Seti did as he had been trained to do, did as all did when entering the Temple of The Boy God. He reached out his right hand, cupped the balls of the living incarnation of the Boy God, held them for the prescribed two breaths, then moved his hand so he held the hard shaft of the living embodiment of the Boy God's youthful, erect member, holding that for the correct three breaths, and then gently brushed the skin covered head with his thumb, before bowing his thanks to the God for permitting him to feel his place of pleasure.

Next week, after the Rising of the Water, Seti would take his place as the living embodiment of the Boy God, standing at the Temple entrance, his cock hard and being ritually felt by all who entered.

It was a duty shared by all the boys of the Third Age who served the Boy God, all boys who had reached the age of seeding and were not yet men, boys of fourteen and fifteen, and it was the greatest honour a boy could have, to be, for a while, the living proof of the Boy God's gifts to men.

The boy Seti felt made no move, no sign that he felt pleasure in being ritually admired by Seti's hand, he was, for the time he represented the God, not a boy but a statue and statues do not move or show pleasure or displeasure. There were other statues of the Boy God throughout the Temple, statues carved from marble and from wood, but the one at the Temple gateway was one of living boy flesh so that all who entered there could feel in their hands the hard, hot, throbbing wonder that is the erect cock of a boy, the Sacred Cock of the Boy God himself.

The boy, like all the others who shared this honour with him, had been fed a potion that would keep his young cock hard and unsoftened for the whole time he represented the God; he would stand on the plinth that raised him to a height where the wonders of his boyness were level with the faces of those who entered, naked and unmoving, only the ritual mask of the actual, sublimely beautiful, face of the Boy God concealing his mortality from the eyes of worshipers.

It was no easy duty; a boy would have to represent the God for the whole of the turning of a sand glass, and though the potion he had drunk would keep his cock hard for that time, only his own strength of mind, his own control of his body, was able to prevent his seed from rising and spurting.

For those on duty in the first hours of the day, this was not the most difficult of tasks, but later, when the sun was fully risen and men came in numbers to worship at the Temple, his cock may be felt in the ritual manner by a hundred or more and it was no easy thing for a boy of fourteen or fifteen to restrain the eruption of his seed when his hard member was felt so often and by so many.

Relief would come when his duty was ended and another had taken his place on the plinth. Then a priest of the Temple would take his boy hardness in his mouth and allow the boy to seed in the ritual manner; it was the greatest of sins for the seed of a boy to be wasted, a sin as great as that of any boy who wasted the seed of a man who worshipped the Boy God with him.

Seti, like all boys who had been taken into the Temple to serve the Boy God, had learned at the age of seven years, the correct ritual of the Taking of Seed into the Mouth. The cock of a worshiper must be taken in both hands, one placed above the other, and only the head of the cock must be accepted into the mouth, lips and tongue working on the skin that covered that head until the seed spurted. Then the hot seed must be held on the tongue for five breaths, not a single drop allowed to escape, and then it must be swirled round inside the mouth for a further three breaths before being slowly swallowed, and when all had been consumed, the tongue must be extended to show a covering of white still on it, proof to the worshiper that his offering to the Boy God had been accepted.

Life in the Land of The River was ordered by ritual. There were hundreds of Gods, each with their own ritual to be followed, and though no man was obliged to follow any particular God, no man must break the ritual of a God, whether he followed that God or not. Each God had a purpose and a meaning in the peaceful ruling of the Land of The River, and the Boy God had appeared when the rulers of that land deemed that immorality had become so great that the mightiest of the Gods, those who controlled the yearly Rising of the Waters, had become displeased and forbid the Waters to Rise and hardship and starvation gripped the Land of the River.

In that long ago time there had been no Boy God and no ritual for His worship and men used boys in all manner of ways when the mood took them, and no boy, however young he may be, was safe from the hard and lustful cocks of men. A man may take and use for his pleasure the son of another man and fear nothing, for no law or ritual forbid such things and the land was lawless because it is in the nature of men to desire to use boys for their pleasure. The Ruler of the Land, in his great palace in the mighty city of Thebes, was powerless to pass any law forbidding these things for there was no God to give him such laws, and no ruler, however great and powerful he may be, could invent a law, as all laws came from the Gods. Thus it was that the Gods themselves conferred and brought forth the Boy God, whose duty it was to protect boys from misuse and provide the ritual whereby they may be used for pleasure still, but also be protected from the lusts of men.

Peace came again to the Land of the River, for now there was a ritual that could be followed and men could enjoy still the wonders of a boy and bring no harm to the boy they worshiped with, and raise no anger in the fathers of boys for none were now misused in the manner of the past.

The priests of the new God conferred much with Him, and listened to his laws and rituals, and because the laws and rituals He gave satisfied the needs of men, all accepted them.

Boys were to be taken into the service of the Boy God at the age of seven years, but the first son of a man could not be taken, only the second son, so no man was left without a son to succeed him and work his land or at his trade.

