This story is purely a work of fiction and not intended to depict any living, past or present, human being. Though I write stories about adult males having sex with minors, I personally do not condone such activity. Also, in my stories, safe sex is not practiced. These are just stories in which the subjects within the contents can never be hurt by any means. If reading this material is offensive, or illegal, then please do not go any further.
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Tyson Brooks was the youngest out of 3 children. Presently, he had just enjoyed his 11th birthday. Tyson has three older sisters, and the one closest to his age is Carla, and she is 18 now. His oldest sister is married and now lives 3 houses down from his home and his middle sister is in her last year of college. Carla still lives at home, but ever since Tyson could remember, Carla is the one sister who always spent most of the time with him as he was growing up. His father passed away when he was 8 months old so he never knew him. His mother, well she's a work in progress. Even now, she is still quite the looker. By day, she's a Regional Manager for some major bank, but at night, she sure does love her men. Tyson's mom never hid the fact that she loves cock, bringing home strange men most every night.
As luck would have it, thanks to his parents, all of his siblings, including himself, were blessed with awesome looks. Presently, Tyson stands a good 4'8" and barely weighs 85 pounds soaking wet. Thanks to his mom not caring, and Carla promoting his breath taking beauty, Tyson's curly light brown hair flows graciously beyond his shoulder blades and the sides are kept cut so that his tiny ears are visible.
Tyson and Carla bore no secrets from one another, and it was Carla who sensed something different about her little brother. You see, ever since Tyson was probably 5 years old, he allowed Carla to dress him up as a girl. Often times, the two of them would go to the local mall and prance around like two young girls often do. Even now, now that Tyson is 11 years old, Carla still dresses him up and prides herself with taking him to the mall so that he could make jaws drop open. Yes, once Carla applies the makeup on Tyson, the boy truly turned a lot of heads. Even when going to the mall as a boy, he still had the unique ability to turn a lot of heads.
The only secret Tyson thought he kept from his sister was his various peep holes. Many, many times, Tyson watched Carla suck one of her many male friends cocks, and each time, in his mind he was dreaming it was his mouth slobbering all over their poles, and not his sister's. Tyson even had a peep hole leading into his mother's bedroom and constantly spied on her having sex with some strange man. He wasn't interested in seeing neither his sister, nor his mom naked, but he was more than excited to see the men naked, especially their hard cocks.
It was Carla who sat him down and told young Tyson all about the birds and the bees, and not his mom. His mom was way too busy getting a hard cock crammed into her bald pussy to worry about such a thing like talking to her only son about something like that. Even a few days after that conversation, Tyson recalled most of what his sister had told him.
Carla was sitting next to Tyson on his bed, her right hand holding his left hand as she began explaining, "Lil bro, I'm sure you're already curious about sex, and your penis, oh fuck it, your cock probably is starting to get hard all the time. That's normal bro! Someday, you're gonna find out that cock of yours is used for more than just pissing out of, and when that day comes, I just want you to be prepared. (She went on talking about sex, babies, and a lot of stuff) Tyson, though only you can know for sure, but I'm guessing you are gay. You like boys and not girls! No matter, you'll always be my little brother and I'll always love you, but there are some things you need to know. Don't ever do anything unless YOU want to do it! Don't let anyone talk you into doing anything unless YOU are comfortable with it! Now, uh, mmmmmmmmmmm, Tyson, guessing you are gay, there's one other thing I need to tell you about. You see bro, life has blessed you with heavenly beauty. Whether you know it or not, you are flat fuck, drop dead, gorgeous, and believe me, others see that too. Sooooooooo, with that being said, you need to make sure your asshole, or boy pussy, whichever term you prefer, is clean before you do anything. (She went onto talking about enemas and the various methods to accomplish them by) Uh Tyson, your butt hole can do a lot more than take a shit out of. Inside you is a little love button called a prostate. Girls have prostrates. Ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyy fucking gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwddddddddd bro, once that love button is stimulated, watch the fuck out! (She went onto explaining the pain from the actual penetration then eventually explained the art of masturbation for guys) Well lil bro, hopefully this little talk will help you and if you ever have a question, then you had best come see me!"
Tyson remembered he had a throbbing erection the entire time his sister explained things. So, as his mom was in her bedroom with yet another strange man, Tyson went to his little hiding spot and peered through the peep hole while yanking his shorts down to his ankles and began stroking his 4 1/2 hard inches of boy cock. When his right eyes peered through the tiny hole, he saw this hairy man standing at the foot of the bed and his mom was sucking what looked like one heck of an enormous cock. He watched in awe as she licked all over the thick and veiny shaft then swallowed the extremely fat mushroom shaped cock head.
As time went on, Tyson watched as he saw his mom use her tongue to slither up and down the man's hairy butt crack, stopping at the dark brown hole and stab her tongue deep into it. The man seemed like he was loving it due to all the loud bear like groans, and in fact, from the sounds his mom was making, she seemed to be loving it as well. Tyson made a disgusting looking face knowing, and seeing, his mom lapping at the man's hairy asshole.
He watched the man eat his mom's bald glistening pussy and tongue fuck her puckering asshole. When the two started actually fucking, Tyson didn't want to see no more, and just as he was backing away, he heard his mom yell to fuck her in the ass. Hearing this only intrigued Tyson, so he put his eye back up to the hole and his jaw dropped open as he witnessed the hairy man shove every massive thick inch straight up his mom's asshole. He couldn't help not to hear the way his mother was screaming for him to pound her ass, and the man was now doing just that.
As Tyson watched the giant cock slash in and out of his mom's ass, he instinctively reached his right index finger around his taught little butt cheeks, dipping it deep into his hairless crack and began rubbing the fingertip all around his tiny poop chute. As he watched the scene before his very eyes, he couldn't help question whether or not anything like that would fit inside his asshole, cause it was way too small.
Seeing all he wanted to see with his mom and the horse hung stranger, Tyson tip toed from his peeping place and went upstairs to spy on his sister to see if she was doing anything. Once he was in his hiding spot, now peeping into his sister's bedroom, once again he dropped his shorts and began playing wildly with his boy boner. Carla was on her knees sucking the high school star quarterback's cock. It wasn't nowhere close in size as to the one his mom was now with, but it was exquisitely impressive non the least. Carla bobbed her mouth up and down the entire length of the six inch teen cock, moaning and whimpering the entire time.
Every now and again, Tyson saw Carla peer over to where he was watching them through the peep hole, but he figured there was no way she knew he was there. The teen cried out as Tyson watched, mouth wide open, as she held the flared cock head up to her open lips as the jets of thick white sperm came flying out, and each powerful jet landing directly into her mouth. His sister was almost smiling as Tyson watched her gulp down the fresh sperm. While watching this, he too felt something he had never felt before. He had played so vigorously with his cock that he now felt like he was on the verge of pissing, but then his entire body went into some weird and uncontrollable convulsion, and his young mind went spinning wildly. By the time his body had somewhat settled down, Tyson realized he had just experienced his first orgasm. Holding his still erect boy cock upwards, Tyson checked to see if anything had come out, but nothing did. It was a dry orgasm, one in which he recalled his sister explaining to him.
Still peering into the peep hole, Tyson got an eyeful of his sister probing the teen's mildly hairy asshole with her tongue. Just like the other guy with his mom, the teen boy was loving every second of it, and his sister was too. Again, he began rubbing a fingertip directly on his poop chute, periodically stuffing it under his nose, sampling his own anal aroma. To Tyson, it didn't really stink, but knowing it had just touched his little asshole, he certainly wasn't about to stick it in his mouth to see what it tasted like.
Tyson continued stroking his boy cock while rubbing the outer surface of his asshole as he watched his sister take the teen's cock into her pussy. Though Tyson wasn't too particular keen on watching her sister getting fucked, he was interested in watching the teen boy's ass as it rippled with each and every thrust. His sister was on her back and the teen was plowing her pussy good and proper. Tyson stared at the teen boy's ass, mouth watering profusely, wondering to himself if he would ever be able to take a cock up his ass like his sister was taking one in her pussy.
When it was all said and done, a little while later, Tyson was in his bedroom when Carla walked in and flopped her petite body onto his bed. Smiling at her little brother, Carla spoke, "Look you little peeping tom, it's okay if you want to watch me and mom fuck. I know all about your peep holes and I guess you are at the age where you are more curious than anything else. So cutie pie, do you have anything you want to ask me?"
Tyson looked at his sister, and being that to him she was also his best friend, his soft purring voice whisked through the stillness of the room's air, "I saw you putting your tongue in that guy's butt, and I uh, well didn't it kind of stink, you know, smell like poop?"
Carla shot back, "For one thing lil bro, you always give it a sniff test first, If it smells bad, then I sure as heck wouldn't stick my tongue in it. But to answer your question, while you were spying on mom, we took a shower first."
Tyson fired right back, "Okay, okay, I can understand that. Do you um, uh, do you like taking it up the butt?"
Smiling at her little brother, Carla softly replied, "Ohhhhhhhhh hell fucking yeah! Having some guy bury his cock balls deep in my ass is like nothing I've ever experienced. Shoot, my pussy gets sooooooooooo wet! I didn't do it tonight cause I knew I wasn't properly cleaned there. No guy wants to see shit on his dick, and just you remember that!"
Tyson was busy with his own thoughts when Carla interjected, "Tyson, let's cut straight to the chase. My God bro, you are soooooooooo fucking pretty, almost too pretty to be a guy. You have no clue how many people look at you, and want you, and I mean want every beautiful inch of your body. Now this is gonna sound a bit gross, but take it as a compliment, cause that's just the way it is. Tyson, some people might look at you, seeing nothing but your enchanting beauty, and they just might convince themselves that somebody as beautiful as you simply cannot take a shit. And, if you did, it certainly wont smell like shit. Now, you and I both know that's not the case, however, you should always be prepared for anything. I'll get you your own enema kit tomorrow, okay?"
She kissed him goodnight and walked out of his bedroom, closing the door behind herself. No sooner had his sister left, Tyson scooted out of the bed and tiptoed into the bathroom that he and his sister shared. He took off his pajamas then stared at himself in the large mirror overlooking the sink. To Tyson, what he saw certainly wasn't the image others saw. Standing 4'8" and weighing in at barely 85 pounds, Tyson began studying his naked little body.
He picked up the hairbrush and began brushing his long curly light brown hair while focussing his attention on his nude body. His face was slender, and without a blemish in sight. His little button nose was by far, perfectly shaped, and it too offered not a single freckle or blemish whatsoever. His light brown eye brows were of medium thickness, both equal in width and in length. Tyson's eyes offered the appearance of brilliance, glimmering a deep emerald green that seemed to sparkle even in dim light. His slender facial cheeks both shared the same flesh piercing dimples, both equally slashing into his facial perfections sharply when he flashed his heart stopping smile. He opened his mouth, staring at his bright white naturally straight teeth. Closing his mouth, he puckered his lips, staring at himself through his own reflection. Those lips, those cherry colored kissable lips, are lips that can make the strongest of legs buckle.
Stepping a bit closer to the mirror while brushing his hair with his right hand, Tyson came face to face with his hairless armpit. Now, he raised both arms and inspected each creamy colored pit. Still, no matter how desperate he looked, not a single shred of hair life was visible. Backing up, Tyler's eyes went further down his lithe body. Using the fingertips of his left hand, he began pinching and tugging on his pinkish tiny nipples. Eyes traveling lower, he studied his boyish chest and tight little stomach muscles. He placed the brush on the counter, then began toying with his little outwards protruding belly button.
While he was playing with his nipples and belly button, Tyson discovered he was arousing himself. Now, his 4 1/2 inch boy cock was proudly jutting straight out from his little body with just a hint of a downwards arch. Using his right fingertips, Tyson lifted his cock upwards, studying in earnest his own little cock's features. His mushroom helmet was slightly thicker than the creamy looking shaft. As he was studying his cock, his right hand began automatically stroking.
Tyson cupped his hairless balls, lifting them upwards for a closer inspection. Both little nuggets were about the size of a lima bean, held peacefully within a hairless sac that offered the appearance of pure satin. When he allowed his balls to drop, they held firmly in place just under the base of his erect boy pole. Though he was looking for any signs of hair growth, which he simply couldn't see, his right hand was busy stroking back and forth, forcing his breathing to become erratic.
He turned his body sideways and began looking at his taught little right butt cheek. To him, it was nothing more than a slab of flesh, but in all reality, it was utterly priceless! His butt was definitely small, and for most adult men, one hand could easily cup both mind bending spectacles of vibrant flesh. However, each magnificent little cheek looked as though each one held a perfectly rounded softball with the silky smooth flesh being tightly sewn over each one.
Still stroking his boy pole, Tyson looked down at his smooth hairless thighs and legs. Much to his dismay, he didn't even see peach fuzz anywhere. Holding up his left arm, he noticed there wasn't any hair life whatsoever to be seen. As he jacked his cock back and forth, Tyson figured his cock's girth to be closely compared to the bottom portion of an average sized carrot.
Flinging his head back as he was pleasuring himself, Tyson spat on his left index finger then quickly shot it into the crack of his mouth watering little ass, probing and prodding his tiny asshole. He placed his left foot on top of the toilet's lid and began hammering away at his prized boy meat while letting his anal caressing finger bring him closer and closer to an orgasm. Just as before, his body went into a mild seizure like convulsion, leaving his head spinning as he jacked himself into one heck of an intense dry orgasm.
When he began settling down, he picked up his pajamas and decided he was going to go to bed and sleep naked. When he opened the bathroom door, low and behold, Carla was standing in the hallway, arms folded, smiling joyously. Looking down at her brother, Carla softly whispered, "Well, can you cum yet?"
Feeling slightly embarrassed, Tyson peered up to his sister, then after taking in a deep breath replied, "Uhhhhhhhhh, no!"
Carla couldn't help not to look at Tyson's naked body as she spoke, "It's okay Tyson, really, it's okay. Everybody masturbates, and in due time, you'll be shooting cum with the best of em. So, don't worry your pretty little head over it, and besides, from where I'm standing, and seeing what I'm now seeing, you're gonna have plenty of guys wanting that ass of yours. Just do me a favor lil bro. Don't you go and steal one of my guy friends from me, okay?"
With that being said, and Tyson agreeing, Carla went to her bedroom and Tyson went straight to his. Even under the covers, Tyson couldn't take his hands off of his throbbing hard cock. Every so often, he would rub his asshole and sniff his finger. To him, he couldn't seem to understand what all the fuss was about regarding a butt hole. Although the aroma spewing from his finger didn't smell, Tyson still couldn't muster enough courage to actually taste it. Still, the thought alone made his mouth pucker with a mild disgusting look.
Being that this was now a week and half into the summer vacation, and school being out, Tyson could now sleep in a bit. Early the next morning, Carla walked in Tyson's bedroom only to see her little brother laying on his stomach, naked as the day he was born. She sat down on the edge and placed her left hand square on Tyson's exposed butt, caressing the soft silky smooth flesh, but no so much in a sexual manner, but more so, in a loving manner. Tyson's eyes flickered open as Carla's voice woke him up, "Good morning sleeping beauty. I brought you the enema kit and I have included the directions as well. Mom's already gone to work and I got to soon leave myself. Don't you go and get into any trouble today Tyson. (A brief pause) You know something little man, if I wasn't your sister, I'd be tempted to eat this fine ass of yours! You certainly do have one hell of a shapely tight ass going on lil bro! Have fun and be careful!"
With a light swat on the butt and a tender peck on the cheek, Carla left his room. By now, Tyson was wide awake and as he rolled over, he came eye to eye with his morning erection. Forcing himself out of bed, he walked the short distance to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet to empty his bladder. With his sister now gone, he had the entire house to himself. Once he handled business, not only peeing but a bowel movement as well, he went back to his room to look into the bag his sister had brought him.
He picked up a rubbery container that looked like a large ball with a long nozzle at the very center. Walking back into his bathroom, carrying the bag, Tyson began placing the items on the counter while taking his time to read the directions his sister had written. He filled the sink with lukewarm water, adding in a bit of mint flavored mouth wash and 4 capfuls of an unmarked clear bottle that had the word "Anal Lube" on it.
He lowered the ball shaped rubber enema container into the mixture and began sucking it in. After several squeezes to let the air out and to replace it with the mixture, Tyson finally had the ball completely filled. Following the directions ever so carefully, he placed himself into a doggy style position. Grasping the rubbery enema ball, he placed the nozzle up to his asshole and slowly inserted it in while hissing at the intrusion into his virgin anal canal. It didn't hurt, but it sure did feel weird.
Tyson squeezed, feeling the rapid rush of the lukewarm content rushing into his bowels. It took a bit of an effort, but he managed to squeeze every last drop into his butt. He slid the nozzle out of his ass while reading some more of the directions. Following his sister's directions to the letter, it didn't take young Tyson long to feel the pressure inside him building. He fought and fought to retain the content for as long as humanly possible. After a good 15 minutes, Tyson realized he had no more fight left in him, so he desperately fought to jump up and get to the toilet, and he just made it in time before his ass exploded.
