This story was sent to me after some very lengthy emails back and forth, and to you, Billy Housand, I hope I did your story justice. The accounts of the story is in my own words, but only after the main characters read and verified each account to be as accurate as humanly possible. Thank you both!


Billy Housand was just an ordinary 12 year old with all the curiosities that comes with that particular age group. His hair was mixed with coloring of dark brown and black, wavy with the sides closely trimmed above his ears and a dangling rat tail sliding between his shoulder blades. His nose was small, but that seemed to only match the rest of his intricate detailed figure. Standing a mere 5' even and misjudging his own weight at about 90 pounds, Billy saw nothing when standing in his bedroom, looking into the full length mirror without wearing a stitch of clothes. To him, he was nothing more than a puny runt. The one thing Billy admired most of his body was the fine little peach fuzz dashing across his upper lip. To him, this was the mark of being a man. The faint mustache was dark, but very thin, but in Billy's eyes, it was a lot more than just peach fuzz. He tried to figure out the color of his eyes and came up with the conclusion that they were a mixture of blue and green; neither dominating the other. His face was just as slender as his body as his eyes trailed down to notice his hereditary tone coloration. Billy's mom was white and his dad was born and raised in the Philippines.

The term "Amerasian" felt more like an insult than anything else. Without a doubt, Billy had inherited his father's naturally tanned skin tone. Stepping closer to the mirror, Billy's small hands lifted up his hairless nickel sized nuggets and inspected the small patch of dark pubic hair sprouting up on either side of his flaccid half inch dangling circumcised cock. To Billy, the hairs on his cock really made him to be a man, although he was more than able to count the few soft strands without any problems. He inspected each smooth nugget to see if any hairs had began to sprout, but to his dismay, his hairless jewels only glistened in the soft light of his bedroom. Billy ran his hands down each leg in hopes of finding hair on his legs, but the skin revealed no hair follicles whatsoever.

Turning to the side, Billy's eyes gazed at his profile and could see the slight mountain of flesh belonging to his bronzed backside. To him, his butt was just a piece of flesh that didn't or wouldn't ever amount to be anything noticeable. Looking back into the mirror, he could see his stomach ripple with his every breath. Like a bodybuilder posing for the crowd, he flexed his muscles and tightened his stomach. After several poses, Billy gave up all hope to see anything anyone would ever want. Raising his right arm high up in the air, he zeroed his eyes in on his armpit. He lifted his left arm up the same way and roamed his eyes back and forth. Letting out a long deep breath, Billy turned away from the mirror, disgusted that no hair had began to grow under his arms.

The one thing Billy always looked forward to was his time alone in his bedroom after the family supper. Turning to ensure the door was locked, he sauntered over to his computer and went to his favorite site. He went straight to the Nifty site and adjusted his nude body in the chair and ventured to the adult/youth gay section. Many times, Billy read the stories and put himself into the position of the main character whole slowly stroking his raging erection. This night proved to be no different. Into his second story, Billy's hard cock grew to its full 4 " with his right hand slowly working the smooth shaft up and down while his mind was totally absorbed in the story. He was reading the part where some man had just put his tongue up this young boy's tasty butt hole when his cock erupted, spewing his watery sperm into his cupped left hand. He continued stroking his sperm shooting cock while never skipping a single line of the story that enveloped his young mind.

Once his cock began to deflate, Billy's mind wondered to one of the other stories he had read where the young boy had drank his own sperm. Lifting his left hand filled with his watery semen to his nostrils, Billy sniffed the puddle before snaking his tongue out and touching the content. The touch of his tongue was slight, but Billy chickened out and went into his bathroom and washed his hands instead.

Billy's nightly adventure to the Nifty site continued and his curiosities grew to more of a lustful state. He had found that he really like reading stories from this one particular author. Every night, he searched the stories to ensure he read every single one of this particular author's stories. He began attempting some things that he had read, such as, he started putting a finger up his butt and realized it was okay, but nothing to scream about. Billy had even went so far as to give himself an enema. This felt weird more than anything else, but he managed to purchase several Fleet enemas and store them securely inside his closet. He wondered what it would be like to have some guy put his cock into his mouth and up his butt. The more he read, the more overwhelmed he became. One thing Billy did notice about himself was that his interests were not in boys his age, they rested firmly on grown men. His own body did nothing for him, but his fantasy of a grown man's hard cock always brought him to a hair raising climax.

As the stories went on, Billy started trying to put various objects up his rectum. He lubricated the handle of a screwdriver, hammer, his sister's hair brush handle, and once tried a cucumber. The cucumber set his butt on fire and after the pain tore through his body, he removed it before a fraction of an inch got inside him. Reading about anal sex and trying it on himself were two different things. Though he wanted to know what it felt like, doing it to himself always hurt him too bad and he always chickened out at the last minute. Each night when he came close to busting his nut, he had pre convinced himself that he was going to taste his own sperm, but just in the case of the previous nights, he always backed out and washed his hands.

Night after night, Billy's Nifty ritual of reading and masturbating continued until one night he built up the nerve to write his favorite author. Once he hit the send button, he knew there was no turning back. Billy lay in his bed, totally nude, anxiously awaiting tomorrow night so he could check his email on visit his favorite site.

After supper, Billy ran upstairs to his bedroom, locked the door and quickly stripped out of his clothes. Naked, he checked on his computer using his personal security code and his eyes fluttered as he struck the email button. His heart pounded as he volleyed past the junk mail until he saw the email from the man he had written the night before. He had responded to the man's email when he received an IM from him. The two corresponded back and forth for quite some time and not once did anything remotely close to any sex talk develop. Billy was more than used to someone wanting to know his dick size when on the computer, but chatting with this guy was simply pleasurable. By the time he logged off his computer, he literally felt like he had discovered his long lost best friend.

Several weeks went by and the two chatted on line nightly. To Billy's surprise, nothing sexual ever came about, but his die hard curiosity increased to a towering high. He wanted to meet this guy he felt was his best friend, so the next night Billy did exactly what he thought of doing. To his surprise and somewhat of a relief, his favorite author lived in the same city he lived in. The stage was set for them to meet at the local mall the next day at a designated place and specific time.

Billy was no stranger to the mall. He had visited there many times after reading some of the stories and discovering that guys hang out at the bathroom to give and receive oral sex. Not once did he ever come close to having anyone pay him any attention. Being that it was summer and school was out, Billy knew he had all day to do whatever cause both of his parents were at work and his sister had already went to the beach. Just like planned, Billy was sitting at a table at the food court awaiting his never before seen friend and favorite author. His heart pounded hard inside his chest and his hands felt cold and clammy. As people started to venture to the food court, Billy studied each and every adult male in hopes of spotting his special friend. Two minutes before the designated time, Billy saw a man in his mid to late thirties walk in the front door. Billy studied his feature carefully noticing the bright yellow shorts and tight tank top. The guy had to be at least 6' plus and weighed a solid 230 pounds. Hair spilled out the top of the tank shirt and Billy's eyes glazed to the man's eyes. The man had a dark goatee and sported a military hair cut.

There was so much to look at on this guy that Billy became slightly dizzy not knowing where to focus his eyes on. As the guy walked closer, Billy could plainly see the large bulge in his crotch and his own underwear confined cock began to spring to its hardened state. In Billy's eyes, this guy was a real man. By no means was he considered to be pretty, but he sure as hell was ruggedly handsome in every sense of the word. The closer the man walked in Billy's direction, the harder and faster his heart raced. Billy's eyes glued onto the man as he walked past him causing a slight depression to set in. Only in his dreams could somebody like that find him in the least bit interesting. As the man walked clearly past him, Billy slid his body to the side and his eyes immediately fell onto the muscular bouncing globes of the man's solid butt.

He watched the guy round the corner and out of sight. He sat there and time itself seemed to be at a painful stand still. He had turned back around and began watching the main entrance for his computer friend. Just as the clock on the wall struck 11am, a voice from behind him exploded his own thoughts, "You must be Billy." Billy quickly turned around and his eyes had trouble focusing. Within a heartbeat of a second, Billy realized that the guy hovering over him was the very same man he had spotted earlier. After a more than welcomed handshake, the man sat down across from Billy. "Hi Billy, my name is Chad, I'm glad you could make it." The two sat there for a short time talking about all sorts of non sexual stuff when Chad asked Billy if he was thirsty. Chad handed Billy a twenty dollar bill and Billy got up and headed for the drink station. Chad scratched his head in total disbelief. The boy was a walking miracle. He had written a lot of stories, all of which were simply a work of his straining imagination, but this was all to good to be true.

