Gary Clark was, and is, your grade A typical 13 year old rambunctious teenager. When it came to most sports, he excelled beyond belief. Gary had, and still has, a lot going for him. His natural curly hair is blondish brown and his full eyebrows spot you out a mile a way. Gary has the unique capability of melting ones heart, merely by smiling. His teeth are perfectly straight and dazzling white, set off by only the cutest little dimples darting inward upon each slender cheek. His little button nose is not pointy, but for whatever reason, anyone who dares to gaze upon this natural born beauty, always remembers his unblemished nose. His small ears rests within inches of his head, not protruding out like an elephant ear. Gary's soft skin is like silk, gleaming out to greet any and all wandering eyes. Speaking of eyes, Gary had the greenest emerald eyes that could trap you into their trance if you looked into them for longer than you should. His mother is native born from Costa Rica and his long lost father is half American and half Phillipino. Thus, giving his silk like flesh a natural bronzed appearance.

With the exception of his father abandoning him and his mother at birth, it would appear that young Gary had everything in life going his way, with the exception of one thing. His size! Unlike the vast majority of kids his age, Gary had not encountered any signs of puberty growth. At 13, standing straight up, he stood an even 5 foot. Soaking wet, Gary only weighed around the ninety pound mark. Only those close to him believed him to be his true age. Others would have bet that he was around eight or nine years old, at best. Gary was not one of those kids who frowned on life, in fact, he always made the best out of every situation.

His favorite two sports were baseball and wrestling. Most pitchers couldn't find the strike zone, and when they did, Gary usually made them pay for it by getting a base hit. When on the bases, his speed was like that of a gazelle. In wrestling, his opponents mocked his size, but paid dearly for that once the whistle blew. From mere sight, he looked skinny, but without a shirt on, his abdomen muscles rippled with every graceful move. With his God given speed and amazing strength, most of his opponents found themselves flat on the mat, getting pinned rather quickly. There were more than just a few opponents who knew they were getting pinned, but found themselves in complete harmony while getting the rare opportunity to grope his crotch.

Most kids who looked like Gary got picked on while in school, but all the other kids knew better of doing such a foolish team. Everyone at school knew that if they even so much as looked at him cross eyed, they would have the entire athletic teams on their butts. The other thing Gary had no clue of was just how many fellow teammates drowned their memories with his sheer beauty while they showered in the locker room. One thing was for sure about Gary, and that, he is not the bashful type. When it came to showering with the other guys, he showed no shame, or fear, by striding past them buck ass naked. There wasn't a single soul who didn't sneak a peak at Gary while he showered either. If you interviewed everyone who saw him naked, they would all say the following: Other than the hair on his head, he had no hair sprouting up anywhere, not even on his arms or legs. By looking at his dick, you can easily tell he is circumcised. No-one has ever seen Gary when his dick was erect, but being flaccid, it was a slender inch and half poking straight out of his smooth flesh. His hairless balls looked like it was just one small nugget carefully stretched out around a bronzed colored sac, about the size of a quarter. The head of his dick was a pale pinkish in color and his piss slit appeared to have been almost transparent.

Seeing his pint sized pinkish bronze nipples would literally force you to squint your eyes to even ensure he had nipples at all. One of the other main features that most all the other boys silently drooled over was Gary's butt. Even their little hands seemed that they could easily hide his entire butt with one hand, but it was the mouth watering curvature and superior tightness that made all who saw it stare long and hard. The little line separating his bronzed color crack slid from the top of his butt cheeks and sharply tucked itself under his butt cheeks leaving any innocent bystander who lavishly gazed upon it a sneak preview of the candy hidden within.

Gary had no idea of just how many boys jacked their meat while fantasizing about him. To Gary, he was just a kid having fun going to school and living life. Girls had not yet really crossed his mind, nor was he even aware of the joys of self stimulation. Sure, his dick got hard all the time, and yes, he played with it when alone, but Gary had no idea that his dick could give him the pleasures that he would soon wildly discover. It wasn't until a Friday night while he was spending the night over his best friend, Timmy's house, that his eyes opened wide.

Timmy and Gary were upstairs in Timmy's bedroom playing on the X-Box when the game finally ended. Timmy was on the wrestling team too and he was 14 years old, jet black wavy hair, dark eyes, 5' 7", and weighed a solid 145 pounds. In his own way, Timmy was stunning! He had a faint moustache developing, and his shins were sparsely covered with small curly dark hairs. Both Timmy and Gary were wearing nylon shorts and both were sitting cross legged on Timmy's bed. Their conversation began with school and they chatted for a little while on that topic. Timmy wasn't gay, nor did he want to suck Gary's dick, but he did jack-off a time or two while thinking of Gary in the shower. Eventually, their conversation switched to girls and Timmy was doing most of the talking. Timmy had already bedded down three girls that Gary knew about, but what he didn't know was just how descriptive Timmy was going to be about his sexual endeavors. While Timmy spoke about one of the girls giving him a blow-job to the point she swallowed his spunk, Gary himself became harder than a piece of metal.

Timmy went on and on about how great it felt to have someone suck your cock and Gary silently wished someone would suck his. After Timmy finished with his cock hardening description of his sexual exploits, he literally floored Gary by saying, "Dude, if I looked as half as good as you do, I'd be getting blow-jobs two or three times a day." Gary smiled and replied, "Yeah, right!" Timmy excitingly rebounded, "Gary, fuck, look at yourself! You got it going on dude! There are people out there who would pay top dollar just to see you fucking naked, not to mention what they would pay to suck your dick. Shit, if I looked as good as you, I sure as hell wouldn't be cutting grass for some spending money. I'd be stretched out letting someone suck my dick knowing I'm gonna get paid." Gary chimed in, "You're crazy! Nobody would pay to see me." Timmy shot back, "Fuck you they wouldn't! Damn Gary, if you're hair was longer, you'd pass for a girl any day, and not just any girl, a fucking beauty queen!"

Gary thought for a brief second, then inquisitively asked, "You're so smart, where would all these people be hiding?" Timmy shook his head sort of violently, then spoke, "Gary, just open you fucking eyes dude, their all over! Here's a question for you. If some guy, let's say a grown man, wanted to pay you some money to suck your dick, would you let him?" Gary rotated his body on the bed, then replied, "No, no way. That's kind of sick!" Timmy fired back, "SICK! Fuck you dude! Money is money and a mouth is a mouth! Okay, you want to know something else, then here it is. There's guys at school that would lay everything on the line that you don't even take a shit. For Christ sakes, I have watched some of the guys you wrestled plant their fucking nose right in your ass and you're so naive you didn't even notice. Here's another fact for you. How many girls are knocking down your door to have sex with you? You don't even have to answer that one, I can answer that for you! Fucking ZERO!"

It was Timmy's turn to face the music when Gary asked, "Well, have you ever let a guy suck your dick?" Timmy sat shamefully quiet while looking down at the mattress cover. After a few seconds, he hoarsely replied, "Yeah, once." After several seconds of silence filled the room, Gary spoke, "WELL!" Timmy responded, "Well what?" Gary announced, "Well, tell me what happened!" Timmy looked up into Gary's dazzling green eyes and nervously said, "But first, you got to promise me you wont ever tell a soul!" Gary gave Timmy his word of secrecy. Timmy cleared his throat, then began saying, "I uh, was cutting grass last summer for some spending money and I was on my third lawn when the guy invited me in for something to drink. One thing led to another and he offered me more money if I would take off all of my clothes. To get to the point, I did. He asked me if I wanted to make some more money, so he sucked my dick and I blew my wad in his mouth. The guy swallowed my spunk, but the sickest thing he did was he asked me to get on all fours. I did not really knowing what he was fixing to do. I felt his fingers on my crack, then his hot breath, then his tongue. At first, his tongue on my hole tickled like crazy, but after a couple of seconds, it felt really great. The guy swabbed my hole with his tongue for a good thirty minutes, then sucked me off again."

Gary swallowed hard, then sort of gagged and said, "You got to be shitting me. The guy really put his tongue in your butt. After your third lawn, you must have been sweating like a pig." Timmy smiled, then replied, "The worst part of it all was me knowing I had taken a shower the night before, taken a shit that morning, and cut three lawns when he did that to me." Gary made a distorted face and said, "God, you must have stunk pretty bad!" Timmy choked out a laugh and replied, "You'd think, but the guy was just a moaning and a groaning while he was lapping at my shit hole." Gary politely asked, "Do you still see the guy?" Timmy never hesitated, "Fuck yeah!" They both sat silently when Timmy spoke, "Gary, you'll come to find out what most every guy knows. Not all girls like touching a guys dick, much less play with their balls. You can eat their pussy's for hours upon hours, then when it comes time to return the favor, she'll suck your dick for a few seconds then tell you to put it in her. I'll tell you one thing, I got no problem letting some guy suck my dick. A mouth is a mouth, so who really gives a shit who it belongs to!"

Their conversation remained on sex for a long, long time. It was Gary who asked, "So, the guy that sucks your dick, how old is he?" Timmy smacked his lips and said, "I don't really know, but he's got to be in his fifties." Gary then asked, "Does he still put his tongue in your butt hole?" Timmy fired back with a glowing smile, "Every time!" Gary twisted his face while replying, "Yuck, that's got to be gross! I mean, you shit out of that hole!" Timmy placed his right hand on top of Gary's left thigh and said, "Look, he must like it cause he loves to do it to me all the time. Don't be stupid. It's not like you've ever had it done to you before, so you really don't know how great it feels. I'll bet you if you open up a bit and quit being an asshole, you'll get your dick sucked a hell of a lot faster by a guy than a girl!" Their conversation continued until the early morning hours, leaving both fast asleep only dreaming of wonderful things.

Early Saturday morning, Timmy's mom woke both of the boys up as she was heading off to go shopping. They took turns in the bathroom and Timmy placed what he wanted Gary to wear that day on top of his bed. As Gary exited from the bathroom, Timmy said, "Put those on! Let's see if we can't get your dick sucked today. Don`t wear any underwear!" Timmy went inside his bathroom leaving Gary alone in his bedroom. The clothes Timmy had picked out for him must have belonged to Timmy's little brother, Jacob. The stretch shorts were extra short Speedo's, white in color, and nearly see thru. The nylon tank top barely fell below his lower stomach. Timmy got out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around him as Gary looked on. When Timmy dropped the towel, for the first time, Gary studied his best friend's quality physique. Timmy's dick was soft, but it hung down a good three inches and was cut just like his. Timmy's balls had some hair on them but they were huge compared to Gary's little hairless nuggets. When Timmy turned around, Gary's eyes caught Timmy's jutting butt. He couldn't see between the tight crevice, but he was beginning to understand why the older guy enjoyed sticking his tongue up Timmy's butt. Gary had to force his hand over his cock which had already grown to its maximum 4 and " length.

When Timmy finished getting dressed, Gary asked, "Are we going over to the older guys house?" Timmy shot back, "Fuck NO! I gave him my word never to tell a soul. I told you the story, but you'll never hear me say his name. You got to find your own guy and I'm gonna do my best to help you. Just remember one thing. Whoever it is, you got to keep your mouth shut! Never tell anyone, not even me. You can tell me the story, but never mention any names!" The two boys spent the entire day going from place to place, but as frustrating as it was, Timmy couldn't spot anyone who would be willing to service his little friend. Gary had followed Timmy not knowing exactly what all he was supposed to do. He did know he wanted to have his dick sucked, and at this point, he really didn't care who did it.

