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"The Beauty And The Deal"
Everybody calls me JT, and I am 36 years old, and have the kind of life that many can only dream about. I am single, although I have been divorced twice. My home is paid for, and not because I am wealthy, but because it was given to me by my parents who got tired of fixing it up every time one of their renters messed it up once they left. It's not a big house, but it is a three bedroom, two bathroom ranch style home with a double carport. The only downside to my home is that it is located right next door to a rundown mobile home park. The park itself has 12 well used mobile homes in which the owner over charges and the tenants are happy to pay.
Since I am retired from the military (medical disability), I simply do not work. There was a time not so terribly long ago that I was going to install a privacy fence to block my view from the mobile homes, but then something wonderful happened, and that alone changed my mind about putting up any kind of fencing.
One thing I will say is that for the kids who live in these slum like mobile homes, they all seem to be very street smart. This brings me to a 13 year old boy named Travis. Travis is not the boy this story is about, but it was Travis who helped make things to speak. When Travis and I first met, he was floored that I owned a PS (PlayStation) 3, and plenty of the games to go along with it. For a die hard lover of boys like myself, on a scale of 1 to 10, Travis easily is a strong 6. He stands a good 5'6" and weighs around the 140 pound range. Travis has thick black wavy hair, and gleaming brown eyes.
I'm not too sure how it happened, but I do recall that Travis was the one who instigated things. The next thing I knew, I was on my knees, sucking happily on his 4 1/2 slender inches of cut boy meat. Travis was 12 at the time when I first started sucking his cock, and even then he sported a full blown patch of jet black pubic hair. As time progressed, I became Travis's full time cock sucker. I loved the way his young honey spurted inside my mouth, and I truly loved the way his young baby batter tasted. It was never too salty, nor ever hinged on being bitter...always just right, and he was always in the mood to have my mouth worshiping his young jewels.
Nearing the end of his 13th year, Travis's beauty of a cock is a rigid 5 1/2 inches of cum shooting boy meat. Also, I had introduced Travis to the joys of having his virgin asshole dined on, and believe you me, the boy loves it when my tongue ravishes his hot little hole. His body bucks and the words of pure passion comes flying out of his panting mouth. Another thing Travis enjoys is a little thing called "Edge Play." When he brings his clothes over to be washed, he loves it when I bring him close to an orgasm, then back off, and repeat this process for over an hour. Just recently, Travis just now permitted me to shove a finger up his tight little chute.
He really doesn't care for my finger up his ass, but he loves the way I stimulate his prostate as his cum fires from his puffy piss lips. Being that Travis lives with his single mother, I have come to realize that she really doesn't care if Travis comes home or not. Many times, the boy slept over at my house and his mom has never approached me as to inquire about why her only child is sleeping over at a grown man's house.
Travis is strictly one way, and by that I mean, the boy has no desire to suck a cock at all. Every time he comes over, which is daily, he shucks out of his clothes and flops down either on my sofa or my bed, and basically begs me to suck him off. There has been many, many days that I have sucked Travis off more than five times in one day, and let's get the record straight, I am not issuing any kind of complaint either!
Another reason why Travis enjoys coming over to my house is my cable television. I have a friend in the cable industry and he rigged up my cable so that I get every channel available, including pay-per-view. Since Travis loves WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), he would plan to spend the night at my place. Like always, he would either take a shower, or simply strip and as the wrestlers did their thing, I would do mine, and suck his cock and lick his oversized hairless balls. Oh yeah, Travis has one hell of a set of nuts on him for his age. Although he has pubic hair, his balls are still wonderfully hairless. The boy's balls are so big that I can only manage to engulf just one at a time.
For the duration of the wrestling pay-per-view, I would keep Travis on the very edge, and would not bring him to orgasmic explosion until the very end. By that time, I would always be greeted with multiple hard shooting jets of pure boy cream while my middle finger applied direct pressure to his prostate.
That's Travis, and that's our relationship so to speak. As for me, I'm not really a bad looking guy. As I have already mentioned, I am 36 and physically fit for my age. I stand a good 6'3" and weigh a fairly muscular 240 pounds. I enjoy lifting weights and I have my own make shift gym inside my home. I've been married twice, and divorced twice, and thanks to Travis, I finally was able to accept who I truly am, and that is a die hard lover of boys. Prior to Travis, I had only dreamed about doing anything with a young boy, and since Travis is the only boy I have ever had the opportunity to do anything with, I have yet to experience what it would feel like to have my man sized hard cock balls deep inside a young boys fiery hot ass.
Speaking of cocks, well I am no porn star, but I have made plenty of women scream for mercy. When fully erect, which is all the dang time, my cock measures a solid 8 3/4 inches, and by any and all sense of the word, extremely thick too. To me, since I grew up with it, I don't think it's such a big deal, but for many of the women I have fucked over the years, they all had something to say about it. Not only is my shaft very thick, but my flowered mushroom shaped cock head is even thicker than the shaft. Also, I am what you can call a heavy, heavy cummer! When I shoot, there's no holding back, and there has been countless women who tried like hell to take my load, and all except my latest wife failed.
That's me, and now back to the story. I was sitting in my living room one morning, waiting for Travis to come walking in for his morning blow-job when I heard the back door open. I figured it was Travis and sat there to see if he wanted me to suck him off on the sofa or in the bedroom, but much to my surprise, Travis walked in and right in behind him was the most gorgeous boy I had ever laid eyes on.
The boy was shorter than Travis, standing somewhere around the 5'2" mark and barely weighed 90 pounds soaking wet. He had long blond hair, almost snow white in color, parted in the middle and feathered back. His bluer than blue eyes stole my thumping heart as they glistened euphorically with their mind numbing flawless perfection.
Travis's voice snapped me out of my trance, saying, "JT, this here's Sam, and he and his pop just moved in yesterday afternoon."
I shook the boy's hand and damn near felt my legs buckle as to the sensational feel of his soothing flesh. When he smiled, I saw perfect white teeth and breathed in deeply to try and catch a whiff of his breath. Twin dimples impaled his slender cheeks, adding a milestone to his already unspeakable breathtaking beauty. When he spoke, it was the voice of an angel sent down from the Heavens to show the world true heavenly flawless perfection.
Again, Travis's voice snapped be back to reality, "Sam, watch some tv while I go and talk things over with JT."
Like drawn in by some powerful commercial grade magnet, I found myself following Travis down the hallway leading to my bedroom. Once we were clear out of Sam's vision, Travis wasn't wasting any time as he began taking off his clothes. Once we entered my bedroom, Travis, now naked, jumped up onto my bed, in a doggy style position as he said, "C'mon JT, eat my ass!"
While my tongue ravished his hot little hole, my mind began playing tricks on me, and the ass my tongue was now diving in belonged to Sam, and not Travis. Travis gripped the bedding with both fists as he wiggled his ass in accord with my probing tongue. While I was eating the hell out of his ass, Travis began jerking his teen meat with his right hand while cupping his own oversized hairless balls with his left, and doing a whole lot of light moaning and grunting in the process.
I was lost in the moment eating his ass when Travis quickly flipped over and held his cock towards my gaping mouth. Instinctively, I didn't hesitate as I engulfed his cock and quickly began milking the very life out of it. Travis panted, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, I'm cuuuuuuuummmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggggg!"
Timing it just right, and just as the first cum rope departed his flared bell shaped cock head, I shoved my left middle finger deep into his rectum, located his prostate, and began caressing it just as my mouth was rewarded with 7 long ropes of delicious mouth watering boy cream. Travis was in the midst of a series of orgasmic convulsions as I dined on his honey tasting nectar while making damn sure his prostate was being lovingly caressed.
Once he was done draining his balls, Travis got up and got dressed and the both of us returned to Sam who was seated on the sofa flipping through the channels on the television. A short time later, I sat in the recliner and watched the boys, mainly Sam, who were sitting on the floor and playing one of the PS 3 games. Oh yeah, I do have an 85" HD 3D television, so that was another little thing that intrigued both boys.
Over the next few days, Travis filled me in on Sam's story. Sam is presently 12 and will be 13 in three months. He lives with his father who is an alcoholic. Per Travis, Sam and his dad are constantly on the move because his dad drinks up the rent money, so they keep getting evicted. Just recently, they moved from some hick town in Florida to here. Travis also enlightened me on a few more facts he had obtained from Sam. For one, Sam is still a virgin, and secondly, per Travis, Sam is dead set against anything related to acts of homosexuality.
As the days ticked by, my obsession over Sam only intensified. With each passing day, Sam became more and more relaxed around me, and soon, we started play wrestling. For whatever unexplainable reason, every time Sam and I wrestled, I always managed to find a way to place my nose directly where I imagined his asshole would be, and breathed in as if I was trying to inhale his inner organs out. Never, not once, not one single freaking time did I ever smell anything even remotely close to being foul while I sniffed his ass. This simple fact certainly didn't help my overall infatuation over this heavenly beauty.
Soon, Sam began sleeping over with Travis so they could watch the WWE pay-per-view match. Mimicking Travis, Sam eventually felt so comfortable being around me that he began parading around in front of me wearing only his colored boxer briefs. I know this boy has no clue the effect he was having on me as I stared intently at his magnificent sculptured bubbly butt. His butt was small, per his size, but hot damn was it ever shapely!
Those nights the boys slept over, and once Sam was fast asleep, Travis was always ready for me to suck the cum out of his balls before he too would drift off to a heavy snoring sleep. Although I too was tired, I had other plans that sleep simply wasn't part of the equation. I quickly learned that Sam was pretty much a heavy sleeper, and once I felt comfortable knowing Travis was in a deep sleep, I would tip toe into the bedroom in which Sam was occupying, and that's where my devilish temptation kicked into overdrive.
The ceiling fan was on, and although I kept my home pretty cool, Sam was not one to sleep with the covers concealing his flawless near naked body. Using a pen light, I would carefully examine the front of his crotch. Much to my desperate dismay, not once did I ever get to see the boy's sleeping cock in all of its hardened glory. And, I was too dang chicken to try and peel back the opening so I could catch a glimpse of his boyish magnificence.
I would spent several long minutes sniffing Sam's underwear covered ass, inhaling a fragrance I have yet to determine the actual essence of his spine tingling aroma. The soft scented smell was simply euphoric! Many times I have questioned my own devilish deeds as to why I was smelling Sam's ass, and no matter what, I could never provide myself with any reasonable answer, or at least, an answer that would make any sense at all.
Over the course of the next couple of months, Sam began coming over without Travis by his side. I had taken Sam shopping so he could get himself some newer clothes, because the ones he had on were all well worn and raggedy looking. I bought him underwear as well, and soon, Sam began bringing their laundry over to my house to get them cleaned. Every so often, while Sam was busy playing on the PS 3, I would snatch a worn pair of his underwear, turn them inside out, and fed my perverted self with sniffing his underwear like a glue addict. Still, and as many times I have done so, I never once smelled anything foul.
By the middle of the fourth month, while Sam's and his dad's clothes were being washed, he would play the video games in just his underwear. Naturally, I would use this moment to start play wrestling, and would always find a way to place the knife edge part of my hand directly on his crotch. I'd still sniff his upturned ass while we wrestled, all in all, doing my utmost best to be very discreet about what I was actually doing. In my mind, I had convinced myself that Sam rather enjoyed the affection I was giving him, knowing good and well that his own dad probably never spent a second showing the boy any affection whatsoever.
Now, I always go some place for a two week vacation at the start of summer, and this time I was contemplating on going to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for some well needed fun. Right next to Gatlinburg is a town called Pigeon Forge, and that's where Dollywood and Splash Mountain are located. I had already made up my mind that this was where I was going for my vacation and since I had already been there once before, I wanted to stay at a motel located on the main strip in Gatlinburg.
Sam came over as usual, but this time he saw all the brochures laying around on my dining room table indicating all the fun that these two places provided. Naturally, he not only became excited, but very inquisitive as well. As I was telling him about my vacation plans, in walked Travis who looked as if something very bad had happened. Travis told us that once school was out, his mom was sending him to his grandparents home in Vermont for the summer. The first thing that struck my mind was that I wasn't going to be able to dine on his splendid cum for a couple of months, nor hear him moan as I probed his tight little butt hole with my ass eating tongue. Sounds kind of selfish huh, but that's the first thing that popped into my head once he gave us the news.
Over the next few days, Travis made sure he came over a little earlier than normal before leaving to go to school for his morning blow-job and ass eating session. As soon as school was let out for the day, Travis ended up on my bed, naked as the day he was born, and I was doing my regular...servicing his boy cock and dining greedily on his freshly washed asshole. I had asked Travis a few questions regarding Sam, especially if he had ever seen Sam naked, or ever saw his cock. Travis quickly let me know that he had never saw Sam naked, nor has Sam ever let him see his cock.
A week before school was letting out for summer vacation, Sam was over at my house wearing just a pair of faded cut-offs. Somehow or another, we ended up wrestling once again, but this time I was paying particular attention to my graceful gropes of his utterly flawless body. When I hooked his left arm behind his head, that gave me a birds eye shot at his exposed armpit. I could just barely see blondish brown sprouts of soon to be armpit hair. Feeling his silky smooth body naturally gave me an erection from hell, and since I was wearing baggy gym shorts, I knew Sam would have to notice the distinct bulging. Also, I felt his legs, and much to my surprise, along the top portion of his shins, I could feel the soft makings of almost invisible blondish brown hairs.
When I pinned him on his back, I stared into his gorgeous face, allowing my eyes to absorb as much of his breathtaking beauty as possible. I began tickling him, and as I was doing so, I slammed my mouth right smack dab in the middle of his outstretched right armpit, and gently sank my teeth into his silky flesh while teasing that sensitive area with my slithering tongue. Sam began bucking insanely wild and I thought I heard soft purrs evading his precious mouth. For a split second, I even contemplated placing my lips over his, but thought better of it and didn't do it.
As my eyes traveled down his flawless body, I felt my mouth water as I peered onto his tiny pink boy nipples, to which both were seemingly hard as nails. Again, I sank my mouth around his right nipple's flesh, and once again my tongue went into action by swiping all over his pert little nipple. This time I was certain I could hear soft panting purrs stream lining out of his open mouth. I bit each nipple while gently sucking on them while I listened to the sounds this gorgeous angel was making.
Moving down his perfect body, my tongue was now probing his tiny inward protruding belly button. I would occasionally blow on his belly button, making loud "farting" type noises. By this point, I had my right arm in between his legs and my forearm was pressing right up against his, what I thought, erection. I couldn't tell if it was his hard cock or the zipper's hem, but either way, whatever it was I was now feeling was rock solid hard.
Then, and I'm not quite certain how it happened, but it did. I was on my back, on the floor, and Sam was now rubbing his ass all over my face. He was facing my feet and the material of his cut-offs felt like sandpaper on my face. I could feel his little hands on my stomach as he waved his tight little ass all over my face, and then I heard it, I actually heard my gorgeous little angel say, "Go on, smell it, smell my ass TJ!" Believe me, I was trying my best to do just that, but I did manage to say, "Your shorts feel like sandpaper on my face!"
Surprising me even more, Sam hopped off of me and within a blink of an eye, yanked down his cut-offs then resumed his position rubbing his pale blue boxer brief covered ass all over my face. Again, I heard him say, "Smell it TJ, go on and smell know you want to so go on, smell my ass!"
My nose was being smashed up against the crack of his tight ass, and I was breathing in the most wonderful scent known to mankind. I placed my right arm between his legs, centering the palm of my hand close to his belly button, and again, I could feel what I thought was his erect cock up against my forearm. As he gyrated his little ass all over my face, I began licking the exterior of his underwear, and still inhaling ever so deeply his natural spine tingling aroma.
With me laying flat on my back and with him facing my feet, I knew good and well the boy had to have noticed my throbbing man meat bulging from my baggy gym shorts. However, Sam not once mentioned it, nor made any effort to place his hands anywhere close to my aching love muscle. But, I was lost in my own little world as Sam delighted my perversion by grinding his cloth covered ass all over my face. Once again, I heard his angelic voice chime, "Smell it, smell my ass TJ, get your belly full!"
For a good 15 minutes, Sam fed my nose his wonderful ass, and just as quick as it all started, the boy hopped up and flopped down on the sofa. I got up and two very shaky legs and sat down on the sofa right next to him, well, a cushion distance away. Sam looked me dead in the eye, then smiled as he spoke, "Well, did you get your fill sniffing my butt? What did it smell like?"
My mind was still reeling, but my words came out any ways, "No, and it smelled wonderful!" Sam made a face as if he had just tasted something very bitter, then spat, "Ewwwwwwwwww, that's nasty TJ! I mean, uh, c'mon man, that's um, um, my ass!" Firing right back, I said, "And what a glorious ass it is I might add!"
Then the conversation went on to where he was basically begging me to take him on my trip. I wanted to, but I knew that if I had this boy beauty alone on my vacation, I just might not be able to control my growing perversion over him. Then he said the magic words, "Oh TJ, please take me with you...I'll do anything you want if you let me go!" Staring into his sparkling bluer than blue eyes, I shot right back, "You'd best be careful how you say you'll do anything, cause you can open the door to something you're not ready for."
Sam flopped his head backwards onto the sofa's cushion, then hooked his right leg onto the seat cushion as he pleadingly said, "Well, um, I'll do anything, but I aint about to do any gay shit!" That was certainly not what I wanted to hear, so I got up and walked into the kitchen. Sam followed and still kept on begging, but I was making myself busy preparing the evening meal.