Chad searched out every fascinating and intricate detail of Billy who was standing in line. The boy was wearing blue jean shorts that looked like it was two sizes to small. His shiny legs glistened, thought they were very slender but very appetizing as well. The shorts clutched to his small, but perky butt like glue. Chad's cock began to grow as his eyes darted all over the boy's body. Once Billy got their drinks, Chad strained both eyes to Billy's crotch. A little bulge bounced freely in its strict confinement as Billy took one step after another. The t-shirt he was wearing was tucked inside his pants, but just from seeing the boy's arms, Chad could tell the boy was virtually hairless. The boy's little moustache triggered every unknown emotion inside Chad's body. Not once, in all his stories, could he have ever imagined someone so angelically beautiful. The natural tanned body of the boy tore through his system like a rampant waterfall.

Though Chad had written a lot of stories involving man/boy sex, he himself had never had the actual privilege of doing anything remotely close to any of those sex acts. In fact, Chad was bisexual. Only occasionally would he have the chance to indulge in some gay sex. His girlfriend knew about his bisexual tendencies and every once in a while they shared a hot and heavy threesome, but that was always with another man, and never a boy. Now here he was, in a mall, at the food court, sitting opposite of the most beautiful boy his eyes had ever seen knowing that this boy was fascinated about the stories he had written and was posted on the Nifty site. Chad tried in vain to find something about this boy that would turn his emotions off, but the kid was abundantly perfect in every way.

As the time drew closer to noon, the food court became increasingly crowded. Their talks had ventured to more of a sexual nature with Billy asking a lot of questions and Chad offering only his own personal answers. It was Billy who asked if they could go somewhere where they could talk a little more in private. The last thing Chad wanted to do was to invite Billy to his home. He knew his girlfriend was at work and wouldn't be home until late tonight, but taking this little angel to his home would be a little risky. Not because someone might see them, but he questioned his own ability to be able to use self control. Though Billy had no clue, he was inching his way dangerously close to Chad's heavy heaving heart and rock hardening cock as well.

After some deliberation, Chad gave in to Billy's pleas and the two of them got into Chad's car and drove towards Chad's home. The entire 10 minute drive, Chad strained his eyes to peer between the slightly spread crotch of the young angel sitting in his passengers seat. The softness and color of Billy's legs made Chad's mouth water and he fought back the urge to run his hand over the tantalizing flesh. As the two drove, Billy quickly discovered that his new found friend lived in the same subdivision as he did. One street over was his house, well within walking distance. Chad almost died when Billy told him of the news. After pulling into his garage and closing the garage door, the two walked inside and settled down in the living room. Billy immediately turned the conversation to Chad's stories. Billy hit Chad straight between the eyes with his question, "Isn't putting your tongue in someone's butt kind of gross? Let's face it. That's where you poop from!" While Billy was asking, Chad was still mesmerized by his complete and total beauty. Chad even thought to himself that there could be no way in heaven that this beauty could ever offer such a fowl and demeaning odor. The boy was astonishing beautiful from his head to his naturally tanned toes.

Billy had to wake Chad up from his dreamy state to answer his questions and Chad said, "Not if it's clean. If you give yourself an enema before hand, then it feels and tastes great. I really don't know how to explain it, but you see, a butt hole is a very sensitive part of your body. If done right, you will feel experiences you've never ever dreamed about." Chad was a little surprised when Billy told him he had given himself enemas before and even more surprised to learn that this young angel had already began putting objects up his rectum. The longer they talked, the more at ease the both of them felt and Chad was astonished to see how mature acting the boy actually was.

Billy excused himself to go to the bathroom and Chad's eyes followed the boy's tight little butt as each graceful step took the boy further and further out of his vision. Once Billy was out of the room, Chad repositioned his aching hard cock to one of more in a comfortable, still cramped, position. Billy returned and sat down on the sofa and Chad witnessed for the first time Billy's heart melting smile. Beautiful white teeth shot out captured by the bronzed skin color of the boy's glorious slender body.

The two conducted the same conversation with Billy becoming more aggressive with his innocent, but curious, questions. Chad tried to persuade Billy to experiment gay sex acts with some close to his own age bracket, but it was Billy who spun things around by saying, "Boys my age don't do nothing for me. I jack-off all the time thinking about men and what their adult cocks would feel like in my mouth and my butt!" Every avenue of escape Chad could think of, Billy quickly countered and blocked. Chad was fighting back his unnatural instincts of literally begging Billy to strip out of his clothes while pretending to persuade Billy to experiment with guys his own age. Chad was getting ready to speak when Billy shouted, "Would you give me an enema?" Chad almost fell out in the chair and he felt his blood slowly drain from his body. Capturing his thoughts, Chad softly said, "I can't do that. I, I'd love to, but you are way too young and I am way too old to do something like that. I could get into a lot of trouble if someone found out." Chad was looking into Billy's piercing eyes and he could see life dripping out of Billy's once excited body. Water began to welt up from the corner of each luscious eye. Chad asked, "What's wrong? I didn't mean to hurt you!" Billy gulped then softly whispered, "Nobody will ever find me sexually attractive. I've been to the mall like in the stories and nobody ever gave me the time of day. I'm tired of reading about it. I want to experience it for myself. It is me who should apologize to you. I tried to force myself on you and I can understand you not finding me interesting."

Chad got up and walked over to Billy and sat down beside him. He placed his large left arm around Billy's left shoulder and whispered, "You are the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. Not one of my stories could come close to your beauty. I not only find you interesting, I find you to be everything I have ever dreamed about plus a hell of a lot more. If it wasn't so much the considerable age difference, I'd be on you like a vulture on a carcass. I am sorry, but I am just too old!" He turned his head facing Chad's, their lips were within a fraction of an inch of touching, and Billy whispered, "To hell with the age thing. I'm old enough to know what I want and I'm old enough to know what I like. I give you my word, no-one will ever know!" Chad's nostrils absorbed the delicate freshness of Billy's fiery hot breath as he spoke his words of pleas. Chad's mind raced to try and see what he could do to persuade Billy to stick with someone in his own age range, but while his mind raced for the words, Billy's darting tongue swabbed over his upper lip, sending millions of sparkles of electricity ravishing throughout his adult body.

The boy's tongue slowly hovered over and along Chad's closed lips, tracing every outline with mastering skill. It was Chad who was breaking out into a cold sweat as he felt the slithering tongue pierce his sealed lips and slowly travel inside the depths of his mouth. A soft moan bellowing from with Billy awoke his sleeping tongue and Chad slid his tongue into the hot oven of Billy's wonderful tasty mouth. The kiss of a lifetime was filled with the anxiety trapped in slow motion as each tongue slithered and roamed freely inside the others hot mouth. Chad's right hand slid from Billy's gorgeous face and fell upon his silky smooth thigh. The feel of the texture of Billy's smooth hairless skin shocked his body with shock wave after shock wave. Billy leaned back, keeping their tongues firmly implanted in the others mouth. With his back resting on the back of the sofa, Chad adjusted his body so that his hands slid all over the young boy's slender, but definitely muscular frame. Chad's right hand lovingly fell onto Billy's crotch where he immediately discovered the hardness of the boy cock straining below. Chad caressed and offered gentle squeezes to Billy's hard crotch as their tongue rolled over and along the others playing tongue. Billy was softly moaning and groaning as his own breathing became erratic.

Chad damn near died when he felt Billy's small hand clutch onto his rock hard cock and offer his own gentle squeezes. Their deep and long passionate kisses went from slow motion to hungrily lapping at the other. Their hands freely discovered the others body and everything it had to offer. Chad tugged at the boy's t-shirt and managed to slide it up over Billy's head and toss it to the floor. Chad hooked Billy's left arm with his left hand and had it held behind Billy's head. Chad studied the boy's smooth armpit and began using his tongue to thoroughly lick and suck the area to perfection. Billy wiggled and moaned as Chad started to increase his sucking pressure on the sensitive armpit. Chad worked on both hairless pits causing Billy to almost pass out from pleasure. Turning Billy's head to the left, Chad used his tongue to swim inside the boy's right ear. Chad could feel Billy's young body shiver and his own ears captured the moans of ecstasy coming out of Billy's twisting and contorting mouth.

