First of all, my name is Tim and I am a dedicated true lover of boys. All my life I had recognized, even at an early age, that I have been deeply enthralled with the beauty of boys, spanning all ages. I have spent a lot of money to seek help from professionals, but came to the drastic conclusion that I will never stop loving boys. Up until this point in my 33 years of life, I had simply fantasized about having sex with a young boy, never acting on my dreams. Standing 6' 1", I weigh a muscular 175 pounds and take vast pride in working out to maintain and develop my physique. My life soon changed after visiting a water park that had just opened to the public!

It was early Saturday morning and I really had nothing planned for the day. After reading the newspaper, I discovered that the new water park was offering their grand opening today. So, having nothing better to do, I slipped on my pale blue bikini trunks, blue jean shorts, white tank-top, and sandals and headed for the park. I had arrived at the park fairly early and by all the cars in the parking lot, it was already filling up rather quickly. After paying the admission fee, I just walked around soaking in the warmth of the sun and glaring at all the young innocent boys playing freely in the water. For someone like myself, I thought I had died and went to heaven. I saw boys wearing baggy bathing suits to skimpy bikini bottoms. Walking around briefly, I found a dressing room where I put my extra clothes in a locker and just started walking around in my bikini shorts.

One thing led to another, and I soon grew tired of just walking around looking at all the lovely boys. I went to where the locker was, and there sitting on a bench directly in front of my locker was the most beautiful boy my eyes had ever graced. His hair was jet black, shoulder length with the sides slightly faded. As I stepped in his eyes met mine and I became enchanted with his vision. His eyes were the purest of pure dark emerald green and little dots graced either side of his slender cheeks, outlining perfect dimples. When the boy smiled, my heart sank to my feet. His teeth were perfectly shaped and pure white. At this time, I figured his age to be around thirteen or so.

I stepped nearer to my locker and I could feel my cock growing ever so angrily from his angelic beauty. He stood up and turned toward the locker directly behind mine and I couldn't help not to notice the perfection of his bronzed tan on his naked back. His bright yellow baggy shorts stuck out among his dark tan like a sore thumb. The back of his legs appeared to be as smooth as a baby's bottom and my eyes strained to capture even more of his golden beauty. Standing straight up, he couldn't have stood no more than 5' 5", and from his slender, yet muscular frame, weighed about 125 pounds soaking wet.

My locker was on the bottom and his was behind me on the top. I bent down pretending to fool around with my locker and my eyes burned as I saw him hook the inside of his bathing shorts and, almost like a tease, slowly slid them down his perfect frame. I was no more than two feet from him and witnessed the most perfect of bubble butts that anyone could possibly ever possess. The muscular globes rippled as he moved and the milky white flesh displayed brightly against the rest of his dark bronzed tanned skin. His butt was very small, but absolutely perfectly bubbly. My one hand could have almost completely covered the perfect globes. With his back facing me, I stared with the most lusting intent.

Patiently, I watched the young boy reach up into his locker and retrieve a towel. Showing no shame or shyness, he gracefully walked away down the small corridor to the showers. My eyes bounced in their sockets as they followed his every step, totally entranced by his appetizing, mouth watering butt cheeks sway up and down. The curved small line, considered his crack, held its place firmly together as each eye popping cheek danced to the sway of his graceful movement. The boy was graceful in every way known to mankind.

Momentarily, I was trapped in time while watching him walk towards the shower. My mind had captured every intricate detail concerning his absolute, perfect form. His eyebrows were evenly paired and considerably thick, along with his long, curved eyelashes, splashing up and down those mind boggling eyes of his. Those lips, ah yes. They were of the purest of pinkish red, thin but more than succulent. Just above his upper lips was the fine making of a moustache. Little, almost transparent hairs darted a single line forming his boyish moustache. His smile was intoxicating, as so was his mere looks. From the brief glance of his stomach, I could see he was thin, yet muscular. A little six pack creased his stomach area with no hairs to be seen by any human eye. While he was reaching up to his locker, my eyes caught the few strands of dark hair poking out from under each slender armpit.

Snapping out of my entranced state, I hurriedly stripped off my bikini shorts, grabbed a towel and prayed against all prayers that my cock would respect this boy and his total nudity. With each step bringing me closer and closer to the shower area, my heart pumped blood faster and faster. I stepped into the open shower area and all I could do was stare at the little angel who had his back towards me letting the water run down his back and slip under the muscular restraint of his tongue hardening butt cheeks. There were six shower heads on each side and I took the one directly opposite of him, behind him. I cut the shower on and the little gorgeous angel peered back and shot me a sudden smile.

My cock instantly grew hard to its fullest state. A solid 7 " of cut, thick man meat strained against time to capture the vision my eyes were being blessed with. I watched his small hands as they softly stroked each lovely globe of his boy butt, allowing water to slither between the tight crack. There wasn't a single blemish on his cheeks. Not a freckle or a pimple anywhere. The boy was spotless and void of any noticeable marks!

Patiently, I waited for him to lather his hair with the shampoo while I stroked my ever hardening cock with lusting venture. My heart pounded and I desperately wanted this cutie to at least turn to the side, or completely around, so that I could witness the jewel that he, and only he, was blessed with. The boy stepped backwards, away from the spewing shower head and began lathering his wonderful black hair with shampoo. Tossing caution out of the window, I eased to the wall while keeping both eyes on the boy. Carefully, I tip-toed to the point to where his body was bladed with my vision and in an instant, the object of my perverted desire blasted into view.

Three gorgeous inches of soft uncut boy meat wiggled around as he shampooed his hair. A small tuff of wet, curly black pubic hair formed a small V just over the base of his soft flesh covered boy cock. His eye popping boy meat was just a little thicker than my thumb and the foreskin hung over the head a good inch and a half. My eyes traveled downward and stole the breath taking opportunity to study his dangling boy balls. Evenly shaped in the size of a small grocery store egg, they hung loosely in their hairless sac a good four inches from the underside of the base of his cock. His eyes were closed to avoid any soap from getting into them, allowing me the privilege of studying his every glorious feature. The boy was perfect in everyway, causing my heart to pump more blood into my already throbbing man boner.

He stepped under the shower head and I returned back to mine to prevent from being busted by the little beauty. Even his feet looked absolutely delicious; small and void of any signs of hair on his strutting toes. I watched him as he rinsed his hair with the most graceful of rinsing. I studied his jutting bubble butt with the fullest of intensities. Formed like teardrops, they danced with his every arm movement, revealing no signs or evidence of even the slightest hint of any fat; just rock hard muscle. I was almost turned all the way around facing him, with my cock in my hand, when he suddenly turned, looking straight at my rock hard boner. Naturally, I quickly turned back to the shower and forced my cock from his view realizing the boy had caught me with my cock in hand. All he did was smile and began lathering his chest and stomach up with soap.

I watched his every move, more so his eyes, to see if he was even paying any attention to me, but it seemed he was more focused on soaping his delightful body up. He lathered his cock and mouth watering balls extremely well with soap, seeming to put on more of a show for my eyes. Since he was showing me everything, I sure was watching! Before my very eyes, his three inches of soft uncut boy meat began to grow, ever so slowly. His left hand captured his hairless balls while his right hand lathered his hardening cock. He was looking down at them while I was looking straight at him.

