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           "You're trying to steal my son from me and I'm not going to stand for it," she shouted.

           "You will sit down and be quiet or I will site you for contempt of court," the judge demanded.

           "Your honor this is the kind of rationale that this young man has to contend with on a daily basis. We would like to ask the court to remove my client from this woman's custody and place him with Mr. Allen.."

           "You're all a bunch of perverts and child molesters. You will leave my little boy alone, he is only fifteen." The bailiff took the distraught woman by the arm as she begin to yell, "CHILD MOLESTERS! HELP ME!! Help, they're trying to molest my son."

           "Bailiff, one more word from her and I want her removed and gagged before being brought back into this court room," the judge ordered.

           Phillip's mom was literally dragged, screaming and kicking from the court room. I looked at Phillip and saw the look on his gorgeous face. I could feel the hurt this boy had and I wanted so much to go to him, to hold him, to tell him it would be all right. I didn't dare move. This was a court of law, after all. If anyone, even Phillip, knew what I felt for him it would be me being led out of the court room in handcuffs to spend the rest of my life picking up soap for Bubba at the state prison.

           I had never had these kind of feeling for another guy since Nam. That was a war love it wasn't sexual. At least not in actuality, I mean I never told him how I felt but I lusted after him. Albert was the same age as me. We were drafted and sent to fight a war in a jungle ten thousand miles away. We didn't want to be there but we had a duty to our country, by virtue of the dick. When we were born some nosy busybody said, "It's a boy!" and our lives belonged to Uncle Sam. As soon as we turned eighteen we had a six year obligation, or duty, they called it, to serve our country and here we were, by virtue of the dick. Up to our armpits in swamp water with creatures not to be believed swimming around us. Little slant eyed dudes in black pajamas with big guns that wanted to kill us. And little slant eyed whores in town that only wanted our money. Our neighbors back home were marching in the street, calling us baby killers, or worse. Our families wouldn't talk of the war when they'd write. We were all alone in the world with no one to understand us except each other.

           The only respite we had was going to Na Trang and getting drunk then to the barber shop for a blow job. That was safer than the whores who would rob you and/or kill you while you slept it off. Albert and I had made the bars one night. We went to the barber shop and for some reason the two whores who blew us left the curtain open between our tables and we watched each other getting off. I gotta tell you that I was turned on no end watching my bud get his rocks. His face did the craziest things as she bobbed up and down on his huge piece. He never took his eyes off of the whore doing me. I think he was just as turned on as I was by the whole thing.

           "That was fine," I said rubbing my cock as we walked down the street to another bar. Albert mumbled something and I let it drop. We had a couple of beers in this local spot but we were the only Americans in the place. We decided to split and headed for the door when a couple of slopes stood in front of us. We tried to go around but they started pushing. Al jumped on a chair and went over the table and had a clear shot for the door, I was surrounded. Al yelled at an M.P. jeep going down the street and a slope caught him by the shoulder and spun him around. He hit Al in the chest so hard that I could hear the breath heave out of him and saw him go down. Some gook swung at me and I caught his arm and put my boot into the throat of the guy next to him. As I spun around I felt, or heard, the arm in my hand break and I let go as its' owner fell to the floor. Another guy headed for me and I chopped him in the Adam's apple. The M. P.s were in the bar now as I got to Al. I dropped to my knees and saw that he was not breathing and was blue. I rolled him to his back and began mouth to mouth on him. In a moment he was coughing, but breathing on his own. The M. P.s made a report and I had to see the old man the next morning. Seems that I killed two of the gooks in the bar, but it was clearly self defense. The white mice—South Viet Namese M. P.s—didn't like it and I was told that they were wanting to know who I was. It was suggested that we do our drinking on base in the future and be careful what we did in town.

           Al and I became fast friends and even though we suffered the jokes about being the only guys in the unit that kissed each other. We spent a lot of time talking about our families and girl friends back home and really got to like each other. I started having some weird feelings about Al and I fantasized about him a few times under the long hot showers, with lots of soap, that was scary. I'm not I?

