Thrift Store Find

****The dreaded disclaimer, but don't email me and complain if you read the story without reading this first. This is a man/boy love, diaper love tale, it involves gay sex and wet diaper usage, if this is not your idea of a good story, then feel free to leave now. Should you continue to read, I hope that you enjoy. If it should be illegal or immoral for you to read this story, then it is your choice as to whether you stay or not, I cannot make that call for you. Please know that this story is my own private work and as such is my private property, should you wish to share this anywhere, please ask my permission first, I will almost always give it. As always, I write for myself and share with others who may enjoy such tales, so, as such, your comments are not required to keep me writing, however, I do appreciate them as well. Should you wish to do so, please feel free to email me at erich5748 at Thanks, hope you enjoy.****

Thirty year old, plain looking, Tommy Winters was behind the till at his thrift store, ringing through customers as he always does. It is near the end of the day, he closes in a little more than half an hour, which, for some strange reason always seems to be his busiest time of day. He has run his thrift store for a little more than five years already, it is one of the largest and busiest in his city, and he makes lots of money for the charities that he donates all his profits to.

Tommy had inherited the entire warehouse building from an uncle who had passed away, his one and only remaining family, or the only one he had had contact with while he had been in foster care at any rate. His parents, if one would be so kind to call them that, had dumped him and run, only his uncle kept contact at all, and tried to visit as much as possible, but he had been older and sickly almost all of Tommy's life, and so, both knew that he was not going to last long. Tommy was twenty two when his uncle finally passed.

He lives upstairs in a nice large apartment, though when he inherited it, it had just been empty office space, but he had built it into what he had wanted with the money that he was left, though there was not a lot of that, it had been enough to give Tommy the start he needed. He only takes a thousand dollars a month for himself to live off of, and considering the cost of food and whatnot, that is not really a hell of a lot. Though he does not strictly pay for power or gas, or clothes for that matter, he does spend a fair bit of money on a few other things, mostly the diapers that he so desperately wants, and even needs, at least a little.

You see, Tommy is a full on diaper lover. He had been plagued with bed wetting his entire life, minimum four nights a week he wet, his uncle had been the one to provide him with the diapers that he had needed all throughout childhood, otherwise he never would have gotten them, and they both knew that. When his full diaper love truly manifested itself, he does not actually remember, but he was still a kid when it did, maybe ten or eleven, and he has been wearing diapers during the day since not long after that, since about twelve. It had been only a little here and there, whenever he thought he could get away with it, but, by the time he was seventeen, he was wearing every day. When his uncle asked him why he was going through so many, he simply said he had been needing them during the day a lot, and he just said okay and went and bought him more, he never once complained about that.

Tommy is also gay, fully so, and had even admitted it to his uncle after being found out at the age of thirteen. He was okay with that as well, though this caused Tommy no end of grief in the foster homes he was bounced around until he left care at sixteen. He had had several flings in the past, he can be quite slutty when the desire hits him, but, he has never found a boyfriend, because though he has found others who thought it was kinky as fuck to fuck him hard and long through his soggy diapers, none would wear diapers with him, and that is what he desperately wants.

Minutes before Tommy was going to turn off the open sign and activate the magnetic door locks, so that no more people could come in, but the current customers could still easily leave, he heard the chime saying someone was entering. He looked over and saw a tiny waif of a child enter, whether boy or girl, he could not yet tell. He would say that the child is ten to eleven years old, given their size, but he has been misled by this before. Given the state of dress, he would guess that this child is one of the many homeless in the area, and many of the homeless kids are much smaller than they really should be. There are numerous community kitchens where people can get food, but he knows that most of the kids shy away from those places, because the people there often try and get the kids into group homes and places like that, where they hate going.

Not really worrying too much about the kid for now, Tommy continued helping people, and at five minutes to closing he called out and told everyone to please finish up their shopping, that he is closing in five minutes. It often does not help, he sometimes has people stay for easily five or even ten minutes after closing, but that does not really bother him all that much. He then shut off his sign, activated the door locks, and finished helping everyone but the child, who only came up to the counter once everyone else had left.

“Pardon me.” He whispered, because up close, Tommy can now see that he is in fact a boy.

