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Watching Noah Grow by Erastes
Copyright 2018 by Erastes
Chapter 51 – The End of Another School Year. 

I woke the boys up early the next morning, because Noah had practice.  After we ate a light breakfast, I drove them to the school. 

Thanks for doing that stuff with me last night,” Jason said before getting out of the SUV.  “I liked it a lot and want to do it again the next time I stay over.”

I don’t have a problem with that, as long as it’s what you want.”

I stuck around and watched the practice after the boys ran off to join the rest of the team, and then I took Noah home when the practice ended. 

Jason really liked last night and said it was fun,” he advised me before we reached the house. 

I know.  He told me the same thing.”

See, I told you he would, and I like doing it too.”

As I told Jason, I’m ok doing it with you boys, as long it’s what you choose.”

Yeah, we both like doing that stuff a lot.  And you don’t have to worry about us telling anyone else about it either.”

I’m glad to hear that,” I confirmed as I was pulling into the driveway. 

The rest of the weekend was quite uneventful.  We merely talked about what was on the calendar for the following week, and that included two more baseball games.  Noah had a home game on Monday and an away game on Thursday, so we made our plans accordingly. 

Cheryl and I were able to get to both games, although I arrived later than she did.  It didn’t seem to bother Noah, though, and he was thrilled that we were both there to cheer him on.  They won the first game 4-2, and the next game proved to be even easier, because they won by a score of 7-1.  Noah played well in both games, but the coach took him, and most of the other starters, out of the lineup at various points from the third inning on in the second game.  Coach Rich did it so he could give the subs some playing time and allow them to gain experience in an actual game situation.  The starting players, fans, and other parents, including Cheryl and myself, all felt those boys had been working hard in practices and had more than earned that small consideration. 

I didn’t have to pick Noah up after practice on Friday, because it was his turn to stay over with Jason.  This meant we didn’t get a chance to spend any time together until Saturday afternoon, and then I decided to point something out to him. 

I hope you realize that your mom’s birthday is in a couple of weeks, and Mother’s Day is a week later.” 

Yeah, her birthday is on May 5th and it always comes just before Mother’s Day,” he confirmed. 

Have you thought about what you’re going to get her?”

Not really, cuz I don’t got any money.  I guess I could make her something.” 

Come on, you should know by now that I’m willing to pay for whatever you want to give her.”  

Yeah, I know, but I feel guilty making you pay for everything.” 

I don’t mind, and you do more than enough to make up for whatever I spend.” 

I don’t know how, but I’m glad you’re willing to do this for me.” 

What do you think about getting online and looking for ideas of what you could get her?  If you see something you like, we can either order it from that site, or we can go shopping for it locally.” 

Ok, that sounds good.”

We spent the rest of Saturday afternoon looking for ideas while Cheryl was working, and Noah found one item that he really liked.  I told him we could go to a few stores the next day to see if we could find a similar item we could look at before making the purchase.  He agreed that would probably be better than buying it online. 

We checked out a couple of places on Sunday, but they didn’t have what he was looking for.  I felt we’d have a better chance of finding it at one of the better jewelry stores that weren’t open on Sunday, so we agreed to check those places out the following Saturday.  Before we went home, though, we went to another store where he picked out a birthday and Mother’s Day card, so the day wasn’t a total loss.

During the next week Noah’s team had only one game, a home game on Thursday, which they won 2-1.  It wasn’t easy, but the players were happy that they’d survived another close game. 

The next afternoon I picked up both boys from practice, because it was Jason’s turn to join us for the night.  After we had dinner with Cheryl, we all went over to my side to watch a movie before turning in.  As soon as the boys and I were in my bedroom, Jason made his desires known. 

I want to do the same things that we did the last time.” 

That’s fine with me,” I agreed.  “What about you, Noah?” 

Yeah, I want to do that too,” he said without hesitation. 

Seeing they were in agreement, I rimmed and fingered each one before sucking him off.  After I’d taken care of both boys, they returned the favor and did the same things to me, sharing the reward when I ejaculated.  Once we were all sated, we cuddled together and fell asleep. 

