Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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It was late Thanksgiving day and I was bored. No one had called or come by. I had slept in till about two in the afternoon then got up to watch a little football. I just couldn't get interested in anything. I popped a Turkey TV dinner in the microwave and booted up nifty to find something to take my mind off of...well there was nothing on my mind. I just needed a distraction.

About four I thought I might go see my old friend Jim. I met Jim when we lived in the same apartment complex about seven or eight years ago. I don't see him often. Usually we just sort of cross paths out at the Vet center. He's another of those fucked in the head Viet vets that just can't seem to get it going anymore. Well he's in good company, there are a lot of us.

I walked up to his door about six and he invited me in. Bobby was there and they were pretty much on the fry. A plastic trash bag stood by the door almost full of Bud empties. I didn't get three feet in the door when a cute kid of about fourteen shoved a cold can in my hand the top already popped and he had helped himself to a swig. I asked for another as I chugged the one he had handed me. I love to chug the first beer to set my system in gear. It always brings a laugh from the group. It's no big deal, I just open my mouth and pour it down.

I watched the kid run to the kitchen. He was wearing nothing but an old yellow pair of briefs that had seen much better days. The leg holes were stretched out and the fabric was pulling away from the waist band but it showed a real cute, tight butt that my made pecker pucker. The kid came back with the beer and I stayed where I was so I could leer at his bulging package. It appeared rather large for his apparent age and size. He was about five five and weighed around one hundred and ten pounds. He was a brownish blonde with a light dusting of brown hair on his calves. He was dirty as if he hadn't showered in a while but I didn't notice much body odor and believe me I got close enough to check. I wanted to kiss his cheek when he handed me the beer.

"My name is Reggy," he held out his hand and smiled. I put the beer in my left hand and shook hands with him. His handshake was firm and his hand was warm and dry. I licked my lips and told him my name.

I knew Jim was a sex fiend. I don't think there was any gay in him but he would take sex where he could find it. In the years past I had known him to let a young man blow him. We would go to a bar and someone would put a move on him. He didn't care if it was male or female he liked head. I was never with him when he fucked but I had seen him get blown many times. I had even taken seconds from some of the youngsters he let go at him. But this boy was much younger than I had ever seen him with.

Now Jim wasn't that much. He sat there with nothing on but an old pair of cut off sweat pants. He was old and drawn, much beyond his sixty one years. His black hair starting to fill with sprinkles of gray. His skin was dry and sagging. His once firm pecs drooped and his old proud belly was a layer of skin like sagging frosting on a hot cake. He had no muscle tone left to his body. His balls peeked out one leg of his shorts and the cut head was just visible out the other. Reggy walked over and sat beside Jim and caressed my friends package as he lay his head on the older man's shoulder.

Bobby got up and grabbed Reggy's arm and pulled the boy up. "I have go to the airport to get the wives in a little bit. What say you and me go back here?" He led the willing boy to the back of the apartment.

Jim and I sat and talked a bit. I asked him if the kid wasn't a bit young and he smiled and rubbed his crotch. He told me the boy was cold and out in the rain. It had rained pretty hard the past weekend and the temperatures went below freezing for the first time this year. Jim told me that his wife and Bobby's wife were sisters and that they had flown back east somewhere for dinner with their folks but were returning tonight.

I asked what he did with the kid and he told me, "same as always. Kid really loves to suck cock and he's good at it. Me and Bobby been letting him go down four five times a day each. I needed Bobby to help me, kids insatiable. Really glad you're here though. You can take the kid to your place. Vicki would never understand." I asked him if he fucked the kid. He told me, "No way. You know I don't fuck much anymore and I ain't never been a fudge packer. 'Sides that the kid don't like it. Said that was fucking queer and he wouldn't do it till he got the right man to marry. He's a happy little faggot. I'm gonna miss him. You'll take him home won't you?"

"Jim you know I did time for sex with a kid. I'm registered. If I get caught again I won't leave prison alive."

"Not to worry. This kid is safe and he sure won't tell. He wants a warm bed and a hot man to be with. I think he wants a daddy, know what I mean?"

My pension check doesn't go far. I get sixty per cent pay. That is about seven hundred and fifty a month, tax free and all my medical from the Army. That's not much for one to live on. I sure can't keep a boy too.

Bobby came back in, his dripping cock still hanging out as he tucked in his shirt and buttoned up his jeans. "Damn, that boy's fine. Gotta go get the anchors. Be back in a couple of hours." He was out the door.

Reggy was standing there all flushed and still breathing hard, his body covered in sweat. His lips were red and a little puffy. He looked at Jim. Jim had a lengthening cock crawling done the leg hole of his cut offs. Reggy got down on his knees in front of Jim and took the meat into his mouth. I was sitting in the rocking chair in front of the couch and from my angle I could watch a free sex show. Jim isn't big in the man department but the boy was enjoying himself with what was there. Jim lay his head back on the sofa and spread his arms. I had seen this stance many times in the years past and I knew that he was off in his own fantasy world. I just sat and watched as the boy continued on. I was really watching the boy's ass as he worked on my friend. It was really cute and small for the size of the boy. I wanted to rip those old drawers off of him and bury my face right between those perfect shaped globes and have lunch.

Jim surprised me. He lasted twenty five minutes. However, he had told me the boy was doing him four or five times a day so at our age I could understand it taking awhile. Reggy sat back on his heels and wiped his hand across his mouth. Jim pulled the leg of his shorts back down and indicated me to the boy with his eyes. Reggy turned around and pulled the buttons of my jeans open. I was already hard and the boy took no time in going down on me.

"I can't get over that cock of yours man. That has got to be the biggest fuck stick I ever saw and you got so damn much skin over it." Jim said.

Reggy just pulled off and tried to push my jeans down some. I raised up and he slid them down past my knees. He then pulled my foreskin back and took me back into his mouth while his hands nuzzled my balls. The kid was good. I don't find many that can take my whole nine and a half down their throat and most complain of the thickness. Reggy didn't complain. I could feel the head of my cock making the trip into his tight little throat with every down stroke as he pulled almost all the way off then plunged back down. I love to be long stroked and deep throated and this boy knew his shit. I got off in about seven too short minutes. I wanted to go for a long time yet. Yeah, why not take the kid home. He was good.

