This story is purely a work of fiction and not intended to depict any living, past or present, human being. Though I write stories about adult males having sex with minors, I personally do not condone such activity. Also, in my stories, safe sex is not practiced. These are just stories in which the subjects within the contents can never be hurt by any means. If reading this material is offensive, or illegal, then please do not go any further.

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Scotty ******* was your grade A typical 12 year old boy. He had been born here in the United States, and both of his parents moved to the states prior to Scotty being born. Even upon birth, Scotty inherited his Scottish traits with fiery red hair. As he got older, his mop of red hair seemed to have gotten brighter. Now, at the tender age of 12, celebrating his 12th birthday presently, his hair is bright red with just a dash of tiny freckles dancing gleefully upon his little button nose. Standing a mere four feet 10 inches, and weighing no more than 75 pounds, Scotty truly was a breath taking sight for all eyes to befall upon.

Scotty's amazing red hair was curly, almost giving it the impression of being somewhat of a mop, flowing graciously just below his shoulder line, and partially covering both tiny ears. His eyes, well they are indeed a beauty all to themselves, being a deep flashing emerald green, highlighted immensely by his fiery red hair. His slender cheeks sported two tiny dimples, poking inward even when he wasn't smiling. When he did smile, his perfectly shaped, and astonishingly white teeth, only enhanced his precious dimples. He has a small cleft in the center of his chin, forcing all eyes to behold is natural born beauty.

Today was not only his birthday, but his grandparents and two of his uncles were visiting them from Scotland. To further add to his already excited state, everyone in his family would be going into town to celebrate a Scottish holiday. It was when his Scottish family entered their home, all carrying gifts, did Scotty hope to receive a kilt. This was the one thing he had asked his parents to reward him with on his birthday. Thanks from help with his Scottish father, the two of them had been practicing some of the Scottish traditional dances, as well as practicing for some of the events Scotty would be participating in.

His grandparents and two uncles arrived early that morning. Scotty was already told that one of his uncle's would be bringing a "special" friend. Once everyone was settled in, it was time for Scotty to open up all the birthday presents. Three presents later, Scotty's grandparents gave him a real Scottish kilt. Naturally, Scotty couldn't resist the urge to put it on, but his parents stopped him from doing so, or at least, for now.

A short while later, the bedroom assignments were handed out. The one person Scotty couldn't take his eyes, and mind off, was his mother's brother's "special" friend. The guy's name is Tommy, and for whatever the reason, Scotty found an immediate liking to right off the bat. Tommy was somewhere in his early thirties, husky built, and as muscularly solid as they come. Just like Scotty, Tommy had red hair, but nowhere near as red as Scotty's. The other problem Scotty recognized was his cock! Lately, over the past several months, he noticed his boy cock getting hard, rock hard, all the time. Now, after seeing Tommy, his cock seemed to have grown harder than ever before.

Once the bedroom assignments had been dealt with, Scotty found himself sleeping with his Uncle Josh, and uncle Josh's "friend", Tommy. They would share the sofa bed which was located down in the basement. To Scotty, that wasn't a bad idea. The basement had a fully equipped bathroom with a large jacuzzi tub and a shower stall that could easily fit four grown adults. Now, it was time for everyone to get all cleaned up to go into town for the Scottish celebration.

Down in the basement, Scotty watched with eyes glaring wide open as both his uncle and Tommy started undressing. The two men were talking as Scotty stood there, mouth wide open, and eyes roaming from near naked man to the next near naked man. Scotty watched as Tommy peeled off his shirt, revealing a super muscular chest layered in thick reddish blond hair. Even the man's stomach looked absolutely freaking solid, and it too was layered in the same color body hair.

Scotty's cock throbbed as he watched in awe as Tommy slipped off his pants, tossing them to the corner of the room. Now, the hulk like Adonis was standing there wearing only his white boxer shorts. The man's thighs were just as muscular, and just as hairy as the rest of his massive body. Scotty silently guessed Tommy to weigh close to 250 pounds, standing a good 5'10" of pure barrel chested muscle.

When Tommy began easing his underwear off, Scotty actually felt somewhat lightheaded. His eyes zeroed in on the slowly descending underwear until his eyes caught his first real life man meat being prominently displayed for his ultimate viewing pleasure. Tommy's bushy pubic hair was a cross of reddish blond, but the sight of now being able to see Tommy's flaccid cock was causing young Scotty's body to slip into some form of weird convulsion. His body was shaking as his eyes began flickering pictures of the thick 4 inches of uncut man beef. Tommy's foreskin completely covered what Scotty quickly realized was one hell of a large bulbous cock head. Tommy's hairy balls hung a good 5 or so inches from between his muscular, hairy, legs. Just by seeing Tommy's cock, Scotty already knew that the man's beefy Scottish organ was 5 times thicker than his own when rock hard, and was damn near his cock's size when erect.

Scotty was so consumed by seeing Tommy's naked man body, he never once paid any attention to his naked uncle's body. Uncle Joe was about the same age as Tommy, and he too has a mix of red and brownish hair. However, unlike Tommy, Scotty's uncle was a tad overweight. Either way, Scotty simply didn't understand what all was going through his young mind, especially over Tommy. As he stood there, he watched Tommy turn his back and walk towards the shower. In doing so, Scotty's mouth watered as he eyed the two chiseled hairy hunks of bubbly butt cheeks as they seemingly danced before his very eyes.

Now, both his uncle and Tommy were in the shower together when his uncle reappeared, then shouted, "C'mon Scotty boy, there's plenty of room for all three of us. Nothing to be ashamed about, we're all men here! Come along now!"

Scotty was in some kind of predicament now, knowing all too well that his boy boner was at full mast. Slowly, he began undressing, doing his utmost best to will his throbbing young cock to fall asleep. Thankfully, his mind took him to school, remembering how all the bullies teased him about his red hair. Thinking of that, his young boner slipped back into its normal soft state. As he placed one foot in front of the other, heading towards the shower, his mind constantly stayed on the teasing remarks of all the bullies he had to endure while at school.

Stepping into the open shower, Scotty soon found himself sandwiched between two grown naked men. As he stepped in between the two men, his left hand grazed Tommy's heavy swinging uncut cock. Well, that slight little touch was all it took for Scotty's young cock to spring back into action. Trying to hide his erection from onlooking eyes, Scotty tried to blade his slender body at an angle, but in doing so, only allowed Tommy's eyes to peer directly onto the boy's erect young boy meat.

And was Tommy doing some looking. As soon as he first laid eyes on Scotty, he fell insanely in lust over the young boy. Now, here he was, showering with a 12 year old naked beauty, admiring the prettiest uncut boy cock his eyes had ever seen. Tommy judged Scotty's erect missile to be close to 3 1/2 inches long, very slender, and turned upwards at a perfect 45 degree angle. Also, Tommy saw the slight beginnings of about 5 bright red pubic hairs sprouting to life on either side of the boy's mouth watering cock. Tommy also mentally noted that the boy's foreskin, when his cock was hard, slid backwards, just stopping short of completely uncovering Scotty's bright pink bell shaped cock head.

Arching himself up onto his toes while adjusting his hulking frame at a different angle, Tommy could see Scotty's young balls. Tommy was a bit surprised to see that Scotty's balls had already dropped, dangling a good three to four inches between his hairless legs, contained softly within a pinkish sac that offered no signs of hair life whatsoever. Scotty's young cum makers offered the signs of being equally rounded, about the size of a small pea. Now, Tommy was curious to know if young Scotty could produce cum or not!

As they showered, Tommy was offered all sorts of gracious views of Scotty's body. Already having mentioned the few freckles scattered upon his nose, Scotty's shoulders, from side to side, offered a tiny sprinkling of delightful freckles. Also, having been afforded the opportunity, Tommy clearly saw that Scotty was totally hairless under his armpits. In fact, if not for the hair on the boy's head, and the 5 little hairs on his pubic area, the boy would have been completely hairless.

To Tommy, Scotty was the vision of sheer heavenly perfection. If things couldn't get any better for Tommy, when Scotty turned to wash his backside, Tommy got a birds eye view of the boy's tantalizing shapely butt. Naturally, Scotty being red headed, his skin was fair. His bubbly little butt was just as creamy as the rest of his body. Tommy found himself studying Scotty's jutting little butt, glorifying himself with every intricate detail humanly possible.

Scotty's butt almost seemed out of place compared to the rest of his perfect features. Two lovely creamy colored mounds, both being rewarded with tiny scattered freckles here and there, each as solid as the other. For Tommy, Scotty's tiny butt was a mound of heaven shaped into two perfect tear drops. The thin line separating those two heavenly mounds looked just as appetizing. When Scotty bent over to wash his little feet, Tommy damn near fell backwards as his eyes immediately locked onto Scotty's bung hole. And this wasn't just a bung hole by any means. The interior of Scotty's ass was hairless, totally hairless, and his tiny asshole seemingly opened up just enough for Tommy to be delighted with its magnificent gleaming pinkness.

It was all Tommy could do to just stand there and watch. Instinct told him to go ahead and slam his beefy tongue way up the boy's ass, but since his lover was just a few inches away, he had regained his composure somewhat and decided it best to remain there, and peer into the most mouth watering asshole his eyes had ever witnessed. For one thing, nobody could ever mistake Scotty's asshole by calling it a brown eye, for there wasn't even a brownish tint whatsoever.

When Scotty turned to angle his body towards Tommy's, the first thing he saw was the man's gargantuan thick cock pointing directly at him. It looked huge when it was soft, but now that it was hard, Tommy's man meat looked mammoth sized. Scotty saw Tommy's flared mushroom shaped head as it snuck out of the foreskin. Even the man's cock was freaking enormous, being a tad bit thicker than the enormously thick shaft. Nobody had to tell Scotty that if he placed both hands around it, there would be no way in hell his fingers would ever come close to touching. It was that thick, and then much thicker than that!

In reality, Tommy's cock stood out from his hulking body a good 7 3/4 inches, however, it was truly thick. Compared to a regular sized cucumber, Tommy's cock was a bit thicker. Even his lover, Joe, Scotty's uncle, couldn't take it the first couple of times they made out, but now, Joe could bend over and take the thick beast anytime he so desired, which to say the least, was all the time. Tommy and Joe had been together going on three years now, and Tommy was more than ready to take his first trip to the United States. Now, seeing Scotty, the long trip was even more worthwhile, especially after being blessed with having to personally see the boy in all of his naked glory.

They showered, toweled off, and brushed their teeth. When Scotty was getting dressed, initially he was going to slip on one of his underwear but was stopped by his uncle. Scotty found out, according to his uncle, it was a Scottish tradition not to wear any underwear under the kilt. While he dressed, Scotty couldn't help not to stare at Tommy's enormous rod, inevitably, producing his own throbbing erection in return. Thank goodness the heavy material of the kilt hid his boy cock from protruding out, however, Scotty felt kind of weird walking around knowing he wasn't wearing any underwear.

At the event's location, Scotty participated in numerous events and dances. Unbeknownst to him, he had flashed every eye that wandered into his direction. Many grown men stared and gawked as the boy's balls flopped up and down as he danced, kicking his legs high up into the air. Scotty was clueless to this fact, not realizing that his boy pride and baby cum makers had been on a constant, and steady, display.

As he walked through the vast crowd, Scotty could feel unknown hands as they groped his butt. When he spun around to see who had touched him, there were simply too many people gathered around, none of which looked suspicious. Scotty was making his way up to his uncle and Tommy, and as he passed a group of men, he felt a quick flicker of a finger stab, and strike, his asshole. Naturally, Scotty jumped, quickly placing both of his tiny hands on his butt, but when he turned around, he saw nothing but men joking, laughing, and having a good time.

As the day progressed, so did the hands groping his butt, and some actually were able to latch onto his boy cock. It was during all of this that something weird and exciting happened, something in which Scotty never realized before. He found that he rather enjoyed the strange hands groping his body. He also noticed that his boy stick had been rock hard for a long, long time, so hard in fact, that it was starting to hurt quite a bit.

Standing next to Tommy, Scotty (having to yell over the roar of the crowd) said, "I don't know if it's normal or not, but I keep getting people to touch my butt and my penis!"

Tommy took hold of Scotty's left wrist and walked him away from the loudness of the crowd. They walked towards where the porto-potties were located, an area less dense with people and a whole lot less noisier. Looking down into the boy's emerald green sparkling eyes, breathing in deeply at little Scotty's innocent beauty, Tommy began speaking in his heavy Scottish accent, "Scotty, you're just a wee little bairn (child). You haven't a clue as to your overall braw (beauty). Being as toaty (very small/tiny) and as braw as you are, you can make people do things they normally would never consider doing. You can either stand up against it, or you can sit back and enjoy it. That, my sweet wee toaty of a lad, is a choice only you can make. Tell me this, but did you not take a liking to the strange hands touching your forbidden treasures?"

Scotty didn't say anything, but he was shaking his head as to agreeing of his overall enjoyment. Tommy leaned down so that his face was in line with Scotty's, then whispered, "Scotty me lad, have you ever had sex before?"

Once again, Scotty said nothing as he shook his head back and forth, silently admitting to his virginity. Tommy looked around to see if anyone was within ear shot, then whispered once again, "Young lad, would you like to know what it feels like for someone to suck that wee toaty of a cock?"

This time, the excitement sounded in Scotty's voice as he fired back, "Yes sir, yeah, I sure would, but who?"

Tommy stood up, not saying a word, grabbing Scotty by the left wrist once again. Guiding the boy, Tommy opened up one of the porto-potty doors and shuffled both of them inside. The first thing that struck Scotty was the rancid smell of stale urine. The porto-potty certainly didn't afford much room to maneuver around, but before Scotty knew what was happening, Tommy had lifted him up and placed his feet on the edge of the flat surface, spreading his legs over the poop hole.