Chad cleaned both ears using al the love in the world before he began nibbling, sucking, and licking all over Billy's super tasty neck. While he was working on Billy's sweet neck, his fingers on his right hand began softly pulling and twisting at the seemingly microscopic right nipple, then the left. The harder Chad pinched Billy's nipples, the more movement his body offered, as well as the loudness of the boy's moans. Billy, on the other hand, was in heaven. To feel someone else's hands on his body was more than he had ever hoped for. Billy loved the way Chad was working on his neck and pulling and pinching on his nipples. His young body was on fire with lust and his mind seemed to have left his body.

Billy grabbed Chad's face and aggressively slammed his face into his, thrusting his tongue back into the man's mouth. Their tongues were way out of control, slipping from the confinement of the other hot mouth. It was Billy who repeatedly bellowed, "Enema, enema, enema." As their hard kiss broke, Chad leaned up and asked, "Are you sure you want me to give you an enema?" Billy's young eyes were glassy and his breathing was heavy in a panting state. Shaking his head from side to side, he managed to whisper, "YES!" Chad got up and went down the hallway to retrieve the enema, still in total disbelief as to what just happened, more so, what's about to happen.

Upon Chad's return back into the living room, Billy had already removed his shoes and socks and was standing up with a gracious smile. Before Chad could say or do anything, Billy unhooked his pants and slid both pants and underwear completely off. He kicked them off to the side and was standing in front of the coffee table bare ass naked. Chad's eyes caught the missile protruding for the boy's golden tanned body. Nearly five inches of boy meat with a dull pink head the same size as the slender shaft. His cock jutted out straight from his body with a slight downwards arch. Chad could clearly see the few strands of dark pubic hair nestled above two nickel sized hairless balls. Chad stood perfectly still, frozen in time, eyes glued on the twitching young cock less than four feet from him. Without a question, Chad realized he was staring at an image chiseled from perfection. His mouth immediately began to water and his eyes became blurry from the lusting water that quickly began to flow. His heart pounded hard and heavy inside his rapid breathing chest and his head felt dizzy and his hands began to sweat profusely.

Billy hopped up onto the oversized wooden coffee table and adjusted his gorgeous young body until he got into a comfortable doggie style position with his head turned facing Chad. The smile on the boy's face was priceless as Chad began his walk behind Billy. Chad's eyes focused on the boy's body with each cautious step. The boy's skin was appetizing as so was the rest of him. To Chad, this was an impossible dream, no fantasy, coming to reality with Billy all bunked up in this position. As he rounded the edge of the coffee table, his eyes glued on the perfectly rounded, and jutting, smooth flesh of Billy's perky little butt cheeks. The small line that separated each golden cheek appeared more mouth watering than ever as he stepped completely behind Billy. Dropping to his knees with the enema bottle shaking in his right hand, Chad reached out with his left hand and slowly slid his erect hand all along the boy's hot flesh of his naturally tanned butt. Even with Billy spreading his legs, the taunt little butt cheeks solidly concealed the boy's butt hole. Chad became weak at the knees as his eyes saw Billy's dangling hairless nuggets begin its withdrawing formation, drawing the tightening sac closer to the base of his rock hard boy boner.

He fumbled with the package until he finally managed to tear it open and pull the top of the lubricated tip off the enema. Clearing his throat, Chad hoarsely asked, "Are you ready?" As excited as he was, Billy proclaimed, "Shit yeah! Do it!" Chad placed his left hand on the boy's slender crack and used his thumb and forefingers to separate the muscular flesh. As soon as Billy's butt hole popped into Chad's vision he literally almost fainted. By no means was it like the others he had seen. From what he was seeing there was no way in Hell it could ever be called a brown eye. The tiny little dot was the same golden tan as the rest of the boy's body. Even with him spreading the cheeks wider, Chad could barely see a hint of bright pink as the tiny little chute barely opened. With trembling fingers, Chad slowly inserted the tip into the boy's rectum and began squeezing the content inside of him very slowly. Chad worked the tip in and out as if he was finger fucking the boy with the enema's tip.

Billy cooed and moaned as Chad took his time emptying the content deep inside Billy's bowels. Billy's tiny hips gyrated as the tip of the enema slid easily in and out of his rectum. Billy grunted as the last of the content into his bowels and Chad began his slow withdrawal from Billy's rectum. Once the tip cleared Billy's butt hole, something inside Chad forced him to raise the tip to his nose and smell the smeared lubricated tip. The aroma smashing inside his lungs caused his rock hard cock to throb inside his restrictive shorts. It was a musky aroma, pleasing, but not disgusting. Chad was lost in his own little world of sniffing the object that once dwelled inside his dream lover's anal chute when Billy brought him back to reality by announcing, "Chad, sit in front of me naked, please!"

Chad eagerly slipped his shorts off and temporarily stood behind Billy admiring the boy's naked backside before he stepped over Billy's head and sat down on the sofa before him. Billy's eyes fluttered like a machine gun as he stared at the man cock twitching and jerking before his very eyes. To Billy, it seemed like the cock dancing in front of him should have been on a horse, not a human. It was a solid 8", if not more, and way thicker than the cucumber he tried in vain to stick up his ass on numerous failed occasions. His mind remembered all the horrific pain the cucumber introduced to his body as he tried to open his ass by plunging it deep inside him, but only the very tip stretched his asshole out enough until the pain was far too much for him to handle. The other side of Billy's brain was fascinated at the very sight of the gorgeous thick man meat. The fluid sprung out of the man cock like a waterfall and his mouth watered at the curiosity of the taste. Billy had tasted his own pre cum a time or two, but now he wanted to sample the fluid from this horse cock. Chad rested his back along the back of the sofa and could only stare at Billy and his absolutely gorgeous young body. Within an instant, Chad almost host his load when Billy reached out with his right hand and gingerly wrapped his fingers along the thick shaft. The heat from the boy's hand almost stopped his heart and Chad's body began convulsing wildly.

With his eyes closed and his head tilted back on the railing of the sofa, Chad was lost in his precious world until he felt Billy's tongue begin to circle around his cut cock head. Opening his eyes and looking down, he saw Billy use his tongue like a shovel, scooping up the dribbling pre cum and shovel into his mouth. The fiery heat from Billy's nostrils and open mouth sent shivers racing up and down his spine. Billy licked the best he could all over the large thick shaft before extending his mouth to its farthest limit and wrap his lips over the giant knob. Billy's body exploded just knowing the fact that he had his very first cock inside his mouth while his bowels rumbled thanks to the fluid from the enema. Billy could only manage to fit the head of the thick cock into his mouth, but he knew from then on that he loved the feeling of having his mouth stuffed with man meat.

Chad was listening to the slurping sounds piping out of Billy's cock sucking mouth and he could tell by the actions of Billy's body, by the way he was moving, that the enema was taking its toll on him. Billy continued his sucking on the man cock while reaching around with his left hand to try and squeeze his butt cheeks together. Billy was torn between his knew found desire to suck cock and the profound reality of having to shit his guts out. He wanted to suck Chad's cock forever but the drastic and increasing urge to empty his bowels only intensified the matter. Several times while he was enjoying the sensation of having Chad's thick cock inside his mouth, he felt like his asshole was going to involuntarily explode his inner contents all over the place. But, like a true warrior, Billy fought the urge to relieve himself, grimacing between sucking a cock and having to take a well needed crap.

As the minutes ticked away, Chad found himself fighting back the urge to blow his load inside Billy's hot mouth. Both man and boy, were grunting, groaning, moaning, and whimpering. Billy's right hand squeezed and played with the velvety shaft of Chad's rock hard cock and his mouth and tongue worked lovingly on the huge cock head and piss slit. Finally, Billy couldn't hold his bowels any longer. Not wanting to, Billy jerked his mouth and hand off of Chad's throbbing member and he fought with everything he had to scamper off the coffee table and begin the long journey to the bathroom. Chad was still on the sofa, dazed and confused, watching Billy as he used both hands to clutch his butt cheeks and mash them together as he took tiny little baby steps down the hallway leading to the bathroom. Chad stood up on wobble knees and easily caught up with Billy as the boy struggled desperately to make it to the bathroom.