Jim told him that he should get dressed that his wife would be home soon and he wanted to make sure there were no signs of his having been there all week. I saw the sadness in Reggy's eyes and I knew it wasn't sadness for Jim, this guy was a total ass hole. No this was sadness because he didn't know where he would go. I put a hand to each side of Reggy's face and pulled it into mine. I kissed his cum covered lips and watched his eyes get wide. "You want to go to my house for awhile?" Reggy smiled and nodded. He jumped up and ran to the other room returning in moments with old, torn, cheap jeans on and a really ratty shirt with a jacket that looked like he took it out of the Good Will bin. It was at least three sizes to large for him. He looked around and found some really worn sneakers and put them on his bare feet. Jim was up looking around the house. He said he couldn't see anything else and Reggy told him that this was all he had. I shook Jim's hand and wished him a happy Thanksgiving and he said the same to me and we left.

Reggy and I got into my mini-van and buckled up. I put my right hand under his chin and pulled his face to mine. Our lips met and I pushed at his with my tongue. His mouth opened and I tasted the sweetest mouth I had ever been in. His tongue slipped past mine as he explored the interior of my orifice. We kissed long and hard. After several minutes I pulled away and turned the key to start the engine. "Wow!!" emitted from Reggy's sweet lips. He sunk back in his seat and looked at me. "I have never been kissed before. That is wicked wild. Can we do it again."

"All the time, anytime, babe."

"Babe?" A tear rushed down his cheek.

He hadn't been eating that much at Jim's house all week. I know Jim eats very little, and so do I for that matter, but this is a growing boy with two hollow legs and a bottomless pit in his gut. I drove out to the freeway to a truck stop that I know serves a good meal and lots of it. Reggy was a little apprehensive as I pulled in to the car parking area.

"Are you going to dump me here," he was so sad and the tears were gushing.

"Dump you? Hell no! I'm going to feed you. I need to keep your energy up so that you can continue to work that marvelous mouth of yours." I stopped. What had I just said? I should be shot for those words. I don't want to use this kid. I really wanted to become his friend and I just realized that.

Reggy was out of the van and standing by my door with a smile as wide as Texas on his cute little face. "I'm sorry, babe. That remark sounded so sick." He looked at me questionably. "I don't want ours to be only a sexual acquaintance. I want to try to become friends."

"You keep calling me babe. That means you like me. I would like to become your friend and, I am a pretty good cock sucker too." We both laughed hard and loud as we headed to the door and food.

The boy could eat. I was afraid that being this late on a holiday that they would not have their buffet but it was up and the pans of food were full. I ordered a half turkey sandwich and a cup of bean soup while the human vacuum made three trips to the buffet with plates piled four inches high, side to side. He then polished off a large bowl of their famous deep dish apple pie with a pint of soft serve ice cream on top.

Between trips of the fork to his mouth I managed to get a very hard story out of the youngster. He was seventeen, at least he would be. He had finished high school on an accelerated program and was on the fast track to college. His father had left him and his mother when he was a baby. He had a newspaper clipping that his dad had died in Dallas eight years ago.

His mother was a slut, his words. She fucked for drugs. She even sold his mouth to a few men until puberty caught up to him. He was a late bloomer and didn't get hair until he was nearly fifteen. He got his first cum when he was fourteen and a half. He was messing around with a kid in school and they sucked each other off. They had been doing it for several months when all of a sudden he shot, to both of their surprise. The other kid dumped him because he wasn't a fag. He just sucked so he could get sucked but he wasn't going to go taking that shit down his throat.

Reggy's mother had a boyfriend that had been around for several years and he knew the guy was selling drugs. He was a real low life and cheated everyone. Well, he cheated the wrong guy. In September the front door landed in the middle of the living room floor. Reggy's mom jumped up as a "big Mexican dude" rushed in. He thrust a twenty four inch machete into his mother's gut and sliced down cutting her open. Her guts poured out in pieces as she stared at her son and fell dead to the floor.

The boy friend had made a move by now and the 'Big Mexican dude' swung his machete and cut the guy's head off in one swing. Reggy was coming out of the kitchen with a sandwich in his hand and had seen this whole scene play out. He dropped his sandwich and went out the back door and over the fence and just kept running.

When he was sure no one was following him he stopped and got behind a hedge to catch his breath. He said only one car cruised by but it didn't appear that anyone was looking around. After half an hour he kind of felt safe and he carefully made his way back to his house. He went to the end of the street and he looked. He didn't see any cars parked in the street or any signs if people. He saw a bike laying in a front yard so he grabbed it and rode down the street looking as he passed by his place. No signs of life. He circled the block and returned the bike then cut back to the alley and snuck up to his house. He looked in all of the windows and didn't see anyone. Emboldened he quietly entered the back door and went to his bedroom. He grabbed his backpack and snuck into his mother's room and grabbed the back pack there. And took off.

He hitch hiked out of town and made his way here. It took him several weeks to get here. He didn't want to attract attention. He went to a bank in town and placed the contents of the two backpacks in a safe deposit box. His back pack had his birth certificate and high school diploma and other papers that he thought he would need He also had several stacks of hundred dollar bills that he had been stealing out of the boyfriend's drug stash for the last five or six years. He didn't know for sure how much was there. The last time he had counted there was about three hundred thousand dollars in the pack. The other pack was the drug money ready for pickup by his dealer. Reggy wasn't sure, because he didn't unwrap it, but he was pretty sure that there would be about half a million in it.

For now all he wanted to do was to lie low and see what would happen. He wanted to find someone he could be with. From what he said he was looking for a father figure, not a sugar daddy. What a thing for a good looking kid to say to a horny old boy lover. His ass didn't stand a chance.

We talked about sex. He knew he was gay as a youngster. He always liked to look at the dicks of the men fucking his mother and many times would walk into the room to look. She started letting him suck some of her men off when he was nine and he continued until he was fourteen. He loved the taste of cum and the feel of a cock in his mouth. When asked about anal he told me that he was saving that for that special someone who would come along and steal his heart away. We both agreed he was a hopeless romantic.

His appetite sated we climbed in the van for a trip to my apartment. When we got inside his jaw dropped. I have a pretty nice place. I might be on a pension but I still like to have a little luxury. The only luxury here is a fireplace. All of my furniture was acquired when I had a job and I bought quality. I took care of my 'stuff' and, though old, it looked nice. He questioned that there was no tv. I told him that the last tv I bought was in 1973 and it gave up the ghost last year.

