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Chapter 10: Doubts

Dean came back from the bath to find that Jake had still been sleeping. "What is the time?" he thought and checked his phone, "7:23?, I guess I will let him sleep for a bit longer," he said as he dried his hair with the towel and sat down on his bed near him.

"It is so hot" Dean thought as he looked out of his window. "Man!, the sun is already this hot, and it is still only morning?!" then he glanced at his neighbor's home, "Their car is still here, that must mean Peter is still home. Now that I think about it, I never got to see when Peter is off for work. Maybe today I will check out" he thought as he opened his laptop.

"But before all that, I must see some porn to get me going," he thought and laughed inwardly. "Jake won't be up before 8, and if I don't wake him, he can sleep till 11, I don't need to worry about him." he thought as he proceeded to open the porn sites and checking them out. "This is all good..." "But nothing beats the real deal I suppose" he thought remebering his first blowjob.

"Hey Keith, how long are we going to play this game of yours?" Peter asked him as he came out of the bath.


"What? You don't remember?"

"Nope," Keith replied as he wore his apron in the kitchen area and tied his hair back.

"The game of patience and deliverance, your usual one" "I am done waiting now, how many days do you think have gone by?"

"Probably four, that is the longest I suppose so far"

"Yeah, and I am not into making new records, I want you tonight"

"Now that I look back, Peter hasn't really gone 2 days straight without a fuck. And he doesn't even know that I am having my share with Dean all behind him. Am I cheating on him?" Keith thought.

"Strip off!" he said

"You wanna do it now?" Peter asked as he unbuttoned his shirt.

"Yeah!, Don't worry it's gonna be quick," Keith said as he pushed Peter on bed.

"Fuck! I feel sorry for him. Maybe I should have been more available to him. At least by doing this I hope to make amends" Keith thought. It was true that Peter was feeling left out for days, and to add to it he didn't even know that Keith had been sexually active with Dean all this time.

Peter pushed down his towel to reveal his massive cock protruding out at the mere thought of receiving Keith's attention. A massive 8-inch tool with a huge pink head glared out as soon as the towel was removed. "Am I dreaming? you never do this in the morning"

"Just let me," Keith said as he pushed his mouth into Peter and kissed him wildly. Peter responded back with the same hunger, both of them devouring each other. Keith stopped for a moment and looked at Peter. Peter bought him closer and again locked his lips with him, digging into his crotch with his hand. Keith was hard.

Keith went down and caressed Peter's thighs kissing them softly before making way to his cock which was, at this point, leaking precum in untold amounts. He kissed the head of his cock gently taking it in his mouth and swirling his tongue around the most sensitive parts. Peter's dick had a girth smaller than Keith, but it was longer and pointed straight up. He kept his pubic area shaved so nothing was invisible from the eye. Two good sized balls hung low from his scrotum.

"Yeah...!" Peter moaned huskily. Keith went on to take more and more until only 2 inches of Peter's cock was visible outside. "Fuck!, You sure know how to turn all my points without making me go over," Peter said in a voice heavy with lust thrusting his cock wildly in Keith's hot mouth while holding his head. After a minute or so of Keith expertly pushing all his points and Peter not having dumped his load in 3 days, he shot out 6 huge spurts all in Keith's mouth, his cock throbbing wildly at the hotness and wetness of Keith's tongue. Keith got up and kissed Peter again who reciprocated back lovingly; now that he had had his orgasm.

"Nothing beats sex with you Keith, not even Rex's cunt, I swear!" Peter said, "Let me finish what you started" he added before grabbing Keith's shorts who whimpered slightly.

"Stop it," Keith said as he held Peter's hands.

"Why? You don't want it?" Peter said as he continued to massage Keith's cock.

"It is not that..., It is... I just want to.. wait till tonight"

"You still going on with that game?"

"Yeah! I suppose"

"Man you are weird!, I still wonder how can you go on without blowing your load?" "Let me take care of it, it will be quick" Peter said as he continued to play with Keith's cock which was rock hard.

"Peter, we will be late if we keep doing this, besides I still have breakfast and chores to do," Keith said as he wore his apron and tied his hair back.

"I will help you with it, let us go," Peter said as he got up and grabbed Keith's hand.

They both had breakfast.

"I am surprised Keith, I didn't know you would go out of your way to make my favorite sausages today"

"I guess so, sometimes I feel like doing things for others," Keith said as he collected bed sheets and pillow covers and went for the laundry room.

"How typical of you, don't worry I would be returning the favor this night, mark that" Peter replied as he wore his shirt.

"Here, your tie and socks" Keith said as he put them on bed and went to clean the wardrobe

"God! Aren't you something else today?, I mean you are being so nice to me dude, I feel bad"

"It is nothing really, I am just doing what I feel like doing, just that!"

Peter grabbed Keith by his waist and kissed him passionately, "If you go on like this... I might forget Rex you know" Peter whispered.

"Then, do you want your previous Keith back?"

Peter gave out a chuckle, "Well, I suppose I don't mind if you stay like this for a bit longer" Peter said as he gazed at Keith lovingly

"Then enjoy while he is still here" Keith said as he looked back at Peter. They both bought there faces closer to each other for another kiss, "I would hurry if I were you, it is 8:10" Keith said breaking the contact

"Fuck! it is already that time?!" "Later Keith!, bye" Peter said as he wore his shoes and gave a short kiss to Keith. "I wouldn't mind if you would have held a bit longer," Keith said. No sooner did he finish that Peter went and gave him a long, full, wet kiss.

"That would do for you?" Peter asked.