           Three days later we were back in the swamp. We had found a cluster of trees to shelter us as we ate our rations. We were extra quiet as we ate. Al had been staring at me kind of strange all day and he moved a little as he adjusted what was obviously a very hard dick in his pants. I saw this and looked in his eyes as he smiled at me. A funny black spot appeared on his forehead and his smile seemed to fade to a "What the fuck?" look before the blood trickled down his nose. I fell forward as the sound of a bullet sang above me, striking the tree where my head had rested a split second before. "Sniper!" I yelled, rolling for cover. I saw the flash from the tree and put the sights of my M-16 on the spot. I put a whole clip into the tree before I saw the black shadow fall.

           I ran to the kill and he was obviously dead but I still slit his throat and had my bayonet buried to the hilt in his crotch when my Sargent pulled me off. I went back to Al. The back of his head was running down the tree trunk, his eyes were blank. That silly little smile of his was gone forever. I was crazy. I ran back to the little yellow bastard on the ground but my buddies held me. I had literally cut his dick off with several stabs of my bayonet to his groin and I could see his neck bone. I had nearly cut his head off. Someone gave me my first ear for a trophy and I flung it into the swamp and went over to another tree and vomited my insides out.

           I served the rest of my tour, making sure never to make anymore friends. I couldn't stand the pain of losing them. I, sub-consciously, thought that Albert died because of his impure thoughts and vowed to never have those kind of thoughts again. I decided that the whole episode was a result of the loneliness that I felt and was just reaching out to someone, anyone.

           I came home and married the love of my life and she gave me two wonderful sons that I could never repay her for. We had a good life together for thirty years, then she died of a lung infection following a long sickness. Our boys are grown and have beautiful children, and wives, of their own and I am alone.

           I really had no problem living alone. Sue died just before Thanksgiving of '97 and I have taken the last two years to just settle in. I had met Phillip and his mother when they moved into the house next door to me. I really hated to see the way that property had gone down hill the last seven years. An Air Force major and his family lived there until he went to Germany and he decided to rent it out so that he could come back here after retirement, next year.

           Renters are not always the best thing to have in a house next door and this had proved to be the fact for me. There were loud teenagers, a junk collector, low lives of every sort. Now a drunken prostitute with a beautiful fourteen year old son that I found myself lusting over.

           Phillip was a Greek god. He was five foot five with broad shoulders and a very narrow waist. He liked to work out and my sons and I had quite a weight pile in the back yard. Phillip would come over and work out for several hours every day. He had a log book and he kept it up once a month. When he had started working out, six months ago, he stood five three. His chest was an impressive thirty two inches with a twenty six inch waist. He now had a thirty eight inch chest over a twenty seven inch waist, a V to die for. He had sixteen inch biceps. His pecs were totally defined with a super hard eight pack. When he went into his pose his back muscles flared down each side to what he liked to call his wings. His legs were well defined with a size eleven foot. I knew he was going to be a really tall man. His hands were long and slender, like an artist, he loved the piano and was quite an accomplished player.

           I had begun to fantasize about Phillip and had really beaten myself, mentally, for these unclean thoughts.

           I had let him spend the night on his fifteenth birthday and he had brought some pornos that he stole from one of his mother's boyfriend's car. I told him that he could watch whatever he wanted on the VCR in the living room, I was going to bed. I wasn't ready for bed but I wasn't ready to watch porn with a beautiful, randy, lusty teenager either.

