of apple soap again with the beige cap sill on his head.


Oh God, I'm going to kiss him, Sam thought as he reached out a hand to Ash's waist and pulled the boy boldly towards himself. Discounting the brief handshake earlier in the lounge when the boys had come downstairs, it was the first touch of his firm, young and incredibly sexy body and Sam felt the thrilling rush of adrenaline as it flooded through him. As the hollow of the boy's crotch pressed against Sam's hip and his thighs surrounded his leg, Ash's preteen erection rubbed up and down against his jeans as he turned his head up and licked his lips. His breath smelt fresh and minty as though he'd just brushed his teeth and Sam slid his hand around the boy's curved waist over his thick tee shirt to the small of his back. He pressed up against Ash's body and ran his hand up along the vertebra of his spine to his neck, underneath the backwards turned cap and pulled him forward. Savoring the moment when he'd feel Ash's warm moist lips on his own Sam breathed in the smell of him and leant in towards the eleven year old boy's mouth.


Only an inch away Ash put a hand up between them onto Sam's chest holding him at bay. "Are you gonna stay and let us fuck you?" He whispered.


"I already told you I can't Ash," Sam breathed looking into his dark brown doe-like eyes. Kneeling face to chin on the bed over Jamie's prone body, who looked up watching, and with Ash's firm flat stomach pressing against Sam's side he again pressed forward against his trim body trying to move into the young boy. Ash pulled away snickering quietly through closed lips and arched his spine as Sam advanced denying him his mouth once more.


"Nah-ah," Ash smirked and pulled away sitting back between his ankles and leant on his arms behind him. "Then you don't get to kiss me until you do."


What the fuck? Sam looked down at him in disbelief. Ash stared back with a wicked smile as if to taunt him and supported himself on one arm provocatively with his legs spread and tossed his cap to the bed. His dark auburn brown hair fell straight down over his forehead and ears and his eyes before he combed his hand through it teasing it up and away from the sultry expression on his face. Sam had just been played by an eleven year old boy and he was more turned on now than he had been only moments ago. Whether the boy had done it on purpose or not he had no idea, but by denying him what he most wanted made Sam's desire for him all the more potent.


"Really?" Sam taunted. "I could hold you down and kiss you anyway if I really wanted to."


"Yeah, go on Sam!" Jamie laughed as he turned under Sam looking at his boyfriend. "I bet you want him to Ash!"


"Not if you don't want your Mom coming up when I scream." Ash smirked and poked his tongue out at Sam. "I'll do it too."


Sam smiled again and bit his lower lip. Jamie's taste was still there and he breathed in deeply to settle the pounding of his heart. He'd been so close to kissing Ash but the boy had had other ideas. Looking back down at Jamie Sam bent in and pecked him on the lips one last time with his hands on either side of his trim waist and rolled off him to stand beside the bed.


"You better get the picture down buddy and let me sign it since Ash is holding out on us." Sam said winking at Ash letting him know he was joking, but inside Sam wished the boy had let him kiss him. He wasn't going to force himself on him even if it was just a game, but maybe by calling his bluff he'd relent and Sam could still get his hand down the sexy boy's pants and grope the small package nestled between his silky smooth toned dancer's legs.


"Don't hate me just because I won't put out on the first date," Ash grinned with a lopsided smirk looking sexy as fuck laying back on Jamie's bed. "Not like some people."


"Hey! You're the one who said I should." Jamie shot back rolling over onto his stomach with his legs bent up in the air and arching his back to rest his weight on his elbows. With his head turned away from Sam for a moment the boy's shared a silent message between them. Lingering on the delightfully rounded ass he'd already fucked twice that day, Sam looked up just in time to see Ash furrow his eyebrows then glance at him and subtly nod his head. They were up to something.


Sam hoped it was something good. Something that involved him getting his hands inside Ash's pants, but since neither boy looked like making a move to take the picture down from the wall above Jamie's bed, Sam reached over the ten year old to pull it from its hook. There was a flash of movement and Sam felt their hands gripping his arm pulling him down. He'd been leaning on one leg and was off balance when they pounced and suddenly he was falling on his side bouncing onto the bed as Jamie knelt on the arm he held in his grasp. Ash stretched a knee over Sam's chest pinning his other arm down and even though Sam could have easily pushed him off he let the boy straddle him with his legs spread wide and crotch a mere few inches from his hungry mouth.


"You little buggers!" Sam laughed feigning a feeble struggle and purposefully raised his chest forcing Ash up onto his knees bringing the small bulge of his tented crotch so close that he could have leant forward and buried his face into the boy's sex. The thin material of Ash's loose shorts did nothing to hide the boy's erection but Sam knew that if he tried Ash would only pull away again and deny him his pleasure. It was a game for the young eleven year old and he knew he held a power over Sam that he wielded with obvious enjoyment.


"Got you Dumbass..." Jamie sang with glee bobbing his head from side to side as he dug his fingers into Sam's ribs in revenge and leant into his face. "Can't do noth'n `bout it now can you Dumbass?... Dumbass, dumbass, dumbass!" He sang again giggling with his fingers raking up and down his side.


Sam tensed up and growled as he looked up at Ash. His lithe young body towered over Sam's chin with his smooth legs and thighs either side of his neck and the hard protrusion of his excited boyhood so tantalizingly close. His eyes were cast downward looking at Sam with a smug expression and grinning in delight enjoying his position of supremacy. In a moment of clarity Sam understood the dynamics of the two boy's relationship; from everything Jamie had told him about him, how it'd been at Ash's insistence that Jamie let Sam fuck him and the way he'd acted since getting there it was clear he was used to being the more dominant of the two.


The boy twisted his head around and leant back putting a hand on his stomach as Sam struggled to free an arm from under the knees pinning them to the bed. "Jamie," Ash laughed as Sam thrust his chest up trying to dislodge the boy from his body. "Sit on him to hold him down!"


As Jamie eased up the pressure on his arm to straddle his waist Sam reacted. He pulled his hand free and reached up to Ash's shoulder pushing the boy sideways and rolled over with him as he squealed like a little girl sending Jamie sprawling back onto his ass. From between Ash's thighs Sam quickly crawled up on top of him and held his struggling wrists onto the bed beside his head. He hooked his feet over Ash's thrashing legs to hold him still and felt the bouncing of the mattress as Jamie regained his footing and jumped onto his back panting.


Sam easily shrugged him off. "I'll deal with you later." He said to the laughing boy and looked back down at Ash. Fuck he was a sexy little shit! His face was flushed and his breath was labored with Sam's weight pressing down into him. "I'm gonna get that kiss from you now sport." Sam said holding his wrists tighter.


"Nah-uh," Ash smiled shaking his head. "Not until you let me fuck you."


"Not until you let me kiss you." He countered in awe of the boy's overwhelming confidence and his refusal to give up.


"Go on Ash!" Jamie giggled now laying on his side with his head in his hand. "He's really good at it like Ty."


That got Ash's attention. He turned to his soon-to-be eleven year old boyfriend with his eyes wide. "That's supposed to be a secret Jamie!"


With the boy's head turned his sleek sexy throat was exposed and Sam nuzzled into the hot skin with his mouth open and tongue licking along the tender flesh. "It's okay sweetie pie, I won't tell anyone." Sam whispered into his ear. "I think your Uncle`s a very lucky man."


Seeing that Sam was heading for his mouth Ash clamped his lips shut and pushed his head back into the mattress and mumbled another muffled `Nuh-uh'.


His mouth said no but his dark brown bedroom eyes were saying yes. Sam could see the longing there and knew the eleven year old boy wanted it. Jamie had spilled the beans on his boyfriend and told him Ash wanted Sam to suck him. His refusal to let Sam kiss him now and the taunting of his body was all a game to him, a way to gain the upper hand and assert his dominance over the man eighteen years his senior.


"Yah-huh." Sam breathed nodding his head. "You're way too sexy not to kiss boyo."


Ash ginned despite himself. "I'll scream!" He said quickly closing his lips tight once again.


"No you won't," Sam grazed his lips against the boy's mouth with a feathery touch and breathed him in through his nose smelling the fresh scent of apple shampoo in his hair. Ash's lips were moist and sweet and velvety soft.


