Mason Gets a Dickens
Part 1: The Adventures of Mason McCutcheon

(b/b/M/M, oral, anal)

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"I don't know why you're making us wait," bitched Carl with his thick Southern drawl. He was careful with his articulation when conducting his day-to-day business. On stage, he could conceal his native dialect, effortlessly switching between accents. While a Broadway audience would question his proficiency at any of these accents, the residents of London, Kentucky weren't the toughest audience. However, when Carl was frustrated, he slipped back into his native tongue. Today, the object of his ire was Jack and Jack's insistence they be patient. Carl was tired of being patient. It's been three weeks since they devised after auditions and the plan hadn't changed. Now, Carl was pissed.

"There's too much at risk. You know that," argued Jack.

"James isn't a good fuck no more. Y'all stretched that whore out too much for me," of the group's designated "cherry buster" because his five-inch dick was no thicker than a roll of quarters. But once the guys used the hole, the boys weren't tight enough for Carl's liking and he was ready for their next conquest.

"Better not let James here you talkin' like that," hissed Jack.

Carl laughed, "You ain't told'em yet?" He couldn't believe James hadn't figured out the guys coming by Jack's house and fucking the poor boy were paying Carl and Jack for the privilege.

"No. An' you better hadn't neither!" scolded Jack. It always got messy when the boys found out. Jack felt he shouldn't have to always remind Carl of his "golden rule" about fucking boys. It wasn't really a rule, it was more of an observation. According to Jack, if a boy was going to tell he'd blab his mouth after his first fuck, or after he finds out he's being whored out. That's why Jack's always particularly careful during these two times. Right now, he had a boy on the cusp of each event.

Though Jack and Carl had been through this pattern assessing, selecting and seducing a boy many times before, they always found it most exciting during the summer. This summer had the potential to be the most fun ever. Each year, during the summer, they Laurel County Players produced a musical. The committee was careful to select musicals with all adult casts. Once in a while there was a role for a child, but mainly children were used as extras in scenes to make it "more realistic". In reality, it was simply an excuse for parents in the production to bring their kids to practice instead of hiring a babysitter.

This summer, Jack and Carl, to their astonishment, persuaded the Players to perform the musical Oliver. The show had plenty of good adult roles but also relied on a number of boys to round out the cast. For the two pedos, Fagin's gang of pickpockets and the title character provided a delightful smorgasbord from which to choose. Both men were also able to heavily influence decisions since they held two seats on the three-person casting committee. In the end, Carl would play Fagin and Jack took the role of Bill Sykes. They put their current main dish, James, in the role of John Dawkins, the Artful Dodger. But the cute little thing they found to play Oliver was what they planned to have as their next meal.

Mason McCutcheon was the perfect choice. Oh, he could play the role just fine. The 12-year-old had a babyface and his voice hadn't broken yet, allowing him fit the casting of the young character and sing the youthful soprano solos the role required. But Mason was the perfect choice for Carl and Jack to mold into their next boy toy. The boy's parent divorced a few months back. His mother, a Biology professor, transferred from the Louisville campus to the Somerset Community and Technical College campus in London to be closer to her family leaving the boy's father behind. A young boy whose family life had just come unraveled, had plenty of free time, needed of a father figure (or two), and had mother happy for her son to have male role models in his life. The perfect target for their nefarious scheme.

They first saw Mason from behind. His skinny jeans hugged the globes of his perfect ass almost as beautifully as a pair of speedos. When he turned, the jeans held the boy's bulge so snuggly you could clearly make out his prized possessions. Their eyes traveled up revealing a swimmer's build, lean and tight, matching his legs. And his face. Oh, what a face. His crystal blue eyes and pouty, bubble gum pink lips stood out from clear, porcelain skin. His face was framed by jet black hair parted on the side -- long enough to mostly cover his ears and require him to occasionally flip his bangs out of his eyes. Best of all, there was just something about him that suggested "little gay boy". It didn't matter if Mason knew it yet or not, he certainly would know by opening night.

