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New York Dreams – Chapter IV


Shopping for an eleven year old's birthday was more difficult than Sam imagined. Despite having a good idea of what Jamie might like, the multitude of options were endless and he found himself agonizing over wanting to get him something special but not overdoing it and appearing like he was trying to buy the boy's affections. He'd already taken the trip up to Midtown to the Cartier store on 5th and 52nd and bought the diamond stud ear-ring he'd promised him, but those were to be given in private along with another small gift Sam had made with his own hands having finished it just this morning. Having spent hours researching the meanings behind each one and sketching dozens of different designs, he'd finally settled on a slim double twisted pendant made from jade stone. The Maori culture was so full of symbolism and Sam had based his own design on both the double twist and the Koru, incorporating the meaning of love between two people and personal growth and awakening. He'd added his own flare to the design by melding a piece of whale bone to one end that contrasted with the dark green of the jade stone and now all that was left was to find a suitable necklace to hang it by. Jamie would love it; Sam was sure of that even though he'd only spent a few hours with Jamie since he'd last seen him when he was just three years old.


His next stop was the Chelsea market just a few blocks from his apartment down 10th Avenue and as he wandered around picking up what he needed to prepare for the eleven year old boy's Mexican birthday dinner, his mind kept returning to Jamie and Ash and what had transpired the previous weekend.


Although Sam had secretly craved the exhilarating thrill of sex with a preteen boy for most of his adult life he never thought it would actually happen. Sure he'd had sex with boys before, but that was when he'd been younger than Jamie was now. After he'd run away from his foster home Sam had been forced to seek shelter from the cold winter and found refuge in the old abandoned warehouse along with a couple dozen others. All boys, they all sold their bodies to men who used them like whores; fucking them and living out whatever fantasy they desired before going home to their wives and children in nice houses with dinner waiting for them on the table. At nine years old Sam knew he liked sex with boys more than with the men, even the nice ones who seemed more interested in his body and sucking him rather than just using him like a cheap whore to get off in. Before he was raped and burnt and before he'd found Leo, Sam often sought comfort in the hot sweaty embrace of one of the boys younger than himself. During the first few weeks he was used by the older ones just like he was by the men, but eventually he'd been claimed by an older twelve year old named Marco. For a most of a year he'd fucked Sam at night when neither of them had scored a trick. They'd do it under the watchful eyes of the others on their bedroll in a quiet corner, bathed in the soft flickering light of the fire burning in an old drum, but then one day he just never went back.


And now, so many years later, he'd had sex with a ten year old kid whose mother not only sold his artwork but had, in not so many words, seemed to give her consent. It was surreal. He'd fallen in lust with Jamie from the first time he'd seen his picture on her desk and he'd sought him out in the park just so he could see him again with his own eyes. But to have the boy he'd once known come up to him and taunt his sexy as fuck body in front of his face and then invite himself to Sam's place was beyond his wildest dreams. And then there was Ash; the cheeky self-assured little shit was so fucking hot Sam didn't know whether to hate him or love him. But it was Jamie's Mom who blew his mind away when she suggested he `give him what he wants' just as he was leaving and the elevator door snapped closed between them.


Sam hadn't said anything to Jamie about it. He hadn't even spoken to him since Ash had terminated their video chat and he didn't know if he should or not, but the one thing he was sure about was that he needed to face Shell again and find out exactly what she'd meant. They were both going to be at his apartment for Jamie's birthday dinner and he'd have maybe an hour at most to be alone with him after dance practice before Shell turned up, but he didn't think he'd get a chance to talk to Shell alone without him overhearing.


There were three more items on Sam's shopping list for today apart from the bags of groceries he'd need for Jamie's dinner. The first two were simple enough; he just had to get his apartment key re-cut and the other he bought an authentic looking set of military dog tags. He discarded the tags but kept the stainless steel chain to hang the pendant by. The third item on his list meant going back to his apartment to drop everything off before heading down to Charles Street and Uncle Funkys Boards. He knew he was spoiling Jamie rotten, but fuck it, it wasn't every day he got to buy birthday presents for an eleven year old boy he was falling in love with. The board he already had was good, but after some research and calling around Sam had ordered a custom made Earthwing Super Glider and emailed his own artwork based off the drawing he'd done of him while watching him at the park. It was to be transferred to the board and he couldn't wait to see Jamie's face when he recognized himself bare chested and looking sexy as fuck surrounded by graffiti and the words `Little Lion Man' scrawled underneath. Along with Cast Ronin trucks, Orangatang Kegal 70mm wheels and bearings it would be the envy of all his friends and Sam was excited to get one for the boy who made him so happy and to see him on it. Only Jamie and his Mom would know he'd spent a small fortune on him but he figured that after what she'd said she wouldn't complain about a few heartfelt and thoughtful gifts for her son's birthday. Jamie sure as fuck wouldn't complain that was for damned sure.


Loading up his back-pack with the small mountain of food Sam made his way back to his bike and started it up after pulling on his helmet and headed home. Dropping the groceries off on the island bench in his kitchen Sam took another look around his apartment and the Mexican themed decorations he'd set up the night before. Was it too much? He wanted Jamie to remember this birthday and enjoy himself tonight even though it was only the three of them. He would celebrate with his friends on Saturday but tonight was going to be special, not only because they'd have an hour alone together before Shell turned up, but because there was one more surprise Sam had set up for him.


After his excited reaction at getting to ride on Sam's Daytona he'd called in a favor with a buddy of his who was also an instructor at the Pro Team riding school. They'd arranged for Mike to arrive dressed up in his racing leathers just after dinner and surprise the birthday boy with a day out at the New York Safety Track up in Jefferson. Of course he hadn't discussed it with Shell but he was fairly certain she'd agree to professional private lessons by one of the best riders in the state. Sam however did have ulterior motives; Jefferson was a three hour drive away and it'd make sense to stay a night or two, perhaps in a log cabin in Catskill where they'd enjoy the outdoors during the day when they weren't at the race track and at night they could snuggle up together in front of an open fire. It was a pleasant thought but Sam wasn't so sure if Jamie would buy into the whole romantic thing or not. Even if he wasn't, making love to the just turned eleven year old boy in front of a warm open fire on a thick soft rug made his cock swell uncomfortably in his riding jeans.


Taking a deep breath and trying to calm his mind at seeing him again in just a few hours Sam once again headed out the door and down to the parking garage to his bike. Jamie would still be in school, probably sitting next to Ash in class and hopefully just as excited about seeing Sam. No doubt the two boys knew exactly what was going to happen and Sam expected Ash to provoke him when he saw him at their dance practice that afternoon. Would the other boy have found a way out of staying home with his brother just so he could be there too? A part of him thrilled at the idea of being with Ash again and maybe seeing more of his hot little body, but on the other hand Sam wanted Jamie all to himself just for the short one hour they'd have together


Pushing thoughts of both Jamie and Ash to the back of his mind for now, Sam turned down 10th Avenue and took the first right into 22nd Street and then down 9th. As he slowly rode with the traffic the memory of Jamie's naked body sprawled on his bed beneath him as he fucked in and out of the then ten year old boy's ass made him hot with lust to be with him again. God he wanted him so bad his balls ached and the burning in his groin only got worse the more he thought about him. Without even realizing it he'd already taken the turn off from Hudson into W 11th, down Washington Street and up Charles Street. He parked on the sidewalk at the corner of Greenwich outside a six story red-stone and the Lotus Salon. Uncle Funky's skateboard store was in the basement and he killed the engine locking the handle bars in place. The nondescript street was banked by plain looking buildings with a few leafy trees flanking each side and Sam made his way to the stairs leading down into the store.


Almost half an hour later Sam finally extracted himself from the owner after having to pose for a picture and faithfully promising to bring Jamie in to tune the board and get another photo taken. It took some manoeuvring on the bike to hold the board over his lap and lean in over it, but eventually he was headed back to his apartment and pulled into the parking garage at just after one in the afternoon. Only two and a half hours remained until he had to be at the boy's dance practice in Hell's Kitchen. He had absolutely no idea what to expect at Xandia's but he was sure some of the boy's he'd seen in the video Jamie had shown him would be there too. The thought sent a tingle up his spine as he unzipped his leathers heading up to his mezzanine bedroom and put Jamie's new skateboard down on his bed. He quickly changed into a loose fitting tee-shirt and board shorts, hit play on the sound system as he came back downstairs into the kitchen and started preparing for Jamie's birthday dinner.


He finished up almost an hour and a half later, putting what needed to be kept chilled in the fridge then headed back up to the mezzanine bedroom. He sat on the floor threading the metal chain into both the pendant and key to his apartment and wrapped the two presents he planned on giving Jamie today. He could envision the look on his face seeing the diamond stud ear ring and hand-crafted jade and bone pendant necklace, but it'd be the key to his apartment that would put a devilish smile on both their faces. It was a blatant invitation that whenever he felt horny and needed to get off or if he simply wanted to get fucked by a man and not just Ash, then Sam's door would always be open to him.


