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"Sentenced To Cane Bay Manor"
Nestled in the deep woods of the scenic south, surrounded by 1600 acres, rested Cane Bay Manor. Protecting the sprawling 20,000 square foot mansion was a 12 foot fence with layers upon layers of constantine wire carefully placed at the very top. All 1600 acres was fenced in, and just beyond that fence was yet another high fence, and this one was packed with 100,000 volts of searing electricity. So, if anyone on the inside tried to get over the first fence, they still would have to try to figure something out so they wouldn't be electrocuted to death.
There was only one entrance, and that too was highly fortified, and protected by a pack of highly trained, and very vicious German Shepherds. Cane Bay Manor, although be it a historic two story mansion, and a breath taking sight for any eye to behold, also had a very nightmarish reputation. 35 miles from the nearest town, even the town folk stayed clear of Cane Bay Manor. Though the name itself was harmless enough, everyone in these parts knew that Cane Bay Manor was nothing more than a place where juvenile boys were sent who had problems dealing with society, and society itself had a problem dealing with them. This is where Cane Bay Manor comes in!
Judge Justice glared over his small spectacles at the 12 year old boy who was standing just a few feet from him. He could smell the fear spewing from the shaking youth as his venturing eyes hovered over every delicious square inch of the blond haired beauty before him. The reports on this gorgeous creature revealed that the boy was listed as a chronic runaway and thief. Also, the boy had no respect for authority, and since he was already a ward of the state, it was now up to Judge Justice to figure out where to place the boy, but then again, he already had his mind made up.
Hidden from all eyes, Judge Justice's left hand was under his robe, slowly caressing his swollen six inches of throbbing manhood while his eyes studied every entrancing feature of the blond beauty shaking before him. This boy was by far the most gorgeous boy the judge had ever laid eyes on, and believe me, he's eyed a plenty.
Just as his cum came slinging out of his jerking cock, the judge cleared his throat as his raspy voice barked, "Young man, you are here before me today as a complete and total menace to society, a boy who refuses to comply with the law of the land, and that, that is something this court simply cannot tolerate! Sage Allen Williams, it is hereby ordered by this court that you be remanded to the custody of Cane Bane Manor, and be that as it may up until the time it is deemed that you will no longer be classified as a menace. You will remain at Cane Bay Manor up until the age of 18, or until someone suitable claims you as their own. This is the finding of this court, and so it be ordered! Young man, you have a long history of running away, but this is one place you cannot escape from. Cane Bay Manor is surrounded by alligator filled swamps and unforgivable quicksand. It is there where you will learn all about respect, and learn about servicing others with extreme pride and dignity. With that being said, Bailiff, please place this young man into custody and make the necessary arrangements to place him at Cane Bay Manor immediately."
As Sage was being cuffed and taken out of the courtroom, Jude Justice aimed his eagle eyes directly at Sage's tantalizing blue jean covered butt, still stroking his semi flaccid cock. The boy's cloth covered butt looked so mouth watering delicious, and the judge allowed his perverted mind to stray as he lost himself in thought as if he were spreading those sweet cheeks open, and using his tongue as a gold miners shovel, eating the living hell out of this gorgeous boy's, what would most certainly have to be, sweeter than sweet butt hole.
The bailiff was guiding Sage through the corridor, taking him back to the holding cell area. Sage was doing all that he could do to not burst into tears. His life already sucked, and from the looks of things, he just hit rock bottom, sinking to the lowest level. The only good news at his point was that he was in a private cell, and having just had his handcuffs removed, the bailiff lightly pushed Sage into the small one bed cell, then slammed the heavy cell door closed.
Standing outside the cell, the sixty something year old bailiff cleared his throat, then spoke, "Once they come pick you up, I guess we'll never see your sorry ass around these parts no more!"
Sage's soft boyish voice cracked as he questioned, "Uh, what's that supposed to um, um, mean?"
The bailiff snapped back, "Listen boy, I aint never been to Cane Bay Manor, and I've been the bailiff in this here court now going on 30 years. Once the judge sentenced some boy to that place, well uh, I aint never seen or heard from em again. Hell, nobody around these parts knows nothing about that place, just uh, just a shit load of rumors, and aint nary one good. Some folks around here don't even call it by its proper name, no sir they don't. Some folks just call it Hell Hole Swamp! Aint nothing but alligators, water moccasins, and quicksand there, and all three of them sons of bitches will kill ya in a heartbeat. You take care now, ya hear!"
Sage sat down on the hard bed and seriously began contemplating his young screwed up life. He never knew his parents, and ever since he could remember, he was being shuffled from one foster parent to another. At this moment in time, Sage never felt so alone in his life, and with that being said, the tears began to rush out of his eyes like a free falling waterfall.
Sometime later that afternoon, another bailiff came to his cell, handcuffed him, and was guiding him to another area. Sage's hands were handcuffed behind his back, and the fifty something year old black bailiff had his huge right hand tightly holding on to Sage's left arm, and as they walked, the huge bailiff teasingly stated, "You going to hell now boy! Yes sir, from what I hear, those thug wannabe mother fuckers is gonna have a good time with your pretty little ass. Yes sir, they sure the fuck is! Ah yeah, and you got yourself some mighty fine long blond hair too...fuck yeah they is gonna like you a whole lot! Look here boy, you ought to learn yourself some discipline, cause where you going aint for the weak, oh hell no it aint! So, if you wanna make it out of that shit hole in one fucking piece, you had best learn to keep that pretty little mouth of yours shut. You hear me boy, huh?"
Sage, being the hard ass he has grown to be sometimes, fired back, "Man, fuck you, and fuck Cane Bay Manor!"
The bailiff laughed loudly, and once his laughter settled down, he shot back, "Yeah baby boy, you say that now, but I guarantee you that one, or some, of those big ass butt packing thug wannabes is going to sling your pretty little ass down somewhere and treat you just like their mother fucking bitch. And, I betcha you aint gonna be talking like that once they start fucking that ass of yours! So, talk tough if you wanna, but just you start thinking about some big mother fucking cock wearing that little ass of yours out to a fucking frazzle."
Sage shouted, "I aint no fucking faggot mother fucker, and if anyone tries any of that shit on me, well uh, I'll fucking kill em, now take that you fat mother fucker!"
Again, the bailiff burst into a fit of laughter, then another steel door opened and Sage found himself staring at a white van with heavy tinted windows, and on the side, the sign read, "Cane Bay Manor." A younger guy, maybe in his late teens walked up to him while the bailiff removed Sage's handcuffs. Once he was free from the handcuffs, the older teen had Sage step into the back of the van, placed the seat belt around him, then closed the door. Sage tried to stare out of the single window, but it was so heavily tinted that he really couldn't make anything out. Instinctively, escaping crossed his mind, and as he stared at the back door of the van, he quickly noticed there wasn't any sort of handle that would allow him to jump out.
It felt like a couple of hours had passed when the van finally began slowing down. Whatever road they were now on was rather bumpy, and after about another ten minutes of very slow driving, the van finally came to a complete stop, and the older teen driver cut off the engine. Seconds later, the back door flung open, and Sage was quickly greeted by two guys, one of which was the driver, and the other looked like he too was in his late teens.
All Sage heard was the voice and the words, "Welcome to Cane Bay Manor."
As instructed, Sage removed his seatbelt, then was helped out of the van. Looking around, he figured he was in some kind of large garage, but while he was trying to gather his surroundings, one of the older teens instructed him to follow. Sage followed the one who was the driver, and the other older teen walked in behind Sage. Sage's legs felt like rubbery stalks and he couldn't control his body from shaking out of the unknown fear as to his new surroundings. He thought it was a bit odd that he wasn't placed in handcuffs, but he already knew that if he ran, he sure as hell didn't know which direction to run to. So, he knew he was kind of fucked!
Once they walked into the actual building, it didn't take Sage long to realize this wasn't no prison that he had thought of. Just by looking around as he walked, this place kind of looked like one of those mansions he had seen on the television. Everywhere his eyes ventured, all Sage could see was never seen before beauty. From the floors to the walls, everything appeared so downright elegant, and then he was guided into a large office and sat down in front of the large antique desk. Even the large leather chair he was sitting on felt like nothing he had ever sat on before.
The older teen who picked him up sat in front of him, behind the desk, while the other older teen sat in the chair immediately to Sage's left. The teen sitting behind the desk picked up a stack of pairs, leaned back in the chair, and after a few seconds of eerie silence, finally began talking, "First things first! My name is Billy and he's Wayne, welcome to Cane Bay Manor. (They shook hands) Okay Sage, I've read your files and I have been assigned to be your guide, your mentor so to speak...kind of like your big brother. I see here you are a runner, so let me fill you in on something. You can run all you want to here, but there's no escape! Besides, once you get used to it, running away wont even cross your mind, and that I promise you. Me and Wayne here were both sent here years ago. I've been here since I was 9, and Wayne's been here since he was 11. Now, we both work here and love it. With that being said, I'm gonna go over a few rules we are pretty strict on. One, when speaking to the Master, you must always say sir. When speaking to staff members, you must always say sir as well. Here, you must earn respect, and to do that, you must have respect for others. This my new little brother, you will find to be very beneficial to you once you let it sink into your head and follow those simple rules. Also, speaking of earning things, you will also have to earn your clothes, and in time, that too is optional. So, once we leave this office, you will not be allowed to wear any clothes. (Sage was about to speak) Hush up, and you will never interrupt staff when they are speaking either! You will be naked once we leave this office, and that is not up for negotiations, so I wont tolerate any talk about that at all! Also, you will see things take place here and you are never permitted to talk about it for as long as you live! But, what you see here is always consensual, and what I mean by that is that nobody is forced to do nothing they don't feel like doing...uh, to an extent that is, but you will learn more about that later. There's more rules, but we'll go over them a little bit later, but now I got to fill out this questionnaire, so do me a favor and don't fucking lie, okay?"
Sage fidgeted in his seat, still shaking like a leaf as he replied, "Uh, okay I guess."
Billy sat up and gritted his teeth as he forcibly replied, "Uh, okay I guess? What the fuck? Didn't I just tell you that when you speak to staff, you always say sir? Huh? Now get it the fuck right this time!"
Sage's soft voice cracked, "Yes sir!"
Billy forced a smile, sitting back into the chair, then proceeded on with the questionnaire, "What's your full name?"
Sage answered, "Sage Allen Williams sir!"
Billy, "Date of birth?"
Sage replied correctly.
Billy, "12, that's a mighty tender age! How tall are you?"
Sage, "4'10" sir!"
Billy, "Mmmmmmmm, that's a perfect height! How much do you weigh?"
Sage, "89 pounds sir!"
Billy, "Perfect weight! I already can see you have blond hair, more like snow white hair, and let's see, your eyes are uh, sexy blue...crystal metallic blue that looks like they are sparkling even now. Okay, moving on...your pecker, is it cut or uncut?"
Sage questioned, "Sorry sir, I'm not sure what you are talking about sir."
Billy smiled, then replied, "Do you have skin covering your cock head or was it chopped off when you was born?"
Sage, "Oh, I reckon I'm cut then sir!"
Billy, "Alright then, when it gets hard, how big is it?"
Sage, "Uh, um, I don't know sir."
Billy shot back, "It's your fucking pecker and you don't know how big it is? Damn, now I'm gonna have to measure it so I can jot down the proper size. Do you even know how thick it is?"
Sage, "No sir!"
Billy, "Gosh darn it, I gotta measure that too! Okay then, I know you'll know this question, you just gotta. What color are you pubic hairs?"
Sage was already past feeling a bit uneasy about all of these rather personal questions, but he wasn't in no shape to start acting up, so taking in a deep breath, and feeling a bit embarrassed, Sage whispered, "None sir! I aint got no hair down there just yet sir!"
Billy, "Mmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm, that's fucking perfect! Yeah, you'll do just fine around here. I can see that already! I was gonna ask you about the size of your balls, but I reckon I'll just go ahead and take those measurements too once I check out your pecker, so I'll just move onto the next question. Don't you go and tell me no lie neither on this one, cause we'll know. Can you produce any cum yet, you know, blow a load, bust a nut, shoot the shit, uh, fire the sperm?"
Sage bowed his head as his lips quivered while he replied, "Yes, yes sir!"
Billy, "Well, do you shoot it out or does it just kind of dribble out...speak up boy, we aint got all night?"
Sage, "Shoot sir, it uh, shoots out sir!"
Billy, "That's great to hear! Uh, um, when was the last time you drained your balls?"
Sage, "Going on three weeks sir!"
Billy, "Shit, your about to explode then! (Billy and Wayne began laughing) Alright then, lets move on to your sex life. Are you a virgin?"
Sage, "Yes sir!"
Billy, "You mean to tell me as pretty as you fucking are aint nobody ever sucked your dick?"
Sage, "Yes sir, I mean uh, no sir, aint nobody done that to me sir!"
Billy, "Have you ever ate a girls pussy or sucked a dick before?"
Sage shot back, "No sir, but I uh, I uh, I aint no faggot sir!"
Billy, "Listen up boy! Around here, there aint no name calling tolerated! We are very open minded here and we don't fucking allow no closed minded mother fucker to flap their it? (Sage nodded his head) Good, so I best not ever hear you calling anyone any other name other than their own! Sage, I just find it hard to believe that you've been to so many foster homes, and aint nobody ever tried to have sex with you. Hell, I remember one of my foster dad's shoving his cock down my throat when I was like uh, 10. Wayne here was taking it up the ass by the time he was 11. So you mean to tell me aint not one mother fucker tried anything with you?"
Sage's mind strolled back in time, a time when he was close to 8 or 9 years of age. Thinking that thought, his words began pouring out, "I did catch one of my foster dad's sniffing my butt while he thought I was sleeping, and another one I busted smelling my dirty underwear. There was a few that came in on me while I was taking a bath, but that was pretty much it."
Billy placed his arms on the desk as he spoke, "Sage, the reason those men smelled your butt and underwear is pretty obvious, or at least to me that is, and you should really take it as a compliment. Seems to me that those guys thought you were so downright beautiful that they might have figured that your shit didn't stink, or something along those lines. To me, having someone sniff my ass would have to be considered the highest of compliments. So, you ought to take it that way, and don't think anymore of it! Moving on! Have you ever stuck anything, including your own fingers, up your ass?"
Sage, "Uh, no sir!"
Wayne fired in, "Whew, that means that'll be good and tight!"
Billy, "Absolutely Wayne...fiery hot and tighter than hell! Alright then, enough of the questions, so Sage, now I want you to stand, strip out of those clothes, then I will take you to the shower so you can freshen up. Now boy, get your fucking ass up and get those fucking clothes off...NOW!"
Sage stood on his shaky legs and he could see both Billy and Wayne glaring upon him like a bald eagle having just spotted a rabbit. Sage kicked out of his shoes, peeled off his well worn white socks, then jerked his pullover faded blue t-shirt over his head. His fingers trembled as he unsnapped the top button of his faded blue jeans, then fumbled with the zipper while attempting to lower it all the way down. Sage slid his pants down then stepped out of them, leaving himself wearing nothing but his raggedy old baggy white boxer's to protect his near naked body.
Looking up, Sage's eyes caught Billy's right index finger as it waved up and down for him to remove his boxer's as well. Sage also noticed both older teens smiling as he hooked the inside of his boxer's hem, and began easing the boxer's downwards.
Peering into both Wayne's and Billy's mind, jotting down their mental images of Sage, this is what their eyes reflected to their sweltering brains. This white haired, blue eyed angel was by far the most gorgeous boy either of them had ever laid eyes on. His inspiring white eyebrows were not too thick, nor too thin, but just perfect for all eyes to behold. The boy's sparkling blue eyed mastered the ability to capture any onlooker with a trance that could alter ones breathing ability. His face was slender, and void of any noticeable blemishes with the exception of twin dimples creasing his soft and smooth facial cheeks. His nose was just as perfect as the rest of his angelic body. That too was not too big, nor to small, just mouthwatering perfect. The boy's chest appeared to be in the development stage as it offered the vision of tight muscularity and a definitive smoothness. Those twin pinkish tiny nipples of his seemed perky and inviting. Lowering their eyes further down the boy's sculptured perfect body left their eyes twitching as to the waves of stomach muscles rippling with the boy's every move. His unique tiny belly button didn't poke in nor did it protrude outwards. It was just a couple of almost microscopic lines running perpendicular along his silky smooth flesh. Another fact that both older teens noticed was that when Sage removed his t-shirt, both made mental notes as to the boy's hairless underarm pits.
Feeling more uncomfortable than ever before, Sage stepped out of his underwear and was now standing in front of both onlooking older teens bare ass naked. Wayne was the first to utter, "Whoa, take a look at that! Hot damn, now that's what I call perfection!"
Billy shot in, "Oh my God, ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy, I'll be a monkeys uncle. Sage my boy, it ought to be fucking illegal for you to ever have to wear clothes ever again!"
What both Wayne and Billy's eyes were ogling over was Sage's circumcised, flaccid, completely hairless, boy meat. The precious mouthwatering tube of boy steak graciously protruded from his upright body only about an inch and a half, and was probably as thick as a man sized pinky, but just seeing such a profound and glorious sight made both older teens want to taste it right then and there. The pink helmet shaped cock head was equal in girth as the creamy colored shaft, and the little piss slit looked as though it was tightly sealed closed. Just under the boy's soft cock rested twin circular shaped dime sized pearls, both being held peacefully in one very satiny looking and hairless sac. Just by looking at Sage's balls one could easily ascertain that they hung down from between his silky smooth legs about a good two inches.
After staring at the naked boy for a few cock hardening minutes, Wayne's voice shot in, "Don't just stand there boy, turn around so we can see your uh, your butt. Now boy, turn the fuck around NOW!"
Sage spun around with terror written all across his face, giving both onlooking older teens a birds eyes view of his bare naked butt. Billy spoke, "Wow, now that's what I call a hot mother fucking ass if there ever was one! Dude, you got yourself one hell of a shapely ass on you, and I can see why those fellers smelled it. Hell, I'd smell it too if given the chance!" Wayne fired, "Fuck that! I'd peel those sweet mouthwatering cheeks open and tongue the fuck out of that beauty! Yes sir, yes sir I would in a mother fucking heartbeat!"
Hearing what the older boys were saying about his butt made Sage feel even more uncomfortable, but he was smart enough to know there wasn't a damn thing he could do except comply with their orders and listen to whatever they said. From behind, Billy spoke, "Sage, are you damn sure aint nobody ever done anything with you? I uh, I mean, from where I'm sitting, you sure is shit got everything going for you, and, in all the right fucking places too!" Before Sage could answer, Wayne spoke abruptly, "Hell, if I was one of his foster parents, you could bet your ass I'd have already broken this pretty little thing in. Fucking A right I would have!" Sage stood still, shaking like a leaf when Billy barked, "I asked you a question boy!"
Sage's soft angelic voice sputtered from his awesomely kissable lips, "Yes sir, I um, um, I was telling you the truth sir. I aint never done anything with anyone sir, especially with another guy sir."
Billy had Sage follow him into the bathroom at which point Billy handed Sage a new toothbrush, toothpaste, a bar of coconut soap, and a small bottle of shampoo. After giving Sage those items, Billy walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Sage began brushing his teeth, and after doing so, he started taking his shower.
While Sage was busy in the bathroom, Billy and Wayne were in the office, and it was through their mutual conversation that each described Sage, and his utterly perfect body in this manner. In each of their eyes, Sage was the spitting image of heavenly perfection. Not only was the boy the most gorgeous they have ever seen, but being white haired, blue eyed, and hairless only added to their overall sexual thirst. Both equally agreed that Sage's sculptured little butt looked like each cheek contained a perfectly rounded miniature basketball. The creamy flesh of each molded cheek was just like the rest of the boy, astonishingly perfect, and completely unblemished.
Wayne leaned forwards, and in an almost whispering manner, spoke to Billy, "Dude, that boy has my cock throbbing like crazy and leaking precum like a mother fucker!" Billy smiled as he said, "Fuck me, I know the feeling. He's got my shit all rock hard too. But, you know we can't do anything cause it's the Master's rule. He's got to want it and we can't do anything to entice him, but I got me a plan!"
10 minutes later, Sage was back inside the office, freshly cleaned, and still bare ass naked, offering his body for both older teens eyeing pleasure. Billy looked Sage up and down, smiled, then anxiously said, "Mmmmmmmmm, good and clean now, and I know you feel a hell of a lot better. But, I still got to document the size of your pecker, so c'mon here so I can get on with it."
Sage nervously stepped in front of Billy who was already leaning over smiling from ear to ear. Wayne had also positioned himself so he wouldn't miss out on anything. Sage stepped in front of Billy who quickly eased his left hand directly under Sage's hairless balls, lightly tilting the sensitive pearls upwards. Billy's voice sliced through the air, "Mmmmmmmmmm, damnit to hell! Feels like pure silk to me!"
Billy's left thumb began softly caressing Sage's pearls and Sage was fighting back with every ounce of strength he could muster to prevent his cock from getting hard. Sage could feel the older teen's hot breath beat down on his now semi flaccid boyhood, and to make matters worse, Wayne slid his left hand on Sage's butt, forcing Sage to slightly leap upwards on his toes as the older teens fingers danced their way all over his muscle clamping butt cheeks.
Sage kept his eyes closed, willing his cock to cooperate, but when he felt the fingers of Billy's right had close themselves over his pulsating highly sensitive organ, Sage knew right then and there that he lost the fight. Now, Sage felt his cock harden as the fingers groped his balls, butt, and now erect cock performed a magic act he had never felt before. To the best of his knowledge, no hands other than his own had ever touched his genitals, and now that they were being touched, Sage found himself rather enjoying this unthinkable act of homosexual display.
Billy whispered, "I just got to say that you have one hell of a beautiful cock on you! Heck, this prime beauty was meant to be sucked every day! Damnit to hell, whew, your uh, your um, your cock is fucking perfect!"
Describing what Billy and Wayne's eyes were now feasting upon was 4 1/4 inches of circumcised boy meat. From the soft hairless silky smooth pubic flesh to the very tip of one heavenly created pink colored cock head, the boy's erect cock was damn near as straight as an arrow. However, about an inch just passed the cock head, the boy's shaft took a very slight upwards turn. Whoever the surgeon was who performed the circumcision should have received the Nobel Peace Price because straining eyes wouldn't hardly see the scar left behind.
Describing the thickness of Sage's throbbing boner could only be compared to as being as thick as an American quarter. In both older teens eyes and minds, this boy's cock was meant to be sucked, and noting its size and thickness, his cock could be sucked with effortless ease, and if one tried, they would probably be able to stuff both balls inside their mouths along with the boy's mouthwatering cock.
Sage was literally panting from all the groping taking place on his cock, balls, and butt cheeks. After all, it had been almost three long weeks since he last jerked off, and now, now with this fondling act taking place, Sage could feel his cum start to boil, seemingly starting from his now curling little toes. However, both Wayne and Billy knew better, and neither were willing to break the rules even though the boy standing before them is as naked as the day he was born, and was doing so with one beckoning erection.
Suddenly, the hands and fingers stimulating his body vacated themselves, and it was Billy who smiled and said, "That's enough of that...uh, for now that is. Leave your clothes right there (pointing to the pile where Sage had stripped) and follow me. You are not to speak once we leave this office. Do you understand me?"
