his story contains scenes of a sexual nature involving an adult male and boys under the age of eighteen. The characters and events portrayed are totally fictional and any similarities to genuine people or events are entirely coincidental.

I started this a while ago and originally intended it to be a multi-chapter story, with each one focusing on a different boy. Unfortunately it became very repetitive and I got bored with the plot; if a story bores the author, God help the reader! I was going to ditch the whole thing but instead I’ve trimmed it down to a single chapter and submitted this alternate version. I’ve tried to leave enough of the plot in place to link the sex scenes but the editing process might’ve made it a bit clunky Apologies for that, I hope you enjoy the story anyway. Hugh.


حب الولد



he official business of the Majlis came to an end and Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah al Aziz relaxed, anticipating what he knew was next on the agenda. The day before, the forty five year old ruler of the small Gulf state of Rambum had married his new twelve year old bride; the fourth and final wife allowed him by the Qur’an. The year before, the Sheikh had completed a trade deal with a neighbouring emirate and, as part of the deal, he and the Emir had arranged for each to marry one of the other’s daughters. The Emir had promised the Sheikh his prettiest daughter, not that her looks mattered to him, the only problem being that she hadn’t yet become a woman. Three months earlier she had menstruated for the first time and the wedding had subsequently been arranged for the previous day. The wedding had brought all the tribal chiefs from their inland villages to the capital city and, since gathering all them together at the same time often proved problematic, the Sheikh had taken advantage of their presence to call a Majlis or consultative council.

He had first been married at eighteen, to a fourteen year old girl selected by his father, the previous sheikh. She was now forty one and no longer bore him children although, as senior wife, she still ran the female part of his household. His second and third wives, whom he’d also wed as young teenagers, were now thirty three and twenty three respectively and still producing children on a regular basis. This latest addition would do likewise for another twenty five years, ensuring that he would be fathering children until he was seventy; by which time his duty would have been done.

Unlike his father and other male relatives he had no concubines, or at least no female ones. He believed firmly in the old adage that women were for breeding and boys were for pleasure and had therefore collected what was possibly the finest harem of pretty, pre-pubescent boys in the Arab world; currently numbering sixteen and aged from seven to thirteen.

With the official Majlis business concluded, one of the tribal chiefs turned to the Sheikh and respectfully asked if he might suggest one of the boys from his village as being suitable to join the Sheikh’s household. Everyone present was fully aware that he was offering one of his young relatives to join the Sheikh’s harem and become one of his sexual playthings but no-one was impolite enough to mention the fact. The Sheikh indicated his assent and the chief signalled for a younger man to come forward. This man was the nephew of the other and he had his two young sons, aged five and seven, with him. It was the elder lad who was being offered, as it was well known that the Sheikh considered seven to be the ideal age for boys to join his harem. The boy was extremely good looking, which made a good first impression and the Sheikh indicated that he should approach.

There was more to selecting the right boy than just looks, however; he had to have the right sort of personality to fit in with the other boys and to be comfortable having intimate, physical contact with a man, of course. The selection wasn’t easy but, over the years, he had developed an interview technique that involved the prospective candidate sitting on his knee and answering questions about himself while being kissed and caressed. The boy’s body language and physical responses were more important than the answers to the questions and usually his selections worked out very well. Occasionally he got it wrong and a boy failed to work out and had to be returned to his village but that had only happened two or three times over the years.

The boy seemed reluctant to approach too closely and, when the Sheikh lifted him onto his knee, he initially tried to pull away and then tensed up. A kiss on the cheek didn’t please him at all and he answered the questions in a sullen, monosyllabic manner. It was clear to all present that the boy would be rejected and the man who had proposed his great-nephew seethed with displeasure, although the boy’s father looked relieved. The Sheikh found himself with something of a dilemma; he had no wish to select an unsuitable boy but, equally, he didn’t want to upset the chief who was an important and influential man.

The solution turned out to be standing a few feet away. The boy’s younger brother had been watching events unfold and, when the older boy had been released and had returned to his father’s side, he came forward unbidden, held out his arms and smiled adorably at the Sheik. There was an audible gasp as the entire audience reacted to the shocking breach of etiquette but the Sheikh merely laughed and lifted the small boy onto his knee. Unlike his brother, this lad wriggled with pleasure when he was caressed and answered the questions eagerly and fully. When the Sheikh kissed his cheek he giggled, turned his head and offered himself for a kiss on the lips; which the man was more than happy to do. Although seven was his preferred age for new boys to join the harem, he occasionally took younger ones and decided that, if the chief was agreeable, he would accept this boy, even though it would be some time before he was ready to take part in sexual activity with an adult. In fact the chief, who had been distraught when the Sheikh had rejected his original offering, was delighted and honoured that one of his relatives had been selected after all and didn’t appear in the least bothered by the lad’s lack of years.

It was traditional for the Sheikh to offer compensation to the family of a new boy, which usually took the form of camels or other domestic animals. In typical Middle Eastern style, however, it was also expected that the initial offer should be rejected and for the two parties to haggle over the price. Eventually they reached agreement and the boy effectively became the property of the Sheikh, for the next few years at least.

With the formalities over, the boy said goodbye to his father and brother and, as he did so, the Sheikh noticed that there seemed to be a lack of fraternal love between the two boys. He suspected that the elder child was the apple of his father’s eye and resented his younger sibling succeeding where he had failed, even though his own reactions had shown him to be unsuited to life in a boy harem. If today had been typical of the boy’s behaviour, he probably bullied his brother as well and, if that was the case, the younger lad would probably find his new home to be like a breath of fresh air. When the goodbyes had been said, the Sheikh summoned a servant and the boy was conducted out of the meeting room and across to the harem at the other side of the palace compound.

There being no other business, the Sheikh pronounced the Majlis over, stood up and left, while the audience bowed to him. Once he had departed the rest did likewise, dispersing to their scattered and, in some cases, remote villages.


حب الولد



he previous few days had been extremely busy with the build up to the wedding and the event itself. Many important people had attended including the heads of state of several neighbouring countries and representatives from other nations, as well as the great and the good of Rambum. As a result, the Sheikh had not been with any of his boys for several days and to call him horny was something of an understatement. Now, with his guests having left, he was able to remedy that problem and headed straight to his boy harem.

He had earlier indicated that he wished his current favourite, Mustapha, to be prepared and waiting for him, as the boy’s time in the harem was coming to an end and he wanted to enjoy his last few weeks with the lad to the full. The boy was now thirteen and just starting puberty; very soon he would no longer be sexually attractive to the Sheikh and would have to move on to pastures new. The boys were all fully aware that their time here would end when they matured but none of them were discarded heartlessly. He genuinely cared for his boys and even loved a few of them, Mustapha being one example. Those with families usually returned to them, while the orphans were given two options. One was to be fostered, with the ultimate aim of adoption; the other was to go to another man whose preference was for teenage boys. Most chose the former but those who enjoyed sex with a man the most tended to take the latter option and Mustapha had already indicated that was his wish. The Sheikh was careful to place his boys with men he knew would care for them and always arranged a meeting between the two beforehand, giving the boy the chance to reject his choice. The Sultan of a nearby country had previously expressed his desire to take Mustapha from the Sheikh when the time came and, as he had met the man on a couple of occasions and liked him, the boy had already given his consent to the arrangement.

