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Poetic Justice A `Fairy' Tale

Hugh Cox



Author's note: This tale was inspired by Frank Stockton's classic short story `The Lady or the Tiger?' Needless to say the two stories are somewhat different in content.


ONCE UPON A TIME there lived a king who ruled a small, rather insignificant country somewhere in the backwaters of central Europe. It has long since ceased to exist; swallowed up by larger, greedier, more powerful neighbours; but was, at the time of our tale, an independent kingdom. The king in question was not particularly good or wise but neither was he especially cruel or stupid; as an absolute monarch, however, his word was law.

While the king enjoyed his position and the trappings that went with it, there was one duty that he detested hearing judicial appeals. Each of his subjects had the right, if convicted of a crime, of appealing directly to the monarch. The only punishment in the land was to be thrown into the arena to be torn apart by ferocious beasts; so naturally, everyone who was convicted appealed. However, as the judges always gave the verdict that they believed the king wanted and the people insisted on having their entertainment, it was a rare day indeed when the monarch granted an appeal. This didn't prevent him from having to sit through tiresome testimony and frankly it bored the pantaloons off him. Hardly a day passed when he didn't wish that the whole process could be abolished.

Like Archimedes, he had his `eureka' moment while sitting in the bath; this was where he did all his best thinking. The solution to his problem was genius in its simplicity; he had two chambers built into the wall of the arena opposite the royal box, each enclosed behind a sturdy door that prevented any sound emitting from within. Into one chamber was placed one of the aforementioned beasts and into the other a beautiful young woman of similar social standing to the accused. Guilt or innocence was decided by the unbiased hand of fate; if the accused opened the door containing the animal he found himself guilty and punishment was immediate, as he was ripped to shreds before the baying populace. If on the other hand he proved his innocence by selecting the door behind which stood the woman, he was rewarded by instant marriage, whether he liked it or not. It mattered not that the man might be wed already; any previous marriages were annulled by the king before the accused entered the arena.

This wonderful reform enabled the king to dispose of the sycophantic judges, abolish the tedious appeals process and continue to provide his bloodthirsty subjects with first rate entertainment.


* * *


The king had three children, two boys (the proverbial `heir and a spare') and one daughter; who was the youngest and the apple of her father's eye. As she had now reached marriageable age the king turned his thoughts to finding her a suitable husband. He came to the conclusion that only a foreign prince or, at a push, the son of a local duke would suffice; the girl's own opinion was not sought as a royal wedding was a diplomatic affair and love was of no consideration. It therefore displeased him enormously when news came that she was enamoured of one of his courtiers, a young knight of twenty three. That the young man was brave and handsome was not in doubt; he was, however, of low standing and his finances were woefully lacking. He was clearly not a suitable husband for a royal princess and was `warned off'. This warning failed to have the desired effect and, when they were spotted holding hands in the palace gardens, the young man was arrested and accused of `inappropriately touching a member of the royal family' and sent for trial in the arena. Nobody could remember this ever being a crime but none complained; the king's word was law.

On the night of her paramour's arrest the princess sat miserably in her bedchamber pouring out her grief to her two ladies-in-waiting. The elder of the two was in her mid-twenties and was the widow of a young earl who had died fighting in battle alongside the king. She acted in an almost maternal manner toward her young mistress and the princess was very fond of her. The younger was the daughter of knight of much lower standing and owed her place at court to her beauty, which outshone even that of the princess. Many was the time the princess fancied that her servant had attempted to attract the affections of her young knight and, being jealous and insecure, disliked her.

After the princess had stopped crying, they called for her page to bring her a hot milky drink. The fourteen year old boy was of humble birth but was even more beautiful than any of the ladies. He stood about 5'5" and was around 125 pounds in weight. He had dark, almost black hair that reached nearly to his shoulders, deep brown eyes with impossibly long, dark lashes and pale skin with a flawless complexion. He was usually a bright, cheerful presence with a dazzling smile that rarely left his face but tonight seemed to be as down as the princess.

