The Rocker

The Rocker Part Nine

Van T Z Boi 2019

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From Part Eight

"Terry," I called and he half turned but then the Woodwork Door opened and a crowd of boys shoved me out of their way as they rushed the doorway.

Recovering I struggled along the Art Room queue where Terry stood, then Mr Bingten the Art Master appeared.

Part Nine

I was stopped in my tracks, all the training about how to behave in the corridor struck and I melted into the queue with my fellow classmates. I did not at first notice where I had landed in the line-up.

I quite enjoyed Art; Mr Bingten the teacher was a bit of an oddball, a true failed artist if ever there was one but he strove to unearth our artistic endeavours. I was not an accomplished drawer but I liked to mess about with paint, especially the tonal washes he would get us to experiment on and he was very complimentary about my efforts. I was looking forward to siting alongside Terry, the ever present thought in my mind that possibility that we could sneak out to the bogs so he could deal with my ever present erection enticed me and of course kept me hard. I was to be disappointed.

"Line up in two's please," Mr Bingten commanded in his soft voice, I tried to move up to where Terry was standing but a dig in my elbow stopped me. I stared at my assailant.

`Fuck!' it was my enemy Mike Field. He grinned sarcastically at me.

"Fuck off Danny," he smirked, "no pushing in line."

His ploy backfired on both of us, as we entered I saw the Art room tables had been re-laid; Mr Bingten was clearly in one of his artistic urges again. Every now and then we would enter to find whatever project we had been following had been set aside to concentrate on `learning art' and today was no exception. On each table was a piece of blank drawing paper and pencils, charcoal and a rubber. We were directed to sit two by two opposite each other; to both mine and Mike's horror, his intervention had caused us to be paired up. Glaring grimly at each other we reluctantly sat down.

"Boys," Mr Bingten's soft voice spoke out, "I want you to practice your `life portrait skills' today. Look closely at the person opposite and commit what you see to paper," a mumbled groan came from nearly everyone; this was not one of Mr Bingten's best `urges projects.' He continued, "Look at the face opposite, is it oval? is it round? this will determine the first form you draw, then add in your model's features as you see them." Mike and I continued to glare at each as he went rambling on. He clapped his hands and instructed us still as soft voiced as ever, `Start!'

Raging I picked up my pencil and drew the elongated oval shape that I perceived Mike's face to be. In my head I drew the devil horns and the black eyes and the pitchfork I imagined were his, but I refrained from putting these perceived extras on the paper.

"I hear your great friends with that Teddy Boy," Mike whispered but there was no side to his voice, no sardonic added comment. Confused I looked up. Mike's face showed a bland expression but his eyes indicated curiosity and could I see a hint of `jealousy'.

"Teddy Boy?" I replied disinterested as possible, "oh you mean Ted, the Rocker," I looked defiantly in Mike's eyes; he held my gaze and then unexpectedly lowered his eyes. I felt a sense of triumph where he was concerned and recalled riding past him outside the Youth Club, clearly that had affected him. "Yeah he's a mate," I countered and rubbed the oriental shaped eye out that I had drawn, my fingers simply could not obey my brain when drawing. "So what?" I added as a thoughtless afterthought.

"Nothing, nothing," Mike grunted and looked down at his paper, his fingers moved his pencil. For a couple of minutes there was silence between us, we could hear the light mumbling undercurrent from the other classmates, Mr Bingten had long ago discovered it was better to allow a level of communication in his classes, it made them easier for both him and the class he was teaching.

"You bringing him to the Club then?" Mike asked unable to keep that trace of envy out of his tone.

"Might be," I drew out my reply, "or we might go for a ride, take the bike out for a spin. Ted can do the ton," I poured on the jealousy.

"FUCK! You done the ton!" he hissed, his tone green as spring grass with envy. I had done no such thing but I wasn't about to let Mike of all people know that.

"Or we might go round to Mark Trevis's, Ted's taken him for a spin, we were out the other night," I happily spitefully buried him with my spin on the truth.

I looked up as he had not spoken, his face was priceless, his mouth hanging open as he sought to comprehend me hanging out with Mark Trevis, I grinned smirking at him. "He's got a nice house," I sneered. Mark may have had a big house, I did not know as I had never been there but I bet Mike knew what sort of place Mark lived in, his mouth dropped even lower and I was really so enjoying baiting him.