"Mmmmm..." Sam purred as Ash scrunched up his face. He could feel the boy's warm breath on his cheek as he slowly licked the tip of his tongue along the tight seal of Ash's closed lips and was pleasantly surprised when he didn't turn his head away. With his eyes still open Sam lingered for a few long moments on his lips savouring the exquisite softness and the boy's obvious excitement prodding into his stomach. Jamie rolled onto his stomach beside them with his head level with theirs and prodded Ash in the side.


"C'mon Ash! Let him kiss you."


Sam grinned opening his mouth a little more as he felt the smile form on the boy's lips. Once the infectious smile took hold Ash was powerless to stop it and Sam gently teased his tongue between the eleven year old's sweet tasting lips making the boy giggle. It was magic to Sam's ears as he ran his tongue along Ash's front teeth turning his head into the boy with his mouth open and pulled his small thin wrists in closer to his head. Even with Sam's tongue caressing his lips the boy didn't give in and open up, but he did let out a soft moan and close his eyes. As Sam eased back their lips stuck together for a brief moment before parting.


"You gonna let me kiss you properly or not buddy?" Sam asked as Ash opened his eyes again.


He shook his head grinning. "Nope. But if you let me up I'll kiss you."


Un-fucking-believable. Sam didn't know whether to laugh or admire the kid for his balls, but the truth was, Ash's sexy as fuck, toned and smooth young body and his cocky self-assured confidence turned him on like nothing else. "You're gonna kiss me?" Sam said feigning disbelief.


Ash simply nodded with his eyebrows raised and smirked. "Yep. Can you get off me now?" He asked and Sam looked across at Jamie who was smiling back at him.


Even trapped the little stud still acted like he was in charge. "He order you around like that too tiger?"


"All the time!" Jamie giggled. "But it's okay `cos then I get to do him and he really likes that."


Sam turned to Ash again. "Is that right sweetie? You like getting fucked too?"


Ash grinned. Nodded his head.


"Good." Sam said. "So you'll let me fuck you next time if I let you up?"




God dam it! Sam scolded himself. Why didn't I just let them both fuck me! I could be fucking Ash right now if I hadn't worried about Shell... "After I let you fuck me first right?"




"Okay then," Sam said shifting his weight to the side away from Jamie and rolled onto his back. Still holding onto Ash by his small thin wrists Sam pulled the squealing boy over as he rolled until Ash's body was draped over him with his legs splayed around Sam's waist. His firmly defined young chest lay flat on Sam's and their mouths were only inches apart, their breath in each other's faces. Sam let go of Ash's wrists and ran his hands up the boy's arms, turning at his muscled shoulders and down the tapered flanks of his sides until he came to rest at his slim narrow waist.


"So you gonna kiss me or what?" Sam asked. "I promise I'll let you fuck me when Jamie's Mom's not around."


"Only `cos you wanna do it to us too." Ash giggled and Sam felt the hard spike of his boyhood pressing against his navel as Ash slowly humped into him.


Sam reached around and squeezed a handful of Ash's firm rounded ass. "I wouldn't be the first to go there would I? And besides, you said you like it."


Ash lifted himself up with his hands either side of Sam's head and leant in touching his lips to his own. "Okay, you can fuck me too." He said into his mouth with his hot breath making Sam shudder. The boy's lips parted and his soft wet organ pushed forward into Sam's mouth searching for his prize as he turned his head into him and pressed in. Sam moaned feeling the velvety delight of Ash's hot tongue and the sweet taste of his minty saliva as he delved deep inside his mouth. God this boy knew how to kiss.


"That's so awesome..." Jamie giggled next to them but neither Sam nor Ash heard. They were far too engrossed in each other; their jaws stretched wide and locked into the soft flesh of their cheeks, tongues frantically delving in and out of each other's mouths and flicking back and forth as they made out for the first time. Ash was so fucking into it he humped his crotch into Sam's belly as Sam sucked his slippery wet tongue into his mouth, groping at his tight firm ass and pulled in him harder with each thrust of his hips as the eleven year old boy panted through his nose.


Natural instinct took over and Sam roamed his hands up from Ash's ass and slipped them under the thick t-shirt onto the bare skin of his back. Fuck he felt so fucking good. His shirt bunched up around his arms as Sam's hand stroked up the boy's sleek sides feeling every curve and ridge of his ribs and then back down again. Breathing was forgotten as their mouths slobbered against one another tasting each other's spit and swapping tongues for what seemed like an eternity. Sam wouldn't have stopped if it hadn't been for the pressing need to breathe and Ash seemed intent on killing him by asphyxiation.


Finally they parted, panting and flushed. Ash licked his lips. "Your dick's really hard." He said smiling and slid down a little to grind his stiff little spear against Sam's leaking shaft. "If you stay I'll suck it when Jamie's Mom leaves."


"Yeah, go on Sammy!" Jamie chimed in. "Please stay and play with us. You can do both of us if you want."


Sam looked into the dark pools of Ash's bedroom eyes and wavered. God he wanted to stay. His cock ached with longing to fuck the boy laying on top of him right now and feel the hot embrace of his ass as he ploughed into him over and over again until he came deep inside his bowels. Even though he'd already come three times today he knew he'd have no problem doing it again with Ash. No fucking problem at all.


He turned his head to Jamie with pleading eyes begging him not to torment him any further. "You have no idea how much I want to squirt, but your Mom..."


"Please!" Jamie whined. "I want to watch you fuck Ash."


Fuck! Sam was going to cave and he knew it. How could he not when Ash was rubbing his young boyhood against his crotch and breathing into his face with the tip of his pink little tongue grazing seductively over his bottom lip. The boy was in heat and desperate to get off. He wanted to fuck Sam and then bend over and take his man sized cock all the way up his ass and so did Jamie. Even after Sam had fucked him twice today already he was still begging for more.


"Okay..." Sam whispered quietly. "I'll stay."


"Yayyyy!" Jamie exclaimed and bounced onto his knees on the bed. Sam couldn't help but notice the spike tenting the front of his shorts as Ash just grinned down at him still rubbing his hard nail against Sam's steel like shaft through the thin material of his shorts.


"But you gotta stop doing that or I'm going to cum in my jeans." Sam said with his hands back on Ash's firm mounds holding him still. The eleven year old boy had him so turned on grinding himself against his crotch and getting himself off on Sam. That he'd just agreed to stay with them meant that after they'd both slipped their stiff little pricks into his ass as soon as Shell left, he'd get to fuck Ash. And probably Jamie too after they ordered pizza giving his cock time to recover, and if he was still standing at the end of it, he'd sure as fuck want a second helping of Ash's sopping wet and wide open hole.


"Awww... I'm really close. Can I do it just a little more?" Ash begged. He tried to move his hips up and down rubbing against Sam with as much of his body laying on him as he could. Sam loved that. He loved the feeling of his whole preteen body pressing down onto his slowly moving back and forth as he humped himself against Sam. The boy was tactile in his lovemaking and from what little Jamie had told him about Ash, Sam was sure he'd be a fantastic fuck.


"How close?" Sam asked. "Ten seconds close or five minutes?"


"Ummm... Two minutes?" Ash giggled. "Maybe three...?" Sam eased the pressure holding his ass in place and let the boy hump his hard spear back and forth against him.


"Okay, but if you make me cum and I have to explain it to Jamie's Mom, then we'll all be in a shitload of trouble."


"What about me?" Jamie asked hopefully from their side.


Sam looked over at the ten year old. "Bring that tasty little sausage over here and let me lick it."


In a flash Jamie pushed the front of his shorts down and the short three and a half inch spike of hot cut boy flesh sprang out pointing straight at him. Sam would never tire of seeing a prepubescent boy's crotch with a flat, bald hairless mound set between the sleek curve of his waist and sexy `V' that pointed straight down to the most beautiful little cock imaginable. He hadn't seen Ash's yet but in a few minutes once Shell had left he'd not only be seeing it, he'd have it in his mouth.


