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Category: Gay - Adult/Youth
"So What, I'm A Manophile!"
So, my name's Chase, and this is my story! My mom and I live a few miles outside of town, more so, in kind of like a country type setting. She works all the time, and when she's not working, she's out on a date with some pussy whipped guy. Ever since I can remember, I've always been totally and completely infatuated with seeing another guys manhood. When my friends and I get together, I always try to find a way for them to show me their cocks. Sure, a few of them have called me gay, but I for one never really gave a shit about their opinions just as long as they would show me their pride and joy.
I never discriminated either! When at a public toilet, standing in front of a urinal, I made it a strong point to stare at some man standing next to me taking a piss. Honestly speaking, I really didn't care what the man looked like, nor his age, or the color of his skin, just intent on satisfying myself by staring at his pissing cock. Every single time I watched a cock pissing, my own little hairless finger sized cock would become instantly erect. And, this wasn't something that just happened overnight either. As far back as I can remember, I've always been feverishly hooked on seeing some guys pecker.
When I was 8 years old, my addiction took a little twist. Sitting around with some of my friends, I went from wanting to see their hard little hairless missiles to actually putting their willies inside my mouth. This was out of instinct because I certainly had no clue about blow-jobs or anything even closely related to sex. The more I saw their missiles, the more I wanted them inside my mouth. Out of all of my friends, Jamie, who was the same age as me, wasn't at all bashful.
Almost every single day, Jamie and I would manage to hook up, and sooner or later, his 3 inches of hard preteen boner would be gliding peacefully in and out of my mouth. Though our dicks were about the same length, Jamie's hairless boner was a lot thicker than my own pencil thin member. Although I rather enjoyed sucking Jamie's boyhood, his personal hygiene wasn't always up to par. Many, many times, my nostrils would get a whiff of his unclean butt while my mouth worked its magic on his thrusting cock.
Another friend who had no problem obliging my obsession with tasting his cock was Walter. Walter was a little older, closer to 10 years of age, and his hairless meat was a good 4 or so inches and a bit thicker than Jamie's. Unlike Jamie, who wanted to play first, Walter always went straight to the point. Once he saw me, he'd walk right up and without any hesitation whatsoever, say, "Hey Chase, c'mon and suck my dick!"
I'd suck Walter's dick whenever and wherever without any shame or bashfulness. Though at that time, I had no clue about sperm, the boys I sucked off never did anything more than achieved a dry orgasm. Without going into further details, I had a total of 5 friends who always let me suck their peckers on a regular basis. The oldest of them all was an 11 year old boy whose name is David.
Out of my regulars, David was more commanding. He was a good bit taller than me, and thinking back on it, the boy was simply downright gorgeous. Though David was completely hairless, his erect boyhood was right at the 4 inch mark, but his had a distinctive upwards arch that kind of looked like an upturned banana. Just like the rest of my friends, and me too, David's cock was cut as well. Not only did David instruct me on the proper way to suck his willy, but he's the one who made sure that I paid loving attention to his dime sized hairless jewels.
Being that his balls were kind of on the smallish side, I had no problem getting both hairless nuggets inside my mouth. One day, while in my bedroom with David bare ass naked and my mouth firmly engulfing his small eggs, David commanded me to do something I never ever imagined, nor ever thought of doing. David had his legs hiked up in the air while laying on his back, and it was then he commanded, "Lick my ass Chase, tongue my asshole!"
Okay, I have no problem admitting David was absolutely gorgeous, but putting my tongue on his asshole was something that was already making my stomach churn out of grotesqueness. I know I'm not the smartest cookie that had popped out a pecan tree, but I was smart enough to know what that tiny hole was made for, more so, what came out of it. His balls were still inside my mouth as my mind seriously contemplated his ass licking command.
Being a control freak, David pushed my mouth off of his balls, and using both hands on the back of my head, crammed my mouth directly into his spread hairless crack, leaving my nose crunched up right smack in the middle of his tiny bung hole. Since breathing is a necessity that we all must do, I quickly found myself breathing in David's anal scent. I got to fess up that it certainly didn't smell like a bouquet of roses, and I was definitely inhaling a mixture of sweat and feces aroma, but in some strange and unexplainable way, the more I breathed in, the hornier I found myself getting.
David barked, "Tongue it Chase! Let me feel your tongue on my asshole!" Like a thirsty craved dog, I found myself eagerly lapping at his pungent smelling asshole, and loving it, loving every tongue lapping second! From that ass eating lesson on, my other friends soon found another dining on their not so clean asses too!
It certainly didn't take long before my cock sucking, ball worshiping, and ass eating reputation began to grow. There were countless days that I was in the sexual companionship with anywhere from 3 to 7 boys, all pretty much around the same age as me. None of them ever returned the favor, but then again, I never asked them to. I'd suck their hairless boners, gnaw on their tender balls, and tongue their butts with energetic delight.
On a fateful early Saturday morning, things would change, and change for better or for worse. I had just finished taking my morning shower and was in the process of toweling myself off when in walked Drew. My mom had already left for work, and she did her usual, and by that I mean she didn't take the time to lock the door. Drew was someone I knew, but really didn't know. He's not in my circle of "special" friends being that he is older, 15 years old at that.
He was leaning up against the bathroom door frame, eyes glaring at me like a vulture over a dead carcass. First, I was petrified seeing him there, and secondly, I was scared not knowing what he wanted. But, he would soon tell me why he walked into my house unannounced. Drew was wearing knee high shorts and a tank top, and I was fully aware that he had a pretty good reputation of taking nobodies crap. His body was almost what one can refer to as being chiseled...bulging muscles over bulging muscles.
If I had to judge his size, I'd have to say Drew stood close to 6 feet and had to weigh a solid 190 pounds of pure power and rippling muscles. While his eyes burned holes into my naked body, I watched as his right hand began cupping and caressing his crotch. I didn't have to squint my eyes to see the rather large log forming inside his shorts. He was smiling, more like devilishly grinning, as he stroked his massive one eyed beast.
Drew's husky voice broke the eerie silence as he bravely said, "I hear tell you like to suck dick. I also hear that you like to eat ass too! Welllllllllll, I got a dick, and I got an ass, and both would like some attention. Shit little man, I've seen you around, and honestly speaking, seeing that tight little ass wiggle, well uhhhhhhhhhh, I'd love to bury my cock balls deep in it. Whatcha say Sport, you ready to get a proper fucking? You ready to feel my big ass dick up that hot little ass of yours? Huh, are you, you little fucking cock tease?"
I couldn't speak, nor move for that matter, and my eyes watched as he hauled out his 15 year old teen cock with a bit of struggle. Now, before me, my eyes were staring at the largest and thickest cock I'd ever seen to date. The beast had to have been a good 7 inches long, cut, and was just about as thick as a banana. Though I didn't know it at the time, or what it was, but I saw a long ropey strand of precum oozing out his puffy piss lips, stringing itself downwards. Even his balls looked huge to my 8 year old eyes. Not only large, but covered with tons of black hair!
He stepped towards me and I felt his hands apply pressure to my shoulders, and before I knew what was happening, I was kneeling on the floor gulping down his salty tasting precum. Then, within a blink of an eye, my mouth was stretched over his bulbous pink flowered mushroom shaped cock head. He wanted to shove that fuck pole down my throat, but I was gagging something awful. His hands forcefully locked themselves onto the back of my head as he whipped his hips forwards and backwards, fucking my mouth like some damned old insane bull.
His hairy balls kept on slapping my chin with every forward thrust, and somewhere in time, I must have mastered the art in cock sucking, cause I found my nose buried deeply into the sea of hairy black pubic curls. His smell was one of sweat and some intoxicating musky odor, and the more I breathed in, the more I wanted his thrusting throat fucking cock. I faintly heard Drew shout something, but I was too far gone to give a shit, but when the first enormous wad of cream blasted the back of my throat, it was then, at that very moment, that I would get my first taste of cum.
More of his creamy load exploded into my mouth, and I fought within myself to swallow, and swallow it all. It was kind of salty tasting, and it was somewhat bitter tasting too, but in some odd way, I heard myself moaning with some kind of never before felt pleasure as I gulped down his thick offering. It was warm and gooey, but the more I tasted, the more I wanted. I had my hands gliding up and down his muscular hairy thighs as he bucked his cum shooting cock in and out of my slurping mouth while I moaned loudly as I swallowed the bucket load of salty cream.
I felt his hands pull my head backwards, drawing my sucking mouth away from his hard teen pole. Instantly, I looked upwards and saw him looking down at me, and once our eyes met, Drew said, "Holy shit boy, you suck a mean fucking dick, but now I got to get me some of that ass!"
As if I were a baby, Drew scooped me up in his arms and carried me the short distance to my bed. Call me stupid or just plain brain dead, but at this point in my life, I honestly had no idea that a butt hole could be used for anything else other than taking a dump, but I was soon going to find that to be not so true. Even after Drew had told me he wanted my ass, I had no idea how he wanted it, much less even fathom a long and thick cock ever going up there. To me, I never imagined a guys pecker going into a butt, so I really didn't pay too much attention to what Drew had just said.
Drew placed me at the edge of the bed, on my back, and pushed my legs over my head. Much to his liking, Drew found it rather easy to shove both of my ankles behind my head, and once he did that, he grabbed a hold of my hips and slid me forwards, even closer to the edge of the bed. The look in his eyes was one of sheer lust, and as his eyes roamed my balled up body, Drew stepped back a foot or two then spoke, "Damn dude, you sure are one pretty little fucker. Mmmmmmm, and that ass, holy shit Chase, your asshole aint nothing more than a little dot. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, I've always been dreaming about fucking me an ass, but fuck me little man, you got one mighty fine little boy pussy on you!"
After he finished talking, my eyes widened as I watched Drew pour some baby oil all over his meaty cock, then began to smear it all over. While he was rubbing the oil all over his teen pole, Drew shamelessly blurted, "Hot damn, I'm getting me some ass today, and I'm gonna fuck it good, real fucking good at that! Hell, that little speck of a poop chute don't even look like it can open up enough for my pecker, but I'm gonna get it in, and that's for fucking sure!"
Drew stepped closer towards me, so close that I could now feel his engorged mushroom cock head pressing up against my widely exposed butt hole. Drew looked down at me then snickered, "Boy, this is probably gonna hurt like a mother fucker, but you'll come to love my dick inside you, or learn to love it, either way, here we go!"
I felt even more pressure on my butt hole, and like an idiot, I whispered, "Drew, Drew, that's my butt hole!"
He was grinning from ear to ear as he fired back, "Yeah, so the fuck what! I told you I was gonna get me some of this ass, and that's exactly what the fuck I aim to do!"
As the pressure was steadily building, I became nervous for the first time as I whispered, "Uhhhhhhhhhh, Drew, it, it aint gonna fit there! Your pecker is way toooooooooooooo...Owwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwww, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
The pain of his meaty cock entering my ass was a pain that no words could ever begin to describe accurately. I know I was screaming at the top of my lungs for him to pull it out, but Drew force fed his entire cock up my violated ass. It felt like a telephone pole had just been shoved up my butt, and the mother fucker was on fire! Every part of my balled up body felt a never before intense pain, especially my butt. And, when I felt him withdraw his cock, it felt like he was sucking out my guts through my anal canal, and my heart wasn't far behind.
Drew showed no signs of mercy as he began pounding my pain riddled ass with a vengeance. In and out, in and out, he used his cock like a battering ram, slamming that meaty fucker into me, knocking the very wind from my lungs with each and every violent thrust. I could feel myself crying from the gut wrenching pain that swarmed every inch of my being. I could hear Drew say things, but the sound of his voice sounded as though it was coming a millions miles away.
I'm not sure if I blacked out or what, but somewhere in time, something happened that sent all the tormenting pain from my body. However, it felt like an eternity before that happened! With the pain no longer being part of the equation, feeling his cock batter my ass sent unexplainable waves of nothing but raw pure pleasure exploding throughout every part of my shaking body. Also, while basking in my new found pleasure, I accidently discovered that if I tighten my anal muscles, I provided myself with an even more intense shrill of explosive pleasures.