Scotty was looking down as he saw Tommy lift up Scotty's kilt, placing the garment into Scotty's hands. Scotty was a bit nervous, and torn with a race of excitement as well, but when he felt Tommy's mouth and tongue swarm all over his pea sized nuggets, his already trembling legs almost buckled. Scotty held the kilt's garment under his left arm while he placed the palm of his right hand on the side of the wall for added support. Scotty clinched his teeth tightly down as the burning pleasing sensation exploded throughout every part of his shaking body.

Tommy was softly moaning as he dined on the boy's moist, sweet smelling, hairless jewels. To Tommy, Scotty's balls felt like they were covered in a sheet of the purest of silk. A faint smell of sweat, mixed with soap, and an added aroma of a mild baby powder flourished within his nostrils, forcing his expanding lungs to widen themselves as to the boy's divine fragrance. Scotty felt Tommy's thick tongue lap at the area of his body stemming from under his balls, leading up to his butt hole. Now, Scotty's moans grew somewhat louder as this never before rush of sensational pleasure tore through him like a bolt of lightning.

Tommy, hearing the boy's loud moans and whimpers, opened up his mouth, still not allowing Scotty's balls to be free, then whispered, "Wheest (Be quiet), someone might hear you!"

First of all, Scotty was the only one in his family who didn't have a Scottish accent. Secondly, he didn't know what "wheest" meant until Tommy made the statement that "someone might hear you." Right now, the only thing Scotty knew was that something special, something weird, something exciting, and something life changing was taking place.

Tommy moved his mouth away from Scotty's balls, only to be replaced with easily sinking his mouth all the way down the 3 1/2 inches upon Scotty's torpedo like boy stick. When Tommy swallowed Scotty's cock, Scotty bellowed out a loud groan of sensual pleasure. The man's mouth was fiery hot and Scotty never knew his pecker could give him so much pleasure. Tommy sucked on Scotty's cock while using his left finger to scoop up the boy's balls and place them inside his mouth. Now, Tommy was grunting and groaning as he had Scotty's missile like cock and both pea sized balls safely contained within his cum worshiping mouth.

Tommy's large hands reached behind Scotty, finding the boy's tantalizing butt cheeks, squeezing while caressing them all at the same time. His probing fingertips felt the moistness within Scotty's crack, stretching into the deep midst of the creamy valley until the object of his most inner desire was now pressing up against his fingertips. When Scotty felt Tommy's fingers dancing around his asshole, unconsciously, he found himself arching upwards upon his curling toes. Up until now, Scotty had no idea his butt hole was good for anything but emptying his bowels. However, feeling Tommy's thick fingers draw miniature circles on top of his anus, sent chills racing up and down his spine.

Up until now, Scotty had played with his cock, but never long enough to actually achieve an orgasm. As his body shook and convulsed, he bit his lips while hissing, "Ohhhhhhhhhh Tommmmmmmmyyyyyyy, I uh, I ummmmm, I'm gonna peeeeeeeeee!"

Tommy pulled his mouth off, looking up softly whispered, "Naw (no), what a sweet bairn (child)! Have you not jacked yourself off before?"

Scotty, still breathing furiously as to his overall excitement said, "Yeah I've played with it, but stopped when I felt like I had to pee!"

A devilish grin dashed across Tommy's face as he spoke, "That's good lad, now I'm going to give you a real treat!"

Tommy had Scotty turn all the way around, still straddling the poop hole with his widely spread feet. Flipping up the garment hiding Scotty's backside, Tommy had Scotty bend over to the point that Scotty was now able to grasp both of his ankles with each of his tiny hands.

Once in position, more so being inquisitive, Scotty asked, "You want to see my butt?"

Tommy, who was already on one knee staring at the boy's spread butt, more so, that tiny speck of a creamy colored dot known to be the boy's asshole, replied, "Nah, my wee braw, I'm going to dine on your toaty braw of an arse!"

Scotty quickly re-asked, "You're gonna dine on my buuuuuuuuuuuu, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Tommy stabbed the boy's asshole with his meaty tongue while breathing in a mixed array of aromatic aromas. The boy had been dancing and participating in numerous events for nearly four hours, thus leaving his butt hole mildly sweaty, smelling of a light soap aroma, and once again, a faint elegant odor of baby powder. Tommy used his thumbs to dig into the boy's flesh of his crack, yanking Scotty's butt cheeks apart further, aggressively using his tongue to slither inside the boy's scorchingly hot anal oven.

Scotty felt Tommy's tongue as it shot up his rectum, forcing him to make a lengthy, and mildly loud hissing noise. At first, Scotty thought that this sort of thing would be overly gross, after all, it was his butt hole, but now, whatever he once thought of as gross was now the most intense ultimate pleasing sensation he never knew existed. Tommy let out a chorus of light moans as he feasted on the boy's virgin asshole while using his right hand to slowly stimulate Scotty's already throbbing 3 1/2 inches of raw uncut boy passion. Tommy began pulling down on Scotty's balls while tenderly caressing the two little pearls. It wasn't long when Scotty announced once again that he had to pee.

Knowing that time wasn't on his side, Tommy, ever so reluctant, forced his tongue from Scotty's delicious ass, spinning the boy around so Scotty was facing him once again, and wasting no time in completely devouring the boy's arching missile. This time, as Tommy was aggressively sucking on Scotty's slender cock, he spat on his right middle finger, then gently eased it up to the boy's unsuspecting asshole.

It didn't take long before Scotty cried out he was fixing to pee, and when Tommy felt the boy's cock expand, timing it just right, he forced his thick middle finger up the boy's virgin chute. Scotty, feeling something thick shoot up his ass arched himself up onto his toes while cinching his teeth together, doing whatever he could to silence this never before experienced tidal waves of blissful pleasure crashing throughout every square inch of his convulsing little body.

The finger up his butt was painful, however, as it wiggled around, it felt like it was hitting some sort of magical button Scotty never knew he had. The urge to pee was powerful, and seeing that Tommy wasn't letting up, Scotty let out a howl as he felt his piss slit explode with vengeance, flooding the man's mouth with a substance that Scotty wasn't even aware he had. Scotty felt like his piss slit had split in two as his mind raced with spinning, and care free, thoughts. He felt his body go into a body quaking convulsion, seemingly, one in which literally stopped his heart, while stealing his very last breath in the process.

Tommy, on the other hand, was grunting feverishly like a bear searching for food, embellished as the watery nectar splashed sharply, striking the roof of his mouth with prominent glory. There had to have been between 9 to 11 strands of watery goo forcefully explode from the boy's cock and into his milking hot mouth. The boy's anal muscles coiled around his anal probing finger, doing there best to literally crush his bone into dust while also pulling his finger deeper and deeper into its darkest oven like chamber.

When the last tasty drop of Scotty's no longer cum virgin cock dripped into Tommy's mouth, it was then that he sampled the boy's most generous offering. Holding the boy's rock hard cock in between his sealed lips, Tommy echoed out a loud moan as the sweetness grasped his taste buds, sending his own body into a state of uncontrollable convulsions. Much to Tommy's liking, Scotty's watery cum tastes like no other he had ever had the other of tasting. It was hot, gooey, watery, and no matter how hard he tried, there simply wasn't any taste whatsoever, not even a hint of salt. This boy's first cum offering was as pure and as delicious as they come, and now, Tommy already knew he had to have as much of this boy as he possibly could get.

Easing his anal probing finger from the boy's overly muscular canal, Tommy couldn't resist the urge to give his finger a quick whiff. Much to his surprise, his finger looked just as clean as it had been prior to exploring Scotty's virgin canal. Placing his finger up to his nose, Tommy inhaled, moaning as to the sweet aroma flying up his flaring nostrils. The scent was nothing short of being heavenly. In Tommy's eyes, and mind, his finger's aroma offered him no relevant signs as to where it had just been. With that in mind, Tommy began sucking on his finger, basking in the sweetness carousing his taste buds.

Scotty, breathing like he had just participated in a marathon race, saw Tommy smell his finger, then made a disgusting look when he saw the man put it into his mouth. After all, Scotty knew that that was the same finger that had tunneled its way up his butt canal. His mind thought it, then the words came spewing out, "Ewwwwwwww, that's kind of gross!"

Plopping his finger out of his mouth, Tommy smiled, then stated, "Naw lad, that's fucking delicious!"

Tommy helped Scotty get down, and somewhere in Scotty's mind, he wanted to return the favor and suck on Tommy's monstrous cock, but then again, knowing all too well of its size, Scotty questioned whether or not he would even be able to get his mouth over it. Any how, before Scotty could say anything, Tommy opened the door, peeked out, then quickly departed the porto-potty with Scotty hot on his heels.

Scotty felt like his legs were nothing more than rubber, and his head was still spinning from just having had his dick sucked. As he followed Tommy, his asshole felt kind of weird, almost to the point that it was missing something. All this was strange and new to Scotty, and as his shaking rubbery legs carried him awkwardly forward, all Scotty could now do was check out all the crotches of the various men walking around. Once again, his cock became brick yard hard!

With all the people milling around, Scotty soon found that he no longer was walking in behind Tommy, and just like prior times, as he walked, he would occasionally find hands groping his butt, and fingers jab at his puckering little bung chute. Some would steal quick feels of his cock, and Scotty knew that those who did so now knew he was sporting a boner. However, almost intentionally, Scotty slowed his walk so that anyone who wanted to touch him could easily do so. No longer did he spin around when a strange hand clutched his butt, or a finger grace his butt hole, and he paid no attention to those who stole a feel of his young boner. To Scotty, all of this made him feel sort of special, and now, now, he wanted to take things a bit further!

Standing in a thick crowd, Scotty felt a finger circle around his asshole. He forced himself to stand perfectly still as the finger drew tiny circles over his poop maker. While the finger sent chills all over his body, another hand snuck up under his kilt and latched onto his erect cock, gently stroking it back and forth. Thanks to the loud noise of the crowd, Scotty's moans were silenced. His eyes were closed due to the resounding pleasures erupting over every square inch of his young little body.

Scotty's toes pushed his body upwards when the finger at his asshole snuck inside, pushing its way deeply inside of him, wiggling and probing. The hand on his cock increased its speed while the stranger's fingertips slashed out, teasing his young balls. In no time, no time at all, Scotty felt that feeling again as his cock erupted, spewing his watery load into the palm of the stranger's hand. As his cock spewed its load, the finger exploring his ass began pile driving in and out, stealing his breath with every deep thrust. Then, as fast as it all started, it was over. The finger shot out of his butt, and the stranger's hand left his semi flaccid, cum dripping, cock.

Almost out of an instinctive reflex, Scotty reached under his kilt with both hands, using his left hand to squeeze his silky smooth slender stalk, forcing his watery left over cum into the crevice of his right fingers. When he managed to squeeze out the last drop, Scotty raised his right cum soaked fingers up to his nose and gave it a quick whiff. He could see the puddle of watery goo, almost being in a transparent state, but when he didn't smell anything, Scotty used his tongue to stab at the watery slippery mess. Much to his surprise, he didn't really taste anything, so with that being said, Scotty lapped at his fingers until they were all clean, once again.

If his legs felt rubbery before, then they really felt rubbery now. He slowly made his way to a long table filled with foot. Bracing himself up with his right hand, Scotty thought to himself how he could go about and suck a cock, any cock. Now, all he wanted to do was feel a cock inside his mouth, and taste the guy's sperm. Once again, his asshole felt like it was missing something, almost to the point that there was a void. The fingers did hurt, but they hurt in some weird, and awesome, way.

While Scotty was standing at the table, an older guy with a large belly approached him. Just from the way the man spoke, Scotty knew the man was an American with a Scottish family background. The man stood close to Scotty, allowing Scotty the time to study the man. At best guess, the man had to be somewhere in his fifties, and had to weigh closer to the 300 pound mark. Naturally, being as short as Scotty is, the man, standing beyond the six foot range, towered over him. Just like everyone else, the man was wearing a kilt. He had gray hair, and was rapidly balding, sporting a thick handlebar style mustache. The man's face was extremely thick, matching the rest of his thick frame. However, the one thing Scotty did notice, and for some odd reason, he found a great liking to was the fact that the man's thick legs were super hairy.

The man finally spoke, "Name's Jim, and you are?"

Scotty shook Jim's hand while offering his own name. Then Jim spoke again, "I couldn't help notice the way you were out there dancing. It's always nice to see young boys walking around in the old fashion, you know, not wearing any underwear. Hmmmmmmmm, just adds to the overall excitement if you ask me! Yes sir, I'd bet the farm that being such an eye candy such as yourself, you've probably had all kinds of hands groping that breath taking body of yours, now didn't you?"

Scotty smiled, then replied, "Yes sir, I guess so, but I don't know about the eye candy thing though!"

Jim forced out a bear like chuckle, then shot back, "Scotty my boy, believe me, you are eye candy by every sense imaginable! There's guys out there right now (pointing his right index finger towards the crowd) sniffing their fingers after having just touched that sweet mouth watering ass of yours. Did you know that?"

Scotty shook his head in more of a befuddled manner. Then Scotty said, "It's just a butt hole and I think everyone has one!"

Jim smiled, then tossed back, "That's right Scotty, everyone does, but you see my boy, sometimes, someone comes along that most nearly everyone has a desire for. In fact, with the truth being told, many of these people would lay odds that you, as precious and as gorgeous as you look, would defy nature, if you know what I mean."