Smiling to himself and thinking that Jamie would probably want to fuck him today like Sam had promised he could, he made his way to the shower to wash and get ready for the now eleven year old boy. His cock was already hard and standing up long before he got in at just the thought of having Jamie in his apartment again, but he knew they wouldn't have long before his mother arrived. After he let Jamie fuck him in the ass there might not be enough time for Sam to do the same to him unless they were quick about it. They'd have to shower and wash the smell of sex off before Shell arrived and, despite her barely veiled suggestion that he give into her son's obvious sexual interest, there was no way he could be sure of her meaning. Even if it were true, he didn't want the lingering smell of sex to confirm her suspicions just yet. That is if she hadn't already smelt it on him when he dropped Jamie off on Saturday. But, Sam reasoned, he hadn't seen Jamie get close enough for her to smell it on him before he'd run upstairs to Ash. She'd left soon after Sam did so she'd probably been none the wiser that her son's ass was swimming in cum after being fucked twice that afternoon. The realization that he'd have to be more careful, not just around Shell but around everyone else made him a little resentful at society but pushed the thought to the back of his mind as he showered. Taking his razor in hand he shaved his face and then got to work on his balls until they were silky smooth and moved on to his crack thinking about Leo and the lengths he must have gone to to hide the fact that he was the adult lover of an underage boy. Sam wished he was here now so he could talk to him and ask him how he did it; hiding his greatest secret for so long from everyone except Shell and living with the knowledge that society would condemn his feelings as something disgusting and perverted.


But Leo hadn't been like that. He wasn't a monster or a predator like the media portrayed pederasts as being by installing fear into the hearts and minds of parents all over the world. He'd loved Sam unconditionally for much more than just his body and a wave of fond happy memories flooded his thoughts as he carefully trimmed his pubes and rinsed the soap from his body. Sam stepped out of the shower and dried off looking himself over in the mirror. He looked younger than his twenty eight years and for a brief moment he wondered what Jamie and Ash saw when they looked at him but he didn't have time to ponder that thought if he wanted to be early for their dance practice.


Making sure everything was set for Jamie's return with his new skateboard hidden away in the walk-in wardrobe and the other birthday presents in plain sight on his bed, Sam pulled his leather riding jacket back on, picked up the spare helmet and locked the door behind him. Traffic was horrific, and despite his best intentions to be early, when he finally arrived at the corner of 9th and 55th there was nowhere on the street for him to park his bike so he was forced to use the Rapid Park building next door. It took forever to find a parking space on the second level and by the time he'd paid for a two hour stay Sam was running late. His chest felt tight and his heartbeat sounded loud in his ears with anticipation as he jogged to the adjacent building and practically ripped the doors open rushing to find a directory to tell him which floor Xandia's was on. Smiling to himself and feeling a little stupid, Sam saw Xandia's listing on the ground floor and looked back the way he'd come at the double doors to the left and a big bright sign with dancers in mid-flight right where he couldn't have missed it.


Walking back he first peeked in through the small square glass window to see a cluttered but tidy reception area. He pushed through and his eyes immediately set upon a large black woman with a wide open smile and joyful face. Sam couldn't help but smile and decided he liked her already.


"Hi Honey," She said beaming at him. "Whatcha all need?"


Putting his and Jamie's helmets on the counter he leaned in over his arms on the desk looking over her shoulder down the corridor that obviously lead to the studio. "I'm here to watch my... Um... I mean, a friend of mine asked me to come watch him practice today." Shit, what do I call him? Nephew? But what if people knew he didn't have an Uncle?


"And who's that Hon?" The black woman asked still looking friendly.


"Jamie... Jamie Evans?"


"Jamie!" She gushed. "Oh he's such a sweet boy and so cute too! How's his Momma doing? Ain't seen none of her for a while but I `supose she's busy with her shop an all selling that junk some folks call art but don't you go telling her I said that."


Sam suppressed a laugh. It was true; he didn't see what others saw in his own work. "I won't Ma'am."


"Ma'am? I see someone raised you right," She said and if it were possible her smile got even wider. "And you mighty handsome too. Why I never seen you here before now?"


"Guess I just never been asked." Sam said grinning thinking on his feet. "It's his birthday today and I'm cooking dinner for him and his Mom so it was easier if I just picked him up."


"It's his birthday?"


"Yeah. He's turning eleven today." Sam said.


"Gotta watch out for them quiet ones. You tell him to come out her and see Ms. Franks when he's done." She said pointing a finger at Sam and wagging it back and forth. "I got a good mind to lay that boy over my knee for not telling me it was his birthday! He's almost as bad as that friend'o his Ashley!"


"You can say that again." Sam laughed.


"That one'll charm the pants right off ya if yea not careful. He's a cheeky little monkey but so damned cute and he knows it too."


He can charm my pants off any time he wants, Sam thought liking Ms. Franks more and more every second. But it's his pants I wanna get into. He couldn't help but grin at hearing her use the same pet name he'd called Ash but hers certainly wasn't said in the same context that Sam had used it.


"Yeah, I'm finding that out. So, is it down there?" He asked pointing down the corridor when he suddenly realized what he'd said might have been taken the wrong way. He felt his face flush just a little wondering if she thought he'd meant he was finding out how Ash could charm the pants off him but she was just smiling back at him with a pen poised above a sheet of paper.


"Just gotta sign you in first and check with his Momma. What's your name hon?" She asked picking up the phone.


"Sam Cooper. Shell knows I'm picking him up." Sam said eager to get past her and into the studio to see Jamie and Ash.


"I'm sure she does sweetie but we gotta check. Won't take a minute."


Sam leaned back and glanced down the corridor while she punched in Shell's number and waited for her to answer. "Hi Michelle, it's Yolanda Franks from Xandia's. How you doing Honey?"


In the pause while she listened to Shell Sam heard a deep base reverberating through the floor as music started up somewhere beyond reception. He looked at his watch seeing that it was already twenty to four and he was ten minutes late. Sam worried that Jamie would think he'd forgotten or that he didn't want to come see him but jerked his head back to Yolanda in surprise only hearing one side of the woman's conversation.


"Why you never told me you got such a handsome new boyfriend girl? He's here to pick up Jamie and we was just cheeking wid you... Yeah, said his name was Sam Cooper. Such a good looking young man... Oh... Oh... Sorry darling," She laughed looking up at Sam. "I just thought... Why not honey? He's so fine looking and you need a bit of candy once in a while... Okay baby girl if you say so but you is missing out for sure, Mmmm Mmmm..."


All Sam could do was smile at her and raise his eyebrows while he waited. What was he a piece of meat?


"Sure thing Hon. You have fun tonight you hear. See ya all next time okay."


Hanging up and looking back at Sam Yolanda smiled. "Just friends huh? You don't fool me none Mr. Samuel Cooper but I won't tell no one."


Her smile was infectious and Sam couldn't help but to grin back. "We're just friends. Really."


"Uh huh..." Yolanda said shaking her head from side to side. "Fine by me if you don't want the world to know but I know da truth when I sees it."


He was never going to convince her otherwise and didn't really care. He just wanted to get in there and see his boy. "Can I leave these here?" He asked nodding his head at the two helmets.


"Sure thing Hon." She said winking at him and turning the page around holding the pen out for him. "Just sign there and you can go in but don't make a ruckus or nut'n. Mr. Xandia don't like no interruptions."


"Thanks for the warning." Sam smiled handing the pen back.


"Don't you go forgetting to bring Master Jamie to see me so I can give him a big kiss on his birthday."


"I won't." Sam grinned thinking how much he'd probably hate it. "Thank you."


"No problem Hon. Just down the end on the right."


Finally, with his heart pounding in nervous anticipation Sam hurried down the long corridor to the double swinging doors and stopped before quietly pushing them open and stepped inside. By shear reflex and years of seeking out the smaller forms of young preteen boys in a crowd, his eyes were immediately drawn by their movements on the dance floor as his other senses were assaulted by his surroundings. `New Love' by CTFD & P Money was pounding from the speakers so loud that he could feel the techno beat in his chest as the boys swayed in a circular motion from the hip and their arms moving quickly in a complicated routine. Suddenly they dropped into a crouched position, jumped up onto one hand with their legs in the air above them and fell to the ground on their stomachs before pivoting back to their feet. Sam quickly scanned along the row of half a dozen ten to twelve year old boys and he was soon drinking in Jamie's incredibly sexy form as he danced in time with the others.


Ash was standing right next to him as they danced in sync with their heads and eyes focused squarely in front. For a few moments he just stood staring at the two boys dressed in identical light blue sleeveless t-shirts, loose fitting white satiny shorts and bare feet with enough flesh showing that it made his pulse race. It was obvious they'd been at it a while because even at this distance Sam could tell their faces were flushed with their hair sticking to their foreheads, but it was the sheen of sweat on the perfectly flawless and smooth bare skin that Sam focused on. Every slight curve and muscle on their arms and shoulders glistened with perspiration highlighting their sleek sexy bodies as they flexed and swayed back and forth. It was then that the smell hit him. It was like a shot of heroin and he felt such a longing that he almost moaned out load. The heady scent of preteen boy and sweat wasn't so much as strong, but for a man like Sam the combined odor of a dozen young lads was like a siren calling.