Sage nodded his head as his angelic voice sounded, "Yes, yes sir!"
Wayne stood up and walked over to the pile of Sage's dirty clothes, and began rifling through them. With both Sage and Billy looking on, and with Billy sporting a perverted grin, Wayne picked up Sage's dirty underwear, then looked at Sage as he spoke, "I bet you've been wearing these for a few days straight now, haven't you boy?"
Sage stared at the older teen as he replied, "Uh, um, yes sir, uh about a couple of weeks sir."
Wayne turned Sage's well worn underwear inside out, and Sage watched open eyed as Wayne raised Sage's underwear up to his nose and began smelling them. Sage thought that alone was definitely kind of gross, after all, he had just owned up to the fact that he had been wearing them for a couple of weeks. But, his ears captured Wayne's bear like grunts as he inhaled the scent ever so deeply, then moaned loudly upon each exhale.
Billy raised his voice, "Well fucker, c'mon bitch, what's it smell like?"
Wayne looked over at Billy while still sniffing Sage's dirty underwear, then boldly stated, "Ah fuck man, they um, they uh, holy fucking shit Billy, this boy's drawers smells like uh, smells like um, um, fuck it! It smells fucking awesome and there aint even no shit stains at all!"
About another minute later, Billy made Wayne put down Sage's underwear as they proceeded to exit the office, with Sage walking behind Billy and Wayne walking closely behind Sage. The hallway itself was very long with rooms bordering either side. Sage had no idea where he was going, but then again, that was to be expected at this point. Several doors down from where he had just been, and still walking directly in behind Billy, Sage started hearing sounds and the closer he got, the louder the sounds became.
As they neared the source of the noise, Sage clearly heard, "Yes, yes, fuck my ass! Gimme that big fucking cock sir! Yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwdddddd yes, yessssssssssssss!"
Then, they stopped dead in their tracks, and Sage turned his head to the right to look into an open doorway on his right and saw first hand as to the object of the noise. Bent over the armrest of a sofa was a boy, a boy who looked to be no older than around 10, and he was being fucked by another boy who looked to be somewhere around 15 years of age. From Sage's angle, he clearly saw the older boy's cock dart in and out of the younger boy's ass, and the odd part about it was the mere fact that the younger boy seemed to be loving every ass pounding second of it.
Billy turned to face Sage, and in doing so, began whispering, "The boy being fucked is Cory, and the boy doing the fucking is Garrett. Cory is our little cock whore around here. That boy loves cock more than life itself!" Wayne whispered into Sage's right ear, "When Cory first came here, about three months ago, he was just as shy as you are right now, but look, just take a look at him. He's definitely opened up quite a bit hasn't he? That little fucker would rather drink a glass of cum than a glass of milk any old fucking day. Yep, he's our pig alright, and everyone here loves him, so don't you go and flap your fucking gums as to what you are seeing."
They stood at the entrance of the doorway and Sage couldn't take his eyes off the older teen plowing the young preteen boy's ass with what looked like one very long and thick cock. While Sage watched, his own 4 1/2 inches of boy pride throbbed profusely, and there wasn't anything Sage could do about it, or at least, not at this point in time.
Finally, Billy gestured for them to move on, and they hadn't walked fifteen feet when Sage heard, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes, yessssssssss, suck that big cock you little cum hungry whore!"
Now, all three were stopped at a doorway on Sage's left, and Sage's eyes widened as he witnessed what looked to be a 10 or an 11 year old naked boy on his knees, eagerly sucking on a big ass cock which belonged to a teenager who looked like he was around 17 or 18 years of age. To Sage, the older teen's cock looked enormous compared to his own. In reality, what Sage's eyes were seeing was an 11 year old naked boy sucking on a 6 1/2 inch uncut cock that belonged to a 16 year old boy.
While they stood in the doorway looking on, Sage watched and heard the older teen achieve an orgasm, but to Sage, what was even more impressive was the sound the 11 year old boy was making as the older teen dumped his cream into his mouth. The boy was grunting and moaning up a storm as the older teen was obviously shooting his spunk furiously into the boy's cock sucking mouth.
Billy loudly stated, "Don't you swallow Tim's cum Gary! Show the new boy here what you do with another guys shit once they shot it into your mouth."
Seconds later, Sage watched as the young boy, who was just as hairless as he was, stand up and walk directly up to where they were standing with his mouth open and head slightly tilted backwards. The boy was just a tad taller than Sage was, but even so, Sage clearly saw the vast sea of cum flooding itself into the boy's open mouth. Wayne teasingly said, "Damn Tim, Gary must have worked you up pretty damn good for you to shoot all that shit."
Billy nodded his head, and Sage felt his body tingle as he watched the boy gulp down all of the older teen's cum in two heaping gulps. Once the boy, Gary, swallowed the last drop of Tim's cum, Billy smiled while asking, "Well Gary, how was it?" Gary looked up at Billy, then flashed his emerald green eyes at Sage, then whispered, "Delicious sir...Grade A delicious sir!"
With Gary still standing in front of them, Billy spoke, "Gary, why don't you tell our new friend here what it's like here at Cane Bay Manor." Gary stepped even closer towards Sage, so close that Sage could actually smell the cum spewing from the boy's breath, "Well, I've been here for about a month now, and I love it. To me, I'm uh, uh, finally free!" Billy dwelled even deeper by asking, "Gary, since you've been here at Cane Bay Manor, has anyone molested you, or made you do anything you didn't want to do?" Gary smiled as he replied, "Oh no sir, nobody has made me do anything sir!"
Billy stepped closer to Gary, and then asked, "Why don't you tell us, especially our new friend here, what it is you want to happen right now, uh, after you just got done sucking Tim's cock." With all the eagerness in the world, Gary proudly stated, "Tim's gonna fuck me sir, and fuck me real good too!"
With that being said, Billy turned to walk away with Sage following in close behind. Billy gave Sage a brief tour of the ground floor, then they ended up in a very large bedroom where Sage was informed would be his new living quarters. The bed was a hell of a lot bigger than Sage had ever slept in before, and just as Billy and Wayne were fixing to depart and leave him alone, Billy stopped, looked at Sage, then said, "You do have a roommate, and he'll be in shortly. I will leave it up to you boys to introduce yourselves. Come tomorrow, I will show you around and get you more acquainted with everything, including meeting the Master. Till then, get you some rest!"
No sooner had Wayne and Billy left the bedroom, Sage slid into bed and began wondering what this place was all about. He saw two open acts of homosexual activities and nobody around here seemed to give a shit. While he lay in bed, basking in the softness of the bed, Sage began questioning his own sexuality. Yeah, nobody had to tell him he was a virgin, but he also knew how hard his cock became when he saw that young boy being fucked. Also, he could still smell the fresh cum on Gary's breath as he spoke to him. Sage wanted very badly to reach under the covers and stroke his erect cock until he blew his load, but thought better of it and decided not to.
Outside in the hallway, Wayne asked Billy, "I know you are up to something, so fill me in. I mean dude, that fucking boy is delicious from head to toe!" Billy looked at his friend, then with an evil grin said, "Are you stupid? Look whose room I put him in idiot! Fuck, it took every fucking ounce of strength I could muster to not bend that pretty bitch over and tongue the living hell out of his perfect little ass! Speaking of ass, seriously, what did his underwear smell like?"
Wayne grinned, then replied, "Holy crap man, it smelled out of this mother fucking world. You heard him! He wore them for two weeks straight, and I'm telling you Billy, not a speck of shit stains on them at all, and that fucking smell, ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaawwwwwddddd, that fucking smell is still fresh on my brain. Billy, you'd have to smell them for yourself to understand. To be worn for two whole weeks and to smell that fucking good is just fucking incredible!"
Billy laughed, then followed with, "Yeah, but we both know the rules! If that gorgeous little fuck is to be broken in, it'll be up to the Master to do it! But, to kind of speed things along, I made sure his roommate is Thad, and we both know what all Thad is capable of, don't we?"
Wayne responded, "I sure hope like hell you had a good talk with Thad, cause you know how he is."
Billy shot back, "I'm not a fucking idiot you retard! Me and Thad have a mutual understanding, and he knows what he can and can't do. He knows its hands-off when it comes to Sage, but a little form of encouragement never hurt anyone, now has it?"
Sage lay in his bed and then a strange thought occurred to him. There wasn't a cell door to be seen. This was just like any bedroom he had ever been in, but a lot bigger. He rolled his head to the left and could see out the huge window, and even that had no bars protecting it. Oddly enough, and in a strange sort of way, Sage felt somewhat comfortable with his new surroundings, though he still didn't quite get a grip on the open display of homosexual activities.
Just as Sage was on the very edge of drifting off to sleep, the door opened and the lights came on. Rolling his head to his right, Sage saw a buck naked boy, a boy who looked to be close to his own age, burst on in. For a split second or two, both boys locked their eyes on one another, and then the boy spoke, "Hi, I'm Thad and you must be Sage." Thad hopped up onto the large king sized bed and extended his right hand to offer a peaceful handshake. After they shook hands, Sage watched Thad climb from the bed, and start to walk into the bathroom, but before he entered the bathroom, Thad turned to smile at Sage while saying, "Got to get cleaned up then we'll talk!"
Thad is 13 years old, and just turned it two days ago. He has long wavy sandy blond hair with ocean blue eyes, and a killer smile that steals ones very breath. Up to now, or at least up until Sage arrived, Thad was by far the best looking boy beauty in the Manor. Standing 5'2", and weighing a slender 106 pounds, there doesn't seem to be an ounce of fat anywhere on Thad's body. Just above the base of his cock, tiny black curls are starting to make their grand entrance. Speaking of Thad's cock, that too is certainly quite the beauty. When erect, which is almost all of the time, it masterfully juts out from his body straighter than an arrow, stretching itself to its wonderful full five inches of pure boy glory. The shaft has some considerable thickness, thickening itself up to be about as thick as a wooden handle on a regular sized hammer. His balls are still hairless, egg shaped, and are about the size of twin pecans as they dangle ever so delightful between his slender legs at a good 3 to 3 1/2 inches.
The pale pink knob of Thad's cock is more like a flared mushroom, expanding itself to hover over the shaft almost a half of an inch thicker. Up until Sage stepped into the picture, Thad knew he was the "golden boy" of the Manor, but he wasn't one to hold a grudge on someone looking better than himself, and just by their quick introduction, Thad already came to the conclusion that Sage was a hell of a lot better looking than himself.
Sage had to fight the sleep in order to stay awake for his new roommate to finish up in the bathroom. Having been in similar situations before, many, many times in fact, Sage knew that Thad would want to talk. Finally, after about 30 long minutes, Thad exited the bathroom and slid into bed, placing his naked body on top of the bedding.
At first, the two boys just talked about the miseries they both had in common regarding their lives, but it was the topic on life here at Cane Bay Manor that sparked something inside Sage as Thad began to explain, "I've been here going on about three years now I guess, and I'll say this Sage, all the shit you've heard about this place aint true, aint true at all. The rules here are simple, and as long as you follow the rules, aint nobody gonna fuck with you. Speaking of fucking, you can have as much sex here as you want, just as long as it's consensual. In other words, you can't make somebody have sex with you. If he aint up to it, then back the fuck off...It's that simple! Hell, there's folks that would kill to be in our shoes, that is if we wore any! But, believe me, you'll come around and see for yourself that living here is like some kind of dream come true. Fuck, I aint never been happier, and if I have my way, I aint never fucking leaving either!"
Sage asked a questioning burning deep within his young impressionable mind, "Um, what about all the gay shit that goes on here?"
Thad rolled onto his left side and stared Sage straight into his eyes, "Gay shit? Gay shit? Boy, you had best wake the fuck up! Aint nobody here except boys and the Master! What you call gay shit, we call fun! If you see somebody sucking a dick, it's because he wants to and the other guy wanted his dick sucked too. If you see some guy taking it up the ass, it's because he wanted to get fucked! Aint nobody here getting raped or molested, ohhhhhhhhhh hell fucking no! Just give it some time, and you'll come around, especially with you being so fucking pretty and all. Shit, once they see you, you can take it to the bank that everyone will want a shot at you, and I sure as shit can't blame them none."
Sage whispered, "Who is this guy they call the Master?"
Thad softly giggled, then answered, "The Master is the fucking Master, and what he says is law around here. Believe me, you'll meet him soon enough! I can't speak for you none, only for me, but I still remember the first time with the Master. I had been fucked before, but holy fucking sheep shit, I aint never had no dick his size up my ass before. When I first laid eyes on his cock, I thought I was gonna damn near die, and when he introduced that big son-of-a-bitch to my ass, I really thought I was fixing to kick the bucket. Hot damn, I get chills just thinking about it, uh, I mean my first time. But now, fuck me, I look forward to feeling that big ass monster pound my ass straight to oblivion and back."
Gulping, Sage whispered, "So uh, uh, you like to uh, I mean, um...."
Thad interrupted, "Fuck yeah dude! Aint no better feeling in the fucking world than to feel a hard cock pound the shit out of your ass. Hell, I love sucking dick too, especially the part when it comes to swallowing a load. Just so you know, and I might as well go ahead and get it out of the way, but I'll be your guide so to speak, and I have a routine, and would appreciate it if you didn't fuck it up. So, tomorrow, when I show you around, I'll be doing my thing, so just sit back and watch, okay?"
Sometime during their conversation, Sage lost his battle with sleep. Upon waking the next morning, Thad was already out of bed, standing at the foot of the bed, staring eagle eyed at Sage. Thad smiled then said, "Good morning Sunshine, time to rise and shine."
Sage wiped his eyes, the rolled out of bed, forgetting all about his normal morning wood. Thad's sex hungry eyes absorbed Sage's naked body, especially Sage's morning erection. Seeing his new roommate naked, Thad nonchalantly stated, "Hot damn roomy, your gonna give those fuckers whiplash when they see you! For fuck sakes, you are drop dead gorgeous!"
Still kind of sleepy, Sage gave his thanks as he walked in front of Thad to go drain his bladder. As soon as Sage's backside came into Thad's view, Thad excitingly blurted, "Ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy, damn, damn! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, dude, now that's one hell of a perfect ass you got yourself there. Son-of-a-mother-fucking-bitch, hot damn Sage, that ass of yours was meant to be eaten and bred, and those fuckers are in for one hell of a treat today, yes sir, they sure the fuck are!"
While Sage was busy dealing with his bathroom issues, Billy met with Thad outside of Thad's and Sage's bedroom. Billy peered down into the boy's eyes while saying, "Look, he's not to be touched no matter what, but I want you to give him a real show this morning. Just do your thing the way you do it, and everything will be fine."
Thad looked up into Billy's eyes as he said, "You know it's gonna be hard sir. I mean, after all, Sage is rather tempting and all, but I'll give him a show he'll remember. As much as I love to be fucked, I'd give anything to bury my dick up his plump ass. Speaking of getting fucked, how about you depositing your load up my ass this morning sir?"
Billy shoved Thad back into the bedroom, placing Thad face down on the edge of the bed. In one stealth swoop, Billy wiggled out of his shorts and was holding onto his 19 year old 7 1/4 inch prime uncut beef. Both Thad and Billy knew Billy's uncut sausage was thicker than average, but neither paid that any attention as Billy smeared his saliva all over his aching teen organ. Thad reached back with both hands and spread his butt cheeks wide, signaling a warm welcoming invitation for Billy to play hide and go seek with his cock inside his asshole.
Having done this many times before, Billy eyed the spread crack, still noticing the boy's ass crack to be completely void of hair life. The little puckering pucker constantly winked at Billy until Billy couldn't stand it any longer. Guiding his thick cock up to Thad's hairless asshole, alining it just right, Billy pushed his hooded cock head all the way into the boy's hotter than hell asshole. Thad slammed his forehead onto the bed as he began begging for Billy to plow his ass. Billy obliged the boy as he reared back and fed the boy's ass the remainder of his cock, then offered no peace gesture as he began slamming his meat in and out of Thad's hungry ass, a mile a minute.
In and out, in and out, Billy held onto Thad's hips with both hands, driving the boy's body harder and harder onto his thrusting butt packer. Thad cried out, "Yessssssssss, yessssssssss, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiirrrrrr, fuck myyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssss siiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr!"
Four hard ass slamming minutes later, Billy felt his cum start to work its way out of his butt jamming cock. Timing it just right, Billy yanked his cock out of the boy's ass, then spun Thad around, and crammed his now cum spewing cock into the boy's cum eating mouth. Thad's moans grew louder with each and every lengthy spurt of teen cream that was now in the midst of flooding his mouth. Billy was holding the back of Thad's head, using the boy's mouth to fuck his cock in and out while grunting his overall pleasure as to his cum erupting orgasm.
Thad was no stranger to sucking cock, nor dining on a helping of cum, so it was easy for him to open up his throat so that Billy's cock could fuck his mouth and his throat while spitting out volley upon volley of rich gooey teen cream. When it was all said and done, Thad eagerly drank down all of Billy's spunk offering, and now Billy's cock started deflating rather rapidly.
Thad licked and sucked every inch of Billy's softening cock before Billy backed away and pulled up his shorts. Billy walked over to the door, turned then said, "Don't forget, hands off!"
Thad was looking at Billy, but out of the corner of his right eye, Thad saw the bathroom door slightly ajar, then ease itself back to a closed position. Now, Thad knew that Sage had saw what had just transpired, but he didn't know if the gorgeous boy saw everything, especially the part of him taking Billy's hard cock up his more than willing ass.
When Sage exited the bathroom, Thad had already made up his mind not to say anything about what had happened with him and Billy until Sage voluntarily wanted to talk about it. Seeing Sage stark naked, Thad took in a deep breath, smiled, then softly whispered, "Sage, I'm the luckiest guy here to be sharing a room with someone as gorgeous as you. When they see you, their fucking tongues are gonna be hanging out of their drooling mouths. But don't go and worry yourself none cause you'll be tagging along with me today, but remember, I've got some things I gotta do, so you don't go and fuck my shit up, okay? Just kick back and watch!"
Sage returned Thad's smile while saying, "I appreciate all the compliments and all, but I uh, I kind of feel weird walking around buck ass naked, especially in front of a bunch of strangers."
Thad walked up to Sage, placed both hands on Sage's shoulders, then softly whispered, "Dude, you sure as fuck aint got no reason to feel ashamed about anything. As good as you look, and with that fucking body, and an ass to die for, believe me, you aint got a damn thing to worry about!"
Looking slightly upwards into Thad's eyes, Sage popped a question that had been lingering inside his head ever since he began taking his shower, "What if uh, um, what if I uh, you know, what if I get a boner?"
Thad giggled, then fired back, "So the fuck what! Hell, I get a hard-on all the time, and once you start walking around in front of the others, trust me, you'll see your fair share of boners, especially when they lay eyes on you. Don't worry about it Sage, just do your thing and handle your own business, and everything will be fine. Just stick to the rules and you'll be okay!"
With that being said, per Thad, it was time to go to the main dining area for breakfast. Sage was walking right next to Thad, on Thad's right, doing all he could do to control his mind from thinking about anything that might cause his flaccid boy cock to become erect. Walking down the long hallway and into another large room, Sage slowed his walk as he eyed several boys, all of which were just as naked as he was, placing their tray of food on top of what looked like several picnic tables.
What Sage's eyes was viewing was 30 boys, boys ranging from the ages of 9 all the way up to their upper teens, and all buck ass naked. Never had Sage seen so many naked boys in all of his young life, and what was more surprising to Sage was that nobody seemed to care. But, as soon as Sage and Thad made their entrance, all eyes immediately darted towards Sage. Thad was smiling as he hailed his good mornings, but Sage was frozen in place, entranced at all the eyes now glaring at him and his naked body.
Thad grabbed Sage's left wrist and guided him to the meal line. With every step, Sage could feel eyes burning holes into his body, and as they passed one of the tables, Sage heard one of the boy's whisper, "Damn, I'd rather be eating his ass!" Passing another table, Sage heard, "Mother fuck me, I know that boy's cum is sweeter than pure sugar!" Just as Sage was about to pick up a tray, from somewhere behind him, he heard, "If that pretty little thing takes a shit, I bet there aint no fucking way in hell it stinks like shit, nu uh, no fucking way!" Another voice chimed in, "The only thing missing on that gorgeous little angel is a set of flapping wings!"
Thad had Sage sit across from him, and even now, seated, Sage angled his head and still could see a bunch of eyes focussed directly at him. Thad leaned over whispering, "Don't worry yourself none! I heard what they said too, and if I were you, I'd take them as compliments. Heck, I heard some of that shit too my first time here. Sage, look at this way. If somebody looks at you and swears up and down that your shit don't stink, then consider that as a mere compliment. I did and I'd have to say that I'm doing okay with it. Hell, I still have some guys in here that honestly thinks I don't take a shit. Between me and you, I'm okay with that. Go on, eat your breakfast cause I got some shit to take care of after we eat."
After they ate, they went back to their room. As they walked down the long hallway, Sage couldn't help not to notice a fan club forming behind him. With each step he took, Sage tried his best to ignore some of the so-called compliments coming from behind him, compliments such as; "Whew, I'd eat that ass 24/7!" Another chimed in, "That sure as fuck aint no boys ass I'm seeing!" Then another, "He could sit on my face and use my mouth as a fucking toilet anytime he wants!"
They entered their bedroom and Thad had Sage follow him into the bathroom. Thad tossed back the shower curtain, pointed at the metallic 8 inch slender oblong looking thing and said, "Just in case you were curious, this here thing is called a "sure shot" or a "shower shot." I aint too awfully clear as to which one it's supposed to be called, but anyhow, this here thing goes up your ass and washes your butt clean. You can stand right there if you want and watch me clean myself out so you'll know how to use it."
Sage stood opened eyed as he watched Thad step into the tub, then smear some hair conditioner all over the long shiny object. Thad looked over at Sage and said, "Oh, this lubricates it so I can get it up my ass." Thad turned on the water, making sure it was luke warm, then placed his left foot on top of the edge of the tub, making certain that he was providing young Sage with a view of a lifetime. Sage's mouth dipped open as he watched Thad insert the oblong thing straight up his ass, and Thad added to the show by moaning, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, this feels sooooooooooooo fucking goooooooooodddddddd!"
With his eyes glued to Thad's butt, Sage was shocked once he saw the contents of Thad's butt come shooting out. The water pouring out was brownish in color, and of course, some poop also plopped out, but Sage was too engrossed at watching what was taking place before his very eyes. So engrossed that he wasn't even aware of the fact that his 4 1/4 inch slice of boy heaven was throbbing with his every breath. However, although his erection went unnoticed by Sage, it certainly didn't go unnoticed by Thad. Thad increased his vocal excitement by spewing, "Fuck, shit, this uh, um, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwdddddd, this feels sooooooooooo fucking gooooooooooddddd! I can hardly wait to feel a real cock pounding my ass! Mother fucker this feels great! Yes, yessssssssssss, clean my ass bitch!"
Sage watched in awe as Thad began fucking his own ass with the metal looking object as the water shooting out of his ass began to look clearer and clearer with each passing second. For who knows how long, Thad finally ended the show, and once he deactivated the device, he began taking a shower while looking directly at Sage, who was still frozen in place, and who was now watching him take a shower.