I have two Lazy Boy matching recliners in the middle of the room and I guided him into one. I opened the drawer of the table between the chairs and an all function electronic remote display appeared. His eyes bugged. I pushed a button and a eight foot screen rolled down over the fireplace mantle. A HDTV symbol shown on the screen then the movie Alexander started playing. I told him that pirate movies are available everywhere for five dollars. I pointed out that this wasn't the best picture and he could see the flutter. I told him that I would go to the theater to see the movie and if I liked it then I would seek out a copy, but as soon as the movie was released on DVD I would buy it. I pushed a button and the surround sound system filled the room with six hundred watts of earth shaking sound. I hit a menu button and my movie titles appeared. I have over thirteen hundred movies Those that were copies have a little C in the title line. I only have four copies currently as most of the movies have been released on DVD. He asked how I could afford so many and I told him that there were a lot of used outlets around town that people would trade their old movie or sell it. I hit these stores two or three times a week and can usually pick up the latest movies, in factory jackets for less than half price of the retail price. I did warn him though that one had to know the current price of a movie because a lot of movies that are less than a year old can be acquired for under ten dollars. I showed him a sack from a national electronic chain store laying on the sofa. It contained four movies that I had purchased yesterday for $5.49 apiece.

He asked me if I was ready for sex. I told him that I thought that he would never ask. I told him it had been a rough day and I would really like to take a shower before I go to bed. He looked at me kind of weird and I told him it was a large walk in shower. This apartment is built for a handicap person. Then I added that I sure could stand to have my back washed on the condition that I could return the favor. I pushed the control panel and the movie turned off and screen rolled up. I walked over to the fireplace and pushed a button. A gas jet came on to ignite the logs already laid. Then I took his hand and led him to the bathroom.

We had our clothes off in seconds and into the shower. There is constant circulated hot water in this complex so there is no wait for the water to warm up, and we never run out of hot water. Heat and air conditioning are also supplied so all I have to pay is electric. My rent is subsidized so I only pay two hundred and twenty with the electric running about twenty five dollars a month so I can live on my income. I just don't have a lot left over so I can't go wild with my spending. I didn't tell him that I also get Social Security of seven fifty, so I'm not totally hurting.

He was standing there taking it all in and I was thinking that I need to shut up or we will fall asleep before we can get to the good part. His good part was hanging there looking so lonesome and unloved. I reached in the corner and pulled out my shower chair and sat down on it and took his meaty cock in my hand. It was totally soft and hanging a good five inches. It just reached the edge of his huge scrotum. I pulled his abundant foreskin back and looked at the head from all angles. His meat pumped in my hand. I thought I better get it in my mouth if I am going to feed my favorite fantasy. I took the entire length into my mouth and sucked on the biggest straw ever. I could feel the blood filling the spongy cells on each side of his cock as it tumesced in my mouth. I love to feel a cock grow hard in my mouth. The only fear I have is if it might be bigger than I can handle and then we would hurt each other trying to get it out. His was big. It thickened as it lengthened. It was finding its' way down my throat without any trouble and it was stretching my mouth to the edge of being uncomfortable.

Now fully hard I began to pump for oil. I knew these huge balls hanging here were bound to be full. "Hey man, hold up. I haven't gotten off in two weeks. I'm really horny and I'm gonna cum fast." I sped up my sucking mouth as it slid in and out of my mouth with the same long strokes he had used on me just a couple of hours before. "Oh man, I don't want to cum too fast and have it be over. I want it to last a long time." I squeezed his buns and pulled him closer trying to get more of him in my mouth when he took over and began to fuck my face. I could feel his nuts drawing up and his cock began to swell. Suddenly his legs were bending and his body shuddered as he pumped a huge load straight down my throat into my gullet. I kept pumping on him and finally got a huge shot into my mouth. I had pretty much timed his shots and thought I would have time to pull off and swallow. I swirled the load around in mouth and quickly swallowed and took his huge swollen head into my mouth just as the next volley bolted forth. I took him back into my throat as he pressed his groin against my face. His whole body quivered as his release drained him. I pulled back and let the last remnants of his glorious climax seep into my eagerly awaiting orifice. He was totally relaxed but not anxious to with draw himself from me so I just sat there and nursed him as I ran my hands around his butt.

Several minutes passed. I reached up to the side of the shower and grabbed the bar of soap. Never letting my long sought lunch leave my mouth, I began to soap his ass. I cleaned down his crack working my fingers into every inch of the crevice. I reached through and washed his balls from the underside as he slowly pumped his dick in short strokes into me. I washed my way back to his butt and stopped at his ass hole. He bucked a bit and shoved his cock into my mouth. I pushed at his pucker and it was closed for business. I worked the soap around and pushed again. It slowly opened up. I kept up my relentless onslaught and was finally rewarded with the grand opening of the 'Ass Hole of Reggy'. "Ladies and gentlemen, lunch is being served at the back door please have your spoon ready."

I pushed my finger all the way in and received the reaction that I wanted. I withdrew and began a slow fuck of this totally virgin hole. "No one or nothing has ever touched me there. I can't believe how good you are making me feel." He was rubbing my head with his small hands and bent down to kiss me on the top of my head. I started a long finger fuck. This had his attention. He was a full bore erection now. I continued to plow this fertile ground for a few minutes more then I withdrew. I lathered up again and pushed back with two fingers. This time I pushed forward toward the back of his cock and pressed his never before fondled butt nut. He pushed so hard he nearly pushed me off of my stool. I started a two finger fuck and kept hitting that spunky little prostate. He was going wild as his hips gyrated fucking his cock in and out of my mouth. I love to be mouth fucked. It so much easier on my neck muscles. I decided to go for it and pulled my fingers out and went back with three. "Fuck that hurts." I pumped and twisted. "That hurts... so... good. Oh man, that... ohhhh shit. Aaaahhh Damn, I cumming again." And cum he did. He nearly drowned me the little fucker had so much cum stored up in there that I knew that if I would pull off and watch his balls I could see them shrink. No way, Jose, I'm staying on this cream filled meaty tube until it can't be ridden anymore. I realized that this was more than cum. Yes, he was pissing. He had no control over himself. In the throes of sexual climax his body had totally relaxed his sphincter muscle and his bladder was quickly emptying itself right down my throat.

Finally drained he pulled back and his quickly deflating cock fell from my mouth. His knees were shaking and I arose and turned him around and let him sit on my shower stool. He looked up at me with a sad yet weird look on his face, "Did I piss?" I smiled at him as I took the bottle of herbal and balsam shampoo and poured a dollop into his hair and began to massage his scalp, using lots of finger nails, to build up a lather. He had his hands on my balls and aimed my cock at his mouth. I slapped his hands away and backed my groin from his face. I took the bar of Irish Spring's Icy Blast, you know, the blue bar, and lathered his shoulders and reached under his arms to raise him up. I couldn't resist it, I am a sadist at heart, so I stuck a finger into each pit as I lifted him up. "Ouch, man, that hurts." Then he saw the grin in my face and broke out laughing. I lathered his entire body, back and all, then sat down on my stool and washed each precious foot being sure to wash between the toes and rake my nails across the soles of his feet to test his ticklishness. Yep, this boy is ticklish, good to know.

