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Watching Noah Grow by Erastes
Copyright 2018 by Erastes
Chapter 49 – Relationships. 

When I went to pick up Noah after practice on Friday, Jason was with him and carrying his overnight bag.  “Hi, guys.  Did practice go well?”

Yeah, it was great,” Noah answered.  “And I’m gonna start again.”

I assumed you would.”

The boys continued to chat about a variety of topics as I drove to the house, and once the SUV came to a stop Noah raced over to his side to say ‘hi’ to his mom, with Jason right behind him.  A couple of minutes later they returned to my side of the house to let me know that dinner was ready and urged me to follow them next door to eat. 

While we were enjoying our meal, Cheryl wished Noah good luck on his game the following day, since she had to work and wouldn’t be able to attend.  Noah thanked her and said he’d tell her all about it when she got home from work. 

Seeing Cheryl had other things to do after we finished eating, the boys spent the evening with me.  We played a few games before I suggested they turn in, and they immediately began to complain that it was too early to do that.  Since I knew they’d want to mess around before falling asleep, I explained that they should do this now, unless they didn’t plan on getting their rocks off before turning in.  They saw the logic in this after I reminded them that Noah had a game the next day, so they sped through their nightly ritual before racing to the bedroom.  As soon as we were all preparing to get into bed, Jason turned toward me and asked a question.

Is there other stuff boys can do together - more than just rubbing each other’s dickies or suckin’ on them?” 

Yes, there are, but I think it would be best if we just stuck to the two things we’ve been doing for now.” 

What kind of other stuff is there we can do?” he persisted, not ready to give in just yet. 

We don’t have time to discuss it tonight, unless you don’t intend on doing the things we normally do.  Remember, Noah has a game in the morning and I want to make sure he gets enough sleep so he’ll play well, and that means we won’t have time to do both.” 

Ok, let’s just do the other stuff then.”

Jason wasn’t thrilled with my dismissing his question so easily, but he seemed to perk up while I was sucking him off.  As I was finishing up, I noticed something else and decided to bring it to his attention.  “Jason, did you know that you’ve got a couple of pubic hairs growing above your penis?” 

No!  Really?” 

Let me see,” Noah demanded before I had a chance to respond.  “Yeah, you do.  They’re not very long and kinda hard to see, but you’re getting some hair there now too.”

Jason bent over so he could check it out for himself, and then he broke into a huge grin.  “Man, I’m glad it’s finally starting to happen.” 

I could see how proud he was of this accomplishment, and seeing he would be turning eleven in another week, it turned out to be an early birthday present for him.  I believe it also helped him to enjoy a very pleasant slumber, because he awoke with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step as he got dressed and came out to join us for breakfast.  I’m sure he felt this was the first step on his journey into manhood, and now he wouldn’t look out of place with his teammates next year when he entered seventh grade. 

As soon as we’d all downed a quick breakfast, we loaded into the SUV and I drove them to the school.  After I pulled into a parking spot, they hopped out and raced toward the locker room, ready to meet up with Jason’s dad and the rest of the team.  As soon as they were gone, I grabbed my laptop and hopped online so I could look for ideas about what we could get Jason for his birthday. 

A short time later when I saw the team heading out to the field to warm up, I put the laptop away, grabbed the lawn chair out of the back, and found a good place to watch what was going on.  The bus with the other team pulled in a few minutes later, and shortly after that the umpires showed up too.  As soon as the umpires finished putting on their gear, they began to walk around the field so they could look for hazards or any unusual situations that might require a ground rule.  When they finished doing that, they called both coaches together and went over everything they’d discovered.  Once that had been cleared up, the coaches handed the home plate ump their starting lineups, and then the home team took the field.  

Noah played really well again, as did the rest of his teammates.  He walked the first time he came to bat, grounded out the next time up, and then he beat out an infield single his following turn at bat, before walking again in his final plate appearance.  He scored twice and was also involved in putting out several runners while playing second base and his team ended up winning the game 4-1.  For that reason, he and the rest of his team were all in a really good mood when I went down to congratulate the coach. 