Twice each year, priests of the Boy God would go throughout the land and select boys to be taken to the Temples. These boys must be seven years of age, be of slender form and of good looks, for only the best could serve the God. Their tiny, ungrown members were inspected and measured; each must have an ample bud of skin, for such had the Boy God Himself, and none must be smaller than the length of a man's thumb. The boys thus chosen were taken to the Temple where they could be trained in the proper service of the Boy God, and so popular was the cult of the Boy God that soon there were temples in all the towns and cities of the Land of the River where the Boy God may be worshiped according to the rituals.

In this manner was Seti chosen, and that he was chosen was because the Boy God Himself spoke to the priest who was at that time inspecting the boys of the village of the father of Seti and told him that he must again measure the boy with his thumb as he had not done so in the proper manner when first he measured the boy. The priest obeyed the God's command, and was not loathe to do so, Seti was a most pretty boy and one who would bring men to the Temple to worship had his little member not been near a half-knuckle short of the ritual length. The priest did as the God wished and placed his thumb a second time along Seti's member, and this time it was of the ritual length, though Seti winced some as the priest's thumb dug into his groin.

The ritual demanded that the chosen boys be taken to the Temple where they were instructed in the Nature of the Boy God and how they must worship Him. A boy, they were instructed, had three ages, and each age of a boy had a proper ritual to be followed in the worship of the Boy God.

For two years the new servants of the God could worship only with their hands and with their mouths, but before they could begin that worship, first had they to learn some of the Nature of the Boy God. The very Essence of the God, they were instructed, lay in the tiny thing between their legs, a thing they must forever more now call a `cock', as that was the name the Boy God had given it.

The `Cock', which now they used only to piss with, would grow larger as they grew older, and, as it grew, so would they find new and different feelings came from within it, and it would not be forever soft and limp but would grow hard as though it was a bone, and when it did this most often, then was the first age of a boy completed.

Though the boy grew and his `Cock' grew with him, for all true worshipers of the Boy God, the `Cock' would never grow to be a man, as a boy must grow to be a man. For any man who worshiped the Boy God, his `Cock' would always be the `Cock' of a boy, and to worship the God in the proper and prescribed ritual manner, a man must use his `Cock' with a boy, and in this way order and peace would govern for ever the Land of the River.

Seti had gazed with awe, admiration and some small fear when the priest who instructed revealed his `Cock' for the boys to see; that the tiny, limp thing between his legs could grow to be so big and hard that it truly did look like a bone jutting from the man, shocked all the boys around him, though it had a strange attraction also and none could take their eyes from it.

The wonder and awe were not in the sight alone, as each boy was instructed to take this huge thing in his hand and feel the power of the Boy God within it, and Seti had felt a strange feeling within him when he held that `Cock' in his small hand.

It was hard, yet also soft, the skin around the hardness soft and moving as he held it. It pulsed and throbbed in his little hand, full of warmth and power, and Seti had been most reluctant to release it from his hand, as had all the other boys with him who felt, for the first time, the Essence of the God.

Some days of instruction followed, for there was a ritual for everything, and the boys had to learn the proper way of holding a `Cock', and how they should move their hands to give pleasure to the `Cock' because the `Cock' was the Essence of the God and each and every `Cock' they gave pleasure to worshiped the God Himself.

Selflessly the instructing priests gave their `Cocks' to the new boys so they may learn the ritual, and when they became somewhat skilled in the handling of both `Cock' and `Balls', the ritual name for the lumps that dangled below the `Cocks' of men that were still but small and held tight against the flesh of these new boys, they were instructed then how their mouths must be used also in the worship of the God.

It was then that Seti and all the new boys, as all boys who served in the Temple and all men who worshiped the Boy God had done since that God first came amongst the people of the Land of the River, knew that the God was real, because the rituals they learned were not things that man could have invented. Less than two moons ago, before the priest came to his village, Seti had nothing but a limp little thing to piss with hanging between his legs, but now he knew that tiny thing was to grow into a `Cock', and that 'Cock' was a thing of wonder and of power and made his body thrill with unknown delight when he held one in his little hands, but that delight was as nothing to the delight he felt when he took one in his mouth.

Before he was taken for the Temple, never would he have thought to take a `Cock' in his mouth, but now he knew his mouth was meant to take `Cock' in it, and surely this was a thing no man could ever have thought of, such a thing could only come from the Boy God Himself who knew, because he was both a boy and a God, the pleasure and delight a boy would feel when he took `Cock' into his mouth.

A `Cock' was a thing of wonder to look upon, a thing of magnificence to hold in the hand, but it was a thing no words could describe when it was in the mouth. The power of the `Cock' flowed into his whole being when it was in his mouth, and he was filled with wonder that he, a small boy of but seven years, could give such pleasure to a man by taking `Cock' in his little, soft mouth.

