Let's see, where should I begin? I guess I'll have to start with myself. I am nobody special! I work your typical 9 to 5 kind of job and live in a one bedroom apartment. My name, though not really all that important, is Caleb Andrews. I am 28 years old and look like most regular guys. I am by no means muscular standing at an even six feet and weighing a whopping 175 pounds. My hair is brown and I keep it cut in a military style cause I like it that way. I do have green eyes though! Am I cute or handsome? The answer for me is NO! I'm nut ugly or grotesque or anything like that, but I'm not Romeo either. Here is my biggest problem in life. I am dedicated to the wonderful scenery of boys! Not just any boys, but boys, who to me, look like they can't take a shit. You know the type, the really gorgeous boys with those delicious bubble butts to die for. When I see a gorgeous boy walk pass me, I literally foam at the mouth while my eyes water, keeping both eyes on their backside beauty. Just like most of you do, after seeing such sight, I run home and jack-off about what my mind envisioned.

Am I gay? Not really! I do have a girlfriend, but she has no clue that I love to look at young boys. Up till now, I have never even came close to actually touching a young boy, much less anything else for that matter. The only reality of being with a young boy was the fact that my cock stays in my hand while my mind plays out our sexual activity. Speaking of cock, I have a fairly nice one even if I have to say so myself. When fully erect, it sticks straight out from my body with a slight downwards angle a solid 9 inches. I was circumcised at birth and had no say so in that matter, unfortunately. Though my cock maybe long, somewhat, it's not really all that thick. I've never had any woman complain, or at least, to my face. As far as any homosexual contact is concerned, the only time my lips ever touched another cock was when I was around 10 or so and the other guy was my cousin. He was about 8 at the time. We did that once and only once and since that time, I had never touched, much less sucked, another guys cock.

Here is the sick part that lingers in my head. Every time I see a gorgeous boy, I automatically think there is no way his butt could ever produce a foul odor and his sperm would have to taste like melted chocolate. Sounds wrong or sick, but that's just the way my mind works.

Now, on with the story! My girlfriend called me and informed me that she would have to go to her parents for two weeks. Naturally, I was all depressed cause our sex life was absolutely perfect. Two weeks without sex was the only thing on my mind. I drove her to the airport and kissed her goodbye and headed back home. For whatever reason, I didn't take the short way home. I took the way that would wind me up driving by the park. Unfortunately, it was the brink of winter so all the boys and girls wore thick coats. I mentioned the girls not to change the subject, cause I have no fascination in young girls at all, just boys. There were a bunch of boys playing football so I decided to park the car and sit at a nearby park bench and enjoy their beauty. I was freezing my ass off but watching them grab one another to tackle the beauty with the ball was well worth it.

Their must have been 18 young boys from the ages of 12 to 16 playing football, but one in particular caught my undivided attention. I guessed his age to be around 12 to 14, but it was his stunning beauty that burned visions into my eyes. He had long hair to be a boy, hair flinging well below his shoulder blades. The length of his hair was one thing, but his natural color was another. His hair was solid white with no dark streaks or tint blending in. I guessed him to be close to 5'5" and soaking wet, the boy couldn't have weighed no more than a hundred pounds. He was the other teams quarterback and I witnessed his every move. Each and every time he positioned himself behind the center, I gazed at his mouth watering extra solid bubble butt jutting noticeably outwards.

During the play, I gleamed straight into his dashing bright blazing blue eyes. It was as though our eyes glued to one another. My cock was already hard, but after peering into this amazing white haired gorgeous god`s eyes, it got even harder, tenting the right side of my thigh. Without ever realizing it, I had been slowly stroking the full length through my pant fabric. His face was narrow to match pace with the rest of his perfectly framed body, only outlined by the cutest dimples known to mankind. His lips were thin, but colored in a heavy pinkish tint. Even his eyebrows were the same color as his beautiful hair. From my distance, oh, let's say about 100 feet, I took mental snapshots one right after the other. Not even in any of my perverse fantasies had I ever envisioned any boy as gorgeous as the one I now drooled over. No description in words could ever do this bond hair Adonis true justice. He is the mark of excellence and the vision of perfection!

I remained on the park bench until their game finished. I watched with all intensity as my new fantasy boy walked right pass me and undo the chain on his bicycle. My eyes zeroed in on his butt as he bent way over to mess with the combination lock. He was now within a few short feet from where I was sitting and my nostrils flared out to do their best to inhale his intoxicating beauty. All too soon, my eyes became teary as I watched him ride off down the street. The other boys I watched were cute, but none were no match for the white haired boy. Naturally, I drove home and unleashed one hell of a load just thinking about my new found fantasy boy.

The next two days, at the same time, and at the same park, I sat on the bench and watched all the boys play football. It never failed, my white haired beauty was always there and he was always the quarterback. I soon targeted his bicycle and found myself inching his chained bike closer to the bench. I don't know what I was hoping for, but I was doing something. Once the game was over, I watched him walk right up to me and bend over to undo his combination lock. Taking a quick peek around, I pretended to have dropped my watch which I was fumbling with my hands. I leaned forward and positioned my face directly in behind his blue jean covered butt. Not wanting to get busted by him or his friends, I quickly began inhaling the piping hot steam spewing from within his blue jean covered butt. Why I was doing my utmost best to sniff this boy's ass was way beyond me, but nevertheless, I was sniffing his butt crack as if I were addicted to glue. No matter how hard I tried, there wasn't even the slightest of a foul odor detected. Just like my sick mind imagined, this gorgeous beauty could not, by any means, offer no foul odor.

The next day was no different from the previous. I did the same thing and he did the same thing, and once again, I took the opportunity to sniff his butt. Just like the day before, there was no odor but a clean soapy fresh scent. I watched him hop up on his bike and ride away. I was walking to my car and had just unlocked it when a voice from behind me caught me off guard, "Hey mister!" I turned around and realized it was another boy who was playing football with my fantasy lover, a boy was on the other team. He looked to be somewhat older, maybe around 15 or so with shiny red hair parted down the middle and feathered back. Naturally, I asked, "Hi, can help you with something?" The kid appeared to be a little nervous, taking the time to cautiously look around, then softly said, "I've seen what you've been doing!" Now, I was startled and defensively asked, "Seen what?" He smiled, looked around, then grinned while saying, "You know. Smelling that boy's butt!" A feeling of shame and guilt riddled my body and I shamelessly stood there silent looking into his greenish blue eyes. I was busted dead to right and there wasn't a lie I could think of to get out of this mess I found myself in.

The kid said, "I've seen you here watching us and I've seen you smell the blond boy's butt two times. Yesterday and today! What in Hell do you think you are doing? With all these people, did you really think nobody didn't see you and what you did? You are one sick fuck!" I couldn't find the courage to get angry, and besides, the kid was one hundred percent right, I was one sick fuck. With my heart in my throat, I managed to squeak out, "Look kid, I'm sorry. I wont do that again, I promise. I'm not rich so I can't pay you any money to pretend this never happened. Just tell me what it is you want to make this go away." I watched him pause and took full notice of his facial features. He was slender and had plenty of freckles all over his face and he was definitely as cute as a button. He licked his lips, then inched forward towards me, then nervously said, "Tell you what, you suck my dick and I wont tell him what you did!" I was literally floored by what he had just said and from what he wanted me to do.

I simply asked, "Kid, how old are you?" Without hesitation, he fired back, "15!" Before I could say anything else, he cut in by saying, "The name's Timmy and if you'll suck my dick, I wont tell him. I promise, but, you got to suck it real good!" I stood motionless calculating in my head the risks I was about to take and Timmy interrupted my thoughts by saying, "Dude, I know you are one of those sick faggots. You got busted smelling some kid's butt. You got to suck my dick if you want me to keep quiet. Pull your car (pointing) over there and back it in." He turned and hopped onto his bike and rode to where he had pointed. My heart was thumping like crazy, but an evil excitement began filtering throughout my body. My car is not really called a car, it is a Chevy Tahoe with third row seating. It is definitely the nicest thing I own, or should I say, the bank owns.

As I backed up I could see the scraggly 15 year old standing at the rear of the parking area nearest the thick woods. I backed in as he said and once I placed it in park, Timmy wasted no time in opening the rear door on the passengers side and climbed on in. The second row is captains chairs so there are only two seats. I got out of the drivers seat and got into the other chair next to Timmy. I watched with sweaty anticipation as he unbuttoned and unzipped his coat. He began pulling up his shirt revealing a very smooth but freckly stomach. His belly button protruded slightly inward and I could just barely detect the slightest of red hair trickling down from his belly button dashing under his pants. Timmy smiled and said, "You know you want to suck it!" I watched him fumble with his belts and I replied, "Not really, but if this will keep you quiet, then I really don't have much of a choice." Not even looking towards me, now fumbling with his zipper on his pants, he said, "Dude, you need to stop lying. You know you want a young cock in your mouth. You know you like going around smelling young boys butts. You already know all this shit, but you keep lying to yourself pretending to be something you're not. Get over it dude and start sucking on this!"

In one shove, Timmy yanked his underwear and pants down to his ankles revealing one very hard 15 year old cock. The thing must have been a good seven inches, cut, and very veiny. His dick had a sharp left bend to it as it rose up from its fiery red bush ever so angrily. His young balls fell loosely onto the seat and from what I could tell, slightly covered in curly red hairs. They were not so big, but evenly paired closer to the size of pecans. Timmy's right hand held firmly onto the shaft of his cock while his eyes aimed straight at mine. Becoming a man once again, I sat there and eagerly asked, "So, Timmy, what's that blond haired boy's name?" He licked his lips, looked down at his raging boner, looked back at me, then replied, "That sounds something like a favor. You want me to tell you something, but you first have to do something for me. His name will cost you! First, you have to pay your debt and suck on my dick!"

I had to admit to myself, from where I was sitting, his cock sure did look inviting. I climbed down and inched myself onto the carpet and brought my face within a fraction of an inch to his hard young cock. The piss slit was open and it was oozing pre cum, forcing strands to slide down over the engorged mushroom head. Speaking of his cock head. It was twice as thick as the shaft and actually resembled a large mushroom. Upon inhaling, I got a good whiff of his natural body odor, mixed with sweat, and a strong pungent odor steaming from under his sagging balls. He took his right hand and forced his cock to my lips. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and the large mushroom head sank deep into my mouth. "Ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh, yes, suck my diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!" I began bobbing my head up and down on the boy's seven inches of young pride remembering back to the first time I sucked on my cousins little cock. Timmy began matching my bobbing and started raising his butt off the seat, driving his member in and out of my mouth. I did gag numerous times, but that didn't stop Timmy, nor myself. My left hand snuck in between his legs and gently fondled his pecan sized nuts feeling the wispy red hairs tickle my senses.

Timmy screamed, "Yes, ohhhhhhhhh yeah, close, real close now, fuck yeah!" His hands fell onto my bobbing head and my right hand began gripping the boy's left leg, feeling the small curly hairs climbing up and down it. His fingers dug into my scalp as he cried out, "Suck it, suck my dick you sick mother fucker! God yes, suck me dry faggot!" For whatever reason, my left eye caught a glimpse of his underwear down by his ankles. From my vision, I now could tell exactly what the pungent odor was. Timmy had a small skid mark running the length where his crack was. He was cute, but certainly not one of those boys I place into that special "incapable of taking a shit" category.

He began pumping my mouth furiously and I was doing my best to ensure no teeth were part of this equation. Somewhere in my head I was telling myself I wasn't enjoying this, but that was somewhere far away. In reality, I was slurping on that boy's cock like tomorrow would never come. With each downward thrust of my mouth, my nose pressed snuggly into his soft red pubic hairs. My left middle finger had crawled under his saggy nuts and found his moist butt hole. I felt the little wet hairs that surrounded it and once my finger made contact to the little rosebud, I began drawing miniature circles just on the very outer edge of the sealed ring. This made Timmy almost jump out of the seat.

In one long howl, I felt Timmy's boy cock expand and then wave after powerful wave of thick cream began shooting inside my mouth. The first volley shot down my throat and I discovered a mild salty taste mixed with the hotness of his thick cream. The more frantic he bucked his hips, the harder I pressed against his butt hole. The harder I pressed on his hole, the more thick cream he delivered. He was shooting and I was gulping down the boy's thick, slightly salty, cream. His fingers clutched the sides of my head and trapped me in place while he used his body to slam his erupting meat in and out of my cock sucking mouth. Just as fast as his cock erupted, it soon began to shrivel inside my mouth. He was panting like crazy as my mouth slipped off the sensitive young organ. I was still on my knees looking up at him. Timmy had his eyes closed and his tongue constantly wiped the corners of his lips. The taste of his boy cream still swam freely in my mouth. I was still uncertain of his cum being something I liked or didn't like. It was kind of salty, but not really overpowering.