As Ash nuzzled his face into Sam's neck humping his cock back and forth on his throbbing erection, Jamie shuffled forward and bent in over Sam's head on his hands and knees with his rigid penis aimed at his mouth. Grinning expectantly the boy looked down and pushed the tiny glans of his head against Sam's lips and watched as he puckered up creating a small opening and letting it slide inside. Sam moaned in delight as Jamie buried his thin shaft deep in his mouth until his hairless mound squashed against his nose. Jamie shuddered as he tongued the small hard rod of flesh and Sam felt Ash's head turn and his lips grazing along his cheek.


"Let me suck him." Ash panted in a quiet whisper almost too quietly to hear.


For all their talk, Sam had yet to see the two boys do anything sexual with each other so it was with eager anticipation that he let Jamie's rock hard boner slip from his mouth and watched as Ash sucked it in with his cheeks hollowed and lips clamped tightly around the thin stalk. It was the most erotic thing Sam had ever witnessed and he almost moaned out load watching up close as Ash kept his rhythm going at his waist while slurping back and forth on Jamie's short pole.


Sam groaned longingly as he once again groped Ash's ass dragging the boy's hard nail along his rampant cock. Jamie bucked into Ash vigorously; his tight balls pulled up into a wrinkled orb as Sam reached up with his mouth and buried his face between his thighs licking greedily. He could feel the sticky mess in his briefs as he oozed precum, and Ash's breathing became hot and heavy through his nose with his lips closed around Jamie's spit soaked shaft. He rocked back and forth with Jamie's hands on the back of his head pushing and pulling him as he made love to his young boyfriend with his mouth.


"My turn Ash..." Sam groaned huskily as Jamie's wet and shiny cock, soaked in Ash's spit sprang free of the boy's mouth just a few inched from his own. It was magnificent; hard and throbbing, rigidly erect with the bulge of his urethra thickly defined, the glistening glans taut and swollen as Sam lifted his head to take it back into his hungry mouth. He could taste Ash's saliva on him and groaned in pleasure, letting Jamie push forward sinking the whole length of his three and a half inch cock all the way in.


For a few moments he fucked in and out of his mouth until Sam pulled away and whispered to Ash, "Lick it."


He did. With his crotch moving back and forth over Sam's and grinding the hardness of his erection into him Ash stuck out his tongue and flicked it up and down along the side of Jamie's shaft just under his glans. Sam's mouth was so close and he reached up with one hand to the back of the boy's head and pulled him forward, kissing him with Jamie's cock wedged between their lips, snaking his own tongue out to caress and lick the small organ.


Ash moaned quietly and thrust faster with his hips, mashing his crotch hard into Sam each time and opened his mouth wide tonguing Jamie's cock, pressing his lips to Sam's kissing him back with his head circling in small movements.


"Cum for me sweetie..." Sam breathed into his open mouth. "I want to feel you orgasm on me." He reached back down with his hands and slipped them fingers first into the waistband of his shorts, under the boy's briefs cupping both bare ass cheeks in his palms. Sam dug his fingers into the smooth flesh splitting Ash's crack apart and snaked a finger along the deep crevasse until he reached his target. Ash's seemingly tiny puckered anus was warm and spongy to Sam's touch and his finger scratched over the moist flesh making the boy gasp in a lungful of air and push back. Lowering his head and letting Ash suck it back in he saw him smile around Jamie's thrusting cock and murmured a quiet moan into it as Sam circled around his starfished bud and teased him by moving away again. He reached down and tickled the smooth hairless flesh of the boy's taint lightly grazing the tight globe of his balls with his fingers. Fuck they felt small. With just the tip of his middle finger Sam traced down the beaded join over the taut stretched skin of his wrinkled sac. Two more fingers followed either side surrounding his compact nuts and Sam pressed them together scissoring his scrotum between his knuckles. Ash made a quiet hissing sound as he fondled the young boy's delicate balls but Sam wanted more. He longed to feel the velvety soft hardness of his preteen cock, run his fingers along its short length and caress the tiny glans of his head but it was out of reach.


Much to Ash's displeasure Sam withdrew, grazing back over his anus and removed his hand from his shorts. He sucked his finger into his mouth tasting the faint remnants of an eleven year old's delicious hole getting it as wet as he could before slipping it back inside Ash's shorts and under his briefs. Splitting his cheeks again and with a remarkably easy entrance Sam curled his middle finger and pushed past Ash's clinching sphincter into the hot fleshy tunnel of his ass. Fuck it felt so fucking good!


Ash moaned from deep in his throat as Sam slowly sank into his warmth, pushing through the strong muscle of his sphincter to feel the fleshly membrane of his rectum yielding to his invading finger until he was fist deep inside him. Inside him! Fuck, he had his finger all the way in Ash's ass! Rotating his hand Sam explored his hot wet innards with his finger stretched down towards the boy's navel and slid easily in and out of him. Another moan drew his attention back to the boy's face hovering above his own sucking hungrily on Jamie's organ as Sam's digit strained to bury further into him. With his eyes closed Ash caressed his tongue along the shaft of Jamie's hot little cock through the tight ring of his wet lips and Sam couldn't help but drink in the pure unadulterated sexual beauty of the boy; the small dimples at his cheeks, the color of his burning hot lips, his long dark eyelashes that curled at the ends and his small rounded nose that flared as he breathed and sucked at the same time. His dark auburn hair hung loosely around his ears and face and into his eyes with fine, almost invisible downy fuzz on his cheeks extending to his sleek neck. As he watched, Ash's small Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed his own saliva and Sam pushed in deeper into his ass now grinding his own aching cock up to meet the boy's humping crotch. Watching the boy take Jamie's wet and glistening milky white three and a half inch cocklet into his mouth over and over again, Sam could tell he loved it and was pretty fucking good at it too. His eyes were open and locked on the short shaft each time it withdrew from his mouth with his cheeks caved in sucking hard and his lips pursed in a tight ring. Every few strokes Ash would pause and flick his tongue over the small head and around the ridge of Jamie's glans before taking him back in again to the hilt. It was fucking spectacular to watch and feel the boy's own hardness grinding into his crotch.


He was dimly aware of his own orgasm only a minute or two away when Jamie hissed and tensed his firm flat belly above him in blissful climax as he flattened his hairless mound against Ash's lips. His body shuddered as he stifled a cry of pleasure and bent forward over Ash clinging onto him with his arms wrapped around his head. Sam watched from beneath as the tendons of his thighs pulled tight, stretching into long sinewy cords and the skin of his firm stomach clench around the muscles just beneath the surface quivering as he came. Moments later, when Sam found the tiny pea sized organ of Ash's prostate and grazed over it, he too was digging his fingernails into the bare skin of Sam's shoulders and trembled in his own tingling boygasm. The muscle in his ass clamped down on Sam's finger and gripped it like a vice as his cheeks bucked and trembled in release. He mashed his pulsating penis against Sam's through the material that separated them and let out a stuttered moan from his cock-filled mouth.


"Ahhh, fuck yeah..." Sam breathed quietly and grabbed Ash's ass with one hand crushing both their organs together with his finger buried deep inside striving to cum as quickly as he could before the boy's came down from their sexual high. Jamie's rigid penis dropped from Ash's mouth and the eleven year old boy immediately bent down and kissed Sam on the lips with his mouth open plunging his warm wet tongue inside.


Tasting Jamie's preteen cock on another boy's breath was so fucking erotic and Sam let him explore every corner of his mouth as he slipped his finger from his open hole. Ash sighed forcing hot air down into Sam's lungs and giggled, letting him push and pull his body back and forth as he thrust up into his groin with an urgent need knowing the man was close to coming.


Sam could almost feel it, that awesome prelude to orgasm when his cock would expand and where there would be no stopping the inevitable. He didn't care what Jamie's Mom was going say when she smelt the unique scent of semen and sex emanating from his crotch after he'd just spent the last twenty minutes alone with two prepubescent boys in her son's bedroom. In that moment it was the furthest thing from his mind. He was so close he could taste it and with Ash's hot fucking smooth preteen body laid over his and his tongue in his mouth it was clear he was letting Sam get off over him. Even though his own bloodlust would have diminished he was still attacking his mouth with a vengeance and spreading his thighs wide around his waist letting Sam feel the contours of his groin as he lunged up over and over again.