Drew's large hairy balls smacked my own balls with each thrust, and he must be feeling something very good too when I tight up my anal muscles cause he yells every time I do it. So, I found myself constantly squeezing my anal muscles, providing us both with extreme pleasures.
Some time later, while feeding myself pleasure by clamping down on my anal muscles, I felt my own hard tiny cock do something it had never ever done before. I felt like I was going to pee, but then something unexplainable tore through my body. There wasn't a hand on my preteen joystick as my mind literally exploded with fireworks. I could feel my body jerk and twist in some sort of uncontrollable violent convulsion as Drew steadily hammered my bucking ass with pile driving force and jack hammering speed.
My mind was still spinning, and though I could hear Drew yell something, but was too far gone to care about putting his words together, I felt spurts of hot goo shoot even further up my anal canal. I even felt his cock expand even thicker, and once I felt his hot teen cream strike deeper up my anal canal, well uh, that feeling did something glorious to my already convulsing body.
Again, I'm not all that sure if I blacked out or what, but the next thing I felt was an odd emptiness, an emptiness inside my ass. Drew was in the process of putting his clothes back on, and I was laying on my bed with my legs dangling over the edge, glaring upwards at the ceiling, but my eyes saw only total darkness with bright flashes dotting my vision every few seconds. His voice sounded, "Damn Chase, that was the best fuck ever! Now that I done got me some of that mighty fine ass, you know I'll be back for some more! Chase, I best not hear you tell anyone about this, cause if you do, you know I'll get you. Go on now, give me your word you aint gonna tell anyone about this, cause we both know you want some more of this dick, now don't you?"
I guess I gave him my word, or said something that he must of liked cause Drew leaned down and whispered in my left ear, "You do know that you are one pretty little fucker and that ass of yours, well uh, that ass is something mighty fucking special. Fuck me Chase, you're prettier than any girl I've ever seen, and a hell of a lot better fuck than any of those stuck up bitches I've been fucking! (A soft peck on the lips) Until next time baby!"
Drew had long been gone from my house and I was still laying in the very same position as before when I felt a burning desire to empty my bowels. As I tried to walk, it felt like my legs were nothing more than rubbery stalks, and my asshole was burning something awful. Thankfully enough, I just made it to the toilet when all hell broke loose out of my butt. Drew's thick cum burned the sides of my asshole as it shot out of my butt, making loud splashing noises as they slammed into the toilet's water.
Although my butt hole felt like it was on fire, I couldn't think of anything else other than wanting to feel another cock deep inside me. Also, I had a beckoning desire to taste more cum. Another two firsts for me, and they both began laying heavily on my mind. I simply had to taste some more cum and feel a hard cock blister my ass!
I took another refreshing shower and brushed my teeth, and just as I was about to leave my bathroom, the words that Drew said earlier, popped back into my head. So, I looked at myself in the mirror. My sandy blond hair was kind of curly, almost as if it were the scraggly end of a mop, and my blue eyes are a deep blue. To me, I didn't see what Drew obviously saw, just an 8 year old boy who just so happens to be addicted to cock.
Being from a small southern town, and rather poor too, I didn't have the afforded privilege of owning a computer, so a lot of what I learned came from hands-on experience. Thanks mainly to Drew, my circle of "special" friends grew, but with Drew's friends came bigger cocks, and cocks that could produce cum. For the next couple of years, my reputation of being an easy lay began spreading far and wide. At 10 years of age, I still was unable to shoot a load, but every time an older boy used my ass for his cock's pile driving delight, I'd always have a dry orgasm, and sometimes more than one, depending on the person I just so happen to be with.
Those "special" friends closer to my age, that I started all this with, I still sucked them off though none of them could provide me the cum I so dearly love. I still dined on their unclean butts too, but it was the older guys who I went out of my way to find. Up to now, the oldest guy I've been with was an 18 year old teenager. Well, to be honest, there was more than one, but the age of the oldest was 18. By now, I didn't give a hoot what the guy looked like, nor cared about what kind of physical shape he was in, just as long as his cock got hard and he fucked me. That was my only requirement!
At 10 years old, I probably stood about 4'8" and I don't think I weighed no more than 85 pounds soaking wet. My hair is sandy blond, and it turns completely blond in the summer. My eyebrows are the same color, and they are of a medium thickness. My eyes are a deep blue, and I get plenty of compliments on them as well as the twin dimples impaling my facial cheeks. I have a small nose and my face is slender. Without sounding like some kind of self proclaimed narcissist, but I get tons of compliments regarding my looks. Nobody has any control over how they look, so being blessed with good-looks was definitely something I used in order to get what I wanted, especially with the guys.
Being blessed with good-looks has nothing to do when speaking of the cock department. Though my pecker has grown some over the past two years, it certainly hasn't grown all that much. When rock hard, which is all the time, it only sticks out about 4 inches. My hairless balls are about the size of a small pea. But, it's not my scrawny cock that gets me what I want! It's my looks and my shapely butt! Though be it I am rather on the skinnier side of things, my butt does provide quite the explicative view. In fact, it doesn't even look like a normal boys butt at all. Putting it as many of the other guys I've been with have said, it looks like two pearl drops perfectly formed.
Another thing I've picked up on over these past couple of years is how to master the art of enemas. This too was a "hands-on" experience. I've heard a lot of compliments, and some I thought were a joke until I realized the guys were dead set serious. I've been asked multiple times by some guy if I really took a shit, and I always kind of laughed it off. However, when a friend of mine my age asked me that very same question, but in a serious kind of way, it was then that I realized that those older guys weren't joking. When it comes to taking a poop, looks doesn't have a thing to do with it. If it looks like poop, and it smells like poop, chances are it is poop!
One of the older guys taught me a lot when it came to cleansing out my bowels. So, I now do it on a regular basis....just in case! And another simple fact is that now that I'm older, my mom sometimes doesn't even come home. I guess we both have the very same addiction, and that is cocks!
I'm 10 years old and schools out, so my summer time activity has already been pre-planned with as many cocks as I possibly can get. My mom didn't come home last night, so when I woke up, I gave myself a deep enema and then took a long hot soapy shower. I had just finished brushing my teeth when I heard a light tapping on my back door.
Hearing someone knocking on the backdoor was no big deal, since many of my older male friends used that as the primary entrance. Once my ears heard the light tapping, my preteen pecker instantly became rock hard, jutting straight out from my slender body with just a slight downwards arch. I guess my dick looks more like a missile since my cut cock head is about the same thickness as my scrawny shaft.
Feeling no need to cover my naked body, I walked right up to the backdoor, unlocked the deadbolt, and flung the door wide open. Initially, I was stunned as I stared wide eyed at the tall black stranger who was staring back at me with his eyes just as wide. This was not one of my regular fuck buddies, in fact, this was a full blown adult male, and a black male at that. Just seeing him standing there, I could easily tell the man had to be at least 6'4" tall and must weigh a pretty solid 230 or so pounds.
For a few seconds, we were both frozen dead in our tracks, and it was the man who finally broke the silence, "Uhhhhhhhhhh, is your folks home?"
I was so frozen that I didn't even have enough common sense to duck behind the door, but did manage to reply, "No sir, it's just me and my mom and she's at work sir."
The man looked from side to side, then turned his big brown eyes back at me as he smiled, then with his deep and rough voice, said, "Okay, okay, but I uhhhhhhhhhh, I ummmmmmmm, I'm here from the county to survey the woods behind your house. So I uhhhhhhhhhh, was just doing the polite thing and was letting you know just in case you happened to see me walking around back there what I was up to, that's all."
As he spoke, I couldn't help not to notice the enormous bulge still growing in the front of his pants. My God, it looked like a fat water hose stuffed inside his pants as the meaty member prominently displayed itself along the right side of his pant leg. Seeing the man's adult cock certainly didn't do anything to make my own jutting erection go down any. In fact, seeing his man meat only made my own slender stick start twitching and throbbing before the man's very eyes, and just by looking where his eyes were pointing, I could easily tell he was looking at my hairless dancing wood.
Guessing his age, I'd reckon he had to be somewhere in his forties, not to mention, his black skin was darker than dark. Either he was bald, or he shaved his head cause there wasn't any hair whatsoever on the top of his head. His lips were thick, very thick, and as he eyed my small cock, every now and then I watched as his thick pink tongue danced across both puffy lips. I knew what I wanted, but I had no idea how to let this big black man know that I was open and ready for some action.
By his own nervous reactions, it was also obvious he didn't know how to get things started either. After all, here he was trying to do some work, and instead, knocked on a door to find a naked 10 year old boy welcoming him with a preteen erection who still didn't have enough brain cells functioning to cover his naked body up with the open door.
Finally, he mustered up enough courage to speak, "Son, what you do inside your house is your own business, but opening the door to greet a stranger bare ass naked could be dangerous. There's plenty of folks in this world who just might take things the wrong way and have their way with you, if in you know what I mean young man!"
Taking the bull by the horns, so to speak, I replied, "Yes sir, that's what I was counting on sir!"
The man took a deep breath, rethinking what I had just said, then looked around once more to see if anyone else was within eyesight, then fired back, "Uhhhhhhhhhh, you mean to tell me that you was waiting on someone to come sex you up?"
Firing right back, and smiling too, I said, "Yes sir! It's summer and I aint no stranger when it comes to sex sir. I mean, sex with guys sir!"
Unconsciously, the man's huge right hand drifted upon his downwards angling massive snake, and I could tell he was squeezing it while still keeping both brown eyes on my naked body. Looking directly at my hairless erection, the man's voice howled, "Well, well, well, so you must like you some cock huh? Boy, there's a big difference between playing with other boys than fucking around with a grown ass man. You look mighty young to be talking like a pro, and if in you aint careful, some guy just might take you up on your offer and fuck the living hell out of you. Is that something you want son, uhhhhhhhhhhhh, to have that little ass of yours fucked all the way to the gates of hell, huh?"
Feeling bolder, or simply hornier, whichever the case, I teased his eyes by using my left hand to cup my tiny balls while hoisting my tiny missile upwards as I spoke, "If that's the way your putting things, then yes sir, I love to have my ass packed with some meat sir. Honestly sir, I aint never been with a full grown man before, but I've been fucked by some guys who were in their upper teens. And before you ask, I'm only 10, but like I already said, I aint no stranger to sex, and just so you know, I'm smart enough to know I aint about to tell anyone about anything."
When I finished my last word, I angled my body so the man could getter a better view of my butt. My butt was truly my pride and joy, and now that I was showing it off to the man standing just a few feet away from me, I could tell he liked it too cause his mouth slowly drifted open. His thick tongue swarmed over both of his thick lips while he steadily began stroking his thick python inside his pants.
Taking things a bit further, I turned my back on him, then bent forwards all the way until I had my left palm flat on the floor while using my right index finger to intentionally point at my super clean love button. In a teasing manner, I blurted, "Whatcha think sir?"
Having my head tucked between my legs provided me a view bearing just how long the man's cock truly was. The damn thing looked like it almost was capable of touching his kneecap. The more I stared at it, the more I felt I just had to have it. Within a flash, I felt his calloused hands smack up against each of my creamy colored butt cheeks and his large flat nose was digging itself directly on my butt hole.
I could feel his hot breath fire from each of his nostrils as he breathed in my squeaky clean butt scent. His thick fingers dug into my butt's flesh as he repeatedly sniffed my ass over and over again. Knowing the big black man was smelling my ass seemed to make my own tiny cock dance feverishly that much more. His heavy sounding moans grew louder and louder, and once I felt his thick tongue sprawl itself out onto my asshole, my own moans began singing right along with his.
Now, I was supporting my upper body with both hands flattened out on the floor while his tongue drilled my asshole with savage skill and searing hot passion. And, once his tongue crawled inside my ass, my own animalistic wild sounding moans quickly began to overshadow his bear like panting grunts.
Minutes later, the man pulled his tongue out of my ass, and as he spoke, I could feel the blistering heat coming from his mouth's breath, "Boy, we need to take this shit inside!"
My body wobbled as I stood up and fought with my own balance to walk towards my bedroom. As we walked, the man said, "I don't believe I'm even gonna do this shit! Fuck me! I aint gay, and I sure as shit aint never fucked around with some young ass boy, a fucking white boy at that!"
