What follows is a work of complete fiction.

There will be graphically described sex between a man and several young teenage boys.  There will be some raunch and urination as many of my stories have but as usual it is not the focus.  If you don't want to get any on you step back or find something else to read.  Keep in mind that none of this is real and has not nor would not ever happen, and some may not even be physically possible.  It is simply a sexual fantasy.

If this is not the type of story you would enjoy, please stop reading now.

If there is any reason legal or otherwise why you should not read such a story, please stop reading now.

If you are the type of person who has any difficulty whatsoever separating fantasy from reality, please stop reading now.

The events depicted in these stories have not happened, and will not ever happen. No one should ever attempt to replicate them in any way in real life. These events are a work of fantasy for the enjoyment of those with a healthy mind who have no problem keeping them in the realm of imagination. I have never attempted, nor would I attempt, any such acts myself and as such I am likely to get some details completely wrong. One thing I am certain of is that in real life, young boys would NOT appreciate this sort of thing being done to them and they are INCAPABLE of giving informed consent to allow these things to be done to them. If you ever even consider attempting these acts in real life then you should immediately seek help.

Children are wonderful innocent little people. If there are any in your life I would appreciate if you would consider it your duty to shelter them from any of the sorts of ideas presented in this story. Let them grow up without the knowledge that anyone even thinks this way. Let them become the excellent men and women they are destined to be without knowing these thoughts exist until they are adults and old enough to decide for them selves what they like to fantasize about. Respect them, protect them, and defend them from anyone who may seek to harm them in any way, and most of all just let them be kids.

That said if you are still reading I do hope you enjoy the story.

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It was another beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon and as I normally do I was enjoying a long hard bike ride on the paved multi-use trails in my city.  There is a long greenbelt that follows a river valley that cuts right through the heart of the city.  The greenbelt is dotted all along with large beautiful parks that are all connected by a network of paved trails that total close to a hundred miles of smooth pavement for cycling, running, skateboarding, roller blading or just walking.

The trails are constant hills going up and down the sides of the valley alongside the river and crossing it in several locations on long pedestrian bridges and the workout is tremendous.  I love to keep fit and this is one of my favorite ways to do it.  I have a hybrid mountain bike with street sized wheels with a fairly smooth tread for the pavement and heavily grippy edges along the sides for when I go off into loose dirt or gravel.  I'll generally come out early in the morning with a small cycling pack on my back loaded up with my lunch, camera, reading materials, 3G connected tablet, etc.  I'll cycle hard all morning for a good forty miles or so and then find a spot in the early afternoon to park my sweaty body and enjoy my lunch.

I have a favorite spot under a massive oak tree where I like to sit and enjoy my lunch and relax a while before hitting the trails again.  It's a nice shady spot in one of the major parks and it's well back from the wading pools and play equipment where all the kids hang out so it's nice and peaceful but there's a lot of activity to watch.

I noticed as I approached it this time that there was a man there already occupying my spot.  The guy was sitting against my tree and he was sort of hunched over with his knees up and he was staring at the young boys who were almost undressed wearing nothing but swim suits and splashing around in the wading pool.  Most of these kids were ten to twelve years old.  The older ones wouldn't be bothered with a wading pool.  Some boys didn't have swim suits so they simply would take off their shorts and go in in their underwear.  Nobody really cared.

It was obvious to me though that this guy was perving on them while he sat with his back against the tree.  He was staring at the boys who were wearing underwear that had been soaked with water as they'd splashed around in the shallow pool.  Their underwear had become almost see through and conformed to their bodies to show their little packages quite clearly and I was sure I saw the guy with one hand inside his shorts and jacking his cock.  I had to get a closer look so I got off my bike and locked it to a tree at the back of the park and came up to the guy quietly from behind.

Sure enough as I approached I could see he was masturbating slowly with one hand inside his shorts.  He also had some sort of foreign looking magazine he was holding open with his other hand.  It had pictures of men fucking boys who couldn't be more than twelve years old.  This guy was clearly a sexual predator and he was likely looking for targets of opportunity and working his cock while he waited for a chance to score to present itself.  I could not allow this to happen.

I could easily chase the guy off if I wanted to.  I'm a pretty big guy and I can handle myself.  I'm 6' 5" tall and weigh just over 250 pounds but very little of that is body fat.  I keep in good shape.

I figured that if I just chased the guy off he might decide to come back at some point and I wanted to be sure he would be gone for good.  There are several cops on bicycles that patrol the trails all day and I had gone around one not long ago and passed him as he cycled in the same direction as me.  He should be arriving here at any moment.  I decided to go back to the trail and catch him to let him know about the perv.

I didn't have to wait at all as just when I got back to the trail the cop came around the corner and I waved him to a stop.

He smiled and said, "Hey, is something up?"

I said, "Yeah, there's a guy back there sitting with his back to a big tree and his knees up.  He's watching the kids playing in the wading pool and he's got one hand in his shorts and he's jacking off.  You need to arrest him before he tries anything with one of those kids."

The cop chuckled and said, "He definitely shouldn't be masturbating in public but if he's keeping it well hidden and is doing it inside his clothes it would be tough to make it stick.  I can't really arrest him for that.  All I can do is give him a warning and put a scare into him.  He probably won't be doing it again."

"The guy's got a kiddie porn magazine showing guys having anal intercourse with little boys!  He's obviously a predator and out hunting for his next victim!"

The cop's face went hard and he said, "Possession of child pornography is a serious offense.  If that's true then I'll have no problem arresting him."

He pulled the mic off his shoulder and contacted his partner who said something about being there in a minute.  The cop then got off his bike and made his way towards the man from behind.  Shortly his partner showed up and got off his bike and I quickly explained what was going on.  He took his mic off his shoulder and radioed dispatch to send a car to the parking access on the other side of the park and then he quickly followed his partner.