The princess liked the boy and commented on his demeanour after he had delivered her drink and withdrawn. The two ladies giggled and suggested that he was `carrying a torch' for the arrested knight and was as upset as the princess at the plight of the young man. The princess was puzzled by this and asked for an explanation. The elder lady-in-waiting told her that many of the male servants in the royal household `prefer the company of men' and that her young page was no exception. "They say he has a talented mouth," she added and they both giggled again. The princess didn't laugh, however, as she couldn't see why the ability to sing or recite poetry should be the cause of such mirth.

Determined to help her beloved as best she could, the princess approached the Lord Chamberlain; as it was he who would arrange the trial and select both the beast and the woman. The Lord Chamberlain had known the princess all her life and loved her like his own daughter; she was able to twist the man around her little finger and was thus able to discover that the most ferocious tiger ever seen in the land was being specially imported from Asia for the event. She also elicited the shocking news that her younger lady-in-waiting was to be the woman in the other chamber.

For several nights the princess struggled to sleep, tossing and turning as she played out in her mind the two equally awful scenarios that might unfold. In one version, her beloved opened the chamber containing the tiger and was savaged and devoured before her eyes. In the other, her lady-in-waiting stepped out and the pair were married right there in the arena; her young knight kissing his new bride passionately in front of her. Each outcome seemed as unpalatable as the other and after much soul searching she decided on her course of action. She approached the Lord Chamberlain and asked for his help; at first he refused point blank but, after much pleading and floods of tears, he reluctantly agreed.


* * *


The trial was the most eagerly anticipated since the king had introduced them; and when the day finally arrived the arena was packed with an expectant throng. The whiff of royal scandal had drawn a larger than normal crowd, keen to see which young knight had been so bold as to woo the princess without her father's permission. The tiger had arrived and had been carefully starved; just enough to make it ravenous but not enough to sap its strength. The identity of the prospective bride had been kept secret and the audience was split between those who wished to observe a bloody spectacle and those who wanted to see a happy wedding; there were also more than a few who hoped to witness an unhappy wedding.

At last the moment arrived, the door below the royal box opened and the young knight walked out into the arena and turned to bow to the king. There were appreciative gasps from several of the women present (and some of the men too) when they saw the extremely handsome young man before them (think of Heath Ledger in `A Knight's Tale'). As all eyes were upon him, the young knight only had eyes for the princess; he knew how much she loved him and was certain that she would have found out which chamber contained the tiger and would direct him accordingly. His faith was rewarded when she signed quickly to her left, a sign which was seen by none but him.

When he had completed his bow, he turned and strode purposefully to the door on the left and opened it without any ado. The spectators held their collective breath and then released it in an audible sigh as a raven haired beauty stepped out into the arena. There was a brief silence which was broken when a voice yelled out, "But it's a boy!" Then pandemonium took hold as thousands of people all tried to speak at once; only the princess remained calm, smiling to herself as she watched her young page step, blinking into the sunlight.

"What is the meaning of this?" the king asked the very nervous looking Lord Chamberlain. "Do you mock me?"

"Oh no, Sire!" the man exclaimed. "I just felt that given the nature of the alleged offence, it would be best if he wasn't rewarded too generously; even if he is innocent."

After a moment's hesitation the king replied, "Good thinking." Then he stood and raised his arms, demanding silence from the assembled crowd; which finally happened after about half a minute. "Let the wedding commence," he called out. "Justice must be done."

After a shocked pause the spectators cheered and the priest came forward to carry out the ceremony. Several of the men in the audience, particularly within the royal household, looked at each other and smiled; the king's word was law and a precedent had just been set. Technically it was now legal for men to marry one another!


* * *


Two palace guards carried the drunken knight's limp body into the bedchamber that had been set aside for the newlyweds. The young page asked them to place his husband on the bed before showing them to the door. The boy had been looking forward to this moment ever since the Lord Chamberlain had told him what was planned; he had no intention of allowing a few too many ales to spoil his wedding night. He stripped naked before climbing onto the bed with his semi-conscious husband and removed the man's pointed shoes; then, with considerable difficulty, he unfastened and removed his doublet. The undershirt followed a little more easily and he gained his first sight of his husband's sculpted body. A hairless chest, with a pair of firm pecs surmounted by two perfect nipples could not be ignored, so he bent down and licked the left one before taking it into his mouth and sucking it enthusiastically. Even in his inebriated condition the knight felt the stimulation and moaned in pleasure. Moving to the other nipple the boy repeated his actions and elicited the same reaction from his husband.