Keeping his eyes trained on both Jamie and Ash Sam quietly moved to the side and slipped in between the few parents or friends standing along the wall watching. He noticed another half dozen younger boys, maybe seven to nine years old sat cross legged on the floor opposite him wearing the same light blue sleeveless t-shirts and white shorts, but his attention was soon drawn back to the boys dancing in the middle. Neither of them had spotted him yet and he took a seat a few feet away from anyone else and lifted a foot up onto his knee hiding the growing bulge in his jeans as he admired their sleek youthful bodies before finally letting his eyes roam over the others. Fuck, it was like a boy lover's smorgasbord with all the bare smooth young flesh on display and more than a few were pretty damned hot and sexy. He remembered Jamie telling him Xandia liked boys the same way Sam did and he wondered if he was fucking any of them. Not Jamie or Ash, but if he was like Sam there was no way he'd be able to keep his hands to himself. Not with this much temptation staring him in the face day after day.


"Okay... Good." The man called out and Sam was surprised he didn't sound more effeminate. He certainly looked it and the way he moved reminded him how Jamie had described him as `one of those girly gays', but even Sam had to admit he was toned and fit. If he was fooling around with any of them, perhaps it wouldn't be him doing the fucking Sam thought to himself smiling. He looked back as the group of boys relaxed, rolling their heads and shoulders waiting for their teacher's next instruction which wasn't long in coming. "Again." Xandia said standing in front of them once more.


For the next ten minutes Sam watched in silence as Xandia took them through the same set over and over again. After the fourth round he'd stepped up behind the group and slowly moved from one to the other occasionally putting a hand on a slim waist altering a boy's pose or holding him still with a firm grip. Standing close behind Ash, Xandia placed one hand on his shoulder and the other on his hip pulling the boy back slightly into him. As if it were the most natural thing in the world he slipped the hand at his hip a few inches up under Ash's t-shirt onto his curved waist and held it flat against his smooth bare skin. A few seconds later Xandia moved it around to his lower abdomen with his little finger trailing along the band of Ash's shorts. He was saying something with his head over the boy's shoulder but there was no way Sam could hear over the pounding music. A faint smile spread across Ash's face and he seemed to lean back against his instructor letting the man get a good long feel his firm young body. For a second Sam was taken aback that he would do something so blatant for anyone to see, but when he looked around at the few people watching there was no reaction at all. In fact, it seemed that no one gave them more than a cursory glance and when he looked back at Ash, Xandia had moved on and had Jamie's head in both hands from behind holding it still before quickly adjusting his stance and moving on to the next boy. Jamie may not have any interest in Xandia claiming he was too girly, but it seemed to Sam that Ash wasn't so bothered by it.


The music stopped before Xandia got to the end of the line and while he walked back in front Sam saw Ash look his way and do the upwards nod of his head with his eyebrows raised. He jabbed Jamie in the side and jerked his head in Sam's direction, and when their eyes met his whole face lit up like Christmas with the biggest heart stopping smile Sam had ever seen. Jamie raised his hand to waist height and gave him a quick wave as if he were afraid of getting told off, but then he giggled when Ash lent in and whispered something into his ear. By the look on Ash's face it didn't take a genius to work out what they were talking about and they both looked back around at him. God they were both so fucking hot.


"Chris, Kyle, Jamie," Xandia barked. "Up front. The rest of you," He said pointing at both the three remaining boys and the other half dozen younger ones sitting on the other side. "Partner up and work through the first two sets. Go!"


The half dozen boys split up leaving Jamie and the two others with Xandia, the rest hurried to the side to form up into pairs. Sam watched as Ash made straight for the centre of the group towards a young boy a head shorter then he was and despite the lighter hair, there was no mistaking the family resemblance. Quinn, Ash's younger eight year old brother, who'd apparently caught Jamie and Ash together once and who Jamie had taught how to jack off was as cute and adorable as he'd said he was. Unlike Ash his hair was the color of golden sand, not quite blonde but not far from it either and hung over his ears and the nape of his neck curling just a little at the ends. His face was paler than Ash's with only a light tan and he looked up at his brother with obvious affection. After a quick whispered exchange both he and Ash turned their heads in his direction as a faint smile briefly played across the younger boy's face before Sam's attention was drawn back to the floor by the melodic sound of Sia's `Chandelier'.


`Party girls don't get hurt, can't feel anything, when will I learn...' Jamie planted his feet and stared right at him as the lyrics reverberated in the large room. Like the other two boys he slowly bent forward at the waist until his hands were flat against the floor with the tendons of his legs stretched tight, but his head was turned up with his eyes locked on Sam's and a knowing grin plastered across his angelic face.


Oh my God... he remembers. Sam thought as he watched them each lift an arm and leg at the same time, raising them over their bodies and turned until they were facing up with their hands and feet on the floor and their torsos arched into the air. He'd remember this song for as long as he lived as the one they'd first made love to, when he'd pushed into Jamie's hot slick hole with his aching cock and fucked him on his bed. It'd been slow and tender at first, but he'd soon began moving in and out of the ten year old boy as he loosened inside, pushing in harder and deeper with each thrust holding his lower body up off the bed onto his cock. Through his labored breath Jamie had pleaded with him to do it faster and masturbated himself before Sam bent him in two with his legs up around his shoulders and ploughed into him over and over again.


"I'm the one for a good time call..." Slowly the three boys shuffled their hands closer to their feet and pushed up bringing their legs over their stretched bodies until they were standing on their hands. Sam gawked as the boy's t-shirts slipped down around their chests exposing three smooth slim waists and the rippling muscles of their abdomens. As they slowly bent at the waist bringing their legs down together at a ninety degree angle he couldn't help but be blown away by the strength it took to keep that position for more than just a couple of seconds. Even more unbelievably, they then spread their legs altering their centre of balance but held the pose before once again lowering their feet down to stand on all fours. For a brief couple of seconds Sam's eyes were glued to the bare flesh of the boy's inner thighs. From his vantage directly across from them he could see all the way up to their groins and the small tightly enclosed bulges hidden away inside their underwear.


At least Jamie's actually wearing underwear today, Sam silently smiled to himself. The lower body strength it took to perform just the opening move was astounding and Sam now realized just how much effort he and Ash must put into their dancing. It was no surprise why they both looked the way they did with their killer sexy hot bodies. And it wasn't just Jamie and Ash either. The other one on Jamie's right was hot as fuck as well and he looked to be about the same age, maybe just a little younger.


"One two three, one two three drink..." Sia's voice sang out and Sam felt the base booming around the enclosed room as all three boys jumped up from their crouched position. Sam sat in stunned silence as all three bounded up off their feet doing a complete back flip in unison, landing on their feet and then falling backwards to the floor only catching themselves at the last split-second with their hands. All three rolled onto their stomachs and pushed up one-handed with just their toes touching the floor and their free arms outstretched across each other's backs.


"Cool huh?" Ash said dropping heavily into the seat next to him. He hadn't noticed the overly confident and sexy as fuck little bugger approach until the chair jumped under Sam's ass having been so focused on Jamie and the other boys. Before he knew it Ash's leg was against his and he felt a quick thrill run through his body when the boy lent into him. "I can do that too you know."


"Yeah?" Sam answered raising his eyebrows giving him a `whatever' look. Play it cool... pretend like you don't fucking care! Sam thought. If you're too eager he'll make you squirm before giving you what you want! "So why aren't you up there then?" He said jerking his head towards Jamie and the other two boys.


Oh God... he smells so fucking good!


Ash smiled disarmingly showing off his straight white teeth and cocked his head to one side ready for another joust of words. "'Cos, dumbass... Us three do a different set but at the same time. We don't need to practice anymore because we're already perfect!"


"Really?" Sam said sarcastically with his head turned toward Ash and took in a deep breath of his sweet sexy scent. "Guess I'll see for myself soon then huh?" He glanced down at the boy's crotch wondering when he'd get to see him naked and just how perfect he was underneath his clothes. Apart from the Skype call Sam had yet to touch his dick or even see it in the flesh, but God he wanted to get into his pants and bury his face between those silky smooth thighs...


"Soon enough." Ash said grinning seeing where Sam had looked. He lowered his voice and lent in a little closer to Sam. "So you gonna do it with Jamie again today?"


Sam's heart rate skyrocketed at hearing Ash ask him if he was going to fuck Jamie. "If he wants to, but I promised him he could do `it' to me remember?"


Ash pulled a face and looked a little guilty. "I asked him not to `cos you hafta let us both do you at the same time."


"Oh, I do do I?" Sam laughed looking around quickly making sure no one was close enough to overhear. The music was so loud they couldn't have heard unless they were as close as Ash was right now. "You really wanna fuck me huh?"


Ash nodded his head up and down with his big dark brown eyes shining with excitement. "Don't forget I get to fuck you too if you do." Sam said placing his hand on the bare skin just below the boy's shorts and stroked his little finger in small circles high up on Ash's inner thigh.


"I know." Ash whispered and ever so subtly moved his legs wider apart.


"You know, I'm pretty sure Xandia wants to fuck you too." Sam said savoring the feel of his silky thigh on his fingertip and smiled at Ash's reaction. His face screwed up as he quickly looked at his instructor and shook his head turning back to Sam.


"Eww..." He said with distaste looking like the eleven year old boy he was.


"No? Looked to me like you were enjoying letting him feel you up before."


Caught red handed Ash smiled and shrugged his shoulders brushing off what Xandia had done as if it was nothing. "So? Maybe I was pretending it was someone else." He said as Xandia's voice drew both their attention back to the floor.


"Closer Chris..." Xandia ordered as he stepped up to the two boys putting a hand on the small of Chris's back and pushed him into Jamie. "Like that."