A little further down the hall, leading towards my bedroom, the man spoke once more, "Just look at that, look at that pretty little ass just a wiggling, and it's a fucking white boy's ass at that. Boy, I don't know if anyone has ever told you this before, but you sure do have a black woman's ass. I mean, damn, all bubbly and begging to be fucked! If it's a fucking you want, then it's a fucking you shall have!"
I had already had my nightstand prepared for some anal delight, so on top of it was a clean towel and a large bottle of baby oil. As we entered my bedroom, I walked up to my queen sized bed and flopped down, landing flat on my back. The man stopped just a few feet away from me and began tearing out of his work clothes. Steel toed boots, socks, long sleeve work shirt, white t-shirt, work pants, and with one final tug, off came his overly packed boxer shorts.
My eyes widened to its maximum limits as I stared at the biggest, blackest, meanest looking cock I'd had ever seen. Unlike what I had grown accustomed to, this man's long cock was uncut. The foreskin rolled over the large bulbous flared cock head just enough that I could barely make out the man's gaping piss lips. Even his cock head was pitch black! Just guessing, I'd reckon this man's cock had to have been at least 9 or 10 long inches, but oddly enough, it wasn't near as thick as I initially predicted it to be. However, it was about as thick as a good sized banana with a pretty good downwards arch somewhere right in the middle.
Even his balls looked kind of out of place as they swooped far below his spread legs, drifting downwards a good 6 or so inches. They were egg shaped and I could just barely make out the few strands of scattered pubic hair. Other than the hair on his pubic mound, balls, legs and underarms, the man looked like he was pretty much virtually hairless. He grabbed a hold of his mighty cock with his right hand, aiming it directly at me, then blurted, "Okay white boy, you wanted some of this big black meat, now come and get you some!"
Simultaneously, we switched positions, and I was now in between his spread legs using both hands to hold that big black sausage. I skinned back the loose skin and slithered my tongue all over his huge dark colored cock head, lapping up the vast wads of salty precum in the process. The man howled, "Yeah baby, that's it white boy, get you a taste of a black man's cock, yeah baby boy, yeah!"
My left hand was trying to wrap itself around his cock, but no matter what, my fingers were not about to touch. While my left hand busied itself with his black pole, my right hand instinctively latched onto his heavy cum filled balls, and began caressing them furiously. My taste buds detected a rather odd and distinct taste, indicating a mixture of sweat, stale piss, and globs of freshly spewed precum. However, though the taste itself took a second or two to get used to, I quickly found myself entranced at making oral love to this black man's super long cock.
My mouth enclosed over his hooded cock head, and I did my best to swallow every throbbing veiny inch of the pure black muscular beast, but the most I could handle was probably about 7 inches. As my mouth slid up and down his long cock, the man's right hand cupped the back of my head, and then I heard him speak, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh baby boy, that's it, that's it! Suck that big black dick white boy...suck it goooooooodddddd! Oh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, mmmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss baby, suck that black mother fucker! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, suck it baby, suck it you pretty little white boy, yeah baby, get you some of this dick!"
In some weird kind of way, I was actually enjoying the way he was talking to me while I used my mouth to pleasure his cock. Then, the man went on to say, "I got 7 long weeks of back-up for you, but boy, I'm gonna let you know right now, that my shit shoots out like a mother fucking out of control water fountain. With 7 weeks of stored cum in me, well uh, when this mother fucker blows, it's gonna rain a shit load of cum."
My mouth had just slid upwards, circling over the bulbous cock head, leaving me just enough room to reply, "Give it to me sir!"
He was bucking his hips upwards as my mouth descended as far as I could get it, lodging several throbbing inches down my overly stuffed throat. I could feel his hand caress the back of my head as he spoke, "Okay boy, but you can't say I didn't warn you. I'm telling you, I'm, I'm, I'm a heavy cummer. Shit, even my wife aint never tried to take that shit in her mouth, but you don't worry none about that, cause if in you keep sucking me like you're doing, you'll soon be drowning in man spunk...that's for sure!"
And, a few more cock sucking minutes later, I felt his cock expand, then felt the first heavy cum spray shower the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat. The man was pretty much screaming as his cock was rapidly firing one long ropey cum strand after another. Upon tasting his salty offering, I didn't have to hesitate at all in order to gulp down the thick creamy man cum as soon as it slammed into my mouth. Being true to his word, it didn't take me long to realize that I had never swallowed so much cum from any one person before. Not trying to sound as though I am complaining, cause I'm not, but the man definitely wasn't lying about being a heavy cummer, cause as soon as I would gulp down one tasty helping, another one quickly rocketed into my mouth.
Sometime later on, I was using both hands to squeeze out the last remainder of the man's thick gooey cream while moaning up a storm in hopes of some more of his manly juices. Once he had no more cum to offer, and my oral pursuit was rather aggressive, his cock must have gotten a bit too sensitive, cause he used his hands to pry my mouth clear off of his still rock hard jet black pole.
Now, I was kneeling in between his spread legs, allowing my mind to fantasize about that long black cock pounding my ass into oblivion. My own slender preteen missile was harder than ever, and was constantly twitching. Seconds later, when the man regained his composure, his eyes met mine, then he blessed me with his smile as he hoarsely whispered, "Boy, that was the best fucking blow-job I've ever had! Damn, I aint never had anyone suck my dick like that before, and to beat that shit, you done went and swallowed every last mother fucking drop! Well, if that pretty little ass of yours is anything like your mouth, then I'm in for a real fucking treat tearing that ass up. Uhhhhhhhhhh little man, speaking of your ass, are you sure you want some of this dick? Huh? Cause once I get going, I aint about to stop, so you had best be real fucking sure you want this, okay?"
I climbed up his body so that I was laying on is stomach and chest, placing my mouth right up against his right ear, then whispered, "Yes sir, I want to you to fuck me! I want you to wear my ass out with that big black cock of yours sir!"
He wasn't looking at me at all as he replied, "Alright then, but I sure as hell can't believe I'm doing this shit, especially with a white boy...a fucking kid at that! I must be loosing my mother fucking mind! All these years, and I aint never looked at another guy with a notion to fuck him, but fuck me, here I am fixing to fuck the living shit out of another dude, and a fucking white boy at that. Fuck, I've got 4 kids and the youngest is 14, and here I am getting ready to fuck a 10 year old white boy. What the fuck?"
As he spoke, I was placing tender kisses alongside the right side of his neck area while using my feet to run up and down his solid legs. Within a flash of a second, he rolled me off of him as he hoisted his body up and was now sitting on both knees. The man looked at me, then barked, "Fuck it! You want you some of this cock, don't you boy? Get your pretty little ass on all fours, cause I'm gonna ride that ass like nobodies business. (I obeyed his command and now my creamy colored ass was hiked up and ready for business) Hot damn, sweet Mother Mary, will you look at that? Help me Lord, help me sweet Jesus, help me! Son-of-a-bitch, now that's one hell of a pretty ass! Just my mother fucking luck, my first time getting to fuck a white person, my first time getting me some willing butt, and wouldn't you know it, the ass belongs to a fucking little white boy, and a pretty little fucker at that! Go figure!"
While he spoke, he was smearing the baby oil all over his meaty weapon while eyeing my spread crack and inviting little butt hole. I felt the tip of his cock head touch my asshole as he barked, "Alright white boy, you wanted you some black meat, so here it comes!"
His left hand hooked onto my left hip as I felt him push his engorged monster into my anal opening. God, the pain was sharp and somewhat intense as he pushed more and more of the anal intruder into my anal canal. My hands clutched the bedding, balling tightly into a fist while my teeth bit down on more of the bedding while making a series of hissing noises. About half way inside me, I heard him say, "Son-of-a-mother fucking-bitch, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, yessssssssss, yessssssssss, now this is one super tight fucking ass! Ohhhhhhhhhh hell yeah, yessssssssss, and this bitch is mother fucking hotter than the fiery gates of hell! Damn, damn, now this is, is, holy shit, this is, is uhhhhhhhhhh, the hottest fucking hole I've ever fucked before!"
Then, I felt his right hand latch onto my right hip as he sank the veiny black beast all the way home. With both of his large calloused paws gripping my hips, the man forcefully yanked me backwards as he began slamming his cock in and out of my overly stuffed ass. He was persistent as he kept on talking, but with so much pain riddling my body, I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to whatever he was saying. I knew I was going to feel some pain, and I was more than willing to accept it, because I knew it would only be a matter of time before the pain would be replaced with the most precious and rewarding pleasures known to mankind, so I bit down on the bedding and sucked up the pain as best I could.
Several cock ramming minutes later, the pain evaporated from my body and was quickly replaced by the feeling I so came to admire. With millions of sparkling rays of electricity shooting throughout every part of my body, I was able to use my hands by thrusting my body backwards onto his butt packing monster while clamping down with my anal muscles. He was still shouting various encouraging sentences, but I began tossing a few in of my own, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwdddddd yessssssssssss, fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuuucccccckkkkk myyyyyyyyyyy white asssssssssssssss, harder, haaaaaaarrrrrrrddddddddeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr siiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr!"
He followed up by adding, "Oh yeah baby boy, you want you some of this black mother fucker huh? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh hell fucking yeah you do! Feel it boy, feel that black pole wearing your little white scrawny ass out! I'm gonna fuck the white right the fuck out of you, you hear me baby boy?"
Gasping in between violent thrusts, I managed to squeak, "Yes sir, yessssssssss siiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr!"
His savagery anal assault went on for an extended amount of time. Once again, with no hand on my hairless twig, my body erupted with one heck of a mind numbing dry orgasmic explosion. He never let up one single bit as he fucked my ass like nobody else ever had before. A short while later, I fell into yet another series of convulsive dry orgasmic bliss, and once again, without any help from any hand on my young aching cock.
Keeping his cock deeply implanted up my butt, he somehow managed to flip me over so that I was now facing him. His callous hands shoved my feet over my head, and I saw him smile as he tucked each of my ankles behind my head. Once he had me in the position he wanted, he started off with slow easy thrusts, providing me with a feeling that his cock was traveling even deeper up my anal region. Looking down at me, his husky voice sounded, "You sure are one pretty little fucker, and this ass, holy shit, this ass is something else I tell you! I could fuck you every day of the week, twenty four seven, and 365 days a year and never get tired of it!"
Within seconds, his slow loving thrusts exploded into a violent rage as he hammered his steel hardened cock in and out of my upwards turned butt. It wasn't long before my entire body shuttered, and yet another explosive surge of dry orgasmic bliss consumed my every being. Just like before, there was no assistance to my cock whatsoever, just his ass packing cock performing magic deep inside my ass.
I had just regained my composure somewhat after a very lengthy dry orgasm when it dawned on me that although I wasn't a virgin, I had never been fucked like this before by anyone. After all, this was a man, a real fucking man who was going out of his way to pound my ass like never before, and I for one, was loving every ass packing second of it.
By now, we were both covered in our sweat, but the man had the stamina of a racing horse as he continued plowing my ass with long and deep gut jamming thrusts. Somewhere in time, I found myself enduring yet another dry orgasm, but this one seemed endless. But, as I was lost in my own special world, the man reached his pinnacle as well, and his cock began spewing globs of hot man cum deep inside my bowels.
I felt each every wad of man goo shoot deeper up my rectum, and if it were even possible, the man fucked my ass even harder than ever before. My entire balled up body was convulsing from my intense orgasm as the man's cock pounded his man juice into me, one hard thrust right after the other.
When I came to my senses, the man was standing near the edge of the bed eyeing my naked body while he struggled to get his clothes back on. Our eyes met briefly, and once they did, he smiled, then hoarsely whispered, "Boy, I've done a lot of fucking in my day, but you are definitely the prettiest and the best fuck I've ever had. Shit, I can't believe I'm even saying this, but if ever you want some more of this black dick, (he put a business card on top of the night stand) you just give old Jerome here a call and I'll gladly come over and give that tight ass of yours a proper fucking."
He had finished getting his clothes back on and was just about to walk out of my bedroom when he stopped right at the door, turned around to face me, then said, "Hell, I don't even know your name pretty boy!"
