To start off with, I am just your typical nobody who was struggling financially and was in dire need of a second job. Being in my late thirties, damn near stone cold broke, I took a part time job at a store inside the local mall. We sold all the game stations and accessories. I had been working by myself for about a week when my life took a personal turn for the sickening worse. I had just finished helping a customer at the register when in walked the most gorgeous and stunning boy I had ever laid my eyes on. I am gay and have been for all of my life, and up until now, always preferred the companionship of an adult man.

The boy walked in, no, gracefully strode, and began looking at the XBOX systems. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to keep my eyes off of him. Thankfully enough, it was a rather slow day and he was the only customer in the rather small store. His hair was jet black and perfectly feathered back that flowed freely just above his shoulders. The boy's eyes, his miraculous eyes, were the purest and deepest emerald green known to mankind. His ears were partially revealed due to his glorious hairstyle. Thin, but with a muscular characteristic, he stood about 5' 6" and weighed a slender 120 pounds. The boy's age, ah yes, his age, was difficult to guess. He looked like he was about twelve, but his actions suggested one in which was far more superior than his appearance.

From the looks of his lower arms that were on display from his sporty short sleeve button shirt, he looked like he might have mixed blood somewhere in his system. A deep and dark gorgeous tan accented his facial features, along with the rest of his natural born beauty. With his back towards me, I studied ever feature in intricate detail. His fancy dress pants glued to his small frame revealing the tiniest, yet bubbliest, bubble butts of all times. When the boy bent over to obtain a game, I pert near had a heart attack. The fabric of his pants clung to his every movement, causing his muscular butt to spread, leaving me standing there with my mouth wide open and drool sloshing from the corners of my mouth.

No rhyme or reason, my heart thumped as I walked towards this gorgeous boy to offer any assistance. After introducing myself, he said his name is Josh. I became suddenly entranced, not only by his stunning beauty, but by the angelic softness of his voice. As our hands touched, the silky softness of his small hand forced every hidden goose bump on my body to rise angrily at full attention. His slender, yet structured face offered the most perfect and innocent smile my eyes had ever seen. Josh had the whitest and straightest teeth I had ever seen with two perfect little dimples impaling each side of his hairless, tanned cheeks.

Kneeling beside him, I inhaled deeply as he spoke. His breath was intoxicating, sending streams of cinnamon flavored sparks shivering up my nostrils. I took the liberty while he was reading the game box to stare between his spread, covered legs. Disappointed at not being able to see anything, I continued my perverse actions. His shirt flung open barely, allowing my eyes to see a small portion of his tanned, hairless chest. While discussing the game, I stared like a pervert and inhaled like a lion in complete admiration over this young boy.

I followed his every movement inside the store, offering any help I could offer, just for the graceful time of being near him. My own erection was on display causing my pants to form a large bulge that could be noticed by anyone looking down in that direction. The young boy's lips were thin, but a bright cherry, succulent red. Josh was absolutely, positively, flawless in every way. For the first time in my life, I craved the affection of a young boy. His natural body odor was more fragrant than the finest cologne, and his breath, yes, his young breath, was heavenly to the nostrils. Having the deepest and sickest thought process concerning Josh, I would have bet everything I owned that the young boy was incapable of any fowl odors. Heck, I even questioned whether or not the boy was capable of taking a crap. My sick and twisted mind raced on although Josh never gave any indication that he was the slightest of being gay.

He strode around the store looking at games and I did my best to answer any questions he had. In my perverted mind, I thought that he occasionally glanced down to see my raging hard-on. If he did, he never once said anything. One thing was for sure, Josh wore a natural breath taking smile, even when he spoke. I could have easily taken my eight and a half inch thick cut beast out and jacked-off while standing behind him without him even knowing. It wouldn't have taken but a couple of strokes for me to unleash a violent load, thanks to him and all his stunning beauty.

Josh stayed in the store for about an hour before leaving. Saying I was depressed was an understatement, but my eyes followed his tiny butt all the way out of my vision. His little cheeks rose upon his every step and the muscles rippled causing my eyes to jump and twitch at its mere beauty. I was no stranger to rimming, but I already knew if given the chance, I would lap that boy's bung hole to complete perfection.

For the next two weeks, Josh visited me everyday looking at games, giving my eyes the pleasure of studying him even more. I found out that he comes from a broken home and lives with his workaholic mom. He is the only child and is a straight A student. The biggest things I learned about Josh was that he has no girlfriend and for some strange reason, doesn't have that many friends. He was lonely and sought out a real friendship. During our two weeks of conversing, nothing closely related to sex talk came about. Each time he visited me, my cock showed its displeasure by pressing hard against my pants, as if it wanted to be noticed. His clothes were always tight and my mouth watered at his total, innocent beauty.

During our cordial meetings, not once did I indicate that I was gay, or even acted remotely interested in him. If he saw my hard pouting cock tenting my pants, not once did he say or do anything to give me any signs that he might be interested. Not once did I ever see a bulge in his pants, and believe me, I foamed at the mouth looking.

A week later, Josh visited me once again, but this time he appeared to have something on his mind. Our conversations became more friendlier as time grew on, as well as my burning sick desire to make love to this well under age boy. Our talk finally got to the point where we lived. He lived in a well-to-do neighborhood and I lived less than a mile from him in a more regular and common neighborhood. My house isn't spectacular and the payments forced me to take this second job. One thing led to another and my jaw struck the floor when Josh looked into my eyes and with desperation in his voice softly said, "My mom's having a party this weekend and I wish I had somewhere else I could stay!" As if the heavens answered all my prayers, I was off this weekend and quickly announced, "Josh, I don't know if your mother would agree, but you are more than welcome to stay at my place this weekend."

The boy became rather excited and immediately asked if he could use the store phone to call his mom. From the one sided conversation I could hear, I quickly discovered his mother really didn't care. She seemed to be more pleased that he wasn't going to be home for her party and not once did she ask to speak to me, a perfect stranger head over heels in lust over her angelic son. He was coming over to my house straight after school on Friday. This was Tuesday and I was more excited that he was coming over to spend the whole weekend with me and my cock tried to out jump the beats of my heart.

Here is where my sick and perverted mind took control of my every actions. My ex-lover was a private investigator. He had all his equipment stored at my house. It seemed we made better friends than we could be lovers, so our friendship was stronger than ever. My house had only one bathroom and it was fairly large with a nice sized garden tub. My ex had a clock that was more than a clock. It was a color camera that once you hooked the cord to the VCR, you could see everything as plain as day. It took several adjustments to the hidden camera for me to be able to record the entire bathroom, clearly. I placed a tiny color camera, the size of a needle, on the ceiling directly over the bed where young Josh would rest his head. I lay on the bed and realized Josh would have no clue that the tiny speck was a camera, filming his every peaceful move.

It seemed like Friday would never come, but finally it did. I sat around the livingroom awaiting Josh with every expectation in the world with the most perverse intentions. The television in my room was set with the two cameras, as well as the VCR. My sexual desires and perverted actions were unexplainable, but my heart pounded with the wildest of excitement. A tender knock on the front door startled me and upon opening it, there he was, the most gorgeous creature gracing the planet. Josh tossed his back pack on the floor and we sat in the livingroom for some time just talking.