Thad spoke boldly, "Clean ass and now a clean body makes for some great sex! Whenever you want to give this a shot, just let me know and I'll help you. Believe me Sage, there aint no better feeling in the world than to know your ass is squeaky clean. Well, I say there aint no better feeling, but to be honest, feeling a nice hard cock root out your system has got to be the best fucking feeling in the world. Yes sir, aint nothing like it I'm telling you! Shit, just thinking about it has got me all boned up...See!"
Sage's eyes gravitated to Thad's impressive erection, and Thad intentionally bladed his body so that Sage's eyes could see it without any obstruction whatsoever. Just by looking at Thad's erect cock, Sage had no problem realizing that Thad's cock was a bit longer than his own, and definitely thicker too.
While Thad was toweling himself off, he explained about the prostate, and where it's located. Basically, Thad kept their sexually charged conversation going at full speed, and he made it a point to continue talking about how great it felt having a cock up your ass. Thad also explained about the various tastes of cum, and how a persons diet reflected upon the overall taste. Though Sage didn't talk much, he did carefully listen, and he did so with one very aching hard cock.
Back in the bedroom, Thad looked up at the wall clock, then over to Sage and said, "Well, it's almost time for my first appointment. Just sit in the chair and watch. Shit, I've been looking forward to this for a couple of weeks now, and I aint about to let anyone fuck this up, so whatever you do, just sit there and don't make a sound."
Sage sat in the chair that gave him a direct view from the foot of the bed. He watched as Thad climbed up onto the bed, and positioned himself so that he was in the middle, on his back, and his legs were spread. Thad's cock was also ready for whatever was going to happen, and from where Sage was sitting, he could see Thad's balls begin to tighten up.
About then, the door flung open and in walked a full grown man. The man looked to be somewhere in his mid forties sporting a rather large pot belly. His short grayish hair was balding, and in Sage's eyes, there really wasn't anything even remotely nice looking on this overweight older man. Sage guessed him to be about 5'10" tall and had to weigh somewhere close to 250 pounds, if not more.
The man stepped in, and didn't hesitate as he began taking off his clothes. While the man shed out of his attire, the man's eyes went from Thad straight to Sage then back to Thad. Thad's voice sliced through the air, "Gimme some of that big dick baby! I've been a bad boy, a very bad boy, and I've been waiting to be punished...siiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr!"
The man's voice sounded husky and harsh, "Then I'm gonna give your ass exactly what you deserve! Ready or not, it's time for you to pay the piper!"
Sage saw the man's upper body for the first time as he removed his shirt. The fur of black hair was amazing, and the more Sage saw, the more excited he seemed to be getting. No longer did Sage eyes the man's face and judge his looks, nor did he pay any attention to the man's large protruding belly. In Sage's eyes, he was now completely infatuated over the man's body hair, and there was plenty to see.
The man slipped out of his pants, and again, Sage was fascinated by his large hairy legs. Then, once the man removed his underwear, Sage almost busted a nut at what his eyes were now seeing. The man was standing, and out from his fur of pubic hair arose what would have to be 8 very long inches and obscenely thick, so thick that Sage even wondered whether or not Thad would even be able to put his mouth around the angry looking enormous cock head that was already leaking a shit load of precum.
Sage's mouth was wide open as he watched the big hairy man crawl onto the bed, working his massive body in between Thad's widely spread legs. From Sage's angle, he could now see the man's hair covered ass, especially the thick mass of black curls sprouting out from in between the man's hairy ass crack. Then, with Thad's boyish voice crying out, Sage leaned to his left and saw exactly why, and what, Thad was panting about. Sage clearly saw the man's thick meaty tongue probe Thad's hairless asshole while his big beefy hands were pushing Thad's legs higher and higher into the air.
Sage wanted so desperately to touch his own aching tool, but thought better of it, and instead, continued eyeing all that was taking place right at this very moment. Another thing Sage found it hard to not look at was seeing the man's oversized hairy balls swinging down from in between his thick hairy thighs.
The man went from eating Thad's asshole to switching his position so that now he was on top, sucking Thad's cock and balls while Thad was slurping away at the man's extremely thick cock. Sage was busy watching the man suck Thad's cock to Thad fighting against all odds to suck the man's big beefy weapon. Thad was the first to cry out that he was going to cum, and it was all Sage could do to remain seated as he heard Thad blow his load and watch the man gulp down the boy's offering. A few seconds later, Sage was amazed at Thad's ability to milk the man's cock and swallow down his load, and from the look on Thad's face, the man must have had a rather large load.
Sage watched as the man stood up on his knees, then pour some kind of liquid all over his still erect long and beefy chunk of meat, working the substance up and down while looking at Thad as though he was some kind of freshly cooked, ready to eat, steak. The man had Thad get on all fours, and Thad was angled in such a way that Sage was able to see Thad's wide open butt, and his saliva glistening asshole. Sage looked at Thad's tiny butt hole, then at the man's enormous cock, then back at Thad's tiny hole. Sage had already predetermined that there was no way in hell that this man's super thick cock would ever go into something so small.
The man stepped in behind Sage, aiming his big cock up to Thad's butt hole, grunted a couple of times, then slammed that big ass meaty weapon straight up Thad's ass. Thad screamed and the man grunted and groaned as the meaty cock began plummeting in and out of Thad's ass. The man latched onto Thad's hips and Sage watched in fear as the man slammed the boy backwards onto his forward thrusting cock.
Thad was doing some hollering and the man using his cock as a battering ram on Thad's asshole was groaning like a bear, slamming his meaty weapon in and out of Thad's well stuffed asshole like a runaway locomotive. Seeing it was almost still hard to believe for young Sage. Something so thick was actually inside something that once appeared so dang small was still quite baffling. With each withdrawal, Sage clearly saw Thad's ass lips stretch themselves around the man's thick cock, form fitting as if it were nothing more than a super tight glove.
In time, the man flopped onto his back, and now Thad was facing Sage, and was bouncing his ass up and down on the man's cock while making all sorts of faces. From where Sage was sitting, it looked and sounded as though Thad was having the time of his life fucking his own ass on the man's manly tool. Sage could also see Thad's erect cock flinging up and down and from side to side as Thad rode the man's cock like some kind of maniac. Sage felt his own precum start oozing out of his throbbing cock, and unconsciously, Sage dipped his right index fingertip onto his piss lips and scooped up a large helping of his own precum, and still absentmindedly began shoving his precum saturated finger into his own mouth, lightly moaning as to its taste.
Later on, Thad was on his back, knees pressing into the bedding on either side of his ears, and the man was on his knees slamming his cock into Thad's ass with blazing speed. Sage gawked as he witnessed Thad's hard cock begin to spit out globs upon globs of cum without any help from any hands at all. Then, from the man's own mouth, Sage knew the man was now in the process of fucking his cum deep into Thad's bowels.
As Sage looked on, his mind began playing tricks on him. Now, he was fantasizing that it was he who was feeling the man's big cock ravish his tiny butt hole. It was his fingers running their course through the man's thick body fur, and it was his cock that was erupting a tidal wave of heart thumping cum all over his chest. With these wild and wicked thoughts flashing inside his head, Sage twisted in his seat while keeping eye contact on the homosexual act taking place before him. It was he who wanted to feel this grown man's affection, freeing his mind so that he and Thad had switched places. It was Sage who wanted to have that special look written across his face. The same look that Thad now had carved upon his own face, and it was a look of pure unexplainable pleasure!
The man fucked Thad's ass until he had no more to offer, then Sage watched as the thick limp sausage plopped out of Thad's gaping asshole. Sage heard himself moan as he watched Thad's well fucked asshole begin to slowly close and seal itself shut. The man placed his thick hairy body over Thad's body and Sage heard both of them grunt and moan as their lips locked themselves around one another as their tongues obviously were dancing away in each others mouth.
Once their passionate kissing ended, the man slid off of the bed and quickly got dressed. A few words were exchanged by the man and Thad, and then the man darted out of the bedroom. No sooner had the door closed, Thad rolled out of the bed, and just as he was scampering past Sage, he whispered, "Come, come with me!"
Sage followed Thad into the bathroom where Thad quickly slapped his butt cheeks onto the toilet, then a gushing sound followed as Sage clearly heard the man's thick wad of cum exit Thad's ass and splash sharply into the toilet's water. Thad cleared his throat, then as he smiled, he began to talk, "Wow, that guy really knows how to fuck! He must have been really worked up today cause normally he fucks me a bit longer. Mmmmmmmm, now that's what I call breakfast for champions! So, uh, Sage, whatcha think about uh, you know, what just happened?"
While Thad spoke he had no problem seeing Sage's excitement, because Sage's missile of a hard cock was harder than a slab of steel, and drooling a steady supply of precum. Sage was glaring at Thad as he replied, "Um, well I um, I dunno I suppose. He sure did have one big ass cock, that's for sure. Seems to me that something that big would hurt like hell, um, you know, going up your butt."
Thad replied, "Oh, you get used to it, believe me. If you think he has a big cock, just wait until you see the Master's cock. Shit, that big fucking thing is a fucking weapon of anal destruction. If the Master fucks you, then you'll pretty much be able to handle anything. Oh fuck, I'm getting hard just thinking about the Master's cock plowing my ass. Does it hurt? Oh hell fucking yeah it hurts, but Sage, I'm telling you, once the pain goes away then you'll feel something no words can ever explain. The first time is always the worst, but the more you do it, the easier it gets, and the better it feels!"
Sage responded, "I dunno, still seems that it'll hurt way too bad! Um, Thad uh, what did his cum taste like?"
Thad was still smiling, eyeing Sage's throbbing boner the entire time as he answered, "It's cum dude! Some say it's an acquired taste, but to me, I just love the way it feels when it shoots into my mouth. Sometimes it can be kind of bitter, a bit too salty, and sometimes there aint much of a taste at all. It don't matter to me none what it tastes like just as long as he shoots it into my mouth. Speaking of cum, I'd bet the farm that yours would taste sweeter than the worlds sweetest chocolate."
Before Sage had a chance to say a word, Thad reached his right hand over towards Sage's pulsating erection, scooped up a large strand of dribbling precum, then without a shred of hesitation, dipped his finger coated with Sage's precum into his mouth, and began moaning rather loudly. Sage watched Thad's mouth movement as if he was swirling a mouthful of mouthwash around inside his mouth. When Thad stopped moaning, he looked right at Sage, smiled as he fired, "Holy shit Sage, your precum is, is, mighty fucking tasty. Heck, just like I thought! Sweeter than pure fucking sugar and I can only imagine how sweet your cum would taste."
Sage didn't know what to say, so he was unable to say a single word, and Thad picked up on this as he continued, "Sage, that pecker of yours sure does make a mouth water, and once you realize you got life by the balls, at least for right now, you'll have a shit load more fun. Here, let me say it this way for you. Right now, you got youth on your side, and with that, you also got the looks. Shit dude, if you don't know that by now, just take a look at the mirror. Boy, you are one hell of a pretty mother fucker! Aint too many guys can even compete with you when it comes to looks, or the body neither, and I aint gonna forget about that hot little ass of yours either. Hell, if you wanted to, you could have that dick of yours sucked as many times a day as you felt like it, and believe me, there'd be plenty of volunteers lined up to suck it. Mmmmmmmmm, and if you really wanted, I know for a cold hearted fact that there's a ton of guys who'd jump at the chance to eat your ass like there's no tomorrow. And, before you ask, and just in case you was wondering about it, aint no fucking words can describe how great it feels when someone tongues your asshole. No sir, not any words can come close to truthfully explain that sort of pleasure! Then, once you get that butt of yours acquainted with a butt cramming cock, boy ohhhhhhhhhh boy, let the fun really begin! Sage, honestly speaking, but right the fuck now, you really do have life by the balls. Trust me on this, but the older you get, the less desirable you'll be. That's just part of life, so you may as well enjoy it while it's here right the fuck now. Now, I got to take another shower so I can get on with my next session, and Sage, one last thing. Take this as a compliment. Some folks will look at you and swear up and down your shit don't stink. So, it's your responsibility to keep them guessing. That's why I keep my butt clean most all of the time...just in case!"
Thad flushed the toilet, and as he stood up and proceeded to walk by Sage, he snuck his right hand onto Sage's aching boy boner, working his fingers from the base all the way up to the flared mushroom shaped head, then scooped up a large strand of precum, the stuck his precum coated fingers into his mouth and began groaning loudly. Just as Thad stepped into the tub, he smiled at Sage as he said, "Fuck Sage, your precum is delicious!"
Sage watched Thad use the metallic cylinder tube shaped thing again, and noticed nothing but pure water came pouring out of Thad's butt. Even after Thad cleaned out his anal canal, Sage stood outside of the curtain and watched Thad take another shower. The two continued their sexually charged conversation, more so, it was Thad who was doing all the talking. The more Thad spoke of sex, the harder Sage's cock seemed to throb.
Once Thad dried off, he told Sage it was time for him to show Sage around the Manor. They walked down the long hallway, and just as they passed the large dining room area, off to the right, in a large room most would consider a dance hall, Sage spotted a young boy on his hands and knees with one older teen's cock pounding his ass and another older teen feeding the boy's mouth his cock. Thad pointed as he spoke, "The boy in the middle is Mark, and he's 11 now. Just like you, hell, all of us for that matter, he started off kind of shy, but after two weeks, well uh, you see he's kind of like a pro now. Look at him, look Sage, he's loving that cock blistering his ass and look at the way he's sucking Tommy's cock. Tommy's 15 and the guy fucking Mark's ass is Bruce, and he's 16. You should have been here when Mark got his cherry busted by the Master. Hell, the boy could hardly walk for two whole fucking days, but look at him now. That boy can take a cock up his ass like nobodies business!"
As Sage looked on, he noticed all three guys glaring his way, and all three were smiling at him. In Sage's mind, everything Thad had just said was 100 percent correct. Mark definitely looked like he was having the time of his life. One hard cock was packing his ass fiercely while the other darted in and out of his mouth with blinding speed. Then, in the same room but off to the far left, Sage saw another young boy who looked to be no older than 10 bouncing up and down on what looked to be a very long and thick cock. Sage couldn't see who it was who owned the big cock, but he could see the look on the boy's face as he fed his ass onto the lengthy and meaty anal intruder. The look was one of shear ultimate pleasure, and just by seeing the way this boy's face looked, that alone sparked something swirling wildly inside Sage's young mind.
By the time Thad showed Sage every square inch of the interior of the Manor, with the only exception being that area that the Master of the Manor resides in, Sage must have witnessed at least 12 sexual acts taking place. Then, the two proceeded out of one of the backdoors where Thad was going to show Sage the boundaries in which were regulated by the rules. There was a huge swimming pool and it already had about 8 guys swimming around in it, and all of them were naked, and as Sage came closer to the pool, those inside the pool stopped and looked hungrily at his naked body.
In a teasing like manner, Thad grinningly whispered, "See! See! They all want you!"
They walked past the pool and Sage could feel eyes glaring at his prancing little butt as they walked towards a very large barn. Upon entering, both stood at the doorway until their eyes began adjusting to the dim lighting, and as they stood, Sage clearly heard, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwddd, fuck meeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiirrrrrrrr! Fuck myyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssss haaaaaaarrrrrrdddddd siiiiiiirrrrrrrr!"
Then, off to his far right, Sage saw the source of the words from which his ears heard. There was a boy who looked to be around 13 or 14 years of age, bent over the seat of a riding lawnmower while a man, a grown man who looked to be somewhere in his late fifties, was whaling away at the teen's ass with what looked to be a really thick slab of adult male sausage. The man was holding the boy's hips, slinging him backwards while his thick meat power slammed itself deep into the boy's rectum. The boy being fucked reached back with both hands and jerked his butt cheeks open even wider. Once again, the look on the young teen's face who was being fucked left an everlasting burning impression into Sage's spinning mind.
While Sage was lost in watching, Thad leaned over and whispered into Sage's left ear, "The boy is Caleb, and he really, really loves to get his ass plowed!"
Sage whispered a lingering question, "What's the deal with these grown men?"
Thad placed his right arm around Sage's shoulders, then softly whispered into Sage's left ear, "Oh that, well uh, you'll find out about that sooner or later, but only if your uh, uh, willing."
As Thad was removing his right arm from around Sage's shoulders, he intentionally let his right hand slide down Sage's back, easing his fingers downwards until the very tips entered the tight crevice of Sage's butt cheeks. The gesture itself was quick, but Thad wanted to see for himself Sage's reaction as his fingers slid in between those mouthwatering awesomely shaped cheeks. Much to Thad's delight, there wasn't any reaction from Sage whatsoever, and by seeing that only made Thad that much more curious as to what all the white haired, blue eyed, gorgeous boy would do. And, Thad had a direct birds eye view of Sage's straining, precum oozing, erection.
Thad again whispered, "How long has it been since you busted a nut?"
Sage, still zeroed in on the boy being royally fucked, whispered, "Too fucking long! Feels uh, feels like I'm fixing to bust any second now!"
Knowing Sage's complete attention was directed towards the sex act taking place, he stepped closer towards Sage, and made no point in covering up where his eagle eyes were now focussed on, and that was Sage's mouthwatering erect boyhood. Not only was Sage's cock rock hard, but Thad had no problem spotting the steady stream of precum oozing out of the gorgeous boy's puckered piss lips.
Thad whispered, "That could be you taking that pile driving cock! That could be your ass feeding you with pleasures no words could ever begin to describe!"
After a brief pause, Thad whispered, "Sage, trust me on this one okay, but when you are ready, believe me, that ass of yours will never go without a cock, and you'll never have to jerk off ever again, cause there'd be plenty of willing mouths to suck you off whenever and wherever you wanted. Hell, I'd even love to taste your cum, cause I already know your spunk is sweet, but the rules are the rules, and nobody can touch you until after you have uh, uh, met with the Master."
Sage and Thad stood there for another ten or so minutes until Thad literally had to grab Sage by the left arm and drag him away. Even as they were walking out of the large barn, Sage periodically turned his head so he could still capture the ass plowing. While they walked outside on the property, Sage did find it rather soothing to be naked, and was enjoying the sun's rays upon his entire unclothed body. Everywhere they walked, Sage saw one sex act, one right after another.
They went to lunch and while they were seated, an older teenage boy came and sat down right next to Sage, directly on Sage's left side. Sage watched Thad as Thad forcefully said, "Alright Carter, hands-off!" The older teen named Carter smirkingly fired back at Thad, "Well pretty boy, what's it like knowing you aint the prettiest one here no more, cause this boy here sure as fuck is the prettiest little thing I've ever laid eyes on?" Thad chirped back, "Fuck you Carter...leave him the fuck alone until after he's talked with the Master! You know the rules fuck face!"
Sage could feel Carter's eyes on his body, and then Carter began directing his words at Sage, "My, my, my, you sure the fuck are the prettiest little thing! I know I'd rather be eating that hot ass of yours than this burger, and sipping on your hot cum instead of this pineapple juice. Mmmmmmmmm, I bet your ass smells better than a bouquet of fresh flowers, and your cum just gots to be sweeter than pure fucking sugar. Now aint that right Snow White? C'mon boy, you can talk to me! Tell me, tell me what that sweet little ass of yours smells like, cause it's already making my taste buds dance just thinking about it. C'mon, spill the beans boy!"
Sage looked at Thad who was looking back at Sage, and Sage remembered what Thad had told him earlier, and recalling that conversation, Sage looked at Carter, smiled, then sexily and ever so softly whispered, "You aint never had no candy that was as sweet as my ass before, and my cum is just as sweet!" Thad shot Sage a wink upon hearing Sage's quick come back. However, Sage also couldn't help not to notice Carter's rather large erection sprouting upwards. The head was shaped like a plumb and leaking copious amounts of precum. At best guess, Sage figured Carter's teen cock to be a good 7 plus inches at best. To Sage, the cock his eyes were no glaring at looked huge, but in a weird kind of way, very appetizing. In his mind, he pictured himself sucking on that magnificent chunk of teen beef, patiently awaiting the creamy surprise to gush into his bloated mouth.
Carter, more determined than ever, sharply spoke, "Okay Snow White, I know you are gorgeous and all, but tell me, tell me what your shit looks like!"
Sage, still ogling over Carter's precum leaking tool softly replied, "Um, it looks like little Hershey Kisses if you must know, and before you ask if it stinks, well I um, I'd have to say it don't. Any more questions?"
Somewhere in Carter's sick and twisted mind he had already predetermined that the gorgeous boy seated to his immediate right simply couldn't produce any foul aroma no matter what area of Sage's body his nose sniffed. In fact, he had thought the same thing the first time he saw Thad, and even after having fucked Thad several times, not once did he retrieve a shitty stained cock. Now, his sights were set on a boy who was even more way gorgeous than Thad, and not by a little bit mind you. Just like most who saw Sage, Carter tagged Sage as being totally flawless from the top of his snow white hair all the way down to his precious little curling toes.
After they ate, Thad and Sage went back to their bedroom. Thad could only smile knowing and seeing that Sage had been erect throughout their meal, and now all the way back to their bedroom, and as they lay on top of the bedding, Sage's boy cock was visibly pulsating with the boy's every heartbeat. Of course, Thad's five inch boner was just as hard, but he knew he couldn't touch Sage, although he so desperately wanted to suck that throbbing boner of Sage's until his mouth filled with the boy's sweet, protein filled, honey.
Thad was on his back as he spoke, "Well, I got to freshen up a bit for my next episode. Sage, do me a favor and do just like you did earlier. When the guys come in, just sit in the chair and don't say nothing, okay?"
Sage responded as Thad got up and went into the bathroom. Once again, Sage couldn't resist the urge to walk in the bathroom to see what Thad was fixing to do. What he saw was Thad busy cleaning out the interior of his butt once more, and as Sage stood their, wide eyed and mouth ajar, Thad smiled as he spoke, "Dude, your in for a real treat here shortly. I've got these two guys who are gonna fuck the snot out of me, and I am so looking forward to it. If all goes well, after they're done with me, I'll probably be done for the day, cause holy fuck, those guys really know how to fuck!"
After drying off, and Thad brushed his teeth, both exited the bathroom. Thad had Sage sit in the chair while he placed two fluffy towels on the nightstand along with a large bottle of lubrication. Sage could almost feel the excitement rushing through Thad's body as he watched Thad double check each item to make sure there wasn't about to be any time devoured by having to go get something. While Thad conducted his mental inventory, he spoke, "Hell, I'm already boned the fuck up just thinking about what's fixing to happen. Just so you know, it'll probably get a little loud in here, but believe me, I'll be having the time of my life. These guys are the bossy type, uh, you know, like to call me names and shit, but fuck, I get off on the way they talk shit to'll see, oh fucking hell you'll see!"
Moments later, the bedroom door flung open and in walked two black men. One of the black men was lighter than the other, but in Sage's starry eyes, both looked like they were somewhere in their fifties, and both were rather big, but neither one could be considered overweight. The lighter of the two looked like he was about 6'4" tall and weighed pretty close to 220 pounds while the darker one was a hair taller, standing closer to 6'5" and weighing in at a muscular 260 pounds.
Once the two men walked in and closed the door, Thad was already centered on the bed, resting on his knees, and was smiling from ear to ear. The darker man looked at Thad, then over at Sage, then back to Thad then blurted, "We is gonna fuck dat ass thug style!" The lighter skinned man was stroking his already boned up man sausage through his baggy pants while flipping his eyes back and forth between Sage and Thad, but after the dark skinned man finished speaking, he shot in, "Yeah bitch, we be gonna make you scream like a mother fucker! You is gonna have some fucking nightmares after these two big ass black hoses destroys that boy pussy of yours! Aint dat right bro? We is gonna bust dat ass!"
