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Watching Noah Grow by Erastes
Copyright 2018 by Erastes
Chapter 52 – A Long and Winding Road. 

Noah and Jason remained close throughout middle and high school, and this was due to a couple of reasons.  The first, of course, hinged upon their joint interest in sports.  Starting in the fall they played on the modified (7th & 8th grade) soccer team together, with Jason playing striker (center-forward) and Noah playing center-midfielder (center-halfback).  They complemented one another splendidly and worked together seamlessly on the pitch.  Their ability to anticipate each other’s moves helped lead the team to an undefeated season, with Jason scoring the most goals and Noah dishing out the greatest number of assists. 

They didn’t play soccer together the following year, because Jason was still in middle school and Noah had moved up to the high school.  They were reunited the following year and led the junior varsity team to an undefeated season, and the next fall both boys moved up to the varsity squad.  Even though it was rare for a sophomore to play on the Varsity team, Jason was one of those rare individuals who were capable of competing with older and more physically mature boys.  What made this even more incredible was that Jason was actually the same age as most freshmen, which presented an even greater obstacle for him to overcome.  Despite those challenges, during their first year together at the varsity level, the duo helped to lead the team to a district title, and the following fall they helped the team play its way to the State Championship. 

The pair also played basketball together, although without achieving the same level of success they’d enjoyed on the soccer pitch.  They were named the starting backcourt on the modified team and did fairly well.  Jason was the better ball-handler and played point guard, while Noah filled the shooting guard position, and they led the team to a 10-4 record.  A couple of years later they joined forces again as the backcourt for the JV team, although not always as starters, and this time the team finished at 8-6.  They eventually made the varsity squad as well, although by that time their roles were primarily as supporting players, coming off the bench to give the starters a brief respite.   

They were much more successful at baseball than basketball, and became two-thirds of the double-play combination on the modified team.  Jason played shortstop and Noah covered second base, with the third member of the combination being a tall, slender, left-handed first baseman whose amazing stretch turned many close plays into outs.  Together, the trio did a splendid job patrolling three-fourths of the infield and kept most ground balls hit in their direction from getting through.  They also did quite well with a bat in their hands when they came to the plate and all three finished with very respectable batting averages. 

This same infield triumvirate also played together on the JV and varsity teams when they got older, and they continued playing very well as a unit.  Due to the difference in their ages, however, the three of them only played one season together at each of those levels.  Noah and the first baseman were in the same grade and played together every year, while Jason was a grade behind and only played with the other pair every other year.  Jason went out for the JV and varsity squads a year early each time so they could remain together, but he wasn’t dominate enough at shortstop to make the cut.  There was another very good shortstop who was a grade ahead of Noah, and being younger and physically less mature Jason was unable to take his spot.  However, the three of them played very well together whenever they were on the same team. 

Another reason why the boys stayed close throughout that period was because they both enjoyed exploring their sexuality together.  In the fall I noted that they were able to handle my penetrating them with my finger fairly easily, so I started using two digits at a time.  When they began to accommodate those with no problem I bought a small dildo and began using that on them as well.  After several sessions of using the dildo on each of them, I eventually agreed to allow the pair to start having anal sex with each other, while still enjoying oral sex as well.  When Jason stayed over with us they usually asked me to join in the fun, but I would only blow, rim, or finger them until they were in high school. 

During Noah’s freshman year I finally agreed that he was physically mature enough to handle my girth and gave in to his constant whining about having anal intercourse with him.  However, I also came to the decision that I wasn’t going to do that with Jason, due to his growing interest in girls.  I felt he wasn’t really interested in doing that with me, although he still messed around with Noah when they stayed over with each other on Friday nights.  Once he reached high school, though, he began having a string of girlfriends and didn’t do those things with Noah as often either.  During one of his overnight visits during that time, I overheard snippets of his conversations with Noah and was fairly certain that he had already fucked one or more of those girls.  Since he wasn’t actually gay, I limited what I did with him to sucking, rimming, and fingering whenever they asked me to join them, but most of the time I left the two of them to their own devices. 

Noah and Jason’s closeness began to wane after Noah left for college, and then their relationship took another hit the following year when Jason started college at a different institution of higher learning.  The previous year Noah had been offered a soccer scholarship at a Division II college, while Jason got a soccer scholarship at a Division I university.  They remained in contact from time-to-time through their social media accounts, but from that point on it wasn’t the same close relationship that they’d enjoyed previously. 

When Noah first announced to his mom and me that he’d been offered the soccer scholarship, he and I did some online research before he accepted the offer.  That was to allow us to see if that particular college offered an academic program for the major that Noah wanted to pursue.  I even offered to cover his tuition, room and board if he thought somewhere else would be better for him, and his mom said she’d pay for his textbooks and other supplies. 

