Parents Weekend, Part 1




Josh had just gotten back to his room after a short workout when the guard at the dorm security desk called to let him know his father was downstairs. His heart skipped a beat, and he raced out the door. He'd make a point of slowing down as he approached the lobby, just to keep looking cool and all, but right now he was going to bolt down the hall and fly down the stairs two at a time.


Josh loved his dad. But right now Josh's dad, Bob Ellis, was at a weekend business seminar in Los Angeles, a good 3,000 miles away from Josh's New York City campus. Waiting in the dorm lobby instead was Nick, a guy Josh had been chatting with online for about a month. They'd never met in person, but as Josh slowed down to a seemingly casual stroll, the dorm lobby now just around the corner of a long hallway, he felt the weird sensation of being about to meet someone he already knew intimately. 


Josh and Nick often chatted several times a day, and Josh had grown used to slamming his laptop closed and rushing off to class with a raging boner and his briefs soaked with pre-cum. Nick made Josh hard, but he also made him giggle. Nick was hungry, but he also was super sweet. During their chats, Josh and Nick fantasized wildly, both of them often almost unbearably on the edge (Nick worked from home, but Josh was often afraid he might shoot a load while sitting in his college library or dining hall). They would spend an hour with Nick lingering over a single part of Josh's body, describing what he would do, with Josh begging for more but Nick lingering, lingering, and both of them admitting that they could barely control their breathing. There were times, Josh thought, that he could actually feel Nick's breath on his body or on his neck. At times like these, Josh would moan aloud, wishing Nick were actually there to hear him. But even when all they wanted to do was go further, block out the entire world and keep talking, lost in each other's words, Nick always reminded Josh that he needed to get to class on time or not miss a meal and that they could chat again soon. "I don't know whether I want to devour you or protect you," Nick said once. For Josh, being devoured and being protected by Nick, his very own sexy beast, felt like the same thing.


And so Nick was waiting downstairs for Josh, ready to spend the weekend bringing all their fantasies to life in Josh's single dorm bed, but posing as Bob Ellis for the meals and other group activities required for students and their visiting parents during Parents Weekend. The plan was hatched one day when Josh had been complaining to Nick about his roommate, a nice but sloppy guy who NEVER left the room except to go to class or grab dinner. As a result, Josh was rarely alone in his room, and while he'd gotten used to chatting with Nick and working his dick with his roommate in his bed a whopping eight feet away, Josh had long been anticipating the rare opportunity of alone time because his roommate was going home for Parents Weekend to attend a family wedding.


When Josh mentioned this fact to Nick, Nick joked that he should take the opportunity to come spend the night in Josh's room. "I could pretend to be your father!," he wrote. Well, that little joke made Josh's already rock hard boner--the one he always had when chatting with Nick--get, unbelievably, even harder, and the joke became an actual plan. Josh had been dreaming of this weekend ever since, and, finally, here it was!


Josh and Nick had fallen totally under the spell of each other's words: what they created as they chatted was a private world for the two of them where their desires were completely unlocked and perfectly in unison. Josh often thought that no real-life guy he'd ever been with had seemed to know his body or his needs as well as Nick did. All this without ever meeting--without, even, a picture. Josh didn't exchange pictures online. It was too often just all kinds of trouble, and, besides, it was words that really got him going. But he had to admit that the few pictures he had of Nick really got him going, too. Nick sent them once as a total surprise. Josh had been sitting with a few friends in the living room of a cabin they'd gone to for a rare weekend away from school, and chatting with Nick on the phone. He'd asked Nick about the hair on his chest (for Josh, a hairy chest was like catnip), and, instead of a description, Nick sent three pictures. 


