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Watching Noah Grow by Erastes
Copyright 2018 by Erastes
Chapter 50 – The Next Level. 

On Thursday, I met Cheryl at the school so we could watch Noah’s next game.  He played well again, but didn’t have any hits this time.  He grounded out in his first at bat, walked the next time up, and then he laid down a sacrifice bunt in his third trip to the plate.  That turned out to be a very important play, because the boy who reached second on the bunt eventually scored when the next batter hit a single.  Noah flied out to the left fielder in his last at bat, but he and his teammates were thrilled because they’d squeaked out a 1-0 victory. 

After a very normal and uneventful night at home, we prepared for the next day.  In the morning I made certain that Noah had packed Jason’s gift, a change of clothes, and his practice gear in his gym bag before I left for work.  I wouldn’t see him again until sometime the following afternoon and wanted him to have a good time, both that evening and at Jason’s party.  I also hoped Jason would like the present Noah had picked out for him. 

That evening Cheryl and I discussed how we were going to handle Noah’s summer vacation from school.  Jason had previously stated that he wanted Noah to spend some of the time with him, and he and his dad had suggested that both of them should attend the soccer clinic being held at the park closest to their house.  We agreed each of those things would be fine with us and began making plans. 

First, we had to determine how we were going to get him to the Rich’s house and then bring him home again whenever the boys planned on spending the day together, or when they were attending the clinic.  I offered to drop Noah off before I headed to the office on those days, and Cheryl said she’d pick him up after she got out of work.  On the days he wasn’t going to be with Jason, I would drop Noah off at the park in the morning, as I’d done the previous summer.  I would also walk to the park so we could have lunch together, and then Cheryl would take him home later. 

Cheryl was also going to arrange for Noah to spend time at their old neighbor’s trailer whenever the weather turned bad, but she would also check with Debbie and Monica to give him another option.  If they agreed, he could go to one of their apartments instead, so he could spend the time with Gus and Sam.  It appeared as if we now had all the bases covered. 

After Cheryl went to bed, I called an acquaintance from work and arranged for him to stop by the house while Noah was with Jason and Cheryl was working.  I had something I wanted him to do for me, and I would rely on his expertise, since he understood the process much better than I did. 

As I lay in bed trying to fall asleep later, I began to think about Noah and Jason.  I hoped everything was going well and both boys would have fun at Jason’s party the following day.  I was also considering how I was going to react if Jason continued to press me about his previous question concerning what other things boys could do with each other.  Before I eventually drifted off, I decided that I would do the same things to Jason that I’d done with Noah, as well as using my finger on both of them.  However, I’d merely use my index finger on them, not multiple digits, and only if Jason agreed he was willing to try it.

I also considered purchasing a small dildo to use on them, one that approximated their current erect penis size.  If they handled that well, then possibly I’d allow them to try doing it with each other, but I would not join in until I felt they could handle my girth without causing either one extreme discomfort or physical damage.  Now that I’d devised a plan, I closed my eyes and enjoyed a very restful slumber. 

As I was eating breakfast the next morning there was a knock at the door.  When I opened it, the friend I had called was standing there with a small bag of items.  “I hope I’m not too early, but I thought I’d do this as soon as I could because my wife has something planned for us later.”

No, this is fine.  You’re the one doing me the favor, so come on in and I’ll show you where to set it up.”

He worked for over an hour, and when he finished we had a beer together and chatted.  During that time I asked him how much he had spent on the needed materials and he handed me a receipt.  I took some bills out of my wallet to reimburse him, and I added a little extra to compensate him for his time and effort as well. 

You only need to pay for the items I purchased to do this,” he objected when he saw how much I’d given him. 

Nonsense!  I didn’t expect you to show up and do it for free, so please accept it all.”

He was still slightly reticent to accept it, but eventually he gave in and slipped the money into his pocket.  He thanked me again before he left, and then he eagerly returned home to help his wife with whatever she had planned.

After he left, I thought about Noah again and wondered what time Coach Rich would be dropping him off.  It didn’t happen until about forty minutes after Cheryl arrived home from work and she had dinner prepared.  Noah was beaming from ear-to-ear as he walked through the door. 