Eagerly did Seti learn, as all the other boys learned, the proper ritual of Sucking `Cock'; how it should be held by his small hands, both grasped around the stem of the `Cock', or, if it was the cock of a boy not yet a man and with a `Cock' not grown sufficient yet to hold in such a way, one hand should grasp it and the other cup the `Balls'. He learned how to use his lips, covering always his teeth, and how to use his tongue, and how to open his throat so the `Cock' could enter there if that was what it wished to do.

Though at first it made his throat sore when he took the entire `Cock' of a priest into it – and learned also to no longer hold the shaft when he did so – soon it became a natural thing for him to do and his throat was no longer sore and he glowed with pride that he was able to serve his God in such a manner and please Him by aiding men to worship Him.

His final lesson in this, his first stage of being a boy for the God, was about the Seed that spurts from the `Cock'. The `Seed', he learned, was the most holy of things, it was the very `Seed of Life' itself, and, when planted in a woman, made new life grow there.

The Boy God, though He cared nothing for women, had proper respect for those Gods who did, the ones who gave women the power to grow new life, and though `Seed' when planted in a boy could not grow new life, still was it the most holy and precious thing and never must it be wasted. A boy serving the Boy God, would take `Cock' into his mouth and make it `Seed' there and that `Seed' must always be swallowed, never a single drop allowed to escape the mouth of a boy.

This was a difficult thing for a boy of seven years to learn as men made much `Seed', so first the new servants of the Boy God learned the ritual from taking the `Cocks' of older boys in their mouths, for boys make less `Seed' than men.

It had not been an easy thing to learn; `Seed' had an unusual taste and was something like the meat of a raw egg, but though it came from the `Cock' of a boy, Seti knew it came really from the `Cock' of his God, and knowing that, he came instantly to savour it and learned quickly the ritual of holding it in his mouth for the prescribed time, of swilling it around in his mouth, of swallowing it slowly and of showing then his tongue so all could see he had performed the ritual properly and so pleased the God.

For two years then had Seti served his God in the Temple, taking the `Cocks' of worshipers there in both his hands and his mouth and eating their `Seed' in the manner the ritual demanded, and greatly had he liked serving his God in this way. As a true and proper servant of the Boy God, Seti had learned to give due and proper adoration to all `Cocks', and always the men who he helped to worship had been most pleased with the service he provided.

Seti was a true boy devotee of the Boy God; he had come to know that the cocks of men, and those of older boys as well, were the physical manifestations of THE COCK, the `COCK' of the Boy God Himself, and when he gave pleasure with his hands and his mouth to the Cocks of others, he gave delight to THE COCK and so greatly did he please his God that the Boy God was good to Seti and returned some trace of that divine pleasure, so Seti found nothing but joy in pleasing the Cocks of men.

Seeing that Seti was most devoted to his duties, one of the senior priests who gave unstinted attention to the boys of the First Age, gave further instruction to the now nine years old boy in the Nature of the Boy God and of other rituals that could be followed to worship Him.

No longer, the priest told Seti, did he have to think of the cocks of others as `Cocks', because, as Seti had discovered for himself, those cocks were nothing but earthly representations of THE COCK, and from now on, Seti could think of cock and balls and enjoy them as such, though never forgetting that they represented THE COCK and THE BALLS.

The significance of that difference was not lost on Seti. As he grew closer to his tenth birthday he had found himself wondering often about the cocks and balls of the men and youths who did not come to worship at the Temple, and indeed, thinking also of his own, as his small thing had grown a little and now was most often hard; always did it grow hard now when he worshiped with a man, and harder more if it was a youth he worshiped with.

Often had he been tempted to take it in his hand when it grew hard, but he knew of no ritual that permitted this to be done, and if there was no proper ritual then it was a thing he could not do.

The kindly priest who gave instruction to Seti said that he was not to have fears because the Boy God was a generous God and only had thought for boys, and He had laid down a ritual where boys could feel and enjoy their cocks when they grew hard and made demand upon the minds of boys, and this ritual the priest both explained and demonstrated to Seti.

A boy may take his hard cock in his hand, or in his fingers if his cock were not yet grown sufficient for his hand, and he may rub the skin of his cock up and down, and if he did this firmly enough and for long enough, soon would he find the most wonderful feelings came to his entire body and not just to his cock. He would discover, the kindly priest explained, that all his body would go stiff, every muscle taut and tense, his eyes would close tight shut and his mouth open and a new, strange feeling would come to him and make even his toes curl as it did.

Seti followed the instruction and performed the ritual and all was as the priest had said. His cock felt more wonderful than ever before and, after he had rubbed it fast and hard for some time, his body did indeed go still all over, his eyes did clamp tight shut and his mouth did open and a wondrous feeling seemed to burst from somewhere at the very bottom of his stomach and strange tingles shot through all his body and did indeed make his toes curl.