Josh became instantly delirious, so it was hard for him to remember if he really did gasp aloud, but he was pretty sure he did. Nick had sent a shot of his indeed-furry torso; another of him naked from the waist down, wearing only a tight-fitting t-shirt; and a close-up of his thick cock. It was near impossible to avoid obsessing over Nick's tool: he had a seriously wide piss slit, and Josh immediately fantasized about working his tongue deep in there, coaxing out drop after drop of delicious, salty pre-cum. But more than anything, Josh was in awe of Nick's body, which was everything he dreamed about: Nick was like a Greek statue, cut from a massive stone. He was solidly muscled all over, with broad, powerful shoulders and crazy thick thighs. It was the kind of body that made Josh long to be flat on his back, pinned to the sheets by the mass of man on top of him, yet also tickled to the point of shivering by his dark fur. In a room full of his friends, Josh was glued to his phone, chatting with Nick and gazing again and again at his pics while his friends were fooling around and packing to leave. And on the way back to school that weekend, curled up in the back seat of the car with his friends beside him, Josh couldn't resist a few more peeks. He was hard all the way home.


So, on this Friday afternoon, as Josh opened the doors to the dorm lobby, he knew he'd recognize Nick right off. And sure enough, there was his Greek god, his eyes scanning the room, holding his duffel bag and looking even hotter in his t-shirt and jeans than Josh had dared imagine. Josh had a moment to worship Nick in silence, but then Nick turned to him, caught Josh's beaming face, and knew he'd found his boy. Nick walked towards Josh, but Josh pretty much ran to Nick, throwing his arms around him. "What the hell," Josh thought, "Everyone will just think I'm happy to see my dad."  


Those first few moments wrapped in Nick's bear hug were electric: Josh almost forgot to breathe as he relished the touch and smell of Nick's body.  And then Nick whispered in his ear: "Hey, sunshine." "Sunshine" was one of Nick's names for Josh, and it always made Josh feel, well, like he really was full of sunshine. "I can't believe it's really you, Nick," he whispered back, and then, breaking out of the embrace, he led Nick by the hand over to the dorm security guard.  "Hey, Alfredo," Josh said, "meet my dad, Bob Eliis." Alfredo reached to shake Nick's hand, and, as they shook, Nick said "Nice to meet you, Alfredo. Hope this boy of mine doesn't give you too much trouble." 


"Not a bit," replied Alfredo, "You got a good boy there, Mr. Ellis." With that, Nick grabbed Josh around the shoulders, and, with his free hand, reached over to ruffle Josh's hair. "Thanks, Alfredo," said Nick "He's always been a boy who listens to his daddy."


Josh was near to fainting, but he managed to remember the direction to his room and, saying goodbye to Alfredo, led Nick out of the lobby. In the short minutes of the walk to his room, where Josh would finally be alone with Nick, Josh had a million things he wanted to say, but he couldn't make any of them come out of his mouth. Nick, for his part, relished acting like Josh's dad, asking how Josh's classes were going and commenting on the conditions in the dorm. "I thought for the money I'm paying, you'd be living in a palace," Nick said, grinning like the cheeky devil he was.


Finally, Josh stood before his dorm room, took a deep breath, and said "Here we are" as he opened to door for Nick. Nick walked in, threw his duffel in a corner, and Josh locked the door behind him. Their eyes locked, too, and Nick threw open his arms. "Come here, little buddy." Josh flew across the room, and literally jumped into Nick's arms, wrapping his legs around Nick's waist and his arms around Nick's shoulders as Nick reached around, cupping Josh's butt and holding his adoring boy aloft. "You're even more handsome than I'd hoped," Nick said, and he brought his lips to Josh's for the kind of deep, searching kiss the two of them had long fantasized about during their chats. Josh felt as if he could remain where he was forever: floating off the ground, wrapped around his beautiful Nick, and kissing like fire.


But there would be more kisses to come, and Nick, at this moment, wanted to get a look at his boy. "Time for me to check out the goods," he said to Josh, and after the boy let go of Nick to stand on his own, Nick took a couple steps back to gaze at Josh's slim, fit body. "I can see you've been keeping up with your workouts. Atta boy," he said. "I can also see you're very happy to see your daddy." Josh had made what he thought would be the smart-ass but cute move of keeping on his workout sleeveless t-shirt and gym shorts to greet Nick, but removing his jock strap. He should have known his dick would not behave, and it surely did not. Josh's shorts were tenting like mad, and he'd been worried that some quick movement would propel his boner out of the leg of his shorts, hard and dripping, for all to see. Luckily, no one seemed to have noticed anything. No one, of course, but Nick. 