Within a few seconds of lathering his cock and balls, his uncut boy meat protruded straight out from his body like an angry missile. There wasn't a bend anywhere. It absolutely stuck straight out in a perfect line. I watched his right hand soap up the hard shaft with the glimmering hopes that I might see his skin covered cock head. He released his hand held cock and I saw his proud cock reach an impressive five and a half inches of perfect rock hard boy meat. The head peeked out into my view and it was a brilliant bright pink in color and the piss slit looked like it was the eye of a larger than normal needle.

In one breathtaking move, he turned completely around and bent over, giving my eyes the shock of their lives. Using his left hand, the young boy spread his cheeks and low and behold, I saw the most gorgeous of butt holes burn an everlasting impression into my mind. It was a pale pink in color and it looked like it was just a pinkish freckle, not a hole used to extract feces. It didn't look big enough to spread open to allow such a normal activity. The boy's soapy right hand slid behind him and started to lather his hairless crack to my perverted delight. His left hand joined in and began spreading the soap over the entire small globes of his creamy butt cheeks. Almost fainting from loss of blood, and not really positive, but it looked like the boy was using one of his fingers on his right hand to fuck his speckle of an asshole. The finger appeared to be quickly shooting in and out of his pink treasure, or at least in my mind, that is exactly what it looked like.

Just as fast as it all started, the boy ducked under the shower and began rinsing his gorgeous youthful frame. I was still stroking my soap covered cock while watching his hands flash across his body to aid in the removal of any and all soap. Once again, he turned around and there I was pumping my man meat in front of him. Just like before, he shot me a tender smile and continued to free his body of soap. My mind wasn't even thinking clearly as I continued to stroke my meat while the young boy looked at me. His boy cock was still as hard as ever and his balls no longer swung down. They had hardened in their sac which rose up just under his cock.

He turned around and shut off the shower and stepped out of the shower area. I had reached the point that I was just about to spray my load everywhere. Not wanting to miss any opportunity to see this boy in his mind torturing nude form, I soon followed. Stepping into the area just outside the showers, I began toweling off just as he was doing so. We were facing one another with both of our cock standing at the ready. Not a single word was uttered and I no longer cared if the boy knew I was totally infatuated with him.

After we both toweled off, I walked behind him back to the locker area. I knew he had to feel my eyes burning a hole into his muscular little butt. Standing almost side by side, I watched him as he slipped on a pair of baggy shorts, leaving his underwear off. He grabbed his carrying bag and walked outside, with me right on his delicious tail. I followed him as he walked out of the main gate and stood beside some cars near the woods. Building up the needed courage, I approached him.

Holding out my right hand, I nervously said, "Hi, my name's Tim." His touch sent shockwaves throughout my body and his angelic voice creased my ears, "Hi, I'm Billy." My eyes lowered to see his shirtless chest and noticed the small bright pink nipples as they appeared to be rock hard, jutting almost a half an inch. The front of his baggy shorts tented way out, showing me that his cock was still harder than ever. I asked, "Who you waiting for?" Billy's soft and soothing voice said, "My mom, but she won't be here for another hour." Bravely, I spoke, "I'd be more than happy to give you a ride home." Billy quickly said, "Na, my mom's out shopping and would be really pissed if I left."

I had to ask the question that was killing me, "Well, ugh, how, how old are you?" Without hesitation, Billy said, "14, I just turned it yesterday." Smiling at him, I said, "Well, happy belated birthday. I hope you got your birthday spankings!" Flashing his brilliant smile, he fired back, "No, not really. I just got some clothes." Billy may have been young, but he could tell the nervousness I was experiencing by the way I was speaking. We talked casually for about another ten minutes when he shocked my by saying, "You sure do have a big dick!" My response was way simpler, "Thanks, but yours is much, much, more prettier!" I couldn't believe I had said what I was thinking, more so, what he had said.

Out of the blue, Billy said, "I got some time to kill. Would you like to walk with me down the trail. They got some trails here leading to the river." Unable to speak, I simply nodded my head yes and followed him. We spoke of things not worthy to mention as we walked side by side down the thin trail cutting through the woods. We had walked a good ten minutes and I didn't see a single soul walking on the trail with us. Finally, we arrived at a clearing leading to the edge of a beautiful stream and we sat on a park bench right on the edge of the clear flowing water. My hands were all sweaty thanks to me burning with nervousness. Being so close to this angel, this gorgeous young Adonis, was driving me absolutely delirious with perverted thoughts.

Looking down, I could clearly see the definite bulge in his baggy, underwear free shorts. His legs, those bright bronzed tanned legs glistened against the sunlight sitting on the bench. Little sparkles of tiny dark hairs trickled along the front of his shins, but the rest of his legs, was completely hair free, not even peach fuzz. Even the boy's knee caps caused my mouth to tingle and fill with water. We sat on the bench in a moment of silence when I sort of blurted out, "You sure are gorgeous!" All he said was, "Thank you." After a brief silence, Billy turned his head towards me and with the gracious of smiles, asked, "Tim, are you gay?"

Looking down, I responded, "Not really. You see Billy, I like women, but I, I'm a ugh, I'm your parents worst nightmare. I'm something like a pedophile, if you know what I mean?" Billy softly spoke, "So, you like kids!" With the inner most shame, I said, "Well, I've never acted on any of my fantasies. I just like boys, boys like you!" With the air of excitement, Billy whispered, "Really, man that's so cool." Trying to fight back from telling untruths, I said, "No, it's not cool. It's highly illegal and definitely a sickness. I'm a grown man who would love nothing more than to hold a young boy and make sweet passionate love to him." Billy just looked at me while my head was hung low in shame and said, "What if, what if the boy wants it to happen. You know there are some boys out there who may want the same thing, but are too afraid to come right out and say it. Have you ever thought of that?" I nodded my head no and he placed his right hand on my thigh and whispered, "I'm one of those boys!"

My ears captured his every word and my heart almost leaped out of my chest. I hesitantly asked, "Have you, have you ever been with a guy before?" Looking directly into my eyes, Billy gracefully said, "Nope, but I think about it all the time though. I've heard the guys at school talk about how some of the older guys would suck boys off at the mall, but I've never had no such luck, not that I haven't tried to make it happen." Questioningly, I asked, "You mean to tell me, as gorgeous as you are, you've never had someone beg you to let them suck your dick?" Busting out in a childish giggle he fired back, "No, no, man I wish. I'd pull my dick out in a heart beat if someone really wanted to suck it. I think that most people don't like to look at a guy who's dick has foreskin on it. I know at the mall, when I intentionally pull it out to pretend to piss so that the man next to me can see it, he always walks away. I figured that it was either to gross or ugly for them to suck on it."