He sat there for some time, not all that sure if he was done or not. Per his sister's directions, he was to reapply the enema until the contents vacating his ass was as clear as water. Much to his own frustrations, Tyson repeated those steps four times. Finally, on the fourth go round, the water inside the toilet was just that, water. His asshole felt a bit sore thanks to the enema's long nozzle, but in another way, he felt kind of sexy too.
Again, following his sister's written directions, Tyson filled up the bathtub with hot water, adding in a coconut smelling bath oil. Once he got in and allowed his body to welcome the heat of the water, he discovered that it was rather soothing. The coconut fragrance shot into his lungs with his every breath. His asshole no longer offered anymore dull aching pains and he rested his head back and closed his eyes, basking in the pleasures of the aromatic bath.
An hour or so later, Tyson drained the tub, then toweled himself off. After brushing his teeth and scrubbing his tongue, remaining naked, he went downstairs. His 4 1/2 inch carrot stalk thick cock bobbed up and down and from side to side, matching pace with his footsteps. Tyson thoroughly enjoyed walking around bare butt naked, and to him, he was feeling oh so sexy. Everything about him was now squeaky clean, including his butt.
He opened up the front door, making sure the full glass storm door was closed and locked, then began peering out, hoping that someone, anyone might take his nudity as an open invitation. However, each time a car passed, Tyson would quickly duck behind the front door, making sure his small hands were covering his award winning hard boy pole and lima bean sized hairless jewels.
In all honesty, he had no clue what he was actually doing, but he was fully aware of his growing and intensifying horniness. Now, all he could think about was sex, gay sex. As the hands of the clock ticked forward so did his sexually charged young mind. He could still see the huge cock from the night before as it pounded his mom's asshole. Though the man's cock was rather intimidating, Tyson figured if his mom could take it, then so could he.
As if modeling for an unseen crowd, Tyson stood in front of the glass storm door, turned around placing both of his hands flat on the floor while gyrating his ass up and down and swaying from side to side. Had anyone walked up, they would have been given a birds eyes view of his hairless asshole. Tyson continued his antics, watching in lust as his erect cock danced gracefully with his gyrating motions. He was so consumed in his own little lust filled world that he didn't notice that he was now performing in front of a live audience.
Standing at the door was a man, a man who was rather enjoying the marvelous show. Tyson was still clueless to the fact that he had an onlooker as he progressively swayed his ass back and forth while bucking it up and down. The man, whose name is Jason Avery, and who also works for his mom at one of the banks, had stopped by to retrieve some documents Tyson's mom had left. However, Jason was not aware that his boss had a son, and a very beautiful son at that.
Jason is 48 years old, standing a solid 6'3" and weighing close to the 220 pound range. Having just been recently divorced after 15 years of marriage, the show that was taking place before his very eyes caused his cock to react in a very throbbing manner. He could see that it was a young boy jutting his ass to greet his onlooking eyes, but to Jason, this was a far cry from being anything close to what anyone could refer to as a "normal" ass. His adult eyes zeroed in on the boy's widely exposed asshole, quickly detecting that it was completely hairless. Also, Jason noted to himself that there wasn't anyone who could call this little indentation a brown eye cause there wasn't the faintest of brown tint whatsoever. From the top of the boy's crack all the way down to those tiny hairless scrunched up balls, the boy's crack was simply creamy in color and the longer Jason stared at it, the more his mouth watered.
Many years ago in college, as a freshman, Jason did partake in an act of homosexuality. He sucked his roommate's cock and tried to swallow his cum, but he gagged profusely and spat it out. He did enjoy fucking his college roommate, relishing in the overall tightness compared to a woman's pussy, but he only fucked him once and that was it. With the exception of his boss, the boy's mother, Jason was never given the opportunity for his cock to go inside another ass. Speaking of the boy's mother, Jason made mental note that she was a fucking sex freak, craving cock 24/7 and he had fucked her many, many times. Now, Jason was curious to know if the boy was a chip off the old block, and if he himself adored cock as much as his mother.
The longer Jason stood frozen in place, eyeing the waving ass with hungry eyes, the more he was bound and determined to see if the young boy was game for a man's cock, a real man's cock. Jason recalled how the boy's mother screamed when he first plunged his cock balls deep into her pussy, then screamed even louder when he sunk it all the way up her hot little ass. As he watched the naked boy and while his mind replayed him fucking his boss, his left hand was busy stroking his massive erection. Somewhere, deep in the back of his mind, Jason wondered if the small boy would even be able to take his ass splitting python. That tiny, almost microscopic indentation he knew was the boy's asshole was by far the smallest his eyes had ever seen. Jason knew he was packing one hell of a serious cock, and was damn proud of it too!
Somewhere, with both being lost by their own sexual thoughts, Tyson stood up and turned around, coming face to face with the man who was tugging on his cock while smiling from ear to ear. Every hair, or the ones that haven't began life yet, stood up on Tyson's shocked body. He was beyond mortified as he stood there bare ass naked and his erect cock was aiming itself directly at the stranger.
Seeing the boy's erect cock certainly didn't go unnoticed by Jason, not in the very least. His mouth fell open a bit wider and a long bear like growl came spewing forth. When Jason forced his eyes upwards to see precisely who was this young boy, his legs damn near gave out. Jason moaned as to the astonishing stunning beauty of the boy. Had his eyes not told the story, Jason would have guessed he was staring at the face of some young high priced girl model, and not that of a boy.
Finally, Jason managed to speak, "Sorry, but your mom told me to come by and get some papers she left on her desk."
Tyson, now trying to cover his erection with his left hand, unlocked the storm door with his trembling right hand. Once the lock was unfastened, Jason opened the door and walked right in, keeping both glaring eyes feasting on the most beautiful site his eyes had ever witnessed, and that being young Tyson.
The two shook hands after their initial name swapping greeting. Jason felt the little tingles in his right hand once he grasped the boy's small right hand, and with true reluctancy, the man didn't want to release the boy's satiny soft hand. As their hands shook up and down, Jason didn't try to hid the fact that he was eyeing the boy's magnificent young cock. Tyson couldn't help not to stare at the protruding tent springing outwards on the man's left thigh area.
Seeing the boy's hesitation at being naked, and after having just been busted shaking his ass in front of the glass storm door, Jason cleared his throat, peering down at the awesome gorgeous young boy, then said, "It's okay, I wont say a word to your mom, I promise. Besides, this is your house and you can shake that pretty little ass of yours all you want. Okay?"
Tyson said not a word, but did muster the courage to nod his head in agreement. Jason's words sent goose pumps popping up all over Tyson's naked body, "Uhhhhhhhhh, well I really need to get those papers off of your mom's desk. Would you be so kind as to show me where her office is?"
Tyson nodded his head knowing full well he didn't have a shred of clothing anywhere on the first floor of his home. Taking in a deep breath, and tossing caution in the wind, he began slowly walking towards his mom's office with the man walking in behind him. Jason followed the naked boy with eyes feasting upon the most incredibly mouth watering ass his eyes had ever laid witness to. Not a blemish in sight, and each bouncing globe shot fireworks somewhere deep within his soul. Just by ogling over the boy's little smooth creamy colored butt cheeks, Jason came to the conclusion that either one of his hands would be able to completely envelope both jutting mounds of cock throbbing boy ass.
Once inside the office, Tyson and Jason both looked for the documents he was sent there to retrieve. As they pillaged the top of the desk, Jason intentionally allowed his left hand to brush up against Tyson's now semi erect boyhood. As soon as the man's hand brushed up against his young cock, Tyson heard himself expel a long winded moan. This however, certainly didn't go unnoticed by Jason either. No longer did Jason try to hide his visible erection and he constantly tried maneuvering his body in such a manner that his tenting erection would be easily detected by the young gorgeous boy's venturing eyes.
After a few long seconds, Jason found the documents, and holding them in his left hand, looking down at the wingless angel, Jason spat out, "Tyson, I just got to ask, but how old are you?"
Tyson smiled, sending perverted thoughts crashing throughout Jason's head, then fired right back, "11 sir!"
Gathering his much needed thoughts, Jason responded, "My, my, that sure is a wonderful age. Well, I certainly can see that your mother passed on her beautiful looks to you. You must have all the girls around here hiding under your bed."
Tyson, though only 11, wasn't as naive as a lot of boys his age. Seeing the straining erection tenting the man's pants, Tyson had already put two and two together. Cutting right through the chase, Tyson looked up at the man, then directly asked, "Have you already fucked my mom?"
The direct question sort of caught Jason off-guard, but before his mind had time to put the words together, Jason blurted, "Hell yeah, many, many times!"
With a smirk glowing across his young face, Tyson stepped right up in front of the man, then again, directly asked, "Did you fuck her in her ass too?"
Again, Jason blurted, "Oh God yes!"
Now, with more of an evil sexy grin, Tyson reached out with both hands and began clutching onto the cloth covered monster while asking, "Would you like to fuck me too?"
Jason was shocked to hear what the boy had just asked, but he was also totally unaware of the boy's virginity. Now, the little angel was caressing his cock through his pants while torturing his eyes with his overwhelming, intoxicating beauty. Jason replied, slurring his words, "Uhhhhhhhh, I, I'm uhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh gaaaawwwwdddd, ummmmmmmm, I uhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss!"
Though he didn't act like it, Tyson was literally petrified to death, yet an unknown part of him was nervously excited. He could feel the hardness of the man's cock through his pants. The length alone sent shivers racing up and down Tyson's spine. Stretching his fingers as wide as they could go, he swallowed hard realizing the man's cock was thick, terrifyingly thick. However, now knowing that this man had fucked his mom, and she had took it up her ass, Tyson was bound and determined to prove to himself that he too could take the man's one eyed beast up his own little ass.
Tyson slid the zipper all the way down, then began unbuckling Jason's belt. His fingers trembled as he unbuttoned the top button and the man's pants fell to the floor around Jason's ankles. Tyson looked at the tenting bulge pressing heavily through Jason's white boxer shorts. Shoving his fingers in the top portion along the sides, Tyson eased them down the man's hairy legs. When Jason's cock sprang free, Tyson felt as though he was about to faint. The cock he was now looking at wasn't a cock no human should ever have. This huge thing looked like it belonged on a freaking stallion. To Tyson's best guess, Jason's cock had to be at least 9 or 10 long inches and fatter than any cucumber he had ever seen. The flared mushroom shaped cock head was about the same thickness as the vein covered obese cock. Coming out of the gaping piss slits was a steady oozing of thick clear globs.
Feeling the boy's small hands latch onto his cock sent Jason reeling against the desk. As the boy roamed his throbbing erection, Tyson soft voice exploded within both of his ears, "Did my mom suck it? Did she swallow your cum?"
Jason cried out, "Yessssssssssss, yesssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddd!"
Other than his own, this was the first cock his hands had ever touched, and holy shit was it a cock. Seeing the clear liquid steadily pump out of the piss slit, Tyson lowered his mouth up to the enormous cock head and used his tongue to swipe a huge glob of Jason's pre-cum. At first, Tyson wasn't sure about the taste. He wasn't even sure he liked the salty tasting slippery goo, but after the third or fourth taste, he discovered it really wasn't all that bad. Now, the boy's exploring tongue swarmed all over Jason's cock head, sending the man's mind reeling straight into orbit.
Just by looking down and seeing the most beautiful boy in the world licking his cock, and feeling those soft little hands caress his throbbing shaft, Jason's cum valve opened wide, firing cum bullets flying into the boy's mouth. Initially, Tyson gagged when he felt the first warm gush strike the back of his mouth, followed by several more creamy coated hot blasts. Though he wasn't experienced, and being that this was all new to him, Tyson was fully aware that the man was dumping his sperm into his mouth. On countless occasions, Tyson had spied on both his mom and his sister and watched them both moan as they swallowed their lovers cum, so he figured if they could do it, then he could do it too.
When Tyson swallowed a generous portion of Jason's man juice, he thought he was going to throw-up. It tasted like salt and was kind of bitter enhanced by the sticky, yet slippery, texture. Then, he swallowed another glob of the man's cum, followed by another. After the third gulping down of the man's goo, Tyson became more acclimated to the taste, realizing that it really wasn't as bad as he had initially thought. With that being said, Tyson began doing some moaning of his own as the man dumped glob after thick gooey glob into his mouth, and he eagerly began swallowing as fast as Jason could serve him his thick man cum.
Being that his cock head was now extremely sensitive, Jason had to push the young boy's swirling tongue far away from his man meat. Looking down at the heavenly beauty, all Jason could think of was cramming his thick tongue deep into the boy's hairless bung hole. Jason, panting wildly, shouted, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! I got to get me some of that ass! Hop that pretty little butt of yours up on top of this desk so I can eat your ass!"
Obeying the man's command, and now overly excited knowing he will soon feel what it feels like to have somebody tongue his butt hole, Tyson crawled up on top of the desk, placing himself in a doggy style position, spreading his slender hairless legs wide apart and patiently waited for whatever sensation he would soon be feeling.
Jason plopped his butt down in the large leather office chair while gleaming intently at the creamy colored tiny indentation that he was fully aware of being the boy's asshole. Though he knew what it was, it certainly didn't look like any asshole he'd ever seen before. No browning tint, nor any form of hair life was visible as Jason leaned forward to catch a quick whiff of the boy's tantalizing little butt hole. Breathing in, Jason's body rolled into a mild convulsion as to the pleasing aroma exploding sharply into his lungs. The smell was an odd mixture of fresh soap, mixed with a minty fragrance, and largely enhanced by the sweet mind swirling enchantment of coconuts.
Burying his face in between the sensationally smooth sides of the interior of the boy's crack, Jason hungrily began using his tongue to prod and probe the boy's majestic tiny asshole. At first, Tyson's body began wiggling as his angelic vocal chords sprang forth a symphony of giggles, but quickly switched into more sexually pleasing grunts and groans. Tyson's mind exploded with never before felt pleasures as the man's tongue stabbed at his puckering asshole with gut tightening vengeance.
The boy's small hands reached out and latched onto the sides of the desk while pushing his little butt backwards onto the tongue dancing gracefully all over his asshole. The harder the man's tongue struck his asshole, the louder Tyson's groans and whimpers grew. Behind him, Tyson heard the heavy sounding bear like growls as the man savagely used his tongue to lap, probe, prod, and swirl up and down his crack, steadily stabbing at his widely exposed tiny anal orifice with reckless, well placed, speed.
Jason was determined to stuff his meaty tongue inside the boy's ass, and no matter how hard he pushed, all his tongue would do was flatten itself out or either curl over or under it. Using both of his large hands, Jason spread the boy's butt cheeks out further, and in doing so, his ass loving tongue coerced the boy's tiny anal entrance to open.
When the man's tongue shot inside his ass, Tyson screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddddddd! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, oh God, ohhhhhhhhh God, ohhhh gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwddddddd!"
Tyson's fingers dug into the wood of the desk as he began flinging his head all over the place. Never before sensations tore through his bucking body like a tidal wave, crashing into his mind forcing it to spin wildly out of control. Tyson felt a mild burning sensation, but that was overpowered with mind boggling, highly sensationalized, pleasures.
Jason's tongue was immediately greeted with two wonderful things. The first being the scorching hot heat and the other being the crushing tight anal muscles that were now severely clamping down on his anal diving tongue. The more he tasted of the boy's anal oven, the more he simply had to have. Tyson was unconsciously thrusting his ass onto the man's diving tongue, craving more and more of the man's tongue to dive deeper.
Nearly ten heart pounding ass eating minutes later, Jason's only thought was to replace his tongue with his beefy cock. If the boy's mystifying ass pleasured his tongue like never before, just imagine the pleasures he would get with his cock ramming in and out of it. With that being said, he pried his tongue out of the boy's awesomely tight ass, then stood up. Just his luck, the boy spread out in a doggy style position, offering him his gorgeous ass was at the perfect height for him to issue a proper fucking.
Tyson knew what was fixing to happen next, and he even contemplated telling Jason he'd never been fucked before, but the little sexy demon inside him constantly reminded him that his mom took this very same cock up her ass, and if she could take, then by God so could he. Bracing himself for the unexpected while clamping down on his teeth, already making hissing sounds as he drew in a long breath, Tyson hiked his ass up a bit higher for the man to take, and to take willingly. After all, Tyson had longed to feel a hard cock up his ass, however, he never thought it would be something so damn long, not to mention, so enormously thick.
Jason was using both of his hands to hold onto his hard cock, pushing and increasing the pressure with his every heartbeat. He had to have this boy's ass, and that was his only thought, and his only concern. Everything else in this life didn't cross his ass hungry mind. He pushed, he shoved, and he tried to force his large bulbous cock head into the boy's tightly locked asshole. Though he was mildly frustrated, Jason wasn't about to give up either. By far, this was the tightest hole he had ever tried to penetrate, and he could only think of the way it would feel once his entire cock was crammed inside.