Josh beamed in response to Nick's provocation. "Bonerville," he said, uttering the phrase he always used to let Nick know the moment during their chats when he was fully hard. "From the looks of things," Nick said, reaching over to drag his forefinger across the spreading wetness on the front of Josh's shorts," it's been Bonerville for quite a while." 


"I cannot tell a lie," said Josh. "I'm thinking it's been a good hour." "I got you beat," said Nick. "I've been hard the whole two hour drive."  And with that, with Nick's finger still tracing circles all over the front of Josh's shorts, Josh reached over to cup Nick's package. He could feel Nick's warmth through his jeans. "Oh, god, Nick. Just, oh god. You know how much I've wanted this."


"And you'll get it, little buddy," Nick replied. "But we have all weekend. And what we need to do right now is get you out of your clothes. Such as they are. So, let's go. Arms over your head." Josh obeyed, and Nick reached over, one hand on each side of Josh's waist, grabbing the bottom of his t-shirt and pulling it over Josh's head. Josh moved to drop his arms, but Nick told him "Not yet. Arms up, my boy." Josh was actually enjoying the stretch, seeing as he was post-workout, and he also loved feeling so exposed to Nick. But he caught a whiff of his pits. A little funk, not so bad, he thought. Nick had always claimed to like bodily smells, but fantasy chats and real-life wet pits are two different things.


Josh had but a moment of this quandary, for a moment was all it took for Nick to take two fingers and swab the inside of Josh's dewy left armpit. Nick brought his fingers to his nose and inhaled. "Sweet," he said, and then offered Josh a sniff. Josh inhaled his scent deeply. "Sweet enough to eat," he said. Nick returned his fingers to Josh's left pit, and then swabbed out his right. As he withdrew them, Josh could see his sweat glistening on Nick's fingers. That is, he could see it until Nick's fingers disappeared between Josh's lips. Josh sucked greedily, and Nick, removing his fingers from Josh's mouth, asked, "How do you taste?"


"So good," Josh replied, "Try some for yourself." At this invitation, Nick reached over, grabbed each side of Josh's ribs in one of his strong hands, each thumb on one of Josh's hard nipples, and leaned in to tongue Josh's pits. Right, then left. Right, then left. Josh could hear Nick's tongue gliding over his lightly haired pits; he could smell the mingled scent of his sweat and Nick's saliva rising to his nostrils. If Nick hadn't been grasping his chest so firmly in his massive hands, Josh might have dropped to the floor, his knees buckling from ticklish pleasure.


"You were right," said Nick, abandoning Josh's pits for another long, deep kiss. Josh tasted himself on Nick's lips, and he dropped his hands from over his head to wrap them around Nick's shoulders. Nick began kissing Josh all over his face, his neck. Nibbling his ears. And all the while, his thumbs lightly moved over Josh's nipples.


"You weren't kidding," Nick said, and Josh knew immediately what Nick meant. Josh had crazy sensitive, totally wired nipples. They were usually hard as marbles when he chatted with Nick, which meant that they were often fully visible even through his t-shirts when he sat with Nick chatting in public on campus. And as if that weren't bad enough, Josh often couldn't resist going in for some extra simulation. Nick would be chatting, and Josh would be reading, tugging away at each nip, squeezing through the rough cotton of his shirt.  Tugging and squeezing and not worrying if anyone saw; tugging and squeezing, while his dick dripped in his briefs, right there in the library surrounded by his classmates.


"All the times that I wished my fingers were yours, and now, finally, here you are," said Josh, as Nick held each nip between a thumb and forefinger, squeezing lightly, not tugging, but just keeping steady pressure. Josh felt waves of pleasure radiate through his body. He leaned in for another searching kiss. He broke the kiss to trace his tongue around Nick's lips, tingling at the prickles of his whiskers. Then, in for another kiss. Through it all, Nick's gentle grip on Josh's nipples was unwavering.


"Bed, please, Nick," said Josh. "I want you in my bed." Nick smiled at the invitation he'd been waiting for. "Sure thing, sunshine. So hop on for a ride and let's get over there." Josh jumped back into Nick's arms, wrapping his own arms and legs around his man, and Nick carried him over to the bed. Josh had dreamed of this only 700 times or so, and the feeling right now was at least 700 times better than he'd ever imagined. 