Sam hadn't yet seen Ash's naked torso except in the short video Jamie had shown him earlier that day and he ached to see it now. Leaving one hand on his ass he ran the other up his back over his spine to his shoulder blade pulling the boy's t-shirt up along with it and felt the heat radiating off him.


"Take it off..." He breathed into Ash's mouth and felt the boy lift himself up with his arms, their mouths separating and arched his back which pushed his groin harder into him. Sam quickly hooked the bunched up t-shirt in the webbing between his thumbs and fingers as Ash lifted one arm ready to let him pull it off. To the side he could see Jamie sat back on his ankles watching, fiddling with his own now softening cock wet with Ash's saliva.


The sudden and high pitched tone of the intercom sounded loudly in the room and crashed through the intense sense of euphoria that precedes orgasm and Ash jumped with fright, ceasing all movement as his head shot around to the source letting the t-shirt fall back around his slim tapered waist. Jamie had frozen in place for a second at the sudden shrilling of the intercom as well and then looked back at them trying not to laugh too loudly with his hand up covering his mouth.


"Fuuuuuuuck..." Sam groaned in frustrated agony. He'd been so close; another ten seconds and the thrilling rush of climax would've washed over him; getting himself off over Ash's hot as fuck half naked body, his weight pressing down onto him, grinding up into his crotch gripping his ass tightly and the boy's mouth on his with his small tongue deep inside Sam's sucking and twirling around in circles.


But it was gone. He'd been on the edge but now he wasn't, it'd faded too far to get back in the next minute and they'd run out of time. Ash looked down at him then, a look of mild amusement on his face and smiled thinly.


"You didn't come did you." It wasn't a question.


Sam clenched his fists. "No."


Fuck! The inside of his briefs were wet and his cock sticky with precum and it ached with unfulfilled release. He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly as Ash lifted his leg over Sam to sit on the bed beside him, looking down at the bulging shaft of his cock stretching his jeans at the front.


"Sucks to be you then!" He taunted with a smug look on his face. "That's what you get for kissing me when I said no."


"I don't care," Sam replied as Jamie rolled onto his side and off the bed snapping the front of his shorts back over his saliva soaked cock. "Just means there'll be more for you to swallow later."


"You wish!" Ash laughed and jumped up off the bed as well. "I said you could do it up my butt, not in my mouth."


"Can't I do both?" Sam grinned at him knowing Ash would probably let him. It was still a game for now.


"You can do it in my mouth again Sammy!" Jamie said excitedly. "But not till after you do Ash."


"Slut." Ash laughed adjusting the small bulge in his shorts and pulled it around at the waist where it'd twisted and tugged his t-shirt down to cover his crotch.


"You like it too." Jamie retorted. "You told me you wanted him to."


"I really don't care who it is," Sam said smiling again. "All I know is that one of you is going to get a mouthful."


"Jamie is!" Ash quickly quipped.


"Maybe..." Sam said knowing it was probably true. If he was going to fuck Ash and come up his ass, then it'd be only fair for Jamie to swallow his next load wouldn't it?


"You two better get downstairs before your Mom comes up looking for you. I just need to clean up in the bathroom first."


"Okay, me and Ash'll go order pizza okay? Bathrooms in there." Jamie said flipping his head towards the closed door.


"Thanks squirt. I'll just be a minute."


At the door Ash turned back. "We'll tell Jamie's Mom you're gonna stay okay?"


"Sure..." Sam said raising his eyebrows at the boy. "You going to tell her you're gonna fuck me too?"


Both boys suppressed a laugh and then they were gone leaving Sam all alone in Jamie's bedroom. "Holly shit..." He whispered to himself as the realization of what he'd gotten himself into started to sink in. Not only had Jamie turned out to be a horny young gay boy willing to share his hot fucking body with men, but his equally hot eleven year old boyfriend was just as eager to let Sam take him up the ass. Un-fucking-believable. For years Sam had fantasized about finding one boy like Jamie, but two? In the same fucking day?


When he let himself into Jamie's bathroom, what confronted him was a mess even worse than his bedroom and Sam shook his head in dismay as he stepped over piled up wet towels and clothes to stand at the toilet. As quickly as he could Sam peeled his jeans away from his crotch and used a discarded facecloth to wipe away the slippery precum coating his glans and half the shaft of his cock. He dumped it back onto the floor over the other towels and took a quick piss into the toilet and, turning to the vanity he cupped his hands under the tap and brought them to his face splashing it with hot water. When he was done he looked around for a dry towel, but not finding any he glanced down to Jamie's discarded clothes. Laying on top was a pair of small light blue Tiger boxer briefs with white trim and Sam scooped them up and brought them to his face taking in a deep breath of Jamie's crotch scent and imagined the tasty morsel of his young hairless cock tucked into the tiny pouch at the front. It was obvious they'd been worn but whether Jamie had taken them off this morning or days ago Sam had no way of telling. With a deep sigh of longing and knowing that in just a few minutes Shelly would leave and he'd have the two hot and horny little boys all to himself, he dried his face on Jamie's boxer briefs and buttoned up. Spraying a quick mist of the boy's deodorant to his crotch he headed back out to his bedroom.


Halfway to the door he looked up at the picture he'd given Jamie and realized that he should probably sign it since that's what they'd supposedly come up to his room to do. Instead, the boys had lured him upstairs for the sole purpose of messing around and getting off with him. Sam quickly went to the boy's desk and opened the top drawer hoping to find a marker, and after rummaging around for a bit and not finding anything juicy like a sex toy or pictures of gay porn, he found what he was looking for and was soon sitting back on his bed with the picture on his lap.


It took only half a minute to decide on what to inscribe; a variant of what Jamie had asked him to write:


`To my little cub, may you one day roar like a lion.

Love, Sammy.'


Sam grinned to himself imagining Jamie's reaction since he'd know exactly what he was referring to. Pleased with his veiled message he hung the picture back up on the wall and straightened his shirt down over his jeans and closed the door behind him to join the boys and Shell downstairs.


The silence in the lounge was deafening as Sam turned down the stairs only to see the dejected look on Jamie's face when the boy looked his way. Ash was standing to one side with his hands in his pockets trying to seem inconspicuous with Shell leaning on the kitchen island bench in front for her son. Oh oh...


"Sam," Shelly began. "Thanks for offering to stay with the boys but you really don't have to."


"I don't mind." Sam said admiring her elegantly slim form and the simple yet strikingly sexy dress she now wore. If Sam hadn't been gay he would've found Shell very attractive, perhaps he'd even be interested her even though she was only a year away from forty. But it wasn't her that he was interested in; it was her son.


"Yeah Mom, he said it was okay." Jamie interrupted from behind his Mom.


"Jamie...!" Shell sighed. "What did I just say?" Sam couldn't help but glance down at Jamie's crotch and when Shell turned back to him he quickly looked back at her. "I'm sure you have better things to do than hang around here with these two."


"No not really." Sam smirked trying not to seem too eager to stay. But fuck it, he wanted to stay.


Shell creased her eyebrows and looked to Ash standing quietly to one side and back to Sam. "They'll be fine on their own Sam. They're old enough not to need a babysitter."


"Yeah I know," Sam laughed. "I wasn't thinking of it like that. I haven't just sat and played X-Box and watched movies for ages so I thought it'd be kinda fun."


"All the same... Another time okay?" Shell said giving him another hard look and furrowing her eyebrows. Oh, fuck! She was giving him a signal! She thought she was giving the boys a chance to be alone so they could fool around or have sex or whatever she thought they did together, and she was trying to get Sam to go along with it. Fuck! Sam screamed inside his own head. She knew he knew what she was doing so he couldn't very well pretend not to understand.


"Sure Shell. Another time then."


The look Jamie gave him was one of dismay that quickly turned to confusion. "But... You said..."


Sam also saw Ash look up through the hair that had fallen over his eyes with his head tilted down, but all he could do was shrug his shoulders and try to convey in his expression that he really did want to stay but couldn't. Not with Jamie's Mom practically chucking him out the door. "Sorry buddy, Mom's orders."


