Resort Tales #4

“English Will”



Author’s Notes:

These ‘resort tales’ are one off tales of a boy lover’s adventures at various beach resorts around the Caribbean.   The stories, other than being written in first person by ‘Craig’, have no link to each other.

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English Will

Some background:   My family, the make-up of which I’m NOT going to describe, frequents beach resorts fairly regularly.   We like to chill on the beach, snorkel, boogie board, dive etc.    We’ve been to many different locales across the Caribbean.   We mostly stay at all-inclusive resorts, because we like the convenience AND it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Now, in my case, meeting new people and making new friends always includes getting chummy with boys who might also be staying at the resort.   I don’t just meet and talk to boys.   That after all would be creepy as fuck, not to mention obvious as hell.    So yeah, I talk to lots of adults too – meeting people is fun for me.    But back to the boys.   Ever since I was a young teen, I realized I had a knack for communicating with and connecting with boys.    Everyone that knows me knows that I am a kid magnet.

A resort is perfect place to put that skill to work.   It honestly doesn’t take much.    While playing volleyball or water polo or whatever stupid games the resort puts on, making sure the youngsters aren’t getting left out during the games, showing a little interest in finding out about their lives, and a little good natured teasing and joking can endear one pretty easily.   I’ve had a few instances on vacation where a boy was literally following me around like a puppy.  And on a few occasions, regaled in these tales, sometimes it leads to something special.

Now let’s talk about ‘Will’. 

It was a couple summers ago we were staying at a resort in Cancun for a week.    We went with some extended family that had younger kids so we end up staying at this cheap resort that was free for kids so that it would be affordable for our friends.   I didn’t mind, though as it turned out most of the kids there were pretty young (under 7) and not really of that much interest to me.

So the first full morning we are there, a pool volleyball game gets going.    On my side of the net, next to me is this unbelievably cute blonde boy of about 13 that definitely has my attention.   He’s athletic, slender, blue-eyed, and wearing your standard board shorts.    During the game, I of course praise his good play and tease him for some of the missed plays.   Hearing him talk, I didn’t recognize much of an accent, so I pegged him to be American or Canadian.  

As the game breaks up, I formally introduce myself.   “Hey, I’m Craig,” I say. 

“Will,” he responds as we shake hands.   

“Where you from?  Canada?” I probed.

“Nah, I’m from England,” he responds, catching me off guard.   “Near Liverpool.”

“Oh wow,” I said, “I totally didn’t even pick up on your accent before.”

As we talked, the accent came out more.   I asked him lots of questions about which football team he rooted for (knowing your Premiere league teams impresses the heck out of British lads btw).     I found out what activities he was into (rugby, mostly).     And of course he claimed to have to beat the girls away with a stick back home (which I found totally believable, actually).

Over the next few days, I interacted with Will regularly.    He was not a shy boy, always willing to chat and he didn’t shy away from physical contact.   In the pool, he would come up behind me and swim between my legs.    He would jump on my shoulders while playing pool volleyball to slam the ball or block a shot.  He would try to dunk me for teasing him.    He’d recruit me to be his base for a game of chicken in the pool.   While in the game room with our relative’s kids, he’d challenged me to a game of ping pong a couple times.

So up to this point, Will’s just another of many cute boys I’d bonded with on vacation.   Then we spent a day away from the resort at a zip line park and I didn’t see him.   The next day went by without me seeing him again.    I had never asked when he was leaving, so I assumed he had unfortunately gone back across the pond.   (Which would have bummed me out, I always like to say goodbye and sometimes I exchange social media contacts).

Then on the 3rd day, everything changed.    I was lounging around the pool when Will comes walking down from the lobby wearing a pair of shorter white shorts (the kind of swim trunks that were just beginning to make a comeback).   They were Puma’s, with the lion logo and Puma name written in sky blue across the right front leg.   The material was obviously lightweight, blowing in the breeze.   They reminded me of football (soccer) shorts.     I was elated that he hadn’t left without me being able to say goodbye.   I thought maybe he was on his way out still – he had always worn longer board shorts around the pool every other day, so I thought maybe he was just hanging  out a bit before leaving for the airport.

Imagine my shock when he tosses off his shirt, kicks off his flip flops and jumps into the pool.   My first thought was “no fucking way he’s swimming in those, they will practically be see-through.”   My second thought was “please god come climb out of the pool over here, so I can get a good look at you.”   It was almost as if he read my mind, because he did just that.  Not only did he climb out of the pool near me, but he kept jumping in and climbing out, playing games with another couple of boys.   Regular observers of boys know how great this is – each time they climb out of the pool their suit will cling to their bodies, outlining EVERYTHING.   And in white… wow, I could feel my cock thickening.