From the look on Scotty's face, Jim knew the boy was clueless as to what he had just said, so simplifying things, Jim said, "Scotty, in other words, someone who looks as beautiful as you, some might think that you are incapable of taking a shit, and if you did, it most certainly wouldn't smell like it, that's for sure. Get my drift now?"

Scotty heard all that Jim had just said, but even after he digested every word, he still couldn't believe anyone would consider him to be that beautiful that he didn't take a crap, much less, smell like it. Besides, Scotty was smart enough to know that everybody has to have a bowel movement, including himself. Even after Jim made his last question, mainly out of politeness, Scotty shook his head in agreement.

Standing next to the table lined with a vast array of food, within a meager few feet of the tree line, Scotty saw Jim step sideways, and in doing do, Scotty's eyes widened as he saw Jim's cock poke through one of the openings in his kilt. Unlike him, Jim's cock was cut. Though Scotty couldn't tell how long it was, he certainly could see the meaty thickness, not to mention the large bulbous pink mushroom shaped cock head being somewhat thicker than the veiny shaft. Scotty licked his lips as he witnessed a dollop of clear pre-cum ooze out from the gaping piss slit.

Jim saw the boy's eyes glued to his cock, and by seeing that, he cordially asked, "You like what you see? If you want it, it's yours!"

Unable to take his eyes off the large cock head, almost in a mild unconscious state, Scott felt his head move up and down, and his tongue profusely gliding over and along both quivering lips. Peering sharply onto the man's cock, all Scotty could think about was how it would feel to actually suck it. Scotty's cock throbbed excitingly with anticipation, still not able to take his eyes off the man's angry looking chunk of man beef.

Jim said something, and the next thing Scotty knew was that he was following Jim somewhere into the parking lot. They walked up to camper trailer that was hitched up to a large truck. Jim unlocked the door, and the two stepped inside. Once they were inside, Jim spun around and locked the door. They walked down the small hall ending up into a small bedroom at which point, Jim eagerly peeled Scotty's shirt over his head, tossing it to the floor next to the right side of the bed.

As Scotty's arms were raised over his head, allowing his shirt to be removed, Jim's eyes immediately fixated themselves into each of the boy's hairless pits. Grabbing Scotty's left arm, folding it behind Scotty's head, grasping sharply with his left hand onto the boy's left wrist, Jim couldn't resist to slam his meaty tongue into the boy's aromatic pit.

The fragrance of sweat, mixed with a soapy aroma, highlighted with a faint scent of baby powder rushed up Jim's flaring nostrils, exploding furiously within his heavy expanding lungs. His tongue flattened out as it lapped at the silky smooth flesh, sending waves of spine tingling jabs throughout his large body.

Scotty, at first, let out a loud giggle once Jim's tongue struck his armpit, but a few seconds later, his soft giggles turned into a steady array of angelic whimpers. As Jim's tongue darted from one armpit to the next, he could feel the man's chubby fingers unfasten his kilt, allowing it to drop straight to the floor. Now, besides his shoes, Scotty was standing there allowing a total stranger to have his way with him. It was then that he reached out his left hand and found Jim's cock through the material of his kilt. A surge of mind boggling electricity shot through his body with lighting speed, knowing this was the first cock he had ever touched other than his own. It was super hard, yet felt soft to the touch. Scotty could feel each and every vein, not to mention, the way Jim's cock now throbbed defiantly within his grasp.

Jim forced his mouth away from the boy's armpits, but instantly swarmed the bright pink rosebud of Scotty's right nipple, sending Scotty into orbit immediately. Scotty felt Jim's lips lock around his nipple, then he felt the man's teeth clamp down, followed by his slithering tongue flickering itself directly on the very top of his nipple. Scotty propelled himself upwards upon his curling little toes as Jim's large hands reached behind him, locking themselves sharply onto his butt cheeks.

While Jim was rotating from one nipple to the next, his large chubby hands squeezed his butt cheeks while his thick nubby fingers probed deep within his crack. Scotty bit his lips, moaning a chorus of passionate angelic waves as Jim's fingertips struck his asshole. The man's chubby fingertips dug sharply into Scotty's butt hole, feeding the boy with a mild awkward dull pain. Scotty felt the man's fingers prying open his butt hole, circling the inner most outer edge of his canal with excitement and a slight wildness.

Within a minute, Jim backed away, and Scotty watched as the man shoved his fingers up to his nostrils, and began inhaling ever so deeply. Forcing out an exhale, Jim's voice quivered as he blurted out, "Mother of all pearls, boy you smell fantastic!"

Scotty had no clue how to respond to that, after all, it was his own butt hole area the man was talking about. Scotty watched Jim shove his fingers into his mouth, groaning like a mother bear searching for her cub. As Jim sucked on his fingers, he used his free hand to strip out of his shirt, giving Scotty a full view of the fur covering the man's chest and big stomach. The fur was so thick that Scotty thought if he placed his hand in it, he would actually be able to conceal his hand completely. For whatever the reason, seeing all that body hair sent some kind of unknown lust straight into Scotty's head.

Jim unfastened his kilt, letting it fall down to his feet. Now, Scotty stood frozen as his eyes glued themselves upon the man's veiny cock. Without any obstructions blocking Scotty's view, Scotty figured Jim's cock to be close to 5 inches long, and though it was thick, it wasn't anywhere as thick as Tommy's monstrous man organ.

Jim turned and flattened his large body out onto the small bed while telling Scotty about the position he wanted him to get in. In short, Scotty found himself on top, in a 69 position, coming face to face with Jim's pre-cum spitting cock. While Scotty was contemplating on how to suck it, Jim, being the pro he is, wasted no time in swallowing Scotty slender erection. Wrapping his right hand close to the base, Scotty realized that Jim's cock was way too thick for his fingertips to actually touch themselves to one another. With his left hand, Scotty cupped Jim large hairy man eggs, relishing in the way the hairy nuggets felt. He also loved the way his own body felt as it lay on top of Jim, lavishing in the midst of all his man fur.

Throwing caution into the wind, Scotty placed his lips within a fraction of an inch away from Jim's cock head, extending his tongue to swipe up a huge ball of pre-cum, then quickly brought his tongue back inside his mouth. The initial taste was one of a salty kind of flavor, but having scooped up another couple of helpings, Scotty found himself actually loving the taste. With that in mind, Scotty stretched his little mouth as wide as he could and shoved Jim's thick cock head into his mouth, instantly gagging.

With trial and effort, Scotty became a natural cock sucker, watching closely as to not use his teeth, finding he was capable of taking about 4 inches of Jim's cock into his mouth without gagging. Scotty loved the way it felt as his mouth slid up and down Jim's meaty love pipe, relishing in the steel like hardness, and the velvety smooth texture, all at the same time.

Jim was having the time of his life, sucking Scotty's young cock while stretching those solid mounds of heavenly beauty as his eyes feasted on the boy's speck of an asshole. As Jim sucked away on Scotty's boy pride, his nose was almost buried into the boy's sweet aromatic bung hole. Somewhere in Scotty's mind, he desperately wanted to ask Jim to shove a finger up his butt, but he was a bit too shy to say anything. Scotty could feel Jim's fiery hot breath beat sharply onto his exposed butt hole, sending waves of electrifying electricity shooting throughout his already shaking body.

Scotty was moaning like crazy as he slowly sucked Jim's man organ while Jim was grunting profusely as he now was dining graciously upon the boy's tiny little speck of a poop chute. Scotty did hear Jim say something, but it was unclear. Scotty felt Jim's cock expand, then the man's hips drove his cock harder and deeper into his mouth, then Scotty felt a huge gush of warm thick liquid begin to hammer away inside his mouth.

One thick blast after another shot sharply into Scotty's mouth, so out of mere instinct sprinkled with a bit of curiosity, Scotty swallowed a huge amount. He knew that it was Jim's cum he was swallowing, and although it was kind of salty and mildly bitter, Scotty moaned in joy as he feasted on his first cum swallowing encounter. One gulp after the other, Scotty swallowed Jim's spunk until the man had no more to offer. Even after Jim's cock went into a semi flaccid state, Scotty continued his oral worshiping assault until Jim simply couldn't handle it any longer.

Once Jim finagled his large body away from one hell of an over zealous young boy, he quickly flipped Scotty onto his back and dove straight onto the boy's cock, now sucking with a die hard vengeance. Still, Scotty wanted Jim to fill his butt with one of his thick fingers, but Jim's hands played with his pea sized balls as his fingertips drew a thin line, back and forth, along his taint area, however, avoiding his hungry asshole altogether.

It didn't take long at all before Scotty's young cock began spewing a small amount of his watery boy honey into Jim's grunting hot mouth. Though the offering was kind of small, Jim was more than thankful for the tasteless treat. Once Jim sucked the last delicious drop from Scotty's cock, the two of them got dressed and walked back into the parking lot, heading back towards where the crowd was.

Scotty still could taste the after math of Jim's cum sweltering away inside his mouth. His legs, once again, was rubbery, but now, now after having sucked his first cock, and tasting his first cum offering, Scotty was bound and determined to take things to the next level, though he honestly had no clue what the next level actually was. Even his butt hole itched, wanting feverishly to be filled with a finger, teasing that magical button somewhere hidden within his anal canal.

When they got back to the crowd, Jim went one way and Scotty went walking in the other direction. Scotty knew that time was running out, for it would only be a couple of hours before darkness stole the light of day. He knew that once it got dark, his parents would insist that they head on home. Scotty intentionally began walking into large crowds, hoping beyond all hopes he could advance his sexual education. Though his cock was totally limp, Scotty, in an almost narcissistic way, began intentionally jutting his shapely butt, forcing the kilt's material to project itself outwards, hoping to gather some more well needed attention.

Scotty roamed the area, walking into crowds, occasionally being rewarded with a quick feel. He saw his folks standing off to his right, so he veered off to his left. The boy was on a hunt, for what, he wasn't really sure of. All Scotty knew was that something was awakened inside of him, and that thing began ravishing his every single thought.

Being a bit thirsty, Scotty walked up to a table and poured himself a cup of fruit juice. While he was drinking, now on his second cup, a guy walked up to him, appearing to be somewhere in his upper teens, pouring himself a drink.

"Hi, name's Seth, it sure is packed out here!" The man spoke.

Scotty shook his hand as he introduced himself. Scotty eyed Seth up and down, mentally taking notes as to Seth's details. Seth had long flowing blond hair, dazzling blue eyes, standing close to 5'8", and probably weighed somewhere around 150 pounds. He too was wearing a kilt, and he too didn't have a Scottish accent.

Seth looked at Scotty, smiled, then said, "So, I've seen you walking around as if you are searching for someone, or some thing. Me too! Dude, I'm so fucking boned up right now I could fuck a tree trunk. Damn, it sucks being this hard and nobody to give it to."

Scotty listened, but had no words to offer. Seth tossed his head around, flashing his long blond hair, then spoke, "Well, to be honest, I did see you go into that camper trailer with that fat guy. So, what the two of you do? Did you suck each other off? Did he fuck the shit out of you?"

Scotty was a bit startled with Seth's directness, but as his mind took him back to the camper trailer, his mouth flew open and the words evaded his cherry thin lips, "No, no, nothing like that. We just talked a bit, that's all."

Seth fired back, "No way dude! That guy sucked me off earlier, and though I did appreciate it, I'm in a bad way to fuck some ass, if you know what I mean, and from what I already know, you got yourself one hell of a mother fucking sweet ass. Shit, I've already had my finger up that tight ass of yours?"

Scotty remembered as the day progressed, he had felt numerous fingers grace his asshole, and a few actually penetrated. Now he knew that Seth must have been one of the strangers who snuck a finger up his chute. While he was busy searching for the right words, Seth peeled open his kilt revealing his rock hard boner.

Seth laughing said, "See, I told you I was all boned up!"

Scotty stared at Seth's cock noticing how it smashed itself straight upwards against Seth's body, aiming itself just below Seth's inward poking belly button. Seth's cock was uncut, and a good 6 inches at best, and very slender. The blondish brown pubes appeared to have been neatly trimmed and Seth's low hanging balls looked to be equivalent to the size of a couple of small chicken eggs. Scotty figured Seth had shaven his ball sac for it looked creamy in color and totally void of hair life. Seth's foreskin completely enveloped his mushroom shaped cock head, and the head itself was equally the girth of his creamy shaft. At this point, Scotty subconsciously began licking his lips, lost in a world fantasizing about sucking Seth cock and tasting his cream.

Seth broke the air of silence once again, "C'mon Scotty, you've been here all day and you mean to tell me that with all these horned up men, nobody, not one single guy, has tried to fuck that hot little ass of yours? Fuck me to tears, you must be a virgin. Is that it? Are you a virgin?"

Scotty finally replied, "Yeah, I guess so. I have sucked a pecker before and swallowed cum. I've had my butt fingered and tongued too!"

For Seth, this was a dream come true. He had never fucked a virgin before, and now he was face to face with what would have to be one of the most incredibly gorgeous boys to have ever graced the planet earth. Just thinking about it made his cock throb with envy, and future anticipation.

Seth spoke again, "Holy shit little man, I'm begging you to let me fuck you! Oh fuck this would be soooooooooo fucking awesome! What do you say Scotty? Wouldn't you like to feel a hard cock bang away at the sweet little plump ass of yours? C'mon dude, please, pretty please say yes, I'm begging you!"

Scotty turned his head as if to see if anyone was watching. His gut feeling was to say no, but his now throbbing boner and rapidly spinning mind was saying hell fucking yes. With his voice cracking the air, Scotty simply asked, "Where could we go?"