“Yes young man, how can I help you?” He asked politely.

“I'm getting really cold, the nights are getting really cold, colder than I'm usedta. I can't afford anything, could I please have some warmer clothes, maybe even a jacket?” He whispered even softer still.

“I'll say yes, but only on one condition.”

“Yes, I'll have sex with you. I've done it before, I knew what you'd ask for to get stuff for free. Just, please, don't go too fast, I'm still kinda small, and most of the men really hurt me.” He said, lip quivering and all, still whispering.

“While I certainly wouldn't mind taking you to bed, that's not what I was gonna ask. I'm of the firm belief that sex should be a beautiful thing, something shared between two fully consenting people, not one of them having to sell himself to get what he needs.”

“Oh, but, well, I can't afford it any other way.”

“I understand that. I'll get you all set up, as long as you promise to tell me why you're on the street. You appear to be ten or eleven, though I'm guessing you're a little older than that, aren't you?”

“Yeah, I think I'm thirteen now. My birthday's right around the time it starts getting colder, right at the end of September.”

“Then you're probably just thirteen then.”


“So, tell me why you're just barely thirteen and on the street. I have a pretty good idea one of the reasons, given your offer, and what you knew you'd haveta do to get free shit, you're gay, but that can't be the only reason. Don't be afraid or ashamed to tell me anything at all, and if you'd like, we can go sit on one of the couches as you tell me.”

“Um, yeah, sure, I guess so.” He whispered and Tommy led them over to the furniture area, and they took a seat.

Tommy just sat patiently and waited. The wait was not long before the young man started speaking.

“My mom is a homeless whore too. I don't live with her any more though. I see her every so often, but I try to avoid her. She's got a few screws loose or something, and funnily enough, the only time she seems somewhat normal is when she smokes a little weed, which is about the only drug she actually uses. I have no idea if we were always homeless or not, but the streets have been all I've ever known. I left my mom a little more than a year ago now, I was just about to turn twelve. My mom tried to sell me to three men to fuck me as hard as they wanted, I was standing right there when they made the offer to her, she was gonna take it, and for only a hundred bucks, which I wouldn't have gotten a penny from either. I'd only taken a few man cocks by then, and they all hurt me, but these were big men, I could tell, and I wasn't gonna let that happen, so I said no. Of course my mom told me to shut up, that we needta eat, but I said no, that I'm leaving. So, I did. The men found me a couple weeks later, and made the same offer, I told them that I'm much more expensive, at least a thousand dollars, so, they fucking raped me instead, and I was left bleeding and almost dead. I'm too small and weak to really protect myself, so I've been taken against my will a few times, and if they'd only just go a little slower, maybe I'd enjoy it, but I so rarely get to enjoy it at all.”

“I'm sorry to hear that bud, no one, most especially a kid, should haveta deal with that, but you're not the first I've heard tell that sorta story. Tell you what, you go to the back, to the washroom, grab a nice long hot shower, make sure and pass me all your clothes, I'll clean what I can and garbage what I can't, and I'll make sure you have lotsa nice warm clothes. When was your last meal, I'll even get you some food if you'd like.”

“You mean it?” He whispered even louder than he has the entire time so far.

“Of course I do. I wouldn't have said it otherwise.”

“You're just gonna take me and fuck me hard anyway in exchange, aren't you. Figures. That's what they usually do. It's okay, I won't enjoy it, but I'm used to it.”

“No, I'd never do that. While I certainly wouldn't complain about taking you to bed, I bet you clean up really well, I'd never just use you like that. While I never got raped quite like you did, I was certainly used much harder and faster than I was ready for, and was left bleeding and aching on more than one occasion myself. No, there's no strings attached to my help whatsoever.”

“Really?” He whispered again, looking so very hopeful.

“Yes. Now, come on, let's go get you all cleaned up. Would you rather have a bath instead, there's a tub in there, so you could, and maybe even should, I bet you could really stand to use one.”

“I've never had a bath before, just showers, and not very many of them either.”

“I bet, and it smells like it too. Come on, I'll show you the way.”