I had a great time last night and at the party.  We played touch football with the other guys first, and Jason loved the drone I gave him.  I told you he would.”

Yes, you did, and I’m glad it worked out,” I said as we walked to the table.

Jason told me in the car that we’d play with it when I stayed over from now on,” Noah said as he was sitting down to eat.  “He also told me that I should bring mine whenever I spent the day there.”

Yes, that would give you both something to do so neither of you would have to stand around as you watched the other one fly the drone.”

And he asked me if I was going to go to the soccer camp at the park this year, but I told him I wasn’t sure yet, cuz it costs money.”

Your mother and I talked it over last night and have agreed to let you do it, as long as Coach Rich and his wife are willing to let you spend the rest of the day there and transport you back and forth.”

Yeah, they said I could stay there when I was doing it, but what about the money it costs?”

I’m going to pay for it.” 


You’re welcome, but it’s not a big deal.  It’s only $20.00 for each week.” 

It’s a big deal to me, cuz I wouldn’t get to do it with Jason if you didn’t pay for it.”  

I merely tousled his hair in response.

As we continued our meal, Noah gave us much more detail about his weekend and it sounded as if everyone had a great time, not just he and Jason.  I was glad to hear this, especially the part about Jason spending individual time with the other boys too, not just with Noah. 

As soon as we finished eating and had cleared off the table, I made an announcement.  “Earlier today I had a guy from work drop by so he could set the TV up with Hulu and Netflix, so now we have a lot more options to choose from.” 

Noah was thrilled and Cheryl was impressed as we looked through our potential choices.  We finally agreed on a movie and then got comfortable on the sofa, with Noah in the middle, as I clicked on the icon to start. 

We all enjoyed the movie, and when it was over Noah and I said goodnight to his mom.  Noah also gave her a hug and a kiss before she returned to her side, and then we headed to the bathroom so we could prepare for bed.  Once we’d finished and were heading toward the bedroom, Noah made a comment. 

I want you to use your tongue on my butt again.”

The proper term for that is rimming, so I’ll rim you if it’s what you want.”

Yeah, I do, and this time I want you to use your fingers too.” 

I’ll use one, but that’s enough for now.”


Noah quickly got into the same position as before and I spread his butt cheeks so I could thrust my tongue into his tiny opening.  He immediately began rocking back and forth while I was applying my ministrations, and he was also cooing and purring throughout the entire time.  When I finished working on his anus, I reached into my nightstand, pulled out the lube, and applied some to my index finger. 

You might want to push out a little, like you’re taking a crap, because it will make my finger slide in easier.” 

Ok,” he mumbled before doing as I’d asked.  My finger popped in with hardly any effort. 

Did it hurt?” 

No, but if feels like I’ve got to poop.” 

It’s just my finger that’s making you feel as if you need to use the toilet.”

Ok, if you’re sure.”

As soon as he understood, I began sliding my finger in and out of his chute, while at the same time searching for his immature prostate.  A few seconds later I heard him gasp. 

What just happened?” he shrieked, which let me know I’d found the spot I’d been seeking.  “You made my inside tingle and some of that stuff squirted out of my penis.” 

My finger just stroked your prostate, which is a small gland that’s located behind your penis.  It produces the liquid part of your semen when you ejaculate, and some guys’ prostates are very sensitive.  A few can even cum from just having their prostate stimulated during foreplay or sex.” 

Wow, I didn’t know that, but I think it’s what just happened to me.” 

You didn’t actually ejaculate, but it obviously caused you to leak a lot more pre-cum than usual.” 

Yeah, and it felt good too.”

I continued using my finger on him for a little while longer, and then I flipped him onto his back so I could suck him off.  Shortly after Noah had recuperated from his orgasmic release, he looked up at me and smiled.  “Now I want to do those same things to you, and I want to do them with Jason when he’s here next time.” 

Are you sure he’s ready for this?”