He had to be home by six and as the two rode their bikes in Timmy's driveway, Gary realized the time and had to head home, two blocks away. They said their goodbyes as Gary peddled down the road towards his home. He was still wearing the same clothes he had worn all day as he passed by another friend's house. He waved at him and rode slowly down the street. Just as he was turning into his driveway, his mother pulled up behind him. Their brief discussion was she had to go back to work, gave him twenty dollars for food, and drove off. Gary walked his bike into the garage and walked back up the drive to retrieve the mail. He had just got the mail out of the box when his neighbor from across the street walked up to get his mail. They both knew one another since they had lived there all of Gary's life. His neighbor, Frank, had no children and his wife was an airline stewardess, so she was pretty much gone most of the time. Gary's mom and Frank's wife were best of friends.

Frank had to be in his thirties with short military style brown hair and hazel eyes. To Gary, Frank looked more like a giant body builder, or football player, towering over him at 6' 4" and must have weighed 220 plus pounds. Frank has a thick black moustache and best of all, he was always like a friend and a father figure to Gary. The two chatted for a short while at the mailbox and Frank invited Gary over to eat with him since his wife was gone. Not having eaten anything all day, Gary was starved and eagerly excepted the kind offer. This wouldn't have been the first time he had gone over to Frank's house and ate there.

Once inside, Gary enjoyed the refreshing coolness of the cool air as he was dripping wet from sweat. They walked into the kitchen so Frank could check on the spaghetti he was making. After stirring the pot, Frank asked Gary if he wanted to freshen up a bit before they ate. Gary jumped at the idea after feeling all icky. He already knew where the bathroom was, so he headed off down the hall. He peeled off his tight clothes and let them fall to the floor as he activated the shower head. His cock was harder than a bone as he stepped into the shower stall and began soaping himself up real good.

Frank had fantasized about Gary many, many times. Never had his eyes fell upon a more beautiful boy than young Gary. He had fucked his wife plenty of times while pretending it was Gary and not her. Though he could have easily seduced Gary on many occasions, he always managed to somehow coral his raging hormones. Tonight was unlike no other, except Frank was hornier than ever and now he had this young God like creature in his shower. Frank eased his body down the hall and slowly opened the door to the bathroom where Gary was in the process of shampooing his gorgeous hair. His eyes first fell onto the floor where Gary had dropped his clothes. The silhouette behind the curtain revealed to Frank that Gary had no idea he was in the bathroom with him. Frank also could see that Gary would have his eyes closed while lathering up his hair. Using his fingertips, Frank peeled back the curtain ever so slightly and almost fainted as his eyes fell upon the most perfect bronzed ass that could ever be blessed on any human being. Frank could feel his spit as it slobbered out of his open mouth while his eyes burned an ever lasting impression of Gary's perfect butt.

Knowing time was not on his side, he had to get a look at the boy's cock. Gary had just ducked his head under the shower head to rinse off the shampoo. Frank quickly slid over to his left and peeled the curtain back. His cock jerked as his eyes now behold the young beauty that stays punishing hidden from all to see. Just as he suspected, Gary was completely hairless. Frank poked his head in a bit further to get a closer look at Gary's soapy balls. At first, he thought the boy only had one nut, but readjusting his eyes, he now could tell that there were two, and they were balder than Kojac's head.

Frank quickly ran out of the bathroom and stopped into the living room. His heart was pounding as if he had just ran in a marathon. He looked all over for something he had no clue as to what he was really looking for, then ran back down the hall to his bedroom. Frank yanked off his shorts and replaced them with his bicycling shorts which were definitely see thru. He tugged at his shirt until it fell free from his body and he literally ran on his tip toes back down the hall to the living room. He had just made it back into the living room when Gary walked in holding his shirt in his left hand. Gary politely asked, "Frank, do you mind if I leave this off. My shirt is soaking wet." Frank caught a frog in his throat as he replied, "Yeah, um, that's, that's fine." Frank couldn't take his eyes off the boy's solid built body. His tongue even got hard as he watched the boy's abdomen muscles dance with every breath. Focusing his wandering eyes, Frank could just barely make out Gary's little nipples.

While Frank was checking out Gary, Gary was busy just as well staring at the man cock that had grown in full length inside the shorts that showed everything as plain as day. Gary's eyes saw the mass of chest hairs on Frank's solid body and the hairs that darted from his belly button under the shorts. Frank was busy looking at what he knew was Gary's belly button. It looked more like a small pale freckle than a belly button. The two silently admired the others body and both cocks were straining at the thin fabric that fought with temptation to restrain the hardened muscles. Gary was in total awe in seeing the outline of Franks adult cock. He could tell that Frank was circumcised too, but he was more than curious as to how he put that big thing in his wife. In Gary's eyes, Frank's cock was a monster. Up to this point in his young life, the only cocks Gary had ever seen belonged on boys his age and they were soft, never hard. Gary even thought he witnessed Frank's cock twitch and jerk a time or two, but it was the thickness of the one eyed beast that impressed young Gary the most.

Reality set in and Frank knew his cock was fighting against the odds to free itself from the thin fabric, so he turned to walk to the kitchen to fix them both something to drink. Gary's eyes held onto the vision of Frank's muscled butt cheeks as they danced in unison with Frank's every step. Once inside the kitchen, Gary almost floored Frank when he curiously asked, "Frank, do you think I'm nice looking for a guy?" Frank almost choked on his tea, and after coughing, sat down while looking this young gorgeous creature straight into his entrancing eyes, then said, "Gary, one thing is for sure. You don't have anything to ever worry about in the looks department. You are way above the description of nice looking, okay. On a scale of one to ten, you are way off the charts, somewhere in the twenties." Both Frank and Gary laughed at Frank's statement, then Frank asked, "Gary, why would you ask such a thing?" Gary softly replied, "I was talking with a friend and I was told that the way I look would help me to get a blow-job." Frank chimed in, "Your friend is definitely right! I can't think of a single soul who would turn you down."

After finishing their drinks, and now both Frank and Gary wee sitting on the barstool in the kitchen when Gary asked, "Frank, can I ask you something? But, you got to promise me it wont leave this room, okay?" Frank agreed and Gary cleared his throat, "Well, my friend told me I could make some extra money by letting people suck on my dick. Is that true?" Frank nodded his head yes. Gary stated, "But, he said that mostly it would be guys doing that for me, not girls." Frank piped in, "Gary, it seems you got one pretty smart friend. There are some guys out there who would pay you for the privilege of sexually satisfying you, just like there are tons of guys out there would like nothing more than to shove their cocks up your tight little asshole!"

Gary listened, but after hearing the part of a guys cock up his butt, he twisted his face, then replied, "Uh, I don't know about the dick up the butt thing. For one thing, I'm way too small and the other thing is that I know it would have to hurt really bad." Frank forced out a chuckle, then offered, "You know Gary, you don't have to get paid to have sex. That is kind of wrong in a way. Be it a guy or a girl, you are way too young to even think about prostituting yourself out to someone. Enjoy sex first, then make your decision somewhere down the road." Gary smacked his cherry colored lips, then fired back, "Yeah right, I can't get no one to be interested in me at all, much less to have sex with. All I want right now is to experience a blow-job, but I can't find anyone to do it for me. My friend says there are all these people wanting to do it, but I don't know where to find any of them."

The entire time of their conversation was spent with Frank's eyes glued on Gary's bulging crotch. It wasn't a big bulge, but it was sure a mouth watering bulge to behold. Their sexual conversation had both man and boy in a over heated dilemma. Gary constantly stole glances at Frank's cock, while Frank returned the favor on Gary's crotch. Both wanting to be honest with other, but neither could muster the courage to speak the truth. Frank knew just by their conversation that young Gary was tired of being a virgin and he craved for the affection and knowledge of knowing just what a blow-job was to feel like. Gary began questioning Frank on his sex life with his wife and found it very interesting when the conversation hit the oral and anal part. He was intrigued by the way Frank told him how his wife loved to get fucked in the ass, but he was still too naive to understand how a cock could fit up such a small hole.

One thing led to another and it was Frank who couldn't handle their conversation about sex any longer. He leaned forward and placed both hands on the top of Gary's thighs and as soon as his hands felt the smooth silky flesh, Frank almost blew his wad in his shorts. Fighting the trembling in his voice, Frank spoke, "Gary, what I am about to tell you mustn't ever leave this room. I have a confession not even my wife knows about. I am bisexual! I like both men and women, but not just men, younger men if you know what I mean. It has been a long time since I did anything with another guy, but to be completely honest with you. Gary, you have been the focal point of many of my fantasies. There, I said it! I don't ever want to jeopardize our friendship by doing something rash, but here is something you must know. Let's say this is more like an offer! Anytime you feel like you need someone to suck your dick, I would consider it an honor to do that for you, but nobody can ever know!"

Gary piped up after hearing Frank confess, then smiled and said, "Frank, you'd really do that for me? Gee, I've been thinking about that since I first came over. I'm ready if you are!" Frank stood up and slid his hands all over Gary's hot silky flesh of his upper body. His eyes were watering while entranced by Gary's complete beauty. The moment he had longed for has now arrived and it was Gary who asked him to do it. Taking Gary by the shoulders, Frank helped him to stand to his feet. Frank's hands were trembling as they reached under the waistband to retrieve the draw string. His heart played a beat heavy inside his chest as his fingers became numb with excitement, fumbling with the string. Gary stood perfectly still as Frank's eyes zeroed in on the protruding piece of hidden sweat meat pressing firmly against the thin material. Now that his fingers finally cooperated, the string was untied and Frank began the torturous heart pounding task of sliding the tight thin fabric from Gary's golden body.

Frank dropped to his knees as his fingers lowered the material covering Gary's most prized features. Lifting the thin fabric outwards, Frank slid them down and with his eyes straining to see the glory, witnessed the most perfect and precious cock in all of mankind. Gary's hard young cock stood straight out from his bronzed body 4 and " with a slight upwards curve somewhere in the middle. Frank strained both eyes as he stared at the magnificent specimen before him. The head was the same size as the slender shaft and the boy's piss slit almost seemed invisible. As his fingers slid the shorts all the way down to Gary's ankles, Frank looked straight into Gary's hairless little balls. They were just as bronzed as the rest of his magnificent body, hair free, and tightly drawn up in their smooth sac to give the misleading appearance of only having one nut.

Using Frank's head for support, Gary stepped out of his shorts and was now standing in Frank's kitchen bare ass naked. Frank placed both of his trembling hands on Gary's tight muscled butt cheeks as he lowered his face just under Gary's erect cock. The smell alone was something Frank had no idea ever existed. The fragrance was mind boggling, setting his soul on fire with each intake of air. Frank's nostrils rolled over Gary's young balls, breathing heavily in to absorb the voodoo of this never before smelled aphrodisiac. There was a faint musky odor, hardly noticeable at all, mixed with the freshness of the soap encountered in the shower earlier. A single teardrop of pre cum forced itself out the closed tiny piss slit as Frank's nostrils slid up the silky smooth hard shaft of Gary's now twitching cock. Gary had both hands holding onto Frank's head as Frank stuck out his tongue and tasted Gary for the first time. As soon as his tongue swiped Gary's hairless balls, trillions of volts of electricity shot throughout Frank's shaking body. Gary was too excited, but he could feel himself trembling, as well as the fiery heat from Frank's nostrils and the wetness from the man's tongue on his balls. Frank's nose rode up Gary's delicious young cock while his tongue followed as his hands fought with the muscles of Gary's tiny butt to dip into the tight crevice of the young boy's bucking ass crack.

Gary held on to the sides of Frank's head for dear life as his young body instinctively began humping his youthful hard cock in and out of the vacuum like mouth of Frank. Gary tossed his head back as Frank's devoted finger plunged forward, striking Gary's asshole with a vengeance, causing his body to rupture from sheer ecstasy. Frank could barely make out that his finger was actually touching the young boy's most private of parts, but from the muscular contraption squinting at his finger, he knew exactly that he had struck gold. With his left hand cupping the small balls, Frank lifted them upwards and as his bobbing mouth came forward, Frank had no difficulty gulping the two tiny nuggets into his mouth along with Gary's throbbing, delicious hot cock. The finger probing at his asshole and the hot mouth burning its way over his cock and his balls forced Gary to scream out, "I'm peeing, oh God, I'm fixing to pee!"