About an hour later, Josh announced he had to use the bathroom, so I eagerly showed him the way. He walked inside and I almost ran to my bedroom to cut on the television. There he was looking into the mirror above the sink running his small slender fingers through his gorgeous black feathered hair. He turned around and walked over to the toilet and raised the seat. My heart bounced and jerked inside my throat as I saw him fumbling with his pants. His back was towards me and I simply forgot about him standing to take a piss. I saw the faint stream of his boy piss as it splashed in the toilet water. I had the audible settings on max, so I could clearly hear the piss stream as it splashed. In my perverted haste to install the cameras, I simply forgot to relocate all the gay magazines that were right next to the toilet on the floor.

I could see him looking down at one of the covers as he pissed. I felt faint knowing good and well I had just been stupidly busted. He had finished peeing and was swinging the excess free and shoving his unseen cock back inside his pants. Josh flushed the toilet and bent down, picking up the gay magazine. His back was still facing me and I could hear the pages as he was thumbing through them. After leafing through the first magazine, he placed it back on top and started washing his hands. I shut my television off and ran back to the livingroom expecting the worst.

I was sitting on the sofa when Josh walked in. Our conversation gave me no signs that he was insulted or felt threatened after discovering the gay magazines. We spoke about school and other things, but never touched on the topic of sex. I didn't want to sound pushy or show him any indications that I wanted to eat him from head to toe. Josh played games on my XBOX and we ordered pizza. Later that night, but not too late, Josh wanted to take a bath. He already knew the way and after he closed the bathroom door, I snuck inside my bedroom and cut on the television.

The bath water was running and I watched with my hard cock in hand as he started undressing. Shoes, socks, and shirt hit the floor and he was standing right in front of the camera as he began slipping his pants down. I marveled in his entire beauty while stroking my thick man meat. He stood there wearing only his pale blue boxers, turned around and grabbed several of the gay magazines and placed them on the pedestal next to the tub. My heart and cock throbbed as he hooked the sides of his boxers and began sliding them down. His whole body was tanned, a dark golden bronze, without a single blemish anywhere. The lower his boxers slid down, the more I saw of his revealing boyhood. A small, perfectly V shaped patch of black pubic hair rose proudly above the base of his slender shaft. His cock, oh my God, his cock, dangled downward a good three inches. Slender from the base to his perfect cut bright pink mushroom head, resting on top of two golden tanned egg shaped hairless nuggets.

Even his cock and his balls were a golden bronze color and the pink cock head displayed clearly and perfectly. I had to stop stroking my cock so I wouldn't spray my load just yet. Josh turned off the water and turned around to step in the tub. I got a glimpse of his muscular, tiny tanned butt. The thin line of his crack remained glued shut as he carefully stepped inside the bathtub. His balls hung down low, but not low enough for me to see them when he stepped into the tub. The boy was just as I thought. Gorgeous from head to toe! He lay in the tub and soaked in the refreshing bubbly water while looking at a gay magazine. I could barely get over the fact that young Josh might be gay, or gay curious, but either way, he was looking very carefully at the magazines.

Sometime had passed and Josh had looked thru all the magazines he had picked up. I heard the bathtub drain open as Josh stood up. My eyes almost popped from their socket as his hard boy cock proudly stood straight from his flat lower, hairless stomach, with a slight upwards arch a good, solid five inches. He bent over to retrieve the towel and as he did his tight little ass crack parted slightly revealing his wonderful little pale pink rosebud of a bung hole. The pinkish hole was set off by his golden natural tan, looking like more of a tiny speck than a poop chute. There wasn't a trace of hair anywhere on his crack or near his unbelievable dot of a butt hole. Calling his bung hole a hole was stretching the truth way out of per portion. It was nothing more than a tiny speck resting peacefully between two lovely bronzed hills.

Seeing this sight caused my balls to unleash a mind boggling load all over my wall and floor. It felt like I had just shot my guts out of my cock instead of sperm. Even while blasting the load from hell, my eyes stayed glued on the naked angel inside my bathroom. I wanted to run in there and swallow his gorgeous five inches and milk the nectar from his loins. I would have been more than happy to shove my thick tongue up his ass and suck his anal juices deep within. If I was lusting after the boy before, I was now foaming to bits with animalistic lust after seeing him completely naked.

His hard cock bounced freely as he toweled off. His balls flung loosely as the towel damped up the wetness from his smooth golden body. Drool slipped from my mouth as the towel slid in between his bronzed muscular butt cheeks and greedily swabbed the crevice of his mouth watering crack. I watched with full intent as Josh began brushing his pure white teeth with his hard five inch cock flaying from side to side. Although my cock had spit up my sperm, it was still harder than a mountain's stone. Josh finished brushing his teeth and I carefully watched him as he slipped on a pair of black Speedo shorts. I shut off the television and recorder and ran back to the livingroom waiting for him to return.

I was more than surprised when Josh walked in wearing just the Speedo shorts which hid nothing, including his now flaccid cock which was tucked along his left side. I could almost make out every outline, including his gorgeous mushroom head. His left ball perched up the material evenly, as so did his right ball resting peacefully alongside his right side. I stared at his crotch as he walked in and sat near me on the sofa. I was sitting on one end of the sofa and Josh had repositioned himself at the other end with his back resting on the armrest and his knees bent with his feet tucked close to his butt cheeks, slightly spread. It was more than difficult to watch a movie with him sitting in this position. My eyes burned from stretching them to glare between his luscious legs, instead of watching the movie.

His legs were virtually hairless, although he had a few curly black whisks traveling unevenly on his lower shins. Other than that, there was no hair noticeable anywhere. His nipples were mere specks, but from what I could see, totally erect stretching out from his smooth bronzed skin. His flat stomach rippled with muscles as he sat upright tantalizing my every thought. Though sitting there in Speedo's, I visualized Josh sitting without anything on. I wanted desperately to drink from the boy's loins, devour his youthful ass juice, and lick his heart pounding succulent lips.

All Josh would have had to do was announce he had an itch. I would have been more than willing to scratch any part of him with my tongue, lovingly and devotedly. He sat there silent watching whatever movie was playing. I sat there silent watching between his legs praying for a miracle. I don't recall how it happened or exactly what started it, but we got into a tickling match. Josh was very ticklish and was giggling like crazy and I had managed to place him on my lap with his head firmly on my thighs with his legs dangling over his head towards the floor. There it was within a fraction of an inch, his thinly covered boy butt hole jutting towards the sky right in front of my nose. Tickling his sides, I lowered my perverted nose directly over his tiny rosebud and began inhaling like a drug addicted junky.

His back was wiggling frantically and I knew he had to know my cock was hard as it rolled along his wiggling backside. The Speedo's smelled as though it had just come from the cleaners with a fresh soapy scent. The object of my perverse desires was not his clothes, but his wonder hole barely hidden. I was inhaling so deeply, I believed I snorted any lint that was laying in that area. I had no clue why or what I was hoping for in sniffing at his poop chute, but I know I was interested in something, any kind of aroma. My nostrils filled with fresh floral scent, probably from the bath bubbles he had soaked in.

Josh stretched his legs outwards, forcing them to tighten on both sides of my face. I could definitely see his boy cock as it had grown to its fullest state, held tightly along his left thigh. His beautiful mushroom head was looking me straight in the eye as my fingers tickled his ribs and muscular stomach. He was laughing and giggling and begging me to stop, but I was lost in his beauty to hear a word he was saying. While tickling his stomach with my right hand, I sort of intentionally rested the palm of my hand right on his rock hard shaft. The feeling of his boy cock caused my own cock to stab him in his back. It wasn't thick, but it wasn't slender either. His cock was the perfect size for doing anything.