This was indeed a marvellous gift that the Boy God had given to boys and Seti found he could not perform this ritual often enough, such a joy was it.

The sacred name, the priest told Seti, was WANKING, and it was a secret the Boy God gave to all boys, though those who did not worship Him and were not in the Temple, learned of it by dreams the God sent them, or perhaps from older brothers or fathers or uncles, and though they performed not the ritual in knowing worship of the Boy God, still was the Boy God not a jealous God and wished that all boys, if they worshiped Him or not, should have some pleasure from being boys, and if a boy took his cock in his hand and `Wanked' it and did so  for the pleasure that gave him, the Boy God had decreed that was a form of worship and was acceptable to Him.

Seti wondered again at the care the Boy God took of boys, and gave all boys, no matter how far they lived from a Temple, a way that they could worship Him, and know some small things of the pleasure there was in being a boy.

For a whole moon, the priest instructed Seti, he must do this `Wanking' until he became skilled in the ritual and he must make his toes curl no less than four times each day, and this was an instruction that Seti obeyed most eagerly, giving proper thanks each time to the Boy God who had permitted him to feel such pleasure and delight.

Now, the priest told Seti, that though he was yet a whole moon short of his tenth birthday and his little thing had grown yet but by a tiny amount, it was now a `Cock', his own personal representation of THE COCK, and the priest showed that this was so by taking it again in his fingers and `Wanking' it for Seti until his toes curled and Seti was filled with delight and gave much thanks to the Boy God for thinking him worthy of having a `Cock' to use in service of the God.

Then did Seti reach his tenth birthday, and now for two years had he worshiped with his hands and his mouth the Boy God by bringing the men and youths who came to the Temple to worship also, to seeding with their cocks, and never once had he let one drop of sacred seed fall from his mouth, but all he had eaten as the ritual prescribed. And on his tenth birthday, which was also the day of the Rising of the Waters, Seti moved to the Second Age of Boy.

Now did he have new rituals to learn; a boy in the Second Age has more ways to serve the Boy God than with his hands and his mouth alone.

Now did the priests teach him that the `Boyness' of the Boy God lies not in his hands and his mouth and even his cock alone, and that at the rear of a boy is another place where the God may be worshiped. This, the priests said, had the sacred name of THE HOLE, and although till now Seti, like all boys of his age, had thought that only the place where shit was expelled from, as he and they had before thought the cock was just for pissing, in the infinite wisdom of the Gods and through the divine urgings of the Boy God himself, that place was in some unknown by man manner connected with the cock and undreamed of delight would come to any boy who gave his `Hole' to the rituals, and of those rituals there were three.

The first ritual, it was explained to Seti, was a ritual that showed a man wished to worship the Boy God in the proper manner, and no boy should permit a man to perform the second and the third rituals unless he had  performed the first. It was a ritual that showed the worshiper was a true follower of the Boy God and that, for the time he worshiped the God with a boy, for him, that boy was indeed an incarnation of the God.

This, Seti found hard to understand; he knew that the Boy God could enter any boy when He pleased, as any God could enter the heart and soul of any man, as that was the Nature of Gods, but now he was taught that the Boy God would only enter the being of a boy for true worship if the worshiper gave due and proper pleasure to the boy, for though any man who worshiped the God with a boy would seek the Glory of the God with that boy, he would not find that Glory if he pleased not the boy he used for worship.

"The God feels the pleasures of your body in His own immortal body," the priest explained, "So that when you receive pleasure in worship, the God Himself feels that same pleasure."

This, Seti could understand, and made the vow that never would he permit a worshiper to attempt the second and the third rituals of the HOLE unless he had performed the first. That Seti knew nothing of the second and the third rituals did not affect his vow, and, indeed, as yet he knew not of the first either, for the nature of it had not been explained to him. But Seti was a servant of the Boy God and must make his vows and perform the rituals in the proper manner, for it was only by ritual that the order of the Land of the River could be maintained.

Seti was told by the priest to place himself upon a couch, on his back and raise his legs and hold them raised with his hands, and this caused the tiny, white kilt that was the only thing he wore upon his body, to fall away and expose his arse to the gaze of the priest.

This Seti felt no shame in doing; his arse was clean, as always boys in the Temple were to wash their arses with great care, and now Seti had been told his arse, and the `Hole' concealed there, was a holy place, he understood why that was a thing most insisted on.

Through his drawn up legs, Seti could see the priest position himself so that his face was close to Seti's arse, and this, to him, seemed a thing most strange, but not so strange as the wonder that followed.

The priest pulled apart the cheeks of Seti's arse with the thumbs on his hands and then did place his face so that it was pushed against Seti's arse itself, and then did Seti gasp most loudly as wondrous waves of pleasure and delight flooded through his body as the tongue of the priest began to lick his `Hole'!