Frank felt the young cock expand violently and knew all too well that Gary was getting ready to shoot his first load, or better yet, experience his very first orgasm. Four jets of hot watery sperm torpedoes struck the roof of Frank's mouth as Gary was now fucking his spitting cock feverishly in and out of Frank's suctioning mouth. Gary uttered words of bliss while his cock spat his cum out for the first time in his young life. For Gary, it certainly did not feel like pee, but it was much better than anything he had ever felt before. Frank moaned as the taste of Gary's hot cum slid down his throat, shocking his taste buds beyond belief with its purer than honey taste. It was watery and it shot out in small quantities, but Frank groaned loudly as each mind boggling spurt flew into his more than greedy mouth.

With the last of precious seed down Frank's throat, he continued to savor the hard cock in his mouth, as well as the two tiny nuggets while keeping his finger pressed sharply against Gary's tiny butt hole. Gary was shaking like a leaf caught in a wind storm and his mind was spinning from his very first orgasm. Frank seized the opportunity and gently spun Gary all the way around. Instinctively, Gary placed both of his hands on the edge of the counter while Frank guided his slender hairless legs behind him and beyond shoulder width apart. It was all Frank could do to stare at the tiny crack that separated the two bronzed muscular globes of Gary's mouth watering butt. Placing both hands on Gary's outstretched orbs, Frank shuttered in disbelief at the texture of the silky like flesh. Gary was still lost in time and had no clue what was going to happen next as he stood, bent over, panting a mile a minute. Even as wide spread as Gary was, the muscular orbs still remained tightly sealed, preventing Frank from seeing only what his finger has struggled in vain to touch.

Hooking his thumbs between the slender tight crack, Frank fought against Gary's muscles to pry the sweet delicate meat apart. His inhaling nostrils were already prying between the two bronzed orbs as the tormenting scent of Gary's hot ass rushed up his nostrils, igniting the fury deep within him. Frank shoved his nose between the two spread cheeks and soon his nose was right on top of the little anus of Gary. His eyes could not see it, but from his deep breathing in, Frank was soon lost in space as the aroma unknown to mankind filled his rapidly expanding lungs. By no means were there any foul scent, or anything that could be remotely close to degrading. Just pure freshness and inspiring!

Gary wiggled his body as the hot tongue scorched across his bung hole, laughing slightly at the newfound tickling sensation. Just as Timmy had described, the tongue was tickling him in more of a sensitive way, and not a teasing manner. And it was just as Timmy said, soon the tickling part was quickly replaced by wonderful strange feelings as Frank hungrily lapped at his asshole. Frank dug his tongue into Gary's asshole like a pile driver trying to punch a hole in steel. He had to look at what his finger and tongue had touched. Inching his face backwards, Frank gasped at the beauty that now graced his watery vision. An asshole like no other greeted his vision. It was bronzed like the rest of his perfect body and even as his thumbs stretched the two muscular cheeks wider apart, only a faint pale pinkish color was revealed glooming inside. It was now Frank's turn to tremble in delight as he instinctively slammed his tongue back onto Gary's virtually transparent asshole. Gary moaned loudly as the tongue swabbed his butt hole while enjoying Frank's whiskers rubbing against the inside of his crack.

With his tongue stabbing at Gary's asshole, Frank's right hand reached around Gary and latched onto his slender erect cock and began slowly pumping, back and forth. The feeling inside Gary was so overwhelming he picked up his right leg and placed the side of his knee on the barstool next to him. By doing so, this allowed Frank more room to dine on Gary's five star rated asshole. The taste was simply nothing, but the fact of where his tongue was, was more than any fantasy could ever describe. Gary was moaning and Frank was whimpering and slurping and the voice of Gary sparked the energy deep inside of him, "Oh yesssssssssss, eat my ass Frank, oh God it feels soooooooo good, yes, yes, eat me!" Frank's tongue began tearing at the silky flesh of Gary's tightly sealed anus while his right hand continued to slowly jack the work of perfection it so lovingly held.

While Frank's tongue stabbed at Gary's young asshole, his left thumb pried the cheek apart even wider. Gary was unknowingly shoving his ass into Frank's face and within a split second, Frank's tongue slipped inside the tight, extra hot, chamber. Gary cried out, "Oh, oh, aghhhhhhhhhhhh!" Never before had he felt what he was feeling now. His asshole had a slight painful burning, but the tongue gliding up inside him was also soothing. Frank groaned even louder as his tongue darted in and out of Gary's hot little asshole while his ears captured the erotic moaning screams spewing from Gary's mouth.

The hand on his cock and the tongue shooting in and out of his asshole was more than Gary could stand as he cried, "Again, I'm, oh shit, I'm gonna, again!" Frank withdrew his tongue and used his adult strength to spin Gary around just in time to get a mouthful of watery cum just as soon as his lips closed around Gary's pulsating cock. Just as the first watery spurt shot out, Frank used his right middle finger to slide in between Gary's muscular butt cheeks and slam right up against his saliva soaked butt hole. Gary was bucking and twitching as his young seed spurted out in jets. With his bucking motion so awkward, Frank's middle finger inadvertently penetrated Gary's tight little hole causing Gary to scream out and clutch onto Frank's head for dear life. The anal muscles coiled around Frank's finger giving it the impression that Gary was going to crush the invader that dared to enter its domain. By clamping down with his ass muscles, only caused Frank's finger to be sucked into Gary's anal bone crushing depths. Gary cried out as his sperm flew and the finger inside him felt like it was splitting him in half. Pleasure mixed with some mild pain sent Gary further into erotic orbit.

Frank was just a bit surprised to find out that Gary's second load was more in quantity than his first, but rewardingly enough, the quality was exactly the same. As the last of the precious watery seed slid down Frank's gulping throat, he fought with Gary's anal muscles to retrieve his anally crushed finger. Taking his mouth off of Gary's now rather soft cock left Gary to lean back against the counter with his eyes closed and heavily panting with each breath. Frank stood up on very wobbly legs and sat down on the barstool next to Gary while using his right hand to caress Gary's silky smooth chest. Frank's head was spinning as well for his dream of being with Gary had finally came true, and it was far more better than he had ever fantasized about. He could not keep his eyes off the gorgeous young beauty, though Gary was still breathing hard and his eyes were tightly shut.

A few minutes later, Gary came back to reality and his eyes immediately fell upon Frank's rock hard cock still bulging profusely within its thin fabric. A large portion where Frank's cock head was pressing was soaking wet. Frank peered into Gary's eyes and softly whispered, "Thank you!" Gary smiled his entrancing smile and replied, "No, thank you!" Gary kept looking at Frank's cock and inwardly wanted to put his mouth on it to see what it feels like and tastes like. The longer he stared at it, the more he wanted to fulfill his wish. Finally, Gary whispered, "Frank, can I try and suck your dick?" Frank stood up and grabbed his shorts, yanked them down and tossed them to the floor and sat back on the barstool just at the point his butt cheeks barely rested on the cushion. Gary stared at the rock hard adult cock standing at least 7 or so inches out from its hairy bush. To Gary, it was the biggest cock in the world with a large mushroom head slightly thicker than the shaft. Globs of pre cum was smeared all over the top portion of Frank's cock, as well as large pearl drops spewing from the gaping piss slit. Gary also noticed the two huge and hairy oval shaped nuggets dangling from between Frank's hairy thighs.

Gary inched his body forward and reached out with both hands and snagged the pre cum spitting adult cock. Frank shivered in his seat as Gary's hands shocked his every emotions. Gary liked the feeling of the massive tool in his hands as his head lowered to get a closer look at the gaping piss slit spitting out more and more pre cum. His left hand cupped the two hairy balls while his middle finger enjoyed the sensation of all the hair standing up between Frank's balls leading to his butt hole. Using his right hand as a tool, Gary held onto Frank's cock and lowered his tongue onto the pre cum just spewing from the piss slit. The initial taste was kind of salty and kind of bitter, but Gary found it to be intriguingly exciting none the less. Soon, Gary's young tongue swirled all around the thick head and was lapping up the spilt pre cum on the shaft. Just from Gary's touches, Frank knew he was not going to last long.

Frank was cooing as Gary stretched his little mouth wide and engulfed the head, shoving about two or three inches of shaft along the way. The heat from inside Gary's mouth baked Frank's cock to the near erupting state. Gary gagged several times trying to get more of the adult cock in his little mouth, but through it all, he never once gave up. Frank used both hands to caress the sides of Gary's hairless face, relishing in the lust of the boy's silky smooth skin. Gary sucked and licked, being ever so careful to not use his teeth on the steel like cock lodged deep inside of his gagging mouth. Frank whispered, "Oh Gary, Gary, you keep that up and I will shoot my load!" Only the slurping noises coming from his mouth on Frank's cock was all Frank heard as Gary increased his bobbing action on about four inches of Frank's hard cock. Frank's balls felt heavy in Gary's left hand as his fingers climbed in between the fur of Frank's ass crack, gently rubbing the hair covered asshole. Frank bellowed as the finger on his asshole treated it with a splendorous chorus of dances.

Before Frank could do anything, he felt his balls burst with cum and screamed, "Shit, I'm cummingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!" Gary had no idea what he was in store for, but he felt the thick cock expand and soon there was a wave of sperm pellets flying into his mouth. It was hot, thick, and definitely creamy, and was shooting out by the bucket loads. As the first taste of man seed trickled down his throat, Gary gagged at the flavor of the saltiness, mixed with some bitterness. The hands on his head sort of forced his mouth to stay on the erupting cock, so Gary gagged a few more times as the heavy load slid down his vastly gulping throat. After about the fifth swallow, and Frank's cock still shooting more, Gary no longer found the taste to be somewhat disgusting, in fact, he became even more excited knowing he was now swallowing sperm. Frank was biting his lips while Gary was moaning in bliss as adult man seed shot in spurts into his mouth and he swallowed it as soon as he could, lost in this newfound delicacy of flavor.

The once hard cock began to increasingly deflate inside Gary's still sucking mouth to the point Frank couldn't take the sucking anymore. He literally had to force Gary's mouth off of his cock. Now, it was Frank's turn to sit there while his head was spinning a mile a minute. Gary dropped to his knees and began licking all over the man's hairy huge balls causing Frank to scream in mind boggling tantrums. The fire from Gary's nose and the slippery effect of his tongue, drove Frank mad with ball busting envy. Frank was shivering like mad as if he had pneumonia, lost in life as to what little Gary was doing to him. The hairy balls tickled Gary's tongue, but he discovered he enjoyed the feeling he was getting from licking a man's balls. After about five minutes of tongue lapping on Frank's balls, Gary stood up and sat on the barstool next to Frank. With the most precious of looks, Gary asked, "Frank, you really put that big dick up your wife's butt?" Frank had now caught most of his breath as he replied, "Yeah, and she loves it too!" Gary stated, "Christ, that must hurt her real bad!" Frank shot back, "It must not hurt too bad cause she always begs me to fuck her in her asshole." Gary said, "It just seems that something so big going into something so small would hurt real bad." Frank fired back, "Well, it's definitely not something for everyone. Going in for the first time will always hurt, but then something inside you snaps. The pain goes away and you are soon filled with pleasure."

