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I had been shopping with my girlfriend at the local mall. As per the case, she has to try on all the different clothes and never buys the first item. One of the shops we entered was across the corridor from the Arcade House. A lot of the local kids and some grown-ups always keep the place busy. Being in my mid thirties and tired of shopping, I informed my girlfriend that I was going to go over to play some arcade games while she tried on some more clothes. At first, she didn't like the idea of me leaving her, but she realized we had been at the mall for four hours and I was over the shopping spree.

As always, the arcade was packed with people from all ages, waiting or playing the games. I had never fancied myself as a bisexual, but I had been with several guys before. My girlfriend of three years was definitely unaware of my other sexual tendencies. The guys I had been involved with in the past were men in their thirties and forties.

I finally got to the wrestling game and was quickly defeated by the computer. Naturally being frustrated, I put some more tokens in the machine. I was in the middle of playing my game when I felt a closeness of someone to my immediate right. Not wanting to allow my eyes to venture from the game, I continued on and simply ignored the light touching, as well as the closeness.

After the computer whipped my butt, the softest voice on earth said, "Mister, you suck!" Immediately, I looked towards the heavenly sound and there was a boy, all of twelve or thirteen, standing to my right. His hair was jet black and feathered back, flowing just below his shoulder blades. It was cut perfectly, just above his small ears. The eyes of this boy caused my heart to leap in great boundaries. Green, no a deep burning green, with the thickest of eye lashes. The lashes were long, even, and absolutely beautiful. His upper lip had the faintest dark hairs forming a feeble attempt at a moustache. This boy's lips were cherry red and somewhat thin. Four to six small freckles, dashed across his perfectly created small nose. He stood about 5' 5" and couldn't have weighed more than 100 pounds. He wore a short sleeve button shirt and some sort of dress pants. This boy was a vision of an angel; No, a vision of a God!

I was speechless at his beauty and ashamed of myself for being so overwhelmed by a young boy. I must have stared at him for some time, because he finally awoke me from my inner trance by saying, "Mister, you really suck at this game! Can you give me a couple of tokens and I'll show you how to play?"

I reached into my pocket and handed him the rest of my tokens. A feverish chill ran up and down my spine as his hand touched mine. Ever so soft, like touching pure silk for the first time. I stepped back as he inserted the tokens. His dress pants did him justice. His small curvy butt clung to the thin material as if he grew up in those pants. His butt looked so muscular as he moved his body in conjunction with the joy stick. I did my best to erase his beauty, as well as my dirty thoughts, but I fought uselessly against myself.

Being in my mid thirties and what I consider, pretty good shape, I found myself oddly attracted to this boy. While he was playing and I was studying his every perfect curve of his small muscular butt, he must have looked at me because he said, "Hey mister, you might want to close your mouth before something flies in it!" There I was standing to his side, but behind him and got busted with my mouth wide open while looking a hole into his butt.

I replied, "Sorry, my mind was somewhere else." His smile just about gave me a heart attack cause it was so grand and beautiful, but the words that followed almost caused me to faint. He said, "You were staring at my butt mister. It's okay, I don't mind. I'm used to it!" Stuttering, I managed to ask him his name. He never missed a move on the machine, still smiling, he replied, "Donald, but everyone calls me Donny." After our brief introduction, I still found myself glued to his butt. I figured I best reposition myself so it wouldn't seem even more obvious as to what I was staring at. I stepped to his right side and my eyes darted down to his crotch. His shirt was neatly tucked in and his pants contoured perfectly around his package. There was a slight bulge, but nothing close to revealing what was hidden inside.

The last of the tokens was spent on the same wrestling game and just after he lost the final game, he floored me when he said/asked, "Mister, you like looking at my butt?" I did my very best at refuting such a question, but he had busted me dead to right. My girlfriend walked in and said she was ready. The kid nudged me on the shoulder and said, "Wow, she's beautiful and she's got a nice butt too!" I smiled and walked away thinking of this kid the whole time.