I watched Timmy reach down and struggle to pull up his underwear and pants. He tucked them inside and zipped up and repositioned his coat and began zipping it up as if nothing ever happened. Neither of us said a word during this process and it wasn't until Timmy had finished getting completely dressed when he looked at me and said, "Shit dude, you swallowed my spunk! I politely asked, "What else was I supposed to do with it?" Shaking his head from side to side, he replied, "Spit the nasty shit out! Damn dude, that's gross!" Spitting his cream out never once crossed my mind. I just instinctively began swallowing his love cream without thought or hesitation. With a more serious note, I inquisitively asked, "So, do I have your word that you will never tell on me?" He shot back, "Yeah man, I wont tell on you, but I still can't believe you swallowed my sperm, uh yuck!" "It wasn't so bad" immediately flew out of my mouth without any thought process whatsoever. Changing the topic, I asked, "Well, what's the blond boy's name?" Timmy opened the door and was in the process of getting out when he turned to face me and replied, "That will cost you! Be here tomorrow, same time, same place and park right here!" He turned and hopped onto his bike and rode away down the street.

From looking at my pants it looked like I had pissed on myself. My cock was painfully hard as I sat back into the drivers seat and headed home. I was driving with my right hand and had to scratch my nose. Using my left hand I did what everyone else does when they get an irritating itch. The only difference was that my nose caught a whiff of something vaguely familiar and defiantly profound in aroma. It was my middle finger! The same finger that had just played with Timmy's moist butt hole. It was stained with a heavy musky aroma, but for whatever sick reason, I didn't find it to be all that disgusting. Upon reaching the safety of my apartment, I think I shot the biggest load I had ever experienced thinking of my activities with Timmy, mixed with fantasizing about my blond haired beauty.

The next day finally arrived and I parked where Timmy informed me to park and I walked the 100 or so yards to the same bench. Just like I had done the previous times, I positioned my blond haired boy's bike directly to my left side and sat back and watched the boys play football. My main attention was featured on the blond haired boy, but now I started opening my eyes to the rest of eye candy as well. The game finally ended and I watched as the boys began disbursing in all different directions. My blond boy walked right up to me, smiled and bent down to fiddle with his combination lock. He always bent at the hip, and never at the knees, so this always caused his gorgeous young butt to stick out. Once again, I quickly looked around and didn't see anyone paying any attention to him or me. I quickly leaned down and placed my nose right at the point of where I figured his butt hole to be and began inhaling ever so deeply. Just the soapy scent and heat was all I could accomplish before having to sit back up so the boy wouldn't catch me sniffing his glorious butt. I watched him as he slowly peddled down the street and out of my view.

I sat patiently awaiting Timmy for nearly fifteen minutes and watched as the park cleared out completely. Disappointed, I got up and began walking back to my vehicle. I was about midway when I spotted Timmy standing at the passenger side door. Naturally, I picked up my pace to greet him. When I rounded the vehicle I immediately discovered Timmy wasn't alone. Standing almost behind him was another young boy I figured to be around 12 or 13. He had jet black hair brushed straight back with the deepest brown eyes and thick black eyebrows and eyelashes. This new by was about 5' 3" and weighed no more than about 100 pounds, if that. Unlike Timmy, who was cute in his own way, this boy was down right pretty. Now, this was the kind of boy I placed into that special "incapable of taking a shit" category.

The first thing out of my mouth when I stood before them was, "What's going on?" Timmy pointed behind him and said, "This here is Mark, he's a friend of mine." I shook the boy's hand and instantly melted at the initial feeling of his smooth velvety handshake, as well as his breath taking beautiful smile. In certainly didn't take no brain surgeon to figure out that Timmy was the so called leader. Timmy could see the apparent question in my eyes as he licked his lips then stated, "You want to know the blond boy's name, but first, you got to do what I want! Secondly, Mark here watched you smell that boy's butt. Now, you got to do something to keep him from saying anything. Aint that right Mark?" The younger boy Mark smiled, then responded, "Yeah, I saw you smell his butt too!" His voice was ever so soft and innocently gentle.

It was Mark who curiously asked, "Mister, why'd you smell that boy's butt? That's kind of gross, aint it?" Here I was, a grown man, confronted by a 15 and 12 years old, or so boys, lost for any words. Timmy fired in, "I told you Mark, he just likes to sniff that boy's butt, that's all there is to it. I guess he thinks that boy don't take a crap or something, aint that right?" I just nodded my head yes while looking at Timmy. Timmy pointed at Mark and asked, "So, what do you think of him? You know, him being kind of pretty and all that. You want to smell his butt too?" I looked into Mark's entrancing eyes and softly whispered like a whipped puppy, "Yes." Timmy took control of the entire situation by saying, "Okay, this is what needs to happen. Mark here, he aint never had his dick sucked on. He's sucked on mine a few times, but I aint no faggot, so I never return the favor. He aint never swallowed my sperm either, like you did, and I have to fess up and say it feels much better when my spunk is swallowed."

With that being said, Timmy opened up the rear passenger door and told Mark to hop into the seat. Timmy followed, then me. Mark was sitting on the captains chair on the drivers side while Timmy sat on the one on the passengers side. I was on my knees in the middle of the two. Neither Timmy nor Mark appeared nervous, but I was more nervous than either one of them could ever be. It was Mark who I studied his ass as he climbed into the Tahoe. His butt was definitely small, but perfectly curved. Only his tight blue jeans covered his butt and it outlined his small bubbly butt like a wet suit. Timmy looked at Mark and fired, "Well, go ahead and get your shit off so this guy can suck our dicks!" Both boys began taking their clothes off. Unlike the previous day, Timmy started taking everything off and tossing his clothing on the center console. I did have enough brain cells to start up my vehicle and let some heat conquer the cold.

When Timmy got down to taking his underwear off, I studied the material as it slid from his pubic region. Unlike the day before, there were no skid marks, just pure white cottony material. Timmy was already harder than a brick as my eyes rotated to the gorgeous beauty to my right. Unlike Timmy who was covered in freckles, Mark was unblemished everywhere. His dark pink nipples were small, but shapely erect and there wasn't a single hair life form on his chest or stomach. As he yanked off his shirt, I could barely see small strands of short black hairs developing under his armpits. Mark's eyes were glued to Timmy's rock hard cock and my eyes were watering in anticipation of Mark pulling down his pants and underwear. Timmy barked, "Come on Mark, we aint got all night! Hurry up and get your shit off so we can both get our dicks sucked!"

Mark unbuttoned the top of his pants, hooked his thumbs into and under the fabric and began quickly slipping himself clothes free. My tongue damn near fell out of my mouth as soon as my eyes laid vision onto his proud young boy cock. It wasn't no more than a good 4 to 5 inches long, but it was perfectly straight with no bend, or arch, whatsoever. His tiny nuggets were shiny thanks to no hair form anywhere on his little quarter sized jewels. There were only a few strands of short curly black hairs forming at the base of either side of his gorgeous cock. As he lifted his left leg to remove his pants and underwear, I got a good look at the honey trail leading down from under his tightly snuggled nuggets marking its territory to his hairless amazingly pink pucker hole.

While my eyes burned an everlasting impression of Mark's gorgeous body, Timmy chimed in by saying, "Come on dude, suck on my cock!" I inched my knees over to him and sank my mouth over his overly enlarged cock head. Timmy groaned as I began bobbing my head up and down on the full length of his cock. Timmy piped in, "Look Mark, this faggot knows what he's doing. He's got all of my dick in his mouth." I heard Mark say, "Yeah, he's older and I'm smaller. I keep telling you I can't get all of your big dick in my mouth." Not to sound like I am complaining, but this time there wasn't any strong stench rifling up my nostrils while I was sucking on Timmy's proud rod. Timmy said, "Watch this! I'm gonna fuck my dick in his mouth now!" Timmy began bucking his ass off the seat, driving his hard cock in and out of my mouth a mile a minute. It wasn't too long before Timmy literally forced my sucking mouth off of his cock and saying, "Oh shit, I got really close! Suck on Mark's dick now!"

I crawled over to him on my knees, keeping my eyes on his lovely twitching cock. It seemed the closer I got to Mark, my sniffing nostrils gathered up all of the boy's fresh scent. Before I got to put my mouth on Mark's cock, Timmy ordered, "Okay Mark, but let him know if you get close. I don't want you to cum just yet!" Mark agreed as I began slowly licking the tasty treat from the base up to the closed piss slit. Mark's cut cock looked more like a perfectly shaped torpedo awaiting blast off. After sucking on Timmy's cock, Mark's cock was a day at the beach. It never seemed to hit the back of my throat and I was proud that I didn't gag. I inhaled deeply as my mouth sank all the way to the base, relishing in his rich fresh natural body aroma mixed only with the soap he used to clean himself with. I had even managed to suck in both of his hairless nuggets while tongue whipping his tasty cock. Mark was cooing and groaning as I slowly milked his gorgeous cock to perfection. His soft little hands roamed freely over my head, sending shivers racing up and down my spine.

I tried in vain to stretch my tongue under his delicate balls to lash out at his pink butt hole, but my tongue wasn't anywhere long enough. I still had the boy's hard cock and balls in my mouth as Mark began to softly arch his butt up and down ever so gracefully. I probably hadn't been sucking his cock for three minutes when Mark screamed, "Stop, stop, I'm, I'm close!" Reluctantly, I backed off and immediately began sucking on Timmy's cock once again. This activity went on with me rotating from Timmy's cock to Mark's cock eight, maybe, ten times. I had just pulled off of Mark's super tasty cock when Timmy said, "let's try something a little different!" In a way, I was glad cause my jaw really ached, not so much from Mark's slender cock, but Timmy's thick mushroom head. Timmy ordered, "Okay Mark, suck my dick while this man sniffs your butt!" Be it fear, friendship, or natural love, Mark hopped off the seat and immediately began slurping on Timmy's boner. Mark was standing to the side of the captain's chair, bent over at the hip. His legs were slightly spread and all I could do was stare at his beautifully shaped bubble butt. The little line of his crack seemed so desperately tight, yet so profoundly small. Timmy barked while looking at me, "Go ahead dude, smell his butt! We aint got all night!"

I inched myself directly behind Mark and placed both of my trembling hands on each tiny butt cheek. My one hand could almost cover his entire butt, but the sensation of touching his silky smooth butt flesh caused my eyes to water and my heart to thump wildly somewhere in my throat. Placing the tip of my nose at the base of his crack, I began inhaling his innocent beauty. He smelled so clean and wonderful. As I pressed even harder at his butt crack with my nose, my hands began gently spreading his most hidden treasure. As my nose inched downward, the clean fresh aroma of pure boy filled my every being. Within seconds, my nose was pressed firmly onto Mark's puckering butt hole. What I was hoping to smell was way beyond my sick person, but what I was getting a good whiff of was nothing I had ever anticipated. His hole was clean and fresh and smelled of mild baby powder. Without asking or thinking, my tongue snaked out and I got my first taste of boy butt. Wave after blissful wave of pure intoxicating pleasure steamrolled all over my body. Mark, with a mouthful of Timmy's cock, grunted and shook his hips from side to side as I buried my tongue, full force, onto his most hidden feature.

Timmy wasn't aware that I had my tongue all over his little friend's butt hole. To the best of his knowledge, he thought I was only smelling Mark's butt, not tongue drilling it. Mark's hot little body bounced up and down and from side to side as my tongue snuck inside his tiny hot hole. My hands stretched the boy's butt cheeks to its widest region, allowing me more room to advance my anal exploring tongue. Between Mark's groans of sheer bliss, I could hear Timmy whisper, "Yeah, shit yes. Now that's how you suck my dick! Ah, oh shit, fucking A dude!" I could also hear Mark slurping on Timmy's cock mixed with the sweet music of his innocent and heart warming moans. I was using my tongue like a mini pile driver, digging and churning as far as his tight hole would allow my tongue to swim. I could feel Mark's legs as they trembled violently as my tongue plunged deeper and deeper up his fiery hot, sweet tasting, anal highway.

While my tongue was blistering his anal orifice, my right hand had reached around Mark and began to slowly jack his young rock hard boy meat teasingly slowly. My left hand started caressing his drawn up nuggets while my thumb probed at his tongue filled bung hole. Mark's muffled cries echoed inside the vehicle as his body began to twitch and jerk wildly. There was no doubt I was getting into eating Mark's super clean and mouth watering butt hole, but apparently Timmy got too close to busting his load and stopped everything. Mark almost lost his footing as he walked passed me to sit back into the captains chair. Timmy was panting heavily while squeezing the daylights out of his cock. It appeared he almost shot his load and was doing his utmost best to force his built up sperm back down the shaft of his steel like cock.