Billy inched inside the bathroom first with Chad right in behind him. Chad cut on the lights as he watched Billy squat on the toilet with their eyes locked onto one another. The look on Billy's face was one of pure relief mixed with overwhelming pleasure as his asshole opened releasing all of its contents with several massive explosions. Chad walked over and stood in front of Billy and Billy immediately slammed his mouth back onto the man's still hard cock. Chad's legs buckled as the mouth and tongue performed a miracle on his cock. Billy used his left hand to stroke the shaft of Chad's cock and his left hand cupped Chad's huge and heavy dangling balls. The hair on Chad's balls felt wonderful to Billy and he could only hope one day his balls would grow that large. The heat from Billy's hands and mouth drove Chad to an overheated state.

Billy's hand slid from the large hairy balls to the crevice between Chad's thighs. Billy admired the tickling sensations from the soft hairs between Chad's ass crack. Chad tossed his head back just in time when Billy found his asshole and dug at the sealed hole with his finger. Billy's finger pried itself into Chad's puckering butt hole and grinded its way all the way up to the last knuckle. The finger in his ass, along with the devoted mouth and snake like tongue on his cock sent Chad over the edge. He tried to warn young Billy, but no words could come out as his cock exploded, sperm rockets, one right after the other into Billy's mouth. Billy jerked his head back, but kept his mouth on Chad's cock as the sperm missiles splashed against the roof of his mouth. Now, for Billy, the moment of truth was at hand. Here he was, shitting his guts out and the horse cock in his mouth was spilling its guts out, right into his mouth.

After numerous volleys of thick hot globs of sperm, Billy thought Chad would soon stop, but Chad's cock had a mind of its own as it unleashed the load from hell. Billy's little mouth quickly filled with thick gooey globs of man seed and he realized he had only two choices. Spit it out or swallow. His finger felt like it was being crushed inside Chad's convulsing asshole and his stomach felt pleasingly relieved from the enema. Tossing the option to spit it out, Billy opened up his throat and large sperm pellets slid down his throat. For Billy, the taste of Chad's sperm was questionable. He had never tasted anything like it before in his young life, but to his surprise, it wasn't all that bad. It was hot, thick and really gooey and it had the mildest of a salty taste to it. After the first two gulps, Billy found himself liking the thick sperm more than he had ever imagined. Just the fact knowing he was swallowing a man's sperm caused him to whimper as Chad's cock continued its sperm shooting attack.

Even Chad was amazed at how much sperm he was now producing. Each time he thought he was spent, more sperm would rock his body. The slender finger inside his asshole tormented his body beyond his control and the hot little mouth sucking the sperm straight from the source was all too much for Chad to handle. Billy gulped down the last of the thick load and all that remained was periodic trickle of man seed to which he greedily sucked down his throat. Chad's head was spinning and millions upon millions of tiny speckles splashed across his eyes. With no more sperm to offer, Chad's cock stayed at a rock hard state and young Billy eagerly sucked and licked all over the thick man cock.

Chad was panting profusely and his legs could barely hold the weight of his body. The sensitive head of his cock was being tortured by Billy's mouth and tongue and his finger still plundered around inside his sore asshole. Unable to take anymore, Chad eased himself off and away from Billy. Once the finger slipped out of his asshole, Chad leaned against the wall and his whole body slid downward to the floor, almost completely drained of energy. After his body was sitting on the floor, he looked up at Billy who was straining to relieve the last little bit from his rectum.

Billy looked so innocent, yet so breath taxingly beautiful, as he sat on the toilet staring into Chad's eyes. Chad fought to get on his knees and he slowly inched himself to Billy where their tongues immediately began an air assault striking the other as it drew near. Their lips found the other and formed a tight seal as their tongues danced freely inside the others mouth. After a long, hot, deep, passionate kissing venture, their lips parted and Chad fought to stand on his feet. Billy was through on the toilet, but did want a little privacy to clean himself. Chad showed him where the towels were and left the bathroom.

As Chad drunkenly walked down the hall, his senses came back to him. Going over all that had just taken place, he suddenly realized that he not once detected a shitty smelling odor. He knew that he had given Billy the enema and he had heard the explosion as he sat on the toilet, but never did he get a sniff of anything remotely close to a normal odor of someone taking a dump.

Billy finished up on the toilet and felt his raging boner. It was so hard it felt like it was going to break any second. His hairless balls had shriveled up to the point that they seemed to have formed one ball and it wanted to climb back in its socket. His legs trembled as he stood up and flushed the toilet. Billy's heart was pounding a mile a second as he activated the shower. After stepping in the shower and completely wetting his body, Billy took the bar of soap and lathered himself up thoroughly. He made sure his ass was definitely soapy and he had even inserted a couple of fingers up his chute to ensure his cleanliness. He wanted this day to be the best day of his life and as far as he was concerned, it already had a fast start. As his two fingers slid in and out of his rectum, he became curious as to whether or not he would be able to take Chad's long thick cock up there. Just from the thought of having Chad's cock rifling up his ass, he almost shot his load.

Chad walked into the kitchen and fixed them some drinks, still bewildered that he was actually in his own home and had just done what he had done to Billy. If his crave for Billy was strong before, it was much stronger now after seeing him naked and getting a pretty good blow-job as well. All he could think about was now it was his turn to suck the life out of this boy and bury his face between those tanned divine cheeks of his. From all of his numerous jack-off sessions about Billy, none could compare to what actually had just occurred. It had been Billy who had come on to him and not the other way around.

Billy's shower was long and the hot water felt exceptionally great on his body, but his cock still jerked and twitched without a hand ever touching it. After stepping out of the shower, Billy toweled himself dry and shook with an unknown excitement of what next would happen. As the towel dried his body, his taste buds reminded him of the wonderful taste of Chad's thick man cream. Billy picked up the tube of Crest toothpaste and applied a large amount onto his right finger, then wiped the paste all over his teeth and tongue. Rinsing his mouth with water, then toweling his face from the wetness, Billy snuck out of the bathroom door and headed up the hall. Chad had a three bedroom home and this was the first time he had ever ventured this far in his home. Billy was in search for Chad's bedroom and when he found it, his eyes almost bugged out of his head.

Billy walked inside Chad's bedroom like a thief in the night and tried to figure out the contraption hanging from the ceiling, directly hovering over the large king sized bed. On one of the nightstands next to the bed, there were about 8 different kinds of dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs, all displayed either laying down or in the upright direction. There were a couple of dildos that really caught his attention. They were in the form of a real cock and both of them had balls with a suction cup at the very bottom. Their sizes varied with one being around 6"s or so and the other was damn near a monster, being closer 10" and really thick. It was thicker than Chad's horse cock and longer too. Billy wrapped his little fingers over the rubber cock to feel its texture, and as usual, wondered if he could take this one up his ass.

There were several bottles and tubes of various forms of lubrications on the nightstand as well. Billy was fascinated to see everything in Chad's bedroom, especially the ones connected to some form of sexual adventures. The one toy he became tremendously in awe over was the one that was called the "anal intruder." It was long and thin and when he turned the on button upwards, the thin rubber thing with a small ball on the end began to vibrate as well as rotate in all kinds of circular motions. From the look of the toy he had in his hand, the long slender missile looked to be nearly 12"s long. After a closer inspection of the small rubber ball at the very tip, he saw several rubber strands like miniature strings of some sort. His thought concentration was interrupted when he heard Chad behind him, "You like what you see?" Before Billy could explain, Chad replied, "Me and my girlfriend get into some kinky sex. She knows I am bisexual and we both enjoy playing with toys during sex. Sometimes, we even have another guy over and she never has a problem with me fucking the living hell of him."

Billy turned to face Chad and the first thing he saw was Chad's giant horse cock looking straight at him, harder than ever. Chad noticed Billy's boy cock hard as steel with a tiny pearl drop of pre cum slithering out of the tiny piss slit. Both wanted to throw the other onto the bed and suck the life right out of him, but neither made a move as Chad offered the lemonade to Billy. After taking several sips, Billy pointed up to the ceiling and asked, "Chad, what's that thing there?" Chad gulped down his drink and smiled, then replied, "That's a special toy."