Not once did Jason entertain the notion that the ass his cock was trying to pry into was an ass that was still a virgin, or a territory that had not been discovered as of yet. This never once occurred to him. All he wanted was to shove his entire ass packer up the boy's breath taking ass. So, he continued his efforts, but the harder he tried, the more he failed, although the boy himself was doing his part trying to will his ass to accept the enormous one eyed beast.
A few seconds later, the phone on top of the desk scared both of them to death as it began ringing. Tyson picked it up while Jason was busy behind the boy still trying to force his meat up the boy's uncharted ass. It was his mom, and she asked to speak to Jason. Tyson held the phone behind him so that Jason could answer it. After a very brief discussion, Jason handed Tyson back the phone, to which he placed back on the cradle.
Jason, more out of frustrating anger, yelled, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK! I got to go cause your mom is getting pissed. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK, I sooooooooooooooooooooo want that hot ass of yours!"
By the time Tyson crawled off the top of the desk, Jason had already shoved his monstrous cock back inside his pants and was gathering the documents for his mom. Tyson, now standing a few feet from where Jason was rushing to get things in order, whispered, "Sorry! I really wanted this to happen. Maybe you can come back sometimes, that is if you want to."
Jason, getting himself together, stood straight up while peering deeply into the gorgeous boy's sexy eyes, then fired back, "Ohhhhhhhhh you can count on that. For fuck sake, mother fucker and the cock sucking horse she rode up on, I, I'm going to fuck that tight ass of yours if it is the last fucking thing I do, and you, your pretty little angel, you can take that shit straight to the mother fucking bank!"
Smiling from ear to ear, and in an almost teasing manner, Tyson tossed out, "I'm gonna hold you to it. Oh yeah Jason, between me and my mom, which ass do you honestly think is better?"
Tyson began modeling his jutting sculptured little ass, prancing around for the man's eyes to behold. Jason moaned, then fired back, "Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck me to tears! No doubt little one, that fucking ass of yours is by far the best I've ever seen, tasted, and one day, fucked!"
Once he said that, he took one more long look at the naked prancing young gorgeous angel, then quickly rushed out of the front door. Once Jason left, Tyson stood there looking out of the window as Jason was driving off. He could still vision the size of the man's enormous cock while enjoying the way it felt when he once held it. His body shuttered when he recalled the way it felt when Jason's tongue was lapping up and down his butt crack and drilling away at his butt hole. Although he felt pleasured, he was now frustrated after having gone so far, but having to stop just short of feeling a cock root away inside his ass.
He ran upstairs, his erect cock dancing wildly in accord with his footsteps. Instead of going into his room, he made a brief pit stop into his bathroom to brush his teeth. Jason's cum left quite the aftertaste so he brushed his teeth then scrubbed his tongue until he was satisfied with the refreshing minty taste.
Tyson began pillaging around Carla's room, hoping to find who knows what. All Tyson could think about was feeling something, anything up his virgin ass. From one drawer to the next, the boy searched frantically. He was so hell bent on finding something to shove up his ass, and so overwhelmingly consumed with searching through his sister's drawers, that Tyson failed to realize that he wasn't alone in his sister's bedroom.
Standing in the doorway was Mark, his 17 year old neighbor who had a massive crush on his sister, Carla. Mark was a good 6 feet tall, and being so active on the school's baseball, wrestling, track, and football team, he weighed a solid 200 pounds. Everybody knew Mark cause he was the school's ace pitcher and had already won a couple of major wrestling tournaments and championships. He has short cropped blond hair and was totally a girl magnet with his piercing blue eyes. Although in many eyes, Mark was the truest version of a modern day Adonis, Tyson's sister Carla considered him a bit too young for her taste buds and never ever gave him the time of day.
Mark stood in the doorway, eyes taking mental pictures of the young naked boy blind to his presence. Mark's mouth fell slightly open when he saw Tyson bend over, taught little butt cheeks spreading like the wings of an angel, revealing that creamy colored speck of a butt hole. As the tee eyed the naked beauty, his right hand busied itself caressing his own growing erection.
About that time, Tyson stood up and turned, and once he saw the human form in the doorway, he jumped while screaming, "Holy shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck Mark, you scared the fucking shit out of me!"
Mark, now smiling from ear to ear, still caressing his rock hard teen meat, jokingly replied, "I doubt that! From where I'm standing and from what I just saw, I seriously doubt any shit comes out of that pretty little mother fucker!"
Tyson fired back, "For Christ sake Mark, have you ever heard of a doorbell? So, what do you want?"
Mark folded his arms over one another, still smiling, then stated, "Dude, I know you've seen Carla naked, so c'mon guy, tell me what she looks like, you know, really looks like naked."
Tyson just shrugged his head from shoulder to shoulder, then blurted, "I don't go around and spy on my sister. That's fucking gross! (of course, we all know better, but Mark definitely didn't know the real truth) You just need to get over her Mark, and besides, you got plenty of girls chasing you!"
Mark nodded his head in agreement, then said, "Those aint girls bro, they're sluts. There's a difference, but of course, you are way too young to know about that shit. You know something lil man, if you were a girl, I'd be fucking your brains out right about now. Shit, you're even prettier than your sister."
Tyson's mouth flew open before he had a chance to think things through, "Yeah, well I'd be a better fuck than my sister any old day!"
Mark himself was a bit confused cause here he was, completely admiring a gorgeous young naked boy, and up till now, he never once had any homosexual thoughts whatsoever. But, the longer he eyed the naked boy, the more his teen cock throbbed with pure unadulterated lust. Mark swallowed hard, then nervously asked, "Dude, your what, 10 or 11? That's pretty big talk coming from a little boy who is buck naked and who probably don't know anything about sex. Shit, you've probably never been fucked, and if you keep talking shit like that, then I just might be inclined to pop that virgin boy pussy of yours."
Tyson hated the word "boy pussy", so in an angry sounding voice, he yelled, "Fuck you bro! I might be a virgin, but let's get things straight. I have an asshole and it sure as shit aint no fucking boy pussy. Got it! As far as me talking shit, well I'm not the one standing in a doorway stroking my hard fucking cock talking shit. You are bro!"
Mark knew the boy was right, but now he was more confused than ever. Could his mind be telling him right? Did this boy indicate it was okay for him to fuck him? Better yet, knowing that he is the little brother of the girl of so many of his jerk-off fantasies, could he actually go through with it and shove his cock up a boy's ass? On the brighter side, the boy was down right flat fucking gorgeous and he had the perfect little body to match. Even his own heterosexual eyes couldn't resist staring at the boy's hairless asshole and 4 1/2 inches of mouth watering boyhood.
The young naked angel's voice startled him back into a mild reality state, "Well duhhhhhhhhhhhh, so what's it gonna be Mark?"
Sounding more nervous than ever, Mark replied with his own question, "Ummmmmmm, uhhhhhhhhhhh whatcha mean dude?"
Tyson, known for his being direct, simply, and ever so sexily stated, "Gaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddd, you can't be that stupid. Damn Mark, your still stroking your meat right the fuck in front of me! Are we going to do it or what? Yes, you were right about one thing. I'm a virgin, but I sure as fuck don't want to be. Soooooooooooo, are you going to fuck me or what?"
Mark sputtered, "Dude, I'm uhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhh, I'm not gay!"
Tyson walked right up to Mark, placing his naked body within a fraction of an inch, then reached out with his right hand and grabbed onto Mark's teen pole, then softly whispered, "Sooooooooooooooooo, when's the last time you had the chance to fuck a virgin?"
That was a good question, and it didn't take Mark long to reply, "I uhhhhhhhh, I've ummmmmmmmmm, fucking never!"
Mark leaned his back against the door railing as the boy's soft fingers roamed his erect meat forcing his breathing to become sporadic, and filling his mind with a vast array of unthinkable thoughts. Mark cried out, "I can't, I can't dude! You're too fucking young and I sure as shit don't want to end up in jail! I can't! I uhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!"
Tyson, using his most sexiest of a soft voice, whispered, "Shhhhhhhh, I wont tell anyone if you wont... I promise! Please Mark, fuck me, take my cherry, let me feel your big cock inside me, pwwwwweeeeeeeeessssseee!"
Whatever control Mark thought he had, well hearing the boy's soft angelic sexy voice sent him spiraling way over the edge. Mark grabbed a hold of his zipper and yanked it down, then quickly popped the button of his pants, then yanked them down around his ankles. As he was pulling his pullover t-shirt over his head, Mark's legs almost buckled when he felt the small boy's hands latch onto his cock through his bikini underwear.
Holding the older teen by his sheen fabric covered cock, Tyson walked them both into his bedroom. The journey was a tad bit awkward because of Mark's pants being around his ankles, but once inside the bedroom, Mark took over and yanked the openings off each foot, then even quicker, peeled off his underwear. Now both were just as equally naked.
Tyson used this moment in time to study the older teen's muscled body. He could see a few scattered blondish brown strands of hair directly in between Mark's dime sized erect nipples. As his eyes trailed down the athletic teen's muscular body, Tyson now knew why all the girls went crazy over Mark. His abdominal muscles rippled with his every breath and there was a blondish brown trail of hair stemming from his little inny belly button passionately flowing to a neatly trimmed patch of blondish brown pubic hair. Feeling overwhelmed with relief, Tyson's eyes glued themselves on Mark's jutting erection. Thankfully for Tyson, Mark wasn't packing nowhere close to the beef that Jason was packing. However, Mark's cock was a solid 6 cut inches with average thickness and it arched itself upwards at a perfect 45 degree angle.
Tyson also saw the twin egg shaped half dollar sized balls as they swung freely in between Mark's moderately hairy, and well developed thighs. The sac itself looked as though it was either hairless, or Mark had made sure that he kept them cleanly shaven. Seeing the six inches of rock hard beauty made Tyson's mouth water like a free falling waterfall.
Taking the bulls by the horn so to speak, Tyson walked over and quickly began sucking on Mark's cock. The pink flared mushroom shaped cock head was equal in girth as Mark's cock. Unlike Jason's enormous cock, Tyson was able to manage stuffing in a good 5 inches before he began gagging. Back and forth, and in and out, Tyson joined Mark's enchanting moans with his own.
Mark hissed in a breath, then squealed, "Fuck meeeeeeeeeee, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit this feels soooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooddddddddddddd! On the bed, ohhhhhhhhh fuck, let's, let's, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaawwwwwwdddddd."
The older teen had to pry Tyson's cock worshiping mouth off of his cock so that Mark could get on the bed. With his head resting on two fluffy pillows, Mark spread his legs widely, then barked, "Don't just stand their kiddo, come suck on me some more!"
Tyson crawled onto the bed, positioning his body between the older teen's legs and quickly began sucking on Mark's cock in feverish delight. Mark was grunting and groaning while Tyson was making all sorts of slurping noises as he fought with himself to be able to swallow all 6 wonderful inches into his mouth.
Mark yelled, "FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, fucking yessssssssssssssssssss!"
While Tyson's vacuuming little mouth worked on Mark's teen meat, Tyson's hands were busy groping, cupping, and caressing Mark's shaven balls. The strong musky scent shot up Tyson's nose with his every breath. While he sucked on the older teen's cock, Tyson was trying to figure out what the smell was he was now breathing in.
Mark cried, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, suck that big fucking cock! Fuck yeah, suck it, suck it gooooooooooddddd!"
Whatever the smell was firing sharply into his lungs was doing something strange to Tyson. The more he breathed in, the hornier he became. Also, anticipating feeling his first cock plunge deep into his ass weighed heavily on his mind. He knew it would only be a matter of time before he felt Mark's cock go up his ass, but in the meantime, he wanted to show Mark he could suck his teen cock with the best of them.
Tyson slid his mouth off of Mark's cock and quickly began licking and kissing on each egg shaped cum maker. The strange musky odor seemed to be a bit more pungent as Tyson slurped one egg into his mouth while using his left thumb to caress the other one. Mark spread his legs even wider while slapping the bedding with both hands.
After Tyson made sure he gave both of Mark's balls equal oral attention, he went back to sucking on his cock. Tyson loved the way Mark's cock slid in between his lips and he loved the feeling he was getting just by simply knowing he was sucking a cock.
Mark announced he was getting close, so Tyson, not really knowing what he was actually doing, backed his mouth off and returned to making oral love to the older teen's jewels.
Mark screamed, "What the fuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkk! Shit, shit, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck dude, I uhhhhhhhhhh, I was soooooooooooo fucking close! FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK!"
Tyson eagerly sucked each nugget, only able to fit just one inside his mouth at a time. While he was bathing Mark's balls, Tyson decided he wanted to try something else. Once he let one of Mark's eggs plop out of his mouth, he used the palms of his hands to hoist Mark's strong legs into the air. Mark, as if running on auto pilot, hooked his legs with both of his arms, and in doing so, gave Tyson a straight shot to his blondish brown furry butt crack.
Tyson immediately dove his face in between the slightly hairy crack and was immediately greeted with a heavy musky foul stench. The initial smell alone forced Tyson to draw his face back, but it was too late. Now, Mark was screaming, "Go ahead, yeah, eat my shit hole! Fucking A dude, tongue my ass!"
He wanted to try it, but he wasn't prepared for the smell he was now breathing in. Mark shouted, "Tongue my ass, tongue it, eat my shit NOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!"
Being that it was far too late to do anything else, and with all the reluctancy in the world, Tyson's pink tongue slithered out and flattened itself out onto Mark's slightly dirty asshole. Tyson fought back the urge to gag, tasting a coppery taste as his tongue swirled on the smelly hole. Mark's body shook and bucked feeling the boy's tongue work its magic on his asshole.
What felt like hours, but in all reality, was probably no more than 15 or 20 minutes, Mark yelled, "Get me some lube! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, I'm uhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm gonna fuck that cherry ass of yours!"
Tyson was bit relieved to get away from Mark's asshole. Once he got passed the unpleasant aroma, he kind of got into eating out the teen's ass, more so hearing the way his tongue was pleasing Mark. Obeying Mark's command, Tyson slid off of the bed and retrieved the bottle that had "Anal Lube" hand written on it. He also grabbed a towel and darted back into his bedroom. Mark was up on his knees and once Tyson looked into the older teen's eyes, he saw a look of pure animal lust.
Mark grabbed the lube and the towel while he said, "You are one hot little fucker! I've never fucked a virgin before, and I sure as shit aint never fucked a guy before either, but I'm gonna fuck your hot little ass, that's for fucking sure!"
Tyson's body was already shaking profusely cause he now knew he was getting ready to have his wish fulfilled. He was going to get fucked! He too was up on the bed on his knees not really knowing what position to get in. Mark was greasing up his throbbing teen boner, looked at Tyson, then barked, "Get on your back cause I want to look into that pretty face of yours as I pop your cherry."
Being totally submissive, Tyson obeyed Mark's command. As Mark was applying the lube to his teen missile, his eyes stayed glued to Tyson's rock hard boy boner and small hairless balls. Mark nervously asked, "How limber are you? Can you hook your ankles behind your head?"
Again, obeying the older teen, Tyson rolled his body into a modified ball and showed Mark just how limber he truly was. Now, Tyson had both ankles tucked behind his head and his ass was spread wide and beckoning an open invitation. Mark's eyes shot directly onto Tyson's hairless creamy colored crack and that unbelievably tiny dot he knew was the boy's asshole. Looking down at the balled up beauty, Mark inquisitively asked, "Damn, that sure don't look like no asshole. Fuck! Does that little thing push out turds? Fuck it! I'm gonna fuck you and when I cum, I'm gonna cum in your pretty little mouth, okay?"
Tyson smiled that heart stopping smile of his and softly replied, "Okay, okay, I'll swallow your cum, but just go easy, okay?"
Mark was already aligning his slippery cock up to Tyson's upturned and exposed asshole while Tyson was finishing up his last word of his question. Right now, Mark's only thought was getting his teen cock up the boy's virgin ass. So, he held his cock firmly with his right hand while applying some pressure. Tyson could feel Mark's cock head pressing into his asshole, and he was doing all he could do to relax, but his little body was shaking violently at the present moment.
As hard as Mark tried, his cock would either slide up or down the boy's crack, but not once actually penetrating. The harder Tyson's asshole retaliated against the anal attack, the more furious Mark became. Squeezing his teen missile hard, Mark slammed his hips forwards.
Tyson's little mouth flung open and his voice carried like the sound of a cannon going off, "Owwwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
Mark shoved not only the head of his cock inside Tyson's virgin ass, but forced a good 3 inches of throbbing shaft into his anal canal as well. As for Tyson, he thought someone was shoving a battle ship up his ass, and the ship's guns were firing missiles, setting his ass on fire while splitting him in half.