Josh was wiggling all over on my thighs and my hand was inadvertently stroking his precious young cock. In my mind, I didn't think he knew exactly what I was intentionally doing. I did know however, he had to feel my hard thick cock gliding on his back. Somehow, we managed to take our tickling/wrestling to the carpet. I was on my back and Josh was doing his best to take control. I was doing my best to cop a free feel. Occasionally, one of his hands slid over my hard cock as he was battling to tickle some part of my body. I cupped his boy butt and was amazed at how strong his tiny cheeks actually were. He was sitting on my stomach with his back facing me tickling my sides and I pulled at his shorts, forcing the top to uncover a small portion of his wonderful, appetizing ass cheeks. His crack was visible as he sat on my stomach. Not once did he try to reach back and pull the tight fabric over his exposed crack.

Accidentally, yeah right, my fingers traced inside his visible crack, admiring the smooth silky texture. In one quick motion, Josh raised his butt off my stomach and slid backwards, forcing his spread butt onto my boy hungry face. His cheeks almost wrapped around my nose as he drove backwards slightly harder. Sniffing like a hungry dog, I inhaled the floral scent steaming from his amazing glory hole. My hands traveled on his thighs, soaking up the silky smooth flesh like a sponge. The more I sniffed, the more he gyrated his butt on my nose. His egg shaped balls swashed around my open mouth and I wanted so badly to wash them completely with my exploring tongue.

I knew he had to feel the heat from my mouth, as well as hear me sniffing his pink pucker. Josh continued his tickling as if nothing was going on behind him, but his hand did touch my throbbing cock from time to time. He was tickling my sides and stomach while I was sniffing and caressing his unnatural smooth flesh and feeling his balls as they splashed around near and on my drooling mouth. My left hand reached over his thigh and grabbed onto his shaft of his hard cock. I acted as if I had no clue as to where my hand was and he acted as if it were no big deal, so I kept it there with the slightest of touch.

His boy cock throbbed in the palm of my hand and my finger discovered a slick wetness just at his little line of a piss slit. I knew I was spewing pre cum, but now I knew he was as well. I fought back the urge to bring his sticky and slick fluid to my mouth in an attempt to hold his cock for as long as I could. Josh seemed as though he was enjoying shoving his butt into my face and offered no resistance to my hand on his hard boy meat.

Just as quick as it all started, it ended. Josh rolled off of me and I saw his right hand shoot inside his shorts and readjust his hard cock and stand up. His hard cock was now pointing to his almost transparent belly button, angling slightly to the left. His stomach muscles were darting in and out caused from his rapid breathing. The look on his face was one of happiness, not confusion. He sat back on the sofa, in the same position and I got up and sat at the other end.

Just like nothing happened, the young gorgeous boy watched the movie and I watched him from the straining corners of my eyes. This is when I took the opportunity to stick my pre cum covered finger inside my mouth. As soon as my tongue caught the first taste of his pre boy juice, my taste buds caused shivers to run up and down my spine. I almost sucked the skin right off of my finger while savoring his delicious undescribable pre cum. It was far more sweeter than any I had ever tasted before causing a slight dizziness to take over my head. I was lost in his natural flavor and relished the thought of sipping on his boy load.

In less than an hour, the movie ended and we just sort of sat there looking at one another. Then things changed when Josh looked straight into my eyes with his entrancing emerald eyes and asked, "Are you gay?" Feeling as though my whole world was slipping away, I turned my face away from him while nodding yes. A deathly silence filled the room as neither of us said a word.

The longer we sat there in total silence, the farther my heart slipped from my throat to my ankle. I was more than petrified at the thought that he may never want to see me again, or better yet, leave to go back home and not spent the weekend with me. All the most horrible thoughts crossed my mind and the absolute silence was torturing me even further. The stillness was broken as he softly said, "I guessed that you were because of all the gay magazines in the bathroom." Still, ashamedly, not looking at him, I responded with a more than nervous tone, "I'm sorry, really I am. I just forgot to remove them before you came over. Josh, I hope you can believe me when I say I didn't mean anything by it. I simply forgot." He added, "That's okay, I understand."

The entire tone of the conversation changed when he asked, "So, I guess you like giving guys blow-jobs and all, is that right?" He didn't speak with a matter-of-fact tone of voice, but one that was more curious to obtain some knowledge. I nodded my head yes to his question. Then he caught me way off guard when he said, "Do all gay guys do what they do in the magazines, like stick their tongue up another guy's butt?" I responded, "Not everyone is willing to do that, but those who do enjoy it very much?" Josh asked, "But why?" I answered, "Cause it gives the guy being eaten out all kinds of pleasures, wonderful pleasure, and the guy doing it receives pleasure in pleasuring."

Josh sat there soaking in every word, still maintaining his priceless smile. He asked, "But, but people poop out of that hole. Doesn't that smell and taste awful?" Chuckling, I said, "Hopefully, the guy is kind of clean, but yes, sometimes it can have an odor. You see Josh, when you want to please someone who means a lot to you, a little thing like an odor doesn't play a part in the picture. Sometimes, the so-called odor can be rather intoxicating and can actually drive someone into a sexual frenzy."

I felt more relaxed that he was still sitting there and not wanting to leave. His questions continued for quite some time before I change everything on him. "Josh, let me ask you something. Has anyone ever done anything sexual with you?" He sat there as if deep in thought, then responded, "No, not really, but once at one of my mom's parties, there was a guy who I knew was trying to smell my butt for something." I could definitely relate to the guy wanting to sniff his beautiful boy butt, so I tossed out my response, "Let me explain something for you so you will understand. You see Josh, you are one gorgeous young man and have the body of death. There are people who will look at you and actually believe in their mind that you are incapable of taking a shit, and if you did, they would think that there is no way it could possibly smell like shit. I mean, you are so unbelievably gorgeous that people would do anything they could with a praying hope of worshiping you from head to toe."

With a cheerful look in his eyes and a deep burning smile splattered across his beautiful face, he said, "Gosh, I never knew something like that. But, I do, I do really use the bathroom. I mean, take a shit. I would have never guessed that someone would look at me and think of such things. I'm just a normal 13 year old living under the protection of my strict mother who only thinks of her parties and never of me. All I do at home is stay in my bedroom, cause I'm not allowed to come downstairs while she has some man over. Heck, I hardly ever see her. I think it's kind of cool that some people think I don't take a shit."

My cock was oozing pre cum by the gallons while having the most interesting sexual conversation with my love boy Josh. A little while later, I built up the nerve to ask, "Josh, do you think you would let a guy give you a blow-job?" Without any hesitation, he replied, "No, I don't think I could do something like that with a guy, but definitely with a girl." I was floored by his response hoping beyond all hopes he would allow another guy to service his burning needs. Later on the topic of anal sex was asked by Josh and my response was, "It's like most things you do for the first time. Kind of scarey, and without telling you a lie, it will hurt for a short time. Once your anal canal expands for the girth of a guy's cock, somewhere along the lines the most pleasurable and intense feeling comes over you. The pain you once felt is replaced by the most wonderful and unexplainable feeling you could ever have."

Josh looked curious as to my explanation of anal sex and fired off by saying, "Yeah, I can see where it will hurt. My poop hole is too small for something so big to go in, especially one the size of yours." My ears caught every word that came out of his precious little mouth. My heart began racing for all time as my cock twitched and jerked inside my shorts. He had felt my cock, the length and width of my man meat.

