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We'll say my name is Troy. Not that I care if you know my name, I just want to protect my protector, my only true love. That may sound strange coming from a married father of five, but I'll try to explain.

I was thirteen. Life was miserable. My mother didn't want me. I was a middle child. My mother doted on my sister and little brother. She even slept in the same bed naked with him. He is four years younger than me.

We are regular church goers. When I was ten I was selected as the Boy of the Year for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. My mother made a big deal out of it to everyone. There was the nicest man you would ever want to know that sat with us every week after church as we ate lunch at the pot luck. I didn't know then that he had just gotten a divorce and the ladies of the church decided that he needed a friend. They were trying to hook him up with my mother.

Each week I would seek this man, Carl, out and sit with him during church and then drag him by the hand to sit with us for lunch. He always made my mother laugh and she enjoyed being around him as much as I did. After a time he began to take me and my brother to the movies or miniature golf after church. When I turned thirteen he let me sleep over at his house. I belonged to Civil Air Patrol and we met on Sunday nights. The meeting place was several miles from my house but only about two miles from his house. My mother asked him to take me to the meetings then to school the next day to save her having to drive after dark. This was a good way to protect other drivers on the roads. My mother is a danger behind the wheel, especially at night.

At fourteen my mother and I fought all of the time. On night she threw me in the car and took me to the church. We sat with the pastor for awhile as she told him how impossible I was. He told me to wait outside. A little later my mother came to take me back to the pastor's office. She waited outside as she pushed me in and shut the door. Carl was sitting there and he smiled at me. I rushed to him and he pulled me to his lap. He asked me if I would like to stay with him for awhile. I was so happy I began to cry. The pastor talked to me and then my mother came in and we all talked. All I remember is Carl told them that I could stay until things cooled down but not to let it be too long or he would fall in love with me and they would have to fight him to get me back.

I went home with Carl that night. I can't ever remember being so happy. He let me have his son's room. His son was eighteen and had moved out. The next day Carl took me and bought me all new clothes. I was in the eighth grade and doing badly. Carl told me that I would bring my grades up or he would beat me with a huge stick. I knew he wouldn't but I wanted to make him happy so I started working.

Three weeks later my teacher had me wait outside the office about an hour before school was out. Twenty minutes later the principal came out and told me to come in. Carl was there with a whole bunch of people. They wanted to know if I liked being with Carl. If I was treated well, did I eat right, all kinds of stuff. Everybody was happy and they were telling Carl how happy they were that I was with him and patting him on the back. It made me feel good. On the way home Carl hugged me real tight and kissed me on the lips as we stopped at a red light. He told me that the school had told him that I was doing well and that they enjoyed having me in their classes now. I was happy. I was happier seeing Carl smile and seeing the tears in his eyes.

I had been jacking off for about two months. I didn't have any thoughts that I can remember, I just played with it and it made me feel good. When Carl and I got home from school that day I went to my room. I guess I got bored or something but I was in Carl's room. I opened a drawer in the stand by his bed. There was a magazine there. I looked through it and it was full of pictures of boys jacking off and all kinds of sex stories. There were eight or nine pages of naked boys showing their bodies and then one or two pictures of them jacking off finally a picture of them with cum on their hand or on their stomach. This made me hard. I lay on Carl's bed and pushed my briefs down. I was jacking off when Carl wrapped his hand around my dick.

"Having fun?" I shot upright. He took the magazine from me and looked at it and at me. I got scared and started to stutter something to him. He pulled me close and hugged me. "Don't worry about it. I shouldn't have left it where you could find it." I tried to tell him it was okay. I liked looking at the pictures. He asked me if I had ever done anything with anyone before. I told him about one of my mother's boyfriends that used to feel me up when I was little and about a babysitter that sucked me off when I was nine. He asked me if I liked that. I told him yes.