As the two cops approached the man they could see exactly what I'd seen.  Before they could get to him the guy took his one free hand and lowered the waistband of his shorts down to quickly hook them under his balls and he jacked his cock furiously while he watched the little boys in the wading pool.  His knees were up so he figured nobody could see.  I could see he actually had some sort of cloth that he was using to rub against his cock as he jacked it.  He grunted and blew a massive spurt of cum into his other hand.  He kept jacking away as the cops approached from behind.  He still didn't see them.  He finished and brought his hand up and licked his cum off of it while still working his cock to milk the last of his orgasm and then quickly tucked his cock back into his shorts.

He was really toast now.  He'd exposed himself and masturbated in public and the cops had seen the whole thing.

The cops came at him from behind on either side.  They each grabbed an arm and hauled the shocked man up and turned him around and slammed him up against the tree.  I saw his magazines fall to the ground along with whatever the cloth was that he'd been masturbating himself with.  One cop cuffed the guy while the other gathered up the evidence.  There were actually a few magazines there and what looked like a boy's dirty pair of underwear with pictures of the characters from the cartoon "Cars" on them.  The guy had been rubbing his cock with the dirty underwear as he jacked his cock off.  He must have stolen them from a changing room or something or maybe they came from a previous victim.

There was the sound of a police siren approaching and I looked way across the park to the parking area and saw a cop car come in and stop.  I approached the cops who were holding the man and told them I'd seen with my own eyes the guy masturbating with his exposed penis in public and I would be happy to be a witness.  The cop I'd originally stopped on the trail smiled and came over to me while his partner held the perp.

"It's great to know there are people like you watching out for the kids out here.  Their parents expect them to be safe here and they often let them come out without supervision.  If it weren't for guys like you who keep an eye on them bad things could definitely happen.  We've got enough to arrest this guy but we could definitely use you as a witness when it goes to trial to make sure he gets what's coming to him.  Will you come by the station when you have a moment later today and make a statement?" the cop asked.

"Sure, no problem, I pass the station on my way home and I'll gladly stop in later this afternoon.  I'm really happy to do what I can to make sure he can't come back and try again," I said.

The cop shook my hand and thanked me again for helping out and bringing the pervert to their attention.  I smiled and told him it was a pleasure and I'd definitely be keeping my eyes on the kids.

He smiled and went back to join his partner who was taking the guy to the police car to be hauled away.

I settled in at the tree and pulled off my pack and took out my lunch and began to eat it.  I was finishing it up already by the time the two bike cops walked past again and they waved one last time and then got on their bikes to continue their patrol of the trails.

I pulled my motorcycle magazine out of my pack and sat back against the tree and started to enjoy my other favorite hobby, watching the boys splashing around in the wading pool with their wet underwear showing off their awesome little packages.  I was not about to let that other dude try to muscle in on my turf.  I had to make sure he would be gone and never come back.  There was room for only one predator here.

You see, I enjoy watching the boys at play with an eye toward luring one in and trying to get him off into the woods for a bit of innocent exploration.  It's surprising how many actually are willing and very curious when given the chance to be.  If you approach them just right, or rather, let them approach you first and make it so it seems like their own idea.  Like you are the one who's willing to take a chance and mess around with them, you can have them in the woods and naked and playing with your hard cock in no time at all.  I would never go after any that were as young as those in the wading pool of course but it was fun to watch them regardless.  Really I was just waiting for some of the older ones who were bored by the wading pool and were always wandering around looking for something else to do.

It's really quite a fun sport.  It's a little like fishing, which I also enjoy quite a bit, in that you need to actively gauge whether your lure and technique are effective or if you need to quickly adjust in order to get them to bite.  Sometimes you just can't seem to get them interested so you need to completely change your lure or methods and you might suddenly notice them paying closer attention.  Sometimes no matter what you do they just won't bite and that's fine too.  It's still loads of fun to try.  I would never force a boy to experiment with me.  I'm not that kind of guy.  It has to come out of their own mouth first and they have to tell me they want to try things and then I'll happily help them out with that.  I'm not particular about their age either though I need them to be able to cum for me.  I've had boys as old as fifteen and sixteen convince me to let them play around with my body a bit and we had a great time and the youngest I'd ever been with was only thirteen.

Sometimes it's a complete bust and I just let it be that.  These kids are awesome just to talk to anyhow.  I would never push hard or do anything that would make them uncomfortable.  I only want to help them figure out how to enjoy their bodies and in return I get to enjoy mine a lot more.  Sometimes if I sense there's some small interest but a great deal of resistance to the idea I'll get the boy at least interested enough to look at the things I can show him on my tablet.  I'll usually start by showing him a website I like to visit to read erotic stories about men and boys.  I'll show the boy the site and make sure he knows how to get there on his own when he goes back home.  I tell him to read as many stories as he can and see what he thinks.  I let him know that I'll often be around the park at the same time having my lunch and relaxing and if he sees me he's welcome to come and ask me any questions about what he's read and I can even show him things if he wants.  This method has worked wonders in the past and often I'll just be sitting in my favorite spot relaxing and a boy I'd previously had no success with will suddenly come up and say something like, "God, I've been looking for you for a long time.  I read a lot of those stories and I really want to try some of those things out with you!"

I was thinking back on one of those times and reminiscing when I suddenly heard a voice say, "Awesome bike, can I look at it closer?"

I turned to look over my shoulder and there was a boy there who looked to be about thirteen years old.  He'd been looking at my motorcycle magazine over my shoulder and I had the mag open to a spread that showed the newest Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle.  This is why I keep this magazine with me when I sit here.  If you sit under a tree with a magazine showing boys being fucked up the ass by big men like that other loser did and some kid sees it, he's gonna run away screaming.  If he sees something that naturally appeals to young boys like an awesome motorcycle, he's gonna open up a conversation.

"Yeah, sure," I said, "sit next to me here."

The boy smiled and sat next to me on the grass and I handed him the magazine to look at.