After we dropped Jason off at his house on Saturday afternoon, I took Noah to one of the local jewelry stores to see if they had what he was looking for.  They had something similar, but it wasn’t exactly what he wanted, so we headed to the next store.  They didn’t have anything close to what he had in mind, so Noah was beginning to worry that he wouldn’t find a present for his mom at any of these stores.  I quickly assured him that we could always order it online if that happened, because we still had plenty of time, but we lucked out at the next store.  They had exactly what Noah was looking for, and after making the purchase, we took it home and I helped him add a little personal touch to it before I wrapped it for him.  He was so excited that I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to wait another week before giving it to his mom, but fortunately he managed to control himself. 

Noah’s team had two more games the following week, and both of them were away.  Cheryl and I got to the first one, although I didn’t arrive until the fifth inning.  Noah’s team won 5-2, and he’d played well while I was there, so now we turned our attention to the next game. 

Cheryl wasn’t able to make it to that one, since it was being played on Saturday while she was working.  Seeing it had also been Noah’s turn to stay over with Jason the night before, I didn’t have to drop him off at school to catch the bus.  I took my time and fixed myself a leisurely breakfast and after cleaning up I hopped into the SUV and drove to the other team’s field. 

As I was looking for a good spot where I could place my lawn chair to watch the game, I noticed that Noah appeared to be in an unusually good mood.  I took it to mean that he and Jason had fun working on each other’s bodies the previous evening and, therefore, the reason he was exhibiting such an upbeat demeanor.  I only spent a couple of minutes thinking about that, though, before I began checking out my surroundings.  I was immediately impressed with the well manicured field they were about to play on, and the only negative I observed was that there was no fence around the outfield.  At this level an outfield fence is more of a luxury than a standard feature, and after what had happened at their last game a fence might even be considered a hazard. 

The contest proved to be a real nail-biter and was tied 2-2 at the end of regulation, which is seven innings for school teams.  This meant they ended up playing extra innings, but neither team scored in their half of the eighth.  Noah’s team didn’t score in the top of the ninth either, and then the home team came up again in the bottom of the inning. 

The leadoff batter started off by placing a surprise bunt down the third base line and beat it out.  He then attempted to steal second on the first pitch to the next batter, and when the catcher on Noah’s team tried to throw him out the ball sailed high and got past both Noah and the shortstop.  That allowed the runner to advance to third with no outs. 

The batter who’d been up when the runner advanced then struck out, and the next batter hit a blooper out to right-center field.  The center fielder made a sensational diving catch and quickly bounced to his feet again as the runner was tagging up.  He made a strong throw to the plate and the catcher fielded the ball cleanly before wielding around to make the tag.  The rest of us held our breath as we waited for the umpire’s call, and it didn’t take long before he ruled that the runner had touched home plate before being tagged by the catcher and was, therefore, safe. 

Coach Rich raced out to argue the call and insisted that the tag had been made first, but the umpire was adamant in his stance.  It had been a bang-bang play, and the home plate umpire had the best view so he refused to consult with the other umpire.  It was a bitter pill for Noah and his teammates to swallow, since they’d just lost the game 3-2.  Coach Rich didn’t give them time to dwell on it, though, and made sure they lined up to slap hands with the other team.  After they made it through the line, each player slunk over to the parking lot and climbed onto the bus for the long and depressing ride back. 

As I was driving to the school and then waiting for Noah to shower and change, I thought about how he might react to the loss and how I was going to respond.  I was also hoping it wouldn’t leave him in a permanently bad mood for Cheryl’s birthday celebration that we’d planned for the following evening.  Noah and I were going to take her out to dinner after she got home from work, and then we’d give her our presents and have the cake and ice cream at the house later. 

When I saw him walking toward the SUV, I knew I had my work cut out for me.  To my chagrin, Noah seemed to be taking the loss very hard and looked as forlorn as a puppy that had just been scolded.  He didn’t look up until he opened the door and was climbing into his seat.

Did you think that guy was out or safe at home?” he demanded as he buckled up. 