Later, and the boy was still begging and pleading, Travis came over and said he needed to talk to me in private. Once in my bedroom, Travis quickly got naked, then as usual, I proceeded to eat his ass and worship his teen cock until he fed me huge wads of delicious boy cum. Since there was another wrestling pay-per-view on tonight, both boys were going to spend the night. They remained wearing only their boxer briefs, and after we ate, both took turns taking their showers. While Travis was taking his shower, Sam quickly jumped on my lap, placing his beloved little ass directly onto my already rock hard cock while facing me, then began pleading once more, "C'mon TJ, please take me with you, please!"
My hands were automatically caressing the top of his silky smooth thighs while my eyes watered as they admired his awesome flawless beauty. Again, he whispered, "Please, pretty please with sugar on top, please let me go with you, please! Tell me what you want me to do in order for you to take me. C'mon TJ, please tell me, tell me what I'd have to do, please!"
Holding my ground firmly, I said, "No, you tell me! Sam, it's like this. I've never asked anything of you, have I? (He nodded his head no) I make sure you are well fed, clothed, and basically, do anything for you that you've ever asked, now haven't I? (He nodded his head yes) So, you said earlier that you would do anything, now it's your turn to tell me what all you are willing to do...that's the deal!"
By then, the door to the bathroom opened, and Sam quickly hopped off of my lap. While Sam was in the bathroom, Travis was on the sofa and I was sucking his cock feverishly while caressing his oversized hairless balls. Travis whispered, "Damn TJ, I'm sure gonna miss you sucking my pecker and eating my ass! Mmmmmmmmm, yeah, suck that cock!"
Knowing time wasn't on our side, I sucked his cock until Travis grunted, then his cum came shooting rapidly into my awaiting mouth. 6 hard spurts of pure boy honey came rushing out, followed with a steady dribble of delicious baby batter. I was taking my time dining on his cum as Travis just put his underwear back on as Sam came walking in. Sam looked at Travis, and then he looked at me, then looked back at Travis. The gorgeous boy looked as if he knew what had just happened, but thankfully enough, he didn't say a word.
Later that night, and after Sam was asleep in his bed, I was on my knees dining on Travis's wiggling ass, working my ass eating tongue deeper and deeper into his rectum. I kept Travis on the edge for over an hour, taking turns sucking his cock, caressing and licking his balls, and eating his ass, all in all working his orgasm to the very brink, then backed off.
When his voice became louder and louder, I knew it was time for me to bring Travis to an orgasm, so I was lovingly sucking his cock while rubbing my right middle finger directly onto his rosebud of an asshole. Just as he was fixing to unleash his boy cream, I crammed my finger deep into his rectum, causing Travis to lurch his body upwards just as his first cum shot struck the roof of my mouth. After the 9th long ropey spurt, I stopped counting and held his creamy load in my mouth until I made sure the last droplet of his creamy cum was vacuumed into my mouth.
I was still sucking on his deflating cock as I took my time savoring the boy's freshly spun homemade love juice. By the time I had swallowed the last tid bit of Travis's cum, the boy was sound asleep. I silently entered Sam's bedroom to find the boy in his regular position. The covers were off and he was balled up into a modified fetal position on his right side. His ass was close enough to the side of the bed so that once I knelt down on both knees, my face was directly in line with his hot little underwear covered ass.
Doing what I had become so accustomed to doing, I was soon breathing in the boy's soft anal scent while holding my fat cock in my right hand, jerking the living shit out of it. Again, there was no foul aroma spewing from the boy's ass...just pure heavenly freshness! It wasn't too long before I was shooting my thick man juice into the palm of my left hand while I was still deeply inhaling Sam's mind numbing anal fragrance.
School let out for the summer, and Travis had just three days before he was to leave to go to Vermont. Believe me, the boy was using my mouth to deposit his cum as often as he possibly could. Many, many times, Sam would be watching tv or playing on the PS 3 while Travis and I were in my room and I was sucking his cock and eating away at his asshole until I swallowed every last delicious drop of Travis's teenage nectar.
With school now being out, the boys spent the night every night at my place. Sam's begging never let up, and he began tossing things out like, "I'll carry all the luggage, eat once a day", and various sorts of other things that I honestly didn't give a shit about. The day before Travis was heading out, and it was early, I was sitting on my back porch sipping on some coffee when Sam came out and sat down in the chair beside me.
Sam said, "TJ, I honestly don't know what else I can say to you so that you'll take me with you. Everything I came up with, you didn't show any interest in. I just don't know! I'm still not gonna do any gay shit, but for God's sake man, just tell me what you want me to do so I can go with you...please tell me TJ, please!"
Looking the boy beauty square in the eyes, I softly replied, "Well, I guess you'll just have to come up with something. You just keep on thinking of what you can do and let me know what you come up with."
The boy rolled his eyes and I could see the look of frustration written all over his gorgeous face. After about five minutes of pure silence, I watched Sam out of the corner of my left eye as he looked around to see if anyone was within earshot, then he leaned forwards, placing his elbows on each of his thighs, then whispered, "I um, uh, I could walk around naked, uh, uh, maybe I guess."
After hearing what this gorgeous little angel had just sputtered out, I decided to push the envelope so to speak by adding, "So, if I'm hearing you correctly, you just said you would walk around naked. Naturally, you can't parade around town naked, so I guess you mean that once we are in the hotel room, then you will freely remove all of your clothes and remain naked until we leave the room. Is that correct?"
Sam raised up, now sitting more in an upright position, eyes facing straight ahead, then stated, "Fuck that! I aint no queer! Dude, I aint about to walk around bare ass naked, and besides, why in the hell would you want me to do that?"
Firing back, I said, "Well, for one thing, a guy don't have to be gay to walk around naked, and secondly, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it was you who came up with that...not me! If that's not what you are willing to do, then I guess you'd best get back to the drawing board and come up with something."
I got up and left him all to himself on the porch as I walked into the kitchen. I had just poured another cup of coffee when Sam walked into the kitchen. He plopped down on one of the barstools, then boldly said, "I reckon you think I'm kind of stupid because of my age, but TJ, I know what's going on around here. Like uh, um, you sniffing my butt all the time. I guess you think I didn't know what you were doing every time we wrestled. How about the nights when you come into my bedroom and smell my butt. Thought I didn't know huh? I know you and Travis think I'm a heavy sleeper, but I aint. And, I sure as fuck know about you and Travis!"
Cutting him off, and becoming a bit angry, I retaliated by firing back, "Just what in the hell do you mean about me and Travis?"
Sam smiled as his eyes met mine, then again he boldly said, "I told you I aint stupid, and I sure as shit aint deaf either! C'mon TJ, stop fucking around okay! I know what you and Travis are up to! You and me both know that you suck his dick all the time, and I've uh, I've uh, heard him tell you to eat his ass many, many times. I aint no fucking rat okay, so whatever the two of you wanna do, then that aint nobodies business but your own. If you wanna suck his dick, then suck it, cause I don't care cause it aint none of my business...okay? But TJ, you need to stop thinking I'm stupid, cause I aint!"
I could feel the blood slowly departing my body after knowing that I had been busted dead to right. I tried to come up with some kind of reasonable excuse, but the words kept on darting in and out of my mind, leaving me stunned speechless. Sam couldn't miss not seeing my zombie like reaction, and after a couple of silent minutes, he broke the heart thumping silence by saying, "Look man, I really, really want to go with you, but I'm not gay! When I mentioned the walk around naked thing, I at least got some kind of reaction out of you. Heck TJ, why in the world would you wanna see me naked? I'm scrawny as hell and I sure as heck aint got no bulging muscles. So, tell me the truth and tell me why you would wanna see me without any clothes on. Be honest! And while your at it, how about you tell me why you're always smelling my ass. I just don't get why anyone would want to smell another person's ass, so tell me why, and for God's sake TJ, be totally fucking honest with me."
I sat down on a barstool next to Sam, facing him, and fought like hell to try and say the right thing, except my mind was being flooded with all sorts of weird things. Then I decided to put it all on the table and I wasn't about to hold back at all, so I nervously explained, "Okay, you got me! Yes, I am sucking Travis's dick, and I enjoy doing it cause I love the taste of his cum, and yes, I do eat his ass, and since you heard him say that, then you must have heard how much he loves it too. (Sam wrinkled up his nose as if what he had just heard was utterly disgusting) Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you think that's kind of gross, and maybe it is, but hot damn if it don't feel something special. If you haven't never felt a tongue in your ass before, then you have no idea just how wonderful it feels, so don't go and knock something until you've tried it! Why do I smell your ass, well I uh, I honestly don't have a fucking clue why. Sam, it's like this, and I'm gonna do my best to explain it, so just bare with me. You have got to know that you are flat fucking gorgeous, and I mean, drop mother fucking dead gorgeous! (He rolled his eyes) It's like this Sam. When you see yourself in the mirror, you just see you, but when other eyes see you, well uh, they see a pure flawless perfection of a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that only God himself could create. Believe me Sam, you are that incredibly gorgeous! And just for the record Sam, I am a boy lover, although Travis is the only boy I have ever done anything with. But you, you have this strange unexplainable affect on me, and every time I see you, well I um, I um, just go crazy from seeing your complete intoxicating beauty. Why do I smell your butt...I have no clue, but I'll say this, and not once have I ever smelled any foul odor coming from your ass. What my nose is breathing in is a scent straight from the heavens above. It's a pure refreshing kind of fragrance, and the more I smell, the more I crave. I've said it, and just in case you are wondering, if the time came that you ever wanted me to suck your cock, then believe me, I'd be on it faster than you can say suck my dick. Now you know Sam, you now know all about me...the ball is in your court now!"
Sam just sat there looking right at me, and I was anxiously awaiting some kind of response, not to mention, more nervous now than ever before. As each second ticked on by, I could see his angelic smile growing more and more. I could only wonder what was running through his mind making him smile in the manner he was now doing. Finally, Sam's soft precious voice snapped the silence, "Looks to me like I've got enough on you that you have no other choice but to take me with you. But, I aint no stinking rat, and I aint about to go around and shoot my mouth off, cause that's just not me! So, I guess that kind of takes us back all the way to the beginning and I've got to come up with something you want me to do so you'll take me with you...huh?"
I have to admit that I did get a little flustered hearing what he had just said, so I let me emotions get the best of me as I fired back, "Okay, here's the deal! I'm gonna go with what you said earlier, and by that I mean, you have to remain naked in the room at all times. No fussing! No covering up! And, no bitching! That's the deal, so take it or leave it!"
Before he could respond, Travis walked in, ending our conversation rather abruptly. Sam looked like a deer staring at headlights, glaring at me as Travis was pouring himself a glass of orange juice. Without actually speaking, I silently said, "Think about it!"
A little while later, the boys were in the living room playing the video game and I was just about to walk into the living room when I heard Sam's precious voice, "So Travis, what's it like getting your dick sucked?"
Travis, not one for biting his tongue any, replied, "Holy shit dude, it's the fucking best. Having your dick sucked and your balls licked is out of this mother fucking world, and when you blow your load in someone's mouth, well uh, that's the best!"
Sam's voice sounded once again, "I know this sounds gross, but have you ever had anyone tongue your asshole?"
Travis, with excitement raising in his voice, responded, "Oh fuck yeah! Man, when a tongue hits your asshole, holy fucking shit does it drive you freaking insane! I really can't explain it, but believe me, it feels fucking awesome!"
Sam continued by asking, "Have you ever had anything up your ass, you know, um, inside your ass?"
Travis fired back, "Just a finger, but aint nothing no bigger than a finger ever going up my ass, oh hell mother fucking no it aint! All of us guys have this thing, a magic button, somewhere inside our butt called a prostate. Whew, son-of-a-bitch, when that sweet spot is touched, watch the fuck out, cause I'm telling you that that mother fucker will send you straight into fucking orbit!"
Sam asked, "Aren't you worried about your asshole stinking at all?"
Travis blurted, "Damn Sam, you got to clean that stink hole really good cause you don't want anyone going around smelling your shit!"
Travis had no clue that Sam was playing him like a fiddle. Sam already knew what all was going on between Travis and me, but that didn't stop him from asking one more cock stirring question, "Okay, okay, but lemme ask you this. Would you ever let a guy suck your dick?"
Travis didn't hesitate for a split second, replying, "Fuck yeah I would! The way I see it is a mouth is a mouth, and I don't give a shit whose mouth it is! So if some guy wants to suck me off, then fuck yeah I'd let him. I aint about to suck his dick, no hell no I aint, but I'd sure as hell let him suck my dick, and if he wants to, he can eat the fuck out of my shitter!"
Sam pursued his line of questioning, "So, would you mess around with TJ if given the chance?"
Looking Sam square into the face, Travis boldly stated, "Dude, like I already fucking said...a mouth is a mouth, and I don't care whose mouth it is. So, if TJ wanted to suck my dick, fuck yeah I'd let him, in a mother fucking heartbeat! Haven't you heard that old saying...who better can eat a woman's pussy than another woman...well fuck face, the same thing applies to us guys! Chances are you aint gonna find too many girls wanting to eat your ass, but they'll sure as fuck want you to tongue fuck their assholes to oblivion and back. Heck, us guys can eat their pussies for hours upon hours, but when it comes time to return the favor, they might suck our peckers for a couple of minutes, then start bitching that their jaw is starting to hurt. So, fuck yes I'll let some dude suck my cock and eat his heart out tonguing the hell out of my asshole! Who the fuck cares anyways? I know I don't!"
Sam blurted, "That's gay Travis!"
Travis sounded a bit angry as he responded, "Gay or not, I don't give a fuck! I aint gonna suck no dick, and I sure as shit aint gonna put my tongue in some guys ass, and you can call it whatever the fuck you want, but I know I aint about to turn down no free blow-job...fuck you, I aint about to!"
Before Sam could say another word, Travis added, "Look dawg, it's like this. How many girls you got begging to suck your dick? Yeah right, I thought so! None mother fucker! Somebody once told me that we got the world by the balls right now. We're young, and we have the beauty of youth, and when it comes to the beauty part, you definitely got that one in the bag. In time, as we get older, our desirability will start to fade. That's just a part of life, so why not get as much fun in right the fuck now before it's too late? C'mon Sam, as pretty as you are right now, your beauty wont last forever. I'm sure you're smart enough to realize that. I know, I know, you aint about that gay shit, or that's what you keep on saying, but I'm telling you bro, don't go and knock something until you've tried it. A mouth, any mouth, on your dick sure as fuck beats your hand any day. That my friend, I guaranfuckingtee you!"
As their conversation ended, I walked into the room. Sam was looking at me hard, harder than ever before. I could tell he wanted to say something, probably about having to walk around naked in the motel room. But, no matter what, I was going to hold my ground steady. If the gorgeous angel wanted to come with me, then that's the deal, and that's all there is to it! Four times throughout the day, Travis excused himself and asked me to talk with him in my bedroom. Each time he did, Sam smiled at me once our eyes met. He knew what was really going to take place in my bedroom, and it wasn't going to be a whole lot of talking either.
I had just sucked the cum from Travis's cock prior to him falling asleep, and was tip toeing out of his bedroom when I came face to face with Sam. Sam was wearing a pair of dark blue boxer shorts, and for the first time, he saw me with nothing on except a pair of baggy gym shorts, to which my aching erection was causing quite the tenting effect. Sam whispered, "Can we talk?"
I nodded my head yes and began walking towards my bedroom. My bedroom is located at the other end of the house, and much to my surprise, Sam followed me in, and as I lay on the bed, he climbed in and lay on his left side so that our eyes were now locked onto one another. The lamp on my nightstand was already on, so there was more than enough light for me to admire the boy's astonishing beauty.
Sam exhaled, then began to speak, "C'mon TJ, there's got to be something else I can do other than walk around naked. I wanna go, I really do, but c'mon man, gimme a break will you. Heck, if you let me go, you can um, uh, smell my uh, my butt as much as you want to. How's that for a deal?"
Remaining firm, I replied, "Sorry Sam, it's naked or's your choice!"
I could see him contemplating what next to say, and after a very brief pause, his charming voice sounded, "Fuck it then, I guess I wont go!"
He rolled off the bed and scurried down the hall. I fell asleep and it was early the next morning when Sam entered my bedroom wanting one last ass eating session and prolonged cum milking before having to head to his home to get ready to go to Vermont for the summer. After Travis left, I went to check on Sam. I opened the bedroom door to find that he was already gone. I began thinking that maybe I was too firm about him being naked, and now had scared the gorgeous young angel off.
Later that day, I had confirmed my reservations and had already packed, and still no sign of Sam. Even that afternoon, when it was time to eat, still no Sam. The boy always ate at my house since his own dad didn't give a crap whether the boy ate or not. I started feeling real guilty, and for the first time in a long while, I felt pretty damn miserable and selfishly alone.
The day before I was going to leave, around noon, in walked Sam. I was sitting on the sofa watching something as he plopped down at the opposite end of the sofa. Just seeing the boy caused my fat cock to swell immediately, and since I was only wearing my baggy gym shorts, Sam would have had to have been completely blind not to notice.
For a couple of minutes, nothing was said, but I could tell he was wanting to say something, so I convinced myself to play along. Finally, Sam softly spoke, "What time are we leaving in the morning?"
I fired right back, "Uh, what about the deal?"
Sam was nodding his head from side to side, but he was smiling as he did so as he kind of mumbled his response, "Yeah, yeah, I'll fucking walk around naked. That's deal aint it TJ?"
I shot back, "Yeah, that's the deal, but I still got to clear it with your dad!"
Sam replied, "That drunk piece of shit don't care if I go and never come back, but you can go and talk to him if you want. The drunk bastard is home now."
