This story is purely a work of fiction and not intended to depict any living, past or present, human being. Though I write stories about adult males having sex with minors, I personally do not condone such activity. Also, in my stories, safe sex is not practiced. These are just stories in which the subjects within the contents can never be hurt by any means.

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Officer Stan Marshall stood in the full length mirror, adjusting his gun belt, ensuring himself that once again, he was prepared to go out and fight crime. Stepping out of his apartment, Stan made sure he locked the door behind him. Tonight was like every night he went on patrol. He never knew what awaited him. The calls varied from one to the other, and his only hope was to finish his shift unhurt and alive.

Stan Marshall patrolled the streets within the city limits. His area was what has been referred to as the "War Zone." These streets, and those living within them, have been terrorized with modern day criminal activity. From drug deals to murders, each night was always a guarantee that something tragic would take place.

Stan was well known on the streets as one tough son-of-a-bitch. Standing a good 6'4" and weighing a solid 265 pounds, Stan was simply a mountain of a man. His biceps strained his uniform police shirt, regardless if he was trying to make them do so or not. Stan's muscular barrel chest pronounced itself with awesome defiance, displaying a devastating power for all eyes that dare look.

Not only was Stan's physical features rather impressive, but he was also blessed in the looks department. Now, at the age of 33, his light brown military style hair was wavy in contrast with his thick, neatly trimmed, mustache. His emerald green eyes also enhanced his astonishing good looks. Without a doubt, Stan Marshall had bedded down plenty of women. Still single at 33, Stan had no future plans on ever settling down.

Like most, Stan Marshall wasn't as perfect as others had portrayed him out to be. He too, has a closet, and each night on patrol, his secret closet door slowly began opening. The feverish meltdown taking a strong hold over his lawful conscious began twisting his better judgement. Nobody knew of Stan Marshall's secret, nobody but him. In his eyes, he knew he wasn't gay. However, he couldn't explain his growing addiction over boys, and not just boys, but those who linger from the ages of 12 to 16.

For some unexplainable and perverted reason, Stan actually believed that some of those "angelic" boys looked too good to ever take a poop. He had perversely convinced himself of that fact, and though he had tried to tell himself otherwise, his burning fantasy governed dilemma remained in tact. When he saw a young good looking boy, each and every time, his only thought was of the boy's beauty and what it would be like to see him naked.

Being a police officer allowed Stan to come in contact with people on a daily basis. Many times, some young boy would find himself with his hands on Stan's cruiser, legs spread, while Officer Stan Marshall "patted" him down. Yes, Stan would pat the young boy down, but none the less, he always stole the moment to place his nose directly onto the boy's cloth covered crack, and deeply inhale. His actions were always the same! After several long whiffs of the boy's butt, Stan would let the boy go free, only after he had groped the boy's crotch area.

To Stan, this was the only way he could think of to get close to some young boy without the boy knowing what his true intentions actually were. Many times, throughout his shift, Stan on an average night, would be able to smell as many as 15 young boy butts, and cop a feel of their boy hoods. Naturally, he would still patrol the streets and handle the calls as they came in, but his eyes always were on the prowl for a good looking young boy.

Being a cop, and having been with the city for 10 years now, Stan had a variety of ways to fulfill his curiosities and perverted eyes. As he drove, scouring the streets for young boys, he received a shoplifting call at a local grocery store. To Stan, this wasn't a big deal. Almost every night, somebody gets busted for trying to steal something at this grocery store, and tonight proved no different.

He pulled up and parked near the store's entrance, then walked inside. Most all of the employees knew him, as did many of the store's patrons. Having had been here so many times in the past, Stan knew where the alleged shoplifter was being detained. He pushed open the door leading to the rear of the store, and approached the office. Once inside, Stan's eyes immediately darted onto the alleged shoplifter, who was seated on a plastic chair, tears rolling down his precious face like a waterfall.

The store manager spoke, "Hi Officer Marshall. We caught this little no good bastard trying to steal a steak. He refuses to provide us with any information, and that's why we called you. He just wouldn't cooperate."

Stan stood frozen in his tracks as he eyed the crying boy seated before him. The boy was looking down at the floor, sobbing like crazy. Stan quickly studied the boy's features in intricate detail. He could see that the boy had stringy blond hair that was way past due for a haircut. With his head leaning down, the boy's blond hair traveled past his shoulders, curling slightly at the very ends, resting along his back.

Looking at the manager, Stan gave a subtle nod, to which, the manager walked out of the office, closing the door behind him. Clearing his throat, Stan spoke, "Stand up and speak to me!"

The boy, body shaking feverishly, obeyed Stan's command. As he stood, he tossed his head backwards to sling his hair out of his eyes. Stan now eyed the boy as if he was some kind of delicacy. Guessing at the boy's size, Stan figured the boy to be somewhere close to 5'5", and couldn't weigh no more than a 100 pounds soaking wet. The boy's crystal, metallic, blue eyes sent shivers racing up and down Stan's body, holding the hulking police officer dead in his shoes.

Stan studied the boy's face even harder now, noting all of the innocent perfection presenting itself to him. The boy's face was slender, and his little button nose had a few sprinklings of freckles darting along the bridge. The side of each unblemished cheek held a tiny, eye soothing, dimple. The boy's lips were a bright cherry color, though smallish in size, but made precisely for kissing.

Looking a bit upwards, Stan saw the blond, light brown, thickness of the boy's eyebrows. Joining in on all that perfection was the boy's long, up curled, blondish brown eyelashes. Guessing, and just guessing, Stan figured that this little beauty was close to 12 years of age, if not a bit younger.

Eyeing the boy up and down, Stan spoke, "Seems like you got yourself in a mess here. We can either do this the hard way or the easy way, and that is strictly a choice only you can make. So, which way do you want?"

The boy fought back his tears as his soft hair raising voice whipped through the air, "I'm, I'm sorry, sorry sir! I wont, I wont ever do this again, I promise sir! Please don't take me to jail, please!"

Stan stood before the boy, then replied, "Well, I got to get some information first, and I warn you, if you start blabbering all sorts of lies, I'll haul your ass off to jail and not think twice about it. You understand me?"

The boy was looking up, nodding his head in agreement. Stan said, "Good, first things first. Give me your real name, age, address, and contact information."

The boy wiped his eyes with both of his hands, then looked up at Stan, and whispered, "Chris, I mean Christopher Allen Johnson sir. I'm 14 years old sir, and I've never been in any kind of trouble before sir, please, please don't take me to jail. (Fighting back the tears once more)"

Chris went on to tell Stan his home address and that he didn't have a phone. Stan knew too well of the address the boy mentioned. Though Stan had never laid eyes on this boy before, he did know of the boy's mother. She was a crack head and a prostitute, and Stan was just one of the many police officers who had arrested her, many, many times.

Stan listened to Chris tell his story. After hearing the boy speak, Stan realized that Chris was just hungry. Stan did find out that Chris was the only child, and he was more than a bit thankful to hear that, after knowing all too well of his street whoring mother. Even though Stan felt sorry for Chris, that secret closet door began to open a bit wider. Seeing this angelic young boy standing before him, only made Stan want to inspect the boy a bit closer, and in a lot more detail.

Then, Chris said the magic words, "Please sir, I'll do anything. Please don't take me to jail, please don't. I'm soooooooo sorry sir, please, please, I'll do anything, anything at all sir. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssse!"

Stan stepped back towards the door, flipping the lock with his fingers. Looking back at Chris, who was still sobbing somewhat, Stan spoke, "Chris, I'm in kind of a predicament here. You see, the store manager doesn't know for sure if you stole anything else. He's all about sending you off to jail, but I think there might be another way to resolve this without you having to go to jail."

Chris blurted, "Sir, the steak was it! I didn't try and take nothing else sir, honest sir. I'm not lying sir! I swear I'm not lying sir!"

Stan interjected, "Well, that's all good and dandy, but the way I see it, you can either be strip searched here, or strip searched at the jail. Once you are at the jail, regardless if they find anything or not, you'll be incarcerated. It's your choice, so what'll it be?"

Stan could see the boy figuring things out in his head. After a short few seconds had past, Chris offered somewhat of a smile, then whispered, "Doesn't sound like a whole lot of choices to me, but if I got to be strip searched, I'd rather it be done right here, but you'll see, I'm not lying about having stole anything else."

Stan fired back, "I never said you lied Chris. All I'm saying is that in order for me to get you out of this shit, I got to ensure the store manager that no other items had been stolen. He's the one who wants to press charges, not me. But, once we do this strip search, then I can go to him and persuade him to drop the charges. See how this works, so now, let's get on with it!"

The office was small, but did offer enough room for Stan to take a couple steps backwards to widen his eyes view. Chris pulled of each of his shoes, then handed them to Stan, who in turn, waited for the boy's eyes to stray before shoving his nose inside the shoes, and deeply inhale. The soft scent exploding sharply into his lungs made Stan's hulking body quiver.

Chris followed by handing Stan his worn white socks. In turn, Stan sniffed the boy's socks like some glue sniffing glue addict. The fragrance was a mild soapy scent mixed with the boy's intoxicating sweat. To Stan, the aroma this boy was feeding him with was nothing less than mind boggling.

Stan's eyes widened as Chris was in the process of pulling his blue t-shirt over his head. Under each of the boy's armpits rested a tiny patch of blondish brown hair. The boy's pink erect nipples were tiny, but glorified themselves as they protruded out from the creamy colored flesh of Chris's slender chest. The boy's tight six pack rippling stomach forced Stan's already beefy member to throb in overheated anticipation. Even the boy's belly button, if that's what it has to be called, was nothing more than two little lines crossing over one another.

The boy's shirt fell victim to Stan's sniffing nose as well, but now, now Stan trembled in excitement as he watched the young angel fumble with the button of his blue-jean pants. When Chris lowered the zipper, Stan felt as though he was fixing to blow his load right then and there. As Chris pulled at the hem, Stan could see the makings of the boy's egg shell white underwear as they began to make its grand entrance.

When Chris turned his head the other way, and after having just handed his pants to Stan, Stan wasted no time in sniffing the seam line that covered the boy's butt. Even that, in the mind of Stan, was gut wrenching soothing. By now, like in many of the previous incidents, Stan convinced himself that Chris simply didn't poop, and if he did, there was no way in hell it would smell like it. In Stan's mind, this boy, this young gorgeous angelic form, was inevitably the creation of pure utter perfection.

Standing there wearing nothing but his short egg shell white bikini underwear, Chris patiently awaited for Stan to instruct him to put his clothes back on. Stan was way too busy ogling over the near naked boy to even contemplate Chris putting his clothes back on, besides, there was still one article of clothing that had to be removed, and Stan wouldn't be satisfied until that one item was in his hands.

Stan's eyes marveled over the boy with absolute perverse delight. The little bulge creasing itself made Stan's mouth water. Though the material wasn't see through, Stan could clearly see the boy's shapely cock head pressing up against the material, along with a good inch and a half of pure boy stalk. Stan's own cock was pulsating and throbbing severely, and had Chris taken the time to look, he would have obviously detected the police officer's excitement.