After a couple of weeks of doing an in-depth investigation, Noah and I agreed that the college offering him the scholarship had a more than adequate program in his field of interest.  Therefore, he accepted the scholarship, which wasn’t a full scholarship and didn’t cover all of his expenses, so I paid for everything the scholarship didn’t.  Starting that fall, Noah left for college and was away from home for the next four years when classes were in session.  It proved to be a tremendous opportunity and allowed him to be on his own for the first time.  It also gave him a chance to meet others who came from vastly different backgrounds, both ethnically and economically.  Before long he had a new group of friends, and over time my relationship with Noah began to change as well. 

During his freshman year, Noah met and became friends with a young man he’d come into contact with in one of his classes.  The boy’s name was Caleb Harrington, and he was also a freshman, and they hit it off quite quickly.  Part of the reason for this might have been due to a physical attraction between them, although at the time neither one realized the other was gay.  They might have suspected or hoped that was the case, but at first they only knew that they enjoyed each other’s company.  They had a great deal in common, as far as interests and tastes, and this helped to assure a very solid friendship.  Ironically, it took them until midterm before they broached the topic of their sexuality, and once that was out in the open things began to evolve rapidly.

Cheryl and I traveled together to spend some time with Noah on Parents’ Weekend, and that’s when we got to meet Caleb for the first time.  This was prior to the pair discovering that they were both gay, so at the time Noah merely introduced Caleb to us as a friend.  After the introductions, Noah informed Caleb about how his mom had worked very hard to provide for him while he was growing up, and I thought that was both classy and very sweet. 

Noah had initially introduced me to Caleb as Uncle Brian, but now he advised Caleb that I’d been more of a father to him than an uncle, and that was the way he thought of me.  This touched me deeply, and his comments about Cheryl and I also helped Caleb bond with us more quickly than might otherwise have happened.  Cheryl and I were impressed with how good-looking, well-mannered, and what a caring young man Caleb was, and we felt they would be very good for each other. 

Just as we had when Noah played sports in middle and high school, we went to watch his soccer matches whenever we could.  Each time Caleb spotted us in the stands he would come up and sit with us, and together we would become Noah’s most vocal supporters.  I knew Noah appreciated this and it was important to him that we came as many times as we could, while Caleb was there for every home match. 

Before the end of the first semester Noah and Caleb had officially become a couple, and even though Noah was excited about this, it also presented him with a minor dilemma.  Despite the fact that he and Caleb were now sexually involved, Noah still wanted to mess around with me when he returned home for Christmas break.  We talked it over and I agreed to do this with him, but only if we used a condom. 

Before he returned to campus, Noah told me that he wanted to do the same during his summer vacation as well, and I responded that we’d talk about it again when he returned home.  I didn’t want to give him a definite answer at that time, because I felt he might change his mind again before then and didn’t want him to feel that he’d already made an unbreakable commitment. 

That spring Noah also opted to tryout for the baseball team.  Although he’d previously expressed his concerns to me that he wasn’t good enough, he earned a spot as a member of that squad as well.  Once again, Cheryl and I did our best to get to some of his games, and it was a good thing that the college wasn’t very far away from where we lived. 

When Noah returned home for the summer, he told me again that he wanted to do the same things we’d done at Christmas, and once again I gave in to him and we were intimate.  We basically also did that during his second year of college as well, but as he and Caleb continued to grow closer, Noah and my relationship gradually began to evolve.  Before long it morphed into that of a father and son and our sexual intimacy became a thing of the past.  We remained as close as ever since then, but now without being involved in a sexual relationship. 

Noah ended up playing Division II soccer and baseball for all four years and did quite well at both, but there was never much of a chance that he’d ever progress to the next level, as a professional.  It wasn’t, however, the end of his athletic career because he continued to play in various recreational leagues for many years to come. 

While Noah had been in high school, and even during his first three years at college, I had chosen to put aside my personal and professional ambitions so I could focus on his needs, not mine.  I remained working at the same job I’d held when I first met him and merely concentrated on doing everything I could to help him and his mom.  However, once he started his senior year of college I began sending out my resume in an effort to secure a position as CFO at a larger corporation.  After being contacted by a couple of different firms and going through the interview process, I accepted an offer.  It meant that I would have to move, and this created a personal quandary for me.  I didn’t want to leave Cheryl out in the cold and force her to find a new place to live, so after thinking it over for several days, I decided not to sell the duplex where we’d all been living.  I did this so Cheryl wouldn’t have to move and could stay in the house for as long as she needed. 

Since I wasn’t going to be able to take care of the place and handle the various problems that arose, I worked it out with Cheryl so she’d act as the property manager after I moved.  She would interview the new tenants and decide who she wanted to live on the other side, and she’d also have the authority to hire people to take care of the yard work and provide any needed repairs.  She agreed to perform these tasks in lieu of paying rent, and this allowed her to finally give up her job at 7-Eleven, which made Noah very happy.  I also opened a special bank account in both of our names so she could deposit the tenant’s rent money in it and then use those funds to pay for any expenses arising from managing the property. 