I was laying back with my head on the pillow. When he talked to me I got so relaxed. He put his hand on my soft dick and squeezed me through my briefs. "Does this feel good?" I said that it did. He pulled my underwear off and played with my dick and my balls. I started to get hard. He bent over and took my dick in his mouth. I have what he calls a semi-cut. I was circumcised at an Army hospital and they only took half of the foreskin leaving me enough to cover my cock head when I am soft. He pushed this skin back and began to suck me and go up and down on my dick. It felt so good. I had never felt anything better. I knew I was about to cum but I didn't say anything I just shot it in his mouth. He kept on sucking. I didn't go soft. He nursed me gently and just held it in his mouth. It was sensitive so he didn't move. In just a few minutes I was fully hard again and he sucked me again. It was even better this time. I was loving it. He lay down and pulled me on top of him and was lifting me up and down. I shot a second load as he pulled me all the way into his mouth and nursed me dry.

Spent he pushed me up and let me lay on him with my soft cock in his face. He pulled me around and spread my legs apart. As I lay on top of his big body he licked my balls and crack. I thought I would be sick when he started licking my shit hole. He pulled me down and held me as I felt the pleasure move over my whole body. I pushed his underwear down and looked at the biggest cock I have ever seen. We measured it later and I found out that he had nine and a half inches. Mine was four and three quarters. I pushed his foreskin back. There was a drop of clear liquid on the tip. He told me that was precum. I put the head in my mouth but pulled off at once. I did not like the taste of that. I took his dick in my hand and started to stroke him. He liked that as he continued to lick my ass. I got into a rhythm and he started to raise his hips up to meet me. He took my dick back in his mouth and started to hump me deeply. I could feel another cum moving through my body as he shot the biggest load I ever saw all over the both of us. I was on top so it was hitting me and dripping down. It pooled up on his big belly and rolled to the side. He was sucking me dry as he kept pumping out more and more. I never knew that there could be so much cum.

When he finished I sat beside him and smeared his cum all over him and rubbed it into his skin. I pulled his underwear off and wiped myself off and then I wiped him off. He sucked my soft dick but I was too sensitive and I pulled away. He lay there for a few minutes then he got up and took me to his bath room. We took our first shower together. He washed all of me and made me feel good. I washed his back and after some coaxing I washed his dick and balls as he washed my hair. That really felt good and I let him do that all of the time.

We went to the kitchen where he had dinner on the stove. He stayed naked and tried to get me to do the same but I was to chicken so I put my underwear on. We sat down in front of the tv and watched some movies as we ate. A little later I asked him about the stories in the magazine. He said they were sex stories about guys sucking and fucking. I asked him to read them too me. He told me I could read them. I can't read to well and I wanted to hear him read to me. He gave up.

We cleaned the dishes and the kitchen and headed to his bed. He told me naked only or no stories. He wanted me right up beside him with my head on his arm as he read. He read me some of the hottest stories I had ever heard about boys sucking each other and how much they liked it. I got up and put my dick in his mouth and he sucked me again while I jacked him off. I really like jacking him off. His dick feels so good in my hand and when he cums it makes me feel really good. We continued like this for two more years.

The part that scared me was that he wanted me all of the time and he didn't care where we were. He would wait at the far end of the school parking lot. I would run out and get in the car and he would pull my dick out of the leg hole of my shorts and suck me. He would lay down on the seat so I could get over him and fuck his mouth. He really likes that. Sometimes we would be driving along and he would start to feel me up. I would get all hard and he would pull into a alley and suck me off. I was always afraid that we would get caught and that I would not be able to live with him anymore.

We went hiking. We would cross streams as we peed in the woods then he would get down and suck me. Sometimes we would stand there face to face with our flies open and just jack each other off, shooting our cum on each other's cock and pants. He liked to walk around with my cum on his dick, I thought it felt weird but I really love Carl and I will do whatever he wants of me, except suck his cock.

Well that changed when I was sixteen. My birthday is in January, in fact just yesterday I turned twenty eight. In July I went to an aunts house to visit. My cousin was fourteen. We were on the floor of his bedroom when his little dog came in and rolled over on his back. The dog's dick was sticking out of his skin and it was all red and weird shaped and everything. Billy looked at me and giggled, "He wants to be jacked off." I looked at him like he was weird. He took the dog's dick in his hand and jacked him off. The dog shot quite a load. He rolled over and licked himself clean then got up and ran away. Billy went to the bathroom and washed his hands.