My girlfriend had to work the following weekend so I got all cleaned up and quickly drove to the mall. The entire week was spent with either me making love to my girlfriend or masturbating, while thinking of this kid. I had hoped beyond any beliefs that this vision of beauty would be back at the Arcade House. I got twenty dollars worth of tokens and wandered around looking for Donny. He was standing at the wrestling game wearing the tightest of white dress pants and a skimpy little tank top.

He saw me as I was making my approach and his precious face lit up with a heart warming smile. I was putty in his hands and he probably already knew that. Without asking, I handed him several tokens and as he was turning around, he casually said, "It's alright, you can look at my butt if you want too." This boy was very brazen to be so young. Here I am, a grown man being told by a young boy to look at his butt. These pants were even tighter than the ones he had on a week prior. Not only was my mouth open, but my tongue was more than likely sticking out as I studied his perfectly rounded, small muscular, bubbly butt.

During the game, I asked him how old he was and he smiled while never missing a play and said, "Fourteen, I'm fourteen years old and you are how old?" I replied, "Thirty-six." He continued playing while I continued staring. Moving to his right, I became blind at his package. Either he was wearing boxers or no underwear at all because his soft dick was resting on the left side of the inside of his pants. I could clearly see the outline of his mushroom head as well as about two inches of his shaft as it dangled downward. My mouth began watering at the mere vision that was creating such lustful and perverse thoughts. I found myself inadvertently standing right next to him while he played. His hair smelled so fresh and his body odor was ever so intoxicating. No sweat or musky odor, but more of a recent shampooing from head to toe.

Donny interrupted my perverse train of thought when he said, "Hey man, your dick is poking me in the back!" Forgetting or intentionally not wearing any underwear, my raging hard nine inches of man meat was pressed firmly just above his crack line at the base of his back. Quickly apologizing, I stepped back. Donny smiled and said, "It's cool man, like I said before, I'm used to it!" My mind was racing for something to say, but I lost all emotional control around this Arcade God.

I began to look at his chest that was exposed from the tight tank top he was wearing. A dark bronze tan with skin as smooth as silk. He either lived at the beach or his family owned a sun tan bed in their home. As his arms were stretched holding onto the machine, I detected a small half inch long patch of tiny black hair under his arm pit. His forearms had a light covering of tiny dark hairs, not thick, but sparse. His teeth were perfect and a brilliant white. The closer I stood next to him, the more I wanted to reach out and touch every square inch of his body.

My voice was scratchy, but I squeaked out, "Donny, what do you mean by you are used to people looking at your butt?" Not turning around, continuing to smile, he softly said, "Ever since I have been coming here, sometimes some older guys ask me some stupid questions about my butt. I know they are looking at my butt because they always compliment me on it." He went back to devoting his attention to the game. I continued on with the question. "So, what kind of stupid questions do they ask you?" With the softest smile and the voice of an angel, he said, "One time, no, more than one time, I have been asked if I ever take a dump. You know, a number two. A couple of guys I have even offered to buy my used underwear." I shook my head in disbelief at his statements.

Donny was so up front and offered things without any hesitation. Time traveled on and he continued to play the game as long as I put up the tokens. We had been in the arcade for nearly two and a half hours when he floored me by asking, "Are you bisexual? I mean, I saw you with your girlfriend, but you keep looking at me in more of a sexual way." He was kind of playing the game, but his eyes met mine for an instant and I became flawlessly stupid and spurted out, "Yeah, I'm bi, but you are absolutely gorgeous!" I had said what I was thinking and really didn't mean for it to sound the way it came out. He had the lost game right after my comment, turned to face me with an ever so pressing smile, and said, "Wow man, you think I'm gorgeous?" I only was able to look into his eyes and shake my head.

His eyes traveled down to my crotch where my hard cock was creeping down my right leg forming a puddle of pre cum at the piss slit. Donny looked up at me and said, "He must think I'm gorgeous too!" As he turned away from me, his left hand lightly brushed the head of my cock. I thought I was going to shoot my load right inside my pants. His touch was intensely electrifying. He began to walk away as if leaving the Arcade, turned at me and motioned for me to follow. Like a puppy, I quickly darted through the crowd of people to catch up to him.