Taking a deep breath, I said, "No, that can't be it. You see, the good Lord blessed you with the most precious of looks and most people are afraid of rejection. Whoever sucks your dick, will be the luckiest person in the world. That I promise you!" His little body wiggled on the bench and he raised his hand up my leg and rested it right on my raging boner. Billy said, "Tim, you can suck me if you want to. I won't ever tell a soul. I promise!" His hand gently squeezed my aching hard-on as I lowered my head to his already turned head. My right hand fell onto his straining cock as my tongue dashed across his boy moustache.

His mouth was partially open as my tongue slid from corner to corner of his top lip. His cock pulsed through the fabric as my hand gently caressed the throbbing shaft. Soft moans evaded his precious mouth as my tongue swabbed over his lower lip. His breath was sweeter than any odor my nose had ever inhaled. My left hand reached up and brushed through his perfect, soft hair. His little chest rose and fell sharply as his moans became more and more intense. I could feel his smooth legs as they shook against mine. My tongue slipped inside his barely opened mouth and flickered under his top teeth, before repeating the same to his lower teeth. Billy's tongue arched upwards, touching my exploring tongue. Our tongues folded across the other and my eyes captured his eyes as they slowly, but surely, closed.

His hot, wet saliva dripped onto my ravishing tongue and I had no other option but to savor the rewarding and enriched flavor as it slid down my throat. My right hand gently worked its way to the top of his shorts and slowly dove in to the untied fabric. My fingers touched his soft curls of his wonderful pubic hair and drew mini circles before they actually touched the silky smooth flesh of his rock hard boy boner. The web of my thumb trapped the shaft of his hard cock while my fingers stretched to capture the sensation of holding his hairless balls. Billy's moans grew louder, sending the boy's chilling vibrations down my throat, mixed with his increasingly desirable saliva.

We kissed long and hard before my tongue slipped out of his panting mouth and struck the canal of his right ear. Billy moaned softly as my tongue snaked in and out while his right hand held onto my cloth covered man meat, squeezing ever so softly at the rigid hard flesh. I could feel his smooth balls as they gently wiggled in my clutches and his cock throbbed with his every heartbeat. Racing against time, I licked, sucked, and nibbled both ears before running my tongue along his wonderful throat area. Our tongues collided once more and I became further enthralled over his mouth watering sweet saliva. His fresh hot breath dove into my lungs allowing the hidden animal instincts within me to explode with delirious freedom.

Sliding from the bench onto my knees between his sprawled legs, I carefully hooked his shorts and began to slip the fabric from his gorgeous body. Looking up into his heart stopping eyes, I could see that they were partially opened and glossy with the most intense sexual glimmer. His young chest danced with the fast rhythm of his young excited heart. The shorts slid down, away from his slender hips, and out sprang his uncut beauty for all the world to see. My hands melted against his legs as the shorts gradually slid free from his hot little body. There he was, in all his glory, naked as the day he was born, begging me to fulfill his young fantasy by sucking on his hard uncut boner. Using my hands, I assisted Billy to slide further down the bench so that just a small portion of his voluptuous butt was on the edge. Spreading his legs, I began to run my tongue up and down, and on the inside, of his tanned smooth thighs.

His hands fell onto the side of my head as my tongue worked its way up his thigh, before landing on his hairless cum filled balls. His young body was shaking slightly as my tongue swept over and under his golden nuggets. Billy's natural smell and his addictive taste forced me to open my mouth and swallow both nuggets, up to the base of his cock. With both of the boy's balls being lovingly baked inside my mouth, my tongue began an uncharted course over each one. His hard cock jerked and twitched at the sensation his balls was receiving. His soft moans turned into delightful whimpers while his hands clutched and dug into the sides of my head. I reached up with both hands and started to softly pinch and pull on his perky little nipples, causing Billy to groan in oblivious desire.

Once his balls had been thoroughly worshipped, I lifted my head so that my tongue struck the base of his hard shaft and began slithering its way up to his meat covered cock head. He began jerking wildly from the tongue action on his virgin shaft. Unable to hold back any longer, I opened my mouth and slowly swallowed the uncut masterpiece all the way to his soft pubic hair. Billy grunted loudly and began biting his lips to fight back the urge to scream from all the pleasure. Inch by precious inch, I bobbed my head up and down and used my tongue to absorb his sweet and aromatic flavor. With his boy boner sliding in and out of my mouth with ease, my tongue slid under the foreskin and within a fraction of a second, goose bumps covered my body as his hot, sticky pre cum coated my digging tongue. The taste was divine and the moment was priceless.

His pre cum had drenched his hidden cock head and I was greedily licking and sucking the delicious appetizer like there would never be a tomorrow. There wasn't a single element hinting at the taste of salt in his wonder juice and I began sucking on the boy's hard meat like an animal lusting for passion. I felt his cock expand several times and knew that he was getting really close, but there was more to come in the short time we had together.

Releasing his nipples and allowing his hard boy cock to fall free from my mouth, I hooked his legs, slid him towards me and pushed his young slender legs towards his precious and gorgeous face. My heart pounded inside my chest while I stared at the little closed orifice people refer to as a butt hole. Even in his excited state, the little circle seemed like it was the eye of a needle, and not what it actually was. Like a high powered magnet, my nose was drawn to the little virgin pin hole, inhaling deeply, mesmerized by the freshness and overpowering delightful aroma spewing from within. Only twice in my life had I even dared to stab my tongue in someone's butt hole, and both times, they had been centerfold eligible women. But this, this was different and in no way did my mind consider a second thought or possibility of not wanting to drill his superior bung hole with my thick tongue.

"Ah, ugh, oh shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!" My nose flashed across his tiny closed opening, inhaling the sweat fragrance as if admiring a fresh cut rose. Billy's stomach muscles tightened as my tongue soon replaced my flaring nostrils, stabbing at the sweet piece of tender boy flesh. His body shook delightfully and soft and gentle moans flew from his open mouth. My hands caressed his chest and muscular stomach, lost in the smooth silky feeling of the boy's vibrant skin. Without a question, I knew I was competing with the elements of time. Like a runaway pile driver completely out of control, my tongue stabbed and slithered at the small orifice in high hopes of gaining entry. The harder my tongue probed at his unbelievably wonderful tasting bung hole, the more rapid his breathing became, along with his precious moans and whimpers.

Several hard and powerful stabs later, my tongue slipped inside the tight hole, causing Billy to groan in ecstasy as my tongue began its inward exploration of his virgin boy hole. The heat from within his anal canal, along with his clamping anal muscles, scorched and strangled my digging tongue. His hands immediately locked around my head, driving me innocently harder into his butt hole while tossing his head from side to side. Billy bit his lips in a vague attempt to control his groans and whimpers, but the feeling of a tongue slithering up his asshole was far too much pleasurable for his young mind and body to handle.

It was like millions of volts of electricity coursing through my body as I received my first taste of boy ass juice. Not revolted and totally relentless, I dug harder in the boy's asshole craving more of his delicious anal juice. Billy softly cried out, "Oh Tim, ah shit, that, that feels sooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooood!" I was doing my own moaning and whimpering while dining on a superior morsel, such as Billy's perfect ass. Unbelievably, there wasn't a single trace of a fowl odor even with my tongue deeply rooting inside his hot little bung hole. Never before had I crammed so much tongue into an asshole and I only wished my tongue was much longer so I could absorb his inner most bowels.