It took all the energy I could muster to even speak, but I managed to respond by saying, "Chase, Chase sir!"
He smiled then said, "Huhhhhhhhhh, wasn't much of a chase to it, but that's a mighty fine name for a mighty pretty boy. You just be careful who you give that ass too! I'm telling you Chase, telling you right now, with your beauty and mother fucking charm, you have the power over men, so don't go and just let anyone fuck that tight ass of yours, you feel me baby boy?"
He turned and walked away until I heard the back door being opened and then closed. I lay in my bed still panting from the longest fuck I'd ever experienced. My butt hole ached a bit, but in some odd way, it also felt hungrier than ever. Then, the pressure inside my bowels hit me, so I scurried out of bed and damn near fell just as soon as my feet hit the floor. I had to hold onto whatever I could find just to make it to the toilet without making a mess everywhere. Naturally, what goes in must come out, and holy cow was his cum coming out, with quite the force mind you!
For the next year and half, now being 11 1/2 years old, several things had occurred in my life. For one, Jerome and I became regular fuck buddies. His big black cock always sent me into orgasmic bliss and we would meet two to four times a week. My cock went from 4 scrawny inches to 4 1/4 scrawny inches, and sadly enough, I still was unable to shoot cum. My circle of "special" friends grew slightly, so having sex was an on-going thing. Jerome was really the only real man I had been with, but I did encounter a couple of younger guys who had just turned 20.
Another thing that had changed, and changed big time, was the simple fact that my mom struck gold. Not literally so to speak, but she met this guy who worshiped the ground she walked on. Not only was he super loving to my mom, but he was also pretty fun for me to be around with. And, unlike me and my mom, this guy, Jason, was financially loaded! She went and married him, and with that came the realization of moving in with him into his mini mansion in an upscale gated neighborhood two cities over. By doing that, my circle of "special" friends no longer existed.
My daily doses of various cocks were no longer part of my daily routine, and with that fact, came a deep dark depression. I longed for cock, and that was all there was to it. Jason's enormous home provided a lot of things to do for a 11 1/2 year old to have fun with, especially the custom built in-ground swimming pool, but still, as each day passed, I became that much more hornier than ever!
Once again, it was summer time, so that meant no school. My mom and Jason would head off to wherever early in the morning and normally wouldn't come back home to late in the evenings, thus allowing me to enjoy the swimming pool bare ass naked. Since there was a huge privacy fence enclosing the back yard, I could walk around buck naked without anyone ever laying eyes on me, however, privacy was the very last thing I so yearned for! It had been six long moths, six very long months, since I last quenched my cock craving addiction, and by now, I was literally starving for some cock loving excitement.
It had gotten to the point that I had intentionally displayed my bare body to Jason numerous times, but the man didn't pay me any attention whatsoever. In fact, he once said, "I'm glad you are comfortable enough around me to walk around naked without fearing any shame whatsoever. My home is now your home, so do as you wish Chase."
As time dragged on, my sexual frustrations were reaching a boiling point. Three weeks into my summer vacation, I was outside in the pool, naked as usual. I thought I was alone, so I was a bit startled when Jason came walking outside wearing his swim shorts. Once he entered the pool, we sat around in the shallow end and just talked. In the beginning of our conversation, we spoke about me and my mom's new life living with him. Several times throughout our aimless conversation, I thought I saw Jason peer into the water and stare at my erection.
At some point, Jason, who is probably the easiest person in the world to talk to, smiled at me as he stated, "Chase, I can tell there's something on your mind, something that weighs rather heavily to you. I would love to help you with whatever it is, and if it is something really personal, believe me, it will be our little secret. Your mom doesn't need to know everything, and if you trust me enough to confide in me, I promise you that I will never do anything to void that trust."
After hearing that, I felt completely at ease, so with no shame at all, I replied, "Okay, and I'm gonna hold you to your word Jason. You see, I like guys, not girls. And, when I say I like guys, I mean older guys, much older at that. Back where we used to live, I had it made. Since we moved here, I haven't been able to meet anyone."
Jason smiled as I spoke, and in his most reassuring voice, he softly said, "I understand Chase, I truly do. We all have needs that must be adhered to, and I apologize for not coming to you sooner. Just so I understand you fully, you are sexually active and your preference is with older guys. These older guys I presume are grown men, is that correct? (I nodded my head indicating yes) I see, I see! Just for the record Chase, those adults who favor young boys your age are commonly referred to as pedophiles, and again I am assuming you already know that. (I nodded my head once more) But, eliminating accusing titles, it is your personal preference to willingly accept a sexual relationship with an adult. Is that correct? (I nodded my head) Okay, I'm getting the picture now. Chase, if this is too personal, please accept my apologies in advance, but just out of curiosity, what all have you done, in a sexual way, with another male?"
His smile forced me to return a smile of my own as I openly spoke, "Well, I uh, I love to suck cock, and I'm pretty dang good at it too, even if I have to say so myself. And, I really like the way it feels when a guy blows his creamy load into my mouth, and I really, really like the taste of cum too. But, my most favorite of them all is when a guy uses his cock as a battering ram on my butt. I can't cum just yet, but when I'm being fucked, I can have several dry orgasms, almost one right after the other. Jason, that's what I miss, and I mean I miss that really bad. Heck, I've walked these streets here and I aint so much as saw a guy standing in his front yard."
Jason reached out with both hands and brought my naked body into his, and we stood there in the shallow end just hugging. I knew he had to feel my tiny erection against his flesh, and to be honest, I guess I was either thinking or hoping that Jason would flip me over and fuck the living hell out of me right then and there, but that wasn't the case.
When our tight hug broke, Jason had each hand tenderly caressing each of my shoulders as he smilingly whispered, "Chase, if only I didn't love your mother with all of my heart. I swear, with your beauty, you have been blessed with the empowerment over men, a power only provided by the heavens above. I'm not gay, and I am certainly not a pedophile, but Chase, if it wasn't for your mother, I would be rather tempted. You see Chase, when you see the reflection of yourself in the mirror, you simply see you. However, when strange eyes befall upon you, they see flawless perfection."
There was a moment in which no words were exchanged, just our eyes locking themselves on one another. My heart was thumping like crazy, and after that eerie moment of silence, Jason took in a deep breath, exhaled, smiled, then softly said, "Just between you and me, my little angelic manophile, I believe I can help you, but your mother must never know, agreed? (A soft "yes" evaded my lips) Good! With that being agreed to, would you mind if I took a few pictures of you, you know, to help in the arrangement?"
I was too excitement when I gave Jason my response, and the next thing I knew, I was standing at the side of the pool while Jason used his cell phone to take a various assortment of photos. I even bent over to expose my cock hungry hairless asshole, and as I did this, I saw Jason caress his cock through his shorts. After he took the last picture, I walked up right in front of him with my scrawny erection leading the way, and asked, "Do you think your friend will like them?" Jason forced out a chuckle, then replied, "Like them, like them? He'll blow his wad just looking at them! Chase, you honestly have no clue as to just how downright beautiful you truly are. Just to prove my point, I'll send him these pictures right now, and feel free to time just how long it takes for him to call me."
Jason uploaded the last photo, and holding his cell phone in front of me, depressed the "send" button. It took a brief time for the cell phone to send, but once it made that swishing sound indicating that the transmission was sent, in less than a minute, Jason's phone rang. Before he answered it, Jason smilingly said, "See, I told you!"
I couldn't hear the voice on the other end, but I could hear Jason as he responded to the caller, "No, he's real, and he is my step-son."
"I married his mom and they now live in my house."
"His name is Chase, and he prefers to be in the companionship of men."
"Chase is 11 1/2 years young, and to the best of my knowledge, he is not a virgin."
"Yes, he's already informed me that he is into anal sex, and according to Chase, he is not able to produce cum as of yet."
"I see"
"Uh huh"
"Alright, but make sure you come around 9 in the morning. I'll make sure you guys have some privacy and get his mom far away from here. I will have to be back around 6 in the evening for a conference call, so that should give the two of you plenty of time."
"Okay, but you know you owe me big time for this one. And, before I forget, if Chase says "no" to anything, then no means no, got it?"
Jason finished his call as he was sitting in one of the lawn chairs. He placed his phone on top of the table, looked into my eyes, then in an almost whispering like manner, said, "Okay, he'll be here in the morning. Chase, this man is an acquaintance of mine, and I am well aware of his infatuation with young boys. There's one thing you need to know, and I don't know how true it is, but it is my understanding that this man is either blessed, or cursed, in the endowment department. Rumor, and it's only a rumor, but I've heard that he is hung like a horse, but if you tell him "no" and he refuses to acknowledge you, then you must let me know immediately, agreed?"
I was in seventh heaven as I quickly agreed to Jason's proposition, but just out of curiosity, I had to ask, "So, tell me, what does he look like, not that looks are all that important to me?"
Jason leaned back as he spoke, "I guess Sam is in his mid forties, very tall, standing somewhere around the 6'3" mark and he weighs approximately 250 pounds. Don't get me wrong Chase, Sam's built like a lumberjack, so he's not packing too much extra weight. He's just a big man who just so happens to like young boys. I just saw him a couple of days ago, and he has short brown hair, cut in the fashion of a military style with piercing green eyes. If I have to say so myself, Sam is very dashing and ruggedly handsome. Oh yeah, he also has a thick mustache too! Chase, if you like men, then you will love Sam, because believe me, that man is all man!"
We sat outside for a long time just talking. During our conversation, Jason did broach the subject about anal cleansing, and it didn't take him long to realize that I was fully aware of not only what it was, but how to do it. Talking with Jason was easier than talking to anyone I had ever known, and the more we talked, the more I spilled my guts about myself. I never mentioned any names of any of my sexual partners, nor did he ever try to get me to name names. As we talked, I couldn't help not to see the excitement bulging in his swim shorts. To me, Jason wasn't one anyone could refer to as being handsome, but it was his personality that set him far apart from those who could be described as handsome or beautiful. I guess that's why my mom fell for him, not to mention, the man was financially wealthy as well.
This day seemed to drag on forever and ever, and for the first time in a long time, I found myself too excited to even fall asleep. Knowing that tomorrow would find me in the arms of a man kept my tiny erection throbbing endlessly. Laying in my bed, I continuously tossed and turned, thinking of how great it was going to feel having his big cock pound my ass in the manner that only a real man knows how to do it.
Early the next morning, my alarm clock brought me out of a wonderful sex filled dream. I made sure my butt was super clean by giving myself several deep enemas until the only thing coming out of my butt was clear water. Sensing that I had finished cleaning out my butt a bit too early, I decided to soak in the large tub instead of taking a shower. While I was in my bathroom waiting for the tub to fill with hotter than luke warm water, Jason knocked than proceeded to enter.
He walked in smiling as his eyes glared upon my naked body. He sat down on the edge of the tub and I saw his eyes slowly race up and down my body before finally squaring off as his eyes met mine, then cleared his throat prior to speaking, "Your mom is taking a shower and everything is all set. Again, this must be our secret! Mmmmmmmmm, Sam is definitely going to love you, that's for sure. Heck, he just may even dump his load inside his pants once he sees you."
I was standing just a foot or so away from Jason, and for whatever reason, I awkwardly asked, "So uhhhhhhhhhhhh, do you ummmmmmmm, if you were Sam, would you uhhhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmmm, want me?"
Jason stood up and placed his hands upon my shoulders, turning me completely around, then walked me right in front of the mirror as he stood behind me. His fingers kneaded into the tight flesh of my shoulders as he spoke, "Chase, when you see yourself, through your own eyes you are only capable of seeing you and nothing else. You are naturally blind as to what others see through their eyes. Through the eyes of others, they see an angelic object and all of its heavenly perfections. They see a beauty unlike any other. To answer your question as to whether Sam would want you, or any man walking the face of this planet for that matter, yes my little wingless angel, yes indeed."
Jason kissed the right side of my neck before handing me a bottle of coconut bath oil, and just before he was about to walk out of my bathroom, he turned and said, "Pour that into the bath water and I guarantee that the smell will drive Sam crazy. And Chase, I just may be able to help you with your sexual thirst for men, but we'll see how today goes first, agreed?"