Yeah, we talked about it a little when we were in his bed Friday night.  I told him what you did to me with your tongue and that you were going to stick your finger in my butt too.” 

And he’s ok with that?”

Yeah, he said he couldn’t wait to see what it was like.” 

Ok, we’ll give it a try with him then.”

Great, but get ready so I can do it to you now.”

I got on all fours and Noah slid into position behind me.  He wasn’t as tentative as before and quickly began rimming me.  When he was tired of doing that I added a little lube to his index finger so he could use it on me next.  I doubted he would need the lube when doing this to me, but I did it to get him ready for what he’d need to do when he tried this on Jason.  

Whoa, this makes my finger really slippery,” he gasped as it slid all the way into my backside. 

Yes, that’s so it slides in and out more easily.” 

Yeah, and I liked the way it felt when you did it to me.”

Noah then used his finger on me for a couple of minutes before he asked me to lie on my back so he could suck me off.  He was just as greedy as ever as he bobbed up and down on my manhood, and once we were both satisfied, I cuddled with him and we fell asleep. 

The following week Noah had two away games, one on Tuesday and another on Friday.  Cheryl attended the game on Tuesday, although she didn’t get there until the third inning.  I was unable to attend, due to getting out of work later and the length of the drive to the school, and Noah was slightly disappointed that I didn’t see him play.  He was happy with the end result, though.  It had been a close contest and they won 3-2. 

Friday’s game was even farther away, so neither Cheryl nor I were able to go.  When I picked Noah and Jason up at the school later, since it was Jason’s turn to stay over with us, I could tell they were both upset.  I found out why after they climbed into the SUV. 

We lost 4-3, but we should have won,” Noah explained. 

Yeah, we got robbed,” Jason agreed.

Why?  What happened?” I asked.

It started when the other team got two runners on base, and then the next batter hit a ball to the outfield,” Noah continued.  “The field had what Coach Rich called a snow fence around the outfield so any ball hit over it would be a home run, but the fence was busted in some places.  The umpires told both teams before the game started that if the ball went through one of those holes that the fielder was to raise both arms in the air so one of them could check it out.  They said the umpire would then confirm what happened, and if the ball had gone through the fence it would be ruled a ground rule double.”  When Noah paused briefly to take a breath, Jason spoke up. 

Our team was ahead 3-1 when the first two guys got on base,” he clarified.  “The first one walked and the next guy bunted.  The third baseman tried to throw the runner out at second, but his throw was late, so both guys were safe. 

Yeah,” Noah continued, “and then the next batter hit the pitch out to right field.  No one was able to get to the ball and it rolled all the way to the fence.  The problem was that no one but the right fielder saw that it had rolled through one of those holes.  He forgot to throw his arms up like he was supposed to do and tried to reach through the fence to get the ball instead.  It took him a long time before he was able to reach it, so by the time he threw the ball to the infield, both runners had scored and the batter was standing on third base.”   

Everyone on our team was mad when they realized why it took him so long to throw the ball back,” Jason added.   “My dad went out to talk to the umpires about it, but they said there was nothing they could do, since the outfielder hadn’t raised his arms so they could check out what had happened.” 

I hope no one yelled at the right fielder for making that mistake?” I retorted. 

No, cuz they were watching my dad arguing with the umpires about what they were gonna do about it,” Jason answered. 

When the umpires said they couldn’t do anything, it really upset the pitcher and he lost his cool.  He ended up throwing a wild pitch, and that let the runner on third score too. It’s why we ended up losing 4-3, but we shoulda won.  If the batter only got a ground rule double then just one run would have scored and the pitcher wouldn’t have been so mad that he threw a wild pitch.  We woulda won 3-2 instead of losing.” 

Possibly, but you can’t be sure about what might have happened, even if your right fielder had raised his arms.  It’s true that only one run would have scored at that time, but the pitcher might still have thrown a wild pitch, knowing he’d just given up a run.  If that had happened, who knows what might have occurred next.” 

But we shoulda won,” Noah insisted.

