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We're travelers. Some people call us gypsies, but we prefer travelers. We're off the grid. Running scams,­­, grifting, doing whatever it takes to get by. We travel on the back roads, out of sight. You may have seen us, or maybe not. We're part of a clan, but most of the time, we're on our own. Just Pa, Ma, Claire and me. I'm Kyle. Just turned 16. Claire'll be 18 soon. We live in the trailer that we roam in. Hardly ever stay in the same place for more than a couple of weeks at a time. Claire and me never been to school. Learned all we need to know from Pa and Ma.

This story begins with a phone call. Gracie called Ma to tell her that Big Dale passed. Big Dale was the leader of our clan. Had been for as long as any of us could remember. Ma started cryin' when she heard the news. Pa was stoic. "Looks like we'll be heading back to camp," he said.

Me and Claire weren't too excited by the idea of goin' back to camp. Hadn't been back for a while. While they were family of sorts, we had started to feel like maybe there was a life outside our clan. Claire had even started somethin' up with a boy outside the clan, something that was strictly forbidden. Seemed like more and more, there were less opportunities for our kind. I often dreamt of makin' a life somewhere permanent. A house without wheels. But that was fool's talk. Ain't no one left the clan that I ever heard of.

It was `bout a two day drive to get back to the camp in our beat up old RV. No one said much of anythin'. Don't think any of us was too keen on goin' back. When we got there, the funeral party was already was in full swing. By the looks of things, everyone had come back to the camp for the occasion. RV's as far as you could see. Traveler funerals were more like big parties. Ain't nobody `sposed to cry or be glum. I could see Big Dale's coffin in the center of the camp -- just a plain, pine box with beer and moonshine bottles on top.

We paid our respects to Gracie first, then went around to the rest of the kin. I felt like there was a collar `round my neck chokin' me. I'd gotten so used to being on our own that being back with the whole clan felt stifling.

We broke off all talkin' to different people. I saw Earl approach my parents. Earl was Big Dale's only son. He looked angry. There was some heated talk, Earl kept lookin' at Claire and my folks looked upset. I didn't think much of it until later on when I saw my folks talkin' to Claire. She started cryin' and ran off by herself into the woods.

I didn't see her for the rest of the afternoon or even into the evening. I knew better than to ask my folks what had happened. Back in the RV, I stayed awake, long after Ma and Pa passed out, waiting for Claire to come back.

I finally heard the quiet squeak of the door open and Claire tiptoed in.

"Where you been," I whispered?


"C'mon, Claire, you can tell me."

"I was gonna run. But I didn't even get very far."

"Where would you go? Can't go on a run by yourself."

"Anything'd be better than having to marry Earl. I'll never do it!" She started crying again, and I tried to comfort her.

I didn't blame her for not wanting to marry Earl. Apart from having to stay on at camp with Earl, no one was that fond of Earl. Tall and burly, he had the swarthy complexion of the European gypsies. His temper was well known, but being Big Dale's son, he got a lot of leeway. He could be cruel, the kind of person that, when he was young, used to torture small animals. It was also widely know that he'd had his way with many of the girls in the clan, even some that were cousins.

Claire was inconsolable. She was my sister, and I'd do anything to protect her.

"I'll go talk to him."

"What? No, you can't!" Claire cried.

"No, I'll go. What's the worst that could happen? I have to at least try."

I ran out before Claire could stop me.


I approached Earl's trailer, dark but for the blue flicker of the tv. It was well after 2AM by now and it was quiet in the camp. I paused before the screen door, took a deep breath and knocked twice on the metal frame.

"Who is it?" Earl called from inside.

"It's me, Kyle."

"Come in."

I opened the creaky screen door and stepped up and into the trailer. I heard the sound of a beer can being crushed and then, before I could duck, I saw it sailing through the air and it nailed me in the head.

"Fuck, Earl. Jesus," I said, rubbing my head.

"Get me another one."

I sulked past him into the grimy kitchen and pulled another beer from the fridge and brought it back to the cramped living room.