The team’s looking sharp,” I said as I reached out to shake Coach Rich’s hand. 

Yes, they played really well today.  Oh, and before I go to the locker room to check on the team, I want to remind you that I’ll be bringing Noah home a little later than usual next weekend, because of Jason’s birthday party.  I’m not planning on having a practice on Saturday morning so I can help my wife get ready for the party, seeing the other boys that Jason invited will be showing up around 1:00.  I’ll bring Noah home as soon as the party ends and each of the other boys have been picked up by their parents.” 

That sounds fine, but I can come get him if it would make it easier for you.” 

No, that won’t be necessary.  Jason would be upset with me if I didn’t take Noah home, because he’ll want to talk about stuff he couldn’t say in front of the other boys.” 

Ok, I understand and hope everything goes well.”

I’m sure it will.  Jason said he’s planning on having his friends play a game before we have the cake and ice cream, although he didn’t tell me what that would be.” 

I’m sure it will be something all his friends will enjoy and it sounds as if they should have a great time.”

I certainly hope so.”

After the coach headed into the school, I put the lawn chair back in the SUV and waited for Noah to finish his shower.  During the ride home, I chatted with him about the ideas I’d come up with for Jason’s present, but he already had something in mind. 

Jason likes the drone that Mom gave me, so I want to get him one of those.” 

Are you sure that’s what you want to do?”  I prodded, thinking it would have been nice if he’d told me about this sooner so I wouldn’t have wasted my time researching possible gifts before the game. 

Yeah, he’ll be surprised and really happy when he opens it.”

Seeing it was his gift to Jason, I took him to the store and let him pick out the drone he wanted to give him after we finished lunch.  He was thrilled that I’d agreed to let him do this, and he gave me a kiss of appreciation when we got back to the house.

Thanks, Uncle Brian.  You’re the best and Jason is going to love this.  You know he loves you too, don’t you?”

Yes, and I love both of you as well.  I’m very lucky to have the two of you in my life.” 

Nah, we’re the lucky ones.”

I wasn’t about to debate the point, so I prepared to wrap Jason’s present instead.  However, Noah stopped me, because he wanted to show it to his mom after she arrived home.  I gave in and started doing my chores instead, while Noah went to retrieve his drone so he could take it out to the backyard and play with it. 

After Cheryl pulled in the driveway, Noah gave her a few minutes to change and freshen up first, and then he told her about his baseball game while she was fixing dinner.  He also showed her the gift he was going to give Jason for his birthday, and she immediately offered to wrap it for him, seeing I’d taken him to pick it out.  I didn’t have a problem with that, and it seemed to make Noah happy.

After we ate and Cheryl had wrapped the present, she agreed to watch a movie with us because it would give her a chance to relax and unwind before turning in.  Noah sat between us on the sofa, and when he noticed her starting to nod off before the movie ended, he encouraged her to go to bed.  She apologized for not lasting through the movie and then she returned to her side to go through her nightly ritual before turning in.  Noah and I watched the rest of the movie after she left, and then we both showered before calling it a night as well. 

What other stuff were you talking about when Jason asked that question last night?” he wanted to know as soon as we got into bed.

I was referring to butt play.” 

Do you mean sticking your penis into someone else’s butt?” 

That’s one possibility, or you could use your fingers or tongue instead, but I’m not sure that you boys are ready for those types of things yet.  Besides, I’m not sure if Jason is gay, so the idea of doing anything like that might be repulsive to him.” 

Nah, I don’t think he’d mind.  He’s asked me before if I thought boys could fuck each other.” 

In that case, it’s possible he’s more open to this than I anticipated, although it doesn’t mean he’s gay.  He might be bi instead, meaning he’s willing to do things with either sex, so I’ll wait to see if he brings it up again.”