Mark's eyes were extremely glassy and his mouth area was wet from his saliva and Timmy's cock juice. I would have given anything to have been able to plant one long passionate kiss on the gorgeous boy and lick his mouth clean for him. After a few seconds, Timmy looked at me and stated, "You sure are gonna get a lot cream today. Come on over here so I can shoot my wad in your mouth!" My knees ached, but my mouth tingled just knowing that he was getting ready to fire his load down my throat. I crawled over to Timmy and immediately sank my mouth over his shaft. Timmy yelped, "Fuck yeah dude, agh hell yes, suck it, suck the shit out of my dick." Timmy grabbed my head and began arching his butt off of the seat, driving his thick cock in and out of my mouth a mile a minute. In less than a minute, I felt Timmy squeeze the crap out of my head while muttering something like, "Shit, shit, here, oh fuck, here it, God, aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" His thick cock expanded and one long thick blast coated the roof of my mouth with his fiery hot young boy cream. He was fucking my mouth like crazy as sperm bullets shot one right after the other. Timmy was slamming his meat into my mouth so fast, I was unable to open my throat and allow some of his hot cream to slide down to my stomach. Blast after blast of hot thick cream rapidly began flooding my cock filled mouth. What seemed like an hour, but only a minute or so, his cock began trickling his hot sperm to which I began hungrily swallowing his young concoction. For whatever reason, and not complaining in the least, it seemed that his young balls kept pumping more and more of his mildly salty seed into my mouth. As each tingly drop of protein slipped onto my tongue, I greedily swallowed.

Sometime a little later, Timmy's once rock hard sperm erupting cock fell limp inside my mouth. My sucking started to get too sensitive and he used his hands to pull my vacuum like mouth from his sleeping cock. Timmy sort of crumbled into the chair gazing somewhere off into space. I looked over at Mark and he was still sitting in the chair with his feet up on the cushion. His young cock was hard as a bone and he had the look of a child on Christmas morning as I walked on my knees towards him. I just got in front of him and he tenderly placed both of his silky hands on my head as I lowered my face and gobbled up his throbbing hard cock. As soon as my mouth fell onto the young boy's cock, Mark cried out, "Oh God, Oh my God, yes, oh that feels sooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooood!" His little feet began to bring his hot little ass off of the chair at a slow steady rhythm, causing him to slowly fuck my mouth with his delicious wonder meat.

While my mouth worshiped his lovely cock, my fingers of my right hand crawled under his arched butt and began toying with his tight butt hole. Mark cried out as soon as my fingers began roaming ever so freely upon his young bung hole. His precious head began to fling from side to side as I increased the suction on his rock hard pole. Mark bit his lips as he fought back from screaming as his cock expanded and soon strands of sperm missiles began rocketing off inside my cock devouring mouth. Just the very tip of my index finger gained entry into his butt as his watery sperm soothed the interior of my sperm savoring, cock sucking mouth. For whatever reason, I refused to allow any of Mark's watery nectar to escape down my throat. I held it into my mouth and cherished his audible moans, considering them to be ever so priceless. His little balls had escaped back into their sockets and I was a bit surprised as to the amount of boy juice Mark was delivering. Not keeping track of time, and not caring either, Mark's cock fell limp inside my mouth.

Knowing that his cock head would be too sensitive, I allowed my mouth to slip off of his boy boner. As I stood up on my aching knees, I was looking straight into Mark's entrancing eyes and the young lad watched me as I began to drink the honey stored inside my mouth. The taste was heavenly with no significant signs of salt. Just like I had always fantasized, Mark's cream tasted just like melted candy. HOT, WATERY and SWEET! As I looked over at Timmy, I discovered that he had already got dressed and was looking at me. Timmy made a disgusting face and said, "Damn dude, you sure do like swallowing sperm. That's some sick shit, but it sure as fuck feels good!" Mark did his best to struggle to get to his shaky feet and he started getting his clothes back on. My eyes remained on his delicious bubble butt as he bent over to put his socks on. This kid was gorgeous, but still in my mind, the blond haired kid still had no competition whatsoever.

Once they were completely dressed, we stepped out of my vehicle. Looking at Timmy, I asked, "His name, what's the blond haired boy's name?" Mark had already got onto his bike and Timmy was about to do the same. He stopped in mid stride, looked at me, then with a smirk on his face, replied, "Be here tomorrow, same place, same time!" He hopped onto his bike and both boys rode off down the street. I got into my vehicle and was headed home when my idiot new boss called and informed me to come to work. With one hell of a raging hard on and pre cum showing up all over my pants, I did as I was instructed. After working rather late, I went home and immediately fell asleep. As luck would have it, I over slept the next morning and had to rush to get to work. All I could think about all day long was my blond haired boy, Mark's perfect body and his sweet cum, and Timmy's thick young cock. My own cock stayed hard all day and my balls hurt like hell, needing some relief, any relief.

Having had to work late again, I pulled up to the park and parked in the very back closest to the woods. The boys were playing football and I had no problem spotting my blond haired beauty playing quarterback. I almost ran to the same bench and just like before, I inched my fantasy lover's bike closer to me. I didn't see Timmy and I didn't see Mark, but the game ended and I watched as the blond boy gracefully strode towards me. As soon as he was in sniffing range, I began to inhale deeply. When he bent over, I bent over and almost shoved my nose right up his ass. The heat piping from the crack of his blue jeans covered butt was awesome, and so was the soapy fresh scent. The boy stood up too quickly, forcing my nose to strike his cloth covered crack. He turned with a shocked look on his face as I must have turned four shades whiter. As his mouth opened, the angelic softness of the most precious sounds escaped his brilliant pink lips, "Sorry sir, are you okay?" With three frogs lodged in my throat, I nervously responded, "Um, oh, I uh, yes!" His smile stole my heart and his dashing eyes scorched my own. He turned, got on his bike and slowly peddled up the street, taking time to turn his head towards me several times before he rounded the corner.

I sat on the bench for about twenty or so minutes, reminiscing of what had just happened between me and my blond beauty when Mark rode up out of the blue and parked his bike behind me. First thing I asked, "Where's Timmy?" Mark sat down beside me, smiled and replied, "He's home on restriction. He got suspended from school today for cussing. His parents wont let him out of the house for a whole week and he can't have any friends over either." Since we were basically all alone, I asked the question that I had been thinking about since I first met Mark, "Mark, how long have you been sucking Timmy's dick?" The young gorgeous boy smiled, licked his lips, then replied, "Shucks, I don't remember. I've known him all my life. I suck it most every day." I asked, "Why?" Mark smiled even broader, then stated, "I dunno, I guess, cause I like to." I asked, "You say you always suck his dick, but Timmy wont ever suck yours, why is that?" Mark shot back, "Cause Timmy aint about sucking no dick, but he like his to be sucked on. It doesn't bother me at all just as long as he keeps letting me suck his. Now and then, I have to ask him to take a bath or something, cause sometimes stink comes up from his butt, but other than that, I like the way his dick feels inside my mouth."

We sat quietly for a few seconds when Mark looked at me and asked, "Heck, I don't even know your name and that's fine, but what do you get from, you know, putting your tongue on a butt hole?" I replied, "Caleb, name's Caleb, and what I get is knowing I am giving pleasure. Did you like it when I put my tongue on your butt hole?" Without the slightest hesitation, Mark piped in and said, "Oh hell yeah! It sort of tickled at first, but then, then it felt really awesome. I first thought that it was really gross, cause, well uh, cause that's where I go poop, and I did worry some about what it might have smelled like. But, once your tongue did what you did, I didn't care anymore. It just felt great!"

Everything was silent when Mark uttered, "Sven." Naturally, I asked, "I'm sorry, what was that?" He looked up at me and said, "The blond boy, his name is Sven. He just got to our school from another country. All I know is that one of his parents was born in Sweden or Switzerland and the other is an American. He speaks perfect English with just a mild foreign accent. That's really all I know." My ears captured every word Mark said and I was thinking inwardly about the name Sven. Such a pretty name for such a gorgeous boy.

As the name Sven kept ringing in my mind, the other fact that Mark was sitting right next to me never once evaded my thoughts either. At this point, all Mark had to do was ask me if I wanted to taste his gorgeous young body once more and I would have jumped at the golden opportunity. I was purely too chicken to just come right out and ask him if he wanted a blow-job or his butt eaten, so I sat there glancing down at him. Finally, Mark mumbled something under his breath. I really didn't hear him and asked him to repeat it. The little hunk of boy looked up and softly whispered, "Would you like to do something with me?" The word yes flew out of my mouth no sooner than he finished his question.

We walked to my vehicle and Mark was the first to enter the rear passenger door and I followed. Once inside, I turned around to close the door and upon turning back around, Mark had already dropped his pants and underwear and was already sitting with his legs spread and his hot little cock rock hard, pointing at the sky. The vulture that I was and had vastly become, I fell onto my knees and wasted very little time in flopping my tongue onto his proud cock. The sweet fresh soapy aroma traveled up my inhaling nostrils as my tongue bathed the boy's entire cock before my mouth opened, gulping down the delicious morsel of boy meat. Mark's small hands gently roamed all over my head as my tongue and mouth worshiped his hard beauty. His tiny nuggets had already disappeared back into their sockets, but my tongue managed to take the time to show its love by lashing out at the precious indentations where his balls once were.

I slowly bobbed my head up and down while increasing the pressure a little at a time. In less than a couple of minutes, Mark cried out while latching for dear life onto my head with his tiny fingers. Not wanting this time to end so rapidly, I withdrew my mouth and carefully lifted his silky legs while scooting his hot fiery butt closer to the edge of the seat cushion. In no time at all, I had Mark's legs high enough to allow me full view of his spread butt cheeks and glorious hole. My nose was the first to come in direct contact with his bung hole while my tongue flickered along his tasty crack. Just like before, the smell was overpowering with fresh soap and a hint of baby powder. Once my nose departed the object of such fresh aroma, my tongue immediately began drilling at the tiny puckered orifice. Mark was cooing and moaning like crazy as my tongue pressed harder and harder on the sealed ring until giving way for my tongue to penetrate his hole and dive in.

While his legs were up in the air, Mark took the opportunity to start taking his shoes and socks off and letting them fall to the carpet. His little body wiggled and shook as my tongue dug away at his tight, super hot, edible asshole. Somehow, Mark managed to shrug off his pants and underwear and was now aiding me by grabbing his own legs and forcing them higher and wider. Though his anal canal was ever so tight, by his assisted actions, my tongue fell deeper into the boy's fiery hot rectum. I could feel his convulsing anal muscles clamp onto my drilling tongue. I was eating his ass like a tiger after a fresh bloody kill while taking the opportunity of a lifetime by looking into his glossy eyes. He was making all sorts of priceless faces as the erotic and pleasurable sensations coursed through his entire young body. Taking my right index finger, I pushed his boy boner towards my mouth and rotated from sucking his hard cock to eating his more than tasty ass. The boy was all too accustomed to pleasing Timmy and was not used to being pleased. The words streaming from his twitching lips were not words of the English language. The more he babbled, the harder I sucked his cock and faster my tongue shot in and out of his divine asshole.

I took turns on his cock, balls, and asshole, bringing him close to busting his nut several times. He had started to beg me to let him cum, but his plead of mercy fell upon deaf ears. His young body was shaking violently, and at this point, I had my tongue buried all the way up his anal cavity. Several times, I had to brush back his hands as they were attempting to relieve his hard cock from all its built up tension. Knowing time was not in my favor, reluctantly I slipped my tongue from his butt hole and slammed my mouth back onto his hard joystick. While I slowly and teasingly bobbed my head up and down on his silky shaft, I placed my left middle finger against his saliva coated bung hole and pressed ever so slightly. Be it from force or from his wild and frantic bucking motions, my finger slid in causing Mark to scream with a new emotion knocking on his backdoor. The heat mixed with only the tightness clung onto my finger as it began a slow descend up the boy's anal canal.

Mark was humping his little body all over while tossing his head wildly. My finger had reached its farthest limit inside his anal canal and I started to slowly retract and slowly descend my finger. I would bring my finger almost all the way out of his hot asshole, then slowly shove it all the way back in. Mark screamed a mixture of gargled words and his cock expanded and numerous strands of sperm missiles launched powerfully into my sperm craving mouth. Jet after jet of watery creamy boy juice shot into my mouth. Mark was flopping all over as my finger increased its fucking pace inside his convulsing asshole. If I thought he had shot a huge load the day before, the load I was now being offered made the day before seem more like a sample. Blast after blast splashed into my mouth. The more he shot, the louder my own moans became. His cream was watery and blistering hot and it was being trapped inside my mouth awaiting for everything to come to an end so I could sip on his young life giving nectar.

