It's a Fine Life
Part 3: The Adventures of Mason McCutcheon

(b/b, oral)

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James had a huge smile on his face as he pedaled across town. He planned to take Mill Street and then turn right on West 2nd to cut over to College Street where Mason's mother had purchased a nice ranch style home with a large backyard. You'd be hard pressed to determine which of James' feats was more responsible for his shit-eating grin. The fact that he'd foiled one of Jack and Carl's plans or his prize for doing so.

When James was first drawn into their clutches, the men ingratiated themselves to James' parents, offering to help anyway they could, including watching the underage boy during the school breaks and other days when school wasn't open. They offered to do it for free, but humbly accepted whatever his parents offered for their services. Jack found it hilarious that the boy's parents were paying them to fuck their kid and whore him out -- supposedly unbeknownst to James. However, James was as clever as the character he played in the musical, the Artful Dodger, and quickly figured out the score.

Once he was old enough to legally stay home by himself, he convinced his parents that he didn't need to go to Jack or Carl's during the day. With nothing better to do in such a small town, James found a profitable way to spend his time. James carefully selected his favorite "customers" and made arrangements of his own to meet up with these men. He treaded carefully, making sure he chose men that would be loyal and secretive to ensure Jack and Carl didn't find out what he was doing. Over the last year, he'd kept himself pretty busy, stashing away money for a car or college, but spent some here and there to treat himself, careful not to spark his parents' curiosity about his money or his purchases.

As much as James took pleasure in outwitting the two thespians and cashing in on their enterprise without their knowledge, this week was perhaps his greatest coup. Knowing they would sooner or later approach Mason's mother with the same offer they'd made his parents, James beat them to the punch and approached her with his own story. James explained how he was very lonely being home by himself, and since Mason was not enough to stay home by himself, James thought it might be a good idea for them to hang out together during the day. They could keep each other company staying at one house or the other. Not only would they avoid the loneliness of being by themselves all day, it would eliminate childcare costs. A win-win for everyone, especially James!

A quick phone call to James' parents confirmed that he had worked it out with them in advance and Mrs. McCutcheon agreed to the plan. The boys could hardly contain their excitement. This morning was the first day James would be babysitting Mason -- Mrs. McCutcheon's words, not his -- and they would be spending today at Mason's. Being a pragmatist, James did fill his backpack with things to take to Mason's. He grabbed some video games that the two could play, his headphones so he could listen to music on his phone, the script for the musical in case they wanted to rehearse, a book from his summer reading list, lube, and a small vibrator.

That grin on James' face as he rode his bike to Mason's was a combination of self-satisfaction in outsmarting the two numbnuts, and his excitement about being home alone with Mason all day. When he'd made the arrangements and scored his victory over Jack and Carl, the self-satisfaction was the stronger impetus for this mood. But this morning, with each turn of the bicycle's crank, his victory faded from his mind while he focused more and more on Mason and the fun they were going to have.

Riding up the driveway and into the grass, James dismounted his mountain bike before it stopped. Dropping it in the grass, he scampered up the walkway to the front door and rang the doorbell. Since Mrs. McCutcheon had a class that morning, she left before James arrived. The teen knew he and Mason would finally have some time alone -- completely alone -- and he practically danced on the stoop waiting for the boy to answer the door. It seemed like forever before the door finally opened.

Mason finished his yawn before greeting his friend. "Mornin'."

James was speechless. Mason stood in the doorway wearing only a pair for baby blue and white striped ToBeInStyle boxer briefs. The briefs were clearly a size too small, fitting so tight in the front, the teen could make out each testicle and the coronal ridge of Mason's rigid circumcised penis.

The words spilled out before James could make sense of what he was saying. "Good morning, Beautiful." He blushed when he heard the words he'd spoken. Mason smiled at the compliment and stepped aside to let his older friend in, then shut and locked the door.

"I'm still tired," the raven-haired boy complained. Even with his hair all askew, the boy still looked incredible.

"It's almost 8:30 already," laughed James. Seeing Mason so groggy was funny to him. "Are you always this tired in the morning?"

"No," said Mason before yawning again. "I was so excited about you coming today I couldn't get to sleep. Now that you're here, I can't get awake!"

"I'll lay down with you for a while," offered James, hoping Mason would take him up on the offer.

"Okay," said the boy, turning and walking back to his bedroom. When Mason turned, James noticed that the boxer briefs had ridden up Mason's crack, showing off his delightful ass. James kicked off his shoes and quickly followed.