Still holding Josh up, Nick sat down on the bed, with Josh in his lap, facing him. The two embraced as tightly as they could, and they began kissing ravenously. At this moment, Josh felt his first true awareness of the Nick who wanted to devour him. Nick's arms were so strong and his hands so big--and his embrace was so powerful Josh felt as if Nick could squeeze the breath out of him. He realized that if, for some unimaginable reason, he wanted to move, Nick would be able to hold him tight. No escape. 


The thrill of this powerlessness made Josh light-headed, as did Nick's relentless kisses, his tongue deep in Josh's mouth. Nick also nibbled on every inch of flesh available to him, gently biting and holding Josh's lips, ears, and neck between his teeth--with the same gentle but firm pressure he had applied to Josh's nipples. It was all Josh could do to resist begging Nick to tear his flesh from his bones: all he wanted was to surrender to Nick's hunger and be devoured by him.


Sitting in Nick's lap, with one arm around Nick's shoulder and the other behind his head, Josh thrilled at the constant flexing of Nick's muscles as his mouth ranged over Josh's neck and face, as Nick's rib cage expanded and contracted with his increasingly fevered breaths, and as he maintained a constant tight embrace around the boy in his lap. Josh imagined the weekend to come, getting to explore every inch of Nick's body: every muscle, every curve, every hair, every sensitive spot. He wanted to do everything he could to give Nick something like the pleasure Nick was giving him. He had long worshipped Nick from afar; he now wanted to do it up close. And he wanted to surrender, over and over, to whatever it would be that Nick needed and wanted. 


But Josh was also a horny 19 year old who had been hard for going on two hours now, the last half-hour of which he'd spent furiously making love to the man of his dreams. So, whatever was likely to happen for the rest of the weekend, what was going to happen now--real soon, in fact--was an explosion. Josh was going to cum, and there was not much chance of holding back.  


"Nick," he said, "Please. I want to be naked. And I can't hold out. . . ."


"I thought you'd never ask," said Nick. Josh laughed, despite his worry that doing so would make him shoot on the spot. "Get me out of these shorts NOW," he said.


Nick turned towards the middle of the bed, spinning Josh around and laying him down. "Spread your legs," he told his boy. And, when Josh did, Nick reached between his spread legs and under his butt, grabbing the waistband of Josh's shorts from the back and tugging them off. Josh obediently, wordlessly lifted his legs up, and, at last, he was naked. Nick tossed Josh's shorts to the floor, but not after getting a good whiff and a quick taste.


"Mmmmmm," he said. And then he ran his right hand lightly over Josh's cock and balls. ""Mmmmmmm," he said. "Finally, Joshie. Finally." 


Josh moaned. Nick did it again, his fingers lightly trailing over Josh's bobbing dick. Josh moaned some more. He was going to cum. He knew it. He could even cum, he thought, just lying there, looking at Nick's gorgeous, smiling face. Without being touched at all. 


But Josh wanted to be touched. "Please, Nick," he said. "Please get on top of me."


Nick moved over Josh, resting on his elbows, his legs between Josh's. Josh lifted his legs and crossed them behind Nick's, pulling him tight. 


"Get off your elbows, Nick. Rest all your weight on me. Please," said Josh. Nick slowly dropped himself onto Josh's chest and belly, sliding his hands up the mattress. He took Josh's hands in his, stretching their arms out in unison.


At this moment, Josh had no sense of where his body ended and where Nick's began. He felt as if he had melted into Nick: the pressure of the massive body pressing down on him, their arms aligned and hands clenched tight over their heads, Josh's legs locked around Nick's thighs. And, of course, Nick's rock hard cock, still buried in his jeans, grinding away at Josh's throbbing, exposed one. Every second of longing Josh had ever felt for Nick was culminating in this moment.


"Nick, oh Nick," Josh moaned, "So good, so so good. But I can't. . . . "


"Let go, little buddy," said Nick. "Just let go."


Josh let go, shot after shot, as shouts of pleasure rose up from deep in his body and his firing cock soaked his belly and Nick's t-shirt and jeans.


Nick held Josh, motionless, as the boy came back to earth. "That was fucking incredible," Josh said, "But I wanted to cum with you.'