Tommy led the young boy to the back, where a nicely appointed washroom was to be had. He started the water in the tub, and then turned to face an already stripping young man. Clearly given what he has had to do in the past, he is not saddled with shame, and strips fully until he is completely nude. Tommy looked the young boy over, and can see all his ribs, he is certainly underfed, yet not completely malnourished, so that is at least good. He cannot tell what colour the boys hair should be, because right now it is standard issue homeless murky brown. He has bright blue eyes that are large and round, a rounded face to match, cute little lips and nose and ears. Then, below the belt he has a nice little preteens equipment. He has already started puberty, the tiny patch of short downy soft hairs above his penis indicates this well enough, as well the fact that his balls have already descended and have started growing nicely. Given that he is fully soft, Tommy cannot tell how big he can become, but he is certainly not very big yet.

“Well, it could be worse, you don't look like you're completely malnourished or anything silly like that, and even though you're still smaller than you should be at thirteen, it looks like you've already started, and are well into puberty, and it looks like you're probably gonna have a nice piece of equipment to work with once you finish growing. You're dirty, for sure, and I suspect you probably have critters in your hair, so I'll give you the proper shampoo for that, and we'll maybe give you a good haircut after your bath to help. After soaking for a good while, use plenty of soap and give your entire body a good washing, and don't forget your groin, it smells like they need lotsa attention. I suspect your bath water will look like mud once done that, so drain the tub, and have as long a shower as you care to have, and wash at least twice more. Use the special shampoo at least four times, again, I suspect you need it.”

“Thanks.” He whispered once more.

“Now, these clothes looked like they fit reasonably well, but how were your shoes?”

“Getting a little tight.”

“Okay, I'll get you new ones then.”

“Thanks, I'd really appreciate that.”

“Go ahead, hop in, I'll have everything ready for you in an hour, but take even longer than that if you so desire. You're not in any rush, you're completely safe here, so, enjoy.”

“Thanks.” He said again, and turned to hop in the tub. As he turned, Tommy admired the boys very cute little bum.

Tommy grabbed up all the boys' clothes and shoes and took them all and dumped them into the washing machine. He already has several other clothes that had been donated in there, so he dumped in a good helping of soap, an even larger helping of the disinfectant that he uses on all donated clothes, and then set it to hot wash, something that he always has to do. He could not help but to notice, though, that the boys' pants and underwear had both been wet, and that even over the overwhelming stench of homelessness, he could smell pee. He wonders if maybe, possibly, this is the first homeless kid that he has helped over the years that has a wetting problem, for he has helped several.

Tommy then went about gathering up several articles of clothing that he felt would fit the boy, as well as keep him nice and warm, and a new pair of shoes that he will grow into. Then, on a whim, he grabbed a pack of donated diapers that would fit the boy. They are a tape on, not a great quality, but better than nothing, that is for sure.

Once he had all that gathered, he headed upstairs to go make them both some dinner. Tommy still only eats twice per day himself, he had never eaten three meals in a day as far as he knows, and still cannot seem to do so, and though he should, since he too is still pretty small, he still never eats very much. When done, he took their food downstairs, and was only mildly surprised to not hear the shower running yet, even though he has taken every bit of an hour. The door is not closed, so Tommy peeked in, and found the young man just stepping out of the shower, so he had just finished.

“Oh, done already. I didn't expect you out for at least another half an hour.”

“Oh, um, hi, yeah, couldn't sit there any longer.” He whispered again.

“You know you don't haveta whisper around me, right.”

“I always talk quietly, if I talk loud, I draw attention from people I'd really rather not.”

“Fair enough, but you're not out there right now.”

“I guess so.”

“How do you feel, you look three or four kilos lighter without all the dirt caked on you, half of it at least in your hair.”

“Really good, actually, thanks.”

“That's good. Let me grab my scissors really quick, and I'll give you a real quick hair cut while it's still wet.” Tommy said.

He had cut his own hair since he was a kid, since no one else had been willing to do much for him, and certainly not pay for it. He had just asked his uncle for the scissors, and he bought them for him, and those are what Tommy still uses. He made very quick work of cleaning up the boys long, shaggy, and unkempt hair, then had him stand over the tub, that now sports a hell of a mud ring around it, and rinsed his hair out to remove all the loose hairs. He kept it right around the five centimeter long length, but styled it at least a little, even though that really is pointless, but, he cannot help himself from hoping and dreaming at the same time.