So we’re not going to fuck?”

If you mean the two of us, then the answer is ‘no’, because my penis is way too big to do that with you yet.  I certainly don’t want to try anything that might be painful for you or cause any damage.  In addition to not wanting to hurt you, I wouldn’t want to have to explain about what happened if you needed medical attention afterward.” 

Can you at least show me what you mean about doing it with your fingers and tongue?”

Yes, I could probably do those things with you.  Did you wash your butt really well when you showered?” 

Yep, and I haven’t pooped today either.”

Ok, if you want to see what it’s like, then I’ll show you.  I think it would be easiest if you got on all fours to start out.” 

He did as I asked and I pulled his butt cheeks apart so I could attack his pink, wrinkled opening with my tongue.  His initial reaction was to squeal when it first touched that previously unexplored region, and then he began to coo and sigh.  Within a minute, he had lowered his chest and head so they were resting on the mattress, while leaving his butt in the air.  I soon discovered that my ministrations were more than he could handle in this position, so I had him lie down on his belly while I continued to attack his rear.  He made no indication that he wanted me to stop, and whenever I pulled away slightly he would push his butt toward me as his way of encouraging me to keep going.  Of course I was happy to comply, and I continued doing it for several more minutes. 

Man, that felt really good,” he blurted out once I’d stopped and he had regained his senses.  “I wasn’t sure if I’d like doing that, but it felt totally awesome.” 

I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I replied, but I decided to forgo using my fingers on him for now and grabbed him by the hips instead, as I flipped him onto his back.  “Now I’ll take care of this,” I said as I playfully squeezed his penis. 

After doing that, I bent down and used my tongue to stimulate his shriveled pouch and flaccid penis.  I worked on it like that for a couple of minutes, and as soon as his penis was standing tall and proud, I lowered my mouth over it and began to nod up and down.  Before long, he was totally consumed with the new set of sensations that were now coursing through his slender frame. 

Noah was thrusting his hips to mirror my actions, so it only took a couple more minutes before he was filling my mouth with his sweet boy nectar.  I waited until he recovered, thinking he would probably want to help me get off before we cuddled together and fell asleep.  As soon as he was lucid again, he asked the question I’d been expecting.  “Can I do that to you now?” 

Do you mean sucking me off or the butt thing?”

I wanna try using my tongue on your butt first, and then I’ll suck you off.”

Are you sure you’re ready to try doing that?”

Yeah, I want to see what it’s like doing it too, not just having it done to me.” 

Ok, if you’re sure,” I replied before getting into position so he could begin. 

Yuck!  You got lots of hair back here,” he groaned, so I looked over my shoulder and responded. 

Yes, and you will probably have hair back there as well, at least when you’re older.” 

Dang, I hope not.” 

Look, if the hair bothers you then you don’t have to do this.”

It only bothers me a little, but I want to see what it is like to do it.”

He was tentative at first and spent a great deal of time just staring at my backside, but eventually I felt his tongue as it began to explore my crack and pucker.  He didn’t do it for very long, though, but I didn’t complain.  At least he’d been able to explore what rimming was like, both receiving and giving.  When he had enough, he asked me to get on my back so he could suck me off, and then we fell asleep after I’d ejaculated and spooned up behind him. 

While we were eating breakfast the next morning, Noah explained that he wanted me to take him to the batting cages as soon as we were done.  He also wanted me to take him to the school after that so I could work with him on his fielding, since he was determined to do whatever was necessary to improve even more.  It didn’t seem to matter to him that he’d already accomplished much more than I’d anticipated, because he truly was one of those rare individuals who totally threw himself into what he was doing at the time.

He didn’t have another game until Thursday, so he’d have three more practices with the team, but it didn’t stop him from wanting me to also do this with him.  When we finished doing both, we went back to the house and showered, since we’d both worked up a sweat over the past few hours. 

