So, where do I begin? My name is David and I recently found my dream home after several long months of searching. The only down side to my new home was that in order to obtain the home, I had to purchase the trailer park adjacent to it. The trailer park held 12 rustic, old trailers not fit for humans to reside in. Desperately wanting the home, I agreed to the seller's conditions and purchased the neglected trailer park. My new home had everything I ever wanted and much, much more. The previous owner was a master craftsman and every intricate interior detail had been hand carved and masterfully created.

Upon moving into my new dream home, I discovered that two families already resided in two of the beat up trailers and were paying an outlandish fee for living there. One by one, I began doing my best in repairing each and every trailer and discovered that there were actually people who wanted to live there. I began renting each one out as the repairs had been completed. Finally, after two or so months, I had repaired each trailer to the best of my ability and literally felt sorry for the ones who wanted to pay me money to live in them.

Just a note about myself. I spent several years in the military and received a medical discharge. I saved my money to pay cash for my new home as well as having a very successful internet spy equipment business that was unbelievably profitable. Standing 6' 2" and weighing a very muscular 190 pounds with short (military) brown hair, I was indeed, quite a lady's man. I was also in my mid thirties and have a girlfriend who spends a lot of time with me at my new home. Before I get on with the real story, I must say that up to this point in my life, I had never found ANY child, male or female, sexually enticing. In my mind, I was 100% heterosexual, although in my earlier years, I did experience a couple of gay encounters.

Not to sound like others and boast about having a big cock swinging between their legs, but I was blessed at birth and now am the proud owner of a 9 " cut, extremely thick fuck pole. When soft, it dangles freely about five inches between two evenly large egg sized nuggets. I keep my pubic area well trimmed and have no problem showing off my hairless six pack abs which I take extreme pride in. Enough about me and explain the day my life turned upside down!

It was late one winter Friday night when a light tap on my front door startled me. Being home alone, I always walked around naked, so I managed to find my robe and put it on before answering whoever was behind my door. Upon opening the door, there stood a man in his late twenties or early thirties, who in his own right, was very good-looking. His name was Sherman and he was looking for a place to live and asked if I had a trailer for rent. After going over all the details, he rented the trailer and said he would move in first thing in the morning. He also wrote down, as well as stated, the only other person who would be living in the trailer was his thirteen year old son.

The trailer he rented was at the very end of the park, a simple two bedroom small home for him and his son. That afternoon, I walked down to their home to ensure everything was going okay with Sherman and upon knocking on the door, Sherman greeted me and invited me in. We chatted briefly and I went back to my home.

Sunday morning came and I was sitting down reading the newspaper when I saw a body walking down the dirt road of the park. After taking a second glance, it looked like it was a young girl from the rear, head held low, kicking at the dirt with each step. The fine, course, pure blonde hair was feathered back and swung freely just below the shoulder blades. Thinking nothing of it, I went back to reading my paper. A few minutes later, the same figure appeared at my window. It was then that I realized that this was no girl, but a boy instead.

Not knowing who he was, or who he belonged to, I put my robe on and walked onto the front porch area. Just as he passed, I politely said, "Hello, can I help you with something?" The young boy stopped dead in his tracks and replied, "No sir, I'm just waiting on my dad to come home." His voice was softer than a gentle breeze and as pure and innocent as a summer rain. I responded, "Who's your dad?" The young boy looked abandoned as he said, "Sherman, he, he rented the trailer at the end, sir." It was cold outside and all he had on was a thin windbreaker. Looking at him stole my heart so I simply said, "It's too cold for you out here, come on in and I'll fix you some breakfast."

The young boy never hesitated to accept my offer and he sat down at the kitchen table while I prepared breakfast. I did my best to concentrate on cooking, but for some unexplainable reason, my mind still was stuck on his abnormal beauty. The boy was a cross of Aaron Carter and the youngest Hanson, but much, much more breathtaking. My mind captured his brilliant blue eyes as they sparkled in their sockets. They were a deep, shiny crystal blue that could hold you in their trance upon one quick glance into them.

I placed his plate of food before him and the boy devoured it like he hadn't eaten in weeks. After his second helping, we went to the living room and sat down by the fire place, which I had already had a good fire piping the heat all over. As soon as we sat down, I said, "I'm sorry, my name is David." I was holding out my right hand when his clutched mine. The texture of his flesh sent a cold chill ravishing up and down my spine. "I'm Cody." My eyes captured his brazing white teeth in their beyond perfect rows. We chatted for about thirty minutes and Cody stood up and removed his windbreaker. The boy must have stood 5' 4" and couldn't have weighed no more than a hundred pounds, soaking wet.

The faded blue jeans he was wearing looked like they were three sizes to big and his skimpy pull over t-shirt clung to his body ever so tightly. I gave him the grand tour of my home and Cody was amazed at all my stuff. When he saw the master bathtub, he literally became excited more than ever. It is more like a small swimming pool so that two people could literally lay side by side and completely stretch out. The bathtub was a major selling point for me in buying this home.

To get the story moving a little faster, Cody and I became friends rather quickly. In less than a month, I found out that his father, Sherman, was a drunk who sometimes physically assaults him in a drunken state. I would have evicted him in a heartbeat if it were not for Cody. The other thing I found out about his father was that Sherman really didn't care about Cody whatsoever. The more Cody spent his time with me, the happier his father was. This is where my problem worsens to the point of extreme perversion.

My girlfriend and I broke up, but that's not where my problem is. My problem is that I had soon grown into something I never knew existed in me and sure as hell couldn't explain it. My every thought was of Cody! My mind began playing tricks on me to the point I honestly believed Cody could do no wrong, and even worse, the boy was incapable of extracting feces. The longer he spent time with me, the more brazen my emotions took over my every thought. Like I mentioned earlier, he loved my bathtub and soon began taking a bath every single day after he got home from school. I started washing his clothes on a daily basis, not before taking the extra time to sniff the lint from each article of clothing.

I had vastly became totally engrossed over the boy and looked forward every day to smelling his well worn boxer shorts before placing them in the wash. My mind even wondered what color his pubic hair was, if he had any. The size of his dick and balls burned a question in my daily thought. His eyebrows were thin and a light brown/blond in color and his nose was like a little button, void of any freckles. From the few times I could make any distinguishing detections of his butt, I could tell from his baggy pants that it was beautifully shaped and well defined, even for a boy. Covered by the baggy pants, it jutted out like more of a girls butt, not one belonging to a boy.

As each day passed, my devoted curiosities over Cody mounted. He began spending weekends with me, sleeping in one of the guest bedrooms. Not once did I ever try to seduce him and that was the hardest struggle ever in my life. In time, I had bought him a whole new wardrobe, which he kept in my home, and by this time, I knew he was afraid of his father.

It was a Saturday afternoon, when one of my tenants banged on my door furiously. Upon opening the door, the young lady shouted, "Hurry, please hurry. He's going to kill him! Please, Please stop him from hurting the boy!" I was already dressed to go grocery shopping and ran down to Sherman's trailer. I heard Sherman scream, "I'll kill you little fucking piece of shit!" I heard the sounds of knuckles as they struck flesh, the heavy thud blasted outside the trailer and sparked a violent ray of electricity through each and every vein. There were two other men in the front yard drinking beer and one of them shouted at me, "Leave em the fuck alone! The boy is getting his ass whipped, so fuck off!" Without even looking at him, I yelled, "Fuck you!" I slung the door open and ran into Cody's small bedroom just to see Sherman kneeling on Cody's chest and hitting the boy in the face with his fist.