The arcade room was very loud from the machines and people and once we were outside, we walked over to one of the tables outside the fast food court. We both sat down and I found myself nervous and slightly shaking. I had a thousand and one questions I wanted to ask, but was simply too afraid to ask any of them. His smile was breath taking and his beauty was beyond compare. Our eyes met and he spoke, "Sometimes, mainly older guys will give me a blow-job in the bathroom. I've only done it a couple of times, but it felt really good." My brain was trying to catch up to his unaccountable statement. I asked him, "Did you do them, or did they do you?" Donny rapidly replied, "They did me!" I must have licked my lips because he caught me doing so and said, "Do you want to give me a blow-job? I saw you licking your lips after I told you they did me." Embarrassed and riddled with guilt, I confessed, "Yes Donny, I would be honored to give you a blow-job."

Cheerfully, he asked, "Do you want to do it in the mall bathroom?" I fired back, "Not really. I would be too scared to do something like that in a public restroom. After all, I could go to jail for a long time if someone found out what I was doing to you." He softly said, "Yeah, you're right and that law sucks. So, where would you like to go then?" I asked him what time he had to be home and he replied, "Pretty much anytime I want as long as I get home some time tomorrow. My dad is out of town and my mom is working the late shift." My heart was pounding as I asked him if he would like to go to a motel instead. He agreed and we exited the mall.

During the short drive to a nice motel, I asked Donny, "Did you like those older guys sucking on your dick?" Smiling he said, "Heck yeah. They worked my cock with their mouth and they even swallowed my sperm. It felt great!" I asked one more pressing questions, "Did they ever do anything with your butt?" Still smiling he said, "They just put their hands on my cheeks and kind of rubbed them and squeezed them, that's all." I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said he did but they never did anything other than hold hands.

I rented a room with a jacuzzi and we entered. Donny was impressed with the layout of the room. His eyes widened as he saw the jacuzzi located in the master bedroom. I had brought my travel bag with me that I always keep in my car for my business ventures. Donny flopped on the bed and began bouncing all over it. My eyes fastened onto his every movement. After he stopped flopping on the bed, he sat on its edge and simply asked, "Do you want to suck my dick now or get in the jacuzzi first?" Initially, I wanted to bathe him form head to toe, but my cock was too rigid and I was over board with complete horniness. I said, "I want to get you naked first and then I would like to take my time, after all, we have this room until noon tomorrow."

Slightly pausing, Donny replied, "You really want me to get naked?" I said, "You are absolutely beyond gorgeous and to completely satisfy you, your clothes needs to be free from your sweet body." I walked up to him where he was sitting and began lifting his tank top over his head. While I was taking his tank top off, he said, "I don't think anyone other than my parents have ever seen me naked before." I ran my fingers through his soft hair and said, "It should be illegal for you to keep this precious body of yours concealed with clothes." He smiled and stood up. He kicked his shoes off and removed each of his socks. My hands were trembling as my fingers fumbled with his belt. Finally the belt gave way and I unbuttoned the only button on his pants. His cock had grown and I could see the pre cum as it formed about four or five inches down his leg. Slowly, I began to pull the zipper down. A soft perfectly shaped V patch of dark pubic hair appeared and so did the creamy color of the base of his cock. Hooking the sides of his pants, I pulled them down. His five inch master piece sprang forth with a line of pre cum still attached to his pants. His wonderful cock stood straight out from his body with a slight upward angle. His mushroom head was the same width as his shaft. His piss slit was open and his pre cum was oozing out like a water fall.

I could see the thick vein that coursed over the top of his shaft. His cock was thicker than I had anticipated, but would definitely fit nicely inside my mouth. It was probably as thick as a fifty cent piece. His balls hung low in it's virtually hairless sac. His left ball was slightly smaller than his right one. Placing his hand on my head, he stepped out of his pants. Only the lower part of his legs had any signs of hair. What was there, was very slight and sparse. I wanted to ram his cock inside my mouth, but I had to take a deep breath just to inhale his over powering beauty. A thick line of pre cum was falling from his piss slit and dangled towards the carpet about eight inches. Lowering my head and sticking out my tongue, I trapped his pre cum with my tongue. My tongue barely touched his piss slit and his knees buckled. I was massaging his legs while lapping up his pre cum.