“Wow, thanks. That feels so much better.” The boy said as soon as Tommy said he was done.

“You're welcome, and it looks so much better too.”

“That felt nice.”

“I bet it did.” Tommy laughed. “Now, I have some clothes and things here for you, but, before I give them to you, I wanna ask you about your wet pants and underwear.”

“Oh, saw that did you?”

“Yeah. How often does that happen, and is it only at night, or during the day too.”

“I don't know. I see other people whip down their pants and piss on whatever they wanna all the time, I've never hadta do that. I never feel the need to pee.”


“Yeah, as far as I know, I've never gone pee before.”

“Interesting. So, I have diapers here for you, I think you should wear them then.”

“What's diapers?”

“Thick, absorbent underwear, they'll soak up all your pee, so that your clothes aren't always wet, which probably doesn't help keep you very warm, and you just change it when it's soaked up as much pee as it can.”

“Oh, is that the thing that babies wear?”

“Yes, they often do, but not just babies either.”

“Oh, okay, I think I'd liketa try that then please.”

“Okay. I'll teach you how to put one on yourself then.”

Tommy then grabbed all the clothes and supplies, and then taught the boy how to diaper himself. Once he had it on and secured properly, Tommy could not help but to groan out. The boy is fucking hot in nothing but a diaper. The boy heard it, but did not understand it, so left it alone. Tommy then handed him his new clothes, and he got dressed.

“Those clothes fit perfectly, excellent. Now, our dinner's probably cold, but that's okay, it'll still be edible, and probably a far cry better than what you're used to eating, unless I miss my mark.”

“Thanks, they fit great, and the shoes aren't tight and uncomfortable, and the diaper's super comfortable too.”

“Good. Now I have some good filling food here, I'm hungry, and I don't doubt that you are too, so, let's go eat.”

“Okay, thanks.”

They went and sat and ate in silence at one of the tables in the furniture area, Tommy had set it there, and while the boy certainly ate fast, it was a far cry slower than Tommy had suspected, for the few homeless kids that he had fed in the past had very nearly inhaled their food. Tommy had learned to slow down over the years himself, so the boy was done easily twice as fast as he was, though that did not matter.

“Better?” Tommy asked.

“Yes, thank you so much, that was really good, and I'm full now. That was the best food I've ever had before, and no one's ever let me eat so much.” He said happily, at least a full notch higher on the volume scale and all.

“That's good. So, I'll go get you a pack, we'll put the rest of your diapers into it, as well as a change of clothes. I'll get you a nice warm coat, and then you can head out.”

“And you're sure you don't wanna fuck me, for all that you've done for me, I'd even let you fuck me hard?”

“I appreciate that, really I do, but I could never do that to a young boy, if it's not love, it's nothing at all for me I'm afraid. I was used and abused too hard when I was your age, I can't do that to others now. No, there's no repayment necessary for the kindness today, but I do have a request.”

“What, I'll try and do anything I can, as long as it's not gonna get me killed or jailed.”

“This one's easy. Tell no one. I don't mind helping the few who come here of their own free will, but don't ruin it and blab to others, 'cause then I'll haveta stop helping. I give almost all my proceeds to various charities, mostly the homeless anyway, so I do help everyone, I just don't want streams of them coming through here, because then I won't be able to donate near as much.”

“Oh, okay, I can promise that easily. I don't know anyone else really, I try and stay away from most of the other homeless people as much as I can. Some of them are pretty scary, and they all wanna give me drugs and shit. I know I don't have a great life, and I know I'm not smart, but even I'm smart enough to know that if I get into that shit, it'll only take my miserable life and make it worse.”

“You're so right about that.”

Tommy took the few minutes to pack everything up for the young man, and then handed it over.

“Thank you so much, are you sure you don't wanna fuck me, or I could maybe even suck you, I don't mind that, I even like most of the men's cum, and I'll let you cum in my mouth and everything.”

“That's a very generous offer, but no, that's not required. When your diapers run out, if you so desire, come back, and if I have more for you, I'll give them to you, okay.”