Tyson was screaming and Mark was joining him as the crushing pressure from the boy's anal muscles greeted his cock with an assault of their own. Not only did he feel like his cock was being crushed, but the scorching hot flames fired upon his cock and felt as though the flesh was being burnt. Sure, Mark being a jock and all had fucked plenty of girls, but never had he felt anything as to what he was now feeling. It was gut wrenching painful, but it was also mind reeling pleasurable too.
Pushing forwards, Mark forced in another inch, causing Tyson to scream as the tears fell from his eyes, "OwwwwwwwEEEEEE, owwwwwweeeeeeee, owwwwwwwwwwwww shit! Shit Mark, owwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeee, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck it huuuuurrrrrrrrrttttttssssssss sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking baaaaaaaaaaddddddddd!"
As Mark pushed more of his cock into the boy's pain riddled ass, Mark could only stare at the facial expressions Tyson was now doing. He was fully aware that he was in mid stride of fucking a boy, however, this boy was flat fucking gorgeous, not to mention, has the most incredibly well shaped ass he had ever seen, including on girls. Mark asked himself his own question. Am I gay? What in the fuck am I doing? As he pushed the remaining two inches up the boy's ass, resting his freshly shaven balls up against the boy's hairless nuggets, the questions he once asked himself seemed to vanish from his thoughts completely.
Tyson was crying like a newborn baby and the torturing pain only seemed to be getting magnified. In no way did he ever think that being fucked would be this painful. He felt like his body would split in two any moment now and he could feel the teen's cock throb with Mark's every rapid heartbeat, to which, only intensified the pain that much more.
Mark flung his head back and began moaning like crazy, basking in the vacuuming pressure and relishing in the fiery flames assaulting his cock. Placing both hands on the back of each of Tyson's thighs, Mark began to rock his hips, driving his overwhelmingly pleasured cock in and out of Tyson's ass with a slow and steady pace.
As the older teen's cock made its way back at Tyson's violently stuffed anal entrance, Tyson thought his insides were being pulled out, and when the cock dove back into him, Tyson could feel his guts being stuffed back into their proper place. In and out, in and out, Mark's teen ass packer began increasing its rhythm. Though Mark was now experiencing endless pleasure, Tyson on the other hand was still enduring the most intense pain his young life had ever served up.
Looking passionately into the boy's reddened watery eyes, Mark yelled, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn, damn, holy fucking shit your ass is fucking out of this world! Mother fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, yesssssssssss, fuck, fucking A! Hot damn you're tight!"
As Tyson was wincing from the torturous pain as the older teen increased his ass plowing motion, something inside Tyson snapped. The God awful pain he was feeling simply vanished into midair. Now, something, something unknown to even himself, was now taking over. With the pain gone and now completely forgotten, Tyson discovered that if he forced his anal muscles to clamp down, something inside of him sent wild and unexplainable pleasures shooting throughout every part of his balled up body. Knowing, and now feeling, this fact, Tyson began using his anal muscles to clutch onto Mark's thrusting fuck pole.
This action certainly didn't go unnoticed by Mark. As soon as the boy began clamping down with his anal muscles, Mark's body went into its own little violent rage. Mark flung his head in every direction while cursing into the wind, jack hammering his cock with all of his might in and out of Tyson's cock gripping ass.
With no more tears falling from his eyes, and nothing but mind bending pleasures swimming around inside his head, Tyson screamed, damn near at the top of his lungs, "Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee! Fuck MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Yessssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwddddddddd yessssssssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaarrrrrrrrddddddddddd, haaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrddddddddeeeeeeerrrr, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Maaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkk!"
With no hand on his boy stick, Tyson's dry orgasm tore through his body like a Samurai sword. In doing so, his anal muscles went into a bone crushing rage, violently convulsing onto Mark's thrusting teen organ. As Tyson was enduring what felt like an endless dry orgasm, Mark felt his own building, and building rapidly.
Blind to his own needs, Mark yanked his cock out of Tyson's excruciatingly tight ass, then quickly ran on his knees up to Tyson's gorgeous face, jerking his cock rapidly while aiming his soon to be piss lips directly over Tyson's open mouth, then began pumping thick gooey cum jets into Tyson's mouth. Tyson was still lost in his own orgasm, but was mildly aware of Mark's actions. Spurt after gooey spurt, Mark pumped his cum into Tyson's mouth. Tyson held his mouth open so he could capture all of the older teen's cum.
Mark squeezed the last drop of cream he could muster, wiping his cock head over both of Tyson's puckering lips. Looking down at the breath taking beauty, and while panting desperately, Mark ordered, "Drink it! Swallow my shit!"
Again obeying, Tyson swallowed a large portion. This was his second time tasting cum, and compared with Jason's salty and slightly bitter cum, Mark's was kind of salty too but it wasn't bitter. Tyson eagerly swallowed the remaining cum and began unfolding his body. As soon as he stretched out his legs, Mark, who was still on his knees peering down at the gorgeous young boy stated, "Man ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fucking man dude, that sure is one awesome piece of ass you got there. Holy shit, I don't know if I fucked you or your fucked me, but either way, that was some wicked shit! Don't you go and tell nobody about this shit either, cause if you ever want to feel my big cock up that tight little ass of yours again, then you'll keep this shit just between us, you hear me?"
Tyson was panting heavily, and peering back into Mark's eyes, then softly replied, "I wont tell anyone, I promise!"
Mark looked down at his semi flaccid cock and realized for the first time it looked just as clean as before he stuffed it inside the boy's ass. In more of a curious sort of manner, Mark hesitantly asked, "I know you do, or at least I think you do, but damn, do you even take a shit? I mean, holy fuck dude, my dick is sparkling clean and I just had it balls deep up your ass."
Be somewhat devilish, Tyson fired back, "Well, I guess you'll just have to fuck me again to find out, now wont you?"
Mark was putting his clothes back on and Tyson damn near was fixing to tell him to make sure he washed his ass for the next time, but thought better and decided not to say anything. As Mark was putting on his shoes, his eyes were glaring at the naked young beauty who was still all sprawled out on the bed. Mark made a smacking noise with his lips, then blurted, "Do you have any fucking idea just how beautiful you are? Dude, I'm as straight as they come, or at least I thought I was, but fuck me, I can't get you out of my mind. Damn, all this time I thought Carla was the most gorgeous person on the planet, and the entire time, it's fucking you! What the fuck? I must be a fucking queer talking this kind of shit to a guy. Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Finishing up his last word, Mark gave Tyson one long embellishing look, and then ran down the stairs. Tyson tucked his arms behind his head and relived all that had just happened. In his mind, the initial pain never surfaced, just the swarming pleasures that flooded his soul. The feel of a cock as it tore in and out of his asshole. The taste of the salty cream as it slid down his gulping throat. The feel of a hard cock as it graciously glides up and down inside his mouth. Yes, Tyson was now hooked and all he could think of was finding a way to get more, more cock that is!
Forcing his still shaking body up off the bed, Tyson felt like he should soak in the bathtub once again. Filling the tub with hot water and adding in some coconut bath oil, Tyson submerged his little body into the water as his mind continued reliving his cherishing moment with Mark, and Jason too. Now, all Tyson could think about was cock. Following in their footsteps, Tyson knew he was now just as much, if not more, addicted to cock than his mother and his sister.
Though he did think about Jason's enormous cock, he had to question himself if he could take such a fat long beast up his ass. For a brief moment, he recalled the excruciating pain caused by Mark's 6 inches of teen beef, and Jason's was way longer and was a good three times thicker, if not four. As he replayed the scenes, his right hand was jerking his erect boy stick while his left hand tugged and caressed his young jewels. His asshole did kind of hurt, but to Tyson, it hurt in a good way. Now, his ass felt vacated, desperately wanting to replace that ill feeling vacancy. Smiling, and feeling ever so proud, Tyson could honestly now say he wasn't a virgin any longer. His anal cherry had been popped!
As he soaked in the hot water, breathing in the enchanting aroma of the coconut bath oil, Tyson began thinking of some of his neighbors. One by one, his mind visualized his male neighbors, striking each one down for various reasons, mostly either being way too old or presently at work. Then his mind encountered Mr. Davis, a high school teacher who lived a few houses down from him. Tyson judged the man to be somewhere in his early to mid fifties with a head full of silver hair. Just from his mental image, Tyson guessed Mr. Davis to weigh around the 220 to 230 pound range, and stood a good 6'4" tall. Also, Tyson knew that Mr. Davis lived alone, and that was an encouraging plus.
Tyson also reminded himself of the various rumors that overtime had been circulating about Mr. Davis. Be it true or not, but rumor has it that he was caught smelling the seat of a desk that one of the freshman boy's had just been occupying. Also, rumor has it that Mr. Davis frequents the boys bathroom just to watch some boys as they are taking a piss. Even his own sister, Carla, told him that Mr. Davis stalks the boys gym showers and ogles over some of the younger boys as they take their showers. According to Carla, Mr. Davis was seen actually sniffing one of the younger boy's freshly worn underwear while he was preoccupied in the shower at gym class. For some, this might be an indication to stay clear of, but for young Tyson, remembering all the rumors sounded more like an invitation.
Tyson got out of the tub and brushed his teeth and tongue once more, then rushed into his bedroom to find "appropriate" attire. His mouth watering jutting boy cock was harder than a brick as he rummaged through his drawers in search of the most sexiest and skimpiest clothing he could possibly hope to find. After trying on several shorts, Tyson finally struck gold with an old pair of cut-off jeans. These had to be at least a couple of years old, but as he modeled for himself in the mirror, he could only smile as the jean material looked like they had been glued to his shapely butt. Naturally, Tyson had no intention of slipping on any underwear, so as he sat on the edge of the bed, the baggy leg opening gave him a direct shot at his erect boy boner. Smacking his lips, Tyson said aloud, "Yeah, this is perfect!"
Just before leaving his bedroom, Tyson slipped on a tight pale blue tank top, then eased his feet into his shoes. He was so excited he ran down the stairs and out the front door. He did have enough sense to lock the front door, then proceeded to walk rather quickly towards Mr. Davis's house. Various emotions ran across his mind, from being excited, nervous, and kind of petrified. As each footstep carried him closer, Tyson began wondering how big the man's cock is. If it was anything like Jason's enormous fuck tool, would he be able to take it. If he was lucky, maybe the man's cock would be about the same size as Mark's cock was.
Blind to his own surroundings, and lost in his own questioning thoughts, Tyson was already standing at the man's front door and his finger had already depressed the doorbell button. Before he could gather his thoughts, Mr. Davis opened the door and was now staring down at Tyson.
His crisp voice sounded, "Can I help you Mr. Tyson?"
By no means were they strangers, but they were never close enough to be called friends. Tyson wasn't shocked in the least bit when Mr. Davis called out his name. Stuttering profusely, Tyson blurted, "I uhhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmmm, you see sir, well uhhhhhhh, I was uhhhhhhhhhhhh..."
Mr. Davis cut him off by asking, "You must be inquiring about mowing my lawn. Inside young man, inside, and we'll negotiate a price."
As Tyson walked inside the man's house, it felt like his feet was stepping on his swollen tongue. Tyson followed Mr. Davis into the living room where Mr. Davis pointed at the sofa indicating for Tyson to sit there while he flopped down into a large leather recliner. Tyson sat down and scooted his butt backwards so that his back was flush with the back of the sofa, and intentionally spread his legs a bit. From where he was now sitting, Tyson figured that if Mr. Davis wanted to, he'd be able to look straight up his pant leg and see his package.
For a brief moment, the two just sat in their perspective positions staring at one another. It was Mr. Davis who broke the silence, "It's always great to see a young man who wants to earn some extra money. About my lawn Mr. Tyson, I am very, very picky. Last year, I paid a young man $50.00 every two weeks to maintain my lawn properly. Seems to me, that's a fair and reasonable price. Do you agree?"
Tyson didn't care about the man's grass, all he cared about was the man's cock plowing his ass. Tyson sat there contemplating how to go about letting Mr. Davis know that he wasn't at all in the least bit interested in mowing his lawn, but more so, just sex.
Seeing the hesitation in the boy, Mr. Davis leaned forwards in his recliner, looking closer into Tyson's eyes, then began speaking, "I see, I see. Is it perhaps you are not here for the lawn? Perhaps you are here in search of something else. Tyson my young friend, it's just the two of us here, so please, please feel free to speak your mind. I don't bite, and I certainly will not defy your trust by saying anything to your mother, or anyone else for that matter. In my home, you have nothing to fear, so go ahead young man, I'm all ears."
Tyson began fumbling with his hands, interlocking his fingers in a nervous gesture, then tried to calm himself by taking a few deep quick breaths. Looking back into the man's hazel eyes, Tyson decided to throw caution out the window, and began speaking in that heart pounding soft voice of his, "Mr. Davis sir, I ummmmmmm, well I uhhhhhhhh, was kind of uh wondering something. You uh, ummmmmmm, living all alone and all, and hearing those uh, those rumors, I ummmmmm, uhhhhhhhhh, was uhhhhhhhh...."
Mr. Davis, reading in between the lines interrupted Tyson's elegant enchanting soft voice, "Ah yes, I understand young man. I see where this is going. Yes, I've heard those rumors too, and though I must say that I am grateful for such wonderful compliments, I do take great pride in my service. (Tyson had no clue what the man was even talking about) It has taken me years, years I tell you, to perfect such rewarding skills..."
Now it was Tyson who cut the man off from speaking, "Uhhhhhhh, well sir, I uhhhhhhh was kind of talking about something else. The rumors I was getting at was ummmmmmm, about you ummmmmmmm, uhhhhhhh, about you uhhhhhhhh, at school sir. I heard uhhhhhhhh, well rumor has it that you ummmmmmm, that you uhhhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmmm..."
Again, Mr. Davis cut in, "Tyson, I am fully aware of the rumors, and that's what I was trying to explain to you. Yes, I do have a serious fetish regarding boys. The skills I was referring to was my ability to please young boys in such a manner that when they leave, they always want to return for more. Tyson, I trust that what you and I discuss here, stays here. In many eyes, I am what some would say a boy lover, and in other eyes, I would be called a pedophile. In either case, I have never used any deceptive practices to entice sexual activity with any boy who wasn't a willing participant. Am I proud that I am this way? Not really, not at all, but this is the way I am and I have no control over it at all. When I have the opportunity to grasp the affection of a youthful boy, I am more than thankful for the opportunity. You see Tyson, right now, you have everything anyone could ever hope to possibly ask for. You have your youth, and you were blessed with stunning beauty. You see yourself all the time and think nothing of it, but as for others, others like me, they see an over abundance of heart warming beauty that leaves an everlasting impression. Like right now, just sitting here and admiring your heavenly breath taking beauty, I can only fantasize about something that could never be a reality, or at least, for me anyways. Please don't take this the wrong way, for this is meant to be nothing more than a compliment, but Tyson, believe me when I say this. You young man are the reason so many people have so many wonderful fantasies. You may or may not realize it, but you young man are one of a kind, and by that I mean, totally, flawlessly, perfect!"
Tyson listened to Mr. Davis, absorbing every word, and once he finished, Tyson felt more at ease as he spoke, "Well sir, for one thing, I will not tell anyone, and that's a guarantee! I also thank you for all the compliments too sir, but I am far from being perfect. I do have my faults, and plenty of them too. (A short pause) I didn't come over here today about your lawn, and I'm sure you already figured that out, but I just might take you up on the offer though. I sure could use the money, but Mr. Davis sir, the reason I came over is that I was kind of hoping that the rumors I had heard, you know, about you, were true. Here it is sir! I was hoping that you, you know, ummmmmmmmm, fuck me."
Mr. Davis rolled in his chair, shocked by the last words he thought he had heard from the angelic beauty sitting across from him. With a puzzled look crossing his face, Mr. Davis inquisitively asked, "Huh? What's that? You want me to do what?"
Feeling a bit braver now, Tyson immediately replied with the utmost of confidence, "I said, I would like to know if you would be interested in fucking me sir!"
Scratching his head with his left hand while rubbing his chin with his left, Mr. Davis was stunned at hearing what he had just heard. Normally, and as a general rule, he preferred boys a little older than the angel seated before him. Not including Tyson, but the youngest boy he had ever been with was 13, but even he looked much older than his true age. Now, here this young gorgeous angel sat, who looked no older than about 8, and who just said he wanted him to fuck him. Yes, the boy was a pure dream, one of which in his best fantasies he could never concoct such beauty, but he was young, way too young at that.
Tyson, seeing the hesitation written all over Mr. Davis's face, quickly stated, "I'm not a virgin! I really, really want this to happen sir! Please, pretty please with sugar on top, please fuck me sir! I swear, I wont ever tell a single soul! Paaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzeeeeeeeee fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Up to now, Mr. Davis had been honored to be sexually involved with several boys over the course of his lifetime, but none, not one single boy had ever approached him the way Tyson had just done, especially begging to get fucked. But then again, none of those boys could ever come close as to Tyson's astonishing heavenly crafted beauty either. To say the least, the man's cock was already brickyard hard and pumping large gooey wads of pre-cum. As he sat there staring at Tyson, pleasuring his mind with the boy's unheralded grand beauty, Mr. Davis silently thanked the heavens above for sending him such an angel.