The rage of a wild beast cornered by hungry wolves forced me to react in rage as I snatched the drunk mother fucker up by his raised right hand and literally beat his ass from the bedroom and out of the front door, and into the yard. I continued to pound his face in with heavy blows and the two men jumped me and soon it was three on one. Thankfully, they were all drunk and I was too pissed off to give a shit. Somewhere in the fight, I got my hands back on Sherman and just started whaling away, blow by blow. He was covered in his own blood and in a semi unconscious state, no longer capable of defending himself from my relentless assault.

Sherman was on his stomach, with his knees tucked under him, looking at me from bloody eyes. I yelled, "If you ever touch this boy again mother fucker, I'll kill you, you drunk son-of-a-bitch!" Spitting out blood by the groves, he angrily responded, "Fuck you and him! Get that piece of shit out of my sight!" With one final act of rage, I kicked the bastard right in the face, leaving him flat on the ground, unconscious. Cody was shaking like a leaf and the tears crashed from his eyes like a raging waterfall. I put my arm around him and held him tightly and ensured him that everything was going to be okay. I disturbed the on-looking tenants and held Cody with my left arm up to my house.

Once inside the safety of my home, I started cleaning the blood from his gorgeous face up. His breath shot through my nostrils like a cannon, leaving me panting for air. So fresh, yet so fragrant. I cleaned his face and started a bubbly bath water knowing how much he loved to soak his young body inside the large tub. After the bath water was finished, I followed Cody down the hall and told him that I would wash his blood soaked clothes. Unlike the previous times, Cody failed to toss his clothes outside the bathroom door. Hesitantly, I knocked on the door and was softly invited in. His clothes was balled up on the floor next to the tub and he quietly lay there, still crying from all that had happened.

I would have given anything to get in the tub with him, but I refused to allow my awkward perversion control my actions. However, I did pick up the wash cloth and began softly wiping his tear stained face while our eyes locked onto one another's. One side of me wanted to reach under the water and latch onto his boyhood, but the other side refrained from any such activity. The bubbles flowed up to his neck, but my eyes strained to see his left nipple as it was almost invisible laying erected on his innocent smooth chest. It was barely the size of an eye of a needle, but looked so mouth watering none the less. While washing his precious face, Cody softly said, "Thank you David for stopping him. I thought he was going to kill me!" Looking into his eyes, I asked, "What brought this all on?" Taking a deep breath, and eyes filling up with tears, Cody said, "He got mad when I told him I was hungry."

Shaking my head in disbelief, I raised up off my knees and walked into the kitchen to cook the starving boy something to eat. A little while later, Cody finished his bath and accompanied me in the kitchen. In somewhat of a total shock, there he stood before my straining eyes, wearing a fresh set of new pale blue boxer underwear, and nothing else. Trying in vain, I did everything imaginable to hide my rapidly growing cock. The flesh that tore through my eyes appeared to be so soft and succulent. The skin that displayed its beauty glistened with the presence of silk, mixed with sheer satin. His little belly button protruded slightly outward and there wasn't a single life form of hair anywhere to be seen, other than the hair on his golden head. He too, had a wonderful six pack rippling upon every move on his stomach. His arms and legs were slender, but with a fine disinclination of muscular development. On his shins, I could see little curly blond hairs darting sparsely on the front of each shin. Even the boy's feet looked like a sexual buffet, small and slender. His long vivacious light brown eyelashes flashed a million times while catching me in a lusting glare while detailing every intricate feature of his gorgeous body.

Stealing my heart and breaking my perverted train of thought, innocently he asked, "Hey David, what you staring at?" Looking down at him smiling, I whispered, "Uh, nothing, nothing really." I had been caught red handed by Cody admiring his body, but graciously enough, nothing further was said. We ate and both of us went to the grocery store where I let him pick out some snacks and junk food. Later that night, I had taken my shower and so did Cody, we were in the living room with the fireplace roaring and watching television. Both of us were sitting on the sofa, each at one end, and my eyes were trapped on his boxer wearing little body. His little feet were tucked under his gorgeous butt and his arms folded across his knees, totally engrossed watching the movie. Speaking of his butt, now that he walked freely in my home wearing nothing but the boxer shorts, I got more than an eyeful of his backside.

His butt was small in response to his body size, but it was muscular, solid, and profound with the most bubbliest curvature known to any human eyes. My one hand could have covered his butt, but the two succulent cheeks jutted up and down with his every step in a muscular, military formation. His butt was absolutely fucking awesome, as so was the rest of him. The longer I stared at him, the harder my cock would naturally get. I was indeed, head over heels in lust over Cody and as each second passed, my perverted desire became that much more harder to control.

Looking at his hands, I thought to myself if he even jacked-off, and if he did, how lucky his hands were to hold such a wonderful piece of meat. Looking into the corner of his left eye, I thought how lucky his eyes were to behold his naked beauty every single day. I would have given anything to see through his eyes while staring at his tight little body wearing only the soft flesh that the heavens above blessed him with.

Nothing happened that night, but as I lay in my bed nude, my hand happily stroked my thick cock while thinking only of Cody. I was so engrossed in stroking my meat, I didn't even hear him tap on my door. I was naked and the bed covers were far below my waist and I was pumping furiously when Cody silently walked inside my bedroom. I saw him and quickly released my boner and drew up the bed covers. He had waken up from a vicious nightmare of his father and was scared to death. Inviting him into the bed, the young boy climbed in and pulled the covers up to his chin. Our legs, my right and his left, embraced one another ever so gently. My already hard cock throbbed, spewing pre cum out by the gallons. My balls felt like they were going to explode from the heat his body shot into mine, as well as his leg brushing against my own.

I was more than petrified knowing I was laying there buck ass naked while a thirteen year old boy, clad in boxer shorts, lay next to me. He rolled to his left side and somehow, my right arm folded around his head and held him lovingly, resting his beautiful face on my bare chest. His right hand rested peacefully on my naked stomach and for the first time that day, Cody felt safe. I used my left hand to force my leaking boner away from his body so that it wouldn't come into contact with his right hand on my lower stomach.

His breathing settled into a somber state and this gorgeous angel was soon fast asleep, safely guarded by my right arm and naked body. His mouth was partially open and his hot fragrant breath ripped into my inhaling nostrils like a butcher's steak knife. I too, soon drifted off into a peaceful sleep. Sometime in the early, early morning hour, I awoke, startled at first. During the night, both of us had rolled onto our right side and my still hard cock was mashed against the tiny crack of his amazing little butt. One of us must have gotten hot cause the bed covers had been kicked to the foot of the bed. Cody was all curled up on his right side, knees tucked close to his barely moving chest. After checking, I realized he was in a deep, deep sleep.

It was then that my perversion got the best of me. After a couple of months of religiously sniffing his underwear, I scooted away from him and slid my body to the foot of the bed. With my heart pounding in my throat and my palms filling with sweat, I lowered my head to his peacefully spread crack and began inhaling ever so deeply. I guess I was trying to prove my brain wrong in that Cody was just like everyone else, by taking a dump. I searched in vain for any foul odor that might relieve my vindications, but my ass sniffing nose revealed no such disgusting aroma. The only fragrance my nose detected was of the soap I used to wash our clothes.

My nose was so close to his crack that it was brushing up against it, sniffing like a dog at the area I knew was where his hidden butt hole rested. While on my knees, sniffing his butt, my right hand began stroking my hard cock frantically. Within seconds, I shot a massive load into my cupped left hand while inwardly panting. My sperm floated in my palm as I slipped off the bed to go wash the spunk off and get back into bed. I had washed my hands and walked back into my bedroom and saw that Cody had shifted positions. He was now on his back with his left slender leg stretched to the foot of the bed and his right leg was curled with his ankle almost touching the crack of his ass. His hands were folded on his hairless, smooth chest and he lay there silently snoring with his mouth barely open and eyes tightly shut.