Jack's phone chimed. He had a text message. Opening the image he gave a growl and hurried over to Carl to share the image James sent.

"Oh my!" said Carl. James was hosting Mason for a sleep over and sent a pic he took of Mason changing clothes in the bathroom. It showed the young boy from behind, bent over slipping his left foot into his underwear. They couldn't see his little pucker, but they could see the silhouette of his ball sac. While the men drooled over their prey, a text alert popped up.

James: Fell asleep after a bj

A picture followed. Mason was flat on his back, arms stretched out to the side, and his left knee bent and pushed out to the side to make room for James during the blow job. There wasn't a hint of tan line on the boy's body.

The next photo arrived, and the men quickly opened it. It was a close up of the boy's cock and balls detailing every wrinkle, every pore, of the boy's flesh. Soft, he had three fat inches boy meat and apricot-sized ball sac that begged to be nuzzled. His boy parts where a dark beige, indicating he was a bit farther along in puberty than either of the men thought.

"Looks like he's got some hairs too," whispered Carl as he coveted the image. A new text alert graced the top of the screen.

James: he dont shoot yet

Jack: Thx J c u 2 tmrw

Before Jack put his phone down, he sent the images to Carl. Then he turned to his friend and announced, "Tomorrow's the day."

Carl's grin nearly broke his face. "I think the wait will be worth it."

The men arrived at the South Laurel High School auditorium early. They wanted made sure right doors were locked (or unlocked) for the afternoon's activities. Being Saturday, the school's staff would be at home and actors would have the building to themselves. Since the troupe doesn't typically practice on Saturday, Jack and Carl graciously offered to hold a special practice for child leads. James and Mason's parents greatly appreciated the men taking time out of their weekend to help the boys.

The Saturday practice was also the perfect excuse for James to have Mason spend the night. Though the men were jealous that James would have the opportunity to be first to sample the wares, if Mason reactive negatively, it was better for James to take the heat than for the two men to be arrested.

In a hurry for his tee time at the New London Country Club, James' father drove thru Wendy's to buy the boy's lunch then dropped them off at the door to the auditorium. The boys ate and visited with their mentors before Carl and Mason took the stage to work on some of their scenes together. Shortly after, Jack took James to the designated dressing room for some play time.

Carl watched the pair leave and kept an eye on the time. Judging enough time had passed, Carl feigned concern and said, "I wonder where Jack and James got off to?"

Mason shrugged. He hadn't been paying any attention to what was happening off stage. Dedicated and determined to give the best performance ever, he was completely focused on his acting.

"Let's go find them." Mason followed Carl as they looked for their friends.

When they opened the door to the dressing room, Mason gasped. There was James on his knees, naked, sucking Jack's cock. The man carefully staged the scene so the intruders would view them from the side, giving Mason a clear view of Jack's heavy balls swinging back and forth as his cock sliding across James' reddening lips. Mason also spied the boner James popped from sucking Jack's fat cock. Mason was frozen from the shock of what he saw.

James heard Mason's reaction and smiled the best he could with Jack in his mouth. He looked up at the man to see the man leering at the pretty young boy watching their sex act. When he felt Jack's hand slide from his shoulder to the back of his head, he made a show of burying his nose in the man's pubs. James always enjoyed doing that. Jack wasn't long enough to choke the teen and really got off when James took him deep and worked his cock by swallowing and humming, just like the boy was doing now.

Carl gave the boy sometime to take in the scene but his patience eventually waned. Since the boy wasn't going to move from his spot voluntarily Carl placed his hand on Mason's back to guide him into the room. With a quick scan of the hallway, Carl shut and locked the door.

The 14-year-old, always quick to remind everyone he would turn 15 in August, rose from his knees in all his glory. The night before, James hadn't undressed until the lights were out and was out of bed before Mason woke in this morning. Mason finally was able to take in James' body and the tenting in Mason's cargo shorts told everyone he liked everything he saw. It wasn't that the older boy was gorgeous -- he really didn't hold a light to Mason. But this was the first time Mason was in the presence of a naked boy when he knew sex was the order of business. If that doesn't make a little gay 12-year-old boy as hard as a steel rod, then he probably isn't gay!