"Oh gee, thanks Sam. Make me the bad guy why don't you?" Shell grinned taking a sip from her third glass of wine.


"If the shoe fits," Sam shot back. He was pissed he wasn't staying but he couldn't show it. "Well, I guess I should be off then. I'll see you on Wednesday about sixish?"


"Yeah. Did you want me to pick anything up on the way over?"


"No." Sam said glancing again at Jamie. Just his toothbrush if you don't mind him sleeping over... in my bed.


"You're still coming to practice aren't you?" Jamie asked looking more than a little unhappy but knowing better than to argue with his Mom. Nothing he could say would convince her to let Sam stay.


"Of course tiger, I wouldn't miss it." Sam said ruffling his hand through the boy's dirty blonde hair. "I'd love to see you two dancing and then you and I can find something fun to do after I promise."


Jamie grinned and then looked around at Ash. The other boy was smiling too knowing what those fun things they'd get up to would be. "Cool. You know Wednesday's my actual real birthday right?"


"What? No, I didn't." Sam said looking at Shell. "Didn't you have plans?"


"Only dinner with boring old Mom..." Shelly said smiling. "I think he'd prefer we had dinner with you on his birthday."


"Hey," Sam said looking over as Ash. "Why don't you come too? Wouldn't be right you not spending his birthday with him."


He shook his head but he was smiling. "I can't. I have to be home to look after my brother."


"Oh. Quinn right?"


"Yeah, he's only eight and Mom and Dad are going out so I have to stay home."


"Sucks to be you then huh?" Sam grinned firing his exact words back at him. "Next time then okay?"


Ash poked his tongue out at him and then nodded his head. "Hmmhmm."


"So what did you want for your birthday dinner then squirt?" Sam asked turning back to Jamie. "You can have anything you want."


"Mexican!" Jamie answered without a moment's hesitation. "We went there last year on vacation to Can..." He looked at Shell.




"Yeah, it was awesome Sammy. Me and Ash spent the whole time at the beach last year and we're gonna do the same again this year." Jamie said with his face coming alive once again. "We're going next month at the start of school break. You should come with us Sam! Can he Mom?"


"Oh for heaven's sake Jamie..." Shell sighed. "Give the man a break."


Sam held up his hands in surrender. "We'll see sport... Maybe if your Mom wants me to come with you I can." Sam said looking at Shell with an expression that clearly conveyed he'd love to go with them. Can I? Please?


"I'll think about." Shell said to Sam and then looked to Jamie. "That means don't pester me about it okay mister?"


"Okay." Jamie replied and with a huge grin showing off his perfect teeth and his eyes sparkling he turned to Ash in an excited little dance.


After watching his antics for a few seconds and seeing the same look on Ash's face knowing what they were both thinking, he spoke up. "So, I hope you like Mexican food hot buddy, because that's the only way I cook it."


"You don't have to go out of your way Sam," Shell started to say.


"I want to Shell. Really." Sam interrupted her. "Anything for my new best buddy."


Shelly just looked at him and shook her head. "Men! You're all just little boys inside aren't you?"


"You're only just figuring that out now?" Sam joked. "Anyway, I should be off."


He gave Shell a shoulder hug and turned to the two boys with his fist out which they both bumped. "Have fun guys, and don't get into any trouble on your own." Sam said and glanced down once again at Jamie's crotch. Ash was going to have his pants off so quick the poor boy was bound to get whiplash.


"Have a good night Shell. Thanks for letting me spend some time with Jamie, he's a good kid."


"Yeah he can be... sometimes." Shell grinned taking a sideways glance at her son and hooked her arm into Sam's as she led him to the door. "I'll walk you to the elevator."


Once outside with the door closed behind them Shelly turned to Sam with a bemused smile. "For a gay guy you really are clueless aren't you?"


"What?" Sam asked a little surprised.


"Them," Shell said nodding her head at the closed door trying to supress a laugh. "I'm pretty sure they'll be fooling around with each other as soon as I'm out the door tonight. You have to've picked up on it Sam! I know you saw Jamie had the whole tent thing going on, but the way he was trying to get you to stay and now wanting you to come with us on vacation makes me think he's got more than just a little crush on you."


Fooling around? If you mean sucking and fucking each other's brains out then yeah... Sam thought silently. "Umm... You think so?" He asked not knowing what else to say.


"Umm... You think so? Jesus Sam! You're really not that blind are you? He's probably already imagined having sex with you by now."


Stunned at Shelly's words Sam tried to give her his best `what the fuck' look as she pressed the elevator button. They'd passed the small alcove he and Jamie had stepped into and where he'd had his hands down her son's pants feeling him up. If only she knew what he'd already done with her kid, not to mention with Ash only a short while ago Sam wasn't so sure she'd be making a joke out of it.


"Oh, c'mon. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about... Sammy." She said purposefully inflicting the pet name Jamie used to press her point forward. "You're not that naive. Besides, he couldn't've picked a better guy to have a man-crush on."


Now he really did give her the `what the fuck' look. Was she trying to tell him something? No fucking way would a mother actually suggest to a grown man he let their ten year old son have sex with him would they? "He's only ten years old Shell," Sam began but then stopped when she interrupted him.


"You know damn well you can't use that as an argument with me Sam. You were younger than he is now. He doesn't care you're older... in fact that's probably why he has a crush on you. Just go easy on him okay?"


Sam had no idea whether she was giving him `carte blanche' to seduce and have sex with her soon to be eleven year old boy or if she was asking him to be kind when he rebuffed his sexual advances. He decided to take the easy way out. "Okay, I'll let him down gently." Sam smiled hoping she'd buy it.


The elevator binged and the doors slid open. Sam stepped inside after extracting himself from her arm and giving her a light peck on the cheek. As the doors began to close she was looking him in the eyes. "Or you could give him what he wants." She said just as the doors closed leaving Sam standing there reeling.


What the fuck?




Sam had only just pulled up into his parking space when he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket and pulled it out as soon as he'd shut off the ignition. It'd been Jamie texting him telling him his Mom had left and asking if he had Skype and if he wanted to vid. Still trying to process what his Mom had said and in a daze of confusion Sam had texted back automatically saying yes, not drawing the obvious conclusion that they were going to put on a show for him.


A few minutes later Sam was sat at his desk in his studio room, logged into Skype in front of his large Apple Mac 27 inch screen and sent a request to add Jamie's account. It was accepted almost immediately and then an incoming video call appeared on his monitor. He quickly answered and his screen was suddenly filled with Jamie's grinning face and Ash's head peering in from the side. Behind them, he could easily see the young boy's bedroom that he'd been in less than thirty minutes ago and the bed where Ash had lain on top of him mashing his prepubescent cock into his crotch while sucking Jamie off at the same time until they'd both orgasmed. While the two boys had got exactly what they'd wanted, Sam had been left thirsting for his own realise which had been denied him.


"Hi Sammy!" Jamie giggled looking at his screen which was to one side of the camera and bent forward at the waist from his standing position with his arms locked and hands flat on the desk. "Mom left about five minutes ago."


"Why didn't you stay?" Ash asked tilting his head further into the screen.


Sam cringed with a tight lipped smile. "Sorry... I really wanted to but your Mom kinda made me leave."


"That sucked!" Jamie said and the two boys looked at each other snickering. "Why'd she make you leave?"


He knew exactly why but he could tell them that she did it because she thought they wanted to fool around with each other. Jamie had no idea his Mom suspected he and Ash were `doing stuff'. He shrugged his shoulders thinking he could at least allude to the fact that she'd pretty much told Sam to take advantage of her young, almost eleven year old gay son. "Dunno buddy, maybe she thought I'd molest you or something."


"Whatever!" Jamie smiled again adjusting the camera to point a little higher and took a step back. "She still thinks we just play X-Box and stuff in my room. She doesn't even know we're gay."


"I wouldn't be so sure..." Sam grinned as Ash stepped in from the side behind Jamie putting his head over the younger boy's shoulders and his arms around his stomach. He did it so naturally and with obvious affection that Sam almost forgot they were both hairless and young enough that their orgasms were still mostly dry.