"Might go to the Club with Mark and Ted on Saturday night," I really laid it on then knowing that Mike's jealousy would rage on; he had done his best to ingratiate himself with Mark and his crowd to no avail. Sixteen year olds can be so very dismissive of fourteen year olds, especially ones they see could be rivals at some time and Mike was clearly destined to be one of the handsome desired guys. His hair was like mine, a traditional short back and sides style but his barber had cut his to complement his face whilst mine was the result of the pudding bowl shape and the scissors my mother sharpened against our ears. I could see Mike's skin was reddening, he was clearly annoyed at my elevation in his eyes and probably of my other peers in my schoolyear and I laughed internally, `I really got one over you this time' I crowed to myself.

We both scratched away, there was little more to say but I could feel the emotions raging inside Mike and funnily enough it did the job in making my teenprick limp. The gentle hubbub from the others rose around us but we kept our pencils to our paper. I added in Mike's eyes and nose and mouth, I could not quite get his chin right but it was in the end one of my more realistic attempts, I considered in to be my best artistic achievements under Mr Bingten's teaching.

"Not a bad attempt Thurstone," Mr Bingten slapped me gently on the shoulder and then he went on to the next set of desks.

"Can I see?" Mikey's request shook me, normally we would just glare at each other. Nonplussed I held up my paper, Mikey looked at it. "I suppose it does look a bit like me," he said.

I put my artwork down and stared at it, I could see some sort of likeness but the ratios were right for a change. "It is one of my better efforts I think?" I added a bit more shading to the hairline and this did bring Mikey's face into belief, especially if you squinted your eyes.

"No chance I suppose," I looked up Mikey's tone was pitched higher than normal and I could feel the tension in him, "you know if your mate does come down to the Club that I could get a ride on his bike?" Mikey's tone went really hopeful at the end and I saw the beginnings of a pleading in his eyes, I felt cock a hoop.

"I could ask I suppose, if we do go," I shrugged my shoulders and bent my head over my paper so he would not see the look of supreme elation and satisfaction in my face.

"Oh right then," Mikey said lamely and we left it at that.

School was out and stood by the front door watching out for Terry, I was feeling the ache between my legs and the need to empty my balls.

"Dan," I looked up, it was Rob the boy who had been watching me during Drama.

"Rob," I looked at him, he stepped closer, carefully close, his hands were tucked in his trouser pockets and the two halves of his school blazer hung in the gaps, it was the nonchalant stance that teenagers adopted.

"I saw you," his whisper hardly carried and I did not quite hear what he had said.

"What, can't hear you?" I told him, the noise level of feed schoolboys exiting the schoolgates was at its usual tumultuous height and it made even normal conversation impossible.

He bent his head as close to me as he dared, close contact with `non friends' could rise to speculations in the schoolboy jungle, "I saw you with Sam," he gurgled.

I flashed him a look, "Saw what?" I braved it out, besides I had Ted behind me, perhaps not in actuality but his constant presence was something I felt strongly at that time.

"You let Sam suck your dick," Rob spoke flatly.

"Fuck off!" I told him and turned away.

"Please," his tone was different, beseeching, "I won't say anything," his voice was almost tearful to my hearing.

I looked at him, he was one of the scruffiest boys in school let alone my year and was a `hanger-on', he was part but not part of some of the peer groupings and social cliques that always exist within schools, in the most he was tolerated but I had never seen him down at the Youth Club or at church.

"Can we talk?" he was quietly earnest and I was piqued.

`What did he want?' I thought, I was assured in my own mind that Ted would sort him out if that was what was needed, his threat was still a considerable threat in the schoolboy jungle. "Okay," I said grudgingly and we walked, in step alongside each other but definitely not touching in any way.

I led the way into the park, the grassy spaces were full of groups of boys playing football or just sitting around talking, most of these were latchkey kids who hung around together after school as it was better than sitting alone at home and most of them had been told they could not allow anyone else inside the house when no parent was around. I stopped at one of the unoccupied spaces.

"Not here," Rob gestured and walked further on. I followed him.

Rob took me through one of the gates that led towards the council housing estate, I guessed this was where he lived. He stopped at one of the four storey blocks and pointed upwards.

"I live up there," he told me and then led me through the archway entrance.