Taking a subtle risk, I slipped my middle finger inside his butt hole extremely slow, burying it all the way up to the knuckle. Billy moaned and whimpered, but never once acted as though the finger caused him any discomfort. Once buried, I held my finger in place and only moved my tongue. My left hand slid down from his hard chest and stomach and began slowly stroking the hooded rock hard cock. Billy closed his eyes and his gorgeous face made all sorts of distorted faces while his cock and asshole was being pleasured beyond his wildest of dreams.

His soft moans and my greedy slurping noises dashed through the trees mixed with the warm summer breeze. The finger inside his tight little hole began sliding in and out forcing the young boy to pant and whimper even faster. His hard cock throbbed in my hand and each time he got to the boiling point, I released his perfect cock preventing him from releasing his teen cream. Softly and passionately, Billy begged me to let him cum, but today was the day I was going to get my first taste of sperm. Only once in my life had I ever sucked a cock. I was twelve years old and somehow, I managed to suck on my next door neighbor's ten year old missile. Neither one of us knew what we were doing, but we did know that having a mouth work on our cocks felt pretty darn good.

Now, here I am, between the smooth legs of one of the most gorgeous boys in all the world, playing with his cock, tongue and finger up his ass, listening to the angelic sounds streaming from his precious mouth. The clock was ticking and I for one certainly did not want this to ever end. Pressing a second finger at his quivering tongue and one finger filled hole, I gently inserted it inside. Billy took a deep breath and moaned as it slid all the way inside him, joining the other finger and my probing tongue. Several times, I had to release stroking his hard cock so that he would not spew his teen cream. He begged and pleaded to shoot his hot load, but I managed to prolong his new experience, awaiting the exact time for the finale. I removed my tongue as I slipped a third finger inside and began using all three fingers to aggressively rifle in and out of his juicy tight asshole.

Raising my hand clutched head, I swallowed both of his sweaty balls, using my tongue to roam freely over the trapped testicles and hairless sac. The young boy's body shook violently as the fingers rocketed at a record setting speed inside his uncharted bung hole. My left hand continued to toy with his hard cock and my mouth and tongue ravished his tightening balls. Billy whisperingly cried out, "Yes, shit yes Tim, finger my hole, ah yes, shit, oh God, feels, feels goooooooooooood!" I picked up my finger fucking speed while applying more suctioning pressure to his beloved boy balls. He was apparently in ecstasy and I was definitely in heaven.

Once again, his boner expanded and like before, I released it from my stroking clutches. The words that soon followed from his gasping mouth, exploded inside my head, "Put it in me! Tim, put your dick in me! Fuck me!" Listening and obeying his pleading command, I tore into my carrying bag and retrieved a small bottle of baby oil. I stood up and almost ripped my shorts off of me and his eyes opened wide at the sight of my man meat parading around for his young virgin eyes to behold. Taking the oil in one hand, I coated my thick meat thoroughly and dropped down to my knees. From the position of the bench, I was in direct line with his sprawled asshole. With baby oil covering my right hand, I slipped three fingers inside his tight hole and began lathering his asshole up with the slippery lubricant, applying more and more for easier penetration. My eyes never left his as we both stared at each other. Me with more of an animalistic desire, and him, more of an innocent plea.

As the lubricated fingers splashed inside his asshole, Billy could barely keep his eyes open, shaking uncontrollably from what was soon to come. Holding the base of my cock with my right hand, I pushed the large mushroom head directly against his shiny bung hole. Billy tried to fight back from yelling, but he cried out, "Oh fuck, shit, it, it hurts, it fucking hurts!" The large mushroom head managed to pry open the little rosebud and I held my position without moving a fraction of an inch. His gorgeous head bounced from side to side and he was biting his lips and squinting his entrancing eyes. I squeezed more baby oil onto the rest of my cock and made sure that I put a lot right on his cock head filled asshole.

Billy reached around each leg with his arms and hooked them and brought his legs further to his face, spreading them wide in the process. In doing so, my cock stretched his anal canal a good three inches. His mouth opened wide and not a single noise evaded his vocal cords. As if stunned or caught off guard, his innocent eyes told the story. The thick man cock was tearing his asshole wide open and I definitely did not want to cause him further pain. I started to pull out when Billy passionately pleaded, "No, no, leave it in. I want it! Fuck, it hurts, but I have to feel it inside me. Please, please don't stop!"

It took some time and a lot of self control, but I finally managed to feed the young teen boy my entire cock. After giving him all my meat, I held it deeply inside him awaiting some form of command to start fucking him. He was tossing his head to and fro while clamping down on his succulent lips, grunting feverishly from having his virgin asshole tormented with a thick piece of man meat. My hard cock was literally being cooked and choked inside his butt hole, but the mere vision of seeing this beauty fighting off the pain, while lost in mixed pleasure, was more than worth the wait.

The anal muscles gripping and ripping at my hard cock felt like thousands of tiny caterpillar legs milking my man sized meat. Billy had both hands pushing down onto his lower stomach as if trying to feel the cock that impaled his anal system. His legs trembled feverishly upon my shoulders and all I could do was patiently wait, keeping my anal intruder at bay inside his fiery hot once virgin butt. Occasionally, Billy would reach over to his hard boy vessel and want to stroke it, but I lovingly brushed his hand away to prolong his teen cream orgasm. After holding my hard meat inside him for three minutes or so, I began to slowly extract my cock from his asshole, climbing all the way out until I could just see the crown of my thick mushroom head appear from within his hot dark chamber. Just as slow as I pulled it out, I slowly reinserted my cock up his wonderful asshole causing him to moan softly while his entire body shook and jerked wildly. Billy sluggishly cried out, "Oh God, yeah, ugh, ah yes Tim, it, it feels, it feels good!"

The pain he once endured no longer tormented his gorgeous body. His virgin asshole accepted my anal spreading cock and now he was in his own little world having a thick foreign object plunder inside his bung hole. My knees impaled the grass at the foot of the bench while I began plowing his young asshole while keeping both eyes on the beauty before me. To say his young butt hole was tight would be stating the understatement of the century. The suction of his hot little chamber was like grinding your cock in a sealed vice.

Upon each powerful thrust, his precious oxygen rushed from his open mouth darting upwards into my own inhaling nostrils, sending millions of sparkles dashing throughout my body. Just like before, the innocent attempt to stroke his own cock was blocked, forcing his hairless balls to expand to hold the teen cum inside. His balls appeared to have swollen to an impressive size and the sac shrunk around them ever so tightly. Realizing I was not going to let him cum just yet, Billy reached up and grabbed the back of my head with both his warm tiny hands. We were looking into each others eyes while I slammed my cock hard in and out of his tunnel of love. Even with his foreskin covering his beautiful cock head, strings of his delicious pre cum dribbled out and onto his smooth and muscular lower stomach.