There was a large bedroom next to the harem, which was kept exclusively for the Sheikh’s liaisons with his boys and it was here that Mustapha was waiting for him. The boy had been prepared as requested, having been given an enema and a bath before having his anus lubricated. He was now reclining, eyes closed, on the king sized bed, wearing a skimpy pair of white cotton briefs which he’d donned for the erotic effect they created when contrasted with his smooth, brown skin.

The Sheikh sat on the bed next to his boy, reached across and ran his fingers down the side of the lad’s torso. Mustapha’s eyes flew open and then a large grin split his face as he recognised his master. He sat up, flung his arms around the man’s neck and kissed him passionately. The Sheikh returned the kiss with equal ardour and they remained, lips locked and tongues entwined for a couple of minutes.

Eventually, without breaking the kiss, the Sheikh lay on his back and pulled Mustapha down on top of himself. He began caressing the boy’s back, gradually moving his hands lower until he was massaging the two, firm mounds of the lad’s buttocks through the thin material of his briefs. Then the hands slipped under the waistband of the garment and started squeezing and rubbing the boy’s arse directly before the middle finger of the right hand began to slide up and down his crack. Naturally this produced the desired effect, which was to turn two inches of soft, thirteen year old boy penis into four inches of hard, pubescent cock which the man could feel pressing against his belly.

This was, of course, merely a prelude to even better things and the Sheikh, having abstained from the pleasures of boy flesh for several days, was in no mood to hang around. He broke the seemingly endless kiss, rolled them over until Mustapha was in the passive, supine position and sat up to remove his dishdash, under which he was wearing nothing as usual; his thick, cut, seven inches standing to attention and ready for action. Neither of them was in the mood for long, drawn out foreplay and each read that in the other. The Sheikh leaned over and sucked one and then the other of the boy’s nipples before quickly moving down his belly in a series of soft, rapid kisses. When he reached the briefs, he wasted no time in removing them before turning his attention to the lad’s hairless ball sack and then to his slim shaft. He licked its length, sucked on the glans and then engulfed its entirety in his mouth, reducing the boy to a squirming, squealing wreck. The man bobbed up and down while his young lover humped back and within a few minutes the boy climaxed with a loud moan and, for the first time, squirted a few drops of thin semen into the man’s mouth. The Sheikh moved up and kissed the boy again, allowing him to share the taste of his very first emission and Mustapha’s eyes opened wide as he recognised the importance of the moment.

The result of the orgasm produced mixed emotions in each of them, as it was a happy and momentous event in the young man’s life but also signalled the end of their relationship. The Sheikh had earlier seen a few red spots in the lad’s pubic area and suspected that he’d plucked his first few hairs; the boy’s first wet cum confirmed that he had indeed entered puberty. When the man broke the kiss, he looked down at the boy with a smile but the perceptive lad spotted the sadness in his eyes and his own began to fill up with tears. The Sheikh moved in behind Mustapha and spooned him, holding the boy tightly as he cried.

“I don’t want to leave you,” he sobbed.

“I know,” the Sheikh replied gently, “but it’s for the best. You know that I’ll stop having fun with you and, if you were to stay, you’d only get upset because the other boys would be doing things that you wanted to. You’ll be much happier with the Sultan, you like one another and he only has one boy at a time. Soon you’ll be enjoying yourself so much that you’ll have forgotten about me.”

“I’ll never forget you,” the boy replied vehemently. Then he asked, “If the Sultan only has one boy, what’s wrong his current one?”

“There’s nothing wrong with him as such; but he’s eighteen now and is more of a young man than a boy. The sultan has only kept him this long because he’s waiting for you, that’s how much he appreciates you.”

“How long will he keep me?”

“Who knows, it comes down to maturity rather than age, just like with me. He kept one boy until he was twenty one because he matured very late, you might be the same. Whenever it happens, he’ll make sure that you’re looked after. He cares for his boys just like I do.”

They lay in silence for several minutes before the boy asked, “Do you still want to fuck me?”

The Sheikh decided that actions spoke louder than words, raised the lad’s right leg, lined up his hard cock and pushed the full seven inches home with one shove. The boy groaned and pushed back, as if trying to get the penis even deeper inside himself. They adjusted their position to get comfortable and the man began to move in and out with long, slow thrusts. For over three years they had been making love together and were very much in tune with one another’s body. The boy pushed back and squeezed his inner muscles in time with the Sheikh’s thrusts, while the man ensured that his cockhead brushed the lad’s prostate with every stroke.

They kept the rhythm going for almost ten minutes before the Sheikh began to feel his orgasm building. He pulled out, turned the boy onto his back and bent his legs back. The boy held them in position while the man re-entered, then placed his feet on the Sheikh’s shoulders. Gripping Mustapha’s thighs just above the knees, the man began to pound the boy’s arse; thrusting rapidly in and out at an angle that caused his cock to hit the lad’s sensitive gland each time.

In under a minute the Sheikh was close to cumming again and this time he didn’t stop but continued to hump into his boy until his climax hit and he began pumping several days’ worth of thick spunk into the lad’s rectum. The pounding of Mustapha’s prostate had not been in vain; just after the man climaxed the boy did likewise, a tiny dribble of watery boy juice landing on his belly as he enjoyed his first wet anal orgasm.

Afterwards they spooned again under a single sheet, snoozing together for a couple of hours. When they woke, the Sheikh ordered dinner for them both to be served in the room and, after the meal, they made love again. This time it was slower, starting with foreplay; kissing, caressing, licking and sucking one another for half an hour before penetration. Then, for the next hour, they fucked in multiple positions; missionary, doggy, side-by-side, boy sitting on top and boy lying on top before they finally climaxed together. Exhausted, they got back under the sheet and fell asleep again in one another’s arms.


حب الولد



n the morning he sent Mustapha back to the harem to get cleaned up, while he returned to his main bedroom to shower and change, ready for the day’s business. His role in the government of Rambum was that of a chief executive; most of the government ministers were members of his family but they were mere figureheads and the day to day running of the country was carried out by a trusted group of well-educated young men, the vast majority of whom were formerly his boys. There was a full time tutor in the harem, another former boy and the Sheikh ensured that they all took their lessons seriously. Even after they left him, he made sure that their new families had sufficient funds to educate them and send them to university if they so chose; intelligence was one of the qualities that he looked for when selecting a boy. Then, as adults, he looked to employ them in the nation’s administration or within the palace. In this way he had built up an ultra-loyal group that he could trust implicitly.