“You mean it?”

“Of course I do, I offered didn't I?”

“Yes, well, I'm a street rat, we're told never to take anyone's word for anything, that they'll just stab you in the back as soon as it's turned.”

“I wasn't on the streets and learned that lesson well myself, but I'd never do that to anyone. I'm here to help, nothing more, nothing less.”

“Oh, okay, thanks.”

Tommy let him go, but he truly did not want to. Turning the young man away repeatedly was harder even than his own dick. He did not want a relationship based on that, he wants and needs love, and while he knows that he could and would very easily fall in love with the beautiful young man, he will only accept it if it is mutual.

After that, every two weeks or so, the young boy would come in and ask if Tommy has more diapers, and Tommy miraculously always had lots of really good quality ones there for him. Of course he was buying the best ones he could for the young man, but he did not need to know that. The first time of him coming back, Tommy asked him how he is enjoying his diapers, and he claimed that he loves them, and hopes that he will never have to be without them ever again, because it is so nice.

Every visit, Tommy would launder the boys clothes, replace any that needed to be replaced, allow him to shower, and he fed him too. Every time the boy offered his services, and Tommy politely refused.

By the time the boy came for his fifth visit, he was looking to be in much better health, and for a homeless child, he was truly happy. But, then there came the day, when Tommy had someone ring the bell at just after dark. Not knowing who or what would be bothering him this late in the evening, he got dressed quickly, grabbed his baseball bat for protection, and went to the door. When he opened it, he found an incredibly battered and bleeding young man that he has helped numerous times. He is almost nude, his diaper is just barely hanging on, and all the clothes that he has on are torn and destroyed. His pack is missing, as are his shoes. Though he has tears in his eyes, he is no longer crying.

“Oh my god, what happened to you?”

“I was gang raped, again. They stole everything I had, even ripped up and threw all my diapers out. I.....I......I think I needta go to the hospital. I was warned never to go there, but, I think I haveta, and you're the only one I think I can trust to help me.” He said, and though there was a little sobbing there, still he was not actually crying.

“Let's get you inside, I'll check you out and see how bad it is, then we'll go from there.”

When the young boy stumbled and nearly hit the ground, Tommy picked him up and carried the shockingly light young man. He took him right to a table in the show room and laid him down as gently as he was able to, and told him to stay there, that he was going to be right back.

Tommy went and gathered all the supplies that he thought that he might need, as well as a few blankets to help warm the boy up, so that he did not get too cold. As soon as he arrived, he told the young man that he is going to remove the last of his clothing, and did so as quickly and gently as he was able to, and then covered him up as best as possible, but leaving his nearly bared bum still showing. It would appear that he had been fucked hard right through his soggy diaper. There was a large hole in the seat leading right to his hole, there is blood and shit ringing it.

“Okay Buddy, this next part might not be so pleasant. I'll be as gentle as I can, and even though I have some pain killers here, they're not gonna act fast enough, nor be enough I think, and I don't wanna give 'em to you yet, in case we needta take you to the hospital.”

“Okay, I can take it, I trust you.”

“Thanks Buddy, I'll be as gentle as I can, I promise.”

Tommy then released the tapes still somewhat holding the diaper on, and then pulled it down in the back, exposing the boys very messy young anus that had been brutalized.

“What'd they do to you?” Tommy whispered in disgust.

“They told me that they were gonna fuck me, willingly or not, didn't much matter to them, and that I may as well come along willingly, and that if I was a good boy, I might even come outta it a few bucks richer. Well, I knew I was gonna get fucked anyway, so I went. They had guns and other weapons, so I knew I was gonna die, why would they leave a living witness, but what could I do.

“When they stripped me and found my diaper, and I was wet, they laughed and said that I was just a baby, and that they'd enjoy baby diaper fucking me, and so, I was put on my hands and knees, and one of the men poked a hole in my diaper, and rammed his dick in me, hard. If it weren't for the fact that I'd just been fucked by someone else only a couple hours before, and I was still really sloppy, he probably woulda torn me up right then and there, but he still hurt me.