Pointing, Stan softly whispered, "Those too! They don't call this thing a strip search so you can just stand there in your underwear. Now, get em off, times a wasting!"

Obeying the hulking officer's command, Chris hooked his thumbs alongside the hem, then began the lowering process. Stan gulped profusely as his eyes fell upon the light cropping of blondish brown pubic hairs, bordering themselves on either side of the base of the boy's creamy colored boy pride. The hairs were so small that they appeared that they hadn't had time to even curl. Nevertheless, the vision before Stan's eyes made his heart start pumping louder than ever, eventually, feeling as though it was stuck somewhere in his saliva coated throat.

Then, in a seemingly one stealth motion, Chris stepped out of his underwear, and handed them to Stan. Seeing that the boy was looking down, Stan quickly turned the boy's underwear inside out. After a brief inspection of the interior, noticing that the only stains prevalent was left over remnants of some pee, Stan greedily began smelling the crotch and butt area of Chris's freshly worn underwear. Stan had to catch himself to not groan loud as the scent shooting sharply within his lungs ignited some never before experienced animal locked somewhere deep inside of him. The aroma was mind boggling at best! Though he tried, and tried hard, Stan simply couldn't detect any indications of a foul aroma. This truly didn't help his cause any. Somewhere in the back of his perverted mind, Stan had hoped that his nose would have told him otherwise, but since it didn't, his perversion over Chris only grew.

Turning the boy's underwear back to its normal position, Stan placed it on the top of the desk alongside the boy's other clothes. Now, Stan stood there in splendid awe, staring intensely at the boy's naked purity. Chris had both of his arms resting along his sides, and stood there not knowing what next to expect. Stan certainly wasn't in any hurry either. His eyes were fixated on the boy's soft inch and a half circumcised boy stick. Even the cock head, with all its pink elaboration, offered a unique sign of absolute royalty. The crown itself could only have been bequeathed to the greatest of kings. With its grand mushroom shape, the boy's cock head appeared to be a little bit thicker than the creamy smooth shaft.

Forcing his eyes off of the boy's magnificent teen tool, Stan studied Chris's balls, and oh what a set of balls this little angel possessed. They almost looked out of place with comparison to the size of his flaccid teen organ. Both nuggets hung from between his legs a good five or so inches. Each lovely cum maker was evenly sized and can only be compared with the size of large chicken eggs. The silky soft sac stretching around the boy's baby makers offered no signs of hair life whatsoever. In Stan's perverted mind, this boy, this heavenly young beauty was perfect in every way.

Lowering his eyes to the boy's creamy slender thighs, Stan could only see a few wisps of scattered little blond brownish hairs appearing scarcely on both of his shins. The only other hair life evident was the light dusting flowing sparsely on either of the boy's forearms. The more Stan stared at the naked beauty, the more he silently craved.

Taking a step in front of Chris, Stan held out his right hand, then said, "Sorry Chris, but I got to check these as well. You'd be surprised at some of the stuff guys hide under their balls."

Chris's toes pushed his body upwards when the officer's hand cupped his balls. Stan, on the other hand, was in heaven. Holding the boy's hairless cum makers in the palm of his right hand, he could actually feel surges of vibrant electricity splintering off throughout every pore in his perverted body. The boy's balls felt satiny smooth, mixed with a sheen of silk, then tossing in a sheet of velvet. While Stan was basically caressing Chris's balls, his thumb had the distinct honor of gracing the boy's semi flaccid cock. Stan gingerly lifted the boy's balls as if he was honestly inspecting for some unknown hidden object, eyeing the boy's growing cock in the meantime.

Naturally, the effect of having a hand massage his balls, Chris's cock became brick yard hard. Stan got down on one knee and eyed the one eyed marvel. The boy's cock profoundly jutted straight out from his quivering little body a good five inches, arching upwards at a perfect 45 degree angle. Just like he had already predetermined, Chris's cock head was a tad thicker than the blood engorged shaft. If Stan had to compare Chris's erect shaft to an item, he would have easily matched it up with the base of an average sized carrot. The other doting detail Stan consumed his desires over was the tiny piss slit that was tightly sealed. Just from seeing the size of Chris's balls, Stan figured that the boy was capable of producing a large, sweeter than sweet, cum supply.

It was Chris's voice that brought Stan back into somewhat of a reality, "See sir, I told you I didn't take anything else. Sorry about my thing getting hard too. I couldn't help it sir!"

Stan, still kneeling on one knee, still caressing Chris's heavenly balls, looked up and whispered, "I believed you Chris, and don't worry about this. (Stan's eyes lowered themselves onto Chris's jutting boy pole.) We're both guys and this happens to everyone, so don't worry yourself none."

Forcing his hand to release Chris's balls, Stan managed to stand on some very shaky legs. Looking back down at the boy, Stan fired, "Sorry about this, but there's one more area I got to check. What I'm gonna need you to do is turn around, place both hands on the wall, and spread your legs out as wide as you can get them."

In the most angelic of voices, Chris inquisitively asked, "My butt sir? You want to look at my butt? I know I aint got nothing back there sir!"

Stan fired back, "Do as I say!"

Stan watched energetically as Chris began turning his gorgeous body around. When Chris had maneuvered himself so that he was now facing the wall, Stan was steadily studying the boy's small, yet very bubbly butt. The boy's tear drop shaped butt offered the most dignified jaw dropping views. Creamy in complexion and not a single blemish anywhere to be found. In Stan's mind, Chris's butt, and he had seen many, was one of pure heavenly sculptures. The little line separating the two mounds of sculptured perfection was in its own right, breath taking.

This time, Stan eased his hulking body down onto the floor, sitting on both knees, staring in a total trance at the boy's glorious little butt. Even when Chris had gotten in the position as instructed, Stan couldn't help not to notice that the boy's chiseled butt cheeks still didn't separate enough for him to visualize the boy's most distinct, and hidden treasure of them all, his wonderful bung hole.

Having cleared his throat, Stan nervously whispered, "Chris, what I got to do is inspect your butt crack. I'm sorry, but I got to finish this up. Just relax and this will be over soon."

Stan's large hands landed on each satiny smooth cheek, sending further waves of perverted pleasure scorching over every square inch of his shaking body. His large thumbs dove in between the chiseled mounds and tenderly spread them out. It was when he had spread the boy's muscular mounds open when he saw the object of his ultimate desire. There, in a sea of cream, lay a tiny dot, and nothing more, not even a single strand of peach fuzz.

Unable to control himself any longer, Stan snuck his sniffing nose just over the boy's speck of a butt hole, and began basking in the aroma spewing sharply into his expanding lungs. The boy's tiny sealed hole offered the most enchanting of aromas, feeding Stan's senses with a wild, never before found, aphrodisiac. Even in Stan's wildest of fantasies, he could never have dreamed of a more addicting aromatic fragrance than the scent driving him absolutely fucking insane.

Oh, how Stan wanted so desperately to reach his tongue into the boy's anal chamber and suck the life right out of him. The more he smelled, the more ramped his mind swarmed with lustful, perverted, thoughts. Up to this point in his life, Stan had been with four boys. The youngest was 15, followed by one who was 16, and the last two had been 17. Out of those four, Stan easily placed Chris at the top of the list being the one could truly offer the most. Out of those four, Chris's asshole not only looked the best, but without a single doubt, smelled the best too!

Having been raised in the mean streets of the city, Chris was very much street wise. True, he had got caught stealing a steak, but now, as he assumed the position on the wall, he could feel the police officer's breath beading down on his spread asshole. Chris was no fool, and he now was starting to put two and two together. This wasn't just a strip search. This was adding in a cop's devious way to please himself by seeing him naked, feeling his balls, and now, now smelling his ass. Chris almost snickered at the thought of what the cop was now doing, and he inwardly thanked himself for preparing his ass for this moment.

Stan smelled his fill of Chris's tantalizing butt before allowing the boy to get dressed. While Chris was getting dressed, Stan went out to speak with the store manager. Walking right up to the manager, Stan sternly said, "Look, normally I don't have a problem hauling a shoplifter off to jail, but this boy is just hungry. His mom is nothing but a crack whore, and I really don't feel like fucking up this kid's life. So, how about you dropping the charge, and I'll give him a stern talking to so that this will never happen again. How about it?"

The manager, defying store policy on shoplifting, finally agreed with Stan and dropped the charge. Stan went back to the office to find Chris, already fully dressed, standing near the front of the desk. Eyeing the beauty up and down once more, Stan said, "I spoke with the manager and he agreed to drop the charge. However, I am placing you on Trespass Notice, and if you so much as step foot back in here, you will be arrested for "Trespassing After Notice." You understand that right? (Chris shook his head in agreement) Good, now if you're up to it, let's go get something to eat. It's my treat!"

Back inside the cruiser, Stan cleared the call with no arrest to the dispatcher. They pulled up in front of an all night diner, then walked inside, taking up a table in the very back. Naturally, Stan sat with his back to the wall with Chris seated directly across from him. Even then, Stan couldn't take his eyes off the sweet smelling gorgeous 14 year old boy. Sitting there, awaiting their order, Stan could still smell the fragrance spewing from the boy's butt, not to mention, the way the boy's balls felt in his hand.

Stan was the first to speak, "So Chris, not counting tonight, but do you do anything to earn some money?"

Chris forced out a slight chuckle, then quickly replied, "Yeah, but you really don't want to know."

Stan figured that the boy sold drugs to earn some cash. He already knew that his mother would fuck anyone for a dime just so she could supply her drug habit. All this time, Stan never knew that Kimberly, Chris's pathetic excuse of a mother, even had a son. And not just any son mind you, but a boy that could easily melt your heart, stop your very breath, and force anyone to fall head over heels in love with him, just at a mere glance.

Trying to get more of a direct answer from Chris, Stan teasingly asked, "What, you think I'm going to arrest you or something if you tell me?"

Without missing a beat, Chris fired back, "Or something, is more like it!"

His response had Stan sorting through all sorts of things. This street savvy boy was being very evasive as to Stan's questions. Being more to the point, Stan retaliated, "Look Chris, whatever you do to earn some extra cash is your business. The worst thing I can think of is that you are out there dealing drugs. Is that right?"

Smiling, Chris replied, "Nope, I don't sling dope!"

For the next fifteen minutes, Stan did his best to get something out of Chris. More so, Stan loved hearing his soft elegant voice. Also, the way Chris was chomping down on his food, Stan wondered when the last time the boy even had a meal. The longer they sat there, the more Stan longed for this gorgeous young boy.

Chris had just finished his last parcel of food, taking a gulp of the sweet tea, then proceeded, "Look, if I tell you something, will you promise me you wont get mad, or try and play cop?"

Stan simply replied, "I promise I will not do anything, including playing a cop!"

Chris fidgeted in his seat, turning his head to scope out the surrounding behind him, making sure that no-one was in ear shot of what he was about to say. Satisfying himself that the coast was clear, Chris leaned over, then began softly whispering, "You and I both know what my mom does, so that's no big secret. You see, sometimes, when some of her tricks get done fucking her, they approach me. Mostly, they'll give me a few dollars to suck my dick, and that's it. Some of the guys give me some money just so they can eat my ass. It pretty much varies, depending on the guy, but most of them want to drink my sperm. I've been offered some money for them to fuck my ass too, but I've never done it. So, now you know!"