After moving away, I remained in regular contact with Cheryl and Noah, usually on a weekly basis.  We would also get together on the major holidays, which meant I would go there to meet them and then we’d all travel together to my parents’ house and celebrate with them.   My mom and dad loved having us join them on these very special occasions, and they always acted as if Cheryl and Noah were part of the family.  They doted on each one and treated them like royals, and sometimes I felt that my parents treated them better than they treated me.  Cheryl loved both of them in return and thought of them as if they were her parents as well, and they were the only grandparents that Noah ever knew.  I have to admit that it worked out very well for all of us. 

That’s why it was so emotionally devastating for each of us when my dad passed away several days after Noah graduated from college.  I called Cheryl and Noah personally to inform them about his death, and then I arranged to have all of us to fly there for the funeral.  Shortly after my uncle picked us up at the airport, I borrowed my parents’ car so I could take Cheryl and Noah shopping before we went to the calling hours and funeral.  I helped Cheryl pick out an elegant black dress and assisted Noah in selecting a new suit, since neither one had anything appropriate to wear.  Noah had long ago outgrown the other suits I’d bought for him, including the suit I’d provided for his college interviews and high school graduation.  I’m glad I bought those things for them, though, because they looked terrific when we attended the services.

I wound up returning to my childhood home several more times after the funeral in order to help my mom take care of the things that Dad had handled previously.  Eventually, I was able to convince her that it would be best for both of us if she sold the house and came to live with me.  She was reluctant to do this at first, because she had lived there with my dad during most of the years they’d been married and the house held many precious memories.  Those included the many years she spent there with her husband, as well as the memories of me growing up, but she realized she couldn’t take care of the place by herself.  In due course, she agreed it would be best to move in with me, rather than live there alone.  Since I wanted to allow her to have some privacy whenever she required it, I made certain to set a couple of rooms solely for her use.  That way she could enjoy some solitude whenever she wanted to be alone. 

In the end, it worked out even better than either of us imagined.  It gave my mom something to do besides dwelling upon the loss of her husband.  She insisted that I allow her to take care of the house and prepare the meals, in much the same way that she’d taken care of my dad and the house I grew up in.  An unexpected benefit of her moving in was that I merely had to provide Cheryl and Noah with tickets to fly here so they could join us to celebrate the various holidays, which meant my house soon became their second home as well. 

A few months after graduating from college, Noah and Caleb were lucky enough to land jobs in the same city, although it wasn’t the same one where either Cheryl or I lived.  We made sure that Caleb knew he had an open invitation to join us on the holidays and any other special occasion, but he let us know that he preferred to celebrate the holidays with his family instead.  Eventually, Noah and Caleb got married, and from that point on they agreed to alternate being with Caleb’s family or with us on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

When my mother died a few years later, Caleb and his parents came to her funeral.  After the service we went back to my house and visited for a couple of hours, and during that time we collectively made another decision.  From that point on we would all celebrate the holidays together.  One year we would do Thanksgiving at my place and Christmas at the Harrington’s house, and the following year we’d switch locations.  We’d alternate Easter as well, and then the four parents, since they included me in this category as well, would travel to Noah and Caleb’s place for each of their birthdays.  The six of us had now become a very close extended family. 

Noah and I have remained close throughout the many years since we first met, and I truly love him as a son, one I’d gotten to know intimately as well.  He and I still hear from Jason once in a while, and I don’t think either of us was surprised to learn that Jason had been offered a chance to tryout for a professional soccer team after he graduated.  We were stunned, however, that he’d decided to turn down the invitation, until we heard his explanation why.  He and his girlfriend, Emily, were planning to get married at that time and he didn’t want to spend a lot of time being away from home while traveling to different cities to play a match.  Instead, he opted to pursue a more conventional occupation and become a traditional family man.  They married soon after he’d made this decision, and they now have two children, a son named Jason Jr. and a daughter named Caitlyn.  

Cheryl, Noah, Caleb, and I have gotten together with Jason and his family at various times, and on a couple of those occasions Jason’s parents have been there as well.  Coach Rich and his wife seemed to be doing very well and were thrilled to be grandparents.  It was also fairly obvious to see that Jason and Emily were a very loving couple, as well as being terrific parents to their children.  Cheryl, Noah, Caleb, and I have agreed to get together with Jason and his family at least once a year from now on, and Jason told his children to call us Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Brian, Uncle Noah, and Uncle Caleb. 

While I’ve been reminiscing about how things have worked out for each of us, much of what has occurred seems to hinge on one very specific moment in time and one very friendly young boy.  For that reason, I will be forever grateful to Noah for finding the courage to come over to speak with me that day at the park so many years ago.  Who knows how any of this would have turned out, or what any of our lives would be like today if he hadn’t walked up to me and started asking questions?


The End.

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I wish to extend my thanks to Donny and Emoe for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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