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The Ordinary Joe Soap.

(A sexy fairy story.)


By John Teller.



Joe Soap was a very ordinary person. In fact, Joe Soap has always been ordinary ever since he was a small child. His parents were ordinary. His father was a production assembly worker at a large car company in the north east of England and his mother was a schools dinner lady. Joe Soap had a brother, Jack Soap, and a sister, Jill Soap. Jack Soap was two years older than Joe Soap and Jill Soap was two years younger than he was. So Joe Soap was the median age of the two of them. And they all went to the same schools and they all grew up to be very ordinary children of George Soap and Mary Soap. They were lovely Soaps... all of them, and they never got into a lather about anything.


Anyway, Joe soap grew up, got a job as a production assembly worker at a large car company in the north east of England and eventually married his next door neighbour, Alice Grimthorpe. She was very ordinary too. In fact she was so ordinary that she had to wait until she was twenty-seven before Joe Soap took a sort of interest in her even though they'd lived next door to each other for all of Joe Soap's twenty-two years.


The wedding was very ordinary too. Because they didn't have a lot of money, they married at the Registry Office and had the reception at the Working Men's Club in the small and ordinary town where they lived. They had the proscribed one hundred guests and Joe Soap made a very ordinary speech at the wedding, which brought polite applause, and afterwards, because Alice Soap was already pregnant because they had done the usual thing and fucked while they were courting, and like most unwanted pregnancies they had not used protection because they found themselves in the ordinary situation of being in the back of Joe Soap's ordinary small car and were both as randy as hell when they did the ordinary thing and ignored all the rules and did the naughty deed, which is why they got married, so after the marriage, they went and lived in a very ordinary council house in another part of the ordinary town.


And so life went on in a very ordinary way and they had two children, a boy and a girl, and because Joe Soap was an ordinary bloke, he named his children, Joe and Alice Soap, following the ordinary tradition of carrying on family names ad infinitum. (In fact, in later life Joe Soap did the usual thing and studied his genealogical background and was not surprised to discover that there were Joe Soaps in his family going back at least three hundred years.)


And so Joe Soap worked away as a production worker at the local car factory and Alice Soap got a job as a schools dinner lady. Life was very good, but very ordinary.


Then, one day, when their two children were twelve and thirteen, Alice Soap did the ordinary thing and went and got fucked by the boiler cleaner, one Stanley Brightspark, who was extremely good-looking but a bit lacking in the brains department. Anyway, it didn't all end well and Joe Soap found himself in the ordinary position of getting kicked out of the house while Stanley Brightspark moved in, and he was given a council flat in a not very ordinary part of town.


And that's when Joe Soap's life became anything but ordinary... when he met a very extraordinary Daryl Peasebottom! *chuckle*




At first when he moved into the dingy part of town with dingy neighbours and they were taking drugs and stuff like that and every Saturday night's entertainment was a couple of ambulances called out to give first aid to or to cart off the recipients of broken bottle cuts, and folks swore like troopers but it was the ordinary thing to do in this part of town, and Joe Soap was quite worried about it because it was much like this. But after a while, because he was just an ordinary bloke and he never got involved with any of that stuff, it became sort of a background to his ordinary life. But the only downside to Joe Soap living in that sort of neighbourhood was that he would not have his two children visiting him there. So he did the ordinary thing and met them on a Saturday afternoons in the local McDonalds... until, that is, because they were ordinary children and both became teenagers, they found better things to do than eating a Big Mac with their ordinary dad.


Then a very ordinary thing happened. Joe Soap's neighbours in the flat upstairs got kicked out because they were selling drugs... the ordinary thing in this part of town. And new neighbours moved in.


The neighbours were an unmarried mother with two boys aged eleven and twelve whose father had gone to jail for five years for breaking the legs of a paedophile who he thought had molested one his boys... the younger one, Daryl. It transpired that the bloke whose legs he broke was the wrong bloke, and the bloke who actually did it but they couldn't prove he did, buggered off to Spain to be a bartender there.