Though Stan's ears captured every single word, his cock certainly didn't miss out on any of the words either. In more of an excited state than ever, Stan spoke up, "Just so I heard you right, but you got grown men offering you money to suck your dick and eat your ass?"

Smiling from ear to ear, Chris fired right back, "Yep, that's right! My mom sure as hell don't save any money. Every penny she makes goes towards drugs. Now it doesn't happen all the time, but I aint got no problem with some dude sucking my dick or eating my asshole. Besides, what guy doesn't like a blow-job? I know I sure as shit do! Whew, and the way some of their tongues swab out my asshole, man oh man alive, well, it feels fucking awesome!"

If Stan's cock wasn't throbbing before, it certainly was now. Now, it was his turn to fidget in the chair. Being more inquisitive, Stan asked, "Chris, have you ever sucked a cock?"

Once again, not pausing to have to gather his thoughts, Chris tossed back, "Hell yeah! One of my mom's regulars pays me pretty good to suck his pecker. So far, he's the only one, but I've sucked him off plenty of times. He even says I suck his dick better than my mom. He's the one who constantly begs me to give him my ass, but so far, I haven't caved in. Fuck, I know that having a man's pecker go up my ass will be awfully painful, so that's why I haven't done it yet. I aint looking forward to the pain, if you know what I mean!"

Stan sat there, unconsciously stroking away at his rock hard cock, while intently staring at the beauty seated across from him. He now knew that the boy had had a hard life, no thanks to his crack whore of a mother. Seeking more information, Stan asked, "I see, I see. Well, if these guys pay you to let them suck your dick, then you must be able to produce cum, is that right?"

Shaking his head up and down, smiling ever so gleefully, Chris softly replied, "Yeah dude, I am 14 you know! I've been told by many of the guys who suck me off that I give them the biggest load they've ever had. I don't know if that's true or not, but I do know that when I cum, I cum a lot, and I mean a lot!

Stan sat there, lost in the divine words Chris had just spoken, his tastes buds roaming with a fantasy like flavor of sipping on the boy's teen nectar. Nearly a minute past by, when Chris, being the street savvy kid he was, spoke, "Look Officer Marshall, I'm no dummy okay! Back there at the grocery store, you and I both know that you really didn't have to give me a strip search. I didn't have a problem with that at all, but, I felt the way you felt my balls, and that sir, wasn't no inspection related to a strip search. One other thing I noticed was that when you were "inspecting" my butt, I could feel your breath shooting out of your nose. I know, and you know, you were smelling my asshole. Now, isn't that right, Officer?"

Stan knew he had been busted dead to right, and all he could do was sit there, in a total mortified state of being. Chris continued, "Honestly, it really aint no big deal. I guess you can say I was a bit flattered knowing you were smelling my ass. Did it smell to your liking? (Once again, a brief pause) Oh well, it must have! You talked the manager into dropping the shoplifting charge. And Officer Marshall, one other thing I just got to mention. Back there at the grocery store, in the office, you know, with me being naked and all, I'd have to be totally fucking blind not to have seen your hard cock. So, I know for a fact, or at least I feel I do, that me being naked turned you on big time. Now, isn't that true?"

Every hair on Stan's hulking body was standing at attention. Every single word the boy had just spoken was absolutely true. Here he was, an officer of the law, being confronted with the cold hard facts, and there wasn't anything he could do about it. It was all true, every single word, truer than life itself.

Chris slid over into the chair to Stan's immediate right, dipping his left hand under the table, latching onto Stan's throbbing erection, then smiled as he softly whispered, "Feeling this, I know I'm right, and besides, what if I told you I wanted it just as bad as you do. Would that make a difference?"

Stan let an audible groan evade his quivering lips as the boy's hand gently squeezed and worked their little fingers up and down his lengthy fat shaft. Chris whispered, "Ummmmmmmmmm, this sure does feel like a big one!"

With his hormones raging at a fiery height, Stan whispered, "Yessssssssss, I wanted you when I first laid eyes on yooooooooouuuuuuuuu!"

The boy's hand on Stan's cock squeezed as it traveled the full length, slowly working up and down, sending his shaking body into a mild seizure like state. Chris released Stan's cock, only to latch onto Stan's right hand, and guided it under the table, placing the cop's hand upon his own throbbing boy hood erection.

Chris whispered, "See, I told you I want it!"

Stan had to admit to himself that the boy's cock felt awesomely great. When Chris forced his teen meat to throb, Stan felt it, and a louder groan blasted out of his mouth. Stan groped the boy's teen pole, relishing in the steel like hardness, and his mind began spinning way out of control with his every pounding heartbeat. While Stan was lost feeling up the boy's cock, their conversation went to a location where they could be more comfortable. Stan had called his supervisor on his portable radio, pleading an illness in order to be dismissed from duty. Once his supervisor told him to go on home, it had already been decided that they would stop off at Chris's trailer so Chris could grab his overnight bag. Since Stan was off duty the next day, it was Chris who asked to be able to spend the night. Naturally, Stan didn't have any problems with the gorgeous 14 year old sleeping in his bed.

Stan pulled up in front of Chris's trashy trailer, remaining in the cruiser while Chris went inside to get his bag. Chris was only gone for a few seconds, then quickly hopped back inside the cruiser. While Stan was busy driving, and watching the road, Chris was busy with his left hand groping Stan's aching erection.

With his left hand torturously caressing the cop's cock, Chris angelically, and ever so sexy, whispered, "You know something officer, I can tell that you got a really big dick. The man who I suck off on a regular basis has got about 6 inches, and it's not all that thick, but yours, yours feels like a fucking monster!"

Stan shot back, "I've never had any complaints before, or at least, that I'm aware of."

Chris replied, "I bet not! You just don't go and get the notion you're gonna put that big thing up my ass! Whew, it sure does feel like a fucking whopper!"

Stan had already reached over with his right hand and began stroking Chris's teen erection through his pants. Taking a quick glance over at Chris, Stan remarked, "You know Chris, you are incredibly gorgeous, and I mean that with all my heart. I mean, everything about you is just so fucking perfect. This, to me, is more like some unimaginable fantasy come true!"

Chris shot back, "Thanks, but this is real. I'm real, and when I suck that big dick of yours, you'll know it's real! Just do me a favor though. When we get to your place, I'll need some me time in the bathroom, then we can get to having some fun."

Stan wanted to cut on the lights and siren just to get to his apartment that much faster, but he knew they only had about another five minutes before they would arrive. In short, they had arrived at Stan's apartment, and Stan gave Chris the brief grand tour. It was only a one bedroom apartment, however, in the eyes of Chris, it was a palace. Seeing Stan's queen sized bed sent Chris's mind back to the prison style mattress he claimed as his own bed. To the boy who has nothing, Stan's apartment offered him a lifestyle Chris could only classify as the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

As promised, Stan left Chris alone in the bathroom to do whatever he needed to do, honoring the boy's me time. While Chris was in the bathroom, Stan went and got them some soft drinks and put them on the night stands on either side of the bed. His cock was still achingly hard, and all Stan could think about was seeing Chris naked, tasting his ever loving teen cream, and dining on that sweet aromatic asshole. Stan undressed, slipping on a baggy set of gym shorts while awaiting his turn in the bathroom. He was anxious and nervous, all rolled up into one considerably mixed emotion. Nobody had to tell him just how illegal this all was. Though his thoughts raced with mixed emotions, Stan's clearest thought came from his massive erection.

Almost an hour had passed when Chris finally emerged from the bathroom. Stan moaned as Chris stood at the base of the bed wearing nothing but a skimpy, damn near see through, sheer white bikini style thong. The boy's cock pushed out onto the material, leaving an everlasting perfect picture deeply implanted in Stan's bewildered brain. Then, if the sight couldn't get any better, Chris elegantly walked past Stan, offering his full backside for Stan's viewing pleasure. The little thin material disappeared in the creamy valley of the boy's cock stirring ass, sending waves of erotic electricity exploding severely throughout Stan's massive hulk like body.

Stan fumbled with the words, "Holy fuck Chris, you look goooooooooooood!"

Chris flopped onto the bed, using the huge headboard to support his back, smiling that award winning smile, then fired back, "Good enough to eat?"

Stan was so stunned by the spectacular view that when he turned around, he smacked himself up against the bathroom door's jam, then stumbled inside the bathroom to clean himself up. It was all he could do to not jack off while he lathered himself up. To say the least, Stan knew that if the boy so much as touched his cock, he would literally explode.

While Stan was in the bathroom, Chris lay in bed and studied his own near naked body. His rock hard cock lay throbbing to the left of his pubic hair, held securely to his skin by the tight thin fabric. His balls appeared to be bloated as they puffed up the thin material of his thong underwear. If he had to say so himself, he did look good enough to eat.

As Chris lay there, his mind recanted some of the little white lies he had told Stan. Yes, some of his mom's tricks did offer him money for sexual favors, but never did he take any of them up on it, well, except one of them. This one man in particular did suck him off and he did eat his ass, but Chris wasn't a willing recipient. The man made Chris sit there while he sucked him off, then the man flipped him over and began lapping at his asshole. When it was all over, the man left without saying a word. To Chris, the men who catered to his whoring, crack addicted mother was they themselves nothing but pure garbage.

The only cock Chris had ever sucked belonged to the 17 year old bully who lives in the same trashy trailer park. Chris was kind of one of the lucky ones so to speak. The bully, named Don, made all the younger guys suck his dick, and many of them had to endure being fucked by the bully's 7 thick inches of pile driving teen beef. Somehow, Chris managed to persuade Don not to fuck him. To prevent Don from forcing him to be fucked, Chris excepted the task of milking the older boy's cock whenever Don needed his cock sucked. After the first couple of times at sucking Don's cock, Chris honestly didn't seem to mind. In fact, he soon discovered he enjoyed sucking Don's cock and swallowing his slightly salty cum.

Now that his little lies are out on the table, with the truth being fully known, Chris knew all about Officer Stan Marshall. The first time Chris laid eyes on the hulking cop, he knew he wanted him. Many a nights, Chris lay in his make shift bed, and jacked his cock while fantasizing about the muscle bound cop until his huge creamy load rocketed out of his teen pole in a sperm shooting frenzy.

When Chris was back at the grocery store, once again with the truth being told, his heart pounded triumphantly when he saw the object of his many fantasies come walking into the office. It was all he could do to not stare at the hulking cop's extremely beefy bulge. Sure, he knew when he felt the cop's breath beading down on his asshole, that his asshole was being smelled. He knew, and was a bit thankful, that it didn't smell due to the simple fact that he had given himself an enema an hour earlier. If it wasn't for Don, the bully, telling him that tonight was the night he was going to pop his cherry, chances are, Chris would have never gave himself the enema.

It was Don who had given him a six pack of Fleet enemas earlier, then basically said, "Tonight little one, I'm not waiting no more. Tonight, I'm gonna fuck that hot little ass of yours big time! You just make sure you give yourself an enema before it happens so I don't get no shit on my dick. I don't like it when a fine ass like yours coats my cock with shit. Clean that ass of yours out real good, cause tonight, I'm gonna wear your ass out!"