Gary impressively asked, "Frank, have you ever had a dick up your butt?" frank smiled of times passed and responded, "Young man, many, many times. My wife still uses a dildo on me to spice up our sex life. She has no clue that I used to hike my ass up and let some guy fuck the daylights out of me. To be honest with you, I still fool around with a guy a time or two just to keep in practice." Gary had a dazed look come over him as he whispered, "I don't think I could do something like that. I'm way too small for it!" Frank rubbed his back with his right hand while stating, "You got to want to do it first, then except the pain secondly. Like I said, it's not something for everyone, but for those who like it, learn to love it. As for you, you need to take your time and not rush into anything. There are plenty of guys who would be willing to do anything for the honor of putting their cocks up your gorgeous little ass, and that's something you got to be careful about." Gary asked, "Why?" Frank shot back, "Gary, it's like this and I want you to try and understand. When you see yourself everyday in the mirror, you don't really think of just how good you look. You only see yourself! Others see you in a different way, a much more different way in fact. Bottom line little man, you are drop dead flat fucking, incredibly gorgeous! Let life take its course and you'll enjoy it that much more, besides, anytime you need a blow-job, you know where I live!"

They sat at the table and ate their dinner, still in the nude. After they ate and it was getting kind of late, Gary kissed Frank and they said their goodnights and Gary walked the short distance to his home. Once inside, he showered again still replaying his activities with Frank and licking his lips at the man's sperm still fresh inside his mouth. Gary dried off and went to bed, this time leaving his pajamas off and quickly fell asleep in the nude. His dreams of Frank and his cock brought back the reality while his dreams carried him into a deep, deep sleep.

Sunday morning came with Timmy standing at his bed side shoving him to wake him up. Gary opened his eyes and Timmy loudly announced, "Wake up dude, you going to Church today?" Gary yawned and simply asked, "Where's my mom?" Timmy replied, "I dunno, she left out early this morning." Timmy was already dressed up in his church clothes as Gary scooted up to sit on his butt while his back leaned against the headboard. Timmy sat down to Gary's right side as Gary began telling him the story of what happened the day before, but mentioned not a single name. Once Gary was through with the story, Timmy stated, "Holy shit Gary, you sucked a man's cock, not to mention swallowed his spunk. Fuck, that's some sick shit dude!" Gary fired back, "No sicker than you letting some guy suck your dick and eat your asshole!" Timmy smiled and teasingly replied, "Yeah, well I aint the one sucking a cock, now am I? I guess the next thing on your agenda is getting fucked, right?" Gary became a little angry as to the way Timmy was speaking to him and shot back, "Well, I just might. Who knows, you probably have already been fucked and are too chicken to tell me!" Timmy yelled, "Hell no I aint never been fucked! I just let them eat my ass and suck my dick, that's it!

Gary could see the bulging crotch of Timmy's as he kind of wiggled on his bed, which gave him a wild idea. Gary smiled, then whispered, "Timmy, I'll tell you what I am willing to do. To keep you from telling anybody, I'll suck your dick right here and now!" Timmy made a yucky looking face and responded, "Hey shit, can't you see I'm in my church clothes? Besides dude, you don't have to do that to buy my silence. You got enough shit on me anyways!" Gary stared at the bulge and remembered Frank's man sized cock and the horniness he never knew existed, now existed in an illuminating fashion. Gary whispered, "How about a quick blow-job to help you get through the sermon? It's not that I am trying to buy your silence, in fact, I really, really want to!"

Timmy sat on the bed and knew his dick was as hard as a rock and the longer he looked at Gary and his pleading eyes, the more interested in getting some mouth action he became. Timmy stood up and faced Gary and said, "Okay, but here's the deal. I don't suck cock and I don't eat nobody's asshole!" Gary eagerly stated, "Deal!" Timmy unhooked his belt, then unbuttoned the button, then unzipped his pants. Gary's eyes were glued to Tommy's Fruit-Of-The-Loom white underwear as they came into view. Timmy kicked off his shoes, then stepped up onto the bed having to hold his britches up. In one stealth motion, Timmy released his pants and they quickly fell to his ankles. He stepped out of them and removed his underwear, tossing them onto the carpet of the floor. Gary couldn't see Timmy's cock because of his shirt flowing down in front of his crotch region. Timmy stepped over Gary's blanket covered body with his right foot, still facing him, and walked right up to Gary's face. Using his left hand to hold himself against the wall, Timmy grabbed onto the bottom of his shirt and yanked it upwards, instantly revealing his 14 year old 6 and " cut cock. Timmy's cock was rock hard, jutting straight out from his solid body with a slight downwards angle, barely hooking somewhat to the left. Just like his own dick, the mushroom helmet was about the same thickness as the shaft. Gary stared at Timmy's drawn up half dollar sized nuggets, sparsely covered in curly little black hairs which dangled about an inch from the base of his dick.

Gary opened his mouth and Timmy pushed forwards allowing his throbbing cock to penetrate his best friend's mouth. Gary found Timmy's cock easier to suck than Frank's. It was no where near as thick and it wasn't as long either. Gary could taste the fresh soap that Timmy used prior to him coming over. Timmy fucked his cock into Gary's mouth using a slow teasing motion. Gary was able not to gag as the full length of Timmy's cock lunged forward, shoving his small patch of curly black pubes into his nose. Gary reached around Timmy and began caressing Timmy's solid butt cheeks while dipping a couple of fingers inside the hairless crack. His fingers found Timmy's butt hole and they gingerly dug into the clutching orifice forcing Timmy to groan and pick up his skull fucking speed.

Gary's left hand pulled and caressed Timmy's free swinging balls, causing moans of bliss to fire out of Timmy's wide open and contorting mouth. Gary could feel Timmy's cock convulse and expand and he sucked feverishly for the rewards he knew his older friend would soon shower him with. Timmy felt the wonderful sensation of getting really close and the hand pulling at his balls and the fingers digging into his asshole surely wasn't helping matters any. Timmy felt his cum boiling and he quickly yanked his soon to be erupting cock out of Gary's still craving cock mouth. Timmy turned around while stating, "Eat my ass! Let me feel your tongue dip into my asshole!" As his last sentence was complete, now Gary came faced to face with Timmy's puckering asshole directly in his face. Timmy had turned completely around and had bent down and used both hands to yank his butt cheeks wide apart. Gary didn't have to move his face at all thanks to Timmy shoving his ass backwards. Without having to do anything, Timmy's asshole was now pressing against his nose. It smelled kind of musky and slightly pungent to Gary, and his only thought of what this hole was really used for.

Timmy shouted, "You want it! Eat it! Tongue my asshole if you ever want to suck my dick again!" Gary raised his face while slamming his tongue right up against Timmy's asshole. Timmy was humping his ass up and down while Gary was doing his best to keep his tongue on his friend's butt hole. Timmy peeled his cheeks even farther apart and soon he felt Gary's slithering hot tongue creep inside his anal cavern. Gary didn't know what to expect from tongue fucking his friend's asshole, but soon, he found he liked drilling Timmy's ass. While Gary's tongue was fucking his asshole, Timmy began jacking his cock, but stopping each time before he got too close. Gary was slurping away while singing soft eloquent moaning sounds tongue fucking his best friend's poop chute while Timmy yanked on his cock to the point that he was just about to explode. Both boys were moaning like crazy and each relishing in the feeling the other was giving him. Just knowing his tongue was lapping in his best friend's most hidden possession pleased Gary to no end.

A few more minutes eluded and it was Timmy who quickly stood up and shoved his pre cum slick cock back into Gary's mouth in one single motion. Gary was in a cock sucking frenzy as Timmy slammed his cock hard in and out of Gary's drooling mouth. Gary reached around and dug his fingers in Timmy's saliva coated ass crack while shoving his middle finger up Timmy's gripping anal canal. Timmy slammed his head back and yelled, "Fuck yea, YES, drink my spunk, oh fuck yes, I'm shooting nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" Gary felt Timmy's cock expand and soon his mouth was flooded with his best friend's love juice. Hot jets of sperm slammed inside his mouth, some shooting powerfully down his throat. Unlike Frank's thick cream, Timmy's was creamy, but not as thick, and it was not bitter at all, nor was the salty flavor overpowering. Gary began finger fucking Timmy's asshole while the cock inside his mouth exploded its creamy spunk by the gallons. Timmy had a death grip on the headboard as he crammed his shooting cock hard and heavy into Gary's cock sucking, cum eating, mouth. Gary caressed Timmy's swinging balls while whimpering at the flavor of Timmy's creamy load. The ass clutching his finger snapped around it as if it were going to squeeze the blood right out of it, but Gary forced his finger to ride up and down while Timmy convulsed with one hell of an orgasm.

Timmy's cock fell limp inside Gary's still sucking mouth and Timmy was unable to withstand any more oral action on his sensitive cock, so he quickly yanked it free and hopped down off the bed. Without saying a word, Timmy put his clothes back on while Gary was still sitting on his bed, covers draped over him, fascinated as to what just happened. Gary spoke, "Hey Timmy, thanks!" Timmy looked up at him, smiled, then replied, "Shit dude, that was awesome! I can't believe you swallowed my sperm. Damn Gary, as good as you look, you're the one who should be getting your dick sucked, not me!" Gary reiterated what Timmy said earlier, "You said you don't suck dick!" Timmy fired back, "I didn't mean me! I meant by someone else! Look, I got to get going. We're going to church this morning and I don't know what the family plan is after that." Gary got out of bed and Timmy's eyes fell on his friend's proudly displayed erection. Even now with no desire to suck any cock, Timmy found it extremely difficult not to drop to his knees and suck on Gary's mouth watering boner. Timmy knew that Gary was flat fucking gorgeous, but he couldn't bring himself to do to Gary what his friend had done to him.

Timmy had left and Gary found himself home all alone as usual. His mom was either at work or out on a date. He did his regular bathroom routine and slipped on a pair of cut-off jeans with no underwear. Gary peered out the window to Frank's house and saw his wife's car in the drive. His hormones were raging and the longer he paced inside his house, the more cock he wanted. The thought of someone shoving his cock up his ass excited him and placed fear in his heart as well. Timmy was at church and Frank was at home probably slamming his monster cock up his wife's ass.

He was horny, excited, nervous, and frustrated in need of someone's cock to suck on. Gary walked into the kitchen to fix something to drink when the doorbell rang. Upon opening the door, he saw his mother's latest boyfriend, Brian, standing in the doorway. Brian was a strapping cowboy looking kind of guy with a thick brownish black moustache and wavy brown hair combed straight back. Standing at least 6' 4", Brian was a solid kind of guy probably weighing somewhere between 220 and 260 pounds. He wasn't overweight, but he did have a slight belly. He always wore a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and Gary never saw him without Brian wearing Wranglers. Today was no different than the rest for Brian's attire.

Brian looked down at Gary and asked, "Hey bud, is your mom home?" Gary smiled and replied, "No sir." One thing led to another and Gary invited Brian in. Brian was wanting Gary's mom, but it was Gary who was wanting Brian, especially whatever the cause of the huge bulge in the front of Brian's jeans were. Gary fixed them both a drink and they sat down on the sofa in the living room. At first, their conversation was on Gary's mom and the longer Gary sat next to Brian, the more of an urge to beg Brian to let him suck his dick crossed his young mind. He did find out that Brian was 38 years old and that he cared for his mom a lot. But, Gary was wanting to show Brian just how much he cared for him.

When the conversation got on the topic of Gary, Gary turned up the heat, so to speak. Turning his body towards Brian on the sofa and letting loose with one huge smile, Gary asked, "Brian, let me ask you something, but first you got to promise you wont tell my mom." Brian agreed and Gary went on, "I need you to be totally honest with me and don't worry, you wont hurt my feelings. So, here goes! Do you think I'm kind of cute?" Brian sat back in the sofa with a puzzled look on his face, then answered, "Well, uh, I um, yeah little man, I'd say you are more than cute." Gary played the question and answer game until he got Brian to say, "Gary, you'd turn a straight man gay. Shit, boy, you're almost too fucking pretty to be a boy! I mean look at you. You're young, smooth, and I'd bet you'd taste even better than you fucking look!"