And it was little Daryl who woke Joe Soap up one Sunday morning at eight o' clock by banging on the door to ask if he'd lend his mother a tenner because she needed it to get a token from the local newsagent to put in the leccy meter because they'd run out and it was freezing upstairs.


Now then, because Joe Soap had always managed to be very ordinary and hide his secret and very dirty disposition that he liked young boys, because Daryl was clad only in a dirty pair of Y-fronts, and because Joe Soap hadn't had a proper fuck for goodness knows when, and despite knowing that Daryl's father had been sent to jail for breaking the wrong paedophiles legs, and because Daryl, despite coming from a rough family was the cutest thing he'd seen for a long, long time, and those gorgeous green eyes and sexy lips and lovely pert nose and nice short cropped hair and beautiful, small, slim body just tipped the scales when he was considering whether to lend Daryl's mother the tenner she wanted, Joe Soap decided that he wouldn't make things easy because he knew that once he'd succumbed to that sort of emotional blackmail, he knew it wouldn't be the last time he would be asked to fork out a tenner to keep them warm or to keep the 42" TV going. So he said the first thing that came into his head, a very ordinary thing to do for one of the Soap family, "You're a lovely boy! Come on in out of the cold!"


"Right, ta Bubbles," said Daryl.


When Joe Soap closed the door, he asked Daryl, "Bubbles?"


Daryl gave him a beautiful grin. "Joe Soap... Bubbles... don't you get it?" Then Daryl looked around the place and saw the imitation, warm air log fire burning merrily away and he looked right into Joe Soap's eyes when he grinned and said, "Them's nice striped blue and white pyjamas you're wearing. If the stripes went crossards instead of uppards, they'd make a good prison uniform. Can I warm me arse on the fire? It's fookin' freezin' upstairs! You get me the tenner and I'll warm me arse."


Joe soap looked at him and said, "I haven't said I'm going to lend it to you the tenner yet, so what makes you think I will?"


Daryl grinned at him. "Cus I know you will. You're as queer as that fooker that's gone and run off to Spain."


Joe Soap stared hard at Daryl. "I was married and I've got two children older than you!"


Daryl stared hard back at him. "So! That makes you twice as randy `cus you haven't had a shag for ages, and don't tell me you don't fancy me! You can't keep your eyes off me when I go out. I've seen you lookin' at me from behind the curtains. Why the fook do you think I've come down in just me underpants? Ma said if I showed you me body then I was bound to get the tenner. She would have sent Bryn... but she said you liked me best." Then the naughty Daryl dropped his dirty underpants for a fleeting moment, pulled them back up, and continued, "You can suck me off if you want some sort of interest on the tenner. Me ma will pay you back when she draws her social money."


Joe Soap, being an ordinary and fastidious person, having caught a brief glimpse of the aroused little dick on Daryl and noticed that it needed a good scrub, said, "You need a bath before I'd go anywhere near that thing."


Now then, Daryl, being the clever little boy he was had not missed the ambiguity of the reply he expected to get from Joe Soap, and knowing he was immediately on a winner because he'd not been rejected, grinned at Joe Soap, and said, "How the fook can I scrub me dick when we've got no hot water? What do you think me ma wants to borrow a tenner for?"


So Joe Soap took pity on little Daryl and went and got a tenner from his wallet and gave it to the small boy, and he said, "Here... don't make it a regular thing." Then he said something very ordinary. "Money doesn't grow on trees, you know! I have to work hard for what I earn."


Daryl grinned at him and turned around, dropped his dirty underpants again, and this time the deed was not done swiftly and Joe Soap was able to get an extraordinary look at the most beautiful little bottom he had ever seen in his life. In fact, Daryl's bottom was so beautiful and pert that an ordinary thing happened to Joe Soap... his dick went hard inside his underpants under his uppards blue and white striped pyjamas. Then, Joe Soap, being a very ordinary paedophile, thought about broken legs and stuff like that and pushed little Daryl through the door and breathed a very ordinary sigh of relief. Then he went to bed and did the ordinary thing... he wanked off twice thinking about what had just gone on.   