I did my very best to prolong my own nut busting explosion, but I still had the time factor running against me. I sure didn't want this moment to ever end, but just the fact of looking at the most beautiful boy in the world and the feeling my hard cock was getting from his abnormally tight asshole, was way too much for me to handle. With one long grunt and one more powerful thrust, my cock exploded, sending gallons of man cream up his hot anal canal. With each burst of semen, Billy clamped down with his anal muscles causing more man seed to angrily pump into his sweet ass. To the best of my knowledge, I had never creamed so much at any given time. My stomach felt like it was going to cramp, but my cock continued its seed spraying assault inside his butt.

Finally, my sperm dwindled, but I continued to pound his sweet butt with a still very rock hard cock. While slowly fucking him, I reached down with my right hand and slowly stroked his uncut beauty. Billy whimpered, moaned, and groaned in anticipation of blowing his wad as my hand tortured his cock with each gentle stroke. I reached with my left hand and began pulling, pinching, and twisting his right nipple, forcing the young boy to quiver in delight and moan in innocent ecstasy. Several times, I felt his young cock expand in attempt to strain to blow his load, but each time, I stopped stroking, forcing his hot juice back into its confinement.

I had become extremely nervous just thinking of having sperm enter my mouth. I certainly did not want to throw up at this new adventure, but I had to see what his cream tasted like, no matter what. As I pulled my rock hard cock deep from within his bowels, my sperm literally started seeping out by the gallons and dribbling onto the grass at my knees. Billy cried out as my cock evaded his asshole and my eyes saw his hard uncut cock expand rapidly numerous times within a few seconds. Knowing he was almost over the edge, I slammed my mouth over his cock and began bobbing up and down on the tasty sweaty piece of boy meat. My tongue slithered and shoveled his pre cum covered cock and instantly longed for the beloved cream to follow.

Billy dug at my head as he whisperingly yelled, "Shit, fuck, here, here, oh my, Tim, Tim, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The first sperm missile slapped against the roof of my mouth with a vengeance, followed by several more powerful spurts. It was fiery hot and his cream cannon balled out by the bucket loads. The moment of truth was at hand as my mouth soon filled with his pumping teen seed. My cheeks were bloated from his cock and spewing sperm as I opened my throat and let some of his creamy spunk slide down. Temporarily revolted, but instantly rewarded, I discovered that his sperm was most appetizing and far more delicious than I could have ever possibly anticipated. I was expecting it to be bitter and salty, but it was just the exact opposite. His sperm was salt free and almost void of any taste.

With my mouth on his erupting cock, my right hand fell onto my hard cock and began pounding the flesh off of it. Using my left hand, I slipped three fingers into his cum filled, dripping asshole and began slamming the fingers in and out of his cock hungry asshole. Billy was wiggling, whimpering, and thrusting his cock while continuously feeding me his stomach filling teenage sperm. My suctioning mouth had worked the foreskin back and his mushroom head was being tongue worshiped as he spewed his hot load into my sperm trapping mouth. No longer was he able to fire his hot load, but still managed to force his delicious nectar out of his tiny piss slit. Billy's sweet sperm flowed like a slow trickling water faucet ever so freely. To my misfortune, his cock no longer had anymore seed to offer me and his cock began to deflate inside my suctioning mouth.

I pulled my fingers from his gripping asshole and I had pounded my own meat into another massive orgasm. Billy was panting heavily, but managed to whisper, "In my mouth, shoot it in my mouth!" Still pounding feverishly, I stood up and placed my right foot on the bench next to his upper body and pointed my thick cock directly at the entrance of his wide open mouth. One final thrust and my load sprang forth, firing directly into his lovely mouth. Spurt after spurt landed in his open mouth and I could see his throat move up and down as he began swallowing my man cream. From the look on his face, he approved of my sperm as he wrapped his precious lips around my cock head and I felt his tongue slide against my sperm shooting piss slit. I was pumping my cock for all I was worth and young Billy swallowed frantically in desperation.

The last of my man cream slipped into his hot little mouth and soon my cock grew soft, still in my pumping hand. His tongue played with my cock head for a few seconds until I could no longer accept the tickling sensation. Backing off, I sat down on the bench on his right side. Both of us gasped for air and I could hear my sperm fall from his asshole onto the grass below. We sat there for a few seconds to regain our breaths and Billy looked at me and said, "Thanks Tim, that was awesome. Can you meet me here next Saturday around 10 in the morning?" Looking down into his eyes, silently I prayed that it was already next Saturday, but said, "You bet! I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world."

We quickly got dressed and headed down the trail to go back to the parking area. I stood just inside the wood line and watched Billy walk towards a car where apparently his mother had just pulled up. I saw trickles of sperm as they ran down each of his legs. All I could do was smile and watch them as they drove off. After seeing them leave out of my eyesight, I decided it was best to head on home. Just as I was about to enter the field area just outside of the wooded trail, a harsh voice behind me startled the hell out of me, "Hey, you!"

I quickly turned around and saw two boys, one looked to be 15 or 16 and the other was about 13 or 14. The older of the two stood about 5' 10" and weighed a slender 150 pounds, while the other appeared to be 5' 7" and weighed about 125 pounds. The older boy had light brown hair and in the shape of a buzz cut while the younger had brilliant wavy blond hair, feathered down the middle. In reply to his startling statement, I replied, "Yes, may I help you!" It was the older of the two who was in control and doing the talking, as he mockingly fired, "You're a faggot dude. We saw you and that boy near the water's edge. You sick mother fucker!" My heart fell far below my ankles and I stood there on trembling knees knowing I had just been busted.

The older boy spoke again, "What the fuck dude, you don't like pussy? You sucked his dick, tongued his stinky asshole, and you fucked him! You are a nasty piece of shit dude and I ought to call the cops!" Both boys stood there only wearing baggy shorts just below the knee caps. The older boy held a cell phone in his right hand, already flipped up ready to strike the numbers. Gulping a large swallow of my dry saliva, I hesitantly asked, "Okay, okay, so what do you guys want for this to go away and act like nothing ever happened?" The older boy nudged the younger boy's shoulder and an evil grin shot across his face. Both boys stood there, fifteen feet from me, and just stared. By their hesitation in response, it gave me the perverted opportunity to study each of their features. The older boy had no hair on his lower stomach or chest, but his slender legs had dark hairs all over his shins and no hair on his tanned thighs. His nipples were small, but pointy and he wore an earring in his left ear.

The younger boy was far more prettier than the older, not that the older boy was ugly by any means. His shins had light covered peach fuzz slightly scattered about and the rest of him appeared to be as smooth as a baby's bottom. He too, wore an earring in his left ear. His lips were like a cherry red and I could tell he was just as nervous as I was. I could see his flat stomach rise and fall rapidly and I saw his belly button which slightly protruded outward. His eyebrows were thin and light brown in color and his eyes were an amazing mixture of a greenish blue.