Seth smiled as if he had just won the lottery, shouting out, "Fucking A dude! I got us a great place, one that nobody can sneak up on us and you can scream your fucking head off all you want to and no-one will hear."

Scotty found himself walking side by side next to Seth, though his last statement did constantly replay itself over and over, especially the part of screaming his head off. Now, Scotty was torn with all sorts of mixed emotions from being slightly petrified to overly excited.

The two walked into a thin trail, flowing deep within the forest. Now, Scotty was in behind Seth, following his every footstep. It was starting to get dark, more so, darker within the heavily treed forest. At some point, Scotty realized that he no longer could hear the crowd as they continued their journey along this remote path.

Nearly ten minutes of steady walking, they came upon a clearing that had several fallen trees. Standing in the center of the clearing, Seth turned to look at Scotty, then eagerly stated, "Oh hell fucking yes! I'm going to fuck your brains out Scotty!"

Seth turned away and dropped his kilt. Scotty could see Seth's slender creamy colored butt cheeks as he walked over to one of the fallen trees. Seth stepped up onto a log, using both hands to hold onto one of the branches, hiking his slender butt outwards, then said, "C'mon dude, get me hot and horny first! Eat my ass and eat it good. The better you eat my ass, the better I'm going to fuck you!"

As if in a daze, Scotty walked up to Seth's hiked up ass, spotting the trail of brownish blond hair running up and down his crack. There was a vast gathering of hair protecting Seth's concealed asshole, blocking Scotty's view of the area in which he was just told to eat. Having had his asshole eaten, Scotty already knew what was expected of him. Not once, since this sexual episode begin, did Scotty ever consider sticking his tongue inside somebody's asshole. Just the thought made him cringe!

Scotty bent over, easing his nose up to Seth's widely spread crack and was instantly greeted with a slightly foul aroma. Yeah, Scotty was fully aware of that aroma, and though he certainly didn't find it in the least bit pleasing, he went ahead and slammed his tongue directly onto Seth's smelly asshole.

Seth cried out, "Holy fuck dude, yeah, yesssssssss, ohhhhhhh shit, shit yesssssssss, eat my ass, eat that mother fucker, yeah baby boy, tongue my sweet ass!"

Though he did, Scotty simply couldn't find the sweetness, in fact, it was a bit on the tart side. Somewhere in less than a minute's time, Scotty got way passed the smell and began drilling his pointed tongue up Seth's anal canal.

Seth cried out while slapping his own ass cheeks, "Yea boy, yeah, that's it, eat my hot ass, eat it, fucking A boy, lap up my ass juice, ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, yessssssssssssss!"

Scotty aggressively ate Seth's ass out for a good five or so minutes, before Seth jumped off the log, then anxiously said, "Ohhhhhhhh yeah, yeah you pretty little mother fucker, I'm gonna fuck you, and I mean fuck you real good!"

Seth removed Scotty's kilt, then positioned Scotty on one of the fallen tree limbs so that just the lower half of his thighs was on it and both of his hands were on top of another branch. In this position, Scotty's ass cheeks had no choice but to spread widely, now offering Seth full access to his exposed asshole.

Scotty heard Seth unzip his fanny pack, and though he couldn't see, it wasn't long before he felt one of Seth's long slender fingers work its way up his anal canal. The initial invasion kind of burned, but like in the past, it quickly went away, and was now feeding Scotty a bounty of body shivering pleasure.

Seth spoke, "Yeah baby boy, I can see you like my finger up your tight ass. Go ahead and let it out. Don't hold a fucking thing back. Nobody can hear you. Go ahead, moan, grunt, whimper, whine, scream, or yell. Go right ahead boy, do what you want cause not a fucking soul can hear you!"

As Seth's finger began fucking Scotty's asshole like never before, Scotty obeyed Seth's commands and began shouting, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss, yesssssssssss, that, that, feeeeeeeeellllllllsssss sooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooddddddd!"

Just after Scotty cried out his last word, Seth pulled his finger out of his ass. Instantly, Scotty felt a burning hunger, more so, a deep, deep void. The next thing Scotty knew was that Seth placed some sort of thick cuff around each of his wrists, securing them tightly against the tree limb.

Seth simply stated, "This will help you out a bit, cause I'm fixing to fucking the holy shit out of that virgin ass of yours. Remember, go ahead and fucking scream! Now just so you know, it's gonna hurt when it first goes in, but you got to believe me, the pain will go away and then you'll find yourself somewhere in anther world."

Scotty heard whatever Seth was using make a squirt sound, then he felt one of Seth's long slender fingers shoot up his ass, forcing him to make all sorts of squealing sounds. It hurt, it really hurt, but in some odd unexplainable way, it kind of hurt in a good way.

Seth yelled, "Tell me Scotty, tell me how bad you want to feel my cock up your ass! Tell me you are ready to man up to get fucked! C'mon boy, tell me how much you want to feel my cock pound that hot little ass of yours!"

The finger darting in and out of his ass made his words follow Seth's commands, spewing out, "Yessssssssss, yesssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwwdddddddd yessssssssssss, fuck me, plea---sssssssse fuck me, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuccccckkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Pulling his finger out, Seth poured some lubricant on his cock, working the slippery substance up and down his throbbing shaft. His own lusting emotions couldn't resist the urge any longer to feel his cock go up a virgin ass. Stepping up to Scotty's spread ass cheeks, holding his rigid boner by the base with his right hand, Seth bucked his hips forward, slamming his uncut cock deep into the bowel's of Scotty's uncharted territory.

Scotty screamed, and I mean the boy screamed at the top of his lungs as it felt somebody had just forced a telephone pole up his ass and set it ablaze using kerosene. With his arms secured, all Scotty could do was scream at the most intense, the most agonizing, and the most torturous gut wrenching pain he had ever had the misfortune of enduring.

While Scotty was screaming his head off, Seth was wasting no time in plowing his missile in and out of the boy's once virgin ass. Holding onto Scotty's hips, Seth crammed his virgin ass filler as if there would be no tomorrow. Tears were rolling out of Scotty's eyes as he felt like his ass had just been split in half. The gut wrenching fiery pain shot through his body, exploding over every square inch of his gorgeous young body.

Seth screamed, "Yeah baby boy, ohhhhhhhh fuck yeah! Damn boy, this is one tight ass! Yeah, take my cock boy, take it!"

With one last squeal of pain, something inside Scotty's anal canal snapped, sending the mind boggling pain clear from his body and mind, only to be immediately replaced with one of sheer never before felt pleasure. Now, the missile like cock pounding his ass was sending nothing but pure waves of blissful pleasure crashing throughout his entire being.

Scotty angelically yelled, "Yesssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaawwwwddddddd yesssssssssss, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaarrrrrrrrrdddddddddddeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

A few hard flesh pound thrusts later, it was Seth who was now doing the screaming. Scotty, lost in a world known only to him, discovered he felt even more pleasure when he forced his anal muscles to constrict. In doing so, each time his anal muscles constricted, it was Seth who now felt Scotty's inner most power.

Seth cried out, "Oh shit, oh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I, I'm uh, ohhhhhhhh fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm cu, cu, cum-iiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg!"

Scotty felt Seth's cock as it expanded, then he felt the warm propelling gush of Seth's hot juices as they shot even deeper up his ass. The two were literally howling at the uprising moon as Seth's orgasm sent his ass pounding body into waves of body jolting convulsions. Scotty was now clamping down on his anal muscles with his every breath, relishing in the pleasures his cock filled ass was feeding him with.

Seth jack hammered his cock in and out of the boy's ass until the last of his oozing teen juices had been safely deposited up Scotty's vacuuming, totally mystifying, ass. Now, with his once hard cock deflating to nothing more than a limp pee maker, Seth pulled his cock out of Scotty's ass.

Scotty, with his eyes hazed over, body shaking in a torment of convulsions, and peering down seeing his young uncut boy cock throb like never before, inwardly prayed that something else would feed the hunger his ass was now craving for.

Then, Scotty heard Seth speak, "Okay Mark, this one was a virgin, and that dick of yours is way bigger than mine."

Scotty had no clue who Mark was, nor did he hear anyone walk up. Scotty felt a soft gentle hand guide his chin upwards, and soon found his eyes locked onto Seth's.

Seth was smiling as he spoke, "Scotty, holy shit boy, that ass of yours is the fucking tightest thing I've ever had my pecker in. This here is a friend of mine. Just like me, he too got a finger up that magical ass of yours. Just so you'll know, his dick is way bigger than mine. Do you think you are up to it? Would like my friend Mark to fuck that sweet ass of yours?"

Scotty could feel Seth's cum ooze out of his asshole, and before he had time to reply to Seth, the guy named Mark spoke, "Damn boy, you sure as shit got one of the prettiest little asshole I've ever seen. For fuck sake, I think I could bust a nut just looking at it!"

It was then that Scotty felt a large object pressing upon his cum oozing asshole. Without actually seeing Mark's cock, Scotty could feel that it was considerably thicker than Seth's slender ass invading pile driver. Once again, that fiery, searing pain wreaked havoc as his asshole opened and the thick object pushed its way inside of him. Scotty felt his anal canal stretch wider than ever before, opening a new flood gate of pain crashing throughout his body. Inch by thick inch slowly descended into his anal canal.

Unlike Seth, Mark actually took his time, slowly feeding his thick cock up the boy's ass until he had his pubic bush pressing into Scotty's widely spread butt cheeks. When Mark began slowly fucking Scotty, the pain slowly slipped away, and once again, being replenished with even more pleasure than Scotty had ever experienced. As Mark increased his anal thrusting pace, Scotty began clamping down with his anal muscles.

Within a very short time, it was Scotty who was screaming, "Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssss, yessssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggggg yesssssssssssssssss! C'mon man, fuck meeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeee, yesssssssssssss, do it, that's it, yes, yesssssssssss, fuck MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Mark was thrusting his man pole in and out of the boy's ass harder than he had ever fucked anyone else before, totally consumed by the way the boy's powerful bone crushing anal muscles defiantly latched onto his thrusting cock, and steadily feeding him with the wild sensation that the flesh of his cock was being completely stripped off.

Seth stood in front of Scotty, watching the gorgeous boy's face as it made a beautiful array of expressions. It was then that Scotty's throbbing cock began to spit out thin strands of his watery cream with no help from any hands whatsoever. As his sudden orgasm ripped through his body, Scotty's anal muscles went into insane convulsions, which in turn, forced Mark's hammering cock to explode a steady thick cum globs deep into the boy's breath taking ass.

When Mark pulled his flaccid cock from the boy's ass, it was all he could do to stand on both feet. Wiping away a bead of sweat from his forehead, exhaling, Mark exuberantly stated, "My God, whew, that was the most incredible fuck I've ever had! Holy shit!"

As Mark spoke, Seth was in the process of removing the restraints from Scotty's wrists. Scotty's head was still spinning, never realizing that he was now free to move his arms. Seth stood by Scotty's side until Scotty's convulsing little body slowed to nothing more than a few feverish shakes. Seth helped Scotty onto his feet, holding the younger boy by his arms to ensure his stability. Scotty's legs bucked, almost refusing to withstand the weight from his own body. Seth still held onto the boy for added, and well needed, support.

A few minutes later, Scotty, though still stunned from all that had just transpired, started to come back to present day reality. With Seth holding onto him, Scotty felt the globs of gooey cum slide down each of his legs. It seemed as though with each of his breaths, more goo snuck out of his asshole. The back of his legs showed the significant signs of someone who had just recently been properly fucked.

Seeing that Scotty was now able to stand on his own, Seth walked over and picked up Scotty's kilt, then placed it around Scotty. Once the kilt was back on Scotty, it was then that Scotty realized he never once saw the strange man called Mark. It was just he and Seth, and both were now walking back up the trail, heading back to the festival's location. It was almost pitch black dark within the heavily treed forest.

When they walked out of the tree line, Seth walked in one direction, and Scotty walked in another, searching for his parents cause he knew by now they would be ready to go home. Scotty did stop by a table and used a handful of paper napkins to swipe away some of the cum oozing down the back of his legs. Trying his utmost best to conceal himself from spying eyes, Scotty reached behind him and began wiping his well fucked asshole, doing his very best to clean himself up before finding his folks.

Within a few minutes, just as he predicted after finding his parents, the family loaded up and was now heading home. Tommy sat next to Scotty, and Scotty could feel the man's eyes peering down on him. Scotty couldn't help to reminisce about this days past activities. Sitting there, he smiled, cause he now knew he had just discovered the passionate joys of having sex. His asshole felt sore, and even just sitting there, his butt hole constantly kept on puckering as if it were dying from hunger, and craving more man meat to pound him senseless. He felt some more man goo bubble out of his ass, so he began cinching his butt cheeks together to try and contain the gooey cream until they got home.

In the mean time, Tommy recalled how he sucked Scotty's cock, giving the gorgeous boy his first ever blow-job. Still, now, the succulent honey fresh taste tingled his taste buds to no end as he recalled the virtually tasteless boy juice Scotty had given him. Thinking about the taste, and recalling the four or five bright red pubic hairs bordering his perfect boy cock, Tommy's massive beast throbbed constantly. Now, more than ever, Tommy wanted desperately to feel his cock as it drove up Scotty's perfectly sculptured butt.

Once home, Scotty wasted no time in rushing to the basement and flopping his cum filled butt onto the toilet. No sooner than he sat down, globs of man seed came pouring out of his sore little butt hole. Tommy and Scotty's uncle entered the basement, and since everything down in the basement was just a big open area, including the bathroom, Scotty saw Tommy eyeing him as he stood at the end of the bed and began undressing. Scotty was still rather busy, releasing his packed bowels from having been the recipient of some man juice, as Tommy and Joe began showering.