I gave him my thanks and he closed the door behind him. I poured the bath oil into the water, and I must admit, the coconut smell was definitely a refreshing aroma. Before I entered the tub, I set my clock on the side of the counter so I could keep track of time. Either from the smell of the scented coconut oil, or the pressing thought of having sex, but either way, my hairless preteen missile throbbed constantly. It was while soaking in the tub was when I remembered I hadn't jacked off in over three weeks, so my cock literally begged to be stroked, but since I already knew I could only have a dry orgasm, I decided it was best to leave it alone, and wait patiently for Sam to arrive.
30 minutes before Sam was scheduled to arrive, I got out of the tub and dried off. I brushed my teeth three times while making sure that my tongue was properly scrubbed as well, just to make sure my breath was just as fresh as my butt and the rest of my body. Feeling that everything was intact, I left the bathroom and walked into my bedroom. There on the bed was a small clothing box with a card attached on top of it.
I opened the card and this is what it said, "Chase, wear these for Sam, and nothing else! Have fun and if you need me, just call. Love you, Jason." PS: Make sure this card is completely destroyed before your mom gets home. :)
I opened up the small box, and low and behold, inside was a skimpy pair of pale blue ladies thong styled underwear. They felt like silk or something and out of pure instinct, I didn't even hesitate to try them on. The top portion of the front hem was in a sharp V shape and it was cut so that it pointed so low that it was right at the base of my cock. The soft thin backside line of silky cloth slipped in between my butt cheeks rather snugly, but not in an uncomfortable sort of way either.
I couldn't resist looking at myself in the mirror, and while I was lost in admiring myself modeling this skimpy thong style underwear, the doorbell sounded bringing me back to reality rather quickly. Wearing nothing but those "girly" underwear, I raced down the stairs and ran all the way to the front door. My fingers trembled as I turned the knob and opened the door, just to have to arch my head upwards to greet the man standing before me.
The man's voice shot through me like a bullet, "Ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy gaaaawwwwddd, you uhhhhhhhhhh must ummmmmmmm be uhhhhhhhhhh Chase. I'm ummmmmmmm Sam!"
Our right hands met, and I felt a surge of sensational electricity shoot from his mind and careen throughout my entire body. The man's hand completely swallowed my little hand as I stared upwards to see his awesomely and ruggedly handsome face. His thick mustache immediately reminded me of Tom Selleck's mustache. I felt my legs start to tremble as our handshake broke their electrified seal.
With quite the stealth, Sam stepped inside the doorway, sliding his hulking frame right on past me. It was Sam who had to close the door because I was too freaking stunned to move, much less, say anything. I was more intent at the present moment staring at the man's bulging crotch to utter a single word, and if I did, it would probably be nothing more than a little chirp. He was wearing cowboy cut blue jeans and they fit his large frame like a custom made glove.
I'm not all that sure how it happened, but the next thing I knew was that I was sitting on the large leather sofa, sitting right next to Sam on his right side with my left knee resting on top of the cushion, touching his right thigh with my kneecap. His manly voice sent shivers racing up and down my spine as he spoke, "My God Chase, you are even more beautiful than what those pictures indicated. I ummmmmmmm uhhhhhhhhhhhh feel like this is, is a dream way beyond my own wildest imaginations. Well uhhhhhhhhhh, I guess Jason has already informed you that I uhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhh have a thing for ummmmmmmm, young boys."
Finally able to speak, I interjected, "Yes sir, he told me, and I'm sure he told you that I have a liking for older men too."
Clearing his throat, Sam went on to add, "Uhhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes he did I recall. So Chase, uhhhhhhhhhh, tell me, what all are you, ummmmmmmm, in to, if I may be so bold to ask?"
Without hesitation, I replied, "Sex sir, and everything that goes along with it sir!"
Within a blink of an eye, I felt his large right hand on the back of my head and before I knew what was happening, his manly thick tongue was probing the insides of my mouth. Somehow, I found myself on both knees while his large hands explored my entire backside. I wasn't all that accustomed to the kissing part, but it didn't take me long to start mimicking his tongue's action as I was using my own little tongue to swarm the interior of his hotter than hot mouth. Feeling his thick mustache against my flesh sent a series of goose bumps popping up all over, or it could have done so by his caressing hands roaming every inch of my back and butt area.
I could feel his long and thick fingers glide up and down my butt crack, every so often darting under the thin cloth that wedged itself into the deepest portion of my crack. Every time I felt the flesh of his finger glide along my cock starved asshole, both he and I dispensed elongated grunts and groans. To say that my young mind was spinning at this point would have been the under statement of a lifetime. If Sam didn't know already, he would easily find out that I was putty in his hands.
As we tongued each others mouth, Sam managed to slide my "girly" underwear all the way down, and as we kissed, I must have obliged by lifting up one knee at a time to allow the underwear to be freed from my now completely naked body. All of this was done without me even knowing that it was being done! Our tongue sucking kiss was wild and frantic, and the longer we sucked each others tongue, the wilder we became.
Unconsciously, my fingers tore through all of the buttons on his shirt, flaying the sides open as my fingers danced through the thickness of his jet black wiry chest hair. I felt his left hand slide in between our bodies and quickly latch itself onto my throbbing boy boner. His hand was so large that he easily was able to cover my cock as well as cup my marble sized hairless balls. His touch on my crotch sent me into a series of uncontrollable convulsions as my body bucked all over thanks in all to his gracious touches. Fingers dancing on my cock and fingers dancing ever so elegantly on my asshole while tonguing his mouth was far more than I had ever bargained for.
Before too long, Sam was holding me as he stood up. By this point, he could have carried me to the gullets of hell and I wouldn't have given a shit. As he held me and walked, the tip of one of his fingers was performing a magic act on my asshole. He didn't try to penetrate my asshole, but was more devoted to rubbing it like crazy, feeding me with a burning desire to want more and more of his body, and mind, stimulating passion.
He gently placed me onto a bed, and I had just enough sense remaining to know it wasn't my bed, but at this point, I for one didn't care at all. Once he had me centered, he broke our lips seal and began licking, sucking, and nibbling all over the right side of my neck, paying special attention to my right ear canal, which by the way, fueled an excitement I never knew existed. Then, he proceeded to dine on the left side of my neck, and did not fail to dine on my left ear canal either.
I was feeling sensations I had never felt before as Sam was sending my mind, and my body, reeling from one unknown world to another. The man's thick tongue trailed itself down my heaving chest, drawing its attention to my tender, yet small and erect left nipple. When his lips secured themselves around my nipple's flesh, I felt his teeth lightly dig into my skin as the tip of his tongue slashed divinely at my nipple's very tip. His tongue wasn't the only part of him that was touching me. While he nibbled, gnawed, sucked, licked, and bit my nipple, Sam's large hands roamed the front and sides of my convulsing body, from my face all the way down to my curling little toes. However, be accidental or intentional, Sam's groping fingers strayed close, but failed to actually touch any part of my throbbing preteen boner.
His teeth and tongue rotated from one nipple to the other, back and forth, back and forth, and my moans sounded more like a lion's roar as my emotions raced higher than ever before. His tongue lapped at my chest, lingering slowly downwards, working each of my sides as if they were coated in sugar. Sam's tongue, lips, and teeth made their way to my small "inny" belly button where they worked overtime to seduce my mind even more.
I now could feel his hot breath beat down on my twitching boy stick, and in my spinning mind, I thought it would only be a few seconds before I would feel my small boyhood dive into the man's oven like mouth. Instead, and though I was bucking my butt high up off the bed, Sam missed his mouth's target. I felt his tongue slide itself in between the crevice of my ball sac and thigh, and as he gingerly licked that highly sensitive area, my ears captured his low bellowing grunts and growls.
His thick mustache's wiry hair stabbed my flesh as I felt his nose rest up against my aching and crazily twitching boy meat. Still, no mouth enclosed itself over my cock. Sam easily sucked in both of my hairless jewels, causing my entire body to shutter with profound waves of body bucking excitement.
An eternity was spent with Sam working his mouth, tongue, and teeth up and down each leg, making sure his mouth and tongue became very acquainted with each of my feet, especially my toes. If there ever was a place called "Seventh Heaven," I was now in it! Nobody had ever did to me what Sam was now doing, and my loud purring moans and steadily bucking body was proof as to my overall excited and overheated bliss.
Then, my mind raced with frenzied fireworks as I felt his fiery hot mouth slowly glide down the full length of my slender stick, nestling his nose and mustache against my bald pubic region while I screamed to high heaven as his tongue swirled all over my throbbing boyhood. Within minutes, well uh, seconds, I felt the familiar sensations coursing their way through my body and I was on the very edge of enduring what would have to be my most intense orgasm to date when Sam's mouth freed itself from my soon to be dry erupting twig.
I was basically mortified at having come so close to my orgasm, and then he stopped momentarily as I was panting rather heavily. Seconds ticked by and soon his tongue went back to work on my hairless balls, licking all over as he was grunting louder and louder. Soon, Sam easily managed to engulf both of my little nuggets into his mouth while the fingers of each hand began tweaking, pulling, and pinching both of my erect nipples.
The harder he pinched, the higher I absentmindedly bolted my ass up into the air. I know I was flinging my head from side to side as the engorged pressure within my entire body constantly grew. Once again, I was just about to unleash my dry orgasm when Sam yanked his mouth off of my balls. For a long, long time, Sam rotated from sucking my cock to near orgasm then made oral love to my balls, stopping just in time, preventing me from achieving an orgasm. By now, now I was begging him, pleading with him, and my tears were free falling from my eyes to persuade the man to let me achieve my built up orgasm. But, it was as though Sam was deaf to my words as he continued to torture me by bringing me right to the very edge of an orgasmic explosion, then hatefully back off.
Sam added something extra to his oral hunger. Now, he went from my cock, straight to my balls, then as I came close each time, he began licking and biting my hairless armpits. While his teeth sank into the sensitive flesh of my outstretched armpits, Sam's hand toyed with my cock, but in a very slow and provocative manner. I even began screaming, "Fuck meeeeeeeee! Fuck meeeeeeeee siiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr! Please, please, for God's sake fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk meeeeeeeeEEEEEEEE SIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRR!"
Even my begging to be fucked went unheard as he continued keeping me right on the very edge, but always stopped just short from sending me into an orgasmic tidal wave. For the first time that I can remember, my balls felt like they were about to explode. They felt swollen and ached something awful, and the longer he kept on doing this to me, the more and more bloated my balls seemed to get. Oh, I tried many, many times to sneak a hand on my cock while he was gnawing on my hurting balls, but Sam brushed my hand a way each and every time.
As if I weren't already reeling from a sexual high that I'd never been before, Sam went and added a new trick. His mouth had just departed my twitching cock, and after a brief pause, the man hoisted my legs into the air, pushing them over my head, and then I heard him say, "Now that's the prettiest little boy pussy I've ever laid eyes on! Mmmmmmmmm, and I'm sure it's going to taste just as good too! Sweet mother of pearls, this has got to be the tiniest little pucker I've ever seen! Damn, something so pretty as this ought to be downright illegal to be called an asshole!"
Then, he rocked my world as I felt his thick tongue savagely assault my widely exposed butt hole. He was grunting and whimpering, and I guess I was too as he used his tongue like a shovel, scooping at my hole to gain permissible entrance. I felt his thumbs hook deep into my already spread crack, and spread my cheeks even further. Not only was I feeling his tongue attacking my butt hole, but I could also feel his thick mustache poke the very insides of my crack, and adding to the already highly overbearing pleasures was the mere fact that I could feel him try and suck my guts out through my asshole.
I've felt a few tongues grace my butt hole over the past couple of years, but never had anyone come close to doing what Sam was now doing. Even while he was focussing his undivided attention to eating my ass, his hand latched itself onto my boy missile and slowly began jerking it. Naturally, it didn't take long at all before I was right on the very edge of exploding when Sam stopped completely.
Seconds later, it was my shrieking voice that exploded through the air as his tongue dove deep into my anal canal, slashing and stabbing all over my anal walls. His meaty tongue sent a dull burning sensation coursing throughout every square inch of my flaying body. Though it burned, it also felt awesome!