For a moment Sam forgot about what Ash had just said and watched the two boys as they moved together with their chest practically touching. The blatant sexual tone of the dance was staggering and made even more so by the fact it was two preteen boys performing it that caused Sam's cock to swell in his jeans. There was no doubt in his mind that as soon as he got Jamie alone in his apartment he'd be all over the birthday boy stripping him naked and fucking him. Ash obviously had the same thought.


"I wish I was going back with you and Jamie to your place..." He said glancing over at his eight year old brother.


He followed Ash's gaze towards Quinn practicing with one of the older boys that had left the dance floor with Ash. I wonder if he knows Jamie's got the hots for him. Sam thought. "He's cute." Sam said. "He looks like you."


"Why does everyone says that?" Ash said turning back to Sam. "He's blonde and I'm not." Was that a trace of resentment? Did Ash think not being blonde somehow made him less attractive? Suddenly Sam saw a glimpse of the real Ash; an insecure and vulnerable boy measuring himself against his brother who he perceived as being better looking. Was that why he acted the way he did?


"What... You think because he's blonde he's cuter than you?" Sam asked giving Ash a quizzical look.


"No!" He said suddenly defiant.


"Good. Because I think you're very cute... and sexy as fuck too."


"But not as cute as Jamie right?"


Sam couldn't believe what he was hearing. Where had the cocky self-assured little shit otherwise known as Ash gone? "Just as cute, just as sexy and definitely just as fuckable." Sam said putting an emphasis into each statement.


Ash's face lit up and he looked so adorable but then just as quickly the old Ash returned. "Keep dreaming old man." He said but he hadn't moved his leg away even when Sam inched his hand higher and brushed his finger against the firm lump between his legs.


"I am gonna fuck you Ash," Sam whispered into his ear quickly looking around again making sure no one was looking before leaning into him. "Maybe not today, but soon. And you're going to beg me to do it."


Ash grinned up at him with his dark eyes flashing. "Nah-uh." He almost squeaked as Sam pressed into his tight sac and felt the growing hardness of his small sex. The kid wanted it and just as Ash pushed his crotch forward into his wandering hand Sam withdrew it leaving him hungry for more. "Did you wanna meet him?"




"Quinn ya dick... who'd ya think?"


"Sure." Sam said ignoring his smartass reply.


Ash quickly jumped up off his seat and Sam pulled his arm back across his legs watching the boy's small firm ass as he made his way over to his brother. He bit his lower lip seeing the loose material of his shorts wedged between the two mounds of his cheeks and wondered how long he'd have to wait before he fucked the little shit. As soon as Ash whispered into Quinn's ear the younger boy looked around his brother's body at him and a half smile formed on one side in a lopsided grin. Turning around and pulling Quinn by the arm the two boys were soon standing back in front of Sam while Jamie and the others were going through the same routine yet again.


"This is Quinn, my brother. He's eight." Ash said even though Sam already knew.


Eight. The same age as Sam had been when he first started selling his body to men on the streets for a few bucks. Jesus was I ever that young? Quinn would only be in fourth grade and he looked it with his slightly rounded face and bright expressive eyes. They were hazel with flecks of green and Sam couldn't help but think that he was about the cutest little boy he'd ever seen. He'd be popular on the streets... Every man would want a go at fucking this one. Trying not to stare too long he smiled across at the boy who, even though Sam was sitting was still at eye level and held out his hand.


"Hi Quinn, it's very nice to meet you. I'm Sam." The boy placed his hand in Sam's and looked up at his brother.


"Yeah I know... You're Jamie's new friend." He said shyly looking back at him. His voice was soft and high pitched, and his small hand seemed lost in Sam's for a few seconds as they shook. When he felt the boy relax his grip Sam let him go and flicked his eyes down over his young clothed body and then back up to his face. The loose t-shirt hung straight down from his chest and over his slim frame without even the barest hint of baby fat on his belly like most boys his age would have. There was some definition to his chest and shoulders like his older brother and Sam could only assume it was the demanding physical exercise that made him look so damn sexy.


"Ash's told me a lot about you." Sam said fighting the urge to look down once again at his crotch wondering whether he was uncut like his brother. "So, are you going to Jamie's birthday on Saturday too?"


Quinn smiled nodding his head up and down eagerly with his eyebrows raised. "Yeah. We're going to the beach at Coney Island and we're gonna go swimming and skateboarding and ride the roller coasters."


"Cool. That sounds like fun." Sam said smiling as he glanced at Ash. "Maybe I'll see you there and you can hang out with me for a bit if you wanted to."


"You're going too?" Quinn asked with a look of surprise.


"Duh!" Ash elbowed him in the shoulder. "Course he is ya dick."


It was adorable to see the wounded expression on Quinn's face quickly turn into a cheeky lopsided grin once he saw Ash smiling and realized it wasn't meant to hurt him. "Well I didn't know did I..." The cute eight year old turned back to Sam. "I can show you the tricks Jamie and Ash teached me on the skateboard."


"Sure you can buddy. I'd like that." Sam said looking between the two brothers to see if Xandia had noticed they were missing. "But you'd better get back out there before Xandia notices you talking to me. I wouldn't want to get you in trouble."


"Kay... Bye Sam." Quinn flashed him another sweet smile and waved as he skipped back onto the floor leaving Ash to sit down by his side again.


Sam watched him go and lent into Ash's ear. "He is kinda cute ain't he? Nice bum too. Have you...?" He let the question hang even though Jamie had already told him Ash hadn't touched his brother.


"Nooo..." Ash grinned. "I think I want to, but he's my brother."




"It'd be weird."


"But you do it with your Uncle." Sam said grinning. "How'd doing stuff with Quinn be any different? It's not like you're gonna get him pregnant or anything."


"Yeah, `cos he's a boy."


"That too, but I was meaning because you don't cum yet." Sam laughed quietly.


Ash covered his mouth to stifle his laugh. "Maybe..."


"You should. He's lucky having a brother like you who'd do that for him, but you'd better get back out there with him otherwise I might kidnap him and take him home with me." Sam said knowing Ash would probably encourage him to do just that. He could clearly see the evidence of the boy's arousal in his crotch and that his erection would be poking a tent in his shorts when he stood up. But despite his condition Ash showed no embarrassment at all as he jumped up and simply shoved his hand down the front of his shorts to adjust himself before holding it up to his nose.


"Whatever..." He teased Sam. "I bet you wish you could take me home and suck me right now too."


Fucking hell... "Yeah, but I'd have to find it first." Sam winked at the sexy eleven year old. "Maybe if you needed to pee I could help out."


"Okay..." Ash said with an air of confidence and smirked just a little as if Sam was his own personal sex toy. "You go first though and I'll tell Xandia I have to go to the bathroom."


Sam groaned silently as the heavy weight of guilt settled on him. He hadn't meant for Ash to take him seriously. There was no way he was going to the bathroom with him when the chance of discovery was far too great, but he didn't think Ash would understand that. He'd think Sam was toying with him and had done it on purpose.


"Again, from the start." Xandia's voice called out and the music stopped suddenly as the three boys on the dance floor stood and got back into position before the music started up again.


"Ash," Sam said softly and shaking his head once he was sure they couldn't be overheard again. He wished he didn't have to deny the boy, but the risk of being caught was too real. All it would take was for someone to walk in and notice the two of them in a cubicle together. "I can't buddy. If we got caught..."


"We won't." Ash smiled. Their voices were drowned out by the throbbing music and Sam had to lean in to hear what he said next bringing his face closer to the standing boy's crotch. "The main door on the boys bathrooms locks from the inside. Please? I really want you to suck me."


For a brief moment Sam tore his eyes from the small rounded bulge in Ash's shorts and turned to see Jamie glance their way. He and the other two boys, Chris and Kyle were on all fours again about to jump up into a back flip, but the grin Jamie gave him and the slight raise of his eyebrows was like he knew what his boyfriend was asking.


"You sure it locks on the inside?" Sam asked. His voice was strained and tense as the adrenaline coursed through his body making him tremble. Ash nodded his head and Sam's mouth went dry and his hands shook knowing his mind was already made up. He was going to suck Ash's hairless uncut cock and make him orgasm in his mouth in a public bathroom just across the hallway. "Okay."


"Wicked!" Seeing the excited sexually driven expression on the angelic face of an eleven year old boy was beyond erotic and Sam wondered what the fuck he'd gotten himself into. He was far more sexual than Jamie and probably got what he wanted more often than not. Just then Xandia called Ash's name and his head whipped around seeing the man motioning him back to the floor and the boy hesitated. He looked back at Sam with a crestfallen expression on his gorgeous sweet looking face and his shoulders slumped.


"Maybe I can tell him I have to pee after this set but you gotta leave before me so it don't look weird." He said with a faint smile. "If you wait till we do this set and then go out that's when I'll tell Xandia."


"You're a horny little fucker aren't you?" Sam whispered up to him grinning and then nodded his head.


"Yep. But so are you."


"Okay sport... be quick." Ash flashed him a big toothy smile and spun on his heels trotting back out to the dance floor to stand at Quinn's side once again. The two boys lent in together for a few moments and Quinn glanced back at him with a mischievous smirk before Xandia called for their attention. Had Ash told his brother about him and Jamie? Did he know Sam was going to suck his brother's dick in just a few minutes? He wasn't sure how he felt about that. It was exhilarating to think he did, and that that smirk meant he was now looking at Sam in a new light, but on the other hand it was also terrifying because there could now be a third boy who knew what he was doing.