Gary was looking at the whopping bulge in Brian's crotch grow faster by the second. Gary quickly asked, "So, let's say I was a girl. Would you fool around with me?" Brain lost all inhibitions and shot back, "In a fucking heartbeat!" Brian was looking at Gary and realized just how drop dead gorgeous his girlfriend's young son actually was. Brian turned to more of a serious note and asked, "Gary, are you trying to come on to me?" Gary smiled his breathtaking smile and fired back, "Sort of." Brian seriously asked, "Have you ever been fucked before?" Gary shot his head back and forth and replied, "No sir." Brian smiled and said, "The game you are playing is very serious. As good as you look, someone just might not take your saying no to having his cock fuck your little asshole. You'd better be careful!" Gary realized his efforts had just become fruitless and bowed his head in defeat.

Brian reached over and began rubbing Gary's back. The sensation of the boy's silky smooth skin ripped through Brian's body like a shockwave. Brain softly whispered, "I'll tell you what. Since your mom aint home and you look bored, let's leave her a note saying you are with me. I'll bring you home a little later. How's that sound?" Gary cheered up and jumped to his feet. Brian stated, "Just put on a shirt and I'll write the note." While Gary was in his bedroom getting a tank top to wear, Brian wrote Gary's mom the note.

They drove for nearly thirty minutes and Gary had no clue as to where they were heading. Brian pulled off the main road onto a rugged dirt road, winding through heavily wooded areas. Finally, they pulled up to a rustic old log cabin when Brian said, "This used to be my parents summer hideout. I come here every so often just to get away from the rat race." Once the car was parked, the two walked down to the edge of the river. Brian had a hand on Gary's back and said, "Gary, I know you've sucked a cock or two just by the way you were talking at your house. I can see the horniness in your eyes. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings or frightened you, but today is going to be a special day for you, I promise!" Gary looked excited as he asked, "Really, how's it going to be special?" Brian looked at the river and replied, "You'll see!"

As they were walking up to the cabin, Brian softly stated, "Most guys I know would do anything to have a gorgeous 13 year old literally beg them to suck cock. Shit, for that matter, most guys would do anything just to be around you. Gary, you are perfection from the heavens above and the sweetest part of it all is that you don't walk around with a chip on your shoulder." Gary simply said, "Thank you." Brian opened the door and they walked inside. It was clammy and damp and had a weird odor. The door was left open to let the sunlight shed light inside the place. Brian turned to face Gary and placed both hands on Gary's shoulders, smiled, then said, "Gary, there is something you need to know about me. This is something your mother doesn't even know. I spent 10 years in prison for having sex with boys your age and not one of them could ever come close to your beauty. I like having sex with women, but I like boys too. Please don't be afraid, cause I'll never hurt you, but I have to be honest with you and can only hope you appreciate that. The reason I brought you here is to find out if you really want to enjoy all there is to enjoy about gay sex. If you are frightened, I'll take you back home right now!"

Gary was nervous and excited, but his hormones heightened to a feverish high as he replied, "No problem so far!" Brian smiled a sigh of relief as he whispered, "Do you mind if I invite someone else?" Gary asked, "Who?" Brian looked around and then straight into Gary's entrancing eyes and said, "Christ, you are so beautiful! His name is Andy and he's 18 years old. Andy is a good looking work of art too and I think you'll agree once you see him." The excitement of sucking cock, two cocks, got the best of Gary as he quickly and eagerly said, "Call him. Sounds like fun!" Brian said, "Great, and oh yeah, one other thing. There's no clothes allowed to be worn here, so get your stuff of." Gary yanked his tank top off while Brian was on his cell phone calling Andy. Brian was talking with Andy while Gary removed his cut-off's. Gary was standing not only a few feet away from Brian bare ass naked with his young boner on proud display.

Brian was talking to Andy while licking his lips at the gorgeous youth standing before him, more than ready for action. Brain spoke into the cell phone, "Andy, I got us a hot 13 year old boy and once your eyes sees this beauty, you just aint gonna believe it to be true. He's my girlfriend's son, Gary!" Brian hung up the phone and just sat on the edge of the king sized bed in total awe of what his watery eyes were witnessing. Brian spoke out loud the only thought that popped into his mind, "Oh my God, you are a Godsend, a miracle from the heavens above. You are heaven itself!" Gary cleared his throat and replied, "Thanks, but now it's your turn to get naked!" Brian shook his head in total disbelief and said, "Hum, uh, oh yeah, that's, that's right." Gary stood perfectly still with his mouth watering as Brian began to kick his boots off and remove his shirt. When Brian pulled his jeans down and kicked them to the side, Gary's eyes almost popped out of their socket at the huge tenting inside Brian's boxers. Brian hooked his underwear, smiled, then teasingly said, "Gary, your mom loves this piece of bull meat and I hope you will too!"

The boxers were yanked down and Gary felt light headed as Brian's cock snapped into his blurry view. Up till now, Gary thought that Frank had the biggest cock. Brian's cock was way longer and a whole lot thicker than Frank's. Gary saw the foreskin dangling over the huge bulbous head and watched it dance in disbelief. Brian's cock stood straight out from his body with a downward slope over two of the biggest nuts on any human being. What Gary also noticed was that Brian had cleanly shaved his balls and neatly trimmed his curly black pubic bush. Gary's mouth was wide open looking at Brian's huge cock when Brian spoke, "10 and " uncut bull meat! It aint the biggest, but it sure as hell aint the smallest either. So, my young gorgeous eye candy, what do you think?" At first, Gary was trying to figure out how is mom could handle such a cock, being she was just a bit taller than himself, then he gulped and responded, "It don't look real! I don't know if I can even get my mouth on it! It's fucking enormous!"

Brian twisted his body so that he was now laying on the bed, flat on his back and asked, "Gary, would you be so kind as to honor me by sitting on my face? I just got to taste your sweet ass first!" Gary was almost frightened as he inched forward while locking his eyes onto the monstrous cock pointing towards Brian's face. Gary got on the bed on his knees, then stood up. Brian's huge calloused hands guided him to turn around, facing Brian's feet. Gary's eyes were still glued on the twitching one eyed giant while slowly squatting over Brian's face. Brian's hands were on Gary's butt cheeks as his eyes watered from the view of the boy's bronzed mouth watering butt cheeks and tiny crack. Gary literally jumped as the thick moustache needled its way into his cheeks and then Brian's thick tongue splashed on top of his butt hole.

Brian was no stranger in eating ass, be it women or young boys, but none could ever come close as to the delicacy his tongue was now enjoying. No pungent odor and no unclean residue aroma, just pure sweetness from the word go. In a matter of seconds, Gary felt the slight burning as Brian's thick tongue slid inside of him causing young Gary to cry out in peaceful bliss. Brian was whimpering as his tongue fought its way inside of the most gorgeous boy who ever walked the planet. With his asshole filled with thick swirling tongue, Gary cautiously reached down with both hands and felt the monster cock pumping up and down. It was hot and harder than a piece of metal. The skin covering the meaty shaft easily slid backwards as the huge bulbous head came into view. It was shiny from all the pre cum and the piss slit was gaping wide open, causing more clear fluid to ooze out. The hands on his cock sent electricity coursing throughout his feverish body forcing Brian to dwell even deeper inside Gary's super hot and extra tight asshole.

The cock in his hands was so thick, even wrapping both hands around the shaft left his fingers a little room from touching one another. For Gary, it was like holding a thick tube and not a cock. The tongue gracing his asshole caused his head to spin in ecstasy as he leaned forward and tasted Brian's pre cum for the first time using his tongue to swipe at the huge piss slit. Definitely a little salty, but not too bitter was the best way for Gary to describe it. Gary opened his mouth as wide as he could and fought to just be able to get the monstrous foreskin covered head inside his straining mouth. His tongue darted under the foreskin and he quickly discovered a new taste. Piss residue mixed with perspiration and pre cum. At first, Gary thought this to be rather revolting, but the tongue inside his ass crawled deeper, igniting his young hormones into overdrive. His young tongue danced inside the foreskin and scooped up as much of the mixed liquids as he possibly could, lost in a world of sexual intoxication.

Brian had never ever tasted an ass so good in his life, and he had dined on a plenty. The more of his tongue he got inside Gary, the more he wanted to go even deeper, scooping out any love juice he could manage. Brian knew that Gary did not give himself an enema, or probably had no clue what one was, but the natural juice that flowed down his throat was simply pure and elegant. Gary was now in full blown cock sucking mode as he gagged numerous times to feed more of the thick beast into his mouth. Even trying to breathe through his nostrils were difficult, but he fought with himself to suck more and more of Brian's tasty cock. Brain was bucking his hips while Gary was riding his tongue, neither aware of their own actions.

Gary's hands were pumping Brian's cock while his mouth was completely filled with about two or three inches of the man's extra thick bull meat. Brian was just as lost in a world of sheer ecstasy having little Gary bounce up and down on his stiff tongue while the young boy skillfully jacked and sucked his cock. Brian retrieved his bottle of poppers and fought with the smashing of Gary's sweet ass against his face to get a few good whiffs in. The poppers did their thing as he began tongue fucking the boy's gyrating and humping asshole with animalistic instinct. Brian managed to hand Gary the bottle and offered simple instructions as to its use. Gary whiffed several times and the last time, he held it in and returned back to sucking Brian's pre cum dribbling hard cock. When Gary finally let his air out, his head began spinning and everything he was doing and having done, became intensified a million times.

Both man and boy indulged themselves on the other's body. Brian tongued Gary's asshole like he had never tongue fucked anyone else before. The more movement Gary offered, the more heat of passion Brian found himself to be involved in. Brian used his adult strength to lift Gary's sweet ass off of his face and lowered the boy down to the point that Gary's cock and young balls fell into Brian's hormone enriched mouth. Brian let out a loud moan as the taste of both Gary's cock and little nuggets overwhelmed his every being. His tongue began frolicking all over Gary's hard cock and tightly shriveled balls and Gary increased his speed of sucking on Brian's huge horse cock.

Gary was simply lost in the feeling of having his cock sucked and sucking cock to notice that another tongue had found its way inside his spread out asshole. Andy had walked in and seeing one sight of the young boy sucking Brian's cock and taking a quick peek at Gary's asshole, just like Brian, he had to taste it for himself. Andy quickly discovered what Brian had already discovered with Gary's tight asshole, and that is, is that the little pucker hole that resembled the rest of his bronzed frame was absolutely flat fucking delicious. Andy gnawed his tongue into Gary's tantalizing asshole with a vengeance and Brian was sucking the flesh right off of Gary's cock and both tender balls. Gary took another hit from the poppers and continued his oral and jacking assault on the huge organ that felt like it was splitting his little mouth in two.

Andy was so involved in eating out Gary's ass and listening to all the slurping, moaning, and groaning, he wasn't aware that the only thing that had ever been up young Gary's asshole was a tongue. Starving for more of the young boy's delicious juice, Andy slicked up his right index finger with his saliva and began prying it into the super tight chamber. Gary's mouth was full of Brian's thick cock and all he could do was muster out a loud grunt as the finger began twisting and turning into his enraged anal canal. Gary thought it was more like a hot poker iron shooting up his butt and the more he wiggled, the harder Andy shot his tongue and finger up his ass. Even at this point, Gary was still clueless as to Andy being in the room.

Brian couldn't take anymore of Gary sucking on his cock, so he literally forced the young boy off of him and scooted off the bed. Andy was still tongue and finger fucking the young boy's super tasty asshole as he shoved his body away to allow Brian enough room to get off of the bed. It wasn't until Brian stood in front of Gary, who was on all fours licking his lips and tossing his head to and fro, that he realized that there was someone else in the room with them. By this time, little Gary didn't care cause the finger and tongue shooting in and out of his twitching asshole sent his mind racing into orbit. Brian whispered, "Roll him onto his back!" Before Gary had a chance to react, Andy had rolled Gary onto his back, keeping his finger lodged deep inside the young boy's rectum. Gary could only make out the top of Andy's head and knew from sight that whoever was working on his butt had long blond hair. Brian stood up on the bed, turned to face Gary's feet and lowered his butt onto Gary's panting mouth.