Standing up out of his recliner, and now peering down at Tyson, Mr. Davis cleared his throat, then in an almost whispering manner, said, "If this is what you truly want, then please stand and remove your clothes for me."
By the time Tyson stood up he had already kicked out of shoes and had yanked his tank top over his head. Mr. Davis sank back down in his recliner, crossing his left leg over his right, and proceeded to watch the young boy strip. Within a blink of an eye, Tyson yanked down his cut-off shorts and was now standing within a few short feet from where the man was sitting, proudly and defiantly, began displaying his nude form.
Seeing the boy in his breath stealing naked beauty caused Mr. Davis's mouth to plop wide open. His eyes widened, zooming in on the perfection posing before him. The boy's small cock was harder than steel as it pranced and swayed in agreement with the boy's motions. Tyson teasingly posed, modeled, and danced, keeping a short distance between the two. As he bladed his body, tossing up his right bladed side to the onlooking man's venturing eyes, Mr. Davis began moaning loudly while wiping away some drool that was free falling from his gaping mouth.
Seeing the side view of Tyson's incredibly jutting butt cheek set the man's soul on fire. Licking his lips profusely, Mr. Davis had already convinced himself that this boy's butt was beyond perfect. Never had he witnessed such a small, yet mouth watering shape. And being a butt lover, a boy butt lover that is, he had eyed plenty of boy butts in his time. Then, Tyson slowly turned his back to him, serving up a full blown unobstructed view of his entire backside.
Mr. Davis automatically leaned forwards, flashing his eyes to force them to focus more clearly. My God he thought, this boy's butt is like no other he had ever seen. The two mounds of creamy shapely perfection had no blemishes, none, nothing at all! The little line better known as his crack line even looked totally delicious. Just seeing the jutting flesh, being the butt lover he had grown to become, he had already convinced himself that the boy's asshole could offer nothing but pure heavenly sweetness. Something as perfectly sculptured as this could in no way, shape, or form, produce anything that could be mistaken for foul. For Mr. Davis, seeing Tyson's chiseled little shapely ass was all it took to send him way over the edge of no return.
Then, as if life couldn't get any better for Mr. Davis, Tyson, locking his legs straight, bent over and latched onto both of his ankles with both hands, forcing his tight little butt cheeks to spread, and now was revealing his most prized and hidden treasure. Mr. Davis's voice bellowed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwdddddddddd!"
The man's tongue swarmed all over his lips as his eyes targeted the interior of the boy's butt crack. Nothing but a creamy color could be seen between the fleshy valley, and as he leaned a bit forwards, his eyes witnessed the most incredible thing he had ever saw before. He absolutely loved everything about a young boys asshole, but the asshole his eyes were now feasting upon was something extraordinarily special. No matter how hard he tried to describe the boy's asshole to himself, Mr. Davis relinquished himself to describing Tyson's incredible asshole as nothing more than a tiny, almost microscopic, dot. Seeing such never before seen miracle, Mr. Davis professed to himself that nothing so tiny, nothing so incredibly perfect, and nothing so nonhuman like could do something so natural as expel bodily waste. To him, that's just the way he saw it!
Tyson stood back up then spun around with his boyhood leading the way, swaying gracefully before the man's glossy looking eyes. Tyson folded his arms, then in that sexy heart shattering voice of his, softly whispered, "Well sir, did I pass?"
It took three attempts before Mr. Davis could convince his legs to withstand his body's weight in order to stand. Now standing, looking at the naked boy, Mr. Davis wiped more drool from his mouth, then replied, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaawwwwwwwwddddddd! Ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy God!"
Though Mr. Davis didn't come right and say it, Tyson took those words as a definite approval. Looking down the tall man's body, Tyson saw the large tenting lump inside the man's pants. Just by seeing the large lump, Tyson had already figured that Mr. Davis's cock was going to be larger, a lot larger than Mark's 6 inches of teen meat, and from the look of things, a lot thicker too.
With that sexy voice ringing out once more, Tyson elegantly whispered, "Looks kind of like we have a problem here sir. (Tyson was looking up at the man and saw the slight puzzled look staring back down at him) Well, here I am sir, not a stitch of clothing on, and there you stand, fully dressed. From where I'm standing, that's a problem huh sir?"
Mr. Davis's fingers fought with themselves to unbutton his long sleeve button up shirt. Once he managed to free the last button, still unable to remove his eyes from the naked young beauty before him, he shrugged out of his shirt, then grasped at the bottom hem of his white t-shirt, then pulled it over his head and clear from his body. Tyson gulped hard as he saw the mass density of the man's hairy chest and stomach. Black hairs mixed with silver hid the man's flesh from his eyesight. The hairs were so thick that it looked like they were about to explode from inside the hidden confinements of his dress slacks.
As Mr. Davis fumbled with his belt, Tyson stared in excited awe at the thickness of the man's body hair. His arms were just as hairy and Tyson knew it would only be a matter of time before he saw the rest of the man's manly naked body. Mr. Tyson slung off his belt and fought with his pants, but managed to finally slide them down his legs, stepping clear out of the leg openings. Tyson's little mouth plopped open as he saw the vast hairs shooting from the man's chest and stomach area, concealing themselves within his Fruit-Of-The-Loom white underwear, then again revealing themselves from his thighs all the way down to his large hair covered feet. To Tyson, Mr. Davis looked more like a bear than a human with so much fur covering every square inch of his (from what Tyson could see at the present moment) frontal portion.
Tyson swallowed hard again as he saw the hidden meat defy gravity within his underwear, and force the fabric outwards, straining in glee to be freed. Just by looking at the chunk of cloth hidden meat, Tyson had no way of guessing how big the man's cock was, but from the way it was bunched up, Tyson figured it was going to be way bigger than Mark's cock, and beating it with effortless ease.
As the underwear was being tugged down, all Tyson could see was the thick forest of fur until, within a blink of an eye, the man's cock came exploding in view. Seeing the man's cock made Tyson's legs grow weak, almost to the point of buckling. Speechless, all Tyson could do was stand there and stare at the man's erect organ. Swallowing even harder, Tyson guessed it to be close to 8 or 9 inches long, and thick, real thick. Comparing the cock he was now face to face with in conjunction to Jason's enormous cock, Jason's meat was a little longer and a tad bit thicker. However, Mr. Davis's plum shaped cock head flared itself thicker than the already meaty shaft, making the girth alone thicker than Jason's monstrous cock.
The thick one eyed giant lunged itself from the man's hairy body straight outwards, and thanks to its eye popping heavy weighing thickness, had a downwards arch somewhere close to the middle. Unlike his own circumcised cock, Mr. Davis's cock appeared to be uncut. The foreskin stretched around the middle portion of the enormously flared cock head as if trying to protect it from something.
Prying his eyes off the weapon of what Tyson now considers to be a weapon of mass anal destruction, he saw the man's low hanging egg shaped, gargantuan hairy nuggets. They looked more like bull balls than a man's balls as they heavily fell from between his hairy legs a good 5 or 6 inches. Seeing all this, Tyson questioned his own actions. Seeing Mr. Davis's cock made him realize that because of the man's cock head being so awesomely thick, that this cock he was now seeing was considerably thicker than that of Jason's. Mr. Davis's shaft wasn't as thick as Jason's shaft, but once you add the cock head to the mind boggling equation, then Mr. Davis clearly won the thickness department, although Jason still had him beat in length, but not by much mind you.
Grabbing hold of his own cock with his left hand, and lifting it up, Mr. Davis proudly and boldly spoke, "It's a big one Tyson! Here's your chance to back out. But, once it is all said and done, you'll be coming back for more, and this my young gorgeous angel, is a promise that is etched in stone!"
Tyson's mouth felt dry and his mind reminded him of the excruciating pain that Mark's 6 inches of average thick cock delivered. Now, and now he was squaring off against a cock of mammoth proportions, being nearly 3 times thicker than Mark's and a good 2 to 3 inches longer. The longer he stared at the intimidating beast, the weaker his legs became.
His voice fired from his quivering lips, long before his mind had time to put his words in some kind of proper order, "Holy fuck siiiiiirrrrrrrrr, that, that, that's huuuuuuuUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGEEEEEE! I uhhhhhhh, I uhhhhhhhhh, I don't know if it'll even fit siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr!"
Mr. Davis grinned, then shot right back, "Ohhhhhhhhh it will fit alright, so don't go and worry your pretty little head over that foolish notion. (Shaking his meaty cock up and down and from side to side) Do you still want it? Do you still want me to fuck that pretty little ass of yours? I've used this cock to pleasure a lot of young boys, and many just like you had second thoughts, but they all have come back for more...And sooooooooo will you!"
As soon as Mr. Davis finished his last word, he slowly walked right by Tyson who was still somewhat light headed and frozen in place. Following the man with his eyes, and now with the man's back to him, Tyson saw the thick fur as it looked like a coat that went all the way from his neckline, flowing heavily all the way to his ankles. The man was a walking mass of fur from head to toe, and from front to back. Even his bouncy butt cheeks were completely covered by thick curly fur. But, to Tyson's young eyes, seeing all that freaking hair was doing something magical inside him.
Be it instinct, or on auto pilot, Tyson found his feet moving, following the hairy naked man down the hallway with his own little boy pole bouncing, throbbing harder than ever before. He couldn't even feel his legs as his feet walked slowly in behind the tall high school teacher. All Tyson could think about was how much pain he was going to have to endure in order to see if his ass would even open up enough for such body splitting thickness to enter inside him.
As if taking the last stride to death row's electric chair, Tyson soon found himself inside Mr. Davis's bedroom, laying somewhere in the middle of the huge king sized bed, eyes blinking rapidly to the evaporating world around him. His heart was thumping to the tune of a million drums, and his body was already shaking furiously. He could feel the pressure of the man's body as he climber up and onto the bed, inching his hairy body directly in the center of his widely spread legs.
Mr. Davis's voice sounded as though it was coming from miles away, ringing with an echo inside both of his tiny ears, "My God Tyson, you are sooooooooooooooooo utterly beautiful! Do you still want to feel my cock inside you? Are you absolutely, 100%, positively sure you want this to happen?"
The words slung from his mouth, catching Tyson himself by surprise, "Yessssssssss, yessssssssss, yes siiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr, I uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I want you to ummmmmmmmm, ummmmmmmmm, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr!"
Smiling into the boy's angelic gorgeous face, Mr. Davis eyed the boy's naked body up and down, breathing in the fumes that only Tyson himself could grace his nostrils with, then softly replied, "No son, I'm not going to fuck you, instead, I'm going to make love to you!"
On all fours in between Tyson's spread legs, Mr. Davis shot his inhaling nostrils just under the boy's tightly withdrawn, satiny smooth, hairless nuggets and began breathing in the scent that was causing his inner soul to do continual backflips. As he busied himself smelling the most awesome fragrance he had ever smelled, his large hands began passionately caressing all over Tyson's heaving chest and rippling stomach.
With every expel of breath, Tyson could feel Mr. Davis's fiery hot breath bead down on his tender young balls, forcing his body to shiver and shake with every hot strike. As Mr. Davis lifted his nose upwards, it slid across the left side of Tyson's left little nugget, followed slowly by the man's thick slithering tongue.
Tyson cried, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwwddd!"
The man's tongue was whirling lavishly all over Tyson's nut-sac, causing each tender little jewel to jump with each swat of the man's tongue. Now, Tyson could feel Mr. Davis's fiery breath strike his constantly throbbing boy pole while his balls were being orally tenderized.
In one stealth vacuuming motion, Mr. Davis sucked in, causing both little balls to invade his mouth's oral cavity. With the boy's balls safely tucked away inside his mouth, Mr. Davis used his tongue to make hot passionate love to both balls, ensuring proper and equal attention to both. As his mouth made love to Tyson's preteen boy balls, the man's fingers found both sets of tiny erect nipples. With loving care, Mr. Davis began tweaking both nipples while softly tugging on them.
With his nipples now being added to the sexual equation, Tyson was doing some groaning and whimpering. He never knew his little boy nipples could offer so much exonerating pleasure. His mind began spinning out of control as his little body involuntarily began hiking upwards as his hands continuously pounded the sides of the bed.
Sometime later, Mr. Davis released the boy's balls and began using his tongue to take turns licking the inside crevice of Tyson's inner thigh areas. Rotating from one side to the other, the man licked, kissed, and softly nibbled Tyson's inner thighs, bringing the boy to a soaring sexual frenzy of purring onslaughts.
When he felt the man's tongue drift up his inner thigh, swipe over his tiny balls, then lap at his lower pubic region, just barely swiping the very base of his erect boy missile, Tyson placed both hands on top of the man's hands as they teased and pleased his boy nipples. His little boy cock was throbbing crazily as the man's meaty tongue began sending lightning bolts of blissful electricity shooting up his cock with each and every heart pounding slithering stab.
Feeling the thick tongue trail the short distance upwards, slowly inching its way up to his cock head, Tyson screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwdddddd, yessssssssssss, yesssssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuucccccccckkkkk!"
His body bolted up towards the ceiling as the man's tongue ran its course directly under the sensitive crown of his cock head, driving his boy pole directly into the man's oral trap. Once the boy's cock shot into his mouth, Mr. Davis's lips automatically sealed themselves over the boy's cock with an airtight locking seal.
Tyson was screaming while slinging his precious face all over the place and his body was steadily bucking up and down, driving his boyhood in and out of Mr. Davis's boy cock loving mouth. Keeping the fingers of his left hand working furiously on the boy's right nipple, Mr. Davis slid his right hand down the boy's bucking body, stopping as he cupped Tyson's balls, then began caressing each one while offering soft gentle tugs.
It was probably less than a minute when Tyson felt the rapid rush of his oncoming orgasm as it began savagely generating throughout every part of his wildly sexually pleasured body. Mr. Davis picked up on this fact too, so he quickly removed his mouth from the boy's cock, taking a brief second to eye the angelic young gorgeous beauty, then swallowed both of the boy's nuts in one quick motion.
Tyson pantingly cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shit siiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr, I was uhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh shit, soooooooooo close siiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr!"
Allowing the boy's orgasm to subside just a bit, Mr. Davis returned to milking the boy's perfect cock once again, pleasuring himself in the rock hard firmness, yet the silky smoothness of the throbbing flesh. Having no problem sliding his mouth all the way down Tyson's 4 1/2 inches of slender pulsating boy pride, Mr. Davis bobbed his mouth up and down while his tongue lovingly slashed at the silky smooth flesh.
Again, within a very, very short time, both sensed the boy's orgasm nearing. Again, Mr. Davis eased his mouth off the boy's delicious cock, frustrating young Tyson like never before. He felt like his balls were on the very edge of exploding. His thumping heart forced his chest to rise sharply into the air, then just as sharply, crash back into the proper position.
Using the palms of his hands as a hoist, Mr. Davis pushed Tyson's legs way over his head, enjoying the fact that the boy was so limber. Sensing what the man was fixing to do next, Mr. Davis's mouth fell open as he watched the boy hook both ankles behind his head, and in doing so, the boy's mystifying blot of an asshole greeted his glimmering eyes.
Like caught in the rays of some powerful commercial grade magnet, Mr. Davis soon found his nose pressing heavily onto Tyson's tiny anal creamy colored anus. One deep inhale after another, Mr. Davis began growling like some pissed off bear desperately on the prowl for some food. The aroma was some unknown form of aphrodisiac that has yet to be discovered. The more he sniffed, the more intoxicated be became!
Having very little thought process remaining, the next thing Mr. Davis knew was that his tongue was gliding up and down the boy's hairless butt crack, stopping just short with each loving passing to offer the boy's miraculously tiny speck of an asshole a proper tongue bathing.
Tyson screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy fucking gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddd! Yes, fuck yessssssssssssssss!"
As he dined on the boy's mind boggling delicious speck of an asshole, Mr. Davis grasped the boy's throbbing stick and began slowly caressing it up and down. In doing so only sent Tyson that much more over the edge of no return. The boy was literally screaming at the top of his lungs his moans, grunts, whimpers, and purrs of mind shattering pleasure filled ecstasies.
In less than a couple of minutes, Mr. Davis soon found his tongue snaking itself inside the boy's anal oven, and ohhhhhhhhhhhhh what an oven it certainly is. As soon as his tongue was permitted anal entry, the searing hot heat exploded onto his tongue while the boy's anal muscles joined in on the activity by clamping down severely hard.
Feeling the man's meaty tongue slither up inside him only made Tyson that much more excited. Now, the boy was in full blown heat, and now, now all he could think about was being fucked. No longer did his mind recall the monstrous size of the man's cock, nor the intense immense pain it would bring. None of that was in Tyson's thought process at all. As he felt the thick tongue crawl up his anal canal, all Tyson now wanted was to feel the man's cock pound the living hell out of his ass.