At least somewhere inside this golden boy, hid a small portion of gay curiosity. He looked surprise by his last words as he sat there not knowing whether to look at me or stare at the wall. I could still see his cock as hard as ever snuggled upwards against his tight and muscular lower stomach. Trying to break the tension and throwing out all elements of caution, I said, "Not a problem, but I can see your dick is having some difficulty with out conversation." He looked down as if he didn't know is cock was rock hard, then looked into my eyes while saying, "Yeah, I guess it has a mind of its own." Going one step further, I asked, "Have you ever tasted your own cum?" Without thinking, Josh quickly said, "Yeah, once I was on my back and put my knees over my head and shot a load straight in my mouth." Adding, I asked, "So, what it taste like?" Smiling his pure innocent smile, he responded, "I don't really know. It was kind of warm, but it really didn't taste like nothing. It was gooey, but that's it."

That was all I needed to hear and closed my eyes wishing he was pumping his sweet fluid down my throat instead of his. He jumped up and started tickling me fast and furiously without any warning. My right hand reached out and gracefully clutched his rock hard erection while my left hand reached around him and latched onto his muscular tiny ass. His hands roamed my body in an attempt to locate a ticklish spot. I was more than happy feeling his cock and his butt and really wasn't interested in any more tickling sessions. Josh had straddled my seated body with both feet and shoved his crotch right into my face. With both hands now on his tightening butt cheeks, his super hard boy cock was pressed against my mouth. His pre cum soaked Speedo's graced my lips as my tongue darted out to swab the thin fabric.

Not really thinking, my tongue was actually rolling right over his pre cum oozing piss slit. My mouth enclosed over his inflamed cock head as my tongue probed at the fabric covered piss slit. I was literally sucking the pre cum from the fabric while worshiping his lovely cut mushroom head. Both my hands kneaded into the muscular flesh of his butt cheeks and began digging and spreading the tiny crack. Josh was holding onto my head while still cramming his boy cock against my sucking mouth. His fingers acted as if they were still finding a spot to tickle, but his hard cock found a place that had no problem worshiping it. The harder he ground his cock into my face, the harder I sucked the pre cum from the material and his little piss slit. His upper body was almost slumped over my head as I applied more pre cum sucking pressure to his untouched cock head. His body twitched and jerked savagely for a second and then he quickly seated himself back into the sofa in his previous position.

This only made me that much more hornier and his actions of starting and suddenly stopping was driving me insane with lust. He was panting for oxygen and in between breaths said, "I can't believe you put your mouth on it." He was pointing at his still raging hard cock as he made that statement. I shot back, "I'm not the one he shoved it into my face." Then he said, "But you squeezed my butt!" Smiling back at him, I replied, "You're right, but it begged me to!" He thought for a second, then said with a smile, "Come on now, peoples butts don't talk!" Thinking for an appropriate response, I added, "Maybe not, but your hot little butt did!"

He got up off the sofa and stood about four feet in front of me, turned around and began wiggling his butt like a professional stripper. Leaning his head over his shoulder, Josh inquisitively asked, "Okay smarty pants, what's my butt saying now?" Scratching my chin, I said, "It's coming to me, just hold on. Ah yes, your butt is saying it wants someone to stick their tongue inside and wash out your anal canal." I guess my response took him by surprise cause he sort of looked at me with a questioning look. He stopped doing his little dance and turned around and I pointed at his raging erection and said, "Your dick is saying it wants a hot mouth to milk it free of your sweet spunky sperm." He looked down at his cock while standing in front of me, then looked up and sat back down. This boy was driving me crazy with his bewildered actions.

Josh was sitting on the sofa when a ginger smile coursed his face and asked, "Why would you want to put your mouth on my dick?" Needing no second for a hesitation, and rather tired of all the games, I stated, "Josh, sometimes the hardest thing to do is tell someone the whole truth, but I have to tell you no matter what you think of me. I have been gay my whole life and not once ever thought about having sex with a minor. That is until you came along. Josh, ever since I first laid eyes on you, I have not been able to get you out of my mind. Yes, I do want to give you a blow-job, and yes, I would like to eat your cute little bubble butt, but only if that is something you wish me to do. I would never ask you to do anything you don't want or don't feel comfortable doing. Most importantly, I want to be your friend, your best friend."

He sat there soaking in all I had just said as my eyes interfered with his entrancing eyes. The smile, his sweet precious smile, never left his face. Josh cleared his throat and softly said, "Thank you for being so honest about everything and especially your compliments about me, but I just don't know if I can do anything like that with a guy. I do kind have two questions though; first, are you one of the people who thinks that I don't take a poop, and secondly, what do you think my sperm tastes like?"

I fired back, "I guess I am one of those people I talked about earlier. Whether or not you take a crap is not the point, the point is your pleasure and to answer your second question, sweeter than honey." I could still see the boy's aching hard-on and the front of his Speedo's was completely saturated with his pre cum. All he had to do was point and I would have eagerly yanked his shorts off and swallowed him from head to toe. Young Josh sat there and hopefully pondered the idea of spreading his juicy, silky legs.

Growing tired of the game, I spoke with the nervousness of a confession, "Josh, I already told you that I am gay. Never before in my life have I felt this way about someone so young. For some reason, and a reason I simply cannot explain, I am totally and completely infatuated with you. To tell you I would not jump at the opportunity to service your every sexual desire would be telling you a bald face lie, but I would never ask you do something you have no interest in doing. Be it today or sometime down the road, if ever you thought about doing something like this with a guy, I would be honored if I could be that special someone."

The young boy sat there with a broad smile creasing his face while rubbing his hands over his thighs. My heart was pounding heavily in my chest and my throat felt like I had swallowed a sponge, soaking up all the moisture inside. Speaking with his pure angelic voice, he softly said, "I haven't been completely honest with you tonight. I don't know if I am gay or straight, or bisexual. I've never had sex before, but I really enjoy talking with you and feel like I can tell you anything. Heck, I've never even kissed anyone before, but I really, really like you a lot."

Taking his words to heart, I stretched out my right hand and began caressing his smooth thighs while looking straight into his piercing green eyes. Josh didn't react at all at my hand as it stroked up and down his silky thighs. My hand was drawing a circle on the inside of his right thigh when he softly whispered, "Uh, um, I kind of leak a lot, but I can't help it though!" Inching my butt closer towards him, my hand traveled up his thigh and landed on his egg shaped hairless balls which were being held tightly in its golden sac. His eyes closed and his hands fell by his sides. I felt his balls before my hand struck his rock solid shaft pointing towards the sky. The fabric was completely wet from his pre cum and the more I rubbed, the more his cock oozed out his delicious wonder cream.

Even through the fabric, his cock sent electricity throughout my body as it burned an impression on my hand. Leaning down between his hairless spread legs, I began to slither my tongue long his thighs. Soft, gentle moans evaded his succulent lips. Gingerly nibbling on the smooth flesh while my nose sucked in his breath taking natural boy body odor. Josh offered no resistance or showed no signs he wished me to stop. Flat on my stomach between his golden legs, my tongue swabbed the fabric which concealed his cum filled balls. With both hands busy on his young body, one stroking and caressing his impressive hard cock while my left hand caressed his near transparent, yet erect nipples.

As my tongue traveled from his balls to his wet shaft, my taste buds exploded in delight as my mouth filled quickly with his pre cum delight. Josh held his eyes closed tightly and the purest of pure moans slid from his lips and bounced off the walls. He began to arch his tiny hips upwards, forcing more of his hard shaft to be sucked and licked. The question game was now over, and now we both had won. I had no plans as to what all I would do to Josh once given the opportunity, but now I was making love to the boy, and only thought of giving him pleasure beyond his young wildest dreams.