Breaking their silence, I harshly asked, "So, what's it going to be?" The older boy snapped out of his silence and just as harshly said, "Fuck you dude. You could be in some serious trouble here. Um, I tell you what. You got two fucking choices. I can either call the cops or you do everything I tell you to do, without question!" It didn't take a brainstorm to figure out that I sure as hell weighed out calling the cops. But, what this evil minded boy didn't know was that he was about to fulfill another cock jerking fantasy of mine, so I happily said, "Sure, whatever you say man, without question!" The older boy smiled and said, "Follow us, but stay a few feet back from us!" The two boys whispered the entire way down a winding trail through the woods. My cock was already pumped with blood and strained angrily against the tight fitting material. Thanks to their extremely baggy shorts, I couldn't make out either of their butts.

The trail that they led me down was far more heavily wooded than the one Billy and I had taken. At some point it seemed that we were not even on a trail as I had to brush back the heavy growth along the obscured trail. After about ten minutes or so of walking, we wound up in a small clearing surrounded by thick trees and heavy bushes. There were some fallen logs all over as it looked like they had begun cutting another site for the water park visitors. The two boys stood near a tree line on the inside of the clearing as the older boy spoke, "Since you like to suck cock and eat ass so much, I figure we ought to give you a little more you sick fuck!"

I simply said, "Well, you're the boss. What do you want me to do first?" The older boy leaned down and whispered something into the younger boy's left ear. Upon standing back up, he angrily looked at me and said, "Get on your knees and suck our dicks, mother fucker!" I watched as both boys untied their drawstrings and quickly yanked down their shorts. The younger of the two was first and I saw his already hard cock spring into my view. The base of his cock was sparsely covered with light, almost blond, pubic hair. His hard cock pointed slightly upwards a good four and half inches, intricately detailing his quarter sized hairless balls held in their retracted hairless sac. The younger boy's wonderful cock was a tad more thicker than an adult's thumb, but he was old enough to have pre cum oozing out of his already opened piss slit.

The older boy was definitely equipped with some meat as it solidly jutted out, straight from his slender frame with a downward bend just beyond the middle of his hard shaft. His cock was not as thick as mine, but easily beating my length as it proudly jerked from his body a good eight inches. His pubic hair was dark black and his balls were twice as big as mine and saturated in curly black hairs. They hung amazingly low and shaped like two large eggs covered in fur.

Both boys had been circumcised and each beautiful in their own way. As instructed, I crawled on my knees towards them. The younger of the two held his hips with both hands while the older grabbed his monster teen meat with his right hand, pointing it straight at me. His cock was leaking pre cum out by the gallons as I inched closer to the older boy's long pre cum oozing cock. The older boy yelled, "Suck my dick you fucking faggot!" Stretching my tongue out as far as it could go, I captured the string of pre cum falling from his gaping piss slit. Upon closer inspection, I could easily see that his mushroom head was almost twice as thick as his shaft, defying my own thickness rather easily. His pre cum was salty sweet as I raised my tongue upwards until it circled around his piss slit, absorbing all of his salty pre cum. Once I licked up his pre cum, I stretched my mouth open wide and slammed my mouth onto his cock a good six inches before gagging.

The older boy said, "Don't you throw up on my dick faggot. Suck my mother fucking cock!" I wrapped both hands around his slender butt and used his own body to fuck my mouth with his mouth splitting cock. My fingers rested just on the inside of his butt cheeks where they easily detected that he had tons of hair darting inside his slender butt cheeks. I sucked on his cock a good two minutes, before he forced my head from his cock and said, "Now, suck his!" The younger boy bladed his body so that all I had to do was lean to my left. My tongue lashed out and quickly devoured his mouth watering pre cum in sheer delight. Only a mild trace of salt was discovered as I opened my mouth and swallowed his hard meat to the point my nose was buried in his soft pubic mound.

The younger boy's knees almost collapsed as he cried out, "Oh fuck, shit, this, this feels fucking great!" His voice was ever so angelically soft and music to my ears as my head and tongue bobbed up and down on his chunk of sweet meat. With is cock in my mouth, my tongue easily lashed out and bathed his hard little nuggets. My nose trapped his youthful sweaty aroma, sending more sensations rifling through my perverted body. My hands dashed behind him and latched onto his tiny, yet muscular, butt cheeks, allowing just the finger tips to penetrate his sweaty butt crack. Unlike the older boy, and just like Billy, no hair was detected inside his moist smooth crack.

The older boy stopped me and forced me back onto his hard cock. While I was sucking his impressive meat, he reached down and snagged his huge balls and told me to suck them. I could only get one large ball inside my mouth at a time and my tongue swam across those hairy jewels as if in a gold medal race. His sweaty aroma was filled with a musky odor, not considered fowl, just intoxicating. The older boy had me suck them for a long, long time and my jaw was absolutely killing me from sucking their cocks, especially the older boy's large teenage organ.

Thankfully, the older of the two stopped me from temporarily sucking their cocks and ordered me to lay down on one of the fallen logs. I did as I was instructed and just as I lay on my back, the older boy looked at his younger companion and said, "Straddle the log, so that this sick fuck can tongue your asshole!" The younger boy looked shocked as he simply responded, "What? You want him to put his tongue in my butt? Man, that's gross!" The older boy angrily placed his right hand on the younger boy's left shoulder and gave him a shove and said, "Go ahead, this dude likes the taste of shit. Just sit on his fucking face so he can lick your shit hole!"

The young boy walked over to the fallen log with some nervousness and my eyes opened wider than ever as I saw him turn his back on me and raise his right leg and allow it to fall over the other side of the log. His butt was a milky white and blemish free and anxiously I awaited for his to begin his squatting maneuver. The younger boy was standing over me and the older boy barked, "Don't be a fucking pussy! Squat over him and spread your ass so he can eat your shit smelling asshole!" The younger boy reached back with both hands and spread his tiny cheeks outward, giving me a clear view of his bight pink tiny asshole. Sweat poured from his glistening back as he began lowering his young body over my face. The odor of sweat and a slight stench, or heavy musk odor, enveloped my flaring nostrils as his exposed bung hole inched its way to my face.

The smell alone was driving me over the edge. By no means was his butt hole as sweet smelling as Billy's, but the odd concoction of aroma spewing from his closely inching bung hole was mind boggling. He had lowered his body to the point that my tongue shot out and drove hard onto his juicy poop chute, forcing him to leap up due to his first experience of a tongue firing onto his most forbidden of fruits. The older boy angrily shouted, "Mother fucker, sit on his face so he can clean your ass! The younger boy squatted back down and my tongue greedily washed around his moist virgin hole. The young boy moaned softly and I saw his fingers dig into his cheeks in an attempt to spread them even wider.