Tyson pantingly cried out, "Fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr, fuuuuccckkkk myyyyyyyyy assssssssssss gooooooooodddddd siiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr!"
Being polite, forcing his tongue out of the boy's breath defying ass, Mr. Davis peered deeply into the boy's glassy eyes, then whispered, "Not yet my gorgeous young Prince! In time, in time my little angel, I will make love to you... I give you my word, but in the meantime, just enjoy!"
As he finished his last word, he had already stuffed his tongue back into Tyson's hungry little ass, and began tongue fucking the boy's butt with all the love and passion he could muster. Tyson tried to muffle his joy by biting down on his hands, but the pleasure he was now enduring shot through the open space of his mouth and filled the room with his angelic soft ear piercing sounds.
After a little while, and having just removed his ass loving tongue from Tyson's excruciatingly tight little anal canal, Mr. Davis peered over at the clock, then pantingly asked, "What time do you need to be home?"
In a panting soft voice, Tyson replied, "6 siiiiiiiirrrrrr, by 6!"
Smiling as if he had just won the lottery, Mr. Davis knew he had plenty of time left since it was now only about 11. Using his left index finger, he pulled the boy's cock towards his mouth and quickly engulfed it while sucking profusely in and out. Allowing some saliva to drip down the boy's cock, Mr. Davis swiped his own drool with his right middle finger. As he sucked on Tyson's preteen boy cock, he eased his right middle finger into the boy's incredibly tight ass.
Once his finger began diving inwards, Tyson really became vocal, "Fuck, FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK, shit, shit, yesssssss, fucking hell yesssssssssssssss! Fuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkk myyyyyyyy assssssssssss siiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaawwwddd yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"
The flesh burning heat greeted his finger and so did the boy's powerful anal muscles as they gripped and pulled onto his anal invading finger. Tyson's body bucked insanely wild as he cursed with his every breath. His young mind swarmed with pleasures he never knew existed, yet he still had a burning desire to feel the man's gigantic cock hammer his ass senseless.
In short, for the next couple of hours, Mr. Davis spent quality time rotating from the boy's cock, his aching balls, and his deliciously sweet ass, bringing Tyson to the very edge of an orgasmic explosion, but stopping just short from allowing the boy to do so. As for Tyson, he was more than ready to relieve himself cause his balls ached to the point that they were now throbbing painfully with his every breath.
It was now time for a switch in positions. Mr. Davis flopped his hairy back onto the bed as Tyson fought to straddle the man's furry body. Tyson's face was now facing the man's hairy feet while his cock and ass were open to the man's face for business. It didn't take Mr. Davis long to grasp his large hands on each of the boy's chiseled butt cheeks, spreading them wide as he dove his ass loving tongue straight up the boy's anal canal. Tyson on the other hand, reached out, latching onto the beast that was terrifying impressive. Even with two hands holding onto the man's thick shaft, Tyson still couldn't get his fingertips to touch.
The huge flared plum shaped cock head was within a fraction of an inch away from his eyes and mouth. The gaping piss slips steadily oozed bubbles of pre-cum that oozed out then dribbled down the meaty shaft. Using his tongue like a shovel, Tyson lashed out and gathered a large portion then dipped it back into his mouth to taste the clear liquid. Hmmmmmmmm, kind of salty, definitely gooey, but soothing to the taste! Tyson was soon moaning as his tongue slid up and down the huge meaty pole, scooping up all the dribbling pre-cum and groaning loudly as he swallowed.
Mr. Davis, feeling the boy's electrifying hands and slithering tongue, not to mention the boy's hot breath, grace his throbbing cock, dined on the boy's ass with more aggressiveness. As his tongue probed its deepest depth, his lips sealed themselves over the boy's anus and he began doing all he could do to slurp the boy's guts out through his anal canal.
Soon, once he lapped up all the man's delicious pre-cum, Tyson, realizing that there was just no way he could get his mouth over the huge bulbous cock head, began using his tongue to toy with the man's open piss lips while slithering all over the enormous cock head.
Once Mr. Davis removed his tongue from the boy's butt, his tongue was quickly replaced by his right middle finger. Then, he immediately began sucking on Tyson's cock once again while finger fucking the boy's ass like a runaway pile driver. In less than 30 or so seconds, Mr. Davis shot his right index finger up the boy's ass, sending Tyson into another world.
With two fingers up his ass, Tyson could definitely feel both of them as they probed, twisted, shot in and out, and stretched his anal walls. Though it provided a mild burning sensation, the pleasure he was now feeling was way more overpowering. As he stroked the man's giant cock with two hands while lapping all over the huge head, Tyson unconsciously began thrusting his ass onto Mr. Davis's two ass plowing fingers, subsequently fucking the man's mouth with his cock in the process.
Both man and boy felt their orgasms as they seemingly began working up their bodies, both feeling that it started somewhere from their curling toes. Tyson felt the palm of the man's hand strike his painfully bloated balls each time he thrust his ass backwards, and each time Mr. Davis slammed the two fingers inside of him.
Mr. Davis's hairy body began thrashing wildly as his cock was the first to explode. Tyson was fully aware of what he was doing as he shoved his sweet little kissable lips directly over Mr. Davis's piss lips while using his tongue to lightly caress the gaping lips. The first thick volley of man cum coated the roof of his mouth, and once Tyson felt the powerful shot, his own body went into a violent convulsing rage as his own intense orgasm rocked every part of his shaking body.
Tyson held his mouth in place as the man's thick cream imploded heavily into his mouth. Knowing that he was definitely getting a mouthful, Tyson started swallowing the thick goo while discovering nothing but a mild salty flavor. As he gulped down the man's manly goo, Mr. Davis was being rewarded himself. Not only could he vaguely hear the young boy gulp down his cream, but Tyson was also providing his own offering of watery boy juice. And, it was quite the offering!
The boy's cock rapidly shot jets upon jets of soothing watery strands of boy honey into the man's welcoming mouth. Tyson knew he was now enduring the most intense and longest orgasm of his life, but what he didn't know was the simple little fact that he was now producing cum. Up till now, all he ever felt was dry orgasms, but not any longer, not any more!
Tyson jerked on the beefy cock as his mouth sucked every last drop of man cream from the man's obesely thick cock head. Mr. Davis was now whimpering as the last droplet of boy juice was being vacuumed into his mouth. Now, with a puddle of beloved preteen boy juice swimming around inside his mouth, and still orally worshiping the most perfect cock ever to be molded, Mr. Davis felt it was time to sample such divine offering. Swallowing just a small slippery watery portion, his mind literally vacated his body with tasting such heavenly nectar of life. Swallowing a second helping, he could feel his own tears as they rolled out of the corner of each eye. The taste, the texture, the gut wrenching rush of it all set his soul on fire. After the third sample, it was then that Mr. Davis realized he was now drinking straight from the fountain of youth. The boy's watery cum was sweet, sweeter than he had ever tasted before, and he had tasted plenty of boy juice in his day. Not even a mild hint of salt could be detected.
Much to his dismay, Mr. Davis had elegantly dined on the boy's first offering of cum, and now could only embellish himself with such delightful afterglow of taste. As he swallowed his own saliva in hopes of tasting more of the delicious boy juice, Tyson preteen boy cock began to deflate to a semi flaccid state.
Tyson struggled to free his own body off of the man's hairy body and once freed, he plopped down beside Mr. Davis, just off to the man's right side. Now, both boy and man lay there panting feverishly with two cocks both twitching steadily in a semi flaccid state.
The boy was the first to speak, "Oh God, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwddddd, that was awesome. I didn't think my orgasm would ever stop! Sir, you sure do shoot a huge load, and your cum tastes really, really good too sir!"
Mr. Davis could only smile hearing the boy's angelic voice, but in response, he forced out, "I know, I know, I didn't think I would ever stop either, but Tyson, my young sweet gorgeous little angel, your cum is the sweetest I've ever, ever had the honor of tasting, and that's the gospel truth!"
Hearing what the man had just said, and with excitement rising in his voice, Tyson blurted, "It wasn't a dry one? I mean I uhhhhhhhhh, I really shot some cum?"
In response, Mr. Davis fired back, "Ohhhhhhh boy did you! Heck Tyson, I didn't count, but you must have shot a good 7 to 10 huge loads, and that young man, is more than impressive for anyone!"
Tyson, at that very moment, felt like he was the king of the world! Now that he knew his little cock could shoot some cum, nothing in this world seemed to matter, however, he was still dead set on having Mr. Davis's horse cock up his ass!
Rolling to his left, Tyson began licking and kissing all over Mr. Davis's cock head while kneading at the semi flaccid shaft with his right hand. Within seconds, much to his own surprise, Mr. Davis's cock was completely rock hard and more than ready for some boy loving action. Tyson eventually reached his left arm out from its tucked position and began using his fingers to toy and caress the man's fur covered bull balls.
As he basked in the pleasures deriving from the boy, Mr. Davis whispered, "Oh God Tyson, you are truly the most beautiful being on the planet! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssss work that tongue baby. Yessssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I got to uhhhhhhhhhh, I got to eat more of that ass of yours!"
Now, Mr. Davis was on his right side and Tyson was laying on his left side, both coming face to face with each others hard cocks. Mr. Davis lifted Tyson's left leg up and placed it directly onto his fur covered left shoulder, allowing him direct access to the boy's mouth watering delicious little asshole. Just as he was fixing to lick Tyson's sweet smelling asshole, the boy's voice sliced through the air, "Mr. Davis sir, I aint complaining at all cause it feels really good, but what's up with eating my ass? I mean, do you like it? Does it kind of taste good?"
Exhaling a long winded breath while eyeing the most marvelous asshole ever created, Mr. Davis shot back his response, "My angel, my sweet little angel, you have no clue how precious this little thing is. My God son, I know what it is, but it certainly doesn't smell the part, nor does it taste like any other I have ever had the privilege of eating. I don't want to know the answer, but in my perverted mind, I have convinced myself that you are totally incapable of doing something so humanly natural as taking a shit! No sir, not to me you can't!"
Tyson expelled his own moan as the man's thick tongue quickly darted deep into his anal canal. As he wiggled his ass onto the probing tongue, he rehashed the words Mr. Davis had just spoken. He still couldn't get over the fact that the man actually believed he couldn't take a shit, cause he knew everybody does, regardless of how they look. As his mind pondered the man's words, his hungry ass welcomed the man's beefy tongue as his own little tongue swarmed hungrily over Mr. Davis's gargantuan thick cock head.
Both boy and man flooded the room with purrs and moans. Tyson steadily wiggled his little ass onto the anal probing tongue belonging to Mr. Davis. The harder the tongue drilled into his anal oven, the more pleasure Tyson derived. His own pink slithering tongue swished and swayed all over the elephant sized cock while the fingers of both hands gravitated from the man's hairy bull sized balls to the satiny rock hard shaft.
Mr. Davis ate the boy's sweeter than sweet tasting asshole before retrieving his tongue and darting his cock starved mouth back onto Tyson's perfect hard boy pole. While he sucked the boy's slender boy cock, Mr. Davis shoved both his right middle finger and right index finger straight up the boy's ass, stealing the very breath from Tyson in doing so.
Once he felt the man's two fingers dive deep into his anal clutches, Tyson grunted and groaned while gyrating his little hips, forcing his asshole to greet the probing fingers with his own passionate acceptance. Within a very short time, Mr. Davis sent a shock wave of burning pain straight to Tyson's mind when he felt the painful addition of a third finger fire straight up his ass.
Tyson grunted heavily, and though the insides of his anal canal felt like they were on fire, the boy wiggled his ass onto the man's thrusting fingers, doing all he could do to swallow more of the man's anal exploring fingers. Mr. Davis, with a mouthful of boy cock, groaned and grunted as he felt the boy's bone crushing anal muscles converge onto his fingers, grinding sharply down while sucking them deeper and deeper into its fiery hot, bone crushing, depth.
The boy was crazily fucking his ass onto the man's thrusting fingers while purring like a 6 week old kitten at the awesome pleasures running their rampant course throughout every square inch of his violently shaking little body. Tyson tried to swab every inch of the massively thick cock head, but the pleasures crashing into his bewildered young mind was simply way too much for any horny preteen boy to handle.
Tyson flung his head backwards as his voice carried heavily as began screaming, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, shit, fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk! I'm, I'm uhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Mr. Davis felt Tyson's boy cock swell, then a flash flood of watery cream came propelling into his mouth like bullets from an automatic machine gun. Tyson was screaming and yelling as his orgasm took him by surprise, and as he was blind with emotions, his anal muscles also went to work in overdrive, clamping down on the probing fingers with the strength only equivalent to a full grown python.
Tyson quickly realized that the harder his anal muscles clamped down on the man's fingers, the harder his orgasm felt, only adding much more intensity to am emotion that was already soaring way out of control. This time around, Mr. Davis couldn't fight back the urge to taste the boy's watery love juice. Just as in the case of the first delicious load, the boy served up yet another virtually tasteless helping.
As the boy's cock spat out its watery nectar, Mr. Davis stole the moment to include a fourth slippery finger inside the boy's incredibly high spirited ass. Tyson felt the addition as soon as it entered him. Though it was a bit painful, and thanks to his intense orgasm, he constantly plowed his little ass onto all four thrusting fingers while wincing loudly from the immense pain and grunting crazily from his long ventured body bucking orgasm.
Mr. Davis greedily swallowed all the pure boy juice Tyson delivered, moaning loudly as to the wonderful taste attacking his taste buds. He savored the aftertaste while continuing to milk the boy's cock until it was nothing more than a limp noodle being held inside his mouth by only his lips. Tyson eased his body fully onto his right side, panting sharply as his body violently convulsed. With the boy's cock no longer in his mouth, Mr. Davis slowed his 4 finger ass fucking motions while taking the time to lightly force his fingers to spread, stretching the boy's anal walls outwards.
As he toyed with the boy's ass, Mr. Davis licked both lips as his eyes strained to see the superior brightness inside the boy's hot little anal oven. If only he could shove his entire face inside the boy's ass, then he would know the true definition of heaven, or so he thought to himself.
Tyson left hand was resting on Mr. Davis's right hairy shin and the boy's face was almost pressing up against it as well. The fiery hot breath struck his leg as the boy's soft elegant angelic voice sounded, "Fuck me sir, fuck my ass please, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr!"
The boy's words came at a cost of heavy breathing, and hearing his pleas who in hell could resist. To Mr. Davis, here he was with the most stunningly gorgeous boy who had ever walked the planet earth, and who was begging him to fuck him. Not even in one of his wildest dreams could he have ever dreamt something so enchanting. The boy himself couldn't have been created in a fantasy. He's too perfect, and downright flat fucking gorgeous!
Sliding off the bed, Mr. Davis went to his bathroom and grabbed the bottle of lubricant and a clean towel, then quickly returned back to the almost lifeless little preteen beauty who was begging him to fuck his ass. Sitting on his knees, Mr. Davis viewed the boy's naked body taking notes of every gorgeous delicious inch, then politely asked, "Tyson, Tyson, are you sure you want this? Are you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, ready for me to make love to your sweet little ass?"
Tyson, keeping the right side of his face planted on the bed while his nose breathed in the man's hairy shin, softly replied, "Yes sir, yes, ohhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwwddd I want you inside meeeeeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr!"
As the boy was speaking, Mr. Davis had already lubricated the fingers of his right hand and was now inserting three manly fingers straight up Tyson's fiery hot muscle clamping awesomely tight anal chute. The boy was moaning loudly as the man's three fingers slid in and out of his anal highway. While his fingers made love to the boy's majestic hot ass, his left hand was busy stroking the lubricant up and down the entire length of his ass splitting fat cock.
Mr. Davis whispered, "Tyson, if at anytime you want me to stop, just tell me and it will all end right at that very moment. The last thing I want to do is hurt you, or hurt you to the point that you will regret this moment in time spent with me. Okay?"
Tyson moaned, "Yesssssssssssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssssss siiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrr, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my assssssssssssssssssssssss siiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr!"
While his slippery fingers darted in and out of the boy's honey hole, Tyson began inching his body up to the point that he was now in a doggy style position. Mr. Davis followed the boy's movements and was now kneeling in behind Tyson, steadily greasing his meaty cock, especially his gigantic thick cock head. Having been down this road several times in his life, Mr. Davis knew once he got his overly thick bulbous cock head inside the boy's ass, it would all be downhill from there, but getting it in would be the most difficult part.
Tyson screamed once Mr. Davis slid the fourth slippery finger deep into the boy's rectum, relishing in the fiery heat and the crushing power of the boy's attacking anal muscles. Keeping the knife edge of his fingers wedged inside the boy's anal canal, Mr. Davis squeezed a large portion of lubrication directly inside the brightest pink anal canal he had ever witnessed before, then began swirling it all around using his four ass drilling fingers. The boy was whimpering and grunting as the man's fingers danced a symphony of blissful emotions inside his ass, sending waves of mind warping pleasures crashing throughout his already wildly spinning young mind.