I rushed through the rest of our shower letting him do a cursory scrub of my equipment before turning off the water. I wrapped him in a large towel and spent an extra amount of time drying all of his crevices and making sure to dry under his beautiful foreskin. I pushed him toward the living room where a nice fire was blazing in the fireplace. After shutting off the gas so that the logs would burn slowly and naturally I grabbed three of the overly large pillows leaning against the wall. I took the faux fur throw from the sofa and covered him as he cuddled up on the black fur pillows. I crawled in behind him and spooned close letting my right arm hang over his hip so that I could caress his amazingly large cock. It wasn't that large but on his small body it seemed to comprise a third of his being. I love small boys with big dicks. I wish I had known this a few years earlier but I had it all now.

I held him for a little and his breathing settled out to an even pace. Just as I thought he was falling asleep he tossed the blanket aside. "Fires fuckin' hot." He turned over suddenly and kissed my nose, "and so are you. I could fall in love right now and never regret it."

"I already did." He planted his lips to mine. We kissed forever as we ground our love muscles against each other. Without a word he turned and took my hard meat to his mouth. I pulled at his waist making him turn into me and we got into a hot sixty nine. He is young, and dumb, and full of cum. Sorry couldn't resist that line, he is not dumb. I had him going in moments. Well he said he hadn't gotten off for two weeks. As his cock swelled in my throat I rolled to my back pulling him with me. This is my favorite position for a spurting cock, I don't loose a drop. He humped and pumped and drained his balls once again deep into my throat. His cock wilted at once but he never missed a stroke on me. I pushed him up so that his soft pecker could exit my mouth. I couldn't resist, I took one last swipe at it as it pulled away. He jerked. I knew he was tender but I wanted that cock to grow into my mouth as a permanent fixture. I spread his legs and pulled him down tight against me and I began to enjoy a long overdo lunch. I have wanted to rim someone all of my life and have only been successful once.

That was thirty five years ago with my kid brother the night before he left for the armed forces. That had been the only night that we had ever done anything. I was twenty five he was eighteen. We had sucked each other. Then I rimmed him while he got me off, then we went to sleep. When he came home for Christmas we talked and he told me he never wanted to talk about that night again. We had done it he knew what it was and he wasn't interested. He still loved me, I was his oldest brother, but he didn't want to think about that part of me. Three years ago I was home on vacation during Christmas time. He told me he was going to a Psychiatrist for treatment of Post Traumatic Syndrome Dysfunction, PTSD, because of what I had done to him. He was going to get a hundred percent disability from the Air Force because he was not able to function with PTSD. I steamed. Our middle brother and myself suffer from PTSD and we saw heavy combat and we don't get a dime. This little fucked never left the country and he gets disability? He may be my brother but he is a fucking gold digger. He also gets retirement from thirty years in the Civil Service, over thirty eight hundred a month, tax free. Fuck it, I had a boy's ass to keep me warm.

Warm it made me. As I licked and probed and tried to crawl head first into this boy womb he worked my cock with throat muscles that could only have been taken from a different world. There is no way on earth that a mouth and throat could work a cock the way this boy was working me. At least it felt that way as I rushed headlong into a earth shattering orgasm. I expected to see the back of his head blow off as my cum burst forth from my turgid fuck pole. It had only been two and a half hours ago that he took a load from me at Jim's house and here I was going again so soon. This wasn't like me. Not at this age, maybe when I was younger. Damn, I could feel my balls turning inside out as they traveled up through the urethra to ejaculate into this wonderful sucking hole.

Exhausted, I rolled him to his side and turned to lay down beside me. "You are fantastic," he said.

"Me? Man you do things I didn't think possible."

"No one has ever sucked me off since the first time I cummed. And what you do to my ass... My ass hole has never been touched except to wipe shit from it and then only my mother or I have been the only ones to touch it. I didn't know that it could feel good. I know now who is going to fuck me. And I hope he is the only one who ever fucks me, forever."

"Lucky dude him." I was feeling a little jealous of this unknown person.

"Silly, it's you. I want you to fuck me. My cherry is yours," he flopped my shrunken dick, "as soon as you are up to it." I pulled us together for a long hard kiss.

When I awakened I didn't know where I was. The fire had virtually burned out and I had to piss like a race horse. I really had to struggle to get up off the floor, I do have a very bad back and arthritis has moved into all of my joints. I finally made it to my knees as Reggy stirred. "Wassup?"

"I gotta piss."

He jumped up and helped me to my feet and I walked, all stooped over, toward the bathroom. He came up along side of me to help support me. "You didn't know you were spending the night with an old cripple did you?" He turned on the bathroom light and sat down on the toilet. "You better get up or I will piss all over you, dude. I don't hold it very well."

He opened his mouth and pulled me forward, "My turn." He put my cock in his mouth. I started to pull away. I felt a few drops leak out into his mouth. He pulled me closer locking his hands behind my ass. At the bursting point I let fly. I looked down into his eyes as he looked up at me. His clear blue eyes smiled as he nursed the last few drops from me. I stood there. "I'm not finished. I just have to wait for a moment before the rest will come. You probably should move aside now." He just pushed his forehead into my gut and I started to flow again.

Drained we headed to the bedroom. "I'm still thirsty." I laughed and told him there was cold water, soda tea, milk, or juice in the refrigerator and the glasses are in the cabinet on the left of the doorway.

He came into the bedroom and I asked him if he were hungry. "No but my butt sure is. It could eat a monster dick right about now." He lay his head on my thigh and began to suckle my cock to a new hardness that I didn't know I had in me. When I was at full bore I pulled his ass to my face. All I had was some Vaseline Intensive Care hand lotion sitting on the stand beside my bed.

"I usually use this for the dry skin on my knees and feet but maybe it will help the dry skin of my dick slide in you easier. You know I'm pretty big and you are a virgin. This is going to hurt like a mother fucker."