Without thinking, Billy scooted up onto the large bed and lay flat on his back with his luscious legs lightly spread. The view of seeing this gorgeous little angel like this, burned an everlasting impression into Chad's already spinning head. Chad placed his drink onto the dresser behind him and began his crawl from the foot of the bed up to Billy's beautiful smooth crotch. Like a lion sneaking up on its prey, Chad inched forward until his nose brushed up against Billy's smooth, shriveled testicles. Inhaling deeply, a fresh soapy aroma dashed up his nostrils and triggered off every animal instinct within his adult body. Chad began to slowly lick the boy's nuggets as if licking a lollipop, savoring the glorious taste with each swipe of the tongue. Billy was on fire as the tongue circled his sensitive balls, forcing soft moans to evade his lungs. Billy arched his hips high into the air when Chad sucked both tight nuggets into his oven like mouth and used his tongue to slither all over each of the tasty treats.

Inadvertently, Billy jerked his legs farther apart giving Chad a better access to anything he wanted. The heat from Chad's mouth scorched his already aching balls and he could describe in intricate detail each movement of Chad's out of control tongue. The soft moans turned into loud ones as Chad sucked harder on Billy's tight little balls. The soft pubic hairs, the few that was there, tickled Chad's nose, but more so in a very special and unique way. Chad's eyes had a straight shot at the nearly 5" vessel protruding from Billy's bucking body. The pre cum no longer formed a small bubble now. It had began to run down the tanned shaft in glistening streaks. Chad release the boy's balls after giving each of them a respected tongue bath and slowly slid his tongue up the boy's shaft, scooping up the substance that set his inner soul on fire.

Billy's pre cum was beyond any description and never had he tasted so pure of liquid. The more he swallowed, the more he craved. Billy was twitching and humping his body all over as Chad's tongue snaked its way up to his cock head. Billy's head was spinning and his breathing was way out of control as Chad opened his mouth and swallowed the perfect cock, crushing his lower lip all the way to Billy's saliva shining nuggets. The boy cock in his mouth felt at home and for Chad, he could live in this position forever. This was Billy's first blow-job and his head exploded as if lightning had struck him and his body jerked and humped as if it had a mind of its own. Billy grabbed two handfuls of the bed spread and brought both hands and bed cover up to his mouth and he began biting while grunting like a starved pig.

Chad relished the cock plunging in and out of his mouth, but he wanted to prolong Billy's first blow-job in hopes that only he would be known to have given Billy the best blow-job he will ever experience. Chad's left hand reached under the humping hips of Billy and grabbed a handful of the boy's silky smooth ass cheek, letting a finger slide into the tiny crack. His fingertip landed square onto Billy's tightly sealed asshole and began drawing tiny circles without trying to apply any pressure whatsoever. Billy felt the finger at his backdoor and he tried in vain to suck it up his asshole while his cock was on fire inside Chad's hot cock sucking mouth.

In less than two or three minutes, Chad felt Billy's hard cock expand and convulse and he knew by his many times of being in the same position, that Billy was getting ready to unleash his boy cream. Although Chad wanted nothing more than to drink from Billy's fountain of youth, he wanted to make the boy literally beg to bust a nut. A nut he would never forget! Chad let Billy's pulsating cock slip free from his mouth and he wasted no time in devouring the boy's balls once again. Billy was besides himself with unknown lust as his body ached from all the attention that Chad was giving him. The finger at his asshole felt strangely wonderful and the mouth and tongue on his balls tortured his body with sheer pleasure.

Chad repeated the same process for nearly an hour and each time his mouth connected with Billy's throbbing cock, it took less time for Billy to want to shoot his load. Finally, the words that Chad wanted to hear whimpered out of Billy's heavy panting mouth, "Please, please Chad, let me cum. My balls hurt really bad. Please let me shoot now!" Billy's precious pleas fell on deaf ears as Chad continued to take his time and work on Billy's delicious cock and tasty balls. Billy's young mind raced back in time to all the stories he had read, especially the stories from this particular author who was now sucking his cock and balls, where the adult did not let the youth bust a nut until some time later on in the story. Although he understood what Chad was doing to him, by prolonging his well needed orgasm, he also understood the aching in his stomach that was sucking up his cum loaded balls in a desperate attempt to suck them back into their sockets.

Billy's body bucked and wiggled as Chad pursued his oral delight on Billy's pre cum spewing cock and vastly withdrawing testicles. The cock in his mouth was slender enough that the sides of his mouth never once began its normal aching as it had done so many times as with all the larger cocks he had previously dined on. This cock was special! Unlike any of his stories, this was the real thing and Billy was more gorgeous than any of the main characters he had ever imagined or fantasized about. Pleasurable tears steam rolled out of the corners of Billy's glassy eyes as Chad slowly drooled up and down on the slender appetizing young missile. Billy could feel his sperm boiling from deep within him and the soft touches of Chad's hands that roamed freely up and down his spine tingling body gave him a sense of security, as well as a never before experienced sexual hunger.

Though be it that Billy's balls had retracted, held firmly just above the opening of their sockets, they had formed one larger ball that Chad couldn't resist sucking into his mouth while gently using his right hand to torture the silky smooth shaft up and down. Every time when Chad felt Billy's cock expand, he released his gentle grip and concentrated on the boy's smooth nuts. Billy was besides himself with pleasure and pain as Chad was relentless and content on prolonging Billy's inevitable orgasm.

Billy's eyes were tightly shut, forcing tears to dribble onto the bed sheets when Chad used both his hands and gently raised the boy's legs up over his head, placing both knees behind Billy's head, firmly impaling into the mattress. Just like in the stories he had read, Billy screamed loudly when he suddenly felt Chad's tongue splash into his ass crack and strike his butt hole. Chad took a split second to admire the beauty of Billy's speck of an asshole before slamming his adult tongue into the boy's rosebud. Billy wiggled and bucked as the tongue pressing at his backdoor gained entry into his rectum. He felt his asshole open up and the tongue snaked its way up his chute. Unlike the many times he had tried to put various items up his ass, Chad's tongue set his insides on fire and his mind became boggled with mixed emotions. Chad hungrily dug his tongue deeper and deeper into the boy's anal chute, moaning and whimpering with each downward stroke. The heat, mixed only with the tightness, overwhelmed Chad to the point that he no longer gave life a second thought.

Billy wanted to reach out and clutch his pulsating cock, but knew better and held firmly onto the back of Chad's head instead. Words of unknown pleasure flew from Billy's virgin mouth, "Oh shit, yes, oh shit yes Chad, eat my fucking asshole, fuck yes, eat it like you mean it, Oh my God, yes, tongue my ass!" Chad was even a bit surprised to hear the words screaming out of Billy's mouth, but the words accompanied by the fact that he really did have his tongue buried in the most delicious asshole belonging to the most perfect boy only made him want to devour the young boy that much more. With his tongue stretched to its furthest limits, Chad slopped and slithered his tongue all around, back and forth, bringing Billy to a knew and profound heightened state of being. Billy's words of pleasure bellowed off the walls and through the hallway with only the faintest of whimpering sounds coming from Chad's butt stuffed face.

Neither man nor boy knew their limits, nor were they in the least bit interested in finding out. Billy released his entire body to Chad and Chad wanted nothing more to please the boy beyond any of his dreamiest and wildest expectations. Chad dug his tongue into Billy's muscle convulsing anal canal like tomorrow would never come. The more ass juice that slipped into his throat, the hungrier and greedier he became. Only Chad's eyes could see the view of the bunched up boy and his beloved scrunched up hairless balls and pre cum oozing erect boy cock. The sight was spectacular and caused Chad's cock to throb and spit out more and more pre cum as his anal adventure increased into an ass eating frenzy. Billy's slender smooth legs shook violently as the sensation from his anal canal spread throughout his entire quivering body. Just like in the stories, his mind exploded with all sorts of fantastic feelings.

Chad slipped his tongue out of Billy's coiling anal canal and used his tongue to glide up and down the boy's hairless and tanned ass crack, taking the time to slobber over his glorious cum filled balls. Before too long, Chad worked on a triple play, sucking Billy's cock to near orgasm, then tongue bathing his delicious young nuggets, ending up with his tongue buried to the hilt up Billy's magical sweet ass. It was Billy who wanted something a little more to his already excited and lust filled state. Using his hands, he silently guided Chad's manly body to the position where they now could please each other orally, in the sixty-nine position, with Chad on top. Billy wasted no time in savagely licking up the pre cum spewing from Chad's long thick cock. Chad continued working on all three sweet spots while Billy gazed between the grown man's furry mound.