Chris, and the rest of the younger boys, were all afraid of Don. The guy towered over them, standing a good 6'2", and weighing around a sloppy 230 pounds. Don wasn't the most hygiene conscious either, and Chris could easily tell this every time he had to suck the older teen's cock. The smell borderline being rancid. The foul fecal scent always greeted Chris's nostrils every time he had to suck Don off, not to mention, the lack of bathing as well. Though Chris, nor the other boys, care to much for Don's foul smelling body odor, they dare not refuse anything the big bully demanded.

The other factor that had been dwelling within his mind was the 12 year old boy who lived in the trailer next to him. The boy had been prostituting his ass out for over a year now and had been telling Chris all the joys of having a cock pounding his ass silly. Several times, the boy tried to talk Chris into selling his ass, but even though Chris did consider it, he never had the balls to actually go through with it. However, hearing the 12 year old boy bragging of all the pleasures he derived from having a cock, a man's cock, pound away at his butt, sure did make Chris want to feel it first hand.

Chris's heart began royally pounding as he heard the shower shut off. He knew it would only be a few more moments, then his dreamy fantasy would be a life shattering reality. He wanted to tell Stan the truth, that he had the hots for him, but for some odd reason, his lies sounded a whole lot better. With that being said, Chris gasped when he saw the bathroom door open, and there, standing before him was, in his mind, a naked God!

Inhaling deeply, Chris's watery eyes ravished freely about Stan's hulking body. The man's heavily muscled chest profoundly was out on full display. Little dark hairs spread themselves out evenly all along Stan's chest and 12 pack muscled stomach. Not only was his dream bulging with huge muscles, Chris truly loved all the hair lightly covering the front portion of the man's chiseled physique.

Then, Chris's eyes drifted onto the one very large object that was jutting ever so defiantly from the man's body. Chris was now looking directly at Stan's erect manhood. And what a manhood it truly was! With Chris just guessing, he figured Stan's cock had to be at least close to the nine inch range. Not only was it long, but it was as thick as a good sized cucumber as well. The flared mushroom head was even thicker than the already beefy shaft. The man's cock stuck out from his body with just a touch of a downwards arch somewhere close to the middle of the shaft. To Chris, he had never laid eyes on such a masterpiece.

Chris's eyes darted onto Stan's cleanly shaven low hangers. In Chris's mind, even Stan's super sized balls appeared enormous. Everything about this man, his long time dream lover, was absolutely freaking huge. In his fantasies, Chris always dreamed of Stan ramming his cock in and out of his butt with all of his glorified power. Now, here he was, almost naked, and his dream lover was standing at the foot of the bed in all of his naked splendor. Still, even after seeing first hand Stan's super sized thick cock, all Chris could think about was how it would feel pounding his ass into a subservient submission.

Stan stood by the foot of the bed, mouth slightly open, breathing in the beauty who now lay in his bed. Even now, with 14 year old Chris, who was more than a willing participant, Stan still realized that his upcoming actions were without a doubt, highly illegal. Knowing this, his throbbing hard cock overruled any further objections his mind just might be telling him. Right now, all Stan could think of was making this night the most incredible, intense, pleasing night of young Chris's life.

Stan eased his hulking body onto the bed, crawling on his knees in between Chris's already spread silky smooth legs. Chris had his hands safely tucked behind his head, both eyes daring not to look away as the powerful man began inching between his legs. Chris felt Stan's fiery breath spray onto his crotch as the man's lips took a strong hold of his cloth covered erection. The searing heat swarmed all over Chris's teenage boy cock as Stan's moist lips traveled the distance, up and down, increasing his suctioning pressure with each tender loving pass.

Chris's angelic soft voice rang out a harmony of sounds,"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwddddddddddd, yeeeessssssssssss!"

The hulking cop sucked the boy's cock through his underwear, groaning and growling like a starving bear protecting its fresh kill. Then his mouth opened a bit wider, sucking in both of the boy's overheated cream makers. Chris's young body bucked into the air as the scorching heat pelted his aching balls with a feverish, never before experienced, sensation. Stan loved the way the boy's balls felt inside his mouth, and in due time, he would actually taste them without the protection of the boy's skimpy little thong's.

Stan's saliva drenched the front half of the boy's thong's before his mouth, and slithering thick tongue, began making its long, slow, passionate journey up and down each of Chris's spread legs. Stan even took the time to passionately suck the boy's smallish feet, ensuring his tongue graced each of the boy's wildly curling little toes. To Stan, even Chris's feet tasted absolutely fucking delicious.

Chris was slinging his head from side to side, and now had his left forearm shoved inside his mouth to somewhat stifle his bellowing moans of pure utter pleasure. Chris could feel his super rock hard cock throb with every body busting heartbeat. The pleasures ripping through his bucking body were pleasures he had never known existed.

Stan used his exploring tongue to swab both of the boy's entire legs, before working it up to the boy's left ear. Chris cried out a loud, and rather long, moan as Stan's tongue slithered inside Chris's left ear, and began passionately licking away. Chris's right hand instinctively slammed onto his cock and began stroking it through the thin fabric. Stan saw this, and forced the boy's hand away from his cock. Stan rotated from Chris's left ear to the right ear, spending an equal amount of time on both. Chris constantly was hiking his hips into the air as the torturous pleasures exploded sharply within every portion of his now shaking young body.

Stan's mouth and slithering tongue began working on both sides of Chris's neck, offering tiny little nibbles here and there. Chris's body shook harder than ever, and each time he tried to touch his own cock, the muscle bound cop would grab his hand, and move it away.

Chris screamed, "Suck me, suck myyyyyyyyyyy cooooooooocccccccckkkkkkkkk!"

He heard the boy's delightful cry, but Stan wanted to make this night ever so special for the young boy. Chris's pleasures were far from being over, and Stan was going to make certain of it. Every part of the boy's body he had tasted, tasted better than his own dreams could ever have dreamed about. He was nothing short of being awesomely perfect!

Once Stan licked, swabbed, nibbled, and sucked all over Chris's neck, he grabbed onto each of the boy's wrists, placing both extending over the boy's angelic face, then began taking turns dining on each of the boy's scarcely haired armpits. Initially, when Stan's tongue began lapping on his armpit, Chris kind of giggled from the ticklish sensation, but when the cop sank his teeth directly into the pit, a new powerful sensation set his body into a mild seizure like convulsion. Even now, while Chris was enduring all the pleasures he never knew existed, he truly loved the way Stan was man handling him. Chris wanted to be man handled by Stan, and only Stan.

After Stan took his sweet time making oral love to both of Chris's sweeter than sweet armpits, Stan went to work swabbing all over the boy's face using just his tongue. Stan's tongue slid over each eyebrow, making sure that his tongue strayed to each of the boy's closed eyes, then began licking and sucking on Chris's small button nose. Chris's loud audible moans was evident of the pleasures coursing through him, and the boy's soft angelic moans added more fuel to his already soaring inner fire.

Stan still had his giant hands holding down the boy's wrists as his lips sealed themselves over the boy's cherry colored lips. Pushing forward, Stan eased his tongue inside the boy's saliva drenched mouth and began lapping at the minty fresh delicious nectar. For Chris, this was the first time he had ever been kissed this way, but he soon picked up on everything, and now had his tongue slithering around inside Stan's mouth. Even with a man sized tongue trying its best to travel down his throat, Chris's body jerked off the bed rapidly, as if he were trying to fuck nothing but air. His legs slid up and down the bedding, arching his body upwards, using both heels to force his pleasure riddled body higher and higher.

Somewhere during their long passionate kissing, Stan released the boy's wrists, but had to constantly thwart Chris's efforts to jack on his own teen organ. Eventually, Stan forced his mouth from Chris's, only to replace his craving mouth over Chris's erect pink right nipple. Chris immediately cried out as Stan tenderly bit down while flickering his snake like tongue on the very tip. Still, Stan constantly had to grab Chris's hand, preventing the young boy from touching his throbbing teen boner.

Several long nipple biting minutes passed when Stan stood up on his knees to look down at Chris and simply admire the young beauty. Chris was panting heavily and his entrancing eyes were somewhat hazed over, and partially closed.

Seeing the priceless beauty, Stan asked, "Chris, do you trust me?"

In between his crisp panting, Chris replied, "Yeah, yes, yes I trust you, with my life!"

Hearing his response, Stan slid off of the bed, and began fumbling through his closet. Upon returning back to the bed, Stan reached out with his left hand and latched onto Chris's right wrist, placing one end of a handcuff around it, then attached the other end to the narrow base of the headboard post. Then, Stan proceeded to handcuff Chris's left wrist in the same manner. Now, Chris was all sprawled out with both arms stretching themselves at an angle away from his heavy breathing body. Now, he could concentrate on pleasing the boy without Chris attempting to stroke his own boy boner.

Stan got back on the bed, in between Chris's spread legs, squatting on both of his knees. His large hands trembled as they grasped onto Chris's thong's and began yanking them all the way from Chris's body. Once the thong's had been removed, and discarded, Stan sat on his knees in total awe of such awesome beauty. Chris's perfect boy boner sprang out of the thinly clothed restraints, powerfully exploding itself upwards, pushing itself a good four solid inches up from Chris's rippling lower stomach muscles.

Chris's mouth watering hairless balls rested peacefully on top of the bed's bedding, offering its own splendid perfect view. While Stan's eyes were feasting on the now naked boy, his hands reached out and began to gingerly caress Chris's satiny smooth thighs, moaning gleefully the entire time. The electrifying sensations his roaming hands were being fed stemming from the boy's awesomely smooth flesh sent goose bumps popping up all over Stan's massive body.

Chris was in heaven, having his wrists handcuffed to the bed's posts, and his long time dream lover pleasing him in so many breath taking ways. To Chris, this was far better than any of his fantasies. This was the very moment he had longed for. To be in the arms of Officer Stan Marshall, on the very edge of fulfilling every single one of his cum spewing fantasies. For Chris, with his arms restrained, and the vision of seeing the naked hulk like police officer glaring profoundly within his twitching watery eyes, was nothing less than sheer perfection in the making.

Seeing a bead of clear pre-cum ooze out of Chris's abnormally tiny piss slit sent shock waves throughout Stan's body. As if caught in the rays of some form of a commercial magnet, Stan's face inched itself lower and lower to the point that his tongue was able to lash out and retrieve the clear glob, instantly being consumed by the mere taste of such delicacy.

While Stan was absorbed in the refreshing taste of Chris's delicious pre-cum, Chris was humping his body up and down as Stan's fiery hot breath pelted his aching cock as if caught in a machine gun fire. With each arching of his slender hips, Chris moaned louder and louder, relishing in the scorching sensation of feeling his bloated balls glide up and down Stan's chin and lips.

Seeing, and feeling, Chris's balls roll across his face was more than Stan could handle, and just as Chris lowered his body, Stan's mouth opened and quickly consumed both satiny smooth, hairless, cum makers in one split second motion. Chris's legs immediately began sliding up and down the bedding while his hips jutted themselves steadily off of the bed. Stan's mouth felt more like an oven with the temperature being somewhere over the scorching hot setting.

