Boy for Sale
Part 4: The Adventures of Mason McCutcheon

(b/b, oral, anal)

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"Fuck him," seethed Jack. "Fuck'em both."

Carl wasn't as pissed at the boys as he was at Jack himself. He blamed his partner in crime for allowing James to dip his wick that first Saturday. Now the boys were in the throes of a scalding hot, gay boy romance and it was putting a crimp in Jack and Carl's sex life and side business.

When James didn't come around during the day that week as usual, Jack and Carl started snooping into the boy's whereabouts. A full-on steamy romance was the only explanation for their behavior at evening rehearsals. Practically sitting on top of each other when not on stage, secret conversations and sideways glances at one another. The only way someone wouldn't have guessed the boys were a couple is they believed boys that age couldn't be in love or lust with each other. But Jack and Carl knew better, and it was the only clue they needed to investigate their daily activities.

That's when they discovered James and Mason staying with each other during the day. While on his break from work, Jack drove by Mason's house and spied James' bike. At lunch, the bike was still there. He arranged for Carl to make a drive by that afternoon and James' bike was still at Mason's. When the boys arrived at practice that evening, they were both freshly showered and looked a bit worn out but very happy. Jack would have bet his left nut that the boys had to showered to get the smell of sex off their bodies before Mason's mother got home.

When Jack tried to arrange for James' to come to his house for a party on Saturday or Sunday, James was busy and unable to make time for Jack and his friends. Over the weekend, Jack and Carl had both spotted the boys at each other's home, or riding bikes together here and there around town.

"Well," said Carl thoughtfully, "we could get us a new boy. I kinda had my eye on that cute blonde... ummm... what's his name... ah, yes, Johnny Payne. Single mom. Needs the money. I think, if we gave him a cut, we wouldn't be able to line up enough dicks for him."

"Well, if James and Mason aren't going to be around when we need'em, then we gotta get a new boy. That Payne kid's got a cute little ass on him. But what are we gonna do about the other two?"

"Maybe we just let them be? James will come back around, and if he don't, then we just move on. I don't want to piss James off and cause trouble," stated Carl. Pushing the boys crossed one of Carl's line and he was afraid these boys, if pressed, would tell.

"Or maybe we should out them? Call their parents or something so they care caught in the act. That'll teach those two a lesson they'll never forget. We can make it look like James is a sexual predator and fuck things up for both of them."

"Do you really want to do that?" asked Carl. "Don't ya think James will tell on us to defend himself?"

"I've got it!"

Carl wasn't sure he liked the sound of that. Jack's wanting revenge on one of their boys just seemed uncalled for. They'd taken advantage of the lads and to punish them for wanting something different seemed terribly wrong, as if fucking them wasn't bad enough.

"If the boys won't come to us, we'll send the men to them!" Jack pulled out his phone and opened the app he used to make arrangements. His titled the post, "Boy for Sale".


"Hello, James," said Mrs. McCutcheon. "How are you this morning?"

"I'm really good," said James in the politest way he knew. "How are you this morning?"

Mrs. McCutcheon though James was a god-send. Since he'd been staying with Mason during the day, her son's chores were completed, and he was happier than he'd been in months. Plus, she no longer had to pay for babysitting. As far as she was concerned, this was the best possible situation.

"I'm running off to school, you boys can make breakfast when Mason wakes up. He's such a sleepy head. I wish he'd be up and ready to go earlier in the morning like you, James. I'll see you later."

"Yes, ma'am," James said. He knew his younger friend had been up for a while -- they'd texted each other. He also knew Mason was up and ready to go. Mason had sent a photo as evidence of his condition earlier. The raven-haired boy just chose to stay in bed, naked, until James arrived each morning. Even then, Mason only got out of bed to clean up and eat breakfast after the two boys had warn themselves out.

This morning, just to be safe, he waited until she pulled her car out of the driveway and started down College before he headed to his lover's bedroom. James shed his clothes on his way down the hallway and was naked by the time he reached the bedroom door.

Mason watched with his head propped up on one hand as James dumped his clothes on the desk chair and slipped under the covers. The boys pressed their naked bodies tightly together and greeted each other with a long, tonguey kiss.

Knowing what he wanted, Mason rolled onto his back and pulled his knees to his chest. With all the practice the boys had over the last week, James was able to simply lube himself and Mason up with some spit before sliding home.

"Oh!" said Mason on the initial penetration. Then he purred with pleasure as James slid the rest of the way in, pressing his public mound firmly against Mason's taint.