"I wish I could lick myself clean when I jack off," Billy said. "You ever taste your cum?" I told him I hadn't. He asked me if I liked getting a blow job. I told him that I did. He told me that he would blow me but I had to blow him. I wasn't to sure about that part but I decided to go along. I'm glad I did. I really liked sucking his dick. His cum tasted real good and he gave me a great blow job. It was what came next that shocked me.

By this time Carl and I had measured my dick and it was five and a half inches long and five and a half inches around. Billy wanted me to fuck him. I had never thought about doing that. I did it. It was great. I have never had anything around my dick but mouths. This boy's ass hole was like velvet. It was so soft and warm. He liked it and had me go really fast. I shot so much cum I was sure I would never cum again. Billy rolled over and licked my dick clean and made me cum again in his mouth. He really likes this stuff.

We lay there for awhile and he told me it was his turn. I was afraid. I half way wanted to do it but I knew it was going to hurt. He put me on my back and put his dick to my butt. He wasn't very big, only about the size of a cigar. He moved it around and pushed a little and it felt good. He pulled back and bent over then spit on my ass hole. Then he got back between my legs and pushed his dick head in. I could feel it. It was a little uncomfortable but it felt good. He pulled out and wiped his dick in his spit then pushed in again. This time he went further. He hit something as he went in and the stars came out. I didn't know if it hurt or felt good it was so quick. He pulled back and then went in again, hitting that same spot. It felt good. He started moving in and out and I had feeling like I never had before. I loved what he was doing. I closed my eyes and dreamed that it was Carl doing me. I wanted Carl to fuck me and I was going to get him to do it tonight.

When Billy was done he bent over and licked my ass hole. I pulled him up and sucked his dick. I don't know what I was thinking but I wanted to taste his dick. Covered in cum and who knows what, that was the best tasting thing I had ever had in my mouth. He had me get on my knees over him as I sucked him and he sucked his cum out of my ass. When he had all he could get he took my cock in his mouth and sucked me off again.

Carl picked me up at six and we stopped for burgers and cherry lime aide at the Sonic. I told him that I had to talk to him and that he was going to like it so hurry home and let's get in bed. Now I had cum four times since three thirty, but I was sixteen. We got in bed and I kissed Carl. We had never kissed before. Oh yeah, a peck here and there but never a kiss. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and he pulled me tight to him. I knew he liked this and I was sad that I had never done it before. I moved up on his body and arched my back. I reached behind me and placed his dick at my ass and sat down on it. The pain ripped me apart.

I settled down and held his cock head in my ass. He pushed me away and I wrapped my arms around him. I pulled us close and took all of his dick up my ass in one push. The tears burst fourth and I screamed in pain. Carl tossed me to the side and rolled up to look down at me. I begged him to fuck me. I wanted it so bad. He told me that this was not the way. He told me that he had only tried to get it in a couple of guys in the past and it always hurt. He told me that if we would go slow that it might be better.

I laid there and cried as he lay beside me, holding me and hugging me. Finally I got up and crawled into our favorite position and pushed my dick into his mouth. He took it eagerly but I shocked him by taking his dick in my mouth. I chocked on it. I hadn't thought about how big it was and I realized why it hurt my ass. I made him cum at the same time I was cumming. He held me close and I knew he was loving me as never before. My dick was soft from the days activities. He spit it out and started to suck my ass. He stopped, "There's cum in your butt." I cried as I told hm about my cousin. He told me that it was okay. He would rather me be with someone my own age. He was afraid that he was corrupting me. He told me a whole bunch of shit but he does that. I just ignore him.

I started sucking his dick and kept at it until I had all of it in my mouth. It felt really weird down in my throat but I could tell that he liked it, a lot. He was putting his fingers in my butt and making me feel real good again. My dick was hard so he pulled me up and inserted it back into his mouth as he fucked his fingers in and out of my ass. He was stretching my ass hole and I could feel it getting bigger and bigger. He was hitting that spot inside of me that was making me see stars again. I shot the biggest load I have ever given him. I didn't think I would stop cumming.