Like a cat burglar, I tip toed to his side of the bed and looked down at his crotch. The boxers he was wearing had an open fly and just as my luck would have it, the fly was just barely open. I kept a flashlight in the bedroom for emergencies and wasted no time in grabbing it. Using my left hand to control the light beam, I slipped to the floor on my knees. I searched in vain between the little opening but couldn't make anything out, so I nervously reached up and took hold of the left side of the fly and gently slid it to the side. I repeated the process with the right side of the fly, leaving a gaping hole leading to his sleeping dick. Using the light, I lowered my sick eyes onto the opening and almost fainted when I saw his resting two inches of boy pride. It was cut and absolutely fucking beautiful with the head pointing straight up to his face. His soft dick was slender, about as thick as an average man sized thumb, and was absolutely motionless.

I wanted to reach out with my tongue and taste the flesh of his cock, but certainly thought better in doing so. The piss slit was tightly sealed and was less than a fraction of an inch long. My eyes saw no signs of pubic hair whatsoever, but did see his closely tucked nickel sized hairless balls. The sac held his little jewels firmly tight and not a single strand of hair obstructed the smooth flesh. My eyes darted back and forth, from his cock and balls to his closed eyes. My own cock regained its strength and became painfully hard as my right hand aggressively stroked it, once again.

Letting the hot air from my nostrils flow, I breathed on his sleeping cock, causing it to barely twitch from time to time. The harder I pounded my cock, the more heat from my nose fired onto his wanting to grow cock. My nose pressed even closer to his visible crotch, inhaling the soapy fresh scent while continuing its journey ever so close to the under side of his nuggets. The cloth pressed against the bridge of my nose as it was within a mini inch of actually touching his precious nuggets. I could have easily slipped my tongue out and tasted his glorious hunk of boy meat, but thought better and refrained from doing so. My nose was still attempting to capture any odor, whatsoever, spewing from between his spread legs. Only the faint and gentle smell of soap graced my animalistic inhaling nostrils. The two inches of soft boy meat began to grow as my cock fired off the second load within five minutes after the first one. Once again, I had to cup the spewing sperm with my left hand, placing the flashlight on the floor beside me.

Just as the last drop of sperm drained from my sore cock, Cody rolled onto his right side. My heart beat heavily from such an orgasm that my knees barely cooperated as I stumbled back to the bathroom to wash my hands. Upon returning back to bed, I lay down next to him and Cody immediately reached out with his right arm and placed it just above my pubic hairline. Somehow, I managed to fall back asleep. Prior to falling back into a hard sleep, I was more than disappointed that I had allowed the perfect golden opportunity of seeing what his hard cock looked like, slip right out of my hands.

The following morning was a Saturday and I got up first and did my normal bathroom duties before cooking us some breakfast. I had just put the food on the table when Cody walked in the kitchen. Even after a good nights sleep, the boy was just as amazingly beautiful as before he went to bed. His long feathered back golden blond hair fell back into its perfect shape. He was still only wearing the boxer shorts and my eyes couldn't help not to look at the little fly opening and remember the scenery from last night. Once again, I got busted as he softly asked, "What you looking at David?" Shaking my head to regain a correct response, I whispered, "A miracle!" He left my comment alone and sat down and began eating.

We spent the entire day going to all sorts of various places he wanted to visit. We finally got back home sometime in the early afternoon hour, and we both, were kind of exhausted. Cody wanted to take a bath and I went into the kitchen to fix us a meal. He wanted a big steak and a large baked potato. I prepared our meal while he soaked in the water. Throughout this time, we had begun to become more than just friends, we had grown ever so close, but not sexually. If I asked a question that would even remotely get close to sex, Cody would invariably change the subject. So, I quit asking those kinds of questions cause I could tell they made him uncomfortable.

We had rented some movies and Cody wanted to eat in bed while watching one of the movies he had picked out. We did as he desired and after we finished our meal, I took the dirty dishes into the kitchen and lay down beside him. He was wearing bright red boxer shorts and I wore tight white Fruit-of-the-Looms. I did my best to keep my eyes focused on the movie, and not on Cody so that my cock wouldn't get hard. That lasted for only twenty minutes into the movie and I saw Cody's head move slowly to the side and from the corner of my eye, I could see him staring at the hard cock angrily confined in my underwear. It certainly wouldn't have taken a brain surgeon to figure out that there was a hard cock inside my underwear.

Not really knowing what all I should do, I placed my right hand on my cock and sort of mashed it down in a plea of some sort of cooperation. We watched the entire movie, but our eyes constantly stared at the crotch belonging to the other. The only difference being, mine was hard and his was unnoticeable. After the second movie, Cody hit the stop button and flopped his little butt down to the right side of my hip. He was innocently smiling at me while burning a deep hole in me at the same time. He took a deep breath and softly asked, "David, is there something you want to tell me?" My back was resting against the headboard, and my head was nodding back and forth as if saying no. He said, "Come on, you can tell me anything. I won't get mad or pissed off, I promise." looking into his stunning eyes, I asked, "What would you like me to tell you?"

Flinging his head from side to side, his golden hair flinging in the air, he smiled and said, "Like, maybe, maybe you're gay or something!" I was speechless and floored and damn sure had no response. Finally, I managed to build up the voice to reply, "Gay, whatever gave you that crazy idea?" Cody leaned back on his stretched arms behind him and courageously said, "Well, like the other day when we were play wrestling. You, you kind of, kind of was smelling my butt, or something like that. I saw you the other day sniffing my underwear before you put them into the washing machine. I mean, I mean it's okay if you're gay. I was just wondering why you like smelling my butt, that's all!" I thought I had been so careful, so discreet, but I was SO busted!

My mind raced for some form of a response, but knew that everything he had said, was indeed, the absolute facts. My mouth became awkwardly dry and my vision became blurry as I tried in desperate vain to speak, "I uh, well, I don't know if I'm uh, uh gay. Cody, there's something about you that does something to me and I can't really explain it. It's sick and perverse, no matter what, I can't justify my thoughts about you. I thought I loved women, but ever since you popped into my life, I've sort of became overwhelmed by your innocent beauty and angelic voice. This may sound sick, and it probably is, but in my mind, I have told myself you are incapable of taking a shit. That's why I sniffed your butt and smelled your underwear. I was looking for some signs to prove to myself you are no different than anyone else, I guess that's what I was doing. I am so sorry, but I would never hurt you. I promise! I guess I am no better than your drunken father, maybe, more so worse. I don't really know how to explain things, but just look into the mirror. Christ, Cody, you are the pure essence of perfection. You are, you are flat fucking gorgeous and I can't put it any better way. I'm sorry!"

The innocent smile never left his face and our eyes never left contact with each other. As if frozen in time, we just sat there in a painful silence. I had confessed to this angel after being caught by him, awaiting his approval or disapproval, but either way, fearing the worst. After a few minutes of silence, Cody spoke, "I guess it's all right. I mean, I don't know what else to say, but I'm not gay. If it will help you, I really do take a shit. I like you David, but I don't think I could do any gay stuff or anything like that." My heart sank to the bottom of the ocean after memorizing his every word. I thought I had played it so cool, but now I knew he would never give in to any of my sexual frustrations.