He sat in a lazy boy in a grimy wife-beater and plain, threadbare boxer shorts. Beer cans littered the floor around him, the ashtray overflowing with butts.

He cracked the beer, took a swing and glared up at me.

"What'cha want?"

"Well, I, uh, I came to talk to ya, Earl."

"Can see that. What about?"

"Well... It's just... I mean before Big Dale died..."

"Go ahead, spit it out, kid," Earl barked, not even lookin' at me, just starin' at the tv.

"Well, I just thought that Big Dale had meant for you to get married to Bella."

Earl shot me a look. "Oh you think you know what Big Dale thought huh? What he wanted? Just so happens Big Dale changed his mind right before he kicked the bucket."

"But everyone knows Big Dale had planned for you to marry Bella. Woulda joined the two biggest traveler families. He'd been talkin' about it ever since I can remember."

Earl slammed his beer down on the table next to the chair. "Don't you tell me what Pa wanted, you little shit. What the fuck do you know `bout it? Y'all ain't even been here for years while Big Dale was ailin'." His face was red and the veins stuck out in his forehead, suddenly enraged.

"It's just, we was surprised you want to marry Claire. She's kinda young to be married off."

"The fuck she is. Nearly 18, that's marryin' age. `Sides, it's what Pa wanted," he said with a sneer.

"Well, maybe you could wait a couple years, till she's a little older. We're runnin' a couple scams, could use a little more time to see them through."

"You got a lot of fuckin nerve, you little twerp. Comin' in here, the night of Pa's funeral, telling ME who and when to marry! I'm the head of this fuckin' clan now," his voice raising, "and I call the fuckin' shots. Claire and I will be married tomorrow. Now get the fuck out."

"But Dale, please, just listen..."

"You shut the fuck up, before I beat the shit outta you."

"Dale please...," I pleaded.

"And what the fuck you so interested for? Betcha you want to keep her for yourself, don'tcha? You been playin' doctor in the back of RV, you little perv?"

"No Dale, it's not like that. Believe me. I just want her to have a little more time before she becomes a wife. Really, that's it. A year at most."

"Can't wait another year. Got to have my needs takin' care of. Sherry's been married off now."

"She's your cousin, Dale."


"Dale please, I'm beggin', just a little more time." I balled my fists, not knowin' what to do or say next. I felt my eyes start to fill up with tears. I just wanted to do somethin' to protect Claire from Earl.

"You seem pretty upset. Gonna start cryin' little baby?"

"No. I ain't cryin'" though the tears had started to come anyways. "It's just, I promised Claire"

"Promised what? Claire put you up to this? Claire the one ain't want to get married? Shoulda known. Stuck up little bitch thinks she's too fuckin' good for me. I'm the fucking head of this clam now and what I say goes."

"No, Earl, she didn't put me up to it. I came on my own."

"Quit your cryin! Damn it!"

Earl lit a cigarette and took a deep drag, exhaled slowly. He cocked his head, lookin' at me up and down. It was hot in the cramped living room and sweat shone off Earl's skin in the dim, blue light. Earl's jet black hair hung in a messy shag around his face. He had a powerful body, and even at rest his muscles seemed flexed, ready for action.

"Tell you what," Earl sneered, "Let's just see how badly you want to help out your big sister."

"Sure Earl, whatever you want, really."

Earl kicked the small coffee table to the side and put his right foot up on it, his left foot planted wide on the dingy carpet.


"What? I..."

"Don't try my patience. On your knees. Beg."

I knew Earl could be cruel and sadistic, but I would've done anything to save Claire.

I dropped to my knees with a thud on the floor.

"Closer," he said.

I walked closer to him on my knees, humiliated.

"Closer!" he barked.

I got close to him, between his legs.

"Please Earl, please. Give Claire some more time."

"What's that? I can't hear you."

"Please," I said again. The tears came back. I lowered my head muttering over and over.

"You look good down there, little twerp," Earl said stubbing out his cigarette.