The lad kissed his way down the knight's rippled abs, pausing to tongue his innie navel before sitting up to remove his hose. He started with the left leg, peeling off the tight garment and revealing a muscular thigh with a light covering of hair. He caressed the inside of the thigh with one hand while completing the removal of the leg covering with the other. Switching to the right side, he uncovered that leg in the same manner, until his husband was wearing only his linen undershorts. The bulge in the front of those shorts promised much; and the boy fondled it through the fabric, feeling it harden and grow at his touch.

Unable to contain himself any longer, the page pulled his husband's shorts off with a single tug and took a sharp breath as he saw nearly six inches of cock that was only just starting to get hard. Taking the man meat in his hand, he pulled back the foreskin, revealing the dark glans which he licked before sucking it into his mouth. The knight groaned more loudly and his cock grew quickly to its full length; it was easily eight inches long with an obvious curve towards his stomach. Once it was fully erect the lad couldn't get his thumb and fingers to meet when he held it and he smiled as he thought of the enjoyment he was going to get from this fun stick.

The constant stimulation drew the knight to a slightly greater degree of consciousness and he was aware of his cock being engulfed in the hot wetness of the boy's mouth. He realised immediately that the lad was good at this; he alternated between deep throating and sucking the glans and all the time he was kneading the man's balls. No lady would stoop to fellatio and no wench in his experience had exhibited such skill or enthusiasm. Before long he felt his orgasm building and grabbing the boy's head he began to thrust into his mouth, pushing deep into the lad's throat until he froze and began pumping his semen into him. The page took the first couple of spurts down his gullet before pulling off to take the rest in his mouth; he then moved up and kissed his husband, sharing his cum with the man who, in his drunken state, instinctively returned the kiss.

A combination of alcohol and endorphins finally overcame the knight and he succumbed to unconsciousness, leaving the boy to clean them both up and get him under the bedcovers. Then he joined his new husband in the bed and drifted off to sleep, happier than he had ever been before.


* * *


The young knight groaned as he awoke with a pounding headache and a mouth that felt as though he had gargled with sand. He opened his eyes just long enough to observe that he had a bed-mate, before a painful flash of light forced him to close them again. All he had seen of the person next to him; was a slim figure, lying on their left side, with their back towards him. The person had longish, dark hair and pale shoulders and the knight, who had no memory of the previous day, was rather pleased that he had managed to `pull' when he must have been extremely drunk. Turning towards his companion he put his right arm around them, spooning up behind them and allowing his morning erection to press against their firm buttocks.

He nuzzled the neck of his bed-mate and placed his right hand onto their right breast and tweaked their nipple. He was vaguely aware that they were flat chested and decided that they must be very young; never mind, it wouldn't be the first time that he deflowered a pubescent wench. He then let his hand move down across his companion's flat belly and took hold of their four inch, flaccid penis; before moving further down to their smooth, hairless thigh.

Wait a minute; something didn't add up there. He moved his hand back up and cupped a nice pair of balls in a wrinkled sac. His eyes flew open and he was rewarded with another painful, blinding flash of light; this one brought his memories of the day before flooding back. The ordeal in the arena; his surprise at the appearance of the boy from behind the door; going through the wedding ceremony in numbed shock; the unremitting mockery of his fellow courtiers; and desperately drinking himself into oblivion in the forlorn hope that he could make it all go away. Then something else came to his mind; the most amazing blow job he had ever had; was that a dream or had this boy really fellated him to that incredible orgasm?

While all this had been going through his head, he had maintained his grip on the boy's genitals and the lad had awoken and hardened immediately. "Oh yes, fuck me, please," he moaned.

What else could the knight do? He was spooned up behind a horny teen, with five and a half inches of hard boy-cock in his hand and his erection pressed into the crack of the lad's firm, round arse. Even so, in his hung-over state he didn't feel up to much exertion; so he threw back the bedcovers, lay on his back said, "If you want it, you do the work."

