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From Part Six

I moved slowly as his body convulsed, his unfocused eyes full of the joys he was still floating through gazed apparently unseeing as I positioned my self between his sprawled and twitching legs. I placed my dick at the pulsing gap of his boypussy and pushed forward, the lips opened up with expectant ease and I slid into his boyhaven with one slow thrust. Gavin sighed and I felt his membrane grab and surround me and a satisfied smile hovered around his lips.

"So good, so good," he mewled as I sank down on his slim form.

Part Seven

Gavin adjusted his position to accommodate my thrusts, `Baloo did a really good job with him,' I thought as his internal muscles grabbed and caressed my shaft and dick. He was already writhing and wriggling, working my dick further inside his tight boypussy and I sank in deep with pleasured ease. Gavin gasped and grabbed at me, I knew I had hit his sweet spot and quickly battered at it, thrusting hard with several quick jolting dives, Gavin moaned and held me even tighter as he struggled to move his body whilst trembling and jerking as his pleasure surged good and hard. I bent my head so we could kiss as I fucked him, the bright eight-year-old went up in my estimation as he took me fully and worked my dick with undulating delight. It took just a few more well-timed strokes to have him crying and mewling as he shook from head to toe with a massive dry cum. I was delighted to have given him his first anal orgasm, I recognised the shivering twitching instantly and ploughed his pussy further, producing a lovely run of little cums, Gavin's head shook from side to side as the jolts of successive boybliss drove home.

Balancing my weight on one hand I leaned up and grabbed his dicklet with my free hand, some fierce tugging rubbings and Gavin was arching his back as another hot drycum made him shake and quiver. `Baloo was right,' I grinned, `Gavin is one hot little fuck,' I squeezed his pricklet again, his eyes were shining bright as he looked up at me, but I could see they were unfocussed, I knew he was seeing the glittering stars of boy orgasm flickering over his eyes and his mouth was opened in a soundless roar as he once more shook and twitched. My own dick felt great, the squeezing compressions from Gavin's series of cums had provided a continuing pleasurable sensation against my helmet and my shaft and I loved the way my balls bounced against his stretched backside. I started to fuck long and deep, my pleasure was my only intention, if Gavin had more boyjoys then that was a bonus, for me I just wanted to finally get off. I rammed good and hard, Gavin squealing and crying, I felt the rattle of his boyjoy as I pounded through the increased tightening and compressions of his boypussy muscles and sank down heavily on his slim form as I gathered myself for the final pushes. I rode him very hard, his body slid up the grass beneath us and I followed him, keeping my knees wedged into the grass for the necessary purchase. As my moment indicated its imminent arrival, I captured Gavin's wriggling body, my hands sliding underneath him to cup the sweet globes of his backside and press him flat hard against me as I blasted at his inner boybud. I could feel the swell of his nub pulse; another bliss happened for him as I roared and thrust and tugged him hard. My dick swelled, distended as my spunk rattled up and out, the strings of foaming semen rocketing inside his dark furrow and we both yelped and growled as this time the two of us shook and shuddered, my dick punching the final spurts heavily against the vice grip of his boypussy muscles.

Slowly, nicely our gripping at each other lessened, my dick continued to pulse inside him, the last globules of my mandew drifting out as the rippling pleasures rose and fell and dropped away.

"You do fuck good Skip," Gavin nuzzled my cheek and kissed my ear, my dick twitched at that and we both knew the fuck was not fully over.

Some boys are made for fucking and Gavin satisfied on so many levels and occasions and over the years his pleasure and intensity had grown, even when he started dating girls he was happy to spread his legs or fuck, his natural excess of teenage hormone driven needs made that so very pleasurable for both him and those who enjoyed his favours and Gavin was not in the least unstinting.


Back in the steamy heat of the bathroom we helped to mist up the mirror, I picked him up, Gavin helping by leaping as I lifted. I placed him on the edge of the sink, he nuzzled my neck as I fiddled around getting his teenpussy in the right position. He leaned back, opening his legs wide as I placed my dick under his balls and slid my cock inside his hot teencunt. Gavin moaned, growling deeply as I fucked slowly inside him, he arched his back, grabbing at my arms as he leaned away, my dick came into contact with his teenbud and he grinned as he shivered with a surge of delight. I slow dicked him watching as my cock shimmered with our juices as it moved back and forth. Gavin bit his lip in concentration as he worked his pussy muscles to contact around my dick as it plundered his teenheaven.