Never had Seti known such feelings! Greater and more intense were they than the feelings he got when he made his toes curl with Wanking his cock! Seti writhed and moaned with pleasure as his `Hole' was licked by the priest's tongue, and hardly could he hold himself in place when that tongue began to poke inside his `Hole'!

He believed his little cock would burst, so hard did it become, and when the priest took it in his fingers and Wanked it while his tongue probed into Seti's `Hole' he hoped the Boy God could feel the delight he was enjoying.

"On your tenth birthday," the priest informed Seti when all was done, `You will move to the Second Age and then you may offer your `Hole' for the Ritual of the Tongue to the men and youths who worship with you."

On that day did Seti stand before the Chief Priest of the Temple, and he, with ceremony, removed the tiny white kilt and donned instead a garment that had no sides or back, but was only a band around the waist and a small piece of cloth that kept his little cock from sight.

The cloth Seti wore was also white, though other boys in the Second Age, some wore cloths that were blue and some that were green, though Seti knew not why that was so.

Often did Seti find that worshipers now wished to perform with him the Ritual of the Tongue and greatly did Seti like this ritual, and a strange thought began to grow in his mind and he wondered why this should be so.

"Lord," Seti said one day to the instructing priest, "I find that my eyes are much attracted to the arses of the boys of the Second Age, as much even as they are attracted to the cocks of the boys in the Third Age. Why is it that this is so?"

"And do you find some desire to perform the Ritual of the Tongue with the arses of those boys you so much admire?" the priest asked Seti, and Seti admitted freely that he did have such a desire.

"You are a good and honest servant of the God," the priest commended Seti, "And are ready now to worship Him in another way."

Then Seti found he was no longer to sleep alone, but to share a sleeping mat with another boy of the Second Age and that they were expected to perform the Rituals of the Tongue and of the Hand and of the Mouth with each other at nights before they slept, and in the mornings when they woke also these rituals were permitted and much did Seti enjoy his first year in the Second Age, and liked much that he could perform the sacred rituals with another boy as well as helping worshipers to adore the Boy God by offering them his `Hole' as well as his hands and mouth to worship with.

Then did the priests declare that Seti was now of an age to learn of the second ritual of the Hole, the one known as the Ritual of the Finger, that could be performed only following the proper performance of the Ritual of the Tongue.

So Seti learned that a finger should be placed within his Hole after the Ritual of the Tongue had been performed, and that this ritual was to be performed together with the Ritual of the Mouth, so that whilst the finger was in his Hole, so must his Cock at that same time be also in the Mouth of the boy who had inserted a finger into him.

These rituals Seti found gave him much pleasure following, as they did from the Ritual of the Tongue, and a pleasure he found it to perform those rituals on the boy he shared his sleeping with, the hot, wet, tightness of a Hole around his finger and a Cock in his mouth made Seti's body glow with delight almost as much as when a finger was in his Hole and his Cock in a mouth.

The white cloth Seti wore around his waist was then replaced by one of blue, and when he worshipped the Boy God with a man or youth in the Temple those worshippers performed the rituals of the Tongue and of the Finger on him, and though his Cock was still small and not yet grown, those worshippers performed the Ritual of the Finger as he had been taught they should, and much Seti enjoyed the Sucking of his Cock while his Hole was being entered by a finger.

In his second year of the Second Age his little cloth was a light blue one and he was taught how more than one finger at a time could be put in his Hole when he performed the ritual of the Sucking of the Cock and he liked that a lot when he helped men and youths worship the Boy God and when he was twelve and in the third year of the Second Age the priests began to instruct him in the greatest ritual of all.

"You must know," his kindly priest said to him, "That the Hole is of such a shape that a Cock may enter into it, just as a finger does."

Seti knew that a finger went most pleasantly into his Hole and also that his fingers went most easily into the Hole of the boy he shared his sleeping mat with, for they were instructed to perform this ritual, together with the Sucking of the Cock and after the ritual of the Tongue, upon each other with great frequency, and that cocks, even the cocks of men, were though larger much, in shape most similar to a finger.

And the priest brought forth a boy of the Second Age who wore a cloth of green and instructed him to perform the rituals of the Tongue and of the Finger and then to use his cock to enter the Hole of Seti.

That the boy, being not yet of the Third Age, had a Cock little larger than a finger still, entered the Hole of Seti with much ease, though, to Seti, this ritual seemed far better than the ritual of the Finger, and this, the priest told him was the Ritual of the Fuck.

Then was Seti made once more to move his sleeping mat and this time he was to be with a boy of the Third Age, and nightly was this boy to perform the Ritual of the Fuck with him, after the rituals of the Tongue and of the Finger.

Boys of the Third Age had cocks that were larger by far than were the cocks of the boys of the Second Age, though not so large as were the cocks of men and of youths, and cocks they had that could now seed and it was the wish of the Boy God that those boys of the Third Age should most often wish to worship Him, for the Third Age was the Age when the Boy God entered into a boy and transformed him to a living image of Himself.