Gary watched Brian squat over his face and he saw the grown man's brownish pink butt hole, which was constantly puckering, come closer and closer to his face. Within seconds, Brian was shoving his ass onto Gary's face and Gary could smell the mixture of sweat, musk, and a slight pungent aroma as Brian's asshole flickered up and down his nose. Just like Brian's balls, his ass crack had been shaven. Brian bellowed, "Go ahead Gary, your mom likes eating my ass!" Gary stuck out his tongue and he felt the man's anus clutch his tongue like a Venus fly trap. Andy was too busy tongue fucking Gary's more than delicious hot ass and shoving his finger deeper and deeper into the hot, extra tight canal to pay any attention to what was happening above him. Brian was relishing in the emotion of having Gary's slithering tongue glide on his asshole while watching Andy slurp away at the boy's tasty bottom.

Brian cooed and groaned as Gary's tongue slid inside of his anal canal and began lapping all around. Gary found that eating Brian's ass and having his own ass finger and tongue fucked was just too exciting to actually think what he was really doing. He began forcing more of his tongue up Brian's butt, just as Andy was doing to his. Andy's free hand slid all over Gary's body, mesmerized in the silky texture of the gorgeous boy's tanned flesh. Gary's body was shaking in violent convulsions as the hand gliding along his body sent shivers darting all over his young body.

This activity went on for quite some time, before Brian jerked his well eaten asshole from Gary's slithering tongue. Brian was standing on the floor and Andy reluctantly stopped eating Gary's entrancing asshole to stand next to Brian. This was the first time Gary actually saw Andy in his entire form. To Gary's eyes, Andy was more than an Adonis, he was a Greek God only seen in magazines, not in real life. Andy stood about 5'6" and weighed no more than 130 pounds with long wavy blond hair and deep crystal blue eyes. Brian had told Gary that Andy was 18, but to Gary, Andy looked more like he was 14 or 15. His face was slender and hairless and his nipples were pale pink, about the size of a dime. Andy had a very nice six pack for his abs and Gary couldn't see any hair on Andy's chest and stomach area whatsoever. The one thing that really caught Gary's attention was Andy's little patch of light brown/blond pubic hair just above his raging hard-on. Andy was circumcised and his hard cock jutted perfectly straight out from his perfect body a good 6 inches. His mushroom cock head was just barely thicker than the slender shaft. Andy's cock was thicker than Gary's, but not by all that much. Looking further down, Gary saw Andy's low hanging half dollar sized nuts which he could tell had a few strands of light brown/blond hair spattered here and there. Other than the hair on Andy's shins, to Gary, Andy was nearly hairless just like himself.

After a brief handshake and an introduction, Andy lay on the bed, on his back, while Brian lifted his legs and shoved his tongue straight up Andy's ass. Gary couldn't keep his eyes off of Andy's creamy cock, so he moved in closer and before he knew what was happening, Gary swallowed Andy's boner all the way up to the little pubic hair. Andy's pre cum tasted sweeter than he had tasted before and soon Gary was trapped in a cock sucking head space while his ears churned from Andy's sensuous moans. While Gary was sucking on Andy's erect missile, Brian took the time to open the bottle of lube and smear it all over his left hand. Gary was on his knees slurping away at Andy's cock and his ass was at an angle to Brian's ass filled face. Brian raised his left hand up to Gary's jutting ass and found his little anus and slowly worked his middle finger up Gary's asshole. Gary grunted and groaned as the finger slid all the way to the hilt inside of him.

Andy opened the bottle of poppers and carefully placed it at Gary's nostrils. Keeping Andy's hard cock in his mouth, Gary inhaled deeply four or five times, and after the last one, he held his breath while bobbing his mouth up and down on Andy's suckable cock. Brian noticed that the poppers were working on Gary, so he introduced his clinching asshole to another finger. Gary offered no resistance, instead, he shifted his legs so that he could spread them out a little wider. Brian was ecstatic with pleasure as his tongue was drilling away at Andy's minty fresh asshole while two of his fingers worked themselves into the hottest asshole in the world.

Before too long, Brian managed to work three of his fingers up Gary's muscle clamping asshole. Gary was besides himself with pleasure as he increased his cock sucking speed to the point that he was smashing his nose onto Andy's pelvic region with each and every down stroke. Andy had his right hand on Gary's head while his left fingers found Gary's left tiny nipple. Andy began gently pulling, twisting, and pinching on Gary's nipple causing the young boy to suck even that much harder. Gary's asshole felt like it was full, more like torn, as the three fingers explored his inners. The pain was dull, but the fact knowing he was with Brian and Andy made everything worth while.

Brian had worked some lubricated fingers up Andy's asshole as well while finger fucking Gary's tight hole. Andy was fixing to cum and had to force Gary's mouth off of his soon to be erupting cock. One thing led to another, and now Brian was on his back, Andy was on all fours sucking on Brian's enormous cock while Gary was on his back between Brian's spread legs, and underneath Andy, tongue fucking Andy's sort of hairy asshole. Andy had a hairy crack, littered with numerous little blondish brown hairs, seemingly cluttered right at his pink hole. Gary got a good whiff of Andy's asshole as Andy shoved his butt into Gary's face. It smelled minty fresh and as soon as his tongue struck the hair covered hole, it tasted minty as well.

Andy was more accustomed at sucking the Brian's large cock and he managed to choke down a good six or so inches down his throat. All three took turns snorting the poppers as their endeavors at each other took them to a higher head space and level. Andy instantly snapped his body forward and Gary watched with wide eyes as Andy impaled his ass onto Brian's huge cock in one quick motion. Gary couldn't believe that something so big could actually fit in something that looked so small, but right in front of him, Andy had definitely proved him wrong. Andy screamed out as the last of Brian's cock was inside him, "Oh, Fuck YES! Shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, your cock feels sooooooooooooooo good up my assss!" After Brian instructed Gary to stand in front, Gary walked on top of the bed and sort of straddled Brian's head while Andy leaned forward, grabbed his butt cheeks rather hard, and slammed his contorting mouth onto Gary's raging boner.

While Andy was impaling his ass on Brian's mammoth cock, Andy was sucking like crazy on Gary's delicious boner. Brian lubricated his fingers on his right hand and quickly shoved two fingers up Gary's asshole causing Gary to scream out at the sudden invasion. Thanks to Andy prying Gary's little muscular ass cheeks apart, Brian had no problem finding the prized target...Gary's amazingly perfect little asshole! Brian worked his fingers up Gary's butt until he felt him relax and begin to use his boyish muscles to grip his darting fingers. Brian added a third finger to the union and Gary screamed, "Yes, fuck YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Brian's voice soothed Gary's ears as he whispered, "Go ahead my beauty, scream in pleasure. Nobody can hear us here. Let yourself go and be free. Fuck my fingers like you want it!"

Gary began clutching his ass muscles together, attempting to suck the knuckles deep into his ass as the pleasure of the moment caused his young balls to nearly explode. The experienced cock sucker that he is, Andy felt Gary getting really close so he yanked his mouth off the boy's cock. Brian whispered, "Gary lay on my stomach on your back." Gary was still in awe at Andy who was still humping up and down on Brian's horse cock. He did like Brian instructed and Brian wrapped his arms around Gary's chest after giving him another snort of the poppers. Gary's gorgeous face was to the left of Brian's face as Andy shoved the young boy's legs upwards. Brian hooked Gary's silky legs, pinning Gary's arms under his own legs. Andy used Gary's hips to scoot him forward a bit while Brian was using his tongue to stimulate Gary's right ear.

Andy saw Gary's eyes closed as Brian was licking the boy's ears. While keeping the giant cock deeply rooted inside of him, Andy lubricated his missile looking cock and placed it just outside of Gary's mouth watering, glistening asshole. Gary was completely unaware of what next was to happen, but as soon as the pressure on his asshole increased, he figured it out. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" Andy had snuck his lubricated cock head inside of Gary and held it there. Brian whispered, "Go easy, it's his first time!" Andy held his position until Gary stopped blowing out the air from his lungs. Gary thought that someone had used something to split his ass cheeks apart and poured gasoline inside of him and lit the match. Just as Gary thought it was over, Andy inched another inch of cock upwards. Gary screamed out again and Brian softly whispered, "Go ahead my angel, scream. I know it hurts, but soon, you'll be begging for cock up your ass. Just trust me! To get to the pleasure, you got to feel some pain. I promise you that it will soon be all over!"

It took some doing, but Andy managed to get all of his cock up Gary's never before cock explored asshole. Brian gave Gary another snort of the poppers, then slammed his lips on top of Gary's panting mouth. Gary was shocked as the man's tongue entered his mouth and began rolling on top of his. As the poppers sent his mind racing, his own tongue snuck inside of Brian's while Andy began a slow methodical fucking of Gary's boiling hot ass. It was all Andy could do to restrain himself from slamming his meat inside of Gary while fucking his own ass on Brian's super sized cock. Upon each withdrawal of Andy's cock, Gary sent shockwaves of vibrations into Brian's mouth, while grunting and groaning from the mixture of pleasure and the beginning of dull pain.

Brian could feel that Gary was just in the beginning stages of enjoying Andy's cock inside of him as Andy began increasing his speed, a little at a time. As Brian pulled his mouth off of Gary's, Gary angelically faintly whispered, "Oh God, yes!" Brian reached down and latched onto Gary's pre cum spewing cock and began to slowly and teasingly jack it up and down. Brian softly whispered into Gary's right ear, "Okay my love, tell Andy how it feels! Fuck it, tell the world!" Gary closed his eyes for a brief second, twisted his mouth while clamping down on his lips with his teeth, then shouted, "Fuck me, fuck me Andy! It feels so gooooooooooooood!" Andy began riding Brian's cock while feeding Gary's asshole with his own cock like tomorrow would never come.

Brian asked Gary, "When time arises for us to shoot our sperm, where would you like us to shoot it?" Gary screamed out, "Oh fuck YES! Fuck me! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Mouth, in my mouthhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Brian couldn't take it any longer, and to Andy's reluctance, he pulled the mammoth cock from his asshole, but kept his cock blistering in and out of Gary's muscle crunching asshole. Andy pelted Gary's ass for a shot while later until he felt his own juices bubbling, so he hesitantly pulled his throbbing cock out of Gary's asshole. Gary screamed, "NO, NO, FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!" Andy was viciously panting for air while taking in the breathtaking scenery of Gary's spread legs.

Just to keep things as hot as ever, Andy lay down and sank his lips onto Gary's succulent thin lips and grew ever more excited as he tasted the young boy's breath and saliva. Gary was on his right side shoving his tongue into Andy's mouth while his left hand found Andy's hard cock and began jacking on it. Brian scooted around the bed and quickly flung his tongue inside Gary's hot and tasty asshole. Andy returned the favor by jacking on Gary's slender hard cock. From time to time, Andy had to swipe young Gary's hand away from his cock to prevent his sperm from violently shooting out. The tongue inside Gary's asshole felt soothing, but Gary inwardly cried out for Andy to fuck him one more time.

Positions were switched one more time with Brian on his back, legs spread, and Gary on all fours sucking the mammoth beast once more. Andy crawled on his knees behind Gary and slid his boned up cock up the boy's ass, this time offering very little time for the young boy to get acclimated with the intruder. Gary was forcing the head of Brian's cock deeper into his mouth and his grunts were stifled thanks to the beefy head lodged inside of his outstretched mouth. Andy grabbed the young boy's hips and began using them as weapons to drive Gary's stretched asshole onto his thrusting love muscle. Gary's little body was torn with pain as the fiery cock tore through his chamber of darkness with blistering speed. Andy's low hanging balls slapped hard against Gary's little shriveled up nuggets, sending further chills crashing all over his already convulsing body.