"Still as good as ever Skip," he smirked and sighed as another wave of joy wafted over him.

Intent on dicking him I concentrated on thrusting hard, my cock disappearing and reappearing as I worked my hips. Our lips locked, a hot kiss was needed and we duelled with our tongues, stimulating our desires to further heights. I caressed his wedge shaped teenprick, it rose from his pubic nest, a plump pole, the base a good five inches round, the shaft then tapered upwards, his helmet was one of those elongated mushrooomy ones, the foreskin taut and tucked under the ridge making the whole length appear seamless. His cockslit gaped and pulsed, weeping clear gleaming precum that I rubbed over his teencrown, the excess gloop smearing its way down his shaft. His teen balls were round and obvious to view, separately tight against the base of his teendick, the bluey veins bright against the soft down that coated them. I thought about the changes from the slim pricklet of his boyhood days, the pencil shaped shaft with the gristle of undeveloped balls, then the fattening of the base plus the downy spurts of soft hairs and now the glorious teendong that throbbed its hardened desire to the world. As I stroked him I felt the rippling results as his teenpussy contracted around my shoving dick. His teenbud swelled, the soft squidgy bulge giving way slightly as I pushed into and past it, Gavin moaning into my mouth as the surges of delight wafted up from his passion nub. He had ever been vocal and I recalled having to stuff his scarf into his mouth on more than one occasion when we were fucking somewhere very public.

Faster and faster I fucked deep, thrusting with all my power, my legs standing hard on the tiles, supporting both myself and some of Gavin's weight as our shattering coupling caused our bodies to move, his teenage body slamming back at me as his teenbud was battered into submission.

"Oh! Oh! OOOOHHHHHHH SKKKKKiiiiiiipppppppp!" he yelped as the flower of teen cumming blossomed. I felt the strong compressions around my dick as he orgasmed, his plumes of teenspunk shooting upwards to splatter on his chest as I rammed even harder, my own peak pleasuring me wholly as the tingling heats flared and exploded. Engrossed in the simple but overwhelming delight of orgasm I lost count of the shooting spurts as I came inside his squidging teenhole.

Gavin's head was lolling against my shoulder, in the throes of almost mutual delight we had moved closer together and I nibbled his ear as the last of my throbs dribbled away inside him.

"Oh that was hot Skip," he kissed the tip of my nose as he leaned back a little and wiped some of his congealing gloop of his chest. I watched as he licked his dews of his fingers, Gavin was not a boy to waste spunk, he cleaned some more spots of cum off his body and then we carefully disengaged.

My dick was still proud and hard, the crown was crimson red, the purpling hue gone as the blood continued to surge. Swollen as it was there was hardly a trace of any pulsing, just the minute occasional twitch. Gavin's teenprick had shrunk, the wedge triangle of floppy flesh hanging down, he was spent and he sighed as he tenderly cuddled his treasures.

"Skip you always seem to be able to fuck me dry," he complained, his tone laughingly happy.

"Always glad to oblige," I smirked as he knelt down to clean me off, sucking out the last traces of my juices. I rubbed his hair which spiked up, it was still damp from the shower.

"I need another shower," he lifted his arm and sniffed under the armpit, "stinks of Skip's horny stench," he giggled and dodged the gentle slap I aimed at him.

I joined him under the shower, the water was nice and warm, cleansing, we soaped and rubbed each other, it was sexy without being a precursor to anything, both of us were in full recovery, my heatened balls actually warming the water as it dripped over them. Gavin helped to dry me and I returned the favour, naked we returned to the Hall.

The floor area was busy with scouts and cubs who had coupled up, the very air steamy with a rutting incense that made out nostrils twitch but our dicks did not react to the stimulating aromas, we walked past the fucking twosomes and headed into the kitchen. The warmth from the still open oven door hit us and I turned the heat down but the left the door open as the kitchen was draughty.

Gavin and I sat at the table, drinking hot sweet chocolate, the liquid giving us a different rosy internal glow. The back door opened, a cold blast swept around us and Roy stepped into the kitchen, holding his coat around his naked body.

"That Jimmy," he sighed, his coat unfolding as he stood in front of the fire, I could see his balls were still blue with cold and his teenage cock was bruised and swollen and sadly hung down limp. His knees were veined with cold spots and he rubbed them as the feeling returned. "Fuck Skip who gave him the idea of doing it in the snow?" Roy scratched his arse, the globes quivering.

"Jimmy's his own man," I replied, "he started thinking about it last night and when we got here he just went for it."