The cocks of boys of the Third Age were most often hard and upright, and when a cock is so, Seti had been taught, it was not cock but Cock and always must it be used in worship.

The boy Seti was to perform the rituals with was one year more of age than was Seti and his cock was not much grown yet and Seti understood that the priests had placed them together for that reason, so that Seti could use his Hole for the ritual of the Fuck with little discomfort, for even the cock of a boy who has only just reached the age when he can seed is larger still than is a finger.

"If you are to be a true devotee of the Boy God," this boy whispered to Seti when they lay on their sleeping mats, a soft blanket covering them, "There is a Ritual more that you must learn and perform."

"Do not the priests instruct us in the rituals?" Seti asked.

"In all but one," the boy answered him, "It is the holiest Ritual of all and the God will have it known only to those boys who truly worship him. It is a ritual the priests may not teach for it is a Ritual known only to boys and only boys may perform it."

"But were the priests not also boys before they became priests?"

"They were so, but now the Boy God forbids them to perform this ritual for no longer are they boys and only boys are permitted by the God to perform this ritual together."

"What is this ritual?" Seti asked, "I am a true worshipper of the Boy God and most willingly have I wish to worship Him and please Him."

"It is a ritual that must be performed before any of the other rituals when two boys share a sleeping mat, and if it is performed properly then the pleasures of all the other rituals is much greater and the Boy God Himself has delight in seeing them performed for Him."

Then did Seti learn of the Ritual of the Kiss and that there was a second, and secret Ritual of the Tongue, for when the mouths of boys were placed together those mouths must open and admit the entry of the Tongue and the tongues must twist and wrap together, and that while this was so, hands must be used to feel and stroke all parts of the body of the boy a boy made worship with.

Seti saw straight the wonders of this Ritual, for the Joining of Tongues, as this ritual was named, made Seti long greatly to perform all the other rituals and he was able to feel the power of the Boy God flow into his body and his mind, and most willingly he gave his body to the God who had granted boys such delights.

"Some fears I have," said Seti when the ritual of the Joining of Tongues had been performed, "That I am not suitable to worship the God. This ritual has awakened in me much desire and I find I have no proper care for the performing of the rituals in the order they must be performed. My mouth has great longing for your cock, and this, I think, should not be so, for should it not be that you must perform the rituals of the Tongue and of the Finger upon me and then the ritual of the Fuck?"

"Have no fears," the boy told Seti, "For they are not fears you should fear, but are the signs the God has entered you and has accepted you as incarnation of Himself and as you are that, so may you perform the greatest of all the Rituals, which is the Ritual of the Boy and can be performed only by those the God has chosen."

"What is this ritual?" Seti demanded, "Never have I heard priest talk of it?"

"And that because priests are boys no more, and only by boys with boys may this greatest of rituals be performed. In this Ritual, the God does not lay down laws as to how all the other rituals are to be performed nor the order in which they must be done. His law is only that a boy should take pleasure in another boy, and after the Joining of Tongues may they take their pleasures in what order they desire and in what manner pleases them, for any pleasure a boy doth take with another boy is a delight to the God."

"Then I may take your cock into my mouth and perform the ritual of the Suck and of the Eating of Seed and after still may you perform the ritual of the Fuck with me?"

"Indeed so," the boy replied, "Though some little time must elapse between the two for my cock is but a mortal cock and must needs recover some from seeding in your mouth before it may grow hard enough again to enter in your Hole, but this time may we lawfully spend in the Joining of Tongues once more."

"Then let it be so," Seti said most eagerly for his mouth did long to be filled with the cock of that boy.

"But one change must be made to the Sucking of the Cock," the boy said, "For in the Ritual of the Boy, the seed must not be swallowed, but held all in the mouth so it may be shared when tongues are joined again."

"This will I do," Seti agreed, and so he did and found that to be a thing most pleasing, for still he tasted the sweetness of that boy's seed and the Joining of the Tongues was of pleasure even greater than before.

Greatly also did Seti enjoy the Ritual of the Fuck, for though there was pleasure indeed in both the rituals of the Tongue and of the Finger, greatly more so was there pleasure in the Ritual of the Fuck, and that his Hole were filled by Cock were the greatest delight that yet he had known.

"Now are you truly a boy belonging to the God," the priest told Seti when he did recount the events of the Ritual of the Boy, for that priest had instructed him that, though by the God's decree, he were not to instruct any boy in that most sacred of all Rituals, the God had decreed that priests should talk with those boys when first they performed that Ritual, for in their responses was it possible for it to be known if a boy had been accepted by the God or no.

"Now," the priest told Seti, "You may wear the cloth of green, and this does mean that any boy of the Third Age may perform the Ritual of the Boy with you, and shortly, when it comes that you are of age to seed, then to the Third Age you will progress and perform with worshippers the Ritual of the Fuck."