Chris screamed, "Shhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt Staaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn! This, Thiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssss feeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllssssssssss soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooddddddddd!"

Stan knew it would feel good, but more on a personal note, Chris's balls tasted absolutely delicious, and not only was the taste overwhelming, but the boy's natural aromatic fragrance was adding in its own magical charm as well. With Chris's balls safely tucked away inside his mouth, Stan began using his tongue to swarm the tender nuggets with a fiery hot animal like passion.

The cop sucked, licked, and toyed with the boy's balls for quite some time before allowing them to fall free from his oral loving trap. Just as soon as Chris's balls slid out of his mouth, Stan stretched his tongue and began licking and nibbling ferociously all about Chris's pubic region, moaning loudly as to the tender feeling of his tongue swimming about the tiny scattering of soft pubic hairs.

Never in his dreams could Chris ever have imagined these types of pleasures shooting throughout every part of his convulsing body. He felt Stan's sharp teeth sink gingerly into the flesh of his pubic area while the man's tongue lapped at his flesh with lightning speed.

Eventually, Stan's tongue began swirling all around the base of Chris's teen boy pole. If Chris's young body wasn't bucking before, it certainly was now due to the man's slithering tongue caressing along the base of his throbbing organ. Chris's cock began twitching and jerking with his rapid heartbeat, dancing in unison to the man's gracious tongue as it slowly made its way up the very tip of his pulsing cock.

When Stan's mouth finally reached the perfectly shaped mushroom cock head, his mouth opened, and he easily swallowed the boy's five inches of rock hard teen meat all the way to the hilt. Stan grunted and groaned, relishing in the rich satiny smooth texture of Chris's appetizing cock.

Once again, the sweet natural aroma spewing from the boy's raging hormonal body crashed sharply into Stan's heavy expanding lungs as his mouth slowly slid up and down on the most prominent teen pole any mouth could ever possibly grace. As his mouth slid up and down Chris's teenage pride and joy, Chris was humping his body up and down, fucking his erect cock in and out of Stan's mouth in a perfectly timed synchronization.

Stan had only been sucking Chris's cock for close to a minute when Chris began humping his cock faster and faster, then screamed out, "Ahhhhhhhhhh, I'm, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhh shhhhhiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt, I'm clooooooooooooossssssssse!"

Hearing the boy's ranting, and wanting very much to prolong this heavenly chance, Stan backed his mouth off of Chris's cock. Stan stood up, supporting his weight on both knees, and just looked down at the most gorgeous human being he had ever laid eyes on. He watched as Chris's body shook violently as the boy's mouth twisted and made all sorts of precious facial expressions.

Sensing that Chris was beginning to ease down a bit, Stan softly whispered, "Chris, Chris, there's something I want to do with you. It's called edge play! Every time you feel like you are getting close, just let me know. I don't want you to cum just yet. Believe me, when you do cum, boy oh boy will you cum! I guarantee you that it will be the most intense orgasm you've ever had. What do you say? Are you willing to go along with it?"

Chris could barely manage to squeak out his response, but he fought against his own heavy breathing body to stutter, "I, I, I uh, oh fuck, fuck, um, yeah, yes, yes, I'm uh, ohhhhhhhh shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiittttttt yessssssssssss!"

To be honest, Chris had never heard of the term "edge play" before. He did know his balls already ached, and wanted to unleash his already heavy load, but he also wanted to do everything Stan wanted, including this. The guy who had sucked him off didn't do any of the things Stan was doing. He'd just suck his dick and swallow his cum. He did eat out his ass once, but that was only for a few seconds. After all, the guy was his mother's trick!

Seeing the boy's body calm down quite a bit, Stan couldn't resist sucking on Chris's teenage perfection some more. Not even two minutes had passed when Chris, true to his word, announced he was getting close. After a few short seconds, instead of sucking the boy's cock again, Stan decided to dine on Chris's tender balls some more, and so he did, moaning and grunting as to the way they felt inside his mouth, and to the way they offered their enchanting, and delightful, aroma.

Stan began taking turns, sucking on Chris's cock until the boy got close, then quickly orally attacked Chris's extremely tender, and seemingly, well bloated cum makers. After some time, Stan added the boy's perky little nipples into the rotation. By now, Chris literally had tears steam rolling there way from the corners of his watery eyes. Almost with every sharp breath, Chris was begging Stan to let him cum. But, Stan simply couldn't get enough of the boy's skin, cock, balls, nipples, and that aphrodisiac smell splashing ever so happily into his lungs with his every inhaling breath.

At some point during all of this, Chris cried, no, screamed, "Stan, Stan, let me, ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk, let me suck your biiiiiiiiggggggg cooooocccccckkkk pleeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeeee!"

Stan actually contemplated Chris's words. His own cock throbbed rather painfully, and his mind took him back the short distance in time recalling how Chris had told him that he wasn't about to feel his cock in his ass. Now, more than ever, Chris had to have this boy's virgin asshole.

Chris had just warned Stan, yet again, that he was getting close. Once again, Stan pulled his mouth off of the boy's teen pole. Now, Stan wanted to feel Chris's young mouth on his man meat, so he straddled the boy's body, aiming his steel like massive man meat directly at Chris's already wide open mouth, and guided the large cock head inside.

Immediately, Chris could taste the huge globs of Stan's gooey pre-cum. After the initial taste wore off, Chris began making soft chirping sounds as the slightly salt tasting pre-cum ravished his taste buds like never before. Stan by no means was trying to shove his entire thick cock into the boy's mouth, but did manage to get his entire overly thick bulbous cock head all the way inside. Stan slung his head backwards as the raging heat from Chris's mouth immediately swarmed the head of his thick cock. When Chris's tongue joined in on the fun, Stan began almost howling as the body shattering pleasure crashed through him like some wild form of a volcanic eruption.

Straddling the boy's body, looking down and into Chris's watery entrancing eyes, and seeing his cock head stuffed inside Chris's mouth, Stan knew then that he could spend all eternity with this humanly object of sheer heavenly utter perfection. Unlike what he was doing to Chris, edge play that is, Stan was grinding his teeth, making hissing sounds, doing whatever to fight back from blowing his load.

In less than three minutes of having his cock dipping into Chris's mouth, Stan's orgasm shot through his body like a bullet from a high powered rifle. All he could do was cry out as his piss slit split wide open, and long stringy jets of man spunk came shooting out by the gallons. Being no stranger at swallowing cum, Chris felt the first powerful jet as it struck the back of his throat, followed with a good 7 to 9 more ropey sperm strands. Unlike the bully's cum, Stan's manly cum tasted far better. It had just a slight trace of salt, definitely hot, tremendously gooey, and all in all, Chris actually loved it.

Stan's fingers grasped the top railing of the headboard as his cock spat out, what felt like, an endless supply of thick man juice. As his cock volcanically erupted his man seed into Chris's little mouth, Stan basked in the luxury of feeling the way his ass cheeks gripped sharply onto the boy's muscular rippling stomach. When the last of his thick man cream had departed his still rock hard cock, Stan grabbed the base and began squeezing, feeding the boy's mouth with several thick globs of his cream. Just Stan's and Chris's moans could be heard, along with the clanging of the handcuffs.

The head of Stan's cock became extra sensitive, so he reluctantly yanked it from the boy's cock milking mouth. Stan's head was still spinning from such a powerful orgasm as he fought against his own weakened strength to get his large body from being on top of the boy. Now, Stan was on Chris's left side and his mouth watered seeing the boy's cock as it twitched and jumped with the boy's every pounding heartbeat.

While Chris was inwardly loathing about having just swallowed Stan's extra huge thick man cum, Stan quickly sank his mouth back on Chris's cock, sending several loud groans spewing from Chris's quivering cherry colored lips. Stan hadn't been sucking Chris's cock for a minute before Chris warned Stan that he was getting close. As in the prior cases, Stan began taking turns sucking Chris's cock, gnawing on those cum bloated balls, and aggressively sucking and biting on Chris's tiny nipples.

In the midst of things, Stan did take a peak at the clock on his night stand. He was proud of himself, and even more so, proud at Chris for having been kept on the edge for well over two ball tightening hours, and still hanging in there, although, Chris was literally crying for Stan to let him cum. For the umpteenth time, Stan pulled his mouth off of Chris's cock just as the boy's orgasm neared. This time, due to Chris pulling his knees close to his own precious face, Stan grabbed Chris's legs in mid air, then pushed them over Chris's head, driving both knees crashing into the mattress, extending his knees well past the boy's head.

Now, Stan stole a heart warming second to eye Chris's now vulnerable virgin asshole. Being a butt man, Stan had eyed plenty of butt holes, but the one he was now fixated on, truly was the ultimate of all times. Not a single strand of peach fuzz littered the boy's crack. The crack was just the same creamy colored complexion as was so with the rest of Chris's perfect body. The asshole itself offered a view of uniqueness, being nothing more than a scrawny little dot, and nothing else. There wasn't even a hint of brownish tint whatsoever to be seen. Had Stan not actually known he was staring at Chris's asshole, he wouldn't have believed it to be what it truly was.

Stan shoved his sniffing nose right onto Chris's exposed butt hole, and began breathing in the purest fragrance known to mankind. In all honesty, there wasn't anything that could ever be closely related to being foul from the rich fresh scent firing off into Stan's lungs. The fragrance was so intoxicating, so powerful, that Stan's tongue went straight into auto pilot, and began feverishly licking at the tiny dot.

As soon as Stan's tongue struck his asshole, Chris involuntarily shouted, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk yessssssssssssssss! Eat, eat myyyyyyyyyy assssssssssssssssssss gooooooooooooooooooddddddddd Staaaaaaaaannnnnnn!"

Stan was totally consumed at dining on the most splendid, the most amazing, and the sweetest smelling asshole that could ever possibly grace this planet. His thick tongue smashed itself repeatedly up against Chris's poop chute entrance, doing everything possible to enter the virgin, uncharted, anal kingdom of the most gorgeous boy that had ever been created by the heavens above.

Chris steadily moaned, whimpered, and grunted as the thick tongue pressed harder and harder against his asshole. His own cock was just inches away from his moaning mouth, and a bead of pre-cum began oozing out. Chris stared at the bubble of clear fluid as it appeared that it would fall at any second. Holding his mouth open, the pearl drop of pre-cum dribbled into his mouth. Tasting his own liquid, Chris really began to do some moaning as the tongue churning away at his asshole kept its vigil attack, offering no mercy whatsoever.

Using his large thumbs, Stan pried Chris's butt cheeks wider apart, allowing his tongue to dart inside the tightest chamber he had ever dwelled in. Chris felt Stan's tongue invade his ass, sending a sharp fiery spider webbing painful sensation throughout every part of his body. It burned like hell, but it also felt good. This mixture of sensations burned heavily into Chris's mind as the tongue pushed deeper and deeper up his bowel system.