He lay next to me after putting in another movie and we both lay there silently watching the movie. After the movie was over and Cody shut it off, surprisingly he stood on the bed, facing the foot, and slammed his little butt on my surprised face. He slyly said, "Go ahead David, smell my butt!" His little muscular crack pinched my nose as it shot between his solid mounds. I was indeed sniffing his butt hole like crazy, shocked by his sudden action. Cody yelled, "Smells good huh? Smell my butt hole, sniff it good!" His butt gyrated on my nose with extreme pressure, but I sure as hell would have never complained. As with all the rest of times, only the soft fragrance of soap graced my inhaling nostrils.

Cody lifted his butt off of my face and eagerly asked, "So, what does my butt hole smell like?" Looking up into the spread cloth covered crack, I replied, "Soap, just like sweet smelling soap!" He pushed his butt back onto my face and I resumed sniffing like a mad cow. Just as fast as it all started, it stopped. Cody got back into his crossed legged position and with a heavenly angelic smile, he said, "Soap, all you could smell was soap? I guess that's a good thing. So, David, did you like smelling my butt?" With glary eyes, I quickly said, "Loved it!"

My hand pressed down hard onto my straining and pre cum leaking cock while looking at the most gorgeous boy in the universe. He sat there looking at me and I returned the look at him. Cody asked, "So, what's so special about me?" Without a single hesitation, I replied, "Cody, it's like this. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you see yourself, not what others see in you. To you, your looks and body are no big deal, but to others, you're mouth watering from head to toe. I can't think of a single person who wouldn't jump at the chance to service your every need." His little snake like tongue flickered out and swiped over his cherry colored thin lips, then asked, "You, you think I'm that good-looking?" Smiling back at this breathtaking young boy, I replied, "Think about this way. Some people look at you, just like me, and question whether or not you can literally take a shit, and if you do, it sure as hell wouldn't smell like shit!"

His emotional level seemed to strike an all time high since I met him when he anxiously stated, "Man, that's so cool! I would have never thought anyone would wonder if someone took a crap before, but that's pretty neat that anyone would think something like that. I always thought I had a goofy looking body!" I quickly denounced his last statement, but then, Cody caught me way off-guard when he politely asked, "Can we play a game, well, it's sort of a game?" After saying yes, he asked me to get something like a blindfold, which I did within seconds. I was laying flat on my back like he had requested and he placed a black shirt, after folding it up a bit, over my eyes and tied it rather tightly. I fell into a world of pitch black darkness. Once he blinded me, his precious voice rang out, "David, put your hands under your back and no matter what, you got to keep them there, okay?" I agreed and lay there perfectly still.

I felt the movement of the bed as he slid off. A few seconds later, I felt him crawl back onto the bed and step closer to my head. The little angel quietly said, "Just start sniffing, but keep your hands under yourself." I began inhaling deeply and a fresh soapy scented aroma sprayed inside my flaring nostrils. Although I was in complete darkness, I could figure out he was putting his hot little butt back into my face, but what I didn't know was that he had removed his boxer's and was completely naked. My nose struck the soft silk like flesh of his fragrant ass cheeks as the tip of my nose landed square onto his forbidden fruit. Having my hands restrained under me left my underwear displaying my thick, long cock pressing outward, visible for his young eyes to see.

Cody started gyrating his hips, causing his little butt to press his virgin cherry hole harder and harder onto my fragrant sniffing nose. He thought this was nothing more than a game, but to me, I had died and gone to heaven. I could feel the soft skin of his hole as it depressed inward and the fiery heat which spewed its invisible array of scented soap up my nose and coursing its way throughout my body. Cody softly whispered, "Smell it! Smell my butt hole David!" Taking things one step further, while gyrating his little hips, I stuck out my tongue and arched my head backwards, striking the target with precision. Cody's body shook violently as he began giggling from my tongue swiping over his little virgin rosebud. As soon as my tongue slid across his butt hole, millions of volts of electricity stream lined through my every vein.

He shoved his butt harder onto my slithering tongue, but his giggling diminished and soon, my young little gorgeous angel began quietly moaning. I could feel his body as it trembled while my tongue explored every region on and near his beloved little poop chute. Timing his rhythm, my tongue swam up and down his tiny crack, stabbing at his closed, and very tight, little hole. His precious angelic voice cracked at this new sensation knocking on his backdoor, "Ah, ummmm, Da------------------vid, oh, oh, it feels, it feels sooooooooooooo goooood!"

From the shaking of the bed, I thought he was jacking his stiff cock while I was devouring his young innocent sweet smelling asshole. Cody began whimpering and his little butt slid across and over my stabbing tongue at a much faster pace. His left hand fell onto my stomach as my tongue slipped inside the tight, and dark realm of his hot cherry hole. Cody let out a long grunting moan as my tongue slithered and dug its way deep inside his never before explored bowels. No longer did he gyrate his hips, leaving his butt perfectly and defiantly still for my tongue to creep and crawl inside his tight and hot anal canal. The deeper my tongue dove inside his hot canal, the louder his whimpers shattered off the bedroom walls and the smell, shit yes, the sweet smelling aromatic fragrance blistered my tongue as it slammed inside my perverted nostrils. Never before had my tongue experienced such a tight and aromatic asshole.

The hand on my stomach pinched the flesh as his fingers dug deeper and deeper into my skin while my tongue snaked around inside his uncharted asshole. As if time stood still, I happily and greedily dined on his delicious butt hole for a long, long time before his ass left my face. I lay there patiently for whatever he was willing to do next. Cody whispered, "Pucker your lips like you're getting ready to kiss someone on the cheek." Quickly, I did as instructed and soon his body moved on the bed and I could feel him straddle my body with his gorgeous body. Seconds later, my lips welcomed him brushing something all over them. It didn't take me long to figure out he was rubbing the head of his cock on my lips, stringing his pre cum over each one. He backed off and said, "Go ahead, lick your lips with your tongue and tell me what it tastes like." I did and almost fainted in the darkness from the sweet taste that swarmed around inside my mouth. There was only a tad distinction of salt, but nothing to ever complain about in this lifetime. My cock twitched and jerked profoundly as his delicious pre nectar raised my horny state to the highest level ever.

Both, top and bottom lips had been soaked with his warm pre cum and like the pervert I had become, I took my time savoring each parcel. Inquisitively, Cody asked, "Well, how does it taste?" Smacking my lips and grunting, I replied, "Delicious, absolutely fucking delicious!" I heard him laugh and the bed moved once more as he slipped to the floor. Once again, I lay there patiently awaiting his next move. A few seconds later, Cody climbed back on the bed and shot under the covers and said, "You can take the blind fold off now." I did and it took a couple of seconds for my eyes to readjust to the light.

My cock was so hard, it had snaked upward and slid our from my underwear, leaving just the head exposed, leaking puddles of pre cum onto my stomach. Tilting my head to the right, I looked straight into his enchanting eyes. Cody was smiling and the covers were pulled up just above his hips, just under his cute little belly button. While looking back at me, he asked, "You really did like the stuff on your lips?" Unable to speak, I nodded my head yes. Questioningly, he said, "You must really like smelling my butt hole, but uh, I'd have never thought anyone would have put their tongue back there." With blurry eyes, I stated, "Yeah, but you are simply smorgasbord delicious. I'd eat your asshole forever!" I caught myself after I said the last statement, but it was too late to do anything since I had already said it.