So let me describe what I saw.   Surprisingly, his shorts WERE actually swim trunks with a net lining.    But that did nothing to keep his pert round ass from showing through the thin material when they were soaking wet.   Unfortunately, you couldn’t quite make out as much detail on the front.  But you could tell he had a small bush of pubic hair – not too dark though.    The trunks certainly outlined his cock and balls when he got out, but it was difficult to distinguish what was what – had he been a circumcised I think the outline of his cock would have been obvious.

As I watched him, I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be awesome if all the boys in the resort were outfitted with those white trunks.”    My thoughts continued…..What if there was a resort where all the boys did wear those, or where some went naked even?    One idea led to more.  And what if there were no girls.  And to another:  What if dad’s brought their sons here to play with other boys and dads?”  

(Note: This was the genesis for my Los Gallos story.  Now I had never written a story before, in fact I hate writing.    But I enjoyed fantasizing about the new resort I had just invented in my head.   I had read those “boy island” type stories, but the twist of incestuous dads bringing willing boys to play seemed way different to me.   I daydreamed about and wanked to aspects of the Los Gallos story for weeks before ever starting to pen the first chapter.)

So back to Will.   I finally had to stop watching him and go to the bar.   If I didn’t, the wet spot on my own trunks would be noticeable to all.    As it was, only the athletic trunks I wore under my shorts were preventing my erection from being obvious.

As I was sitting at the bar, Will comes up and sits next to me.    “Hey Craig,” he said after ordering himself a cherry sprite.  

“Hi Will, good to see you.  I was afraid you left and I didn’t get to say goodbye,” I told him.

“Nah.   I just chilled in the room yesterday.    We go home tomorrow though,” he replied.

“Bummer!” I said.  “It will be a bit boring here without you.”

He chuckled.   “It’s pretty boring anyway.   Hey, you wanna go play in the ocean?” he asked.

Now, do you think I would pass up the chance to stand next to him in the sea as the waves wet his trunks and then receded?    Of course not.  “Sure, I’ll go,” I said.

Off we went.   Now, Will was an extremely strong swimmer.   And the waves at the time were pretty big.   Red flags were up, but the life guards were still allowing you into the water, just not as far out as normal.

We played in the water for about 15 minutes.   Unfortunately, Will wanted to be deeper than I hoped, so I didn’t get as much of a view as I’d like.   It didn’t take long before I was worn out and had to swim back in, as I was losing the ability to keep myself above water.   (It sucks to be 45 trying to keep up with a fit 13 year old).

I pulled myself back up to the beach and sat just above the waves, my feet still in the surf.   Will soon came up and plopped down beside me, lying on his back, putting his full body on display.   The wet shorts outlined his package well.  I couldn’t help but stare a bit.

“Do you like it then mate,” Will asked me suddenly.   Oh fuck.  What was the talking about?  Was he really busting me for checking out his junk?  Oh fuck.

“Yeah, the waves are crazy,” I replied, trying to play it cool.

“Not the waves you effin wanker,” he said with a chuckle.   “I was talking about me dick.   I could tell you’ve been looking at it.”

“What? you’re crazy Will.   Why would you say that?” I tried to cover.

“I’m not mad.  I don’t give an eff at all,” he said, now choosing to cuss freely.   “I was kinda hoping maybe you’d suck it for me.   I’m getting tired of just wanking.”

I stared at him as he looked back at me.  His face didn’t crack.   Holy shit, I was actually being proposition by a 13yo boy.   Not just any 13yo boy either.   The hottest fucking boy I’ve met in ages.    “You’re actually quite serious aren’t you,” I finally asked him.

He nodded.   “Completely,” he said.

“Come back in the water and prove it then,” I said.   At this point I expected him to tell me he was just joking.  But he followed me out into the water.

“How do you want me to prove it then,” he asked once we had stopped. 

We were about chest high in the ocean.   I stood next to him and lowered my hand in the water.   “If you’re serious, take my hand and place it on what you want me to suck.”   Without hesitation he directed my hand to the front of his shorts where his cock and balls rubbed against the palm of my hand.    I was just beginning to enjoy the feeling of his junk when a wave wiped us both out.  We were facing shore and neither had seen it coming.  

He came back up laughing.    He came to me again and took my hand once more.    This time he pulled the waistband of his shorts away from his body and pushed my hand inside.    The smoothness of his abs was awesome, as was the first feel of his pubes and soft cock, which was pointing to his left side.   “See Craig, I wasn’t joking,” he said grinning at me.

We spent a few minutes talking.   It was obvious at this point he had experience.   I wanted to find out with whom before this went any further.  Turns out he and one of his mates had been swapping BJs for a couple years, though lately he had stopped returning the favor.   The taste of cum turned Will off from sucking and his friend had recently started shooting.  His friend complained a bit, but Will was definitely an alpha male and took charge.   He knew that his friend liked sucking him and Will told him he was going to keep sucking him even if Will didn’t do it back.   He also had a neighbor man that had been sucking him regularly for almost a year.   

“So you going to do it then?” he asked me once my mini-interrogation was done.