As per always the case, all good things must come to an end. His cock quit shooting its spunk, but it certainly remained bone hard inside my mouth. Mark used his hands to force my mouth from his meat and I reluctantly allowed it to pop out of the vacuum confined grip of my sucking mouth. With his cream rolling inside my mouth, I slipped my finger from his clamping asshole and began sipping his seed as if I were a professional wine connoisseur. The boy was priceless sitting there with his legs high in the air, panting for all he was worth, looking at me drinking his sperm. Unfortunately, the last of his sweet appetizing cream slipped down my throat, leaving my mouth empty and my perversion for more increasing. I was still on my knees, savoring his delicious boy juice and looking at him at the same time when my damn cell phone started ringing. Looking at the caller ID, I saw it was my new boss, the workaholic. Since he arrived just a little over a month ago, all the man does is work and thinks everyone else should be on his exact time table.

Not wanting to get fired, I hesitantly answered the phone. As always when he calls, I was told I needed to come back to work. While I was on the phone with him, Mark regained his composure and began dressing. I wanted to reach my tongue out and lick his ass crack as he put his socks on, but he was a good foot out of my reach. I listened to my boss and told him I would be there in about fifteen minutes. Mark got out of my vehicle, smiled, thanked me and rode off. The front of my pants looked like I had pissed them and my cock was harder than a boulder. Even the short drive to work couldn't bring my cock to soften. My balls painfully ached and I needed to desperately blow my two day load.

Upon my arrival to work, still with a massive erection tenting my pants, my boss had me seated in his office. Basically, he told me he was going to give me a week off with pay, but the only catch was that I had to baby-sit his kid so he could go out of the country. I was more than happy to get a weeks vacation, but I was down right pissed off that I had to watch his kid. By baby-sitting his kid, I wouldn't be able to go to the park and watch Sven, my blond dream lover. Nor, would I get to have any more episodes with Timmy or Mark and my girlfriend would be coming home in little over a week. This crap would fuck up all my plans! I asked about the kid's school and my boss told me not to worry. He had already informed the school of his situation so all I had to do was keep his kid occupied until he returned. He handed me a thousand bucks, got directions to my place, and told me he would be dropping his kid off in a couple of hours. I did tell my boss that I lived in a one bedroom apartment and he didn't blink an eye or seem like that mattered in the least.

To sat I was pissed off after leaving the office would be the understatement of the year. At this point, I just wanted to get home and jack-off my still solidly erect cock. As if things couldn't get any better, I got stuck on the interstate thanks to a five car pile up. The traffic was bumper to bumper and as bad as I wanted to, I didn't pull out my cock and start jacking it. I waited for an eternity for the traffic to start slowly moving and had just arrived at the safety of my apartment (in fact, just walked in) when the doorbell rang. I looked through the peep hole and there he was, my asshole of a boss. I didn't see his kid by him, so I reluctantly opened the door while forcing a brave smile to smear my angry face. He didn't say hello or anything, just handed me a small suitcase while walking past me. My boss stopped just inside the doorway and said, "The little brat is getting more shit and will be up shortly. I got to go and will be back in a week. I'll call you when I return and here (handing me a piece of paper) is a number you can reach me if you need anything." The bastard didn't offer to shake my hand, say thanks, or anything, just turned and walked right out of my still opened door.

I put the small suitcase by the sofa and turned back to face my opened door awaiting the object that royally fucked up all my perverse plans. The only thing I managed to accomplish was that my aching cock no longer was rock hard. Thanks to my asshole of a new boss, mixed with baby-sitting, it went down rather quickly. I waited for about a minute or two and decided to go ahead and start a fire. It was cold outside and leaving my door open was helping in warming up my apartment any. I was on my knees (seems like I stay on my knees, don't it) just having started the flames on the logs when I heard the door close. I glanced over my shoulder to see who the object was that was in fact killing all of my plans and delicious opportunities. At first glance, I was so stunned, I fell onto my butt, backwards. There he was, standing at the edge of the sofa, closest to the door was my blond dream lover, Sven. I felt like I was going into cardiac arrest as my heart grew a hundred times larger, pounding my whole body into submission.

One thing was for certain, Sven must have gotten his looks from his mother as well as his personality, cause he was the direct opposite of his asshole father. I couldn't believe it. The object of so many jack-off sessions was the son of my new boss and he was going to spend an entire week with me, and for whatever reason, doesn't have to go to school and I don't have to go to work. Not only did my mind race with wild and perverse thoughts, but my cock grew back to its solid state as I got up and walked up to him and shook his hand while offering him my name. He remembered me from the park, cause he smile and said, "Yes sir, you're the guy I accidentally hit in the face with my butt at the park." I smiled and replied, "Yeah, that's me." I had a tremendous difficult time staring him in the eyes, cause all I could really see was his bunched up basket at the crotch of his blue jeans. I did notice that his teeth were perfectly white and utterly perfect in rows. His little nose was turned slightly upwards and there wasn't a smudge or blemish anywhere on his gorgeous face. Up close and personal, I could really see his dimples each time he spoke or smiled. His eyebrows were thin and just as white as the hair on his head. Speaking of head and hair, his hair was almost shaved just above his ears and dangled well below his shoulder blades. The top was more like the in fashion spiked cut.

Upon introducing myself properly and shaking his small hand, I thought my lungs collapsed as soon as his elegant silk flesh struck mine. I was speechless, not to mention, breathless. The boy was so beautiful that no dream could ever visualize his true appearance in any fantasy without ever seeing the real him. He took off his coat and I placed it in the closet. He sat down on the sofa as I made us some refreshments. My mind and eyes could not focus on anything but him! I sat in the chair opposite of him and like a bumbling idiot, I squeaked out, "So, Sven, how old are you?" With a smile that stole hearts and captured ones breath, his angelic soothing voice rang out, "I just turned 12 two weeks ago." I was so lost in his wonderful voice, I failed to realize that my erection was plainly visible for his young eyes to behold if he cared to see it at all. It seemed that the longer I sat there and listened to his sweet eloquent voice, the harder my cock became, as well as the wetness in the front of my pants appeared.

We sat there just talking for about an hour or so before I had to start getting us something ready to eat. Sven also asked if he could take a bath and I had no problem showing him where my bathroom was located. I pert near fainted as he bent over the tub and cut on the water. His young hot bubble butt protruded outward to greet my already burning eyes. Just like in the previous instances, I stole the chance to quickly lower my perverse face to his cloth covered crack and inhale deeply. Like I mentioned earlier, I had no clue as to what I was hoping to catch a whiff of, but I just did it as if it were the natural thing to do. Just a fresh soapy scent escaped up my nostrils and rapidly filled my expanding lungs. Not wanting to get busted, again, I rose up in just enough time as he stood before me and asked where his suitcase was. I showed him my bedroom and watched him disappear into the bathroom carrying it.

I would have given anything to have been a floor mat in the bathroom just so I could have seen him naked. I did everything most any other pervert in my position would have done. I snuck back down the hall and tried to peer under the crack of the closed door to catch a glimpse. I even tried to see if I could see anything through the door knob, but everything I tried failed miserably. The only thing I accomplished was my cock was now hurting like hell and my balls soon joined in on the aching misery. I was back in the kitchen and after hearing the water shut off, I figured it would be in my best interest not to go back down the hall for fear of being caught. I could hear the sounds of him moving about in the water and trying to cook almost became an impossible task.

I had finished making whatever it was I made for us to eat and slowly trembled all the short distance down the hall to the bathroom door and politely knocked softly. When he answered, I informed him that the food was ready and he acknowledged me then asked where he should place his dirty clothes. I told him just to leave them in the bathroom and I would gather them up later. I placed his plate of food and glass of whatever on the coffee table in front of the small sofa and placed my own stuff on the table next to the chair, opposite him, so I could see his every graceful move.

When he walked into the living room wearing nothing but a SHORT silk burgundy robe, I literally dropped my plate into my lap. His hair was still wet from the bath, and the aroma of his freshly bathed flesh blistered my expanding lungs. I had placed the remote control in front of him and watched as he sat down. For a split second, I thought my eyes had witnessed his genitals as his legs spread before he got into the full seated position. We ate while he fumbled through the cable channels for something to watch. My eyes burned holes all over his sweet smelling body. I noticed that his short robe rode up his visually hairless thighs about halfway. I tried my best to see if I could see any hairs on his legs, but his slightly tanned golden skin offered nothing but a hairless adventure.

As we ate, my mind wondered to the place as to how he was able to get a tan in the dead of winter. The blond haired God must go to a tanning salon in order to get such a beautiful appearance. I finished first and politely excused myself for a well needed piss. Everything was going okay other than the fact that my cock was heavily protruding down my leg and tenting the material of my pants for any eyes to witness. In my mind, I did tell myself that I saw Sven's eyes look at my package as I stood up to go to the bathroom. Once inside, I pissed like a race horse and it was during my pissing that I saw his clothes all bundled up in the corner. It was then that my perverse being strained to rush my piss out so I could at least fondle my dream lover's so called dirty clothes. After fully relieving myself, I nervously walked over to the corner and picked up the boy's white socks. Be it sickness or simply out of curiosity, I drew them up to my overheated nostrils and began sniffing the lint straight from the source. Only a fresh soapy aroma lingered in the hairs of my nose. I sniffed the boy's tennis shoes as well and discovered nothing but sweetness. The next item on the agenda was his shirt. After pulling them inside out, I sniffed all over, especially the area of where his armpits had been hidden by the cloth. Sweetness, pure sweetness! His clothes literally smelled like they had just came out of the washing machine, only after using a fragrant soap to clean them in. After letting the shirt fall to the floor, I picked up his pants. Pulling the waste open, Sven's petite white bikini briefs fell from the pants onto the floor.

I placed my entire face inside the boy's pants and sniffed like a drug dog raiding a crack house. Everything smelled so fresh and so clean, but my eyes still remained on the fallen petite bikini shorts. After smelling the color off his blue jeans, I let them fall free and wasted very little time in picking up the boy's hot little underwear. I turned the inside out and began rapidly smelling all over the insides. I even thought to myself how sick I must have been to be smelling some boy's dirty clothes, but even my realistic thoughts didn't prevent me from continuing on with my smelling activity. There wasn't a single sign of evidence detecting any pubic hair, nor was there any stain prevalent either. The aroma that graced my nostrils was just like the rest of his clothes. SWEET!

I returned back to the living room and informed Sven I was going to take a shower. Once inside the shower, I was torn with the ever so well needed urge to jack-off or hurry the hell up so I could get back in there and look at the gorgeous angel. I took the later option and quickly showered, toweled myself dry, and placed on my cheap dark blue bath robe. Unlike his, mine was rather long. It wasn't until I joined him in the living room that I realized I was so fucking head over heels in love with the boy that I failed to have put on any underwear.

Everything was sort of fine until he spoke, "Caleb, I see you all the time at the park watching us play football. Do you like to watch us play?" Not only did I manage to get an immediate erection, but I also got extremely nervous as to his question. Did he know I was only there for him, his natural born beauty, and was there to steal a sniff as he bent over to unlock his bike? I searched frantically for the precise words and could only offer, "I like to watch football." The smile on his gorgeous face seemed so natural and it was a smile that seemed permanent.

Sven simply asked, "Did you like it?" Having no clue, I replied, "Like what?" He took a sip of his tea, sat back, kept his legs together, and stated, "Look Caleb, I don't have a problem with it, not in the least, but all I ask is that you come clean, you know, be honest about it. It really is no big deal. I saw you watching us and I know for a fact you moved my bike closer to where you was sitting on the bench. That day when I stood up and hit you in the face with my butt, I knew then what you were doing. Like I said, it's no big deal. Heck, where I come from, I'm used to older guys hanging out at the park picking up guys my age, some younger, and some older. It's no big deal! We had nude beaches and I knew some of the older guys were taking pictures of us as we walked around. Personally, it doesn't bother me at all. I'm pretty much open to most anything. All I ask is that nobody lie to me. I'd rather be hit in the face with the truth than to be stabbed in the back with a lie. Oh yeah, a couple of other things I noticed. I saw you with the red headed guy. I don't know his name, but I've been told all about him. He's not really a bully, but he likes for guys to suck his dick. That's no big deal! I also saw you and him get into your vehicle and noticed it didn't take too long before the windows got might foggy. I couldn't see, but I know the two of you did something. The guy I got your name from is Mark. At school, he's known as Timmy's bitch. When you put two and two together, I come up with Timmy being the red headed guy and Mark is the guy who sucks his dick. I may be wrong, but that's the way I figure it to be. When I asked Mark to give me your name, naturally, I figured the two of you did something as well. Caleb, it's no big deal! So, with all that being said, did you like it? You know, smelling my butt?"