Billy saw the little black hairs that formed its own line between Chad's muscular ass crack and while slurping up Chad's pre cum, he used both hands to grab onto Chad's butt and spread them outward to reveal the hidden layer between Chad's solid ass. For Billy, this was indeed a man's ass. It was sort of hairy and just the sight of the man's hair brought him into a world of lust and passion. He saw the little butt hole as it constantly winked at him and the little dark hairs that painted a pretty picture around it. Billy worked his tongue up the large cock until it reached the source of where the pre cum spewed from. Billy licked and worshipped the large mushroom head as if he were licking the last lollipop on earth. His eyes never once left Chad's bung hole and the aroma that shocked his nose was one of a slightly musky aroma. The aroma shooting up his inhaling nostrils only intensified his already drunken state as he quickly darted his tongue straight into Chad's puckering man hole.

Chad literally came unglued when he felt Billy's tongue slip inside his asshole forcing him to groan in blind ecstasy while having his own tongue wallowing inside Billy's fiery hot and extra tight love canal. Both man and boy dug their tongues into the others assholes, causing both to swelter with emotions exploding from deep within. Billy loved the fact that he was tongue fucking Chad's asshole and he could feel the large cock press firmly against his chest and along his chin. Billy used each of his thumbs to press inside Chad's ass cheeks, near his asshole, and spread it even wider. Chad felt the boy's tongue crawl even deeper than before and electricity coursed through his body a mile a minute.

Chad released his tongue from Billy's asshole and slipped his mouth over the silky delicious rock hard cock. With Billy's asshole slippery from his saliva, Chad took it one more step further by slipping a finger into Billy's slick asshole. Billy grunted and moaned as the finger explored his asshole with a downward twisting motion. Chad had his finger buried to the hilt inside Billy's hot asshole and his mouth sucked feverishly on the young boy boner lodged inside his more than willing mouth. Billy's cock expanded and convulsed and Chad slipped his mouth off the young cock once again. Billy pleaded words of unknown content with his own tongue still rumbling inside Chad's butt hole.

Billy began taking turns on Chad, tongue fucking his asshole and sucking on the largest cock his eyes had ever witnessed. Billy wanted Chad to fire off another man sized load of his delicious man cream down his throat and he too had slipped a slender finger up Chad's bewildered asshole. An idea had popped into Chad's head and he reached behind him to the night table and grabbed a tube of lubricant along with the "anal intruder." Billy was too busy sucking on Chad's cock and fingering his asshole to pay any attention to what Chad had just done. Once Chad figured Billy's cum had settled back down, he slammed his mouth back onto Billy's steel like cock. Using his fingers, Chad opened the top to the lube and squirted some onto the tip and shaft of the toy. Chad rubbed the slippery lube up and down the full 10" length ensuring to grease up the ball like tip.

With the toy in his right hand and mouth on Billy's cock, Chad guided the tip to Billy's asshole and applied some pressure. He heard Billy gasp and continued to slowly plunge the intruder up the boy's asshole. After about six inches or so up Billy's humping ass, Chad began to slowly fuck the boy's hole with the toy. The feeling coursing through Billy's head was nothing like he had ever experienced before. Whatever was up his ass felt pretty damn good to him and now he sucked on Chad's cock with a true vengeance. Chad slipped another two inches up Billy's asshole and flicked the on button upwards and left it on for ten or so seconds. Billy yanked his mouth off of Chad's cock and screamed at the top of his lungs, "Oh fuck, shit, God oh God, ah, um, what, what, oh fuck!" Chad knew that the figure eight circular motion was driving the boy crazy caused he had used and felt it many times before. Chad knew exactly what Billy was feeling and teased him by shutting it off for a few seconds, then cutting it back on. Billy humped his body as if he were fucking the toy, and not the other way around by Chad using the toy to fuck him. Chad slid the intruder the rest of the way up Billy's humping ass and cut it back on and this left it on. Billy's body exploded violently with convulsing gestures as the toy did its job. Chad flicked the other button and activated it from slow all the way up to fast. Billy's torturous screams deafened the buzzing noise from the toy as his body jerked, twisted, humped, and gyrated.

Chad felt the boy cock expand and he himself could wait no longer to sample Billy's boy cream. Billy was shouting at the top of his lungs when Chad felt what he hungrily needed strike the roof of his mouth in numerous torpedo like blasts. Jets of pre teen cum splashed into his mouth and Chad hung onto Billy for dear life as the boy cream shot out of Billy's dick like fire works at a Fourth of July celebration. It was kind of watery and definitely hot as the boy spunk flowed like a heavy down pour. Chad refused to swallow any of the watery cream just yet, wanting to slowly sip from the fountain of youth. Chad knew that by prolonging Billy's load, he was in for a mouthful of sure to be delicious boy juice and one thing was for certain, he was getting a mouthful!

The seemingly endless spurts of hot watery pre teen cream rapidly filled Chad's bloated mouth to the point that he had no other option but to start swallowing. The anticipation of the quality taste was soon rewarded as the first flow of boy spunk drained down his throat electrifying his every taste gland. This was by far the best honey Chad had ever had the privilege and honor of sampling. Sweeter than sweet without any signs or traces of salt whatsoever. The more Chad slipped down his throat, the more excited he became. The sounds spewing from the young boy's mouth was music to his ears and the nectar filling his stomach was heavenly divine.

Billy's head was spinning a mile a minute as his body erupted with numerous strange and never before experienced feelings. For him, it felt as if his cum was traveling from his toes, bypassing his cock going straight up to his brain before traveling south finally exiting out of his erupting boy meat. Never had he ever experienced such an orgasm as the one blistering his body at the moment. Just when he thought he was close to finishing, his cock would unleash another series of mind boggling, cock spitting, ball cramping orgasm. The more Billy's hot little body twitched and jerked, more pure sweet protein was spilling into Chad's cock sucking sperm drinking mouth. Chad's own cock was forcing pre cum out by the gallons as it reacted to the quality and quantity of the boy's hot sperm.

Moments later, with Billy's cock still plunging in and out of Chad's sucking mouth, Chad could feel the once hard missile begin to slowly deflate. Billy wiggled his body as the head of his spent cock became tremendously sensitive with Chad still sucking away feverishly. Chad picked up on the sensation of Billy's squirming body and released the tasty boy cock from his mouth. As Chad looked up, he could see Billy's eyes were tightly sealed and his breathing was heavy and hard. Chad slowly licked his way up Billy's panting body until he came to those cherry red thin lips and he began slowly licking the sweetness from them. Dribble had started to run out of the corner of Billy's lips, but Chad's tongue swiped it up like a broom.

Chad lay next to Billy on Billy's right side and he too was panting like a horse after a race. Both man and boy were on their backs, incapable of uttering a single word. Chad's hungry eyes gleamed on Billy's body passionately admiring the sleeping boy meat peacefully resting pointing straight at him. His mind still pondered the sweetness of the boy spunk he had just devoured. Chad's cock was rock hard and spewing pre cum by the bucket loads. When Billy finally opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the horse cock standing straight up at attention between Chad's thighs. His first thought was to ask Chad to impale his asshole with his man meat, but the vision of such a large beast changed his mind rather quickly. Billy thought to himself what it would feel like having such a large thick cock up his ass and he questioned himself if he could handle the pain he knew he would have to go through. The longer he stared at the impressive cock, the more he wanted it up his ass, but kept on shaking off the courage to come right out and ask Chad to fuck him.

Chad and Billy both turned on their sides with their faces within a fraction of an inch from the other. As Billy began to speak, the freshness of his breath shot up Chad's nostrils invoking more animalistic perverse notions to shatter his brain and body. Billy pointed at the ceiling and quietly said, "Let's play with that thing up there." Chad was a little surprised to find that Billy was still wanting to do more stuff after having busted such a huge load and after a brief debate, he gave in to Billy's inquisitive pleas.