I got up and as I walked in front of Sam, I saw the boy's eyes stare at my bulging cock pressing outwards against the thin material. I got dressed and walked over to Sam's mobile home. I had already met his dad several times, and if he would clean himself up, he'd be a right nice catch. His name is Sherman, and I told him about the trip and asked his permission to take Sam. I was shocked as he drunkenly slurred, "You can keep the little piss ant, and if there's any luck at all, he'll get lost there and never come back."
I was angry at his response, but felt it was best to go and get Sam and accompany him back to gather some clothes for the trip. As we walked closer to Sam's place, I could tell the boy was becoming more and more nervous. Sherman was out in the yard with three other men, all of whom were just as drunk as he was. Just as we walked around the corner, in their view, one of the drunk men blurted, "Hey Sherman, here's your pretty little bitch now. I sure wouldn't mind tagging that pretty thing's ass!" All of the men, including Sherman, started laughing.
I told Sam to go inside and get his things, and just as Sam walked up the stairs, another drunk blurted, "Yes sir, I bet that boy's ass would be the best fuck ever!" Even Sherman added, "For the right price, you boys can fuck him!" Again, they all laughed, but their laughing ended once I snatched Sherman up by the gap of his shirt, then angrily held my voice down as I said, "I'll hear no more of that talk from you, or any one of you drunk mother fuckers! If you harm that boy, and I mean one fucking strand of hair, you drunk no good son-of-a-bitch, you'll have opened the gates of hell! Say one more mother fucking word, and I will be more than happy to beat you fuckers into a coma. Try me bitch, and see what happens!"
I shoved Sherman so hard that he fell over one of his drunken friend's legs, landing flat on his back on the ground. Sam came out, and I could tell he knew something had happened, because the men just stared at him, but none of them was about to say anything. I placed my left arm around his shoulder as we walked away, heading back to my house.
Once back inside my home, I was helping Sam transfer his clothes into a suitcase. I held up his well worn and rather faded knee high swimming trunks, then told him to get dressed because he needed some new swimming attire. At the store, we picked out several swimming trunks, and one was one that I had already envisioned him wearing. It was a sheer white thong bikini that looked more like a spider's web, and just by looking at it I knew that once it got wet, his "goodies" would be visible for all eyes to bare witness to.
Sam tried the swimming trunks on, and we both liked two of them, but then I handed him the thong bikini and told him to try it on. My heart was thumping somewhere close to my throat when he opened the dressing room door. Naturally, my eyes went straight to his crotch. The front portion of the thong's were in such a V, I could see most of his bald pubic region, and I do mean completely bald. If Sam had any pubic hair, then they must be somewhere further down, and must be tightly formed at the base of his cock. Speaking of the boy's cock, from what I could see, and I could see it pretty clearly, it was totally flaccid and about a half inch long. I could clearly make out the mushroom shape of his cock head.
Before I could utter a single word, that is, had I been able to speak, Sam spun around to show me his flawless backside. All I could think about was how lucky that thin piece of cloth was to be dipping in between two solid mounds of pure perfection. The boy's butt cheeks rippled with their muscularity, and I couldn't see any blemishes whatsoever, not even a tiny freckle.
When Sam got dressed, much to my surprise, he handed me the thong bikini swim suit to add with the other two swim shorts I was going to buy for him. If Sam had his way, we would already be going on our way to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The boy was eager to visit Dollywood, and especially eager to spend some time at Splash Mountain.
The plan for departure the next morning was simple. We would leave around 3 in the morning because it was a good 6 hours away. Planning for stops, I was hoping to check in by at least 11. That would give us two hours for stops, and we couldn't check in until 11 anyways. We ate earlier than normal, and we both went to bed earlier than we normally do. I got up earlier than Sam and started putting the luggage into my car. I showered and shaved, then walked into Sam's room, sat on the edge of the bed, and let my eyes roam the sleeping boy's near naked body. What a beauty this boy truly is! Even in his soft purring sleep, the boy is simply gorgeous!
I stared at his crotch, hoping to see him with a boner, but it was just my bad luck that his cock was sleeping just as sound as he was. I touched his chest gently and Sam's eyes fluttered open. After exchanging good mornings, Sam slid out of bed and darted off to the bathroom. Shortly thereafter, he came bouncing into the kitchen all dressed and ready to go.
I double checked to make sure all the windows and doors were locked, then set the alarm. Sam was smiling from ear to ear as we began our journey towards Gatlinburg. Two hours into our travel, we both needed to take a piss, so I stopped off at a rest area. Sam was in front of me, and I was watching all the bystanders who were feasting their eyes upon Sam. Even they were stunned at his angelic beauty! Being somewhat shy, Sam went inside one of the bathroom stalls while I bellied up to a urinal and drained my bladder. While Sam was washing his hands, I watched three men stop dead in their tracks to stare wide eyed, mouths partially open, at Sam who was totally oblivious as to the eyes feasting upon his flawless body.
About two hours away from Gatlinburg, we stopped off at a restaurant to eat some breakfast. Even our male server was almost speechless once he laid eyes upon Sam. I watched the server position himself so that he could stand in position that would allow him a more direct view at Sam's crotch. When Sam went to the bathroom, I watched both men and women, boys and girls, all stop what they were doing to take in Sam's charming beauty.
When Sam returned, he leaned across the table towards me, then whispered, "Man, these people keep staring at me."
I cleared my throat, and responded in a whisper of my own, "Who can blame them Sam? After all, it's not everyday one can stare at true flawless beauty!"
Sam smacked his lips, smiled, then replied, "I don't know about the flawless beauty part. I know I'm not perfect!"
Replying, I whispered, "Oh, you couldn't be so wrong! Believe me Sam, you are as perfect as anyone can get, especially when it comes to your beauty!"
We finished our breakfast and proceeded on. While I was driving, Sam turned in his seat to face me, then floored me by asking, "TJ, do you think I am uh, pretty?" I fired back, "Oh hell no, not just pretty, but more so, pretty fucking gorgeous is more like it! Sam, this is gonna sound kind of gross, but you have no clue just how many people look at you, and many will swear up and down that your shit don't stink...that is, even if you do take a shit at all. Sounds kind of weird, but that's life my friend! Don't look at it as something disgusting, cause in my eyes, if someone admires you so damn much that they honestly think your shit don't stink, well I'd have to say that's the biggest compliment ever!"
Sam came right back, "Is that why you like smelling my butt TJ? Do you think I don't take a shit? Do you think it don't stink?"
Thinking about it for a few seconds, I answered, "I honestly don't know, but I do know this. I aint never smelled anything foul while I was sniffing your butt...that's for sure!"
Sam smiled his glowing smile, then bravely stated, "Um, just for the record TJ, I do and it does!"
Puzzled, I asked, "You do what and it does what?"
Sam fired back, "I do shit, and trust me, it smells too!"
I was wearing blue cut-off jeans, and if Sam peeked at my crotch, the boy would have seen the protruding bulge stemming from my throbbing, precum spitting, erection. Then, Sam popped a question that pretty much floored me, "TJ, what's Travis's cum taste like? I know you suck him off all the time, and oh yeah, how about his ass? What does it taste like too?"
Smiling in response, I opened up and was truthful, "Well, let's see. Travis's cum varies in tastes, and it all depends on what he ate. You see Sam, you've heard that old saying before, you are what you eat...well, that's about as true as the truth can get. For the most part, Travis's cum tastes great! For me, it's not so much how it tastes, it's more about knowing just how much I am pleasing the other person. As far as eating his ass goes, Travis makes sure that his butt hole is squeaky clean. He really loves it when I probe it with my finger and stimulate his prostate. That drives the little fucker insane!"
Sam let me finish, and once I had said my last word, he absentmindedly informed me of a very informed fact, "Yeah, Travis told me all about the prostate, and I know my cum tastes kind of salty, but sweet too."
Just from the shocked look on his face, I could tell he didn't mean to spit out what his mind had been thinking, but nevertheless, I now knew my little gorgeous angel could produce cum, so picking up on that very important fact, I added, "Well Sam, there's nothing wrong with tasting your own cum! What's salty to you just might be declared honey from the heavens above by someone else. (Seeing if he would answer me) What did you do? Did you shoot your cream into the palm of your hand and then taste it?"
Sam hesitated, but nervously said, "No, when I'm on my back, uh, taking care of business, and if I aint careful, my stuff shoots into my mouth. That's why I try and keep my mouth closed, but sometimes, I um, can't help it so some of it shoots down my throat."
Trying to keep this conversation piece going, I inquired, "Dang, you must shoot a bunch of baby batter when you bust a nut...I bet it's kind of thick too!"
Sam eagerly replied, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh hell yeah I shoot...a shit load too! Believe me, when I bust a nut, I make a really sticky mess. Some of it is kind of thick, kind of like creamy, gooey globs, but then it gets kind of watery at the end. It all depends on how horny I am at the time I suppose."
About that time, Sam spotted the sign indicating Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg next right. Our sex filled conversation ended abruptly after he saw the sign. Once we entered the city limits of Pigeon Forge, the boy was like a kid in a candy factory, all excited as his eyes took in all the fun spots on either side of the road.
When we arrived at the motel, I had Sam wait in the car so I could check in. After checking in, I went back to my car, and the two of us loaded our luggage on a luggage carrier, then proceeded to go to our room where we would spend the next two glorious weeks. The same room that would allow my begging eyes to bare witness to Sam's unclothed flawless body.
Being the devil that I truly am, I had already pre-planned the type of room I wanted. It cost me quite a bit extra, but I reserved the suite, and not just one of the typical rooms. Arriving at our room's door, I inserted the card to open it, and as soon as the door opened, Sam shot right by me to explore what all this suite offered.
Sam didn't even seem to notice the queen sized bed, not to mention, the only bed in this particular suite as he walked right by it so he could take a look at the large jacuzzi located in front of the private balcony's sliding glass door. The room provided a kitchenette with a medium sized refrigerator, a stove, and a microwave. Sam stepped out onto the private balcony and looked all around, taking in the mountains straight ahead and the flowing water of the stream down below. As he stared at the scenery, I was doing some staring of my own, staring straight at his shapely butt!
Sine the day was just beginning, I knew now wasn't going to be the time for Sam to parade around in front of me naked, so after we unpacked, he and I walked the short distance to Ripleys Believe It Or Not Aquarium. The Aquarium was one of the best I had ever been in, and Sam and I spent hours walking around and looking at all there was to see. By the time we left, it was time to grab some lunch. Being in the heart of Gatlinburg, there's a ton of places to eat, so since Sam's birthday is tomorrow, and this trip is pretty much all about him, I decided to let him take control and eat wherever he wanted to eat.
Everywhere we walked, I couldn't help not to notice the eyes glaring at Sam. The boy was wearing a bright white tank top, white shorts, white ankle socks, and his tiny white sneakers. Wearing all white, mixed with his long blondish white hair, the boy's breathtaking beauty was magnified a hundred times over. I for one couldn't blame anyone for not wanting to take a look at sheer heavenly perfection!
Even our male server was stunned at Sam's beauty, stumbling with words as he repeated our order. While our server was staring at Sam, I was staring at the growing bulge inside the server's pants. Once the server took our order and left, I leaned across the table and whispered, "Your beauty messed that guy all up. Heck, you may not have noticed, but you gave him a hard-on!"
Sam shot back, "But, I uh, I uh, didn't do anything!"
Smiling, I whispered my reply, "No my friend, you may not have thought you didn't do anything, but it was your glowing beauty that made his cock swell! Don't be offended Sam, instead, take that as a compliment!"
When our server returned, I watched Sam's eyes trickle down to the 20 something year old man's crotch. What Sam's eyes saw was a definite growing bulge, bulging just enough that anyone who dare look could see the crown of his bell shaped cock head and medium thick shaft. Sam was basically gawking at the pronounced bulge as the server placed our food on the table. Once he left, Sam leaned over and whispered, "I saw it, I saw it! Looks like he needs to go and handle business before his pecker rips through his pants!"
I replied, "See Sam, see! See what you do to people who simply look at you! Just in case nobody has told you, but you Sam are the true meaning of heavenly beauty! You're not just beautiful, oh hell no you aint, more so, you are flat fucking, drop dead, spine tingling, toe curling, hair raising, cock hardening, nut twisting, gut wrenching, palm sweating, mind boggling, ass puckering, eye popping, mouth watering, beyond a shadow of a mother fucking doubt, gorgeous! Whew, now that's a mouthful, but it's all true!"
We spent the rest of the day walking the main strip, and after we ate dinner, and prior to going up to our room, we stopped off to see the motel's indoor/outdoor in-ground pool. After seeing the pool, and although we both were physically exhausted, Sam wanted to go swimming. There wasn't anyone enjoying the pool, so we went up to our room to change. I put on my swimming trunks, and I tossed Sam the thong swimming trunks to see what he might say. Much to my surprise, and more to my liking, he didn't even offer any complaints, nor hesitation as he went into the bathroom to change.
He walked out of the bathroom with a towel clinging to his hips, hiding all of his precious goodies from my pleading eyes. I boldly reminded him, "I hope you didn't already forget about the deal!"
Sam smiled, then said, "Nope, but we're not staying in the room right now, cause we're going swimming, so that deal don't apply right now!"
We went down to the pool area, and I was standing a few short feet behind Sam when he removed the towel. God, this boy's ass can make the driest mouth water endlessly! While I was dazed where I was standing, Sam dove into the pool. Now, with his skimpy bathing suit all wet, I knew that once I got him out of the water, I would be able to see his "goodies" rather clearly. I joined him in the pool with one hell of a throbbing erection leading the way.
In order to get to the outdoor pool, you have to swim under water from the indoor pool. Back and forth, the two of us swam like fish. Still, nobody else had joined us, so we had this entire area all to ourselves. While I was standing in the 4 foot section, Sam swam up to me, and for whatever the reason, I hoisted the light weight boy high into the air, my left hand centered on his chest, and my right hand gropingly cupped his entire crotch.
I could feel his sleeping cock and tiny balls, not to mention, my right middle finger was firmly pressing directly where I imagined his virgin asshole was. I slung him towards the deep end, and like a true champ, Sam returned to be tossed again, and again. And each time I hoisted the boy into the air, I always fed my desires by groping his crotch and trying like hell to feel his asshole.
Finally, we both grew tired of the pool and decided to call it a night. I was standing at the side of the pool when Sam stepped beside me to grab a towel to dry off. My eyes zoomed in on its target, looking directly at his flaccid cock that was now clearly being revealed through the skimpy fishnet material. I don't think Sam even realized that his thong bikini trunks were now see thru, but nevertheless, I was not about to pass up the golden opportunity to admire his body, especially his little boy cock.
What my eyes saw was a pale pink mushroom shaped cock head followed by about a half inch of visible creamy colored shaft. The cock head alone looked to be about as thick around as an American quarter, and his slender shaft was about as big around as a regular sized Bic cigarette lighter. When he bladed his body to mine, providing me a splendid view of his left side, all I could now see was his shapely unblemished butt cheek.
Sam rushed to dry off, but prior to wrapping the towel around his slender frame, I damn near fainted as he bent over to dry his ankles, giving me a clear shot at his bent over butt. Had it not been for the thin piece of cloth darting inside those perfect chiseled butt cheeks, I would have been able to see the boy's asshole. But, what I did see made my cock pump out wads upon wads of precum. The area inside his butt crack that was now clearly visible to my peering eyes was just as creamy colored as the rest of his butt area. I saw no signs of any brownish tint whatsoever, so that made me wonder if the boy's asshole offered the same creaminess coloration.
Back at our room, I showered first. I couldn't help myself not to think about Sam's body as I jerked on my swollen 8 3/4 inches of thick man meat until bucket loads of man spunk blew out of my cock, swallowed up by the drain. Even after showering, and while brushing my teeth, my cock became rigidly erect as my mind kept on telling me that it was just a matter of a few minutes before I would finally be able to see my young gorgeous angel bare ass naked.
I slipped on some baggy gym shorts, then entered the main room. Sam was already ready to take his shower, so he shot past me and darted into the bathroom. Just before he could enter the bathroom, I shouted, "Hey, don't forget the deal!" Sam flashed me one of the most incredible sexiest smiles ever as he softly replied, "Yeah, yeah, I know cum breath!"
While Sam was taking his shower, I was sitting on the bed with my back resting up against the headboard. I was fighting against sleep, but I kept on shaking it off because there was no way in hell was about to miss seeing Sam completely naked. My own cock was acting up big time, proudly tenting the front of my shorts, begging like hell to be released so it too could see this gorgeous boy naked.
After a long thirty minutes or so, the bathroom door finally opened, and then Sam peeked his head around the corner. I guess he was checking to see if I was still awake, but when our eyes met, he seemed as though he was temporarily frozen in time. After a few seconds of silence, Sam whispered, "Hey, you still have the light on TJ!" I smiled as I responded, "So I can better see you...all of you!"
Seeing he was still pausing, I said, "You might as well get it over with, cause we got two weeks. Trust me Sam, once you get over whatever fear you may have, you'll realize it really is no big deal, and besides, I can't imagine why you feel you have to hide such a perfect body. In fact, it should be fucking illegal for you to even wear clothes on that perfect body of yours."
Sam smiled after hearing what I had just said as he softly whispered, "I uh, um, don't know all about the perfect body thing, and I um, um, I'm uh, uh, I'm kind of um, uh, embarrassed about uh, uh, oh fuck it!"
He stepped out from under the concealment of the corner, and stood proudly at the foot of the bed, bare ass naked! Sam pointed at his pubic region then softly said, "See, I don't have any hair there yet!" I was stunned at looking at pure utter heavenly perfection, and yes, the angelic boy beauty was completely correct. His pubic region was as bald and smooth looking as a new born baby's bottom.