The boy's room was small and cozy, but it had all the essentials, particularly a twin-sized bed set in the far corner of the room. Mason walked right to the bed and crawled on his hands and knees to the far side. Mason fluffed the pillows and rearranged a couple stuff animals so he could settle in and wait for James to join him.

Never taking his eyes of Mason's bottom, James dropped his backpack on the desk chair, slipped his t-shirt over his head, and in one fell swoop, slid his boxers and shorts off, leaving him only in his teal, green and gray low-cut running socks. With is cock acting has his compass, James slipped under the covers and pulled the boy's warm body to his before Mason's head hit the pillow.

"Mmmmm... You're warm," mumbled Mason, turning his head to rest his cheek on James' shoulder and throwing his left arm over the teen box so he could get closer. Then Mason felt the tickle of James' pubs and the hot flesh of the teen's bare erection on his belly. "Hey! You're naked!"

Mason pulled back and looked James in the face. The blonde's grin told him he was right on that assessment. Instead of reprimanding his friend, Mason squirmed out of his underpants, showed them to James, then threw them on the bedroom floor. The boys resumed their hug, this time with their hard, naked cocks dueling with one another.

"Oh my gawd, this feels good," moaned Mason. The smaller boy was like a cat, rubbing his entire body against the older boy, luxuriating in the body contact. "I never want to sleep alone again."

James shifted his position so they were face-to-face. "I'm game. We just need to get our `rents to allow us to spend every night together." Mason didn't answer. He studied James' face until he was certain that James really meant what he said and gave James a little smile. Unable to contain himself any longer, James leaned forward and softly planted kisses on Mason's lips. Mouths opened, tongues took action, and the soft, loving kisses slowly turned to hot, steamy, passion-filled match of tonsil hockey as the boy's naked bodies wrestled with one another.

Flushed and sweating, James maneuvered Mason so they were chest-to-chest, with Mason on top. The young boy, doing only what came naturally, grinded his steel love rod into his teenage lover's larger, uncircumcised cock and small bush of blonde pubs. The friction drove Mason crazy as the boy searched for the right position, the right thrust, the right touch, to send him over the edge. James didn't want the Mason's immature seed to go to waste, so he stopped them for a moment.

Mason gave James an inquisitive look. James answered that look when he said, "I want to show you something." He spun Mason around so they were head-to-foot, or rather face-to-dick. Mason immediately knew what to do. Grabbing James' cock and retracting the foreskin, Mason began by lapping the cock head clean of all precum before swallowing as much of the fat cock as he could.

When Mason changed position and lifted his leg to straddle James' head, the boys crack opened wide revealing his most intimate spot. James had never tasted anyone's ass, ever, but he was struck by the urge at this very moment. Pushing Mason's knees forward, the smaller boy's hips rotated, bringing his boy pussy into alignment with James' mouth. As Mason work hard for his breakfast snack, James tentatively licked Mason's pucker. The boy's moan reverberated through the teen's cock and into his entire being. Mason's ass was clean from the previous night's shower. Sleeping only gave the smell and taste of the soap time to dissipate so Mason tasted less like soap and more like pure boy. James' hunger for Mason drove him on. What the teen lacked in skill and practice, he made up for in lust and enthusiasm. Besides, Mason's muffled moans told James he was doing a good job. As James got use to this new activity, he used the pad of one finger to lightly rub along the top and bottom of Mason's rock-hard cocklet, driving the boy nuts.

Bringing them both to the edge of an incredible orgasm, James adjusted Mason again and engulfed the boy's erection and driving his middle finger all the way into Mason's ass. Tapping his finger downward, the patted the small boy's young prostate while performing an expert blowjob. Mason tried to continue his work on James' cock while being driven wild by the assault on his cock and prostate. Unconsciously, Mason started fucking James' mouth before losing the battle to hold off his orgasm.

Mason screamed in ecstasy with his mouth full of cock while James savored the young boy's small offering. Soon, Mason's screams turned to gulping as he tried to drink James' explosive reward. `It's a fine life,' thought Mason, `I'd hate to drown and die now!' Mason swallowed frantically then slowed as he worked the final dribbles of cum from James' wilting cock.

When his sensitive dick couldn't take anymore, he pried Mason off and turned the boy back around so they were face-to-face again. "Mason McCutcheon, I love you more than anything in this world," said James.

Again, Mason studied the teen's face to see if James was lying. Finding no signs of deception, Mason whispered, "I love you, too."

James squeezed the boy tight to his body, never wanting to let him go. Mason managed to pull the comforter up, covering their bodies chilled from the air conditioning blowing across their sweat soaked bodies. Still laying on top of James, Mason snuzzled into the teen's neck as they both drifted off to sleep.


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