From sheer determination, and some patience, Stan managed to have worked his entire tongue up the boy's rectum. The scorching heat and the python like anal muscles greeted his anal diving tongue with an awesome resiliency. Stan plowed his tongue as far as it could go up Chris's heavenly butt, twisting and turning, ensuring himself to grace the boy's inner anal walls.

To Chris, the burning sensation was still there, but feeling Stan's tongue go where nobody had ever gone before, excited him beyond his own belief. Within a few heart pounding seconds, the man's thick tongue actually began to send a chorus of pleasure waves rescinding throughout every single pore of his violently shaking body.

A few minutes of eating Chris's ass to humanly perfection, and without any hand on the boy's cock, Chris warned Stan that he was getting close. Now, Stan began taking turns sucking on Chris's cock, those beloved swollen cum makers, those perky little nipples, long tongue swapping kisses, Chris's ears, his neck, and now, now his ever so magical ass.

Through all of this, Chris still remained handcuffed to the bed's posts. His swollen balls hurt something awful, and his only thought was to hurry up and bust a well needed nut. Though he continuously plead with Stan to allow him to cum, Stan still wouldn't allow that to happen. As for Stan, he was self pleased knowing that he had now set a personal best record for keeping someone on the very edge. Glancing at the clock again, his eyes gleamed with the knowledge that he had kept Chris on the very edge for over four long hours, and he still had some things he wanted to do before allowing Chris to blow his built up mother load.

Stan was a bit amazed to know that Chris could actually achieve an orgasm just by him dining on his ass. After the third of fourth ass eating session with Chris crying out he was getting close, Stan decided to try something else. Sliding off the bed, Stan retrieved two sets of ankle irons. Chris's eyes were so watery, he barely could see the hulking man do anything. But, Chris soon found both of his ankles now securely fastened to the corners of the bed's posts.

With the boy's legs now extended beyond his ears, and both ankles secured, Stan sat on his knees, glaring intently at the boy's saliva glistening dot of a butt hole, stroking his enormous erection, then whispered, "You are so fucking beautiful! Oh man, man, man, I could eat every part of you for the rest of my mother fucking life! Damn Chris, I just can't get enough of you!"

Chris blurted out, "Pleeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssseeeeee let meeeeeeeeeeee cuuuuuuuuummmmmm! Myyyyyyyyyy balllllllllsssssss huuuuuuurrrrrrrrrttttttttt, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeee!"

Stan actually, in all honesty, felt his pain. Stan replied, "Four more times then you can cum, okay?"

Chris was slapping his head up and down, and from side to side as Stan slammed his mouth back on Chris's throbbing teen boner. When Chris cried out he was close, Stan moved onto the boy's bluish colored swollen balls. After a short while dining on Chris's nuggets, Stan went back to work on the boy's cock. When Chris got close, Stan eagerly went back to work tongue fucking Chris's unbelievably super tight ass. Nearly ten solid minutes of ass eating had progressed when Chris began sharply crying out he was close. Stan retrieved his tongue and immediately shot his tongue inside Chris's saliva drenched mouth.

They kissed for about five minutes when Stan himself couldn't hold back any longer. His mouth easily engulfed Chris's perfect five inches of boy pride. Working his mouth up and down, Stan eased his right middle finger up to his mouth and allowed a wad of spit to fall on it. With the boy's throbbing cock inside his mouth, Stan slid his finger right up against Chris's asshole, waiting patiently for the synchronized split second timing, knowing all too well of the inevitable result.

Thirty or so seconds of increasing his cock milking pressure was all it took for Chris to scream, "Ohhhhh shiiiiiiiittttttt, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk!"

Stan felt the boy's cock expand and prepared himself for the load of a lifetime while concentrating on that one split second, and there..............

Chris screamed, "Owwwwwwwwwwwwww, aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh shit, oh shit, fuck, fuck, here it, here it, ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk!"

Timing Chris's orgasm perfectly, and just as the boy nectar was beginning its short journey from his cock, Stan stuck his saliva coated right middle finger all the way up the boy's virgin ass. Even Stan was taken slightly aback at the velocity of the sperm waves exploding inside his mouth. Thick heavy globs, one right after the other, flew like guided missiles into Stan's awaiting mouth. At best guess, Stan figured there must have been at least 12 to 15 powerful sperm jets spraying the insides of his mouth.

As Chris's body shattering orgasm exploded, his mind seemed to have retreated from his body. The finger crawling in and out of his butt did hurt, but it constantly kept on striking something inside that sent the ultimate waves of mind boggling pleasures he had never known existed. Stan was in heaven having his mouth being flooded with boy nectar while his ass probing finger was literally being crushed from the force of the boy's convulsing anal muscles.

Normally, Stan preferred to wait to swallow boy cream, but he had made Chris hold out too long, and now his mouth was being overrun with boy juice. To make room for what seemed would be a lot more, Stan went ahead and tasted Chris's most precious seed for the first time. Stan's bear like growls was proof of his liking for the boy's cream. The thick sperm only offered a mild salt taste, but other than that, it was virtually tasteless. Just knowing it was Chris's boy spunk made it taste that much better as well.

Chris was now being tormented from the most powerful, most intense, orgasm he had ever experienced, more so, experiencing. Although his hands and feet were retrained, that certainly didn't stop his body from enduring a lengthy seizure like convulsion. Just when he thought the last bit of cum was vacuumed out of his cock, another mind blistering orgasm rocked his already dazed world.

Stan was still basking in tasting Chris's thick boy goo when the second sperm wave struck, sending six to eight ropey sperm strands sharply shooting inside his mouth. This time, Stan contained the thick globs of boy cream while finger fucking the boy's extra tight ass like a runaway pile driver. Chris tried to say the word "shit," but it sounded more like one long shushing sound.

The boy's balled up body shook with a violent rage as the second orgasm tore through his body like lightning bolts. Once again, the finger hammering away inside his ass kept on hitting some type of cum valve, forcing his deflating cock to spew more of his cream. It was all Stan could do to not start swallowing the precious nectar of life. Keeping his mouth locked tightly on the boy's erupting cock, Stan increased his vacuuming, milking, pressure harder than ever.

A few minutes later, Stan now had Chris's completely limp noodle wedged inside his cum drenched mouth. It was then, when the boy's cock grew limp, that Stan dare swallow the second load. As if sipping on the worlds finest of wines, Stan forced a small portion at a time down his throat, grunting and growling with each divine taste. His anal probing finger continued its anal assault, diving in, then darting nearly all the way out.

With his mouth still on the boy's flaccid noodle, Stan peered onto Chris's precious face. His eyes were closed with his mouth partially open, breathing heavier now than ever before. Chris's body still periodically shook violently, but was in the process of subsiding.

Stan, even after having swallowed every last drop of Chris's boy spunk, still could taste that wonderful goo swarming all around inside his mouth. The aftertaste tasted just as good as the initial taste, and it was something Stan never wanted to go away. He loved the way Chris's soft teen cock frolicked around inside his mouth, freely allowing his slithering tongue to control its every lifeless movement.

All of a sudden, Chris's body began to shake violently, and the boy cried out, "Aghhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt!"

Stan was caught way off guard for what happened next. In Chris's mind, yet another body quaking orgasm exploded inside him, forcing his piss slit to open and his boy goo to come firing out. He was screaming and cursing like crazy as he felt like his entire body was literally bursting.

On the other side of things, Stan was a bit shocked when the first hot liquid began gushing into his mouth. Within a split second of the oral assault, Stan realized that Chris was actually pissing into his mouth. Yes, he loved eating out assholes, be they boys or women, and yes, he loved to taste boys creamy cum, but piss, now this was all too strange even for Stan. Never in a million years had he ever contemplated drinking piss, no matter who it came from. Now, here he was, buck naked with a 14 year old boy who he just sucked two delicious loads of cum from, and who was now pissing away while actually under the apprehension that he was having another orgasm.

Feeling his mouth filling up, Stan, in somewhat of a confused state himself, opened his throat and allowed a large portion to pour down his throat. Initially, that is initially, Stan almost felt like he was going to gag, but quickly realized that the hot fluid didn't really taste all that bad. In fact, other than a slight hint of salt, it was just hot, and that's it, nothing else.

Stan's anal pounding finger resumed its power thrusts while he now moaned in delight of being in the process of swallowing the vast quantity of Chris's piss. Chris still was under the impression that another highly intensified orgasm was ripping through him. He was totally unaware that his soft cock wasn't propelling cum at all. In his mind, the liquid gushing out of his cock was pure boy spunk.

It almost felt like Chris's bladder had no bottom, and the more Stan swallowed, the more piss came flying out. His first attempt at drinking piss, and Stan was absolutely hooked, especially being that it was Chris's hot bladder juice. Stan swallowed and swallowed, and eventually, there was nothing else left but some piss trickle. So, Stan hungrily sucked the last tasty remnants from Chris's soft teen noodle, groaning loudly at his most recent triumph.

With no more pee to milk out, Stan finally let Chris's soft cock plop out of his mouth. Stan's stomach sort of felt bloated from all the delicious cum and boiling hot piss, but if he had things his way, he'd simply force his stomach to explode, cause he truly wanted more of Chris and his appetizing offerings.

Standing on his knees, overlooking the most gorgeous boy in the world, Stan saw Chris's lips move, and then there was a faint mumbling of words, but none of which could be distinguished. Stan questioned, "What's that gorgeous? What did you say?"

Chris was still somewhere in the middle of the crossroads being in reality and fantasy. Even his own thoughts made no sense to him. His body ached from having been balled up for such an extended period of time, and the harder he tried to spit the words out, the more garbled they sounded.

Slinging his little head from side to side, and with his eyes being partially open, and still somewhat watery, Chris mumbled, "In me. In meeeeeeeeeeee!"

Stan thought that's what he had heard, and being more inquisitive now than ever, he asked, "Chris, do you want me to put it in you? Is that what you are trying to tell me? Speak up a bit, I can't hear you."

In an almost angelic angry voice, Chris screamed, "Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeee Staaaaaaannnnnnn!"

Now, being somewhat of the concerning adult, Stan questioned, "Are you sure Chris? You do realize that it's probably going to hurt, don't you?"

Once again, in more of an excited, eager type of voice, Chris pushed his head upwards, then yelled, "Yes, yessssssssss, fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeee noooooowwwwwwwww pleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee!"

Stan was so excited after hearing what Chris had just said that he literally jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom to grab his bottle of lubrication. Grabbing a towel on the way out, Stan quickly jumped back onto the bed, inching his muscular body within striking distance, then poured the slippery lubrication all over his thick man beast. While he was smearing the stuff all over his cock with his right hand, Stan thought about all the many times he wanted to shove his cock up some woman's asshole, but once they saw the size of his cock, all but one declined. Even that one woman who allowed him to put it in her ass, made him pull it out before he could even get half of it in. Two of the boys he had fooled around with did allow him to fuck them, and boy oh boy did he love every ass pounding second of it.

With his erect cock shining from the lubrication, Stan was lining it up to the boy's virgin asshole. He began pressing his cock onto Chris's glistening tiny speck of a bung hole when he finally, and suddenly, realized that he had failed to prep the boy's ass. Frustrated somewhat, Stan pulled his cock away and sat back on his knees. The fingers of his right hand were already coated with the shiny liquid, so Stan slid his index finger ever so slowly up Chris's butt.