Sucking on his mushroom head delighted my throat with his pre cum that was oozing out by the gallons. I had sucked so hard on the boy's cock that my mouth sucked in, not only his pre cum, but the washing soap that had once cleaned his shorts thoroughly. Both his hands softly grabbed the sides of my head as his moans of pleasure grew louder as time went on. Inching backwards, I began licking his smooth thighs, driving the young boy crazy in confused emotions.

His hands tried to guide my mouth back onto his hard cock, but I would give him pleasure unknown to his young life. The farther I slid down, the more his hands began to release their grip on my head. My tongue traced his smooth skin of his shins before I began sucking on each of his sweet little toes. First his right foot, then his left foot. I lapped up the sweet fragrant area between each toe driving him mad with a furious passion. His moans shattered through the walls as he began groaning and whimpering as time pressed on. I slid his youthful body down onto the sofa, causing his head to lay peacefully on the seat cushion and gently raised his legs high in the air.

I savored his sweet flesh as I tongued the backside of his golden thighs. Being youthful allowed his knees to softly impale the cushion just over his head slightly above both ears. His mind blistering bubble butt was spread, smiling to the ceiling in anticipation of wonderful things to come. My tongue traced his fabric covered crack and began digging at where his boy bung hole was concealed. Lost in space, and oblivious to time, my tongue pressed into the tiny crack while my eyes locked on to his entrancing eyes. He was so gorgeous looking at me as if wondering what pleasure would he experience next. My tongue stabbed at the material as I pressed hard at his tiny poop chute. As my tongue struck gold, Josh cried out in never before experienced pleasure.

As I happily swabbed his covered virgin boy love hole, My hands fumbled with the material that held onto his slender hips snugly. My fingers slipped under the skin tight cloth and began easily sliding the material over his spread cheeks. Seconds felt like hours and minutes seemed to be eternity in my struggle to remove the only piece of clothing that covered this gorgeous breath taking beauty. His crack became visible as my tongue released the pressure on his saliva soaked cloth covered bung hole and moved downward at the top of his now exposed crack. Josh was shivering and whimpering as my tongue swabbed his slowly exposed crack, ensuring that both sides and in between was thoroughly slick with my saliva. The taste, as well as the fact, that my tongue was now working on the area that I had dreamt of for such a long time on the one boy that I was willing to throw everything away for.

His skin was silky smooth and the young boy's flavor being swabbed away by my exploring tongue was purely overwhelming. Even his skin was sweeter than the finest candy. After a lifetime, his shorts finally raised up his butt, high enough for me to almost faint at the sight of his little boy pucker hole. Though his body was naturally tanned, including his crack, his pucker hole was a mere dot resting peacefully narrowly inside his tiny delicious crack. The tiny skin known as a butt hole was a pale pink in color that displayed proudly against the tan complexion. Tiny little speckles shot through my head as my eyes became entranced on Josh's make believe asshole. Not a single sight of any hair, including peach fuzz, was anywhere on the boy's butt. The harder and longer my eyes remained on his eye popping poop chute, the more my mind began to play tricks on me.

It looked like the tiny speck winked at me from time to time to the point I could take just looking at it any longer. Lowering my face to the point my nose was digging at the little closed hole while my tongue swashed around his crack and listening to this heavenly angel shutter loud moans at the new and intense pleasures coursing through his precious body. Initially, my nose digging at his back door caused him to chuckle, but soon his loud ear pleasing moans resumed. With no more cloth concealing his virgin hole, I began inhaling in the fragrant aroma that was seeping from his lovely speck of a bung hole.

Be it my sick mind, or Josh was simply that clean, but the fragrance that chilled my nostrils was in no way fowl; it was simply divine, heavenly pure. The base of his hairless smooth balls held onto the material due to the fact that I was temporarily stunned with his anal beauty. Taking numerous deep breaths, I sucked in the mind boggling aroma as only this beauty before me could deliver. Be it my unusual sick mind, or my feverish hormonal glands, but Josh's bung hole was no where close to smelling like the reality it was, but more like a small portion of color coated candy.

After sniffing his anal dot for several heart warming seconds, my lips puckered and gently kissed the ring causing Josh to screech at the wonderful sensation coursing through his virgin body. His tongue reached out and lathered his succulent lips as his eyes partially closed. Josh's gorgeous body began shaking as my kisses roamed up and down his wonderful anal crack.

Each time my lips parched his virgin chute, Josh would groan loudly as his body shook and trembled from delight. I had breathed in many butt holes in my gay life time, but none could compare to the one gracing my nostrils and lips. His skin was so smooth and velvety soft and the precious noises he was making sounded like music to my ears. The soft hands that fumbled through my hair and slid across my face sent shivers up and down my spine. I was beyond control and already knew there wasn't anything I wouldn't do for young Josh to please him in every way.

My nose was tucked under his egg shaped hairless balls and nervously stuck out my tongue and found his anal eye. The sensation that shot through my body as my tongue struck human gold was mind boggling. My tongue circled the little dot, savoring the juicy sweet flavor ever so softly. Josh began to whimper and his hands picked up their pace on my head as my tongue swabbed his unbelievable poop chute. The more he cried out in pleasure, the more I wanted to please him. Flattening my thick tongue between his hairless crack, I started to shove hard against his tiny little rose bud, ensuring to trap any and all of his candy like flavor.

My hands played with the softness of his smooth legs as my tongue drove awkwardly in an attempt to speed through his dark anal chamber. With a snake like skill and the speed of a gazelle, I ran my tongue up his crack and began licking his tender young balls while rubbing my index finger over his saliva coated butt hole. His little body bucked at the finger circling his poop chute and the tongue bathing his cum filled balls. I could see his young cock leap and jerk as my tongue traced the smooth hairless sac containing his perfectly egg shaped nuggets.

The only words that managed to escape his precious lips were, "Oh God, Oh God!" Taking the time to ensure that this is what my young gorgeous friend wanted, I asked, "Would you like me to stop?" Between heavy breaths, Josh cried, "No, no, please don't stop!" Running my tongue over his balls one more time, I returned slowly to his virgin pucker hole. Like a dog lapping water, I swabbed his speck of a hole thoroughly before darting my tongue back and forth directly on it. The desire to taste his inner ass was far more desirable and mind pressing than I realized. The fragrance was driving me mad and the small portion of his wonder juice awoke my every senses, forcing me to want to plunge to his virgin depths.

Numerous tongue poking attempts at his sealed entrance failed, but I certainly was not about to give up. Bobbing my head back and forth while striking the target with my tongue finally paid off. "Ah, humph, oh my God, yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!", as my tongue snaked its way inside his hot anal canal. His little muscular hole closed around my penetrating tongue with a force of a coiling python. Josh's body shook violently as my tongue slithered further inside his unchartered territory. His small hands grabbed at my head while my tongue bathed his anal walls. My tongue reached its farthest limits and swirled around, soaking up his fragrant anal juices before allowing any to travel inside my anxious and perverted mouth.

Josh was screaming in ecstacy as my tongue darted in and out and rolled inside his hot, extra tight, juicy, anal highway. While tonguing his virgin hole, my hands began fumbling with his shorts to remove them from him completely. Once his shorts freed from his young body, now I had my fantasy boy completely naked with my tongue roaring inside his virgin ass chute. With my tongue inside his young chute, my hands roamed his body freely. There wasn't any part of this boy that didn't excite me.