"Are you gonna come back?" Ash asked.


Sam grinned and leaned back in his chair. "Why? So you can stick your dicks in my butt?"


"Yeah. My Uncle's never let us do it to him and you said you would."


"C'mon Sammy." Jamie whined. "Just come back."


"Sorry mate, I better not. I don't want to upset your Mom if she found out and not get to see you again."


Jamie stuck out his bottom lip pouting at Sam's image. "Awww..." But Ash looked back at him mischievously and as Sam watched, he slipped his hand under the waistband of Jamie's shorts and reached down between his legs to grope his boy bits.


Ash smirked as Jamie's mouth opened and a low moan escaped his lips. "You sure?" He asked salaciously. "Jamie's dicks really hard and so's mine."


Sam's own cock was painfully erect under the desk watching as Ash's hand rotated in small circles. All he could see was the bulge of his hand in Jamie's shorts slowly moving up and down as he held him tightly around his stomach and push his crotch up against his backside. "Shit..." Sam whispered loud enough for them to hear and both boys smiled. "That looks like fun huh Ash?"


"Hmhmm." The boy agreed and leant in to kiss the bare skin of Jamie's neck just above his t-shirt. "You could do the same to me if you were here."


"You'd like that wouldn't you?" Sam asked playing on a hunch. It was Ash who'd initiated sex with Jamie and introduced him to his Uncle. Was it possible that Ty wasn't the instigator? Had Ash seduced his Uncle? "What would you want me to do?"


"Put your hand in my shorts and make me hard." Ash said from over Jamie's shoulder. Sam watched as he jacked up and down on Jamie's penis a little faster as the boy lent back into him.


"Yeah?" Sam said and moved his own hand down to his button fly. "Would you want me to suck it and make it all slippery so you could fuck me?" He couldn't believe he'd already fucked one of them twice today, and now here he was sitting at home watching from his computer as they felt each other up in prelude to hot preteen boy sex. He'd seen recorded `bibcams' and Omegle captures of other boy's doing similar things and had always imagined being the guy on the other end, but he never thought he'd be doing it for real or that he'd actually know the boys he was watching. What made it even more intense was the fact that Ash seemed to get off imagining Sam was there with them and telling him what he wanted him to do.


Jamie opened his eyes then and looked away at his screen at Sam. "You said I get to do it to you first!"


"You can buddy," Sam smiled. "This is just pretend okay?"


"Okay," He giggled as Ash whispered something into his ear that Sam couldn't hear.


"Can you do me a favor Jamie?" Sam asked watching. When he looked at him he smiled. "Can you pretend you're me for a bit?"


Jamie nodded his head and Sam heard Ash's quiet whisper this time. "I really wanna fuck you so bad. Hold up your arms so I can take your t-shirt off."


Sam ripped open his fly and pulled out his hard leaking cock and grabbed it in his hand as Jamie obediently lifted his arms above his head. Fuck he was a hot kid. Even though Sam had seem him naked and sprawled out on his bed and in the spa and explored every inch of his body, the sight was still breathtaking and the fire burning in his loins intensified ten-fold as Ash pulled his t-shirt up over his head. His torso stretched out with his hairless pits exposed, the slim curve of his waist and his flat belly tapered down under the waistband of his low hanging shorts. The blunt point of his hard spear stuck out proudly tenting the thin material at his front and Sam's mouth watered knowing the boy wore no underwear still. But it was Ash's naked body that he hungered to see after just the barest glimpse when he was about to take his t-shirt off just before the intercom had interrupted them. But from the video he'd watched earlier that day the boy had a killer body even hotter than Jamie's.


"Why don't you take Ash's off too Jamie." Sam said to them through his computer.


Jamie looked back at the screen again as he turned in Ash's arms to face him. The other boy was only an inch taller and their open mouths met with their lips barely grazing across one another's sensuously. Sam began to stroke his now slick cock and reached inside his jeans to pull out his shaved balls as Jamie tugged Ash's t-shirt up exposing his lower navel. Even though the cam was perched on Jamie's desk a few feet away Sam's heart raced at the sight. The taut muscles of Ash's stomach stood out and curved inward on either side with shallow indentations and as Jamie pushed his t-shirt up higher, Sam watched in anticipation craving the feel of his silky smooth skin under his hands. At the same time Ash reached around Jamie's slim body and slipped his hands inside his shorts at the back and squeezed his cheeks as they moved closer together and kissed with their tongues in each other's mouths. Sam let out a low moan as he worked his cock up and down spreading the sticky precum over his swollen head and leant back in the chair stretching his legs out under the desk. With their chests pressed together Jamie's hands stopped lifting leaving Sam hungry for more. Only the bottom half of Ash's torso was laid bare; the t-shirt caught up just under his chest, but the view was nothing short of spectacular.


There was very little noise as the boys made out in front of him on the screen and Sam debated getting up and just heading back over there. God he wanted to fuck Ash's ass so bad that his balls ached. Would it be as easy to push his way into his hot little hole as it had been with Jamie? Or would he be even easier? Jamie had said he'd been fucked more often by his Uncle than he had so it was bound to be easier wouldn't it? His finger had slid in easily enough but he still felt tight.


"Can we see your dick?" Ash asked looking at him through the screen.


"We know you're doing it." Jamie giggled pulling away from Ash and taking the two steps back to his desk and screen trying to get a better look. His naked torso blocked Sam's view behind him and he lost sight of Ash.


Sam smiled and took his hand away from his throbbing cock. "Only if I can see both of yours first."


Having been naked and shared his body with Sam already that day, Jamie wasted no time in shucking his shorts pushing them down around his hips to drop to the floor at his ankles. Standing so close to the cam his steel hard little prick sprung free with barely a bounce it was so rigid. Sam couldn't take his eyes off it for a few seconds as it came into sharp focus with his small flared glans pointing straight at him. His wrinkled nuts were pulled up tight into a single orb with the bead running down and stretched taut from his shaft to his sac bisecting the two tiny grape sized stones.


Jamie thrust his hips at the camera waving his mouth watering little cock back and forth giggling again. As Sam would've expected, Jamie's cam was top of the line and with full HD the minuscule slit at the tip of his head was sharp and focused. "You wanna suck it Sammy?"


"No," Sam rasped in a throaty voice. "I want you to show me how you suck Ash's."


He turned then looking back at Ash giving Sam a perfect profile view. His slender body twisted at the waist and his hand went to his fledgling cock, tugging on it as he called out to his eleven year old boyfriend. "Hurry up Ash! Take off your clothes `cos he wants me to suck yours."


"Jamie, outa the way so I can see Ash okay buddy?" Sam said hurriedly hoping he didn't sound like he was brushing the boy aside as he grabbed his swollen cock once more. Jamie glanced back at him briefly before taking a step back and to the side with his small fingers still held tightly around his boned up penis just in time to see Ash stripping off his t-shirt. His arms were held up over his head and his t-shirt covered his face as he pulled it off and then dropped it to the floor.


He stepped forward towards the camera smiling. God damn he was beautiful. His lithe young body, naked from the waist up was magnificent and had Sam on the verge of orgasm just at the mere sight of him. Deep hollows caved in above his collar bones and his boyishly toned chest tapered into his slim curved waist and out again to his hips with the tiny pin-pricks of his small dark nipples hard and inviting. Sam moaned in lustful craving and forced his hand to stop moving on his cock staving off his imminent climax.


Sam swallowed hard staring. "Jesus Christ Ash, you're so fucking sexy."


"You just wanna see my dick." He said rubbing his palm across the pointed tent in his shorts. "It's really hard." Ash smirked looking at his image on Jamie's screen.


"I absolutely want to see your cock. And suck it too. You want to let Jamie suck it instead?"


"Ah huh... You wanna see me fuck him too?"


Sam nodded his head. "Yeah."


"Sweet!" Ash said and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of both his shorts and boxer briefs at his hips. He pushed down a of couple inches baring his bald flat mound and brought his thumbs together at the front covering his tented bulge teasingly and tickled his balls through the thin material with his fingers.