He spent the morning going over the nation’s affairs, catching up after the hiatus caused by his wedding. He also called the Sultan and arranged to visit the man the following month; during this visit he would hand Mustapha over to the care of his new master. After lunch he decided to visit his boys; other than Mustapha he hadn’t seen them for several days and he was missing them.

The boy harem consisted of three main rooms; a large, central living space and two dormitories each of which could sleep ten boys. One dorm was for the younger ones, whom he didn’t consider ready for anal intercourse and the other for the older ones, whom he fucked. With the addition of the new lad, there were nine younger and eight older boys but, when Mustapha moved on, one of the youngsters would make the transition to the other dorm. He considered ten to be the optimum age for the transition but it wasn’t a hard and fast rule; boys developed at different rates and, in some cases, their exact age was unknown.

The boys always remained naked in the harem and were allowed, in fact were encouraged, to play with one another sexually. There were two important rules, however: first, the younger boys were not allowed to have anal intercourse; the main reason for segregating the sleeping quarters was to remove some of the temptation from the older ones. Second, all activity had to be consensual; sexual abuse and indeed all bullying, was strictly forbidden and two middle aged, female servants lived with the boys to act as surrogate mothers. This involved looking after their emotional welfare as well as enforcing discipline. Boys being boys, they occasionally stepped out of line and had to be chastised by their ‘mothers’, while in more serious cases the Sheikh himself carried out the punishments.

When he entered the harem he was spotted by a group of the younger boys who immediately rushed over and surrounded him, clamouring for attention. He took the time to talk to each of them, asking how they were and what they had learned in their lessons. He also made physical contact with each one, a pat here, a caress there and an arm around the shoulders for another. Eventually he passed through the throng and sat down on a chair in the centre of the living room that was reserved for him.

He noticed the new boy, five year old Ahmed, hanging back, his head lowered shyly and called him over. He lifted the lad onto his knees so that he was sitting with his legs across the Sheikh’s thighs with his left side towards the man. With his right hand caressing the boy’s back and his left resting on the lad’s left thigh, he asked Ahmed how he was settling in.

“It’s great here,” the boy beamed, “Everyone has made me very welcome.”

“Just like a lot of big brothers?” the Sheikh asked.

“Oh no,” the boy responded. “They’ve all been very nice, not like my brother at all.” The Sheikh smiled grimly, it confirmed his initial impression that the siblings didn’t get along, that this pleasant kid was probably being bullied by his elder brother and that the father allowed it to continue because he was indulgent of his eldest son’s behaviour.

As their conversation progressed, the Sheikh continued to caress the boy’s back but also began to stroke his inner thigh. The boy wriggled with pleasure just as he had when they first met and, when the man glanced down, he was delighted to see the lad’s tiny spike standing rigidly to attention. The boy was still far too young for sexual relations with a man but it showed that the he was not averse to intimate, physical contact and that boded well for the future. In the meantime he would learn a lot from the other boys. The Sheikh lifted him back to the floor, patted him on his bare bottom and sent him trotting back to join his new friends.

Each of the boys came over to see the man in turn and there was plenty of kissing and fondling to be done before they were all satisfied. Then one of the ‘mothers’ announced that it was time for afternoon lessons and, with much moaning and groaning, they dressed in their dishdasha and headed off to the classroom.


حب الولد



nce they had departed the Sheikh asked the ‘mothers’, Fatima and Yasmin how things had been over the past few days.

“Fine mostly,” Fatima replied, “but Mansur has been playing up again. I don’t know what’s happened to that boy.”

Mansur was eleven, had been in the harem for over four years and had been perfectly well behaved until a few weeks previously. Then he and another boy had got into a fight following a petty argument, the women had decided that it was serious enough for the Sheikh to deal with and he had spanked them both. The other boy’s behaviour had reverted to normal but Mansur’s had deteriorated and he’d had to be spanked on another three occasions.

“It’s strange,” Fatima continued. “He was perfectly well behaved while you were busy with the wedding but as soon as you asked for Mustapha and everyone knew you were back he started acting up again. He never does anything really bad but when we discipline him he refuses to accept the punishment and acts very disrespectfully towards us. He gives us no choice but to hand him over to you.”

An idea of what was wrong began to form in the Sheikh’s mind. “Alright, leave it with me,” he told the two women, “I’ll sort him out.”

He sent a servant to fetch Mansur from the classroom and bring the boy to meet him in the bedroom next to the harem. Mansur entered the room, closed the door and turned to find the Sheikh standing glaring at him. The boy stood with his head bowed and his hands clasped in front of him.

“What am I going to do with you Mansur,” the man growled. “Four times I’ve had to spank you recently and still you can’t seem to behave.

“I’m sorry sir,” the boy responded.

“Sorry isn’t good enough,” the Sheikh replied. “Obviously spanking doesn’t work, so I’ll just have to find a different punishment.” The boy’s head shot up at that and a look of consternation appeared on his face. “Perhaps it’s too late for that,” the man continued. “Maybe I’ll just send you back to the orphanage.”

“Oh no, please don’t do that,” the boy implored. “Just spank me one more time and I promise that I’ll behave in future.”

The Sheikh sat down on the edge of the bed and patted the spot on his left. “Sit down Mansur,” he said quietly and the boy complied. He placed an arm around the boy’s shoulders and asked gently, “Do you enjoy being spanked?”

The boy looked up, tears forming in his eyes and nodded affirmative.

The man pulled him close and kissed the top of his head. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

“The first time you spanked me after the fight it felt really good. I was afraid that if I told you that, you’d think I was weird and send me away.”

“Didn’t I tell you last year when you transitioned that if there was anything that you wanted to try, you only had to ask?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, this is an example of what I meant, everyone is different and we all enjoy different things. I don’t like hurting boys but if you want to be spanked for pleasure you only have to ask and I’ll be happy to comply. Just remember you can say stop if I go too far and it ceases to be fun, OK?”

“What if I say ‘stop’ but I don’t really mean it?”

“You’ll pick what’s known as a safe word, something you’ll remember but won’t say accidently. If you say words like ‘no’ or ‘stop’, I’ll carry on but if you use your safe word I’ll stop immediately.”

“What about ‘ice-cream’,” the boy suggested.

“That’s perfect,” the Sheikh replied. “Now, do you just want me to spank you or would you like to play games as well?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” the boy responded with a puzzled look.

“We can pretend that you’ve really been naughty and that you’re being punished for it, if you like.”

“Yeah, that sounds like fun,” the boy replied with a grin.

“In that case, if you apologise to Fatima and Yasmin for your behaviour and promise not to misbehave in future, we’ll play punishment games whenever you want.”

The boy stood up and hugged the Sheikh. “Thank you sir,” he said, “I’ll go and apologise straight away.” With that he turned and headed for the door.