Josh was indeed like a five star gourmet buffet. The only part that was difficult was where to begin, because everything before me looked so mouth watering delicious. My right hand found his steel like cock that was dripping pre cum like a water hose. As my fingers climbed up the silky shaft, I ensured at least one finger trapped his deliciously sweet pre cum. Knowing my finger could hold only so much, I brought my finger to my mouth and shoved it inside and was instantly rewarded with his sweetness. In my mind, there wasn't anything Josh could offer that I would not consider sweet to the taste. The boy's pre cum was just as sweet, if not sweeter, than his juicy ass juice.

The more I sampled of gorgeous Josh, the more I craved like a blood thirsty vampire. My tongue became devoted at the anal canal it was exploring while my hands became dazed at the texture of his soft flesh. The boy was lost in emotions and continued his loud pleasurable growls, growing louder and louder as time drew on. Without realizing it, I had dined on his juicy sweet asshole for over an hour.

I knew his body needed to unfold from the twisted position he was in. I asked, "Would you like to continue this in my bedroom?" Unable to speak with his eyes blinking like crazy, his breathing erratic, he shook his head up and down slowly. Standing up before him, I cradled the young lifeless boy in my arms like a mother carrying her baby and proceeded to walk down the hallway with my fantasy boy in my arms. My eyes could not venture from his face and pre cum spitting cock. Walking into my bedroom, I carefully placed Josh on his back.

Josh just looked at me while I stood on his left side and removed my shorts, freeing my raging hard-on. His eyes opened wide as he first saw my man meat pop into view. Fear or curiosity overcame the look on his face as I climbed onto the bed beside him. His eyes remained glued on my throbbing member as I carefully lifted his left foot to my mouth and began to suck on his toes while licking the cleft beside each one. Josh's little mouth formed a perfect circle as graceful moans shot out from inside him as my mouth and tongue worked on his left foot, before devouring his right foot. Working on his feet while looking intently at his balls that were trapped behind his closed legs was breath taking. His little firm crack sealed his tiny dot of a pucker hole, preventing anything from viewing it.

Even the boy's feet tasted like candy as I sucked and licked them with all the love anyone could ever behold. >From the sounds he was making, I knew he loved his feet to be worshiped as well as his cherry poop chute. His hands grasped onto the bed cover and began pulling them towards him as I sucked hard on his toes of both feet. After showering his feet with my saliva, and sucking them clean, I began working my way up his smooth silky body. The closer my tongue traveled to his jerking cock, the more his young body began to shake and tremble. Licking the area on both sides of his throbbing cock, I found the puddle of pre cum on his lower belly, soaking his small patch of pubic hair. With the first sample of his pre cum exploding inside my mouth, I started to clean the boy's pre honey like an animal in heat. While gathering the remainder of his pre cum, my eyes focused on his pre cum oozing piss slit.

Sticking my tongue out as far as it could go, I caught the dripping string and raised my tongue towards his oozing piss slit. Just before my tongue touched his wonder slit, I savored the portion that was on my tongue with absolute delight. His cock was bouncing up and down while expanding as my mouth opened and swallowed his precious teen meat all the way to his pubic hair. Josh cried out as the heat from my mouth blasted over his young virgin cock, "Ah, oh shit, yes, yes, em, ah!" My left hand fondled his cum filled nuggets while my right hand began caressing his hairless chest and fondled his erect nipples. His hips started bucking, forcing his hard teen meat in and out of my more than willing mouth.

With my left hand holding his smooth balls, my index finger found his saliva slicked boy poop chute and began drawing tiny circles. Using very little effort, my finger pressed against his virgin hole and shot inside the fiery hot, extra tight canal. Josh screamed as my finger drove through his anal highway up to the knuckle as my mouth sucked madly on his rifling cock. The words he was yelling was not in the English language, but from the cooing and groaning sounds, I knew he was enjoying everything that was going on. His hips force his cock to pound my face as my finger screwed his hole to completion. With one final buck of his hips, Josh held his ass off the bed as his cock exploded his thick, creamy sperm inside my mouth.

Six fiery thick shots struck the roof of my mouth with quite a force, followed by numerous small gushes, then five more hard blasts. After the last blast, his thick sperm began oozing out by the gallons. Josh was arching his body high in the air as my mouth trapped his thick load and sucked the life out of his cum shooting cock. This boy delivered more sperm than my adult ex-lover. It was creamy, thick and fiery hot! After sucking his balls free from any more sperm, Josh's young cock began to deflate rapidly. As his cock slipped out of my mouth and slapped his lower stomach, I began sipping on the sweetest cream known to mankind.

Unlike my ex-lover's, Josh's sperm was sweeter than any candy I had ever tasted. Expecting the usual salty flavor and sometimes bitterness, I was more than surprised to discover that Josh was salt free. There was no bitterness whatsoever, just thick, creamy and SWEET! My eyes followed his heavy breathing chest as I delighted in the taste of his seed of life. My own eyes watered as my throat battled with my stomach to receive his tasty treat. With the last of his thick load going down my throat, I almost shot a load at the sweet flavor of his creamy load.

Josh's eyes were closed as he was gasping for air with his mouth open and his body seemingly lifeless. Lowering my head to his heavy breathing chest, my mouth closed over his left nipple and began sucking while my teeth gently clamped down on the perky flesh while my tongue teased his sensitive nipple. My left hand cupped his balls while my right hand discovered the beauty of his thick, soft hair. Josh reached out with his left hand and clutched my jumping cock. The heat from his hand and the softness of his skin almost sent me over the edge. His thumb rolled over my piss slit, smearing the gallons of pre cum over the angry cock head. Within a few short seconds, my eyes watched as his lifeless cock twitched back to life to reveal an impressive hard-on.

Darting my mouth back and forth over each nipple, my nostrils captured the enriching aroma from Josh's heavy breathing mouth. Even the boy's heavy breathing mouth smelled sweet as my eyes strained to see the mixed expressions his mouth was contorting to. His lips made my stomach churn and my mouth water. The gentle hand on my cock teased my mushroom head with warm, loving strokes. Releasing his nipples, my tongue savored the taste as it swirled around his throat. Josh was panting heavily as my tongue traced every outline of his soft chin before working its way to his right ear. Aiding me in my persistent pursue of his pleasure, Josh tilted his gorgeous head to the left, allowing my tongue to find his ear canal.

Josh cried in pleasure as my tongue shot inside his right ear canal, savoring the boy's hidden sweetness. His body shook violently and out of control as my tongue bathed his ear canal. His breathing became more erratic as my tongue pleasured his ear in a delight never before known to him. After leaving his right ear, my tongue explored his forehead and eyebrows, ensuring not to miss a speck, before plunging into his left ear canal. The feeling of having a tongue swab his ear was overwhelming as he cried loudly from the intense pleasure.

Young Josh was wiggling his body as my tongue left his left ear canal. Scooping him up in one motion, I rolled onto my back with this gorgeous boy in my arms. His precious lips was within a fraction of an inch from my own and my cock snuggled closely to his tiny muscular ass crack. Josh's fiery hot breath shot through my inhaling nostrils as my tongue started tracing his upper and lower lips of his partially opened mouth. My hands roamed his arched back and firm butt cheeks as our eyes locked onto one another. His moist saliva was forming a drip line from his open mouth, running onto his bottom lip. With intent profoundness, my tongue slashed across his lower lip, swabbing up his inner fruit and slowly became intoxicated on the taste of the boy's saliva.