Chris immediately began cooing and moaning as the long finger dove deeply into his bowels. It burned, but in Chris's mind, it burned oh so good. Stan could feel the boy's coiling anal muscles as they converged on his finger, doing there best to vacuum the flesh off the bone. Then, he inserted his middle finger. When he added a second finger, Chris's body began bucking like crazy while the boy made a steady hissing sound.

Within a very short time, Stan witnessed Chris's body humping upwards, clasping tightly onto his thrusting ass drilling fingers. Then, he added a third finger to the equation. Chris felt the addition as his anal walls burned from being stretched, but once again, the man's fingers kept on hitting some magical button inside his ass that constantly sent waves of passionate pleasures firing off into his brain, forcing his hips to sling his butt upwards to greet the man's steady thrusts.

Seeing that over a short period of time that Chris was loving every second of his 3 finger anal assault, Stan decided it was time to add the real deal. He slid his fingers out of Chris's scorching hot anal oven, giving his cock a once over with some more lubrication, then inched himself so that his jutting large cock head was now presenting itself to the boy's tiny poop chute entrance.

Once Stan's fingers departed his ass, Chris felt an instant void, but that would soon be filled, and really filled! Now, Chris could feel the monstrous cock head as it began increasing its pressure on his asshole. Even though he could feel it, Chris actually entertained the thought that there was just no way humanly possible something that fucking big could ever fit into his tiny asshole. So, not really being able to do anything about it, he lay there, restrained, and all balled up waiting for whatever next was going to happen.

Stan's meaty cock head kept on sliding up and down the boy's crack, never once even getting close to making an appearance inside the boy's anal kingdom. However, Stan was persistent, and bound and determined, to have his thick man meat grace the gorgeous boy's virgin anal highway.

Chris blurted out, "I don't uh, don't think its uh, gonna fiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt...............ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk!"

Just as Chris was in the process of spitting out the word "fit," Stan pushed his cock head through the tightly sealed anal entrance. Chris immediately felt pain like never before. Not only did it feel like a freaking tree trunk was being shoved up his ass, but the painful fucker was on fire too. Chris's hands immediately latched onto the chain attaching the handcuff to his wrist to the handcuff attached to the post. His teeth closed tightly down, and a steady hissing sound skipped through his amazingly white teeth.

Stan could feel some pain as well. The boy's anal muscles instantly attacked his the head of his cock with a gut wrenching, bone crushing, vengeance. Stan flung his head back while doing his utmost best to endure the powerful crushing pressure clamping down on the head of his man meat.

Chris screamed, "Gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddddddd it fucking huuuuuurrrrrrrrtttttssssssssss baaaaaaaaadddddddd!"

Stan saw the tears as they began dripping from the corners of both of Chris's eyes. He could also see the pain written across Chris's gorgeous face. Stan whispered, "Do you, oh shit, um, do you want me to uh, pull it, oh fuck you're tight, pull it out?"

Stan's voice seemed to be traveling from a far away place, and though the pain shooting through his body was like nothing he had ever experienced before, Chris wanted this to happen more than ever. Whispering through his clenched teeth, Chris hissed, "No, no, ahhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwwww, fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkk iiiiiitttttt huuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttsssssssss Staaaaaaaaannnnnnnn!"

Though Stan did his best to keep his pain riddled cock head in place, the pressure itself became too much to bare, so Stan pushed in a little harder until the entire large bulbous cock head completely entered the boy's anal ring of flesh crushing destruction. Both man and boy cried out as the fat head lodged itself on the very inner edge of Chris's searing hot anal canal.

The pain scorching throughout his entire body was intense to say the least, and Chris fought hard within himself to keep from screaming out for Stan to pull that big fucking beast out of his ass. Never did he realize the pain of having a cock shoot up his ass before. Yes, the 12 year old prostitute boy did warn him of the initial pain, however, the boy did tell Chris that the pain would go away and nothing but pleasure would fill his every being. Right now, Chris didn't feel anything pleasurable at all, just pure raw death defying pain!

While Chris's body was shaking severely, Stan accidently leaned a bit forward. In doing so, he sank a thick two overly thick inches of shaft meat deep into the boy's rectum. Chris's little mouth formed a perfect circle as he truly felt his ass walls give way to the thick tool prying its way into his ass tunnel.

It took a long, long time, but eventually, Stan could now feel his beefy balls rest softly up against the boy's spread ass crack. He now had his entire throbbing cock up the boy's ass and it was buried to the absolute hilt. Chris, on the other hand, still was pretty much crying from all the torturous pain. His ass hurt too much and he wasn't aware that the cop's cock was now inside his ass as far as it could go. To Chris, it actually felt like Stan's enormous cock was pressing something inside his stomach, creating a weird sort of feeling he could never possibly explain. Yes, the pain was still intense, and Chris was hoping beyond all hopes that the promised pleasure would soon conquer the immense pain.

Stan held his meaty man meat up the boy's ass, grunting gloriously as to the way the boy's anal muscles seemed to be trying to vacuum his cock deeper and deeper into more uncharted territory. With each of Chris's panting breath, Stan moaned louder as to the way Chris's anal muscles clamped down on his cock, not to mention the fact that the scorching heat felt as though it was now cooking his cock ever so slowly.

It was Stan who made the first move. Though he tried to do his best and keep his cock perfectly still, the pressure and fiery heat got to him. The flesh of his cock seemed to be literally caught in a whirlwind of pressurized vacuuming, creating the most intense pleasurable discomfort. Keeping that in mind, Stan inched his massive man meat out of the boy's cock crushing anal trap just to the point he could visually see the crown of his cock head, then slowly pushed it all the way back in.

When Stan's beefy manhood began departing his ass, Chris felt as though some of his inside organs were following. Though the pain was still somewhat intense, the weird feeling he was getting as the cock slowly vacated his butt felt weird, bordering something like awkward. When the man's cock pushed itself back inside him, along the way, the defiantly thick shaft struck some sort of pleasure pleasing button, sending shock waves of soothing pleasure crashing into his wandering mind.

Stan steadied his slow humping pace for a few minutes, then gradually began increasing his cock jabbing, anal impaling, motion, passionately grunting the entire time as to the pleasures his cock was feeding his mind from having it inside the most gorgeous boy ever created.

A few heart pounding minutes later, Chris experienced one more sharp body twisting surge of electrifying pain, then, then something explicitly happened. The pain seemed to instantly evaporate from his entire body, being replaced with majestical waves of mind boggling pleasure. Now, the huge fuck pole working its way in and out of his ass actually began stimulating his inexperienced body in an unexplainable way.

Stan's perverse ears captured Chris's scream, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhiiiiiiiiittttttttt Staaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaarrrrrrrrdddddeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr!"

Stan placed both of his large hands directly behind Chris's head, clutching themselves around the back of the boy's neck, then began slamming his cock as hard as he could in and out of Chris's super tight, and scorching hot ass. While Stan was busy feeding the boy's ass his jack hammering cock, Chris couldn't help not to notice that his once flaccid boy stick was now rock hard, aiming itself directly over his open mouth. Even while the man was fucking him silly, Chris wished his cock would have been an inch longer, cause then he would have been able to suck his own cock while Stan tore up his no longer virgin ass.

Stan, still power slamming his rod as hard as he could in and out of the boy's butt, managed to speak, "Yeah baby, you like this don't you? Tell me, you fucking gorgeous creature you, tell me how you like it?"

Chris, between gasping for a breath, squeaked, "Ohhhhhhhhh Staaaaaaannnnnn, give it toooooooooooo meeeeeeeeee, fuck me, fuck me you bitch ass cop mother fucker! Yesssssss, yesssssss, fuck meeeeeeeee!"

Inwardly, Stan loved the boy's response. Seeing just how much Chris was now getting into it, truly was the ultimate experience. After hearing Chris's ear pleasing cries, Stan leaned down and slammed his meaty tongue inside Chris's mouth. Chris, feeling the man's tongue probe his mouth, replied by shooting his own slithering tongue deeply into Stan's mouth.

As they swapped saliva, Stan didn't miss a single beat as he power stroked his meaty organ as hard and as furiously as humanly possible. Somewhere through it all, Stan could feel his cum begin to boil. It was then that he forced his mouth away from the boy's mouth. He wanted to stare into Chris's eyes when he blew his wad up Chris's magical anal kingdom.

Chris felt something surge through his body, then, with no hand stroking his cock, and his mouth still open wide, Chris's cock began pumping out thick wads of boy cream, to which, every loving drop fired off straight into Chris's mouth. Stan gasped as he saw Chris's cock unleash a torrid volley of sperm ropes, watching each power shooting sperm jet fire off into the boy's very own mouth. As Chris's orgasm ripped through him, his anal muscles royally began convulsing, forcing Stan's pile driving cock to erupt, firing off round after round of pure man seed deep into the boy's breath taking bowel system.

Having his own sperm shoot into his mouth was sort of weird for Chris, but having Stan's gargantuan cock fuck him senseless was something else. Chris could actually feel the man's thick goo as it spat deeply up his anal canal. His own cock was still jetting out thick ropey strands of teen cream, all of which, landed inside his mouth. Being lost in a world of pure pleasure, one of which Chris never knew existed, he began swallowing his own thick boy juice, moaning and grunting to his own taste while being pleasured by one very, very big monstrous cock.

Stan power fucked the last drop of his man seed up the boy's butt while Chris managed to swallow the last tid bit of his own boyish cream. Within a very short time, both once hard cocks now were totally deflated. Stan's meaty noodle sort of plopped out of Chris's mind boggling little butt, causing Stan to basically collapse on the bed, next to Chris, laying on the boy's left side.

Once Stan's cock vacated his butt, Chris instantly felt a very awkward void. Now, more than ever, all Chris wanted to do was have Stan's thick man meat back inside him. Still balled up and restrained, Chris, breathing very heavy whispered, "You can undo me now Stan!"

Stan was so lost in his most recent orgasm that he failed to realize that the little angel was still handcuffed. It took three efforts for Stan to be able to get off the bed and stand on both feet. His legs shook so bad that they barely were able to hold the weight of his body. Though it felt like some tremendous task, Stan did muster the strength to release the boy.

Once the last cuff was taken off, Stan fell back onto the bed, on his back, breathing as if he had just ran some kind of marathon. Though both man and boy were exhausted, Chris however, wasn't done just yet. Seeing the hulking cock lay there, Chris snuck in between the man's hairy legs and began sucking Stan's limp noodle for all he was worth.

Stan was moaning, feeling Chris's hot mouth working on his cock, but somewhere in his mind, he knew he was just too spent to get another erection. Chris made mad love to Stan's cock with his mouth while both of his small hands cupped, and caressed, Stan's large cum makers.

Within a few short minutes, Stan's cock became semi flaccid, all of which was to Chris's liking. Stan's legs spread out further, relishing in the feeling the boy's hot little mouth and tender loving hands was pleasing his cock and balls. Eventually, Stan's cock was on the very verge of once again being rock hard. As Stan lay there allowing the boy to do all the work, fighting back the will to fall asleep, Chris sent his massive body bucking into the air when the boy shoved a finger all the way up his ass.