My face must have turned a bright red and the boy was 100 percent correct about everything. He was sitting there still with a smile on his face awaiting my response. Tears of being busted began to form in my eyes and a battalion of giant frogs grew heavily into my throat. My head was lowered in the midst of amble defeat. My heart pounded powerfully in my chest and I felt faint from shame. My perversion of boy butts, the sickness of telling myself lies about some of them being incapable of taking a normal human crap, surfaced. I had indeed been busted, caught red handed with my hand in the cookie jar. To be so young, Sven was beyond his time with intelligence. With my head bowed in shame, lips trembling, voice cracking, I struggled, "Guilty! It's all true, I am a pervert, a sick son of a bitch, and yes, I liked it!"

My eyes were focused on the carpet at my feet and not on this lovely young beauty anymore. Sven said, "Caleb, Caleb, it's okay. Some of it is my fault too. Once I realized you moved my bike, I intentionally bent over so you could do what you wanted to do. As far as being a pervert or a sick son of a bitch is concerned, we all got our little quirks about us. So you like smelling butts. Who gives a shit! If that's what you enjoy doing and nobody gets hurt from it, I don't see a problem. I got my own hang-ups too. Like, let's see. When I'm at the nude beach and I know I got someone's attention, I flirt a lot. I'm always bending over for them just to see what their reaction is. I can't help the way I look, but there's nothing wrong with me showing off from time to time either. I guess it's the way my parents raised me. We are nudists and when we are at home, we always walk around in the nude. To me, that's natural. Wearing clothes all the time seems unnatural. So you see Caleb, you are not as sick as you think. Besides, when the time is right, I would probably rather be with someone older than someone my own age."

I must admit I felt a little better after listening to him, but nonetheless, I still felt somewhat ashamed. We sat there and he listened to me pour everything out. In detail, the activity with Timmy and with Timmy and Mark. He had given me his word that he would never tell anyone prior to me spilling my guts. I even went as far as telling him my entire fascination I have with him and event so far as telling him how I honestly thought he was incapable of taking a dump. Sven sat there wearing a priceless smile as I rambled on. It seemed the more I talked, and told the truth, the better I was feeling. I gave him both barrels and held nothing back like I was the patient and he was the psychiatrist. Sven sat through all my rambling and confessing and not once tried to interrupt or end this one sided conversation. After I had spilled everything, I found out that the only sexual activity Sven had ever been involved with was he once got fifty dollars from some older guy who paid him to let the guy touch his cock and place his finger tip on his butt hole. According to Sven, the guy sniffed the finger that he had rubbed on Sven's butt hole, then sucked on it like it was a lollipop. Sven also added he had plenty of offers from numerous older guys to let them suck his dick, but even though he may have considered it, he was too chicken to go through with it.

We talked for nearly two hours about everything. I told him all about my girlfriend, including our wild sex life, my job, and my entire life. He told me all about himself as well and how he was born in Norway and all the places he had lived thanks to his father's transplanting job. We had pretty much told everything and just sort of sat there like bumps on a log. Since everything was already out and in the open, I gambled and took a shot at his statement earlier on in one of the previous conversations, by tossing out, "Sven, if you would rather be nude than to wear your robe, then, by all means, treat my home as yours." A fresh look of excitement crossed his face and he eagerly replied, "Really! You wont mind?" I didn't have to think about that one and fired back, "Make yourself at home! My home is yours. Go ahead and do whatever it is you do at your home in mine." I was hoping he would disrobe right there, but he excused himself first and my eyes captured his every elegant motion as he walked down the hallway. God, did this boy have the ass of death. It was so shapely, yet it appeared to be so small and muscular as well.

My mind was thinking of nothing but him, when his voice sounded out behind me, "So, what do you think?" About the time he got the words out, Sven walked right in front of me and stood no more than three feet from my eyes bare ass naked. The vision of perfection burned instant and permanent photos in my mind. His nipples were a bright pinkish color, small, but defiantly erect. His chest was solid, but not overly muscular. And his stomach, the stomach of a chiseled God breathed slowly in and out. His six pack abs were not heavily defined, but as pure as a newborn baby. His little belly button caved slightly inward appearing to have several small circles twirling themselves around inside the small indentation. Then, and only then, did my eyes fall onto his priceless pubic region. His goody trail was void of any hair, but he had the smallest bush of snow white hair sprouting up at the very base of his dangling two and half inches of uncut soft boy pride. The foreskin covering the head dangled freely a good inch or two and his gorgeous uncut masterpiece rested over two perfectly even ping pong ball sized hairless nuggets. His balls had just seemed to have been in the dropping stages as they were in the middle of dangling and still confined. From the looks of his balls, the sac looked perfectly rounded like one small ball with a thin darker line separating the two gorgeous priceless jewels.

Sven teasingly turned all the way around so I could get a closer unobstructed look of his butt. And oh my God what a butt the boy possessed. The cheeks ripples as he danced from one foot to the other. It was small, bubbly, and solid all rolled up into one mouth watering delicacy. The line that was so lucky enough to be separating two gorgeous mounds was small, but it sealed the crevice ever so tightly. My rock hard cock jumped, forcing itself into plain view from my closed robe. I was fighting the water blurring my eyes and struggling with my man cock to go back into hiding. As if no big deal, Sven walked over to the sofa and sat down. I was praying that he mistook the sofa cushion for my face and now was happily seated on it. The boy looked right at me and said, "Now, I feel much better. Caleb, do you like me naked?" My response was impulsive, "Oh hell fucking yes!" He let out a forced chuckle and I was doing everything I could not to rush over to him and start devouring every square inch of his more than delicious body. To say I was in a bad way would have been the understatement of a lifetime. Sven acted as if it were no big deal, but insisted I get naked too.

I fessed up about my erection and his response was, "So, it's no big deal! We're guys. We get hardons all the time. Go ahead and get naked. You'll like it, I promise!" As I stood up, my uncooperative 9" average in thickness cock popped right out. I had just taken my robe off when Sven teasingly stated, "Holy shit Caleb, you got one big ass dick!" I thanked him and sat back down. One thing was for sure, I really did feel a whole lot better being naked. The only thing that bothered me was my bouncing cock. It twitched and jerked as if it had a mind of its own. Sven noticed it too cause I was watching his eyes as they were watching my dancing man boner.

Sven's mouth watering soft uncut cock never made a move and remained perfectly flaccid throughout our conversation, though his piercing blue eyes remained glued onto my man sized erection. Sven politely excused himself to go the bathroom and my eyes watched his hot little tanned butt saunter down the hallway. I was in love with every square inch of this blond haired God. A God who made Adonis fall ten rungs on the gorgeous ladder. I took the opportunity to gather our dirty dishes and walked the few short feet and was placing them into the sink. Though my dick was still painfully erect, I was absent minded with the dirty dishes. Sven snuck in behind me and grabbed me around the lower stomach. I almost blew my load as I felt his silky smooth flesh press into my own. I felt his soft cock as it rubbed gracefully along the lower portion of my bare butt cheeks. My own cock began bouncing up and down in rhythm with my pounding heart beat. His fingers slid alongside of my rib cage, attempting to tickle me. His soft angelic voice captured my ears by surprise, "I got you now! You can't do anything to me!" His boyish giggles while attempting to tickle my hornier than horny skin set the pace.

Spinning around, I grabbed Sven around the hips as my fingers began toying with his tanned silky skin causing him to burst out into uncontrollable laughter. Seeing his uncut swaying cock dance freely into the rooms air was beyond any price tag. His hairless balls swung freely as well, or at least as free as the smooth sac would allow them to. My nostrils captured his raging scent, sending shivers coursing throughout my body. My cock head pressed into his stomach, smearing my cock juice all over. Catching him off guard, I spun him around, pressing my pre cum spilling cock into the crevice of the most gorgeous ass in all of the heavens. My fingers danced all over his chest forcing him to laugh even harder. I felt his tiny erect nipples while inhaling his intoxicating soapy aroma. To be bound by perversion is too much for any one man to overcome. His ticklish assault on me may have been innocent enough, but my return assault had all the motives for an enlightened sexual beginning.

Catching him off guard, I spun in behind him, keeping my arms locked around his heavy breathing chest. My pre cum spitting cock nestled into the crevice of his heavenly divine boy crack while my nostrils relished in the enchanting scent of his freshly bathed boy aroma. My eyes peered over his shoulders ensuring direct eye contact on his more than gorgeous swaying uncut cock. I held him firmly against my body, breathing in his intoxicating scent, while inwardly admiring his total and perfect beauty. His tight butt cheeks gripped at my cock with his every move and his every heart beat.

Somehow, we managed to fall onto the sofa with him falling on top of me. I fell in the seated position with his muscular little butt resting nicely into my lap. Sven's legs were spread, allowing my cock to snake its way between his silky tanned thighs, nuzzling up against his still soft cock, rasping in the luxury of his hairless, gorgeous, priceless, jewels. With each tickle, his butt gyrated onto my lap and I had my left arm on his smooth chest with just the tip of my index finger drawing torturous circles on his erect tiny right nipple. Though Sven tried numerous times to break my restraint, he maintained his left arm on top of my left arm, seemingly pressing down to hold himself into my clutches. My right hand and fingers caressed his upper body sending his sounds of laughter piercing into my ears. His head slung back so that his right cheek and my left cheek pressed into one another. Sven's laughing mouth spewed his freshly brushed hot breath into my inhaling nostrils, sending my already perverted being into rapid orbit.

Be it accidentally or intentionally, Sven's free right hand fell onto my throbbing man member and I honestly thought I felt him give it a gentle squeeze. His hand was only on my cock for a spit second, but it was long enough for me to capture his soft touch and almost blast one hell of a well needed load. Three more occasions did his elegant hand grace the flesh of my pulsing man meat, with each time lasting a bit longer than the previous. On the fourth time my cock felt his hand, he had slid his hand up the entire length of the shaft, starting from the base, working its way to the pre cum saturated cock head, where he rolled the palm of his hand around on the engorged head. I literally came unglued, almost spraying the room with man seed. My spontaneous groan must have triggered something off inside of Sven, cause he kept his palm circling gracefully over the piss slit and mushroom head for several seconds longer. It was now my turn to wiggle my body, but unlike him with being tickled, I was gyrating my hips from astonishes pleasure.

His hand was still on the mushroom head of my cock when I traced his lower stomach with just my finger tips until I touched his few strands of soft pubic hairs at the base of his precious cock. I felt his cock and it was now rock hard. From our position with sitting on my lap, his cock was out of my vision. Opening my hand, I rapped it around the slender shaft and it responded by pulsating into my grip. Just from the touch, I figured his uncut rock hard beauty to be around five inches long. My thumb fell into the dangling foreskin and snaked its way inside until it touched Sven's damp piss slit. Drawing a miniature circle forced the boy to literally scream out in profound ecstasy. His hand came off of my cock in an instant as he placed his right hand on top of mine and rested his gorgeous head onto my left shoulder while letting out one long hot breath.

My left hand left his chest and offered very little time in cupping his beautifully smooth nuggets. Oh, how he felt to me. His skin was like silk spreading an aurora of sexual passion through mine like a conductor of energy. My hand slowly slid the sheath of silk flesh up and down the rock hard shaft, embellished in the luxury of feeling his young cock breathe life. His young God like body no longer wiggled in laughter, but trembled in an unknown sexual frenzy. His balls felt so wonderful rolling around in the palm of my hand and my own cock begged for some sexual relief. Just as slow as it all started, it quickly came to an end when Sven quickly bounced up, stood on his feet facing me and began trying to tickle my ribs. The only thing I could witness was his rock hard skin covered cock. My touch was correct in guessing at his length. It was about five inches hard and perfectly pointed straight out from his hot little body with no angle upwards or downwards. The skin covering his mushroom head had drawn up to just barely covering the head completely with no skin freely dangling anymore.

I don't know how I did it, but I did. Somehow I managed to pick him up and turn him around with the back of his head resting barely at the tip end of my knees with his own knees spread evenly just above his ears. My hands were on the backside of his thighs with my eyes glaring down on a sight only the most rewarded angel could have ever seen. It was then, and only then, with his legs over his head that I witnessed his widely spread butt. With my mouth foaming and my tongue literally swelling, I was now straining my eyes to zero in on what appeared to be nothing more than a mere speckle to where his asshole should have been. His hole, if it could possibly be called that, was not pink or a creamy color, it too was just as tanned as the rest of his gorgeous hot body.