With just his right thumb being left out from joining in the anal bliss, Mr. Davis pushed just the very tip of his thumb inside the boy's bone crushing ass. Tyson yelled as the fiery pain shot through his body as his anal walls were being stretched to the point that he thought they were about to burst. The boy began wincing with his every breath, and with the little remaining sense he had left, he already knew that the man's cock was in fact way thicker than the fingers sending gut wrenching pain straight to his spinning brain.
Taking his time, Mr. Davis slowly worked his fingers in and out and all around inside Tyson's miraculous ass, patiently awaiting for the precise right time to replace his fingers with his powerful ass cramming pile driver. As he prepared the boy's ass, his ears captured the delicate angelic soft moans vacating the boy's open mouth.
Tyson cried, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwwwwddd, this feels soooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooodddddddd!"
As the man's fingers dove in and spread the boy's anal walls, Mr. Davis watched as Tyson began firing his ass backwards onto his thrusting fingers. Seeing the boy slam his ass onto his fingers, Mr. Davis knew that the time was drawing close for his cock to enter the boy's magic kingdom.
Standing straight up on his knees, taking a quick peek at his erect glistening lubricant covered cock, Mr. Davis reached down with his left hand and grabbed the towel. While his slippery fingers still plowed the boy's thrusting little ass, Mr. Davis began rolling the towel around in his left hand to rub some of the greasy lubricant off. He knew timing was everything. He knew once he slung his fingers out of the boy's ass, he had to be faster than a cheetah and shove his monstrously thick cock head into the boy's anal opening before it had time to lock itself shut.
The hard part now was timing the boy's backwards thrusting motions. The man's heart thumped sharply within his chest as the boy rocked forwards, preparing his little body to fling itself backwards onto his butt packing fingers, but this time, it wouldn't be his fingers, instead, it would be his rock hard cock.
Tyson jutted forwards, and as he did, Mr. Davis yanked his fingers from inside the boy's ass. Immediately, almost within a blink of an eye, Mr. Davis latched onto the base of his meaty cock with his right hand as he shoved his thick cock head directly into the boy's slightly gaping hole. Lost in the moment, Tyson slammed his ass backwards, and in doing so, was immediately greeted with sheer agonizing gut wrenching pain.
Mr. Davis slung his head backwards as half of his impressively thick cock head was trapped just inside the boy's ass, and was being greeted with blistering heat and crushing power. Unable to withstand the clamping bone crushing pressure, Mr. Davis flung his hips forwards, forcing the remainder of his thick cock head to dive all the way inside the boy's anal entrance.
Tyson slung his precious little head all over the place as he crying screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, owwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwWWWWEEEEEEE, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk, ow, ow, ow, owwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
As the boy was screaming from mind reeling intense pain, Mr. Davis was grinding his teeth while hissing with every rapid breath. He had fucked plenty of boy asses in his time, but never one this young, nor had he ever felt the mind swarming sensations as the ones now exploding inside his head. This young boy's ass was hot, fiery hot, and the power of his young anal muscles felt as though they were not from this planet. Mr. Davis could feel Tyson's anal muscles as they coiled all around his cock head, clamping down with brutal power and force. Though he wanted to hold his position long enough for the boy's anal walls to accept his cock head's girth, Mr. Davis didn't know how much longer he could stand the heat and the crushing pressure.
Tyson felt as though his asshole was being sliced open using a dull butter knife. The pain was so intense, he thought he was fixing to pass out. He had wanted this, wanted it ever so badly, but knowing how big the man's cock head was, and now feeling it, Tyson soon realized he was in way over his head. As his little fists pounded the bed, he bit down on his teeth, doing all he could do to stop from screaming that he wanted no more.
Flinging his head from front to back, and from side to side, Mr. Davis fought bravely to resist the pain crushing his giant cock head. However, the devastating bone crushing power of the boy's anal muscles forced him to seek some type of relief, so jamming his body forwards, Mr. Davis shot a good two inches deep into the boy's mind boggling rectum.
Again, reeling from more unexplainable immense pain, Tyson screamed, "Owwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwww, shhhhhhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE!"
Feeling a bit of temporary relief, Mr. Davis released his thick cock with his right hand and placed both large hands on the boy's shaking silky smooth little hips while using his thumbs to caress Tyson's sensationally smooth butt cheeks. The scorching fiery heat still felt as though it was cooking his cock, but at least his cock head wasn't feeling the power of being crushed, or at least, not at the present moment.
Tyson balled up a stash of bedding and quickly shot it into his mouth, clamping down with his teeth while screaming profusely into the soft linen stuffing his mouth. His breathing was sporadic and the highly intensified pain only seemed to be getting worse as he soon felt another inch or two pry itself up his already overly stuffed anal canal. The more of the man's cock he felt go deeper into his ass, the more he came close to ending it all. By far, not even in his most horrible nightmares, Tyson never knew such tormenting and excruciating pain existed.
Inch by throbbing inch, Mr. Davis literally forced his thick cock up the boy's ass until his large bull balls were now touching the boy's tightly withdrawn nut-sac. Each time the young boy inhaled, Mr. Davis moaned from Tyson's anal muscles converging its powerful will all over his cock. When the boy exhaled, his anal muscles seemed to go into a rapid series of convulsions, severely clamping themselves down on his suffocating cock.
Knowing his cock was buried to the hilt, Mr. Davis slung his head backwards while spewing, "Holy fuck! Ohhhhhhhh God, ohhhhhhhhh God, this is such a tight fucking ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, such a tight assssssssssssss!"
Tyson heard what the man said, but it seemed like his husky voice was coming from someplace far off in the distance. Though his entire body was convulsing uncontrollably, he too felt the man's hairy bull balls press up against his own little boy nuggets. Also, Tyson felt as though the man's meaty cock had long since traveled passed his anal canal and was now throbbing heavily inside his chest. Regardless if he breathed in or out, with his every breath, a fiery sharp pain tore through every square inch of his body repeatedly. The bedding in front of his face was soaking wet from his tears and they were still flowing freely from the severity of the pain.
After having held his cock in place for a minute or so, Mr. Davis began slowly inching the meaty monster from the boy's vice like clamping canal, stopping just short once he visually saw the crown of his massive cock head present itself, then just as slowly, pushed it all the way back into the boy.
When Tyson felt the telephone pole being slowly inched out of his butt, he felt like his heart and guts were following. In more ways than one, Tyson felt like he was straining to relieve himself from the largest turd any human could ever possibly produce. Over and over, inch by throbbing inch, Tyson cried, grunted, and whimpered, as the meaty one eyed thick monster slowly worked in and out of his ass.
As for Mr. Davis, he was having the time of his life. Never had he felt so good having his cock inside any boys ass as so in the case at this very moment. The boy's anal muscles felt like a caterpillar on steroids, crawling and coiling all over his slowly thrusting cock. With each inwards slow diving thrust completed, Mr. Davis slowly began increasing his ass packing motion. His large thick hands latched onto Tyson's quivering sculptured silky smooth butt cheeks, yanking them further apart while gyrating his hips from side to side, forcing his meaty weapon to dance snugly within the boy's rectal confinement.
It was then, somewhere in time, something inside Tyson's anal heaven snapped. No longer was he wincing from the torturous ungodly pain, but now, now he was greeting the man's thwarting thrusts with thrusts of his own. The pain no longer flooded his young mind, quickly being replaced with sweltering pleasures he had never felt before. As Tyson slammed his ass backwards onto the man's cock, Tyson began controlling his anal muscles, squeezing as hard as he could, and crying from the pleasures that were now filling his inner soul.
Feeling the way the boy's anal muscles becoming overly aggressive, even Mr. Davis himself didn't know who was fucking who. Yes, he was packing the boy's ass harshly, but the boy was using his ass as a weapon to milk his meaty ass packer in return. Now, thanks to both fucking the other, the gut wrenching sound of flesh being assaulted shot from every corner of the room.
Now, both man and boy were very vocal, both screaming as to the pleasures conquering their very souls. Both lost in their own passionate sexually charged worlds. Mr. Davis was cramming his fat cock in and out of the boy's ass, but the boy was matching pace with pace, fucking his mystifying hot little ass back onto the cock that once gave him nothing but undesirable pain.
Mr. Davis knew if he kept up with this pile driving pace, it certainly wouldn't take much longer for his cum to paint the boy's pink anal highway. Now, he wanted to look into the boy's breath taking eyes as he made love to him, so he pulled his cock all the way out.
Tyson, feeling the mammoth beast vacate his ass, quickly cried, "No, no, noooooooooooooooooooooo! Fuck meeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, put it back in, in meeeeeeeeee, noooooooooooooooo!"
Using his manly strength, Mr. Davis flipped the fragile boy onto his back, then quickly shoved a large pillow in the very lower portion of Tyson's back. Picking up on what the man was wanting, Tyson quickly locked both ankles behind his head, hooking the under potion of his legs with both arms. Tyson flashed the man his beautiful sexy smile, the softly whispered, "C'mon sir, c'mon and feed me that big cock, fuck my ass sir, give it to me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr!"
Kneeling in front of the boy's widely exposed glistening asshole, Mr. Davis pushed his thick cock head into the boy's ass, then proceeded to force every throbbing inch all the way into Tyson's milking hot little rectum. In this position, Tyson truly felt like he was being overstuffed. It kind of felt like the man's cock would eventually shoot up his throat and plop out of his open panting mouth. Yes, there was some pain and discomfort, but Mr. Davis was too far gone now to offer any concern. Instead, once he buried his massive cock deep into the boy's ass, he began slamming his meaty monster in and out of the boy's ass like a well greased piston of a race-car engine.
It wasn't long thereafter when Tyson was completely consumed with nothing but raw pleasure. The harder the man fed his ass his cock, the harder Tyson clamped down with his anal muscles. Mr. Davis couldn't help to admire the boy's breath stealing beauty while admiring the effect he was getting from the boy's ass, not to mention, the boy's powerful anal muscles. Still, he questioned himself who was fucking who, but at this very moment, he didn't really care cause his cock was inside the most beautiful boy any eyes could ever be lucky enough to see.
As his cock power slammed in and out of Tyson's vacuuming tight ass, Mr. Davis couldn't resist the temptation of placing both of his lips over the boy's cherry colored lips. With their lips now sealed, Mr. Davis stabbed the inside of the boy's mouth, roaming wildly in an attempt to drain the boy's mouth of all his tasty saliva. In response, Tyson mimicked the man's tongue and began swabbing the inside of Mr. Davis's mouth. Their audible moans trickled down one another's throat, sending waves of vibrating pleasures crashing through both of their bodies.
As both boy ass and man cock passionately assaulted one another, their tongues flickered and milked the others hot mouth with furious delight. Needing a bit of fresh air, it was Mr. Davis who slowly unlocked his lips from the boy's tasty kissable lips. With his face just a meager few inches from Tyson, Mr. Davis mentally noted that there wasn't anything about Tyson that simply wasn't angelically perfect. Everything about the boy was astonishingly created to heavenly perfection!
The man's cock savagely hammered in and out of Tyson's ass while the boy's anal muscles just as savagely fought back. Mr. Davis could feel his orgasm building, and while glaring into the boy's intoxicating breath taking beauty, he watched as Tyson's untouched cock began firing jets of watery cream, most of which was splashing all over the boy's gorgeous face.
Tyson, in the realm of his own cum shooting orgasm, was profusely screaming and slinging his head from side to side. While the young boy was enduring a rather intense orgasm, his anal muscles increased their vacuuming and crushing pressure. Seeing the boy's vast beauty, and enjoying the sensations as his cock crazily hammered in and out of Tyson's butt, and seeing his little boy cock erupt its watery delicious cream, all of which was a concoction that sent Mr. Davis's cock into a cum blasting orgasmic frenzy.
As the man's beefy cock erupted, Mr. Davis's vision went totally blank. Nothing in this world seemed to matter except him depositing one large healthy load of man goo up Tyson's marvelous little ass. Spurt after thick spurt of man juice shot up Tyson's ass, and it felt as though every time he felt the hot gooey liquid shoot deep inside him, his own boy cock responded with a blast of watery cream of its own.
Mr. Davis slammed his meat into the boy's ass, feeding that magical anal canal all of his manly seed. Tyson's cock had pumped out the last bit of life itself and was in the beginning stages of losing its rigid hardness. Thrust after violent thrust, Mr. Davis fucked Tyson's ass until his own meaty cock was nothing more than a thick chunk of limp meat.
With his soft cock still deep inside the boy's ass, Mr. Davis expelled a long moan as he felt the power of the boy's anal muscles squeeze, vacuum, and milk his lifeless cock. He held his flaccid ass packer inside Tyson's butt for a good long while until he no longer could take anymore of the boy's anal magic tricks. Grunting heavily, Mr. Davis literally had to use his right hand to pull his soft cock out of the boy's anal trap.
Sitting back on his haunches, Mr. Davis eyed the boy's bright pink anal interior, and his gaping asshole as it began quickly sealing itself before his very eyes. Still, this boy was simply breath taking! Looking into Tyson's eyes, he could see the little angel's eyes closed as his breathing was rather hoarse and sporadic. Taking the time for a quick inspection, Mr. Davis lifted up his flaccid cock with the palm of his right hand. Looking all over his cock, the man noted that he didn't see any signs whatsoever indicating where his cock had just once been inside. It appeared just as clean as before all this had ever started. Seeing his clean cock, Mr. Davis truthfully convinced himself that Tyson was definitely just too flat fucking gorgeous, and too heavenly perfect, to do something so humanly natural as have a bowel movement. No sir, not in his mind at least! Tyson was by far the ultimate definition of beauty and perfection!
Moments later, while regaining his mental and breathing capacity, Tyson lay in the bed feeling the soreness of his asshole, but also feeling a major void too. While he lay still, staring at the ceiling, Mr. Davis had already started licking up his boy goo from his face, chin, and neck area. Once those areas were licked clean of his boy juice, Mr. Davis slid off the bed and activated the shower.
While the man was busy showering, Tyson felt the bulging pressure deep into his bowel system. He slid off the bed and was barely able to hold his weight up with his two legs as he scurried into the bathroom, managing to make it just in time to sit on the toilet as the man's recently deposited cum came rocketing out of his asshole. Heavy thuds of thick cum wads splashed into the toilet's water, and for Tyson, it seemed oddly embarrassing, not to mention, kind of endless.
Thankfully enough, when Mr. Davis finished showering, Tyson's ass stopped plopping out all the gooey wads of man seed. As Mr. Davis exited the shower, Tyson stepped in. His legs were still very wobbly as he soaked his body and began lathering up with the fresh scented soap. The warm water felt good, and the soap smelled refreshing. Smearing a large portion of the soap on his right fingers, Tyson squatted, then crammed three soapy fingers up his sore ass and began making sure his anal walls were just as clean as the rest of him now was.
After drying off, Mr. Davis handed Tyson a toothbrush, then walked out of the bathroom leaving Tyson alone to brush his teeth and scrub his cum tasting tongue. Moments later, Tyson walked into the bedroom to find Mr. Davis dressed, sitting on the edge of the bed. As Tyson was getting dressed, Mr. Davis spoke, "Tyson, my God boy, I can't even begin to describe the pleasures I've had today being with you. You are so precious, so utterly gorgeous, and so inhumanly perfect! I can only pray and hope that we will be afforded the chance to do this again sometime."
Tyson sprung his award winning smile, then ever so softly, yet with a sexy like tone, replied, "Yes sir, you betcha we can! Mr. Davis sir, I was kind of wondering, but was I uh, you know, was I any good at sex sir?"
Mr. Davis stood up and placed both hands on top of the boy's shoulders, smiling down at him, then responded, "My God son, words simply cannot describe the pleasures you provided me with. That butt of yours is a weapon, one of which will provide pleasure to many men. And I'm not saying this to swell your head, but young man, I um, I've been with lots and lots of young boys, granted, never any as young as you, but I'll say this for you. The way you use your anal muscles is out of this world. Never have I ever felt the sensations as I felt with you. You keep using those butt muscles of yours the way you do and you'll have every man on the planet wanting to shove their cocks up that hot little sweet ass of yours, and that sir, is a cold hearted fact!"
They kissed one another and then Tyson walked out of the front door, slowly walking towards his home. His asshole steadily puckered with his every step. Just thinking about the way it felt having Mr. Davis huge cock plowing his ass made his own 4 1/2 inches of boy pride grow rock hard. As he slowly walked, his eyes roamed from side to side in hopes of seeing Mark one more time. Tyson didn't know why, nor could he even begin to explain it, but he was hungrier than ever for some more cock.