Trapping all his pre cum inside my mouth with my tongue, I began to get a sample of what was sure to follow. My eyes filled with water as the first of his pre cum sent shock waves throughout my taste buds. Simply heavenly and wonderfully delicious. Not salty, definitely not bitter, but sweeter than a spoonful of honey. My hands began to roam his backside while my eyes stared straight at his raging beauty. His butt was firm, yet so soft. It was small and muscular and smooth to the touch. One of my hands could almost cover one of his little butt cheeks. My eyes traced up his body. A small, faint goody trail was leading up to his small little hole of a belly button. His stomach was in the shape of a muscular six pack. As he took a breath, his stomach muscles crunched, sending ripples of muscles over his smooth, hairless stomach. His nipples were small, a light brown in color, but very erect.

My fingers trailed the inside of his moist crack and began kneading at the soft, smooth flesh. A few whiskers of hair surrounded his virgin hole and felt so delicate to the touch. My right index finger began to form circles over his poop chute and Donny let out a soft moan. He mumbled, "Oh man, that feels great, please don't stop." I really had no clue what all I wanted to do, but one thing was for sure, I was going to take my time doing it.

I licked and kissed all around and in his belly button. Donny's little body was twitching as my tongue pleased him like never before. He was cooing and moaning while I was worshiping this young boy's gorgeous body. Gently, I pressed him onto his back with his legs still dangling off the side of the bed. I ran a tongue inside his right ear. His moans of passion grew louder and I could see out of the corner of my eye his cock was jumping about as my tongue invaded his ear. I had raised his arms behind his head and was holding them with my left hand. His chest was sharply rising and falling as my tongue began to work miracles on his neck.

His precious body twisted and jerked as my tongue worked under his chin and on his throat area. His tongue flickered out to wet his dried cherry red lips. I licked and chewed on the inside of his arm, stopping at his small patch of thin underarm hair. Slowly, I licked his underarms driving him into a state of frenzy. He had placed his heels on the top of the bed and began arching his back, forcing his lower body to come high off the bed. His five inch wonder bounced furiously at his uncontrollable movements. Donny's whimpering and moaning was driving me mad with a passionate desire. I worked on his left side in the same manner as I did his right side.

He began softly shouting, "Please, oh please let me cum. I need to really shoot, oh please." I wanted this to be a night he would never forget, and me neither I must add. My mouth found his right erect nipple and began sucking, nibbling, and licking it. His body bucked more feverishly as I worked on his perky nipple, working on one, then the other. As I adjusted my body, I could see a large pre cum puddle had formed near his belly button. His piss slit was spewing out large globs of his sweet pre nectar.

Leaving his nipples, I licked his eyebrows and the top of his eyes to complexion. His intoxicating sweet breath rushed up my nostrils as he was gasping for air. I did my best to lick the few little freckles that splashed across his button nose. I licked the tiny little hairs that sparsely grew over his top lip. Donny's mouth was wide open and his tongue flaying out. I licked his top lip, then his bottom lip numerous times before my sucking mouth latched onto his pretty pink tongue. I drained his tongue dry of his precious saliva before sliding my tongue inside his hot mouth. My left hand still restrained his wrists and my right hand was taking turns massaging his legs and stomach areas, never once touching his pre cum dripping teen meat.

As our lips departed, my tongue began to travel downward. His belly button and lower stomach was completely covered in his pre cum. Taking my time, I slowly and thankfully licked him clean. The more pre cum he spewed, the more I wanted. I softly nibbled and licked the inside of his right thigh. My mouth worked its way down to his small right foot and I slid my tongue between each of his toes, before ramming his toes into my mouth. Donny cried out, "Oh, oh yes, please let me cum now, oh God that feels so good." Dropping his right foot, I began to work on his left foot. The harder I sucked and licked, the more he cried out.