Without a thought process entering my bedazzled head, I drew my face closer to the object of my fascination to study it up close and personal. I had to raise his young body up a little to assist my perverted adult face a chance to peak at this wonder. His spread crack was only inches away from my heavily panting face as my nostrils kicked into overtime inhaling the rich enchanting fragrance trickling from within the inner locked chamber. There could be no mistake in calling this beautiful thing a brown eye or a shit hole. It was almost microscopic to the naked eye matching flesh with flesh in coloration. Leaning upwards and raising him higher, I found myself placing my nose right at the entrance of this so called asshole. The aroma gracing my nostrils and filling my lungs is virtually indescribable. All I can say is that there was no foul or pungent odor, nothing like, not even in my wildest fantasies, have I ever smelled something so heavenly.

Sven allowed me to sniff his butt for more than just a few seconds while he maintained his ear pinching giggling. While my nose was still pressed up against his unbelievably super tiny bung hole, Sven's fingers soon joined the sides of my inhaling nose. His thumbs raised up the sac of his extremely tight nuggets while his fingers began rubbing the sides of my nose. Not only was I lost in the world of his aphrodisiac mind lingering asshole, I was now being electrified by his gentle touches. My eyes looked into his and I instantly fell under his energetic and powerful trance. He knew I was smelling his most hidden and profound treasure and his gorgeous breath taking smile acknowledged my every actions. Both nostril holes were literally digging at his backdoor treasure and his fingers kept on sliding up and down on the sides of my perverted sniffer.

Throwing caution out the window, my nose slid up his crack only to be replaced with my tongue. As soon as my tongue graced his intoxicating butt hole, Sven's body began jerking and his giggles turned into a sudden heavy laughter. Sven shouted, "It tickles, geez, it really tickles!" As my tongue swabbed his hole harder and harder, his laughter faded and soon was replaced with the most perfect sound any man in my position could ever hear. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" His legs shook violently as my tongue slid and stabbed at his beautiful and tasty eye of a needle hole. Sven's fingers latched onto the interior of his delightful butt cheeks and he began pulling them even wider apart. My eyes were still looking into his glossy flickering eyes while seeing the twisted and various contorted motions of his hot steamy mouth. Laughter no longer filled his lungs, replaced only with joys my young blond God had never thought humanly possible. Soft, eloquent, angelic moans slipped from his lungs and out from his wide open mouth.

I applied even more pressure in a feeble attempt to taste his divine interior, but be it that his speck of an asshole was too tight, or his young anal muscles were overly developed and way too strong to allow for such perverse invasion. The longer Sven allowed me to dine on his five star delicacy, the more audible and animalistic I became. Soon, my tongue was a shovel, scooping up the silky anal flesh, then turned into a pile driver, drilling away at the preformed miniature hole to widen the effect that God, and only God, had created on this boy God. Between Sven pulling on his butt cheeks and my flickering and tunneling tongue, the impossible came to life as my tongue found the loop hole of life and dove into the dark crevice of Sven's burning hot anal cavity.

My moans of victory were loud, but Sven's cries of unknown passion were much, much louder. "Oh God, um, oh my God, gosh, I uh, um, YES, I feel it, yes, yes, YES!" As my tongue swabbed the delicate and uncharted anal depths, his superior anal muscles squeezed and coiled around my tongue. With his every breath, the boy's anaconda like ass muscles retreated as my tongue dove deeper and deeper into his sweet, never, never land. The fiery heat scorched my tongue and the muscles tightened their grip with heated passion, but I had become the animal. My chin was firmly pressed against his spread crack while my entire tongue was churning, drilling, digging, and swabbing inside the most delicious anal canal known to mankind.

Sven rolled his body toward the coffee table in one quick and sudden move. I held onto him so he wouldn't bust his head on the table. Once his feet hit the floor, he dashed to the cushion next to me on my left and sat down. His face was blushed and his gorgeous eyes were watery. The smile of death still bequeathed on his precious face. I leaned back on the sofa just a little bewildered and kind of frustrated as he angelically whispered, "Caleb, so, so how was it?" I was breathing rather hard, but managed to reply, "Fantastic!" Sven shook his head more so out of curiosity and stated, "Holy cow, I can't believe you actually put your tongue in my butt. Smelling it is one thing, but you really stuck your tongue in there. Oh God, that must have been really gross!" I fired back, "Gross! Oh hell no it wasn't gross. Your ass is perfect and tasted even better than I had ever imagined. Sven, did you like it when I stuck my tongue in your butt?" Sven sort of forced a chuckle while replying, "Well, it tickled at first, but yeah, yeah, I liked it. It felt kind of weird though."

I was so horny I thought I was going to die. My cock was spitting gallons of pre cum all over me and Sven's delicious eyes began staring right at it. Pointing at my cock, Sven said, "You sure do have a lot of pre cum coming out. Caleb, do you uh, um, do you like me?" The words shot out of my mouth before I had a chance to withdraw them, "Like you? Sven, I'd eat you from head to toe!" He giggled at my response and turned his face back to the television. My eyes fell onto his luscious lap and saw his cock still erect with the foreskin barely covering the head. I felt like leaning over and sucking in his hard beautiful uncut cock, but thought better. Things would probably be best if he did what he wanted to and not follow up my perversion. Though we sat there, I still relished the sweet taste of his ass.

His attention was on the television so we sat there for another thirty minutes or so without uttering a single word. Neither my cock, nor his, became flaccid. Both were still as rock hard as when all this first began. The thought of asking, no begging, him to allow me to suck his cock filled my mind, but I was simply to chicken to come right out and ask. Once the movie ended, Sven stood up and walked down the hallway. I figured he had gone to the bathroom and had been gone for several minutes when I decided to go check on him. As I neared the bathroom, I saw the light was out, but my bedroom light was on and the door was slightly ajar. As I peeked in, there was Sven, laying on his back with his feet on the mattress, legs slightly spread, watching television. Still naked, he turned to acknowledge my being there and said, "Let's watch TV in here."

I lay next to him with him being on my right side and our heads only inches apart. My eyes zeroed in on his still raging erection. To say I was a bit flustered would be an understatement. The boy was literally torturing me to death. My cock hurt from being hard for such a long period and my balls felt like they were going to explode from all the cum inside them. Everything was quiet, except for the noise from the TV when Sven gracefully asked, "Caleb, you mind if I do something?" Being a bit frustrated, I smiled while saying, "Go ahead, be my guest." He sat up on his delicious butt and turned his head to the left to face me and whispered, "Scoot down and close your eyes! Don't peek!" I did as he requested and lay there and felt his movement on the bed. Not knowing what he was doing only sent that much more torturous thrills shooting from my dick.

I had to fight back the urge to open one eye, but I managed to keep them both shut and lay there waiting for him to do whatever it was he wanted to do. It wasn't until I felt his silky flesh strike my face when I knew what his intentions were. Sven was facing my feet, but had squatted his God like body over my head and was now rubbing his glorious anus over my nose. Opening my eyes, I witnessed a sight no man can ever describe. His gyrating movements caused his little hole to rub graciously over the tip while my eyes studied the boy's hairless tanned crack. His hands fell onto my chest for support as my tongue lashed out and began swirling around on his delicious bung hole. Sven cried out as soon as my tongue exploded on his tasty hole. The boy lowered his ass onto my face even harder as my tongue slowly slipped inside the fiery hot chamber. His cries of ecstasy shattered my brains, causing me to dig at his hole like a miner discovering his first piece of gold. With my tongue slurping away at his delicate hole, Sven's hands slid down my chest and I almost had a heart attack when I felt one of his hands cup my cum loaded balls and the other gingerly explore my pre cum soaked shaft. His hips began dancing with the motion of my tongue exploring his nether region. Up and down, his hips moved, gripping my tongue in the process with his extremely over active anal muscles. He was groaning like crazy and I am pretty sure I was too, but knowing I was tongue fucking his deliciously tasty ass while his hands teased my cock and balls made everything worth the wait. My own hands slid on his taunting, clenching butt cheeks and spread them wider, forcing my tongue to sneak in a bit further. Sven's body jerking motions began bucking wildly as my tongue swabbed at the boy's anal canal with all the love in the world.

I had to release his butt cheeks occasionally in order to swipe his hands from my cock and balls. Just his touch was bringing me near one hell of an orgasm. I don't know if I was fucking his ass with my tongue or he was using his ass to fuck my tongue, but either way, I was in mortal heaven. I could feel the heat blister the tip of my cock head from his heavy panting chest. Then, my little God did something that caught me way off guard. I almost came unglued when the boy began swabbing my cock head with his tongue. I knew he was getting a mouthful of man pre cum, but from his actions and moaning, I figured he must have like it. His hands fell back onto my cock and balls. The hand on my cock was merely holding it at the base while his tongue swarmed all over my pre cum spewing cock head. My hips began involuntarily bucking, doing its best to shove the whole thing in the boy's face. His tongue on my cock and his one hand caressing my loaded balls, and my tongue drilling inside his ass was much more than I could have ever possibly dreamed of.

At some point during our frenzy, Sven became confused as to where to place his hands. He rotated his hands from my cock and balls to his ass cheeks. Sven would literally yank his cheeks wider to allow my tongue more room to explore his hot anal cavity. At one point, he screamed, "Yes, yes, you're the one!" I was too busy eating his asshole and relishing his tongue on my dick to stop and ask what he meant. I had to stop him periodically from licking my cock, but always maintained my tongue driving tactic in his asshole. I must have tongue fucked the boy's ass for over an hour before he hopped up off of me, turned his body around so that he was now facing me, seated on my chest. His erect uncut cock throbbed before my very eyes, only inches away from my more than willing cock sucking mouth.

His breathing was heavy and so was mine for that matter. Sven's eyes were hazed over and his twitching mouth was almost wide open. His eyes were looking into mine as if he were talking telepathically. My eyes widened as Sven lowered his upper body, bringing his partially opened mouth over mine. The boy's soft saliva coated tongue slipped inside my mouth as mine lovingly began swirling around inside his. His angelic groans sent shock waves rippling throughout my perverse body. Our kiss was not one of those that was hot and fiery, but long and passionate. As his mouth left mine, Sven began licking and nibbling all over my neck while my hands roamed freely over his silky smooth back and butt cheeks. His hands slid through my hair and along my sides as my nostrils strained to inhale the freshness of his burning hot breath. It was Sven who began sliding his body downwards at which point my cock pressed between the boy's spread butt cheeks and began twitching over his delicious asshole. His tongue swarmed around my erect nipples, taking turns to deliver equal sharing of his devoted love.

The lower he inched his body down mine, the more my hands screamed through his soft white hair, touching the sides of his gorgeous face. I felt his cock and balls as they slid over my powerfully erect cock, pressing mine into his all the while his tongue flickered over every square inch of my chest and lower stomach. In all of my dreams, it was I who was doing this to him, and not the other way around. Sven had inched his body to the point that his mouth was directly over my cum filled balls. His tongue lashed out and began playing around on my hairy nuggets while his hands cupped and rolled each one with all the gentleness of an angel. It was I who was now screaming from the joys my young gorgeous God now was offering. His tongue swam around each one, over and under, ensuring each heavy nugget was properly bathed in his sweet saliva. Looking down, I could see his eyes focusing on mine. His pure beauty was already breathtaking enough, but the fact he was now breathing on the shaft of my long man cock while licking on my balls was priceless.

My ass humped into the air as his tongue began flickering on the base of my shaft. His tongue worked up the length of the shaft until he got to the head and he opened his mouth wider and I almost died from the heat that immediately swarmed over my cock from his oven like mouth. My cream almost shot out of my dick as the boy managed to swallow about three inches before his gag reflexes kicked in. Regardless of his gagging, Sven fought back and continued his downward plunge, bobbing his head up and down the entire time. Not fast, but teasingly slow! With his mouth bobbing up and down on my cock, taking about four or five inches upon each downward thrust, his little hands caressed and gingerly pulled on my man sized balls. I screamed out while using my hands to try and force his mouth off of my cock as I felt my juices shoot past the bubbling point. He just strained his eyes to look into mine and kept his mouth sealed over my cock. The suction he was using was far better than any other blow-job I had ever experienced to date. Even my girlfriend, who is a cock sucker by trade, never once gave me the feelings I was now encountering.