"Any hurt you put on me will be cherished. I have fallen in complete love with you." I pulled his legs apart and went into the back door for more lunch. I worked my tongue until it was sliding in and out easily. Then I pushed a finger in. It tried to drag on the tight skin. I pulled my finger out and took the lid off of the bottle of lotion. I didn't want to wait for the lotion to flow down to the tiny spout I stuck one finger then another into the opening and inverted the bottle to squeeze a large dollop of the slick shit out. I then placed one finger to his opening and rubbed it around a moment before pushing it in. I fucked him for a few minutes making sure to wiggle around to stretch the guardian muscle keeper of the doorway. Withdrawing I added the second finger to the first and pushed in again. This time I started a slow easy fuck with lots of sideward movement. He was moaning and nursing my dick in apparent ecstasy. I then added a third finger to the mix and spread them apart as I began a harder finger fuck than before. "Oh, man, you make that feel so good. Fuck me. Please put this big cock of yours in me. Make babies with me. Make me yours."

I obliged. I flipped him over and pushed his legs back to his chest. I reached over and turned on the lamp. "I want to look at your beauty as we make love."

"Love? You want to make to me?"

"There are many Jim's and much worse out there who would love to fuck you. I don't ever want you to get fucked. If I have anything to say or do with it you will only receive love, for the rest of your life." I had the head of my dick two inches inside him, he hadn't even noticed. I bent over and kissed him and let a short tongue war ensue. Then I pushed in a few more inches. His eyes widened. "Yes baby, I'm in you. If it hurts please tell me. Please?" He put his hands on my ass and pulled me in. I went to the bottom much quicker than I had intended. He sucked in an enormous gulp of air. As I held still waiting for him to catch up to me. In mere seconds he breathed out and smiled at me.

I pulled way out till I felt the head of my cock touch his ring then I slid back in. Not hard, not fast, just an even, steady pace. His breathing drew even and his smile broadened as his moans of pleasure filled my ears. I kept steady for several minutes letting him build. "I never knew that back door fucking really felt good. I have read about this for years but never imagined how great this could be. Babe, I have fucked multitudes of women in fourteen foreign countries and four continents. None of them can compare to the way you are making my cock feel. And you know what? I love you so much I am going to let you feel how good this is as you take my virgin ass."

His eyes were wide. "You have never..."

"Never. Either way. You're the first and I want to be your first. Do you mind?" He pulled himself up to me as he pulled me down to him and we kissed long and deep as I continued to make love to his poop shoot.

I changed my angle and raised his ass higher in the air as I scooted my knees closer to him. I started hitting his prostate with every plunge. I could feel the head of my cock snagging on the swollen edge of his butt nut with every withdrawal. I knew from all of the nifty stories I had read that this was turning him on so I increased my speed and tried to increase my depth, as I banged into him with as much force as I could. I had fucked enough women to know that they get there jollies when I start making the bed move around the room. Boy fucking couldn't be much different.

He was no longer moaning. He was shouting, "God, yes!! Fuck me!! Harder, harder, oh man, that feels so fucking outta sight. Fuck me, daddy, make me yours. I'm your slave. I'm your... oh man, fuck my ass. Ream me, ram me...I cummm, go for's aggggg....ooooooohhh. FUCK ME." His ass spasmed and a thick string of cum shot out into his open mouth. Another and another. I was overwhelmed. I had not seen him cum. I had felt it in my throat three times already tonight but to see it was amazing. I fired off my first volley as another long line emitted from his pumping cock to land on his neck and chin. By the time I had finished he had a least a quarter cup of fine white boy jizz covering his toned chest and abs. My cock wilted from his hole as I slid back and bent over to lick all of his glorious juice into my cum hungry mouth. I then took his soft cock into my mouth as I nursed all the remnants from him that I could find. I pushed his foreskin back with my tongue and cleaned all of the residue under it.

Reggy moved around under me and got even with my wilted cock and sucked on me. I was tender but so was he. We lay there torturing each other as we continued to search for more cum. I watched as his hand dug into his fucked hole thinking he was checking for damage. He pulled out some really cummy fingers and I heard him slurp on them as he placed them beside my cock in his mouth. He kept returning for more until none could be found and we suckled into each other and fell asleep.

I awoke at about seven and pulled off my beautiful bed partner. I looked down at him, as I rushed to the bathroom, and wished that I could always see him there. As I got to the bathroom door he passed me. He headed for the toilet and I pushed him to the shower. I aimed my cock at him and pissed all over his chest and abs. He dropped to his knees and took my cock and aimed it at every part of his body. When he stood up I took his cock and aimed it at myself then nodded at him. He let go of a strong, smelly stream. That old first morning piss. Nothing stinks worse. I let the urine flow over my stomach and abdomen and especially played it around my cock then turned and let him pee all over my back and ass. I reached out and turned on the water and drew the curtain as we held each other under the warm water.

Dry and naked we walked to the living room. "What would you like to do this morning? Do you want breakfast?"

"What time is it?" I looked at the clock and told him it was seven thirty. "I would like to go back to bed and get fucked again and again and again. I would like to spend all day doing that."


"I really need to get my shit before it disappears." I found out that he had left his back pack with a few clothes in it and his sleeping bag with a friend. I let him tell me where to go. We ended up at a bridge alongside the freeway. We got out and he showed me a hole in the fence. Under the bridge I could see a lump of what appeared to be a sleeping bag high up under the roadway. Reggy climbed up the steep side and pulled at the bag. A head peered out. It wasn't a head like I expected. I was fifteen feet below and maybe twenty feet in front so my view was not clear but that was the head of a tiny kid. They were talking and Reggy pulled the sleeping bag forcefully. The whole lot rolled down the concrete side to land at my feet. Reggy had run down to catch it as I stopped it about three quarters of the way down. A cursing and angry boy untangled himself from the material and stood up yelling at Reggy who was crying and asking over and over if he were alright.

"Fuck yeah, I'm alright. No thanks to you dick wad." The boy yelled a little longer as Reggy grabbed him and hugged him. The boy pushed him away, and yelled, "I ain't no fucking fag." He broke down in tears, "I told you before." His voice was becoming quite again. "I ain't no cock sucking fag." He shuffled his feet and pulled out a hand full of money and pushed it at Reggy. "I got us enough to get a room. I'm cold and I don't want to sleep here again."

Reggy's got wide as he stared at the money. He looked into the face of his friend, "Where? Where did you get this?"