In less than a minute or so, I had worked my tongue up his ass, exploring uncharted territory. The young boy soothed in soft moans and defiant ecstasy as my tongue plundered his hot little butt hole. After approximately ten minutes or so of worshiping his sweet asshole, the older boy ordered him to stand up and move away from me. He growled, "You liked licking his stinky asshole, didn't you, you sick fuck?" Before I could respond, the older boy looked at his friend and said, "You see, I told you that this sick fuck likes to eat shit. He had his fucking tongue up your asshole and from looking at you, it must have felt pretty fucking good!" The younger boy instantly replied, "Shit yeah dude, that was fucking awesome!" With that being said, the older boy turned his back on me and did the same thing the younger boy did, straddling the log and lowering his ass onto my face. His crack was heavily layered in thick black hair to the point I couldn't even see his butt hole. The smell was an overpowering aroma of heavy musk mixed with sweat. As he was squatting, his fingers dug into his hairy cheeks while spreading them further apart. Lost in the hair, I could see his little closed hole barely into eye view. The closer his ass got to my face, the heavier the odor, almost fowl, became stronger. Just before his asshole was within tongue reach, he said, "I better feel your fucking tongue inside my shitty asshole dude! I still got the phone in my hand and 9 and 1 have already been entered!" Breathing became almost unbearable as I slung my tongue out from my mouth and stuck his hairy asshole.

Unlike the younger boy, he didn't act shocked, instead, he rotated his ass onto my digging tongue like a professional. He yelled, "That's it fucker, yes, yes, eat my shit hole dude!" My tongue slithered up his shit trail without little resistance and once inside his hot cavern, the older boy began to hump up and down onto my ass penetrating tongue. Still slamming his hairy ass onto my face, he yelled to the younger boy, "Jack your dick, but don't you fucking cum yet!"

For quite some time, I took turns eating their assholes out. Both boys had jerked their cocks, but neither attempted to shoot their loads, just yet. Definitley, the older boy was in complete and total command and had ideas of how this all would come to an end. My tongue and jaw ached terribly and he had me continue to lay on the log while they took turns fucking their cocks in my mouth. The younger boy was no problem, but the older boy almost choked the life out of me with his bigger than normal cock filling my throat. I had completely lost track of time as the older boy had me suck their cocks and eat their assholes, rotating and mixing up the various routines.

The younger boy was jacking his cock and said, "Man, I got to bust a nut. My balls are killing me!" The older boy replied, "Yea, mine are too!" Looking at me still laying on the log, the older boy bossingly said, "We're going to shoot our loads, but don't you spill a drop mother fucker!" The younger boy straddled me once again and shoved his young cock into my severely sore mouth and began fucking my mouth like a wild animal in heat. I paced a finger on his asshole and applied just a little pressure, forcing just the tip to shoot inside his asshole. He immediately cried out, "Fuck, fuck, oh shit, I, I'm cum----------------------ming!" Wave after wave of thick fiery hot jets of boy sperm shot into my mouth, temporarily gagging me by the heavy and fierce load. I swallowed his tasty cream to experience his flavor and was immediately gratified that it was almost just like Billy's. Only a hint of salt could be detected without any trail of bitterness. His thrusting cock pumped his hot sperm into my mouth by the gallons and I was forced to swallow his delicious honey to accommodate his heavy and thick load. A short time later, the younger boy almost collapsed on my face with his sperm dribbling cock lodged inside my sperm sucking mouth.

The older boy quickly announced, "Get the fuck off of him, I'm almost there!" The younger boy rolled off of me, landing on his knees to my left while the older boy hurriedly straddled me, slamming his long meat all the way in my mouth. Unable to breath thanks to his oxygen impaling monster, he grunted once and shot after shot of thick hot sperm fired down my throat by the bucket loads. With his cock lodged in my throat, I could barley gulp down the salty liquid. Thankfully, he extracted his sperm shooting cock to the point that his cum splashed on my tongue before I was given the opportunity to swallow any of it, must less allowed to breathe again.

His sperm was much more saltier than the two previous ones, and it was a tad on the slightly bitter side, but I drank it down graciously. Once he was finished shooting his sperm and after thoroughly milking it dry, he rolled off of me and stood on wobbly knees. I started to rise up, but he quickly said, "I didn't tell you to move mother fucker! Lay your ass back down!" The younger boy was still on his knees with a look of happiness while the older boy stood, heavily breathing, contemplating the next move. For an instant, I thought since they had both busted their nuts, we were finished, but it was the older boy who had other ideas.

The fallen log which I was laying on was fairly thick and considerably wide. Laying flat on my back was not much of a problem and keeping my balance was easier said than done. I lay there awaiting the older boy's next command, but couldn't keep my eyes off the younger boy's slowly growing beautiful cock. My own cock was killing me from being so cramped in my tight shorts and I would have done just about anything, at this point, to just have pulled it out and fired off a pretty good sized load. The older boy snarled, "You like to fuck little boys so bad you sick fuck, how's about you taking a cock up your shitty shit hole? Get your fucking shorts off and roll over onto your stomach mother fucker so we can root your nasty asshole! Do it the fuck now, mother fucker!" I wanted to jack-off, but getting fucked was something I never dreamed of, nor was I ever prepared for. My fingers fumbled with the top button and zipper and now it was my turn to start shaking like a falling leaf. While I was removing my shorts, the older boy reached into my carrying bag and retrieved the baby oil and handed it to the younger boy and said, "Put some of this on your dick and when your finished, shove your fuck tool up his ass!"

After removing my shorts, I rolled onto my stomach, flat on my back, awaiting the worst. The older boy straddled the log in front of me and shoved his musky smelling butt hole directly into my face and said, "Fuck my asshole with your tongue while he fucks your asshole!" My tongue swam around his hairy crack before landing on the hair covered poop chute entrance. My arms held the sides of the log rather tightly for balance and I felt the younger boy's hands as they gripped my butt cheeks rather aggressively. I was tongue fucking the sweaty, musky asshole being forced onto my tongue when I felt the younger boy stab my asshole with his rock hard cock. At first, his cock only slid up and down my crack, obviously his first time ever putting his dick into someone.

His hands spread my cheeks to the point they felt like they were being torn apart when my entire body was wracked with fiery pain. His cock slammed inside me in one tremendous forceful thrust and the young boy never slowed down from there. His little balls slapped my cheeks with every penetrating thrust while tightening his butt clenching grip on my ass cheeks. With a cock tearing up my asshole and the older boy shoving his butt onto my tongue, I was trapped like meat on two pieces of bread. The cock up my ass was sending awkward and shocking pain signals to every sense organ in my body.

The hard boy cock thrusting in my butt, forced my tongue even further on the bucking asshole before me. The older boy yelled out, "Yeah, that's it you sick fuck. Tongue my asshole! Eat my shit mother fucker!" The younger boy began moaning and I was whimpering from pain caused by the never before experienced cock up my asshole. It felt more like a traffic cone being forced up my butt than a youthful slender cock. The hard cock rifled in and out of my burning asshole at a mind boggling speed. The older boy gyrated his hairy asshole while my tongue pillaged inside his ass juice filled anal canal. My nose was filled with the older boy's crack hair and the only oxygen I received was when I could capture some air with my heavy panting mouth.

After about three or four minutes of having the younger boy slam his hard slender cock up my ass, the burning feeling dwindled and was soon replaced by more of a pleasurable one. Each time his young cock began extracting from my canal, I clamped down with my anal muscles, forcing loud moans to escape his sweet lips. The older boy hollered, "Fuck yes, eat my ass pervert, tongue my asshole you sick fuck, suck the shit out of my hole!" The younger boy followed the older boy's vocal display by softly saying, "Oh shit, shit this feels good! It's tight, real tight, oh hell yes!"