Time lingered forwards, and Sam continued stopping just short of me blowing what would have to be the most intense dry orgasm of my life. I was almost blind with lust, and furious as to the pressure building up inside my pain riddled balls. I had never felt so confused and sexually frustrated in my life, but no matter what, Sam knew he was in complete control, and I knew that as well.
Not caring about the time at all, but it was a very long time later, Sam eased his hulking body from in between my legs, and while looking down at my convulsing body, smiled, then hoarsely whispered, "It's time my gorgeous young lover, it's time!"
Somewhere in all that had happened, and completely unknown and unnoticed to me, Sam had completely removed all of his clothing and was now just as naked as me. My eyesight was a bid blurry, but as I squinted, the more of his muscular hairy chest I observed. While I was fighting to regain my eyesight, Sam's husky voice sounded, "Chase, I want you to squat over my face so I can eat your boy pussy some more. Turn around so you are facing my feet and while I'm eating your pussy, go ahead and jack that gorgeous cock of yours, but when you get close to cumming, make sure you aim that pretty chunk of meat over my mouth. You hear me don't you Chase?"
I don't know if I voiced my answer, or simply nodded, but I had all kinds of difficulty trying to stand as I straddled his large hulking body. The hardest part of getting into position wasn't so much trying to get my rubbery legs to cooperate, but more so, doing that while eyeing the most enormous and nightmarishly thick cock I had ever seen. Jason had warned me of hearing the rumors of Sam's cock, but now coming face to face with it, and seeing the massive erect beast first hand, I could easily clarify all of the rumors with some better choice of words describing it.
Sam's tongue shot back up inside my ass as I planted my butt directly over his face. His tongue sent shock waves splintering throughout my body, but it was the sight of his cock that set my mind a blaze with absolute fear. The super fat pale pink bulbous cock head aimed itself right at me, rising upwards just above the mass of jet black hairs littering his stomach. The massive head extended far above Sam's small hole of a belly button, and the longer I gazed upon such monstrosity, the more fear I began to experience. Sure, I love to feel a man's cock ravish my butt, but this was no man's cock, or at least, no cock that should ever be attached to a grown man's body.
I was gulping my saliva down as fast as I could, although in reality, my mouth felt more drier than ever before. Seeing Sam's cock, and knowing that sooner or later, he would want to put that gargantuan mother fucker up my ass, well I uh, I realized I had gotten myself in way over my head. The man's monstrous beef had to easily exceed 10 long inches, and if the length wasn't a nightmare all by itself, then comes the actual thickness.
Just by looking at it, I already knew I couldn't wrap both hands around it and touch my fingertips together. Heck, just by seeing the enormous head, I already knew that my mouth would never be able to get that huge fucker inside, so sucking his cock would be downright impossible. Be it out of fear, or simply curious, but I leaned forwards a bit and placed my right forearm next to his cock. Gulping even harder, it certainly didn't take a rocket scientist to determine that Sam's cock was way thicker than my forearm.
Bringing me somewhat out of my petrified state, Sam barked, "Jerk your cock boy, jerk it so you can shoot your sweetness into my mouth!"
Well, I started jacking on my cock, but my eyes never left his cock. Sure, his tongue felt splendid up my ass, and with me jerking on my cock helped a bit too, but I was shaking like a leaf as my eyes constantly remained glued to his super sized elephant cock. Just by glaring at the nightmarishly over sized monster, I guessed it had to be somewhere in between 10 and 11 inches long. The thickness of his veiny hard shaft seemed thicker around than a 20 ounce soda can. His shaft was the same thickness from top to bottom, until it reached the flowered cock head, and one could easily see that his cock head was even thicker as it flowered over the shaft like an umbrella.
It didn't take long before the stirring shot from my toes, and propelled itself from my feet, straight to my cock. I felt the pent up pressure rush to my cock so I hoisted my ass up, and whimpered and hissed as I aimed my slender missile directly over his wide open mouth. Just as I felt the intense pressure gather somewhere around the head of my cock, Sam added something new to the mix when he shot one of his long and thick fingers straight up my ass. That was all it took for my body to explode with a feverish shrill as I jerked my throbbing boy stick, and it was I who gasped when I saw the first ropey watery strand of boy cum as it came rocketing out of my cock. Wave after watery wave of boy juice exploded into Sam's open mouth.
I was skinning my cum shooting cock like a mad man while grimacing as the finger inside my ass rifled in and out. It almost felt like the head of my cock exploded, forcing my little piss lips to rip open farther than they had ever had. I know I was doing a lot of screaming, and Sam was grunting and groaning as each long strand of watery goo came whistling sharply into his awaiting mouth.
The faster I jerked, the more watery looking cum came firing out. My mind was spinning out of control and I could see bright flashes inside my head. Just as I was squeezing out the last of my boy seed, I felt Sam's lips lock themselves around my shaft. His tongue swirled all around my highly sensitive cock head while his anal plowing finger continued ramming my asshole with a vengeance.
I fell forward, locking my upper body onto his upper hairy body. While I purred and whimpered as to the way he was sucking my still hard boner, and fingering the hell out of my ass. It was then that I came within a fraction of an inch away from his twitching one eyed beast. I easily saw a huge wad of precum as it came oozing out of those super sized puffy piss lips. With very little, or none at all, thought control remaining, I found my fingers stretching themselves as they grasped onto the massive weapon of anal destruction.
Then, my tongue slashed out, scooping up the huge wad of precum, then felt my taste buds explode with renewed energy as the slightly salty flavor swarmed my mouth's interior. Giving it my utmost best effort, I tried like hell to get some of his giant cock head into my mouth, but it was just too damn thick. Not one for giving up so easily, I used my tongue to bathe the engorged pale pink mushroom shaped head while using my fingers to stimulate the super long and extra thick shaft.
It wasn't long before I felt one of Sam's hands push down on the back of my head as he bucked his hips into the air. If it were at all possible, but I felt his shaft expand even thicker, and so did his giant cock head, and knowing what was soon going to happen, all I could do was lock my lips directly over his gaping piss lips and wait for his man cream to gush into my mouth.
My wait wasn't long as the power of his first cum wave almost knocked my head away from his cock as it slammed itself into the back of my throat. Before I had time to regain my mouth's position, more and more volleys of cum globs shot sharply into my mouth. As my mouth was rapidly being flooded with man cream, I decided it was best to go ahead and start swallowing. My own body shuttered in delight as I tasted Sam's man juice, and I was probably whimpering like crazy as I greedily gulped down his tasty offering.
Sam was still sucking away on my cock, and as I was dining on his cum, I felt another finger dart inside my ass. His thick man goo was steadily firing into my mouth, but when he added a second finger up my butt, my entire body convulsed as yet another mind boggling orgasm ripped through me like a runaway locomotive.
Whether it be true or not, or only in my mind, but I felt like my ass was on auto pilot as it humped up and down to graciously greet Sam's thrusting fingers. Since my butt was slamming itself onto Sam's meaty fingers, I was actually fucking his mouth with my cum spraying missile. All of this while hungrily dining on Sam's slightly salty flavored cum.
By now, at this point, I was completely blind and only able to see darkness with an occasional flash of bright sparkles of light. When I came back to the real world, I was laying on the bed with Sam sitting on my right side placing a straw up to my lips so I could suck down some water. While I sucked on the straw, Sam whispered, "My God Chase, you are truly a miracle of heavenly beauty if there ever was one. There isn't anything about you that isn't flawlessly perfect. I've traveled the world over many times, and have shared companionship with many a boy in my day, and none, not one single one of them could come close to your breathtaking beauty. You, my special young friend, are a true to form vision of all that is pure. (He was holding the bottle of water with his left hand while his right hand caressed my chest and stomach area) Your skin feels like the purest of silk, and your natural body fragrance reminds me of a field of aromatic flowers firing up ones nostrils with every breath. Even your breath smells of a pureness that no words in the dictionary can describe and do it the proper justice it deserves. And, if I may say so myself, but your sweet boy cream should be bottled and tagged "Fountain of Youth." I have dined on many young boys cum, but again, I must say that yours is the most sweetest and most delicious of them all. Chase, without a shred of doubt, you are the most gorgeous person I've ever had the honor of seeing."
All I could muster up and say was, "Thank you sir!"
As I lay in the bed sipping down the water, my vision began to refocus itself. Once more, I reassured myself just how ruggedly handsome Sam truly was. Even his smile did something to me, but no matter what, I knew deep down that he was going to want to shove that enormous cock up my ass, and that alone sent my mind racing with absolute fear.
Sam must have seen my eyes glare in fear at his rock hard beef, so he smiled, then trying to use his softest, still husky voice, said, "Yes, I know it's rather large, but I was born with it, so to me, it really isn't anything special. Just so you know my little angel, there's been many a boy who feared it, but they all came to love it...just as you hopefully will too!"
My words came spewing out before my mind had a chance to put things in more of a proper perspective, "Uhhhhhhhhhh, it wont fit sir! It's, it's ummmmmmmm, way too big siiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr!"
Smiling down at me, Sam responded, "Ohhhhhhhhhh it'll fit alright! It will take some doing, but it will fit, and fit perfectly, so don't you go and worry yourself about that. I promise you my sweet little angel, before this day is through, you will be begging me to shove my cock into your bowels!"
I was thinking more along the lines of begging him to pull it out, not shove it in. In my mind, I had already predetermined that if he were to fuck me with that monster, my ass would never be the same again. I'd probably be walking somewhere and shit all over myself once he tore my ass up with that bigger than huge chunk of anal destroying meat.
Sam removed the straw from my lips, placing the almost empty bottle on top of the nightstand to his left. He whispered, "My God, you are so, sooooooooooo beautiful!" With that, he sank his lips over mine and his meaty tongue darted quickly into my mouth. I returned the favor and while we sucked each others tongues, Sam's right hand cupped my shriveled balls and caressed my balls and my raging erection at the same time.
As we kissed, I tasted something different, and within a few seconds, I figured out that I was now in the process of tasting my own boyish cream. I couldn't describe the taste, but knowing it was my first time actually producing any cum, well uhhhhhhhhhh, the taste was having a wild and feverish affect over me. Sam picked up on this too and now had one of his fingers encircling directly on top of my puckering little pucker hole. It entered me, sending my vocal chords spewing gibberish into Sam's mouth.
Using my heels, I found myself thrusting my ass up and down on his anal invading finger. The harder I smashed my ass down on his finger, the harder I began clamping down on my anal muscles, thus, feeding me with a body shaking pleasure that I truly oh so love. As if things couldn't get any better to my already over abundance of pleasures, Sam went and inserted another finger up my butt, sending me screaming at the top of my lungs in pure mind numbing ecstasy.
As this body bucking frenzy went on, Sam inserted yet another finger, stretching my anal walls outwards while plunging deep, creating a mixture of both mild pain and explosive pleasures. His thick lips departed my own and I felt him place tender kisses all the way down my bucking body until his mouth enclosed over my cock, burying his lips into my smooth pubic region. As his fingers made some serious love to my ass, Sam's mouth began performing a magic trick on my thrusting boyhood.
Then, somewhere out of the blue, my body went into an uncontrollable rage as I felt my orgasm sear through my body, sending what felt like gallons of boy spunk flying out of my cock and splattering all over the insides of Sam's hotter than hell mouth. This orgasm was one of the, if not the most, intense orgasms I had ever experienced. Mere words simply cannot explain what was taking place at the present moment, and it felt like my cum spraying assault would never end.
Sam was making loud humming sounds as I vaguely heard him gulp down my fresh boy cream. He had basically sucked me dry, and now my once hard cock was nothing more than a very limp noodle, not to mention, very, very sensitive. I must have been squirming or making some sort of squealing sound, cause Sam's mouth made a popping sound as it withdrew itself from my withered slice of boyish meat.
I was too far gone at this point, and my mind certainly wasn't in the position to clearly think things through, but it was Sam who elevated things to the next level. I found my arms being pinned down with my legs as Sam had locked both of my ankles behind my head. No doubt, my ass was sticking straight up in the air, widely exposed, and readily available for Sam's taking. I could hear the man say something, but his words seemed liked they were coming from far off in the distance.