           I was watching an old black and white movie on the TV in my room when the door opened and Phillip stood there, stark naked with an obviously dwindling erection, and a porno tape in his hand. "It's all jittery on the TV in there and I would really like for you to watch this with me." Reluctantly, only because I know my feelings for him could land me in jail, I let him come in and put the tape in my VCR. He hopped on my bed and scooted close to me and pushed the play button. My mouth dropped open. On the screen was a man, probably fifty, at least, and a teenage boy, on his knees, sucking the old man's cock. The old man pulled his dick from the boy's mouth and the camera came in for the close up as cum shot all over the boy's face and he went crazy trying to catch it all in his mouth. He licked the old man like a lollipop, cleaning him completely. I looked at Phillip who was smiling and jacking off at a furious pace.

           "I wish that was me," he said. "I'd love to swallow someone else's cum."

           "Someone else's? You have swallowed cum before."

           "Sure. I get mine every night." With that he rolled his legs back to the head board and his dick disappeared into his mouth. I jumped up and turned on the light and stared at him. His eyes twinkled as he continued to nurse himself with a slow fuck into his own mouth.

           "What does it taste like?" I couldn't believe I heard myself say that. Why didn't I tell him to stop, to go home, to go....God I wanted to suck his dick. Me, mister straight. I couldn't even have the talk with my sons when they were growing up. I had not looked at another guys dick in all of my life. I mean, yeah, I saw them in school, at shower after P.E. I had seen guys in the shower in the Army but I had never looked at a guys dick. I only knew I wanted to see this one, in my mouth.

           I had placed my hand on Phillips upturned ass and was feeling his ass hole. I was fondling his balls and I was enjoying it. He pulled his dick from his mouth and looked at me. "Can I do you?"

           Oh, fuck. What was I going to do? I was about to have a heart attack. I was having a hard attack. Phillip turned around in the bed and reached for my looms. He pushed me back with one hand and pulled the looms away, freeing my nine inch dick to the air. As it sprung free I raised my ass so that he could get the underwear outta there. He dove on my dick like a pro and began to suck me like I had never been sucked before. I used to go to the barber shops in Viet Nam where for five bucks I could get a decent massage and a blow job in the back room. My wife really didn't like sucking dick and only tried it a few times, early in our marriage. I had never dived for the muff. I liked to fuck but for some reason never liked to see twat and never had a desire to taste.

           I never liked full exposure porno. I liked the early Playboy's with a towel or sheet, leaving much to the imagination. I felt like boys today were being deprived by seeing the perfect, and air brushed, pictures in the magazines. They would be so disappointed when they faced the real thing all pasty white with pimples, moles, stretch marks, and other imperfections. My fantasies of youth involved imaging what lay beneath those little pieces of strategically placed cloth.

           Now here I am with my full nine inches of super-hard dick buried deep in the throat of the most wonderful kid, next to my own two, I had ever known. And I liked it. I looked at his body as he lay at an almost ninety degree angle to me. His dick was not small. He had to have a good six and half or seven inch dick sticking out of his little brown patch. His body was pretty much devoid of hair. He wore his sandy brown head hair short, just a little more than a buzz. He had a small tuft of dark brown hair which stood out under each arm, but the bush around his fuck pole looked like a soft pillow beckoning me to come rest there for awhile. His foreskin was tight with just the smallest hint of a pinkish head winking at me through a single eye hidden within. I had to see his dick head and I reached over and pulled that delicate skin down. Phillip moaned as I touched him and moved his hips closer to me. I slipped my right arm under his beautiful butt and pulled him all the way over, never letting go of his dick in my right hand.