It was a really close call and probably could have gone either way, so it was unfortunate that it went in favor of the other team.” 

But it’s the second game we lost that we shoulda won.” 

That may be, but sometimes the breaks go your way and other times they go against you.  You have to learn to take the good with the bad.” 

I guess, but it’s hard and it really stinks.  We could be undefeated.” 

You could, but you’re not, and there’s no use dwelling on it, because it’s not going to change anything.  It’s only a game and this is just one season, and you’ll have many more seasons before you stop playing.”  

Yeah, I know, but it still sucks.”

He seemed to perk up slightly as the day progressed, although he was still huffing and puffing slightly as he recounted every detail of what had happened to his mom.  She sympathized with him and reiterated that it was all part of playing sports, and then we helped her clear the table and load the dishwasher after we finished eating. 

Do you have to work tomorrow?” Noah asked just before we finished. 

Of course.  I always work on Sunday.” 

So you didn’t take it off cuz it’s your birthday?”

No, but the girl who comes in after me said she’d come in a couple of hours early so I wouldn’t have to work the entire shift.” 

That is awfully nice of her,” I stated while Noah was thinking about what she’d just said. 

Yes, it is, and we all try to make sure we do something like that when someone has a birthday,” she confirmed.

But you shouldn’t have to work at all on your birthday,” Noah spat back, looking slightly irritated. 

I don’t mind,” she insisted, “and I’ll still get home earlier than usual.”   

That will give you a little more time to relax, bathe, and get dressed after you arrive, because we’re taking you out to dinner,” I stated.  When I saw her start to open her mouth to object, I continued.  “I’ve already made the reservation at your favorite restaurant.” 

You shouldn’t have done that.  It costs far too much every time we go there.” 

Maybe, but this is for a good cause and you deserve to be pampered once in awhile.” 

I appreciate that you’re doing this for me, and I know I’m going to enjoy it, but you shouldn’t spend so much money doing these things.”

I do it because I want to and can afford it.  I also enjoy spending the time with both of you.”

Once our discussion ended, Cheryl agreed to watch a movie with us next, since Noah insisted that she should relax and enjoy herself for the rest of the night.  Noah sat between us, but cuddled mostly with his mom.  I didn’t have a problem with that, since I understood that he wasn’t ignoring me.  He was just showing his mom how much he loved her.

When the movie ended, I bid her goodnight after Noah gave her a hug and kiss, and then she returned to her side of the house.  Noah and I then got ready for bed, but we took a little time to fool around first and get our rocks off before going to sleep. 

Noah was bouncing around like a pinball the next day, constantly worrying about every little detail of what we had planned for his mom.  He wasn’t totally happy with the cake when we picked it up; although I thought it looked fine.  He also debated over which flavor ice cream we should buy and changed his mind several times as he tried to figure out which one his mom would like best.  And then his attention turned to his present. 

Do you think she’ll like it?” 

She’ll love it because you picked it out specifically for her.”

Are you sure?”

I’m positive.”

He calmed down slightly after she arrived home, but not much.  The first thing he did was to suggest that his mom take a nap first, before she started getting ready.  He knew she would take a bath before getting dressed, because Cheryl preferred to soak in a tub, rather than taking a shower.  She said that relaxing in a nice, hot bath helped to soothe her aching muscles and let her unwind after a tiring day.  While she was doing those things, I helped Noah get dressed in his suit and tie, since we were going to one of the classier restaurants in the area. 

I drove them in my SUV and was extremely proud of the way people looked at us as we entered the establishment and were led to our table.  We all looked great and collectively appeared to others as an ideal family unit.  If only those people knew the real story. 

After having a wonderful meal, we returned home, but we waited a little longer before having the cake and ice cream.  I was surprised that Noah was able to wait before giving his mother his present, but then he held his breath as he watched her unwrap the package and waited to see how she was going to react.  Eventually, she pulled out the heart shaped locket into which I had inserted a photo of Noah’s face that I had trimmed to fit into the small frame. 