My ass bucked one last time before my cum exploded out of my dick. As the first thick glob of sperm flew out of my dick, it felt like I had just shot the head of my cock off. As my sperm jetted out, Sven took the opportunity while my ass was arched off of the bed to place one of his fingers against my anus. He didn't shove it in, but just feeling his finger on my hole caused me to blister his mouth with more sperm boulders. Never before had I shot such a load and it was Sven struggling like all get out to swallow as fast as he could, but I was shooting way too much for his little mouth and gulping throat to handle. My sperm drooled from his mouth as my cock spat more thick cream into his hot little mouth. What seemed like hours, my cock finally stopped spitting out man seed and Sven managed to catch up while my sperm began drizzling out. I'll give the boy credit. He stayed on my erupting cock the entire time and fought with the best not to spill a drop. With the last of my man seed emptied into his mouth, my cock began to soften. Sven released my cock and began licking up my spilt sperm. My body trembled in a rage as my eyes fought to watch his every movement.

Once he licked me clean, Sven sat up, sitting on my sleeping cock with his muscular bubble butt. The smile was still on his adorable face as he innocently spoke, "Wow, you sure do shoot one huge load. I almost drowned in it!" He licked his lips slowly, then replied, "It wasn't so bad. I figured it to be real salty or something like that, but it wasn't. It was hot and gooey, but tasted okay." All I could struggle to say was, "Thank you." He smacked his lips and stated, "Yeap, you're the one!"

I found the strength somewhere to respond, "What do you mean?" Still sitting on my cock, rubbing his fingers on my heavy breathing stomach, Sven said, "I've been wanting to this with someone for a long time, but I've always been to chicken to try it. Most of my life, I've had guys hit me with some pretty strange things, like, : I'd eat your shit, you sure are a pretty boy, you are too pretty to be a guy, I'd fuck the living shit out of you, I'd suck you from dusk till dawn, and a bunch more stuff along those lines. Girls don't interest me and guys my age don't do nothing for me either. I wanted my first time to be with someone I could trust and who would allow me to do things I've always dreamed of. Caleb, I knew what you were doing at the park and I am just as guilty as you cause I'm the one who left my butt out there so you could do whatever it was you wanted to do. I also begged my dad for you to watch me and not somebody else. There are so many things I want to try, but I'm still a little chicken. I know guys my age who let grown men put their big cocks up their ass and they have told me how great it feels. I want to find out for myself firsthand. But, you do have one big dick and I don't think it will fit in my butt. My hole is too small for something so big!"

I listened to his every word and almost shed tears as he spoke. To be so young, he was far ahead of his time with intelligence. My eyes wandered from his eyes to his still rock hard cock. I smiled and politely asked, "What would you like to do next?" Sven smiled and even wider smile and fired back, "I haven't jacked off in two and half weeks and I was kind of figuring on you might be willing to uh, you know, suck mine." I used my strength to pick his entire body up and bring his closer to my face. Sven was now straddling my chest with both of his silky legs and using both arms to embrace the headrest of the bed. The first object to touch my lips were his tightly shriveled balls. I wasted on time in sucking both of those beauties into my mouth, allowing my tongue to swim around over and under each of them. Sven cried out an ever so luxurious plea as soon as his nuts got sucked into my mouth. His body shook violently as I embellished in his intoxicating aroma and his smooth silky nut sac.

My hands were on his rippling butt cheeks as his balls slipped from my mouth and was soon replaced with my tongue lavishly bathing his silky hard uncut boy pride. The instant my tongue slipped inside the boy's foreskin, every taste gland controlling my body shivered in sheer ecstasy. Pre cum, left over piss, and a little bit of his fragrant aphrodisiac sweat graced my probing tongue. His piss slit I could tell was very small as my tongue slid along the length of the sealed opening. His cock felt so luxurious on my lips, which sealed his silky flesh to my shaking adult lips. Sven moaned loudly as his cock slid all the way in my sucking mouth. My nose was greeted with his soft white few strands of pubic hair and the blissful scent of his astonishing body. He began grunting as his body bucked back and forth, driving his hard cock in and out of my more than willing sperm begging mouth. My fingers were lodged deep within his hairless muscular crack where the two index fingers fought over who was going to play the circle game on his little bung hole. Sven's body jerked and bucked while his mouth made the most graceful noises known to any symphony.

In less than two minutes, Sven cried out, "Oh my God, Oh God, God, Oh God, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" His hard cock expanded while his body drove his young meat furiously into my mouth. His ass cheeks coiled around my fingers in a death grip as the first blast from his hot young cock coated the roof of my mouth. Several jets of hot creamy boy juice began spurting at will, landing on the roof of my mouth. My tongue scooped the hot cream to one side to make room for more. Sven bucked his beautiful cock into my mouth, squeezing more and more cum out by the second. I refused to allow my awaiting throat the luxury of tasting the heavenly cream, just yet. I wanted to gather all of the boy's love juice and slowly sip the hot spunk so that I could relish in what would have to be, the most divine taste of all.

Sven was crying out as his cock slowly began to pump out drops of his super delicious protein filled honey. With each thrust of his still hard cock, my tongue glided over his piss slit to gather up any more of his hot liquid. Unfortunately for me, the time came that his once erupting cock no longer was able to produce anymore of his hot creamy liquid. Sven no longer pumped his cock in and out of my mouth, instead, he shoved it in all the way and lay on top of me panting. With his rock hard cock all in my mouth, I began the luxurious task of slowly sampling his young sperm. Just as suspected, and beyond any of my wildest fantasies, his sperm tasted like nothing! I knew it was his sperm that I was now swallowing, but it had no taste whatsoever. Unlike Mark, Sven's sperm was thicker and offered no signs of any salt taste. Pure and salt free, his boy juice was beyond description.

The last of his wonder juice slipped down my throat and I inwardly craved for more. I began increasing the pressure inside my mouth on his young hard cock. Sven just lay on top of me moaning like crazy. He wasn't moving, other than his stomach pressing against my chest upon each deep breath. My fingers never left his crack or hole and I was straining my eyes to look up at him. I couldn't see his face thanks to him pressing the top of his head against the headboard. I had been working on his cock for nearly two or three minutes when Sven screamed, "Ah, here, oh God, cum, cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!" His cock offered me yet another fine sampling of his juices, but not as powerful as the first. Three, maybe four, good shots before it began to trickle out of his dick. I trapped all that he offered and once he gave me no more, I swallowed the tasteless cream. Just like before, once he shot his load completely, he held his cock deep inside my mouth and lay motionless. I continued the cock sucking pressure and held his cock firmly at home, in my mouth.

Within seconds, Sven jerked and twitched and screamed words that are not in the English dictionary. Once more, his cock expanded and I anxiously awaited more of his superior love juice. Like they always say, the third time is always a charm. I felt the hot liquid as it fired from his cock, initially a partial shot mixed with a trickle. Then all hell broke free! His cock sent one powerful hot stream flooding into my mouth. I had no choice but to start swallowing the powerful load. This time by far was different according to my taste buds. It was hot and slightly salty and it was piss not cum! Sven was literally pissing his bladder out into my mouth. At first I was more than repulsed, but being a devoted pervert, I opened my throat and excepted his piss. Sven actually acted and thought he was having one hell of a long and powerful orgasm due to his screaming and body jerking. He had no clue that he was really pissing, and I didn't have the heart, nor the time, to tell him.

As his piss fell down my throat, I became more than intoxicated at the flavor and the facts. Never in my life had I ever wanted or even thought of drinking anyone's piss, but here I was, drinking my white haired young lover's hot pee, and loving it! After some time, his hot piss slowed to nothing more than a simple trickle. Even with the trickle, I moaned as I greedily sucked his cock free from anymore of his hot bladder juice. With the last of his piss being milked by my mouth, I felt Sven's cock slowly start to deflate. No longer could he withstand my mouth on his sensitive cock. Sven rolled off of me and utterly collapsed on the bed, on his back, next to me on my left side. His breathing was heavy and his eyes were tightly closed. The smile on his face was more like a smile of being shocked with something beautiful than anything else.

Through swallowing his sperm twice and drinking his hot piss, my own cock regained its steel like form and was standing straight up ready and willing for some more hot action. Not really knowing what Sven might want to do next, I decided to take it upon myself and slid between his legs, slowly and carefully raising them up high into the air. His legs were like lifting dead weight and Sven was acting more like he was fast asleep, offering no help at all. Once I got his silky smooth legs in the air, I began pushing them over his head. Sven made no offer of rejection or approval and soon, I had his knees over his head with his toes literally touching the mattress. Once in position, I lowered my face to his ass and began slipping my tongue back into his bung hole. Slight moans evaded his lips as I feverishly began digging once again on his little rosebud of an anus. My hands locked the back of his thighs enjoying the texture of his mouth watering flesh.

Once my tongue slipped inside the heated domain of his anal interior, Sven came back to reality by digging his fingers into the sides of my head while moaning like crazy. I must have dined on his asshole for more than an hour and during his ass eating session, Sven's cock became harder than stone. I was stabbing his asshole with my tongue, while scooping up as much of his sweet anal juices as I could. Sven was going delirious with ecstasy as my tongue fucked his asshole like a maniac.

In my eyes, everything was perfect and was going perfectly when Sven quickly rolled off the bed, leaving my tongue stabbing air and not his ass. I was still on my knees and Sven basically ordered me to stay in that position. I watched his gorgeous body stagger to the bathroom and within a few seconds return. He climbed up onto the bed behind me and I felt his hands begin to roam my butt cheeks. Everything was going through my mind, everything electrified that is, when all of a sudden, Sven shoved a finger straight up my rectum. The air in my lungs quickly shot out as his finger wasted no time in going all the way up my chute. I have had plenty of anal sex, but it was me who was doing all the work to that area and mainly just on my girlfriend. His little finger shot in and out and then it was soon joined in with yet another finger. My ass burned from this treatment, but my body was simply too shocked to relocate itself from the twisting fingers, twirling around inside of me.

As if things couldn't get any worse, Sven took his fingers from out of my ass and before I had a chance to utter a word or move, the boy shoved his hard cock straight up my rectum, sending channels of electrifying pain shooting throughout my body. He put his hands on my hips and began driving me backwards as he was thrusting forwards. Thank God, after about five minutes of burning pain, the boy's young hard cock started to feel really pretty damned good. I found out that if I squeeze my ass muscles, his cock became slightly cramped upon each outward motion and each thrust. Sven was really going to town, only one speed, fucking his cock up my ass with hard and heavy thrusts. No change of pace was in his mind as he plowed my ass at a mind boggling speed. My own cock bounced in glory as his cock pounded my ass like a craved animal.

Soon, I found myself slamming my ass onto his steel like thrusting rod while clamping down on my ass muscles. Our groans of anal bliss ricochet off the bedroom walls, sliding down the hallway like a ghost being set free. My dangling balls smashed into his shriveled up pair of ball wanders with each powerful and mighty thrust. My ears barely caught the words heaving from his pretty pink lips, "Close, real close! Oh God, um, you want it in your butt, or your mouth, agh hurry!" I could not find the courage to allow such intriguing and wonderfully tasting juice be wasted up my anal canal, so I shouted, "My mouth, in my mouth!" Aforethought being thrown out of the window, Sven yanked his soon to be shooting missile from my cock loving asshole, and simultaneously, we both turned to face the other. The cock that had popped my virgin ass was slick from my own juice and the lubricant he had used, but just seeing his cock twitch in mid air made my mouth water and my perversion kick into over drive.

Sven had his right hand pounding the daylights out of his cock and his sheathed mushroom head looked so precious as my eyes dazed upon it. My mouth opened and Sven shoved his ass juice riddled cock all the way into my anxious mouth. He let out a long grunt and soon his cock erupted, sending four to six long stringy spurts of hot cum onto the roof of my mouth. Just like prior times, I held his juice in my mouth until he was completely drained. The mixed flavor of his cock, the lube, and my ass juice sent my already blazing mind into a ravishing forest fire. Within seconds, Sven's super cock offered no more cream and I began the delicious task of slowly swallowing his tasteless love juice. It didn't take long since he didn't have much cream to offer, but what I did sample, was simply priceless.

Once his cock was drained, he sort of fell backwards with his head facing the end of the bed. His little chest rose and fell sharply while his eyes blinked rapidly from such powerful orgasm. The once hard boy meat now lay angling toward his left hip, peacefully asleep. My asshole still kind of hurt, but the pain I was feeling was more pleasurable than anything else. Still craving more from this boy, I raised his silky smooth legs and slammed my tongue back into his resting anus. Unlike before, my tongue slipped inside the surprised muscular guarded chamber before Sven had time to coil his muscles. He simply cried out as soon as my tongue reached its depth. For whatever the reason maybe, I just couldn't get enough of his cock, his cum, and his tasty sweet smelling asshole. The more I ate his bewildered little butt, the hungrier I became.