Sage could feel his body tremble as he watched both men stroke what looked like two very scary whopping cocks through their pants. Both mens cock were angling down their right legs, and a person could easily mistake the visible bulge as a concealed flashlight. They both were long, and from where Sage was sitting, both looked to be awfully thick. The dark skinned man stepped in front of Sage, looked down as he spoke, "You sure is lucky boy, cause I'd give anything to get a whack at your ass! Nigga, look at this pretty lil bitch! Aint he the prettiest thing you ever seen?"
The lighter skinned man stepped up to Sage as he replied, "Yeah dawg! I'd love to see my big black cock balls deep inside his lilly white ass! Damn, this sure enough be one hell of a pretty mother fucking white boy! Fuck, I could bust a nut just by looking at him!" The dark skinned man interjected, "That's right my nigga, but this one here can't be touched...just yet, but we got us some business to tend to with this hot little bitch here, aint dat right bitch boy?"
Thad was still smiling as he quickly responded, "Yes sir!"
Sage could only watch as the two men began undressing. His own hairless preteen boy cock was scared limp as his eyes widened once the lighter of the two yanked down his underwear. Sage gawked at the sight of the man's erect cock, now out on full display. The color of the man's cock was the same mocha coloration as the rest of his body, but it wasn't the color Sage was paying attention to, more so, the size. The jutting cock had to be at least 9 1/2" to 10" long, and was about as thick as a full sized banana. Somewhere in the middle, the man's cock had a slight downwards arch. The darker colored flared cock head was a little bit thicker than the mocha colored shaft. The man's balls looked kind of out of place being that both were egg shaped, and each were about the same size as a pecan.
Then, the darker of the two revealed his own jutting weapon. Sage fidgeted in his seat as his eyes absorbed the erect spectacle. The man's skin color was jet black, and if at all possible, his cock was even darker. Sage guessed the man's black pole stretched itself to an impressive 8 to 8 1/2", and although it was somewhat shorter than the light skinned man's cock, this man's cock was thick, scary thick at that! Just by looking at it, Sage easily noted that this man's cock was a lot fatter than the light skinned man's, and his had a flap of foreskin barely concealing what looked like one hell of a thick cock head. This guy's ball were huge, and just by looking at them, Sage easily labeled them as true low hangers. Those monster balls hung down heavily from between the man's muscular thighs a good six inches, if not a bit more.
Once the two men were naked, they both got onto the bed, laying side by side with their back resting against the headboard, and the dark skinned man barked, "Don't just sit there boy, get yo fucking mouth to work on these here black cocks!"
Thad obeyed and quickly began taking turns sucking on one cock, then spent equal amount of time orally worshiping the other. All Sage could do was remain seated and watch. From his angle, Sage had a direct shot at Thad's hairless asshole as Thad was in between the two men, taking turns sucking on their big black cocks. The lighters skinned man moaned, "Fuck yeah baby boy, suck dat cock, suck that big black mother fucker bitch!" When Thad started sucking on the darker one, the man hollered, "Eat dat cock white boy, eat it you fucking nigga loving cracker!"
Sage had no idea how Thad even got his mouth over the darker of the two's cock, but somehow Thad managed, and from the sounds they were making, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, or so it appeared to Sage. Sometime later on, Thad was sucking the light skinned man's cock when the man cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck white boy, get my shit, get it you cum eating cracker! Fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk, I'm uh, I'm uh, fuck! Take it mother fucker! Yeah, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Then the blacker of the two spoke up, "Suck dat nigga's cum out boy! Fuck yeah, show daddy how much you be loving dat nigga's shit!"
Although Sage couldn't really see, he knew that Thad was now in the process of taking the man's shooting cum into his mouth. While Thad was working overtime milking the light skinned man's cock, the darker one was furiously jerking his huge meat while Thad's right hand was blindly caressing the man's hairy bull balls.
Just as Thad seemingly swallowed down the last drop of the light skinned man's cum, the darker one grabbed a handful of Thad's hair, yanking his mouth onto his cock while screaming, "Here be some more shit for you boy! Get you some, get some of this milk baby boy!"
Once again, Sage didn't have a clear view, but he knew that Thad's mouth was the target for the man's erupting cum. The verbal onslaught intensified as the man pumped what must have been gallons down Thad's steadily gulping throat. In the process of Thad taking the man's cum, Sage listened to the two black men as they called out to one another. Now, Sage knew that the light skinned man's name, or nickname, is T, and the darker man is called Jerome.
A short time after Thad had milked Jerome dry, T rolled onto his stomach as he yelled, "Eat dat ass nigga! I gots to feel me some of dat tongue up my shitter! C'mon white boy, get some of this ass!"
Sage watched as Thad pried opened the man's bubbly butt cheeks, then surprisingly enough, Sage eyed Thad as Thad slammed his face in between T's butt cheeks, and soon enough, the slurping sounds began filling the room as Thad was now in the process of eating the man's butt. T wiggled his ass while spewing, "Fuck yeah white boy, eat you some of this black ass! Yeah baby, gimme dat tongue, and get it in there deep boy!"
While Thad's face was obviously wedged into T's ass crack, Jerome had a handful of Thad's hair with his left hand, and it looked like he was pressing Thad's face deeper into T's butt cheeks. Jerome's husky voice sounded, "Eat dat nigga's ass boy! I wants to hear you tongue dat mother fuckers shit hole, hear me white boy?"
Thad grunted his reply, and then as Thad's body was in a doggy style position, Sage's jaw almost dropped as he watched Jerome reach under Thad and seemingly grip, then squeeze while pulling down on Thad's hairless balls. The sickening grunt bouncing around inside Sage's ears was a sound of pure gut twisting pain. Just seeing that gave Sage's own cock and balls a tingle of light pain.
Jerome shouted, "These here balls sure as shit feels baby soft, and boy, you had best not cum until we gets us some of your ass, and we aint about to get just some, oh hell fucking no we aint. We is gonna gets us all dat ass, and then some! Believe that mother fucker! You is in for a thug-fest fucking today boy, and you'll be damn lucky if in you'll be able to shit right for a month after we gets done wearing yo ass out mother fucker!"
Later on, Jerome and T decided to switch positions. Now, Jerome was on his stomach and Thad was already busy tonguing the man's thick butt. T was on his knees, in behind Thad, and was applying some of the lubricant on his long mocha colored pole. While glaring at Thad's widely displayed asshole, T smiled as he spoke, "You gonna get you some of this nigga meat today mother fucker! Damn, I sure as fuck like me some white boy pussy, and you got one pretty fucking fine pussy at that! I'm gonna make your white ass squeal like a mother fucking pig, and there aint a mother fucking thing you is gonna do about it, except man up and take it!"
Sage had kind of a side angel view, so he was able to watch Thad's face as T shoved every square inch of his long pole straight up Thad's ass without any warning whatsoever. Thad was screaming at the top of his lungs, and in Sage's mind, Thad looked like he was now experiencing pure gut wrenching pain. Sage even saw tears free falling from Thad's eyes, but it was T who used his large right hand to slam Thad's face back into Jerome' ass crack while yelling, "I told you white boy, I fucking told you I was gonna get dat ass! Eat dat nigga's nasty ass mother fucker and shut your fucking whining up, and take this big black cock like the sissy bitch white boy you is mother fucker!"
Jerome added, "Give it to him T, fuck this cracker's ass like the thug nigga you is!"
Sage saw Thad's fingers reach out and grab handfuls of the bedding, and he also could hear Thad obviously crying as T fucked his ass with pure agonizing vengeance. To add to the rigorous ass plowing equation, T started slapping the shit out of Thad's butt cheeks. With each harsh blow, Sage himself could almost feel the sharp stings. T was using long powerful strokes, retrieving his pole out of Thad's ass all the way up to the point that Sage could clearly see the bulbous cock head, then aggressively slam it all the way home. Over and over again, T rammed his lengthy pole in and out of Thad's ass, and every few seconds, landed a heavy handed slap to Thad's widely spread butt cheeks.
From the scene taking place before his very eyes to the sounds echoing inside his ears, it sure didn't look, nor sound, like Thad was enjoying any of this. Now, Thad's once milky white butt cheeks were now a deep bruising reddish color, thanks in all to T's harsh spanking slaps. Although Sage was torn with mixed emotions seeing all of this, his boy cock however was throbbing wildly and he could feel his own precum oozing down his shaft, dribbling onto his small and hairless balls.
For a long, long time, T fucked Thad's ass with sheer vengeance, and Thad was forced to eat Jerome's ass the entire time. T finally pulled his erect manhood out of Thad's well fucked ass, but even Sage was in awe as he realized that the man still hadn't busted a nut yet. T eased his back on the headboard, body shining with sweat, then hoarsely blurted, "I gots to take a lil break from this white bitch's ass! Yo Jerome, go on and show this white boy how a real nigga handles business!"
Jerome flipped over onto his back, and while he was doing that, Sage got a good look at Thad's face. Thad looked to be totally exhausted and appeared to be in a kind of zombie like state. Jerome manhandled Thad so that Thad's head was now hanging off the foot of the bed, staring straight into Sage's mystified eyes while Jerome pushed Thad's legs high into the air while shoving Thad's knees closer to his ears. All Sage could see was Jerome's super thick cock as the man didn't even apply any lubrication whatsoever, lining it up to Thad's asshole. Then, in a split second, Thad's mouth opened and pure pain flew from his vocal chords as Jerome did exactly what T did, and that was shove the entire thick beast straight up Thad's ass in one motion.
Although Sage could see and hear Thad's pain, Sage almost felt his own cock unleash his pent up cum. And, now sweltering inside his head, Sage was fantasizing that it was he who was in Thad's position, and not Thad himself. Now, it was Sage who was dreaming about feeling Jerome's massively thick cock taking his anal cherry.
Just like T, Jerome's ears were deaf to Thad's pleads of mercy. The man pounded the living fuck out of Thad's ass while saying things like, "Take dat black dick white boy! Whose yo daddy now bitch? Yeah baby boy, feel this cracker packer now mother fucker!"
Sage was so transfixed in watching Jerome slam his meaty cock in and out of Thad's ass that he didn't even see T kneel down beside him on his right side. Using a slight whisper, T spoke to Sage, "You sure is fuck is one pretty mother fucker! Boy, you sure is lucky you are off limits right now, cause I'd be getting me some of yo fucking ass right the fuck now! Damn nigga, a white haired, blue eyed, hairless white boy at dat, ah hell mother fucking yeah, I'd be all over you, and believe this, you'd be begging me to give you some more of this dick. That's right you pretty little bitch, you'd be begging me to give you this black dick! I aint much on sucking no white boys dick, but I sure as fuck would suck that pretty lil thing you got there, and, I'd have to get me some of your shit too, cause just by looking at your pretty ass, I just know yo shit has gots to be fucking sweet!"
Sage nervously replied, "Thank you sir!"
T smiled, the whispered, "In time boy, thats gonna be yo ass we be fucking...believe that bitch! You just sit your pretty lil ass right there and watch the show, cause we aint about done wearing that white boy's ass out yet!"
T stood up and walked over to where Thad's face was dangling down the foot of the bed, then began force feeding his long pole in and out of Thad's bloated mouth. A long time later, Sage watched as Thad was bouncing up and down on T's cock while Jerome took a well needed break to catch his breath and watched. Later, much later, Thad was bouncing up and down on Jerome's thick cock while T sat and caught his breath. The entire time all of this was taking place, the two men kept on with their verbal onslaughts towards Thad, and in Sage's mind, Thad seemed to be enjoying every ass pounding second of it.
The next position was Thad kneeling in between both men, taking turns slobbering over one cock, then switching to the other. T was on Sage's left side while Jerome was on the right side, and both men were steadily slinging verbal slurs towards Thad. Each of Thad's small hands were caressing the mens balls while his mouth worked skillfully on their massive poles.
After another lengthy spell of that, T slid down the bed, positioning his mocha colored body so that Sage had a perfect view of the man's right side. Once T was in the position he wanted, he blurted, "Get on this dick boy! Get yo white ass back on this black cock bitch! Time to make yo ass squeal like the little fucking pig you is!"
Sage watched as Thad straddled the man's body, his face facing T's, then jammed T's lengthy cock all the way up his rectum and began gyrating his ass while bouncing his entire body up and down. T started off having his hands folded behind his own head, and was sporting quite the devilish grin. Looking over at Jerome, who by now was standing on his knees and that charcoal colored thick beast of his looked angrier than ever, then commandingly said, "Nigga, let's fill this here boy's ass up with some real thug ass nigga meat!"
Thad was bouncing up and down, but when he heard what T had just said, Thad's shaking desperate sounding voice rattled Sage's ears, "No sir, no please sir! I can't take both sir...please siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr!"
T reached both hands around the upper part of Thad's body, then forcefully lowered Thad's upper body into his own, making sure that Thad's face was now aiming itself directly at Sage. T's powerful voice rose sharply, "Shut the fuck up bitch! You is gonna know for sure yo ass has been fucked, and fucked just right after today. C'mon Jerome, get that nigga meat up in here!"
Jerome was smiling as he fired back, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh hell fucking yeah, you is gonna be doing some squealing...sure enough white boy! Fuck yeah, I'm gonna destroy dat ass mother fucker!"
Sage saw the overpowering fear dash across Thad's pale face as Jerome inched his massive body in behind Thad, aiming that thick sausage right at Thad's already overly stuffed asshole. Thad was already whimpering prior to Jerome's cock ever touching his butt hole, but now Sage tried to angle his own body so that he could watch Jerome and see the expression on Thad's face at the same time.
Jerome yelled, "Take dat bitch!" Sage saw Jerome's large body thrust forwards and then he saw Thad's mouth form a perfect circle as Jerome's cock joined T's, al the way up Thad's ass. For Sage, the act itself seemed almost impossible, but it happened, and it was happening right at this very moment. Jerome didn't wait for anything as he began banging the hell out of Thad's ass, and while Jerome's thick cock shot in and out of Thad's ass, T's cock was thrusting in and out as well.
Sage saw the tears flowing from Thad's half closed reddened eyes, and the boy's body appeared almost lifeless as the two big cocks pummeled his ass like two destructive wrecking balls swinging wildly. Sage felt his own cock twitching and jerking all by itself, and once again, his mind began role playing, pretending it was he who in the middle of the two men, and it was his ass clasping onto their thrusting manhoods.
It seemed like an eternity, and finally Sage heard T cry out, "Yeah baby boy, milk dat cock bitch! I is gonna breed you now mother fucker! Fuck! Yeah, yeah, here it is boy, oh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
From the look on T's face, Sage knew the man was spurting his seed up Sage's butt, and while T was in the middle of his orgasm, Jerome shouted, "Fuck! I is gonna fill yo white fucking ass up now boy!"
Sage watched all three, and though he couldn't make any sense of what all Thad was panting, just by looking, Sage figured Thad was kind of lost somewhere in another world. The boy looked dazed and completely out of it. When the two men fed the last of their sperm up Thad's butt, both got off the bed and began getting dressed, leaving Thad sprawled out on top of the bed, flat on his stomach, looking as though he had passed out.
Jerome looked over at Sage, smiled as he said, "See dat white boy, that'll be yo fucking ass stretched out from taking on two thug mother fucking nigga's. Believe dat!" T added, "Dat's right white boy, you saw the show, and you now know what we is about. We don't just fuck dat ass, oh hell fucking no, we terrorize dat mother fucker...thug style bitch!" Jerome followed, "You sure the fuck is one pretty mother fucker, and I can see the look in yo fucking eyes you want some of dis, now aint that fucking right bitch? Go on, answer me pretty boy! Let's hear you say how you wants you some of these here big black cocks up dat pretty lil ass of yours. Don't be scared white boy, c'mon, I know you wants it!"
Sage swallowed hard as his soft almost girlish voice sliced through the air, "Uh, um, no sir, uh, uh, not right now sir!" His voice said no, but somewhere swirling around inside his head, the answer yes was being forced right at the very tip of his vocal chords. Both men said some more slurs, and then walked out of the room, closing the door in behind them.
Thad lay motionless on the bed, so Sage, out of fear and concern, eased himself onto the bed, sitting rather close to where Thad's right side of his face was visible. Looking down, it almost looked like Thad was in a deep, deep sleep, but then Thad's eyes flickered open, and then Thad grinned as his shaky voice shot into Sage's ears, "Whew, that was fucking incredible! Those guys sure knows how to fuck...I'll give them that!"
Sage had to literally help Thad slowly walk to the bathroom, and no sooner had Thad's butt introduced itself to the toilet's lid, Sage heard the volcanic explosion depart from Thad's ass. Sage stood by and once the explosion seemed to be subsiding, he knelt down so that he could look at Thad's face as he began talking, "Dude, I can't believe you were able to take both of their peckers up your the same time!"
Thad farted out another glob of cum as he smiled while replying, "Oh, they always do that, and holy fuck does it make me cum. Shit, I lost count after I busted four nuts. Sage, I know your new to all this, but trust me, once you open up and let yourself be free, you'll have a hell of a lot more fun. Just take a look at your willy bro, that thing's been rock fucking hard since before those two guys started fucking me. Hell, I could probably touch it and the damn thing will fucking explode! When you feel you're ready, then and only then will you meet the Master. Here's a warning for you, the man is packing, and I mean mother fucking packing! Once he pops that cherry of yours, then you'll be free to do whatever, but until then, aint nobody allowed to do anything with you. That's the rule!"
Sage couldn't help not to ask, "Well, how big is his cock?" Thad made himself giggle upon hearing Sage's question, but once his giggling ended, he looked into Sage's entrancing blue eyes, then whispered, "It's fucking enormous! The first time I saw the damn thing, I said to myself, you got to be fucking kidding! It looks like it belongs on a fucking horse, and not on a man, but don't fret yourself none, cause once you get used to it, then you'll be just like everyone else here, and that's addicted to it! You'll be begging for him to fill your ass up on a regular basis, and that my young virgin friend, you can take straight to the fucking bank!"
When Thad began taking his shower, Sage looked on, but asked, "Aint you gonna clean out your butt?" Thad smiled as he responded, "Oh hell fucking no, not now! I'm done for the day...aint nothing going up my ass after that fucking I just had, nu uh, no fucking way in hell!"
Sage stayed in the bedroom with Thad until later on when Thad finally regained enough strength to show Sage around some more. Everywhere they went, something sexual was taking place. Naturally, Sage's preteen slice of prime mouthwatering meat was rock solid hard, and this too certainly didn't go unnoticed by Thad's, or anyone else's, eyes either. They ate their last meal of the day and returned back to their bedroom.
As they were walking in, Billy approached them and asked to speak to Thad, so Sage went on in and began taking a shower after having just brushed his teeth. Outside in the hallway, Billy peered down at Thad and said, "You know the deal, so once he's fast asleep, you run your pretty little ass to my room and come get me!"
Thad looked up at the towering older teen and replied, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it Billy. Dude, what's with you and the butt thing? You're always wanting to smell some boys butt. One of these days, you're gonna be smelling away and he's gonna bust a fart into your face. What then, huh? You gonna keep on sniffing? But, just to get you off of my ass, I'll come get you once he's nodded off, and I don't even know if he's a deep sleeper or not, so you had best be careful."
The two boys lay side by side and their conversation was primed intentionally by Thad as a one sided sexually charged tone. Thad had to fight against his own-self to stay awake until Sage drifted off into a deep sleep. Finally, after whispering Sage's name a few times, Thad eased himself out of bed, and jogged all the way to Billy's room, who was sitting in his chair, wearing just a robe, waiting anxiously for Thad.
As Billy awaited for Thad to come to his room, his mind took him back to when he himself was a young preteen boy. Ever since Billy could remember, he was hooked on cocks. Not only did he enjoy seeing them, Billy never had a problem sucking on them, nor hiking up his willing ass for a proper anal invasion. He remembered when he was the "cock of the walk" here at Cane Bay Manor, and the countless times his sexual hunger was filled with boys his age, older boys, and the grown men who frequented the Manor on a regular basis. As he grew older, he began taking more and more of an interest to the younger ones, and not only an interest, but somewhere in his diluted mind, Billy formed an odd perversion when it comes to some young boys butt. And, after having seen Sage's sculptured hot little butt, well his mind went spinning with all kinds of unthinkable thoughts. In Billy's mind, he had convinced himself that there was no way that Sage's butt could produce any aroma that closely resembled a foul odor.
Thad knocked on Billy's door, and after a brief whispering discussion, both Billy and Thad scampered back to Thad's bedroom. Upon entering Thad's and Sage's bedroom, Billy eased the door shut behind him, then cautiously inched his way up to Sage's side of the bed. Sage was laying on his right side, facing away from where Billy was standing. Sage's left knee was arched in such a way that it was closer to Sage's face while his right leg was almost fully stretched out.
Billy slowly peeled back the covers until his eyes came face to face with Sage's naked peacefully sleeping body. With his perverted mind dead set on Sage's butt, Billy hovered over the sleeping angel eyeing the spectacular mound of creamy smooth flesh on full display for his devious delight. Thad looked on as he watched Billy lower his face closer and closer towards Sage's butt crack, then listened as Billy began taking in deep and deeper breaths.
Billy ran his inhaling nose up and down the short length of Sage's butt crack, continuously breathing in the scent that was now igniting every square inch of his shaking body. The aroma greeting his nostrils was far more than he himself ever expected. Just like his mind had thought, there wasn't anything foul to this special area of this gorgeous sleeping angel. The scent was soft, and he detected a mild fragrance of what he thought was baby powder and the scented soap that everyone here uses.
Thad climbed back up onto the bed and sat down cross legged right next to Sage's midsection and continued watching Billy as he sniffed Sage's butt. Billy so wanted to pry open the boy's butt cheeks and peer directly into the boy's most hidden of all treasures, but he thought better of it, however, Thad was far more bolder as he reached over with his left hand, placing it on Sage's right butt cheek, then slowly pried the tight fortress open just enough so that Billy could quench his butt sniffing thirst.
Billy eased his nose into the opened crack, reveling in the heat softly spewing from the boy's butt hole, not to mention, that mind boggling fragrance shooting blindly into his lungs with his every breath. Billy was holding onto his penlight flashlight, and once his mind mentioned the flashlight, Billy cupped the lighted end and aimed it directly at Sage's asshole. Once Billy's eyes saw Sage's bung hole, his whispering voice struck Thad's receptive ears, "Holy shit! Look at that! Look! Mother fuck me and the horse she rode in on! It uh, uh, it kind of looks like a tiny pinhole. Whew, aint a hint of brown either! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee!"
Seeing, and hearing, Billy's excitement, Thad got on his knees and joined Billy's eyes at witnessing Sage's butt hole. Even Thad was a bit surprised at seeing such a tiny dot for a pooper, and it was just like Billy had said. There wasn't a speck of brownish tint whatsoever. So, Thad decided to take a whiff and see for himself what Sage's butt smelled like. Thad breathed in several times, and even he began questioning the scent his nose was sampling. So, Thad sniffed several more times until Billy's face shoved Thad's face away.