“Then one of his friends slammed his cock in my throat. I gagged and nearly threw up, I wasn't ready for it. Then before either of them could cum, the other man said, here, sit him on my cock, let him ride me. Well, I thought nothing of it, the two men fucking me pulled out, I was lifted up and nearly dropped on his cock, and he was big, bigger than I've ever had before, and he hurt me, a lot, but I don't think I tore. No, I tore when the other two men rammed their dicks back in me all at once.

“I admit, that's when I panicked, I bit, and then that's when the man fucking my throat beat the shit outta me, while I was still being triple fucked. I'm probably lucky that they were only good for three cums each before they were finished, the two top men switched after every cum, and I could taste the blood and shit on their cocks every time they did so, they never bothered to clean off before ramming back into my throat. Then they laughed as they stole what little money I had, and destroyed the last of my stuff that they didn't wanna take with them, and then fucked off. I knew I needed help, and I trust you, so I came here, hoping that you'd help me.”

“My god, how'd you even survive that?”

“I'm stronger than I look, and I can block the pain, but believe me, I can't block all this.”

“Okay, I'm gonna get started now.”

“Okay.” He said, and gritted his teeth as Tommy went in with some baby wipes to try and clean up as much of the mess as he possibly could.

It took several wipes and even more minutes to do so, since Tommy was trying to be so careful, but eventually he got the young boy all cleaned up.

“Well, the good news is, I don't think that we're gonna haveta take you to the hospital, at least yet. You're no longer bleeding, and it doesn't really look like you tore all that much, just a tiny bit on the outside. You're incredibly bruised and puffy, and I'm certain the next few days are gonna be highly uncomfortable, especially bathroom visits, but I think you're gonna heal up just fine.”

“Oh, thank god.” He sighed in relief, and other than a few involuntary groans and moans of discomfort, he had said nothing since Tommy had started.

“I have some soothing and healing cream here, I'm gonna put as much on you as I can, and then I'll get you into a fresh diaper, would you like that?”

“Yes please.”

Tommy took care of getting the young boy all creamed and diapered up, and as soon as he was taped up, the young boy sighed deeply.

“You really seem to like your diapers, that was a deep sigh of satisfaction.”

“Yeah, I don't really know why, but they're so comfortable and prevent my pants from always being wet, so I really like 'em now.”

“Yeah, know how you feel.”

“Really, you do?”

“Yes, I too wear diapers all day, every day.”

“Oh, that's nice.”

“Unlike you, however, I'm mostly just a diaper lover. I do still wet the bed nearly every night, that'll never stop, not that I want it to mind you, but I wear during the day because I just grew to love my diapers.”

“Oh, I think I understand why you would though.”

“Thanks. Now to get the rest of your injuries all cleaned and bandaged.” Tommy said, and then took care of them, though there was not much he could do. The bleeding in his nose and the cuts on his cheeks had already stopped on their own, so there was nothing that he could truly bandage, but he got everything cleaned, and bandaged what he could, then checked everything else out.

“Now for some more good news, it doesn't appear that anything's broken, so I think other than looking like you got in a fight, you're gonna be just fine.”

“Good, but it was a totally one sided fight, I never even got one hit in in defense.”

“It probably wouldn't have done you any good, and might've even got you killed anyway, so, it's probably for the best that you didn't.”

“Yeah, been there, done that, too many times.”

“Same. Now, do you think that you can walk?”


“Good. Now, I know what your answer's gonna be, and really it should be too, but I'd really like you to stay here for at least the next couple days, 'til you're healed up some.”

“You're right, I should say no, but I just don't know if I can right now. If someone fucks me again right now, it might just kill me, I'm just not big and strong enough to fend them off.”

“Yeah. I'm also willing to bet you're starving again too, it's been more than a week since you were here last.”

“It's not too bad, it's been way worse, that's for sure.”

“I'm sure it has been. Let's go upstairs and get you some food and some pain killers, now that I know that you can have some.”

“Okay, thanks.”

In only his diaper, Tommy helped the young man up the stairs, though he held and helped him the entire way, especially up the long flight of stairs.

“Wow, that felt like a really long walk.”

“I'm sure it did.” Tommy chuckled.

“Thanks for the help, there's no way I coulda done it alone.”