Greatly was Seti proud that he may wear the cloth of green, for that cloth showed to all that he had been chosen by the Boy God and that he may be asked by any boy of the Third Age to share a sleeping mat with him and perform the sacred Ritual of the Boy with him and much it pleased Seti that all the boys of the Third Age in the Temple wished to perform that ritual with him.

Soon Seti, though as yet his cock was still most small and no seed flowed from it, yet did his Hole so welcome the cocks of the boys of the Third Age within it in worship of the Boy God, that even the oldest of those boys who had cocks near as large as are the cocks of men and youths did declare that he was most devout in his worship and sought to share a sleeping mat with him so the Ritual of the Boy they could perform with him.

Many boys of the Third Age did Seti perform the Ritual of the Boy with and greatly did he like doing so and took much pleasure in knowing he was giving the Boy God delight and serving Him as he wished to be served, and no boy could have wish for more than to do that, and knowledge of his devotion came to the priests of the Temple, and Seti was brought before the Chief Priest himself.

"Great devotion do I understand you show when you worship with boys of the Third Age at nights," the Chief Priest said and Seti did confess that he knew not if he showed devotion enough but he always did his best to worship the Boy God, and hoped he was being not profane that he liked most the Ritual of the Fuck with those boys of the Third Age that had cocks of some size, and that the delight he felt when such cocks were within him were felt also by the God.

The priest assured Seti that it was so and that the Boy God was most pleased that Seti gave such devotion in his worship of Him, and that as reward the God had decreed that Seti should now wear the cloth of Gold, an honour that only came to those few boys who worshipped always with devotion.

Seti knew not what this cloth of Gold did mean, for never had he seen a boy who wore one, and the Chief Priest told him that it meant that there was one more Ritual that Seti could perform and that the greatest Ritual of all.

"I thought the Ritual of the Boy were the greatest," Seti said in puzzlement, for that was what he had been told.

"For those boys who are but ordinary boys it is so," the Chief Priest said, "But for a boy who has been chosen by the God there is a greater yet, and that is to unite with the greatest in the land, the Ruler of the Land of the River, who is, as all do know, a living God himself."

"But as yet I am not of age to seed," Seti protested, "And the Rituals forbid the joining of a man with a boy who seeds not."

"For ordinary men and boys that is the Law," the Chief Priest agreed, "But you are now no ordinary boy, but a boy chosen by the Boy God, and the Ruler of the Land of the River is no ordinary man, but is a living God, and it is permitted for him to join with you in worship and join in the manner of all the Rituals if that is his desire."

"Even all the Rituals of the Boy?" Seti asked amazed that this could be so.

"Each and all, and in any order he doth wish," the Chief Priest said, "But before that may be so, first must you be blessed by the Chief of all the Boy God's priests that he may see you are indeed worthy to wear the cloth of Gold."

Then did the Chief Priest worship with Seti and performed with him all the Rituals, even the Ritual of the Mixing of Tongues and the Sharing of Seed, and of the Tongue and of the Finger and also of the Fuck and much did Seti take pleasure from all those Rituals and from the knowledge that he was helping the Boy God in sustaining peace in the Land of the River, for peace could there only be if all the rituals of the Gods were performed in the manner laid down by the Law.


Seti then was taken to the Great Ruler that he may worship with him and Seti presented himself before the Ruler and removed the cloth of Gold that the Ruler may observe the fullness of his boyness, and greatly did the Ruler admire Seti with his eyes and then with his hands and the cock of Seti did rise full when the hands of the Ruler were upon his body.

The Ruler wore a linen kilt and had the Mask of Ceremony upon his face, but Seti saw the chest of the Ruler was strong and his legs were firm and Seti believed the Ruler to be of an age where worship with him would be most pleasing and when the Ruler removed the Mask of Ceremony the heart of Seti beat most strongly, for the Ruler were a man but little past the age of a youth, and Seti gave silent thanks to the Boy God that he had been chosen by Him to worship with this Ruler.

When the Ruler divested himself of the kilt and Seti observed the Royal Cock his mouth became most wet and greatly did he find desire to perform the Ritual of the Suck with that Royal Cock, for like the Great Ruler himself, it were a cock of magnificence, and though it were most hard and upright, yet still did it wear the hood over the head, and much did Seti long for that Cock to be in his Mouth that he may use his tongue to penetrate the hood and taste the sweetness that Cock would make flow upon his Tongue.

Then the Great Ruler spoke to Seti, but he spoke not like the Ruler of the Land of the River, but like a man who has full devoutness in his worship of the Boy God, for he said to Seti that he found him to be most beautiful and that worshipping with him would be of the greatest pleasure, and he had great desire to perform the Ritual of the Fuck.

The Boy God came to Seti then and having the God now within him, Seti answered that he was but the faithful servant of that God and most willingly would he perform all the Rituals of worship, and in any order, for that, the Chief Priest had told him, was the wish of the Boy God.