"I've got last year's model of that bike.  It's one hell of a machine," I told him truthfully.

"Awesome!  I'd love to see it some day.  Could I?" he asked.

"I don't see why not.  I could ride it here and park it up at the lot there.  Do you come to the park often?" I asked.

"Yeah, I come here almost every day now that I'm on summer vacation.  I've seen you here before and I wanted to talk to you but I'm sorta shy."

"You don't need to be shy around me," I said, "I'm pretty harmless and I'm easy going so you don't have to worry about saying the wrong thing.  I'm Jake."

I leaned over and extended my hand and he smiled and shook it.

"I'm Nate, that's short for Nathan.  I'm glad to meet you Jake."

I smiled and nodded and he looked at the magazine but didn't actually seem too interested in it.  He was sort of distracted and kept looking around like he wanted to say or do something but didn't want to get caught by anyone.  I watched him for a bit wondering what was going on and he saw me staring at him and he sort of half smiled and handed the magazine back to me.

"I wasn't really interested in the magazine.  I just wanted to talk to you and that seemed like a good excuse.  Can I ask you something?"

"Sure," I said, "ask away."

"Could we maybe go for a walk?  I'd like to talk for a bit.  There's a really quiet dirt trail that goes back into the woods down that way.  Nobody ever goes there and I know a really great private spot back in the woods," he said.

It was obvious this kid wanted privacy and I could only guess that maybe he was interested in messing around.  My cock began to stir right away.  He was a great looking boy with dark hair and fine features.  He looked to be in great shape.  He would be any perv's dream date.  I didn't hesitate to agree with his request.

"Yeah, of course.  Let's go," I said.

I got up and picked up my cycling pack and stuck the magazine in it, then slung it over a shoulder and waited.

He smiled and got up and we walked toward the trail he'd pointed at.  We walked through the park to the tree line and went in on the faint, barely used trail into the woods.  We walked for quite a while in silence as the trail twisted this way and that and wandered further and further from the park and the paved trails.  Once we were a good long way from anyone else he started to speak.

"I don't have a dad.  I live with just my mom and she works all the time to keep us going so I get pretty lonely.  I have friends my age I can hang out with but that gets sort of boring some times.  I wish I had a dad that I could ask about things that are bothering me.  I've seen you there by that tree a lot and I thought you looked like an OK guy.  I wanted to know if you would let me ask you questions about stuff," he said.

"Of course Nate, you can ask me anything you want and I'll answer as best I can.  Don't be shy," I said.

"Well, I'm thirteen and my wiener has started to get hard all the time.  I can't stop thinking about things that just don't seem right.  I'm wondering if there's something wrong with me," he said sounding concerned.

"What sort of things buddy?  Are you talking about sex?" I asked, knowing what he was talking about but wanting the specifics.

"Yeah, but not with girls.  They never really interested me.  I think about my friends sometimes.  I've seen them naked when we change at our swimming class and when I think about them naked I get hard.  I start to imagine doing things with them that probably aren't right."

"Like what things?  You don't have to be afraid to be specific Nate, it's just between you and me," I said.

This was going to be a cakewalk.  I could already see him tenting up in his shorts just from whatever he was thinking about and getting ready to tell me.  My cock was already starting to react too.

"I think about stuff like putting my mouth on their wieners and putting my tongue on their buttholes and stuff like that.  I get so turned on I can't help playing with myself until I shoot.  That's not right, is it?" he asked.

"Of course it's alright.  It's just fine Nate.  Those are perfectly natural things to think about.  I can almost guarantee your friends are thinking the same sorts of things even though they'd never tell you about it.  They're probably as embarrassed about it as you are," I reassured him.

He stopped me for a moment on the trail and pointed off into the woods.

"If we turn off here and go up through the thick trees in that direction we'll come to a really nice private spot where we can sit and talk," he said and he started off deeper into the woods where there was actually no clear trail.

I'd never had it so easy before and I was feeling it was really my lucky day.  I was going to be playing this cutie's body like a fiddle in no time at all.  I smiled and followed him in.

We walked through the woods for quite a while weaving around trees and thickets and low shrubs and having to duck under low spruce trees and such.  It was obvious that wherever this clearing was there was no way anyone would ever come upon us.  We would have the place to ourselves.  I was thrilled and couldn't wait to get there.

"So have you had thoughts like that about other guys before?" he asked me.

"Yeah, of course, lots of times.  I'd be worried about myself if I didn't think things like that.  It would mean there was probably something wrong.  Your body wants what it wants and your thoughts will eventually follow its hints and figure out what turns you on.  It's nothing to be ashamed about," I said.

"Have you ever done any of those things?" he asked.

"No," I lied, "I've never actually tried it.  I like to think about it though and sometimes I'll play with myself while I think about it."

I wanted to make him think we were both going to be exploring all of this for the first time.  It needed to be as new to me as it was to him to get the best result.  He would be more timid if he thought I was just taking advantage of him and more courageous if he thought we were both the intrepid explorers trying completely new things.

Just then we emerged into a really nice shaded clearing in the middle of a thick stand of spruce trees.  The ground was moss and lichen and really soft and inviting.  It was an absolutely perfect spot.

"Here we are.  It's pretty cool isn't it?" Nate asked.

"Yeah, it's great!  What a perfect hiding spot to get away from everything and relax," I said and I went a bit further in and sat down.

He came to join me.

"I was wondering," he said, "would you be willing to let me see you up close?  Without clothes?  Would you maybe let me touch you?  I really want to know what a man looks like naked.  I've watched you sitting by that tree lots of times and I really like the way you look.  You're a real man and I've really never been around a man before since I have no dad.  I've spent a lot of time wondering what you'd look like with no clothes.  You're so big and furry and great looking.  I thought I would talk to you and if you seemed like a nice guy I would ask you if you would let me play with you a bit.  We don't have to do much, I just would like to see you with all your clothes off and maybe touch you just a bit.  Would that be OK?"