A light dusting of blonde hair started just above his ankles and quickly faded midway up his thin calves. His toned legs were highlighted by his smooth defined quads. Running cross country and track kept him in good shape. James' hairless, pink balls hung low. A crown of blonde pubs capped the five-inch shaft that was the same color as the rest of James' body. His cock was uncircumcised and the creamy pink head peeked out from the foreskin. His lean torso showed off the small pink nipples. Mason's eyes reached James' and the teen smiled as his younger friend. His cheeks were flushed and his pink lips were a bit redder and puffier than normal. James brushed his long blonde bangs out of his eyes and shook his shoulder length hair. The twinkle in his deep blue eyes made Mason smile in return.

James approached Mason and gently wagged his dick at the boy. "Why don't you return the favor? You know... from last night."

Mason swallowed. His eyes quickly darted to James' cock and back to his friend's eyes. A pair of hands pressed on Mason's shoulders, guiding the boy to his knees. James stepped closer and Mason got a whiff of James' young teen musk and a heavy dose of pheromones. Again, Mason looked from the cock being presented to him to his friend's eyes.

"Com'on," said James, pulling back his foreskin and glossing Mason's lips with his precum.

Instinctively, Mason licked his wet lips. The unfamiliar taste registered in his brain before he realized it was James' precum. He liked it. He leaned for another taste. After licking James' exposed cock head clean, the teen milked another dollop of precum and young boy lapped it up greedily.v Leaning down to whisper into Mason's ear, Carl cooed, "That's it. That's a good boy." Mason reveled in the praise. Carl moved to a more comfortable position as he watched the boy enjoy his first cock. Kneeling behind the boy he moved in close to Mason's ear. "Now open up and take it into your mouth." As directed, Mason opened and took James' head into his mouth.

"That's a real good boy," whispered Carl as he mussed the boy's hair. Normalizing the boy's behavior, treating it as if he'd brought them a cup of coffee or got an A on his report card, would inhibit the guilt if it reared its ugly head when this was all over. Carl took note of how appreciative Mason was of the praise and made sure to heap praise on the boy.

"Now Mason, the only proper way to suck a cock is to be naked and on your knees. Like James was when we found him sucking Jack. You suck James and I'll help you with the other part." Carl took James' left hand and placed it on Mason's head and James added the right. James understood that he was to keep Mason in place and busy while Carl undressed the boy. The older teen gave Mason directions on how to give a proper blowjob and pointers on technique as he sawed his dick in and out of the boy's mouth.

It was a beautiful sight -- looking down at Mason sucking his cock. James had lusted after Mason from the moment he saw the boy. The more the two boys worked together on the musical, James also began to appreciate the boy beyond his looks and started having feelings for him. At first, he wanted to protect Mason from Carl and Jack. But he eventually looked at the seduction by the older men his in the get Mason into bed. If the boy wasn't receptive, the men would have hell to pay. If Mason was receptive, James would be able to get closer to the boy and have sex with him.

While James played tutor, Carl reached around Mason and slowly unbuttoned the boy's short-sleeve shirt and slipped it over the boy's shoulders and off. Carl tossed the shirt aside. Grabbing each of Mason's wrists, he moved the boy's right hand to James' smooth balls and the left to the teen's hip.

Carl whispered into Mason's ear again. "You like that, don't you?" Mason felt his face blush, but he didn't answer. "The way James is moaning, you must be really good at sucking cock. I can't wait to get my turn." The boy blushed more deeply. He hadn't considered sucking anyone other than James. He'd developed a crush on the holder teen as the summer progressed and giving James a blow job was paying back his friend for the night before. Plus, he wanted to show James that he wasn't a little kid and that maybe, just maybe, they could be boyfriends or something. But sucking the men... naked... other cocks... the boy had a full body blush and his hard cock was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable caught up on his underwear and shorts.