It was an agonizing thirty minute wait as Sam sat there watching as the boy's practiced their routines. Xandia was patient and obviously had great skill in the way he made small adjustments and offered words of encouragement. He never raised his voice and pointed out mistakes kindly without berating any of them, but Sam did notice him steeling small intimate touches with all the boys when there was no reason to. The only conclusion he could make was that Jamie and Ash were right, that the man was a lover of young preteen boys like himself and enjoyed the feeling of their soft bare flesh. He paid particular attention to both Ash and Chris, the other boy Sam had noticed who had been dancing with Jamie. He was a hottie for sure and he seemed very comfortable with Xandia's hands on his young body, and on more than one occasion he would glance up at his instructor whenever his hand crept inside his t-shirt again running his fingers along the boy's stomach and lower abdomen with a smile. There was another boy ripe for the picking; assuming Xandia hadn't bedded him already, which Sam thought, was highly probable.


The highlight of Sam's introduction to their dance practice though was when the two groups of three came together in their separate routines as the music pounded through the speakers. The dance had started off something closer to a gymnastics routing, but by the end it was more vivacious and spirited, the movements precise yet hurried as the skipped, gyrated and spun around the wooden floor in natural sync with each other. But it was the unbelievable display of flexibility that staggered him the most when Jamie, Chris and Kyle all dropped to their asses in front of the other three with their legs scissored straight out both in front and behind after a series of complicated hop-hop moves. No wonder it'd been so easy to bend him in half with his legs around his ears as he fucked him.


His reverie was interrupted by the vibration of his phone in his jeans pocket and Sam pulled it out thankful he'd had the foresight to turn it onto silent. A wide smile spread across his face as he read the text message from Shell;


I hear Yolanda thinks you're my new bf? LOL! Is it okay if I'm a bit late tonight? A client asked if he could take me out for a drink so it might be around 7? I'm sure Jamie won't mind another hour being just the two of you J If you can't put dinner off then I can cancel but he's really hot and I think he wants to buy a $200K piece so... pretty please? Shell.


Another whole hour alone with Jamie, naked and horny? Of course he could put dinner off, but even if he couldn't there was no way he was going to pass up an opportunity like this. He reread the message again pausing on Shell's comment about Jamie not minding and wondered if she was hinting at what he thought she knew. On a whim he decided to be bold and began typing out his own veiled message;


Sure thing babe! (Gotta keep up appearances for Yolanda J). I'll do diner for 7:30. I'm sure I can entertain Jamie until then... Text me half an hour before you get there so I can put it in. Good luck on the `sale' XOXO.


More like take it out... Sam thought ruefully. And then get him cleaned up before she got there. Her reply was almost immediate;


I bet. Thanks Sammy... J


Sammy. Was that another hint teasing him about her son's obvious crush on him? Putting his phone back in his pocked he looked up at Jamie and decided not to tell him about his Mom's late arrival. He'd keep that as a surprise for later.


He saw Ash trying to catch his attention and subtly nodding his head with his eyebrows raised. Having gotten caught up in his routine it'd appeared that the boy had forgotten about his plan to get Sam alone in the bathroom, but it seemed he was finally giving him the signal to make his way out. He waited a minute before standing and discreetly adjusted himself. God he couldn't wait to get Ash's pants down around his ankles and taste his delicious little cock. The irony of sucking him off at dance practice only minutes after Xandia had run his hand along Ash's waist and bare skin with obvious desire was thrilling. Ash was offering him the one thing the other man wanted but couldn't have and he didn't even know it.


Without meaning to he was looking at Xandia as he thought about what the other man was missing out on and suddenly realized he was looking back at him. Not wanting their gaze to linger on one another too long Sam quickly turned and made his way toward the doors and slipped out, but not before catching little Quinn watching him with a grin on his cute face. Feeling both relived to have escaped Xandia's knowing stare and the excited anticipation of finally tasting the forbidden flesh of Ash's sexy smooth body had him on edge. The boys' bathroom was a few feet down the corridor on the opposite side and Sam let himself in, closing the door behind him and lent back into it taking in a deep breath to calm his nerves. What the fuck was he thinking agreeing to suck a preteen boy's cock in a public bathroom?


Looking around the small room Sam was surprised that it was so well appointed and clean and the smell almost pleasant. There were four wall mounted urinals on the far wall only two of which were adult height, a single stall to the left with the door ajar and a long bench top with two hand basins below a large spotlessly clean mirror. Even the tiles gleamed in the overhead lights making the room seem larger than it was. He couldn't believe that in just a few minutes he was going to blow an eleven year old boy here in this room. And not just any boy either. Less than twenty yards away from Jamie and a dozen other boys, not to mention Xandia and the other parents, he was going to suck Ash's bald preteen cock like he'd wanted to since first meeting him at Shell's apartment. Did his dance instructor suspect? Surely he did if his mind worked anything like Sam's. He'd seen them talking together and when Ash told him he was going to the toilet and Sam was missing, he must suspect that something was up. Then he smiled to himself.


Yeah, Ash in about thirty seconds.


The kid was a fantastic kisser though and Sam wet his lips looking at himself in the mirror as he leaned into the bench-top running a hand across his face feeling for stubble. There was none; he'd shaved only a couple hours ago so his skin felt smooth and soft as he imagined Ash's warm breath and velvety wet tongue pushing into his open mouth. His cock had softened somewhat to the point where it no longer strained against his jeans, but at the thought of kissing the boy it began to swell once again just as he heard the door open. Looking up into the mirror he saw Ash step inside closing the door behind him and a there was the distinct sound of the lock being turned. Suddenly Sam's heart was racing.


God, he was so fucking hot! Sam swallowed hard letting his eyes drop down to the boy's crotch and back up to his face. His mouth watered knowing that at last he was going to get into Ash's pants and suck him. But he didn't want to just stop there. He wanted to fuck the little shit and fill his ass with cum. That was the difference Sam realized then; he wanted to fuck Ash, not make love to him like he did Jamie. He wanted to plough into his tight little hole and shove his cock hard up his ass, to unload inside him and breed him just to satisfy his carnal desires. And, he suspected, that was exactly what Ash wanted too.


The boy was smiling at him and lowered his hand to rub at the front of his shorts. "Jamie didn't think I'd be able to get you to do it in here."


"Do what?" Sam asked turning around and lent back into the bench-top wanting the boy to come to him.


"Suck me. I bet him I could get you to."


Little fucking shits... Sam scowled with fake offense. "Get me to?" He motioned with his finger for Ash to come closer. "Why would Jamie think I wouldn't? I really wanted to get into your pants and suck you in his room on Saturday."


"So why didn't..." Ash started but as soon as he was within reach Sam grabbed his sleeveless t-shirt in his fist and pulled him forward a step to stand between his feet. At the same time he swatted Ash's hand away from his crotch and squashed his palm into the tight little bulge in his shorts cupping his small balls in his fingers and squeezed. Ash drew in a sudden breath and his mouth gaped open in surprise as Sam felt and fondled him through his shorts for the first time.


"You like that?" Sam asked with his voice full of lust and desire. Ash nodded his head with his mouth still open and pushed his hard boner into Sam's hand.


"What else did you wanna do with me?" Ash asked with such an innocent look on his face as he stood there letting Sam grope and feel his rock hard little cock.


The first thing that Sam thought was that he wanted to kiss him again. He was a fucking great kisser. Even better than Jamie was. He'd shown Sam just how good he was on Saturday when he'd humped himself to orgasm on top of him. They'd kissed for the first time and as he glanced down from the boy's dark brown eyes to his soft wet lips the memory of his taste came flooding back. He'd pushed his small wet tongue into Sam's mouth flicking it around and pulled back inviting Sam to do the same. God, the things he did with his tongue... Instant fucking erection.


"I want you to kiss me again." Sam answered before turning them both around with Ash's back to the mirror digging into the bench-top. He pressed his body against Ash's chest with the top of his head reaching only as far as Sam's chin forcing him to lean backwards over the counter. Sam breathed him in as he squeezed the boy's sex eliciting soft moans of pleasure and tilted his head back with his other hand on his neck and hair. The sweet smell of apples and soap was tinged with the boyish aroma of his workout and it drove Sam crazy with lust for the eleven year old stud.


"What else?" Ash asked as Sam lowered his face down into his throat brushing his lips over the smooth skin and up to his ear.


"Fuck you." He whispered pressing his body harder against Ash's and with his hand wedged between them he inched his fingers up to the boy's waist feeling the firm taut muscles of his abdomen before slipping them down underneath both his shorts and snug fitting underwear.


The soft smoothness of his flat hairless mound was like silk as Sam grazed his fingertips down making Ash tense up and giggle through a closed lipped moan. When he touched the hard little spike of warm throbbing flesh and wrapped three fingers around it he moved his face up to Ash's and traced his tongue along the boy's lips.


"Will you let me fuck you Ash?" Sam groaned into his mouth as he slowly started to move his hand up and down feeling the skin of his penis sliding back and forth with it. He waited until the boy nodded his head and then closed his mouth over Ash's pushing his tongue forward when he opened up for him. God he tasted so fucking good. So warm and soft and sweet. Ash's ragged breath panting over his cheek was matched only by the beating of his heart in his small frame as Sam peeled his foreskin down with his fingers exposing the small cherry sized glans and pressed his four inch erection flat into his body held within the palm of his hand.