For nearly thirty long minutes, Billy filled his lungs with Sage's anal fragrance. During this time frame, per Billy, Thad was on his knees, back resting up against the edge of the bed, and his skilled mouth was working frantically on Billy's cock. While Billy smelled Sage's ass, Thad was busy sucking on Billy's cock. Just as expected, Thad sucked Billy's cock until the insides of his mouth began being pummeled with Billy's shooting cum. By the quantity of cum now shooting in Thad's mouth, Thad could easily tell that Billy was all worked up. After all, Thad certainly isn't no stranger to sucking Billy's cock, nor taking Billy's pole up his ass.
After Billy shot his load into Thad's mouth, he backed away from both Sage's soft scented butt and Thad's cock sucking mouth. Billy soon left the room and Thad climbed back up onto the bed where sleep quickly conquered his body. Being an early morning riser, Sage woke up and slowly crawled out of the bed. He was sitting on the toilet, and as he did so, he felt an overpowering urge to jerk-off. His balls felt like they were bloated from all the pent up cum, and he so wanted to relieve himself, but just as he was about to latch onto his erect pole, he thought better of it, and decided he had best not. As he sat on the toilet, his eyes focussed on the dangling metallic object Thad referred to as being called a "shower shot" or "sure shot."
With his eyes focussed on the shiny object, Sage's mind recalled all that Thad had told him, more so, regarding how some people may actually think he is incapable of taking a dump, and the smell of his butt. To go along with those thoughts, Sage visualized himself being ravished by the two black guys, feeling their big cocks fill both his mouth and his ass. The longer he sat on the toilet, the more hornier he became, not to mention, the more curious as to the shiny object washing the interior of his ass.
Once Sage finished his toilet obligations, he brushed his teeth, and just before stepping into the tub to take a shower, he eased the door open to check on Thad. Hearing Thad's soft snores, Sage closed the door then began taking his shower. While soaping up his body, his eyes, and his mind, prayed on the shiny object dangling down. The very same object he had seen disappear up Thad's ass and wash Thad's anal canal sparkling clean. While he focussed on that, Sage began lathering up his butt, and in the process of doing that, he winced as he slowly eased his right soapy middle finger up his virgin butt, all the way to the second knuckle.
For Sage, fingering his own butt was something new, and definitely kind of strange. His hole burned a little, but as he slowly began to slide his finger in and out, the burning sensation subsided, and a new kind of sensation quickly flooded his entire body. Sage could feel his entire body shake uncontrollably, not to mention, his cock throbbed like never before. In his young mind, it wasn't his finger up his ass, but a real cock feeding him never before experienced pleasure.
Although his finger felt good, Sage had enough sense to visually note that the shiny metallic looking object was a good four to five times thicker than his skinny finger. However, the longer he fingered his ass, the more curious he became until his own curiosity flickered out of control. Sage lathered up his hands and began soaping up the object, making damn certain the thing was clean. After rinsing it off, he smeared some hair conditioner onto it, shut the water off after adjusting the power of the spray, then fully squatted, making sure his legs were wide apart. Once in position, Sage held onto the object with his shaking right hand, and guided the missile shaped tip up to his butt hole.
Several futile attempts later, and now more frustrated than ever, Sage managed to get a fraction of an inch of the tip into his virgin hole. He bit his lip and tried his best not to scream out as wave after fiery wave of searing pain shot throughout every square inch of his body. Thad had made this look so damn easy, and Sage was bound and determined to mimic Thad's routine. However, shoving a good inch deeper into his rectum, Sage thought he was going to pass out from the gut wrenching pain that was now tormenting his ass like nothing he had ever experienced before.
With the pain seemingly to only magnifying itself, Sage flipped the switch and his mind burst into fireworks as he felt the warm water jet-stream up his pain riddled rectum. The rush of warm water felt wickedly good, and although he didn't have the object inserted up his butt fully, Sage did manage to see the effect it was having on his butt's interior as the contents of his bowels came gushing out onto the tub's flooring.
Sage steadied himself until the stuff coming out of his ass was nothing more than pure water. His belly felt completely empty, but he didn't feel at all hungry. The burning pain was still very much present, and knowing his butt was now super clean on the inside, Sage had no problem yanking the object out of his butt. He cleaned the object off real good, then finished up his shower. Now, more than ever, Sage needed to release his almost month long of overdue cum. With his right hand all lathered up, Sage latched onto his jutting erection and began slowly jerking back and forth. He could feel he was on the very edge of busting a nut any second now when in walked Thad. After a sleepy exchange of good mornings, Thad sat down on the toilet and Sage heard the natural obvious as to what Thad was now in the process of doing.
Sage reluctantly finished his shower without having the needed few extra seconds to perform self stimulating pleasure. While Sage toweled off, Thad's eyes remained glued at Sage's flawless naked body. Just like the day before, the two walked side by side to breakfast, and spent the day meeting everyone. Sage watched Thad suck on five cocks, and saw Thad's cock being sucked three times. Also, just as it seemed to be a daily occurrence, Sage's wandering eyes saw male on male sex everywhere he turned.
For the next week and a half, Sage was nothing more than an onlooker of sex, but he himself was still tagged as "untouchable." After an early morning breakfast while back in their room, Sage couldn't stand it any longer, so he sat down next to Thad on their bed, then began talking, "I can't take this shit any more dude. I'm about to bust! I haven't been able to jerk off in over a month now, and I'm about to fucking explode. So tell me, how do I go about meeting the Master, um, you know, to start having some fun like you?"
Thad smiled as he replied, "So, it sounds to me like you are ready and willing to start sucking cock and taking it up the ass, is that right?"
Sage's soft voice sounded eager, "Fucking A if that's what it takes, you know, to start having fun."
Thad fired back, "Alright, we can make that happen, but first, I got to get you ready."
Thad had Sage get on all fours on the bed, then Thad disappeared into the bathroom for a couple of minutes, then returned holding something. As Thad was sliding up onto the bed, he explained, "Since you are a virgin and all, this here is a Fleet enema. Your tight ass aint nowhere ready for the "shower shot," so this will be a hell of a lot easier for you to handle. Now, no matter what, I want you to keep this stuff inside of you for as long as humanly possible."
Sage's body shook as he felt the thin nozzle crawl up his rectum, then felt the contents being squeezed into him. Thad had been patiently waiting for this very moment, and just watching the nozzle of the enema dive into this gorgeous boy's ass was well worth the wait. After having drained the enema bottle, Thad simply couldn't resist the magnetic temptation to take a good whiff at Sage's hiked up butt hole. One deep whiff followed by several more, and Thad was awe struck at the fragrance steaming from Sage's ass.
After getting his fill of smelling Sage's butt, Thad crawled up in front of Sage, placing his back against the headboard. Sage stared at Thad's impressive five hard inches while Thad began talking, "Okay, first things first. When you meet the Master, just be yourself! He's a good man! I aint about to tell you no lie Sage, but his cock is fucking huge! There's some men out there that's got bigger ones, but I aint never seen any. I'd like to tell you that you aint gonna feel any pain, but that'd be a downright mother fucking lie! It's gonna hurt, and hurt like a son-of-a-bitch, but, believe me, the pain will go the fuck away, and ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaawwwddddd, that's when you'll feel uh, feel um, feel pleasure like you've never felt before. Shit, there aint no fucking way for me to even begin to explain it, but you'll feel it, and that my friend, I guaranfuckingtee it!"
Sage fought like hell for a solid twenty minutes, but he had gotten to the point that if he didn't soon empty his bowels, he'd shit all over the bed, so with Thad's help, Sage scampered off to the bathroom and made it just in time before the contents of his butt came bursting out. A few minutes into his anal cleansing, Thad sniffed the air, then teasingly said, "Mmmmmmmm, see there, your shit don't stink!"
Once his toilet duty was completed, Sage brushed his teeth, then proceeded to take another thorough body cleansing shower. His cock remained rock solid hard the entire time, and Sage so badly needed to empty his aching hairless balls. While Sage showered, Thad went and told Billy the good news. Now, both Billy and Thad were in the bedroom upon Sage's exit from the bathroom.
As soon as Billy's eyes landed on Sage, and Sage's mouthwatering erection, Billy said exactly what his mind was thinking, "Fuck meeeeeeeee! Damn boy, you look so mother fucking edible! I know the Master is gonna love you, oh hell fucking yes he is!"
They began their journey down the long hall with Billy leading the way, then Sage, followed by Thad who in turn was glaring passionately at Sage's awesomely chiseled tight ass. The news of Sage's willingness shot through the Manor like a speeding bullet. All eyes stared him down as they all knew precisely where this gorgeous young flawless angel was now heading. This was the very same trip that everyone of them had already made, so they all knew exactly what was in store. And, they all knew that once Sage departed the Master's chamber, whenever that will be, the boy's "untouchable" status would be revoked, and that's what they all so desperately wanted.
They entered a part of the mansion that Sage had not seen before, and as they walked up to a large antique looking double door, they abruptly stopped. Billy turned to face Sage while he spoke, "Sage, this is the entranceway into the Master's chambers. Only those who are willing are permitted entry. So, I got to ask you, are you willing to enter his chambers on your own accord?"
Sage was shaking like a leaf, but he was now thinking with his erect cock and not his churning mind, "Yes sir, I'm willing sir!"
Billy then followed, "Okay then, once we leave the area, just knock on the door. After that, we'll see you when we see you."
Sage stood frozen as his eyes watched Billy and Thad walk clear out of his view. He was standing in a large foyer type area, and for the first time since coming here, he felt all alone. He knew that once he walked inside the Master's chambers, there was no turning back. He knew he was going to suck his first cock, and he also knew he was going to get fucked. Knowing all of this, his little knuckles lightly tapped on the door.
Several heart thumping seconds later, the door slowly eased open, and Sage came face to face with another boy, a boy who looked younger than himself. The boy spoke, "Hi, I'm Daniel, and you must be Sage...the Master is expecting you...c'mon in!"
After they shook hands, Sage entered what looked to be an extravagant and expensive greeting area. Sage also took a moment to eye Daniel's naked body. Although Daniel looked a bit younger than Sage, Sage guessed him to be a good couple of inches taller, and weighed about ten pounds more. Daniel's hair was jet black and wavy, and what intrigued Sage even more was Daniel's bright emerald green eyes. Moving past his eyes, Sage saw Daniel's hairless body, or at least, hairless until he saw several tiny curls of black hair bordering both sides of his inch and a half flaccid circumcised cock. Daniel's balls looked to be hairless and egg shaped, plus they hung down his slender tanned legs a solid three or four inches. Just by looking at Daniel's package, Sage ascertained that Daniel's cock was a lot bigger and thicker than his own tiny morsel of throbbing meat, which was still jutting from his muscular ripped body harder than ever.
Daniel showed Sage into a large living room area and had Sage take a seat on one of the silky soft cushioned sofas. Once seated, Daniel sat down on his knees between Sage's already spread legs, smiled as he looked greedily at Sage's cock then slowly eyed Sage's body up until their eyes finally met. Daniel was still smiling as he began talking, "It's okay to be nervous, but your in good hands now. The Master will be out shortly and I have been selected to assist you with whatever you need. They all said you were the prettiest little thing they had ever seen, and for once, they were right on the mark."
For the next few minutes, Sage and Daniel talked. Sage now knew Daniel is actually 14, and just turned it, and he has been at the Manor ever since he was 9 years old. In Sage's eyes, Daniel was without a doubt, flat fucking gorgeous, but comes in a close second in a race of beauty with Thad. However, to Sage, Daniel possessed something that Sage couldn't put a finger on. There was just something about his overall character, not to mention those dashing green eyes, that was taking a cock stirring tole on him.
Then, all of a sudden, Daniel leapt to his knees and sat down in a chair directly across from Sage. In walked who Sage gathered was the man who everyone refers to as the Master. At first glance, Sage thought the man looked like the man in an old commercial with the Marlboro cigarette, boring a well groomed thick mustache and beady eyes. Sage watched the robed man and quickly judged him to be somewhere in his mid to late fifties with thick wavy brown hair. He was tall, very tall as a matter of fact, and looked to be about 6'4" and weighed a solid 260 or so pounds. But, what truly captured Sage's attention was all the bubbling black chest hairs pouring out over the opening of the robe. Seeing the hairs made Sage's cock twitch and jerk with a vengeful rage. Then, if what he was now seeing didn't get any better, but Sage now eyed the man's thick and very hairy legs.
The man walked right up to where Sage was sitting, and with Sage's eyes wide open, he saw Daniel point upwards as a gesture for Sage to stand, so he quickly hopped to his feet. The man held out his huge right hand and Sage felt a tingle of electricity shoot through his body like a bolt of lightning. The man's voice sounded powerful, yet soothing, "Hi, you must be Sage. Believe me, it is a true honor to meet you. My name, well uh, everyone calls me Master. Please, please, sit down."
For almost an hour, the Master had Sage tell him all about his life's journey and what led him to be placed here at the Manor. Sage found it extremely easy to talk to the man, and the more he talked, his nervousness seemed to vanish completely. The Master was sitting right next to Sage, and Sage could feel the mass of thick hairs from the man's right leg squash themselves up against his own hairless left leg.
Sage's 4 1/4" cut cock was steadily oozing out globs upon globs of precum, and most of it was now sliding down his throbbing shaft. This mouthwatering activity certainly didn't go unnoticed by Daniel, nor the Master. The Master cleared his throat, then spoke, "Sage, you already have seen first hand what all goes on inside this Manor, so I take it, since you are here right now, this is something you feel comfortable endeavoring in, is that correct?"
Sage softly replied, "Yes sir, I um, I know what's going on sir."
The Master went on, and smiled as he spoke "Good, that's music to my ears! I do not tolerate any acts of rape, nor coercion here at all. If a person is not 100% willing, then nothing happens. That's a rule that must be followed at all times by everyone, including myself! With that being said and out of the way, I am certain your ears have heard some stories, stories about me, better yet, my manhood. As far as I know, none of us can control how big are manhoods will grow. Having been born with it, and raised it from a puppy, I personally don't think of it as uh, big so to speak, but there are others who may think otherwise. We all see things differently, and over the course of my many years, I have seen a few that puts mine to shame. But, as I now see yours, I must say that you Sage truly are blessed with one awe inspiring penis. It's perfect, utterly perfect! Now, may I ask you to stand and pleasure these old eyes with the body that I've heard so much fuss about."
Sage thought nothing of it as he stood and began slowly blading his body until his entire backside was now facing the Master. With his back turned, he heard the Master whistle, then say, "My, my, my, now that truly is an exquisite masterpiece if I've ever saw one, and believe me, I've seen plenty over the years. Woooooowwwwwww! Is there anything about you that is not heavenly flawless? Ha, there's no need to answer that because I can see it for myself. Lord have mercy, it's true, it's true, you truly are flawless in every way. How about Daniel, what do you say?"
Daniel piped in, "I wanted to devour him as soon as I laid eyes on him sir! Then, when I saw his butt, holy crap did I ever want to really eat him up sir!"
The Master's voice sounded once more, "Sage, if you don't mind, and only if you don't mind, would you pleasure my eyes by bending over so I can see for myself, first hand, the priceless treasure that's been described to me over and over again?"
Once again, with no shame or nervousness at all, Sage bent over and pried both butt cheeks wide apart, aiming his exposed butt hole directly towards the Master, and Daniel who had quickly taken up a spot right next to the Master on his left side. Daniel's voice was first, "Holy moly, that don't look like no butt hole I've ever seen before. Gee whiz sir, aint nobody can call that a little brown eye!"
The Master chimed in, "Sweet mother of angels, you are absolutely correct Daniel! This has got to be the tiniest butt hole I've ever laid eyes on. I've seen newborns with butt holes larger than this! Priceless! Pure priceless I tell you!"
Sage actually felt flattered at hearing their comments, so he held his position steady so that both could get their eyes full of his spread cheeks, and his asshole. The Master spoke, "This little miracle graced by the hands of angels from the heavens above will truly be a once in a lifetime blessing. To enter his most treasured passage will be equal to passing through the golden arches of heaven. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!"
Daniel's boyish voice immediately followed, "Sir, can I smell it sir, can I?"
The Master replied, "That's a question only young Sage here can answer. How about it Sage? Would you consider allowing Daniel to breathe in your anal scent?"
Sage honestly didn't have a problem with it, but no matter what, he still couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about why some people wanted to smell his butt. Without looking at either of them, Sage responded, "If he wants to sir. It's okay with me!"
Daniel slid off of the the sofa and quickly landed on his knees directly in behind Sage. Within a flash of a second, Sage felt the smooth sides of Daniel's face as they shot in between his spread butt cheeks, then felt the boy's nose dart directly onto his exposed asshole. Sage's body shivered as he felt Daniel's hot breath strike his crack with each and every exhale of breath. Then, Sage heard Daniel's soft moans as Daniel's nose pressed sharply onto his butt hole.
After about a minute or so, the Master's voice commandingly sounded, "Well Daniel, well! Tell me the scent gracing your lungs!"
Daniel, keeping his sniffing nose in place on Sage's asshole, softly replied, "It's, it's uh, sweet smelling sir!"
The Master allowed Daniel to smell Sage's ass for about another five minutes before having Daniel take a seat in a large leather recliner. Once Daniel walked to Sage's left side, and within Sage's peripheral view, Sage saw Daniel's five and a half inches of kind of thick cut teen meat flop around with Daniel's every step. Sage stood still until Daniel positioned himself into the chair, then the Master had Sage sit down right next to him.
Once Sage was seated, the Master smiled at Sage while their eyes met and his voice sounded, "Daniel has been the willing participant of three whole days of edge play. I'm pretty sure you have no idea what I mean by that, but edge play is when, and let's use Daniel here as an example, is when he isn't allow to cum, but his cock has been played with until he is right on the very edge of an orgasmic explosion, then all activities stop. This is done over and over again, and poor Daniel is now overly ripe to unleash his load, and you'll have to trust me on this, but it's a rather tasty load at that. Now, when Daniel is finally permitted to achieve his orgasm, his cock will explode more cum than ever before...a lot more than his usual offering. I am fully aware that you are a virgin in all areas, including performing oral sex on another male, but seeing that poor Daniel is in the shape that he's in at this very moment, and being in dire need of draining his precious balls, and since you are my guest, if you want to assist him, then please feel free to do so."
The moment of truth was now at his very fingertips, and Sage questioned his own ability to suck on another guy's cock. While his mind contemplated his situation, his eyes never left Daniel's precum dribbling erect meat. Although he had self concluded he was straight, somewhere roaming around inside his head was the ever present fantasy of male on male sex. The Master interjected, "Sage my dear sweet boy, anyone can suck a cock, but not everyone knows how to perform magical love to it. The easiest way to set yourself free is to imagine how you want your own precious cock to be sucked. Make love to it and it will reward you endlessly!"
The words the Master had just spoken seemed magical at best, and as if caught in the rays of a powerful magnet, Sage found himself sliding off of the sofa, and was now on his knees in between Daniel's smooth hairless legs, eyeing Daniel's erect teen pole. He could feel his face drawing closer and closer towards Daniel's cock, and before Sage realized what he was actually doing, his tongue lashed out and began shoveling up the drooling precum dripping out of Daniel's piss lips.
Both palms of Sage's hands were on the top of Daniel's thighs, fingertips passionately kneading the silky smooth flesh while his slithering tongue freely roamed all over Daniel's throbbing shaft. Daniel pantingly cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwddddddd yessssssssssss, use that tongue baby, use it!"
Sage heard his own voice purr as he tasted Daniel's precum. It tasted kind of salty, it was slimy, but the more he dined on, the more Sage began inwardly craving. Soon, Sage felt his lips glide over Daniel's bulbous cock head, then seal itself onto the boy's satiny smooth hard shaft. Instantly, Sage came to the sudden conclusion that sucking cock seemed so natural. It was like Daniel's cock was at home inside his mouth, although when Sage tried to force all of it into his mouth, he couldn't stop gagging a bit, but now fighting with his own-self, Sage was bound and determined to swallow all five and a half inches of Daniel's teen pride.
Out of the corner of Sage's right eye, he saw the Master now kneeling, looking at Sage's first time cock sucking venture. In a low whisper, the Master said, "Make love to it my boy...make love to that beautiful cock!" Sage closed his eyes and began doing just that, using his mouth and tongue to make love to Daniel's hard cock while Sage's fingers instinctively began caressing Daniel's hairless cum bloated jewels. Even feeling Daniel's balls felt so dang natural to Sage, and soon, it was Sage who was lost in blissful emotions as he graciously sucked on Daniel's pulsating flute.
Somewhere from miles away, Sage heard the Master say something, but Sage was so consumed at sucking Daniel's cock that he didn't clearly hear what had been said. But, he would soon find out. The Master eased on his back, placing his head in between Sage's spread legs, working his body upwards until his face was now directly under Sage's chiseled ass. The next thing Sage knew was that he was sucking cock, crying out, and basking in never before felt pleasures as he felt the Master's meaty tongue strike repeatedly on his shocked virgin asshole.
It felt like Sage's entire body was being electrocuted as the man's tongue licked up and down Sage's butt crack, then powerfully began drilling right on his hole. Daniel's soft voice rang, "You want my cum baby boy, huh? You wanna eat my spunk? Yeah, suck that cock pretty boy! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh hell yessssssssssss, I'm gonna give you the mother load sooooooooonnnnnnnn!"
Sage was grunting feverishly from sucking Daniel's cock and feeling the Master's thick tongue and fiery hot breath on his asshole. Words simply cannot explain all the emotions coursing through Sage's young mind at this very moment in time. The Master's long fingers draped themselves Sage's upper thighs, shoving his ass even harder onto the probing tongue. Sage was now beyond insane with never before experienced pleasures, and by the sounds evading his mouth, this too certainly didn't go unnoticed by either Daniel, nor the Master.
Even the Master, a man who had dined on hundreds of boys delicious butts, couldn't get over the simple fact of Sage's asshole being so damn tiny. Along with tonguing this awesomely gorgeous boy's ass was the ever present anal fragrance exploding delightfully into his lungs with every breath he took. The aroma itself was nothing less than sweet, and there wasn't any aroma even close relating to the actual area his nose and tongue were now dwelling upon. This boy's ass was divine!
Seconds later, Daniel slammed both hands onto the back of Sage's head, holding Sage's cock stuffed mouth in place as he humped his hips upwards, fucking Sage's mouth with pure energized raw passion. Sage felt Daniel's cock throb, then Daniel's cock head flared itself even thicker, and just as Daniel's first glob of teen cream rocketed out of his cock, Sage cried out as the Master's tongue shot itself deep inside Sage's rectum. Before Sage knew what all was taking place inside his ass, the first powerful jet-stream of teen cum hammered the roof of his mouth, and if not for Daniel holding his head, it would have probably forced Sage's mouth off of the cum shooting cock.
Jet after jet of thick boy cum exploded into Sage's mouth with powerful force, but Sage was so far gone, especially with now feeling his very first tongue explore the interior of his ass, he didn't even hesitate as he began chugging down Daniel's cum. It tasted kind of salty at first, but after two or three gulps, Sage became instantly fond of this new and refreshing taste. As spurt after spurt shot into his mouth, Sage grunted and groaned as he dined on Daniel's creamy offering. The tongue lashing out inside his ass burned, but it burned in such a way that it really didn't hurt. It did feel kind of weird, but the more tongue Sage felt inside his wiggling ass, the more he enjoyed. The Master sucked, slurped, nibbled, and kissed Sage's ass frantically, basking in the well noted fact that his tongue had never been up such an incredibly mystifying ass before. The flavor savagely attacking his taste buds was like no other he had ever tasted. This boy's ass was better than he had ever dined on prior, and the Master had certainly dined on hundreds of young boys asses.
