Consider Yourself One of Us
Part 2: The Adventures of Mason McCutcheon

(b/b/M, oral, anal)

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"Well done, everyone," said the director. "Well done."

Mason was pleased the director was happy with the performance. They'd been practicing "Consider Yourself" from Act 1 Scene 5, the scene where the Jack Dawkins and Oliver Twist meet. During the number, the boys travel through Paddington Green running into all sorts of residents who welcome Oliver to the community. Over the last couple weeks, cast members learned different segments of the choreography. Tonight, they practiced the whole number, over and over, adjusting the choreography and perfecting the steps. Finally, they made it through the number flawlessly for a third time with the revised moves. Both the director and choreographer were proud of their work and moved on to the next part of rehearsal.

Though Mason loved being on stage singing and dancing, he really needed a break. He, James, and the adult cast, had been working on the number for nearly two hours straight. Mason felt an arm around his shoulder and looked up into James' smiling face. Mason grinned, showing off his dimples.

"Let's go get a drink," suggested the teen.

The boys exited the stage and entered the school hallway. Passing the drinking fountain closest to the stage, they headed down the hallway to a pair of fountains by the cafeteria. The water from these fountains was colder and more refreshing. Thirst quenched, the two entered the back of the theater and took seats in the last row to watch the adults rehearse "It's a Fine Life". The boys had some time to pass before the other boys in the cast arrive later to rehearse one of their numbers.

"So..." whispered James. He knew the director hated it when people talked during rehearsal and the man had hearing like a bat. Not to mention James thought he kind of looked like one too. "Are you still okay with what we did Saturday?"

Mason felt his face go hot. He wondered if James could tell in the dim lighting. With a furtive glance at James, Mason nodded exuberantly. Before Saturday, Mason was pretty sure he was gay, but he'd never dared to act on his urges, even when he had friends sleeping over. Now, here he sat Monday evening, just two days later, with a boner thinking about letting a 40-something man take his virginity and then getting plowed by the cute teen next to him. All he's been able to think of was getting naked with James again and sitting here next to the boy wasn't making the battle of the boner any easier. Mason adjusted his posture hoping to alleviate some of the discomfort.

A smirk graced James' face. His hand snuck over to Mason's lap making the younger boy jump in surprise. `Yep,' thought James, `he's ready for more.' He motioned for Mason to follow and slipped back into the hallway. As he led Mason down the hallway back towards the stage door, he fished a keyring from his pocket and searched for the right one. Stopping at a door halfway down the hallway, Mason watched with curiosity as his friend unlocked a door that seemed to reveal to a small closet.

"Com'on. You first." James pointed to the wall.

Puzzled, Mason stuck his head in the closet and noticed a wall ladder. He followed the ladder with his eyes as it disappeared in darkness. Continuing his gaze upwards, he noticed that the ladder led to an opening that was lit. He looked to James who nodded for him to climb. Mason stepped into the closet and proceeded to climb the ladder. What little light they had was cut off when James stepped into the room and shut the door behind him. Mason focused on the light above as he felt his way from rung to rung, edging himself closer to the light.

At the top, Mason stepped out onto the catwalk, high above the theater seating of the school's auditorium. He was amazed at how small everyone on stage was at that distance. He walked tentatively across the walkway. It was only about five feet wide and with metal railings on either side. A few feet below the walkway was the sloped ceiling of the auditorium. From the walkway, the stage crew had access to the stage lights in order to change bulbs, adjust their direction, or swap gel sheets.

James joined Mason in the middle of the catwalk and the two boys watched the rehearsal below.

"This is really cool," said Mason, resting his elbows on the railing and peering down at the stage.

"Yeah," replied James. "What I think is really cool is we can see the entire stage, but no one can see us."

Mason looked at James suspiciously. "How's that? There's plenty of light up here."

"You've been on stage," noted the teen. "Haven't you look up at the lights by the ceiling? They are so bright you can't look at them for long. When you look up here, you just see lights and they are so bright everything else looks black."

"Huh," grunted Mason as he pondered the evidence James presented as he watched the actors dance across the stage. "I guess you're right."

While Mason watched the performers, James moved behind Mason and placed his hands on the railing with the boy in between. He pressed his body against Mason's making sure the boy could feel his erection pressed firmly in the small of his back.

"If we don't make too much noise, no one will find us up here." James offered this tidbit of information hoping Mason would take the hint. Mason knew exactly what was on James' mind and flashed the teen his killer smile.

James stepped back and lowered his zipper. Mason turned and dropped to his knees.

"Uh uh uh!" scolded James, teasingly. "Carl taught you better than that."