Jack, having taken his clothes off and was now pressed up against James, rubbing his cock in the teen's ass crack and nuzzling his neck. Mason watched as the man teased the boy's nipples and stroked the boy's stomach, almost touching Mason's nose.

Carl lightly ran his fingers up and down Mason's torso giving the boy goosebumps. The man rubbed the boy's nipples until they stood at attention before giving them a pinch causing Mason to flinch. He placed his hands flat on Mason's chest and slid them down to the waistband of the boy's cargo shorts. Mason felt his heart beat quicken as Carl unbuttoned his shorts and slowly lowered the zipper. But even embarrassed, Mason felt relief as his cock was given more room to stretch out and breathe. Carl slipped his fingers along the boy's hips and into his underpants. The hands continued down Mason's thighs taking the two items of clothing with them.

Mason's shoes were untied and slipped from his feet before Carl helped him lift each knee, one at a time, to remove the shorts and underwear, tossing them aside to join Mason's shirt on the floor by the door.

Carl's hand returned to the boy's body. Playing with his nipples, tracing lines on his chest and stomach, caressing his back and massaging his ass. He began kneading the boy's ass, one cheek in each hand, slowly working his fingertips towards the hot, wrinkled target. Carl slowly exhaled his hot breath into Mason's ear causing the boy to shiver. "You have the hottest fucking ass I've ever seen," admitted Carl. He believed it at that moment, forgetting that he's used that line dozens of times before. He licked and sucked on Mason's ear and neck, distracting the boy from the fingertips rubbing his boy hole.

James picked up his pace, going too deep and causing Mason to gag once or twice.

"Go ahead," hissed Jack. "Be the first to dump a load in his mouth. Truly mark him as a cocksucker." The words fueled James' lust and the boy sped up even more, trying to attain that ultimate goal.

Carl kissed Mason's shoulder and peered down to see if it was working. It was. Mason was rock hard. He licked the boy's neck and ear again before providing more instructions. "James is going to shoot his cum in your mouth. When he does, swallow it all. He would have done that for you last night if you could shoot." Mason, caught up in moment, was on sensory overload. The boy's brain didn't even question how Carl knew he didn't shoot yet.

Grabbing the small bottle off the end table, Carl lubed up his index and middle fingers on his left hand then tossed the bottle onto the couch. He used his knee to force Mason's knees farther apart before taking the boy's pulsing dick into his fingers. Lightly stroking the boy's cock, he applied the lube to the boy's virgin pucker. Mason jumped feeling the cool gel being rubbed on his butt, but it made his dick twitch and tingle even more.

"I'm... Oh yeah... I'm... Oh shit!" It was all the warning Mason got before he had to start swallowing. The taste and consistency were strange, but he didn't have time to think about it. It was swallow or drown. Gulping frantically, Mason got it all and nursed the final dregs from James' softening cock.

"My turn," announced Jack. He moved James out of the way but held the boy to his side. Mason was presented with a fat four and half inch cock. It didn't look nearly as appetizing as James', but he wasn't going to be given a choice. Jack cupped the back of Mason's head and pulled him to groin. Mason closed his eyes and opened wide and accepted Jack's cock. He tried to remember everything James taught him.

"Oh yeah, you're good at this," complimented Jack. Jack's words instilled a sense of pride in Mason and the boy worked even hard to please the man. Once he was used to the size of the new cock and had grown accustom to the different taste of the adult cock, Mason opened his eyes. Jack was sucking and nibbling on James' neck. The teen had his eyes closed as he enjoyed the man's mouth while he rubbed and pinched the man's nipples. Mason dropped his eyes to see that James' left hip was pressed against Jack and the teen's cock had risen back to attention and pointed right at Mason's face. What Mason couldn't see was Jack's right hand wedged between James' ass cheeks lubing up the teen's boy pussy.