"You heard me. I said you look good down there, on your knees. You got pretty lips, like your sister."

My jaw dropped as I heard him speak. I was humiliated. Kneeling before this pig and now he's sayin' these vile things to me. My eyes went from his face to his boxers. His legs were spread and with his leg up on the coffee table I could see right up his shorts. I could see his balls and his dick hangin' down. I quickly looked away.

"Whatcha lookin' at, pretty boy?" Earl whispered. "Go ahead, look all ya want."

I shook my head, shutting my eyes tight.

"Look!" he said, louder now.

I opened my eyes slowly and looked again between his hairy, burly legs. I could see his thick cock stretching out now, growing before my eyes. I was mesmerized, disgusted, couldn't look away. His cock throbbed and slinked out of the wide leg of his boxers, reaching out. The fat head was peeking out of his thick foreskin. I didn't have much to compare it to `cept my own and Pa's, but from here it looked huge.

"Look what you're doin' to your Uncle Earl," he growled. I hated it when he called himself my uncle. He used that when he wanted to make us feel like we belonged to him even though he wasn't our real uncle.  "Gettin'me all excited."

"Please Earl, just say you won't make Claire marry you tomorrow."

"And what do I get, huh? Nothin' but blue balls."

"But, I..."

"But nothin'. Got me all worked up now, see? You want to get Claire some more time? Give Uncle Earl's big ol' snake a little kiss."

"No way! You're sick!"

Earl shot forward in his chair and grabbed me by the hair, pullin' me close to his face. He smelled like beer and cigarettes and sweat. "You want somethin' from me, you're gonna give me something I want." He shoved me back roughly and leaned back in his chair, his dick now pokin' straight out, rock hard.

"Kiss it."

"I won't"

"You will," he said, pulling open the leg of his shorts and grabbing his thick cock at the base, bending it straight towards me. "Don't play games, just one little kiss. Won't kill you."

I was faced with a choice: to do what he said or give Claire up to him. I knew what I had to do. I leaned in closer to his thick, veiny cock. The head of his cock now nearly all the way exposed. His piss slit was oozin' that clear stuff and I knew that humiliating me was turning him on. I thought I'd better get this over as quickly as possible and leaned in further planting my lips on his shiny knob and giving it a quick kiss. Dale grunted and I retracted quickly, wiping my lips of his slime.

"Oh, hell no, that won't do. You can give Earl's snake a nicer kiss than that, can'tcha?"

"I did what you said Earl."

"I'll tell you when I'm done with you, kid. You do what I tell you and maybe I'll give Claire some more time. Now quit bein' such a little priss and give it a nice, big, wet kiss."

As disgusted and humiliated as I was, I thought if I just do this, it'll be over soon.

I leaned in again and pressed my lips to his thick knob. I held my lips against his rubbery thickness and felt Earl rub it across my lips. I could feel his pre-cum covering my lips and smell the manly funk of him. I squeezed my eyes shut tight.

"C'mon now, open up a little for Uncle Earl. Just a little."

I parted my lips and felt him try and jab in with his thick cock-head.

"C'mon let's see a little tongue. Stick that tongue out now."

I opened my lips a little wider and stuck out my tongue just a bit. Earl started rubbin' the underside of his cock on my tongue.

"Aw yeah, that's it, little cock sucker. A little further. Stick that tongue out."

I felt like gagging with his cock on my tongue, but I did as he said, sticking my tongue out further like I was at the doctor's.

"Got a pretty, little mouth. That's it, open wide."

He ran his thick cock over my tongue coating it with his ooze. It felt hard and hot and rubbery all at once.

"Now get it in your mouth a little more. Be a good boy, now."

I knew where this was goin' and figured I'd better get it over with before he got angry.

I closed my lips around his thick cock-head and Earl grunted above me. I winced, knowing that he was getting' off on using me like this.

"That's a good boy. A little more now."