Now then, Joe Soap wasn't the brightest of people, and he was a very ordinary paedophile. He never got into trouble because he was good at keeping secrets, especially the type that can get your two legs broken, but because he was ordinary, for two days he kept peeping through the curtains and eventually he found himself wishing that they would run out of leccy upstairs. But a whole week went past before there was another knock on the door, and this time it wasn't at eight o' clock on a Sunday morning... it was at half past two on Sunday afternoon. In fact, Joe Soap, because he was an ordinary bloke, had just got back from the pub after downing five pints of best bitter, an amount he considered was just enough so he would know his way home, but not too much to make him crawl on his hands and knees to get there.


Knock! Knock! Knock! "Who's there?!" asked Joe Soap.


A small voice yelled, "It's me... Daryl! Open the fookin' door. I'm freezin' out here!"


Joe Soap peeped through the peep hole, and sure enough, there was Daryl, and because it was raining heavily, he saw that the boy was soaked and water was dripping from his nose. But Joe Soap, as much as he wanted to, didn't open the door and he shouted a very ordinary thing through the letter box, "Get off home before you catch your death of cold!"


Daryl yelled back, "I would if I could but me ma's gone out and I've forgotten me key. Let me in! I'm fookin' freezin' out here!"


Well, what ordinary paedophile would turn away a boy in distress like Daryl was, so Joe Soap opened the door, and before he could utter a word, Daryl was in and past him like a shot. But not only was he in, he walked straight into the living room and went directly to the imitation, warm air log fire that was blazing merrily away and began to take off his clothes. Joe Soap looked at him and asked, "What are you doing?"


Daryl stared at Joe Soap and said, "What the fook do you think I'm doing?! I'm wet through and I need to warm me arse. It's like a fookin' lump o' dead pork! Have you got plenty of leccy in?"


Joe Soap stared at him and said a very ordinary but not ordinary thing for what was usually said in this part of town, "Of course I've got plenty of leccy! I pay my bills and I don't have a pre-payment meter."


Daryl grinned at him and said, "I s'pected you would. Have you got a clothes dryer as well?"


"Of course I have," said Joe Soap, "But it will cost a fortune to dry those soaking wet clothes. When is your ma getting back?"


Daryl winked at Joe Soap. "Not before you've dried my clothes and sucked me off. And if you lend me a tenner then I'll suck you off providing you've had a bath and your dick isn't dirty." By this time, Daryl was completely naked and Joe Soap could see that even the cold and wet hadn't affected the way the small boy was thinking, because when Daryl continued with, "Have you got a couple of towels so I can dry meself," he also saw Daryl playing with his little erect dick while he waited for a reply.


Now then, and this is the nub of the matter, because Joe Soap had drunk five pints of best bitter, he was sort of not backwards at coming forwards if you know what I mean. Normally, if he hadn't been drinking, then the ordinary Joe Soap would have considered broken legs and stuff, but the five pints of best bitter he'd drunk made him sort of brave. So he went to the bathroom and got two towels, gave them to Daryl, and the little boy began to dry himself. Then Joe Soap said, "I'll put your clothes in the dryer."


When Joe Soap got back he saw that Daryl had halfway dried himself, but then he held out one of the towels to Joe Soap and said, "Dry me back for me will ya? I can't reach there." So Joe Soap went behind the little boy and kneeled down and began to towel off little Daryl. That's when Joe Soap became an ordinary paedophile again, because after he'd dried Daryl's back, the little boy said, "Don't forget me arse, and make sure you get well inside me arse crack `cus I really got soaked in the rain." So Joe Soap did as he was told, and while he was towelling Daryl off, he forgot that the reason he was doing it was to dry the boy. In fact, Joe Soap was so worked up that he dropped the towel and began to feel at the little boy's back and arse, and he even opened it to look inside, and Joe soap was really surprised. The reason for that was because he thought that with Daryl always being scruffy and half-washed, he expected the little boy's pucker to be the same. But it wasn't! It was a lovely pink little pucker, and Joe Soap decided he wanted to kiss it. In fact he'd begun to lick Daryl's little arse and was making his way towards the pink little pucker when Daryl said, "Hey... You're knocking me off balance here! If you want to do that then at least let's go to the sofa and I'll let you have it fookin' proper like."