Sam's reward was Ash's tongue pushing back on his own and entering his mouth as the boy ferociously ground his lips against his and wrapped his arms around his neck pulling his head down into him. His tongue was everywhere; under his lips sliding along his teeth, flicking back and forth across his own and delving in deep to graze the roof of his mouth. Sam closed his own lips around the boy's and sucked him in hard tasting the sweetness of his saliva soaked tongue as he squeezed Ash's baby smooth balls between his thumb and finger and slowly jacked him off.


As much as he wanted to savor the moment Sam knew they didn't have time. If he wanted to get Ash off and suck him to orgasm he needed to get on with it. With a muffled moan from the boy, Sam pulled out from under his briefs and reached around to his ass with both hands lifting him up causing the boy to grunt into his mouth. He set him back down with his butt on the edge of the counter and quickly moving in-between his spread legs, their lips remaining locked together throughout and their heavy breaths cascading over each other's cheeks. It was the hottest, sloppy, saliva soaked kiss Sam could remember in a very long time and Ash seemed to have no intention of removing his velvety soft tongue from his mouth.


With a hand flat on Ash's young chest Sam gently pushed him back and their lips eventually separated. Breathing hard and swallowing the boy's saliva he forced the boy back until his head and shoulders were pressed against the mirror and looked down at his tented crotch. His rock hard four inch spike had felt so fucking good in his hand and Sam could hardly believe he'd been denied coping a feel of his cock until just now, yet he'd had a finger up inside his hot little hole in Jamie's room the other night laying on his bed.


Still looking down at his slim waist and crotch, Sam slipped his hands under the loose material of Ash's t-shirt and around his hips feeling the silken skin of bare flesh as the shirt rode up around his chest. Their eyes met as he glanced up smiling with desire written all over his face.


"Jesus Christ... You've got one hell of a fucking hot body Ash." He said as his hands roamed up to his defined breasts with both thumbs grazing over the tiny points of his erect nipples. The boy's stomach was laid bare and tensed with the curve of his back leaning into the mirror and Sam could clearly see the immature six-pack just starting to form with just two thin lines of skin folded over where he was bent. His legs were splayed open around Sam's waist as he caressed Ash's body and pushed his cock harder into the boy's crotch feeling the small nail of his penis rub against it through the flimsy fabric of his shorts.


"You're hard too." Ash teased dropping his arms to his sides silently offering up his body to Sam's touch.


"Course I fucking am," Sam groaned. He couldn't wait any longer. He needed Ash's hot little cock in his mouth and clenched his t-shirt in his fists. "Hook your shirt over your head." Sam said lifting it up and stretched it over the boy's head as he tilted it forward. He wrapped it around his neck and Ash rested back into the mirror again giving him an unobstructed view of his toned body and ran both hands down over his chest to his flat narrow stomach. Like Jamie, he was a little small for his age and just one of Sam's hands covered more than half his stomach and his muscles rippled under his fingers as he tickled down to the waistband of his shorts.


Ash let out a little moan and Sam looked up to see him with his teeth clenched together. His grinning face tensed as he fought not to squirm letting Sam glide his hand down over the tented spike and grope at his balls. "Fuuu..." The eleven year old boy moaned and pushed up into Sam's hand.


"Bet Xandia wishes he could see you like this and touch you like I am huh?"


The boy gave a barely discernible nod and smiled. "Sucks to be him."


Despite being short on time and the pressing need to devour Ash's hard as fuck prepubescent cock, Sam continued to tease the little shit a while longer. He moved his hands away from the boy's rigid nail and the lump of his balls to hold him around his slim waist and lent down to lick the tip of his tongue over the satiny smoothness of his golden bronzed skin. Sam groaned with longing at the lingering taste of sweat on his developing chest as he flicked across one teeny erect nipple not much larger than the size of a biro tip, covering it with his open mouth and suckled it like he was going to give the boy a hickey. His hands tightened around Ash's waist and his thumbs dug into the firm muscle of his stomach as he breathed in the intoxicating scent of his young body and realized the boy was panting with quick stuttering breaths as he chewed on the minuscule nub.


"Aaaaaahhh... fuuuuuck..." Ash moaned in obvious pleasure as if it were the first time anyone had sucked on his tit. For a brief moment he wondered if his Uncle made love to him like Sam had with Jamie or whether, like himself, he just wanted to fuck the living shit out of the kid. But whatever their relationship was, Ash wasn't about to give him time to ponder it as he felt the boy's hands exert pressure on his head pushing him down into his crotch.


"C'mon, you hafta suck me now... please." The pleading in his voice was evident and Sam decided that enough was enough. The boy obviously needed it. He reached around to Ash's lower back and down to the top of the waistband surrounding his narrow hips and hooked his fingers underneath digging into the soft flesh of his buttocks.


"Lift." Sam ordered turning his head back up to the boy's face.


Ash planted his hands flat on the counter-top raising his ass up a few inches and as soon as he did Sam's fingers slid inside his briefs catching the waistband with his thumbs and pushed them down under his butt and around the boy's thighs. He stepped back letting Ash close his legs and without looking down he shoved them over his knees leaving them to drop to the floor thankful that he'd been bare foot for practice. Up until now all thoughts of his own leaking cock had been forgotten but there was no way he could've ignored the almost painful confinement of his erection in his jeans any longer as he wedged his hands under Ash's knees.


"Put your feet on the counter." Sam ordered again and lifted Ash's legs up spreading them apart and finally looked down between his thighs at the object of his most fervent desire. The boy was rock hard and his four inch cock was pointing up to his belly over his smooth bald mound, the taut band of skin retracted revealing the small acorn of his glans and a narrow strip of red flesh below it. Jesus fucking Christ it was magnificent. He fucking loved young bald hairless boys and Sam could actually feel the precum surging up his cock as he devoured the boy's nearly naked form with his eyes and stroked his hands down inside Ash's satiny thighs. He pushed him back rolling his ass up a little more as he knelt down on the floor staring at the small puckered knot of Ash's delicious honey pot. Like Jamie's, his starfished eye was surround by a darker oval shaped ring that Sam had seen so often on all the boy's living in the old abandoned warehouse. That an adult cock had been buried deep inside a much smaller hole over and over again was unmistakable and Sam knew his own ass would've looked even more used at Ash's age. Until meeting Leo he'd probably been fucked by close to a hundred fifty different men before reaching his tenth birthday, and here he was now about to rim the second wrinkled asshole of a very, very young boy within a week.


Using his thumbs Sam pried Ash's cheeks apart opening up his hole until he could see the pink flesh of his insides and moved in with his nose brushing the boy's perineum. The smell was intoxicating, but it was the damp moistness of lingering sweat on his skin from over an hour of physical exercise that drove Sam to spear his tongue and enter Ash's anal canal causing the boy to draw in a shuddering breath and moan in delight above him. Fuck he tasted so good. Like liquorish, sweet and bitter and acidic all at the same time. Sam drove in with ravenous hunger pushing his tongue through his outer muscle as far into the tangy sheath of flesh as he could. His cock was uncomfortably restrained within his jeans and if they hadn't been at the boy's dance practice Sam would've ripped open his fly giving it the freedom to harden before pile-driving into him and fucking the living hell out of the boy until he unloaded deep in his bowels. Instead, he feasted on Ash's divine tasting hole and ate him out listening to the high pitched guttural moans emanating from above and snaked a finger up alongside his tongue. He slid it around the wet slippery ring of his anus as he withdrew his mouth and moved up to his jutting little spear. A quick look up confirmed Sam's suspicions; Ash was staring down at him with half lidded eyes and desire written across his flawlessly smooth face and he gasped when Sam's lips grazed up the short pole of his cock and his tongue flicked across the underside of his exposed ultra-sensitive head.


Sam pressed in and easily breached the taut muscle of Ash's hole and buried his middle finger to the second knuckle. Turning it upwards towards the root of Ash's cock, Sam raised himself up into a crouching position searching for the tiny pea sized gland of his prostate. With his free hand he squashed his palm into the boy's small rounded sac sliding his fingers either side of his four inch boyhood and holding the skin down he closed his lips over the swollen cherry sized head.


"Ohhhh..." Ash moaned with a stuttered breath watching Sam take his dick into his mouth for the first time. "Fuck yeah." His slim flat stomach quivered in anticipation but Sam had no intention of letting the boy get what he wanted straight away. Being very careful not to actually hurt him Sam scrapped his teeth over his glans and held it just below the ridge poised as if he were about to bite it off. The look on Ash's face was worth it; his mouth hung open and his eyes went wide with surprise and just a hint of fear.


That soon changed when Sam flicked his tongue across the small cherry sized head and circled around it tasting the faint secretions of the eleven year old boy's precum and loving it. The exquisite flavor was as sweet as he remembered it being and longed for the time when Jamie's was more than just a mere hint. He closed his lips around Ash's thin shaft and just like with Jamie and the other boy's he'd sucked so many years ago, it was both rock hard at the core yet spongy soft and smooth all at the same time. There was absolutely nothing that could compare to the taste and feel of a young boy's excited penis in his mouth. Ash was biting his lower lip moaning louder than he'd have liked as the heat surrounded his prepubescent cock and the pressure of Sam's vacuumed cheeks caused his cock to swell and jerk in response.