The smell that filled my nostrils no longer seemed repulsive, but more so, erotic. The cock up my ass, no longer caused pain, but heavenly pleasure. I had completely lost track of time and never gave it a thought as to how long the young boy tore his cock into my asshole, but I heard a loud grunt and felt his cock expand in my canal while he yelled, "Oh fuck, I, I'm shoot-----------------------ing!" It felt like wave after wave of fiery hot sperm burned its way even further up my anal canal. I felt every volley of his teen juice as it coated my anal walls while his fingers tore into my butt cheeks. The young boy pounded his sperm shooting cock into me with absolute animalistic vengeance. Even when his cock no longer fired sperm missiles, the young boy continued his pounding anal assault.

The young cock was still ripping through my asshole a mile a minute when the older boy jumped up, holding his large thick cock with his right hand and yelled, "Stop, stop shit head. It's my turn to fuck his asshole!" The young boy obeyed his command and pulled his cock free from my teen sperm filled bung hole. Even when his cock had been completely removed, my asshole quivered and puckered angrily as to his sudden departure. Taking one long look at the older boy's impressive piece of meat, I already knew that I would soon be filled with insurmountable pain. The older boy stood near my thighs to my right while the younger boy stood near my left shoulder, still sporting one extremely hard cock. My legs ached from straddling the thick log and the warm summer breeze burned heavily against my exposed butt hole.

The older boy walked over to the right side of my face and instructed the younger boy to lay down on the log. Once the young boy was on his back, the older boy had him scoot closer to my face and helped him lean his legs behind his cute little ears. The older boy almost lifted him up and placed the young boy right in front of my face, with his asshole and hard cock jutting toward the summer sky. Not needing to be told what to do, I crammed my thick tongue up against his pink hole and began slithering it everywhere up and down his sweaty crack. I heard the bottle of baby oil being squeezed and knew exactly what was getting ready to happen. Although I feared the worst, but just having this golden angel before me and my tongue washing his anal canal, seemed to make everything just right. The older boy straddled the log and his hands violently spread my ass cheeks wide as I felt the head of his thick cock strike my revolting asshole. He pressed hard, but my asshole refused to allow entry as every muscle in my body apparently tightened up.

The older boy angrily slapped my right ass cheek sending a burning pain straight to my brain. While still feeling the repercussion of the heavy handed slap on my ass cheek, the older boy slammed his long thick meat up my ass, showing no mercy. I cried out in utter agony as his hands left my butt cheeks and latched onto my trembling hips and began to drive his monster cock up my asshole in a blazing glory. Even the sweaty sweet asshole clutching my tongue was not enough for me to block out the pain I was now enduring. My ass felt like it was being spread to the point that it was leaving my body and the pain only intensified as he pounded it hard and deep, in and out of my cock filled bung hole. The older boy yelled, "Here mother fucker, feel my dick up your shitty ass! Yeah punk, I'm gonna make you my mother fucking bitch now! You like to fuck little boy assholes, now you're getting fucked, and fucked hard!"

My eyes were straining so hard to remain shut that tears rolled from them like a spitting waterfall. The inside of my ass felt like a forest fire had been set ablaze and the fiery hot pain only increased as he continued to cram my ass with his teen monster cock. As my head leaned down from a painful exhaustion, my tongue fell back onto the younger boy's sweaty, saliva drenched asshole. The older boy slapped my ass numerous times with thunderous pops while yelling, "Eat his asshole punk! Let me here you suck the shit right out of him! Put your tongue way up his shit maker and make him scream from pleasure!" My tongue snaked its way up the young boy's tight canal while the older boy ravished my asshole with his fuck pole.

The thrusts from his rifling cock and the pounding of his open hands on my ass cheeks, were driving the remaining oxygen from my lungs. Each slap on my cheeks sent sock waves of pain, spreading throughout my entire body. While I was tonguing the sweet asshole of the young boy, the young boy pushed his hard boy boner towards my mouth. His young balls evenly spread to each side to allow his hard cock to poke downward, easily giving me access to suck the life out of it. Wasting no time, I swallowed his cock to the base while sticking one finger up his ass. The young boy moaned loudly as my finger twisted and turned, rooting itself up to the knuckle inside his hot, extra tight asshole. Using the thrusts from the older boy who was savagely fucking the life out of me, my head bobbed back and forth on the young boy's sweet cock while my tongue washed his spread balls. The finger inside his ass must have been driving him crazy with passion, because the young boy started tossing his head from side to side while biting his lips, looking like the piece of eye candy that he literally was.

Either something inside my anal canal snapped, or the older boy had fucked me so hard that the pain numbed my every emotion, but I no longer cared that he was drilling my asshole like a pile driver. Somehow, or somewhere, I began shoving my ass onto the thrusting cock while clamping down with every ass muscle I could ever possibly control. The older boy continued to slap my burning ass cheeks while never letting up on his faster than fast, blazing pace.

The young boy was in sheer ecstasy, so I slipped another finger inside his anal tunnel, apparently driving him over the edge. He grunted and whimpered as his young cock burst with one massive sperm explosion inside my mouth. The young boy was whimpering while his cock was sending wave after wave of watery sperm into my sucking mouth while the older boy drove his teen meat in and out of me with a burning passion. The older boy yelled, "Fuck, fuck me, here, here it, oh shit, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" His monster teen cock erupted, spraying my anal canal with his hot, thick teen seed by the gallons. My ass captured every mind shuttering spurt while clamping his rifling cock. My mouth was filled with the young boy's sweet cream and my ass felt like it was overflowing with the older boy's teenage cream.

With the last of the older boy's spunk deeply planted in my cum filled ass, the older boy slipped his cock out of my asshole, forcing the breeze to shoot straight up my gaping asshole. The young boy's cock fell limp in my mouth and I slowly and lovingly savored each tasty drop of his beloved boy juice. The older boy slapped my ass cheeks a couple of times while saying, "Come on dude, leave this piece of shit alone!" The young boy rolled to his right side, landing on his feet and almost fell over thanks to his shaking knees. The older boy walked in front of me and my eyes only saw his dangling limp cock while he said, "You stay here for a bit while we leave! Got it mother fucker!" I could only nod my head while the two boys quickly got dressed. A soft and subtle whisper shot into my left ear, "Thanks mister, that was fucking awesome!" Upon looking up, I saw the younger boy smiling graciously at me as the older boy kind of shoved him to follow him. Just as they were about to leave the clearing, the older boy turned around and said, "Hey man, this cell phone isn't even real, it's a phony, but thanks anyways!"

I watched them through blurry eyes as they exited the clearing and walked out of my vision. It took several attempts to stand on my wobbly knees and I could feel the two boys sperm dribble down my leg while I put my shorts back on. The walk down the trail back to the parking lot was filled with memories of all that had transpired this day and I for one, definitely couldn't wait for this upcoming Saturday to hurry up and get here!








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