I caught him looking straight at the exposed portion of my cock, eyes wide in amazement at the thickness and spewing pre cum. Still looking at my dick, Cody whispered, "I wish mine was as big as yours! I got a little one and shit, I'm thirteen and still don't have any hair yet. That's embarrassing!" I fired back, "Who cares about hair anyways? You can't eat it, and besides, I bet you got one hell of a pretty dick!" All he said was, "Nope, it's pathetically little!" Laughing softly, I shot back, "Cody, nobody gives a shit about the size of your cock. As gorgeous as you are, anyone would die at the chance to suck you dry. I mean, worship your cock until your balls explode, firing your sweet hot sperm into their mouths." Cody asked, "How do you know its sweet? You've never tasted it!" Smiling at him, I answered both his question and statement, "You rubbed your pre cum over my lips and I tasted it. If your pre cum is that fucking sweet, surely, your sperm is a hell of a lot sweeter!"

He asked the final question showing me that at least his interests had been sparked, "David, my butt hole is small and if a dick tried to go up it, it would split me wide open. Just the thought of something so big going up my butt is painful." Responding, I offered, "You're right, it will hurt a bit, but once your body gets used to it, you'll feel nothing but the most pleasurable sensations known to mankind. Your hole maybe small, but I guarantee you it will expand to accommodate whosever, or whatever, is going up in you. There are ways to kind of help relieve some of the pain, but I won't lie to you one bit, yes, it will hurt like hell at first."

I reached over and began softly brushing his upper chest with my fingertips. His eyes flashed a million times while my fingers danced across his bare chest, grazing his almost transparent erect nipples. My fingers traveled down and circled his belly button and he brought both arms from out from under the covers and folded them behind his precious little head. I studied his smooth hair free arm pits while watching his face contort from pleasure. His legs began moving under the covers as my fingers ran over his smooth stomach, diving onto his poking belly button. Soft precious moans evaded his moist lips as I lowered my head and began washing his left armpit. I started out very slow, watching and listening to his reaction, but only whimpers of joy shivered through my ears. I sucked, licked, and nibbled on the succulent armpit while my left hand slowly traveled lower and lower until my fingers touched the covers hiding his erect fruit.

His skin was so velvety soft and just the mere feel of his smooth flesh was driving me wild with animalistic passion. Slipping my head closer to his face, my tongue began to snake about his forehead while my nostrils captured his fiery sweet breath shooting out from his nose and open mouth. I licked and sucked his cute little button nose while sucking in his exhaling air. Using my tongue, I traced the very tip of his top lip before running my tongue along his bottom lip. I could see his saliva inside his mouth and his quivering tongue sat silently still as my tongue slid inside his hot little open mouth and showered his perfect white teeth with a tongue bath. His moans echoed into my mouth as my tongue lowered onto his sleeping tongue, and like a sponge, began shoveling at his puddle of saliva with a greed from hell. Even the boy's saliva was sweeter than I could ever imagine as my tongue spilled his fluid inside my mouth, awaiting the pleasure to drip down my perverted and greedy throat.

Cody's young petite body quivered and shuttered as my hand crawled under the sheets and nestled onto his hairless pubic mound. The tip of his cut cock brushed against my hand and the boy's sweeter than sweet pre cum dribbled onto the back of my fingers. My heart raced and pounded as our tongues collided while my left hand drew tiny circles over his hairless and velvety mound. My hand raised and explored the smooth skin between the boy's legs, finding his little nuggets, forcing him to send vibrating shutters of eloquent moans down my throat. He was in ecstasy and I was in heaven!

Our lips broke their suctioning seal as my tongue slipped down his throat and began chewing, while sucking, his very erect, but tiny, left nipple. His saliva and his skin was ever so divine to my every taste glands. He was panting and I was licking, sucking, and nibbling on the boy's perky little nipple. My fingers rolled his small hairless jewels around while enjoying the softness of his inner thighs. Inadvertently, Cody spread his luscious legs even wider apart, allowing my hand to roam more freely under the sheets. My passionate lust had vastly become a fiery greed to completely devour the young gorgeous boy who was laying totally naked in my bed.

My tongue worked its way down his smooth body and landed on his protruding belly button, where it lovingly swam, enduring the mind boggling taste of his appetizing flesh. My left hand left his nuggets and gently grasped his rock hard five inches of filet mignon boy cock. It pulsed in my hand and his mouth formed a perfect circle as soft and ear piercing moans sprang forth. My tongue licked the area that would possibly become one hell of a goody trail, inching closer to the tip of the sheet that covered his sweetness. My nose touched the sheet and began acting like a bulldozer, brushing the sheet downwards as my tongue followed in hot pursuit.

"BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG!" Dazed and confused, as well as completely irritated, someone was beating the hell out of my front door. I jumped off the bed and quickly put a robe on and hurried to the front door to see Cody's pathetic, drunken father, standing at my doorstep. As soon as I opened the door, he angrily said, "Here's that mother fucker's shit and since you want him, keep the no good son-of-a-bitch. I don't want him, must less see the little fucker ever again. Fuck you and fuck him!" I grabbed the garbage bag filed with Cody's clothes from Sherman's right hand and tossed it inside my house and just stared at the evil, worthless man, eye to eye, nose to nose. The rage inside me was building up furiously just looking at the drunken fool. Raising my voice, I yelled, "Get your shit out of my trailer by tomorrow afternoon and get the fuck off of my property. If you ever come back, I give you my word you worthless piece of shit, I'll beat you beyond any form of human recognition!"

He stood his ground and just stared at me with those evil eyes wanting very badly to lash out and kick my ass. I guess he saw the same look in my eyes as well, cause he showed on signs of physical aggression. Sherman took a step back and said, "Watch your back mother fucker! I'm gonna get your ass, you can count on that! He said something else that caused my inner rage to snap and the next thing I remembered was that I was beating him profusely in the middle of the dirt road of the trailer park. It had rained sometime during the night while I was preoccupied with Cody and me and Sherman were covered in mud, him more so than me since he was laying flat on his back blocking my pounding fists with his battered and bloodied face.

The so called friends that accompanied Sherman to my house never once tried to intervene, but it was one of the women in the park who echoed a voice of reality, stopping me from killing the drunk piece of shit with my bare hands. His punk friends dragged his lifeless carcass back to his soon to be evicted trailer, while I walked back to my own. Cody met me at the door with eyes as watery and wide, both angry and terrified at the horror that had just unveiled. His father's words tore through his young heart like a double bladed samurai sword. Once the front door closed, Cody ran up to me and jumped into my arms. The embrace he offered was mixed with love and confusion. His own father basically said he didn't ever want anything to do with him again, all this from Cody saying he was hungry.

The tender mood that Cody and I both shared, just moments earlier, was no longer there. I was covered in mud and blood and he instinctively went to the bathroom and began a bubbling bath for me. I was shaking like a leaf from the fight and still angry at Sherman for all the inexcusable words he had said about Cody. My body shook violently as if caught naked in a freezing rain without any shelter. A few minutes later, Cody came into the room and held my hand, leading me to the bathroom. I was still dazed and shivering as he tenderly took my robe off, leaving me standing there in my underwear. My eyes saw what was going on, but my mind was rambling a mile a minute. Cody knelt down on both knees before me and my body jumped as his soft and trembling fingers shot on the inside of the seam and began lowering my underwear. When my soft dangling cock popped into his eyes view, Cody gulped as his eyes opened wider. Though he lowered my underwear and helped me step out of them, his young eyes remained glued onto my long, thick, soft cock and massive balls. (Just a quick note: I shave my balls and keep my pubic region extremely well trimmed)

The warm water was soothing as I lay back with Cody on the outside, still on his knees, wearing only his boxers. Without thinking or hesitating, Cody held the wash cloth up and began softly cleansing my face and chest area, before slipping it under the bubbly water and rub my stomach region. My mind no longer rambled and my cock no longer was soft as his soft hand began applying the soap to the wash cloth before diving back under the water and taking a gentle cleansing grip. My heart pounded and my mouth went dry as his eyes darted directly onto mine. With the softest voice any human ears could ever detect, Cody whispered, "Gees David, your, your dick is, is huge!" No need for a response, I lay back and enjoyed the feeling I was being overwhelmed with having Cody wash my body.