           His dick was pulsing in my hand. I was fascinated with its' thickness, it was as thick as mine and only a couple of inches shorter. I had turned to masturbation, as my only form of release, just after Sue died. I had gotten to know every vein and tendon in my dick and how to manipulate each for a satisfying hand fuck. I could feel the same veins and tendons in the dick in my left hand and from the way they stuck out I knew he was in that super hard state that sometimes have found myself to be. Only a tight and fast fuck can satisfy this kind of erection and I knew I had to be the one to help him. I lowered myself over him and took the entire length in my mouth. Oh wow! What a feeling. I had never even thought of actually having a dick in my mouth. I don't know what I thought of in my fantasies, but I had never even thought of sucking a dick. Please don't ever pull it out of my mouth, this feels so fucking good. I am in total lust. I still had my right arm under his butt and I rolled over on my back pulling him on top of me. He rolled gently and never missed a lick on my dick. He was now on top and I pulled him down so that he could stretch out, my dick in his mouth his in mine, a classic sixty nine. I wrapped both arms around him and just sucked. He was sucking me and bobbing his head. I didn't want to cum, I wanted to suck all night. I laid my hand on the back of his head pushing him down. Each time he started to bob, I pushed down. He got the clue and just sucked. I could feel his teeth as he gently chewed on my dick. It hurt like hell and felt so good. I began to chew him. I wanted to eat him.

           I got a real shock when I felt his fingers probing in my crack and then lingered around my ass hole. I had only learned how sensitive that spot could be a few weeks before. I had been really horny and feeling myself as I slow stroked the monkey. My hand roamed to my ass and I raised my leg so that I could finger around in my crack. I started to tickle around my hole and got really horny. I stuck my finger to the hole but it wouldn't go in. I was too tight. My doctor had done the old greasy finger exam and I knew how much that bugged me but then again...I had to try it. I sucked my finger and put it back against my hole and it went right in. I shot a load that I thought would never end. Several times over the last few weeks I had been toying with that and now this neophyte was going at it like a pro. His finger popped through my sphincter and I jerked, shoving my cock all the way down his throat. He had his finger further in me that I had ever done and then he touched it. Ohhh, electricity went all the way through me. I had never had anything feel this good. I looked at his tight little rosebud in front of my eyes and thought I would try to make him feel what he was making me feel. My finger slipped inside him and his dick hit the back of my throat. I pushed in to the second knuckle and I felt it. A little nut of soft tissue, about the size of a pecan. Each time I touched it he shoved in side my mouth. I began to wiggle my finger and stroke this little pleasure button and I was aware that he was doing the same for me. I could feel my cum rising and I couldn't stop it. His dick was swelling in my mouth and I thought he would dislocate my jaw. Suddenly my mouth was hot and full and my load shot loose, deep inside his warm, sucking womb like mouth.

           We both stopped all movement as our bodies came down from our mutual orgasm. I sucked on his dick and he jerked. He rolled off me laughing. "That tickles, dude. Wait a little bit and then you can do it again. Man you got one juicy dick. I could suck that forever. Did you like my cum as much as I liked yours?"

           "Yeah, I think I did. I wasn't prepared for this."

           "Man, I have wanted you for months now. Thank you."

           I was shocked, "You wanted to do this with me?"

           "Yeah. I knew I was a queer for dicks since I was like twelve. My dad got me a computer and I got on line and found all of these stories about guys sucking and fucking and I have wanted to do it."

           "You found stories like that on the web?"

           "Yeah, I read some every night and look at some pictures before I go to bed and whack off. I wish I could be with some of those dudes, they sound so hot. Come on I'll show you. Turn your computer on."

           We went to my home office and I booted up and got on line. He sat down in my lap and started clicking away like an experienced secretary. His fingers gliding over the keyboard with expert precision. In moments my screen was filled with pictures of beautiful young boys in every sexual position I could imagine. There were soft dicks, hard dicks, cut dicks and not. Dicks in mouths, dicks in butts, three ways, singles. I never even realized that some of these things could be done. I sat there with my jaw in my lap. Phillip laughed at me. He turned around and sat back down in my lap facing me. He leaned into me kissing me full on the mouth. Without thinking I opened my mouth and let his tongue in. This was the best and hottest kiss of my life. My dick came to attention at once as he cleaned each tooth, one at a time, the roof of my mouth was well laved. I had never noticed how long his tongue was but he was reaching places in my mouth that I knew would be impossible for me to reach in him.