"That will"

"I will catch you in the evening, bye," Peter said and hurriedly went to his car and found he had forgotten his keys.

"Here, catch," Keith said as he flung the keys in Peter's direction. Peter looked back slightly embarrassed and waved off with a smile.

Keith came inside, locked the door and collapsed on the couch. "I feel so guilt-ridden, I haven't felt this way in years," he said and let out a sigh thinking back over his actions. "I thought that pleasing Keith would lessen my guilt, that is why I did everything today to make him happy, as a retribution for my deceit. Instead, I am feeling more and more guilty, and his words -"If you go on like this... I might forget Rex you know", I mean when we started it all, he clearly said that he was bi and would more or less marry Rex, his relation with me was just a temporary one until he could have enough money to buy his own house and bring Rex in. Wasn't it how it all began? And yet here I am, ... but what about me? I mean thinking back, Peter was kind of an asshole to me at the start, but gradually I see a change in him and me too. We are much closer now than we were before. But he never once said that he wanted to be in a long term relationship with me. It was Rex from the beginning, wasn't she? I was always second to her, just a fuck buddy of sorts who he was living with. Yeah! that is who I was, I mean if he really liked me shouldn't he have been more considerate to me, bring out his feelings more openly. And how many times he has fucked Rex already? Fuck! now that I think about it, he has always been like this, maybe what I am doing is not half wrong after all." And so it was, Keith was convinced that he was not to blame for anything. "And Dean, he is so innocent, if he wants me, and I want him, where is the problem?" Keith asked rhetorically.

There was a bell and a knock at the door. "Maybe it is Dean, though it is still a bit early for him" "Coming!" he shouted.

"Come in D... " "Uhmmm. Sorry, I thought that somebody I knew was there"

The delivery boy smiled, "I have a letter for you, does Mr. Keith live here?"

"Yes, he does, in fact, I am Keith"

"Oh.., here your letter", "Can you please sign this?"


"Thank you," the boy said and went away on his bike.

"A letter for me? in this day and age..." "Could it be a fan letter? but how did they get my address??"

Keith sat down as he slowly read the sender's address. "No return address? Shit, this is creepy now" "Should I even open it?" Keith thought as he sat gazing at the envelope.

"Wake up Jake! It is past 8 now, hey!" Dean said waking his brother.

"Jake, go and get fresh, we are out of time"

"Out of time?"

"Not you, me, I have to go to our neighbor' s and I want to be there by 9, understood?"

"Mom said that you have been going there for past few days, what do you do there?" Jake asked rubbing his eyes

"Well, Kieth likes to have me look at his sketches and have my review, I like that, any problem?"

"No, I will go to my room and change, I will see you at breakfast"

"Good!, we will have a small talk before you go to Corey's today alright?"

Jake nodded.

"Yes, all the conditions have been cleared, now I just have to sit and see when Peter would leave." After a few minutes, he saw Peter exit the front door and move to the car. He then saw Keith throwing something to him after which he waved and was off. "So he leaves by 8:25?, Gosh! do I look like a stalker?"

After breakfast, Dean went with Jake to his room.

"Jake, I know yesterday was tough for you, but you gotta man up and face it yourself." Jake was silent.

"Look at me Jake, I know it would be awkward to start right off the bat, start normally, forget about things that happened yesterday, look at this as a new day to a new start alright!, I believe in you, you would be alright, and trust me everything would be like before, you would even come to realize that you were actually fretting for nothing. Do you trust me?"

"More than anyone"

"And I trust you, talk with him whenever you feel like going for it okay?" Dean said and gave his brother a kiss. "I have to go now, but I will listen to what went with you two when I come back, got it?" Jake nodded and hugged him. "I will see you later!" Dean said as he got up and left for Keith's.

"Well, he is my brother, he is going to do just fine. But I am curious how things will go between them." he thought as he came outside and looked at the sky. "It is going to be hot today," he thought as he saw birds flying across the blue summer sky. "Time to go"

Dean rang the bell, and somehow, he was still as much excited and nervous as he was the first day, perhaps at the prospect of newer, and untold things happening to him each time he was with Keith.

"It must be Dean now," Keith thought as he disengaged himself from the letter and pushed it into one of his drawers. "I will just enjoy my time with him," he thought as he went and opened the door.

"Dean!" Keith exclaimed, "Wow, you look hot today!"

Dean flushed slightly and entered the house. "Where did you get that idea of blue shirt and pink shorts, damn!"

"It was my mom, she always has unusual tastes when it comes to clothing, I don't usually wear this outfit"

"Because it catches more eyes?"

Dean embarrassingly lowered his head.

"Don't worry, come in..." Keith said as he put his hands on Dean's shoulders "What would you like, juice, cola, tea, or any other drink?"

"What is with this sudden hospitality?"

"Consider this as a one time treat from me" "Today's day will go as you like, as you prefer, and as you command"

"What do you mean?" Dean asked quizzically

"What I mean is that I will do whatever you want, for the entire day. Of course, wishes need to be carefully asked, unless someone wants to regret later"

Dean thought for a moment thinking "Is this for real?", "That's... great!, I am all in. But I hope you are prepared, I can be quite mean when it comes to games" he said excitedly

"The pleasure will be mine too"

"Jesus! this might turn into a whole new day if I play my cards right, I can even have sex?" Dean thought and giggled.

"As my first order, Keith, I want you to strip your shirt and not to wear it for the entire day"

"As you wish!" Keith took his shirt off and threw it on the couch.

"This is getting exciting!" both Keith and Dean thought at the same moment.

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