Even in the shower, Scotty had no problem staring in awe at Tommy's monstrous cock. Tommy couldn't help it for his cock was brickyard hard as he lathered his body with the soap bar. Seeing that, Scotty's own slender 3 1/2 inches of pure happiness became rock hard. Joe and Tommy finished up in the shower as Scotty had just finished handling business on the toilet. While they were busy toweling themselves off, Scotty scooted past them and walked into the open shower. As he walked by Tommy, Scotty's left hand brushed up against Tommy's mammoth cock. Seeing his uncle off to his right with his back towards them, Scotty stretched his left hand, enclosing it over Tommy's engorged butt splitter.

Tommy, once feeling the boy's hand gingerly caress his aching erection, bit down on his lips to silence the electrifying moan he knew would blast off the walls, exploding angrily into both of Joe's unsuspecting ears. Stealing the opportunity, Scotty cupped Tommy's bloated, heavy, hairy, cum filled balls while relishing in the way Tommy's overly thick cock felt. It was so awesomely hard, yet the skin itself felt like a sheet of pure satin. Scotty's left hand skinned back the flap of foreskin, revealing the huge bulbous shaped mushroom cock head for the first time, eyeing intently at the large glob of clear pre-cum pouring out from the large gaping, angry looking, piss slit.

Scotty scooped up the glob of pre-cum using his thumb, releasing both Tommy's cock and balls, then stabbed his thumb inside his mouth while flashing Tommy the most sexiest, heart stopping smile of all time. As Joe was turning around to face them, Tommy spun around to face the counter while Scotty activated the shower head.

By the time Scotty was done showering and brushing his teeth, Joe and Tommy were already in bed. As Scotty walked towards the bed, he thought it was just his bad luck to find that he would be sleeping next to his uncle who carefully positioned himself in between he and Tommy. After saying their goodnights, it didn't take Scotty long to fall into a deep, deep sleep.

Either sometime late night, or sometime in the early, early morning, something made Scotty's eyes flicker open. He lay in bed, flat on his back, allowing his eyes to focus on the dimly lit room as his ears focused to the faint noise of his surroundings. His eyes carefully scanned the room, then his ears captured the faint noise, bringing his eyes to the precise location.

"Wheest (be quiet), wheest man, you'll wake up the young lad!" That was the voice of none other than Tommy.

Then Scotty heard his uncle, "Yes, yes, give it to me baby! Fuck that ass!"

Though both men were trying to whisper their cries of raw lust and ass pounding passion, Scotty could hear their words clearly, and not only could he hear, but he was now watching Tommy plow his uncle's butt while they were in the doggy style position at the far corner of the room. Naturally, Scotty's sleeping cock woke up and now was throbbing like a runaway vibrator. Scotty's mouth fell open as he watched Tommy's extremely thick cock slide in and out of his uncle's super hairy bung hole. Thrust after thrust, Scotty found himself envisioning that it was he who was feeling Tommy's thick massive cock as it pounded the very breath out of him. Within minutes, Scotty watched as he knew Tommy was filling his uncle's butt up with gallons of pure Scottish cream.

As the two men snuck back into bed, Scotty pretended he was still fast asleep. Now, more than ever, his boy cock achingly throbbed after having just watched his uncle get a fucking of a lifetime. As he pretended to sleep, Scotty questioned his own ability whether or not he would even be able to get something so enormously thick up his ass. In his mind, it certainly looked great, but he was smart enough to realize that trying to stuff something as overly thick as Tommy's cock up his ass would probably kill him, and if not kill him, definitely would make him wish he was dead. While his mind thought of Tommy's cock, Scotty's sleep world enveloped his lusting desires.

The next morning, after breakfast, the family gathered around the living room discussing this day's unplanned activities. Scotty, mostly being left out of the adult conversation got bored just sitting there, so he politely excused himself, and went down to the basement to play video games. Even then, sitting on the end of the bed, Scotty's asshole twitched constantly, as if dying from starvation for some more well needed attention. His young cock grew hard while he played the game. Scotty wanted sex, and that was all there was to it. The game itself was even boring. He already knew that he'd much rather be having sex.

About an hour later, his mom called him to come upstairs. Hearing the day's activities, Scotty didn't have any problems showing his disapproval. The activities were for adults, and had nothing to do with a 12 year old horned up boy. After a brief discussion about him not wanting to participate, and seemingly fighting against an uphill battle, Scotty's grandpa piped in and laid down the law, allowing Scotty to stay home.

30 minutes later, Scotty stood in the driveway as his family loaded up in the van. Tommy was just about to step up into the van when he leaned his mouth close to Scotty's right ear, whispering, "I left you a wee surprise under the bed."

When the van was loaded, and had backed out of the driveway, now heading off to who gives a shit, Scotty bolted inside the house, skipping the stairs as he ran into the basement to retrieve whatever Tommy had left him under the bed. Once at the side of the bed, Scotty lay down, peeling up the bed's linen, peering into the darkness from under the bed. There was a brown bag within his fingertips reach. Pulling the bag out, Scotty sat on the bed and began retrieving the box being concealed inside the bag.

At first, Scotty had no clue what he was looking at, but once he read the box and peered at the photo, he quickly realized it was an enema bag. He assembled the few parts, growing ever so excited at the six inch nozzle that he already knew would be crawling up his anal canal. Tommy had written down some directions, so, now wanting to feel this thing up his butt, he stepped into the bathroom and began filling the bag with warm water.

In all reality, Scotty didn't know what an enema really was. He was more fascinated at seeing the nozzle, knowing full well that he was going to plug his hungry little asshole up with something. Just as Tommy directed, Scotty poured in a small amount of minty fresh mouthwash. Once the bag was filled, Scotty peeled out of his clothing and sat down on the toilet. Using a hook attached to the right side of the upper wall next to the toilet, Scotty placed the enema's bag hook on the wall hook.

Once seated on the toilet, Scotty awkwardly began sinking the nozzle up his cock starving butt. After the nozzle had reached its depth, Scotty flipped up the nozzle and immediately felt the effect of the warm water as it began shooting up inside of him. His young body shook while his stomach felt as if it were being flooded. He held back to release the pressure until his strength gave out, sending a torrent of splashes crashing into the toilet's water. Scotty continually held as much of the content as possible before his asshole widened, firing waves of bowel mixture shooting into the toilet.

A few minutes later, now with the nozzle out of his butt, Scotty remained on the toilet just to ensure himself that nothing else would be coming out. Once satisfied, he stood up and quickly found his legs to be wobbly. Per Tommy's hand written directions, Scotty placed Tommy's note into the empty box that the enema bag came in, then sat it on the foot of the bed to be properly discarded.

Scotty took a long hot shower, ensuring he lathered his little body up good and proper, especially his cock, balls, and his sparkling clean tiny asshole. Once he was done and dried off, all Scotty could now think about was sucking a cock, and having one pile drive his ass into oblivion. Just thinking about it caused his boner to stand out profoundly.

Still naked, Scotty flipped through his dresser drawers to find something to wear. At this point, he was so focused on a cock, any cock, that his every move was in a wild disarray. He found an old pair of cut-off shorts, and trying to get into them was a task all on its own, but once he buttoned the top button, Scotty was proud to have seen himself in the reflection of the mirror as his bubbly little butt strutted outwards for all eyes to befall upon. Even his throbbing young boner outlined itself against the fabric, revealing all to anyone who dare to take notice.

Needing, and wanting, the desire to look sexy, Scotty thought best to not wear a shirt. So, with just his short and super tight cut-offs, and his flip flops, Scotty grabbed up the brown bag and walked outside. Just to ensure that nobody ever found the bag, Scotty buried it somewhere in the middle of the trash in their trash can. Standing at the end of his driveway, Scotty's only predicament was which way to go. His only choices were either go left, or go right, so he took a right, and started walking down the sidewalk bordering the street.

Their subdivision was a medium size, and Scotty had no idea just how to go about finding someone willing to share their cock, more so, use their cock to invade his 12 year old butt. With each footstep, it felt as though his already hard cock grew even harder. Scotty knew most of the people who lived there, but he didn't know anything about their private lives. So, he walked, passing house after house, spying up and down driveways to see any signs of human life form.

His little feet carried him to the next street, and still, no results. Nearly fifteen minutes of slow walking, Scotty came around the corner to see a man, someone he knew by name only, standing out in his driveway wearing only a robe. Scotty walked on the sidewalk up to the man's drive, then offered a friendly good morning. The man, Mr. Walker, had to have been somewhere in his late fifties, with graying hair that was significantly balding. While Mr. Walker stood there, being polite exchanging their "good mornings", Scotty could see the man's large floppy belly as it pushed the robe outwards quite a bit. Scotty could also see the sea of leg hair as they spread up and down the man's thick legs.

The only thing that Scotty knew about Mr. Walker was that he lived there with another guy, who everyone thought of was one of his relatives. Mr. Walker was a high school teacher, and Scotty knew that to be a certain fact. The man was big, barrel chested at best, standing a good 6'2" and tipping the scales way over the 250 pound mark. The other guy Scotty knew of as Larry. To Scotty, Larry was a lot younger than Mr. Walker, offering the appearance to be somewhere in his thirties with thick black curly hair. Scotty figured Larry to stand close to 5'10" and couldn't weigh no more than 160 or so pounds.

Mr. Walker took in a deep breath, breathing in the vast beauty standing before him. As his eyes absorbed the rays of profound beauty, his love organ began to grow to its hardest state. This action certainly did not go unnoticed by Scotty's wandering eyes. Scotty had been totally consumed admiring all the fur protruding out from Mr. Walker's robe. From his heaving chest, all the way down his shins, the man was literally covered in thick cock hardening fur. Although Mr. Walker's hard cock was not standing out in full view, it did however force the thin cloth material of the robe to propel outwards quite a bit, showing young Scotty's roving eyes the man's excited overview over Scotty's mere presence.

Scotty's young pecker throbbed with his every heartbeat, wanting desperately to somehow let Mr. Walker know just how bad he wanted his man pole rooting away inside his little butt. Mr. Walker stood there, admiring the boy's beauty, feeling his own hard cock spewing out globs of pre-cum by the gallons. He had always liked guys younger than him, but never had he actually contemplated any boy as young as this heavenly beauty standing before him at this very moment. Now, all he could think about was seeing young Scotty in all of his, and what would have to be, his pure breathtaking raw perfection. As he stared upon Scotty, his eyes envisioned the boy naked, showing off his glorious young beauty and all its dignified royal perfections.

Mr. Walker cleared his throat, then his voice cracked as he uttered, "Young man, you might want to watch who you confront today looking as good as you are. Who knows? You just might run across someone who'd be more than happy to eat you from head to toe!"

Scotty gave his thanks, then he blurted, "Well, I don't know about all the eating part, but I'd be more than happy to get something else started!"

Hearing the boy's comment, Mr. Walker raised an eyebrow, bewildered by Scotty's comment.

Scotty, trying to quickly come up with something, took in a deep breath, then politely asked, "Mr. Walker sir, do you think it would be okay if I could use your restroom?"

Mr. Walker quickly scowled the area with his eyes, seeing if anyone else was outside, then replied, "Absolutely Scotty, come on in!"

Just to answer his own suspicions, as Scotty quickly walked up next to Mr. Walker, Scotty intentionally inched the back of his right hand up to the man's crotch area. His boyish cock throbbed with excitement as Scotty felt Mr. Walker's steel like erection. Mr. Walker felt Scotty's hand as well, nearly causing his already trembling legs to buckle.

Scotty followed Mr. Walker into his home, then, found himself alone in the bathroom thinking of some kind of way to try and seduce the grown man. Scotty was nothing short of being hornier than ever. He not only needed, but now had to have Mr. Walker's man meat inside his mouth, and fill the growing hunger somewhere deep within his cock crazed ass. As Scotty stood before the toilet, holding his 3 1/2 inch erect cock, his eyes fell on a magazine on the floor, right next to the left side of the toilet. With the magazine now in both of his hands, Scotty flipped through the pages only to find naked men showing off their huge erections. This certainly didn't help his overall horniness in the least!

While the young red headed breathtaking beauty was in the bathroom, Mr. Walker was busy studying his own mind boggling predicament. Here he was, in the safety of his own home, with one of the most gorgeous boy to have ever graced the planet earth. He felt his cock throb just at the mere thought of Scotty inside his home. No matter how hard he tried to force his mind off of young Scotty, Mr. Walker's mind kept Scotty, and his perfect young body, constantly being his only vigilant thought.

When Scotty returned, he walked up within a few feet from where Mr. Walker was standing in the kitchen. Mr. Walker turned to face Scotty, and as he did, unintentionally, the bottom half of his robe near his right thigh caught the corner of the island bar, pushing it wide open. In doing so, Scotty's sparkling eyes immediately fell upon the man's jutting erection, and what an erection Mr. Walker was sporting.

At best guess, Scotty figured the man's cock to be a good six inches, uncut with a flab of meat covering the large mushroom shaped bulbous cock head. More impressively to young Scotty, was the actual thickness of the jutting hard cock. It looked just as awesomely thick as Tommy's, but not anywhere as long. Scotty immediately thought that Mr. Walker's overly thick cock would help him to be able to handle Tommy's massive Scottish boner.

Staring intently at the man's thick beast, Scotty noticed how it arched upwards, like his own, at a 45 degree angle. It looked veiny, and remarkably muscular. Below the thick meat were low hanging, very hairy, giant balls. Scotty inadvertently licked his lips as he admired the thick bush of pubic hair pronouncing themselves.