He seemed so tentative and nervous as he spoke I was surprised that he was able to get the question out there like that.  I decided I would play the hesitant adult who was interested but reticent.

"I don't know Nate.  I'd like to do it but I don't think it would be right.  You're only thirteen.  I've never been naked with another guy in that way let alone a kid.  I think I'd like to let you explore me but it's a dangerous road to go down.  We could both get in a hell of a lot of trouble if anyone found out," I said.

"Please?  We won't do much.  I can keep a secret if you can.  I don't want anyone knowing that I did it any more than you do but I won't be able to live with myself if I don't try it at least once.  Please Jake?"

"Well, OK," I said, "but if I don't like anything that's happening I might ask you to stop.  If you want to stop you just tell me too, deal?"

"Deal!" he agreed and smiled.

I smiled back but we both just sat staring at each other and waited.

I chuckled and said, "Let's undress at the same time OK?  That way you won't feel me staring at you like you were putting on a show and you won't be staring at me."

He nodded and immediately started unlacing his sneakers.  I pulled off my cycling pack and set it aside and kicked off my shoes and pulled my socks off and tucked the socks in to the sneakers and tossed them over with the pack.

He took his shoes off and I immediately got a strong whiff of very rich foot odor.  His feet smelled absolutely great.  He clearly hadn't changed his socks for days and they were really dirty from days of being cooped up in his smelly shoes and his feet had been sweating a lot.  The bottom of his socks looked a bit damp even.  I love feet, especially dirty feet, and my cock instantly went rigid in my shorts.  He peeled the socks off his feet and dropped them near his shoes.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and he did the same.  I stood and pulled down my shorts and underwear at the same time and stepped out of them and put them over with my shoes and socks.  I was naked now.  My cock stuck out hard and stiff.  It's circumcised and about seven inches long and very thick with a nice shaped head.  I have really big furry balls too and a hard muscular ass from cycling and running and rowing.  I have pretty thick muscular thighs too and a furry chest and belly.

I looked over at Nate and saw that he'd stepped out of his shorts but hadn't taken his underwear off yet.  His underwear were standard tightie wighties and they too looked like he'd been wearing them for a long time.  They were slightly stained in front and he'd been sweating in them a lot.  I was thinking about how great they would probably smell when he suddenly slipped them down and stepped out of them.  Then all I could think about was his awesome little cock and balls.  His cock was almost six inches long.  Pretty damn good for a thirteen year old.  He had a small patch of fine pubic hair just starting to sprout above his proud straight cock.  His balls were nicely shaped and still smooth and hairless.  His whole body was very fit but not too skinny.  I was going to have a really, really great time.

"Wow, your cock looks great!  I love how big your body is.  You've got so much hair too.  I love it.  I hope I have hair like that all over my body when I grow up.  Would it be alright if I touch your cock?" Nate asked.

"Sure, just take it slow and don't try too much at once," I said.

I didn't want him to suddenly dive onto my rod and start sucking at it.  Sometimes when they first try it too quickly they suddenly get disgusted by what they're doing and want to quit right away.  I've found if you take it really slow at first they get so worked up into a frenzy that there's no stopping them once you finally let them latch on with their mouth and suck.

He came towards me and I turned to face him.  He tentatively reached out his hand and just brushed his fingers against my cock shaft lightly and watched it bounce from how stiff it was.  He smiled and moved his hand down and lightly cupped my big balls and weighed them in his hands.  He smiled and took my hand and pulled me more towards the center of the clearing.

"I'm so glad you're letting me play with you like this Jake.  I know you never did it before but I'd really like to try more with you," he breathed.

I suddenly heard some rustling coming from behind me and I turned just as a couple of boys came into the clearing.  One of them grabbed my pile of clothes and my pack and ran off back into the woods laughing.  The other stood his ground and grinned at me.  The boys both looked to be at least fourteen or maybe fifteen.

Two more boys emerged from the woods behind Nate.  One was around Nate's age and the other looked to be around fifteen.

My heart sank as I realized it had been a setup.  They wanted to get me naked to catch the perv and humiliate him publicly.  I started to blush furiously and my heart started to race.  I couldn't possibly catch up to the one with my clothes and I'd tear my naked skin to ribbons in the thick brush if I even tried to find him.  I couldn't run back to the trail naked or I'd be seen.  I was totally fucked.  They had me and they would likely make sure I was caught by the same cops I'd used to get rid of my competition earlier.

Nate smiled at me and said, "Sorry Jake.  I had to do it.  I can't believe you fell for it though.  Do you really think a thirteen year old in this day and age doesn't know everything about sex?  It's the internet age for fuck's sake.  Oh, and I have a dad.  He's a prick but I do have one."

"Good job Nate," said the boy who'd stood to block me if I tried to run after the one who took my clothes.

Nate nodded to him and the other boy came around to stand in front of me.

"Here's how it's gonna be," he began, "you're gonna do exactly what we say or we'll disappear with your clothes and your pack and Nate here will run screaming through the woods that some guy tried to rape him.  He'll give your description and say he knows your name is Jake.  We'll make sure your clothes and your pack get to the police.  You are completely fucked and you need to realize that real quick so we can get on with things."

I nodded in defeat.  It was obvious they had the upper hand and there was nothing I could do.  I'm certainly not violent and would never try to hurt them.  Even if I did the other kid already had my stuff and was long gone with it to who knows where and he could turn it in to the police at any time.  My phone and my tablet were in there so I would be immediately identified.  I guess two predators had been caught today.

"Good, I'm glad to see you understand how it is.  We have a little game see.  We like to lure guys into the woods and use them for our entertainment.  We hunt guys like you and make them our slaves for the day.  We're gonna be fucking you, hard.  There's nothing you can do about it but play along.  Just remember, at any time we can scream rape and it will be all of our poor innocent little teenage words against yours.  Got it?" he asked.