Raising his left thigh, I began to lick and suck on the underside. His hands, now free, clinched the bed spread tightly while he was biting his lips in between gasping for air. With his left thigh raised high, I could barely see his pretty pink butt hole as it was surrounded by a few small strands of little black hairs. After working on his thigh for a while, I lowered his leg. Donny immediately spread his legs further apart with his heels just on the inside of the bed near the edge. I lowered my head towards his bouncing beauties and took a deep breath. A fresh rewarding musky odor rippled through my body as my mouth was only a few inches away from his balls. The closer my nose came to his balls, the more intense the aroma became.

My tongue lashed out and began slicking up his right ball, then the smaller left one. The sparse little hairs tickled my tongue as I played with each ball before inserting both of them into my greedy mouth. As soon as I swallowed both of his balls, his body jerked upwards towards the ceiling and Donny softly screamed, "Shit, oh shit man, I, I am getting really close!" I released his precious jewels from my mouth and with my left hand, raised them up and out of the way. My tongue darted out and began working on the area just under his balls that leads to his virgin cherry of a butt hole. My nose was pressed into the bed and was withing a few inches of his once forbidden zone. A heavy, tangy odor blasted my inhaling nostrils as I eagerly licked towards it.

The smell that was firing off from between his legs was not revolting, but causing me to go into an animalistic state of mind instead. Wanting and needing a better angle, I stood on my knees between his legs and raised his legs over his head, trapping both of them with my left arm. This was a sight to behold! On his back with both knees on either side of his head, and his perky little muscular butt spread wide open for all the angels to see. With his butt cheeks spread wide apart, his little pink butt hole was still tightly sealed. I slowly licked up and down his crack and all around his tight chute. Donny moaned, whimpered and cried out, "Ah, ah that feels so, so, oh my, good." His entire body clenched into a ball as my tongue drove and drilled at his virgin hole. A tangy tart sensation coated my tongue as I plunged forward.

I worked on his sweet little butt hole for some time before his anal muscles retreated allowing my tongue to penetrate. He began pounding his head onto the bed while pulling at the bed covers. His teeth clamped down as my tongue pried his virgin ass open to explore a world unbeknownst to him or me. His anal canal was extremely hot as my tongue traveled to its furthest depth, twisting and turning, savoring every precious second.

Donny gasped for air, but managed to scream, "Shit, oh shit. You, you're tongues in my, in my, butt. Oh, I can, I can feel it!" I began ramming my tongue in and out of his tight ass while gently inserting a finger. It took some time, but I managed to bury it up to the knuckle. I felt his ass muscles as they clamped down on my finger and left it there for him to get used to it. After a few long seconds, I slowly began to withdraw my finger. Donny screamed, "I think, I think I'm going to shit, oh yes." I pressed my finger forward while still licking away in and out of his sweet hot hole. Slowly, very slowly, I started finger fucking his extra tight, oven searing hole. His little body began twitching and jerking as my finger picked up the pace and started ramming in and out of his pretty pink hole.

As my finger pounded his ass and my tongue drilling its way further, Donny whimpered and softly moaned, "Oh God, this feels great, yes, oh please don't stop." I lowered his legs while keeping my finger in place ramming his butt hole, I leaned down and licked his pre cum from his chest and lower stomach. His right thigh rested on my back as I dove onto his silky smooth, hard as steel cock. Donny cried out as my mouth worked on his cock and my finger tearing at his asshole. "Oh, oh, oh yes, ahhhhhh!" A thick and creamy blast of volleys coated my tongue as I trapped his hot sperm inside my mouth. My finger was pounding his ass and my mouth was sucking him dry. Donny shot quite a large load and was still delivering more as his body shook from such a violent orgasm. His sperm was thick, creamy, and at the finale, a bit watery. Donny's cock fell limp inside my mouth and I withdrew my finger from his clenching hole while his cock slipped out of my sperm filled mouth.