I followed him down the side of a stairwell, here was a smaller door and through that it led to an open space where clothes lines were hung on the concreted area. Rob turned towards the left where I could see a row of council painted doors. He stopped outside one and produced a key from his pocket.

"This is my, er our store," he explained and opened the door.

Inside there was a bike leaning against one wall, it looked rusty and ill-kempt, much like Rob was. The `store' was a long narrow space and beyond the bike I saw an ancient large saggy bottomed armchair, it had some lumpy looking cushions and a rough looking blanket lying on it.

"Come on," Rob pushed past me, closed the door and dumped his bag on the ground before the chair; he sat down and patted the space beside him, as there was plenty of space I sat down. "We can talk here," he said softly, "no one can overhear us."

"So?" I asked blankly.

Rob coloured, "I saw what Sam did," he went even redder in colour, "I, er well, look, I saw someone else do that, out there one night," he gestured at the door we had entered, "It was one of the spivs, you know the guys that can get stuff, blackmarket stuff," I nodded, things were still on ration and some criminal types blatantly advertised rationed goods knowing that people were unlikely to report then as they were desperate to get their hands on stuff. "He was with one of the guys, he's like a lot of people here, y'know unemployed, so money is tight." I nodded I knew all too well money was tight. "I didn't understand what they woz doing but it did things to me," he blushed and hung his head, "my willie got real hard and hurting," he whispered, "I still don't understand it but it happened in Drama too when I saw Sam." Rob hunched over and I grinned, I slid my hand over his trouser leg and felt the hardness growing between his legs. He squirmed but made no attempt to brush my hand away. I saw the appeal in his eyes.

"Strip," I said.

"Huh," his mouth dropped open and he looked at me, his face stunned and astonished.

"If you want me to explain and I can tell you `everything!" I told him with a big beaming grin, emphasising the `everything,' "then you strip." I removed my hand from his tenting lump and folded my arms across my chest; I leaned back in the seat and stared sideways at him.

Rob trembled and twitched, "You mean it," he said and his head bowed.

I sat still and watched as he undressed, he was slow at first, looking at me as his school blazer came off, his shirt and tie, he just loosened his tie and then undid the top two buttons of his shirt and dragged them off over his head, it looked like this was his usual manner of undressing where his school uniform was concerned. He stood there in his school trousers, his socks and shoes and the ragged string vest that was once white but now was yellow with age and was at least two sizes too large for him. For a moment he stood there breathing heavily, I remained impassive, but inside my excitement was building.

"Fuck it!" he swore and tugged the string vest over his head.

Rob had a slim body, his chest was like a pigeon's and he had two bright pink circles around his teats that stood proud and pointed. His stomach was slightly puffy not taut, Rob was no athlete, there were signs of small hairs poking out from his armpits, they were the same mousy brown colour as his hair. His belly button was one of those that bulged outwards and there was a small bit of fluff in one of the wrinkles. He jerked at his belt, it rucked in his hands and he swore again before grabbing it with both hands and unbuckling it properly. He was panting hard now, and his face was still bright pink but his body remained an unhealthy paleness. Rob unbuttoned the top of his fly and slid the zipper down. He dropped his trousers and then thought better of it. I smiled as he bent down and untied his laces, Rob stepped out of his scuffed black shoes and his trousers fell to his ankles. He was still bent over so I watched as he removed the striped socks, they were stiff looking and I wondered whether they ever got washed at all. Rob stood there in just his lumpy grey-white briefs, the fly was yellow stained but the front bulged where his teendick was still hard, as I watched it pulsed and jerked inside the cotton material. He stood there trembling and shaking, his hands down by his side much like a gunslinger. I looked up at him, he was still bright red in the face and he breathed hard. He slid his fingers into the waistband of his briefs and stopped still.

"You won't tell anyone?" his breathy pleading was full of terror.

"Tell anyone what?" I smirked and leaned back in the chair, my own hardon tented my trousers and I saw Rob tentatively lick his lips as he saw the jerking movement.

Rob sucked in a long breath and then dropped his briefs, the aged and well worn cotton fell to his ankles and he stepped out, he kept his hands to his side. I stared at his teenage cock, Rob's teendick was slim but it was very stiff and as I looked it kept twitching and jerking before me. His small ballsac clung either side of his shaft, he had a sparse growth of hairs around his groin. If I had wanted to, I probably could have counted them. Rob's prick was about four and a half inches long, the tip was pointed and his foreskin wrinkled at the tip. I wondered what his helmet looked like and I reached out.