I’ll agree it was a really bad break, but I hope the team doesn’t get down on the right fielder about this.  If they do, it could cause him to make even more mistakes in future games, and that wouldn’t be good for the team.  It was just a misunderstanding on his part and he didn’t do it on purpose.  I’m sure he feels just as badly about losing the game as the rest of you, maybe even worse because of his mistake.  You and your teammates will just have to shake it off and not let it continue to bother you.” 

Yeah, that’s kinda what my dad said to the team on the bus,” Jason chimed in.  “He said they should use what happened as a lesson about paying attention to the ground rules before each game, and then he told the right fielder to just stop worrying about it.  He said good players learn from their mistakes and don’t make them again, and this would make him a better player in the long run.  Then, he told everyone else that he didn’t want to hear of anyone saying anything mean or nasty to the right fielder about what had happened either.  He reminded them that they’ve all made mistakes before, and it was just unfortunate that this one affected the result more than the other mistakes, but it is all part of the game.”

Good for your dad,” I agreed.

When we reached the house, Cheryl immediately came over to tell us it was time to eat.  “I’m ready to put the food on the table, so get your butts over here now.” 

She was smiling, so I knew she wasn’t upset, so after she returned to her side, I added my two cents.  “I suspect her comment means the meal has been done for awhile and she’s been waiting for us to arrive, so Noah I want you to go over and sit down, since you’ve already showered.  Jason, do you need to wash up along with me?” 

Nah, I took a shower too, cuz I got dirty being the bat boy.” 

Then you go over with Noah while I clean up.  Noah, I want you to tell your mom I’ll be over shortly.”

He agreed and the two of them headed in the other direction while I took off for the bathroom.  I washed up as quickly as I could, and then I went over to join them.  When I walked through the door connecting the two sides, the boys were busily telling Cheryl about the game.

Now I understand what took you so long.  I’m sorry the team didn’t win,” she commiserated. 

No one was very talkative once that discussion ended and we merely shoveled forkfuls of food into our mouths.  Just as we were finishing up, Cheryl spoke. 

I’ll let you and the boys watch a movie or whatever you want, because I’ve got several things I need to do before tomorrow.  Besides, it would probably be best if you let them choose something, because it might help to put them in a better mood.” 

You might be right about that,” I agreed, and when we finished eating I led the boys over to my side of the house to spend the rest of the night. 

After explaining our new set-up and expanded options to Jason, he asked a question.  “We don’t have Netflix, but some of my friends have been talking about one of the shows on it.  They say it’s really good and quite scary, so can we watch ‘Stranger Things’?”

I’ll check it out.  Is it a movie or a series?” 

I think it’s a series, cuz my friends say there have been two seasons so far.  They started talking about it last year when we were in fourth grade.”  

Here it is and it lists both seasons.”  I’d been looking up the information while also listening to Jason.  

We only watched the first episode, and I immediately began to wonder if I’d made the right choice.  It was a very unusual show, and kind of spooky too, so I was afraid it might give the boys nightmares.  When it ended, they began talking excitedly about what they thought of it while we headed toward the bathroom to brush our teeth and use the toilet before getting in bed.

As soon as we had completed our nightly preparations, I guided the boys into the bedroom and Jason quickly mentioned something I’d been preparing for.  “I want you to do the same things to me that Noah said you did to him.”

And what would that be?” I asked feigning ignorance. 

He said you licked his butt hole and used your finger there too.”

I was prepared because Noah had warned me that he thought Jason was going to want to do this, but I waited to see if Jason was going to bring it up first.  Otherwise, I would have just blown them, as I normally did. 

Are you sure you want to do this?” 

Yeah, cuz Noah said he liked it and it feels good.  He also told me to wash my butt really good when we showered after the game.” 

I hope he didn’t say it so anyone else could hear.” 

Nah, he didn’t.  He whispered in my ear.”

Ok, but let me know if you want me to stop doing it at any time.  Would you prefer to watch me do it to Noah first?” 

Nah, just do it to me and then I’ll watch you do it to him after.” 

Is that ok with you, Noah?” 

Yeah, let Jason go first.” 