I slid further down his veiny shaft, feelin' him throb in my mouth. If I could get him off quick this'd all be over soon. I hadn't had much experience with sex, but this buffer kid had blown me one time. I tried to do what he had done to me, hopin' to get him off soon.

I kept going further down his shaft, stretching my jaws trying to get it all in. I felt his cock-head hit the back of my throat and I gagged and pulled off.

"C'mon baby boy, you can do better than that. Get back on there."

I attacked it again, challenging myself to get more of him down my throat. Earl started to thrust his hips, shoving more of his big cock in my mouth. This time, when it got to the back of my throat I tried to open wide and let a little of his thick cock-head down my throat. Earl hollered form above and I knew I was doin' it right.

Earl pushed me off his cock and stood up quickly in front of me. He shoved his boxers down to his ankles. I looked up at him, his chest heaving. His thick cock was slick with my spit and arched up towards the ceiling, hard as steel. It must have been at least eight inches and thick as hell. His big hairy nuts hung low in their sack. He gave his cock a couple strokes, forcing the foreskin all the way over his head before bending it down towards my mouth.

"Suck it, bitch."

I opened wide and Earl fed me his cock in one long stroke till he hit the back of my throat. My eyes watered and I tried to get it all the way down. I breathed through my nose and pushed against him till I felt his pubes brush against my lips. Earl grunted and groaned as I worked his cock. Remembering my buffer blow job, I grabbed Earl's heavy nuts and rolled them in my hand.

"Aw yeah, dirty little bitch. Play with my nuts, Suck it. Take it all the way. Keep goin'."

Earl swore and moaned and kept hurling insults at me as he fucked my throat with his fat hog. He pulled all the way out and told me to suck his nuts. I bathed his big sack with my tongue as I jerked his cock with my hand. His loose skin slipped easily up and down his steely shaft. With my nose in his nuts, his smell was overpowering. Despite the humiliating situation I found myself getting hard.

"Get back on my cock," Earl barked.

I got my mouth off his nuts and got back to work on his thick rod. He was bucking his hips, shoving his cock roughly in and out of my mouth. He was thrusting faster and I thought he was getting closer. I wrapped my fist around the thick base of his cock, jackin' him while I worked the head and the shaft with my mouth. With my other hand, I rolled his big nuts around in my hand. Earl grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth further off his cock so just the head was pistoning in and out of my mouth.

"Got me close, little bitch. Gonna take Uncle Earl's load soon." He grunted and groaned, fucking my face faster. He let go of my hair and hooked his thumb in my mouth, forcing my jaws open wider. With his other hand he swatted my hand off his dick and started jackin' himself. "Open wide, get your tongue out, little cocksucker. Earl was forcin' my mouth open and jackin' his thick cock right on my outstretched tongue. I knew he was gonna blow soon. I shut my eyes tight and braced myself.

"Aw yeah, here it comes, little bitch. Gonna fuckin' come all up in your mouth. Oh God, here it comes. Take it you little slut."

Faster and faster he jacked. I could feel his cock tense and throb on my tongue. He hollered and I felt the first huge jet of hot cum spray my tonsils. I gagged but Earl had me stuck. He kept pumping his cock in my mouth as his dick sprayed my tongue with all his cum. He shot like a firehose, spurt after spurt of his thick seed.

"Fuck yeah. Cummin' in your mouth. Fuckin' A. Take it all, little cock slut." He kept swearin' and jackin' and unloading in my mouth. It started to spill and run out of my mouth and down my chin. The heady smell of his load filled my nostrils. He squeezed the last of his thick load onto my tongue and wiped the head on my lips as he pulled out of mouth.

I went to lean and spit it out and he slapped me upside the head. "Swallow it, little bitch! Or else!"

I winced and braced myself. I swallowed and felt his thick load slide down my throat.

"That's right. Swallow it all, dirty little cocksucker."

I could still taste his load in my mouth, but hoped the worst was over.

"Now go get us a couple of beers," he barked.