“Where do you think you’re going,” the man said sternly. The boy turned and looked back questioningly. “You behaved terribly yesterday and you have to be punished. Take off your dishdash and get over my knees immediately.”

Mansur grinned but then, getting into the spirit of things, wiped the smile from his face, removed his garment and hung his head in penitence. “I’m sorry sir,” he said. “If you spank me I promise it won’t happen again.”

“I told you to get over my knees,” the Sheikh repeated. “Obey me immediately, you despicable child.” The boy moved with alacrity and took up the prescribed position, across his master’s legs with his already stiffening cock pressed against the man’s right thigh. The Sheikh placed his left hand on the boy’s back to hold him in position and said, “Each time I strike you, call out the number of the strike and say ‘Thank you sir’. Do you understand?”

“Y . . . yes sir,” the boy stammered.

The man raised his right hand and brought it down firmly on the lad’s right buttock. “One, thank you sir,” Mansur responded as instructed, swiftly followed by, “Two, thank you sir,” as his left buttock received similar treatment. The boy’s cock was now fully erect and with each stroke he wriggled and rubbed it against the man’s leg.

The Sheikh was unsure how long to continue, this was the first time one of his boys had wanted to be spanked and he was concerned not to overdo things. After all, the lad was only eleven and wasn’t experienced enough to judge for himself when the limit had been reached. After ten strokes he decided to stop at twenty but he needn’t have worried; the decision was taken out of his hands after the fourteenth, when the boy shuddered and climaxed.

For Mansur, it was the most intense orgasm of his young life and he practically passed out. When he returned to full consciousness, he was lying prone on the bed with the Sheikh applying a cooling lotion to his stinging backside. “What’s that you’re using?” he asked groggily, “It feels really nice.”

“It’s after sun lotion,” the man replied, “If it works for sunburn, it’ll probably work just as well for cooling a spanked bottom.”

As he applied the lotion, gently rubbing the boy’s buttocks, the Sheikh began to erect and he removed his own dishdash. When the boy saw the man’s hard cock, he swivelled around until he was facing his master and began to fellate him, while the man continued to reach down and massage the lad’s backside. Then he pressed a lotion-slicked finger against Mansur’s anus and pushed it inside, eliciting a groan from the boy.

When a boy sucks a man’s cock while being finger fucked, it’s only ever going to end one way and this was no exception. The Sheikh pulled out of the boy’s mouth, moved around and straddled him from the other side, slicked his cock with what remained of the lotion on his hands and thrust it into the lad’s still dilated hole. Mansur gasped as his rectum was filled and his smaller boycock began to erect as well. The man lay down on the prone boy, tucking his arms under the lad’s pits and grasping his shoulders to hold him in place. Then he started to thrust in and out, pounding the boy’s hole and forcing the lad’s cock into the bed.

Mansur was in heaven; his arse was being roughly fucked, his cock was rubbing the mattress and his still tender buttocks were receiving additional punishment from the man’s body. All of this was providing the boy with an exquisite combination of pain and pleasure which was driving him rapidly towards another orgasm. The Sheikh too was finding the whole experience highly erotic. One downside to loving pre-pubescent boys is the need to be careful not to hurt them and rough, uninhibited sex tends to be a rare occurrence. He realised that Mansur’s masochistic tendencies had opened up a whole new avenue of pleasure for him as well.

The man could feel a tightening in his balls and knew that his climax was nearing. At that moment the boy came for the second time, his muscles tensed and his sphincter clamped down on the Sheikh’s cock. That pushed the man over the edge too and he thrust one final time and began filling his boy’s hole with cum. The Sheikh leaned over Mansur’s shoulder and the boy turned his head so they could kiss as they came down from their post orgasmic highs.

When they’d recovered the Sheikh sent Mansur back to the harem to get cleaned up. “It looks like I’ve missed afternoon lessons,” the boy said with grin.

“I hope you’ve learned an important lesson here,” the man responded.

“Oh yes sir,” the boy replied, turning to leave.

“Don’t forget to apologise to Fatima and Yasmin.”

“I won’t. Thank you, sir”


حب الولد



he following day the Sheikh visited the Rambum Boys Orphanage, an establishment of which he was official patron. Ostensibly his position came about because, as ‘Father of the Nation’, he took it upon himself to act as father to those unfortunate boys who lacked parents of their own. Of course he had an ulterior motive; the orphanage being the main source of boys for his harem. The ratio of orphans to tribal village boys was generally about two to one and, in truth, he preferred the orphans. With the village boys he had one opportunity to interview them and, although he would never select an obviously unsuitable boy, he was always under pressure to accept the lads that were offered in order to keep the traditional tribal chiefs happy. That was why he made the occasional error and had to return a boy who didn’t work out.

With the orphans things were different; he wasn’t offered any boys, he simply interviewed them all continually during his visits and selected the most suitable. In this way his success rate with them was one hundred percent. While the village boys returned to their families at the end of their time in the harem, it was the orphans who were adopted, educated and became the trusted administrators who helped him to run the country. Due to the better selection process, orphans were also more likely to be the boys who enjoyed sex the most and thus become the Sheikh’s favourites. These were the ones who often chose to move to another man at the end of their time in the harem, Mustapha being a prime example.

Six years earlier, the orphanage had been the cause of a minor scandal that, had it not been skilfully handled, might have turned into a major crisis. One of his palace staff, yet another former boy, showed him an internet article in which someone, using an obviously false name, asserted that the Sheikh of Rambum was holding at least eight boys, aged seven to eleven, in his palace and subjecting them to vile sexual abuse.

In trying to establish who might be behind the article, he first dismissed the tribal chiefs; they were traditionalists who accepted the boy harem as part of the Sheikhdom’s heritage and were extremely unlikely to be writers of such internet articles. He also dismissed his palace staff as suspects; one, because he trusted them and two, because they all knew exactly how many boys he had, eighteen at the time and if one of them had wanted to harm him they would surely have gone with the higher figure. That left the orphanage and the figure of eight gave the investigation a starting point. Only one employee had started just before the first of the eight most recent orphans had come to the palace and he had been dismissed a few weeks previously for accepting money to facilitate adoptions. Ironically he was caught trying to arrange an adoption for Mustapha and the boy’s subsequent move to the palace was probably the reason for the ex-employee’s grudge against the Sheikh. Further investigation into the man’s internet use confirmed his guilt and he was quietly arrested, tried and jailed for treasonable libel. Such things are easy to arrange in non-democratic Gulf States like Rambum.

Dealing with the article itself was more problematic, as it had gathered outside interest and numerous additional comments. Removing it or issuing a denial would most likely cause it to go viral and ignoring it might lead to the same outcome. Instead they took an original but risky alternative course of action. One of his staff, using a false name, added a comment saying that he’d heard that it was actually thirty boys from age six. Then, under another name, increased that to fifty. In typical internet fashion others started to add to that, until the figure rose to an incredible five hundred with the youngest supposedly only three. Then came the inevitable counter-reaction, as people ridiculed the obviously false figures, with the result that the story lost all credibility.