           He broke away and I glanced at the computer screen. There were guys butt fucking each other, face to face, front to back...I had heard about butt fucking but...I guess I am naive, but I never believed that a dick could actually go in somebody's ass hole. I mean, I have looked at my dick and the size of my turds—pardon me—and there is just no way a full grown man's dick is going in such a small hole. I said that to Phillip and he just smiled and went to work on the keyboard. A kid, couldn't have been more than sixteen, had a man's arm up in his ass. The screen reloaded and there was a guy fucking a dog, then a dog fucking a man..I shut the computer off. I powered it back up and went in to my history files and erased them. I cleared the temp. files, then de-fragmented the hard drive. Phillip looked at me funny and I told him I didn't want any traces of that shit on my computer. From time to time my boss or an auditor will come over and check my work and all I need is for them to find that shit on my machine. He kissed me and we headed back to bed. The TV was on and now two boys were doing a sixty nine while the old man was doing a butt fuck on the boy on top. We watched the film for a few more minutes, until it was over, then turned the TV off and settled in for a good night's sleep.

           "Will you fuck me?"

           "No. Go to sleep," I said.

           During the next two months I would not allow such a situation to occur again. Phillip comes over daily and we have remained friends but I won't let him repeat our evening. His mother often gets drunk and starts beating on Phillip. He comes to my house for shelter. When he spends the night I sleep with my door locked. He didn't like that at first but I explained Bubba to him and our state laws concerning age of participants.

           Two months ago I heard the most mournful sound of my life. I opened my front door to see a bleeding, naked boy huddled on the porch, crying in real pain. A bloody pocket knife laying on the porch behind him. I got a blanket and my wireless phone. I first covered him up then called the police. I got a pillow to put under his head. The police were there in less than two minutes and I could hear the sirens of the para-medics a few blocks away. Phillip was placed on a gurney and taken to the hospital as I told the police what he had told me.

           Phillip's mother was drunk, wow, imagine that. The two had argued most of the evening and Phillip went to his room. She came down the hall yelling at him and threw his door open finding him standing in the middle of the room masturbating and a picture of a naked boy on his computer screen. She started beating on him and calling him every filthy name she could when her boy friend rushed in. He saw the picture on the monitor and shouted something about "if he wants to be a faggot, fuck him like a faggot." He threw Phillip to the bed and shoved his dick up the boy's ass. He brutally pounded the smaller boy, ripping his butt and drawing copious amounts of blood. Phillips mother continued to beat and berate her son, never trying to stop what was happening. When her boyfriend finished with her son she stabbed the boy in the back with a four and a half inch Case knife he had been whittling with earlier, then walked out and left the house with her friend, leaving her son alone to die.

           She has been charged with attempted murder and rape. No she didn't rape him but she was there and didn't stop it, or try. Her trial is scheduled for the first part of next week. Today we are in court for a custodial hearing. Seems that Phillip's dad is dead and they have no relatives. C.P.S. was going to put him in a foster home but he begged to live with me. After much investigation and many interviews I was made a temporary foster father to Phillip. Now we are here for a judge to decide if this should be a permanent arrangement or not.

           Phillips mother was brought back in to the courtroom with a chain around her waist and her hands cuffed together to the chain. Her feet were also shackled with a chain leading to the one around her waist. She was wearing a mask that was clearly designed to keep her quite.

           Phillip's lawyer continued, "Your Honor, this boy has chosen to call this man, Dad, and we shouldn't stand in the way of the bond they have forged. It is our opinion, as well as that of the Child Protective Service, that this is a good relationship for the boy and his well being. Mr. Allen has been a resident of the neighborhood for twenty five years, being the original owner of the house he is in. He has raised a fine family in this home and is well thought of by his neighbors and in the community. He is a widower of two years but at this time is not seeing anyone, steadily. He has a steady job that he has been on for thirty years and now is allowed to do much of his work from a home office. He would be able to be home after school and be there anytime Phillip may need him."