Between the cock in his mouth and the fingers on his dick, Mason never noticed Carl slipped finger in his ass during James' orgasm. He waited until the boy was busy on the new cock before he started sliding it in and out of the tight, virgin boy pussy. The boy purred around the cock in his mouth. It was an odd feeling having a finger sliding in and out of what was once exit only, but that finger deliciously rubbed something that made his entire body tingle.

Carl didn't want Mason to cum yet, so he released the boy's cock and held his finger deep up the boy's chute. Mason took it upon himself to raise and lower himself on the embedded finger. Once Mason got into a rhythm, Carl straightened his index finger giving Mason two fingers to ride. It took a moment for Mason to realize what had changed and it burned when he managed to get both fingers into his anus, but it soon felt wonderful as they rubbed that special place inside.

Jack pried Mason's mouth off his cock. "That's enough. This load isn't for you." Carl slipped his fingers out of Mason's ass. Mason felt empty but was too embarrassed to ask for another cock in his mouth or someone's fingers in his ass. He just sat back on his heels and watched Jack motion for James to the couch.

James placed his knees on the edge of the couch before resting his forearms on the back. Jack picked up the lube and slicked up his hard cock. Mason was fixated to the sight of Jack stepping up behind James and rubbing the teen's butt hole with his fat man cock. He was even more amazed when Jack lined it up and slid it into James' hole. The thick piece of man meat caused James to flinch on entry, but his pain quickly subsided, and his groans turned to moans of pleasure. That's when Jack started pumping his cock in and out of James' ass. Despite the countless times James had been fucked by who knows how many men over the last couple years, Jack still found James to be a prime piece of ass.

While Mason was watching the action, Carl undressed then helped Mason onto the couch. On his knees beside his friend, Mason laid his head on his forearms watching James and James turned his head and smiled at Mason.

"Oh, that's just fucking beautiful," said Carl in full admiration of the ass displayed before him. He'd positioned Mason with his feet far enough apart for Carl to get into position. Once Mason was on display, Carol stepped back to admire the young virgin's ass. Mason's pert little buns spread wide, framing his lube glossed boy pussy. Carl's wealth of experience allowed him to assess that the winking little star was normally the same color as the rest of Mason with just the slightest pale pink blush along the very edge of the entrance. But after this evening's activities, the hole wasn't as tightly shut as normal and it shone bright pink.

`If Mr. Bumbles followed the path me and Jack have, instead of marrying that tyrannical bitch Mrs. Corney, Bumbles would have been a much happier man,' though Carl. Carl had spent many hours fantasizing (and masturbating) about what he'd do if he were in charge of a workhouse full of boys and this summer's cast helped bring a greater realism to these fantasies.

During christenings like today, Jack wanted Carl to just get on with it. He didn't want to give the boys time to think or back out. But Mason's heinie was a sight to behold and Carl wanted this to be a treat he would never forget. He tossed a couple pillows on the floor and used his left hand to wipe as much of the insipid lube from the boy's ass. Kneeling on the pillows, Carl buried his face causing Mason to squeal in surprise. Mason had contemplated giving and receiving a blow job and had some vague notion of butt fucking before watching Jack take James, but someone sticking their tongue up your ass was a completely foreign concept to Mason. It was a mind-blowing revelation for the young boy.

Carl's aggressive tonguing kept Mason writhing with pleasure. But no matter how the boy twisted, squirmed or pushed, he couldn't get the man's tongue deep enough for his liking.v

Jack smiled. Seeing Mason's eyes glazed over in lust and his responsiveness to Carl's ministrations, he knew they had the boy hook, line, and sinker. The visual stimulation spurred Jack on. The man intensified his pummeling of James' ass causing the boy to grunt with each thrust.

Mason was worked into a fervor. Later in life, he would come to realize that his introduction to anilingus was by a real master. Only on rare occasions would he find anyone that could come close to Carl's talent, technique and enthusiasm. At this moment, Mason was whining as his body vibrated with erotic passion and need.