I was blown away.  Is that what this was?  They were gonna force themselves on me and use me as their disposable fuck toy?  I was caught in a trap by a bunch of perverted little teenage predators who were clearly even more skilled than myself and the one who'd had my tree earlier?  The woods were full of predators today it seemed.  They were good at what they do and I bit it hook line and sinker.  I almost laughed out loud but quickly got control over myself and tried to look terrified like an animal caught in a trap.

I've never been a religious man but suddenly the idea of a God smiling down on me seemed quite possible.  I must have done something pretty amazing to be given such a wonderful gift as this and I would do my best to make the most of it.

I decided the most fun way to play it would be to act as though I was only going along because I had no choice and they were in fact raping me.  It appeared that Nate had also bought my story of having never been naked with another dude before.  That's probably the truth for most of their victims.  It would be way more fun for them if I kept playing it that way since that's their game, and it would be pretty fun for me to be the submissive target of their lust.  I'm a pretty versatile guy leaning more to being a top but some of my best experiences were when I completely let go and let someone else dominate me.

I obviously wouldn't be able to hide my achingly hard cock and there was no way I could coax it to go down but hopefully they wouldn't notice or suspect that I was enjoying the whole thing more than they were.  It was going to be hard to keep looking like I wasn't enjoying myself though.  I was about to be gang raped by five absolutely fucking amazing teenagers!

"Fine," I sulked, "I know there's fuck all I can do.  You assholes have me by the bag.  I've never done this shit before so please take it easy and don't do anything too weird."

I tried to look angry and frustrated but not threatening.  I wasn't sure if they'd chicken out if it looked like this big bear of a man was going to get violent.  I also knew being teenagers if I asked them not to do anything too weird and to take it easy they would do exactly the opposite.  Just to be sure I didn't scare them off I got down to my knees and sat back on my legs and slumped my shoulders while I waited for orders.

The oldest one smirked and said, "You're gonna be our sex slave for the afternoon so you'd better settle in cause it's gonna be a hell of a ride.  I can cum three or four times in an hour or two and the other guys are no different.  You're gonna be used hard and often.  I promise we won't hurt you too much though and if you play along nice and don't give us trouble we'll bring you back your stuff and you can go home like a good boy."

I groaned and looked defeatedly at him and waited for instructions.

"Nate, you did a great job getting him here so you can play with his face for a bit while I fuck his ass.  You wanna feed him your piss like you said?" he asked Nate.

"Fuck yeah Pete.  He's gonna drink it all too or else," Nate smiled wickedly.

This was going to be even more fun than I'd thought.  Clearly for them part of the thrill was making their victim do disgusting things.  I love to go a bit crazy once in a while and drinking piss is nothing new for me.  I'd sucked down all a guy could offer me straight out of his cock a few times before.  It's a bit sick but I love the taste and smell and the idea of it and it's really pretty clean and safe.

"On your hands and knees slave," said Pete, "I'm gonna fuck your ass first and pop your cherry."

I complied and leaned forward and planted myself squarely on my hands and knees and waited.

Pete got behind me and stripped down.  He spat on my asshole a few times and then pushed some of his spit in with a finger.  He than spat a couple more times on his hand and rubbed it on his boner.  His cock looked to be about six inches too and a bit thick.  I looked forward to being stabbed by it and he didn't make me wait long.

He moved into position behind me but didn't go on his knees he crouched down with his knees spread wide to either side of my hips and put his cock head against my anus and immediately put all his weight behind it and grunted.

I clamped my anus down hard so he couldn't get in.  It actually hurt a bit to have him pressing so hard but I wanted him to think I was a complete virgin.  A guy who's never had it up the ass before is instinctively gonna clamp down hard.

"Fuck, you gotta relax man.  This is gonna happen either way and if I have to pick up a branch and jam it in there to loosen you up I will and it won't feel real good.  Relax and fuckin push like you're taking a shit so I can get in," he said and then he grunted and pushed his cock hard against me again.

I pushed to let him in smoothly but I fought to clamp down hard on it once it entered and I shouted out in mock pain as he took me.

"Aww fuck yeah, there it is.  You're so fucking tight.  You aren't a virgin any more man, sorry," he said, "It won't hurt for long though I promise.  You'll get used to it.  You'd better anyways because you're gonna get five cocks in there multiple times."

He pulled back a little way and grunted as he pushed himself in hard again and I made a bit of noise again while I kept my anus clamped to let him think I was a tight virgin.  The fact is I'd used that hole so much I simply had very strong muscles there.  I love getting it up the ass almost as much as I love giving it and I do both any chance I get.

Nate was watching and his stiff cock was bobbing up and down on his own he was so turned on.  His body was pumping it as full of blood as it could get and he was obviously flexing his pelvic muscle he was so turned on and his cock responded each time by rising slightly and dropping again.

He finally decided it was time to give me that drink he'd so kindly offered earlier and he got into position and stuck his cock right into my mouth.  He forced and grunted and I felt his piss start to come out.  It's never easy to piss through a hard on but if you have enough saved up and you push hard it can be done.  Just as he was getting started I felt the flow stop and he pulled out.  I was disappointed, but not for long.  He apparently had decided to do something even nastier to me.

He reached over to grab his two filthy socks and stuffed them over my nose and mashed them into my face.  I could feel the dampness of the sweat from his feet in the soles of the socks and the odor was rich and heady and fantastic and my cock almost screamed "I'm cumming!" out loud on its own but I forced myself to not bust a nut.  It would be too obvious to them how much I was enjoying myself and it would spoil the fun.  I tried to think of things like naked old ladies with dangly breasts and republicans dressed in drag and stuff while he continued to hold the socks over my face.  I had no choice but to inhale deeply through them.  The aroma of his feet coming off them was incredible.  It was better than any I'd experienced before.

"Breathe my stinky feet slave.  You love it don't you?  You wish you could eat that fuckin stench don't you?" he asked nastily.