Once we’d washed up and dressed, I went to work on my chores while Noah headed over to his bedroom to complete his homework assignments.  When he finished, he came over to get the RC car and took it outside to play with until Cheryl returned home from work.  As soon as she pulled into the driveway, he put the RC car back where I kept it before going over to spend some time with his mom. 

When he returned about a half hour later, he let me know it was time to eat, so I followed him over to his side.  While we were enjoying our meal, Noah reminded his mom that his next home game was on Thursday.  “You’re coming to watch it, aren’t you?” 

Yes, honey.  I’ll be there.” 

And you too, Uncle Brian?”

Of course I’ll be there.  And when we get home, I’ll help you pack your overnight bag for Friday night.  You’ll need to take a little more than usual this time, since you’ll be staying for Jason’s party.”

Yeah, I know, and I can’t wait until he opens my present.” 

I’m sure he’ll love it.”

I’m pretty sure he will, cuz he likes playing with my drone, and now we’ll have one to play with when we’re at his house too.” 

So what do you do with it besides just flying it?” 

We use it to play tag.  The one controlling the drone uses it to try to catch the other person, but we don’t really fly it into him.  We just fly over him or hover over where he’s hiding, and either one counts as a tag.” 

It’s good to know that you aren’t ramming it into each other.” 

Yeah, we were afraid that the drone might break if we did that.” 

You mean neither of you were concerned that you might hurt the other person?” 

Yeah, we was worried about that too, but we mostly wanted to make sure we didn’t break the drone.”  It was enlightening to see where their priorities were. 

Once we finished eating, Noah and I helped Cheryl clear off the table and rinse the dishes, and then the three of us watched TV for a while before getting our things ready for work and school the next day.  As soon as those things had been taken care of, we got ready for bed and turned in for the night. 

The following afternoon, when I picked Noah up from practice, I took a few extra minutes to chat with Coach Rich.  “Is there anything I can do to help you get ready for Jason’s party?” 

No, but thanks for offering.  My wife and I took care of most of those things over the weekend.  We did our shopping and got everything we’d need on Saturday, and I helped her clean the house on Sunday.  I doubt the boys will notice the things we did or care about how the house looks, but it mattered to my wife, so I did what she wanted.  She’s already wrapped Jason’s presents, and she’ll bake his birthday cake while we’re in school tomorrow, so that will take care of everything.” 

I’m glad that you’re so organized.”  He chuckled. 

My wife is when it comes to things like this.  I’m only organized when it comes to sports.” 

It was pretty much the same with my parents too.  Dad always told me that it was easier to just do what Mom asked, rather than listening to her complain about it later.” 

Your dad’s a wise man.” 

Yes, he is, and I learned a lot from him.  I guess it also explains why they’ve been married for more than thirty years.” 

I’m sure his philosophy helped.  I’ve pretty much followed that creed as well, and now we’ve been married about half as long as your parents.”

And I’m sure you and your wife will be together for many more years to come.”  Coach smiled, and then he looked at me oddly. 

Is there any reason you haven’t gotten married?  From what I’ve seen, you’d make a great dad.” 

For the most part, I’ve been too focused on my career, which means I haven’t had much time to date.” 

You seem to have found enough time to do things with Noah.  I’ve also noticed he calls you Uncle Brian, so is his mother your sister?”

No, we’re just good friends and they’ve sort of adopted me.”

And you haven’t thought about dating her?”

Cheryl and I don’t have romantic feelings for one another.  It’s more of a brother/sister relationship, although not by blood.” 

Well, it’s good that you all get along so well.  I can tell that Noah thinks the world of you.” 

Yes, Noah and I get along really well, but that certainly isn’t enough of a reason to marry his mother.”

Yes, I would have to agree with you about that.”

At almost that same instance, Noah came outside after finishing his shower.  “I guess I’d better go check on the other boys,” the coach said as he got ready to leave.  “I don’t want anyone to get into trouble because they were unsupervised.” 