His flaccid boy meat was just as I described earlier, and due to its smallish size, it was almost damn near sticking straight out in front of him. Just below his mouth watering slice of preteen joy was twin pearls jam packed inside one very hairless sac. Sam's little balls looked to be the size of a small marble, and just as perfectly rounded as one too. Had I not known any better, I would have sworn up and down that the boy only had one nut, but I could clearly see the magnificent twins in all their utter perfections and royal glory.
Sam's soft voice snapped me back into present day reality, "See, see TJ! I aint got nothing to be showing off, but a deals a deal!"
The words flew out of my mouth on remote control, "Sweet mother of Mary, mmmmmmmmmmmm, believe me Sam, you are definitely all that and a hell of a lot more! From where I'm sitting, I'm staring at true flawless beauty...from the top of your pretty little head all the way down to those sweet little curling toes. Yes sir, pure fucking flawless beauty at its best!"
Sam started climbing onto the bed, beginning at the foot, working his way up to my left. As he was doing so, the boy's eyes locked onto mine as his precious cock hardening voice sounded, "It gets bigger when it gets hard!" All I could say was, "I'm sure of that!"
Sam propped himself up right next to me so that his back was leaning up against the headboard. I couldn't take my eyes off of his flaccid cock. In this position, I could see the tiny piss lips that looked so downright fucking kissable. I wanted so bad to roll over and take Sam's cock into my mouth and never let go. Then, Sam whispered, "I know the deal was for me to be naked, but it don't seem right at all that I'm naked and you aint! If I'm gonna be naked, then it only seems right if you are just as naked too!"
I yanked my gym shorts off and leaned back with my hard cock proudly on full display for my little angel to look at, if he so desired to do so. And his remark told the story as he blurted, "Mother fuck me TJ, what fucking horse did you steal that damn thing from? Wow, it's uh, uh, bigger than my damn arm! Son-of-a-bitch, that's uh, um, fucking huge! TJ, I've got to uh, uh, ask, but have you ever um, fucked Travis with that monster?"
In response to his questions, I replied, "Oh hell no! Travis has never seen me like this, in fact, I do all of the pleasing."
Out of the corner of my left eye, I could see Sam's face angled so that his bluer than blue eyes were glaring upon my man sized erection. While Sam was staring at my cock, I was staring at his, to which was slowly gaining momentum to become rock hard in front of my very eyes. I watched the life pump itself into his cock until it became rock solid hard. Just by looking at his perfect cock, I judged it to be about 4 inches long, and very slender. Also, the boy's cock rigidly clung to his stomach's flesh like glue with the swollen cock head aiming itself directly towards Sam's gorgeous face. Even now, in all its erect rigidness, the boy's soon to be teenage cock looked absolutely mouth watering delicious!
If it were at all possible, Sam's satiny looking hairless sac tightened around his small marble sized nuggets, making the twin beauties appear to be more of a delicacy than anything else. Then, I watched as his hardened cock throbbed before my very eyes, sending a vast array of goose bumps popping up all over my naked body. The boy's mushroom shaped cock head looked to be the same thickness as his creamy, non veiny, delightful slender shaft. Sam's cock, all four juicy inches of it, appeared to be as thick as a small dill pickle.
Sam interrupted my train of sexual thoughts by whispering, "Well, I guess you now have seen all me, and I've definitely seen you!"
I mumbled my response, "Nope, I haven't seen all of you just yet!"
Sam fired back, "Yes you have TJ! I wore those skimpy bathing trunks that showed my butt plane as day, so there, you've seen all of me, now aint that right?"
His eyes were still on my erection, and mine were glued to his as I replied, "Almost, I've seen everything but your uh, your butt hole."
Sounding a bit surprised, Sam replied, "My butt hole? Good Lord, why on earth would anyone want to see my poop chute? Everyone has one and I reckon they all look the same, so what's the big deal in looking at my asshole TJ?"
I simply said, "Because it belongs to you...that's why!"
Sam forced out a slight giggle, then in an almost teasing like manner, the boy floored me by interjecting, "You probably want to sniff it too huh? Well, might as well kill two birds with one stone then and get this out of the way!"
Within a flash, Sam rolled over and quickly stood up, standing on top of the bedding. I was still in my sitting position as he turned towards my feet while placing his right foot across my body, on my right side. My heart was thumping something crazily as he knelt down, allowing my stomach to come in contact with his little boy balls, then damn near choked as he scooted himself backwards so that his pretty little ass was now in the midst of greeting my face. Out of sheer instinct, I squirmed myself down so that I was now laying on my back, and the boy's perfect little ass was within a fraction of an inch away from my mouth.
Sam's butt cheeks parted wide, pleasuring my watery eyes with a vision of direct contact at what would have to be one of the most gorgeous butt holes known to mankind. Sure, I know a butt hole is a butt hole, but this boy's hole wasn't even a sir it wasn't! It was more like a tiny dot centered in a sea of heavenly creaminess. My vision became blurred as Sam jolted his ass even further backwards, smashing it directly onto my face, and then I heard his elegant soft voice chime, "Go on TJ, get you a belly full, go on and sniff it, you know that's what you want!"
And, I did precisely that! My nose was mashing itself right on it, and I was inhaling his fresh anal scent as if I were fighting for air to survive. Sam was pushing his ass onto my nose while gyrating his butt all over my face. My hands found themselves clinging to his shins, sending the sensation of his course hairs scouring straight to my sweltering brain. His hands pressed down firmly on my stomach, and although I couldn't see, nor honestly cared to for that matter, but Sam was in a position to see my precum spitting erection up close and a bit more personal.
The boy was a bit rough in the manner in which he was plowing my face with his muscular ass, but I didn't care. I was breathing in the most rewarding and the most refreshing scent any nose could ever be gifted with smelling. I'm not sure how long Sam allowed me the vast pleasure of sniffing his bare ass, but it had to have been a good 15 minutes or longer. Somewhere through it all, Sam lifted himself off and dove to my left, landing flat on his back. His erect four inches of slender boy pride slapped his stomach as he landed, and I could clearly see a bubble of precious precum gluing itself to his oh so kissable piss lips.
As soon as he was on his back, Sam rolled onto his right side as I rolled onto my left side. Our faces were no more than a few short inches from each other. Now, I was afforded the honor of being able to smell the boy's minty fresh breath as he said, "Well, you smelled it, you smelled my ass, and without any clothes on at all. So TJ, did it stink or what?"
I could only smile as I responded, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh hell no it didn't stink! In fact, it smelled um, um, really goooooooooooooddddddd!"
Sam retaliated while making a facial gesture as if he had just tasted something awfully sour, "Ewwwwwwwwwwwww! C'mon TJ, really, what did it smell like? I mean, good gosh man, that was my butt hole you was smelling!"
In response, I answered, "Honestly Sam, it smelled absolutely wonderful! Heck, I had to fight my own damn urges not to tongue the hell out of it. It smelled that damn good, so you'll just have to believe me on that!"
There was a brief pause, and after building up some courage, I interjected, "By the way, I can't help not to notice that you got yourself a precum ball attached to the head of your pecker."
Sam looked at his own cock, then his eyes raced back up to greet mine. Taking in a deep breath, Sam smiled as he said, "Yeah, that happens all the time."
I added, "Do you ever taste it?"
Sam quickly replied, "Um, sometimes, I uh, I guess!"
Keeping this sex filled conversation going, I asked, "Don't just tease me Sam, but what does it taste like?"
Sam smacked his lips, then graciously smiled as he spoke, "Let's see here, uh, it tastes um, tastes swwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeettttttt!"
My mouth was watering up a storm as I could only fantasize about the actual taste of his precum. I not only wanted to taste his precum, but I also desired to drain this boy's hairless balls completely void of his boy honey as well. And, as he prolonged the word "sweet," I had already predetermined that Sam's precum and cum could only offer a sweeter than sweet taste.
It was Sam who changed the subject by talking about tomorrow's activities. Since tomorrow, my little young gorgeous angel would be 13, I figured we would spend the entire day at Splash Mountain. As we spoke, exhaustion soon conquered our excitement, and sleep overtook the both of us.
I have always been an early riser, so it was only befitting that I awoke first. As I lay there allowing time for my eyes to get adjusted, I felt something different, way different mind you, attached to my rigidly erect man muscle. Since Sam obviously doesn't like to sleep with any covers on him, the boy must have kicked the covers off of me as well. Looking down my body towards my erection, I saw Sam's left hand resting on the under portion of my cock, right at the base so that the bottom edge of his hand was pressing up against my aching balls.
Sam's little fingers were on my shaft, and as my cock throbbed, his little fingers twitched, sending a wicked sensation shooting throughout my entire body. Looking to my left, there was Sam, on his right side, and I could see his erect, now teenaged cock, proudly on display at its hardest state. His boy meat was pressing itself onto his flat stomach, and right at the very tip of his piss lips, I watched in awe as a clear bubble of precum came bubbling out.
Using my left index finger, and being very careful, I eased my finger towards the head of his perfect cock and gently swiped the bubble of precum off. Feeling Sam's warm precum on my finger, I slowly raised my finger to my nose, gave it a few perverted whiffs, then inserted my finger into my mouth. My whole body seemed to come alive as I tasted Sam's precum for the first time. It was just as he had said! His precum was sweet, and now after having just tasted a small sample, I sure as hell wanted more, a lot more!
Another bubble of precum appeared, and I tasted that, followed with a few more. I was probably making some humming noises as I dined on his teenaged delicacy, and in doing so, my cock was throbbing and twitching insanely wild causing his little fingers to twitch all over it. Out of nowhere, I felt my cock explode, firing long thick ropey strands of milky white cum all over my chest and stomach.
I was doing all I could do to stop my body from bucking all over the bed and waking Sam up. By the time my cum stopped shooting, my chest and stomach was coated with globs upon globs of thick man seed. Every hair on my body stood upright as Sam removed his hand from my sensitive cock and rolled over onto his back. Now, his legs were spread wide and his gorgeous angelic face was aiming itself to his far left.
Easing out of bed, I silently walked over toward the side of the bed closest to Sam. I leaned down and began sniffing his hairless marbles while my eyes zoomed in on his magnificently erect pole. Even his balls smelled appetizingly delicious! Still, even now, while sniffing his balls, I couldn't explain what my infatuation was in smelling his asshole, nor any other part of this boy's utterly perfect and flawless body, even if my life depended upon it. But, here I am, sniffing his balls like a hungry dog at a backyard barbeque.
I smelled his little pearls long enough to jerk myself off into one hell of a sperm exploding frenzy. I shot my spunk into the palm of my left hand, and once I had milked out the last drop, I quietly went into the bathroom to get cleaned up and ready for a brand new day with my gorgeous little angel.
After I was done in the bathroom, Sam was still laying in bed, but just as I rounded the corner, my boy beauty was in full display as he was stretching his body and his perfect boy boner was as rigid as it could ever be. We exchanged our good mornings, and I stood frozen in place as Sam rolled out of bed. The boy's four inches of breathtaking pride glued itself to the boy's tight stomach, aiming its pretty little piss lips straight up Sam's perfect body.
The plan for the day was simple, we would spend the entire day at Splash Mountain. I already knew Sam was just a little more than excited knowing we were going to Splash Mountain, but I had other devious and perverted plans that would follow once we returned back to the motel. Also, I patted his taught little butt as we were leaving, singing "Happy Birthday" to him as we began walking towards my car. Today, Sam would be celebrating his 13th birthday, and if I were to have any luck this afternoon, I had to play things out just as I had rehearsed them inside my head.
Arriving at Splash Mountain, I felt a warm flush of pure pride as I watched at the countless eyes glaring at Sam. The boy was completely clueless as to all the eyes taking in his angelic form. However, it was I who knew what this gorgeous angel looked like naked, and it was I who saw his precious erection, and better yet, it was I who had seen, and smelled, his virgin pink butt hole. All the other people who stare at him could only fantasize about the boy's perfection's, but it was I who knew first hand as to what his true unclothed beauty revealed.
Sam wore regular baggy swim trunks, and we spent the entire day at Splash Mountain, riding all the rides, and some of them many, many times. By late afternoon, I know the sun had pretty much beaten me up, and by the look of Sam, he was feeling the very same as I was. Exiting the park, the journey towards the car seemed endless, but we managed to arrive at my car. Once we got in, I looked at Sam and politely asked, "So, how is your birthday so far?" Sam smiled that heart melting smile of his, then with his softer than soft voice, replied, "Oh TJ, this was the best fun I've ever had...thank you, thank you so much for bringing me."
After asking Sam what he would like for his birthday dinner, we went straight to the Steak House that was voted the best steaks 6 years in a row. It was expensive, but seeing how happy Sam was made me forget all about the cost. We talked while we ate, and it was while we were eating was when Sam made mention as to one of the dumps he and his father had lived in. Sam openly discussed how one of the men in the trashy trailer park paid him $20.00 just to keep the underwear Sam was wearing.
Sam also went on to tell me how one of the boy's who he had become friends with, a boy named Toby, and Toby was just 11 years old at the time, and how Toby made extra money. Sam said Toby had no problem letting grown men suck him off and fuck him for some money. Toby had even tried like hell to talk Sam into doing the same thing, but Sam said he wasn't about to do that. Sam informed me the closest he had ever came was that Toby said a man would pay Sam to sit and watch him have sex with Toby. As Sam spoke, I could almost feel the excitement running through Sam's voice.
That was the first time Sam had ever seen a full grown man's cock, and as he described it, I mentally guessed the man's cock to be somewhere around the 7 inch range. Sam said he honestly didn't think the man's cock would even fit in Toby's ass, but much to his surprise, the man's cock went in rather easily, and from the sounds Toby was making, it must have felt pretty darn good. Sam did say he was paid $50.00 to sit and watch. I asked Sam, "Well, when all of this was going on, did you get a hard-on?"
Sam snickered and giggled, then bashfully replied, "Duhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah I did, but I didn't do nothing! Dude, that guy was nasty looking and I could smell him from where I was sitting. I don't even know how in the fuck Toby could get past the guy's funk, but the man paid Toby a hundred fucking dollars after he got done fucking him."
Trying to keep the conversation going, more so, noticing the distinct bulge inside Sam's shorts, I pursued, "Well, is there anything else?"
Sam smiled, then fired back, "Man TJ, you'd best never tell anyone about this shit. A couple of years ago, and again living in another shit hole, I ran into another trailer park boy named Stan. Stan was about 12 years old, and just like Toby, Stan would let grown men suck him and fuck him, and Stan would also suck their dicks and swallow their semen too. One time, Stan let me hide in his closet while two big ass black men had their way with him. Dude, I was fucking floored when I saw how big their peckers were. I mean, for fuck sakes, the smallest pecker had to be damn near 9 inches long and fatter than an Italian sausage. The other black guy's pecker was even bigger and thicker than the other guy's. The fucking thing looked like it was 10 or 11 inches long and almost twice as thick as the other guy's cock. Well, one guy was fucking the shit out of Stan's ass while Stan was sucking on the other one. The two guys took turns banging the fuck out of Stan's ass, and believe it or not, Stan was loving every ass packing minute of it."
Hearing Sam pause, I interjected, "You must have been jerking your meat watching all that!"
Sam looked at me with a stern face as he replied, "Fuck no! His closet is small and I had to keep quiet the whole time. But, Stan was sure as shit doing a bit of hollering, but in a good kind of way. Stan even swallowed both of their loads, and both men paid Stan a hundred dollars each once it was all said and done with. Stan tried like hell to get me into the game, but I wasn't about to do any of that shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhh hell no I wasn't!"
By now, I had paid for our meal and we were headed back to the motel. As I drove, I kept this tidal wave of a conversation going as best I could, so I blurted, "C'mon Sam, I know you must have done something other than sell your used underwear...spit it out, c'mon man, let it all out."
Sam shook his head, then began talking, "Alright, alright, but I swear you had best not tell a fucking soul about this. One time, a man paid me $100.00 to stick his nose in my bare butt crack. He started off by wanting to pay me $20.00, but I held out, and once he said a hundred bucks, I went for it. Dude, the man was sticking his nose on my asshole and smelling it. Heck, it almost felt like he was trying like hell to shove his nose up my butt. I let him smell my butt for about 10 minutes before I pulled up my underwear and pants. Before you ask, the same guy paid me a hundred dollars several times, and all he ever wanted to do was smell my asshole."
I reached over with my right hand and tapped Sam on his left thigh while saying, "See, I told you! That guy probably had it in his mind that someone so perfectly gorgeous as you simply couldn't take a shit, and if you did, seems to me that he had his mind already made up that your shit couldn't smell. That's why he kept on smelling your asshole!"
Sam snickered, then softly said, "That's kind of stupid cause everybody takes a shit, and I don't care who it is or what they look like, shit is shit, and it never smells good."
About that time we pulled back into the motel's parking garage. Inside our room, Sam pretty much dove onto the bed, flat on his stomach. We were both pretty worn out from all the activity, not to mention, the sun beat us both up pretty darn good as well. Although I wanted to flop myself onto the bed, I decided to go ahead and get cleaned up. This time, as I exited the bathroom, I decided to see Sam's reaction to my naked body.
As soon as I sat down on the bed, and rested my back up against the headboard, Sam's eyes went from my upper body straight to my cock, which was already rock solid hard at that point. While he lay there glaring at my erection, the boy's angelic soft voice sounded, "Damn TJ, that sure is one big ass cock you got there! If you put that in some ass, well uh, um, whoever it is, well um, they wont be able to shit right for a month!"
After making that comment, Sam rolled off the bed and went into the bathroom. Just as he was about to walk inside, I blurted out, "Hey Sport, don't go and jack-off!"
He turned his face in my direction, flashing me that award winning smile of his while saying, "In your dreams bitch!"