The Great Ruler of the Land of the River took Seti then, first following the Ritual of the Tongue, though that Ritual was not performed in haste but with full devotion to the Boy God in whose honour it was performed.

The lickings of the Royal Tongue over the Hole of Seti were like as the morning dew is to the bud of a flower, refreshing it and wakening it to opening, and the closed bud of Seti's hole did indeed begin to open, pulsing some as it both opened but a little and closed again after, waiting as does the bud of a flower for the sun to rise so that it may open full for the bee that will enter into it.

The bee that the Hole of Seti waited for were the Cock of the Ruler of the Land of the River, and when that bee did buzz around the bud of the Hole of Seti, that Hole did pulse more and the voice of Seti did beg for his Hole to be entered and the Ritual of the Fuck to be performed.

So it was, and the body of Seti did convulse in delight as Royal Cock entered in his Hole and the boy gave thanks to his God that he be permitted to worship him in this manner, for this Ritual of the Fuck were the greatest worship Seti yet had made and he knew the Boy God was most pleased that he was worshipped with such devotion.

For three full moons did Seti worship the Boy God with the Great Ruler of the Land of the River and all the Rituals were performed many times but the ritual that were performed the most was the Ritual of the Fuck, for it was with that Ritual the Great Ruler most liked to worship and most pleased was Seti that such was so, for that Ritual he gained the greatest pleasure in performing.

Then was Seti returned to the Temple, and on the Day of the Rising of the Water, which was the thirteenth day of the year of his birth also, did the Cock of Seti first emit Seed, and the Chief Priest did announce that it were a great omen and a most auspicious one also, for on the very day of his birth and after thirteen years, Seti would pass from the Second Age to the Third, and that this should be so on that day were a sign that the Boy God had indeed chosen him to worship Him for all the days of his life.

The Third Age of a Boy did Seti find great pleasure in. Now he wore not a cloth of blue or of green nor even one of gold, for boys of the Third Age were naked always so worshippers in the Temple could see in full the incarnations of the Boy God who were there for them to worship with, and for three years did Seti perform the Rituals with those worshippers, and times each day did he perform the Ritual of the Fuck with them and all in honour and worship of the God.

Each night did Seti perform also the sacred Ritual of the Boy with other boys of the Third Age and also was he chosen to show to boys nearing the end of the Second Age the Ritual of the Fuck, and greatly did Seti enjoy this duty, for the Holes of those boys were most tight and gave great pleasure to his Cock.

Greatly also did Seti enjoy those times when he were the image of the Boy God and stood with Cock most hard for worshippers and all others who entered the Temple to feel and hold in the prescribed manner, but only the Boy God Himself may remain a boy forever, and the time drew close when Seti must pass from boy to youth and put behind him the days when he may be used for worship.

Some sadness did Seti feel for the coming of this time for much he liked the worship that he gave to his God, but his God deserted him not and Seti was called once more to the Chief Priest who told him the Boy God had requested that Seti should become a priest himself and serve the Boy God for all his days.

"Some priests there are," the Chief Priest told him, "Who are chosen by the God for their devotion to him, and those priests, together with the Ruler of the Land of the River, are permitted to worship the God with all the Rituals, including the Ritual of the Boy, which is the fullest and most perfect worship of all, the wonders of which you know well, for you have worshipped in that manner with the Great Ruler himself, where the man and the boy worship together in honour of the God, and no order is prescribed for the order of those rituals as all is done for pleasure and delight, and the God is most content that mortal boys should know the pleasure that He wishes them to know."

Thus did Seti, a boy who was of most common birth, become a priest in the Temple of the Boy God, and rose with the passing of time to become the Chief of the God's priests, and could take for worship any boy of the Temple that he desired and worship with that boy in the fullest of ways and so he did, and performed most oft the Ritual of the Fuck with them and also the Ritual of the Suck, for greatly did Seti have liking for the cocks of all boys of the Third Age, and for the seed that came from them.

Then did the Boy God speak to Seti and the words that He spoke Seti did make known, for those words were words that made the lives of boys in the Land of the River become most pleasant.

`Not alone for those who are chosen for the Temple, but for all boys wherever they may be, is the Ritual of the Boy to be a manner for boys to worship. Even for boys who know not of the Boy God, this is a thing to be permitted, for whenever boys perform that Ritual, worship is given to the God and the God delights much in all the worship He is given.'

Such was the decree of Seti and such was the decree also of the Great Ruler of the Land of the River, and thus it became also the Law, that boys may be free to worship the Boy God in any manner they found desire, though still, until they be of age to seed, were boys forbidden to use their holes in worship with men in the Ritual of the Fuck.

Thus was there peace and order both in the Land of the River, and boys everywhere gave worship to the Boy God whether they knew of Him or not, even in places that were not the Land of the River, for the Boy God made it so that all boys should wish to worship him no matter what land they may be in.