What I didn't know, or see, was that Sam had already lubricated my ass with his fingers, and as I was all balled up with my bare butt glaring upwards towards the ceiling, Sam was on his knees, directly centering himself up close to my butt, and was coating his enormous cock with that very same lubrication.
My mind was racing a mile a second, and it was now that I could feel something large, enormously large, applying pressure onto my butt hole. I'm not too sure if I was just in the process of coming down from my most recent orgasm or what, but once that gargantuan cock head of his pushed open my anal lips just enough to gain entrance, believe me, I came to rather quickly.
The pain was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It felt more like a bowling ball was forcing itself up my ass, and the pain, that awesome barely describable searing hot pain was more than I thought I could possibly bare. Still, I could hear Sam say something, but now, now I was afraid that my ass was being ripped wide open and gasoline was being poured inside me. The only thing missing was the actual fire, but then again, it already felt like my ass was on fire, a raging out of control fire at that!
As if the pain couldn't get any worse, Sam pushed more of his meaty weapon of anal destruction up my chute, feeding me more excruciation pain than ever before. I don't know if I was screaming it, or simply just thinking it, but either way, I'm pretty sure I wanted Sam to remove that ass splitter from my pain riddled butt. Regardless, Sam inched more of his enormously thick log up my butt, inch by inch. The deeper his elephant sized cock dove up my butt, the more pain I was being dealt with. I could feel my own tears flow from my eyes as I actually thought I was going to die.
Just when I thought things were about to slow down, and thinking, more so praying, that Sam had managed to sink every massive inch deep into my guts, I did hear him scowl, "Half way in!" My heart was already beating harder than ever, but after hearing him say "half way," caused my heart to sink even deeper into my chest. I didn't know just how much more pain I could handle without passing out, but Sam was hell bent on stuffing that monster all the way up my ass, and that's exactly what he was presently doing!
Another nightmarishly thick inch or two later, something happened, causing Sam to sink the remainder of his ass shredder up my butt. I remember screaming as the pain went through my body as if someone shoved a fiery telephone pole right through my ass and was trying to shove it all the way through my body's innards. Every time I took a breath, I could feel the thickness of his cock as it felt as though it was prying my ribs apart from my chest cavity.
Also, with every breath I took, a sharp shooting pain shot throughout my body like volts of electricity. Thankfully enough, Sam held himself steady, allowing me time to get somewhat adjusted having his cock lodged deep inside my guts. In my mind, there could never be enough time for me to get adjusted to something so freakishly huge, but since I was basically pinned down, I had nowhere to go, and there wasn't a whole lot I could do at the present moment, but just lay there and pray for death.
A short time later, I felt my guts being vacuumed out of my ass as Sam began slowly inching his meaty ass packer out of my butt. I felt the bulbous cock head widely spread my anal opening, then Sam slowly inched his super sized cock all the way back inside me. Over and over again, Sam repeated this process, and though he was taking things rather slowly, I wasn't able to feel anything but gut wrenching pain.
Sure as shit, a few short, long, and deep strokes later, Sam began to blister my ass with his giant cock. However, in doing so, the pain slowly but surely began to dissipate. Soon, I was being completely consumed with that ever glowing feeling of consummate pleasures. The harder Sam slung his ass packer into me, the louder I screamed, but by this time, both Sam and I knew that it was not a scream caused from pain, but more so, ass plowing pleasure.
Minutes into the savage fucking session, my entire body exploded with uncontrollable rage as I squirmed and bucked my body as best as I could while I felt my cock on the very verge of orgasmic bliss. In and out, in and out, Sam drove his meaty cock into my ass with animalistic rage and brute power. And, it was I who was doing my best to seal the deal by forcing my anal muscles to respond in such a way that Sam would have no choice not to know that this was now going to be a mutual sort of fucking endeavor.
I saw the look in his eyes and the contorting facial expressions he was making as I cinched down on my anal muscles as hard as I could. He was moaning up a storm and I'm sure I was cooing, panting, grunting, groaning, and purring just the same. With one last mighty thrust, my entire body burst with the most aggressive and intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Though I was blind with a darkness, I felt my cock spew watery cream all over the underside of my chin, my throat, chest, and steadily pour bucket loads of boy juice all over my lower stomach and hairless pubic region.
Some of my own spunk shot straight into my mouth, and though I was pretty much out of it, I did get the chance to taste my own cum. Unlike the cum I've come to love, mine really didn't provide me with much of a taste at all. It was slick, gooey, and definitely watery, but other than that, that was pretty much it. But, it was Sam's gargantuan cock pounding my ass into oblivion that was keeping my prolonged orgasm renewed.
Sam was using his cock like a battering ram, slamming that huge butt stuffer in and out of me so fast that I was having a hard time trying to catch my own breath. Then, Sam sank his lips over mine and his tongue darted straight into my mouth, and by doing this, well uh, this seemed to ignite more of an even more orgasmic surge as something special exploded throughout every part of my already soaring sexual high. Though I'm not all that sure, but in my frantically spinning mind, I was now partaking in yet another mind boggling orgasm.
Every part of my body was convulsing, and doing so rather insanely wild. Whatever Sam's cock was smacking somewhere inside my ass was certainly doing one hell of a magic trick to my emotions. It seemed that every time I was just coming down from an orgasm, Sam's pile driving cock would send me blasting off to another body twisting, mind numbing, orgasm. By now, I had completely lost track of just how many times my cock erupted, nor at this special moment in time, honestly cared!
Sam grunted something, and his words were muffled by my mouth, as he jabbed his meaty weapon in and out of my ass with a wild and furious excitement. I felt it! His cock swelled up, and then I felt globs of man seed fire even deeper up my rectum. I was in total bliss as I clamped down on my anal muscles while whimpering up a storm as his propelling man seed sent me spinning off into another highly intensified orgasm.
I was so completely out of it that I didn't even know that Sam's lips had departed my own. By the time I came back to somewhat of a realization, Sam was now laying down next to me, along my right side. My asshole felt like it was going to explode, and it had a sharp burning sensation, not to mention, a feeling of that only being described as vacant. Yes, I truly wanted to feel that huge son-of-a-bitch back inside my ass!
We both lay there panting and gasping for some well deserved oxygen, and both soiled with our mutual sweat. Peering over onto his massive body, I could see his flaccid cock drape across his left thigh, aiming itself directly at me. Even soft, that dang thing looked like it was at least 6 inches long, and overly thick with pure butt packing muscle. It wasn't too long before I felt a sudden urge to have a bowel movement, so I eased out of the bed, and almost fell on the floor, realizing my legs were in no condition to cooperate. However, I had to hold onto my butt cheeks with both hands cause I honestly thought I was going to embarrass myself by having a bowel movement right in front of Sam, whose eyes were glued to my naked body like an owl spotting its prey.
Luckily enough, I managed to scurry to the toilet just in time to empty my bowels of Sam's most recent cum deposit. As his man goo bolted from my stinging ass, I still could think of nothing else but Sam's meaty cock pounding my ass some more. And, once we both thought best to shower our sweaty bodies off, it was in the shower that Sam invaded my ass once more. I was standing under the shower head with my back facing Sam, and the next thing I felt was his swollen cock head line itself up in between my butt's crack. Being the horny little devil that I truly am, I eased my upper body forwards while using both of my hands to open my butt cheeks up, providing Sam with a welcoming invitation, one that he had no problem accepting.
By the time Jason and my mom arrived home, Sam had left just 10 minutes prior to them pulling into the driveway. All together, Sam had fucked me several times throughout the course of the day. He fucked me in the bed, the shower, the living room, and outside at the pool, and the last time I felt his cock pack my aching ass was just right before he left, inside the kitchen. I had deposited Sam's latest load into the toilet, and had just finished taking another shower just as Jason and my mom walked inside our home.
Since I stayed upstairs, and them downstairs, I was afforded plenty of privacy. Without having to mention it, but I was completely drained and totally exhausted. I flopped down on my bed, fearing no shame as I lay on my stomach bare ass naked, and recanted the numerous times Sam had fucked me this day.
It certainly didn't take long for sleep to overcome me, and it was while I was fast asleep that my mind refused to forget about Sam and our sexual escapades. I actually felt hands caress my exposed butt, then felt fingers as they began spreading my cheeks apart. In my dream, I could feel the fiery hot breath as it struck my now exposed asshole, then shuttered in delight as soon as I felt a tongue dance emphatically upon it.
In my dream, I could hear myself moaning and purring due from the tongue's stimulation upon my cock hungry butt hole. I wanted more, much more, so I softly whispered, "Fuck me, fuck me now...Take my ass anyway you want it siiiiiiiiiirrrrrr!"
My mind relayed the message of my ass being properly dined upon, so I maneuvered my body so that I was now in a doggy style position. The tongue slithered into my hole, swabbing my anal walls with exhilarating delight. The deeper the tongue traveled up my rectum, the more I began purring, louder and louder. My words flowed out of my mouth, "Gaaaaawwwwwddd, your tongue feels sooooooooo gooooooooooddddd in myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssssss!"
Though the tongue exploring my anal realm did feel astonishing great, I however longed to feel Sam's giant cock balls deep back inside me. I was begging to be fucked as I cried out over and over again indicating my purest of desires. Soon, my begging of an anal pounding was now upon me as I felt the satiny head flush itself directly onto my patiently awaiting asshole. A slight jab, then a forceful push was all that was needed for my aching butt hole to greet the invading slab of muscular sausage.
Oh, the invasion itself was a bit painful, but I truly welcomed it as I shoved my hiked up ass backwards onto the ass plunging member. I heard myself hiss as I voluntarily and downright intentionally slung my ass all the way onto the wonderful cock that was now deeply buried inside my muscle clamping rectum.
There was no need for mercy as I validated that by bucking ever so crazily onto the anal pleasing cock that was now timing my own backwards thrusts with thrusts if its very own. Soon, the sounds of flesh smacking flesh bounced off of my bedroom walls as our grunts and purrs flooded the airways relentlessly. I honestly could feel those glorious balls as they flopped upwards with each violent thrust, slapping my own tightly withdrawn cum drained nuggets in the process.
Hands found their way onto my hips, at which point they began hoisting my entire body backwards as the pile driving meat shot deeply inside of me, knocking the very breath out of my body with each and every jack hammering thrust. To me, this was the best dream ever, cause everything I was feeling felt oh so real!
The meaty sausage rammed my ass with pure reckless violence, and I was loving every cock thrusting second of it. While I was being vastly pleasured to no end, I felt a hand reach around my body and begin to jerk on my boy stick. Oh my, this truly added to an already intense feeling, and it wasn't too long before I began spewing bucket loads into the palm of Sam's large hand. With my orgasm underway, my anal muscles went wild, clamping down on the invading anal monster in such a way that it sent Sam straight into his own bowel filling ecstasy.
Round after round, I felt globs upon globs shoot deep into my rectum while I myself was spewing my own watery boy goo into Sam's hand. By the time it was all over, I fell onto my stomach, gasping for air while my ears captured the sound of Sam dining on my cum, "Mmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmm, that is sweet!"
Upon waking up the following morning, much later than I normally wake up, I had the pressing urge to visit the toilet. My butt hole felt like it was on fire as I lowered myself onto the toilet. Instead of having a bowel movement, I found it rather odd once I realized it was globs of cum firing out of my burning butt. Curiosity getting the best of me, I eased myself up to glare down into the toilet, and seeing the familiar sight of cum, I began wondering if I had really been dreaming, or had in fact been fucked while I was in a deep sleep. The more I thought about it, and the more cum that plopped out of my aching butt, the more I started making sense out of this mind altering puzzle I now found myself in.
Still blowing wads of cum out of my butt, I began thinking that it had been Jason who had entered my bedroom, dined on my ass, then fucked his load into my rectum. While contemplating that notion, I now began to picture Jason in a much different way. I knew he was in his late 30's or early 40's, rather tall as he stood somewhere close to 6'2", and weighed probably around the 190 pound range. He has short brown hair with squinty brown eyes, and a slight beer belly. I've never seen Jason naked before, but seeing him wear his swimming shorts, I've seen the mass of black curls cover his chest and stomach area. I knew his legs were hairy as well, and to be downright honest, Jason didn't have a whole lot going on in the looks department. However, the man's personality conquered his looks by far, and now that I had mentally placed Jason as the culprit who had fucked me, well uh, I was beginning to form a plan.