“No worries. Where were you when they raped you?”

“About three blocks from here.”

“And you managed to make the walk here?”

“Well, yeah, but I had no choice, it was either that or curl up and die, and at least it was all flat, but I hadta keep holding onto anything I could, and I stumbled lots. I'm pretty sure that's where the bangs and scratches on my legs came from.”

“Yeah, I wondered about that, but they weren't even bleeding, so no real concern.”

“I know.”

“Now, when I'm in my own home, I wear only just my diaper, and since you're already in just your diaper, I'm gonna strip down as well, and you can stay like this if you so desire as well.”

“Okay, well, it's your own home, so you getta do what you want, and if you stay in just your diaper, then so will I.” He smiled.

“That's the first time I've seen you smile, you have a nice smile.”

“Thanks, don't usually have much to smile about, but you make me feel safe.”

“Good, I'm glad.” Tommy said, and then stripped down to just his diaper, while the boy watched with rapt attention.

“So, um, can I ask you a silly question?” The boy asked.

“Sure, just be aware, I might give you a silly answer then.”


“Yeah, shoulda guessed, sarcasm goes right over your head, you've lived on the streets, so everything's literal to you.”


“It's okay, I was making a joke, but I forgot that you're probably not usedta jokes at all, are you?”


“That's okay. So, what's this burning question you'd liketa know?”

“What's your name?”

“I'll only answer that if you promise to give me yours as well, and please don't lie to me, I promise I won't lie to you.”

“Oh, okay, that sounds fair. I'm Lorenzo, but I go by Enzo.”

“I like that. I got saddled with the most plain and boring name of all, Tommy. I suppose it fits, since I'm kinda plain and boring myself.”

Clearly Tommy still has little to no self esteem.

“Thanks. I don't think you're plain and boring.”

“You wouldn't think that if you grew up normally. I rarely have guests, and when I do, it's only for a night of fun. I almost never leave the property, only once a week or so to go grocery shopping. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, I don't party, I have no friends, or even any family left, at least that I know of. I run my store, and that's all I do. So, trust me, I'm boring.”

“That sounds like safe to me, that sounds like heaven to me. You always have warmth and food, you're safe, no one's gonna beat you up and/or rape you if you turn the wrong corner. No, I think I like plain and boring.”

“I do too. While I was never as low as you got, I was right down near gutter level myself. I never knew when someone was gonna beat the shit outta me, or maybe even rape me. I was usually a willing partner, I was kinda a slut, I just needed to feel intimacy, but that's never what I found. Some of the times it was okay, but some of the times it wasn't so okay. I too wanted plain and boring, safe, secure, warm, and while I'm still searching for the love that I've needed all my life, I don't truly expect to get it.”

“That pretty much sums it up for me as well.”

“So, when did you know you were gay then?” Tommy asked.

“Not really sure. I just think I've always sorta known. Not sure when or how my mom found out, maybe one of the guys I went with blabbed to the wrong person, and she found out. Turns out she thought it'd be a good fucking way to make money, and promptly started selling me to any man who'd take me, 'til, of course the night I told you about, then I left her. How about you?”

“Same, really. Not sure I ever considered myself straight at all. I remember back as early as grade two or three, can't remember which now, thinking that I'd sure loveta get into so many of the boys' pants at school it wasn't even funny. I was eleven when I did finally work up the courage to go after what I wanted, and he used and abused me good and hard, and then shared me with his friends. He was thirteen.

“After that, he invited me to a lot of parties, I became a right slut, there was almost nothing I wouldn't do, except let them hit me. Of course, it didn't stop them from doing so anyway, I was their slut and their punching bag, all at the same time. The first time I was triple fucked, I think I was twelve, that was both the best fucking night, and the worst fucking night of my life. Two fourteen year old cocks in my ass at the same time, it was too much, I tore real well, but, by the time the thirteen or so other boys there finished triple fucking me, I was having the time of my slut life.