Joe Soap was taken aback at the little boy's forwardness, and stammered, "W,w,w,well okay then. But what are you going to do?"


Daryl grinned at Joe Soap and asked, "Haven't you done this before?"


Joe Soap looked a bit dumb and said, "No I haven't. I've never done anything like this before. What do we do?"


Because Joe Soap was still on his knees and panting like a dog that has just been chewing a juicy bone for ages, Daryl patted Joe Soap on the head and winked at him. "Don't worry about it Bubbles. Your little Daryl will show you how to go on. Just follow my instructions and you'll be okay."


And so little Daryl went to the sofa, sat on the edge of it, lay back with his head resting on the back of the sofa, lifted his little legs by the ankles and pulled his knees onto his chest, and grinned at Joe Soap, who then asked, "What do I do now?"


Daryl nodded towards his little bottom and said, "Use your thumbs to pull me arse cheeks even wider and then stick your tongue up me arse. But make sure you don't get your fookin' teeth involved. Just your tongue and lips. Go on... give it a go and I promise I won't fart while you're doing it."


And lo and behold... little Daryl gave Joe Soap his very first experience of rimming a little boy. In fact, Joe Soap was so taken with the wonderful event that he lost all count of time and he just kept doing it and doing it until Daryl said to him, "That's the best arse wash I've ever had! Are you sure you've never done this before?"


Joe Soap looked around little Daryl's erect dick and grinned at him, and he was so proud that he had been paid such a compliment that he even blushed when he said, "No, I've never done it before. Am I really doing a good job?"


Daryl grinned at him and replied, "Dead right you fookin' are! I nearly cummed twice while you were messing about down there. But I want you to suck me dick now. It's nearly fookin' explodin'!"


So Joe Soap gave a boy the first blow job he had ever given in his life, and he was so worked up by what he was doing, that he completely forgot about the broken legs and stuff while he was doing it. But then Joe Soap discovered what real boys are like and how much they differed from the ones he'd read about in the dirty stories he'd read, and instead of Daryl keeping his legs folded back on his chest so Joe could try to fuck him, after little Daryl had dry-cummed, he said to Joe Soap, "Make me some eggs on toast. I'm fookin' starvin'!"


And Joe soap became not only a stupid money lender who didn't get his tenner back, and a provider of towels to dry beautiful little boys as well as a lovely fire to warm their gorgeous little bottoms, and not forgetting being a first class arse-licker as well as a boy-cock sucker, he became a chef. And then he discovered something even worse... little boys, when they've had their arses licked and their cocks sucked and their bellies filled, become selfish little buggers and go away as soon as their clothes are dried and their ma has come home.




But Joe Soap was a not a complete idiot, and on Monday evening he went to the local library and took out a book entitled: The Psychology of Children, and being a good reader, he read it through before he turned in and had a wank thinking about how he could turn the tables on little Daryl, and what, according to the book, he would be able to do once he'd mastered the art of being a proper paedophile, which you can only be when you understand the psychology of boys... if that's your thing.


And so, when there was a loud knocking on the door on Tuesday evening, he knew who it was, and he also knew why Daryl was knocking on the door. What he learned in the book, The Psychology of Children, was that if a boy likes something and he wants it really bad, then you have to use that knowledge to get the best out of him. And you had to be firm even when you didn't want to. So Joe Soap went to the door and opened it (making sure he didn't open it enough so Daryl could barge past him), and when he looked at the grinning face in front of him, he asked, "What do you want? And before you ask... no I am not going to lend you a tenner again because I didn't get the last one back!"