The boy didn't need a second invitation; reaching over to the bedside table, he picked up a small bottle of oil that he had brought with him the night before. He pushed an oiled finger into his hole to prepare himself before liberally coating his husband's cock; then he positioned himself over the hard eight inches and sat down, taking the whole length in one smooth motion. The lad was no virgin but he was fully stretched by the long, thick cock that impaled him. He sat still for a few moments, to accustom himself to it and then started to move up and down.

The knight realised immediately that he was going to enjoy this; the boy's rectum was warm and tight and he clearly knew how to give a man pleasure. Not even the youngest, tightest pussy he had been inside had felt this good; and no wench had ever put in the effort to please him that this boy did. He bounced up and down and worked his rectal muscles to give his husband as much pleasure as he could and at the same time he rubbed and pinched the man's nipples sending him into ecstasy. Not that the pleasure was all one way, of course; the curvature of the knight's cock meant that he rubbed the boy's prostate with every stroke and the lad was enjoying the experience every bit as much as his husband.

Not being a naturally passive man, the knight could only take so much in this position; hang-over or no hang-over he had to take charge. Grasping the boy around his waist he lifted and twisted until their positions were reversed and the lad was on his back with the man kneeling between his legs. The page wrapped his legs around his husband's back and the man began to pound his arse. The noise grew; the ancient wooden bed creaked; there was a loud slapping of skin against skin; the man grunted and groaned; and the boy squeaked and squealed.

Outside in the palace garden the princess was taking her morning constitutional along with her two ladies-in-waiting, when she became aware of the racket emanating from an open window high above them. "What is that noise?" she asked. "It sounds as though someone is being murdered."

The ladies giggled, they were always amused by naivety of the princess. "That is your former page and his husband consummating their marriage, your highness," the elder lady replied.

"How can that be?" the princess asked, confusedly. "They are both male, surely they cannot copulate."

"There is more than one hole in which a man can take his pleasure, your highness," came the reply.

"Oh, I see." The princess suddenly realised that her plans were doomed to failure. She had assumed that she had forced the young knight into a loveless, sexless marriage which would ease the pain that she felt at her loss of his love. She had been unable to face the idea of him being with another woman; now she realised that he could be just as happy with a boy and that knowledge plunged her into a deep depression.

Meanwhile her former servant was in heaven as his husband's cock rammed in and out of his arse and pounded his prostate with every thrust. Although he had been fucked before, he had always had to jerk himself off to achieve an orgasm; for the first time he felt the urge to cum purely from anal stimulation. The feeling was like nothing he had experienced before; it was like having his penis rubbed from the inside and he knew that he wouldn't last much longer. Suddenly his cock erupted and he ejaculated more violently than he ever had; the first spurt flew clean over his head and the next two landed on his face; several more splattered across his chest and stomach. As he came he let out a mighty screech and his sphincter clamped down on the knight's cock; that was enough to push the man over the edge as well and he gave one last thrust and pumped his seed deep into the bowels of the young boy before slumping across him in exhaustion.

The idea of having sex with another male would have horrified the young man only a day earlier; now he licked the spunk from the boy's face and kissed him passionately as if he had been doing this for years. He broke the kiss and moved down cleaning the rest of the boy's cum from his torso. Then they switched positions and the lad cleaned the semen and anal fluid from the man's cock before they kissed again, sharing the flavour of their lovemaking.


* * *


The king lived for another thirteen years before being succeeded by his eldest son. Many men married each other during his enlightened reign and indeed men flocked to his kingdom from far and wide in order to marry. Alas, his son was less enlightened and the practice was banned on his accession to the throne; not to be seen again for hundreds of years.

The princess was married to a foreign prince who was a widower and thirty five years her senior. He bedded her just often enough to keep her regularly with child, until she became fat, ugly and lonely. Meanwhile he took his own pleasure with his harem of pretty, pre-pubescent boys.

"What of our heroic, young knight and his cute boy-wife?" I hear you ask. Well, they travelled throughout the known world together, having many adventures and making their fortune. Eventually they returned home and settled down in a picturesque cottage, where they fucked like rabbits and lived happily ever after.


The End


I thought I'd let you have an amusing little tale between chapters of Danny's Discovery.


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