He then pulled the socks off my nose and showed me the sweaty dirty soles of them.

"Look at how dirty these fuckers are.  I've been sweating in them all week in my nasty sneakers.  Stick out your tongue!" he ordered.

I stuck out my tongue and he placed the sweaty part of the sock right on it and said, "Now suck on them and get all that sweat out."

I closed my mouth and sucked hard.  There really wasn't quite enough sweat to get any out but it didn't matter.  I was in fucking heaven.  I was sucking on the dirty smelly sweaty socks of a thirteen year old dominator while my "virginity" was being brutally taken from me by his dominator friend.  Life could not get much better.

He let me suck on his sweaty old socks for a while and Pete was still bucking against my ass with abandon as he watched.

Nate pulled the socks back out of my mouth and took at look at them.

"They're not getting clean enough.  They need to be rinsed out," he said.

I guess this was where he'd planned to go all along and this was why he'd stopped pissing in my mouth.  He took one sock and stuffed it inside the other, then he pulled the two dirty socks over his erect penis but left them loose with lots of space.  He grunted and in moments I could see a very wet patch near the end that bloomed out.  He was pissing into the socks.  He moved forward and stuffed the mess into my mouth.  He pushed his cock as far in as it would go and started pissing his stream as hard as he could.  The piss completely saturated the socks and strained out through them bringing along whatever sweat and filth there was and I had no choice but to suck it out and swallow it down.

He then started to pull back and buck his hips at my face.  His cock was sliding out of the piss soaked filthy socks that stayed in my mouth and then pushing right back in while still pissing.  This must be what I got for asking them not to do anything too weird.  This kid definitely had a knack for turning his submissive slave into a total pig.  I was impressed and thrilled and I happily continued to suck out and swallow down the amazingly delicious acrid treat.  The thought that he was using his own piss to make me ingest the filth of his smelly socks very nearly made me shoot my load right then and there.  Even the old ladies and republicans were almost not enough to hold back my orgasm.

"Dude, you're so sick!" Pete said to Nate.

The sight of it must have been too much for Pete and I heard him start moaning and grunting as he pounded me harder and faster and his orgasm hit him hard.  I could feel his cock head swell as it spurted a stream of his cum into me.  He kept moaning and grunting as he pumped hard into me and shot another spurt each time until he finally had nothing left in his balls and he slowed down and pulled out.

Right about then Nate had finally run out of piss and he pulled out too.  He pulled the dirty socks off his cock and tossed them on the ground and went around behind me to have his go at my ass.

Pete came around front and said, "Clean this, slave."

He stuck his still heavily oozing and slowly softening cock into my mouth and waited while I gently sucked on it and carefully tried to wash it with my tongue while not overexciting his sensitive post orgasm cock head.  He moaned and then relaxed and then suddenly I felt a warm stream of his piss coming into my mouth.  I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up.  He didn't have much because the stream slowed down in no time.

Nate pushed his cock against my anus and grunted and it slipped right in.  He started to buck immediately and I knew he was not going to last.  I started working my anus in pulses to give him some good sensation to work with and he began to moan in a slightly higher register and his fucking motion turned to long hard stabbing thrusts as he started to grunt and his orgasm hit him full on.  He grunted with each thrust and shot his young load into me to mingle with Pete's.

Pete pulled out of my mouth and he said, "Take his mouth Mitch.  Curtis you can have his ass next."

I noticed the other two boys who had come in to the clearing behind Nate had already stripped and were working their young cocks.  The one who appeared to be about thirteen stepped up to my face so he must be Mitch.  The other boy who'd taken my clothes and pack emerged into the clearing empty handed.  He must have hidden the stuff out there somewhere.  He started stripping down as he watched what was going on.

Mitch stepped up but instead of sticking his cock in my face he turned around and bent over and pulled his ass cheeks apart to expose his beautiful pink pucker.  It didn't look very clean.  He backed right onto my mouth.

"Clean my asshole slave.  I took a shit in the bush earlier but there's no toilet paper out here," he said.

I normally don't play with shit as that's just too dangerous but I was happy to make an exception in this case.  Just a little wouldn't hurt.  The tangy taste sent jolts of electricity through my body.  The nasty thrill of it was hard to resist.  This little boy knew I had no choice and he was making me taste his shit and clean it off of him.  I took long forceful licks at his hole with my entire tongue several times to get it good and clean.  I then pressed the flat of my tongue hard against his anus and rubbed it up and down to really put a shine on it.

He moved his fingers closer in to his asshole and used them to pull it right open.  It was obvious what he wanted so I pointed my tongue and drove it in as far as it would go.  He moaned at the sensation.  I kept trying to work my tongue in further.  I was so turned on by the boy's taste I really wanted to try to reach some more.  I was in so far I could feel the silky smooth walls of his rectum.  I was aching to slip my cock into there but obviously that wasn't how this day was going to go with all of these little tops dominating me so I resigned myself to just getting as much of a taste as I could.

"Grab my cock and work it slave.  I want to cum with your tongue up my asshole," Mitch said.

I reached up with my right hand and started to work his thirteen year old cock.  I've had this maneuver done to me before and it's pretty much impossible to last more than a few minutes it feels so good.  He was already grunting in less than half that time and he bucked slightly into my hand as he shot his young spunk into it.  I made sure the palm of my hand was covering the tip so none would get wasted on the ground.  There wasn't a whole lot of cum but it was white so it wasn't just fluid.  It was the real deal.

"Eat it," he ordered as he pulled his ass away from my face.

I made a face so he'd think I was not enjoying it and dutifully licked up the fantastic treat while wishing to God he'd had ten times more to give me.

Curtis had been so into watching what Mitch was doing that he'd forgotten to fuck me.  He suddenly remembered though and I felt my asshole get unceremoniously stabbed for the third time already today.  He started frantically bucking away at me.

Mitch stepped back and said, "You're up Kraig."