Mr. Walker saw, and felt, how his erect man meat was now out on full display. Clearing his throat once again, Mr. Walker said, "I'm sorry about thisssssssssss....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The next thing Mr. Walker knew was young Scotty kneeling on both knees, now masterfully worshiping his pulsating cock, groping his cum filled balls with both tiny hands. Scotty stretched his mouth, forcing the huge cock head inside of his mouth while basking in the spine tingling pleasure of feeling the grown man's huge hairy balls. Scotty could taste Mr. Walker's thick gooey pre-cum, relishing in the slight saltiness flavor.

Mr. Walker had to lean back against the counter for support as the boy's hot little mouth sent goose bumps popping over square inch of his thick hairy body. Electricity shot through his nuts as Scotty's little fingers ran their soothing course over each one.

Mr. Walker cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddddddddd!"

Scotty was now fighting against all the odds as he did his best to stretch his little mouth over about 3/4 of the man's enormously thick cock head. Though his mouth was unable to allow the entire cock head inside, that certainly didn't stop Scotty's slithering tongue from performing its profound magic.

"What the fuck?" A voice sounded from behind Scotty.

Scotty was easing his bloated mouth off of Mr. Walker's cock when the man's large hands latched onto the back of Scotty's head, pushing his mouth back onto its thickness.

Mr. Walker stated, "That's it boy, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah! Keep sucking! Don't stop, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck no don't stop now!"

Then, it slowly registered into Scotty's sex crazed mind that the voice belonged to Larry. By now, Mr. Walker was bucking his hips, pushing the thick cock head in and out of Scotty's flesh sealing lips. While Scotty was in the midst of sucking Mr. Walker's cock, he saw Larry, wearing just a towel, stand next to Mr. Walker, immediately to his left side. Scotty could see the clear outline of Larry's cock as it tented the towel. Though the towel concealed the man's cock, Scotty could easily tell that Larry was toting quite a weapon.

Still working on Mr. Walker's cock, Scotty saw Larry's hairier than hairy body. The man was slender, but the thick black hair went from Larry's neck, all the way down to his toes. Scotty's eyes widened as he watched Mr. Walker's left hand reach over and undo the towel from around Larry, letting it fall straight to the floor. Now, Scotty could see Larry's body, more so, his cock without any obstructions whatsoever. Larry's cock had to be well over the 8 inch mark, cut, and veiny looking. It wasn't anywhere as thick as Mr. Walker's beastly cock, but it was a heck of a lot longer. It also had a slight hook, protruding straight out from his hairy slender body, hooking just slightly to the right.

The other thing Scotty saw was that Larry's cock, though be it long, looked kind of like a torpedo with the cock head being the same thickness as the creamy colored shaft. Larry's balls were hairy as well, but they offered the lusting appearance of two evenly sized ping-pong balls, swinging a good six or so inches from between his vastly hairy legs. To Scotty, seeing all this man fur was igniting even more fuel to his sexual rampage.

Now, Scotty soon found his mouth worshiping both cocks, taking turns to ensure equal quality time was being spent on each one. He was sucking on Larry's man missile as Larry bellowed, "Fuck me kid! Ohhhhhhhh shit, yes, yesssssssssss, suck that cock boy, suck that mother fucker! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee!"

Without a shred of doubt, Scotty found Larry's cock much easier to suck. Mr. Walker's man pole was just too thick to accommodate his little mouth, but that obstacle didn't stop Scotty from giving his best undivided effort. It was taking turns on their cocks when Scotty discovered that Mr. Walker's first name was Chad. Larry had spoken Chad's name several times while Scotty took turns slurping on both cocks, one at a time.

Sometime later, Scotty's mouth was on Chad's thick meat when Chad shouted, "I'm, I'm, I uh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, damn, here, here, ohhhhhhhh shit, cu-cu-cum-mmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg!"

Scotty immediately felt the blast of thick goo as it began hammering away at the roof of his mouth. Knowing that Chad was spitting man cream into his mouth, Scotty opened up his throat and began swallowing in all earnest just to keep up. It was kind of salty, but that was a welcoming treat for Scotty as he eagerly gulped down the thick goo while grunting and moaning steadily. While Scotty was devouring Chad's man cream, Larry was pumping his cock as he watched the young boy feed on his lover's cherished spunk.

Just as the last drop of Chad's seed slid down his throat, Larry cried out, "Fuck, fuck, here it is boy, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, shit, fuck me, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk!"

Scotty quickly sank his mouth over Larry's soon to be erupting cock just in time to feel the rush of hot liquid pelt the back of his gulping throat. Load after load slithered down Scotty's throat, feeding himself on Larry's delicious man goo. Scotty feverishly drank ever last drop of Larry's nectar, seemingly trying to suck the flesh off the man's cock in the process. Larry, once spent, couldn't take anymore of Scotty's hot little milking mouth, literally forcing it out of Scotty's commercial grade vacuuming orifice.

Both men stood there on trembling legs, both sporting semi flaccid cocks, and both of their eyes zeroed in on the precious boy still kneeling before them. Scotty was smiling like never before, feeling prouder than ever that he had just sucked off two grown men's cocks, and dined on their beloved man cream.

Larry finally mustered up enough energy to speak, "Damn, holy fucking hell that was awesome. Scotty, I never knew this about you. Fuck! Boy, you sure can suck a cock, I'll give you that!"

Scotty, still kneeling, looking up at both men, angelically whispered, "Yeah, and I like to be fucked too!"

Chad blew out air from between his lips, almost making a whistle like sound, then fired back, "Damn Scotty, did you say what I thought you said?"

Scotty was shaking his head up and down as he blurted out, "Yeah, I like to be fucked too!"

Chad smiled in more of a devilish like manner than anything else as he replied, "Well, we like to fuck, especially fuck a super tight hole, in which, I'm damn near certain, that sweet little ass of yours will be super tight."

Larry piped in, "Don't forget, delicious too! I know I just gotta eat that sweet little rosebud of yours! Fuck all this talking, let's take this shit to the bedroom!"

With that being said, the three of them made their way to the bedroom with Chad leading the way, followed by Scotty, and Larry was bringing up the rear. Speaking of rear, Larry was literally foaming at the mouth as his eyes damn near were bugging out of their sockets as he watched Scotty's tiny, but shapely, ass dance with each of the boy's precious footsteps. Seeing the boy's tantalizing butt cheeks dance, Larry's semi flaccid cock regained its steel like momentum, once again, reaching its maximum hardened length.

Just as soon as the three of them entered the bedroom, Chad and Larry eagerly began stripping young Scotty to the point that the little red haired beauty stood before them bare ass naked. Both mens eyes strayed on the few little strands of bright red hair sprouting up on either side of the boy's creamy, mouth watering, pubic region. The 3 1/2 inch boy masterpiece, upwardly arching itself triumphantly at a perfect 45 degree angle, caused both mens cocks to throb like never before.

Chad had Scotty lay on the center of the bed, at which point, both men began ravishing Scotty's upper body. Scotty was panting, moaning, grunting and whimpering as tongues, teeth, and lips seduced his armpits, his neck, his ears, and his pink erect tiny nipples. As the two men lavished over the boy's naked body, it was all Scotty could do to try and stay on the bed. His little body constantly wiggled, periodically hiking his hips into the air as the vast pleasures exploding throughout his entire body sent his brain somewhere deep into a sexually heightened orbital bliss.

While the two men sexually basked on Scotty's body, Scotty felt hands caress, and stimulate, his cock and both tiny hairless nuggets at the same time. Never had he felt so much pleasure ravishing his young body before as the two men sent his sexual frenzy to a never before all time high. His whimpers and groans grew louder as he now was feeling a fingertip circle his hungry little asshole. Scotty found himself trying to slam his butt hole on the circling finger, wanting ever so desperately to feel the finger shoot up his ass, preparing him for whichever cock that was going to feed his sexual craving first.

One mouth and probing tongue after the other filled his own mouth as Larry and Chad took turns sucking the saliva straight out of his gasping mouth. The next thing Scotty knew was that both of his knees were being planted way above his head, straddling his ears widely.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmmm, gaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddddd yesssssssssssssss!" Scotty cried out in pleasurable bliss!

Now, Scotty was feeling Larry's probing tongue as it lapped at his puckering little asshole while Chad was busy engulfing both of his tiny hairless nuggets, using his tongue masterfully to swab each one with gut tingling intricacy. Chad's lips sealed around Scotty's ball sac, pulling them away from Scotty's body while that marvelous tongue sent waves of chills crashing throughout Scotty's convulsing little body.

Scotty's angelic voice lashed out when he felt a long finger join companionship with Larry's anal eating tongue inside his muscle convulsing anal canal. If things couldn't get any more pleasurable for Scotty, Chad began pinching and pulling at his nipples, sending Scotty further and further into a world he had not yet experienced.

Scotty shouted, damn near at the top of his lungs, "Pleeeeeaaaassssseeeeee fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

The two men softly spoke to one another, but to Scotty, their voices seemed to be traveling from a million miles away. It must have been agreed upon for Larry to go first, since his man meat was a lot thinner than Chad's massively thick cock, though be it, Larry's ass plugger was longer than Chad's.

Larry bellowed out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah boy, I'm gonna fuck that sweet little ass of yours into fucking oblivion!"

Scotty's body was still balled up into a ball as he felt Larry's cock head press against his butt hole. Just as the man's cock head was about to invade his ass, Chad slammed his mouth over Scotty's, sending his thick tongue deep inside Scotty's mouth. Only the boy's muffled grunts sounded as Larry slid his ass invader slowly into Scotty's ass. Inch by inch, Larry buried all 8 3/4 inches up the boy's searing hot anal highway. Chad's mouth still covered Scotty's as Larry began using his lengthy cock to plow in and out of the boy's muscle gripping butt.

Larry yelled, "Holy mother of all mother's, this boy's ass is fucking tighter than any ass I've ever fucked before! Fuck me, fuuuuuccccccckkkk!"

The sounds of flesh pounding flesh bellowed off the walls as Larry was hammering away at Scotty's ass. Scotty certainly could feel every inch of Larry's man meat as it pumped in and out of his ass with blinding speed. Initially, Scotty felt the awesome pain from the penetration, but now, only the joyous pleasures of being fucked was now swarming his entire quivering body. With each inwards thrusts, Scotty could feel Larry's cock hitting that magical button somewhere inside his anal canal. His little boy cock felt like it was going to explode at any given time now.

Chad yanked his mouth off the boy's mouth, quickly filling the emptiness by easily engulfing the boy's boyish pleasure stick. Scotty screamed a mixture of blurs, none of which was even closely recognizable by either man. Chad's mouth hadn't been on Scotty's cock a good ten seconds before he felt several sharp sperm missiles begin splashing away at the roof of his mouth. Chad sucked and slurped on the cum firing boy cock, happily retaining the watery cream until the last of the boy's welcoming seed was safely contained inside his vacuuming mouth.

With the boy being pleasurably tormented by his own orgasm, Larry felt Scotty's anal muscles increase their already crushing pressure. Larry was flinging his head in all sorts of directions while power fucking his cock in and out of Scotty's miraculous ass.

Larry screamed, "Oh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuccccckkkk, I'm, I'm, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Scotty felt the hot man juice as it power shot deeper into his anal kingdom. Larry was grunting and whimpering as his ass plugger began pumping thick wads of his man goo up the boy's ass. For Larry, he couldn't remember an orgasm as intense as the one he was now enduring. The harder he slammed his cock up the boy's ass, the more his thick cream fired out.

Chad, once Scotty's cock finished feeding him his boyish delight, allowed just a tiny bit of Scotty's cum to trickle down his throat. Chad's long bear like grunt was the sound of pure deliciousness at best. Chad slowly savored each drop, moaning like crazy as to the overall delicious taste. Being a cum lover, Chad quickly found himself being addicted to Scotty's virtually tasteless boy honey.

Larry pounded his cum spurting cock in and out of the boy's breathtaking ass until the last of his man seed had been implanted up Scotty's muscle crushing ass. Now, completely spent, and his cock seemingly lifeless, Larry pulled his limp organ out of Scotty's butt.

Chad, still feverishly moaning, spoke, "Oh my, oh shit! This boy's cum is sweeter than any I have ever tasted!"

Larry, panting like mad, shot back, "Yeah, just wait until you feel that thick cock of yours up his ass. Mother fuck me, this boy's ass should be patented. Let's switch!"

Scotty's body was still in the midst of a full blown convulsion, and his mind was spinning like never before, when one of the men, or possibly both, flipped him over, spreading his legs way out, then lifted his hips so that his ass was fully exposed and ready for Chad's meaty man pleaser.

Larry got in front of Scotty, on his stomach, spreading his hairy butt cheeks wide apart with both hands while jutting it up towards Scotty's face. Scotty could see nothing but rolls of black hairs running up and down Larry's crack. Scotty inched his face towards the clump of hairs protecting Larry's asshole while testing the air by inhaling deeply. Once discovering that Larry's butt smelled fresh, Scotty buried his gorgeous face in between Larry's butt cheeks and began drilling away at Larry's hairy asshole.

Chad looked at the boy's already sealed hairless bung hole, knowing all too well his lover had just deposited a rather huge load, and could do nothing but smile seeing the creaminess as the tiny dot began puckering with anticipation. Chad smeared a little lubrication all over his thick, then placed the huge knob directly onto Scotty's asshole. Scotty already knew that Chad's thick cock was by far thicker than any he had previously encountered. Scotty felt the thick cock head press against his butt hole, and he tried to prepare himself for being stretched wider than ever.

Chad made several futile attempts at entering Scotty's butt, but his thick cock kept on sliding up and down the boy's hairless crack. Holding the meaty shaft with his right hand, close to the base, Chad pushed for all he was worth.