"Went for it is right," Roy sank a good half a mug of cocoa, "I thought my balls were going to drop off nevermind my poor knees." He swallowed the rest of his mug and replenished it.

"He still out there?" I was worried, the thought he might be making himself ill stirred up my worries.

"Simon's doing him but they won't be long," Roy sipped his mug and carefully stroked his teencock, squeezing and stroking his balls.

"Perhaps I ought to," I half rose from my chair and then the door opened and two naked forms rushed in trailing their coats behind them, they were giggling and laughing.

"Gavin cocoa," I asked but he was already pouring.

Simon and Jimmy took the mugs and drank heavily.

"Thanks Skip," Simon grinned his lips coated with a covering of chocolate.

"Me too Skip," Jimmy licked his tongue around his mouth, the sight of the slip of skin sent a twitch to my dick which this time, jerked and the head lifted.

Jimmy was pink from head to toe, his skin shimmering with heat despite being entrenched in the snow. I stood up and checked his back, the slightly whiter lines where he had lain on icy swathes of the snow concerned me and I stoked them seeing the skin change colour. `Circulation seems okay,' I thought, my hand slipped around and down to his pricklet, it was stiff and hard and cold. I cupped his boy treasure in my warm hand, sensing the heat leach into his dicklet and his spongy sac. The tiny peas I felt there appeared less cold but I kept my hand there, tenderly squeezing and stroking, more to warm than to awaken.

"That was awesome Jimmy," Simon burped, "but fucking cold."

We all laughed together.

My mobile rang and I answered it.

"Skip Baloo here, the village is clear; all the pensioners checked and brought over to the pub where Ted and Sylvie are cooking a communal meal. The main road out is single track only but doable so we're not cut off this time. I'll bring down the last of our lads and some supplies for a hot meal. Ted says he'll keep open so all those vulnerable can stay warm and safe, I said we'd do the same for our lads, that's when he gave us the supplies."

"What's the forecast now?" I asked my head making plans.

"The latest is more snow tonight but it's not expected to be as heavy, they say the worst is over, just the clearing up and subsequent thaw to cope with. You think you need anything else?"

I thought quickly, we had enough bedding if necessary, in any case if the hall was kept hot the boys would not need much covering. "Breakfast," I replied, "Bacon, eggs, bread, sausages."

"Okay I'm on it, see you in about half an hour," Baloo rang off.

A few more tired scouts appeared and were fed and watered, most once they were revived stripped of and the hall rang again with moans and groans of pleasure. Gavin, Roy and myself continued our own recovery as we sorted out what was needed for the snow sleepover. The twins made sure that all parents were contacted about the arrangements, everyone seemed happy with what had been organised and Baloo turned up with the last of the snow crew. Quickly we set to making the hot meal as Baloo sorted out the sleeping arrangements. I grabbed a welcome coffee about half an hour later and took a break from the heat of the kitchen.

The boys had been busy, a line of tables with benches ran down the middle of the room and piles of bedding had been placed under the shuttered windows. The room was cosy warm so most boys wore shorts and little else. I could hear a few moaning groans from behind the closed stage curtains; anybody wanting fun had been told to make sure they were out of sight should any parent turn up. A few of the dads were old members of the troop so knew what was going on; some still indulged when we had father and son weekend camps and the others, well if they knew did not say anything about it. As long as their boy was happy then live and let fuck appeared to be the unacknowledged standard.

I was passing the stage when I heard Baloo's heavy moan and peeked through the curtain. Baloo was lying on his back with one of the cubs bouncing up and down on his dick whilst he sucked the two cubs who knelt over him either side of his head. I watched the hot action, the three boys taking turns on riding his dick. All had shared my sleeping bag at some time and I started thinking, planning about who I would be fucking during the night.

The meal was nearly ready so I hurried Baloo up; he emerged from behind the curtain stuffing his wet dick inside his shorts and the spreading wet patch indicated he had not been too hurried.

"Best way to spend a Saturday afternoon," he grinned as we set the boys to work. The table set, Gavin Roy and I began serving the food from the hatchway.

"Plenty of food so just take what is offered and then come back for more," I shouted as the boys lined up.