Sven allowed me the luxury of dining on his tasty hole for more than an hour before he literally yanked himself free. His beautiful eyes glistened with a brilliant glassy effect. Looking me straight into the eyes, he softly whispered, "Make love to me, please! I want to feel you inside me! I don't ever want this night to end! Please Caleb, please make love to me!" My eyes became teary as I stared directly at him. It was now the time for me not to think of myself, but to think of only him. I stated, "Sven, I don't want to hurt you. I don't ever want to hurt you by any means. I'm afraid if I try to stick my dick up your butt, it will hurt you too bad, and I really don't ever want you to ever feel any pain, especially from me. We can do other things if you like, but I honest to God don't want to hurt any part of you." Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Sven angelically said, "I know it's going to hurt and I'm ready for it. You can't hurt me if it is me who is asking for it. This is something I've always wanted to do, but up till now, I never found the person I wanted to try it with. It's definitely going to hurt and I already know that, but whether it be today, tomorrow, next week, or next year, it's still going to hurt. So, why not go ahead and go through with it. I am more than ready and besides Caleb, I love you!"

A huge lump lodged hard and heavy somewhere inside my throat as all I could do was simply stare at this incredibly gorgeous white haired God. I had to force out the words that really needed no forcing, "I love you too, more than you'll ever know." I reached over and grabbed the lube and repositioned myself so that I was leaning on some pillows against the headboard and asked Sven to lay over my lap, face down. Sven did as I asked and I applied some of the lick lube to my right fingers and graciously spread his butt cheeks apart. Sven reached back and assisted me by latching onto his muscular cheeks and yanked them even wider. My eyes peered onto the mere speckle of an asshole while I softly said, "Okay, what I'm going to do is lubricate you real good. Sort of stretch your butt hole a bit so that when I do stick my dick in there, hopefully, it wont hurt as much." Sven fired back, "Go for it!" I pressed one very well lubricated finger against the tiny hole and pushed. Sven's tight butt arched up to greet my finger at which point my finger penetrated his rectum. He let out a loud and long moan as my finger slowly worked its way up the tight anal canal. His muscles gripped my finger and began squeezing the daylights out of it. Once my finger reached its furthest limit, I slowly began turning it around while caringly withdrawing it. Once I reached the very opening of his hot little hole, I twisted it back up inside him.

Occasionally, I would squeeze out some lube on his asshole while shoving my finger in and out. By this time, I was going to town on his asshole, finger fucking him into a frenzy. Sven was lifting his ass up off of me to greet my diving finger. When I stuck my second finger up his ass, Sven slammed his face into the mattress while digging his fingers into the bed covers. His little body was twitching and shivering, but he kept on cramming his butt onto my anal plugging fingers. I could feel his cock between my legs as it now was rock hard as he continued gyrating his hot little bubble butt onto my ass invading fingers. A third finger soon joined in on the fun causing Sven to cry out and hype up his ass jutting tempo. It got to the point I had to do nothing cause it was Sven fucking my fingers with his own unbelievable ass. With three fingers rifling in and out of his muscle clinching ass, I applied more lube on his seemingly stuffed hole. When I put the fourth finger up his ass, Sven almost passed out, but I held fast with all four fingers slowly churning and twisting up his fiery hot, muscle coiling ass.

After about twenty or so minutes of four fingers stretching and diving into his rectum, Sven sort of screeched, "Oh God, now, please now, ahhhhhh, put it, please put, oh Caleb, in me, please put it in me, NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Keeping my fingers deep inside his hot anal canal, I began inching my entire body from under his. Sven caught on to what I was doing and he assisted me by inching his body onto all fours. Once my body was totally free from his, I squeezed some lube onto my pre cum spitting rock hard cock with my free hand and began smearing the oily slick lube all over the full length. I was on my knees directly behind Sven with four of my fingers still twisting and fucking his tight rectum. Sven's hot ass was jutting high into the air and his face was resting so peacefully onto the mattress pointing to his right. His little hands rest to the side of his head as I began pulling out my fingers while placing the tube of lube close to his exposed hole. As soon as the fourth finger slipped out of his butt hole, I squeezed an ample amount of lube directly into the gaping hole and immediately tossed the lube onto the mattress. With his hole still somewhat wide open for the taking, I shoved my cock just barely into the entrance before his hole had the opportunity to seal itself tightly shut. Sven screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurts, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I had about an inch and half of my cock up his anal canal, but feared not to move a single inch to allow his ass to get accommodated with my steel rod.

Sven worked his body up to the point that he was now arching his upper body upwards on his hands while tossing his gorgeous head to and fro. His lovely aromatic white air flung into the bedroom air ever so graciously. My hands held onto his silky little hips, more for support than a tool. I asked him several times if he wanted me to pull it out, but each time, he just flung his head from side to side without uttering a single word. I could tell he was fighting the urge to scream in pain, mainly due to all of his grunting and harsh groaning. Once his young body slowed its jerking, I inched another inch or so up his rectum. Sven cried out as my cock burned his anal canal with its slow penetration.

It took a lot of doing and a rather long time, but we had both managed to get the entire length of my cock up his muscle convulsing rectum. Once I had the full length of my cock up his ass, I held onto his hips rather tightly. He was panting and breathing rather heavy and he didn't know whether to reach back and spread his ass cheeks or continue on pounding the bed with both fists. His ass muscles coiled around on my cock like a python crushing its fresh food. The other thing that was so breathtaking was the fact that I could look into his eyes and his face from the mirror that covered the headboard. Sven was making all sorts of faces while his ass was getting used to my cock stuffing its once virgin region. It was Sven who slowly arched his ass forwards, causing a portion of my adult member to slide painfully from his canal about four inches. Then, Sven would slowly shove his ass back onto my anal invading man meat. The heat inside his ass was intense and I could feel his ever breath as his butt muscles chewed, coiled, and gnawed on my perverted man cock.

After letting him get used to my cock at his own pace, I took it upon myself to match his rhythm. When he would slide forward, I slipped my cock backwards. Now, Sven was slowly getting fucked with about six inches, maybe seven. I honestly didn't want to hurt him so I purposely kept my pace in accord with his, though I really wanted to pound my cock deep, hard, and heavy. This slow fuck went on for about a minute or two until something inside Sven must have snapped. He literally caught me off guard when he began slamming his ass onto my cock while trying to use his muscles to pinch it off from the base. Hooking onto his hips, I took over and started plowing his anal canal like never before. Sven bellowed, "Yes, Caleb, Caleb, God yes, do it, sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood!" My heavy swinging nuts crashed into his hard shriveled golden nuggets with each fiery powerful thrust. The gut wrenching sound of flesh pounding flesh echoed down the hall. I was now fucking my reality dream lover as if tomorrow would never come.

After having busted a whopping load earlier, I was nowhere close to mustering up another load, or at least, not just yet. Sven was in on the action as well, driving his cock filled asshole sadistically on my pile driving cock. We were both moaning, groaning, cooing, and grunting as the heavy anal assault progressed. Sven had literally fucked himself into exhaustion as he almost collapsed onto the bed. Wanting more and keeping my ass hungry cock lodged full length up his rectum, I pulled him backwards while moving him to the side. Soon, I had Sven just where I wanted him. One knee was on the mattress and the other knee was stretched wide onto the nightstand. There was a little height difference, but now his legs were spread wider than ever. One of his hands was on the bed and his right hand was on the nightstand. Once he was comfortable in that position, I began plowing his asshole with a vengeance. I was standing on the floor and not having to really bend my knees whatsoever and was really capable of driving my hard cock up the boy's ass without any resistance.

I pounded his ass hard and heavy in that position for a rather long time. His right hand kept slipping on the nightstand so I rapidly thought of another more comfortable position. I kind of forced him off the bed and nightstand and had him place his left leg on the bed while his right foot was on the floor. Sven was leaning onto the bed with his upper body and I began tearing his ass up one more time. He tried his best to work his ass onto my thrusting cock, but it was I who was using his body as a weapon against him. My left arm hooked his left thigh and had it raised high into the air, allowing me more room to stuff his ass chamber full of man meat. The aroma of his ass juices filled the room, driving me mad with perverted delusion. With each breath, his ass juice scent filled my lungs with the most heavenly aromatic fragrance. The more I smelled, the harder I plugged his asshole. I couldn't believe my own stamina in fucking such a heavenly beauty, but to my own disbelief, I wasn't close to unleashing a load.

Sven's body trembled violently as I ravished his exposed boy butt hole with no remorse. The harder I slammed my meat into his once virgin hole, the more audile my gorgeous little God became. I plowed his ass feverishly for a long time and I couldn't understand why I hadn't been able to shoot my load. Both of us were covered in sweat as I withdrew my hard man meat from his milking asshole. I lay on my back and without having to offer any instructions, Sven straddled my body, facing me, and used his right hand to guide my cock back into his asshole. He was so lovely as he lowered his young body onto my boner. Once his ass cheeks rested on top of my thighs, my little angel began humping up and down on my cock like a bull rider. He was tossing his head causing his gorgeous white hair to fling freely while taking the time to constantly lick his pink luscious lips.

I was in bliss as Sven used his tightening ass muscles to latch onto my cock with each rise and fall of his miraculous butt, impaling himself on my long rod. He began bouncing like a mad man, forcing ear piercing screams of joy to flood the room. My hands roamed his hard tight body while keeping my eyes locked onto his. I could feel his inner ass muscles as they strained hard to milk my cock. I grabbed onto his uncut rock hard beauty and began to slowly slide his silky flesh up and down. Sven groaned loudly while I was jacking his meat and he was riding my long, not so terribly thick, man cock. Sometime later, I could feel my cum start to rise, so I rolled him over onto his back, hooked his legs, pushing them forward to the point his knees were actually over his head, impaling into the softness of the mattress.

My hands locked onto the back of his head and I began thrusting powerfully, relishing in his hot breath as each powerful downward thrust knocked the wind from his lungs. His right hand squeezed through the gap between our bodies and he began pounding his cock while I lowered my mouth on top of his. Our tongues collided and we began taking turns sucking on the others hot tongue. I was cramming my meat ferociously in and out of his convulsing asshole while my tongue now explored the inner regions of his precious mouth. His tongue was exploring mine and when I heard him grunt, I soon felt his hot delicious cream splatter on my chest and his stomach. The feeling of his hot young cream, lost in the wilderness of his fresh hot mouth, bewildered in lust with my cock barreling in his once virgin asshole, was all I needed to bring my well deserved man juice to a striking point. Blast after blast, my cock fired man cream up his super hot and extra tight rectum with awesome power. As each thick load shot deep into his anal canal, Sven's moans echoed and vibrated down my throat. Never in my life had I experienced such a traumatic orgasm. My head went utterly blank and I was seeing stars flash before me. It was like a sperm faucet was turned on and left alone. What seemed like hours later, but only a few long seconds, my cock fell limp into his muscle clinching butt.

Once I slipped my shriveled up cock free from his confined asshole, I leaned down and began licking up his freshly spewed boy cream that had been splattered onto his stomach area. Sven lay on his back, breathing heavier than ever before. Once I licked him clean, I joined him on my back to his right side. Our heads were on the pillows and we both just stared at the ceiling, too exhausted to mutter a single word. Though I was staring at the ceiling, my eyes could not resist looking at his perfect form. I could barely see the few wispy strands of white pubic hair and his uncut cock lay limply towards his left thigh. Taking one notice at my own cock, I realized for the first time that it looked just as clean as when all of this began. If I was lost in my own perversion before, this only added to the fact that in my mind, Sven could in no way be subject to taking a shit! If there had been any sort of foul odor, my perverted mind created only the sweetest of aromatic fragrances known to mankind.

We had remained silent for about fifteen minutes when Sven rolled onto his right side, supporting his body on his right elbow, smiled gracefully, then angelically whispered, "Caleb, thank you for being my first, and I, well I have a confession to make." I turned onto my left side keeping my face within a few inches from his shaking mouth while capturing his intoxicating fiery hot breath. Sven whispered, "I love you and this entire thing was kind of my doing. I knew you worked with my father and I saw you at the park and I knew that I wanted you to be my first. Not just my first, but my lover. You see Caleb, in my family, we are very close and very open. Both of my parents are bisexuals and my dad, well my dad likes young boys too. Now don't get me wrong. There's no incest going on, but he knew I wanted to be with you so we kind of arranged this get together. Shucks, my mom likes young girls and young boys too. If you'll have me, I'd love to be with you forever!" I was floored at what I had just heard. My boss likes to have sex with young boys too and now I had just deflowered his only son and he knew that this was more than likely to happen. I kissed his lips softly then replied, "Sven, you are so gorgeous and having you is not the question, but what will I tell my girlfriend?" He smiled, kissed me, then said, "Tell her the truth. The truth will set you free!"