His statement couldn't have been any truer, cause in my mind, I had already fucked the living hell out of his ass, dined on his honey like boy cream, and at his ass over and over again, and time after time. While Sam was busy in the bathroom, I was fighting against my own perverted urges not to jerk my meat into a cum shooting explosion. I had rehearsed a hundred times inside my head asking him to at least let me suck his cock for his birthday, but once he had departed the bathroom and plopped down on the bed, the words simply couldn't find their way out of my mouth.
True to our deal, Sam lay beside me completely naked, and with a growing erection mind you. He too was resting his back up against the headboard, and from my angle, I could tell the boy was eyeing my manhood like a hawk spotting an unsuspecting rabbit. While his eyes stared at my erect man meat, his own lovely boy meat became just as erect.
Finding the courage, I forced the words out of my mouth, "Sam, there aint no way in hell you can tell me that nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever sucked that pretty cock of yours!"
While his eyes remained on my cock, his boyish girly voice shot into my listening ears, "Nope, aint nobody wanted to suck it, and if they did, they never said anything to me."
Before I could say another word, "Sam energetically said, "Hey, I didn't get my birthday spankings!"
I reached over and in one stealth move, jerked him over my lap so that his flawless hot little ass was staring straight up towards the ceiling. My cock was being forced down by his body and I could feel his own boy pride being pressed down against the top portion of my thighs. Using my left hand, I swatted his pearly white butt cheeks, followed by another. Each slap of his ass grew harder and harder, and Sam seemed to be rather enjoying having his butt spanked. By the time I had reached the 13th one, my hand slapping his reddened ass cheeks made a hell of a smacking noise.
With just my left index finger and thumb, I pushed them in between his tight butt crack, diving all the way to his hidden virgin asshole, and forcefully began pinching it the best I could while saying, "And a pinch for growing old!" Sam was torn in a fit of laughter, but I could also hear the faintest of moans as my fingers lingered on his forbidden fruit. My left pinky drifted onto his hairless silky smooth balls where it began lightly caressing each one in loving unison.
Sam gyrated his butt while hoisting it ever so slightly up in the air. Although I couldn't see his reaction, I sure as heck could feel it, and now, his inspiring purrs and angelic moans sounded into the realm of my ears. With his every wiggling movement, I could feel his erection glide along the top portion of my thighs, and I could also feel his sweet precum lubricate his twitching cock on my electrified thighs.
My own spitting precum was making a mess all on its own, and I knew that Sam had to notice. I was oozing so much precum that it kind of felt like I was pissing on myself, and all over him too for that matter. My fingers lightly pinched and caressed his microdot of a puckering pink pucker, sending visible goose bumps popping up all over the boy's flawless body. My left pinky finger circled his velvety soft tiny balls, doing its best to stretch itself further under in hopes of touching Sam's throbbing boner. With one last triumphant shove, my finger made contact with the base of his pulsating shaft.
In an effort to keep this activity going, and pushing the envelope just a little further, I reached under his chest with my right hand and latched my fingertips on his tiny, yet erect, right nipple. With just a little tweak, I heard Sam's angelic purrs turn into more of a panting type grunt. Harder, just a bit harder, my fingertips pinched his nipple, causing the boy to bellow out his moan of approval. I watched in awe as Sam's entire body began shaking, and doing so in more of a seizure like manner.
Just to be sure, and to confirm what my thoughts convinced myself into believing, I asked, "Do you like that Sam? Does it feel good?"
I could see the right side of his face as he was in the process of biting his lips in order to muffle his cries of pure sexual pleasure, and with a whimper and a few grunts, Sam managed to respond, "I ummmmmmmm, uhhhhhhhhhh, well um, ummmmmmmm, it's uhhhhhhhhhh, uh, um, yes, yessssssssssss!"
My perverted thoughts hadn't lied, so now while my fingertips pinched his right nipple, they also began pulling down on them, omitting more body bucking motions from Sam, not to mention, his angelic moans and grunts grew even louder than ever before. All I could manage to say was, "Happy Birthday Gorgeous!"
Sam stuttered, "Th, thank, ewwwwwwwwww, thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!"
Several heart pounding minutes of this went on, and somewhere within myself, I discovered the courage to blurt out what my mind had been thinking, "Can I um, um, can I suck your cock Sam?" I waited for several seconds patiently awaiting for the boy's response, but never got it. It was then that I began thinking that maybe I hadn't actually asked that burning question loud enough for my gorgeous little angel to even hear it.
He was bucking his body and making all kinds of ear pleasing noises, so I was once again found myself building up the courage to ask the same question, but this time loud enough for him to hear. Just as I brought myself to ask the question, Sam quickly jumped up onto his knees, then just as quickly plopped down beside me, on my right side, laying flat on his back with his kneecaps pointing straight towards the ceiling, and his legs were spread, and spread rather widely.
I gasped when I saw him reach down with his left hand and snatched a firm hold onto his hard cock, then he began jerking it up and down a few times while he rolled his pretty precious face towards me so that we were now making eye contact. More shocking to my eyes was when I saw him swipe a bead of his own precum with his left fingers, then as our eyes glared into one another, Sam stuck his precum coated finger into his mouth. As he did so, the boy hummed, "Mmmmmmmmmmm, finger licking gooooooodddd!"
My mouth was watering profusely as if I had just tasted his precum myself. After hearing his tormenting comment, I mumbled, "Um, I wouldn't know!"
Sam smiled at me as he gripped his boy cock with his right hand, squeezing the shaft upwards, forcing a bubble of precum to come oozing out of his tiny piss lips, and then swiped it off with his left middle finger. My eyes were on his left middle finger as if it were some kind of prized possession. Shocking me even further, Sam inched his left middle finger closer and closer to my opening mouth until I felt it, I felt his finger invade my mouth, and like the jaws of a hungry crocodile, I clamped down with my lips. My taste buds came alive, sending a vast array of unexplainable shock waves to erupt its delicacy all over my body. His precum tasted sweet, sweeter than any other I have ever had the honor of dining on.
While I sucked his finger eagerly, Sam began shoving his finger in and out of my mouth, but not once fully removing it. My own moan sounded from within me, "Mmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmm, it tastes sooooooooooo goooooooodddddd!"
Within a flash, he removed his finger from my mouth, then gathered up more of his over addictive precum, then shoved it back into my mouth, feeding my desires to an all time record high. I was in pure ecstasy tasting Sam's precum while feeling his finger fuck my mouth with pure raw fiery passion. Then, then Sam softly whispered, "Do you know what tastes even better than that?"
I could feel my head nodding up and down as my trembling voice broke from my parched lips, "Uh huhhhhhhhhh...your uh, uh, your um, ummmmmmmm, your cuuuuuummmmmmmm!"
In a teasing, sexy voice, Sam smiled as he whispered, "That's right TJ, but then again, you wouldn't know, now would you?"
I must have shook my head indicating a no, cause the gorgeous little blond haired angel spoke once more, "But, I bet you'd love to taste it right? (I grunted, uh huh) I bet you'd love to suck my dick right now wouldn't you? (Again, I grunted, uh huh) Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I know you want to! I can see it in your eyes, and in that mammoth cock of yours! Hell, I bet you even want to fuck me with that thing too, now aint that right TJ? (Once again, I mumbled as if I were a zombie, uh huh) You want me and I know it! You want all of me, now aint that right TJ? (Again I mumbled, uh huh) Yeah, I'm sure you do big boy, and I'm willing to bet that you'd like nothing more than to shove that big pink tongue of yours straight up my ass, that is, if I let you. Would you like that? Would you like to eat my ass...tongue fuck my asshole? (This time, I blurted...Fuck yes I would!) Okay then, and since you made me make a deal to come with you, well here's a deal of my own. First things first! I want you to tell me how you and Travis got started, and then, then I want you to tell me, and be fucking honest about it too, what all you think about me, and I mean every fucking thing TJ. That's the deal! You're either in, or your out! Which one is it gonna be?"
My mind was twisted with all sort of perverted and spinning thoughts as my eyes glued themselves to his rock hard cock that was pressing itself up against his lower stomach, and that perfectly shaped cock head of his was aiming itself straight up towards the ceiling. I was so engrossed at glaring at his pure flawless beauty that I didn't even know what we were making a deal on.
Responding to him, but maintaining direct eye contact with his mouthwatering delicious looking cock, I began to speak, "Travis and I got started when he was 12. He'd come over and visit, and the next thing I knew, I was sucking his cock. At first, I'd suck him off once or twice a week, but as the days passed by, I began sucking him anytime he wanted me to. Some days, I'd suck his cock up to 6 times a day. Eventually, I worked my way to introducing him to the joys of having his ass eaten out. Now, Travis loves for me to tongue his ass, but I only do it when we both know his ass is clean. I also showed Travis how to give himself an enema, so now he cleans his butt out on more of a regular basis. It took a while for him to let me do it, but Travis now loves it when I finger his ass, and stimulate his prostate. When I do that, his orgasm is always very intense, not to mention, I always get a large helping of his cum. Our sexual relationship is strictly one way. Travis has never done anything to me. I am the one who provides the pleasure, and in more ways than I can think of, I also am being pleasured by pleasuring him. That pretty much sums it all up!"
Sam sat back on his knees, smiling from ear to ear, and his heavenly beauty was taking my very breath, and then his angelic voice sliced through the air, "That was the first part, but tell me about how you feel about me, and don't go and hold nothing back either!"
Still staring at his beauty of a cock, I began talking, "Where should I start? Well um, I guess it all started from the very moment I first laid eyes on you. The glow of your angelic beauty radiated from your body, sent chills racing up and down my spine. From the second I laid eyes on you, I couldn't force my eyes off of you. Believe me Sam, you are definitely all that and a hell of a lot more too! But, as time moved on, so did my infatuation over you. I guess I became one of those sick twisted bastards who placed your beauty so fucking high, that I too began convincing myself that you were just too fucking gorgeous to even do something so normal as taking a shit, and if you did, I pretty much told myself that there was no way, no fucking way in hell, that your shit could smell bad. In time, and as we became better acquainted, I started to act on my fantasies about you. When we wrestled, I would find a way to stick my nose right on your ass and breathe in your scent over and over again. Then, once you started sleeping over, and right after I drained Travis's balls, I'd sneak into your room where I would pleasure myself by sniffing your ass for who knows how long. Many times, I'd even jack-off while breathing in your spine tingling anal scent. Of course, I thought you were a heavy sleeper, and I had no clue that you knew what I was up to. Hell Sam, as you already know, I'd sniff your dirty underwear, and many times, I'd even stuff them into my mouth just so I could try and catch a taste of your goodies. I didn't care if your dirty underwear had piss stains or not, because I didn't give a shit. I just wanted to taste you...any part of you for that matter. I know how all of this must sound, and just how perverted it must be to you, but honestly Sam, I can't help it. I wish I could, I truly do, but I can't! There, I've said it all, so all of my cards are on the table and I have nothing left to hide."
Sam scooped up a huge drop of precum that was falling from his piss slit, then stuck his finger straight into my mouth. The boy's sweetness stole my inner soul as I could hear myself growl with excitement as I tasted his fresh batch of delicious precum. While I dined on his little finger, Sam softly began speaking, "Well, I'm flattered you think that way about me, I really am, but today is my birthday TJ, and there's something I really want. (I mumbled, whaaaaaatttttt?) Yeah, suck that finger TJ, suck it clean for me! (a brief pause) Now that I know everything there is to know about you and Travis, or at least I think I do, but tell me TJ, have you ever had a cock up your ass before?"
Sam pulled his finger out of my mouth, making a plopping noise as it departed my sucking mouth. Before I could speak, Sam asked, "Well, have you?"
Taking a couple of deep breaths, my mind went back in time when I was younger, a lot younger. Looking at his entrancing erection, I began telling my story, "When I was 10 years old, my step cousin came to live with us. He was 16 at the time, and as we got to know one another a little better, I found myself wanting to do anything he wanted just so I could be around him. Oh, he was good looking, but not anywhere close to your heavenly beauty, but in time, he taught me how to suck his cock. It was tasting his cum that made me crave for more. Anyways, one weekend when my folks went away, and he was supposed to watch me, he took my anal cherry. At that time, I thought his cock was freaking huge, but looking back, it was right around 6 inches. For the next two years, he would use my mouth and ass for his cum deposits whenever he wanted. It all ended once he went into the military, and just so you know, I've never had a cock up my ass since."
Sam inched his knees closer to me, making my eyes widen as his erect boy meat came closer and closer to my face. The boy was so close that I could feel his heat radiating from his flawless body, and my mouth could already taste his cock. Then, his angelic voice sounded, "Do you wanna taste my cum TJ?"
As soon as he finished his question, I quickly replied, "Oh God yeah!"
Sam continued, "Okay, if you really, really wanna taste it, then you have to let me fuck you! I wanna fuck your ass doggy style, and when I'm ready to shoot, then and only then will I shoot my shit into your mouth so you can taste it. That's the deal...take it or leave it!"
Puzzled, I hesitantly asked, "Sam, why on earth would you want to fuck me?"
The boy shot back, "It's my birthday and I wanna know what it feels like to fuck for the first time, sooooooooooooo, I wanna fuck your ass to find out. Deal or no deal, that's up to you!"
Just to clarify this deal of sorts, I nervously interjected, "So, if you fuck me, then you will let me taste your cum! That's the deal correct?"
Sam fired, "Yep, that's the deal! I'll fuck you and when I'm ready to blow, I'll shoot it in your mouth!"
The boy began smearing his precum all over his cock, impatiently awaiting my response. His beautiful cock glistened from having his precum smeared all over it. To me, I wasn't really prepared to be fucked, but to be able to taste his cum, I'd probably jump off the balcony, so without any further hesitation, I rolled over onto my stomach, then got up on my hands and knees while placing the left side of my face on the pillow, staring right at him. Sam smiled as he walked on his knees behind me. I was already wincing, preparing to have my asshole invaded by his cock.
I felt his left hand on my upper butt cheek, then I felt his precum coated cock head press up against my already puckering pucker hole. I was trying like hell to relax, and then it happened. Sam pushed hard, sending all four inches of slender boyhood shooting straight up my ass. It stung, and the familiar burning of years gone past suddenly came back to me as Sam began thrusting insanely wild in and out of my cock clutching sphincter.
Now, I felt his little hands grip firmly onto my hips as he jabbed his cock fiercely into my guts, grunting and whimpering with each steady thrust. I reached under me and was able to use my left fingers to caress his hardened and tightly withdrawn hairless pearl like marbles. Touching his balls really sent the boy into a fucking frenzy as he railroaded my clinching ass with amazing speed and flesh smacking anger.
With each violent thrust, I began using my anal muscles to clamp down on his perfect magical wand. Sam was grunting, purring, whimpering, and moaning as he blindly assaulted my ass. Then, the boy stung my ass with one hell of a harsh slap, followed with several more. He was swatting my ass with each and every thrust, and between feeling his cock inside me, and now feeling his little hands deliver quite the stinging blows, I too was feeling nothing but pure joy.
Sam grunted, then shouted, "Take it TJ, take that cock! Fuuuuuuucccckkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee, this feeeeeeellllllllssssss soooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooddddddd!"
In response, I cried out, "God yes, yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee Sam, fuck my asssssssssssss babbbbbbyyyyyyy!"
Although this may have been his first time using his boy cock to pleasure another person's body, Sam was doing everything perfectly as he varied his thrusting motions while mixing up his humping pace. I was in complete euphoria while latching onto my cock, jerking the living hell out of it while moaning loudly and ever so passionately. The boy's fingers dug themselves into the flesh of my hips as he reared back and pounded his cock harshly and heavily into my clutching hole.
One last triumphant jerk, and I began jerking my shooting cum into the palm of my left hand. I was so into what was happening, that my eyes could only see the bright fireworks flashing before them as Sam really began pounding my ass straight to oblivion and back. As he hammered his cock into my ass, Sam's hand began slapping my butt cheeks, fueling us both with overwhelming sensations.
Sam grunted and cried out, but I was unable to make out what the boy had just said, and then, then I felt his cock snap out of my hole as he began quickly walking on his knees towards my face. I opened my mouth while Sam was beating his meat crazily, and my open mouth was a fraction of an inch away from his cock head. I saw the mushroom helmet swell, and then Sam let out a long whimper, and then I felt the first of several long ropey strands of boy juice as it struck the back of my throat rather violently.
One long ropey strand of boy honey followed by another, and yet another. I wasn't even trying to keep count, but I could feel the boy's warm cream consume my entire tongue. I could feel the wonderful texture of Sam's cum, and although I so wanted to start drinking the divine nectar, I forced myself to wait until the last tasty morsel was safely tucked away inside my mouth. While Sam was jerking his cum into my mouth, I was still pumping out wads upon wads of my own cum in the palm of my left hand.
Straining my eyes to look upwards, I saw the boy's angelic gorgeous face as he was making all sorts of precious facial expressions while undergoing, what would have to be, the most intense orgasm he had ever had. Then, Sam began squeezing out balls of creamy cum, swiping his swollen and gaping piss lips all over my lips, making sure that my eager mouth captured every heavenly ounce of his young cream.
He was panting and cooing as I tasted the first drop of his recently deposited boy goo. The first sampling offered no taste, so I swallowed a little bit more, then another. After the fourth taste test, I came to the conclusion that Sam's cum simply offered no taste at all. Yes, I knew I was dining on his cum, but the boy's love juice was virtually tasteless. While I was taking my time sipping down his baby batter, Sam plopped himself down onto the bed, making his head strike the fluffy pillow, adjusting himself so that he was now flat on his back and his gorgeous face was staring at me wide eyed.