The final part of the plan involved inviting a couple of journalists from a British celebrity gossip magazine to visit the palace. All but two of the boys were packed off to the Sheikh’s summer palace up the coast, the harem was temporarily returned to its original use as a guest suite and the sex room turned into a bedroom for the two remaining boys. The female journalist was allowed into the zenana to meet the Sheikh’s wives and younger children, while the man interviewed the two boys and several members of the palace staff, all of whom were orphans and former boys. They were all effusive in their praise of the Sheikh, explaining how he was a father figure for them and had given them an opportunity to make something of their lives that they wouldn’t otherwise have had. They also flatly denied that any sexual abuse took place which, given that everything that happened between the Sheikh and his boys was consensual, was technically true.

The man, who was gay, was delighted to find that the Sheikh’s secretary and the head of the his bodyguard lived openly as a couple, sharing an apartment in the palace compound; something that they could never do outside in such a conservative Middle Eastern country where homosexuality was illegal. When he asked why the Sheikh couldn’t change the law, they explained that, while he was an autocrat on the surface, he could only rule with the consent of the people, especially the tribal chiefs. If he tried to liberalise the country too quickly and upset these powerful traditionalists, then he faced being overthrown and replaced with a stricter, even fundamentalist regime.

When the article was published, it was a glowing tribute to an enlightened ruler, who had successfully combined western liberalism with Islamic tradition. It also included a short reference to the ridiculous, trumped up internet accusations which were patently untrue. A follow up article in a British newspaper, which shared the same publisher as the magazine, slammed those that made use of the internet to make anonymous, unsubstantiated allegations against public figures and demanded that the internet be subject to the same standards of truthfulness as other media. That was the end of the matter and a potential crisis had been successfully averted.

The Sheikh enjoyed a pleasant morning in the orphanage, speaking to several of the boys and spending a considerable amount of time with one six year old lad whom he had lined up to be his next acquisition. There was no rush, however, he was quite happy to wait a few months until the lad reached his seventh birthday.

Three years previously, a rather different scenario had played out. He had been introduced to an adorable little Eurasian boy and had taken an immediate liking to the lad. As the boy sat on his knee he’d asked him how old he was, expecting him to say five or six. Instead the lad hesitated, looked at a member of staff for encouragement and replied, “Seven.”

He then discovered that the boy’s birthday was only two weeks away. He looked incredulous; he could just about accept that the boy had recently turned seven and was very small for his age but there was no way that he was nearly eight. When he pointed this out the staff member looked extremely uncomfortable until the boy smiled and said, “I meant that I’m nearly seven.” Having shown that he had brains as well as beauty, the Sheikh decided that the boy was a probable for his harem but wanted more information about the lad’s background.

It turned out that the boy linked two stories that had been in the news in recent years. Two years before, police had attended a car crash which had killed the driver and front seat passenger, a Dutch oil worker and an Asian girl who wasn’t immediately identified. The only survivor was a young child who refused to speak and was thus unable to give any information. DNA evidence then solved both the riddle of the girl’s identity and another missing person case as well. Several years earlier an apartment fire had killed a Filipino couple whose daughter was also registered as living at the address but no sign of her was found. Neighbours insisted that the girl worked as a maid for a European family but they had returned home two months before and no trace of her could be found. Now it seemed that she’d been living illegally with the Dutchman and they had a son into the bargain.

For two years Rambum officials had been trying to trace relatives of the pair in Holland and the Philippines but had failed to find any close relatives and those more distant ones that had been discovered had no interest in the young boy. Eventually the investigation had been closed and the boy was transferred to the orphanage. Although he had started speaking again, it was only the Arabic that he’d learned recently and he seemed to have no memory of his life before the crash. His name, Ibrahim, had been given to him by the foster family he’d been living with and his ‘birthday’ was the day that he’d moved in with them. No-one knew what age he really was and he’d been coached to tell the Sheikh that he was seven in order to make him more acceptable to the man. A few weeks later he celebrated his birthday and moved into the harem, officially now a seven year old.


حب الولد



n the afternoon the Sheikh returned to the palace and gave some thought to which of the boys would transition into the older group to replace Mustapha, who would shortly be moving out. There were two likely candidates but each had potential drawbacks which made the decision more difficult.

In theory, Hassan was the obvious choice; he was only two months away from his eleventh birthday and should really have transitioned before now. Unlike western countries, with their ‘one size fits all’ age of consent, the Sheikh only used ten as a guideline and assessed each boy’s readiness for anal sex on an individual basis. Although Hassan was physically ready, he was still emotionally immature; he was a tribal village boy and would never have been selected at all had he been an orphan. The other option was Ibrahim who, in only a few weeks would turn ten. He was one of those lads who were naturals when it came to man-boy sex and he was definitely ready emotionally. He was, however, very small for his age and the Sheikh was concerned as to whether he was physically ready to transition.

The deciding factor was the impending departure of Mustapha. He doubted that any of the other’s currently in the older group could take that boy’s place as his favourite and there was no way that Hassan would ever hold that position; whereas Ibrahim had been destined for the role ever since his arrival. In addition, his lack of physical maturity meant that he would probably not reach puberty for another four or five years, by which time young Ahmed would be ready to transition and become the next favourite, if things worked out as he hoped with that boy. With the decision made, all that remained was to put the final preparations in place so that the boy could transition as soon as the Sheikh returned from his visit to the Sultan to hand over Mustapha.

The boys’ early years in the harem were all preparation for transition. Their first sexual experiences were with the older boys who taught the younger ones the basics, before the Sheikh introduced them to a man’s body. First he would fondle and masturbate them before moving on to oral stimulation, rimming and fingering. Then he offered his cock for them to reciprocate and at this stage it became clear which of the boys were most receptive to man-boy sex. Those that were, sucked it immediately; applying what they’d learned from playing with the older boys to an adult penis. Others required a little more encouragement; often he’d take a bead of pre-cum on his finger and lick it off before offering the boy a taste. Then, when the boy was used to the taste, he’d get the lad to lick it direct from the source. After that, moving on to sucking was fairly straightforward, since they’d already done that with the other boys.

The final stage of preparation involved a series of four butt plugs which increased in size, gradually stretching the boy’s anus so that the trauma of the first penetration was limited. The smallest plug was no thicker than the Sheikh’s finger and its purpose was purely to get the boy used to spending all day with object inserted in his hole. The second was slightly thicker, the third about the same as two fingers and the largest similar to three. The Sheikh’s cock was thicker again but the additional stretching required to accommodate the man was far less than it would have been had he not used the plugs. He decided that he’d start Ibrahim with the first plug the following morning and insert the fourth and final one immediately prior to his departure with Mustapha to see the Sultan.