As he neared his house, he did see a strange car parked in his driveway. Walking closer, approaching the drivers side, he saw the image of a man sitting inside, but thanks to the dark tint of the glass, he couldn't make out who it was. Once he got within about 6 feet of the drivers side door, the door flung open, and out stepped Jason.
Jason quickly announced, "Damn Tyson, I've been hanging around here for about 45 minutes waiting to see you. Fuck, your mom will be getting off in about an hour, and to be honest with you, I can't get you out of my fucking mind. Uhhhhhhhh, think we can go in so I can get some more of that sweet ass of yours?"
Tyson nodded his head knowing full well what the man wanted, but more so, Tyson already knew what he wanted as well, and that was the man's long fat cock up his already sore ass. Tyson unlocked the front door and the two stepped in. Jason was more than eager to get Tyson naked so he could view the boy's gorgeous perfect little body. No sooner than Tyson closed the front door, Jason was all over him, yanking the boy's clothes off his body like a dog burying a tasty bone.
Within a few seconds, Jason had completely stripped the boy and as he was eyeing the naked young beauty, Jason quickly asked, "Shit, don't have a whole lot of time, but where can we go just in case somebody walks in?"
Tyson fired back, "Let's go to my room!"
Tyson went first with Jason close on his heels as they were going up the step towards Tyson's bedroom. Jason's eyes marveled over the boy's chiseled unblemished silky looking butt cheeks as they ventured upwards up the stairs. Thinking to himself, there's no fucking way in hell that something so fucking beautiful can produce anything close to shit.
The first time he got to fuck the boy's mom, Jason was excited, but nowhere close to being as excited as he was now with her gorgeous young preteen son. His cock was already throbbing long before they made it to the boy's bedroom, and once inside, Tyson flipped the lock, and spun around to see Jason whipping out of his clothes like his ass was on fire.
When the man's thick snake flung itself into Tyson's view, Tyson gulped knowing that he would soon have something inside his ass that would definitely be traveling a hell of a lot deeper than his two previous cocks had ventured. While Jason was peeling off his socks, Tyson latched onto the huge cock and quickly began running his slithering tongue all over the flared mushroom shaped cock head, lapping up the oozing pre-cum in the process. While his tongue made Jason's manly legs buckle, Tyson cupped the egg shaped balls and began tugging while caressing them.
While the boy's tongue and hands pleasured his meaty cock, Jason continuously looked at his watch to check the time. The last thing he needed was for the boy's mom to come home and find one of her employees, not to mention regular fucks, shoving his cock up her preteen son's little ass. Though the boy was performing quite the oral trick, Jason stepped back, then said, "No time, fuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkk, not much time. I got to eat that ass of yours, fuck yea boy, I got to taste that sweet little thing again!"
Tyson fired back, "Damn, what's the big fucking deal with eating my ass? It feels good, but not as good as that cock of yours up my ass. Jason, if I let you eat my butt, will you fuck me?"
Jason snapped, "Boy, I'd love to fuck you, but this aint a cock for no young boy to deal with. Do you see the size of this mother fucker? Shit, it'll split you in half. This fucker is damn near 11 inches long, and as you can see, it's thick, very thick too."
Tyson was already getting into a doggy style position, placing his hungry ass near the very edge of the bed so his feet would hang off. In an almost teasing like manner, Tyson softly and sexily whispered, "You don't get it do you? I want you to fuck me! You want to eat my ass, so here it is, but you got to promise to fuck me, got it?"
Jason was already in the process of kneeling, eyeing the boy's asshole with a feverish hunger as he fired, "Okay, okay, but it's gonna hurt, and that's a damn promise!"
Tyson began cooing and whimpering as Jason's tongue immediately began drilling away at his widely exposed asshole. Though he didn't understand what all the fuss was about of having his asshole tongued, he sure as heck enjoyed the way a tongue lapping at his hole made him feel.
Jason shoved his tongue deep into Tyson's anal canal, breathing in the awesomely sweet enchanting fragrance. Jason was totally clueless that a man's cock, one of which was thicker than his own, thanks to the girth of the Mr. Davis's enormous cock head, had just been up there. Jason wiggled his tongue all around while diving in and out relishing in the fiery scorching heat and clamping anal muscles.
Still checking on the time, Jason certainly never wanted to remove his ass loving tongue from the sweetest ass he had ever tasted. However, it was Tyson who was promoting further actions by pantingly stating, "Fuck, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwddddddddd Jason, yessssssssss, yessssssssssss, eat that fucking hole, eat it, eat it, yesssssssssssssss, eat that mother fucker like you want it! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhh shit, Jason, Jason, fuck me, fuck me, take my ass, fuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk myyyyyYYYYYYYY ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS NOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!"
Jason reluctantly stopped tonguing the boy's incredibly delicious hot ass, stood up, then plopped down on his back on the bed, legs spread, and holding his enormously long and thick cock up with this left hand, then said, "Okay boy, you want this cock, come and get it. Your own mom couldn't take this mother fucker up her ass, so what makes you think you can?"
Tyson had already retrieved the bottle of lube and a towel, and was in the process of climbing back on the bed. Hearing that, he shot Jason a more serious look, then eagerly replied, "So, my mom couldn't take this cock up her ass? Huh, betcha I will!"
Tyson poured the slippery lube all over the man's cock and began caressing every square inch of the long thick beast while shoving two of his own slippery fingers up his achingly sore little ass. Confident in greasing up the man's cock properly, Tyson wiped his hands off on the towel, then straddled the man's lower stomach with his face facing Jason's face.
Reaching back with his right hand, Tyson guided the long beast so that the thick mushroom shaped cock head was touching his slick, but very sore, asshole. Just by knowing the fact that his mom, his own mom, couldn't take Jason's cock up her ass made him want to conquer it that much more. No matter how hard he tried, the man's cock kept on sliding up and down his butt crack.
More determined than ever before, Tyson kept on applying more and more pressure. Jason teasingly whispered, "See there, it's just too fucking fat for your little ass to accept. Why don't weeeeeeee, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!"
Tyson coerced his asshole in accepting Jason's cock and he was now grimacing in familiar pain as he was doing all he could do to make the huge fucker fit. Pushing himself lower onto Jason's cock, Tyson's ass swallowed a good 4 or 5 throbbing inches. The fiery nightmarish pain swarmed his young mind once again, but knowing what he already knew, Tyson steadily impaled himself on Jason's butt busting cock.
With a good 8 long pulsating inches of man cock already up his ass, Tyson knew that this had been the deepest he had taken to date. It felt like there was some kind of wall preventing his ass to take any more of Jason's cock, regardless of how hard he tried to shove his ass onto the lengthy fuck pole. Tyson began gyrating his hips, doing anything to shove the remainder of Jason's cock up his ass.
Begging for some temporary relief from the pain, Tyson rose up, then impaled himself, repeating this step numerous times. Jason on the other hand was delirious in the sensations his cock was feeding him, thanks to the boy's hot ass. Jason was panting as he felt the scorching heat swarm his cock and the gut wrenching crushing power of the boy's coiling anal muscles as they yanked, pulled, and squeezed his cock with a warrior like passion.
Both of Tyson's hands were pressing down on Jason's stomach, tossing his head all over as he tried to force his defiantly stuffed ass deeper onto the man's long cock. As he was pushing down, Jason uncontrollably shot his cock upwards, causing the blockade within his ass to crumble. Tyson, feeling the long cock dart up his ass fully, screamed, "Owwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwww, fuuuuuuCCCCCCCCKKKK, FUUUUUUUCCCKKKK, shit, shit, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuCCCCCKKKK!"
Jason had both of his manly hands clinging onto the boy's satiny smooth thighs, mind reeling from the sweltering pleasures crashing inside his bewildered head. As for young Tyson, he felt as though Jason's cock was poking somewhere inside his throat. He could feel the man's balls caressing his own hairless jewels as he began gyrating his ass while forcefully clamping down on his anal muscles.
If Jason's mind wasn't already spinning from having his cock inside the tightest ass ever, but when he started feeling Tyson's anal muscles get in on the fun, his mind began drifting far from his overly pleasured body. Tyson strained through watery eyes to see all the facial expressions Jason was now doing. Seeing the pleasure on the man's face, Tyson plopped his ass all the way down on Jason's cock, sitting perfectly still, and began using just his anal muscles to pleasure both he and the man.
The pain quickly evaded his body as his little boy prick stood straight out from his body, throbbing in unison each time he cinched down on his anal muscles. Using his hands to push himself further away from Jason's stomach, Tyson really felt the actual depth of the man's cock. Even though it felt like it was somewhere inside his throat, simply knowing he had the man's cock inside of him, especially knowing it was the same cock his own mom couldn't take up her ass, well uh, Tyson felt as though he was the king of the planet.
Knowing that, the boy began to push his body upwards using the heels of each foot, then quickly slammed his hungry sore ass back onto Jason's butt plugger. Over and over, time after time, Tyson rode the man's enormously long cock like a bull rider chasing the world title. All too soon, Jason began timing the boy's ass plunging motions, greeting each downward thrust with upwards thrusts of his own.
Tyson pinched both of his nipples as he howled, "Fuck, fuck, fuck yesssssssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee Jason, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gooooooooooooodddddddd, ahhhhhhhhhhhh shit, fuck, fuck, FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKK! ( A brief pause, then Tyson resumed) Yeah Jason, yesssssssss, you like myyyyyyy assssssssssss? Do you like it? Tell meeeeeeeee, tell meeeeeeeeeeee if you like that big fucking cock of yours up my asssssssssssssssss!"
Jason screamed his response, "God boy, like? like? Are you fucking kidding meeeeeeeeee? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwwdddd, shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck meeeeeeeeeeee, I uh, I love your tight fucking ass boy, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, yessssssssssssss, gaaaaawwwddd daaaaaaaaaammmnnnn I love your fucking assssssssss!"
By now, Tyson was bouncing on Jason's cock without a worry or concern in the world. Both man and boy were each lost in their own little perspective heaven on earth. Tyson had just lunged his ass onto Jason's cock when his own body bucking orgasmic explosion snuck up on him, causing his preteen boy cock to propel watery jets of pure boy honey all over Jason's chest and stomach without any hands or fingers assisting it whatsoever. As his boy cock consistently spat ropes of boy cream onto Jason, Jason not only saw it, but he really started feeling the boy's ass as his mind boggling anal muscles began crushing while sucking on his throbbing man organ.
Jason screamed as it felt like his piss lips were torn in half as the first wave of man goo came exploding out, each cannon ball sized wad firing deeply into the boy's anal region. Tyson was humping like crazy as his preteen cock continued its cum shooting watery jets and Jason was blind with mind evading lust as his own horse cock continuously fired round after gut twisting round of man juice up the boy's magically mystifying ass.
Minutes later, as both began to subside from their intense orgasm, Tyson still held the man's deflating cock within his anal clutches, still steadily milking the defeated monster. Tyson leaned forward, and with his most sexiest soft voice ever, devilishly asked, "Sooooooooooo, who was a better fuck? Me or my mom?"
Jason, still gasping for air and his mind still reeling from the most devastatingly intense orgasm he had ever had, pushed out, "Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, damn, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit boy! You, you, you for God's sake are by far the best fuck evEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!"
Now, Tyson felt like he was really a king, still using his anal muscles to clamp on the cock that had just fed him so much awesome pleasure. Jason had a different outlook on things, as he yelled, "Off, get off of meeeeee, I uhhhhhhhhhh, I ummmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, fuck, fuck, shit boy, I can't take it, get the fuck off of meeeeeeeeeeeee!"
The coiling anaconda like crushing pressure was starting to royally hurt his deflating cock, and Tyson, after hearing the man literally beg, and with all the reluctance in the world, slowly began inching his body upwards until Jason's deflated monster made a plopping noise as it cleared his well fucked asshole as it landed along Jason's left shaking thigh.
Tyson, with his butt full of man cream, flopped onto his back, gasping harshly for some well deserved oxygen. Jason had enough sense to look at his watch, and noting the time, scooted off the bed and damn near fell once he tried to stand. Holding onto the edge of the bed, making his way to where his clothes landed on the floor, Jason held both eyes on the beauty while saying, "Holy shit Tyson, fuck me to death, you are something, something fucking special! My God, ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy fucking gaaaaaawwwwwwwwddddddd, you are soooooooooooooooo amazingly beautiful."
Just then, Jason stole a glance at his swinging soft cock, making mental notes that it was still clean looking with no signs of poop whatsoever. Looking back up and into Tyson's glaring eyes, Jason whispered, "Man ohhhhhhhhhh fucking man, boy, do you ummmmmm, I mean can you, uhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhh, shit? Do you even shit? I mean, uhhhhhhh, it's like ummmmmmmmm, I got a pretty big cock, and I uhhhhhhhh, well I just had it balls deep up your ass and there's no shit on my dick. What the fuck little man, uhhhhhhhhhhh do you?"
Feeding into Jason's perverted mind, and recalling what his sister had told him previously, Tyson softly replied, "You didn't see any now did you, so you must already know the answer, don't you?"
Jason had just put his last shoe on when he fired right back, "Well, I'll say this, and if you do, which I don't think you do, but just in fucking case, it sure as hell can't smell like shit! There's just no fucking way in hell!"
Tyson stared at the man as he opened the bedroom door and quickly ran down the stairs before his mom got home, pulling out the driveway and hurriedly leaving the area. Tyson eased his shaking body off the bed and had to hold onto the wall for support as he made his way out of his room and into the bathroom, leaving the bathroom door wide open.
His asshole exploded Jason's cum into the water, splashing sharply as it crashed into the water. Glob after thick gooey glob bubbled out of his asshole and Tyson was again lost in his own little world when he heard his sister speak.
Tyson was so out of it, he didn't even notice Carla standing at the entrance of the bathroom door. When he looked over at her, every hair on his body stood up and he felt like he had just turned 6 shades whiter. Carla was peering down at him with more of a smirk on her face as she spoke, "Wow lil bro, who the fuck would've known? Bro, that dude had one huge fucking cock and I still can't believe you had it in you, and I mean, all in you. Shit, if a dude pulls something like that out and I see something as big as that, I'd be telling him right off the bat he aint fucking me with that, but not you, not my little brother. You whore dog, how in the hell did you get something that incredibly huge up your scrawny little ass? Damn Tyson, I told you about that hot little ass of yours, and see, see there, you went and got yourself a man, a real man who just happened to have one of the biggest cock's I've ever laid eyes on. Wow, and you took it, you took the whole thing up your butt! I'm impressed lil bro, really, really I am."
The only thing Tyson could think about was Carla telling his mom on him, so with a voice trembling in fear, Tyson softly asked, "You, you, your not gonna tell mom, are you?"
Carla walked right up to Tyson, running her fingers through his silky hair, smiled, then said, "Look bro, mom already knows you're gay, so that's not going to come as a shell shocker, but no, no Tyson, I'm not going to say a word to mom about this, however, you and I will sit down and talk about things cause I don't want you to be hurt in any way. Besides, you had best stay away from my guy friends, cause after seeing what I just saw, those sick twisted fucks would be fucking you, and not me, okay?"
The fear and nervousness that had once ravished his body slowly began drifting away as he whispered, "Hey sis, you were right! I've been fucked 3 times today, and though I'm not gonna say any names, but all 3 guys really think that I don't take a crap. Can you believe that, huh?"
Carla squatted down to peer deeply into her little brother's eyes, smiling from ear to ear, then softly replied, "You just make sure that you let them keep on believing such a thing. Shit Tyson, you are soooooooooooo fucking beautiful, and if I didn't know any better myself, hell, I just might think the same damn thing too! Lucky little fuck! (Giggling) Shit, now that you are in on the action, there's gonna be more cocks in this house than ever before. Get cleaned up and help me in the kitchen."
Carla planted a wet kiss on Tyson's forehead, then went downstairs, and her mind was steadily replaying the image of her little preteen brother taking the biggest cock up his tiny ass than she herself had ever saw, and better yet, the little fucker was loving every ass pounding second of it. Just thinking about what she had seen made her pussy dripping wet.
Tyson showered and toweled himself off, then brushed his teeth. Once he put his clothes on and went downstairs to help Carla in the kitchen, Tyson was greeted with his mom. They exchanged their hellos and when Tyson went into the other room to retrieve something out of the freezer, his mom leaned over and whispered into Carla's left ear, "You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear that my little baby had just been fucked. The flush look on his face and the way he is walking just looks like he has been all sexed up."
Carla slowly drifted her face towards her mom, then in a soft whisper replied, "Well mom, you do know kids these days are far more advanced than when you were a kid. If that pretty little shit is in on the action now, then that will be a troubled dilemma for both you and me. (Seeing a puzzled look on her mom's face, Carla explained.) Mom, just think about it. If you were a guy, who would your rather fuck, me, you, or Tyson?"
Tyson's mom ran her fingers through her hair, then smacked her lips softly while saying, "Holy shit, you're right!"