I was scared for sure, but DAMN! I couldn’t pass up this chance.  The problem now was where to do it.   I couldn’t use our room, never know when someone else might show up.  Same with his room.   Then it hit me.   Our hotel had two buildings, the second one had a lobby that was hardly used and there was a bathroom there.  I had used it a couple times and never saw a soul.  And the stall walls went all the way to the floor and they had solid wood doors.  One stall was even in the corner, tucked behind a partial wall.

I concocted a plan and explained it to Will while dodging waves.   We would both go back and lie around the pool and dry off a bit.   After about 10 minutes, he would go to the bar, and then I would go and get a drink as well.   I would leave the bar and go to the lobby bathroom and go to the ‘secluded’ stall.   Once I reached the lobby he would then leave the bar, putting plenty of distance between us so to that nobody would think we were together in any way.   He would then join me in the stall.   I made him promise that he had to be quiet, even as he got off.  He also had to listen for anyone coming into the bathroom so we could stop until they left.

The plan went off fine, and I soon found myself sitting on the toilet, waiting for Will to arrive.   I half expected him to never show up, or to show up with a security guard or something.    I was just being paranoid because a couple minutes after I entered the empty bathroom, I heard the door open and the sound of flip flops coming across the roomy bathroom to my stall.   I had left the door barely cracked.  Will pushed it open and entered.    He gave me a little wave and a big grin emerged on his face.

He stood in front of me, my eyes even with his navel (a cute innie).   I could see that he was already half erect, his cock now filling the netting in his shorts.  I looked up at him and whispered, “you sure this is ok.”

He nodded and whispered back, almost pleading, “Suck me please mate, I’m so horny.”

With that I untied the strings of his shorts and began inching them down.   Not being completely dry yet, they were sticking to his skin.   I finally was able to get them down over his cock and free his erection from the confines of the lining.  I pushed his trunks to his knees.   In front of me I was delighted to see an absolutely perfect boy cock:  uncut, ¾ hard, and standing about 4 to 4 ½ inches.   It was pointing straight out and a little upwards.    Below his cock were two smooth hairless balls hanging in a pouch taut from the dampness of his shorts.  Above his cock was a small bush of soft light brown hair.

I gently cupped his smooth balls and pointed the base of the hard cock upwards towards my now watering mouth.   I took the excess foreskin into my mouth and played with it with my tongue.   Pulling it down from the base, I gave his cock head a good washing all over with my super wet tongue.   Using my thumb and forefinger, I spread his piss hole and dove my tongue inside, flicking it, getting just the slightest taste of delicious immature precum.

I kissed his cock up and down the shaft, worshipping its beauty.   As I got to the shiny pinkish tip, I licked all around it while I looked up at him.   His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed, focusing on the pleasure I was giving him.    I took him into my mouth and began sucking him up and down.  I heard his breathing quicken faster and faster.   Soon he was thrusting into me, trying to fuck my throat.    I relaxed and let him take charge.   While part of me wanted this to last forever, another part of me wanted to get it finished before we were caught!

The part of me that was worried about getting caught got its way.    It didn’t take long thrusting into me before I felt Will’s balls tighten as his breathing get even faster.   With a couple muted grunts, he shot his watery load into my waiting mouth.   It tasted like half precum and half cum to me.   It was perhaps the most delicious load I’d had in 30 years, since I had last sucked a friend off in junior high.  The taste of his English teen semen gave me vivid flashbacks to sucking my friend off in my basement.

I wanted to hug Will, but I knew he wasn’t that type.   I gave him a fist bump and whispered “‘thank you, hope you liked it.   I loved it.”

“Cheers mate,” is all he said as he quickly pulled his shorts up, unlocked the stall door, and shuffled out of the bathroom.    I sat still on the toilet, a full erection aching in my shorts.   Relocking the door, I pulled down my shorts and furiously began stroking my hard cock.   The first stroke pushed out an unbelievable amount of precum, which I then used to lubricate my throbbing cock head.   I was so worked up at what had just transpired, that an orgasm quickly came over me.   I was desperately trying to get some toilet paper off the roll as my cock erupted, spraying hot cum all over the back of the stall door.    I had only shot with more force one time in my life, and that was when I was up all night watching porn with a younger cousin while we stroked ourselves.  (He wouldn’t let me touch him, but watching him stroke was hot.   The next morning, in the bathroom, I launched jizz over my head).

I cleaned up the mess the best I could as I slowly came off my euphoric high.  After taking a quick piss to clear the pipes, I took one more look to make sure I didn’t miss any cum, and went to the bar for a much needed drink.


I only saw Will one more time before they left the next day.   Later that night we passed in the hallway after the evening show.    He didn’t say a thing but gave me a sly wink as he adjusted himself.   The cheeky bugger.


Authors note:  Much of this chapter was originally published in my longer Los Gallos story (chapter 14 – Inspiration), but it really fits much better with this resort tales collection.  I have edited it to make it stand by itself here.