The moment was drawing close. A quick squeeze of the bottle, Carl had a handful of lube to prepare his cock for penetration. It gave him time to contemplate one last decision. How would he take the boy's virginity?

Most boys needed to be distracted from the act. To prevent any lingering doubt from causing the penetration to be aborted, Carl would reach around and pinch a nipple just as he was shoving himself in. The pain would distract the boy long enough for Carl to be fully embedded in the newly deflowered ass before the boy recovered his senses.

But that's not what Carl did this afternoon. He didn't need to. Mason was in a sexual frenzy and would agree to whatever they wanted to do. Each new sexual discovery opened the boy's mind to learning the next new thing they wanted to team him. Today, Carl would make a show out of taking the boys cherry. Today, it would be a mental game as much as a physical act.

Pulling back from Mason's ass, he watched the boy drop his head down onto his forearms and breathe deeply in an attempt to recover. Looking down at the slobbery fuck hole, he judged the boy to be quite ready for a dicking. He kicked the pillows away and stepped up to the plate. Carl lined his slick cock up with the boy's hole and gently pressed up against it. Mason looked over his to see what the man was doing and moaned.

Carl didn't enter, but simply rotated his hips enough to rub his cock head on Mason's grommet. The boy squirmed, wanting something, anything, back in his ass. Carl placed a hand on each of the boy's hips and ran them up his sides slowly. He wanted the boy to be aware of sensation his body felt. When his hands reached the boy's arm pits, they slid under the boy and pulled him up into a kneeling position, holding the boy's torso at a forty-five-degree angle and supporting the lad's weight, controlling the boy's body. Now for the boy's mind. He leaned in close to the back of the boy's head before speaking.

"Mason?" The boy glanced over his shoulder to look at Carl the best he could.

"You're completely vulnerable to me. I've got my cock at your back door and there's nothing you can do to prevent me from driving it into you."

Mason tried to close his legs but Carl was wedged between his knees, preventing them from closing. When the man felt the boy's muscles tighten as if he were going to try to escape, Carl encircled the boy with his arms and pulled him to his chest like a bear hug.

"I know you think this feels good. Your hard cock bounced all over the place as you tried to get my tongue deeper in your ass while I was eating you out." Mason was embarrassed and turned his face away from Carl's so Carl buried his nose in the back of Mason's head.

"You like sucking cock. You like having a man control your body. You like having a man do things to your body." Mason didn't react.

"And now for the ultimate act. I'm going to fuck you Mason. I'm going to slide my cock into your ass and pop your cherry. I'm going to fuck you like Jack is fucking James, taking your virginity and shooting my cum deep in your ass. I'm going to do this, and you are going to like it. In fact, you're going to love it. You're going to love it so much that it is going to be hard for you to think about anything other than finding another dick to have shoved up your boy pussy." Mason shivered at the thought.

Carl knew he was getting to the boy. Mason' blush now traveled around to the back of his neck and was moving over the edge of his shoulders, but Mason still didn't respond. The boy's mind was reeling.

"My dick is longer than my tongue and it's longer than my fingers. It will reach way up in there to scratch that itch you have in there. It will reach up in there and rub that spot you love so much." Mason moaned and Carl felt the boy push back on his cock.

"Now's the moment Mason, the moment for you to lose your virginity and become a slave for cock." Carl knew he was being far-fetched and overly dramatic, but what does a 12-year-old know. He wiggled his hips again to stimulate the boy's anus. He felt his cock make a bit of headway and he stopped with the boy's ring of muscle holding onto the cock head like a tight little vise.

"Do you want it Mason? Do you want me to fuck you?" Carl waited for an answer. When Mason didn't answer right away, Jack got worried. They never explicitly asked a boy for permission because they never wanted to give the boy the opportunity to even consider backing out. Now they had Mason where they wanted him and Carl asked the forbidden question. Moments passed as they waited. Then there it was, a slight shake of his head.