Sage sucked the life right out of Daniel's deflated teen sausage, but still relentlessly refused to let Daniel's limp cock free from his vacuuming mouth. Daniel was whining up a storm, holding and pressing onto the back of Sage's bobbing head while hoisting his butt off of the recliner's leather cushion. In the meantime, Sage was purring wildly as the Master's tongue was reeking all hell and havoc somewhere inside his constricting anal corridor.
Fighting through the gut twisting sensation of Sage aggressively sucking his highly sensitive cock, Daniel and his spirit of youthfulness felt his lifeless cock slowly begin to pump life back into it. Soon, Daniel's cock was at full glory and Sage hungrily nurtured Daniel's cock, sliding his flesh sealing lips up and down all 5 1/2 inches while letting his tongue roam freely all over Daniel's rock hard erection.
Unconcerned about time, Sage sucked Daniel's cock until Sage was now grunting and moaning as he was dining on his second helping of Daniel's creamy teen delight. Sage had to fight through his own discomfort cause his jaw was royally aching, but he also wanted to taste more of Daniel's life giving nectar, so by persevering through his jaw's pain, Sage now was being rewarded with several sharp shooting strands of creamy throat soothing cum. This time around, the taste was much stronger, and it was bitter tasting, but Sage didn't care at all as he drank down the chunky offering while gyrating his ass onto the tongue exploring his anal highway. Not only was his butt being pleasured by the Master's tongue, but Sage could also feel the wiry whiskers of the Master's thick mustache slash out against his butt's flesh.
After having just been drained of his second load, Daniel simply couldn't take any more sucking action on his lifeless limp noodle, so he had to use both hands to pry Sage's milking mouth off and away from his super sensitive joy stick. Once Sage's mouth was far enough away from Daniel's meat, Daniel panted heavily, then in a shaky rattling voice blurted, "Gee whiz, to be his first time, he sure didn't spill a drop of my cum. Dang sir, this kid drank it all, and I mean every last drop sir!"
The Master reluctantly eased himself out from in between Sage's silky smooth legs and placed himself back onto the sofa, patting the right side as an indication for Sage to join him. Sage struggled to stand, but his legs felt more like rubbery stalks as he staggered over to the sofa and sat down. Daniel remained seated on the recliner, placing the back of his right leg on top of the armrest while repeating this step with his left leg. In doing so, from where Sage was sitting, his eyes could clearly see Daniel's hairless butt hole.
After a few questions and answers, things like how did you feel sucking your first cock, and how did you like the taste of Daniel's cum, then onto a lingering topic of how Sage felt having a tongue dine on his asshole, the Master placed his right arm around Sage's shoulders, and while peering deeply into Sage's mesmerizing eyes, the Master whispered, "You've heard the rumors, and if you want, but only if you want, you can open my robe and see my cock. It's ready for your eyes when you feel the time is right, and then and only then, you can be the judge of its size."
Sage looked down at the Master's crotch, noting how the robe carefully hid whatever rests underneath it. Also, helping the cause was the Master's left forearm laying on top of his crotch, but Sage was now more curious than ever, so he reached out with his left hand, fingers trembling like never before, then carefully eased the Master's arm away, and peeled back the robe's opening until his eyes became glued to what he was now seeing.
The Master's cock was on full display before Sage's very eyes, and Sage had to look hard to tell himself that this thing was actually attached to a human being. Thad made mention several times that the Master's cock was very large, but the proper word he should have used to describe it was "gargantuan!" A tinge of nightmarish fear set in as Sage mentally noted that the Master's cock was a hell of a lot thicker than his own forearms, and not to mention, probably his leg. And, and that was the thing that was gonna take his butt's virginity! Sage thought to himself that there was no fucking way something that insanely enormous would ever be able to enter his ass. There's just no way possible! Looking at the beast, and comparing it with his largest ever turd, Sage inwardly began shaking his head knowing that nothing as enormously large as the cock his eyes were now glued upon had ever exited his ass, and certainly ever entered it either.
What Sage's eyes were now seeing was 10 and 3/4 inches of circumcised madness. Not only was this mammoth beast long, but it was also very, very thick too. All Sage could do was sit there, mouth open, and eyes already starting to water. His little chiseled body began quivering knowing that eventually, this uh, this absurdly gargantuan beast had every intention of going up his virgin ass. Just by looking at the monster, Sage quickly realized that the Master's thick shaft looked way thicker than a 20 ounce soda can, and if the shaft itself wasn't thick enough, then seeing the flared bell shaped cock head was a devastating sight for any eye to behold. It was even thicker than the shaft and those large puffy piss lips was constantly pumping out huge globs of precum with the man's every breath.
Off in the distance, Sage heard Daniel say, "Big aint it? Don't worry baby boy, you'll come to love that beauty!"
The Master spoke, "Daniel, why don't you come over here and show Sage just how much you love to feel my cock up your ass!"
Within a blink of an eye, Daniel stepped up onto the sofa, straddled the Master, face facing both the Master and Sage, then Sage heard himself moan as he watched in sheer awe as Daniel stuffed the Master's nightmarish cock all the way up his ass, then proceeded to bounce up and down ever so wildly. It was watching this that Sage saw all the fur covering the front of the Master's body. Sage could tell that the Master trimmed his pubic area, but as for the rest of his body, it was heavily layered in thick black fur, and that alone was starting to drive Sage somewhere over the edge.
The Master kind of guided Sage's head closer to his, and before Sage knew what was happening, he felt their lips touch, then felt the Master's hot thick tongue softly enter his mouth, then began to slowly slither around. This was a kiss Sage was not accustomed to, but allowing himself to relax, he soon found his own slithering tongue frolicking around inside the Master's mouth. Sage was on his knees, lips tightly sealed to the Master's lips, and purring gently as their tongues embarked on a tender journey. Sage felt the Master's large right hand fall upon his butt cheeks where the man's fingers began caressing and kneading his butt cheeks with a burning passion.
From the back of his neck to his shoulders, Sage could feel Daniel's hot breath strike him. Daniel didn't have a concern in the world as he rode the Master's cock like he had so grown accustomed in doing. To Daniel, his ass was always hungry for the Master's cock, and he would never turn down the chance to feel it deeply rooting away inside his rectum. And now was no different than any other time his ass welcomed the man's super sized cock.
While the Master and Sage sucked on each others tongues, Sage could feel the Master's wiry chest hairs squash themselves up against his own hairless chest, and his own little erect trumpet was winding itself into the Master's stomach fur, sending sparkling electrodes firing off into every part of his shivering little body. Just by the touch of his fingers, Sage knew it was Daniel's fingers now lightly tugging and caressing his balls from behind, adding more fiery fuel to Sage's already flickering sexual flames.
If things couldn't get any better for Sage, it sure as heck did no sooner than he felt one of the Master's long thick fingers slide deeper down his butt's crack, then joyfully landed directly onto his saliva drenched butt hole. Feeling the finger dance on his asshole caused Sage to pant and grunt feverishly, and in doing so, provided the Master with the comforting knowledge of just how much Sage was enjoying all of this, especially the finger on his primed virgin asshole.
Sage could feel the familiar stirring of his long overdue orgasm's beginning, but this time it seemed to be starting somewhere from his wildly curling little toes. This was also felt by the Master, so he, being as skilled as he had worked extremely hard to be, knew that it was only a matter of time before Sage would venture beyond the point of no return. Unlocking their lips seal, the Master used his right hand to guide Sage to stand, then had Sage place his right leg over the Master's lower body. Now, the Master's mouth was within a fraction of an inch from the most beautiful boy cock he had ever seen, and the most gorgeous boy ever who just so happens to own that very same breathtaking, precum dribbling, tender slice of pure heaven.
The Master captured a long stringy strand of Sage's precum on his tongue, then shoveled his tongue back inside his mouth to taste the wingless angel's precum. His mouth came alive with the most refreshing taste he had ever had the honor of tasting. Both Sage and Daniel could hear the Master's loud bear like grunts and deep churning groans. Basking in the delightful taste, the Master opened his mouth and slowly engulfed every precious inch of Sage's pulsing cock.
Sage cried out from the scorching heat caused from the Master's mouth, a heat so hot that he almost lost consciousness. Sage's legs buckled and if not for the large palm on his ass, or the finger drawing miniatures circles on his asshole, Sage probably would have collapsed. His very first blow-job, and Sage already knew that he had never felt anything like it before. When the Master began bobbing his mouth back and forth, Sage began purring up a storm once the Master's tongue began playing a major role dancing all over his aching preteen pole.
Daniel never missed a beat as his lips began kissing all over Sage's smooth back while using his ass to hammer the Master's big cock. Daniel's tongue joined in and started licking crazily all over Sage's back and shoulder areas. With his cock darting in and out of the Master's hot mouth, and Daniel's fingers caressing and tugging on his cum bloated balls, then adding in the Master's long fingers kneading into his butt cheeks enhanced only by the Master's finger gracing his virgin asshole, and now tossing in Daniel's lips and tongue gliding along his back, well uh, Sage was about to explode his long awaiting nectar.
The Master knew precisely what he was about to do, and he knew that timing was everything, so like a lion stalking an antelope, he patiently waited for the exact moment to complete his plan, then act on it. Sage's mind went blank and his orgasm was scouring up his shaking body like the waves forming from a hurricane. Then, with a long squealing cry, Sage felt his cum linger just inside his piss lips, building a pressure he had never ever experienced before. His hips began bucking like crazy, and now Sage was force feeding his soon to be erupting slender cock in and out of the Master's mouth without a worry or concern in the world.
Sage felt Daniel's teeth clamp down on his back's flesh, and just as his rocketing cum was just about to explode from his thrusting cock, Sage felt a sharp, a very sharp and stinging pain, inside his asshole. Sage slung his head back and began screaming from the searing hot pain, thank in all to one of the Master's finger's that was now inside his ass. But, the pain caused from the sudden anal invasion seemed to only magnify his orgasm as Sage felt his piss lips burst open, then his mind lit up with sparkling fireworks.
The Master quickly found Sage's prostate and immediately began stimulating it while he himself basked within the boy's anal retreat. It was hot, scorching hot, and exceptionally tight. The Master moaned as Sage's anal muscles reacted from his finger's intrusion by clamping down, and doing so with bone crushing force. However, the Master was now being the recipient of a thick mass of long ropey strands of powerful jetting boy honey. His bear like moans intensified as more and more of Sage's cum came power slamming itself into his awaiting mouth. Like most always, the Master tried to count each cum spraying spurt, but he was too consumed in feeling this gorgeous boy's cum explode inside his mouth, and relish in the fact of where his finger was now in, and the way it was being mistreated inside Sage's constricting little virgin ass.
Sage was now slumped over the Master's head, still bucking his hips while trying to remember to breathe. The finger causing the pain inside his butt was feeding Sage a mix of burning discomfort and some kind of unexplainable pleasure. After what felt like an eternity, Sage felt his orgasm was on the verge of subsiding. He was panting feverishly but the Master's finger seemed to be striking some kind of trigger inside his butt, and just when Sage thought he had shot out the last droplet of his cum, his body began convulsing, and then he felt another mind numbing orgasm rip through his body.
The Master already knew he had more than a mouthful of Sage's cum, and now more boy juice was shooting freely into his mouth, so he felt the time was right to taste Sage's cum for the first time. With that in mind, the Master allowed only a dribble of cum to enter his throat's area, wanting to make damn certain he knew exactly what this gorgeous angel's cum tasted like. The first taste offered nothing, so he sipped down a little bit more, followed with another helping. Eventually, the Master concluded that Sage's cum actually had no taste at all, or any taste that could be defined by any words using the English dictionary. By any and all sense of the word, Sage's cum had no hint of a salt flavor, nor was it anywhere close to being bitter. Basically, the boy's load was flavorless.
Having sucked many a boys cock, and dined on their addictive cum, even the Master was a bit confused as to Sage's cum having no taste whatsoever. By far, this boy's cum was the best he had ever partaken in swallowing, and now that he is still in the process of gulping down the boy's load, the Master already knew he wanted more, a lot more to be exact. Sage was too far gone to pay any attention to either Daniel or the Master, and the sounds his ears picked up on, seemed to be coming from miles away.
What Sage didn't hear was the Master grunting his own orgasm as Daniel's cock milking ass rode the Master's cock as it pumped wads upon wads of man cream up the boy's vacuuming rectum. Sage felt the spattering of something hot land on his back, but he was totally unaware that what he was feeling was Daniel's cock shooting his load. While Daniel rode the Master's big cock while it was firing a bucket load of cum deep inside his bowels, Daniel was jerking his own cock with his right hand, firing rapid ropey jets of boy juice all over Sage's back.
Just as the last droplet of Sage's cum entered the Master's mouth, the Master retrieved his prostate caressing finger from Sage's clutching hot little ass. Sage grimaced from the stinging pain as the long finger departed his ass, but once it was fully out, Sage instantly felt some kind of weird void, an emptiness inside his ass where the finger had just been inside.
Once all three were done shooting their loads, Daniel was the first to free his cum filled ass off of the Master's semi flaccid cock and splash down on the sofa to his far right. With assistance from the Master, Sage, more in a zombie like state at the present moment, was guided to a seated position to the Master's right. Sage's cum coated back was up against the thick leather armrest and both of his feet were on the cushion, legs widely spread, while his toes were touching the Master's right side. From this position, the Master could see directly at Sage's limp cock, drained hairless jewels, and a clear view at the boy's incredible tiny speck of a creamy colored poop chute, to which, was already sealed superlatively tight.
Seconds later, Daniel inquisitively asked, "Well sir, how was it? What did his cum taste like sir? Huh sir?"
The Master, still relishing in the afterglow of Sage's tasteless cum, managed to softly reply, "The best I've ever had, and probably, the best I'll ever have the honor in tasting."
Daniel quickly responded, "Better than mine sir?"
The Master rebutted, "I'm afraid so Daniel, but don't get me wrong, I'll never refuse your delicious load, so don't worry yourself none over that."
The Master placed his right hand upon Sage's left kneecap, then smiled as he spoke, "How was that Sage? Did you enjoy your first blow-job? Was it everything you thought it would be? Please tell me how you felt having that miraculous ass of yours eaten. Finally my sweet dear boy, what do you think of my cock?"
Sage was taking deep breaths, head still reeling from the most intense orgasm he had ever endured, and once he was able to speak, his soft girlish boy voice sang for all to hear, "Well sir, it was uh, uh, awesome! When I was um, sucking Daniel's pecker, it felt uh, um, kind of natural sir. Then, holy cow, when you put your tongue on my butt hole, I got to admit sir, well um, uh, that was uh, it uh, uh, kind of felt weird at first, but ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaawwwwwddddddd, I can't even begin to explain how it felt sir. It felt that good, and then some sir! When Daniel shot his junk into my mouth, I was kind of hesitant at first, since that was my official first time tasting cum, but once I got over the saltiness flavor, well uh, um, I kind of liked it...sir. About your cock sir...well um, it's gigantic! I aint never seen anything like it, you know, on a person before. Your finger kind of ached a bit, so I know something that dang humongous would surely rip me in half. But, Daniel seemed to not mind it at all, in fact, I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw him shove the whole thing up his butt in one stealth swoop."
The Master interjected, "Sage my boy, Daniel didn't start out like that. Just like you, he too was a virgin, but look, look at him now. He takes my cock up his butt and enjoys every square inch of it...don't you Daniel?"
Daniel was already smiling as he spoke, "Oh heck yeah sir! I live to feel your cock up my ass, and I love the way it makes me feel once your all the way up inside me. Mmmmmmmmmm, I can still feel that monster sending chills rippling throughout my entire body every single time it throbs. Yes sir, I sure do love me some of your cock, and I'm already looking forward to the next time you'll give it to me sir."
The Master was steadily caressing Sage's knee while he softly spoke, "See, see there young man, Daniel loves it, and if all goes well, you will too. But, per our house rules, you must be willing to accept it. Nobody gets raped here! So Sage, it's up to you. Would you be willing to accept my cock inside that magical ass of yours?"
Sage was inwardly frightened, because the cock that belongs to the Master was nightmarishly enormous. True, he had witnessed Daniel slam his ass straight onto it, and obviously was enjoying it, but Sage had just enough sense left to know that he wasn't Daniel, nor was his asshole anything like Daniel's. Just looking at the limp log made Sage shiver in fear, and realizing that the Master wanted to put that gargantuan beast up his ass sure as hell wasn't helping to overcome his fear at all.
Although Sage's spinning mind was repeatedly telling himself oh hell no, there's no fucking way something that fucking huge is going up my scrawny little ass, his lips and vocal chords declared something else, "Uhhhhhhhhhh, yes sir, I'll give it a try sir!"
After hearing his own words, Sage literally felt like he was going to faint. He couldn't believe his own words that had just came popping out of his own mouth. To make matters even worse, Daniel followed with, "Oh boy, I betcha he's gonna scream like a mother fucker sir! Yes sir, I can already see it in his eyes. Oh yeah, he'll be doing some screaming alright!"
As if Sage wasn't already petrified enough, he heard the Master respond to Daniel, "I recall you doing quite a bit of screaming too young man...the first few times to be exact! Now Daniel, please show Sage around, and then prepare him for later!"
Daniel said something, then hopped off of the sofa and scampered out of sight. What Sage didn't realize was the mere fact that Daniel had to go relieve himself of the Master's cum that was ferociously knocking on his backdoor. The Master had already gotten up and disappeared, leaving Sage to sit there and figure out what in the hell he had gotten himself into. As each second ticked by, his heart thumped heavier and heavier, and all he could envision was seeing the Master's mammoth cock ripping his asshole into shreds as it dove straight up his bloody ass.
A short time later, Daniel returned and began showing Sage around the Master's living quarters. While they walked, Daniel began filling Sage in on what he can expect to happen, "Look pretty boy, you already know the Master is gonna fuck you, and I sure wish I could tell you it aint gonna hurt all that much, but that'd be a bald face lie. It's gonna hurt like a mother fucker, but your tight little ass will eventually except it, then you'll experience something that's way the fuck out of this world. I know it took me about a week or so before I was able to take that cock straight up my ass without too much discomfort. Hell, it still kind of hurts, but in a good way, and that too you'll have to find out on your own."
Once the brief tour was concluded, Daniel guided Sage into a large bathroom. Daniel turned to look at Sage, smiled, then boyishly whispered, "I got to help get your ass ready for the Master. I know your pretty and all, but he don't like to get no oil on his dip stick, if in you know what I mean, so get on into the tub and spread your legs a bit so I can get started."
Sage complied and then Daniel had Sage bend over and place the palms of his hands on the outer edge of the tub. Daniel was in behind Sage admiring Sage's hairless speck of a bug hole, and while he was ogling over the gorgeous boy's butt, his voice lashed out, "Damn boy, you sure as fuck got yourself one hell of an ass! Normally, I aint into fucking no ass, but I'd sure as fuck would like to have a go at this pretty lil thing."
Daniel smeared some hair conditioner up and down the slender cylinder while maintaining eye contact on Sage's upturned butt. Unlike the one Thad uses, this "shower shot", or "sure shot" was much slender. The Master only uses this one for those who are deemed anal virgins. The anal cleanser is a solid 8 inches and about as thick as a medium sized pinky finger. Daniel scooped up a large drop of conditioner on his right middle finger, then slowly eased his finger up Sage's ass, causing Sage to bite his lips at the burning sensation while also purring soft eloquent moans.
Daniel said, "Damn, your ass is really fucking tight, and holy shit, hotter than fucking hell itself!"
Once Daniel had the water temperature luke warm, he shut off the valve and slowly began easing the cylinder shaped anal cleanser up Sage's awesomely tight rectum. Sage grunted and moaned while his body shook uncontrollably. The pain was a steady burning sensation as his anal walls stretched themselves wider than he had ever felt before. Daniel couldn't resist the temptation of using the anal cleanser to intentionally, yet slowly, fuck it in and out of Sage's ass. The more Daniel used the object on Sage, the easier it began sliding in and out, and the more Sage began panting and moaning louder and louder.
Sage gasped as he felt the sudden rush of warm water gush into his bowels, immediately feeding him the sensation to have a bowel movement. Initially, this was rather embarrassing for Sage, but as the pressure inside his bowels built up, he simply couldn't contain himself any longer, and purred softly as the contents of his ass came gushing out. Daniel eyed the waterfall pouring out of the gorgeous boy's ass, and much to his own amazement, Daniel was kind of shocked to just being able to see nothing but clear water expelling itself.
Seeing the clear water, Daniel himself began questioning whether or not Sage was even capable of taking a shit. He had no clue that earlier this morning, Thad had applied an enema to Sage, so therefore, Sage was basically already clean. But, not knowing this, Daniel began having all kinds of wicked and perverted thoughts, all of which, focussed around Sage and his mystical little ass.
Daniel continued to slowly fuck the cylinder in and out of Sage's ass while the jets of the luke warm water continuously hosed out the boy's anal highway. Sage was moaning like crazy and his joystick was throbbing with his every breath as whatever was taking place inside his ass was providing him with never before felt pleasures. It still burned, but the pleasing sensation was just too overpowering to come into play.
Knowing the anal cleansing had been complete for over a couple of minutes, Daniel simply couldn't stop himself from using the cylinder to slide in and out of Sage's ass while ogling over the anal ring tightly clamping down on the shiny cylinder. To Daniel, this was pure priceless! But, after another few minutes had ticked on by, Daniel knew he had to stop and get Sage ready for the Master. As soon as the cylinder departed from Sage's ass, Sage instantly began missing it. Though the ache itself was a burning dull sensation, Sage presently missed the pleasures the anal cleanser brought with it to his butt.
Daniel stood by outside the tub while Sage lathered his body with the soft fresh scented soap and shampooed his hair with the coconut smelling shampoo. While Sage cleansed the exterior of his body, Daniel peered on and couldn't resist stroking his own teen erection while eyeing such miraculous beauty. Daniel's mind went back in time to the first time his ass was introduced to the Master's cock. His mind reminded him of the most intense pain he had ever felt as his ass stretched wide to accommodate the invading enormous anal plunger. The Master intentionally didn't stretch his ass out before clogging it up with his cock because, per the Master, he wanted the true feeling of a virgin ass excepting his meat.
Seeing Sage use his soapy hands to glide upon his perfect body, Daniel knew it would only be a matter of time that the gorgeous wingless angel would be screaming his pretty little head off as the Master's cock dove deep into Sage's virginal anal depth. Daniel also could see Sage's preteen missile jump and twitch with sheer excitement as the warm water began rinsing the soap from his tight little body. Seeing this made Daniel want to hop into the tub, bend the gorgeous boy over, and fuck the hell out of him, but Daniel knew better, so he remained outside of the tub and looked on.