The palm of my left hand was coated with my own cum and knowing that the boy's entrancing blue eyes were staring at me, I was forced to return the elegant favor and stare at him, and stare straight into those glimmering deep ocean blue eyes. After having gulped down the last of his highly addictive boy honey, I forced myself to slide off of the bed. I could barely stand on my legs because both felt like they were nothing more than strands of rubber. I staggered into the bathroom to wipe my butt and to wash my hands. I really wasn't prepared at all to partake in any form of anal sex, but thankful enough, I was way too happy to know that the toilet paper was pretty much clean after wiping.
I got into bed, on Sam's right side, and was still panting frantically when Sam's soft angelic voice purred, "Man, that was fucking awesome TJ! Your ass, it was uh, uh, fucking hotter than hell, and holy shit was it freaking tight! Well, there must be something to this ass fucking, cause everyone I've ever seen getting it up their butt seems to really like it. Seems to me you were enjoying it just as much as I was, huh? Mmmmmmmmmm, that was um, uh, out of this world! Oh yeah, how'd my cum taste TJ?"
I rolled my face to my left to glare into his eyes as I replied, "Yeah, I definitely enjoyed it, and your cum, well uh, it was absofuckinglutely delicious!"
Sam fired back, "Better than Travis's?"
I could only smile as I said, "You bet that sweet ass of yours it is!"
Sometime after that, sleep took over, but when I awoke early the next morning, Sam's right side of his face was resting on my left shoulder and his left hand was draped onto my erect pole. His left leg was draped over my left thigh and the boy was purring like a new born kitten. When my cock twitched, Sam's fingers lightly kneaded the shaft of my cock, forcing my precum valve to open and globs upon stringy globs of precum was now pouring out of my cock.
As bad as I wanted to lay in this position, I also had to drain my bladder. I eased out of bed, and kept my eyes on the sleeping beauty until I no longer could see him as I entered the bathroom. I shaved my face, and then entered the shower where I shaved my balls and butt crack before lathering myself up and rinsing off. After brushing my teeth, I walked out of the bathroom buck naked and stopped at the foot of the bed to stare at Sam who was still lost in peaceful sleep.
I silently stepped over to his side of the bed and leaned forward, allowing my nose to center itself on his tightly sealed butt crack. Again, I breathed in hard, inhaling the scent only Sam could produce. The fragrance wasn't even musky at all, but more so, an aroma that sent goose bumps popping up all over my body. Over and over, I smelled his butt crack until it was he who stirred. Once he started stirring, I forced myself to depart his bedside and walk to the far side of the room. My back was facing him as I was pulling out the clothes I was planning on wearing this day.
Sam came up behind me, lightly patted my bare ass, then gleefully said, "How's that butt hole this morning?"
I turned to face him, and my erection was already telling the story as I replied, "It's fine Sleeping Beauty!"
His own four inches of hairless pride was standing at full attention as he smiled at me before turning to walk towards the bathroom. His bare ass held my eyes at bay, watching them tantalize my eyes with their perfect dance as he placed one small foot in front of the other. I couldn't help myself as I blurted, "Now that's an ass that was made to be eaten and rode hard every single day!"
Sam stopped, angled his body so that he could stare at me, smiled, then softly said, "Keep dreaming big boy...keep dreaming!"
We went to a restaurant near DollyWood and ate breakfast. While we ate, it was Sam who began talking about our sexual activities from last night. Just from our conversation, I could easily tell the boy was intrigued, and just listening to him talk, I could tell he was already planning to repeat our session. However, he did ask a lot of questions regarding anal sex, especially the part about the obvious pain. I gave him detailed answers, and once I began explaining about enemas and how they work, I could see the boy's excitement growing a bit more. I also went on to explain to him about the prostate, and the wonderful sensations that follow once that little love button is stimulated.
We spent the entire day at DollyWood riding all of the rides and enjoying all there was to enjoy. We did eat lunch there as well, and I watched others who couldn't rip their eyes off of Sam as they walked by him or passed him. Men, women, girls, and boys, they all were stunned at Sam's breathtaking beauty. Often times, while standing at the front gate to ride a ride, the male employees who were guarding the gate all had erections as their eyes settled on Sam. I could easily tell they had erections from the bulge in their crotch area.
Sam played some of the games, and even when he didn't win, the employee would give him some kind of prize. Even they couldn't resist the urge to silently fantasize about my little blond haired angel. By late afternoon, we both were tired of walking around, so we decided to call it a day. On the way back to our motel, we stopped off at a restaurant that serves seafood.
Once our server took our order, Sam began talking about enemas and the prostate. Holding up one of my fingers, I whisperingly said, "See, look at how big around it is and you can clearly see that your poop is a lot thicker and probably a lot longer too. Once you get over the fear of having something enter your butt, the rest is nothing but pure mind numbing pleasure."
As I explained this to Sam, my mind went back in time as I did this very same thing to Travis, talking him into letting me put a finger inside his anal chamber. Sam giggled, then boldly said, "Um TJ, I thought you thought I didn't take a shit! Here you are comparing one of your fingers to one of my turds. Sounds kind of funny to me, I mean, you like sniffing my butt cause you obviously think I don't do that sort of thing. But, Mr. Man, looks aint got a damn thing to do with it. Everybody takes a shit! What goes in must come out!"
We ate our meal and Sam continued his volley of questions regarding anal sex, blow-jobs, cum tasting, ass eating, and prostate stimulation. I felt as though I now had this gorgeous little angel eating out of the palm of my hands. It wasn't just the type of questions he was asking, but better yet, the overall excitement in his voice as he asked, convinced me 100% that he was more than ready to take the next step. I even went on to explain "edge" play, and that really got his interest up.
The 15 minute ride back to our motel was filled with more of the same questioning, and just as I pulled in to the parking garage, Sam looked at me, and with a rise of excitement in his boyish girly voice, he stated, "Hey, once we get in our room, maybe you can show me how this enema thing works."
No sooner had the elevator door opened to our floor, Sam darted out of the elevator and ran to our room. By the time I had reached our door, the door was closed so I had to swipe the card to gain entry. I walked in and made sure the door was closed and the latch was secure, and just as I entered the main bedroom area, Sam was already standing at his side of the bed, bare ass naked, and with one very erect 4 inches of flawless boy pride arching itself straight out to greet me.
I had Sam get into a doggy style position in the center of the bed while I unzipped my "special" bag and retrieved an unopened Fleet Enema and a bottle of coconut oil. I went into the bathroom and could barely contain myself from my own over eager excitement. I unscrewed the enema and filled it to the top with the coconut oil, then screwed it back in place. I eased myself onto the bed and had Sam place the left side of his face on top of the bedding while making sure his perfect spread ass was hoisted high into the air. I was on my knees behind Sam, and my eyes were being tormented with the agonizing pleasure of staring straight at the boy's virgin asshole.
Calling this mere speck a hole is just wrong, because it was just that, a mere speck in the center of a sea of pure creaminess. There wasn't even a so-called brownish tint at all...just a dot, and a tiny dot at that. I could feel my entire body tremble as I couldn't stop myself from sticking my nose directly over the boy's speck of a anus. I knew we had been walking all day, and sweating as well, but now, now I would be able to smell the true scent of this boy's butt after a full day's activity.
I felt the heat radiating from his tiny chute, then as I breathed in his anal scent, I immediately felt light headed as though I was on the very edge of passing out. What I was hoping to smell was beyond me, but the fragrance packing my lungs was nothing even remotely close to being foul. Maybe I was just so infatuated over Sam that somehow I had the mental ability to block out the boy's true anal scent, but nevertheless, his asshole was providing my nostrils with a scent of pure greedy passion.
It was his voice that broke me out of my ass sniffing trance, "C'mon TJ, stop smelling my butt and give me the enema!"
I stopped smelling that little sweet smelling love button and began easing the slender nozzle up Sam's butt. The boy cooed and groaned and his perfectly shaped ass began gyrating all over as I buried the nozzle as deep up his anal highway as it could go. Gently, I began squeezing the content into his anal cavity, and did so until almost all of it was inside his ass.
When I retrieved the nozzle, I gave it a quick inspection then raised it up to my nose, and dizzily breathed in his anal interiors scent. In more of a zombie like daze, I found myself sucking on the nozzle, the very same nozzle that had just been inside his flawless butt. I was so enthralled at sucking on the nozzle, I barely heard Sam whisper, "What's next TJ?"
I removed the nozzle from my sucking mouth to answer his question, "Um, you just stay in that position and fight the urge to take a shit for as long as you possibly can. You need to hold it for a good ten minutes or so."
About 7 minutes into it, Sam shook his butt while crying out, "Oh fuck, oh shit, TJ, TJ, I really, oh shit, need to go!"
I placed my hands on each of his sculptured butt cheeks and squeezed them together while coaxing him to fight the urge. Several times I had to verbally encourage him to fight harder while steadily pushing his butt cheeks together. After about 15 long minutes, I could tell Sam couldn't take any more of it, so once he cried out this last time, I told him to hurry up and go use the toilet. The boy was holding his butt cheeks together while scurrying the best he could towards the bathroom, more like shuffling his feet.
He did have enough awareness to close the bathroom door. While he was busy taking care of his bathroom obligations, I was busy placing well placed items inside the nightstand drawer, items such as lubricant, and a couple of small, yet satisfying toys, that I knew a virgin ass such as Sam's would fall in love with, eventually. One of my favorite toys is my prostate stimulator. Travis would never allow me to use it on him, but I have certainly used it on myself plenty of times, so I know just how much pleasure this intriguing little toy can bring. My other second favorite toy is my anal wand. This ass pleasing toy has a slender stalk about 10 inches long with a small rubbery ball right at the very tip. The ball is covered with strands of rubbery hair that once activated, this mind altering miracle can make your mind vacate your body.
I also put inside the drawer a cock and ball ring...just in case Sam was curious enough to allow me the honor of placing it on him. Another just in case item was a new set of adjustable metal nipple clamps. I wanted to do my best to find all of Sam's "hot" buttons, so I came prepared. My overall plan was rather simple, and that was to introduce this angelic gorgeous boy to some anal play in high hopes that he would allow me to shove every throbbing inch of my man meat deep inside his anal kingdom, and have him begging for more!
I heard the shower activate so I knew it would only be a matter of moments before my naked beauty would exit the bathroom, and if there was any luck going my way, I would soon be hearing his elegant panting moans of overheated sexual excitement as I introduced his perfect ass to a wide range of anal play.
Shortly thereafter, Sam walked out of the bathroom, looked right at me, smiled, then said, "Whew, I feel ten pounds lighter!"
I was already sitting on the bed with my back resting up against the headboard when Sam scooted onto the bed, sitting directly to my immediate left. His knees were pointing upwards and his legs were already spread. The boy was smiling from ear to ear when I hesitantly asked, "Is there anything special you would like to do?"
I was staring at his flaccid cock when his angelic soft voice sliced through the air, "I dunno! Is there something you would like to do?"
Breathing in his fresh bathed scent, I decided to go for broke, "That's a silly question, because you already know what I want to do!"
Sam rolled his eyes while still smiling as he fired back, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, lemme guess! You wanna eat my ass, suck my dick, and drink some more of my cum. Huuuuuummmmmmmm, yeah, that pretty much sums it up, now don't it TJ?"
Smiling back at him, I responded, "Yeah, but to be honest, there's a ton more that I would love to do with you that would literally rock the fuck out of your world!"
Sam shot back, "Oh, okay! Ummmmmmmm, like what for instance?"
By this point, I was pretty much over the question and answers game, so I braved up, and spit it right out, "Look Sam, I've already told you everything there is to know about me, and everything I'd love to do with you. So, enough of the games! I want to show you pleasures you've never known, and do things with you that would free your soul from your perfect hot body. I'm not interested in just plain old sex, nu uh, not at all. I want to make love to you...beautiful, hot, passionate love that you've never even dreamed about. I want to show you that your little butt hole can provide you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams! I want to find all of your delicate "hot" buttons, and pleasure you like no other! That my gorgeous young friend is what I want to do!"
Surprisingly enough, Sam quickly flopped his left leg over my lower body, and before I knew what was happening, Sam was sitting on my lower stomach, facing me, and my hard as steel cock was now centered along the crack of the boy's ass. His face was ever so close to mine, and that heart stopping smile of his seemed even larger than ever before. I could feel his satiny smooth balls squashing themselves into my stomach's flesh. His knees were impaling the bedding on either side of my body while he placed both hands directly on top of each of my shoulders.
He began speaking and I was breathing in his minty fresh breath as he spoke, "There's something you should know TJ, something I've been hiding from you ever since we first met. I really can't explain it, but I've had this kind of crush on you from the very first moment we met. I knew right then and there that one day I would find myself in your arms. The night you first started sneaking into my room, and uh, began sniffing my butt, I knew you wanted me too. I've known all along I was gay, but having to live in one shit hole after another, I never acted on it. Those guys had nothing I wanted, and besides, they were all kind of dirty and homely looking. But, when I saw you, something, something I can't explain came over me. I knew you were the one! But, I had no clue that your um, your cock was this fucking huge. The dang thing is gigantic! I don't honestly think that horse cock of yours will even fit up my asssssssssss, uuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhh!"
I had heard all I needed to hear, so in one stealth move, I had placed my right hand behind his head and pulled his face closer to mine until our lips sealed the deal with an airtight seal. I could tell Sam hadn't never felt a tongue slithering around inside his hot little moist mouth before, but the boy was definitely a quick learner as he pushed his pink tongue deep into my mouth.
Seeing no signs that Sam didn't want this to happen, I moved my hands behind the boy and cupped each of his chiseled butt cheeks, allowing my fingers to dart inside his soothingly smooth butt crack. My right middle finger was the first to make contact with his microscopic rosebud, and once it introduced itself, I felt Sam's body shiver while his elongated moans vibrated themselves all the way down my throat. As my fingertip circled the tiny dot, Sam began unconsciously gyrating his tight little ass all over the place.
My own erect man meat was touching the backsides of my fingers, so I scooped up a large drop of my own precum with my left middle finger, then quickly directed it directly onto Sam's tiny asshole. I did the same with my right middle finger, and soon, thanks in all to my precum, the boy was panting and purring as my middle fingers began performing their magic, dancing miniature circles all over and around his virgin bung hole.
Sam's body was now shaking wildly as his tongue gathered momentum inside my mouth, swirling and diving all about. Stretching each of my pinky fingers, I began caressing the underside of his tightly withdrawn hairless marbles. Now, the boy really went crazy as he started grunting and groaning violently hard with our mouths locked to each other. Though I too was a bit crazed, I did have enough sense within me to keep things slower than a snails pace. The last thing I wanted to do was do something that might cause Sam to end this abruptly.
We must have kissed passionately for a solid 20 minutes, if not longer, before Sam broke our lips seal. The boy lifted his face within a fraction of an inch away from mine, and I could now see his entrancing blue eyes as they were now very glossy. I knew the boy was in some kind of never felt before euphoria, and I continued using my middle fingers to caress his asshole and my pinky fingers constantly toyed with his hairless balls.
Sam's mouth formed a perfect circle, then his angelic sound sent chills racing up and down my spine as his breath beat down onto my face, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Teeeeeeee Jaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy, I ummmmmmmm, I ummmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaawwwddddd, this uhhhhhhhhhhhh, feeeeeeeellllllsssssss sooooooooooooo gooooooooodddd!"
I just let him rattle on and enjoy the pleasures his asshole and balls were providing him with. I wanted so badly to shove one of my fingers deep inside his virginal ass, but thought better of it. The only thing missing from my gorgeous little angel was a set of wings. His eyelids concealed his eyes midway, and his angelic soft voice paraded a bone chilling melody that anyone would fall instantly in love with.
Sam flung his head backwards, forcing his golden blond locks to sling themselves high into the air, then his body followed causing my precum soaked right middle finger to rocket inside his fiery hot little ass. The sudden penetration inside his ass sent Sam into a body bucking series of mini seizures. The boy was slinging his head all over the place and his little fingers dug into the flesh of my chest as if they were on the verge of stripping the flesh right off my bones.
His anal wall attacked my fingers with bone crushing force while his anal oven was so hot that it felt as though it was forcing the flesh of my finger to be burned to the very bone. The fiery heat of his ass was hotter than I had ever felt before, and the raw power of his attacking anal muscles felt as though my finger was being literally crushed into powder.
Although my finger felt the awesome power of his tight ass, I never once made an attempt to pull it out. Instead, I made sure that the remaining portion beyond the second knuckle became acquainted with the interior of his scorching hot ass. A minute or two after the sudden anal intrusion, I became in awe as I watched, and felt, Sam begin to rock his ass back and forth onto my finger. Now, he had his face aiming itself at my stomach and his little fingers relaxed their flesh ripping grip on my chest. He now had the palms of his hands on my chest, but now his fingers were gracefully gliding through my chest hairs.
Sam was making some kind of humming sound as he rocked his ass back and forth, and each time he lowered his ass onto my finger, he would take the time to lightly grind his ass in small circular motions. Periodically, when he eased his butt upwards, I would scoop up some more of my oozing precum and grease up my right middle finger. Within a very short time, the boy showed me just how much pleasure he was feeding himself as he increased his ass plunging thrusts with such force that I could now hear, and feel, his satiny smooth flesh smacking mine.
While he was lost in his own little world, my ass fucking finger began searching for his prostate. I was taking my time so as to not spoil his pleasure, but when I finally found it, then began caressing that little love button, Sam went absofuckinglutely crazy! Whatever words that were now coming out of his mouth were not any words in the English dictionary. I had no clue what he was saying, but I knew he was now experiencing pleasures he never knew existed.