Billy lay there and watched Chad as he fumble to his feet, still on the bed, and began unhooking the thing attached to the ceiling. As Chad was working, he said, "Billy, this thing here is called a sling. Whoever gets into it, is more or less at the other persons mercy. Just remember one thing for me, if at anytime you feel uncomfortable with anything, or it hurts, or you just don't want to do it, just say the word RED and everything stops immediately." Billy anxiously agreed to everything as the sling was unfolded. Chad helped him into the sling and Billy enjoyed the feeling of being in it. The large padded leather pillow that was sewn into the sling was soft and the leather smell erupted up his inhaling nostrils electrifying unknown senses. His legs were high up in the air and his ass was spread and jutting out of the leather opening. He watched Chad as Chad buckled the wrist restraints around each of his outstretched arms. The leather cuffs were padded with a soft material and felt extremely good on his wrists.

Billy's cock began to pump life into it once again as he reveled at the thought of being at Chad's total mercy. Chad buckled up the ankle cuffs while taking the time to run his hands up and down Billy's hairless smooth legs. Chad was familiar with being in the sling and although the position Billy was in looked like it might be uncomfortable, he knew all too well that a person could fall fast asleep in it. With Billy's arms slightly stretched to his side, just above his shoulder level, Billy's legs were extended high up into the air and widely spread. Chad sat back onto his heels and had a birds eye view of Billy's spread ass cheeks. The little pucker hole was winking furiously in anticipation of what next would come. Chad leaned over and began stabbing at the winking entrance, relishing at the idea and taste of his tongue making sweet love to Billy's butt hole.

Chad scooted off the bed and retrieved a small canister of Crisco and sat it on the bed. Once the can was open, Chad applied some over two fingers and he began slowly increasing his pressure as the two fingers slid straight up Billy's anal canal. Billy gasped as the fingers worked themselves up his chute and he could fell them as they maneuvered and twisted while lodged up his butt. The feeling coursing all over his body was pleasingly tremendous. Chad took his time and applied more of the Crisco using the same two fingers. Billy was groaning loudly as Chad used his two fingers to finger fuck the tight love hole to perfection. After the fourth scoop of the Crisco, Chad had greased up a third finger and slid it up Billy constricting anal canal. Billy's body wiggled at a record speed as the three fingers fucked him to a feverish heightened state.

With three fingers plunging in and out of Billy's hot little rectum, Chad reached over to the nightstand and retrieved one of his dildos. He picked up the 6" life like one and greased it up real good. Billy was panting, mumbling, groaning, and whimpering as Chad slid his ass fucking fingers from the tight little bung hole and replaced them quickly with the 6" rubber cock. Billy twitched his body as Chad slowly worked the fake cock up his asshole. Chad saw Billy's hard cock throb as all six inches of fake cock slipped all the way into the heated darkness of Billy's mouth watering ass.

Billy was shouting at the top of his lungs, "Yes, YES, fuck me, fuck my ass, oh God yes!" While Chad was ramming the fake cock up Billy's ass, he reached over and grabbed the "anal intruder", lubed it up and slowly slid inside Billy's ass accompanying the fake cock. Billy could feel his anal chambers expanding as the pressure increased. Not once did he ever feel any pain, just pure pleasure. He knew something else was sliding up his seemingly already filled ass, but the sensations shooting throughout his body only cause him to crave for more. Chad was trying to take his time, but it was Billy who was trying to shove his ass onto the objects in Chad's hands. Once the "anal intruder" was all the way in, Chad flipped the switch to activate the gyrating ball and shaft to slow. Once he flipped the button, Billy began screaming from joy as his body jerked and twitched all over in his confining restraints.

Chad could see the boy cock as it spewed sweet pre cum onto the smooth lower stomach forming a single strand, teasing his eyes, and making his mouth water. Using both fake cock and intruder, Chad started to take turns shoving one up the boy's ass while withdrawing the other all the way to his precious anal ring. Chad flipped the switch to fast and Billy literally came unglued as he screamed in delight and his body jerked in a tormented fashion. From time to time, Chad asked Billy if he wanted him to stop, but each time, Billy screamed, "Shit no, fuck me, fuck me. FUCK ME!" Even Billy was a little surprised by the words he said, but for him it didn't matter. What Chad was doing to him was beyond his wildest of fantasies and he didn't ever want any of this to stop. From his head all the way to the tip of his toes, Billy felt a sexual excitement ripple through his body.

After quite some time, Chad pulled both toys from Billy's quivering asshole. Even after the toys had been removed, Billy could still feel the sensations shooting inside his asshole. Chad worked a fourth finger inside the greasy asshole and began twisting and turning while plunging hard and deep. All Billy could do was cry out at the tormenting pleasure exploding throughout his young body. Chad reached over and grabbed the other fake cock. It was much larger one and he even questioned himself as to if Billy would be able to handle it. The fake cock was 8" and almost as thick as his own cock was. The fake mushroom head was nearly twice as thick as the rubbery veiny shaft. Holding the fake cock between his knees, Chad greased it up with thick coats of Crisco. He almost yanked his four fingers from Billy's chute and quickly slipped the fat mushroom head in to replace them before the tight hole had a chance to shrink back into its normal eye pleasing place.

A slight and sharp pain ricochet inside Billy's ass, but whatever it was invading his asshole, was indeed, welcomed. Billy could feel his anal walls expand wider than ever before and he could feel every inch as it tore inwards inside his hungry bung hole. Chad worked the thick fake cock very slow ensuring not to hurt young Billy at all. He wanted this day to be one that Billy would never ever forget. Billy was cooing, whimpering, and groaning as the faked cock finally buried itself all the way up to the fake nuts. He could feel the hard rubber nuts press against the crack of his ass and every time he took a breath, it felt as though his anal walls spread that much farther. Billy felt each fake vein as the thick rubber cock began to work itself up and down, numbing his body with increasing pleasure.

Billy was literally begging to suck Chad's cock as the fake beast slammed in and out of his greedy once virgin asshole. Chad was too excited just watching the anal ring clutch itself around the thick rubber cock upon each withdrawal before tunneling itself back into the boy's hot dark bowels. Billy had started to drive his ass onto the plunging cock and his cock was spitting pre cum out instead of just oozing like it had been doing previously. Chad was slamming the rubber cock in and out and he was caught off guard when Billy's cock exploded boy juice all over his stomach. Watery sperm pellets caused a stream to puddle up at the boy's belly button. Chad leaned up, keeping the cock working at a mind blistering speed, and savagely began licking up the sperm puddles relishing in the sweetness of Billy's taste bud pleasing cream. The boy's cock was still shooting its load when Chad swallowed the erupting cock up to the hairless nuggets and began sucking straight from the precious source.

This load was not like the first one, but to Chad, the taste of such sweet cream was rewarding none the less. Billy was driving his ass onto the cock while fucking Chad's mouth with his spewing hard boy cock. Billy was sperm free but his cock remained rock hard. His asshole had ignited a sleeping tiger as he forced his every anal muscle to clamp down on the thick veiny ass plunging intruder. Chad slipped his mouth off of Billy's cock and dipped his right hand into the can of Crisco. Ensuring he had lubricated each finger, leaving large globs on his hand, he yanked the fake cock out of Billy's muscle gripping asshole and shot all five fingers up the boy's ass. With his fingers extended, he had them buried inside Billy's asshole. All but the back of his hand was inside Billy's sucking asshole. Billy had no idea what was in his ass, but he knew it was large and very thick. Chad turned his crunched up fingers from side to side and slowly tried to spread his fingers inside the boy's anal chute. It took some doing, but Chad finally found the curvature of Billy's anal canal as he applied increasing pressure until his entire hand slipped into the depths of Billy's bowels. Chad was too excited to see his entire large hand up the boy's asshole. The pressure was intense and the heat felt like it was slow cooking the skin on his hands.

His eyes trailed up to Billy's to see if he was okay, but the boy was biting his lips and looked like he had a precious grin on his face. Chad worked his hand deeper, just passed his wrist, making a fist then extending his fingers. Billy shouted, "Shit, shit, oh my, oh my God, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Chadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd yesssssssssssssssssssssss!" Billy felt the energy drain freely from his body as if his soul had departed him, leaving his body in a heavenly place. The object filling his asshole drained him from whatever energy he might have left. No pain, just pleasure after pleasure. Billy screamed once again, "Cum, I'm, oh shit, cum-ming!" Chad stared at the sleeping boy cock and knew all too well what the boy was feeling and what was getting ready to happen. Billy's body barely twitched and Chad watched as the lifeless cock spit out a small puddle of spunk, but for Billy, he thought his balls had exploded leaving him in what felt like was a never ending orgasm.