"No worries, little buddy. We have plenty of time for that," said Nick.


"And I think I really messed up your jeans," said Josh. "Sorry!" But he had to laugh. "Actually, not so sorry, I guess. Now you know what it's like for me walking around school all day boned and dripping from our chats."


Now Nick laughed. "Fair's fair, I guess. But let me clean up," said Nick, reaching for a corner of the bedsheet.


Josh had a better idea. "Bring that up here," he said. Nick didn't hesitate for a moment, getting up on his knees, each knee next to one of Josh's shoulders.


Josh hoisted himself up on his elbows and feasted on his jizz, which covered Nick's crotch and was still trickling down. "Every drop, like a good boy," said Nick, pressing his cock ever so slightly to Josh's tongue and lips.


Having cleaned up his own load from Nick's jeans, Josh had only one thing on his mind now. "I want to make you cum, Nick," he said. "Please."


"I'm ready, Josh. Help yourself." Josh reached up to undo the button at the top of Nick's fly. He then began to unzip. To his surprise--or, maybe, not so much surprise but delight--he quickly realized that Nick, like he himself, had decided to show up for their first meeting commando.  At long last, Nick's dick was his!  Josh got the zipper all the way down, and wrestled Nick's jeans down his thighs. As he took Nick's cock into his right hand, he leaned in first for a good, long inhale. Nick smelled like sweat and meat and salt and Josh felt intoxicated, again. Nick was gasping, lightly, with every slight movement of Josh's hand on his tool. And then Josh leaned forward, touching his tongue to the head of Nick's cock, following its curves, tonguing its piss slit.


All of a sudden, Nick pulled back. "Joshie, I'm so ready. Like you were. They'll be plenty of time for you to taste, soon, my boy. But right now, I need to shoot. And I want to paint you."


Josh didn't regret, but for a moment, the brief flirtation of his tongue with Nick's cock. What Nick wanted seemed perfectly right to him, and, even though he hadn't known it, it was exactly what he wanted, too.


"Do it," he told Nick. "Paint me. Now."


Nick moved back a bit and reared up again on his knees. He seemed to tower over Josh. He worked his cock furiously, panting. And Josh found that, as beautiful as Nick's wild stroking looked, he wanted more to stay locked on Nick's eyes. Neither of them broke their gaze, not even when Nick uttered a series of strangled shouts, and nearly toppled over, and Josh felt five hot streams of Nick's jizz paint his chest and belly.


Nick looked beautiful and slightly delirious, still on his knees over Josh. Josh hoped that beautiful, delirious expression meant Nick was as happy as he himself was.  And he just giggled, right then and there--giggled out of sheer happiness. Nick started giggling too, and, soon, they were both laughing like goons.


When they calmed down, Josh looked up at Nick. "That was perfect, Nick. Just perfect."


"Damn right, little buddy."


"And I guess since I've waited so long to taste your load, no reason I can't wait a little longer, " Josh said, with a little sigh. 


"Who said anything about waiting?," Nick replied. And with that, he lay down next to Josh, reached over with his left arm, and scooped up a load of his load, right off of Josh's body. He brought his hand up to Josh's lips.


"Greek food for breakfast?," he said. Josh burst out in a laugh, and then pulled Nick's hand to his mouth, savoring every drop.


Having finished feeding, Josh lay back in Nick's arms. He and Nick had so much to talk about, but they had all weekend, and, right now, each other's heartbeat was the only sound they needed.


After awhile, it was getting on 6 PM, and Josh and Nick were due at the parents dinner in the college dining hall. It was actually Nick, true to form, who reminded Josh. "Don't we have some dinner to go to?"


"Yeah," said Josh. "I hope this won't be too weird."


"Nope," said Nick. "Everything about this weekend is going to be an adventure, Joshie. You watch."  


Josh smiled. And then he thought of Nick's jeans. "You did bring a change of pants, didn't you?," he said.


"Sure," said Nick. "But I'm not gonna clean up now. And neither, my boy, are you." 


And with that, Nick zipped up his drenched jeans, Josh pulled a t-shirt over his cum-stained chest and belly, and off they went to dinner.  




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