This is beautiful,” she gushed as soon as she saw it.  “I’ll wear it every day so this heart with your photo in it will always be close to my heart.” 

That seemed to eliminate Noah’s greatest concern, and after she put the locket around her neck, I gave her my present next.  It was a pair of heart shaped earrings that matched the locket Noah had just given her. 

These are lovely too,” she stated while looking at me appreciatively, “but you didn’t have to get me anything.  You paid for dinner and that was more than enough.” 

I wanted to do both, so no complaining.  Happy Birthday.”

We then had the cake and ice cream, which caused Noah something new to worry about.  He repeatedly asked if she thought the cake looked and tasted good, and then he wanted to know if she liked the ice cream he’d chosen. 

They were both perfect,” she assured him with a smile. 

It was getting late at this point, so we decided to turn in, seeing we all had to go to work or school in the morning.  By now, Noah and I were convinced that Cheryl was more than satisfied with the things we’d done and the gifts we’d given her on her very special day.

During the following week, Noah had two more home games and his team won both.  Cheryl and I got to watch him play in each of them, and he did very well, so we were surprised that he wasn’t in a better mood when we got back to the house. 

What’s wrong?” Cheryl demanded.  “You look as if your team had just lost, not won.” 

I’m happy about that, but I’m kind of sad that next week is the end of baseball season.” 

It is, but it’s also the end of the school year,” I pointed out. 

Oh, yeah, I forgot about that,” he agreed as his mood improved slightly. 

That Friday it was Jason’s turn to stay over again, and I reminded both boys that Sunday was Mother’s Day.  “Yeah, I know,” Jason agreed.  “My Dad and I got her a present last weekend and we’re gonna take her out to brunch.” 

And I know what I’m going to do for my mom too,” Noah added.

After I took Jason home on Saturday, Noah and I went shopping again so he could get his mom something for Mother’s Day.  Then, he woke me early on Sunday morning so I could help him fix breakfast for her before she left for work.  She thanked him for being so thoughtful and gave him a kiss before putting on her uniform and leaving the house. 

Once we were alone, Noah convinced me to rim and finger him again, because we hadn’t done anything the night before.  We’d spent most of the evening with his mom, and then he decided to go to sleep early because he was going to get up early to help fix her breakfast.  That meant we didn’t have time to mess around last night, so now he was eager to make up for waiting a little longer than usual. 

Later, when Cheryl arrived home, we sat down to eat the dinner that I’d helped Noah prepare.  After we finished the meal, he gave her a scented candle and a lovely card, along with a bottle of wine that he had me pick out.  After he handed each item to her, he explained his choices.  

I know you like to light the smelly candles when you’re taking a bath, and Uncle Brian reminded me that you like wine too, so I wanted to get both of them for you.  I love you, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day.” 

Thank you, honey, and they’re scented candles, not smelly ones.”

But they smell too,” he objected. 

Yes, but they have a good aroma, like vanilla or cinnamon, not a bad smell.  I appreciate everything you’ve done and you’ve made this a very special day for me.  Thank you and I love you very much.”

And we’re going to let you pick out the movie we watch tonight too,” he added gleefully. 

She happily sipped a glass of wine as we watched the movie she’d selected, and I think Cheryl enjoyed the wine and cuddling with her son more than the images that were flickering on the screen. 

Noah’s final two games were both away, and it was a struggle for Cheryl and me to get to them.  We managed to make it to each one, although not always in time to watch every inning, but she did better than I did because she got out of work earlier.   However, Noah was more than satisfied that we made the effort to be there for him and got to see at least part of each game.  His team won both contests and ended the season with a 12-2 record. 

In retrospect, now that the school year had ended, Noah had played three sports this year and each of those teams had done well.  The best part, at least for Noah, was that although a few faces remained the same on the various teams, he got to be with a variety of boys during the various seasons.  This included seeing each of them naked in the locker room or in the shower, something I knew he enjoyed as much as playing.  In fact that aspect of his participation convinced me he’d probably be trying out and playing on multiple teams throughout high school. 