Scotty screamed, "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwwwEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Chad pushed his cock up the boy's ass, forcing all of his thick cock head into the boy's tunnel, then held fast, patiently waiting for the right time to slip more of his meaty ass filler up the boy's super tight rectum.

While Scotty was yelling, Larry shouted, "Eat my ass boy! Let me feel that fucking tongue of yours inside me! Eat it, eat my ass baby boy!"

Scotty had never felt as much pain as the pain tearing through his entire body at the present moment. To him, it felt like a telephone pole was being shoved up his ass, not to mention, that it felt like it was on fire as well. Scotty tried to continue eating out Larry's asshole, but each time his tongue stabbed at the man's hairy butt hole, the cock invading his ass seemed to throb, expanding his anal walls outwards even wider.

Chad pushed forward, sending a good two inches deep into Scotty's searing hot love canal. Scotty could feel those added inches ripping up his butt, forcing him to scream from the mind numbing pain. He kept telling himself that if he could take Chad's thick cock, then he should be able to take Tommy's just as thick cock as well. Biting down on his lower limp, Scotty did his best to relax his anal muscles, wishing against all wishes for this excruciating pain to go away.

Within a short time, Chad managed to shove his entire 6 1/2 inch thick uncut cock all the way up the boy's cock cooking butt. Scotty was still wincing and whimpering, with tears steam rolling out of both eyes, still managing to please Larry by stabbing his tongue in and out of the man's poop maker.

Chad placed both large hands onto the crevice of Scotty's hips, then began to slowly fuck the boy's mystifying butt, sending his head spinning in all different directions as to the overall pleasures surrounding his cock as it pulled out, then dove in. With his tongue crawling inside Larry's ass, Scotty reached behind himself with both hands and yanked his little butt cheeks further apart. It was then that the nightmarish pain vanished, and that familiar feeling of having a cock up his ass returned. Once the pleasures exploded inside of him, Scotty began using his own ass as a weapon against Chad's thrusting cock, meeting force with force.

Sensing how the boy was now slamming his tight little ass onto his ass plowing cock, Chad dug his fingers into the boy's flesh and began hammering his cock in and out of Scotty's butt with a maddening vengeance. Scotty was no longer whimpering, however, his angelic moans splashed into both men's ears. Larry began humping his ass onto the boy's ass eating tongue while Chad was doing everything he could do to shove both his cock and balls up the boy's ass.

Scotty shot his head up, flinging his head backwards, then cried out, "Yesssssssss, yesssssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaarrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Chad was pile driving his cock in and out of Scotty's ass harder than he had ever done in his life. Each inwards thrusts made his free swinging balls smack Scotty's hairless nuggets with awesome power, feeding both Chad and Scotty with further delight. Scotty was steadily hunching his ass backwards on Chad's thrusting cock while clamping down on his anal muscles.

While Scotty was using his anal muscles as an added weapon, his entire body began massively convulsing as his young boy cock exploded its watery cream onto the bed's linen. Scotty went blind with lust as his cock spat out wads of watery cream, now forcing his anal muscles to react in a violent bone crushing manner.

Chad felt the boy's anal muscles as they coiled around his ass plugging organ, clamping down while pulling. As for Chad, that added ingredient to an already soaring sexual high was all it took for his own pumping cock to volcanically explode, firing thick ropey jets of man juice up the boy's magical anal kingdom.

While Scotty was enduring his own orgasm, still loving every ass pounding thrust of Chad's cock, feeling the man's thick chunks of hot cream shoot inside him, Larry flipped over onto his back, aiming his cock directly at Scotty's already open mouth. Scotty didn't see Larry holding his cock, but Larry's left hand forced Scotty's mouth onto his man meat just as the first strand of man seed began coating the interior lining of his mouth.

Scotty felt Larry's cock spit thick strands of goo into his mouth as he began instinctively shooting his mouth up and down the man's long slender pole. As the first mouthful of man juice slipped down his throat, Scotty detected just a slight saltiness flavor, and that was it. Soon, it was Scotty who was moaning like crazy as Larry's thick cream slid down his throat while his little mouth worked overtime on the man's erupting cock.

Chad had fucked the last morsel of his cum up the boy's ass, arching his body backwards in order to free his limp cock from the overwhelming vacuuming pressure created from Scotty's mind boggling ass. While Chad was resting on both knees, Larry was using his right hand to squeeze out the remaining drops of his own cum into Scotty's sucking mouth.

In a short time, Larry was resting on his back, Scotty in the middle, and Chad was laying next to Scotty, on Scotty's left side. All three were breathing extremely heavy, and all eyes were fixated on the ceiling, staring into empty space. Scotty, still breathing heavier than ever, felt the pressure of both men's recently deposited cum build inside his bowels. Rolling over Larry, Scotty quickly used both hand to hold his butt cheeks together while quickly inching himself forwards, on two very wobbly legs, towards the bathroom.

Just as his butt cheeks were about to touch the toilet's seat, Scotty's asshole opened, and sent cannon ball like shots of man goo plopping into the water below. Each time Scotty thought he was finished, more cum came dribbling out of his ass. He must have sat on the toilet for thirty minutes before finally feeling empty. His asshole hurt, but it hurt in a good way. In fact, Scotty could only think of getting more cocks to pound him senseless.

Chad let Scotty shower in peace, and Scotty welcomed the hot water and refreshing coconut scented soap. After showering, Scotty stood in their living room offering his more than appreciative thanks for all that had just happened. Scotty was even more excited to know that both Chad and Larry told him he could visit anytime he wanted to.

Scotty walked out of their front door, realizing just how shaky his legs actually were. Prior to him leaving their home, he did grab a few breath mints, and now was busy sucking on two of them. He wanted his breath to be fresh just in case he got lucky again. So, with that in mind, Scotty slowly began walking with no specific destination in mind.

His feet carried him all the way around the block, and he was now walking on the sidewalk leading up to his house. Slightly frustrated, Scotty roamed both sides of the streets with his eyes, hoping beyond all hopes to find someone, a man, who would be willing to plow his ass. Five houses up from his own house, Carl Anderson was outside washing his recently purchased corvette. Scotty knew him very well, more so, knew his son who was much older than Scotty much better. Well, he didn't really know Travis Anderson all that well, but he knew who he was. Travis was the high school's star basketball player and he was in the 11th grade.

Scotty slowed his footsteps just so he could get an eyeful of the bare chested man's physique. Carl was a black man of medium dark complexion. He was also a friend of Scotty's father. Carl's bare chest magnified his rippling muscles with just a dark patch of curls resting in between his muscular chest. At best guess, Scotty figured Carl to stand somewhere close to the 6'5" mark, and weighed a chiseled 230 or so pounds. To Scotty, this guy was built like a shit brick house!

Tossing caution into the wind, Scotty walked right up to Carl, who was bent over washing the driver's side front fender well. Scotty got a good look at the man's tempting solid butt. Since Carl was wearing nothing but spandex bicycle short's, Scotty certainly got a good eyeful. Even the man's legs appeared to be just as muscular as the rest of his chiseled physique. To say the least, Scotty's 3 1/2 inches of pure boy pride grew harder than a chunk of steel.

As Carl stood up, he noticed Scotty standing there, smiled than softly said, "Hey Scotty, I didn't see you come up."

At first, their brief conversation was simple enough, but after about five minutes, Carl invited Scotty inside his home so he could get something to drink. Once inside, now standing in the kitchen, Scotty found himself marveling over Carl's muscular 40 something year old body. Carl poured Scotty some lemonade and the two of them sat on the barstool sipping on their drinks.

At one point, when Carl was making them something to drink, Scotty was lucky enough to intently stare at the huge bulge inside Carl's short's. To Scotty, the concealed package made his mouth water and young cock throb constantly.

During their conversation, Scotty took mental notes indicating that Carl was now alone, and his wife and son wouldn't be back home until sometime later this evening. Scotty did his best to toss in a few sexual related topics, but unfortunately, Carl didn't take the hint at all. Once they were finished with their drinks, Carl stood up to get them another glass full, In doing so, Scotty saw the large basket seem to be even larger, allowing him to be able to make out the outline of the thick cock head concealed inside. The shaft itself appeared to be rather balled up, but the bulge it produced was distinctly cock stirring.

After a further uneventful conversation, Scotty, point blank asked, "Mr. Carl sir, does your wife ever suck your dick, you know, suck it good?"

Carl was certainly taken back by the boy's forwardness, but kindly replied, "Come to think of it Scotty, she's just not into it, so I guess the answer is no."

Once again, being forward, Scotty eagerly asked, "Well, how about taking it up the ass? Will she let you do that sir?"

Shaking his head from side to side, doing his best not to laugh, Carl responded, "Oh hell fucking no! Son, my wife's ass has been off limits ever since we've been together."

Scotty searched his mind for the right words, and once thinking that he had them, simply spat out, "Well, what if you found someone, let's say much younger than you, who really, really wanted you to fuck them in the butt, would you?"

Carl sipped on his drink, swallowed, smacking his lips in the process, turned to look at Scotty, then softly whispered, "Scotty, that's a bit personal, but if I had to answer that question, I would honestly have to say that it would depend on the person in question."

Firing right back, Scotty excitingly fired back, "Well, what if that person was a boy? What if he really, really wanted to feel your cock up his butt, would you consider it?"

All this talk about butt sex made Carl's cock throb with envy, and it was true about his wife. It's been a while since they had sex, and the longer he sat there staring at his friend's son, the more gorgeous Scotty began looking. Clearing his throat, Carl said, "Yeah, I guess that would be something to consider, but I'm not gay, and besides Scotty, without bragging, I was blessed with a pretty good sized chunk of beef."

Scotty fidgeted on the stool, and before he had time to think, his mouth flew open, spewing, "Let me see it sir!"

Carl stood up, he himself not taking the time to think things through, grabbed the short's left side hem, freeing his cock, allowing it to fall from its confinement. Scotty swallowed hard as his eyes began bugging out at the sight of the chocolate massive one eyed beast. The thing must have been over 8 inches long and as thick, if not thicker, than Tommy's impressive beast. Carl used his fingers to flop the semi flaccid dark pole around, forcing the life into it as both sets of eyes stared at the rapidly inflating chocolate monster.

In no time, no time at all, Scotty was now entranced at looking at the biggest cock he had ever seen. The thing looked like it must have been close to the 11 inch mark, and considerably thicker than Tommy's or Chad's. Sitting there, eyeing the one eyed beast, all Scotty could do was swallow, and swallow hard.

As if being drawn in by some powerful magnetic force, Scotty eased himself off the stool and found himself holding Carl's chocolate anaconda with both hands. The large piss slit opened, and a dollop of pre-cum came oozing out. Out of sheer instinct, Scotty lowered his mouth up to the man's beastly cock and flickered his tongue, swiping the pre-cum directly from the source, moaning in delight as to the refreshing deliciousness of it.

Carl grunted and groaned as he felt the boy's mouth and tongue swarm all over his cock head. It had been a long, long time since any mouth had ever touched his cock. Even now, standing there allowing a 12 year old white boy work on his cock, the thought of himself doing anything resembling gay sex not once crossed his now spinning mind.

Carl held onto the boy's head for dear life as he mildly shouted, "Yeah boy, suck that big black cock! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss Scotty, suck it, suck my cock baby boy!"

Scotty tried like all hell, but he couldn't even get the man's enormous cock head inside his mouth. All he could do was lick all over it as if it were a giant lollipop. To Carl, the boy's tongue was performing a vast array of magic all over his rock hard cock. Scotty cupped Carl's hairy large balls, tugging and caressing them all at the same time.

After about five minutes of steady licking, Carl cinched his teeth, then tossed out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh baby boy, yeah, I'm gonna fucked that little white ass of yours! Yeah, that's it, work that big black mother fucker boy, yessssssssssssss!"

Another few minutes passed when Carl shouted, "I'm gonna pound your ass baby boy! You wanted this big black mother fucker, and now I'm gonna give it to you! Follow me my little white bitch boy!"

Scotty followed in behind Carl, admiring the way the man's black ass cheeks rippled as he took each step. It was then that Scotty realized he may have bitten off way more than he could chew. Carl's cock was flat fucking huge by any and all sense of the meaning. Nobody would have to tell Scotty that this was going to hurt, and hurt like never before, but after all, it was he who seduced Carl, and now Carl had every intentions of shoving that huge black fucking cock up his ass.

He followed Carl into Carl's office, then watched the man as he cleared the top of his desk off. Once the desk was cleared, Carl told Scotty to strip, and once Scotty was naked, Carl had him get on top of the desk, in a doggy style position. Scotty was facing the window, his body already shaking from the pain he knew was about to happen.

With his voice cracking, Scotty leaned his head to his far right, whispering, "Please be gentle sir!"

Carl was greasing up his cock, and the look of a fired up animal was displaying all across his face, as he replied, "Huh uh boy! You got me all worked up, talking about ass sex and all, and now you want me to be fucking gentle! Boy, I'm gonna bust your ass and fuck your brains out! Ohhhhhhh hell yeah bitch boy, you're gonna get what you asked for. Damn boy, you sure as shit do have one hell of a pretty little asshole, I'll give you that, but believe me, I'm gonna fuck that pretty thing, and fuck it goooooooooooooood!"

Scotty was kind of waiting for Carl to shove a lubricated finger up his ass, but instead of a finger, Scotty was now feeling the man's overly thick mushroom head smash up against his tightly sealed, and already sore, asshole. Carl had both of his hands holding onto his thick shaft, pressing heavily, doing all he could do to force his thick beast up the boy's ass. Scotty was actually trying to relax his ass, but just the mere thought of something so fucking long and thick going up his ass had his body convulsing from pure fear.