"I sucked cock, okay? I did it. I don't like to sleep out like this. I turned fag so we could get a bed. Now fuck you, let's go somewhere." For the first time he actually saw me, "Who the fuck are you? Who's he, dude? Did you bring a cop down here?" The boy was looking to run. Reggy grabbed him and told him I was a friend. I was no cop but I was here to help him. Okay, so maybe he was playing me. I didn't know. What I saw was a five nothing, skinny ass little kid in real need of a bath. His jet black hair was matted and stuck to his head. I could smell old cum on him and I felt that he had been sorely misused. He couldn't weigh a hundred pounds. His black eyes looked like a painting of big eyed kids and animals. His skin was milky white, no color at all. His cheeks were rosy red and his lips were full and so red they looked like lipstick had been applied. He really looked the picture of health, if he could be cleaned up and fed.

"Let's go get breakfast. There's an all you can eat breakfast bar just a half a mile from here." They both liked the sound of that. Gathering all of their belongings that were scattered around our feet we trekked back up the hill to my car. We just got back into traffic when a High Way patrol car sped past. "Whew, I'm glad we got moving before he came along. I don't want to explain you guys." Rodney was our passenger and he gave me a cross eyed look from the back seat. Reggy was beside him and they were talking a mile a minute in hushed tones. Well, in a moving car with all of the road noise it doesn't have to be to hushed for me not to hear.

I pulled into the family restaurant and everybody climbed out and filled in. As with the night before the food was fast disappearing. I had a small portion of scrambled eggs and a bacon strip then nursed four cups of coffee as these two legged eating machines did everything in their power to put this place into bankruptcy.

We learned that Rodney had made over two hundred dollars by hanging around two of the large truck stops and sucking the cocks of the drivers. Most time he would get in their rig with them and suck them on their bed in the back of the truck. When the security guard would see him he would run under the trucks and get away.

The last crumbs of food consumed and the plates hauled away the boys looked at me. "Can we go to your place?" What I learned on the way home made me sick. Have you ever wanted to pull over and throw out the trash. I was totally disgusted. The look on Reggy's face was priceless. I actually took the plastic bag that I keep in the van for trash and handed it to him and told him to use it as a barf bag. He grinned sickly and turned forward to scrunch down in his seat. He never looked back at Rodney for the rest of the trip home. When he had to reply to him he did so looking at his feet and with a minimum of words. Well, now I know two ways to shut this kid up. I like the other better. He looks good with a cock in his mouth.

Rodney is twelve years old. He lives with his aunt since his folks were killed in a car wreck three years ago. Rodney used to have to suck his dad's dick when his mother wasn't home. He was now into puberty and wanted to find some way to get off. He is a shy kid and was afraid to try anything with the kids he knew. His aunt was a Bible thumper and she always read the verses about sexual immorality to him. He was terrified of her and her God.

She was a nervous woman and terrified in her own right. She was afraid of being robbed and raped. She had a very large and very mean German Shepard dog that she had trained as an attack dog. Rodney had made friends with the dog and they were constant playmates. His aunt thought that this was a good thing until one afternoon she walked in to his room to find her dog laying on his back with his four paws in the air and her nephew masturbating him. She screamed at him and called him a pervert and ran to get her Bible and started reading about bestiality. He bolted and ran from the house. He laughed about it and told us if she had waited a few minutes that she could have really seen something. This tiny little kid would jack this dog off and suck the cum from his pumping cock. Then he would get naked and the dog would lick his dick until he cummed in the dog's mouth. Fuck this shit. I want nothing to do with this kid, period. Not only is he serious jail bait, he is sick.

I played nice and talked to Rodney about going back. He said he wanted to but that she would never allow it. He said she was too mean. I asked him if I could call her and talk to her about him coming back. He agreed.

We got to my house and Reggy and I got naked. I am an inside nudist and Reggy agreed that he liked to be naked so we made a pact that in the house we would be buff. Rodney looked at us. He studied both of us then he shrugged his shoulders and stripped naked. He was skin and bones. He had only been on the street eight days. Reggy had found him the first night. Reggy was at Jim's house for five days so the boy was alone. The skin and bones standing before me was not the product of five or even eight days of starvation. He was in serious trouble. His little body had no tone to it. He was totally hairless from the shoulders down. His little package hung limp. His muscles were non-existent. He told us he was not allowed to play outside. He only sat in his room and read books that his aunt brought him or listened to the church programs on the radio. He didn't watch tv and had never been to a movie in his life.

I didn't know whether to call his aunt or CPS. He saw us looking at him, "I know, I need a bath."

"Well little man. I don't have a bath tub but I can fill the kitchen sink up and let you put your ass in one side and dangle your feet in the other. The only other thing large enough to get you in would be the washing machine." He giggled and said he would settle for a shower. I took Rodney to the bathroom.

Reggy and I sat on the sofa with our knees touching and holding hands. After several minutes of just staring at each other is asked, "Well. What do we do? He's your friend."

"I just know him. He's not a friend. I don't want to be around him."

"You worried about the dog?"

"No... well that is kinda sick but look at him. He can't go to school. They'll call the police. If he stays here you'll go to jail and I won't loose you."

"You're sixteen, going on seventeen, he's twelve. You'll go to jail too. He's a minimum of twelve years for either of us and that's hard time. You're to young so you would go to a special unit in adult prison until you are eighteen. When the inmates find out what you are in for your life would be shit. Much worse than you can imagine."

"I don't think he should go back to his aunt."

"I agree."

"You hate me. I can't stand you. I'm so outta here." Rodney was standing at the door.

"Sit down and talk to us little one. You have been abused. No you have not been hit or molested but what your aunt has done to you is abusive. You have not been fed right. You are not getting the proper exercise. You are not getting out in the sunlight. This is wrong. What about school? Where do you go?"

"She home schools me. I have to sit at the kitchen table for eight hours each day studying with a half hour for lunch and two fifteen minute bathroom breaks."

"Do you have any idea what a foster home is?"

"It is a place where they put bad kids."

"No it is a place where they put kids who have had bad things done to them. Rodney, I don't want to see you have to go into the foster system. Some of those homes aren't the best thing but Reggy and I want to see you get a chance at life and you won't get it with your aunt."

"Why can't I just stay here?"

"The law won't allow it. We have no birth certificate, shot records, school records, nothing to help you to get a normal life. We can't get those things because we aren't related to you. If you stay on the street you will be sucking dick every day to buy dinner and you will still have to sleep under a bridge somewhere because you are too young for a shelter and you can't rent a room until you are eighteen. But I'm not lying to you. You are young and cute and some man is going to hurt you for his own pleasure. You will get fucked in the ass. I am amazed that it hasn't happened already.