"Mmmm... shit. Suck it..." He groaned in a loud whisper as he pushed his hips up into Sam's face trying to fuck into his mouth. "That feels so good... Fuck me with your finger and make me come."


Sam smiled around Ash's small organ sliding in and out of his mouth. His language was filthier than Jamie's and he used the F word far more often. But he fucking loved it.


He lifted off Ash's cock for just a moment. "Take your t-shirt all the way off. I want you naked." Sam said before doing as he was told grazing over his prostate with his finger. He felt rather than saw Ash struggle as he lifted his arms and peeled his shirt off over his head and tossed it to the floor. His small hands were quickly in Sam's hair again grasping at him as he bobbed up and down an inch at a time riding the ridge of Ash's tiny glans with his lips. He didn't venture any further down just yet. He wanted to savor the feeling of his boyhood in his mouth with a finger up his hot moist ass. The boy jerked once letting out an agonized squeal of pleasure as Sam pressed into his prostate and swirled his tongue around his head and then engulfed him fully down to the base of his thin shaft. There was no wonder Jamie had to cover his mouth to keep him quiet when his Mom was home.


Slowly at first he slid up and down luxuriating in the feel of his rock hard boner and the soft spongy head on his tongue. Keeping the skin held back with his fingers pressed into the wrinkled globe of his balls Sam massaged his thumb into Ash's sac and rubbed up and down along the root of his cock just above his taint. In the back of his mind Sam noted the slightly raised mound of his pubis that was more prominent than Jamie's and as he buried his face into it he inhaled the boy's sex. He relaxed his grip a little and let Ash's foreskin close over his glans and tugged on it with his lips before pulling it back down until just half his head was covered. Sam then slipped the tip of his tongue between the boy's thin delicate skin and soft cherry glans and pulled up with his lips. He circled his tongue around and around inside his foreskin while at the same time digging into Ash's ass and firmly pressed on his pea sized prostate.


"Yesssssss!" Ash hissed as he lifted his shoulders off the mirror and thrust his chest forward for a second and then relaxed again watching the top of Sam's head move up and down between his legs. His dark brown bedroom eyes were hooded and glazed over as if he were on a different planet with the intensity of his immature sexual cravings. Sam could feel it too, from the inflexible rock hard little cock in his mouth and the gripping muscle of his sphincter as he jammed in a second finger and rammed it in to the hilt. Ash grunted but then pushed back into his fingers wanting more. If they had time Sam was sure he'd willingly let him slide his dripping cock into his slicked up hole and fuck him right here on the counter. He'd go back into practice with an ass fill of semen running out of his recently fucked ring and continue on with a huge shit eating grin plastered across his angelic face. Jamie would know just by looking at him. Did he have time? If he got the little shit off quick enough maybe he did... Oh hell, screw it. He wanted this boy so fucking much; he was going to do him just like Sam knew the boy wanted him to.


Sam felt the boy's young, hot and unbelievably erect little four inch cock throb in his mouth as he hurriedly fucked in and out of him with his fingers bent and scissoring in his loosened ass. Sweet sounding whimpers echoed around the small bathroom and anyone listening outside the door would know it was the high pitched voice of a boy in the height of sexual ecstasy only moments before orgasm.


"Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck..." Ash squealed as Sam pried a third finger into him pressing hard into his prostate. "Suck my dick bitch!"


His reaction was almost immediate; Sam's head came up letting Ash's straining cock slip from his mouth and lips and looked up over the boy's curved stomach to his face in disbelief. "What did you just say?" There was a note of anger in Sam's voice.


"I said suck it!" Ash replied lifting his crotch trying to aim his throbbing erection back into Sam's mouth. He'd been only seconds away from orgasm and was desperate for Sam's wet sucking mouth to finish him off, but even the three fingers shoved deep into his wide open hole had stopped moving.


"What did you call me?" Sam asked with a stern edge and his anger rising to the forefront ignoring the boy's jutting spear an inch away from his lips.


Not realising the anger was real Ash smirked down at him and cocked his head to one side panting. "I called you my bitch... `cos that's what you are now." He said. "So just suck it okay... Fucker."


Ash's words evoked painful memories from his past; living as a nine year old prostitute in back alleys and the dark underworld of child prostitution where some of the men had used him as nothing other than a plaything to fuck and abuse. They'd degraded him in so many ways not only in what they did to him, but with the names they'd called him while doing so. From personal experience Sam knew there were far more true lovers of young boys out there than there were predators and monsters, but it was those few that took their pleasure from telling him he was a slut, a whore, faggot, bitch or a raft of so many other names as they abused his small tender body. Like the other boys he had to endure such things and like a rag doll they would fuck him again and again until they'd satisfied their desires. By far the worst abuse was the last night he spent as a rent-boy when he was raped and burnt by three evil men who not only took his body, but his spirit as well. Hearing those same words from Ash now was like reliving those nights and pulling his fingers from the boy's ass a look of sadness crossed his face.


This was the boy Jamie had chosen; he was cocky and self-assured and liked to play games with him which turned Sam on so much it made his blood boil, but he'd seen through the charade for just a moment at the vulnerable and caring young boy that he was. Yet it was this side of him that turned Sam's stomach such that if it meant having nothing more to do with him ever again, he'd walk away without looking back.


"Don't you ever talk to me like that you little shit!" Sam spat out as he stood and wiped his fingers on Ash's thigh looking down at him in contempt. "Got it?"


Ash's expression slowly changed into a look of confusion as he realized Sam was serious. "What?"


"What'd'ya mean `what'? You know God damn well what I mean Ash."


"No I don't!"


"Bullshit! You DO NOT call me those names."


"Bitch?" It finally dawned on him what he was talking about but didn't know why he was so angry. "What's wrong with calling you a bitch? I didn't mean it."


"Yes you did." He couldn't help himself. The anger and loathing built up and he spoke before thinking. "You might be a hot little fucker Ash, but sometimes you can be a vile and unpleasant little shit and I really don't think I like that part of you very much."


The boy stared back at him in shock. The confusion was written all over his face as he struggled with what Sam had just said. His voice was quiet and full of sorrow as he looked up at him. "Why are you being so mean?"


"Mean? I'm not being mean Ash; I'm telling you the truth." He could see the tears welling up in his eyes threatening to spill over as he turned to the door but he didn't care.


"I hate you!" Ash choked out behind him.


"Yeah?" Sam asked turning back for a second. "You should probably put your pants back on before someone comes in."


Ash defiantly dropped his legs and slipped to the floor standing naked in front of Sam with his rigid four inch hairless cock still pointing out in a slightly upwards angle and the taut band of his foreskin skinned back behind his cherry red head. "Fuck you asshole!"


"I don't think either of us will be doing that now will we?" Sam said looking behind the boy at the mirror he'd just been leaning against. Where Ash's shoulders had been pressing against the glass, two frosted impressions created by the heat of his hot little body were like angel wings. He's no fucking angel... Sam thought before unlocking the door and leaving the naked boy alone.


He hadn't taken two steps before his head started to throb like a thousand pounds were pressing into his skull and a feeling of sudden guilt descended upon him. What the fuck had he just done? He'd just told an eleven year old boy he was vile... Only a couple of minutes ago he was sucking his cock and planning on bringing the boy to the brink of orgasm and edging him until he begged for it. Maybe he'd have fucked him too, but now he'd left him there in the bathroom, probably crying and hurting and it was Sam's fault for taking his own feelings out on him. And for what? Calling him names?


Sam pushed open the double doors without registering the pounding music or even looking up to see Jamie watch him as he made his way back to his seat. Vowing to talk to Ash once practice was over and apologize to the boy, he kept glancing at the doors waiting for them to swing open and for him to come striding back in. He didn't want to spoil Jamie's birthday but more than that, he couldn't leave Ash thinking he actually meant the things he'd said to him. What he'd just done was worse than simple name calling and the boy didn't deserve that no matter how painful the memories had been that Ash's words had evoked. Looking at his phone he saw it was ten to five and almost time for their practice to end. After another couple of minutes Sam began to worry that Ash wasn't coming back and wondered if he should go out to see if he was okay when the doors opened only enough to let him slip in unnoticed and made his way towards Xandia.


The man turned and bent down for a few seconds as Ash held his hand to his stomach and then nodded his head. Ash walked away from him to the other side of the room and sat down with his knees drawn up to his chin wrapping his arms around them without so much as glancing in Sam's direction. It didn't take long for Jamie to realize something was up and he looked back and forth between them before going to sit beside his boyfriend.




"Aaaaash! You can't call him that!" Jamie said in horror once the other boy told him what had happened.


"Why not? I call Uncle Ty that all the time but he got all shitty and said he didn't like me!" Ash shot back. "He's a fucking asshole!"


"No, he's not..." Jamie looked across the room at Sam watching them and decided he probably wouldn't mind if he told Ash. At least he hoped he wouldn't. "But you can't call him those names Ash. You know that scar on his wrist?"


"Yeah... So?"


"So... I asked him how he got it and he told me." Jamie said leaning into Ash and speaking quietly. "He used to have sex with men for money when he was younger than us and he got raped by three men like ten times in one night and then they burnt him so he wouldn't tell anyone. He was only a bit older than Quinn is when they did that to him."