           After a twenty minute recess the judge rendered his decision. He granted me permanent and full custody of Phillip. The boy's mother was livid as she was led away to her jail cell to wait for her trial.

           The following week we were in court again, this time for Phillip's mother's trial. Her trial took three days. The first was taken up with jury selection and opening statements. The second day evidence was presented. The state had brought in witnesses to testify of years of abuse. The police had been called many times, both by neighbors and by the school. Her usual response was to move away. The third day was for closing arguments and jury deliberation. The jury was out for fifteen minutes before returning a guilty verdict on twelve counts of child abuse, twenty counts of child endangerment, one count of rape, one count of sexual conduct with a minor, one count of attempted murder in the first degree. Three months later we went back to hear her sentenced to twenty five years without possibility of parole. The court ordered that the grave of Phillip's dad so that a autopsy could be performed. Seems that some of the witnesses had expressed concern that he was murdered.

           The same day of her sentencing her boyfriend was sentenced to fifty years for rape and twenty for sexual molestation with twenty five more for attempted murder. His time is to be served consecutively so that he serves one sentence then starts the next. Under state law, at the time of sentencing, he must serve eighty five percent of his time before he is eligible for parole. This means that he serves first the rape charge, forty two and a half years before parole eligibility, then seventeen for molestation, and then twenty one and a half years on the attempted murder charge. The earliest he could be free would be in nearly eighty one years. He's forty now, he will be very old when he breathes free air again.

           I felt so sorry for Phillip. He was so horny and the only person he lusted for was a fifty five year old man. I hadn't told him that today was my birthday. I took him out to a very expensive steak house and ordered dinner for us. I showed the waitress my drivers licence and she smiled and left. "Wow, they card you in here?" he questioned.

           "Only for special occasions," I replied. We had time to wait for our steak so we wondered around looking at the miniatures that this place is world famous for. There are animated scenes of Indian camps, western towns and the big attraction, a full flea circus that covers a twenty by ten platform. I told him how much better it had been but a fire had ravaged the place in 1995 destroying everything. Everything here was a reconstruction and while it was good it couldn't compare to what had been.

           Our steaks came and we ate until we were stuffed. Then the wait staff came out with a cake and a candle in it. They sang happy birthday to me and ee were both served a piece of cake. We got home about seven. Both of my son's cars were in the driveway and when we walked in the door there was a loud "surprise" shouted from a houseful of people. My boy's, their wives, their children, my boss, and co-workers. Even a few neighbors came by and we celebrated until ten o'clock. I was so overwhelmed. My kids were so supportive of Phillip that I was overcome. I cried real tears of joy as my three sons embraced. Albert--wonder where that name came from-- is thirty one and Bill is twenty nine. They took to Phillip like he had been their brother all of their lives and invited him to do family stuff with them. My cup runneth over.

           As everyone left I told Phillip how tired I was and told him that I was going to bed. He reminded me of his birthday with me and told me he was going to give me as good of a present as I gave him. He was the one who got the candle and did he light up as I slipped it in. I have to live with the fact that I am queer. I loved fucking that boy's ass more than any piece of pussy I ever had and I have had pussy in fourteen countries and four continents. I sucked and fucked my little buddy all night long and took the next day off to sleep. Oh, horny teenagers. He may be the death of me.

           Phillip's mom was convicted of poisoning his dad. She has been sentenced to death. Phillip didn't care. We didn't go to the trial. I followed the story so that if he ever asks I can tell him.

           I have become a cum junky and am so glad that I have a teenager to supply me. I'm sure it won't last. He'll grow up and find some cute little something to be his life partner and I'll just be the old fag that took advantage of his vunerability. Until then I will suck that beautiful seven inch cock of his. I will lick around, under, and in his beautiful foreskin. I have learned to lick his ass hole and I enjoy him licking mine. There is not a place on either of our bodies that the other has not had his tongue and dick. Remind me sometime to tell you about fucking each other's arm pits, kinky.

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