“My first time taking three man cocks at the same time, I was just over thirteen, I was the same size as you are now, and yeah, it wasn't entirely willing, but I did ask one of the men, who knew he'd call in reinforcements and triple fuck me for three hours. Like you, I was torn and bloody, I hadta go to the hospital, but I refused to give them any information, just told them that I'd been raped by several men, and that I'd never seen them before. Of course they took samples, but as far as I know, no one ever got in trouble, and considering that I've never been called in to testify, I doubt they ever will either. I wouldn't, mind you, but still, I doubt they'd ever do anything.”

“Wow, and you were a foster child. Didn't your foster parents at least try and protect you some?”

“Yeah, right. I was there for the paycheck, nothing more, nothing less, and the less they saw of me, the better. I was hardly fed, I was given absolutely nothing more than I absolutely hadta have, and sometimes even less. I know that they were fired after I left, my report to my social worker when I told her why I was voluntarily leaving care at sixteen was apparently more than enough. I'm sure they tried to deny it all, but, I wasn't their only kid, and they were treated much the same as I was. Hell, we were told all the time, stay out as long as we want, but that if we weren't home by ten, to not even bother coming home 'til the next day, because the doors would be locked and they'd refuse to answer. So, yeah, I had plenty of freedom. That was my last home, I was there from the time I was thirteen, but 'til then it was hardly any better, and I'd been in several homes, eight or nine, can't really remember any more, and could've been more, since I know I was given up at the age of two, and I remember back to as early as five, so not sure if I'd had more families before that age or not.”

“Oh. I almost turned myself in so that maybe, just maybe I could get a family, but I was too scared to do it, I knew that they'd expect too much of me, and I couldn't do that. Hell, they'd expect I'd go to school, but I doubt I can, not now.”

“Yeah, the sheer amount of times I almost ran away was sickening, and the only reason I didn't, was fear. I guess we all fear that which we don't know. You speak fairly well for little to no schooling, you actually sound pretty smart.”

“Thanks. I can read, and I read whatever I can get my hands on whenever I can. There's a used bookstore just around the corner from here that always has free books, so I take almost all of them. Everything I've learned was from that.”

“That's good. How'd you learn to read?”

“Not a clue. Don't remember anyone ever teaching me, that's for sure.”

“Really. That's not normally something that one just does. You generally haveta be taught that.”

“I know, but I don't really remember anything from before the age of six or seven, so someone musta taught me before that.”

“And you were on the street already you said?”

“Yeah, it's the only home I've ever known, but again, before that age, I remember very little.”

“Hmm. Interesting. Sounds like some sorta trauma that's blocking your memories. Even at my age, I still remember things that happened in kindergarten, and you're a little less than half my age, so should more easily remember that.”

“Not a clue. I'm kinda getting tired, any chance I could curl up on your floor and go to sleep?”

“I'm getting tired as well, but no, you can't sleep on my floor. I have a perfectly good spare bedroom that you're welcome to use, and it has a reasonably comfortable mattress as well.”

“Really, I could get to sleep on a real bed?” Enzo asked in awe.

“Sure can. Come on, I'll show you.” Tommy said, and then led Enzo to the spare bedroom.

It is just a small, but very well appointed bedroom, there are blankets folded up on the end of the bed, ready and waiting, and so, Tommy quickly makes the bed as Enzo watches, since he has no idea what to do.

“There you go Enzo, have a good sleep, I dare say you need and deserve it.”

“Thanks.” He said, and of all the things that could cause Enzo to cry, this was it, and he has tears rolling down his cheeks from it.

Tommy saw this, and understands it, so wrapped Enzo up in a big hug, and held him tenderly for several minutes, until Enzo fully relaxed.

“What was that, that was nice.” Enzo sighed deeply. He may not know what it was, but his body and soul understood it fully.

“That was a hug. I thought you could use one.”

“Mmm, I've never had one of them, but I've read about it. They didn't say how nice it'd be. I think I like it.” He smiled warmly.

“Good. I liked it too. Goodnight, have a good sleep, okay.”

“Thanks. You too.”

Enzo crawled into bed, pulled up his covers, and Tommy turned off the light. Tommy then headed to bed himself, though he had to change his very soggy diaper before doing so, which of course meant that he also had to ensure that he was soft enough to pull up and tape closed his diaper. After three incredible orgasms, Tommy diapered himself up, and he too slipped into a peaceful slumber.