While my tongue traced his lips, Josh unleashed his tongue as I watched it slowly unfold from inside his mouth. My lips wrapped around his precious pink tongue and drained the saliva soaked tongue free from his saliva. My hips began to buck up and down, enjoying the smoothness of the boy's icy hot ass crack. I could feel his young balls as they rested on my lower stomach. After sucking his tongue dry, I shot my own tongue inside his hot oven like mouth and was surprised to see that Josh actually enjoyed kissing. While passionately kissing, my hands pried his muscular cheeks apart and my cock slipped right in the moist crack, definitely feeling at home within the tight chamber.

Our exploring tongues retracted as Josh lowered his body toward my feet. My cock soaked up his rich texture of his body as he inched lower and lower down my body. Finally, Josh sat between my spread legs and lowered his head while grabbing my cock with both hands. He brought my cock up to his open mouth and my mind shattered with delight as his hot little tongue bathed my pre cum spitting piss slit. After licking up my pre cum, Josh lowered his mouth onto my cock, swallowing my large mushroom head. As proud as he could possibly be, Josh bobbed his head up and down on about three inches of my man meat. My body was wracked with frustrated delight and I was fighting back the urge to unleash a violent load into his sweet mouth. His hands worked on my cock like a pro as his tongue swabbed around on my cock head.

I had to stop him because I would not be able to hold back much longer. Reluctantly, Josh released my angry cock from his mouth and after a brief instruction, opened my eyes wide as he walked on the bed and straddled my body. Josh was facing the headboard as his feet was on either side of my face. His knees bent and his body began lowering towards my patiently awaiting mouth. His tiny bubble butt inched closer and closer and I was mesmerized watching his muscular cheeks part, the lower he squatted. His balls was the first to make contact as they lowered themselves onto my forehead.

His asshole was completely in view now and my mouth watered with perverse delight as it inched to my ass eating tongue. As soon as my tongue made contact with his virgin pucker hole, Josh jumped slightly before impaling his ass onto my face. Already slick from my saliva, my tongue parched the pucker open far enough to jump inside his anal cavern. With my tongue standing at full attention, I lay there as Josh raised and lowered his hot little body onto my erect tongue. The boy was using his body to impale his asshole onto my tongue, flinging his head from side to side in sheer ecstacy.

While humping my tongue, Josh latched onto his boy cock and began stroking it up and down. I was lost in my own world at having his ass ride my tongue and feel his hairless balls as they bounced up and down on my forehead. His tender sweet ass juices trickled into my mouth where I eagerly savored each small portion and craved the opportunity for more. Josh picked up his tongue riding, ass slamming pace while he pounded his meat feverishly. A few minutes had passed when he jumped off of my ass plunging tongue and shoved the head of his cock inside my mouth just in time for his liquid sweet cream to coat the inside of my mouth. Four hard blasts, followed by several trickles, unleashing four more hard blasts, then ending with slow delicious gushes of his boy cream.

Like a wine connoisseur in a wine drinking contest, I slowly drank the splendid nectar from his youthful loins. With his hard cock still inside my mouth, I savored his wonder cream with the utmost of delight while continuing to beg for more of his teen cum. The second load was just as mouth watering delicious as his first. Josh rested his body on top of me while breathing heavily from his intense orgasm. Taking the opportunity, I slipped the thumb of my right hand up his tight poop chute. His young body leaped at the sudden invasion, but his moans were sounds of undying approval. My thumb twisted and turned, climbed out and shot back in causing Josh to moan loudly.

His poop chute canal was extra tight and his ass muscles gripped my invading thumb with a choking grip. Without realizing his efforts, Josh began to grind his ass onto my thumb, causing his cock to fuck my mouth. I could hear his muffled cries as he had buried his face into one of the pillows. His hard boy cock felt so warm in my mouth and his tight bung hole squeezed the feeling from my ass digging thumb. Unable to distinguish all he was saying, I just lay there and let him do all the work. Using the slick pre cum from my own cock, I coated my left thumb before placing it at his already thumb filled asshole. On one of his downward ass clinching thrusts, the second thumb accompanied the first one inside his super hot poop chute.

At the sudden feeling of his anal walls being rapidly expanded, Josh screamed loudly into the pillow. His ass muscles went into convulsions, clamping down hard onto my two ass filling thumbs, but his cock continued to travel in and out of my mouth at a mind blowing pace. I could feel his body shivering as he began to cram his butt onto the two extended thumbs. His body went into a series of violent convulsions and soon my mouth became flooded with more of his delicious boy cream. By far, his third orgasm was more intense than his previous two. His screams were muffled by the pillow and I was jealous that the pillow absorbed his sweet aromatic fragrant breath.

Three torpedo like volleys flew out of his piss slit and into my mouth before numerous large gushes trickled out of his cock into my sucking, sperm savoring mouth. His ass was still clenching onto the thumbs for dear life and his sperm oozed out of his cock ever so freely. I drank in his third orgasm of the night, unlike the previous two, this one was a tad bit stronger in flavor. A little salty, but nothing to really complain about. His cock became semi hard inside my mouth and he was screaming like a hungry lion in the pillow. His young body was still shaking and his butt was still impaling itself on my two thumbs. The last of his flavored sperm slipped down my throat and young Josh pounded his ass on my thumbs, forcing his cock to fuck my mouth. Although nothing was coming out of his cock, it sounded as though he was still in the height of one tremendous orgasm.

Lovingly, I sucked on his deflating cock and admired his intense orgasm when suddenly hot jets struck the roof of my mouth. I was amazed that the boy could cum so quickly and with so much force. Realizing the steady stream would soon evade my mouth, I began to slowly swallow. Shocked beyond any belief, I was drinking his piss. I had never desired to drink from anyone's bladder, nor did I ever find water sports to be sexually inviting, but now I was getting a mouthful from his bladder.

It was hot and salty and I had no other choice but to rapidly swallow. The more I swallowed his hot liquid bladder juice, the more I found myself enjoying the refreshing hot liquid. I also found it to be rather exciting knowing that Josh thought he was having one massive orgasm, but in reality, he was shooting piss. His ass still gripped my thumbs and he was screaming like crazy into the pillow. His cock fucked my mouth as if he was giving me the joy of life, instead, he was emptying his bladder. Being a natural born cock sucker by trade, I was more than proud that I was able of swallowing his forceful stream without spilling a single drop. The salty fluid gushed out by the bucket loads and I gulped hard to maintain pace.

What seemed like several minutes, his cock began to trickle out the remainder of his bladder. His bucking body eased his motion as the last drop fell from his cock. I felt full from his sperm and his piss, but knew if he offered more, I would greedily accept it. His cock was at its softest state as I inched my body down his and removed my thumbs from his puckering bung hole. Guiding his hips down, Josh lowered his ass onto my tongue. I was in heaven as my tongue sprang into his hot anal canal, digging relentlessly to unleash his sweet ass juice. While tonguing the boy's virgin ass, my eyes almost bugged out of their sockets as his asshole expanded ever so widely, leaving more than enough room for my tongue to move about freely.

Josh's breathing was heavy and hard, and I was stupid to the fact why his butt hole expanded so widely. With my mouth wide open and my tongue lapping at the sides of his exposed anal walls, a little turd ball fell from his hole and landed directly into my mouth. My first reaction was to gag, but it was simply too late as my throat muscles squashed the ball and fell down my throat. Oblivious to the fact, or simply having too sick of a mind, but I quickly discovered that his turd ball was not what I expected. Not even a fowl or disgusting odor evaded the boy's asshole as another ball fell from its depths into my mouth.