While looking at him laying there ever so precious trying to catch his breath, I stood on bended knees and began swallowing tiny portions of his youthful honey. The taste of his sperm was heavenly as only a God could offer. No salt, not bitter, but pure honey filled protein. Looking into his partially opened eyes was priceless. The smile on his gorgeous face is undescribable. I was lost in his inner and outer beauty! Donny spoke, "I can't believe you put your tongue in my butt hole and how did my sperm taste?" Smiling, I replied, "Both your ass and your sperm was delicious."

Donny wanted to get into the jacuzzi so I cut the water on. After it was filled was when I realized I was still fully clothed. Donny had already gotten in when he asked, "Aren't you coming in?" I literally ripped out of my clothes and as I lowered my pants, my hard nine inch cut cock sprang into view. I think my girlfriend loves my cock more than she cares about me, but that's another story.

His back was angled towards me so he didn't watch me get undressed, but as I was stepping in, his eyes looked up and fell upon my hard cock. He gasped and said, "Holy cow, your cock is big and fat too!" Giving him a subtle thanks, I lowered myself into the water. After a few minutes inside the jacuzzi, I asked, "Did you enjoy my tongue up your butt?" His smile widened as he said, "Did I ever. I have never felt nothing like that before. That felt awesome and when you stuck a finger up there, it hurt a little at first, but then it felt really great." I asked him if he thought he would like to try that again and surprisingly enough, he stood up and backed his butt into my face and bent over.

The heat searing from his wet hole shocked my tongue as it slid up his hole with very little resistance. I reached around with my right hand and began jacking on his now rigid cock. My left hand began playing with his balls as my tongue drilled at his hole. Donny was moaning and his body started twitching at my every move. He brought his right leg out of the water and rested his foot on top of the jacuzzi tub. I had to readjust my right hand on his cock and was now stroking it downward under his right thigh.

I pulled his cock towards my mouth and between licking his butt hole, sucked on the head of his missile like cock. All too soon, Donny yelled, "Oh God, oh my, I, I'm cum------------------------ming!" His sperm shot onto my extended tongue while my right hand aggressively jacked his hard pulsating cock. Several thick creamy loads sprang forth before the watery jets took over and all that remained were a few trickles here and there. My mouth was full of his sperm and Donny pulled away from me, turned around and sat on my lap looking straight into my eyes. His hands began to play with my cock and he smilingly said, "I want to watch you drink my cum." Nodding my head, I slipped a small bit down my throat. Just as before, it was so delicious and mouth watering. I swallowed until the last of it was gone. Licking my lips, I said, "Delicious to the last drop!"

We got out of the jacuzzi and I began toweling him off. I couldn't help but to run my tongue up and down his tiny crack line before plunging my tongue into his hole. In one motion, I picked him up, up side down with his back pressed against my chest and his head dangling towards the floor. My hands were wrapped around his small hips as my tongue drove wildly inside his hot poop chute. Donny was moaning, groaning and whimpering as my tongue impaled itself inside his hot canal.

I had tried anal sex once with my girlfriend, but she stopped me before I could even get the head in. Now, I wanted to ram my thick meat inside this heavenly beauties asshole. The more and longer that I ate his delicious asshole, the more desiring it became to slide my meat into his fiery hot virgin asshole.

I placed Donny on the bed into a doggie-style position and climbed to his left side. I had retrieved my travel bag and got the lubrication out. My tongue was still buried inside his ass as I applied a generous amount to two of my fingers. I placed the two fingers alongside my tongue and gently pressed forward. Donny's little body almost collapsed as the two fingers slid all the way in up to the knuckles. Instinctively, his small hands shot behind him and began pulling his ass cheeks apart to relieve some of the sudden pain. He never once told me to stop or to pull them out, but after they went all the way home, I left them there so he could get used to two fingers inside his cherry ass.

Leaving them in place for several minutes, I began to slowly fuck his hole with my two fingers while still slopping away at it with my exploring tongue. His small hands were still spreading his cheeks and soon I found him to be rocking his butt onto my driving fingers. I lay on my back, keeping my fingers in place and crawled under him. His cock was rock hard and dripping pre cum. My mouth opened and his cock fell in and I began sucking on his cock to the rhythm of his rocking ass. Donny was now fucking his cock inside my mouth while ramming his own ass onto my outstretched fingers. I could feel his ass muscles as they clinched at my fingers while driving his hard cock in and out of my sucking mouth.