"You want me to fuck you?" asked Carl again. This time the boy's nod was more definite.

"I can't hear you. What do you want?"

Mason licked his lips and squeaked out, "Yes."

"What? What did you say?"

Full voiced, Mason said, "Yes."

"What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to stick it in."

"Use the right words Mason."

A little quieter, embarrassed to use language his parents would be ashamed of him using, he stated, "I want you to fuck me."

"Louder. Say it like you mean it."

"Fuck me," stated Mason, louder, but still lacking full conviction. His answer fueled by lust more than logic.

"Remember this moment for the rest of your life Mason, you only lose your virginity once."

Shifting he could use an underhanded grip hold onto the boy's shoulders, he slowly thrust his hips forward while pulling the boy back onto his cock. He didn't want to caress the boy, or masturbate him. He wanted Mason's full attention on his ass and the cock sliding into him. In one motion, Carl embedded his "cherry buster" into Mason's love canal.

"Oh gawd, you feel good," gasped Carl, holding himself planted as deeply in the boy's ass as he could. A few moments passed for Mason to grow accustom to having a cock in his ass. The muscles inside Mason's rectum performing miracles on Carl's cock. Mason's cherry popped, Jack went back to fucking James while keeping an eye on the action next to them.

Carl planned to take this nice and slow, but after only a minute, he was in full-on rutting mode. The two men held their boys by the hips and pounded their pussies. Jack was first to blow.

"Damn you're still a good fuck," complemented Jack. "Here comes your reward." Jack shouted as each stream of cum shot from his cock. The good stiff fucking was exactly what James needed to get his juices flowing again. Rock hard and horny, he turned to watch Carl in action after Jack pulled out.

Jack nudged James over to make room for the man to sit at the end of the couch to catch his breathe. That moved James right up against Mason. The young boy had his eyes closed and his head hung down between his two outstretched arms that prevented him from being driven head first into the back of the couch by Carl's thrusts. James reached under Mason to fondle his balls. Mason opened his eyes and stared at James. The boy's eyes were locked onto each other. James shifted his position, moving his head between Mason's arms, bring the boys face-to-face. Still playing with Mason's cock and balls with his right hand, James used his left to pull Mason's face to his. If Mason didn't already know how to kiss, he was going to learn right then.

"Oh shit. That's fucking hot," said Jack to no one in particular. Carl was in his own world, luxuriating in the hot, moist glove of Mason's tight rectum. Mason and James were in their own little world as Mason learned what to do with his tongue when someone invades his mouth with theirs.

Soon, Mason's breath became labored and his body trembled. James, lightly rubbing the palm of his hand along the underside of Mason's cock and balls, sped up his efforts. Mason threw his head back and cried, "Ughhhhhhhh!" His body shuddered through the most intense orgasm of his life, sending Carl over the edge. He might have a small dick, but his large balls pack a potent dose of man's cream. Six or seven immense shots jetted up close to the boy's colon before subsiding to mere dribbles.

Carl waited until he recovered before he withdrew from the once virgin boy. "Whew! That was intense!" He took a seat at the other end of the couch, leaving the boys in the middle.

Mason, regaining his wits about him, opened his eyes and smiled at James. James returned the smile. Taking Mason by the hips, he lifted the boy enough so the boy was straddling the teen's hips. Mason looked down, watching to see what James was doing and staring at the teen's weapon.

Pulling his arms free, James held up his right forearm and licked one of the small drops from his skin.


"What's that?" asked Mason.

"You shot for the first time," grinned James. "Taste." Mason licked the other drops from James' arm.

"You're right," said Mason with an air of surprise. "That is good."

Both Carl and Jack were fascinated by what was going on. In all their years, they rarely brought an older boy to the deflowering and when there was more than one boy, they almost never have them in the same room during sex. Now, they were spectators as the two boys ignored their presence and did their own thing. They were watching the beginnings of a sizzling hot young gay boy romance. Having their boys falling in love with each other was bound to cause troubles, but they had to admit, it was fucking hot watching the two boys. Maybe they would put on some paid performances. That is, Jack and Carl getting paid for the boys performing.