While Sage was drying off, Sage couldn't help not to notice Daniel's erection and the stream of precum dribbling a line from the teen's puffy piss lips all the way down towards the floor. Their eyes met briefly and Daniel whispered, "See, see what your pretty little ass caused!" Sage replied back in a whisper, "If it's okay, I'd take care of that for you!" Daniel smirked as he said, "Oh, how I fucking wish, but right now, you have a date with the Master in the viewing room, and they're waiting on you for you to make your grand entrance, and besides, while you and the Master get it on, I'll be busy taking care of some of the patrons."
Not quite understanding what all Daniel was saying, Sage asked, "What do you mean by patrons?" Daniel smiled while patting Sage on his upper back, then followed with, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, don't you worry about that cause once things get started, you'll forget all about them. It's my job to make sure those guys are happy while the Master takes your virginity. Enough said about that cause you'll find out here shortly for yourself."
Though Sage did try and pry a bit, Daniel held fast and refused to speak anymore on the topic. Just after Daniel helped Sage blow dry his snow white hair, and as they were departing from the bathroom, Daniel spun around, and said, "Do yourself a favor pretty boy, and don't try and hold back the screams. Everybody here knows the Master is packing some serious beef, and we all know that sweet little ass of yours is virgin, so go on ahead and scream as much as you want. Believe me, louder is better, and the more is merrier, and oh yeah, it's okay to cry if you want! Hell, my first time I think those guys must have been wearing life preservers cause they'd have drowned from my tears if they hadn't."
Daniel turned and began walking with Sage who following closely in behind, and Sage's young mind began frantically spinning out of control from what all Daniel had just said. With each step, Sage could clearly envision the Master's mammoth cock, and not just its frightening length, but its enormously thick girth as well. Even Sage questioned whether or not something so nightmarishly huge would even fit inside his little bottom, and just by thinking along those lines, Sage even began questioning just how much pain would he feel caused by such abnormally monstrous cock.
The answers to all of his question were getting closer and closer with each and every footstep he took as they were heading towards someplace unknown. Walking from one area to another, Sage's heart began pounding heavier and heavier as if he were making the final footsteps of his young life. There was an eerie silence that allowed Sage to hear his own heavy thumping heartbeat, and with each step, his legs began to feel more like quivering stalks of unsteady rubber.
Daniel opened one last door, and Sage quickly realized that he was now standing on some sort of modified stage. In the center of the stage was a queen sized bed, and though the lights were bright, Sage could just barely make out human forms seated just beyond the stage. As Sage made his entrance, he could hear gasps and moans coming from the area in which he thought sat several people. Daniel led Sage over to the bed, then spun around to face Sage, and as he smiled, Daniel whispered, "This is your show! Good luck, and remember, the more you scream, the better they all like it!" Daniel walked by Sage and departed into the shadowy area in which Sage could barely see silhouettes of several onlooking people, all of which assumably were looking directly at him.
While Sage was standing at the edge of the bed, on walked the Master holding a microphone and wearing a bright red silk robe that hung down about an inch above his kneecaps. The Master walked up to Sage, placed his right arm around Sage's shoulders, then escorted Sage to the center of the stage, more so, near the foot of the bed.
The Master cleared his throat, then began talking, "Good afternoon gentleman. Today we have a very special treat for you. This heavenly beauty of a young lad is Sage, and he is all of 12 years young, and today, today I am truly blessed with the once in a lifetime opportunity to deflower his anal virginity. Earlier today, I was afforded the honor of tasting his virility of youth, and I must say, his cum is by far the sweetest I have ever personally tasted. Also, my tongue was the first to have ever graced his, and what you all shall soon see, is his utterly perfect, and majestically tasting, butt hole. Standing here before you today, I can pretty much guarantee all of you that this gorgeous angel's asshole is, and what I must say, the tiniest your eyes will ever see. As you all can witness, Sage here is a work of unscrupulous and flawless perfection. From his brilliant snow white hair all the way down to his sweet little toes, this boy is a true work of art, a masterpiece that can never be duplicated by any hands, nor minds for that matter. It is you who have been selected to view this miracle, this act of deflowering his anal cherry! Before I conclude with my speech, I do respectfully request that you all remain as silent as possible while Sage and I conduct this historic event. Also, to show each of you my most sincerest thanks, I have handpicked several boys to uh, help you with what you are about to witness. Thank you and enjoy!"
Bordering each side of the bed, and the head of the bed as well were three large screens. From where Sage was standing at the foot of the bed, he could tell that from any angle on the bed, it would be projected to all three screens so that the viewing audience would be able to see, and see everything. As his jerking eyes drifted upwards, Sage gulped as he saw another large screen on top of the ceiling, revealing a top angle that would show everything taking place. While his eyes and mind grew kind of numb, the Master led Sage to the far side of the bed, and the next thing Sage knew was that he was laying directly onto the center of the bed, eyes glaring at himself on the screen from the ceiling above.
The Master climbed in between Sage's spread legs and quickly began licking, kissing, and sucking on both of Sage's hairless jewels while allowing each of his large hands to roam every square inch of Sage's muscle rippling stomach and chest area. As soon as Sage felt the Master's tongue and mouth enclose upon his balls, the crowd looking on vanished completely from his mind. Now, all he was feeling was his balls being slowly baked inside the Master's mouth and the man's swirling tongue bathing his balls to perfection.
Sage could hear his own soft moans fire out of his open and panting mouth as the Master worked his oral skills like no other on his tightening little balls. Then, Sage's soft girlish boy voice squeaked into a very high pitch as he felt the Master's tongue slice lower into his crack, gliding downwards until it struck his tightly sealed asshole. With his balls safely tucked away inside the Master's super hot mouth, and now by adding the Master's tongue drilling passionately at his asshole at the same time, Sage simply couldn't control the words free flowing out of his mouth.
The next thing Sage knew was that his knees were now pinned behind his head, his balls were now free from the Master's oven hot mouth, and his asshole was being pried open and quickly stuffed with the Master's meaty tongue. Sage was besides himself with body convulsing pleasure, and everyone inside the room could hear the evidence stream lining from Sage's constantly moaning mouth. While Sage was quickly slipping into his own peaceful world, Daniel was busy slurping on a thick 6 inch pole while his ass was being fucked by a 7 inch uncut cock belonging to a man who was somewhere in his early sixties. Thad was also at the party, and he was sitting on a fifty something year old man's lap with the man's big burly 8 inch cock battering his ass insanely wild. 9 year old Tommy was just as busy as he was in the midst of sucking a 67 year old who was the prized owner of a 6 1/2" uncut cock while another man was just as busy eating the hell out of Tommy's ass. Four other boys, all of whom were from the age of 10 up to 14, pleasured the men as they watched the show taking place with Sage and the Master.
On the large screen behind the front of the bed, everyone in the audience could see the look of sheer orgasmic bliss on Sage's precious face as the Master tongue fucked his ass like there was no tomorrow. The Master's thick tongue managed to coerce Sage's miraculously tight virgin hole to open up just enough to gain entrance. And now inside, the Master's tongue swirled and lapped at the most delicious ass his tongue and taste buds had ever dined on. Even the Master was quickly slipping into his own little world as he worked his thick tongue in and out of Sage's muscle gripping hot little ass.
Within a very short time frame, the Master began taking turns eating Sage's superbly delicious ass and grunting like a pissed off bear as his mouth eagerly sucked on Sage's preteen erect missile. Back and forth, back and forth, the Master skillfully dined on the boy's ass and sucked his throbbing boner until Sage himself couldn't hold back any longer. With one very long elongated boyish howl, Sage's cock erupted, spewing numerous long ropey strands of pure boy honey straight into the Master's more than willing cum loving mouth.
Feeling the sharp spurts of boy juice squirt into his mouth, the Master couldn't resist the urge to taste Sage's cum once more, so he allowed small portions at a time, doing all he could to distinguish this extravagant unique taste, but confusing enough, he simply couldn't describe the taste of Sage's exquisite cum if his life depended on it. The angel's cum had no saltiness flavor whatsoever, and by any sense of the word, there wasn't even a faint hint of a bitterness either. It was just gooey and warm, and if the Master didn't know it was Sage's cum he was now swallowing, he would have never guessed it. The boy's cum tasted that damn good and that's all there is to it!
Sage was squealing like a pig as jets of cum came blistering out of his cock, and as he was dazed with his own orgasm, he felt one of the Master's long and thick fingers dart inside his butt. The finger sent an immediate mixture of signals from his ass straight to his swirling brain. He felt a sharp pain, but he also felt some kind of wicked pleasure as well, but either way, the finger was causing his cum valve to open on full blast, and with each rapid spurt of cum, Sage's whimpering howls grew louder and louder.
Once the Master sucked out the last droplet of cum, he manhandled Sage's little body, positioning the boy on all fours so that Sage was now facing the audience. From far off in the distance, he heard the Master say, "It's time to take your virginity!"
Though be it Sage was still spinning from his intense orgasm, somewhere inside his head a flash of instant reality set in. His body was kind of numb, and just hearing what the Master had just said, his entire body began shaking frantically. Ready or not, the time had come to feel the man's gargantuan sized cock try to get inside his ass, and even now, Sage was still hell bent on thinking the Master's cock wouldn't be able to fit inside his butt.
The Master, who had taken many a young boys virginity, had a unique preference when it came to popping their cherries. He wasn't one who cared too much for giving their tight virgin asses a lot of prep work. He'd shove a finger up their butt, and of course, his ass eating tongue, but he would never introduce their virgin butts to anything that might loosen them up a bit. He longed to feel all 10 and 3/4 inches of fat cock take their cherry with just a little lubrication to help in the actual penetration process. Having done this so many times before, the Master would not even consider the notion of breaking in Sage's superlatively tight ass with anything else except his butt packing cock. Having said that, the Master had just smeared a dab of lubricant on his cock, and was now positioning his weapon of anal destruction directly up to Sage's picture perfect ass.
Sage's chin was pressing down onto the bedding, and as his eyes scanned the room, he could just barely make out shadowy figures of the people who were seated not more than 20 feet from him. The bright lights aiming down from the ceiling kind of blinded him, preventing Sage from being able to clearly see the people who were obviously watching him. But, trying to see the people no longer seemed important as he now felt the huge bulbous head of the Master's cock press harshly up against his tightly sealed asshole.
The harder the massive cock head applied pressure, the more dull pain Sage felt. Instinctively, Sage began squirming, gyrating his ass from side to side in hopes of quenching the pressurized pain, but the more he wiggled his ass, the more pressure he felt on his butt hole. The Master gripped his massive cock with his right hand while feverishly trying to force it up the boy's virgin dot of a bung hole. Over and over again, his meaty cock either slid up the boy's hairless ass crack, or slipped down, jabbing Sage's balls and forcing Sage to exhale a breath of painful remorse.
The Master, a man who is not known to give up ever so easily, started growing more and more frustrated at being prevented access inside this gorgeous boy's ass. He had experienced some difficult times prior with other virgins, but never had he dealt with an ass so tightly sealed. However, knowing this fact only made him that much more focussed on the task at hand. Several more futile attempts later, and now with his hulking hairy body dripping from sweat, the Master found himself enraged like never before to conquer this ass of all asses.
Holding his flared cock head in place, resting up against Sage's defiant anal fortress, the Master took a few seconds to catch his breath. In doing so, Sage felt the dull ache slowly dispense from his body. Also, Sage could feel the Master's precum plop onto his upturned asshole while feeling the man's cock head expand with each of the Master's breath. Sage's own preteen cock was now fully erect and he wanted to reach down and play with it, but thought better and didn't.
Then, Sage felt the Master's cock head slowly ease itself away from his butt hole, and from Sage's own little ears, you couldn't even hear a pen drop in the room. There was an eerie silence, and Sage had no clue what was going on, especially behind him. As the silence slowly ticked on, seconds later, all Sage could hear was his own thumping heartbeats. Even the bed was still as if the Master had been frozen in place, and all Sage could feel was his own vibrations caused by his feverishly shaking body.
The Master eyed the tiny virgin rosebud as it puckered repeatedly as if the boy's priceless tiny speck of an asshole was winking at him. Timing it just right, the Master reared back and with a mighty lunge forward, crammed his enormous cock head straight into Sage's awesomely tight virgin anal entrance. Sage immediately felt the pain as it rocketed from his ass, rapidly spreading throughout every part of his body. He heard his voice cry out, "Nooooooooooooooo! Nooooooooooooooo! Owwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwww, OwwwwwwwwEEEEEEEEEE!"
Lunging forward to release the head of his cock from the boy's excruciating powerful convulsing anal muscles, the Master force fed nearly 6 long and super fat inches straight up Sage's pain riddled ass. Sage was hollering and screaming at the top of his lungs. Never had he felt this kind of pain before. It felt like a freight train had just derailed and was now shooting up his ass, and to make matters worse, the fucking thing was on fire too. The Master slung his head back as he rammed his hips forwards, sinking the full remainder of his mammoth cock up Sage's butt. Sage's screams grew louder, much louder as it felt as though his butt had just been torn in half. Also, it felt as though the Master's gargantuan sized cock had surpassed his anal canal, ventured vengefully past his stomach's lining, tore through his burning lungs, and was now lodged somewhere very close to his heavy thumping heart.
Sage's hands grabbed a handful of the bedding, balling his fingers into a fist while feeling the buckets of tears free fall from his eyes, and wished upon every wish that someone would walk right up and put a bullet into his head to end this God awful insurmountable pain he was now enduring. It felt as though he was breathing in fire with every inhaling breath, and with each exhale, it felt as though the Master's cock was getting thicker and thicker. Sage screamed, "Nooooooooooo, take it out, take it out, owwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwww, it huuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrtttttttssss baaaaaaaddddddddd!"
Feeling his cock wedged deep into the gorgeous boy's rectum was like no other ass his cock had ever graced. The boy's ass was hotter than all others and the searing scorching heat basking upon his hardened cock added to his sexual hunger. The Master could feel the boy's anal muscles converge onto his cock, gripping and clamping down with crushing power. Keeping his meaty butt stuffer in place, the Master was trying to fight off the pain now bearing down on his cock. With each passing second, the boy's anal muscles gathered forces, and with that came a crushing pain, so to avoid feeling his cock slowly being crushed, the Master began slowly fucking Sage's ass.
Sage screamed once he felt the mammoth beast slowly depart from his ass, and as each extremely thick inch slid outwards, it felt as though it was sucking out his bodily organs. The Master withdrew his thick weapon just far enough so that all eyes could see his flared cock head being tightly glued to the boy's anal ring, then slowly sunk it all the way back to its deepest point. The Master's large balls lightly slapped Sage's own hairless tightly withdrawn nuggets, sending some more unwanted pain to trickle throughout his already pain engrossed body.
The pain was so overbearing that Sage honestly felt like he was on the very edge of passing out. Mere words simply could not fully describe the torturous pain that Sage was now enduring, and do it the true justice it respectfully deserves. In and out, the Master slowly worked his cock in and out of Sage's butt, moaning and grunting feverishly as to the true overall delicacy in which his mighty cock was now basking in. Yes, he had taken many of boys anal cherry, but none could come close to this boy's ass. The tightness, the scorching flames searing his slow thrusting cock, the anal muscles that snatched a choke hold on his cock, and to top this all off is that all of this belongs to the most heavenly gorgeous boy any eyes will have ever seen!
While the Master was overwhelmed with the luxuriousness of Sage's anal interior, Sage's blood curdling screams could have pierced even the deafest of ears. The men watching this take place all had their drooling mouths wide open, and all of them were being pleasured by some young boy, and in some cases, young boys. Although Sage couldn't see, nor at this point gave thought to it, but out in the audience, Thad was bent over taking a long 9 inch cock up his ass while his mouth serviced a thick 6 inch uncut cock.
Another young boy, all of 10, was sitting on a fat 5 1/2 inches of uncut beef belonging to a 59 year old, slightly overweight, man. This boy is Caleb, and Caleb loves to take a man's cock up his butt. Hearing the boy on stage scream to high heavens reminded him of the very first time his ass was introduced to the Master's humongous cock. For Caleb, the Master was a couple of years too late to take his anal cherry, but Caleb had never had a cock the Master's size up his ass before, so he remembered doing some screaming when the huge thick beast invaded the depths of his ass.
Though the members of the audience were in various stages of being pleasured, Sage on the other hand was still riddled with gut wrenching pain. The mammoth cock slowly ripping in and out of his pain filled ass began to increase its thrusting motion, feeding Sage with even more mind shattering pain. Soon, Sage felt the Master's large balls smack sharply up against his own wrinkled jewels as the Master's cock began thrusting faster and faster. And, to make matters even worse, or at least for Sage, the Master gripped Sage's hips and was slinging the boy backwards onto his inwards thrusting manhood.
The Master was flinging his head all over while he aggressively slammed his meaty ass packer in and out of Sage's mystifying tiny hot ass. The heavy harsh sounds of flesh assaulting flesh with each and every powerful thrust echoed throughout the room, fueling the members of the audience to become even more sexually heated than they already were. One young boy, a boy named Stanton, who was all of 11 was one of the boys who was now the recipient of one of the sexually charged men. The man was at least 61, and he was fucking his 8 inch and rather thick cock in and out of Stanton's hairless ass with blinding speed. Although Stanton was certainly feeling all 8 inches, he couldn't take his eyes off of Sage who was still making all kinds of faces, and still screaming and yelling with each and every pain shrilled breath.
5 months ago, it was Stanton who was where Sage is right now. It was he whose ass was being terrorized by the Master's cock. It was he who was pleasuring the eyes of the onlooking audience, but unlike Sage, Stanton was no stranger to male on male sex. The dark haired beauty of a boy had been having sex ever since he could remember. Having been shuffled from one foster parent to another, Stanton seemed to always find a willing participant to satisfy his hunger to suck cock. It wasn't until he was around 8 years of age was when his ass was introduced to his first cock, and that cock belonged to one of his foster dad's. Ever since his first time, Stanton began manipulating grown men just so he could get their cocks up his cock hungry little ass. Having been sentenced to the Manor was equivalent to being sent to Heaven here on earth. Stanton lived for sex, and since this place was a sexual fortress, Stanton more the welcomed any opportunity to hike his ass up so that it could be properly stuffed with man beef.
Sage's girlish soft boyish shrieking voice wailed, "Owwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwEEEEEEEEEE, nooooooooooo, nooooooooooo, owwwwwwwwEEEEEEEEEE, it hurts, it hurts, it fucking huuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttssssssssss baaaaaaaaaaaaadddddd!"
Those pleading screeches fell upon deaf ears as the Master gripped Sage's hips even tighter, clinching his teeth, and started to really lay the pip in Sage's ass. And then, sometime shortly thereafter, something inside Sage's body snapped, and the vast surplus of body crashing pain evaporated, and now, now Sage was feeling something else, something uh, something magical!
Sage's mind erupted with a wave of brilliant fireworks and his entire convulsing body was being ravished by sheer pleasure, a pleasure he never knew existed. Now, Sage's hands began pushing his body backwards onto the Master's thrusting cock while clamping down with his anal muscles. In doing so, Sage accidentally discovered that his body felt even more greater pleasure every time he forced his anal muscles to tighten up. This action certainly didn't go unnoticed by the Master. Each time the boy clamped down on his anal muscles, the Master felt the crushing/vacuuming pressure engulf his cock, swarming his thrusting member with a mix of mild pain and unheralded pleasure.
Sage screamed, "Fuck meeeeeeeeeee, fuck myyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaawwwwwwddddd yessssssssssss, yessssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr!"
Even the Master began pondering the question of who was fucking who. Yes, he was still thrusting his cock in and out of this gorgeous boy's ass, but now, now the boy's anal muscles constantly clamped down on his meaty member as if it were trying to not only crush it, but completely strip his organ of its flesh.
As eyes watched the most perfect angel enjoying being fucked before their very eyes, many of the men, and some of the boys too, began unleashing their loads. The men were either being sucked dry or fucking their cum up some young boys ass. Either way, everyone was being satisfied to completion, but all of them patiently waited for the final scene with Sage and the Master. The Master was enraged with a sexual lust that he himself had never experienced before. This boy's ass was incredible, magical at best!
Wanting to stare into Sage's crystal entrancing blue eyes while using his meaty cock as a battering ram up the boy's ass, the Master flipped Sage onto his back, pushing Sage's slender silky smooth hairless legs way beyond the boy's head, then as their eyes met, the Master became an enraged ass plowing animal, slamming his long and thick cock in and out of Sage's constantly gripping tight little anal chute with blinding speed and jack hammering force.
Sage screamed louder and louder, "Yessssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssssssss! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee hard siiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr, haaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrdddddddeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr, yessssssssssssss, fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk yesssssssssssssss!"
The powerful cock rip roaring away in and out of his ass was feeding Sage nothing but mind shattering pleasures. His own preteen pride and joy was throbbing endlessly, and then it happened! Sage's precious face twisted and contorted as a slew of unfamiliar words flew from his mouth. With no hands on his boyhood, Sage's entire body seized itself into a body bucking convulsion as spurt after spurt of pure boy honey came exploding out of his cum shooting cock.
With each and every violent eruption of boy juice, Sage's anal muscles inadvertently tightened their grip on the Master's pile driving cock, sending the Master straight into orgasmic bliss. Now, it was the Master who was crying out words of unknown origin as his ass banging cock began spewing ropey globs of man seed straight up Sage's one-of-a-kind hot little ass. Both man and boy were lost in their own sexually charged world as their cocks simultaneously shot round after round of gooey hot cream.
While the Master was still grunting insanely mad, his lips sunk down until they sealed themselves over Sage's lips. Before long, Sage experienced a new thrill as the Master's tongue swirled wildly inside his mouth, and then Sage followed suit by slithering his own pink tongue inside the Master's mouth. Now, their passionate volleys of grunts and groans were being muffled by their tightly sealed, and glued together, mouths.
Several heartfelt minutes later, the Master's now rather limp cock plopped out of Sage's vacuuming butt. Instantly, Sage felt an emptiness inside his ass, an emptiness he didn't want to feel. Their lips unlocked their seal and then the Master peeled his hulking hairy body up off of Sage's hairless frame. Standing on Sage's left side on his knees, the Master saw the puddles of Sage's cum still lingering on the boy's throat and chest area. Seeing the rich white globs of heavenly honey, the Master leaned forward and groaned up a storm as he lavishly licked and slurped up every last tid bit of Sage's virtually tasteless cum.
Sage lay in the bed virtually lifeless with the only evidence of life form was the rising and falling of his silky smooth chest as he inhaled and exhaled. His young mind was still exploding with bright and brilliant fireworks, and his entire body was quivering from the most thrilling experience he had ever encountered. Although Sage was a bit dazed and bewildered, the thought of loneliness inside his ass lingered heavily upon his every thought. In some sexual and sensual way, Sage wished for the Master's cock to reenter his no longer virgin ass and fuck him senseless.
From far off in the distance, Sage heard the Master speak, but whether or not the Master was speaking to him, Sage didn't know. The Master was providing the audience a conclusion speech, and once he finished, one by one, the men walked up on stage, and as they slowly walked by Sage, they all studied the naked boy's body with pure lust and raw sexual desires. Sage was so out of it that he didn't even notice being gawked at by all of the passerby's.
Moments later, Sage was coming around and it was then that he noticed that he was all alone except for one boy who was sitting on the edge of the bed staring down at him. The boy smiled once their eyes made contact, then he said, "I got to admit, that was one hell of a show. It aint every day we get us a real virgin, and you definitely didn't let anyone down. Hell, I could almost feel your pain just by watching and listening to you. I remember the first time the Master fucked me. Yeah, he's got a big ass cock and all that, but by the time he slipped it up in me, he pretty much knew I had taken bigger. Oh, I'm Rusty by the way, and I'll be helping you get cleaned up."