Josh seemed unaware that his ass was unleashing its load deep within, because he was still moaning and yelling deeply into the pillow which crushed his precious face. His bowels emptied in one violent rush and filled my shocked mouth with its creamy content. Somewhere in time, Josh either thought he was going to shoot a load, or felt the unduly urge to piss down my throat, because he pointed his soft cock over my turd filled mouth and began firing away his bladdery content. His salty hot piss eased the content that already filled my mouth, making it much more easier to swallow the mixture.

Some of his mixture slipped from my mouth so I wiped it off and greased up my cock with the slippery mixture of crap and boy piss. His peeing stopped and not really knowing if he was finished crapping, I slid out from under him and knelt behind his jutting ass. His asshole was expanded to its limits as if he getting ready to take another dump, so I took the opportunity to stick my large man sized cock head against the expanded hole and inch forward. Josh screamed into the pillow as my cock head forced the hole to expand even further to allow for a tight fitting accommodation.

His little hands tore at the bed spread as my thick cock plunged inside his shitting asshole. As his head flung from side to side, I could distinguish the sounds he was making. I knew he was feeling some pain, but I wasn't about to rush it and shove my thick cock deep inside his ass. Just the thought of going where no other had ever before ventured enthraled my every instinct. Leaving about five inches of thick cock rooting inside his ass, I asked. "Do you want me to pull it out?" Josh leaned his head to the left away from the soft confinements of the pillow, and yelled, "Fuck no!" With the left side of his head exposed, I inched in another two or so inches. His mouth opened to a perfect circle but his breath would not allow him to scream. His little hands released the bed spread and instinctively clutched the sides of his ass cheeks and aggressively spread them father apart.

Within a few seconds, I buried my cock deep inside the virgin boy's ass. Josh began slamming his face into the pillow and his knuckles were turning a bright white form the force of him spreading his buns apart. Slowly, I retracted my cock until I could see the making of my mushroom head, then slowly inched it all the way inside the boy's bowels. His body began to tremble as my pace picked up ever so slowly. Before too long, I was slamming my meat deep inside the virgin ass. Josh had raised his upper body up off the bed and removed his face from the saliva saturated pillow. He released his ass cheeks and placed his hands on the front of the headboard of the bed.

Using his upper muscles, Josh began thrusting his body backwards against my thrusting cock. Soon, the sound of flesh pounding flesh echoed off the wall and shot down the winding hallway. Josh screamed, "Oh God, humph, yes, yes, fuck my ass, oh shit this feels soooooo good!" Whether it be from the feeling my cock was getting from his tight ass, the enjoyable sounds he was crying out, or his unannounced use of profanity, but whatever the reason, I was insanely mad with this ass pounding passion.

Realizing I was getting really close, I changed my pace, but Josh didn't change his. The virgin boy slammed his youthful and delicious ass hard onto my cock with a mad vengeance while screaming at the top of his odor free lungs. Looking at my pistoling cock I noticed it was covered with slimy ass juice as it blistered his tight asshole. I had a handful of the boy's butt cheeks and was using them to drive my cock inside his once virgin hole like a beast with no mercy. Josh reached under his body and latched onto my swaying balls. His gentle grip and the heat from his palm forced my balls to release my load deep into his clinching bowels. Thick jets of my man sized load shot out and coated his anal walls heavily.

Josh was screaming while slamming his butt onto the thick pole impaling his young ass while I was bucking like crazy from the intense quantity of sperm spewing from my sore balls. Never before in my gay life had I ever experienced suck an orgasm. My sperm flooded his little ass and was sliding out between his ass chamber and my humping cock. I had fucked the sperm out of my balls completely, but it was Josh who was in need of more. My cock was semi hard as Josh almost yanked his little body off of it and pushed me onto my back. Just as my back hit the bed, Josh was on top of me in a sixty-nine position. His asshole was gaping open thanks to my thick cock tearing it to shreds.

His cock was solid as a rock and for a second or two, I didn't know which area to devour. My sperm and his ass juice was forming a bubble at his rapidly closing chute and his mouth darted onto my ass juice covered cock head in a flash. The heat from his sucking mouth and exploring tongue caused me to forget life itself as I wrapped my lips around his spewing asshole and sucked my cream and his ass juice out of his well fucked asshole. Having a soft cock enabled Josh to suck it all, and I was more surprised to see him ignoring the fact that my dick was covered with my sperm and his sweet ass juice. He was whimpering and I was moaning as the mixture slipped from his now closed bung hole and into my starving mouth.

Josh's sucking mouth awoke my sleeping manhood to its hardest state and his hands massaged the shaft while his mouth and tongue did their job on my cock head. I sucked on his asshole until nothing else would come out so I shoved his hard cock back into my mouth where it naturally belongs. With his cock inside my mouth, my hands played on his butt cheeks, ever so often, poking at the once cock filled asshole. Josh was performing miracles on my cock and I was caught way off-guard when he shoved two saliva slick fingers up my ass. Returning the favor, I shoved three fingers as far as they could go up his. With one hand on my cock pumping the shaft like crazy and his mouth and tongue working on my large mushroom head, I felt my loins bubble once again.

Both of us were whimpering from what we were doing and I was the first to unleash a splash of my own juices inside his sweet, hot, little mouth. I heard him gulp as my cock spit shot after shot of thick man cream into his mouth. He grunted and his cock expanded as his own juicy cream cannon balled out. My fingers dug inside his ass as so was his in mine as both cock's spit their fiery seed in the other's mouth. Several volleys of his thick cream coated my mouth before his cock quickly softened. Mine was still rock hard, but finished its sperm offering. I lay back savoring his delicious sperm as he arched his back and swallowed the remainder of mine.

Our breathing was heavy as I guided Josh onto his back and positioned myself between his slender smooth legs. Knowing good and well I had never busted three nuts before, especially in the same night, I hooked his legs and brought them over his head and shoved my cock deep inside his bowels. Using my weight, I trapped his legs forcing his knees to impale the bed cover just over his head. Looking into his gorgeous entrancing eyes with his mouth partially open, I began to pound his young asshole merciless. I could see his nostrils flare as he sniffed his own ass content from my face as I was inhaling his intoxicating aromatic breath.

A soft and gentle smile careened across his beautiful face as my cock pounded and slammed his quivering boy bung hole. My cock felt the heat from deep within and found comfort at the tantalizing moisture brewing inside his steaming ass. Time meant nothing, inhibitions tossed out the window, only the joy of the moment created by two willing participants, one being the vision of this young gorgeous boy named Josh. His lips quenched together forcing his spit to roll across the moist valleys forcing me to lower my head and relish in the appetizing flavor of his fresh saliva. Our tongues entwined as my cock rocked in and out forcing his sweet air to evade his body and flourish in mine.

Each time I delivered a forceful, almost violent thrust, the air form Josh's lungs shot down my throat and into my stomach. His snake like tongue tasted heavenly as our lips sealed our tongues in the other's oven like mouths. A long, long time later, my balls erupted, sending more of my man cream deep into his bowels. His grunts vibrated my every senses as my cock pile drove his hot little ass into a submission. With the last of my man seed deeply implanted inside his deliciously sweet ass, I held my deflating cock enjoying the warmth of his inner body.

With heavy breaths, our lips broke their tight seal and our tongues reluctantly inched back in their perspective mouths. My soft cock was still inside his sperm filled poop chute when Josh softly whispered, "See, I do take a shit like everyone else!" The smile on his face was priceless as he made his youthful statement and I replied, "So I see, but I was right that your shit don't smell like shit and it damn sure doesn't take like shit either!" As our lips embraced the other, somewhere in the night we drifted off to sleep.