The boy who'd stolen my stuff came up to take his turn at my face.

"I'm really sweaty from running through the woods with your clothes and then running back here to get in on the action.  Use your tongue to clean me really good slave.  If you do it right I'll let you eat a load of my spunk," he said.

He stepped up close and lifted his cock and nuts and pushed up against my face.  Clearly I was meant to lick the sweaty underside of his balls.  I started to do so and it was amazing.  A sweaty teenager somehow smells different than a sweaty grown man.  The chemical makeup is different or something.  I love the smell.  It's out of this world.  This kid was not lying and he was really sweating hard.  As soon as my tongue came out he grabbed the back of my head and pushed it hard into his crotch.  I kept my tongue extended to let him just start rubbing himself all over it.  He turned around and rubbed his ass crack up and down on my tongue while he started jacking his cock really fast.  He wasn't going to last either.  Kids can cum often but they almost need to because they sure as hell don't last.

He started to moan and turned around again and aimed his cock at my face and said, "Keep your tongue out, I'm gonna paint it."

I held my tongue as far out as I could get it and he grunted and a stream of cum shot out and hit me on the nose and upper lip.  The next jet landed right on my tongue but I held it out there and resisted the urge to pull it in.  I didn't want to risk missing any more.  He kept moaning and jacking and spurted a few more times.  He was producing quite a bit.  Most of the rest splashed onto my tongue but a bit went off to the side and hit my cheek.  He finally slowed down and he was just oozing a bit more cum and he put his cock head on my tongue and started to rub it around then finally pushed it into my mouth and held it there while he oozed out the last of it.

Curtis was still humping away at my ass.  I'd forgotten about him while I was busy enjoying Kraig's treat and now I clamped my anus down to give Curtis a bit more sensation and he immediately started to moan a bit.  He kept going but still didn't cum.

He finally pulled out and said, "I want to fuck your face instead.  Roll over on your back."

I groaned and looked upset to keep up the charade and I went down on the ground and rolled onto my back.  He positioned himself over my face and I tilted my head back a bit to give him a better angle and opened my mouth.  He stuck his cock right in and drove it until it was tickling the back of my throat.  His sweaty, smelly balls mashed up against my nose and I could see his bubble butt right in front of my eyes.  This position seemed to work for him as he started moaning more.  He seemed to love the idea of using my face this way.  He started to thrust into me hard and I increased the suction and tried to run my tongue as roughly as possible over the top of his cock as he thrust it in.

Someone grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs up.  I couldn't tell who it was but one of the others must already be ready to go again.  They moved their hands onto the backs of my knees and pushed forward.  I tried to help them by curving my back to bring my ass up a bit while not making it too obvious.  I felt a cock come up against my anus and push so I let them in again and they thrust the full length in while grunting.

"Play with my balls and asshole to help me cum in your face slave," said Curtis as he continued to thrust into my mouth.

I reached up behind his ass with both hands and one moved to his balls and followed them back and forth lightly rubbing at them.  The other hand probed for his little hole and I started to rub it with my index finger trying to stab at it just lightly to see if he'd let me in a bit.  He didn't seem to resist so I pushed just the tip of my finger in and he started to moan loudly and buck harder.  I could feel his sack starting to tighten up in the one hand and then he grunted and I felt his anus clamp hard on my finger as his orgasm hit.  Jets of his cum started shooting against my tongue as he thrust his cock in and smeared the cum around and pulled back and shot some more.  He moaned and bucked against my face and shot all he had into my mouth.

He finally finished and held his softening cock in my mouth for a while as I continued to gently work his balls and anus to stretch out the good feeling as long as possible for him.  He suddenly tensed and then I felt him starting to piss in my mouth.  He immediately pulled his cock out, still pissing and directed the stream over my chest and belly.  It was like they wanted to mark their slave or something.  I'd never seen kids so into pissing before.  They must have done this sort of thing often enough that they were already trying to up the ante and make it more interesting for themselves.  I certainly didn't mind.

He finally got up and moved away and I looked down and saw it was Nate that was holding my legs up and pounding at my ass with a wicked grin on his face.  I looked around and three other boys had already worked themselves back up and were stroking their hard cocks again.  One of them, Pete I think it was, came and straddled my face and sat down on it facing Nate.

"Eat my ass and work my balls and cock until I shoot my cum onto you slave," he said.

I stuck out my tongue and probed hard at his anus.  He loosened up and let me in I brought one hand up to my chin where his balls were parked to gently work them in their sack and my other hand came up and grabbed his cock backhand and started to jack it.  I was enjoying the hell out of this and it was really hard not to start moaning and bucking and shooting my own cum without touching myself.  The smell of this boy's crotch parked on my face was fantastic.  They really weren't doing a good job of keeping themselves terribly clean while they were on summer break and it showed in the way they smelled.  I loved it.  It was a real exercise in self control trying to keep my orgasm back.  It was a sort of edging or peaking exercise and it was harder and harder to push the orgasm down when it started to rise again.

With the assault on his asshole, cock and balls Pete was not going to last long.  I could already feel his anus clamp down hard on my tongue occasionally as he moaned loudly and his orgasm threatened to hit.  I tightened my grip on his cock just a bit and started jacking it faster while driving my tongue in deeper and he started to grind his ass forward and back a bit on my mouth and I felt his anus start to spasm as his orgasm hit him.  I milked his cock hard and I felt his hot spurt of cum land on my chest as he grunted.  He moaned and shot again and his anus began pulsing with the rhythm of his orgasm.

I heard Nate start to moan at the sight of his friend shooting on me and he bucked at my ass harder and faster and then grunted a bit himself as he slammed against me and held it for a moment and then bucked against me again shooting his cum into my ass.  I heard more moaning and then suddenly felt more warm cum hitting me.  I realized the other two who'd been working their own cocks must not have been able to hold out and were shooting their loads onto me too.