Carl had to admit that Jack may be right. His friend suggested that even though he was certain James was gay, he thought the boy was leaning at being more of a top, though he tolerated bottoming like any good little slut boy should. Here, right before their eyes, was James seducing Mason like he did the night before. But tonight, now that Mason had been properly introduced to fucking by the adults, James felt all bets were off and he wanted a piece of Mason's ass.

Pulling Mason into another kiss, James reached under and manipulated Mason's cock in order to get the boy hard and ready for more sex. The passion of their kiss rose as did the boys' lust. Though Mason was still a bit unsure of the etiquette of sex, James was certain and took the lead. Wrapping both arms around the boy, he pulled their bodies together tightly as they made out. His right hand quickly found the open hole and scooped up some of Carl's cum that gurgled out of Mason's ass. It was the perfect lube for what was about to come.

Carl reached over to help James line up his cock with Mason's tight little hole and held the teen's dick in place as Mason was pulled down onto the bigger cock.

"Ouuuuch!" hissed Mason. James' fatter teen cock stretched his butt hole wider than ever before. It wouldn't be the last time that hole would have to be stretched to accommodate a new, bigger cock.

Not giving Mason time to dwell on the pain, he pulled the boy's mouth back to his and continued the war of tongues. Mason was a quick learner and James was enjoying the boy in every way. Periodically, James would thrust a bit more into Mason and the boy would moan into his mouth. About half way down, Mason adjusted to the width and slid the rest of the way down into James' lap. This time it was James' turn to moan into Mason's mouth. For the first time, James' teen cock was buried balls deep and he vowed it would be something he'd do as often as humanly possible. However, this position simply would not do.

James tipped the coupling over to his left and rolled Mason onto his back.

"Oh fuck, yes!" said Jack. He admired how slick James had been. Mason was now on his back using Jack's thigh as a pillow. His legs were up in the air with James in between and his teen cock buried deep in Mason's ass. That allowed James to place one knee on the couch and his right foot on the floor for perfect balance and leverage. Mason was about to get a power fucking the way only a 14-, soon to be 15-year-old boy can.

"Is this your first fuck, James?" Jack realized that outside of the time he was with James, he really didn't know much about what James does. He could be dating and fucking girls for all he knew.

"Yes," hissed James, taking a moment to remain still to hold off his orgasm. Then James experimented, pulling himself in and out of the smaller, younger boy, converting his learnings on how far he can pull out, the best angle for reentry, how to hit the boy's prostate, and other critical data to muscle memory before James unleashed his desire.

Mason and James kissed like maniacs and fucked furiously. The teen would learn later how to make things last, but tonight it was all about fucking the cute little gay boy silly. Whether intentionally or not, James did manage to force a no-hands, anal-induced orgasm from Mason. The poor boy had his arms wrapped around James' neck as he moaned and grunted into James' mouth. James fucked Mason throughout the boy's orgasm and then worked on his own. A minute or so later, James threw his head back and timed each thrust of his cock with the firing of a cumwad.

"Ah! Fuck! Yes! Shit! Ugh! Yes!" With the last shot, James collapsed onto the couch leaving Mason's head in Jack's lap, the boy's legs across James' lap and his feet pressed against Carl's leg.

They all looked at Mason to judge his reaction to the afternoon's activities. The boy was hot and sweaty but didn't look worse for wear and tear. Jack stroked the boy's hair as they all relaxed and recovered. Looking around the room, he noticed the newsboy cap from Oliver's costume on the end table. He grabbed the hat and placed it on Mason's head.

Dropping into the British accent he used for playing Bill Sykes, Jack said, "There ya go Oliver! Now whaddaya gots ta say?"

Mason giggled. He pulled his knees to his chest and in his practiced accent he said, "Please sir, I want some more!"


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