Rob jerked back, "What are you doing?" he blurted out.

"You wanted to know and touching is part of knowing," I replied and grabbed his hot teenrod.

Rob panted and hunched over, I could feel the terror surging inside him. His teendick was a slim hot crayon and I slowly stroked up and down the satiny skin of his shaft. As I repeated that several times Rob relaxed and stood up straight.

"Feels good doesn't it?" I grinned at him.

Rob nodded and relaxed even more, the terror tension eased and I explored his teenprick, the loose foreskin moved easily and I skinned it down under the ridge of his cockhead, it was slimmer than mine and much smaller than Ted's; it was a mauve purple colour and the lips of his slit were a crimson red hue. Gently I squeezed the tip, it was very pointed, the head was more an arrow shape that a heart. Rob moaned as I squeezed his cockhead and his knees buckled, he reached out to hold onto the brick wall.

"Fuck that feels good," he purred and I repeated the squeezing, at last a bubble of his precum appeared and I smeared it over the head. Rob looked down watching me carefully.

"What's that stuff?" he bent to look closer as I squeezed another bubble out.

"That's your special stuff that makes it easier to fuck," I explained, "it even tastes sweet," I told him, he shook his head in disbelief. I dipped my finger in the next squeezed bubble and pushed it towards his face, he bent backwards but as I was holding his cock he couldn't go anywhere. I pushed my finger right up against his lips and rubbed his juice across them. Rob grimaced but instinctively his tongue slid out and he licked his coated lips. I watched as the look of disbelief became one of amazement.

"Fuck me! it does taste sweet!" he exclaimed, the second fingertip was quickly sucked and then I grabbed his spare hand and made him dip his own finger as I wanked him properly.

Rob was standing, holding onto the wall, as his hips swayed and swivelled, his finger going from his cockhead to his mouth as I rubbed more and more of his precum out of his shaft. Close to his teenprick I could smell his teenage aroma, the piquant must swirled into my nostrils and my own teencock swelled and throbbed. I carefully undid my trousers and opened my fly, my teenprick stood proud, jerking and twitching as it sensed the pleasuring to come.

"You're willie is much bigger than mine," Rob was envious but not jealous.

I squeezed the head and slid my foreskin back, a bubble of my own precum glooped out of my slit. I watched Rob's eyes as he saw the sticky bubble form.

"You're stuff," he acknowledged but the curiosity was revealed in his gaze.

"It tastes sweet too," I goaded him.

Rob hesitated I could hear the wheels turning in his head and then his hand swooped down and his finger caught at the bubble. I watched the look on his face as he tasted me for the first time. "Yours is even sweeter and there's a hint of heat, spicy," he said wonderingly.

"Now you know why people like to suck cocks," I chuckled.

"Fuck yer!" he smiled and then suddenly he was down, bent over and my teendick was inside his mouth, but his teeth caught my helmet and I shoved him off.

"Hey that fucking hurts!" I glared at him.

"Sorry," he mumbled and his face fell.

"You have to be careful with your teeth," I explained how to do it and then I showed him.

Rob's knees buckled even more as I sucked his cockhead and then sucked down his shaft. He was bent over me panting and moaning, his hands pushing down on my shoulders to support his body as he shook and shuddered. I sucked him for a couple of minutes and then let go.

"Hey!" Rob twitched, "don't stop. That was awesome." He pouted at me.

"Your turn," I leaned back in the chair. "Get on your knees, you'll find it easier," I told him.

Rob twitched, his dripping teendick jerked, a small spray of his juices flying into the air and then he submitted and sank down on his knees. Rob slobbered over my dick, he was more energetic than proficient, but his mouth was wet and warm and he certainly sucked hard. I lay back and let my body take over, soon I could feel my balls twitching.

"I'm about to blast," I told him.

Rob dropped my dick out of his mouth, "Blast?" he was confounded and puzzled.

Quickly I explained. His face was a picture as I told him all that Ted had taught me about sex.

"Fucking hell," he looked at his throbbing teenpole with a renewed interest. "I never dun that," he said and sank back on his haunches. I could see his interest waning.