Soon the hall was full of the sound of clicking knives and forks and muted chatter. The slices of beef soon disappeared; Roy having to cut a few more. Seconds and thirds were taken up; the boys had worked up a heavy appetite dealing with the snowdrifts so nobody commented on anyone being greedy and the noise levels increased when the boys lined up to clean and wash their plates ready for dessert. The stodgy plum duff pudding, more a bread and butter pudding really was heartily attacked and Baloo and I ignored the usual belching competition that inevitably followed a communal meal. Once all the washing up was done and the hall cleared, quiet time was called for food to be digested. The twins organised a few card games and the comics and books were raided.

Jimmy sidled up to me in the kitchen as I was checking the stores for the next meal.

"What now Skip?" he asked.

"Eh?" my head was full of numbers concerning what we had had what the boys were likely to consume.

"Well normally about this time on a Saturday we'd be cooped up in your bed," he said huskily his hand stroking across the front of my shorts. I felt my dick swell and this time there were no aching pains, I sucked in a hard breath as memories of such Saturday's slipped between the numbers rolling around my mind.

I looked down, Jimmy was naked, his shorts slung over the back of a chair in the kitchen. We were alone, everyone else was busy in the hall. Jimmy smiled, showing me his tongue, running it over his lips before making obvious cocksucking motions. My dick sprang up, bulging my fly and a damp patch appeared where the swollen tip pulsed heavily.

"Jimmy I ought..." Jimmy gave me no heed, his hands dragged my shorts down halfway down my legs and in the same motion he was on his knees and my dick was swallowed hard and getting harder.

The surge of wet warm pleasure rocketed through me and I swayed, having to hold onto to the cupboard door to keep my balance. Jimmy's head bobbed back and forth, my dick swallowed further and further in as he coped with his gag reflex. I knew I could fuck his mouth with ease but his cocksucking was just too good to want to do anything else. I stood there for a good few minutes, one hand on the door and the other clutching the pen and paper I had been making calculations on.

"Come on Skip," I twitched, my dick spraying droplets of my pulsing precum when Jimmy let it fall from his mouth.

Jimmy grinning stepped towards the backdoor, visions of the cold snow and the hot fucking earlier sent shivering expectations delighting my dick and raised my lust to naughty heights. Jimmy opened the door, the light was going, it was early evening but the snowclouds were a grimy sooty covering across the sky. A brighter spot indicated the glowing moon but it was having trouble broaching the heavy covering of dark clouds. A gust of cold air breezed in and made my skin prickle.

"Jimmy I don't...," I started to say but Jimmy grabbed me by the cock.

"Please Skip, it's just awesome doing it in the snow," he pleaded and tugged at my slippery dick, teasing me forwards.

I staggered forward, my feet dragging but lust as ever drove me towards my doom. The snow was whirling about in the blowy wind, the snowflakes dancing and glittering in the grey light. Jimmy stood on the bottom step and I was stationed outside on the top step, somehow I had lost my shorts and my boots, completely naked I was open to the artic elements. Jimmy's mouth clamped around my dick, immediately I was subject to a heated surge of lusting pleasure as he swallowed and sucked my cock. Grabbing the lintel I steadied myself as the surging pleasure rocketed and buffeted me just as much as the whirling snow did. The tingles of exciting joy jerked and twisted me, the snow itself tingled against my naked flesh, my mind was having difficulty deciding which was tingling delight and which was icy fright as my goosebumps had goosebumps.

I moaned clutching at the doorway, leaning slightly forward into the windy blows as Jimmy sucked me furiously. I closed the door behind me, leaving the top half ajar so some of the heat would escape and keep me partly warm but for Jimmy there was no shelter. Concerned as I was for his safety and health, my dick was rampantly demanding his attention. I looked down at him, snowflakes were starting to settle on his hair, glittering before they melted, some remaining solid as his hair became colder and icier. Determined he sucked harder and harder, his cold icy hands stroking my shaft and squeezing my balls, the tingles escalated and even when part of my shaft was exposed to the flying snow, the subsequent icy tingle was even more stimulating and arousing. Keeping hold of the doorway I even started to fuck his mouth a little, I knew I should be calling a halt, there was the danger of frostbite but the exquisite delight of being sucked in the snowy blowy breezes was so enticing and exciting that I felt powerless, my dick knew what it wanted and Jimmy was going to provide it.