Since they were in agreement, I had Jason get on all four and did the same thing to him that I’d done to Noah previously.  I was amazed when Jason’s body visibly shuddered the moment my tongue came into contact with his pink, wrinkled hole. 

Are you ok?” I asked curiously.

Oh, yeah.  That feels really good,” he squealed in delight.  He squealed again a short time later, but this time without adding a comment.  It happened one more time when I pushed my tongue into his tight opening.  “Oooh.  Aaah.  I can’t believe you’re doing this, but it feels good.  Don’t stop.” 

He added the last part because I’d pulled away after hearing the noises he was making, since I wasn’t sure what they meant.  Now that I understood, I repeated the steps and licked up and down his crack before exposing his tiny opening again.  I repeatedly penetrated it with my tongue and his body began to tremble slightly as he mewed in contentment.  I thought he might even pass out from pure ecstasy before I finished.” 

Keep going,” he urged when I pulled away again. 

No, it’s time to switch over to using my finger, and then I’ll suck you off before I do the same things to Noah.” 

Ok,” he agreed, although I could tell he was slightly disappointed that I wasn’t going to do it longer.  His attitude changed, however, as soon as I had my finger up his chute.  I had given him the same advice that I’d given Noah the first time, but I became slightly concerned when I heard him hiss when my finger broke through his sphincter. 

Did that hurt?” 

No, it just feels different than your tongue did when it was in there, so it kinda surprised me.  Maybe you should stop cuz I feel like I’ve got to take a crap.” 

That’s natural and you don’t really have to, unless you felt that way before we started.” 

No, I didn’t, so maybe you’re right and it’s just cuz your finger’s in there.”

Since I was no longer worried that I was causing him any significant discomfort, I slid my digit in and out of his rectum for the next couple of minutes, while at the same time searching for the tiny nub that was his prostate.  I’m not sure if I ever located it, because he didn’t react as Noah had, so maybe his prostate wasn’t mature enough yet to make him feel good.  I continued working on him until Noah asked when it would be his turn. 

I’m sorry.  I guess I got carried away and have been doing it to Jason for longer than I originally planned.  I’ll stop now and suck him off so I can work on you next.” 

I quickly flipped Jason onto his back and bent down to work on his burgeoning boner.  After using my tongue on his scrotum and licking up his shaft, I wrapped my lips around his erection and started to bob up and down on it.  I guess my previous work on his backside must have primed the pump, because it didn’t take very long before his body shuddered and I felt a few droplets land on my tongue.  Shortly after that happened, I released his organ and let him wallow in the throes of orgasmic bliss. 

While he was recuperating, I started working on Noah next, but that ended as soon as Jason recuperated. 

Hey, why are you doing it to Noah already.  I wanted to watch when you did it to him,” he whined. 

Ok, then I’ll start over just for you.” 

He smiled and got really close so he could watch everything I was doing.  There were times when our heads bumped, because he kept inching closer and closer so he could see better, but he never complained about those mishaps.  Instead, he seemed satisfied that he was able to observe the types of things I’d done to him. 

He was just as interested as he watched me finger Noah, but he didn’t get quite as close this time.  He also asked Noah a lot of questions about what he was feeling, especially after Noah screamed out that I’d just hit the same spot that made him ‘leak’ the last time.  After Noah answered Jason’s questions, I explained to Jason that his body might not be mature enough yet to feel the same things Noah did.  He seemed to shrug this off and merely said he hoped it would happen soon. 

After I sucked Noah off, he said he wanted to do the same things to me.  Jason’s reaction was a bit more tentative, but eventually he agreed to take turns doing it with Noah, but he watched Noah rim me first, before he tried.  Both boys fingered me as well, and they even did it at the same time, since they realized their smaller fingers wouldn’t be difficult for me to handle, even when combined.  Once they were satisfied with doing that, they took turns sucking me off, with Jason getting the full force of the reward they had been working toward. 

Once we’d all gone through the process, we used the bathroom again to urinate and clean up, and then I cuddled with the two boys, with Jason in the middle.  We slept very soundly throughout the rest of the night.

                                                *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

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