The moment Gary was awaiting for the pain to relinquish itself from his body finally arrived. Soon, he was meeting force with force as Andy slammed his hard cock up his ass and Gary greeted his powerful thrusts with backwards thrusts of his own. Andy was more than confused as the young boy's anal muscles professionally milked his cock upon each of his thrusting movements. By Gary doing this, Andy knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer, so he decided to mix up his pace and fuck the boy deep and slow. Gary wouldn't have any such nonsense as he fucked his thrusting ass onto Andy's missile like cock. Brian was in sheer ecstasy as Gary worked more of his sucking mouth onto his twitching cock. Brian was moaning, Gary was slurping and cooing, and Andy was biting his lips while grunting like a pig at a family roast.

Andy had reached the conclusion that he was no longer fucking Gary, it was Gary fucking him, and using his ass muscles venomously to drain his being dry. Brian whispered while caressing the sides of Gary's gorgeous face, "Do you want to feel my dick in your ass? Your mom loves for me to fuck her up the ass! Gary, do you want to feel my cock up your ass chute?" Gary rolled his eyes up to greet Brian's, entrancing Brian into his clutches and simply fluttered his eye lids over his dazzling eyes. Removing his hot little mouth off the giant knob, Gary shoved his ass back onto Andy's sore cock and replied, "Ah, it's, it's way too, oh fuck, biggggggg!" Brian smiled, still embraced in Gary's eyes, and said, "Your mom thought it was too big, but now, she literally begs for me to shove it up her little ass!"

In a flash, and without warning, Andy yanked his cock from Gary's anal clutches before spraying his insides with his hot thick, creamy cum. Gary wanted more, so he looked up at Brian, flashed him his beautiful smile and angelically whispered, "Fuck me Brian, but please go slow!" Gary couldn't believe the words that fluttered from his own little mouth. Just the sight of Brian's huge cock brought pain into his eyes and fear into his already pounding heart. Brian instructed Gary to get on all fours as he and Andy knelt in behind Gary admiring the young boy's already sealed, almost transparent anal chute. Together, both Andy and Brian began pouring the lube onto their fingers while taking turns massaging the lube, one finger at a time up Gary's tight, muscle gripping asshole. Andy remembered all too well the first time he and Brian had sex. The pain was horrific at first, but through time, Andy always craved for Brian to toss him onto the bed and fuck his brains out.

The fingers darting in and out and all around his anal canal caused Gary to curse the day and groan in long lasting harmony. Before too long, between Gary and Brian, they had managed to get four fingers up Gary's clamping chute. Gary knew the difference between Andy's small slender fingers then Brian's huge thick fingers. As Brian's fourth finger snaked its way up his canal, Gary wiggled his ass to try and accommodate the thick girth of the fourth anal invader.

Brian poured the lube all over his massive cock and began massaging the slick substance over his entire angry looking cock. Andy crawled up next to Gary and gave him several sniffs of the poppers while soothingly telling him just to relax. Gary's head was spinning from the poppers as Brian mounted him from the rear. Brian held onto Gary's left hip while holding his straining erection with his right hand, pressing it firmly right up against Gary's aromatic asshole. Andy wiggled his body until he was on his back with his mouth enclosing over Gary's as Gary just had finished a few more good whiffs of the poppers for good measure. Their lips locked into a cringing embrace as their tongues instantly darted inside the others fiery hot mouth.

Gary felt the tremendous pressure of Brian's thick cock head press against his chute and he fought like hell to relax. Andy's tongue tasted great inside Gary's mouth as their tongues entwined into a bitter loving battle. When Gary began grunting heavily into Andy's mouth, he knew that Brian had opened the boy's asshole up. Gary's fingers dug sharply into Andy's flesh and his grunts forced both their cheeks to puff up. Andy held Gary's head close to his, locking his precious face onto his own as Brian fought with the resilience of shoving his thick cock up the young boy's awesomely tight canal. Gary felt the pain like he had never felt before as his asshole opened wider than he ever thought possible. Brian inched forward just a bit, watching Gary's gyrating body. He knew the boy was feeling pain, in fact, they all did at first, but he knew that once he got his mammoth one eyed beast all the way in, Gary would soon fall madly in love with a thick cock up his ass.

The giant cock head had disappeared inside Gary's ass chamber and Brian had worked about three thick inches inside him and held his position without moving a muscle. He could hear the whimpers being stifled by Andy's mouth being locked over Gary's. Gary's body movement told the true story as the boy stretched his knees further outwards while clamping onto Andy's arms with a death grip. Gary constantly kicked the mattress with his toes as more thick cock inched itself forward, driving more and more pain throughout Gary's already pain riddled body. Gary felt as though he was going to pass out as the horse cock forced his anal canal wider than humanly possible. Brian released his cock with his right hand and quickly gripped Gary's right hip while slinging his head back as the tightness and the fiery heat choked and cooked his cock with never before experienced pressure.

Andy managed to get the bottle of poppers up to Gary's rampant breathing nostrils and Gary wasted no time in deeply inhaling the head spinning substance. The body rippling pain eased somewhat thanks to the poppers, but Gary didn't think he would be able to take much more of the huge cock up his ass. With about six inches of thick man meat up the young boy's ass, Brian devotionally took his time and paused as each thick inch passed by the boy's clamping outer ring. The deeper Brian's cock traveled up his ass, the more the pain highly intensified. Tears began stream lining down his face and dribbling onto Andy's. Andy reached under Gary and began caressing the young boy's solidly erect cock while ensuring to caress the shriveled up hairless balls.

Brian tossed his head back while groaning as all 10 and " of bull meat was deeply implanted inside Gary's cock crushing ass. Gary felt like the cock was poking somewhere inside his stomach, long since passed his anal canal. His stomach felt bloated as he felt Brian's cock breathe and Andy still held his face tight to his while filling his mouth with his tongue. Brian held his position cautiously still as to let Gary get over the rugged pain of the initial entry. With each heavy breath Gary took, the cock filling his ass seemed to spring out more enduring pain. Brian rubbed Gary's back while saying, "Good boy, it's all in now, just wait, it'll feel real good here shortly!" Brain withdrew his cock a couple of inches rather slowly, then pushed it all the way back in. Gary grunted and whimpered as each slow stroke brought new torment to his bowels.

After a couple of minutes of working two or three inches in and out of Gary's gripping chute, Brian began slowly withdrawing all of his cock, up to the point his giant head peered from the boy's outer ring, then slowly shoved the thick love tube all the way home inside Gary. Gary grunted profusely as the thick man meat slid out, then slid back in, begging for the pain to end and the promised pleasure to begin. Brian poured some more lube on his cock once the head appeared before shoving it all the way back in. Within a few short minutes, Brian had picked up his pace, but still not ramming his thick tool like he eventually planned. He was waiting for the right sign from Gary before fucking the living hell out of the young gorgeous boy. Andy could feel Gary's pre cum ooze out and he began to smear the precious love juice all over Gary's cock as he skillfully jacked the prized boner up and down.

Something inside of Gary snapped and all the pain he had endured seemed like it had never happened as he used his ass muscles to clamp down on Brian's cock as he was beginning to withdraw the huge beast from his ass. Brian yelped as the ass muscles caught his cock in mid stream and felt like it was literally ripping the flesh right off. Gary yanked his mouth from Andy's clutches and at the top of his lungs, screamed, "FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Give me your god damn cock NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Oh fuck, fuck my assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" Brian locked his fingers onto Gary's slender smooth hips and began driving the full length of his cock in and out of the boy's cock craving asshole.

Andy didn't need to be told that Gary was okay, so he crawled on his back directly under the sprawled out boy and slurped up Gary's cock in one loving motion. Gary slammed his mouth on Andy's flaccid cock and sucked it back to erect life while Brian fed the boy his enormous cock like a mad man prowling for revenge. Andy sucked Gary's cock as the mouth watering pre cum taste ricochet inside his mouth. The taste was divine and he wanted Gary to send his load down his throat. Andy also knew that Gary was working wonders on his cock while groping his balls and shoving a finger in and out of his ass. Brain was fucking Gary and Gary was slamming his youthful cock in Andy's mouth while shoving his little ass onto the thrusting bull meat. Brian couldn't believe the control that Gary had over his ass muscles. He had fucked a lot of asses before, but none could do the things that this 13 year old once virgin boy could do with his ass muscles. Brian could feel the muscles inside Gary's ass coil and grip his cock with his every move. Gary had a mouthful of Andy's beautiful cock and only his sounds of sucking cock and audible grunts were heard.

Andy felt Gary's cock expand and soon felt the numerous sperm pellets shoot inside his mouth. Andy increased his suction, whimpering as the hot fluid shot into his mouth by the bucket loads. Gary was in a cock sucking, ass fucking, sperm shooting frenzy at this point. Andy was unable to warn Gary of his cock fixing to erupt cause he was still in heaven having young Gary fill his mouth with his sweeter than melted chocolate seed. As the first powerful spurt form Andy's cock sent sperm missiles into Gary's mouth, Gary began to whimper loudly as he drove his ass back, harder and harder, while slurping up Andy's thick creamy cum. The finger darting in and out of his asshole caused Andy to pound his hips upwards, fucking little Gary's mouth while feeding the young boy with his teen cream. Brian could tell that both Andy and Gary were shooting their loads in the others more than willing mouth, but he was doing everything he could do to take control over fucking Gary, who he knew was fucking him.

Gary tasted Andy's thick load for the first time, and since his cock sucking all began, this was the very best yet. Gary couldn't detect any signs of salt and the word bitter could never describe Andy's flavor. It was hot, thick, and very creamy and really didn't have much of a taste at all. Gary began gulping down Andy's cream while Andy sipped on Gary's heart pounding seed. Andy moaned as the first of Gary's love juice slid down his throat. Andy had sucked plenty of cocks and drank more than his fare share of sperm, but words could never describe the beauty of the taste that now graced his taste buds. Andy's only thought was that it was pure honey!

Brian pounded his cock into Gary while Gary crammed his hot little ass onto Brian's cock. Brain fought with every ounce of strength he could muster to prolong this event, but after discovering the boy's profound use of his anal muscles, Brian had no choice but to pull his thick cock out of Gary's ass. Brian had Gary roll over onto his back where he pulled Gary's legs high up over his body while Andy lay across Gary with his cock right at Gary's mouth level. Brian handed Andy Gary's legs and Andy leaned forward, shoving his still hard cock all the way in Gary's mouth. Andy began humping his meat in and out of Gary's mouth while Brian aimed his glistening hard cock a the now sealed entrance of Gary's ass. Gary was all balled up and unable to speak thanks to Andy's cock fucking his mouth with increasing speed. Gary grunted as Brian slid his cock all the way up his ass and began fucking Gary like a crazed animal.

Brian sighed a sigh of relief now that he was in total control. He was now pile driving his thick muscle in and out of Gary while slipping his tongue in Andy's humping asshole. Andy cried out as Brian's tongue shot inside of his ass, forcing him to cram his cock harder into Gary's sucking mouth. Brian was literally slamming his meat to Gary when Gary started clamping down on his ass muscles, relishing in the feeling of doing so. Brian cried out as the muscles sucked on his thrusting meat with a vacuum like pressure. With a tongue inside of his ass and Gary's hot mouth sucking his cock, Andy let loose with yet another heavy load of creamy cum. Gary whimpered and moaned as his mouth filled with the hot creamy liquid. He swallowed the non tasting cream while getting his ass pile drove with sheer pleasurable ecstasy.