He pushed me away and turned me around and kissed me. That was the first time I had ever tasted my cum. From his mouth it was good. We lay there for a long time. His dick was so hard that I knew he was hurting. I reached for it. He pushed my hand away. I told him that I wanted to get him off. He asked me if I really wanted to get fucked. I assured him that I did. He pulled me to him and we fell asleep.

A little past midnight I felt him get up to go pee. When he came back to bed I was on my back with my knees at my shoulders and my ass cheeks spread. He lay down and began to eat my ass then he pushed his fingers in me. He looked at me and asked me if I was sure. I told him yes. He put some greasy stuff in my butt and then on his dick. I watched as he lined up with my hole. He looked so big as he pushed against my butt. It hurt but I didn't move a muscle or make a sound. He was watching me. He went very slow with a long pause after each push.

It seemed like it took forever but he was finally all the way inside of me. He lay down on me and pulled my legs around his waist. I relaxed and just let the full feeling take over my whole body. I felt like I had to shit worse than I ever had in my whole life. Then I remembered how it was for Billy and how he felt in me and I wanted that feeling. I lay still. After what seemed like ages Carl began to move in and out. Short small movements at first then longer strokes. The longer strokes made me feel so fucking good I started to yell. "Oh, yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh fuck me." Carl was laughing at me and fucking me hard and fast. Each time his cock hit bottom I yelled for more. He was rubbing that spot and I felt wonderful. My cock was jumping up and down and I felt so horny. I knew I was going to cum more than I ever had and I wasn't even touching myself.

I blew cum all over both of us. It was thick, stringy, and a lot of it. Carl was pounding away at me and I knew he was cumming. He banged into me with hard strokes as he dumped his load in my ass. Then he collapsed on top of me. He lay there a moment then he grabbed me and rolled over with me on top now. We lay like that for a long time and then his soft cock slipped out of me and I felt so empty. I wanted to put it back in but he was asleep. I rolled beside him and fell asleep too.

We had a good relationship. He would make me go to my mother's house sometimes but all she did was yell at me and make me feel like shit. Finally he quit making me go over there. He did insist that I call her and go out with her sometimes. He invited her to dinner and had her over for holidays but I never wanted to live with her.

Suddenly, when I turned nineteen, I stopped the sex. He was crushed but I just didn't want to do it anymore. I started dating girls and I got laid in March. I graduated highschool in May and I moved out on him. I moved in with this girl who made me wear two rubbers when I fucked her. She laughed and made jokes about how small my dick was. Carl didn't like the way she treated me but he had nothing to say about it.

I met a girl that summer and we got married. We had five children together then she left me. I didn't know what to do. I miss my kids so much but I don't care about her. I went to Carl. He didn't say a word. He just moved some stuff out of my old room and told me that if I needed a place to stay I could stay there for awhile. I sat watching tv with him as I thought about all he had done for me and how I had treated him. I am now twenty eight years old and I feel like a little boy. I have a pittance job with no future, an ex wife and I don't get to see my kids all at one time. I have to take the three oldest out one evening and the two babies I get to see in the afternoon.

I want love and Carl is the only one that I know will love me with no strings attached. I got up and went in to bed and stripped naked and lay down next to him. I turned and sucked his dick. He told me that I was older than anybody he had ever been with. He preferred teenage boys but I kept sucking. He pulled me up on top of him and I started pumping away. In a few minutes we both shot a load and I turned around and put his cock against my ass. It had been nine years since I had taken that monster up me but I was going to do it tonight or die. I almost died but he fucked me with no quarter given. He plowed my ass, hard. I can honestly say that I have never had a fuck like that but, you know what, I liked it.

I asked him if I could live with him again. He reminded me that he had told me as a boy that if I ever needed a place to stay his house was always open. I told him that I hoped his bed was too as I leaned in for a heavy, deep, tongue sucking kiss.

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