The more he worked his fist into the boy's ass, the stronger Billy's climax ensued. Billy was still experiencing a long body contorting climax and although his eyes had opened fully, he was literally blind in darkness. Chad leaned up and scooped the small quantity of boy cream and like before, relished at its sweet taste. He kept his fist inside Billy's ass, turning and spreading, plunging and withdrawing. Once Chad scooped up and swallowed the young nectar, he dipped his left hand into the Crisco and smeared the slippery all over his hand. Bringing his right hand out so that just his fingers was inside Billy's anal canal, he slid his left hand up to the asshole and began taking turns driving his fingers rapidly in and out of the boy's asshole. Chad's hands were formed like a karate chop, pressing themselves to the others palms. In a matter of seconds, Chad was able to work both hands up Billy's ass. Another body shattering series of never ending orgasms raced through Billy's body, but no sperm made its way clear. Chad was still frantically sliding both hands with extended fingers in and out while admiring the boy's reaction to his sperm free orgasm. After having been in the same position numerous times, Chad knew what next would happen.

Billy was bucking his body thanks to a mind altering orgasm, thinking he was spraying cum all over when in reality, his lifeless cock began showering piss everywhere. Chad worked his body up to allow himself to shove his mouth onto the piss shooting boy cock while still ravishing Billy's asshole with his hands. Chad opened up his throat as the fiery hot liquid gushed down his throat and into his stomach. He had done this several times, but mostly to his girlfriend, but Billy's piss tasted much different than the ones he had previously encountered. He was expecting a salty bitterly taste, but this was nothing like he was prepared for. It did have a hint of salt, but it was like drinking a warm glass of water, not a bladder filled with a built up revenue of urine.

Chad gulped and gulped down the hot liquid and had to offer a smile because Billy was thinking that he was shooting out sperm instead. He drank as fast as young Billy pissed until it finally slowed to nothing more than a dribble. For Billy, he was still encountering an orgasm unlike anything he had ever experienced. With no more piss to offer, Chad pulled his mouth off the still lifeless boy meat. Just looking at Billy knowing both his large man sized hands were giving his asshole a pleasure beyond any fantasy the young boy had ever dreamed of was absolutely priceless. Billy's body had stopped quivering and shaking as Chad removed both hands from the boy's muscle clamping ass. Smearing the greasy lube on his cock while staring at the boy's asshole fighting to seal itself shut was an everlasting picture he would never forget. The bright pink interior of Billy's canal pierced his staring eyes and caused his cock to twitch and throb.

Billy looked like he was sleeping in such a peaceful state as Chad rose to his knees and positioned his fat long cock up to the asshole of young sleeping beauty. With the slightest of ease, Chad slipped his cock head inside, keeping an eye on Billy for any reaction. The boy lay peaceful as Chad began slipping more and more of his man cock up the boy's chute. With about six inches inside Billy's ass, Chad noticed a huge smile dash across Billy's face. The young boy's sparkling eyes opened and he cordially whispered, "Fuck me Chad, make love to me. I'm ready!" Their eyes glued to the other as Chad continued his downward plunge into Billy's rectum. Billy's faced grimaced once Chad got about eight thick inches inside. Billy had misjudged Chad's man cock earlier. He thought the cock was around eight inches, but truth be known, Chad sported about 10 " of thick bull meat.

Billy was torn with pain and pleasure as Chad pushed in the remaining inches. His anal walls felt like they had been torn wide open as Chad began to slowly fuck his monster cock in and out of his heavy breathing asshole. With each breath, Billy thought his ass was going to explode. He bit his lips and fought to relax his convulsing anal muscles, but was satisfied that he now knew that Chad had his huge cock sweltering deep inside his butt. On the other hand, Chad was astonished to feel the tightness and extreme heat blistering his cock. He had never fucked anyone who was as tight as Billy. Chad could feel the boy's anal muscles grip and squeeze his thrusting cock, trying to milk it of its man cream. Chad picked up his rhythm, holding Billy's outer thighs as a weapon, driving the boy's confined body onto his beast like thrusting cock. Billy's cock began to show life as it slowly worked itself back into its rock hard state as Chad crammed and thrust his fat pole at a blazing pace.

Both Chad and Billy whimpered as Chad fought with everything he had not to bust his nut just yet. He continued to drive his man cock up the boy's ass changing pace to prolong the inevitable. Billy cried out, "Chad, Chad, fuck me, fuck my ass, God yes, your cock, your cock feels soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking good, FUCK ME!" Chad pounded away, causing the echo of flesh striking flesh to dance around the room. His large hairy balls slapped Billy's ass crack upon each crashing thrust. The room was filled with their passionate screams and the slapping of flesh as Chad burrowed his cock inside Billy's ass with lusting desire. Chad had to come to a screeching halt so as not to blow his load just yet. Billy was doing everything he could to fuck the huge cock stuck up his ass and Chad was fighting with everything he had not to.

Chad pulled his throbbing cock out of Billy's ass and Billy pleaded with him to hurry up and put it back in. Chad's body tingled and he felt light headed as he scooted off the bed and grabbed the remote control for the sling. Chad got back up on the bed, this time laying on his back and positioned the sling, and Billy, directly over his aching cock. Using his left hand to steady his cock, Chad used the right hand to use the remote control and lower Billy's asshole back onto his cock. Billy screamed with anticipated pleasure as the long thick cock sank deeper and deeper into the depths of Billy's over heated bowels. Once his cock was completely buried inside Billy's miraculous asshole, Chad started using the remote control to lift Billy up and then lower him back down. Numerous times, he had lifted Billy completely off of his cock then lower him all the way back down. Billy was besides himself with pleasure and he too felt as though his cock was ready to burst.

Chad could no longer control the urge to shoot his load, so he stopped the sling with Billy sitting flush on his erect cock and began slowly turning the sling all the way around. The complete turning of the sling with Chad's cock lodged all the way inside his ass created knew sensations for Billy. Chad twisted the sling until it no longer could twist any more. When Chad had finished twisting the sling, it was super tight and he had to use his every ounce of strength to prevent the sling from unwrapping itself. He had stopped it so that their eyes could meet once again. The young boy was just so damned perfect and gorgeous from head to toe. Chad softly whispered, "Billy, I love you!" Billy took a deep breath in order to control his heavy panting and softly replied, "I love you more Chad!"

Puckering their lips and blowing a kiss to one another, Chad let the sling swing free. Billy was spinning in circles at a blistering speed and both man and boy were screaming at the top of their lungs as both cocks shot out their heavy cream. Chad screamed as so did Billy as the sling kept spinning in a perfect circular motion. Billy's cock felt like the piss slit had just torn open as it rocketed his watery cream onto his chest and stomach. Chad was shooting a healthy man sized load up the spinning ass as he grunted upon each shot of his man cream.

As the sling slowly came to a halt, both Chad and Billy were completely sperm free and certainly exhausted. Chad's cock was as limp as a wet noodle and so was Billy's. Neither could say a word, but stay in their proper positions gasping for oxygen. Billy's mind had left his body as his heart pumped blood to his brain leaving him in a state of utter confusion as to what had just happened. Chad's cock easily slipped from Billy's spread ass and flopped with a thud on his thigh. He built up the courage to roll over and unhook his newfound young lover. Once Billy was free from his restraints, Chad helped him roll out of the sling and Billy just sort of fell face first onto the bed, still panting heavily.

Chad raised the sling back to the ceiling and lay next to Billy running his hands all over the boy's back and soft muscular butt cheeks. The leather had caused Billy to break out into a sweat mixed only with the activity both had just partook in. Chad admired the soft silky smooth texture of Billy's skin and inwardly took photos of the boy's naked backside. Chad leaned over and whispered, "How's your butt?" Without moving, keeping his face buried into the mattress, Billy responded by saying, "Sore, but in a good way!"

After a short time, both had built up enough energy to sit up on the bed. Billy said, "I got to soon get home, but I was kind of wondering if you meant what you said, you know, when you said you loved me." Chad lifted his left arm up and draped it over Billy's left shoulder and smiled, then said, "More than life itself!" Billy smiled back and said, "I know I meant it about you. I love you and more than that, I love what we just did and really would like to do it again, that is if you want to." Chad quickly said, "You know where I live, just come on over." Billy grinned and fired back, "Great, how about tomorrow?" Chad kissed him on the lips and once their seal was broke, whispered, "Anytime!"