The grin on Daryl's face sort of faltered, and he said, "I haven't come to borrow a tenner. I just thought I'd come and keep you company for a bit."


Joe Soap stared at him for a little while and then pretended that he was a sucker (the divi type and not a sucker as in cock-sucker), and opened the door. Daryl was past him in a flash, but when he got into the living room he was sort of hesitant and he looked at Joe Soap and said, "I thought you'd have the fire on."


Joe Soap shook his head. "No. I'm warm enough. Sit down if you want. Do you want the TV on? I'm just reading a book, so you can watch TV and I'll read some more of my book."


Daryl stared at him. "Not really. I've only come down to see you `cus there's nothin' on the telly and I'm fed up." Then Daryl gave Joe Soap a really naughty grin. "You can suck me off again if you want."


Joe Soap gave him a false smile. "No, it's okay. I'm not really in the mood tonight. And I've got a bit of a headache."


Daryl gave Joe Soap a surly comment, "Take some fookin' tablets then and you'll be okay in half an hour."


Joe Soap looked at Daryl and said, "Good idea. I'll take some now and hopefully it will go away." And Joe Soap went into the kitchen and pretended to take some Paracetamol. When he came back, he said, "I had a shower about half an hour ago, so that and the tablets should soon sort me." Then he looked at Daryl and said, "You look clean. Have you just had a bath?"


Daryl shook his head. "Me ma wouldn't let me. She said we've only got enough leccy for her. She said I could have one after she'd had a bath, but I'm not usin' the fookin' water when she's been in it."


"Don't blame you," said Joe Soap. "Neither would I. I like clean water for a bath. You can have a bath here if you're really dirty. The water's hot."


"I will," said Daryl, "but only if you'll put the fire on."


"Why do you need the fire on?" asked Joe Soap.


Daryl gave Joe Soap a strange look. "So's I can warm me fookin' arse on the fire when I'm done!"


Joe Soap shrugged his shoulders. "I'll put the fire on then. You know where the bathroom is."


So off went Daryl to the bathroom, and while he was there, Joe Soap picked up the book, The Psychology of Children, and turned to page 47 and read again, If a child wants something special, give it to them only as a reward for good behaviour. Rewarding good behaviour is the best way of teaching children that everything in life has to be earned, whether it be for respect or material things. Once you give in to a child and allow them to gain special favours without offering anything in return, they will expect you to do it every time they want something. Be firm, but fair! And always remember that it is not only the prerogative of the child to be selfish. You matter!  And after reading that through three times and memorising it, Joe Soap got up and put the book in a drawer where Daryl wouldn't see it. Then he went to the sofa and arranged all the cushions so he could be comfortable and so that Daryl, if he wanted to do the same, would have to sit near him. But Joe Soap, even though he had a smug grin on his face, had made a big mistake... he hadn't put the fire on!


And so Daryl came out of the bathroom wrapped only in a large bath-towel, and when he saw that Joe Soap had not switched on the fire, he let out a tirade of, "What's up with the fookin' fire?! You runnin' short of leccy?" Then he actually glared at Joe Soap, and growled, "You knows I like to warm me arse after I've had a bath!"


Joe Soap was taken aback, and he muttered, "Err... no.... I... err, didn't know you liked to do that when you've had a bath. I forgot."


Daryl sort of took sympathy on Joe Soap then and said, "S'okay. Switch it on and I'll be okay. It's a leccy one so it doesn't take long to warm up."