Rodney, you are so lucky. Any one of those truckers could have just driven away with you. They could've taken you out along the highway and done whatever they wanted with you. When they were finished you could be dumped in the middle of nowhere or killed. You may have found some one that would keep you for several days but he would eventually have to go home or into his yard for service. He couldn't keep you with him then. Some of them might have sold or traded you off to other truckers.

Now most truckers are decent family men who would not hurt you. All it takes Rodney is one. One bad man can fuck up or end your life forever. I know that your life is fucked now and I don't want to see you go home."

"Wait, I've got an idea. What if he goes home and someone calls the police, anonymously, and they go to check on him and see what shape he's in? That would work wouldn't it?"

"Would my aunt go to jail?"

"Not necessarily. She is raising you according to her Biblical beliefs. She would have a strong case. But CPS would take you out of the home at once and put you into a shelter for battered children. There would be physicals and pictures taken. Interview with all kinds of doctors. Then you would have to go to court and tell a judge everything that she does to you. I won't lie to you, all of these things are going to happen to you anyway. If I let you go back on the street you will eventually catch the eye of the police. Somebody will see you and turn you in. In the meantime you sleep in the cold and you are hungry.

Rodney, I don't want to have to let you go but I can't keep you here. I can't even turn you in or follow up to be sure that you are okay. Rodney I have been to prison for having sex with a boy much older than you are. If you are found with me, just sitting here naked as we are now, I go to prison for the rest of my life. We can all swear that I never touched you and I never had sex with you but they will never believe that because I have a record. And just so you know, the boy I was with was gay and he wanted to do stuff. He just let it slip that we had done it and the person he told called the police. In this state if you know of a crime against a child and don't report it you can go to jail.

Just last week they arrested a school teacher and a principal because the teacher saw evidence of abuse and the child told her. She told the principal and he did nothing. She was supposed to call the police, she thought he did, so now they are both facing two years in jail and the loss of their jobs as teachers for the rest of their lives. It's fucked up man, but that's the law.

I really think that Reggy has the best idea. I can call your aunt and get her to let you go back. Then CPS can get a call. You can even call them yourself, if you want."

Rodney gave me his aunts number. I dialed *67 then her number so that my number would not show up on her caller ID. I told her that I had run across her nephew at a café on the freeway and that I had bought him breakfast. He told me what he had done but that he was cold and tired and wanted to come home. We talked for a long time and I battled her every Bible verse with other Bible verses. I found out where she went to church and I told her that her pastor and I were good friends, not entirely true, I do know him. I told her I would call him and see if he could find a place for the boy to live. She caved in. I made arrangements to take Rodney home in about an hour.

Rodney went to the pay phone and called the anonymous tip line that the police have and told them the whole story. Then I took him home. I gave him my cell phone number and told him to call me on that as it was a pre-paid with no record of the name of the user. I always keep one of those around for my "undercover operations". I gave him the number of his aunt's pastor and suggested that he call him for help in understanding some of the problems he was facing at home. He is a bright kid and caught on real quick. I left Reggy at the apartment and I drove two blocks over to Rodney's house. I showed him how to get back to my place and told him to come and visit. I got real pious and put my Bible under my arm and I walked him to the door. I let the aunt know that I was most displeased with what I was hearing from this frail lad and suggested that she may want to make some immediate changes in their life style. She tried to fire her understanding of the Bible at me and I simply opened my Bible and asked her to read. The verses I had chosen were in direct opposition to what she was saying. I asked her for the chapter and verse that she was speaking of and she gave me a verse so I pointed out to her that this was what she had just read. She assured me that my Bible must be mistaken and went to get her's. It was the same version and her's read the same way. She stood there flustered as she tried to bully her way through to make her point the valid one. Rodney was jumping up and down like a nut case, or a twelve year old boy. I was careful not to let his aunt see me smile at him. He signaled that he had already called the pastor and that he was on the way. I wrapped up my business and left.

As I pulled in my driveway Reggy bounded out the door and my secret phone rang. We both knew who it was so I let Reg answer it. He talked to Rodney as we went back into the house and then said his good byes. He grabbed me and kissed me and pulled at my pants, "let's fuck." I waved my Bible at him and hit him with a couple of verses that took the wind right out of his sails.

I went to the bedroom and shucked off quickly turning and yanking the overly large cut off sweat pants of mine that he was wearing completely off. And tossed him on the bed with me right behind. I decided that he needed a good cleaning so I started with his forehead and licked my way to each ear and licked them clean. I then went for his nose and was really glad that he didn't have a cold, it was gross enough as it was. I then had Dr. tongue check each tooth and under the tongue and lips. His tonsils were in good shape so I started down his neck. Somewhere on the way to his navel I told him that he was going to need a very long hot shower to get all of spit off of him. He informed me that this was the only kind of bath he ever wanted to take again and that he was proud to wear my spit.

Well with that kind of information what could I do? I had to go wash those precious pits. They were slightly sweaty with boy sweat. I am so glad that he is still in puberty and doesn't smell like a man. I don't think I could ever do it with a man but give me a boy... His pits now smelled like my breath and no more of him could I detect so I checked out his arms. I did avoid his hands, who knows what he touched. Every other part of his body was checked but we had the most fun with the feet. I have never been a real foot person but something about his high arched clod hoppers excited me as I licked and chewed on every square centimeter.

Both of us were on edge by the time I worked my way back up the inside of his legs to the tower of power that holds such fascination for me. I laved the small egg shaped balls that hung so tantalizingly between his legs then worked up and around the shaft of that gorgeous man member. I pulled the foreskin down and placed my tongue against the under side of his glans. I then pulled the skin back over his head and my tongue and began a circular sweep that had him wiggling all over the bed. When that torture ended he wanted me to turn to him so we could eat together. I was glad to do that. I really hate to eat alone. His technique is so sweet but I don't think that I can do it justice in words. He was doing things to my cock that I only hoped he was feeling in himself as he made me feel desired.

I took him deep in my throat and suckled and stroked with my mouth. I have often wondered if I could explain to a non-cock sucker the joys of eating man meat. There is such a joy in having a hot piece of throbbing flesh locked in between your lips. The feel of the muscles as they pass back and forth. The swollen blood vessels as they cross your tongue. The large urethra tube with the spongy sacks on either side coursing with the erection giving blood. And the most exciting, the glans itself. That huge helmet shaped, purple plumb that slides against the tongue and along the roof of the mouth. In a sixty nine position it is upside down so I like to push my tongue against the top of it as hard as I can thereby making the sensitive underside slide along the rough surface of my mouth. Each little ridge of my mouth doing its' part to bring pleasure to the organ in my mouth. It can be a small dick or large, they are all comfortable and I enjoy sucking them. I just really like Reg's big one. Okay, so I'm a size queen. Remember I had suffered a long drought before I met this boy, only last night. We are now only in our sixteenth hour of even knowing each other and three hours of that we were in the company of other people. That's not including this mornings escapades.