حب الولد



welve year old Ali was probably the only boy who hadn’t been upset by Mustapha’s departure that morning. Not that he had anything against the other boy; the pair had been good friends but he was now the eldest boy and that brought him a position of considerable prestige in the harem. There was a strict hierarchy amongst the boys with two principal positions; the official Senior Boy and the unofficial Sheikh’s favourite. That morning, after they had said their tearful goodbyes to Mustapha, the Sheikh had called Ali forward and confirmed him as the new Senior Boy. He had stood proudly in front of his peers with his master’s hand resting on his shoulder, while the other boys applauded enthusiastically.

The Senior Boy had a leadership role and was allowed to discipline the others, although corporal punishment was the prerogative of the Sheikh; in addition, he was the only boy who could request an audience with their master. If the boys had a group request, it was made via the Senior Boy and any boy who wished to discuss a problem with the Sheikh would do likewise. Normally Fatima and Yasmin dealt with any problems the boys might have but, just as other boys occasionally preferred to talk to their father rather than their mother about some things, so the harem boys sometimes had issues which they’d rather not discuss with the women. If they asked one of them if they could see the Sheikh, she would naturally assume that something was wrong and might be put out if the boy wouldn’t tell her about it. In such cases they could approach the Senior Boy and he could request to see the Sheikh, tell him which boy wanted to speak to him and the man could then summon the boy as if it was for a sexual liaison. The two women would be unaware that they had been bypassed and wouldn’t be insulted.

The Sheikh’s favourite was an unofficial position that was never actually announced. The boys were perceptive, however and soon worked out which of them the man liked best. This position was also influential by its very nature and had therefore become almost as prestigious. Sometimes the favourite was able to persuade the Sheikh to grant a request with a doe-eyed, bedroom plea after the Senior Boy had failed with an official approach. This could cause some tension to exist between the two and on one infamous occasion the entire harem had split into two rival camps; only the onset of puberty in the Senior Boy and his subsequent departure had returned things to normal.

Mustapha had been the favourite for over three years and Senior Boy for the last nine months. Holding both positions simultaneously had made him extremely powerful within the narrow confines of the harem and, until a new favourite emerged, Ali would now hold similar power as Senior Boy. He had no illusions about becoming the favourite himself, only boys who genuinely enjoyed sex with the man could ever be enthusiastic enough in bed to attain that position and, although he didn’t dislike what the Sheikh did with him, he tolerated it rather than enjoyed it; his own preferences lay in another direction entirely.

The Senior Boy role came with one other significant benefit; he was always the first to initiate sexual activity with a new boy. All newbies were given a couple of weeks to settle in prior to starting sexual activity and, due to Ahmed’s tender years, the Sheikh had insisted that the boy be given longer than most to do so.  Although Mustapha had taken the young lad under his wing, he was very much a passive ‘man’s boy’ and had little sexual interest in other boys. In addition, he’d been so pre-occupied with his impending departure that he hadn’t got around to starting Ahmed’s sexual lessons, even after the Sheikh had given the green light. Now that he’d departed, that particular duty fell to his successor and Ali had no intention of delaying it any longer. Over the past two years he had developed a taste for other boys, the younger the better and Ahmed was the youngest boy to have entered the harem during Ali’s years there. Before he left, the Sheikh had said, “Look after them while I’m away Ali, especially Ahmed.” This had produced laughter and a few ribald comments from the other boys and a puzzled look on the young lad’s face.

Due to Mustapha’s departure and Ali’s promotion, the sheikh had declared a holiday, so there were no lessons that afternoon. After lunch Ali approached Ahmed, smiled at the young lad and said, “Come on Ahmed, it’s time for you to start joining in with our fun.” Then, taking the youngster by the hand, he headed off in the direction of the older boys’ bedroom. Another of the older boys, Salim, was already there, sitting up on his bed with his back against the headboard, his legs spread and a dreamy look on his face. The cause of that look was the smaller boy kneeling between Salim’s legs with his face buried in the other’s groin. All that Ali could see of the younger lad was a smooth pair of buttocks but the black rubber disc that split them was clearly the base of a butt plug, which meant that it could only be Ibrahim ‘getting some practice’. Twelve year old Salim was a couple of months younger than Ali but he was the largest boy in the harem, in more ways than one. He was on the cusp of puberty and, as well as being the tallest and heaviest boy, he had the biggest cock, four and a half inches when erect. Ibrahim couldn’t get enough of it, telling the others that he needed to practice on the biggest available penis ahead of his transition; but the rest all knew that was merely an excuse for the horny cock hound to monopolise Salim while the Sheikh was away.

Ahmed was nervous; he’d been waiting for this moment for several weeks and had expected Mustapha to be the one to initiate him. Instead, with that boy having left, it was Ali who was going to do the honours and Ahmed didn’t know him nearly as well. He meekly followed the Senior Boy to his bed and lay down on his back as instructed, with his arms raised above his head and his legs spread. Ali sat down next to the five year old cutie, his cock already stiffening in anticipation. His eyes feasted greedily on the smooth, brown body and the sight completed his arousal, his erection topping out at just under four inches. He reached out and gently caressed the lad, allowing his fingers to trace gently across his chest and belly. Ahmed, who loved to be touched, felt his nervousness dissipate and his own arousal begin, even though nothing sexual had happened yet.

Ali began playing with the youngster’s nipples, causing him to giggle, then leaned over and licked and sucked each of the tiny protuberances in turn, while his hand dropped to stroke the lad’s inner thigh. The giggles turned to sighs and the little boy’s cocklet stretched and hardened to its full two inches. Ali’s mouth moved south, planting gentle kisses on the Ahmed’s belly while his fingers traced upwards along the boy’s leg. They met in the middle, at the most interesting part; the fingers rubbing the lad’s ball sack and the tiny eggs held within, while the mouth concentrated on the little spike; licking along its length and sucking the sensitive glans before engulfing it in its entirety.

Giggles and sighs were long gone, replaced by moans and groans as Ali gave the young boy his first lesson in oral sex. He swirled his tongue around the tip, licked and sucked the shaft and occasionally switched to Ahmed’s little nuts when he sensed that the lad was nearing a climax. Nature took over; the youngster squirmed and humped into the older boy’s mouth, desperately seeking release without being aware of what that would actually entail. Finally Ali took pity on him, sucked hard and fast and brought the five year old to an earth shattering first dry orgasm.

“Oh wow, what was that? It was amazing,” Ahmed managed to say when he’d recovered enough to speak.

“I gave you a blow job and you had an orgasm, a dry one,” Ali explained.

“Why dry?”

“When you’re older you’ll produce semen but, when that happens, you’ll be too old for the Sheikh and you’ll have to leave the harem. That’s what happened to Mustapha; Salim is close as well and I’m probably not far behind him. It happens to all of us eventually but don’t worry, you’ve got years and years before your turn comes. Talking of turns, it’s your turn to suck me now.”