"Get up here," I ordered him.

Quaking he sat beside me, quickly I grabbed his pulsing teenrod, he was dripping with precum and his balls were really hot to touch, they were even tighter against his juddering shaft.

"Relax," I told him as he tensed.

"I'm wanna piss," he moaned.

"Nope! It's not piss," I smirked, "Its spunk, your spunk."

I rubbed him quick and fast, he jerked and shuddered and trembled and panted and whined and moaned and then he tensed, his mouth opened wide and he grunted, I felt his dick jerk, the spasm jerk of orgasm.

"Watch and learn," I told him and he watched with astonishment as his teencock bloated, swelled and then a heavy spurt of his pearly cum bolted out of his slit, followed by three more heavy dollops.

"Fuck! OH! FUCK!" he screamed and fell back on the chair, I giggled as I watched him grunt and wheeze and then he slowly came too. "That was fucking amazing!" he giggled at me.

I dipped my finger in his splodge and held out the dripping tip. Ron stared at me and then at my pearly glinting finger, he leaned close and sniffed it and then his tongue poked out and he licked his first cum.

"Salty and spicy," he beamed and then dipped his own finger in one of the stringy strands that dotted his stomach, scooping the gunk and licking it and swallowing it down.

"Now me," I grabbed his head and pulled it down on my jerking teencock.

I was hyped up by then what with what Sam and Terry and I had done and now Rob plus the sight of a virgin having his first cum and then swallowing his own spunk was really hot. As Rob bobbed his head up and down it did not take me long before I was blasting my dew in his mouth. I held his head as I came, I did not want him jerking away at the vital moment, I clapped my hand around his mouth to anchor it in place. Rob gagged when my spunk hit his palate but I was holding him real tight so he could not move. I felt his throat swallow and then he was sucking and swallowing. As I lay there my cock spilling into his guts I relished the fact that I was sure Ted would be proud of me. His loverboy was turning into being a real chip of the old block and I suddenly realised I understood Ted a little bit more.

"Yours tastes so good," Rob gushed and sucked me a little too hard.

"Hey! Watch it! it gets sensitive once it blasts," I pulled him off my hurting prong. "See," I grabbed his own teendong, squeezed the dripping tip and he crumped bent over on the seat.

"Fuck that hurts!" he cried and rubbed his tackle carefully.

I did the same to mine, gentling it back to comfort. Rob watched me and did the same.

"This is amazing," he cooed as he cuddled his slimy teenworm and I noticed his balls hung looser and lower.

I grinned, I had been in his position only days ago, his world was opening up just as mine had blossomed, I felt a certain tickle inside me, that special place that Ted had made his own and I felt the need, the lust for Ted's touch, for the sensation of his cock sliding inside me. A rush of heated desire flowed over me.

"When can we do it again?" Rob brought me back down but my desire was enflamed as I needed to get off again and fast.

"Your balls feel full still," I gently squeezed the loose fold of skin, finding the spongy spheres which were warm to the touch. "You can easily go again," I stroked his slim limp worm and it perked up and reared up straight in seconds.

"Can we, I?" Rob's eyes flared with excitement.

I pulled him close and kissed him hard and heavy directly on the lips, Rob struggled weakly for a moment but my hand was stroking his swelling shaft and then he melted and allowed me to kiss him, my tongue probed between his pouting lips and slowly they opened to admit me. Rob showed he was a quick learner and we duelled with tongues and dicks as our passions blazed.

"You won't tell anyone that I let you kiss me?" he pleaded, "only we're blokes," I had to giggle, the boy had sucked my dick and swallowed my spunk and was worried about a kiss.

"Depends on how much you suck me," I chuckled but he took me at face value.

"Anytime," he was earnest, "just as long as you don't tell."

I rubbed his hair, it sprung up, spiking, `static electricity' that's what my physics teacher explained it as but I just found it funny.

I stroked his slim pricklet, it jerked heavily in my hand. "Now lets' teach you a bit more about sucking," I smiled and took his cock in my mouth.