The little tyke even soaped up my butt hole before declaring I was done. Not caring anymore about my erection, I stood up to dry off. His young eyes burned onto my throbbing cock while standing just a few feet from me. He watched me dry myself off with inner enthusiasm, but neither of us uttered a word. Whatever we had felt earlier, or should I say, Cody felt, no longer existed. He went to his own bed and I, mine. The next week went by pretty much uneventful. Sherman had moved out and rumor had it he had left the state. Every night while Cody would get ready to take a bath, he would always say, "Here's my boxers, go ahead and sniff em!" He offered and I happily accepted.

We continued to walk around in our underwear at night, and I always sported an erection. Not that I wanted to, but thanks to his heavenly looks, it just seemed so natural. In a weeks time, Cody took more time doing his homework and looked more enthused about life in general. We did everything together; grocery shopping, errands, cooking, and cleaning. The day my life would invariably change forever was two weeks after his father officially received the worst ass beating of his drunken life. Cody came home from school, more excited than ever. I figured it was because of the weekend, but it was he, who had other arrangements.

We were sitting in the living room when Cody got up and walked down the hall. A few seconds later he came back in the room holding a Fleet enema sporting one hell of an evil smile on his precious face. Standing in front of me holding the package up in his right hand, he inquisitively asked, "Hey David, what's this for?" Smiling back at him, I replied, "It cleans you out, you know, your bowels." Like most questioning boys, "Why, what for?" Being totally honest, I replied, "My ex used to use it. She cleaned her ass out before we had anal sex." Cody sat down next to me and with a voice of excitement said, "Wow, you mean you put your big dick up her butt hole!" I shook my head yes while looking into his entrancing eyes. One thing led to another and I explained how the enema works and the various positions one has to be in for it to be effective. Flooring me with his final statement, Cody stood up and said, "Give me one. I wanna try it!"

Before I could even respond, he yanked down his boxers and kicked them to the side of the room with his right foot. I knew he was looking at me, but my eyes were in a heat of passion looking at his semi erect cock and tightly held nuggets. I could see his cock growing by the seconds and soon, low and behold, his pride and joy embarked on the short erected journey. He was standing straight up and his hard cock nestled tightly upwards against his hairless pubic region ever so muscularly. You could have hung a towel on his erect cock, it was so vastly muscular and breathtakingly beautiful. The shiny bright pink head with its tiny piss slit was mouth watering appealing. His tiny nuggets withdrew closer to their sockets in its hairless sac that was slightly darker than the rest of his milky white flesh.

His words echoed in my head, "Doggie-style, I want you to give it to me doggie-style!" My eyes trailed up and saw him standing there with the innocent of innocent smiles. I guess I must have nodded my head yes, because he turned around and got into position right in front of the fireplace. My eyes became dizzy watching his little bubble butt twitch and contort with his every footstep. The little line separating each delicious cheek was so small, yet so curvy. The head of my cock, as usual, peeked out to see the breathtaking sight as I slid up off of the sofa and knelt behind his jutting little butt. He had placed the enema bottle to his right and I reached out and removed it from the package. Holding the bottle in my right hand and removing the protective tip cover, I had to lean down and smell the area that the lucky enema tip was about to invade.

I am well aware of what that hole is used for and what all comes out of it, but oddly enough, only a fresh soapy fragrance graced my inhaling nostrils. My breathing nose was a mere fraction of an inch away form his tiny little pink pucker hole, and I inhaled like a hippie sucking on a drug filled bong. Cody surprised me by saying, "You sure do like smelling my butt hole!" Shifting my body backwards after being busted, my eyes obtained a full rear view of this gorgeous angel. His tight little balls swung down and the thick dark line running evenly on his nut sac trailed off along his crack line.

My cock and tongue was achingly hard as I placed the enema tip on his tiny hole. My left hand slid across his unblemished smooth left butt cheek as the tip made its slow invasion into his hot little poop chute. Cody grunted and softly moaned as the tip snaked its way to its depth. My right hand began squeezing and squeezing the fluid up his chute, ever so gently. In less than a few minutes, the bottle was nearly empty as I began slipping the tip from his butt hole. His little pucker hole winked and twitched as the tip evaded his canal. My sick and perverted mind forced me to raise the tip to my nose to validate that Cody did actually shit like everyone else, but no foul odor was ever detected. Not even a trace of bowel movement was visible, just the smeared lubricant that was already on the enema tip.

The left side of his cheek rested on the carpet and I was standing on my knees behind him, admiring the gorgeous view. As time moved on, the urge to use the bathroom became increasingly stronger. To assist him with holding on, I used both of my hands to squeeze his muscular butt cheeks together while soothing his ears with encouraging words. Fifteen or so minutes later, Cody couldn't hold it any longer as I helped him up off the floor. He looked so precious holding his butt cheeks with both hands while speeding inch by inch to the bathroom. His feet only shuffled, unable to take a regular footstep, fighting the urge to explode his bowel movement onto the carpet.

Not knowing where all this might be going, I sauntered off into the kitchen, where I began making my own concoction of ingredients for the empty enema bottle. I poured some "WET", a highly slippery lubricant, warm water and finished the mixture with adding some wine. By no means am I a doctor, but I have found, with experimenting with my girlfriend, that the wine relaxes the anal muscles making it much easier to handle a large object traveling up ones bowels. Cody returned, still naked as the day he was born, and I asked him to get back into the same position. At first, he thought he was finished with the enema process, but I talked him into bunking back up for another one. Repeating the same process as with the first enema, I emptied the mixture deep into his sweet aromatic bowels. It took about 30 minutes before he really had the undying urge to relieve himself. As with the first instance, Cody scurried off at a fast shuffle holding his gorgeous little butt with both hands, in route to the toilet. My cock was so hard and leaking pre cum, I was forced to slip my underwear down, past my balls, and give it a few short strokes. Just remembering his beautiful vision, like to have caused me to shoot my built up load all over the place.

While he was still in the bathroom, I went and lay down on my bed still slowly stroking my man meat. I was so in tune at his memorized vision, I failed to hear or see him walk into the bedroom. I was milking my cock while holding back the urge to deliver quite an orgasm when I felt his little hands grasp my large cum filled balls. My eyes sprang open and there he was, leaning over the bed with both hands caressing my balls with his eyes fixated on my pre cum dripping hard cock. His own cock was standing straight up and my mouth instantly watered at the sight. Neither of us said a word as I watched his precious little face lower and felt his snake like tongue lap at my heavy nuts. My hand no longer stroked my meat, instead, stroked the young boy's soft golden hair.

Cody lapped at my balls like a thirsty dog and his little hands softly pulled and rolled them. Without having to think, my legs shot open allowing him to do with me whatever he so desired. I watched passionately as his young tongue swam its course all over my meaty balls. One lonesome finger, a slender portion of meat and bone, brushed up against my bung hole sending chills racing up and down my spine. His tongue left my balls and latched onto the base of my cock where his left hand now snuggly held onto. The finger on his right hand played with the exterior of my butt hole, while his left hand slid along the shaft, unable to wrap his little fingers around the thick fuck pole. Cody's tongue slithered and slopped, working its way up the long meaty shaft. The heat from his exhaling nostrils scorched all the it fired upon. My heart pounded like mad and my body quivered in delight as the young boy was driving me past the giving a shit stage.