Just by looking at Rusty, Sage guessed him to be somewhere around 14 to 16 years of age. Rusty looked skinny from his seated view, and Sage didn't see any body hairs except the heavy thick mass of curls running up and down his skinny legs. Since Rusty had bright red hair, the hairs on his legs were just as red. Also, Sage could see that Rusty's entire body was covered with tiny freckles, including all over his face, and in Sage's watery eyes, a face that was certainly one to remember. Yes, Rusty was indeed a rather good-looking boy, and has been at the Manor for 7 years now. Rusty true age is 16, and in four months, he'll turn 17.
Rusty sat there and drooled as he eyed this breathtaking beauty of a boy's perfectly flawless body. In no time, Rusty teen organ propelled itself into its very rigid 7 1/2 inches of throbbing cut meat. This too didn't go unseen by Sage's wandering eyes. However, Sage suddenly felt the explosive force building inside his ass and he knew if he soon didn't find a toilet, well uh, some shit was about to to speak!
Sage squirmed his little body up off the bed and damn near busted his ass once his feet and wobbly legs hit the floor. Rusty reached out and grabbed Sage by the hips and stopped the gorgeous boy from falling. Having been where Sage had just been many, many times, Rusty knew that the boy had a dire need to drain his bowels from the Master's cum deposit.
Thankfully for Sage, Rusty guided him to a bathroom that was just in another room opposite from where he had just been in. No sooner had Sage sat on the toilet, the Master's cum exploded from his aching ass, and along with it came some serious sound effects. Sage kept on apologizing, and Rusty kept on telling him that this was normal and not to worry about it. While Sage emptied his rectum, his eyes glued themselves to Rusty's erect teen meat. Now that Rusty was standing, and only about a foot away, Sage got a really good view of the teen's cock.
Rusty's cock was creamy in color and it kind of looked like an upturned banana, arching itself upwards at a good 45 degree angle. Also, it was just about as thick as a banana, and the more Sage stared, the more delicious it looked. The pinkish colored flared helmet shrouded the shaft, making it slightly thicker than the shaft. Right at the piss lips, a clear ball of precum oozed out making Sage emit a light moan while he inadvertently began licking his lips. The dense patch of pubic hair was a bright fiery red, and as Sage studied Rusty's cock, he couldn't help not to notice those twin egg shaped balls swinging down a long four or five inches. Rusty's balls looked large in their shiny freshly shaved sac, but Sage's eyes riveted back to the teen's mouth watering cock.
Sage steadily swiped his cherry colored lips with his tongue while his eyes glued themselves to the red headed teen's mouth watering erect cock. This certainly didn't go unnoticed by Ricky, who himself was eyeing the white haired beauty as he pooped out the Master's cum. Ricky whispered, "How's your butt? Does it hurt?"
Replying back, Sage whispered, "Oh, it hurts a bit...kind of stings, but I guess it's okay."
Ricky shot back, "Yeah, I reckon so, I mean, after all, you just had your cherry busted by the Master's horse cock."
Both began softly giggling, and shortly after their giggling antics subsided, Sage asked, "So, does the Master fuck you on a regular basis?"
Ricky, now with a more serious look dancing across his freckled face, replied, "Nope, not any more. I reckon I'm a bit too old for him now, besides, I'm more of a top, but I'll still take a fucking if need be from time to time. I'm what you can say, a heavy cummer. When I bust a nut, I really bust it! Heck, most boys around here do their best to swallow it all, but very few can. Hell, even the men I fuck around with can't swallow it all, I mean, most of them can't."
Sage pressed on with yet another question, "I've seen some men come in here and mess around with some of the boys. Is that normal here?"
Ricky sat down in front of Sage, resting his butt on the edge of the tub as he began talking, "Sage, you've got the whole world at your fingertips, and you don't even know it just yet. You have so much going your way, I mean, you are fucking incredibly gorgeous, your young, your voice is a cross between girlish and boyish - which turns people on I might add, and uh, uh, your body is flat fucking perfect! But, as each day passes, you become one day older. The older you get, the less others find you desirable. That's just life, and their aint a damn thing anyone can do about it. So, right now, you should take every opportunity this life offers cause one day you will wake up and find yourself all alone. Your youthfulness will be gone, your looks will fade, and your body may not be as flawless as it is right now. When you see these older men frequent the Manor, just remember, they too were your age once. Just don't ever forget that! And, since we are talking about these men coming here, well uh, let's just say that's an arrangement made between the boys, the men, and the Master. This place don't operate on air, so these men pay top dollar to have sex with young boys. Believe me, all of this will be explained to you later on. Right now, we need to get you freshened up a bit for the Master."
Sage quickly shot in, "Oh fuck, is he gonna fuck me again, uh, right now?"
Ricky smiled as he replied, "That my friend is none of my business. I'm just follow orders, but if I were of the betting kind, I'd bet the farm that his big fucking cock is gonna get reacquainted with that perfect little ass of yours. Don't you wanna get fucked again?"
Sage returned Ricky's smile as he softly whispered, "Yeah I guess, but I uh, I was kind of hoping that uh, you'd uh, um, fuck me first."
Ricky stood up and took the short two steps so that his cock was now at mouth level in front of Sage. Ricky pushed downwards on his cock with his left hand and began rubbing his purplish precum dripping cock head all over Sage's oh so kissable lips. Instinctively, Sage's mouth opened and his tongue automatically began devouring Ricky's slightly salty flavored precum before enclosing his lips over the older teen's cock.
Sage could only manage four inches of Ricky's thrusting cock before finding himself gagging, but even as he gagged, Sage's left hand graciously cupped Ricky's heavy balls while the fingers of his right hand dove into the moist crack of Ricky's butt until his fingertips struck the constantly puckering entrance of Ricky's anal retreat.
Now, Ricky gently placed his hands on the back of Sage's bobbing head while he slowly began thrusting his hips forwards, fucking Sage's mouth while biting his lips to prevent screaming out. Ricky began flinging his head all over the place while basking in the younger boy's oral performance. Having already been worked up from Sage's performance with the Master earlier, Ricky knew it wasn't going to take long before he blew his load. And, as predicted, Ricky was right! A couple of minutes of Sage's scorching hot mouth on his cock, and the soft tender caressing of his cum bloated balls, and adding in the tiny fingers probing at his asshole, was just what the doctor ordered to push Ricky over the edge.
Ricky forced his voice into a husky hissing sound, "Fuck, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhh shit, I'm uhhhhhhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhhhhh, cuuuuuuuummmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggg!"
Sage felt Ricky's cock grow even thicker, then a heavy powerful blast of cum slapped the fuck out of the back of his throat, and before Sage could muster the thought process to start swallowing, another long powerful cum jet exploded into the back of his throat which caused him to gag and cough. But, Sage kept his mouth firmly sealed on Ricky's volcanic cum shooting cock, and he quickly began gulping down the older teen's cum, but not nearly as fast as the long ropey jets of rapid firing cum blasted away inside his mouth. Sage had Ricky's cum stringing itself out of each nostril and he could feel cum dribbling out of the corners of his mouth, but all in all, Sage kept on gulping down as much of the salty flavored cream as he possibly could.
By the time Ricky's cock stopped slinging out thick gooey wads of teenaged cream, Sage felt like he had just ate one of the biggest meals of his life. But, Ricky now had other plans as he backed away, then guided Sage to step into the tub. Once the water was at luke warm temperature, Ricky positioned Sage under the shower head with Sage's back facing Ricky. Ricky poured some hair conditioner into the palm of his left hand, then began smearing it all over his still throbbing boner.
With one last dab of conditioner, Ricky roughly crammed two fingers straight up Sage's already aching poop chute, which caused Sage to lurch upwards on his toes while emitting a faint wincing noise. The familiar burning pain reintroduced itself to Sage's ass as Sage felt Ricky's fingers quickly dart in and out of his bung hole. Then, all of a sudden, the fingers vacated his ass, but as soon as they did, Sage felt Ricky's hands shoving his upper body forwards and downwards so that he was now bent over with Ricky's hands locked aggressively onto his hips.
Ricky said to all who was within earshot, "Fuck yeah! I so wanna fuck this ass of yours! Ready or not, here I come!"
Everything happened all at once, or so it seemed to Sage. Within a blink of an eye, Ricky shoved his entire cock all the way up Sage's ass, and just as Sage felt the horrifying sharp burning pain, Ricky placed the palm of his right hand over Sage's open mouth, muffling the obvious noise of sheer pain that was now rapidly spewing forth. Ricky whispered, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, yessssssssssss, holy shit, this is better that I ever fucking thought it would be. Fuck, fuck boy, your ass is tighter than a mother fucking commercial grade vice!"
Without any further ado, and while still covering Sage's noise making mouth, Ricky began harshly jabbing his cock in and out of Sage's ass with pure animalistic vengeance and not a single thought process to go along with it. Now, all Ricky could think about was how great his cock felt as it ripped in and out of the most gorgeous boy's ass he had ever laid eyes on.
In time, in a very short time to be precise, the once sharp fiery pain began to slowly evaporate, and the welcoming pleasure started rushing through Sage's shaking body. With the vast pleasures reeking throughout his entire body, Sage placed both hands on the front edge of the tub, closest to the faucet, and started slamming his butt backwards onto Ricky's thrusting organ while cinching down using his powerful bone crushing anal muscles.
Now, it was Ricky's turn to try and stifle his grunts and groans as his ass battering cock felt the raw brute power of the boy's strangling anal muscles as they viciously coiled around his cock with each and every flesh smacking thrust. Somewhere through it all, and without a hand offering any help whatsoever, Sage's cock exploded rich creamy strands of boy honey onto the front edge of the tub. With his mind boggling orgasm tearing through his body, Sage fell into an uncontrollable fit of violent convulsions.
Ricky held onto the boy's hips for dear life as he blindly jack hammered his cock in and out of Sage's vacuuming, magical, fiery hot, tiny ass. Just as Sage felt the last dribble of cum ooze out of his piss lips, his body tensed up as yet another gut twisting orgasm ripped through him like sparks of electricity. Now, Ricky had his right hand gripped onto Sage's right hip while his left hand snatched a firm hold onto Sage's left shoulder, forcefully slamming the boy's zombie like body onto his rambunctiously thrusting teen organ.
What Sage thought was cum rocketing out of his erupting cock in all reality was his bladder juice, but either way, at this point in time, Sage didn't give a shit. All he knew was that his ass was providing him more pleasure than he ever thought possible.
For nearly thirty ass banging minutes, Ricky violently fucked Sage's ass until his own orgasm took him by surprise. Now, now his teen flute was singing cum music as it shot load after thick load deep into the boy's rectum. Still, as his cum came rocketing out, Ricky himself didn't know who was actually fucking who. The boy's ass voluntarily crammed itself onto his thrusting cock with a vengeance all of its own. Up to this point, Ricky had fucked many an ass, both belonging to young and old alike, but none was anything like what his cock was now shooting cum inside. The vacuuming pressure and those extraordinary anaconda like anal muscles was nothing Ricky had ever encountered before.
While Ricky's teen cock was pumping wads upon wads of steaming hot cum up his ass, Sage was besides himself as yet another feverish orgasm ripped through his body, and again, the pleasures he was getting was caused by his piss flowing madly out of his rigid cock. Ricky fucked Sage until his cock went completely soft, and still didn't want to remove his flaccid sausage from the most incredible ass his cock had ever been in. But, with one last exhausted thrust, Ricky's limp noodle plopped out of Sage's anal oven.
Knowing all too well that he had probably spent way too much time fucking Sage's ass, Ricky picked Sage up and angled the limp boy so that Sage was now aiming his well fucked ass towards the tub's faucet. Using the dangling "shower shot," Ricky greased it up a bit using more hair conditioner, then eased the slender metallic object into Sage's butt, causing Sage to emit a long purring moan.
Ricky activated the "shower shot," and held onto it tightly as he watched the jets of water wash out the boy's anal interior. The only matter that was vacating the boy's breathtaking ass was his own gooey globs of recently deposited cum. After a few minutes, and seeing nothing but clear water shooting out of Sage's ass, Ricky shut the water off then eased the metallic cylinder out of the boy's constantly gripping butt.
Sage was pretty much virtually lifeless as Ricky began using the soap to lather up every square inch of the boy's flawless body. Even while lathering up Sage's soft cock, Ricky felt the urge to taste it, but thought better and continued on soaping up Sage's body. With a soapy right middle finger, Ricky eased it up Sage's butt, then slowly began fingering Sage's ass, making sure the walls of the boy's anal interior were good and soapy clean.
Ricky even washed Sage's hair using the refreshing coconut scented hair shampoo that he knew the Master loved so well. Just to take things a bit further, Ricky used the shampoo to re-lather Sage's cock, balls, and tightly sealed asshole just to show the Master how sweet this white haired gorgeous boy now smells.
By the time Ricky was getting ready to rinse the lather off of Sage's quivering body, Sage began coming back around. Once the jets of water started splashing inside his ass crack, and especially on his soapy asshole, Sage couldn't stop moaning. His bung hole hurt, and hurt like hell, but oddly enough, all Sage could think about was having his ass stuffed by another cock...any cock for that matter!
Stepping out of the tub, Sage's erect cock was the first to exit. Ricky looked down and saw the mouthwatering perfect preteen stalk, smiled, then whispered, "You sure are one hot little fucker!" Sage smiled, then whispered, "And a horny one too!" While Sage was toweling himself dry, Ricky sat on the toilet and looked on. Unable to control his own words, Ricky blurted, "Sage, if there ever is a next time, uh, between me and you, I'd love to look into your gorgeous face while I fuck the shit out of you, um, that is um, if you are even capable of taking a shit." Sage smiled as he replied, "I know I am looking forwards to another time with you, and as far as the taking a shit goes, well uh, you'll just have to find wont you?"
Once Ricky took Sage to where the Master was waiting, inside a large bedroom, Ricky was instructed by the Master to go have some fun. For a couple of hours, Sage lay on the huge bed with the Master resting on Sage's right side, both equally naked. The Master's enormous cock was flaccid, but Sage's preteen twig was harder than a slab of steel. It was during this time that the Master informed Sage of everything.
Sage now knew what all was taking place at the Manor. If he wanted, his photos would be inserted into the boys photo album, and grown men would pay heavily for the opportunity to have sex with him. As per the Manor's arrangement, the boy would receive 80% and the Manor would receive 20% for operating expenses. To Sage, this sounded more like a wonderful opportunity than anything else, so as their conversation pressed on, the Master knew that young Sage would be a willing participant, not to mention, one hell of a money maker!
Over the course of the next 4 1/2 months, Sage's ass was the main target for the Master's enormous cock. Often times, Sage offered his ass to the Master at least 4 to 6 times per day. Also, Sage found himself addicted to the Master's cum, steadily and greedily wanting to drink it all down as often as humanly possible. In time, Sage's tight little ass had no problems at all taking every massive inch of the Master's cock without any pain whatsoever. Another fact during this very same time frame was that Sage had mastered the art of deep anal cleansing.
His favorite form of enema was the rubber enema ball. He would fill up the sink with luke warm water - add some slippery lubrication, and top it off with that sweet smelling coconut shampoo. Once Sage figured that concoction out, he couldn't help not to notice how turned on the Master really got. It almost seemed that his asshole and the Master's tongue were as one, with the Master's anal probing tongue constantly dining away on his sweet smelling butt hole.
Ever since the Master commented about Sage being able to take a shit, Sage made sure that he woke up long before the Master, and made damn certain that his anal cavity was thoroughly clean just to keep the Master guessing. Every single time the Master fucked Sage, and each and every time he withdrew his cock, the Master saw no signs of fecal matter on his limp super sized cock. After 4 1/2 months of steady fucking, the Master convinced himself that Sage simply was just too flat fucking gorgeous to serve up anything other than sheer and utter perfection.
With 4 1/2 months of being steadily fucked by the Master's enormous cock, Sage's hot little ass accepted the huge beast without any discomfort whatsoever. On the last day he was to be with the Master in his living quarters, the Master sat Sage down and went over every intricate detail of the sexual arrangements with the boys and grown men, the payment structure, and what all Sage would be willing to do. Once that task was completed, the Master had another boy take several pictures of Sage in various poses, then showed Sage the photo album along with the column underneath his poses. The Master cleared his throat as he whispered, "Young man, you will do just fine, and Benny here will show you to your new room."
Benny looked to be 13, maybe 14 years of age and Sage had enough time to see the few dark soft whisks of pubic hair as they were just starting to sprout on either side of the boy's half inch soft cut cock. Benny guided Sage out of the Master's chambers and down a long winding hallway. This was a different area of the Manor than Sage had seen before, so everything his eyes were now taking in, was all brand new.
Using his right hand, Benny opened the bedroom door and walked in, and as soon as Sage cleared the doorway, Benny spun around and flopped his butt up onto the edge of the queen sized bed, eyes feasting gloriously upon Sage's flawless naked body, then whispered, "Wow, you uh, uh, your fucking prettier than um, uh, than they described!"
Sage gave his thanks as his eyes took in the beautifully adorned room. Benny spoke once again, "I hear tell your cum is something special...uh, sweeter than pure honey! And, from just overhearing what all the Master has said, your uh, uh, butt aint got no stinky smell at all, and um, um, you really like to get fucked...well uh, that's what I heard."
With Sage's backside now facing Benny, Benny's eyes zeroed in on Sage's solidly chiseled butt, periodically licking his lips in the process while his own 14 year old teen muscle quickly became rock hard. When Sage turned back around to face Benny, his eyes quickly noticed the older teen's erection. Sage smiled, then sexily whispered, "You must be happy to see me!"
Benny looked down at his fat five inches of engorged teen meat, then looked back up as he nervously stuttered, "Uh, uh, yeah...I guess you um, um, can say that." Sage jumped up onto the bed, head facing the foot of the bed so that his parted ass was now facing in Benny's direction, and with his left middle finger, Sage reached under his own body, placing his middle finger directly up against his scrawny super sealed asshole as he teasingly whispered, "Mmmmmmmmmm, it's sooooooooooooo tight and sooooooooooooo, sooooooooooooo lonely! (Sage was gyrating his ass while rubbing his asshole) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby, mmmmmmmmmmm, I wish you could help meeeeeeeeeeeee! Come a little closer so you can see just how lonely, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, this is!"
Like trapped in the clutches of a powerful magnet, Benny scooted directly in between Sage's spread legs and buried his nose right smack dab in the middle of Sage's magnificent looking bung hole, and had no problems at all breathing in the most enriching coconut scented butt hole his nose had ever sniffed. After several heart thumping minutes of smelling Sage's mind boggling freshly scented butt, Benny eagerly began using his tongue to lap at the tiny speck of a poop chute.
Using just his saliva and his dribbling precum, Benny began lubricating his thick cock as his tongue dined on the most delicious butt hole he had ever tasted. Sage was adding more fuel to the fire as he purred louder and louder while saying things such as, "Eat it baby, eat my asshole! Yeah, uh huh, that's right, tongue that ass! Ewwwwwwwwww baby, let me feel that tongue!"
One of the things Sage learned from his time spent with the Master was how to talk while enjoying sex. Not only did Sage enjoy that type of erotic talk, but he found out that it also turned him on to no end. The other twist coming from Benny was that Benny, up until this very moment, was only interested in being the bottom. However, seeing Sage and his intoxicating and overwhelming beauty, made Benny forget all about his own butt's desire to be fucked, and now all he could think about was fucking this white haired gorgeous boy up his incredible ass. As for Benny, this would be his first time ever fucking anyone, and while his right hand smeared his saliva and precum up and down his aching cock, Benny's tongue was devoted entirely to lapping the insides of Sage's upturned ass.
With his tongue now aching from all the ass eating he had been doing, Benny aligned his fat cock up to Sage's speck of a glistening poop chute, then shoved it all the way in. Both Sage and Benny let out an elongated moan as Benny grabbed onto Sage's slender hips, slinging Sage backwards onto his wildly thrusting cock.
Sage instantly and instinctively incorporated his powerful anal muscles, clamping down ever so tightly, forcing Benny to moan from such raw never before felt power. In less than a minute, Benny had fucked his cock in and out of Sage's magical ass until his cum came spurting forth, rocketing sharply into Sage's rectum as the younger boy's vacuuming anal muscles convulsed around his cum shooting cock, milking the very life out of his body.
Benny pulled his limp cock out of Sage's butt, lifting it upwards with his left index finger for a quick, yet detailed, inspection. Clean, clean as before any of this ever started is what Benny's close inspection revealed. Not a shred of poop evidence anywhere on his cock could be seen.
Offering a very light swat on Sage's still upturned butt cheeks, Benny politely excused himself and darted out of the bedroom, leaving Sage's ass filled with teen juice, and hornier than hell. To Sage, this was just way too fast for his liking, and now all he could think about was somebody else handling business...fucking his ass until his own cum came flooding out.
Somewhere off in the distance, Sage's alarm clock was blasting away. Rolling over, Sage shut it off then slowly eased himself out of bed. Walking somberly into the bathroom, Sage stopped in front of the full length mirror and eyed his naked physique. His lips quivered, then his voice sounded, "My oh my how time flies!"
What Sage's eyes were now seeing was the image of himself present day. It had been 40 years to the day since he was first sentenced to Cane Bay Manor. The image his eyes now reflected was that of a grown man, a grown man who is all of 52 years old. Sage could only smile knowing that his great looks had faded over the years and his once flawless body now presented many flaws. His belly is now protruding and his snow white hair is balding. Going back in time, Sage knew he had the looks that could stop men and women alike dead in their tracks, but those days were long gone.
Turning sideways, Sage stared at his butt. That's the very same butt that many a men paid dearly for just to get a shot at it, but now, that too is but only a fond memory. Staring at himself in the mirror, Sage smiled as he reminisced back in time when plenty of people seriously questioned whether or not he was even capable of taking a shit. Only had they known! Again, his words fluttered through the air, "Those were the days alright and I sure as shit kept em guessing!"
His smile brought tears to his eyes as a rush of loneliness rushed through his naked body. He once had the power to capture whoever he so desired, but over the years, those powers quickly faded away. Now, when he approaches someone much younger, the response he has grown accustomed to hearing is, "Man, you need to find somebody your own age...your way too old for me!" Looking into the mirror, Sage sees his empty bed, yearning for the moment when someone else will come along, someone very special who will find his butt sexy, and crave to fill it with their thrusting cock.
Until that time, Sage prepared himself for yet another long day at work, wishing like hell that Cane Bay Manor was still open for business, but that heavenly place he grew to love got shut down three years after he left when he was only 18. Now dressed for work wearing his police uniform, taking the moment to look at himself once more in the mirror, Sage recalled all that Ricky had told him, especially the part about how his looks will fade, and how he would be less desirable as he grew older. Thankfully enough, he did take Ricky's advice and opened his youthful years into one hell of a wild sexually active fuckfest.
Thankfully enough, today Sage would start his new duty station. This assignment was at the middle school, and he was going to be the school's cop. Maybe, just maybe, if he has any luck at all, Sage just might get to have some uh, fun!