To prolong things, I constantly had to swipe his hands away as they instinctively went for his cock. I could now see a long strand of precum dribbling out of his sealed piss lips, and it was just about to drip onto my lower stomach. Just by looking at his erect four inch missile, I could see that his cock looked harder than I had ever seen it before. Actually, Sam's slender meat looked like it was about to burst, glowing a brighter reddish color and the head was swollen and angry looking.
By me now stimulating his prostate, Sam was jamming his ass onto my finger with blind and violent thrusts. Although my finger was slick from my own precum, the boy's anal chute still felt amazingly tight, so tight that I didn't want to try and introduce another finger to the equation. Sam continued rocking his ass back and forth on my ass probing finger while making all kinds of angelic sounds.
Within a very short time, I took control and rolled Sam to my left. My finger was still caressing his prostate, and the boy's entire body shook wildly. I could see the lust in his eyes, and now, now the boy was like putty in my hands. On his back, knees arching towards the ceiling, and both slender silky legs spread ever so wide, Sam was experiencing pure unadulterated pleasures beyond his wildest dreams.
It was then that I now began slowly introducing my right index finger to his scorching hot anal chamber. Sam bucked his hips, slinging his ass high up off the bed as my second finger dove inside his butt's interior, joining companionship with my right middle finger. Now, I was able to slowly stretch his anal walls while still maintaining a constant stimulation of his little love button, better known as his prostate.
Sam had no idea what to do with his hands, and now, now they were slamming onto the bedding, clutching desperately at the covers while flinging his head from side to side. Still, the verbiage coming out of his precious mouth was no words I had ever heard before. None of his words made any sense, but then again, I really didn't much care. Just by his body's reactions, and the unknown words flying from his panting mouth, I knew the boy was basking in pleasures he never knew existed.
I reached my left hand out to open up the drawer of the night stand closest to my side of the bed. I was able to retrieve one of my favorite vibrator's and a small bottle of lube called "WET." The vibrator I selected was meant for virgins such as Sam. It was in the shape of a finger, and it even looked like one too. It had a rubbery exterior, but the good thing about this particular vibrator was that it was slender, but once activated, the finger itself gyrated from side to side while extending itself to its maximum length of 5 ass pleasuring inches.
I made sure it was properly slick from the lubricant, and just as I was extracting my fingers, I eased the rubbery finger into his ass, causing Sam's body to react by humping his ass up and down rather wildly. Once I had the finger in place, I allowed Sam to get adjusted to this new object inside his bone crushing rectum. In less than a minute, I started to slowly fuck his ass, bringing it almost all the way out before slowly shoving it all the way back in. Within two minutes, I flipped the switch to its slowest setting, and simply held on as Sam literally went buck wild.
In less than five minutes, I achieved my main goal by having the rubberized life like finger set at its maximum speed. In doing so, Sam was delirious with never before felt pleasures as he constantly thrust his ass high up into the air while crying out words of unknown origin. While the finger worked its magic inside his ass, I began using my left fingers to softly caress his hairless little marbles. Every so often I would allow my left middle finger to trace the base of his throbbing erect teen cock, slowly working its way all the way up to his highly sensitive flared cock head.
I couldn't resist not to scoop up the long strand of his precum and shove it into my mouth, grunting and groaning as to its luxurious texture and overall sweetness. Time after time, I fed myself Sam's precum, and the more I scooped up, the more the boy's twitching cock produced. I had used the finger inside his ass for a good twenty minutes before pulling it out. No sooner had the finger departed his anal chamber, Sam was pleading for me to put it back in.
This time, I had special plans as I retrieved the prostate stimulator. I didn't know how much more Sam could take with me playing with his butt, but I knew what this special toy could do, and I was bound and determined to show him. I greased it up real good, then slowly inserted the prostate stimulator deep inside his ass. This toy was definitely a little thicker than anything I had used to penetrate his ass before, and from the sounds of his hissing, I could tell he also was well aware of this fact too.
The longest portion of the stimulator that descended into his anal cavity was about 5 inches. This part, once activated, would slowly make little circular motions while the actual prostate stimulator vibrated and wiggled exceptionally wildly. Having used this on myself many, many times, I knew firsthand just how much pleasure this magical beauty could deliver. Now, Sam was going to know too, and the only question would be is just how long would he be able to hold out before his youthful cream started shooting all over. Not knowing that question, and now with the prostate stimulator in place, I flipped the switch!
Sam's entire body came alive as he began hoisting his ass up into the air while frantically slapping his hands on top of the bedding. I used my left hand to guard his precum spewing cock from his own hands. He was whimpering, panting, hissing, and making a wide array of other beautiful sounds as his head thrashed from side to side.
I leaned my face closer to his cock, using my left middle finger, raised his young slender flawless meat up towards my mouth, and in one loving gesture, I had all four tasty inches sealed inside my mouth. I didn't have to move, because the boy was bucking wildly, and as he did so, his cock slid in between my lips, fucking my cock loving mouth in the process.
Every so often, I would release his cock from my mouth's vacuuming clutches, just to keep this prolonged. I could hear the buzzing noise of the prostate stimulator doing its magic inside his ass as I hungrily dined on his cock and tightly withdrawn hairless marbles. Five wonderful minutes had passed, and even I was a bit taken back to take note just how long this breathtaking beauty was able to refrain from blowing his sweet load.
On the brink of the ten minute mark, it became more than Sam could withstand, and with my mouth on his swollen cock, I felt it throb, then a bolt of jet propelled hot coy cream came exploding out of his cock and slammed harshly into the back of my throat. Another, and another long ropey strand of boy honey followed, all firing rapidly into my moaning mouth. Initially, I tried to keep count of how many creamy shots he was delivering, but after counting eight, and then realizing the boy was still in the midst of not letting up, I quit counting and was more focussed on making sure none of his heavenly nectar dribbled out of my mouth.
Shortly thereafter, the boy's body seemed to dip into a lifeless state, so I deactivated the prostate stimulator and slowly inched it out of his super tight little ass. Then, and only then did I begin my devoted task of tasting his creamy offering. After about the third sampling, I gave up on trying to ascertain the boy's true taste of his cum. In all reality, it simply didn't have any sort of taste that could be described, because the bottom line is that Sam's cum provided no taste whatsoever.
I was lost in my own world, standing on my knees in between his spread legs, savoring the fact that I had just swallowed Sam's tasteless cum when his voice chirped, "Cum on me TJ, cum on my chest and stomach!"
With my head spinning from what all had just taken place, I somehow managed to straddle the boy's legs, facing him, and I could feel his soft, flaccid cock being safely gripped by my butt cheeks. I was looking down into his utterly gorgeous face while my right hand began jerking the living hell out of my man meat. I knew I wasn't going to last long, and then I felt Sam's left hand cup my balls, and his fingers began lightly kneading into my nuggets, well uh, that was it! I thought my cock head exploded as the first of many long ropey strands of man goo came exploding out.
My eyes were closed tightly as I was pounding my meat, relishing in the feeling of his graceful fingers on my balls. Somewhere near the end of my highly intense orgasm, I managed to open my eyes and was shocked to see that I had pretty much shot the mother load all over Sam's face. What was even more surprising was seeing how he held his mouth open and I could see a river of my own cum puddled inside his mouth.
I was at the very end of squeezing out my cum and I watched as the gorgeous boy swallowed, swallowing twice, then proceeded to make some kind of humming noise. Then he whispered, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm, now that was tasty!"
His eyes were now closed and I could tell he was still savoring the taste of my cum when I sprawled out to his immediate right and began licking the globs of my own cum off of his gorgeous face. With a mouthful of man spunk, I lowered my lips to his, and then our mouths opened, and it was then that we began sharing the taste of my seed.
While I took my time licking my cum off of his face, then kissing him, I had cupped his little balls and sleeping cock into the grip of my right hand. My middle finger dipped under his balls, falling quickly to his hot little asshole. Much to my surprise, the boy's asshole seemed to seal itself back into one hell of a super tight fortress, but that didn't prevent my finger from drawing miniature circles all over it.
The last thing I remember was that we had ended our cum swapping kiss, and I was laying flat on my back, and so was Sam. The next thing I knew was that it was already morning. After yawning and stretching, I peered to my left to see my naked little sleeping beauty sound asleep. Sam was curled up into a modified fetal position, resting on his left side. His flawless chiseled ass was aiming itself directly towards me, and who was I to refuse such a glorious invitation.
Scooting down the bed, I positioned myself so that I was on my left side, and my face was wedging itself directly in between his slightly spread ass crack. My nose was softly pressing up against each of his silky smooth cheeks while breathing in the boy's mystical anal scent. I was inhaling his fragrance so hard that goose bumps began popping up all over my body. I lay there for sometime until I felt I was about to piss myself, so I staggered out of bed, and went into the bathroom.
After dealing with my toilet obligations, I shaved and brushed my teeth, then stepped into the shower. While I was applying shampoo to my hair, I felt hands on my hips. Initially, I was quite startled, but with soap running down my face, I couldn't open my eyes, however I knew it was Sam. I never even heard the shower curtain move, and I had no idea how long Sam was behind me, but when I felt him push the top of my back while his other hand was clutching onto my left hip, I quickly realized what he wanted me to do.
I bent over, and just as I did, Sam power slammed his four inches of pure boy pride straight up my somewhat shocked rectum. He was fucking my ass with such brute force that I had to hold onto the wall with both hands, allowing the running water to freely soak the back of my head. Then he boldly stated, "Yeah, take that TJ, take this cock up your ass! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck this feels sooooooooooooo goooooooodddddd!"
Sam was enjoying himself, but I on the other hand, was feeling nothing but stinging pain stemming straight from my asshole. But, that didn't last too awfully long before a realm of mind boggling pleasures quickly ravished my entire body. Soon, my left had was jerking on my cock while I was shoving my ass back onto his ass jabbing cock.
It wasn't long at all before I started shooting cum all over the tub while crying out for him to fuck me, and to fuck me harder. Sam obliged me and really started pile driving his young teenage cock in and out of my ass with flesh slapping force and pure blind rage. I heard his voice fly through the water and land straight into my ears, "I'm, I'm, oh fuck, fuck TJ, I'm uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm gonna, oh shit, fuck, cum, cum, I'm gonna fucking cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm!"
I had just enough common sense somewhere inside my head to quickly spin around, and drop suddenly to my knees. My mouth was already wide open as Sam shoved his soon to be cum erupting perfect cock into my mouth, and just as it entered, the familiar spray of boy spunk came rushing in. I sucked on his cock like a greedy, sadistic, animal, making damn sure to capture every loving creamy spurt of his youthful seed.
With all the lust in the world, I sucked his cock until the four inches of pure beauty went completely soft and became too sensitive for my vacuuming mouth. As soon as his cock departed my mouth, I began savoring his heavenly nectar a little at a time. Still, the boy's cum offered no taste whatsoever. A sipped on his purity until there was nothing left to swallow. I wanted to finger his asshole, but Sam politely brushed my hand away, and whispered, "Later!"
Our plans for today was rather simple. We were going to spend the entire day walking the strip. We went into all the Ripley's Believe It Or Not businesses. As we walked along the strip, I watched as passerby's eyed my little gorgeous angel. Several times, thanks to Sam's unequalled beauty, we were able to enter several fun places that a person has to pay upfront in order to enter. I would watch the employee drool over Sam, then wave us on in as he handed us two tickets to enter. Be them young or older, male or female, regardless, they all eyed Sam as if he was the main dish at a five star meal.
By the end of the day, we were both pretty sweaty and tired of walking. It was dark by now as we made our way back to the motel after just having ate our evening meal. When the walkway was clear of people, Sam began teasing me, saying things like, "I bet you want to suck my dick again! I'm guessing you'd like to tongue my ass, that is, if I wanted you to! I bet you want me to fuck you again too! (Last statement before I actually replied) Yeah, I'm willing to bet the farm that you wanna fuck me...fuck my little asshole with that big horse cock of yours!"
I finally responded, "I'd suck that dick of yours anytime, anywhere, and any place! About me eating your asshole, you and I both know you'd enjoy it! Believe me Sam when I say this, but I'd much rather be fucking that tight little ass of yours than for you to be fucking me! Hell, having my cock balls deep inside your tight ass is all I can even think about. I wanna see the look in your face as I feed your ass my cock. I wanna smell your breath as you breathe into my face as my cock descends to its deepest depth inside your ass! Believe me my pretty little angel, once I've taken your ass cherry, you'll be begging to have my cock up your ass all the time, and that my teasing gorgeous prince, you can take that straight to the bank!"
The motel was finally within our eyesight as Sam smiled while responding, "Nu uh, that big horse cock of yours is way too big for me! That damn thing would rip me in half! However, that thing you used on me last night, well now uh, now that's a different story. Whatever it was, that thing really did the trick. Maybe, if you want to, um, we can do that again."
Before I could say anything, a group of tourists came up behind us. So, we walked silently until we got to the motel. Once we entered our room, the cool air from the air conditioner made both of us make a sigh of relief. Sam immediately began undressing, and within a few seconds, the gorgeous blond hair angel was standing at the foot of the bed bare ass naked and his four inches of perfection was already bone hard.
I was in the process of skinning out of my boxer shorts when Sam hopped up onto the bed, placing himself into a doggy style position with his gorgeous face facing the foot of the bed, eyes wide open while staring at me and my erection. Sam smiled at me as he whispered, "Damn TJ, I know I've said it before, but holy mother of Mary, that pecker of yours sure is huge! If it wasn't so freaking big, and super thick, I just might consider trying to take it up my ass, but damn, it's uh, it's um, it's just too fucking big!"
I retrieved a new unopened Fleet Enema, and while he watched me, I unscrewed the top and filled it to the top with some minty flavored mouthwash, then screwed the top back on. I got in behind Sam and froze momentarily at eyeing his exquisitely sealed asshole. By no means could anyone ever describe this microscopic little dot as a brown eye, cause there wasn't a hint of brownish tint anywhere to be seen. I was smart enough to realize that we had been walking around all day long, sweating from head to toe, but I was also mesmerized at staring at his enticing little butt hole. For whatever the reason may be, I leaned my face close to his spread cheeks, placing my nose directly on his tiny speck of a poop chute entrance, and breathed in.
Either I had some powerful control over my mind, or the fragrance I was breathing in was true to form, but either way, the aroma shooting up my nostrils was nothing close to foul. It kind of had a light musky odor, but it also offered a flowery kind of scent as well. Regardless of the fragrance, whatever aroma I was breathing in was more like some undiscovered aphrodisiac that was making me become completely addicted to smelling this young boy's asshole.
Sam's soft boyish girly voice snapped me from my entranced state, "Damn TJ, what's with you always wanting to smell my butt? You should at least wait until I've taken a shower to do something like that. I mean, damn, I know its gotta stink!"
I mumbled, "Nu uh, nope! It um, um, uh, smells always!"
Sam shot back, "Dude, you're freaking sick, but whatever!"
I slowly inserted the pre-lubricated nozzle inside his ass making Sam purr out his moan of approval. After squeezing the contents into his ass, I slowly retrieved the nozzle, and for whatever the reason, I soon found myself sniffing it like a glue addict inhaling glue. After a quick visual inspection and noticing no signs of fecal matter, I began sucking on the nozzle rather vigorously.
Sam had lowered his upper body so that it was now resting on top of the bedding while his ass was jutting itself high into the air. Every so often, I could see his little pucker wink at me, and the more I saw, the closer my face began being drawn in as if his asshole was some form of a powerful magnet. Sam grunted and groaned as my tongue went straight into auto-pilot, lapping and probing at his winking little love hole like a snake sniffing the air for its next meal.
The boy's voice slashed through the air, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck, oh shit, shit, fuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk that feeeeeeellllllssssss soooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooddddddd!"
I wanted to say that it tastes good too, but I was too focussed on eating his asshole to concern myself with any such small talk. While my tongue fell madly in love with his delicious asshole, my left hand was underneath the boy's spread legs toying with his throbbing erection. Now, Sam was torn with varied emotions. Not only was he enjoying having his asshole dined on while my left hand groped his cock, but he also was now beginning to feel the effects of the enema as the pressure within his bowels began increasing with his every rapid thumping heartbeat.
Sam must have felt that he was about to lose control of his bowels, because he rolled out of bed, and quickly scampered into the bathroom, using both hands to clutch his butt cheeks together. He did close the door behind him, but I wasn't able to hear if he locked it or not, but then again, I really wasn't interested in barging in to verify that he was in the process of cleansing his ass, nor potentially ruining my imagination by smelling it.
Once Sam departed the bathroom, all fresh and clean, and still naked with his boy boner looking at me square in my face, I proceeded to freshen up. Just before I entered the bathroom, I took my old trusty enema ball with me, um, just to make sure I was clean just in case the boy wanted to fuck me again. After showering and brushing my teeth, I exited the bathroom to see my golden blond hair angel laying flat on his back, legs spread rather widely, and he was sporting the most devilish, but heartwarming, grin any eyes could ever behold.
I slowly knelt onto the bed, slowly but surely working my way in between his silky smooth legs. Our eyes were locked to one another as he pushed his beautiful cock towards me while sexily saying, "Are you hungry?" My mouth was already watering in high hopes of tasting his cock as I mumbled, "Uh huhhhhhhhhh!"
In no time, I was feeling the boy's satiny smooth flesh of his cock gliding in between my lips as I swallowed all four delicious throbbing inches, relishing in the divine taste of his honey tasting precum. Sam quickly began purring as he started to buck his hips, fucking my mouth in earnest while making all kinds of wonderful sounds. My left fingers toyed with his hairless marbles while my right middle finger dug into his clinched ass cheeks to find its mark, his tiny speck of a tightly sealed bung hole.