Without any hesitation whatsoever, Cody began slurping and lapping at the pre cum soaked head while softly moaning and me just a whimpering. He opened his little mouth, but just the tip of the thick cock head fit inside his mouth. Cody was more than careful not to grind his teeth on the sensitive organ, using his tongue to dig at the pre cum oozing piss slit. I placed my left hand between his smooth legs and guided his whole body towards my starving face. In an instant, Cody raised his right leg and it slid across my panting body on my right side. With both hands on his hips and looking straight into his lovely crack, I slid him backwards, far enough for my tongue to blast onto his tiny speck of a glorious butt hole. Cody let out a loud moan as my tongue lapped at the sweet smelling little rose bud while my hands fondled his slender thighs.

I had no clue what brought on his hastened need for affection, but I sure wasn't about to stop him and inquire for any explanation. My tongue slid up and down his tiny, curved crack, enjoying and relishing every intricate detail of his unblemished creamy ass cheeks and tasty crack. Occasionally, my exploring tongue would lap at his rock hard jewels, relishing in the smoothness and radiant heat spewing from them. Stabbing at his tiny pucker hole, my tongue managed to slide in, causing Cody to quiver and yelp at the sudden intrusion. He was tongue bathing my cock head and still used his finger to draw circles on and around my puckering bung hole.

Taking my time, so as not to hurt him, I finally had stuffed my entire tongue up his hot, tight, tasty boy hole. If Cody felt any pain, he offered no indication, but he used his little butt to pile drive on my anal invading tongue. Rocking his body up and down, his bung hole gripped and squeezed my tongue as if trying to yank it from my mouth. His right hand fondled my balls while his tongue and hot little mouth worked on my cock head and his finger never left my poop chute. My chin nestled against his hard tiny nuggets as my tongue dug, twisted, and darted in and out and all around his wonderful, sweet smelling bung hole.

Several long minutes later, Cody's mouth, or jaw, apparently got tired. As he lifted his head, I took this opportunity to assist him in squatting over my face; my tongue never once departing from within his tasty asshole. Squatting on his heels, hands firmly digging into my stomach, the young boy began using his body to rise and fall on my ass eating devoted tongue. Just seeing his little body rise and fall and the precious and delightful noises piping from his gorgeous mouth, drove me to tongue his sweet ass that much harder.

A long while later, Cody grew tired and my tongue became deafly sore. He tried to stand on the bed, with his legs straddling my body. I scooted up on my butt so that my back rested against the headboard. Cody turned around, still straddling my body and stepped closer with his hard boy cock sticking straight in the air and muscularly resting against his pubic region. The head was shiny from his pre cum and there was a single strand inching itself down, looking like a piece of string. Once he stepped into position, I immediately began giving his hard jewels a tongue bath. Cody cooed and groaned as my tongue swirled around his balls while my mouth swallowed the hard little nuggets. Both hands held the wall before him and his young body began shaking tremendously while my mouth cooked his balls and my tongue bathed them with my saliva.

Releasing his jewels, I lapped my way up his slender shaft, absorbing his ever so sweet pre cum up in the process. Once my tongue reached his missile like cock head, I began eagerly lapping up his falling pre cum and stabbing at his piss slit for more of the sweet substance. The more I worked on his cock head, the more his body trembled. My hands roamed his delicate butt cheeks while my fingers dug into his saliva slick crack. Straining my eyes up to his face, I saw him repeatedly close his eyes while licking his lips. Soft innocent moans vacated his contorting mouth as my mouth opened and swallowed the boy cock up to the hairless pubic region.

His legs almost buckled as my head bobbed up and down on his tasty tool while my mouth and tongue licked and sucked feverishly. Cody began gyrating his hips, driving his meat in and out of my suctioning mouth. In less than a minute, Cody cried out, "Oh, God, humph, um, here, here it, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I had felt his cock expand and throb and knowing I wanted to get the full taste of his inner cream, I placed just the very head inside my lips as the first wave of rocketing sperm struck the roof of my mouth with great force. Seven or eight hot sperm missiles exploded into my mouth, followed by a large quantity of miniature spurts. Four more sperm torpedoes were launched, ending with a steady flow of his hot sperm dribble. To be so young, I was more than surprised to find my cheeks bloated with his boy cream.

Cody's cock went soft inside my mouth and he was gasping and panting for precious oxygen while his body shook violently. His cock slipped out of my mouth and he sat on my lower stomach with my ever so hard cock pressing against his smooth back. Looking into his glassy eyes, I began sipping on the cream I had dreamed about ever since my eyes first saw this gorgeous creature. It was hot, fiery hot, mixed with some thickness and just a little watery. Creamy, void of salt with no trace of bitterness detected. His sperm was sweet and pure protein and I took my time savoring each and every morsel of his honey, only to be saddened when the last of his teen cream slipped down my throat.

I was still lost in the wonderful flavor of his delicious sperm when he slid from my body on the right side and twisted his young body so that he could resume licking my hard cock. His left hand reached over and played with my balls, and from this position, I could see his glistening little poop chute shining straight at me between his spread legs. I reached over into my nightstand and retrieved a bottle of "WET" lubrication. My ex always loved this stuff, because it always made easier penetration into her hot poop chute. Applying some of the lubricant to my right hand, I placed a finger against his hole and gently pressed. Cody grunted as the slippery finger slid all the way up his hole, buried to the last knuckle. The heat spewing from within his anal chamber tortured my finger and his strong ass muscles coiled around my finger, squeezing upon each and every stroke.

A few minutes later, I placed another slippery finger against his hole, and it too, disappeared inside his fiery hot hole. Cody wiggled and moaned as the two fingers darted in and out of his tight glory hole. His slurping on my cock head grew louder and his hand holding my balls became more aggressive, yanking and pulling on them. A short time later, a third finger joined its brothers inside his butt and Cody was just a little more than besides himself with pleasure. He began shoving his butt onto the thrusting fingers while whimpering loudly. I couldn't believe the heat inside his ass, must less the unbelievable tightness choking my plunging fingers. Cody took a hold of my hard cock with his right hand and began pumping the side furiously while using his mouth and tongue to worship my pre cum spitting cock head.

Cody grimaced and his body jerked as the fourth finger shot inside his finger fucking ass. With four large and thick fingers up his chute, I began driving them in and out, matching his own thrusts with my own. Cody whimpered and moaned, grunted, and cooed the whole entire time my fingers ravished his deliciously tight asshole. Soon, Cody released my cock and was now arching his body up to my anal invading fingers, using his hands and feet to shove his little butt onto the long and thick invaders. Tossing his head from side to side, causing his blond hair to flash in the wind, he bit and licked his succulent lips. His body began humping my fingers, driving his still soft cock high up in the air. His eyes were glassier than ever as our eyes finally met.

All but his moans filled the air as he shouted out, "FUCK ME! David, please FUCK ME NOW!" My fingers were still rifling in his ass and he was still fucking his ass onto my fingers as I stretched over to the nightstand and retrieved a syringe that bore no needle. Sliding my slippery fingers from his ass, Cody looked at me with an empty feeling shouting across his beautiful face. Taking the top portion out of the syringe, I placed some "Anal Ease", mixed with some "WET" inside the tube and wasted no time inserting the syringe up his starving ass. After three applications and some of the mixture falling free from his butt hole, I put the stuff back on the nightstand. I had already coated my cock with the two lubricants and looking straight at him, asked, "Are you sure?" Cody licked his lips, flung his head backwards and passionately whispered, "Yes!" Using the "Anal Ease" I knew I had to stall for just a little time so that it could do its thing and numb his ass muscles before putting my 9 " thick cut cock up his asshole.