There was moaning all around as four of the boys continued to shoot their cum all over my chest and belly and up my ass until there was nothing left.  I knew what heaven must be like.  This was it.  The moaning of teenage boys as they shoot their cum at you for eternity.  That must be what it's like.

Finally Pete moved his ass off my face and wiped his cock head off on my lips and stood up.

"Guys, we've got practice in less than an hour.  We need to get going," Pete said.

My heart sank.  What the fuck happened to cumming three or four times?  They'd cum twice each by my count and one of them only once.  I tried not to look too disappointed so they could go away thinking it was mission accomplished and they'd broken another one.  I just lay there quietly trying to resist the urge to grab my aching cock and work it.  I was covered in piss and cum and still had the taste of Pete's ass on my tongue so I was sure I could reach my orgasm in about thirty seconds or less.

"Nate, you know where his stuff is hidden.  Do you mind going to get it for him?" asked Curtis.

"Yeah, sure, I'm gonna walk him out and then go home I guess," Nate said and quickly got dressed and ran off into the woods.

The four other boys started putting on their clothes and then fucked off into the woods without another word.

I was just about to grab my cock and start working it when Nate suddenly emerged with my stuff.

He smiled at me and said, "I'm really sorry we had to do that to you.  You're OK aren't you?"

"I'll live," I sulked.

"Well, I feel bad.  You seemed like a really nice guy and I know you were at least interested in playing with me a bit.  If you want I could work your cock for you or something to get you off as a way of saying thanks," he offered.

"I guess.  Sure, go ahead," I said.

He smiled and grabbed my throbbing cock in his hand and started to work it up and down.  He was looking at it with a sort of glazed look in his eyes.  I really think he was thinking about putting his mouth on it.  None of the other guys really seemed to be gay but Nate couldn't take his eyes off my cock.  None of the others showed an interest in me other than to stick their cocks in and they showed no interest in each other.  Maybe Nate was keeping a secret from them.

"Maybe you could lube your hand a bit and rub me faster," I suggested.

He looked at me and then at my chest and smiled.  He put the hand into the mess of piss and cum and smeared a good amount onto his palm and brought it back to my cock and started rubbing it up and down with the slick mess as lubricant.  The sensation was great and I bucked up into his hand a bit and moaned but I tried my best not to let my orgasm take over just yet.  I tried to act like I was losing interest again and put my ass back down and opened my eyes.

"It's not working.  Would you maybe put your mouth on it?" I asked.

He looked around as if to check and see that none of his friends were around.  He looked at me uncertainly.  I thought he was an experienced cocksucker but now I think maybe he'd actually never done it before.  I wanted to up the ante by having him smear his friends' cum and piss all over it before he stuck it in his mouth but now I wondered if I'd gone to far.  He seemed really hesitant but I was sure he wanted to earlier.

"Maybe come around and put your cock in my mouth and suck me at the same time.  We'll suck each other," I suggested.

He smiled and got up and pulled his shorts and underwear off again and came around and kneeled over me and stuck his cock into my mouth and went down and finally took my cock into his mouth.  Once he did it the urge came over him big time and he sucked as much my thick meat in as he could and moaned loud.  He started to bob his head up and down and I moaned into his crotch at the sensation of it.  I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him tight into me to get the piss and cum all over him too and started to fuck his face.  I bucked my hips up at him and tried to jam my cock down his throat.  He seemed to love it and started to moan more and started to work his hard cock at my mouth.  I did as I'd done earlier for one of the others and moved my hands up to assault his balls and anus to give him more sensations to work with.  I increased the suction and in no time he moaned and started pulsing out another orgasm into me.

My cock had been waiting so long for this that I immediately felt my own orgasm hitting me hard.  It crashed into me like a freight train and my hands went to the back of his head and pushed it down onto my cock while I pushed my hips up at his face and thrust as hard into his mouth as I could.  The head of my cock swelled and a massive surge of cum shot out into his mouth.  I held his head there and he didn't struggle to get it off so I bucked a bit again and shot another spurt of cum into his mouth.  Another jolt hit me and I bucked and shot again.  The orgasm was amazing after being toyed with for so long and coming close to the edge and pulling back.  Now that I was letting it loose it was throwing me around like a rag doll and it almost felt painful my pelvic muscle was clamping down so hard.

I finally began to come down and I took my hands off Nate's head to let him off but he stayed right there.  He sucked and swallowed all of the cum I had to offer mixed in with the bit of his friends' cum and piss that he'd wiped onto my cock.  Finally he pulled his head off my softening prick and he got up off me.  He put his underwear and shorts back on and sat down and smiled at me.

"Don't tell my friends I did that, OK?" he asked.

"No problem.  If you want to try other things you know where you can find me, right?"

He smiled and nodded.

I got dressed and picked up my pack and he got up and led us back to the trails and the park.  We walked in silence but we both had big smiles on our faces.  We came back out on to the paved trail and headed back towards the tree where we'd met.

"Jake, you really liked what we did to you in there didn't you?  You were hard as a rock and your cock was oozing precum the whole time." he said.

"Yeah, I really did, all of it, especially your little sock rinsing trick.  I wasn't kidding before either.  Anything at all that crosses your mind that you'd like to try let me know.  I'm open to almost anything and I'll keep your secret.  Your friends will never know."

He grinned at me and said, "Awesome!  I'll be looking for you under the tree if I get a chance when they're busy.  Maybe you could come by here a bit later tomorrow?  They have soccer practice right around this time so if you come here this late you and I can go straight into the woods and get busy."

"Hell yeah, I'll see you tomorrow then!" I said.

He smiled and nodded and waved and walked away.

I unlocked my bike and put my pack on my back and got ready to head out.  It was a successful hunt for most of the predators out here today.

I couldn't wait until tomorrow so I could really find out what Nate was willing to try.

As I started to pedal along the trail I saw the two bike cops coming by again and they waved at me and I waved back.

I really love this city.


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