The two boys reengaged their kiss before James began rocking his hips back and forth. With each thrust, the underside of Mason's ridged cock rubbed deliciously across the abs of the rutting teenager above him. He couldn't get enough of James and his dick. To ensure the teen didn't make an early withdrawal, Mason locked his ankles behind the teen's back, using his legs to pull James down, and his own hips up, to maximize penetration and angle James' entry so the teen cock pounded against younger boy's prostate.

The daily routine they'd fallen into started off with one good hard fucking to begin with, before they even spoke a word to each other. Each boy loved a morning cum, and cumming while fucking was the best. It was their favorite way to start the day! It never took long, especially if they hadn't spent the night together. This morning, it had been nearly 18 hours since they'd cum and the boys were long overdue -- at least according to the pace they'd set for themselves since that fateful Saturday.

Each boy gasped for air during their heated kiss. The bed rocking and creaking in time with the squelching noise of James' cock sliding faster and faster, in and out of Mason's love tunnel. Speeding up even more, James' trusts began to cause Mason to huff with each plunge. The smacking of James' hips onto Mason's bottom turned into a sharp, slap as the teen focused solely on achieving his own orgasm.

James grabbed each of Mason's wrists and pinned them above the prone boy's head. Looking down at Mason, he saw the hunger in the boy's eyes, the hunger and the need for his own orgasm. With their face's inches apart, they stared into each other's eyes with love and lust. James fucking Mason as fast as he could, willing himself to an incredible orgasm. He felt the pressure building while holding back with all his might to achieve the most powerful orgasm he could possibly have. Mason continued to use his legs to work the angle of James' cock so it masterfully rubbed and grinded against his love button. The tingles coming from the pleasure in his boy pussy and the heat in his dick from the friction generated his cock head sliding along James' stomach were the perfect combination for Mason to achieve a hands-free orgasm of his own. Mason closed his eyes and arched his back. "Uuuuuhhhhh!!" he grunted, his hairless cock rapidly twitching, emitting a few drops of clear, sweet, boy's cream.

Mason's ass clamped down on James' dick sent a shudder through the teen's body. Fighting to continue his invasion into the boy's hole despite the contractions of the tween's anal muscles, James howled and unleashed a massive orgasm, flooding the boy's innards with shot after shot of potent boy seed. Even as Mason's orgasm subsided, his little cock twitched each time the fat head of James' cock punched the youngster's sensitive gland.

As James slowed his pace and caught his breath, Mason opened his eyes and connected with the boy above him, the boy he'd do anything for. He gave James a huge smile and James returned in kind.

*clap* *clap* *clap*

Both boys jumped towards the side of the bed closest to the wall and pull the covers over their naked bodies.

"That was one fucking hot show," said Billy Joe Kreeger. His brother nodded in agreement.


The boys were eager to get to rehearsal that night. They made sure to arrive before Jack and Carl, finding a couch just off stage to get comfy while they waited. It was a short wait. Carl and Jack arrived together and they were pissed, much to the elation of the boys. Mason's dimples teased the men as he tried to suppress his smile. James, on the other hand, simply laughed at them.

That infuriated Jack. With one step towards the boys, Carl grabbed Jack by the arm and directed him out of the school auditorium.

Keeping his voice low, Carl laid it on the line. "Jack, get yer shit together."

Jack took two steps away then turned and got into Carl's face. Red-faced and veins bulging from his neck, Jack clenched his teeth in an attempted to control his fury. "Those little fuckers are laughing at us!" he hissed.

"Yeah, they are. But the only thing everyone is going to notice is that we are pissed off at the boys," Carl pointed out. "If they see us pissed at those boys, they're gonna know we are pissed at them for something that happened outside of the musical rehearsal. People are gonna start asking questions and wondering what we're doing with the boys and we don't need people asking questions."

Jack gave a low growl. "I hate it when you're right." Both men knew that their worst nightmare was being realized -- their boys had figured out about the financial transactions. Now the question became, what are they going to do with that information.

This night, all the boys in the cast were on set as they choreographed Carl's big number, "Reviewing the Situation". Mason and James continued to take great pleasure in seeing Jack and Carl on pins and needles. Jack grumbled and fumed all evening, acting pissy and mad at the world. Carl was distracted to the point of having difficulty remembering the lyrics and hitting his marks.