After Andy shot all of his load down Gary's sucking throat, his dick went limp and he was unable to keep his super sensitive cock inside of Gary's sucking mouth. Andy just rolled onto his left side as Brian was grunting like crazy while pumping his huge organ ferociously into Gary's cock milking ass. Brian screamed, "Oh FUCK, FUCK, I'm, oh shit!" He yanked his meat from Gary's ass and sat back on his haunches. Gary jerked his body from the bed and immediately sank his mouth on the soon to be erupting one eyed beast. Brian yelled, "Your mom doesn't like to swallow this shit boy! I got a huge load!" Gary forced his little mouth over the bulbous head and felt his mouth stretch as Brian's cock thickly expanded and the fiery shots struck the roof of his mouth like a 44 magnum. Brian sort of fell back onto his back and Gary kept his mouth on Brian's cock as he followed the man to the bed. Brian maneuvered Gary's little body so that he could suck on the boy's tasty cock while Gary was getting a mouthful of man cream.

Spurt after huge spurt of hot thick cream shot inside Gary's cock head filled mouth. He could feel the man's thick load as it could barely swim around inside of his mouth. With no other way out, Gary began swallowing the thick seed as more and more shot heavily inside his already filled mouth. It wasn't really bitter, but it did have a pretty strong taste of salt, but Gary at this point didn't give a shit. He figured he had earned every last drop. Gary moaned as Brian sucked his cock and shoved three fingers up his ass, twisting and turning each of them inside of him. Soon, Gary's cock spat out another load and Brian's eyes watered as he felt the warmth of the boy's most precious liquid. Brian moaned as the sweet honey slipped down his throat hoping that this would not be the last of the boy's juice he ever got to lovingly sample.

Having no more sperm to offer and all three cocks deafly limp, Andy, Brian, and Gary got dressed. Andy gave Gary his cell phone number and Brian and Gary watched him drive off. Gary and Brian got back in Brian's car and headed for home. Brian looked over at Gary and smilingly asked, "How's your butt?" Gary smacked his lips, smiled, and replied, "Sore, but hungry for some more!" Brian asked the question he had been silently asking, "Gary, do you think we can do this again sometime?" Gary reached over with his left hand and patted Brian's limp cock through his pants and said, "We'd better! Shoot, the way my mom works, you can pretty much come over anytime you like." After their conversation, both agreed it would be best to drop Gary off around the corner. When they reached the corner, Brian dropped Gary off as planned and drove away. Gary was a little relieved that his mom had not made it home just yet, so he stripped off his clothes and took a long hot bath, replaying all the events with Brian and Andy, and the episodes with Frank and Timmy.

After soaking in the hot bubbly water, Gary dried off and slipped on his bright red Speedo shorts. As he was walking down the hall to go into the kitchen to fix him something to eat when the doorbell rang. As soon as he opened the door, Timmy just walked right in and flopped down on the sofa. Gary walked over and sat down on the love seat, opposite of Timmy. All day long all Timmy could think about was his best friend eating his ass and sucking his dick that morning before church. The more he thought about it, the more he contemplated asking Gary to let him fuck him, at least once. Timmy was well aware of Gary's beauty, and due to this fact, made everything that he wanted to say, that much harder. Timmy couldn't keep his eyes off of Gary as they sat across from one another.

Timmy cleared his throat and nervously stated, "Gary, I really never got to thank you for what you did for me this morning. I've thought about it all day and there is something I really need to ask you. Before you say anything, just let me explain. Dude, you're incredibly fucking gorgeous and all I can think about is putting my dick in you. Shit, I've been fucking hard all day long just thinking about it. I still don't know if I can suck a dick right now, but I might give it a whirl down the road, but just yours and nobody else's. So, what I'm asking is that you think about letting me fuck you, just once, okay?" Gary was sitting cross legged and was harder than a brick as he listened to his best friend spill his guts. Gary smiled his more than breath taking smile and angelically said, "Timmy, I've got so much to tell you, but that can wait for later. As for now, if you want to fuck me, then my ass is yours for the taking!"

Timmy almost jumped out of the sofa as he anxiously announced, "Really? Holy fuck dude, I've got a hell of a hard-on right now. We can do it right now if you want to!" Gary was just as happy and as anxious as Timmy as he replied with excitement, "Timmy, I want you to fuck the hell out of me, right fucking NOWWWW!" Gary knew his asshole was sore, but it also craved more cock, and after all, it was now Timmy's turn to make him feel good with his teen love muscle. Gary got up with Timmy following, watching Gary's tight little ass wiggle as they walked towards Gary's bedroom. Once inside, Timmy was like a machine as he literally tore off his clothes while keeping a steady eye on Gary who had already slipped his shorts off and was on the bed, flat on his back with his legs spread wide. Gary watched Timmy's boner as it bounced as Timmy walked up to the bed. Timmy was on both knees, kneeling on the bed, looking down at his gorgeous best friend and whispered, "Gary, I need you to wet my cock for me, but uh, there's something I got to do first."

With the grace of an antelope, Timmy straddled Gary's face, facing Gary's feet. Gary reached up and guided Timmy's pre cum soaked cock to his mouth and never hesitated as he swallowed the tasty treat all the way up to Timmy's small pubic bush. Timmy groaned as he replied, "Oh fuck, that feels so gooooooooood!" Timmy then stated, "I got to wet your butt up for you!" The one thing that had prayed on his mind all day long was the one thing he never thought he could, or would, do. Hooking Gary's silky legs, Timmy raised them high and behind him. Gary knees were almost past Gary's chin and Timmy stared wide eyed at Gary's little bronze colored hairless asshole. Timmy studied the faint little speckle as if preparing for an exam before lowering his face ever so close to the little bronze treasure. The thought of sticking his tongue into someone's butt was absolutely and positively revolting, but all day long Timmy had visualized himself doing that very same thing to Gary. Now, he was face to hole, gleaming at Gary's asshole for the very first time in his life. With his nostrils a cunt hair away from Gary's little speck, Timmy inhaled deeply attempting to capture any revolting scent to change his baffled mind.

Gary's mouth sliding up and down his cock sent shivers racing up and down Timmy's back as he inhaled the enriched intoxicating aroma of soapy scented ass. Tossing everything he once disputed, Timmy shot out his tongue and wiggled it across Gary's asshole. Gary groaned as the hot wet tongue splashed across his sore hole and began increasing his cock sucking pressure with vengeance. Timmy swiped the hole a couple of times and withdrew his tongue to sample the taste. After discovering the taste was simply pure and fresh, Timmy began rolling his tongue all around Gary's twitching pucker hole. In less than a minute, Timmy found himself digging his tongue inside Gary's anal canal and taking pride at eating his best friend's delicious asshole while bucking his hips, causing his super hard cock to fuck Gary's mouth by instinct. Gary played with Timmy's asshole while groping Timmy's dangling balls, lost in the feeling of sucking Timmy's cock once again and embellished with lust having Timmy tongue fuck his cock hungry asshole.

The two had been at it for about ten minutes when Timmy raised his head up and hoarsely whispered, "Get my dick good and wet so I can fuck you!" With a mouthful of cock, Gary grunted in agreement. Gary was doing his best to coat Timmy's cock with his saliva while Timmy was spitting and tonguing his ass to perfection. Timmy jumped up and hurriedly got in between Gary's legs and lifted them up and shoved them into the mattress behind Gary's head. Both of Gary's knees were deeply implanted into the mattress just above his ears. Timmy had his left hand on the under side of Gary's right thigh and used his right hand to guide his throbbing cock up to Gary's jutting asshole. Gary arched his head as Timmy's cock head punched its way inside him and began launching a wave of low moans. Timmy pushed harder and harder, not taking his time to stop at any point until his entire cock was rooting inside Gary's hot bowels.

Timmy began humping his cock as hard as he could go and Gary was biting his lips as the pain of having the anal intruder puncture its way into him so fast and fuck him so furious. Gary clamped down on his anal muscles and Timmy cried out, "Oh shit, fuck me, you're, you're so fucking tight! Your god damn asshole is crushing my dick! FuckKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Gary knew that by clamping down on his ass muscles, the cock rifling inside his ass felt super great. Timmy fought to fuck Gary and Gary fought to use his anal muscles to fuck his best friend's cock. Gary peered up into Timmy's eyes and smiled as he saw his friend make all sorts of contorting mouth gestures. Gary reached up and began toying with Timmy's nipples as he whispered, "Fuck me, fuck my ass hard!" Timmy did just that as he slammed his torpedoing cock like a runaway pile driver, crashing his free swinging balls into Gary's tight little nuggets. Timmy could hardly breathe as the heat and the tight anal canal burned and choked his dick to an erotic high.

Gary let go of one of Timmy's nipples and began stroking his erect cock as he used his ass as a weapon against Timmy. Timmy screamed, "Shit, I'm, I'm fucking close, oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" Gary reached up with his left hand forced Timmy's mouth over his. Timmy never thought twice as his tongue shot inside Gary's mouth as the two tongues frolicked inside the others saliva drenched mouth. Gary felt the hot burst of sperm strike his canal and Timmy was grunting like crazy, causing the joyous vibrations to shoot down Gary's throat. Timmy thought he was going to pass from his never before experienced orgasm like this. It seemed as though his cock kept pumping out sperm by the gallons as he furiously fucked his sperm spitting cock hard and deep inside Gary's muscle milking asshole. Gary was whimpering as he felt the streams of sperm strike the walls of his canal, burning wondrous holes with each powerful strike, and Timmy was grunting heavier and harder while his tongue grazed inside Gary's open mouth.

Timmy pounded the last of his seed inside Gary and soon he was pumping his limp cock, which to him, still felt pretty damn good. With one last thrust, Timmy's limp cock slipped out of Gary's still sucking asshole. Gary was frantically pumping his own meat while Timmy sat on his knees peering on. Timmy's head was spinning and he was fighting his heavy breathing while watching Gary pound his meat. The cock in Gary's small hand looked perfect to Timmy as he watched Gary arch his back, contort his face, and scream, "Here, here it is, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Just as Gary's cock began to shoot, Timmy effortlessly lowered his mouth onto Gary's soon to be erupting cock. The jacking of his cock felt good, but when Timmy sank his hot mouth on his cock, that was the final blow. Timmy jerked his head back as the first powerful wave of watery semen shot into his mouth, but he kept his mouth perfectly enclosed over Gary's cock.

Wave after sperm firing wave shot inside Timmy's mouth and he not once allowed any of the watery cream to escape down his throat. In fact, he had no clue as what to do with it, so he bobbed his mouth up and down on Gary's shooting cock while Gary held onto the sides of Timmy's bobbing head. Timmy held the watery substance inside his mouth until Gary oozed out the last of his semen. Gary's cock grew limp and slid out of Timmy's cum filled mouth. Timmy sat back up on his knees, opened his mouth to show Gary that he still had Gary's seed inside, and Gary simply said, "You can spit it out in the bathroom." Both sets of eyes were locked on the other as Gary witnessed Timmy start swallowing his spunk. Timmy tried to figure out what Gary's sperm tasted like, but other than the fact that it was hot and watery, it really tasted like nothing at all. As the last of Gary's young spunk slid down his throat, Timmy smiled and whispered, "Holy fuck Gary, is there anything about you that tastes bad?" Gary smiled and replied, "I hope not!"

Timmy got up and got dressed as Gary stayed naked on his bed watching. With a slight peck on the lips, Timmy turned to walk out of the bedroom, but stopped at the doorway and said, "Gary, you could make a lot of money with your ass if you want to. Fuck it, your cock too!" Gary smiled, then replied, "Who needs money when you can get a cock instead!" Timmy sort of smiled and walked down the hall and Gary heard the front door open, then close. Laying in bed knowing that Timmy's cream was still up his ass gave Gary the strangest of feelings. Gary got up out of bed and walked up to the full length mirror in his room and looked at himself from all angles. Coming face to face with his nude form, Gary broadened his smile while speaking out loud to himself, "They call you gorgeous! They say you're pretty! Fuck it! If you got it, might as well go out and get it!"