Mason thought for a moment before he remembered Carl's words. Adjusting his position, he untied and removed his shoes before standing and removing the rest of his clothes. With each piece of clothing he hung across the railing, the more excited he got. When he got down to his striped boxer briefs, Mason hesitated. Looking down at the stage he got a thrill out of watching all the adults and slipping his underwear off, right in front of them. He spun the briefs around on his finger and wagged his boner at all those below, laughing quietly to himself.

James' laughter reminded Mason of why he was naked. Mason turned, dropped back down to his knees, and took the teen's painfully hard erection into his hand. Sliding back James' foreskin, Mason watched precum ooze from the slit and licked his lips. Looking down and to his left, Mason watched the adults on stage as he lapped up James' precum. He wondered how they would react if they knew what was going on in the catwalk. He closed his eyes and slipped the cock into his mouth, working his tongue across the arrow under the bulbous head. He sucked the teen in full view of all the actors on stage, if only they could see.

The blond teen also got a thrill out of this. Standing there with his cock being worked on by the precious little star of the show, James grinned as he watched the show on stage and in front of him. To give everyone a better view of what was happening, he pushed his pants to the ground and raised his shirt to chin, thrusting his hips forward to give anyone watching a clear view of his cock sliding in and out of Mason's mouth.

Mason worked vigorously, burying his nose in James' pubs with each plunge and twisting his head and working his tongue on retreat. His fine work was bringing James to a boil quickly. That didn't surprise James at all. He'd been horny all day. Since fucking Mason on Saturday, sinking his dick into that fine ass again was all he could think about. As much as he wanted to feed Mason the load he'd been saving since Saturday, he needed to plant it deep into the boy's perfect ass.

Before he reached the point of no return, James drew back, surprising Mason. The boy was hungry for the load he'd worked hard for only to be denied.

"Stand up."

Mason did as directed watching James lean over and fumble with is pants still piled around his ankles. When the teen stood back up, he showed Mason a foil packet of lube. James leaned in and kissed Mason. Mason wrapped his arms around James' neck, not wanting to let him go. As they kissed, James opened the packet and squeezed some lube onto his fingers before reaching down and slipping them between the boy's cheeks.

He muffled Mason's moan with his mouth while he rubbed the boy's pucker, preparing it for entry. Mason held James tighter as he pushed his ass back against the teasing fingers, wanting them to penetrate his being. The problem was, James couldn't reach Mason's ass well enough from this angle to give the boy what he wanted.

"Turn around," ordered James. Mason turned to face the stage. When he felt James' fingers slip into his ass crack again, Mason leaned over, grabbed the railing and spread his feet to give James better access. Opening his eyes, he gazed down on the stage and luxuriated in the feeling of two fingers working to stretch his hole. Vaguely, at the periphery of his consciousness, Mason was aware of the shear nastiness of what he was doing. Standing there naked in the high school auditorium, in full view of anyone looking past the stage lighting, Mason ground his ass onto a boy's fingers while bent over the railing of the catwalk. He was all but begging to be fucked right there in public. Every time the reality of the situation threatened to wake the boy from his lust, a bump of his love button or the sweet burn of his pussy being stretched washed the thought away.

The boy's sweaty brow dropped to his forearm as he bent his back presenting his ass to his older friend, hoping James could take a hint. James might be new to topping, but he wasn't a newbie when it came to sex. He recognized the lust and need in Mason's body language. It was a message he'd spoken many times before. Squirting a dollop of the wild berry flavored lube onto his uncut cock and he prepared it for penetration. The few seconds it took for James to slick his pole and line it up was too long for Mason. The smaller boy was whining with need and desire. His ass swaying this way and that, seeking a finger, or cock, to have inserted into his hole.

James spied his target. Mason's ass cheeks were spread open, begging for a cock to rammed into the winking hole. Moving closer, James smacked the hole with his cock, watching the muscles around the hole flex in anticipation. He always wondered why men did that to him. If he wasn't in such a hurry to blow his load, he might have found it more entertaining -- but not today. Bending his knees and taking Mason by the hip, he guided his dick to its destination. When the head pressed into the center of the hole, Mason relaxed and pushed back causing James to slide in to the hilt in seconds. Both boys moaned. Thank goodness the chorus was singing, drowning out the two boys lost in their bliss.

Unable to, not wanting to, this evening it was all the same to the teen. James' brain kicked into fuck mode and he rabbit fucked the boy with only one thing on his mind: to plant his boy seed as deep as he possibly could.