So Joe Soap timidly went to the fire and switched it on and went and sat on the sofa again while little Daryl dried himself and warmed his arse, and he took his time did Daryl, and that's because he made it the sexiest drying his gorgeous little body and warming his lovely little arse that Joe Soap had ever witnessed in all his born days! And only when little Daryl was sure he'd snared Joe Soap, hook, line and sinker, did he go to the sofa and lie back on it and pull his legs onto his chest and grin at Joe Soap and say, "Put your fookin' tongue up there again. It's clean as a whistle now, and I've put some of your smelly stuff on me arse. You'll enjoy that!" So Joe Soap did as he was told and willingly got down to business, and they went through the same procedure that had happened when little Daryl was last in his flat... and Daryl was right... Joe Soap really did enjoy it, especially because the little boy's arse smelled like a scent shop. But when it was over and after little Daryl had untangled his legs from around Joe Soap's neck, he said, "I'm fookin' hungry again. Make me some eggs on toast."


So Joe Soap did as he was told and then he sat on the sofa and watched the news on the TV while little Daryl gobbled up the three poached eggs on toast that Joe Soap had made for him, and when Daryl had gobbled it all up, Joe Soap asked him, "Did you enjoy that?"


Little Daryl burped and said, "Dead right I fookin' did! Nothin' better than a good arse lickin' and your dick sucked and three eggs on toast." Then he grinned at Joe Soap. "I should come here more often. Has your headache cleared up?"


Joe Soap felt a faint glimmer of hope, and he sort of smiled when he said, "Yes, it's gone now. What shall we do now?"


Daryl grinned at him. "I'll get dressed and let you have a bit of peace and quiet. Thanks for you know what." And so Daryl got dressed and went off to his flat upstairs and left Joe Soap feeling really depressed, and that was because he was beginning to realise that he was very ordinary and wasn't a very good paedophile at all, and that the book he'd read didn't cater for clever little boys like Daryl Peasebottom.




And so, during the next month, it became a routine... Daryl would call, have a bath, warm his arse, tease Joe Soap to death, and be rewarded for his teasing by having his gorgeous little arse licked before he got his cock sucked, followed by the customary three eggs on toast before he went back home to do whatever. In fact, by the end of the month, the bloke who kept the local shop, Ali Khan, even remarked that Joe Soap's intake of eggs had gone up considerably and he asked Joe Soap what he was doing with them, and Joe Soap, being a very ordinary bloke, could only think to say, "I like eggs on toast." Well, what else can a very ordinary paedophile say when he means he likes licking little boys' arses and sucking gorgeous hard little dicks and being half strangled in the process, and even though he wasn't getting his own end away, three eggs on toast was a reward for just being able to do that.




But Joe Soap was not aware that little Daryl was not the leech he thought he was. In fact, little Daryl, every time he got back to his flat, had a little chuckle to himself. He'd been caught out by the fooker who had run off to Spain, and he'd no intention of letting the same thing happen again. He was going to make Joe Soap like him a lot, like in really like him a lot, before he would let Joe Soap do the things that that fooker who ran off to Spain had made him do. He wasn't kind like Joe Soap was... he just took what he wanted from Daryl, including shoving his dick up his little arse, and when he was satisfied, he buggered off and left little Daryl without any satisfaction. So little Daryl began to plan things. What nobody knew except Daryl was that little Daryl was beginning to understand himself better every day. No, he didn't like what that fooker who had run of to Spain did to him, but it was not what he did to him that Daryl didn't like, it was the way he did it to him that was unpleasant.


So, after about six weeks of messing about, little Daryl decided that he could trust his new friend, Joe Soap, and because he was beginning to like him a lot, he made sure he was nice and clean this time, and he'd even put some nice smelly stuff on his arse before he went down and knocked on Joe Soap's door. Joe Soap opened it and little Daryl saw the same look he got every time he called, and he giggled inside when he thought what he was going to do. In fact, he giggled even more when Joe Soap went and switched the fire on without him even asking. But Daryl didn't go and warm his arse this time, he went to the sofa and sat down and pretended he was sad. It worked, because Joe Soap asked him, "Are you okay, Daryl?"