My mind played all of these things out as I reveled in the constant, steady thrust of the man I loved. He was taking me to wonderful new heights and I was loving my ministrations on him. My only hope was that he was getting as much satisfaction as I was because I could feel my toes starting to curl. I knew that this would all be over way to soon but in the back of my head I was still the thinking adult and I knew that we had some important business to attend. Well the most important right now was my orgasm that wasn't going to stop anywhere short of the station. As it whistled though out my body and began its' course up my own cock I was greeted with the divine swelling in my mouth that told me that we had reached a mutual climax. I have never experienced this and I had longed for it all of my life. His cum was pumping in my mouth and I was taking it straight through and returning it to his mouth. I think that this was the most emotional if not most intense orgasm of my life. Tears came to my eyes as we flooded each other and spasmed together. Giving and taking all of the love within us. I pulled his ass tight taking his whole being inside me and I felt him doing the same. Neither of us wanted to part. We lay there holding each other, lip locked on the key of our very man hood, and fell asleep.

We awakened an hour later. I turned around so that I could see his precious face. He had a huge smile on his face that I knew that I would never tire of seeing. We cuddled together and kissed. He had penis breath. I was sure I did too. It is kind of weird kissing someone who has just had your cock in his mouth and I can remember all of those nasty little remarks of years gone by about not kissing a girl after she sucked you. "You'll be sucking dick by proxy." They always said. They should try the real thing. I don't really think that one has to be gay, queer, or a fag to suck a buddy's dick. Many straight guys do it when the time seems right.

"Hey beautiful. We need to go buy you some clothes."

"What time is it?" He jumped up and looked at the clock. "Whew, we've got time. I want to go to the bank and get some money." I started to say something. He put his finger to my lips, "I will not use or wear anything you buy for me at this time. I have LOTS of money. I am going to buy us some things because I love you. I don't want to do it but let's put on some clothes, go to the bank. Go to the mall and get back here and get naked. I need to get fucked. Move it, old man."

"All right, kid." I swatted his ass and got my clothes on. We went to the bank. He had chosen one close to down town. He took me with him to the safe deposit box clerk and presented his key. She pulled out his card and had him sign it. He asked her to put my name on it too and if she could give me a key. I was overwhelmed. He told her that when he opened this box he didn't know where his dad was but he kept searching all over town and finally found someone who knew me and we are going to start our life over. She sighed and offered her congratulations.

Alone in a little room she placed a much larger box than I expected in front of us. She then shut the door and left us alone. When Reg opened the box my eyes fell out of my head. We spent several minutes trying to find them and get them back in their sockets as Reg pulled out stack after stack of loose one hundred dollar bills. We placed them in stacks of one hundred each, or ten thousand dollars. I walked to the bared door and asked the lady if we could have some money wrappers and she handed me a few. I asked for more. She looked at me strangely and handed me an unopened package of a hundred.

I came back to the private booth and started to band each stack of ten thousand with a wrapper. Then I stacked those in stacks of ten. When we were done we had five stacks of one hundred thousand dollars each and seven bundles of ten thousand each. There were ninety two single hundred dollar bills. We looked at each other. He had pilfered five hundred and seventy nine thousand two hundred dollars from his mother's boy friend's drug stash. Then he pulled out the plastic wrapped bundle in the back of the drawer. I hadn't seen that earlier and had forgotten that he told me about it.

He pulled the plastic off of the bale of money and there before us sat twenty nice even piles of ten high stacks of hundred dollar bills. Two million dollars. When he snagged the back pack from his mother's room the night of her murder, he had grabbed the pay off money that the boy friend had owed to his supplier. We packed the money back into the drawer and kept out five thousand dollars. I took the plastic wrapping with us. I was afraid to leave it at the bank in case it made someone curious and they started looking around.

We were just a half a mile from the center of town and the main library so I headed there. I questioned Reg about places times and dates. We went to the newspaper archives and got on the computer. I pulled up the newspaper from that city for that time period on two computers. He sat at one and I the other as we searched. Within minutes we had the story. Front page news. Five days after he left an named acquaintance stopped by the house and found the smashed in door and saw the bodies. The police were called. The ladies fourteen year old son was missing and presumed dead.

We followed through the papers for a couple of weeks and we found that an arrest had been made. A picture of the murderer was on the front page. Reggy shuddered. We kept on searching and the case, as presented by the newspaper, seemed to be pretty good but I pointed out that it was circumstantial. They really needed an eye witness. I finally convinced Reg to call the police and tell them that he was a witness and that he was running in fear of his life.

A police detective flew out and met Reg in a public place where he could talk. He told the detective everything he had seen. The detective told him that they really needed his testimony. Reg waved for me to come over. I walked up and was introduced as a member of his dead father's family who had given him shelter. I told the officer how we had gone to the library and searched the story out and I had advised Reg to contact them. He thanked me and told me how much this testimony would help. He needed a deposition. Reg voiced his concern for his safety and asked if he was in trouble for running away. The officer finally realized where the boy was coming from and he smiled. He assured Reg that he was in no danger and no trouble. Reg told him that he had lived in that house knowing those people were drug dealers and had never done anything about it. He had been raised to fear the police. He had been told all of his life to never trust a cop that they would lie to your face. He was really afraid that if he went home that they would arrest him.

Three months later Reg and I drove across country to his home town. He was given a hotel room at the state's expense and they paid for the travel. The trail took four days with five days of deliberation. Two for guilt and three for sentencing. The murderer got the death penalty in the one state well known for carrying out the sentence. His life expectancy was three years.

The house where Reg lived had been left to him when his dad died. We placed it on the market and it sold quickly. Reg got all of his school records in order and his twenty five thousand dollar scholarship to the school of his choice was reinstated in view of the circumstances. He has enrolled at the University here in town and we still live in the same apartment. He just turned seventeen and was declared by the court in his state an emancipated minor. As an orphan and a highschool graduate we really didn't expect anything less. We now live together as happy as can be.

Oh, by the way. Rodney comes around every few days. He stayed with his aunt. Seems that she had a total change of heart and the pastor is his school teacher now. CPS keeps a close watch on him. He looks good with the extra weight and the suntanned skin makes his smile so much brighter.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at

Hangin' hard, dude.

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