From the top of the ladder, Jack watched his protégés with mixed emotions. His little head was telling him this was fucking hot. Mason was a little hottie and was a completely willing sex partner for James. Jack saw dollar signs thinking about the killing he could make selling videos or tickets to live performance by these two boys. When together, they lose themselves in pleasure and dispense with all inhibitions. But Jack's big head was not as happy. Everyone, since casting the show, noticed the great chemistry between James and Mason. As they spent more time together preparing for the show's opening, the boys seemed to connect more deeply and their onstage chemistry flourished. At this evening's rehearsal, however, Jack noticed something different. The boys were also more attentive to each other. He didn't think they realized it yet, but they were both crushing on the other hard. The sexcapades of Saturday, when Jack let James fuck Mason against the man's better judgement, solidified the bond between the two boys and he knew they would soon be boyfriends if that hadn't already happened tonight. He worried about the problems that could bring.

The look on James' face, and his changing of pace and angle, told Jack that the teen was ready to explode. He took it as his cue to approach. James' eyes were closed while he tried to maintain his hyper speed pistoning as his orgasm approached. Mason's eyes were also closed. The raven-haired lad was concentrating on precisely adjusting the angle of his hips to keep James' rod in contact with his prostate. Every so often, the boy would lap up the drool running out the corner of his mouth.

The closer Jack got, the more he could hear. The constant whining coming from Mason that was punctuated with a jump in pitch each time James bottomed out in his ass. James' grunts as he smacked his hips into the boy's ass, raising in pitch has he climbed the heights to his orgasm. Jack reached the couple and bent over to pick up the packet of lube at the boys' feet. Dropping his pants and boxers, he wrung the last of the lube on his fat cock and started jacking off.

The boys were still not aware of Jack's being there when James held his breath, rose onto the toes of his left food and with one final hard thrust, exploded into Mason's hole. Jack's grunt was muffled when Jack slapped his hand across the boy's mouth. It wouldn't have been good for the boys to be caught fucking, but he sure as hell didn't want to be caught with them.

James, shocked by Jack's presence, was too far gone to do anything other than ride out his orgasm. Snorting for air since he couldn't breathe through his mouth, James' body jerked and shuddered as he unleashed blast after blast of hot cum. Knowing the pleasure he'd given his friend, Mason smiled and used his ass to massage the pulsing phallus. He wanted every drop of his reward. For the young boy, there was just something nasty, yet exciting, knowing that someone is dumping a load of baby makers in his ass. He was especially happy that this someone was James.

Jack's appearance wasn't by accident. He's the one that gave the lube and keys to James. He knew the boy wanted to fuck Mason again and he expected it to happen sometime tonight when the boys had some downtime. The catwalk was a regular place Jack and Carl took boys, including James. When he noticed the boys had disappeared, he had a pretty good idea where they had gone... and what they were doing.

Jack didn't get a chance to fuck Mason on Saturday and couldn't wait his turn. For a boy with as little experience has Mason, Jack knew the best chance he had of slipping his cock into the boy's tight ass without inflicting too much pain would be right after he was fucked by someone else. This couldn't be more perfect. James' load would be the excellent lube and since the boy hadn't cum yet, he'll be so turned on that his ass will be begging for more cock.

The teen finally came down off his toes and stumbled backwards into the railing. Mason started to stand but felt a hand push him back down. That hand slid up his back ending over his mouth. He felt the unmistakable feeling of a cock being lined up at his hole before he heard Jack's voice. "I'm fatter than James so this might hurt a bit. I mean, well, it probably will hurt a lot. Push out when I push in to make it easier on yourself." Jack's second hand grabbed Mason's shoulder before he thrust his hips forward, working his cock into the small hole. Mason's objections were muffled by Jack's hand as he pulled the boy back onto his cock. Once the head popped in he didn't stop. He slammed the rest home in one stroke. Jack might not have the longest cock, but he did have two things -- he had girth and he had an uncanny ability to drill a boy's prostate when he fucked. Mason was acutely aware of the first one. His eyes bugged out has he huffed, trying to relax and endure the burning sensation. Shifting his weight from foot to foot, he searched for any position to ease the pain.

Mason's passage was luxurious. After weeks of waiting and the torture of not having a chance to tap the boy's ass since their fun on Saturday, Jack couldn't hold off one more second. He pulled back and slammed into the boy once again, grinding the thick ridge of his cock head across the boy's young sex button. The boy's body shuddered as the man's cock forced a glob of precum from his hard pricklet.