I hurried back into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of beers. As I came back into the living room, Early had taken off his wife-beater and was wipin' his slowly softening cock with it. Standing face to face, Earl had a good 4 inches of height on me. His chest was burly and strong and he had fine black hairs that covered his chest and ran down his stomach, starting to get thick from beers, and down to his hairy bush.

"Good boy," he said as he tussled my hair. He lit up another smoke and laid down on the dingy couch, longwise, with his head resting on the arm. I cracked my beer and took a long swig, trying to get the taste of his cum outta my mouth.

"Why don'tcha come over here and sit with Uncle Earl."

"C'mon Earl. Can't I go now? I did what you wanted."

"What's the rush? Uncle Earl just wants you to keep me company for a while."

I set my beer down and moved closer to the couch and Earl said, "Go ahead and get more comfortable. Strip."

I stopped. Jesus. Why would he ask me that? What was he gonna do next? I hesitated before pulling my t-shirt over my head and tossed it on the ground. I kicked off my sneakers and undid my jeans and slid them down my legs taking my socks off with them. Earl was watchin' me all the while. Looking at me like I was something to eat. In just my boxer shorts, I started again towards the couch. "All the way off, buddy," Earl said.

Against all odds, I had started to get a boner. Not full on, but definitely growing. I didn't have much choice, so I shucked my shorts and went to sit at the far end of the couch, trying to cover myself with my hands.

"Not down there, stupid. Come sit on Uncle Earl's lap." I moved up awkwardly sitting sideways on his outstretched legs. "C'mon now, don't be shy," Earl said grabbin' my arm and pulling me towards him. He dragged me up so I was straddling him, my knees on either side of him and my ass resting on his soft dick. My own dick and balls were resting on his furry belly.

"That's better. Don't you look nice," he said stroking my arm. "Fillin' out real good. I remember when you was just small and now you're growin' up. Nice, tight muscles, and looks like you're gonna have a pretty big dick too."

I blushed as Earl looked me over. Despite myself, I felt my cock start to twitch and grow.

"Looks like someone's getting' excited," Earl whispered. He stubbed out his cigarette and rubbed his hands up and down my thighs. He'd rub real far up so his thumbs were almost hitting my nuts. I hated Earl and wanted to get away from him, but my dick couldn't resist what he was doin' to my body.

"Yeah, you're a real nice lookin' kid. Uncle Earl's been so lonely since Sherry's been married off. Now Pa's gone and I'm all alone, `cept for Ma. It's real nice you keepin' me company this way."

Earl was like this. When he wanted something, he could make you feel special, like you meant something. But I knew it was bullshit. I tried to keep my dick from gettin' hard, but damn if it wasn't getting harder.

"Got a nice big dick too," he said, making me blush. "Yeah, got a nice big fat one like Uncle Earl. Nice big nuts too. Bet you drive all the girls crazy with that big dick."

"I, uh, I mean..."

"Shhh, it's ok. You just relax," he said. He moved his hands further up my waist and around so he was squeezin' my ass cheeks. "Mmmm," he groaned. "Nice big ass too, for a little boy like you."

"If I'm not gonna have Claire to take care of me, who's gonna take care of Uncle Earl," he asked lookin' me in the eye?

I didn't say anythin'. I knew what he was askin' and I didn't want to get involved in that question.

He kept pawin' at me, feelin' me up all over, specially my ass. I tried to ignore it, but I could feel his cock getting' harder again between my ass cheeks. My own cock was now rock hard, arcing up towards my flat, smooth belly.

Earl grabbed my hips firmly and started to rock me back and forth so his big cock was rubbin' around my crack. God, I was afraid I knew where this was goin'. I could feel him poking up against me and Earl was getting' that crazed look in his eye.

He pushed me up higher and grabbed his cock beneath me so it was pointing straight up, the fat cock-head rubbing against my hole.

"Please don't earl," I whispered.

"Don't what, baby boy?" he sneered. "I ain't doin' nothing."

I could feel the slick cock-head sliming my hole, I tried to squeeze my cheeks against him, but it was no use.