Just to be on the safe side, I went ahead and decided to give myself a deep cleansing enema prior to taking my shower. After showering, I brushed my teeth and scrubbed my tongue before slipping into the skimpiest pair of speedo swim shorts I could find, then proceeded to go downstairs. I didn't even know if my mom and Jason were even home, because I had slept in longer than usual.
I stepped out the patio door to see Jason sitting in a lounge chair reading the newspaper wearing a light blue baggy swim shorts. Naturally, upon seeing me, he smiled and motioned for me to take a seat right next to him. Initially, the conversation was all about the sexual activities with me and Sam. I have to admit, it felt pretty damn good sitting there with Jason and speaking openly and freely about my sexual endeavors with Sam. Jason especially enjoyed hearing about the truth regarding the size of Sam's weapon of anal destruction, and how I explained to him what it felt like having something so enormously huge violate my ass.
As I spoke, I kept on stealing glances at Jason's crotch, and sure enough, I now could see a very visible sign of a man's erect cock arching itself up inside those baggy shorts. Then, I hit Jason with this, "And, the weirdest part of all was sometime late last night, while I was conked out, I thought I was having the most vivid dream I've ever had. I dreamed I was on my stomach and a tongue was probing my ass something special. Then, I even dreamed that I wound up in a doggy style position and was getting fucked. Not only was a cock blistering my ass, but a hand was jerking my pecker until I coated the palm with my own cum. Oh yeah Jason, I can cum now! It's kind of watery though, but it's cum nevertheless! Well, in my life like dream, I even thought I felt the cock pump globs of cum up my ass. Man, I tell you, that was the best dream ever! This morning when I woke up, my dream was kind of like a reality, cause I saw cum swimming into the toilet, and that was the goo that I uh, I pooped out. Dang, I sure wished I had been wide awake for that, cause who knows, I'd have loved it a whole lot more!"
Matching Jason's erection with an erection of my own, I stood up and pretended to stretch while yawning. I watched Jason's eyes travel directly onto my erect joystick, then twitch nervously as if trying to go unnoticed by my onlooking eyes. Jason folded up the paper, then placed it on top of the patio table. I eased myself back down into the chair, sitting on Jason's left side. Just by looking at him, I knew he wanted to say something, but he appeared to be a bit too nervous to say exactly what he wanted to say.
After a few pressing seconds, I decided to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, "Jason, I reckon it was you who visited me last night, and just so you know, I don't have a problem with it at all. And, don't worry, I wont ever say a word to my mom. It'll be our little secret! And Jason, do me a favor please. The next time, if there is a next time, go ahead and wake me up so I can have some fun, okay?"
The man almost looked as though he was on the very edge of bursting into tears, and his soft voice began to crack as he whispered his response, "Thank you, thank you so very much my little wingless angel. Chase, God knows I've tried to fight the devils within me, and you are correct in assuming it was me in your bedroom last night. From the very first moment I laid eyes on you, I had no control over the devious thoughts sweltering inside my head. Yes, God yes, I love your mom with all of my heart, but Chase uh, I can't get your beauty out of my head. Never, in all of my years have I ever entertained such thoughts regarding another male, but ever since my eyes breathed in your heavenly and flawless beauty, I have found myself being completely consumed. Last night, after a few drinks with your mom, and once I verified that she was lost in sleep, I no longer could contain my emotions, so it was I who lovingly dined on your sweeter than sweet precious little butt hole, and yes, it was I who dare to enter your anus with my cock. And yes, my gorgeous young angel, it was I who basked in the thrills of tasting your youthful honey while depositing my own built up seed deep into your magical rectum. My deceptive tactics alone, I now beg you for forgiveness. Chase, will you be able to forgive me for my actions?"
I was trying to relax him a bit by smiling, then replying back, I softly said, "Jason, there's nothing to forgive! I'm not gonna try to come in between you and my mom, so please don't get that mixed up. But, all I'm trying to say to you right now, at this very moment, if you ever want to do that again, just make sure I'm awake first. If my mom doesn't want to give you some ass, well uh, you can always have mine."
About that time, my mom walked out and our conversation ended rather abruptly, and respectfully so. My mom was going shopping with one of her new rich friends, and within an hour later, it was just me and Jason still sitting on the lounge chairs. At first, we just sat there, neither one of us saying a single word. But, I couldn't help not to notice Jason's erection still tenting up the front of his shorts.
Taking the bull by the horns, I blurted, "Ummmmmmmm Jason, does my mom like sucking your dick?"
Looking over at me, Jason snapped a smile as he responded, "She used to, but not so much any more. Why would you ask something like that Chase?"
Instead of being polite and telling him why, I figured it would be best by showing him, so I slid out of the chair, flopping down on both knees, and was already in between his hairy spread legs before he had a chance to react. My fingers dove into the waistband of his shorts, tugging them towards me, and allowing his manly boner to spring forth into the open.
My right hand grabbed onto the base of his erection while my mouth gravitated over his plump plumb shaped cock head. In reality, Jason's cock was about 6 inches long, and kind of slender, but the head itself was damn near twice as thick as the creamy colored veiny shaft. It also had a downwards arch, so taking his precum oozing cock into my mouth was sort of easy. Speaking of precum, Jason's cock was soaked with precum, so my taste buds came alive once I tasted the flavor of his slightly salty precum.
I think he was trying to object, but I was hell bent on sucking the man's cock, and as my mouth swallowed all of his meat, I was able to slide his shorts down his legs so that he was now sitting in the chair bare ass naked. Jason did help out by lifting his butt so I could get the shorts off of him. His large hairy balls felt wonderful in the palm of my left hand, and his cock felt even more wonderful inside my mouth.
In time, I began taking turns sucking his cock to working overtime on his large cum filled eggs. I had managed to bring Jason close a few times, but it was my own perverse cock worshiping that was prolonging things. I guess it was a good 30 minutes later when I felt his cock throb rapidly, then it was I who was whimpering as his man goo came firing out of his cock, coating the roof of my mouth with oversized strands of thick and rich man cream. I already knew that I had best start making room, so I heard myself humming as I drank down large chunks of Jason's thick spunk.
I wasn't one of those who took the time to count just how many jets of cum shot into my mouth, but Jason's thick ropey cum volleys must had to have clocked somewhere in double digits. The faster I swallowed, the faster his cum came bolting into my mouth. It was kind of salty, but not anywhere close to being bitter, and the more I tasted, the more I craved!
Like an old pro, I milked Jason's cock free from all of his thick cream, and still had his now very limp cock locked between my lips airtight seal. Jason was making all sorts of noises as he was fighting back the urge to free his sensitive organ from my mouth's cock loving clutches.
The next thing I knew, Jason forced himself to stand, forcing his limp noodle from my mouth, and I watched as he placed two large cushions on top of the lounge table, then he hoisted me up, and gently placed me flat on my back. Jason folded so that I was once again in a very familiar position with my ankles safely tucked in behind my head. The man hovered over my upturned ass and his onlooking eyes were glaring intently onto my widely exposed butt hole.
Jason spoke blindly, "My gaaaaaaawwwwdddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwddddddddd, this is uhhhhhhhhhhhh, sooooooooooooo, sooooooooooooo beautiful!"
Then, Jason provided no more words as he quickly used his tongue to assault my inviting bung hole. My kneecaps were touching the top of the table and my own erect missile was hovering directly over my panting mouth as Jason's right hand latched onto it, and began to slowly jerk it using slow even motions.
I honestly have no clue as to just how long Jason ate my asshole, but I do know that I've never had anyone eat it for as long as he was now doing. Many, many times, I came close to blowing my load, but Jason would always stop just short of me cumming. Lost somewhere in time, Jason finally sent me way over the edge, and as his tongue probed deep into my anal canal, his hand made love to my cock in such a way that I was now in the process of spewing strands of watery cum, all of which was landing directly into my wide open mouth.
I don't really know what was more fascinating. The way he was eating my ass or feeling my own watery globs of boy juice firing into my mouth, but either way, or the combination of both, but I for one was doing some moaning and a hell of a lot of whimpering. By the time I was done feeding my mouth my own spunk, I felt Jason swoop me up into his hairy arms, then our mouths locked themselves upon one another. Now, we were both sharing in tasting my fresh cum. To me, I still didn't detect much of a taste, but feeling Jason's tongue swarm inside my mouth made everything in life that much more beautiful.
As we sucked each others tongues, and dined on my cum, my right hand found Jason's now very erect manhood. Instinctively, I began jerking it back and forth while kneading the shaft with my fingertips. Again, the man's precum coated his cock, and with the help of my hand, his precum made his hard cock all slick.
Jason pushed our bodies back down onto the top of the table at which time his left hand pushed my hand out of the way as it grabbed onto his man muscle. I felt the oh so familiar feeling of the cock head as it was being centered onto my saliva drenched asshole, then whimpered into Jason's mouth as it made a quick entrance into my anal region.
With one easy motion, Jason fed his entire cock into my rectum then showed no mercy as he began bucking his hips, and slamming his throbbing man meat in and out of my burning butt hole with pure and utter lust. Though I was encountering some pain, I also was feeling a butt load of pleasure as well. As his cock slammed itself home, I joined in on the fun by doing my usual, and that is making my anal muscles become an active player.
For who knows how long, our mouths remained locked as Jason plowed my ass until he began firing globs of thick man goo up my rectum. My own missile reacted by pumping watery ropes of juice between our bodies without any help from any hand whatsoever. When our mouths broke their seal, Jason planted his mouth back on my recently well fucked asshole where he waisted no time in sucking out his own large deposit of cum.
Once Jason sucked out his own cum from my anal canal, he plopped down on the lounge chair, and once I regained my composure, I sat back down to his left. Moments later, I watched Jason shaking his head from side to side as he spewed, "My God, my God, what have I done? What in heaven's name have I just done? Good Lord, I'm uh, I'm a sick and twisted pedophile, that's what I am! Help me sweet Jesus, help me!"
Hearing that, I quickly interjected, "Screw that Jason! Stop beating yourself up on something that felt so freaking great. We both wanted it to happen, and it's not like you molested me, or something. Well, okay then, but if you're a pedophile, then so the fuck what, I'm a manophile! I love men, and the last time I checked, your a fucking man, so how about we get over all the titles, and let's talk about doing this again, whenever you want!"
Jason's eyes were red with forming tears as he looked at me, then nervously replied, "But, but, I'm the adult here, and I should have known better than to allow my perverse actions to play a part in our relationship. Chase, I am truly sorry for what I have become."
With more of an angrier tone in my voice than anything else, I shot back, "Jason, it's like this. It's not like we are blood related, so there's no incest here! I like men, older men, just like you and Sam. Jason, what we did here today was beautiful, and that's all that needs to be said, point blank and simple. The name calling, and the guilt over simple numbers based on age is kind of stupid if you ask me. I'm old enough to know what I like and don't like, so when it comes to sex, I am a true blooded manophile! Sooooooooo, erase the guilt trip and let's just call it what the fuck it really is, and that is a start of a closer relationship. Besides, you've already said my mom don't suck your cock any more, and well uh, I love sucking it. And, I love the way it feels when you fuck the hell out of my ass. Jason, answer me this please. How can something sooooooooooo fucking beautiful, be sooooooooooooo fucking wrong, huh?"
Jason flashed me a smile, sat back in the chair with his watery eyes locked onto mine, then whispered his response, "Point well taken my beautiful angel! Just so you know, I did speak with Sam earlier this morning, and I will say that you have left a very lasting impression on him, and rightfully so I must add. Also, I did confide to him what I did last night while you were lost in a deep loving sleep. Well, he did invite us on his yacht next weekend, and before you go and get too excited, allow me to explain. This will be an overnight trip, and from what he has told me so far, there will be a total of seven men onboard. And Chase, all seven men, including myself, will all have erections, and all seven men will want to devour every square inch of your flawless beauty."
Hearing what he had just said made me unable to conceal my excitement, so I blurted, "Seven men, seven rock hard cocks, and all seven men want me! Holy shit Jason, like I'v already told you, "So what, I'm a manophile....Remember!"