Ash lifted his eyes up at Sam without moving his head as Jamie spoke and then glanced at his little brother trying to imagine him at Quinn's age.


"He said he was bleeding from his ass and they really hurt him Ash." Jamie continued retelling the story that Sam had told him only a few days prior. "They beat on him and did other things too but he didn't tell me all of it. He said they were calling him names like whore and slut and fag boy and stuff like that. And then after, when they'd fucked him for hours that's when they held his wrist over a grill and burnt him. He said he could smell his own skin burning but one of them had their hand over his mouth so no one could hear him scream."


"Fuck..." Ash whispered trying to imagine his younger brother being raped ten times by three different men one after the other and then them burning him like they had Sam. He'd fucking kill anyone who did that to Quinn and felt his eyes welling up with tears even just thinking about it.


"Then they just left him there when he passed out from the pain."


"How was I supposed to know?" Ash said looking sideways at Jamie, his face wet with tears. "I told him I hated him and called him an asshole but I didn't mean it. Do you think he'll forgive me if I tell him I'm sorry?"


"'Course he will... Sam's really nice and prolly didn't mean it when he said he didn't like you," Jamie said nodding his head. "But you can't call him those names anymore okay?"


"I know." Ash smiled then turning to Jamie wiping the back of his hand across his eyes and sniffed. "So did he stop doing it after that?"


"Yeah. He met his new Dad on the same night and he went to live with him in his apartment." Jamie said smiling. "We did it on the same bed him and his Dad used and I think he really wants to do you on it too."


"He said I was a hot little fucker." Ash snickered.


Both boys started giggling just as Xandia called an end to practice. The music died down and the room filled with the raised voices of a dozen boys and the scraping of chairs and bags as they packed up. They both glanced up at Sam on the other side at the same time and saw him looking back at them.


"That's `cos you are..." Jamie whispered and grabbed his hand giving it a squeeze for a moment before letting go. It was the most he could do in public but Ash knew it was as good as kissing him on the lips.


"Can you come with me to say sorry to Sam?"


"Yeah." Jamie nodded his head. "And then I'm going home with him so he can do me on my birthday."


Ash giggled again as he stood up "Slut." He murmured under his breath and then winced when Jamie punched him in the arm.


"Hey!" Jamie whined. "I'm your slut so you better be nice to me."


"Whatever... Are you gonna shower here before you leave?"


"Nah. I'll get one at Sam's." Jamie said as they picked up their bags. "'Sides, I don't think he'll care if I'm a bit stinky."




Sam stood when the boys were just a few feet away. He'd watched them grab Quinn and make their way across the floor to him and took in a deep breath hoping Ash would accept his apology.


"I'm sorry Ash,"


"Sorry Sam,"


They both said at the same time. "No... Ash." Sam said shaking his head. "You don't need to apologize. I over reacted and said things I didn't mean. I shouldn't've said those things to you because they're not true."


The astonishment was clear on his face as he looked up at Sam never expecting him to apologize. Jamie was smiling but Quinn's expression was confused since he had no idea what had happened.


"It's okay." Ash smiled thinly. "But I'm still sorry... I didn't know."


"Know what?"


"I told him Sam." Jamie said. "About what happened to you."


"What happened to you?" Quinn asked looking back and forth between Sam, Jamie and his brother not understanding what was going on.


"Nothing buddy," Sam said kneeling down to the adorably cute eight year old. "It was a long time ago so don't worry about it okay." He was speaking to Ash more than Quinn even though he hadn't directed his words at the older boy. Standing back up he ruffled his hand through Quinn's sandy blonde hair and made eye contact with Ash.


"Still friends?" He asked holding out his hand.


Ash nodded his head and reached out to take his hand but instead wrapped his arms around Sam's waist and hugged him with his head tucked under his chin. Taken a little by surprise Sam held him and whispered down into his ear. "Still want me to make you orgasm?" He felt the boy nod into his chest and his small body shook in a giggling fit.


"How are you two getting home?" Sam asked holding the boy by his shoulders as he lent his chest backwards to look down at him.


"José's picking us up outside."


"José?" Sam asked with a quizzical expression. Neither boy had mentioned anyone called José. "Who's that?"


"Our driver..." Ash grinned realizing Sam didn't know his parents were loaded.


"Your what?"


While Quinn stood there seemingly oblivious, the two other boys started laughing at the look on Sam's face. "His driver Sam." Jamie managed to say. "His parents are like richer than God."




"C'mon Sam," Jamie said pulling on his arm. "José'll be waiting and you really need to take me to your place and give me my birthday present."


Birthday present indeed! Right up his tight ass... "Oh yeah, it's your birthday. I forgot." Sam teased. "Happy birthday buddy."


"Whatever! You know it's my birthday!" Jamie laughed and dragged him towards the doors with Ash and Quinn following close behind. They had to stop and chat with a few of their friends who promised to see him at his birthday on Saturday leaving Sam standing by waiting with Jamie's hand still holding onto his. When Chris, the boy Jamie had been paired up with during the sets trotted over, he looked at Sam and smiled shyly. He looked to be a little younger than both Ash and Jamie, perhaps in the first few months of being ten years old and he was pretty; medium length light brown hair falling over his ears and eyes with a slight elfin look to his face, small mouth and nose and a build similar to Jamie's. He wore the same light blue sleeveless top and white shorts as all the other boys with enough bare skin for Sam to start imagining what was hidden beneath.


He felt Jamie's hand tighten in his and looked down at the boy who'd caught him checking out his friend and smiled.


"You did really good today." Chris said. His voice was still a long way from breaking and Sam would've been hard pressed not to want to jump into his pants, but as far as he was concerned he already had the best of the lot already hanging off his arm.


"You too... He worked us really hard today didn't he?" Jamie said but before Chris could answer Xandia called out.


"Chris, can you stay behind for a few minutes please?" All three boys looked over at their instructor and Sam was sure he saw a faint grin on Chris's face before they bumped fists and headed out. He looked back just before they exited to see the boy under Xandia's arm around his shoulder heading in the opposite direction towards a closed office door. Maybe he was over-imagining things, but somehow he didn't think so; Xandia was keeping Chris back so they could have sex in his office. Sam smiled to himself again wondering which one of them it'd be doing the screwing.


Yolanda was waiting at the reception desk eager to wrap her big meaty arms around the much smaller boy and hug him to her breasts while at the same time scolding him for keeping his birthday a secret.


"And you didn't tell me your Moma's got such a cute new boyfriend either."


Jamie looked confused for a moment until he realized she was referring to Sam and then turned his head up to him. "Yeah, he's okay I guess." He said smirking and Sam could tell what was going through his head and it had nothing to do with his mother. Yolanda handed him the two helmets and he passed Jamie's to him getting a look of delight when he it dawned on him he'd be riding on Sam's bike once again.


It was already well after five by the time they made it back outside and headed towards a black late model Lincoln town car parked on the sidewalk. The back door was held open by a young man dressed in uniform and Quinn hurried ahead with barely a wave to Sam and a shouted "Happy Birthday Jamie! See you on Saturday!" before he disappeared inside.


"By the way," Sam asked Jamie as he waved back at Ash's younger brother. "Who else have you invited to your birthday on Saturday apart from your friends here?"


"Mostly just from here plus Daniel, Connor and Peter from school too and a couple other people that Mom knows." Jamie said. "I think there's gonna be like twelve kids."


"Wow... I probably won't see much of you then huh?"


"Yeah you will!" Ash said. "We'll be in our speedos!"


"And you gotta try skateboarding with us and go swimming too." Jamie added.


"Yeah right... Not sure about the skateboarding though."


"Sorry Sam, I gotta go." Ash said when José cleared his throat. He gave Sam a hug around his waist again and then pulled him down by the arm until his face was close to his. "Hope you have fun with Jamie tonight. You can fuck me next time if you wanted to and you don't hafta let me do you first."


"I absolutely want to fuck you Ash..." Sam said quietly into Ash's hair. "But I really want you to fuck me too."




"Sure. I'm not just a top you know. I can't wait to have you inside me."


That earned Sam a wicked smile from the young boy and his eyes flashed in excitement. "Maybe you should get Quinn to help you out when you get home and finish what I started."


The look on his face was priceless. Sam could see he wanted to but was still hesitant. "Maybe..." He let go of Sam's hand and turned to Jamie. "See you tomorrow at school okay? You have to tell me everything!"


"Duh..." Jamie droned and the two boys' gave each other a quick chaste hug.


"Bye Sam." Ash said just before the door closed and José tipped his hat at them both before walking around and getting in on the driver's side and pulled away.


"So..." Sam started. "You want to go for a ride somewhere first?"


"Noooooo!" Jamie cried out with his eyebrows raised and mouth formed into an `O'.


Sam laughed. It was good playing this game. "What then? Did you want me to take you back to my place so I can fuck you?"


Jamie stuck his tongue out flat like a dog and panted. "Yeah..." He moaned playfully nodding his head up and down. "I've never been done on my birthday before."


"Come on then," Sam said taking him by the hand and leading him towards the parking garage. "I think it's about time we changed that." Jamie didn't know they had a whole extra hour yet, and Sam wasn't going to tell him until after he'd first fucked the now eleven year old boy. Then they'd have time to make love slowly one more time and shower before Shell turned up and they had to behave.


God life was good sometimes.





To be continued...