Little Daryl shrugged his little shoulders. "S'pose so! I get fed up being up there! They never fookin' treat me right. Only you do that. And you never ask me to do anything for you like go to the fookin' shops or whatever. You just let me in, let me warm me arse, wash it with that lovely tongue of yours, suck me off, and then feed me and you never ask for anything from me. It isn't fookin' right! That fooker who buggered off to Spain just fooked me arse and then sodded off. You don't do that."


Joe Soap sat by little Daryl's side and wrapped an arm around him, and said, "I didn't know he did that to you. You're too small to do that to."


Little Daryl looked up at Joe Soap, and gave him a pretend surprised look when he said, "I'm not too fookin' little to do it to! It's just that he just rammed his dick up me arse and then buggered off! That's the bit I didn't like... the buggerin' off bit and not the dick up me arse bit. He didn't even give me a wank before he buggered off!"


Joe Soap shook his head. "That's cruel Daryl. Sorry about that. Do you want me to make you feel a bit better? I don't mind doing that for you... you know, the wanking off bit?" Then Joe Soap sort of laughed when he said, "I've never done that to you. I've always sucked you off."


Daryl looked up at him with pretend pleading eyes, and grinned when he said, "You can if you want. Shall I get me dick out now and you can do it for me?"


Joe Soap smiled and nodded. "Yes. Do you want to take your jeans off?"


Little Daryl shook his head. "No. I'll let you undo me zip and you can get me dick out and do it that way. Can I sit on your knees while you do it?"


And so Little Daryl sat on Joe Soap's knees and let him play with his little dick, but because little Daryl had had a wank just before he went down to Joe Soap's flat, he knew the wanking bit would take ages. In fact, that was part of his plan. Anyway, after Joe Soap had been wanking him for a bit, little Daryl looked up at Joe Soap and said, "It's not working just doing it like this. Let me take me clothes off and we'll start again." So little Daryl got up, removed all his clothes, and sat in Joe Soap's lap again, and then he said, "That's better. Now rub your other hand all over me while you're wanking me and I might be able to cum."


So Joe Soap did as he was told and he tried to rub his free hand over every part of little Daryl while he was wanking him, but after ten minutes he looked at little Daryl, and said, "It's still not working. Are you sure you want me to do this?"


Little Daryl shrugged his little shoulders and pretended to be perplexed when he said, "It usually works." Then little Daryl said, "What about if you take your trousers down and you can shove your dick between my arse cheeks and we can try that? You're not shy, are you?"


Joe Soap shrugged his shoulders and he said, "I've never done that before. Will it fit?"


Little Daryl giggled. "We'll make it fookin' fit! Leave it to me!" And then, because he was feeling really randy and it had taken all his willpower not to cum when Joe Soap was wanking him off, little Daryl got off Joe Soap's knees and almost tore his trousers off until they, and Joe Soap's underpants were around his ankles. Then, only taking a fraction of a second to do so, he looked at Joe Soap's dick and he knew it would be no bother getting that up his arse. That fooker who had buggered off to Spain had a dick a lot bigger than Joe Soap's. But little Daryl was experienced at that sort of stuff and he knew he would need something on his arse to get Joe Soap's dick inside him even if it wasn't as big as that fooker's who had buggered off to Spain, so he pretended that he needed a pee and went off to the bathroom.


When he got there he went straight to the bathroom cabinet and opened it. No Vaseline! Shit! What else was there? And then he saw it. Just what the doctor ordered! Well, it was better than nothing! Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Skin Soother, and it was the proper type and not the fookin' spray stuff that his ma bought. Proper creamy stuff it was, and little Daryl worked loads of it around his little arsehole and up it. Then, and his little bottom was most certainly not squeaking when he went back, he went and sat on Joe Soap's lap again, making sure Joe Soap's dick was well inside his arse cheeks when he was settled.


And so, while Joe Soap was wanking him again, little Daryl began rubbing his arse up and down Joe Soaps hard dick. But he didn't go crazy while he was doing it. That would be stupid. The last thing Little Daryl wanted was for Joe Soap to squirt his suds before little Daryl was ready for it, and the last place he wanted the suds to go was on his arse. Oh no! Little Daryl wanted to reward Joe Soap for all the shit he'd given him since he first went down in his dirty underpants to borrow a tenner for the leccy. This was be like Predator... Payback Time! UP his arse!