Frustrated, the director called an early break. Everyone scattered -- the boys hitting the vending machines, bathrooms, or just running around in general while the choreographer and director went outside for a smoke. James and Mason took up their spot on the couch and waiting for Jack and Carl to take this opportunity to confront them. James watched the men discuss their next steps while Mason played Angry Birds 2 on his iPhone. A cocky smirk crossed James' face as the men approached.

Jack spoke first. "You little sh... *omf*" Carl's elbow in the side cut Jack short.

"Boys," Carl began in a slow, friendly, yet purposeful tone and pace, "I think we all need to have a discussion." Mason continued messing with his phone, not bothering to look up. James simply laughed.

"You think?" said James, laughing even harder.

"Why you..." Jack raised his hand but paused when Mason hit the Play on his Voice Memos app. Before Jack could step forward to strike James, they heard Billy Joe Kreeger voice.

"We paid Jack to fuck your asses and we're going to get what we paid for," came Bill Joe's angry voice from the speaker.

"Turn that down!" hissed Carl. The volume of the phone was loud enough for anyone in the auditorium to hear.

"Huh," Mason laughed, "that's sort of like Billy Joe's reaction when I played that comment for him and his brother." That was something the Kreeger brothers failed to tell Jack when they came to collect their refund. It seems Jack and Carl had made a number of miscalculations with these boys. The first being letting the boys fuck that first afternoon.

They hadn't realized James figured out what they'd been doing. The teen was biding his time, trying to figure out a glorious way of turning the tables on the two men. When he began having feelings for Mason, he realized he didn't want Mason to be used by the men as he had. To protect Mason, he told the boy everything that was going on, including turning tricks on the side.

When the Kreeger brothers showed up that morning surprising the boy's in Mason's bedroom, their arrival may have surprised the boys, but not the reason why they were there. James, the more streetwise of the pair, did the talking.

"So, you and Billy Bob are here for a good time?" said the cheeky blond.

"Damn right we are," replied Billy Joe.

"Boy Billy Joe," said his brother, "that new little piece of ass is purdy."

"Oh, you's right Billy Bob," agreed Billy Joe. "Hey little one, you ain't gonna need that phone. We got something else for you to play with." Mason didn't acknowledge the man's comment.

"Well, I suppose Jack sent you over," said James.

"Yeah, he said he had a new party boy and that you two would be here and ready for action. It just looks like you boys started without us," explained Billy Joe. His clever comment made both men laugh.

"Do you have the money?" asked James.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"We don't work for Jack and we don't work for free. If you want this, you pay us," explained the teen. "It's $200 for the two of us."

"$200!?" groused Billy Joe. "Jack only charged us $150!"

"Well, this is how the game is played now, boys," said James, perhaps cockier than he should have.

"What the fuck?" exclaimed Billy Bob.

"We paid Jack to fuck your asses and we're going to get what we paid for," growled Billy Joe as he started to undress.

"I don't think so," said Mason. He hit play on Voice Memos and played back the recording of the conversation.

When the message ended, Mason tapped the screen a few more times and his MacBook Pro and James' phone both sounded alerts.

"I just sent the Voice Memo to myself and James," explained Mason.

"Gimme that phone you little shit," demanded Billy Joe.

"It won't do you any good," giggle Mason like a cheeky little monkey. "Now that I've texted the memo, both Verizon and T-Mobile have records of the memo so if you go after our devices, we'll have to contact our mobile carriers to retrieve the audio file and who knows who'll hear it then."

The room was quiet, and no one moved for nearly an entire minute as everyone weighed the situation. Then Mason spoke up. "I think it's time for you men to leave my house." The Kreeger brothers straightened up their clothes and headed to Jack's to get their money back.

Jack and Carl understood the full picture now. "So... what are you boys going to do now?" asked Jack.

"We aren't going to be your 'boys' any more, that's for sure," seethed James, letting Jack know he wasn't happy with being used in the way Jack had used him and many other boys. "You stay away from us and the other boys around here, and after the musical is over, we'll let you know how things are going to be. Got it?"

The men became ashen. They agreed to James' terms, but only with the intent to buy some time to come up with a new plan. The boys in the cast began returning to the stage and the director and choreographer continued the evening's rehearsal.


The laughter died down when the boys settled on the couch for a little cuddle. At the end of rehearsal, Mason and James snuck away to the dressing room where it all began for a little alone time. They didn't have long before Mason's mother arrived. The boys had finally gotten their parents to agree to just let them spend the night together. Knowing the walls at Mason's house were paper thin, if they didn't have some fun now, it would have to wait until morning. So the boys quickly got down to business.