A few more futile attempts, then all of a sudden, Scotty grabbed the front edge of the desk, screaming, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwwddddddddd, ow, ow, owEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Shit, shit, ohhhhhhhhh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, it, it, it huuuuuuurrrrrrrrtttttttssss!"

Carl pushed the thick cock head into the boy's ass, followed up with a good four inches of throbbing thick veiny shaft. Releasing his cock, Carl grabbed the boy's slender hips, pulling Scotty backwards as his thick ass stretched dove forward.

Scotty was yelling and screaming as it felt as if his ass was being slowly ripped in half. The pain was far more than he had ever anticipated, and certainly a lot more than he had ever experienced thus far. As the big meaty black monster pried up his anal canal, Scotty found breathing was becoming harder and harder. His body convulsed wildly and the words flew out of his mouth with agonizing torment.

Carl lunged his long meaty cock forwards, descending into the searing hot, cock crushing depth of Scotty's pain riddled ass. Carl's heavy balls slapped sharply up against Scotty's own shriveled up nuggets as the over sized beast buried itself deeper than any cock had ever been before. Scotty felt as though Carl's enormous cock went passed his anal canal and was now probing somewhere deep within his stomach's bloated lining. The pain was almost too intense for Scotty to bare, feeling as though he would pass out at any given time now.

As the man's long, thick cock crammed itself all the way up Scotty's butt, Carl latched onto Scotty's thin hips and began yanking the boy backwards as his cock propelled itself forwards. With each powerful thrust, Scotty screamed in agonizing pain.

Carl smacked each of Scotty's pale white butt cheeks, yelling, "Yeah boy, yeah bitch, take it, take this big black mother fucker boy! Oh fuck, you got one hell of a tight ass little boy! Ah shit bitch, yeah, yeah boy, feel that big cock, feel all of it up this sweet ass! Yeah baby boy, tell daddy how much you like his big cock up your juicy little ass, tell me boy!"

Scotty was biting his lips, gripping the edge of the desk with all of his trembling fingers, wincing steadily from the gut wrenching, nightmarish, pain. As the man behind him slammed him backwards, Scotty could certainly feel the gargantuan cock as it tunneled deeply inside of him, reeking all hell an havoc in the process.

Be it the way Carl was talking to him, or the tingling slaps upon each of his little butt cheeks, but within a minute or so, Scotty began to feel the awesome pain in the beginning stages of fading away. With one hammering, body pounding thrust, something inside Scotty snapped, sending the pain far from his convulsing body, quickly replacing it with mind numbing pleasure.

Scotty screamed, "Yesssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeee daddy, fuck myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssssssss haaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddd daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Gimme your big black cock siiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr! Fuck me, fuck me, ohhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwddddddd fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee daddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

Hearing the way the boy was pleading, Carl instantly, almost animal like, began pile driving his big cock as hard as he possibly could in and out of the boy's cock crushing ass. Both man and boy were screaming, both out of pure lustful passion and heart pounding pleasure.

Nearly fifteen minutes of steady ass pounding bliss, Carl, with his cock buried deep into the boy's ass, flipped Scotty onto his back, pushing the boy's knees over his head, then began slamming his meaty weapon ever so violently into the boy's vacuuming butt. Carl wrapped his hands behind Scotty's head, looking straight into the young angel's eyes as his cock scorched in and out of Scotty's butt with mind boggling speed.

Scotty had been fucked before, but not by someone who had such an enormous cock, and certainly not by anyone who had the stamina such as the man fucking him senseless right at the present moment. His anal canal felt so stretched, and he tried, tried like hell, to clinch down on his anal muscles, but to Scotty, he felt as if he had no strength to do so.

Somewhere further in time, Scotty' cock, without any help whatsoever, exploded, shooting his watery nectar all over his chin and chest. Carl saw the boy's cock as it spat out several ropey strands of boy cream, and in seeing that, he fought against all odds to fuck the boy's ass with a die heard vengeance. Never had he had his cock in something so awesomely tight. Carl had already told himself he would do whatever he could to keep this sexual moment alive, prolonging his ass busting session for as long as he possibly could.

Carl varied his speed, stopping each time he felt as though he was getting dangerously close, then when the feeling subsided, he resumed slamming his thick meat as hard as he could in and out of Scotty's love tunnel. Scotty was screaming, yelling, moaning, grunting, whimpering, hissing, and cooing as he was enduring the longest, hardest fuck of his young life.

Scotty's cock began oozing out the clear liquid as his body was being pummeled by the man and his enraged ass fucking motions. No sooner had his boyish cock stopped oozing out his cum, another wave ravished Scotty's body, sending out a few more thin ropey strands of boy cream all over his stomach. By now, Scotty's mind had completely departed his body, sending him into a wonderful orgasmic riddled world.

Nearly 35 minutes of constant ass pounding, Carl simply could not hold out any longer. Slinging his head back, Carl yelled, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck baby boy, here, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, here it, here it, ahhhhhhhhhhhh damn, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Carl was still slamming his meat pipe harder than ever as his sperm bolted from his piss slit, shooting deeper up the boy's rectum as he thrust his cock violently in and out of Scotty's cock pleasing butt. Scotty screamed when he felt the thick hot goo coat deeply up his rectum, sending his cock into yet another watery cum spewing explosion.

Now, both man and boy were yelling as both cocks began dumping their loads. As for Carl, he was lost in a passion all to himself, realizing he had never felt such an intense orgasm as the one he was now going through. It felt like his man seed was traveling somewhere from his curling toes, exploding with a vengeance from his cock, ripping his piss lips in half.

Scotty's cum drizzling cock began oozing out bubbles of watery cum as Carl's thick meat packing pole kept on shooting wads upon thick wads up his butt. Just as the man's stamina was exceptional, so was his ability to pump, what felt like, gallons upon gallons of hot man cream up his incredibly sore ass.

As the last droplet of cum departed his now semi flaccid cock, Carl, breathing as if he had just finished a 20 mile marathon, slipped his butt packer out of Scotty's well fucked, and cum filled, ass. Using the top of the desk for support, Carl leaned against it as he watched the boy lower his legs, breathing just as sharply as he was now doing. Seeing the boy with his legs dangling over the side of the desk, Carl couldn't help not to see the watery puddles of boy cream as it gathered on the boy's neck, chest, stomach, and pubic area. For whatever reason, almost as if he had been the target of some form of commercial grade magnet, Carl found himself easing his face close to the puddle of boy cum gathered at the base of Scotty's throat.

Placing his lips around the puddle of boy cream, Carl sucked in, tasting his first taste of boy cum. It was slimy, but offered very little taste, so Carl began hungrily devouring the protein filled snack as if he was a dog lapping up a fresh bowl of water. Within a very short time, Carl was lapping up Scotty's spent cream at the boy's pubic region, taking the time to see the few tiny whisks of bright red pubic hair while also viewing Scotty's deflated boy cock. Without hesitation, Carl slid his lips over Scotty's limp noodle and sucked ever so softly, sending Scotty's body into another round of massive convulsions.

For Carl, this was indeed the first time he had ever sucked a cock. Prior to this moment, he had never contemplated sucking one before. It was then that the realization of what had just happened struck him. He had in fact just got done fucking his friend's 12 year old son, not to mention, greedily lapped up the boy's refreshing boyish watery cum. Now, all Carl could think about was whether or not the two of them would be able to hook up again.

Scotty had to literally beg Carl to release his cock because it was too sensitive to be sucked on. By now, Carl had regained his composure somewhat and was helping Scotty, who could barely stand, onto the floor. Carl gave Scotty a hug, cupping both of the boy's little butt cheeks with both large hands.

Carl held Scotty's face, looking down into the boy's watery eyes, then softly whispered, "If there is any way, I sure would love to do this again sometime."

Scotty smacked his lips, still reeling in the effect of having just been given the fucking of a lifetime, replied, "You bet!"

Scotty was just about to leave when he felt the increasing pressure inside his bowel's. Carl pointed him to the bathroom, and Scotty had no problem dumping the copious supply of man cream out of his cum shooting ass. As Carl's cum fired from his ass, Scotty's body shook feverishly. His asshole was definitely sore, almost to the point that it was on fire.

A little while later, after wiping himself real good and washing his hands, the two bid their farewells as Scotty stepped out the front door, heading directly home on two very wobbly legs. By the short time he reached his home, Scotty saw the family vehicle in the driveway. Upon entering, all of his family had gathered in the living room. Passing out his hugs, Scotty tip toed down the stairs leading into the basement to take a well needed shower.

Out of all his family, it was Tommy who saw the flushed look on Scotty's face, not to mention, the way the boy was walking. Tommy already knew that the boy had given his pretty little ass up to someone, but that didn't matter to him cause he had spent the entire day fantasizing about shoving his own monstrous cock up the boy's tight little butt.

Scotty was peacefully standing under the shower, allowing the hot water to soothingly spray his entire still shaking body. His butt hole hurt from the hard and heavy pounding Carl had given him. Taking the bar of soap in his right hand, Scotty began soaping up his entire body, taking the time to sneak in a finger full of soap up his sore butt hole. Although his butt hole hurt, his soapy finger darting in and out kind of felt pretty good, and soon, Scotty was lost in finger fucking his ass, resting his head up against the shower's wall.

Without even realizing it, Scotty was now finger fucking his own ass with two soapy fingers, slightly moaning as his fingers began performing some kind of magic within his overheated anal canal. His left hand quickly fell upon his rock hard boy missile and he began jerking on it at a medium pace. Scotty was so consumed at pleasing himself, he almost leaped out of the shower when he felt two large hands wrap around his body. One large hand held tightly onto his chest while the other hand snatched a strong hold of his hard little pecker.

It was Tommy, and he whispered, "Wheest (Silence) lad! I've been wanting this all day!"

Tommy's hands pushed Scotty's upper body closer to the floor while using his own feet to spread the boy's slender shaking legs. Scotty was now standing in a modified doggy style position, holding onto both of his ankles with both hands. Watching Tommy from between his own legs, he saw Tommy soap up his lengthy thick hooded beast.

Scotty wasn't all that sure he was ready to have another mammoth cock work his ass, but it was now too late, for Tommy had already placed the large bulbous cock head up to his asshole and was now increasing the pressure. Scotty whimpered, biting down on his lips to try and silence the widening penetration.

Once again, Tommy whispered, "Wheest lad, wheest! I've got a huge load that needs to be freed!"

Scotty did his best to silence the initial pain as the thick beast began sliding up his throbbingly sore anal canal. The excitement of thinking about Scotty all day caused Tommy to forget that the boy was only 12 as he pushed his enormous cock all the way up Scotty's anal chamber. Scotty's body went into a wild convulsion as he felt Tommy's hairy low hanging balls mash up against his widely spread butt crack and shriveled up balls.

Taking a strong hold onto Scotty's hips, Tommy wasted no time as he began power pumping his butt plugger in and out of Scotty's convulsing butt. Tommy was well aware that time wasn't on his side, so he went blind with furious lust as he power slammed his huge cock up Scotty's butt. Though Scotty's butt was painfully sore, Tommy's pounding cock sent shock waves rippling throughout his entire body of pure mind boggling pleasure.

While Tommy was seriously packing his ass with his Scottish butt packer, Scotty was busy with clamping down on his anal muscles, feeding his delirious body with more body numbing pleasures. Within a couple of minutes, Scotty couldn't take it any longer as his meaty cock began unleashing thick torpedo like wads of man cream deep into Scotty's butt. When Scotty felt the hot chunks of man goo shoot up his ass, his own cock began firing off several rounds of watery ropes, falling with a slight thud onto the floor, circling around as his boy goo began slipping into the drain.

Scotty's whimpers grew louder as his orgasm shot through his body like an armor piercing bullet. Tommy was flinging his head all over while his large cock continuously shot spurt after spurt of thick man juice up the boy's commercial grade vacuuming little ass.

Tommy's cock finally ended its cum assault, slipping out of Scotty's butt with effortless ease. Scotty stood up, leaning forward, resting his upper body and face against the wall, breathing rapidly. As he stood there, he could feel Tommy's Scottish cream as it began pouring out of his ass in gushes. Tommy stood there, panting like crazy, watching Scotty's backside as it shot out his recently deposited thick cum.

A bubble of cum oozed out of Scotty's butt just as his uncle stepped into the shower. Tommy was standing under the shower, lathering up his hulking body. Scotty's uncle, though he didn't see anything, was smart enough to realize that his nephew had the distinct look of someone who had just been recently fucked.

Scotty's uncle said, "Scotty my boy, it looks like you are a chip off the old block! So, how was Tommy's cock up that sweet wee little arse of yours?"

Scotty managed to turn around and look into his uncle's eyes. Thankfully enough, Scotty's uncle didn't look upset at all, in fact, he was smiling from ear to ear. Scotty returned the smile, then softly, and ever so angelically whispered, "Great, absolutely great!"

For the next two weeks, while his family stayed at his home, Scotty made a point to have Tommy's mammoth cock plow his ass daily, often times, numerous times throughout the day. When his family left, Scotty wasted no time in making his rounds in the subdivision, especially making the time to spend with Carl, and Carl's fantastic enormous cock. Scotty spent every waking moment thinking of ways to seduce men. All the boy wanted was to suck a man's cock and feel a man's cock pummel his ass. Yeah, there were a couple of boys in the area close to his age who wanted to fool around, but for Scotty, he didn't want boys, he craved men! So, with that in mind, Scotty spent every waking moment doing just that, craving men!