We spent the next minutes with me showing him how to work his tongue and his lips and his mouth, he experienced it all and then returned it back to me in spades. I stood up and dragged the cushions of the chair and laid them on the concrete floor, it was a rough mattress but when I explained we could do each other at the same time he was eager to try it. In the end I lay on top of him and fucked his mouth, my dick forcing itself deeper and deeper in his mouth, I was nearly inside his throat when I exploded and Rob gagged around my dick, it was an amazing sensation. I followed up by sucking Rob all the way, he was juddering, writhing and screaming as I sucked him off; as he lay squirming with the ebbing delights of his orgasm I pressed my lips against him and dropped his entire load into his mouth. He gurgled but he swallowed the lot.

"WOW!" he lay half on the cushions and half on the concrete, I could see some scratches on his skin and knew they would probably hurt but not right at that moment.

The thought came into my head that I ought to get home, I had not said anything about being late or going elsewhere and knew mum would be mad with me if I was too late getting home. I left Rob playing with his dick and closed the door to the store behind me. Rob could wait until the next day. I hurried home, working though all the excuses I might need for mum.

I was elated when I got to my street, Ted's bike was outside Ma Parker's I trotted up to it and felt the engine, it was cool to the touch. I looked at Ma Parker's door, `Ted is in there' I thought happily and the image of him being inside me sent a rush of wanton desire flooding all through me. Walking on air I crossed back to my own door and went in.

I could hear the sounds of laughter and giggling, inquisitive I never even bothered to take off my blazer or drop my schoolbag down. I opened the living room door, Ted was sitting on the sofa, he was in his shirtsleeves and Tony my brother was sitting giggling on his lap. My eight year old brother was naked and Ted was rubbing his slim boypricklet and Tony was rocking back and forth and chuckling as his obvious delight flowed through him.

"Dan," Ted beamed at me but I could not take my eyes of his fingers as they continued to stroke and rub my brother's cocklet. `They should be around my cock' I thought jealously.

"Where's mum?" I croaked, thinking `if she sees what Ted is doing...? How is this possible' I stood there confounded.

"Your dad is helping out at a party at the pub, they needed extra help and as I had got off work early I popped over to see if you were about so when the offer of the extra work came up, I said I was happy to look after you three," Ted grinned at me, his whole face lighting up, but his fingers continued to stroke Tony's boylance. "Don't I get a kiss?" Ted smiled at me and my knees went weak.

I crossed the floor to where he sat, his Ted smell wafted towards me as I walked and I breathed in his essence, it made me feel so good and so very hot for him. We kissed, the heat tingled inside me and any reserve or envy concerning Tony melted away. Ted's hands were all over me, my clothes disappeared in seconds and he stroked my swelling teencock, the sensations when he touched me were always more sublime, always more powerful and enthralling and I closed my eyes and moaned, happy, ecstatically happy. The door to the kitchen opened and I froze to the spot, my eyes flew open and I looked at the door. My ten year old brother Rob entered, he carried a tray on which were tea cups, the milk jug and a steaming pot of tea.

"I've done the tea," he smiled and only then did I realise that he was naked too. "Oh you're home Danny." He put the tray down on the table, "I'll get a cup for you," I watched his naked backside, the taut mounds swaying as he returned to the kitchen. Rob returned with the extra cup and dumfounded I sat down stunned as he poured out the tea. It was odd, sublime but somehow okay to be sat naked with my brothers who were also naked and drinking tea.

"I missed you," I said meaningfully at Ted.

He grinned, "That's why I managed to get of work early," he beamed at me, "thought maybe we could do what we did this morning, you know check your homework," and he winked one eye.

I blushed and felt that wonderful tingling tickle rise up inside me, suddenly I did not want my brother's there at all, I did not want to share Ted. I wanted him to pick me up and do me, rut his dick inside me and do me again and again.

"Hey it's my turn," Rob was pushing at Tony who pouted his lips and pushed him away.

"No I'm with Ted," he insisted.

Ted chuckled, "hey you two no fighting, there's plenty of time for lots of fun," he wrapped his arms around my two naked brothers. He cocked his head at me and a gleam came into his eyes, "A little bird told me that you made your little brother feel good the other morning," I blushed and shivered with embarrassment recalling that morning when I had wanked Tony, well wanked him until Rob and Mum walked in. Ted leaned across and kissed me, "Why don't you make your brother Rob feel good whilst I help Tony out," he said softly, and then..."

I felt the tingling inside me soar and flare and blaze; my knees went weaker, buckling.


End of Part Nine


To Be Continued...???????????????????????????



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