Sure, go ahead and I’ll see you after the game on Thursday.” 

After the coach left, Noah and I hopped into the SUV and took off for the house.  Cheryl was already there when we arrived, so Noah went over to spend some time with her.  As I was heading toward my bedroom to change, I was mentally planning the other thing I wanted to do before going over to see if dinner was ready.  I managed to finish it before the meal was ready and headed over to their side of the house. 

Hey, can I get some help here,” I stated as I approached the kitchen.  My right hand was clasped around the towel I was using to apply pressure to the wound on my wrist. 

What happened?” Noah screamed as soon as he saw me. 

I cut myself on the glass in the broken window.  Someone broke it to get into my house.  I’m not sure what they might have taken, but I noticed the remote control car was missing.” 

Oh no!” Noah groaned. 

Is the cut bad?  Will you need stitches?” Cheryl followed. 

No, I’ll be fine,” I answered as I removed my hand from the towel so they could see I wasn’t really injured.  “April Fool!”

I’d used some ketchup to simulate the blood on the towel I’d wrapped around my arm.  Cheryl merely rolled her eyes and shook her head when she realized it was just a prank. 

That was mean,” Noah griped.  “I thought someone had really stolen the car and that you were hurt.” 

Hmmm, I guess that lets me know which one is more important to you, since you mentioned the car first.” 

Noah blushed, mildly embarrassed.  “I was worried about you too and figured the doctor could fix what was wrong with your arm, but the car would have been gone for good.”

We could have bought another remote control car later, but I could have lost the use of my hand if it had been badly damaged.” 

Then I’m glad it was just an April Fool’s joke.  I should have figured it was something like that, cuz some of my teachers pulled April Fool’s jokes on us too.  My Math teacher told us we was gonna have a surprise quiz and said we should read the directions before starting, but some of the other kids went ahead and began answering the questions.  I read the directions first, and they said to read ALL of the questions before taking the quiz.  I’m glad I did, cuz the last question said ‘This isn’t a quiz.  April Fool.’  When some of us started to giggle, the other kids wanted to know what was so funny.  We let them suffer a little longer before we told them to read the last question.”

I bet the students who didn’t follow the directions were sorry they didn’t do what they’d been told.” 

Yeah, cuz the questions were really hard.”  

When Noah finished relaying his story, I turned to speak with Cheryl next.  “Did you have a good day, or did someone play a trick on you too?”  

No, nothing like that happened to me – at least until I got here.  I just had another hard day at work, so I was happy when it was time to leave.”

Seeing you had a rough day, let Noah and I do the cleanup tonight while you do something else, like soak in a nice hot bath.” 

Is this another April Fool’s joke?” she challenged, studying my reaction closely. 

No, this time I’m serious.”

In that case, it sounds like a really good idea, so I’m going to take you up on your offer.” 

And when you’re done, you can come next door to join us and we’ll find something to watch on TV.  Maybe there will be a good movie on.” 

That sounds nice too.  Thanks.” 

You’re welcome, and I’m glad to help.” 

It’s a shame you’re gay, because you’d be a great catch.”

I still might, for the right guy,” I shot back, which caused her to giggle. 

Yes, indeed you might.”

Noah and I finished clearing the table, rinsing the dishes, and loading the dishwasher, and then I washed the remaining items by hand while Noah dried them.  We had just turned on the TV when Cheryl showed up to join us. 

Either you gave up on the bath quickly, or it took us longer than I realized to do the cleanup.” 

The bathwater cooled way too fast, but it was nice while it lasted.”  

I’m sorry you weren’t able to enjoy it a little longer.”  She nodded in agreement, although I knew she was mildly disappointed that it had ended far sooner than she would have liked. 

We took our places on the sofa and settled in to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides”, and when it ended we said goodnight and prepared for bed.

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