The boys switched places and Ahmed felt his nervousness return as he tried to remember everything that Ali had done to him. The older boy guided his young student through the process, warning him to cover his teeth, telling him to use his tongue as well as sucking and reminding him not to forget his balls. All in all it wasn’t bad for a first attempt and what was lost by poor technique, was made up for by Ali’s excitement at being sucked off by such a young kid. Eventually he felt his climax approaching and told the boy to concentrate on sucking the shaft and, a few seconds later, he too enjoyed a dry cum.

When they finished there was a round of applause and Ahmed looked round in surprise, to see that Salim and Ibrahim had been watching his efforts. They came over to join the other two, giving Ahmed plenty of praise, hugging him and messing his hair; he grinned back, proudly.

“Well done Ahmed,” Salim said, “You’re officially one of the Sheikh’s harem boys now.”

“Now that you’ve been initiated, you can do stuff with any of the boys,” Ali told him. “You’ll be popular for the next couple of weeks, until everyone’s had some fun with you. Just remember, don’t do anything unless you want to and no fucking until you transition to the older group.”

“What’s fucking?”

“It’s when someone sticks their cock in your bum hole,” Ali explained. “The Sheikh is always the first to do that to a boy and only when he’s ready to transition. Ibrahim is going to be the next to transition, when the Sheikh gets back.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Ahmed asked, with a little fear in his voice.

“Yeah, of course it does,” Salim answered with feeling. “It wasn’t too bad for me but it’s agony for smaller boys,” he added, winking at Ali behind Ibrahim’s back.

“Ibrahim’s easily the smallest boy that I’ve known to transition,” Ali said, following Salim’s lead. “The poor kid won’t be able to walk for a week afterwards.”

“Oh shut up you two,” Ibrahim retorted. “I don’t care how much it hurts; I’m just looking forward to getting this lump of rubber out and a real cock in.”

The two older boys laughed. “Typical Ibrahim,” Salim said, “All he thinks about is cock, cock and more cock.”


حب الولد



t was a very subdued Sheikh who returned to the palace a few days later. Both he and Mustapha had been emotional when they took their leave from one another; it was always difficult when one of his favourites departed. As usual after an absence, he took some time to check up on the affairs of state and, as usual, he found everything running smoothly. He sometimes wondered if he was the ruler with the boys providing him with pleasure, or if the young men ruled and he was only there to pleasure them as they grew up.

Afterwards he went to the harem where, once again, he found everything running smoothly. In fact things seemed more orderly now that Ali had taken over as Senior Boy; the lad might not have the makings of a favourite but he did a far better job of keeping the boisterous boys in line than Mustapha had ever managed. The lad’s intelligence had been clear from his earliest days in the harem and he was now showing good leadership skills as well; the Sheikh would remember that when the time came to find the boy a position in his administration.

The thought of young Ibrahim’s impending transition helped to lift the man’s despondency; he’d been through this situation on numerous previous occasions and knew very well that the end of one relationship always presaged the start of another. He decided to have a good night’s sleep and transition the lad in the morning when he was fully refreshed. He spoke briefly to Fatima and Yasmin, instructing them to have the boy ready at 9am and then took Ali to the sex room to reward him for his efforts.

Ibrahim woke early having had a restless night; his nervous anticipation meant that he’d been unable to sleep soundly. While Fatima looked after the others, Yasmin took him to the bathroom, removed the butt plug, gave him an enema and then bathed him thoroughly. Nothing that either of the women did to him caused any arousal whatsoever, so even when Yasmin sponged his genitals, he just sat calmly and allowed her do her duty. He had been a favourite of both women from his first days in the harem and they’d often kissed and cuddled the cute boy during the three years he’d lived there. It was different with the Sheikh; just like young Ahmed, every time he’d sat on the man’s lap and been caressed his cocklet had sprung to life, even without any sexual contact. Once he was bathed and dried, he dressed in a pair of skimpy white briefs and a new dishdash, a pink one that he’d chosen himself for the occasion.

There was a two seat settee next to the bed in the sex room and the Sheikh was sitting in it when Ibrahim entered, closed the door and stood demurely in front of his master. The man forced himself not laugh at the incongruous idea of a demure Ibrahim; after all, the whole point of this morning was for the young boy to give his virginity to his man. He waved for the boy to approach and indicated that he should climb onto his lap; Ibrahim complied and finished astride the man’s thighs and facing him. The Sheikh’s arms slid around the boy’s narrow waist, while the lad’s went around the man’s neck. Their lips met and a passionate kiss began which continued for several minutes. When the man broke it, he undid the buttons at the neck of the lad’s dishdash and slid it over the boy’s head. They kissed again, while the Sheikh caressed Ibrahim’s back before moving his hands down to cup the boy’s small buttocks. Again the man broke the kiss; this time licking around the lad’s jaw and nibbling his earlobe. Then he switched down to first one and then the other of the boy’s nipples, eliciting a contented sigh from the youngster.

Now it was the boy’s turn to disrobe the man. He repeated what had been done to him, undoing the buttons and pulling the garment over the man’s head with a little assistance from the other. The Sheikh, who rarely wore anything beneath his dishdash, was now naked and the boy feasted his eyes on the body of a mature male. He had no interest in women, girls or even other boys, apart from their cocks if there was no adult one available but the man’s body never failed to arouse him and his little cocklet was already erect. He stroked the Sheikh’s firm muscles and ran his hands through the man’s chest hair before tweaking his nipples. Once they had responded, he lowered his head and sucked each in turn, which resulted in the man becoming erect also.

The Sheikh stood, lifting the boy as he did so, and walked over to the bed. The lad’s diminutive size was now fully evident; at a fraction over four feet and a mere fifty five pounds, Ibrahim was comfortably the smallest boy ever to transition and, not for the first time, the man doubted the wisdom of what he was about to do. The one mitigating factor was the lad’s enthusiasm; he couldn’t remember when he’d last transitioned one who seemed less nervous and took such a delight in man-boy sex. In fact Mustapha, over three years ago, was the only boy in recent times who came close.

He laid Ibrahim face up on the bed and the boy immediately placed his arms on the sheet above his head, taking up a passive posture and offering himself to the man. The Sheikh kissed him on the lips and then did the same to his chest and belly. He bypassed the tented briefs, kissing and caressing the lad’s sensitive inner thighs, something that Ibrahim particularly enjoyed. Finally he returned to the scrap of cloth which preserved the boy’s modesty and removed it, releasing his little nail. At two and a half inches, it was only slightly longer than young Ahmed’s but it could provide him with pleasure irrespective of its size and, for much of what was about to happen, it would be a mere spectator anyway. It was a participant for the moment, however, as the Sheikh gave both it and the boy’s hairless scrotum several minutes of oral attention; stopping just before the frustrated lad could climax.