He never intended to keep his hand over Mason's mouth, but the boy was a moaner and he had to keep him quiet so the folks below didn't hear. Jack was vigilant, keeping at least part of his attention on the rehearsal. When the music stopped, he pressed himself deep in the boy and grinded against the sexy little ass. When the music picked back up, Jack went back to work using the noise to cover the slapping of his body against the boy's and his own grunts of exertion. James rested on the opposite rail, watching the erotic sight in front of him. Soon, he'd be ready to go again.

The pain fleeted, replaced by intense sensations that neither Carl or James had engendered in the boy's body. All Mason knew was he wanted more and shoved his ass back to meet each of Jack's thrusts to get what he wanted.

The man would have preferred this fuck to last, but he knew this wasn't the time or place for a drawn-out session. Soon they would all be missed so he needed to wrap things up and get back to the stage. Kicking things into his highest gear, Jack approached his goal. Just moments before he achieved his climax, Mason's ass clamped down on his fat cock. The boy shouted into Jack's tightly gripped hand has he squirted his immature cum. The first shot nearly making it over the edge of the ceiling and into the auditorium.

Timing his thrusts so he was fully embedded each time Mason's anal passage contracted, Jack made sure to pound the boy's prostate until he too grunted with the eruption of his thick, potent man seed. The boy, wrapped up in his own orgasm, missed out on the joy of receiving Jack's load.

Mason rested his head on his arms as he tried to catch his breath. With the softening of his cock, Jack eased out of Mason's hole and watched a small stream of cum, lube and ass juices drip from the gaping hole.

`If I only had more time,' though Jack. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and cleaned his cock before pulling his pants back up and heading to the ladder. He turned to the boys and said, "It's almost time for the other boys to get here. You better hurry up before someone comes looking for you." James nodded and Jack descended the ladder.

"How are you holding up?" asked James, rubbing Mason's back.

"I'm good," said Mason without looking up. "That was fucking awesome."

James stuffed his reawaken erection into his briefs before pulling up his pants. He really wished he had time to take care of it before heading back to the stage. Now he prayed it would go down enough no one would notice. Zipping up and buttoning his pants, James fished something from his pocket and offered it to Mason. He tapped the boy on the shoulder and said, "You're gonna need this."

The boy raised his head to see what James proffered. His puzzlement was soon replaced by recognition. James had a tampon in his hand. "Why do you have a tampon?" asked the young boy. He had a vague idea why his mom had them, but never heard of a boy needing one.

"I use them sometimes so I don't leak in my underwear." James unwrapped the tampon to show it to Mason. "The last think you want is to end up with a wet spot on the back of your pants or to walk around smelling like cum. It will raise too many questions."

He explained to Mason how it worked then helped apply the tampon to the boy's leaky hole. "Stay here for a second," instructed James. The teen headed to the far end of the catwalk. Reaching underneath, he found the roll of paper towels he hid there for clean-up. Tearing off a couple sheets, he placed the roll back in its hiding place and returned to the prone 12-year-old. He arrived back to the boy and caringly cleaned the dribbles from his thighs and ball sac. James was confused about how he was feeling. Watching Jack fuck Mason was erotic, but he felt jealous. He felt possessive of Mason and didn't want Jack or Carl to have him. He wanted Mason for himself. To be his boyfriend? That was a new thought James needed to scrutinize.

He kissed Mason's butt cheek and the boy giggled. "Get dressed," order James, patting the boys cute ass. " We need to get back to rehearsal."

Mason started with is underwear dressing as quickly as he could. Stepping into his pants, Mason asked, "Do Carl and Jack have other boys they have sex with?"

"Yeah," answered James, uncomfortable with this line of questions.

"Are they in the musical, too?" inquired Mason, zipping up and buttoning his pants.

"No. Well, not that I know of anyway." James was never sure if he knew everyone involved. Carl and Jack kept things on a need-to-know basis. "The boys are usually different ages. As we get older Jack and Carl find a new younger boy." The thought of being too old always made James melancholy, even if he wasn't completely into having sex with men. Just the idea of no longer being desirable was depressing. Though the sex was fun while it lasted, he'd rather have one special friend to be with. Besides, now that he's topped, he wanted to dip his dick again and again, but the adults never seemed interested in James taking that role.

Mason tried to get his head around the whole thing. Since Saturday, he really just focused on the sex, particularly the sex he'd had with James. It really felt good and gave him the best orgasms of his young life. But tonight, he realized there was more to all of this and he wanted to understand. "So, I'm just the latest kid for them to fuck?"

James took Mason into his arms and held the boy tight. Mason, in turn, wrapped his arms around James. Being in James' arms felt so right. Kind of like the sublime comfort of a mother's hug. He felt like he just belonged there. "Yeah," replied James. "I guess you can consider yourself one of us."


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