It certainly didn't take long before Sam was right on the edge of blowing his youthful cream into my mouth, but it was I who wanted to prolong this glorious event, so I forced my mouth off and away from his twitching slice of teenage meat. My mouth felt an immediate void so I filled that void by consuming both of his tiny hairless jewels in one stealth vacuuming gesture.
With my left hand now free, my fingers began the lovely journey of feeling its way to his chest with my fingers finally arriving at their destination, his perky tiny right pinkish colored nipple. Once my fingers lightly pinched his nipple, Sam began really thrusting his ass high into the air, almost to the point of damn near making his little balls plop out of my mouth. While he was going buck wild, my right middle finger remained glued to his asshole.
Within seconds, I discovered that one of Sam's "hot" buttons was in fact his nipples. I was now applying more pressure, pinching harder and harder, and the harder I pinched, the more he seemed to love it. Soon, I was pinching the shit out of his nipple while aggressively pulling and twisting on it. His entire body at this point was shaking rather furiously, and my mouth was now in the process of taking turns sucking his four inches of delicious boy meat and delicate little balls.
Twenty heart pounding minutes of back and forth working on his cock and balls sent Sam to the very edge of an orgasm, but I was fortunate enough to stop just in time to prevent that from happening. Now, the boy was whining and pleading with me to let him cum, but I had other plans. A few minutes later, I had just released his small baby makers from my mouth's clutches, but this time instead of swallowing his cock, I grabbed each of his calves, pushing his legs high up over his head, and because Sam was so dang limber, I was able to place each of his ankles behind his head, using his own precious head to lock his feet in place. His arms were now being pinned down by the top portion of his own thighs, and his tight little virgin ass was graciously aiming itself straight towards the ceiling.
I took a few seconds to eye my breathtaking beauty before lunging my hungry tongue straight onto his creamy colored dot of an asshole. Sam yelled, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, shit, mmmmmmmmmmmm, fuck, oh, um, yes, yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk yessssssssssssss!"
Had anyone seen me in the manner I was tonguing his ass, they would have thought I had eaten in weeks. I was licking, lapping, prodding, and digging insanely wild until it happened. The boy's fortress tight seal gave way and then my tongue dove in. My tongue was immediately greeted with the searing heat of a scorching fire while the boy's anal muscles converged onto my tongue as if they were preparing to get into a full fledged attack position. And attack they did! The deeper my tongue went, the more crushing pressure his anal muscles attacked my tongue with.
While I was eating his ass, my left hand stroked his cock while my right fingers began taking turns working on each of his erect little nipples. I was in pure heaven as my eyes saw the boy writhe in mind numbing pleasure. God, this boy is sooooooooooooo fucking incredibly gorgeous no words could even begin to describe his true beauty and give him the justice he so rightfully deserves, and now, now I was the luckiest man alive to be where I am presently at right now.
Every so often, and more often than anything else, I had to stop jerking his meat to prevent him from slipping over the edge and blowing his load, but I never let up eating his delicious ass. Sam was pretty much screaming for me to let him cum, and now he had tears lightly running down across his unblemished cheeks from the corner of each bluer than blue eye.
In all honesty, and I'm not even sure myself, but I must have prolonged his orgasm for a solid three hours. I simply couldn't get enough of eating his ass, but during those three long hours, I began taking turns sucking his cock, swallowing his balls, and eating the fuck out of his ass. Sam was constantly pleading, begging, whimpering, and screaming for me to let him cum, but I wanted my little angel to remember this night for as long as he lived.
I backed away from Sam's flawless body for a few short lived seconds in order for me to retrieve some of my toys that were in the nightstand. After making sure it was well lubricated, I began easing the anal wand up Sam's ass, one ball at a time. The very tip of the anal wand contained a small rubbery ball with wild looking rubbery stands covering it. Beginning at the very tip, the balls grew in size. By the time I managed to insert the third ball, Sam came alive, bucking his entire little body all over.
He was flinging his head from side to side as the fourth, then the fifth ball disappeared into his anal realm. He was whimpering and hissing air as the sixth rubbery ball dipped inside his asshole. Now, Sam had a good 6 inches of the anal wand up his rectum, and judging by the look on his face, I would need some time before trying to insert another ball up his bucking hot little ass. I held the wand in place so that he could get accustomed to having his butt stuffed with the foreign object.
After about a couple of minutes, I flipped the switch in order for the anal wand to do its magic. As soon as the anal wand began vibrating and twirling, Sam damn near screamed bloody mercy, thanks in all to the wand doing exactly what it was intended in doing. Once I saw the boy feeling an unknown world of sheer pleasure, I started slowly fucking the wand in and out of his ass. Three minutes later, I pushed in the seventh ball, sending the boy's angelic voice into a feverish squealing pitch.
Twenty minutes passed by, but now I had all 10 balls rooting away inside Sam's ass, and the boy was going mad with exquisite, never before felt, pleasure. Using the anal wand, I twisted, gyrated, and fucked his ass while gently stroking his aching cock up to the point that he would get really, really close to blowing his load, then remove my hand completely prior to what would have to be, his most intense orgasm to date. With 10 inches of the wand up his rectum, and the last ball was as big around as a regular sized dill pickle, I knew I was soon going to advance to the next stage...just to see what type of reaction I was going to get from Sam.
I eased the wand out of his ass, one ball at a time, and I only deactivated the wand once the last ball departed from his hot little hole. Sam was desperately pleading with me to let him cum, but those angelic pleas fell upon deaf ears. With his asshole still open, I quickly shot my tongue deep inside, slithering my tongue on all sides of his fiery hot anal canal, sending my little beauty straight to body bucking orbit.
While I was dining away on his asshole, which was quickly closing by the way, I was also preparing my next beloved toy for his anal kingdom. This rubbery six inch slender fake cock had an evil twist to it. With two very large rubber balls, this little devil not only vibrated, but with a hand held pump, the rubbery shaft and mushroom shaped rubber cock head also enlarges.
Removing my ass eating tongue, I slowly inserted the slender fake cock all the way up Sam's humping hot ass until the two balls rested snugly in place up against his own twin hairless jewels. I held it in place to allow Sam enough time to calm his entire body down, and just as he appeared virtually lifeless, I flipped the switch to maximum vibrate, and stood on bended knees watching him go absolutely fucking crazy.
The rubber balls were also doing their magic on his hairless jewels, adding a wicked new twist to the boy's rampant emotions. I began slowly working the rubber cock in and out of his ass, bringing it almost all the way out, then slowly shoving it all the way back in. Sam was steadily trying to find a way to latch onto his precum drooling cock, and I constantly brushed his hand away each and every time.
Moments later, I felt the time was right, so I began squeezing the ball in my left hand that was making the rubber cock expand, and stretch the boy's anal cavity in the process. Four slow pumps didn't seem to do all that much, but once I pumped the fifth time, I certainly got quite the reaction from Sam. The boy was almost howling while whimpering as I worked the thickening toy in and out of his thrusting ass.
I had been slowly working the expandable cock in and out of his super tight ass, taking my time so that Sam could get more and more into the size of it. Once it became obviously clear that he was more than ready, I held the expandable cock deep into his rectum while repositioning him so that now my little lovely beauty was in a doggy style position. His gorgeous face was plowing into the soft pillow as his chest was resting on top of the bedding with his ass protruding straight out and higher into the air.
Seeing that he was making motions to latch onto his cock, I decided to take care of his hands once and for all. I quickly latched onto his right wrist, and using the bed's sheets as a restraining device, I tied his wrist up to the far corner of the headboard, then proceeded to do the same to his left wrist on the other side. With his hands no longer in the picture, I resumed my position in behind Sam, and continued using the expandable cock to fuck his hot little hole.
Sam was grunting, hissing, whimpering, moaning, and all while doing his utmost best to jab his ass onto the thrusting fake cock. It was then that I gave the expandable cock another hefty pump, sending the boy into some kind of euphoric seizure. His entire body began shaking furiously, and the words flying out of his precious mouth made no sense whatsoever. Another pump, and then another, and as I brought the fake cock to his anal entrance, I got a birds eye view of just how thick the expandable cock was. Still, it wasn't anywhere close to the thickness of my cock, but for his first time, the thickness he was now taking was still rather impressive.
Within a twenty minute time frame, I had pumped up the expandable cock so that it was about as thick as a regular sized cucumber. Also, I started jerking his cock, but each time I did so, Sam got really close to blowing his youthful load, so I somehow managed to stop just short of allowing that to happen. I kept on asking him, "Does this feel good? Do you like the pleasures your ass is giving you?"
Sam cried out, "Yes, yes, God yessssssssssssss!"
His words would always be followed up with the most angelic moans and grunts any ears could ever possibly behold. Still fucking his ass with the expandable cock, I flipped onto my back, placing my head directly in between his spread legs, positioning myself so that I now was able to suck his delicious, more then ready to explode, cock deep into my mouth. I longed to taste his sweetness, and although he was way beyond the need to blow his load, I too simply couldn't hold back the desire to dine on his cum any longer.
His precum tasted heavenly as his four inches of slender teen meat easily dove straight into my greedy mouth. I was holding the base of the expandable cock with my right hand, steadily fucking his ass with a growing pace with each jamming thrust. My left hand began caressing his swollen hairless balls, and I knew that it would be soon before all of his built up cum would be rocketing into my mouth.
Sam screamed this blood curdling yell as his cock burst, and the flood gates to his cum exploded with a volcanic like explosion. Rapid blasts of boy goo shot violently into my mouth, one right after the other. The boy was fucking his cock in and out of my cum capturing mouth faster than a blink of an eye while constantly yelling verbal obscenities that made no sense whatsoever, "Fuck, fuck, shit, oh fuck, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ah, ah, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkk!" He was spewing other words as well, but those were the kind that no matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn't make out the words, if they were even true words at all, what he was screaming.
Although I didn't feel the need to count, I figured by the manner in which his cum was blasting the interior of my mouth, Sam must have already reached double digits in the amount of cum spurts he had achieved, and better yet, still shooting. After who knows how many cum strands rocketed out of his hard slice of heavenly meat, I could tell he was pretty much done with the exceptions being a mere trickle oozing out periodically. Still, I held the creamy nectar inside my mouth, patiently waiting for the right moment to begin the loving task of sipping down his youthful offering.
The boy's entire body was shaking so bad that I thought he was slipping into some kind of seizure. Just as I was about to allow his cock to slip free from my vacuuming mouth, Sam screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!" The boy's cock expanded, and then he began humping his meat in and out of my mouth as more cum strands started to torpedo sharply within the realm of my already cum filled mouth.
It wasn't long after he was just starting to come down from his second mind twirling orgasm was when I decided to taste the boy's fresh love juice. There was plenty to dine on, but once I allowed a small portion to glide down my throat, I had to sample a second, and then a third before I finally concluded that Sam's cum was virtually tasteless. The next thing I knew, I had gobbled down every last delicious ounce of his cum, and was finding myself quivering and whimpering for more.
After swallowing the last of his delicious morsel, I scooted my body out from underneath him, and once again resumed the position on my knees, still using the expandable cock to fuck his hot little ass. All 8 3/4 fat inches of my man meat was more than ready to introduce itself to Sam's ass, and the more I watched the fake cock dive in and out of his ass, the more I knew I must have it.
I pulled the fake cock out of his ass while greasing up my throbbing precum spitting cock. I asked, "Sam, do you wanna feel my cock inside you now?" I repeated the same question three times, and although his body was still shaking furiously, the boy seemed completely out of it. His legs were already spread wide as I inched my knees closer to my now sealed target. I placed my bulbous swollen cock head right onto his glistening speck of an asshole, and pushed.
The head of my cock dipped in, and Sam instantly came alive, "Ow, ow, owwwwwwwwwwwww! Oh fuck, oh fuck, hurts, hurts, oh shit, mother fuck it fucking huuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrttttttttsssssss!"
I was doing everything I could do to force myself to go slow, and although he was not too happy feeling something as thick as my cock enter his ass, he never once asked me to pull it out. Inch by thick inch, I was working my ass packer deep into his fiery hot bowels. And with each inch, Sam screamed for bloody mercy as his anal walls were being stretched wider than he had ever thought possible.
As for me, this was the first time I had ever had my cock up a young boy's ass, and the feeling was one that I myself never knew existed. The heat, the incredible scorching fiery heat of his ass singed my plunging cock while his shocked anal muscles slowly began to seek its revenge by clamping down on my descending cherry popper.
Sam was slinging his head from side to side while constantly whimpering and grunting with every fast breath. Midway inside him, Sam jerked his head upwards while yelling, "Owwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwww, oh fuck, fuck, hot damn TJ, damn, shit, mother fucker, oh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk it huuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrttttttttttsssssss!"
Then, something inside of his ass must have gave way, because the remainder of my ass hungry cock easily dove the remainder of its long and fat depths inside his pain riddled ass. The boy slung his head upwards one more time as his lips formed a perfect O, then he began huffing and puffing, but no audible words followed, just him blowing the air out of his lungs.
It was all I could do to stop myself from busting my nuts right then and there. I felt like I was king of the world with my manhood buried balls deep inside the most gorgeous boy's ass who would ever grace the planet earth. I could even feel his rapid heartbeat on my cock as I held my position as best I could.
For who knows how long, I fought against my own animal instincts to not start power slamming my meat dong in and out of the boy's no longer virginal ass, but it was Sam who began hoisting his ass backwards, then slowly lunging forwards, and it was that motion that signaled me to start fucking this gorgeous angelic boy's hotter than hot ass.
I placed both of my hands on his tiny hips as I withdrew my meaty cock almost all the way out of his ass, then in one long stealth thrust, jammed it deep into his rectum causing my little angel to moan either from pleasure, or from agonizing pain. Over and over again, and time after time, I repeated this step, gradually working my hammering thrusts into a jack hammering frenzy.
At some point, I leaned over his body and untied his wrists, and once they were free, Sam placed his hands on the headboard and began tossing his body backwards onto my ass cramming cock. Every so often, I would hear his soft purrs and heart warming whimpers as he flung his perfect ass onto my thrusting man meat.
Several times, it was I who had to basically stop to prevent myself from blowing my load, but minutes later, and with my cock buried deep inside his fiery hot rectum, I managed to flip my little angel onto his back, then somehow worked his legs so that each of his ankles were now safely tucked under his precious little head. The boy's glossy eyes were fixated on mine as I began ramming my meat in and out of his honey hole with blistering speed and violent thrusts.
Sam's hands snatched a firm hold onto the back of my head, and using what little strength he had left, forced my face closer to his until our lips formed an airtight seal onto one another. Our tongues frantically dove and twirled into each others panting and moaning mouths as I slammed every inch of my cock into his bowels with mindless abandonment.
I could feel his four inch cock glue itself between our bodies, and as I was sucking the saliva right out of his mouth, the boy cried deep into my mouth as I felt the jets of creamy boy juice shoot in between my stomach and his. It was while he was encountering another orgasm, and without any assistance from either of our hands, his anal muscles went buck wild and began coiling and grasping at my pile driving cock, sending me straight into orgasmic orbit. I went absolutely blind with lust as my man seed power jetted out of my cock, firing deeper up his rectum than my own cock could ever reach.
With each spurt of my man seed, I was hammering his ass with such brute force that the sickening sound of flesh slapping flesh rose higher above our own grunts and passionate moans. The more cum that shot out of my dick, the harder I slammed my cock into his muscle clamping, scorching hot, anal cavity. As the last droplet of my man seed exited from my softening cock, my body was still in fucking mode, slinging and slamming my sausage into his ass like a runaway locomotive.
Like most things that are rewarding and great, my limp cock slipped out of his well fucked asshole, and by this point, I was simply too exhausted to even try to stick my deflated organ back into his cum filled butt. My lips broke our tongue sucking seal, and with the last remaining effort I could muster, I rolled to his right until I was now laying flat on my back, huffing and puffing for some well needed oxygen.
Sam unfolded his legs and they plopped down on top of the bedding, bouncing a couple of times as they struck the mattress. Just like me, he too was fighting for oxygen. Moments later, Sam rolled to his right, placing his gorgeous face upon my left shoulder while draping his left leg across my lower stomach. Without any exchanging of words, exhaustion conquered us both, and upon waking up the following morning, the boy was in the very same position prior to us falling asleep the night before.
His breath was graciously stream lining itself directly into my nostrils, and while laying perfectly still, I could only breathe in the boy's breath while admiring his intoxicating beauty. However, the need to piss outweighed the pleasure of eyeing his flawless beauty, so I somehow managed to free myself from his clutches and went into the bathroom to deal with my morning bathroom ritual.
After showering, and after exiting the shower, my sleeping little angel was wide awake, and smiling from ear to ear. I smiled and greeted him with a mere good morning, and Sam returned my greeting with his. Looking at the naked beauty, I asked, "How's your butt this morning?"
Sam spread his legs wide, then with his sexy soft boyish girly voice replied, "Uh, what do you think? I mean, after all, I had that big ass horse cock of yours all up in it! Well um, to answer your question, it's okay I guess, but it does ache a bit, but I'll be okay I reckon!"
Just hearing his sexy voice and seeing his gorgeous naked body, I couldn't stop my own cock from getting an erection. Sam pointed at my erect man meat, then with excitement rising in his voice, said, "Damn, it's hard to believe something so freaking big actually was inside my ass! But, if it's alright with you, and if you want to of course, I'd like to do it again in a bit. Heck TJ, if it was up to me, I'd say fuck today's activities, and it would be fine with me if we just uh, um, stayed here all day and had sex. Well um, that's what would work for me, but that's up to you!"
To Be Continued!!!