“Turn round and pass me a pillow,” the Sheikh instructed. He positioned the boy close to the head of the bed, lying lengthways on the pillow, thus presenting his arse for the man’s delectation. He lay face down behind Ibrahim, spread his little bum cheeks and licked his balls, perineum and up the length of his crack. Then he set about the boy’s hole, licking sucking and finally probing with his tongue. Ibrahim’s normally tight anal muscle had been weakened by the butt plugs and provided little resistance to the man’s oral muscle which burrowed its way inside, producing ecstatic squeaks and squeals from the recipient. The tongue was followed by a lubed finger which was curled down to massage the lad’s sensitive prostate; a second and third finger followed swiftly, once again the prior use of the butt plugs allowing the man to proceed more quickly than he would otherwise have been able. Copious amounts of lube were used, ensuring that the boy’s hole was as slippery as possible.

With the preliminaries complete, the Sheikh moved on to the main event. He turned the pillow through ninety degrees, repositioned the boy onto his back and used the pillow to raise his cute bum. Then he lifted the lad’s legs, bending his knees until they were back near his head and instructed him to hold them there. He applied more lube to his cock, placed his glans against Ibrahim’s anus and, reminding the boy to relax, pressed forwards. He made good initial progress but then the lad tensed up and he had to stop. He rubbed the boy’s chest, gave him a few reassuring words of encouragement and then tried again; this time his cock head slipped through the lad’s defences eliciting a pained gasp as the boy’s sphincter clamped down on the shaft of the man’s penis just behind the glans.

“Are you alright?” the Sheikh enquired.

The man could see tears in Ibrahim’s eyes but he nodded and gave the best smile that he could manage in the circumstances. A pause followed, during which the Sheikh whispered endearments and praise for the boy’s bravery up to that point, while continuing to caress his chest and flanks. Eventually Ibrahim looked at the man again; the tears were gone and he managed a genuine smile before saying, “It feels better now.”

The Sheikh applied more lube to his shaft and then pressed forward again; the boy, now more relaxed, pushed back in response and the man’s cock moved in slowly but remorselessly. After several minutes of gradual progress, the Sheikh felt his glans bottom out at the end of Ibrahim’s rectum and stopped pushing, leaving about three inches still outside. There would be plenty of time to stretch the boy in the coming months so he had no need to force the issue now and cause him more pain and possibly real damage. Another pause ensued, with further stroking and encouragement, while Ibrahim became accustomed to the thick cock that was lodged in his arse.

Now it was fuck time; he pulled out slowly until only his glans remained ensconced inside the boy and then pushed back in, equally slowly. He repeated that several more times, gradually increasing his pace until he was fucking the lad properly. He didn’t have to worry about his angle of penetration; Ibrahim was so small that his glans rubbed over the boy’s prostate with every stroke and the stimulation of his sensitive glans was giving the lad so much pleasure that he soon forgot about the pain, which had dissipated somewhat anyway. The boy’s erection had wilted when the man had first entered him but now it returned, seemingly harder than ever and he began to have strange feelings deep inside. He realised that he was approaching climax but it felt nothing like an anal orgasm did when he was fingered; this was far more intense. Suddenly his climax arrived and all his muscles tensed as he yelled in ecstasy, his little spike twitching and jerking as if it had a life of its own. To the Sheikh it felt as if the boy’s arse was trying to squeeze the life out of his cock and he stopped until the lad’s orgasm was over.

Eventually Ibrahim relaxed and the man began to fuck him again, finding as he did so that the boy’s arse was much looser than it had been. He continued for another half hour, stopping occasionally when he felt his own orgasm was close but causing the boy to climax twice more. All good things must come to an end, however and he couldn’t delay his orgasm indefinitely; he grasped Ibrahim’s legs behind the knees and speeded up, thrusting in and out faster than at any point previously. Just before he came, he felt the lad have one final orgasm and then his own climax hit and he filled his boy’s rectum with hot man cream.

He slumped forward over the semi-conscious boy, supporting his weight on his forearms and gazed down adoringly at his young catamite. Allah had made this boy desire adult males and had blessed him with a beauty that made him attractive to men like himself. Non-believers could talk about ‘mistakes of nature’ but the Almighty didn’t make mistakes; what had just occurred between them had happened for one reason, it was Insha’Allah, the will of God.

The boy’s eyes opened and the man leaned down and kissed his lips. A small pair of arms wrapped themselves around his neck and held him tightly, forcing the kiss to continue. Eventually the vice-like grip was slackened and he was able to sit up; as he did so his softening cock slipped out of the boy’s hole and the lad sighed in disappointment. The Sheikh moved down to inspect the damage; the boy’s hole gaped open, while semen mixed with blood dribbled out. There was more blood than he would have liked but less than he’d feared, nevertheless he pressed the intercom switch at the side of the bed and summoned the palace doctor. One advantage of his position was that he could provide his boys with post coital medical attention without worrying about police involvement.

The Sheikh donned his dishdash before the doctor, a handsome man of thirty, entered the room. He bade the Sheikh good morning and instructed Ibrahim to, “Adopt the position.” The boy, who had been subjected to intimate examinations by the doctor on several occasions, knelt on the edge of the bed and presented his backside to the man. The doctor, wearing a pair of surgical gloves, wiped away the residual mess, pulled out his otoscope and proceeded to give the lad’s anus and rectum a thorough check up. “He’s fine,” he said when he was finished. “He’ll be a little tender for a day or two but there’s no serious damage. Considering his size, you’ve done remarkably well but then I remember my first time twenty years ago and you were gentle then too.”

“Twenty years!” the Sheikh exclaimed, chuckling. “I can’t believe it’s been that long, where has the time gone?”

The doctor suggested that Ibrahim refrain from anal sex for a few days and then try it with another boy before his next time with the Sheikh. “I’ll do it with Salim,” the lad replied, with a gleam in his eye. “He wants to do it with me before he has to leave.”

“You mean you want Salim’s cock in your bum, before he has to leave,” the Sheikh responded. The boy didn’t reply but the sheepish grin he wore spoke volumes.

The doctor left and the Sheikh and his boy shared lunch in the sex room before returning to bed. Anal might be off the menu but there were plenty of other things that the man and boy could do for fun and the afternoon passed quickly and enjoyably. Eventually they were sated and the man sent the lad back to the harem.

Once he was alone, he thought about the changes that had occurred over the past few weeks. His long-time favourite and Senior Boy, Mustapha, had departed but Ali was proving to be superior in one of those roles and he suspected that Ibrahim was going to be his equal in the other. Mansur’s masochistic penchant had opened up another avenue of pleasure for him, one that a boy lover rarely experienced. Finally there was the new boy, Ahmed; it would be some time before he took his pleasure there but he was sure the wait would be worth it. The lad had something about him and the Sheikh was certain that he would turn out to be another Mustapha or Ibrahim. Things were great at present and the future looked rosy; the Sheikh was an extremely contented man.




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