"Don't fight it, kid," he said. "Just relax."

"Please Earl, it's too big. You'll kill me."

"Aw, quit bein' so dramatic. It's up to you. You just sit back a little and let Uncle Earl in, and Claire's free to go tomorrow."

"But, I..."

"Your choice."

I knew what I had to do. I grit my teeth and pushed back against Earl's big dick. It felt like it would never fit. His big cock-head was splittin' my cheeks, but I thought I'd never be able to fit the head in my ass. Earl spit in his hand and reached around to slick up his cock quickly and put it right back on the mark. I felt him pressin' up against me, urgently. I steeled myself and pushed back. Suddenly I felt his thick cock-head pop into my ass. We both gasped, me in pain and Earl in pleasure.

"Oh, yeah that's it, kid. Aw, damn that's tight."

I was speechless. The pain took my breath away. I tried not to move, but Earl was tryin' to get more of his thick cock up in me.

"C'mon, just a little more," Earl pleaded. The pain started to ease some, and I slid down a bit further on his pole. It hurt like hell, but I knew I could get through this.

"Good boy, keep goin' All the way."

I couldn't imagine takin' him all up in me, but I kept sliding down his pole, feelin' him fill me up. About halfway down, his dick hit somethin' in there and my dick throbbed. Fuck, it felt wild, electric. Earl shoved the last of his thick cock up in me and I felt his hairy bush against my ass and I knew I had I him all up inside of me.

"God, yeah. So tight," Earl moaned. "Ride it, little bitch."

I drew up a bit and rocked back and forth a little, testin' out how much I could take. I found I could take quite a bit. I started going further up and down, my tight ass strokin' his big, fat dick. I was powerless against him, and with his cock up my ass, there was little point in trying to resist. I started riding him faster trying to get almost all the way off his dick and then ride it all the way down to the thick base. I did this slowly at first, just tryin' to get through it and get it over with. But as I kept goin', each time his cock-head nudged that spot in me, my cock throbbed. It was like his cock was jackin' me off from the inside. It took my breath away. I had my eyes closed, ridin' him slowly when I felt him grab my hips firmly with his strong hands. I opened my eyes and looked down at him. His teeth were bared and he had an animal look in his eye. Sweat shone off his dusky skin as he thrust his hips against my ass.

"Look how hard your Uncle Earl is makin' you."

I looked down, and sure enough, I was rock hard, a steady stream of ooze leakin' out the head of my cock.

"Knew you'd love it, you little slut."

I knew I should be ashamed, horrified, but fuck if I didn't care. It felt so fucking good I just wanted to keep getting' that feeling. Earl ran his hands up my torso and tweaked my hard nipples and my dick throbbed. He reached down and pulled my leaky cock away from my body and let it snap back against my stomach.

"Damn that feels so fuckin' good. Ride it. Ride it faster," he groaned.

Now I really got into it. Ridin' him fast and hard, feelin' every inch of that big piece rammin' in and out of my tight ass. He struggled beneath me tryin' to slam up against me as I came all the way down on his rod, trying to get even more up inside me. I leaned forward and steadied myself against his strong chest and he put his knees up, planting his feet flat on the couch giving himself more room to thrust against me. He grabbed my hips again, holding me still so he could piston up into me.

"Aw fuck, yeah. So fuckin' tight!" he hollered. "Damn, you're so hard."

I lowered myself against him, my hands now planted on either side of his head, so my cock was rubbing against his furry belly. The feeling was infuriating -- enough to tickle, not enough to get me off. As I tried to rub my cock against him, I was pushin' back on his cock. I sat up all the way again, pushing his legs flat on the sofa and took over riding his big cock.

"Drivin' me crazy. Ride it. C'mon, ride it harder."

I kept riding him, stopping every few strokes all the way down, grinding my ass against him, feeling him all the way up inside me.