With that magical finger came his steel like cock. Once again, even beyond Stan's own wildest belief, his man meat was harder than ever. Chris continued his oral assault while massaging the cop's big balls, and using his right middle finger to molest Stan's retaliating asshole.

Everything was going somewhat fine for Stan, but then Chris quickly jumped off the bed and retrieved his police uniform shirt, then eagerly hopped back up onto the bed. Holding the police shirt up, Chris smiled, then softly, and ever so angelically, whispered, "Stan, put this on and fuck me doggy style!"

Stan had just reached out and took a hold of his shirt when Chris walked on his knees to the bottom of the bed. Looking at himself at the large mirror, Chris placed himself on all fours. Now, this truly was one of his fantasies. He wanted to see Stan fuck him wearing his cop shirt.

Stan was still on his back, staring in awe at the scene taking place before his very own eyes. Then, Chris reached under his body, using just a finger, pointing it at his own speck of a poop chute, then teasingly said, "Come on big boy, here it is! Fuck me Stan, come on, give me that big fucking cock, NOWWWWWWWWW!"

Doing his best to muster the strength, Stan managed to work his body so that he was sitting flush on his butt, putting his police uniform shirt on while staring intently at Chris's glistening, already tightly sealed, speck of a bung hole. Once he managed to get the shirt on, Stan rolled his body in such a manner that he was now on his knees, inching himself forwards, working his way up to the point that his erect cock head was gracing the boy's anal dot.

Holding his erect organ at the base with his right hand, Stan pushed forward. Chris screamed out as the enormous cock head forced its way inside of him. Though, once again, the gut wrenching pain was prominent, Chris however, sort of welcomed it. Stan pushed his meaty member all the way up Chris's highly pressurized anal canal until he had no more cock to offer.

Chris had his hands locked onto the foot railing while keeping both eyes fixated on the mirror. Now, in this position, he could see the man who was going to feed him so much undulating pleasure. Stan's hands grabbed Chris's hips, and with no mercy whatsoever, began snatching the boy's body backwards while force feeding his cock into Chris's searing hot anal oven.

The pain crashed throughout Chris's body as he forced his eyes to peer into the mirror. Seeing Stan's face as he pounded his cock into his ass was priceless. Chris cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddd, gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwdddddd, fuck me, fuck me, yessssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhh gaaawwwwwddddddddd yesssssssssssss!"

The gut wrenching sound of flesh being assaulted echoed off the bedroom walls as Stan fucked the boy's ass with a sickening vengeance. The pain Chris once felt, no longer was there. Each time the massive cop jerked his body backwards, and Stan's enormous cock thrust inside him, a series of mind exploding waves of pleasures volcanically erupted inside Chris.

Chris enjoyed having Stan's cock inside him before, but now, now in this position, this was totally fucking awesome. Chris knew that each time he cussed, the powerful cop thrust his cock into him that much harder.

Crying out, and watching himself in the mirror, Chris screamed, "Yes, yesssssssss Staaaaaaannnnnn! Fuck me, fuck me silly, fuck meeeeeeee like you want myyyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssss!"

Soon, Chris realized that he could assist in the plowing motion by using his hands on the rail to shove his body backwards while cinching down on his anal muscles. By tightening his anal muscles, Chris discovered a new realm of welcoming pleasure. As Stan was thrusting, Chris was pushing his body backwards while using every ounce of strength he could find to squeeze his anal muscles as hard as he could.

Stan felt the boy's anal muscles constantly clamp down on his thrusting man pole, forcing a chorus of garbled words to flow from his bewildered mouth. Stan reached out with his left hand and grabbed a good supply of Chris's long flowing hair, yanking it backwards, then growlingly fired, "Yeah bitch, you like this don't you? You like my fat cock plowing your ass don't you? Go ahead boy, tell me how much you love my cock tearing up that hot little ass of yours?"

Chris watched defiantly as his own mouth opened as the words came spewing out, "Yessssss sirrrrrrrrrr, I, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk, I uh, shhhhhhiiiiiiiitttttt love your cooooooccccccccckkkkkkkkk siiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr! Make me, ohhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwddddddddd, make meeeeeeeeeeeee your bitch siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr!"

Stan fired back, "Bitch, bitch? Tell me you pretty little boy how much you want to be my fuck toy?"

Chris shouted back, "Yesssss sirrrrrrrr, I'll be your fuck toyyyyyyyyyy and boyyyyyyyy for the rest of myyyyyyyyyyyyy, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk, liiiiiiffffffe siiiiiiirrrrrrr!"

Stan wasn't interested in talking any longer. All he wanted to do was cram his thrusting meat in and out of the boy's scorching ass as hard as he possibly could. He could feel his cum boil, but knew he still had some time before an unbelievable third load presented itself.

Chris forced his right hand from the bed railing and quickly used it to start jerking on his now throbbing teen love stick. If Chris had to describe all the pleasures overwhelming his entire body, he would never be able to accurately describe it. All he knew was that he could spend his entire life having Stan's meaty cock ravish his ass.

Presently, Stan was doing just that. As he was hammering away, Chris was busy stroking his own cock. During this, Chris felt his orgasm on the very edge, so he placed his left hand directly over his soon to be erupting cock head, and skinned his cock rapidly. Soon, jets of watery teen seed began to fire off into the palm of Chris's left hand. Chris was grunting while still mustering the strength to tightly clamp down on his anal muscles.

Stan could feel the boy's orgasm and his own was boiling to an all time feverish high. Like a maniacal savage, Stan profoundly pounded his cock into the boy's anal depth while forcibly slinging the boy's little body backwards onto his thrusting cock. Chris jerked his cock, feeding the last morsel into the palm of his left hand. Still being pleased with Stan's meaty man organ, Chris inched his cum puddled hand up to his face and peered into the watery sperm sea.

Though be it Stan was somewhat lost in his own vast pleasures, he did observe Chris toss up a devilish sort of grin, then watched as Chris began lapping up the pool of creamy boy nectar. Seeing that, sent his cum spewing forward, exploding from his piss slit like a cannon ball, more so, a series of cannon balls.

As if time was at a solid stand still, Stan cried out as his cock fucked the sperm deep into Chris's vacuuming love tunnel. While his own cock was firing off his load, Stan couldn't take his eyes off the boy sucking up his own boy honey. Even his own taste buds swarmed with the taste of the boy after seeing Chris eat his own boy spunk.

With no more sperm to serve up, and now his cock was softer than ever, Stan backed away and fell backwards. Once again, when Stan's cock departed his cum filled ass, Chris felt a major void, but this time, he too was exhausted. Chris was still on all fours and felt the sudden pressure of all of Stan's man juice as it wanted to squirt itself free. Feeling that, and definitely not wanting to make a mess, Chris leaped off the bed, and came crashing down onto the carpeted floor. His legs refused to cooperate, so Chris had no other choice than to quickly crawl to the bathroom.

Somehow, Chris managed to make it to the toilet and was in the process of sitting down when jets of man seed came firing out of his now exploding asshole. The sound alone was kind of embarrassing, but then again, Chris certainly couldn't help it. He sat there for some time, making sure the gooey cream had completely vacated his bowel system.

Upon easing himself back into the bed, laying on Stan's right side, Stan rolled over, looking deeply into Chris's still hazed over watery eyes, then asked, "Did you mean it? Did you really mean you could spend the rest of your life with me?"

Chris leaned over and planted a tender moist kiss on Stan's lips, then whispered, "Yes Stan, for the rest of my life!"

Stan could feel the tears begin to water in his eyes, then softly replied, "I know this may sound a bit strange, but Chris, I honestly love you, and you have no idea how much."

Chris fired back, "You can say the feeling is mutual! I love you too Stan, and I want to spend the rest of my life loving you, and only you!"

It took some doing, but Stan managed to persuade Chris's crack whore mother to sign over custody of Chris. Chris and Stan were true to their vows, never once straying from their love for one another. Years later, Stan went on to retiring from law enforcement while Chris retired from the banking industry.

Now, Chris, a much older Chris, stood over Stan's grave site and recounted all the years spent with the one man, the only man, who he will forever give his love to! As he stood there on trembling legs, right next to their sobbing adopted daughter, Monica, she sobbingly asked, "Dad, what was it like back then, you know with daddy being so much older than you and all, and you guys being in a homosexual relationship?"

Staring at their daughter, and brushing away his own tears, Chris replied, "Baby girl, it was fantastic! Everybody knew about us, but back then, I can't think of any man who dare square off to your father. I tell you, your daddy, Stan, was nothing but all man, and that baby girl, nobody questioned. Even when we adopted you, not one single person questioned either of us adopting a black child, not one! The man who now rests in this grave, even today, is a legend on the police force! He was that kind of man. (pausing briefly to catch his breath and wipe away the tears) Someday, I can only pray that you find that special someone who will always let you know he loves you. Your dad was that special kind of man too. There wasn't a day gone by he wouldn't tell me how much he loved me. Even when my skin grew wrinkled and hair turned gray, your dad always, and I mean always, told me that I was just as gorgeous as the day he first laid eyes on me. (once again, a brief pause) Heck, he was a fighter too. I cant tell you how many times he'd come home, all covered in blood. Thankfully, most of those times it was somebody else's blood. Even to his last breath, your father fought that damn cancer with all his might. That cancer took him from being a strapping man, eating away, leaving nothing but a shell, but even so, your daddy never stopped fighting. That's just the kind of man he was!"

Monica looked at her sobbing father, then choking back on some more tears, asked, "When we were at the hospital, you know, at the very end, what were you and he talking about?"

Chris took in a deep breath, looked right into his daughter's eyes, then hoarsely said, "I was holding his hand and asked him if there could be anything, anything in this world he could do, what would it be?"

Breaking down, crying ever so hard, Monica held her father tightly, then fighting back her own tears, asked, "What did he say? What was daddy's response?"

Chris cupped his crying daughters face with both trembling hands, then softly whispered, "I felt your daddy's hand tighten on my hand, and his death riddled eyes looked into mine, and with his last breath, he said...(Chris was now crying harder than ever, and after a short pause, he continued) With his last breath, your daddy told me his only wish was to be able to spend one more day with me!"

Four months had passed since they buried Stan, and now Chris was temporarily staying with his daughter. Monica had a couple of her friends over and they all were watching television in the living room. Chris was sitting in the recliner while Monica, and her two friends, sat on the sofa. Everyone was watching the movie when Chris's body sort of jerked, forcing all eyes to fall on him. As all six eyes were now fixated on Chris, they all observed Chris extend out his arms as if he were gesturing a hug, then his voice cracked the room, "I'm coming my love!"

They watched as Chris's extended arms fell onto his lap, and his head fell forward, leaning in a downward direction towards his chest. The hair sharply rose on all three bodies after just having watched what just transpired. Monica jumped up and ran to Chris, to find her father dead. Though this experience was rather chilling, Monica couldn't help not to chuckle. Naturally, her friends questioned her chuckle, and wiping away her tears, she smiled at them, then replied, "He's right where he wants to be, in the loving arms of my other daddy!"