Shortly before classes had let out for the summer, Noah, Jason, and Jason’s parents talked it over and agreed they’d let Noah spend Wednesday and Fridays at their house until school started again.  That way Noah would be there already when it was his turn to spend Friday night with their family, and then on alternating weeks Jason would be able to ride back with us when I picked Noah up. 

They also agreed to let Noah stay with them during the two weeks that the soccer clinic was being held, as well as transporting him back and forth to the park, since they were taking Jason anyway.  Now that those things had been agreed to, it meant Noah would be at the park near my office on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  That way he’d be able to spend some time with Sam, Gus, Glen, and his other friends as well. 

When Cheryl talked to Debbie and Monica about the possibility of occasionally allowing Noah to spend time at their apartments if the weather was bad, they brought up something else.  It seemed their sons had been bugging them to find out if I was going to take them swimming over the summer again, so she told them she’d check with me and let them know. 

When she mentioned this to me, I talked it over with Noah and Jason first, since Jason wanted to do this with us.  “Gus, Sam, and Glen want to know if I’m going to take them swimming this summer, so we’ll have to decide which day would be best.  Should we do it on Saturday or Sunday?” 

Let’s do it on Saturday, cuz we’ll be together already after spending Friday night with each other,” Noah offered. 

Are you planning on playing baseball this summer, because I know Jason is and I don’t want to interfere with either of you doing that?” 

Nah, I’ve decided to just watch Jason play.”

Are you sure?” I asked, but Jason answered before Noah could.

He’s not playing cuz the teams in the summer league don’t take showers after practice and games.” 

Nuh uh,” Noah objected as he punched Jason playfully for teasing him. 

Sure it is, cuz you like seeing all of the naked boys’ dickies.” 

It seemed as if Jason had been reading my mind, because I’d concluded that taking showers would play a major factor in Noah’s decision to continue playing sports.

You do too,” Noah spat back, “and you still play in the summer league.” 

That’s because I’ve seen enough dickies while I’m helping my dad, but I know you would like seeing even more of them, if you could.” 

I still get to see yours when we stay overnight with each other.”

Yeah, but you like checking the other boys out more than I do.”

While they continued their playful banter, I began to draw a few conclusions using what both boys had said.  If Jason isn’t as eager to see naked boys, then there’s a good chance he’s bi, not gay.  He still likes to check the guys out, but if he’s not as addicted to it as Noah, then maybe he’ll want to start checking out some naked girls too. 

Ok, enough,” I said ending their conversation.  “Would you boys rather go swimming on Saturday or Sunday?” 

Like Noah said, we’ll already be together on Saturday, so let’s do it then,” Jason confirmed. 

What if you have a game or practice?” I countered. 

My team only has a couple of Saturday games, so I might miss going with you if they aren’t later in the day, but I’ll go with you the rest of the time.” 

What about Saturday practices?” I pressed.

If the coach calls a practice on Saturday it’s usually around 6:00, cuz he works during the day.  He fixes up old houses and does stuff like that, so he only takes time off on Saturday if we have an early game.”

Ok, that sounds good, so it’s what I’ll have Noah’s mom tell the other boys’ mothers.” 

And you guys swim at the state park, doncha?” Jason followed. 

Yes.  Is that a problem for you?” 

No, it’s just that I’ve never been swimming except in a pool.” 

It’s not that different and I think you’ll enjoy the change.  You don’t have to worry, though, because I’ll make sure nothing happens to you.” 

Oh, I wasn’t worried about that, cuz I’m a good swimmer.  I was just thinking that it’s gonna be different walking out on the sand and mud, instead of on cement.” 

Yes, that might take a little getting used to, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the change.  The other boys seem to.”

Now that everything was set, I relayed the information to Cheryl so she could tell Debbie and Monica.  Hopefully, when Noah and the other three spend time together swimming and at the park it will help to renew their friendship.  It had gotten a little dicey at one point, and they haven’t seen each other for awhile, so I’m hoping this will help to get their friendships back on track.

                                                *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I wish to extend my thanks to Donny and Emoe for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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