Joe Soap couldn't believe his luck. After all, he was just a very ordinary bloke and an even more ordinary paedophile, and even the book he'd read, The Psychology of Children, had been useless up to now. But here was little Daryl sitting on his dick and it was between those delicious arse cheeks he knew so well. And because he knew every bit of what was between those arse cheeks, he knew just where his dick was when little Daryl was sliding up and down on him. Then little Daryl did something really exciting... he stopped sliding up and down his dick and began to move his little arse from side to side, and Joe Soap knew just where his swollen nob end was when he was doing it... right by that gorgeous little pink pucker that he'd had his tongue up so many times. And Joe Soap was so excited by what was happening, that he was forgetting to wank little Daryl off. And, it seemed, little Daryl was not concentrating either, because he wasn't complaining that Joe Soap had stopped wanking him.




Little Daryl was trying not to giggle. He knew Joe Soap had stopped wanking him because he was feeling extra randy because he knew his nob was by his arsehole. But being by it and up it were two different things, and little Daryl knew he would have to manipulate things so he could get it up there, something he'd been wanting to do for a bit. He used his ma's dildo at home, but little Daryl knew a dildo was nothing like the proper thing. Having a hard dildo up your arse is okay, but a dick up your arse is much better. A dick goes round the corners better and sort of fills everything up. But this was where little Daryl knew he was going to have to be clever. In fact, he was going to have to sort of direct operations even better if he was to succeed at what he wanted, so he looked up at Joe Soap, and said, "Leave me dick alone for a bit and hold me waist while I play with your dick round me arsehole. I like doing that. It's almost as nice as when you're giving me an arsewash. And shove your arse down the sofa a bit and lean back more. I can do it better if you do that. In fact, I'll tell you what... you get hold of your dick and let me rub me arsehole on the end of it. But don't you dare fookin' cum yet! I don't want a mess on me arse! We're only playing!"


 And so, while Joe Soap was holding his dick as rigid as he could get it, little Daryl, who was sort of squatting while facing Joe Soap, with both his little hands pulling his arse cheeks wide, began to rub his arsehole over Joe Soap's nob. And being the very clever little boy he was, sort of pretending the squatting position was tiring to his little leg muscles, he sat down while he was doing it, and just like the magicians say, Hey Presto!, his pink little pucker opened up and Joe Soap's nob slipped easily through the stretched little muscle lubricated with Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Skin Soother until it was warm and safe inside little Daryl's arse. And only then did little Daryl relax and sit down properly, and as he did so, every bit of Joe Soap's hard dick slipped right inside him. Then he looked up at Joe Soap and grinned, and he said, "Now you can wank me off!"


And that's exactly what Joe Soap did, and while he was wanking off little Daryl, because the little boy was working his hard dick inside his gorgeous little arsehole, just as little Daryl began making his cumming noises, Joe Soap produced all his suds and blew loads of bubbles right up Daryl's little arse at the same time. And it was bloody lovely!




And ever after that, Joe Soap was never an ordinary bloke, and neither was he an ordinary paedophile. In fact, just like little Daryl, he became extraordinary, and they both enjoyed doing their stuff while Daryl's ma borrowed loads of money for the leccy. In fact, because Joe Soap and little Daryl were so happy together and they fell in love, when Daryl was sixteen, they moved away to a place where they both knew Daryl's pa would never find them, and that's because neither of them wanted Joe Soap to get his legs broken.




Pattaya is a lovely place where young boys can knock about with old blokes and nobody gives a rat's arse about it. And, as little Daryl so often says now they're living there, It's fookin' lovely and warm here. We don't need no fookin' fire to warm me arse before you give it a good lickin'! Saves on the fookin' leccy!  


And they lived happily ever after.  


The end.


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