I put my hands behind me, resting on his legs, bracing myself. I felt this humming. It started somewhere in my belly and it vibrated out through my cock like a tuning fork. I felt dizzy and lightheaded but I just kept thrusting my ass up and down his thick shaft. My nuts drew up slowly against my body and, even though I didn't think it was possible, I realized I was gonna start cumming without even touching my self.

"Oh," I started to pant, over and over.

My mouth was open in an oval of astonishment. I was writhing, pumping my self on him.

"Gawd, I'm close again," Earl groaned.

"Oh, Earl, I'm gonna..."

I couldn't speak, my mouth was dry and all I could focus on was that feeling radiating out from within me.

"Yeah, do it, boy. Shoot it," Earl encouraged.

My cock ached and my balls swelled up, tight against my body. I fought off the urge to grab my cock, tryin' to make this feeling last. But I knew it wouldn't. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of Earl's big cock slamming up inside me, the feel of his hot, sweaty flesh against me, the heady smell sex in the room. All these things together pushed me over the edge.

"Fuck Earl, I'm cumming," I cried.

My ass clamped own hard on his thrusting cock as my whole body shook with my orgasm. My cock jerked and throbbed as I started spewin' hot cum all over the place. I was tryin' to keep my balance with my hands behind me so I didn't fall off.

"Aw, yeah, makin' you cum with my big dick. Shit, that's a lot of cum. Feels so fuckin' hot. Keep goin', keep ridn' me. Gonna cum soon too."

I kept plunging myself on Earl's cock as my cock kept shootin' my white, hot cum all over our bodies. I felt like I'd never cum that much. Earl was thrusting hard underneath me. He was gritting his teeth, his eyes shut tight as he pistoned in to me.

"Here it cums, gonna cum all up in your ass. Aw, fuck. I'm cummin', I'm cummin'"

I could feel his thick cock get harder in my ass as he started shooting his big load up my ass. He thrust in long hard strokes as his rock-hard cock pumped his thick jizz up my tight ass. My own cock was still throbbing and pumping the last jets of cum out of my own throbber.

"Gawd, yeah, take it. Take all my cum, little fucker. Cummin' in your tight ass," he hollered.

He slowed down, still pumping his thick cock up my ass, slower now, filin' me up with his big load. I could feel his jizz making his cock even slicker as it thrust up my ass.

Reaching forward, I steadied myself against him, with one hand on his chest, the other hand squeezing the last of the cum outta my sensitive cock. As I came down from my orgasm, I realized that I'd let him fuck me, cum in my ass, and I fucking loved it. I loved the feeling of his big manhood spewing inside me. I felt full and complete in a way I'd never known before. I felt like I never wanted him to take his perfect cock out of my ass.

But then I remembered what I had come here to do. To save Claire. I realized why I hated Earl so much.

Earl finally slowed to a complete stop. His still-hard cock planted firmly in my stretched hole. He opened his eyes and saw me lookin' down at him. He smiled a half-cocked smile and reached up and tousled my hair. And for a moment, I thought I felt something for him.

"Now be a good boy and get uncle a beer and a towel."

I got off him slowly, his softening cock coming out of my ass with a quiet pop. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, hitting the kitchen for a beer on my way back. I handed him the towel, but he scowled, "Clean me up," he barked.

I toweled him off, mostly my cum on his chest and stomach, and cleaned his soft cock.

"That's a good boy. Now go take a shower."

I went back to the bathroom and showered quickly. By the time I got back to the living room, Earl was passed out, the open beer in his hand on the floor. He was still naked, his big strong body illuminated by the flickering tv. I looked longingly at his big soft cock draped lazily against his big thigh and his big nuts resting in their soft, hairy sack.

For a moment, I felt sad for him, and also, like I wanted to crawl into his arms and have him hold me and fuck me all over again. But, I didn't. I walked out the door, went to our RV.

Ma and Pa were asleep, but Claire was wide awake.

"Where you been for so long. I was so worried."

"Don't worry none. You won't have to marry Earl. But we gotta get outta here now. We ain't never coming back."