Timing his movement, his ramming his ass onto my fingers, I placed a well lubricated third finger at the entrance. Just as he rocked back, the third finger shot in. Donny screamed something and soon his cock erupted, sending gushes upon gushes of sweet sperm into my mouth. I worked his ass rampantly with my fingers while he was sending his seed into my sucking mouth. Not as much as the previous two, but just as delicious none the less. After milking his cock free, I crawled out from under him and began ramming my tongue into his three finger filled asshole.

Donny lay on his chest panting at every breath while having his ass filled with three fingers and a tongue. He lay motionless, with the exception of his heavy and rampant breathing, until the fourth finger slipped inside his butt. His head flew up and started lashing from side to side as the fourth finger stretched his asshole further and further as it made its descent inside his fiery canal. His hands resumed their dedicated position onto his smooth butt cheeks and yanked them wider than ever. As my pace with my fingers quickened, so did his ass slamming onto my fingers. His hips started gyrating getting all the feeling he possibly could enjoy.

I began lubricating my cock thoroughly while plundering and stretching his soon to be not so virgin of a hole. I inched my way up to his ass with my fingers still in tact inside his hot butt. After getting my cock well greased, I removed my fingers in one quick motion and pressed the angered head of my thick cock at his pink pucker hole before it could seal itself shut. Donny cried out as the enlarged cock head forced its way inside his ass, stretching his hole farther than ever before. "Ah, oh shit, it hu----------hurts. Fire, I, I'm on fire, Oh!" I held the head in position for a few seconds. Slowly, ever so slowly, I inch forward. Stopping for Donny to get used to the painful intrusion. My hands fell on top of his small hands and his body was shaking and quivering. Inch after inch, minutes after minutes elapsed before all nine thick inches was buried deep inside his sweltering hot ass canal.

I have had a lot of sex in my time, but this was the tightest hole I had ever had the privilege and honor of ever penetrating. Donny's back glistened with sweat as I slowly began to fuck his hot little tight ass. His cries of pain eluded him and I was shocked when he began shoving his ass onto my hard pole. "Fuck me, oh please fuck me, fuck my ass please. It hurts but it hurts so damn good. Yes, oh shit yes!" My thrusts met his and the sound of clashing flesh as it collided echoed throughout the room.

Donny looked so precious with his butt in the air, filled with a man's cock, while gyrating his hips and ramming his muscular little butt onto a thick pole. My mind went blank as my sperm flew out of my cock and drenched his anal canal even further. Donny cried out, "Hell yes, yes that's it! I can feel your sperm in me, oh shit yeah!" I pounded and pounded until all my sperm was shot inside his ass.

Not wanting the moment to end, I rolled him onto his back with my cock deeply implanted inside his hot butt. I hooked his legs with my hands and placed his knees just above his ears. I began to fuck him long and hard and was excited at seeing his many precious and priceless facial expressions as my cock pounded and slammed into his hot fiery oven. His left hand lashed out and found his rock hard cock and began quickly masturbating. Leaning forward, his mouth opened as our lips sealed the other's mouth shut. Long, hard and deep strokes was causing my loins to want to fire off another load, but I was capable of withholding it somehow.

His lips, his breath, his sweat, his saliva, his jacking cock, and his hot sperm filled ass was more than any man could ever take. Gallons upon gallons of my fiery seed shot up his clenching ass. His own cock erupted sending his thick creamy teen sperm all over his chest and some landing on his throat. The more he moaned in pleasure, the harder I was sending my spunk up his butt.

Both finally sperm free and exhausted, I pulled my limp cock out of his sperm filled asshole and rolled to my side. His chest was rising up and down feverishly for the ever so needed oxygen. Totally drenched and drained of all energy, I still couldn't resist the opportunity to clean his sperm off of him. Mustering up the energy, I rolled over to him and began happily licking up his spilled teen juice. It wasn't a lot, but what was there was thick and delicious.

We both lay on our backs and begin to plan for next weekend!