"Since when did you become so cocky?" asked James, proud of his little friend's bravery and ingenuity. Recording the Kreeger brothers and using the recording to stop Jack in his tracks were strokes of genius. James realized he underestimated his little cutie. Mason may have seemed to be young and naive, but after today, James has a whole new respect for his sexy little friend.

Mason smiled, flashing James his dimples and white teeth that shone brilliant in the dim light of the room. "I couldn't let anything happen to you," said Mason.

"Awww, you're such a sweetie," whispered James leaning in for another kiss.

Time was forgotten as was the pending arrival of their parents. Hands found their way under shirts and into pants. Snaps unsnapped. Zippers unzipped.

Even though they had given their parents a pick-up time that afforded them a good 15 -30 minutes after rehearsal ended, Mason's mother arrived early. A few of the boys were hanging around outside the high school waiting for their parents. She didn't see Mason or James but she did spot the adorable little blonde she met on a previous night while waiting for her son.

Johnny Payne saw Mrs. McCutcheon looking his way and waved. When the kind lady waved back, he approached her car. "Hi Mrs. McCutcheon!"

"Hi Johnny," she said, lacking confidence that she remembered his name correctly.

"You lookin' for Mason and James?"

"Yes. Have you seen them?" asked Mason's mother hopefully.

"Yeah, I think they went to the dressing rooms after rehearsal. Want me to go find'em?"

"Thank you, Johnny," she said. "I would appreciate that."

"Okay." The little blonde turned on his heels and ran back into the school building to find the older boys. He entered the auditorium and crossed the stage to the door he saw the boys exit through earlier. The doors to each room were shut. The boys could be in any of the rooms, or none of them at all. Starting with the door on his left, Johnny quietly worked his way down the hallway looking for the boys.

Opening the door to the dressing room, Johnny exclaimed, "Oh!" He hadn't expected to see quite so much of the boys. James was sitting on the couch with his shirt unbuttoned, his left hand was pinching his nipped while his right hand played his Mason's ass. Mason, who's shorts were down around his knees, was kneeling on the couch beside James giving his boyfriend a rigorous blowjob. Both boys were surprised by the intruder, freezing in place, staring at the door.

"Johnny!" whispered James. "Shut the door!"

James had intended for Johnny to remain in the hallway when he shut the door. Instead, the little 10-year-old stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. "I know what you two are doing."

The mood gone, Mason and James adjusted their positions on the couch and rearranged their clothing. The both felt they should be more presentable in the presence of the younger boy.

James responded to Johnny's comment while he buttoned his shirt. "Oh really? What were we doing?"

Johnny, excited to show off his knowledge, knowledge that he was told to keep a secret. "You're doing sex stuff. Mason was giving you a blowjob."

"How do you know that?" asked James.

"I can't tell you," replied Johnny. His mischievous grin told the boys he wanted to tell.

Mason spoke up. "Well, you saw us doing it so you need to keep our secret. It's only fair for you to tell us your secret."

"Okay," said Johnny.

The boys finished getting their clothes on and turned their attention back to Johnny, waiting for him to tell his secret.

"Well?" asked James.

"Oh, yeah," said Johnny with a laugh. "My Uncle Peter taught me how to do that for him."

"Do what?" asked Mason.

"Give him blowjobs," said Johnny, very matter-of-factly. Mason and James look at each other then back to Johnny.

Mason asked, "Do you want to spend the night tonight?"


Johnny often wondered where his Uncle Peter moved to and why he never contacted his favorite nephew. It was particularly frustrating that his mother forbade him from speaking of the Uncle he idolized. But that night, Mason, and then James, took Johnny where his Uncle Peter never had the chance to. They also warned Johnny about the intentions of Jack and Carl to make sure those men didn't get their claws into another boy. If they were going to have sex with men, it was going to be on their terms.

By the time the boys dropped off to sleep, they were the best of friends sharing their deepest, darkest secrets.

James admitted that though he loved Mason and being a top, he missed his steady supply of hard cocks up his ass. Johnny was thrilled that he finally had friends to share that he could share he love for man cock, and men in general. Mason, though embarrassed to admit, revealed that his love for sex with men revolved around its forbidden nature.

The friends agreed. Now that they understood each other's proclivity towards sex with men, they could help each other satisfy that desire.

Mason got the other two boys to join him in a three-way pinky swear. "No secrets between us, but we will take each other's secrets to the grave. Agree?" Johnny and James nodded seriously, agreeing to Mason's terms of their friendship. "Now," grinned Mason, "let the adventures begin!"


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