"Show me yours." Ash said smirking at the camera and then looked away at the monitor as Sam pushed back in his chair exposing his hard leaking six inches to the boy for the first time. He couldn't have cared less that he'd given in to Ash's demand. At that moment he would've done anything to see his hairless preteen cock. The boy's mouth formed into a tight lipped smile staring at Sam's engorged prick with his hand wrapped around the shaft squeezing it making his swollen head throb and turn a dark purple.


Almost immediately Ash shoved his shorts and boxer briefs down until they snagged on his protruding erection. The soft silky-smooth skin of the boy's pubis extended down from his navel and Sam's blood ran hot as he started transfixed at the duel groves of his `V' aiming directly at the object of his desire. Without another word Ash pulled out and down with his thumbs and exposed his prepubescent cock to Sam who, taking in a stuttered breath, was surprised by what he saw. He'd expected Ash to be cut like Jamie but he wasn't. His foreskin wasn't long or puckered up at the end like some boys Sam had seen when he'd been their age, but it was long enough that it still covered half of his exposed head in a tight ring of flesh before the boy peeled it back with his thumb and finger to nestle behind the curved ridge. It was only slightly bigger than Jamie's, somewhere between three and a half and four inches hard, but just as hairless and smooth. As he moved closer to the cam at desk height, his upper body disappeared from view but his tightly packed balls were centred on his screen in close up. They were small; little nuggets that hugged at his scrotum and just a little darker than the creamy whites of his thighs and were pulled up into his body in a state of sexual arousal that made Sam moan with longing. He wanted to reach out and feel the heat of his cock in his hand, to skim his thumb across the small swollen head and taste the essences of his youth, but he couldn't. Ash was only six blocks away on the other side of the screen and Jamie was right there with him, getting down on his knees and turning him with his hands on his hips towards his mouth.


It twitched once, bobbing up and down just before Jamie circled his thumb and forefinger around the thin shaft and with his eyes wide he opened his mouth. He let the whole four inch length in without touching his lips to the smooth spear of boyflesh until he wrapped them around it at the base with his forehead on Ash's firm flat navel. With a slow deliberate movement Jamie slowly sucked up and flicked the tip of his tongue across the tiny slit of Ash's rigid cock and then swallowed keeping his lips pursed around the small cherry. His fingers were still holding onto Ash's steely pole and he ran his tongue across his lips wetting them before pulling the skin back and taking the older boy back into his mouth again. His hand moved to Ash's hip and dug his fingers into the firm muscle of his cheek pulling him forward, his head rocking back and forth as his face was slowly fucked on the screen.


"Fucking hell..." Sam moaned watching from six blocks away. Ash gently started to fuck Jamie's mouth with his hands locked into fists in his dirty blond hair, sliding out far enough that his glans were held within the boy's lips and then pushed back in until his hairless mound was squashing against Jamie's nose. Over and over again he stabbed in and out as Sam resumed stroking his cock. Out of sight from the cam perched on the desk aimed his cock sliding in and out of his boyfriend's mouth, Sam couldn't see that Ash had his head turned towards the screen watching him masturbate while Jamie sucked hungrily on his juvenile spear.


The minutes passed and Jamie pulled off twice during that time and swallowed, licking his lips as he pointed four inches of soaking wet cock at the cam to show Sam before Ash quickly pushed it back in. There was no sound other than the occasional slurp and suck from Jamie and Ash's thrusts became more urgent and hurried as if he were about to climax. As much as Sam longed to watch him orgasm in the ten year old's mouth, his desire to watch Ash as he rammed his prepubescent fuck stick into Jamie's cum slicked ass was far greater.


"Jamie..." Sam groaned. "Jamie!" He repeated louder to get his attention. On his screen Sam saw him pull off and look at him on his own computer. "Let Ash fuck you now okay? I wanna see him fuck you."


Jamie tilted his head up looking at Ash above Sam's view and smiled. "Sammy gave us some lube to use. It makes your dick feel really hot."


"Where is it?" Ash asked hurriedly as he yanked Jamie up by his arms.


"In my shorts," Jamie giggled. Sam could only see their bare asses as they moved out of view of the camera leaving him staring at the unmade queen sized bed where he'd laid with the two boys. It was only a few seconds, but the sudden panic that they'd forgotten about the cam and deprive him the pleasure of watching Ash mount Jamie and fuck his hot little ass coursed through him. There was some shuffling and more giggles before they reappeared on his screen in their naked glory, boned up and horny.


"Should we do it on the bed?" Ash asked pulling Jamie by the arm roughly turning him and pushing down on his back so that he was bent over holding himself up by his arms. It was clear that Ash meant to take him doggy style standing up behind him where he could see the screen at the same time. He was standing facing the cam with his hand still on Jamie's lower back but his crotch was hidden behind the boy's body with the small bottle of lube that Sam had given Jamie earlier in the day in his hand. He lowered his chest onto Jamie's back and looked up at the screen over his head while still holding onto his hip with one hand.


"Yeah, but can you move the cam closer?" Sam asked spreading his legs wider on the chair and got a good grip on his throbbing cock with one hand and rolled his balls around in the other. "Maybe put it on the chair and move it next to you so I can see."


Sam remembered seeing the cam on Jamie's desk and knew it was wireless. He didn't want to watch with them facing him where he wouldn't be able to see shit. Sexy as it would've been to see Jamie's expression when his ass was filled by his eleven year old boyfriend, Sam wanted to actually see Ash's short hairless cock sliding into Jamie's hole and fucking him. With a flash of bare skin and a few moments of disorientating swaying the image finally settled and refocused. The angle was a little lower and Sam saw that Jamie had gotten up onto the bed on all fours with his ass up in the air. He waited while Ash pushed the chair back and checked the screen a couple times until both he and Jamie were in full view. It was still close enough that he could clearly see every little detail of their sexy as fuck preteen bodies. Jamie turned his head looking directly at the camera knowing Sam was watching and grinned.


"I'm gonna pretend he's you when he fucks me Sammy." Jamie said as Ash tipped the lube and let a small bead dribble out onto his hand before smearing it over his rock hard four inches behind him.


There was something about Jamie's eyes that held Sam captive as the boy grinned listening to his voice coming from the speakers. "Mine's a little bigger than Ash's tiger," Sam said to him looking into his chocolate brown eyes even though he knew Jamie couldn't see him. "But I bet you love getting fucked by him though."


Jamie nodded his head and then his mouth opened into a small `O' as Ash pushed into him. Sam had been staring at the sweet beautiful eyes of his favorite boy and hadn't noticed Ash aiming his jutting spear at Jamie's hole, but his focus quickly shifted between the thin four inch shaft slowly disappearing into the hot depths of his anus and the look of shameless craving that ravished his face.


"Whoa..." Ash moaned heavily as he bottomed out. "You're so loose Jamie. Is his bigger than my Uncle's?"


Jesus fucking Christ Almighty! Sam's body surged with adrenaline as Jamie's eyes finally closed and laid his head down on the bed tucked under his shoulders. Ash was looking over his head at the computer screen watching Sam stroke his turgid cock up and down in his fist and withdrew, only to push all the way back in holding onto Jamie's narrow hips rocking the younger boy forward.


"Nggh." Jamie groaned needily. "Yeah... A bit, but it felt really good. You should let him do you too."


Ash moaned again and pulled back. "I can feel his cum in your ass and that stuff's making my dick hot too."


That almost did it for Sam. Hearing the eleven year old tell the boy he was fucking that he could feel the spent semen of Sam's orgasm inside his hot bowels was too much. Tensing the muscles in his groin Sam had to remove his hand and fought the impending need to spray his load all over himself. He wanted to last for at least as long as it took Ash to get off in Jamie's hole and then maybe watch as Jamie did him in return.


"Just do it Ash..." Jamie whined from beneath the older boy.