Jimmy's mouth started to cool as well, I yelped as a cold tingle shook along my dick, looking down I saw that Jimmy had grabbed some clean snow and stuffed it into his mouth. I was fucking a snowball inside his hot lips and the chilling delights were inspiring my horny lust to larger and greater demands. Jimmy brought his snow covered hand up to my balls and grabbed them with an iced touch that sent screaming shivers rattling down my spine and radiated chilling tingles through my thighs. I bucked my cock slipping into his throat which was warm and felt hotter as the strange compelling desire to continue to fuck his sweet mouth made me jerk my hips, my cock sliding from the cool snow he kept replenishing in his mouth to the hotness of his throat. I grunted and gasped, jerking my dick back and forth, the chills and heats making me want more and more. As my moment came, Jimmy shocked me once more, a chilled icy finger slid between my manpussy lips, the icicle sending even more freezing chills of delight coursing through me as I convulsed and shot my hot load into his snowballed mouth. I grabbed his head so I could bury my dick in his throat as I exploded, the heated funnel fighting the icy stretching of my shaft as I swelled and boated and ejaculated the heaviest load of the day. Bending down I kissed the frosty top of his hair.

"Jimmy that was awesome," I choked and pulled him quickly back into the warm kitchen.

The heat basted our frozen bodies as I closed the door to shut out the last freezing blasts that attempted to follow behind us.

"Oh Jimmy," I gurgled as I picked him up and began to rub his skin, his exterior was scaringly cold to the touch and I grabbed a hot towel to wrap around him as I warmed him. Jimmy panted and bleated, shivering as his body slowly recovered and he fell against my chest, his body still worryingly cold to my touch.

"Skkkiiiippp," his teeth chattered as he tried to speak. "Ttttthhhhaaaatttt wwwaaassss sssssooooo ggooooood," he grinned and pressed his cool lips against mind.

I tasted his warming heat, sucked at his lithe tongue and sensed the heat returning inside him. In a trice he was on his back on the table, his legs wound around my waist, his cool fingers stroking my dick back to hardness. I growled as the cold touch made my dick bloat heavily and then it was pressed to his boypussy. His outer lips were cool but inside a furnace burned and my dick pulsed inside in one quick swallow.

I looked down at him, his naked body pink and crimson glowing in the flames from the open over door, his dark pink nipples hardening as I watched. His body shimmered against the white of the towel which had unwound underneath him and his boydicklet stood stiff and hard and throbbing rising from his groin. Under the slight flap of loose skin of his empty sac I could see the veiny shaft of my dick as it slid back and forth, tasting the heat of his boycunt. Quickly I rammed back and forth with a frenzied rapidity, one that made him writhe and twitch as his own passion flared and blazed. I saw him arch his back, his fingers curling and uncurling as the flooding boyjoy rampaged through him, his pearly white teeth just showing though the grimace of delight that froze his face as he climaxed.

"SKIP! SKIIIIPPPP!!!!! Ohhhhhhhooohhhh Skiiiiiippppppp," he yowled as the orgasm took him, his internal heat melting into that amazing tingling excitement that made your teeth itch.

I continued to ram at him, my dick glowing with his heat as he writhed and shuddered, his eyes flashing as the delights swelled and swelled, his shuddering writhing sending strong messages to my plundering dick. I squeezed his teats one by one, his body jerking each time, my other hand squeezed his pencil boyrod, enjoying the resilience of his spongy hardness, the fierce pulsings inside his dicklet strong and enervating. I squeezed down his foreskin, pulling it I knew painfully down from its anchorage at the divide of his helmet. Jimmy squealed, a high-pitched agonised shriek but within it I caught the tone of unique delight as the pleasure pangs outweighed the stretching pain ache. At the same time I continued to hip my dick with deep slow penetrating slides, beautiful tingles of erotic pleasure surged and plumed within us both as our excited centres were stimulated and fuelled to greater and hard strong levels.

"SKIP, SKIP," he mewled between cries and moans of pleasure.

I could tell he was closing on another body wrenching boyjoy, my nostrils dilated as I realised that this time I would be joining him, `Can we achieve a mutual climax?' I wondered; that ever elusive combination of shared exquisite and unique bliss, danged its fat motivating carrot in my mind.

"Please, please Skip," Jimmy gurgled his hands catching me and pushing me back, away. My lust subsided slightly as I looked at him.

"Snow, snow," his eyes blazed, "I want it in the snow."

I looked at him, his pleading eyes and face, his welling and twitching boybud swelling around my cock. I looked at the door, I could hear the wheezes and scratchings as the icy snow hurled itself at the door. The heat inside the kitchen was nothing compared to the heat of his boypussy as I stared agonised as his agonised face.

"Please Skip, please," Jimmy's hand stroked my twitching stomach. "Fuck me in the snow."

End of Part Seven


To Be Continued...???????????????????????????????


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