He was laying on his back, with his head facing the foot of the bed as I lowered my mouth back onto his sleeping cock. In just a few seconds, his cock awoke and I began bobbing my head up and down on the tasty boy meat while two of my fingers invaded his lubricant filled anal canal. Three fingers, then four fingers shot up his ass and Cody was screaming in delight. The mixture of lubricants had numbed his anal muscles a bit, cause Cody was shoving his butt onto the thrusting fingers, driving his teen cock further in my mouth. Without a word, just a long grunt, my mouth enjoyed the rush of sperm soon shooting inside it. It was definitely not as forceful, or as much, as the first, but I already knew it was going to be tastier than ever. Once his cock finished pumping his load, I began swallowing the creamy seed, keeping my mouth on his hard pecker while continuing to pump his asshole with my fingers.

After I drank his honey tasting boy cream, I removed my fingers from his puckering asshole and began stroking my slippery than slippery cock. His eyes were closed and he was panting for breath as I lifted each leg and placed them on my shoulders. Cody's eyes were sealed shut as I used my body to shove his legs further behind his ears. Both of his knees impaled the mattress as they rested just above each of his ears, on either side. Holding my cock with my right hand, I placed the giant head against his reddened asshole and gently applied some pressure. Cody reached under him and dug his own fingers in his crack and spread them even farther than I did. His eyes were still closed, but soon sprang open wider than wide as the head of my cock pried the tight ring open and slid about an inch and half inside his ass.

His little mouth formed a perfect circle as precious sounds shot out. I pressed another inch inside and he cried out, "Oh, ah, ah, it hurts, it hurts!" I asked him if he wanted me to pull it out, but he said not a single word, only shook his lovely head from side to side as if saying HELL no. I held my position for a short time before pushing another inch or two up his fiery ass. He released his butt cheeks and held onto the back of my head while biting his lips and moaned. A few minutes later, I had about six thick inches inside his asshole and he was doing everything imaginable to control the urge to tell me to pull my cock from his asshole. I knew he was in pain and I wished for the good feelings to overwhelm his body, but I still had some more cock to feed him.

Finally, some time later, my long thick cock was buried to the hilt inside his muscle clamping asshole. I started out very slow, fucking his glorious ass with long, slow strokes. One, I didn't want to hurt him no more than he was already hurting, and second, I needed to prolong my orgasm. Cody used his hands to force my head lower to his and once our lips were almost touching, Cody whispered, "Fuck me, please David, make love to me!" Our lips sealed around the other and out tongues collided while my cock rocketed in and out of his cock filled ass. With each giant and forceful thrust, his precious oxygen shot into my mouth, along with his muffled moans. The vibrations stemming from his mouth, piped into mine and traveled throughout my body like a runaway freight train.

I pounded his sweet ass forever and a day, constantly fighting back the burning urge to fill his guts up with my man seed. Changing the scenery, I rolled him onto his back with my cock buried inside his hole. Now, we were in a doggie-style position and I used his small hips as a tool to drive his tiny frame onto my thick cock. My balls swung heavily, striking his hard smooth nuggets with each inward thrust. Cody was helping me as well, slamming his butt onto the thick pole rooting inside his bung hole. His hands were stretched out in front of him, clutching the mattress, while driving his young body backwards with vengeance.

The heavy crashing of flesh slapping flesh echoed throughout the room, mixed with his audible moans and whimpers, as well as my grunting. His angelic voice shattered my ears, "Yes David, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, oh fuck me hard! It feels, it feels so gooooood!" The urge to unleash a flood of sperm up his bowels burned and tortured my swinging balls, driving me insane with passion. His anal muscles gripped and sucked my plunging pole upon each manly thrust. Unfortunately, I had to constantly change my pace to prolong this mind boggling experience.

Keeping my thick pole mounted deep within his suctioning bung hole, I sat back on my butt, holding his hips, then lay on my back. Cody instinctively knew to balance his body on his heels and began riding on my cock like a cowboy on a bucking bull. His back was facing me at first, but after a few minutes, Cody slowly switched his body so that he was now facing me. His young soft hands latched onto my stomach as he began humping up and down on the thick man tool lodged deep inside his hot little bowels. My hands fell onto his soft thighs while he bounced feverishly, eyes closed and biting his cherry red lips. I watched the entire length of my cock withdraw from his ass, then disappear into the dark hot depths of his anal canal. The boy's cock was hard as a rock and pre cum began dripping from his little piss slit. Not wanting any of the delicious fluid to drip onto my stomach, I shoveled the nectar off with my finger and sucked it dry, savoring his delicious mouth watering taste.

My right hand closed around his hard cock and began stroking it in rhythm to his ass riding my long, thick, cock. Within a few seconds of stroking his gorgeous young love stick, Cody grunted and whimpered as shot after watery shot coated my chest and chin. Two stringy sperm torpedoes landed directly into my open mouth and once the taste burned my taste buds, my own cock exploded, sending gallons upon gallons of thick man cream up the boy's cock fucking ass. Both of our eyes were closed, and both of us were whimpering from the massive orgasm we were now sharing. My hand pumped his hard cock until no more of his sweet sperm shot out; only dribbles flew from his jerking cock. My own cock was still spewing one hard and thick load as he continued to bounce on the thick pole, milking it in the process with his clamping ass muscles.

With my sperm free cock still up his chute, Cody leaned forward, lowering his head and I watched in total awe as he stuck out his tongue and began to lick his sperm off of my chest, throat, and chin. Long strokes of his tongue gathered his delicious specimen and I observed his throat muscles move in accord with the swallowing of his sperm. My cock was semi hard as his lips brushed across my own quivering lips. His tongue lashed out and began licking just above my top lip and my nostrils captured his hot vibrant breath. He was slowly working his ass back and forth on my cock as our tongues lovingly engaged in a mid air collision. The sperm he had just lapped up was still a divine taste on his darting tongue. I wanted to suck his tongue and drink his hot sperm tasting saliva, but the boy teased my every senses by slipping his tongue into my left ear.

Cody's hands held my head in place and my cock felt his ass muscles constrict as he worked his butt up and down, and back and forth, causing my semi hard cock to regain its hardened state. The feel of Cody's hot smooth body as it slid up and down my own will forever more burn an everlasting impression into my mind. Covered in sweat, the fragrant aroma spewing from his body was like breathing in from the garden of heaven. His moist saliva coated tongue slipped back into my mouth while he tortured my throbbing cock with his muscle grinding ass. Somewhere in time, my cock shuttered another volley of man seed up his milking ass. My cock was shooting its load and his mouth was sealed around mine, stealing my every breath. As the last of my seed entered his already cum filled ass, my cock fell to its most deflated state, slipping out of his butt in the process. Cody rolled to my right side while leaning on his left elbow, looking at me, panting for mercy.

His hair was damp from sweat and his gorgeous body glistened and the most priceless of smiles dashed across his lovely face. Cody, ever so softly, whispered, "Can I live with you forever?" Unable to catch my breath, must less speak, I nodded my head yes. Cody winked at me, then added, "I love you, David!" With that being said, I reached out and brought his lips to mine. After a long passionate kiss, I whispered back, "Not as much as I love you!"