With that, Ash thrust back into Jamie hard making him moan loudly. The sound reverberated through Sam's speakers and Ash grunted with each stroke as he fucked Jamie's wide open hole. He leant in over Jamie's bent back holding onto his hips and began plunging in and out in short stabbing strokes. He brought his face down and touched his nose to Jamie's back licking between his shoulder blades with his eyes turned up looking over his dirty blonde hair at the computer screen. Jamie had been right about the noises he made; his stuttered moans and panting breath fuelled Sam's craving as he rutted like a rabbit with quick forceful jabs into the moist depths of Jamie's anus. His body draped over the younger boy possessively and Sam watched in agonizing desire as his ass clenched with each thrust forming small dimples on his smooth cheeks. There was no thought to prolonging the pleasure. He fucked with a single goal and that was to go as hard and as fast as he could until the grip of climax seized him.


Sam groped his balls tightly in his hand and flogged his raging cock staring at Ash's hot as fuck preteen body as he slammed in and out of Jamie's ass. Knowing the boy was getting off watching him just as much as having his hard four-incher buried in Jamie's hole brought Sam to the brink. Having been on the edge only half an hour ago laying under Ash, and with the scene playing out in front of him on his computer screen Sam pulled his throbbing cock tight with a grasping hand and erupted with a strangled cry of pleasure.


Jamie lifted his head up at the sound as Ash pushed hard into him driving him forward onto his elbows. The older boy grunted and pushed up from Jamie with his hands digging into his sides, his back arched and sleek flat stomach sucked in with his breath held. They both had their eyes glued to the screen in front of them as Sam's cock spurted its meagre offering over his t-shirt. After three orgasms already that day, what little there was left was watery and thin but the feelings were just as intense.


"Wicked..." Ash groaned and looked down at his own pistoning fuck stick sliding in and out between Jamie's gripping ring with the sounds of wet sloppy sex emanating from Sam's speakers. As he slowly came down off his high, Ash jack-hammered into Jamie faster and faster until his grunts became one single continuous moan and then he stopped. His face grimaced with eyes clenched, his mouth hung open silently and his whole body trembled in orgasmic euphoria. He held still, his young firm and completely hairless body rigid with climax until he finally opened his eyes and let out his breath.


Ash, Sam mused, was a squealer. Jamie made love quietly for the most part except for soft whimpering and stuttered gasps as his orgasm struck and would then moan like he was growling as it receded. The prospect of Ash being noisy made Sam smile and he couldn't wait to smoother his mouth with the eleven year old boy squirming beneath and his small firm body heaving with the explosion of a very dry orgasm.


"Fuuuuuuck..." Ash sighed heavily licking his dry lips. He turned to the cam on the chair next to him and smiled. "That hot stuff feels so awesome on my dick Sammy!" Ash said adopting the same name Jamie had bestowed upon him and looked back and forth between the screen and the camera perched on the chair next to him. He kept his crotch pressed up against Jamie's ass cheeks for a few seconds and then slowly backed up and slid out of him and turned to face the cam.


His small un-cut prong shone wetly in the overhead lights as he fingered the skin over the red cherry of his glans. Jamie rolled over onto his back as Sam finally found his voice again. "You liked it huh? Keep using it then because that was so fucking hot boys." He said leaning into his screen. "I'd love to lick that clean for you Ash."


Ash grinned wagging his little love stick back and forth as it softened and Jamie pulled a face. "Eww... Gross Sam. "


"Hey, I licked your tasty little hole remember? It wasn't so bad."


"Yeah, but his dick was way up there." Jamie said swinging his body around with his spread legs facing the cam and touched a finger to his hole.


"Mmmm..." Sam laughed. "Jamie juice on Ash's lollipop. Yum!"


"Whatever!" He said mockingly but the smile on his beautiful face betrayed the uncertainty of whether Sam was serious or not.


"I'll prove it to you next time okay tiger? When you two come over I'll lick all your ass juice of Ash's hot dick and then kiss you so you can see what you taste like."


"No way!" Jamie practically screamed. "I'm not tasting my own ass!"


"I don't mind if you kissed me after." Ash said still fondling his half erect penis and moving the skin back and forth.


"I bet you wouldn't!" Sam laughed again. He couldn't believe how easily Ash accepted Sam's sexual needs and lustful desire for his young, smooth preteen body. Lacking the street wise knowledge that Sam had quickly learnt when he was eight and nine years old, where he'd experienced firsthand the perverted things some of the men had wanted him to do to them, or them to him, Ash was still just a naive young boy exploring his sexuality. But the way he'd seemed to know what Sam wanted, moving the cam closer and playing up knowing he was watching caused Sam concern.


"Guys," He said cautiously. "Be serious for a minute okay? I need to ask you something."


"What?" They both said in unison looking at the screen.


"Umm... You haven't done that on cam for anyone else have you?"


The answer was immediately apparent to Sam as the two boys looked at each other guiltily. "Kinda." Jamie said looking at Ash.


"You have?" Sam said dreading what he was going to hear. "Who with?"


"Uncle Ty." Ash said quickly before Jamie did.


Sam accepted that. He knew it was likely true, but he could tell Ash wasn't telling the complete truth. "And who else Jamie?" He said directing his question at the younger boy knowing he wouldn't lie to him.


He hesitated before answering and Ash looked at him sternly, but to his credit he answered Sam honestly. "A few people on the internet but mostly it's just with one guy. He wanted to see us do stuff so we did."


Jesus. He'd watched vids of boys doing what Ash and Jamie had done and he'd jacked himself while watching them. Now he knew other guys were getting off watching his beautiful boy and Ash do exactly the same thing. They were probably all over the sites where people upload those sorts of videos and thousands of men had most likely seen them. "How many times have you done that?"


"Loads of times." Ash said defiantly. "But they don't know our last names or where we live or anything so it's okay. It's not like they can come and find us."


Sam quickly scanned the room behind them trying to see if there was anything that might identify them. "Yeah?" Sam said looking at Ash. "I can see Jamie's uniform and his cam is high def, so I'd probably at least know what school he goes to."


Ash's face dropped when he turned around and saw Sam wasn't joking. "But the cams always on his desk so he wouldn't have seen it anyway."


He was torn; should he go on and tell them how stupid they'd been? That even the smallest thing could identify them? Jamie's dance trophies on the shelves, the view outside his windows showing New York's skyline, a school bag, a framed award; even the smallest thing could give away their identity, and most likely some of the men who'd seen them had fantasies of finding and blackmailing them into having sex with him.


Or did he let it slide because he found the idea of other men lusting after their young preteen bodies and watching them while they sucked and fucked each other such a fucking turn-on?


But he had to make sure they knew the risks and that they did everything they could to hide those things away to stay anonymous.


"It's okay Ash." Sam finally answered. "I think it's really hot that you do it, just so long as you're careful. I wouldn't want some mental case finding either of you and doing something."


"They won't Sammy." Jamie smiled still doodling with his dick. "We'll be more careful won't we Ash."


Ash just nodded his head and Sam bent in over his desk closer to his screen and the cam. "I'm not mad at you Ash. I'd love to see those vids though."


"Pervert..." His face cracked and a grin spread wide. "Hey, you should be here and watch for real next time we do it. That way you can make sure there's nothing left out and you can even move the camera around so he gets a better look at us doing it."


Fucking hell... Now that was a good idea.


"Sure buddy. Sounds like fun." He said. "You do know he probably records you and uploads them for other men to see right?"


"Yeah we know. He told us he did and they're on TOR. He said people love them and are always asking for us to make more for him."


"I bet they do."


Jamie was saying something but suddenly Sam had a dreadful thought and interrupted him. "You haven't told them you have sex with your Uncle Ty or with me have you?"


The look on Ash's face was nothing short of indignant. "Nooooo."


"And I assume your Uncle told you not to tell anyone about what you do with him as well yeah?"


"Yeah." Ash said smiling and looked at Jamie for a second.


Sam did too. "And yet I know. Seems that at least one of you is a slow learner."


"We promise Sam!" Jamie shouted. "That was different. It's not like you were going to tell on us `cos you were just about to stick your dick in me too!"


"And I want to again..." Sam smirked. "Can I watch Jamie fuck you now Ash?"


"Na-ah," Ash smirked shaking his head and reached for the cam. "Only after you let us do you first. Say bye-bye Jamie."


"Bye Sammy! See you on Wednesday!" Jamie shouted just before Sam's screen went blank.


"What?" Sam blurted but he was too late. They were gone.


That little fucker!





To be continued...