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Chapter 11: Making my way

"I didn't know this impromptu plan would get me pumped up so much, shit! this is getting exciting" Keith thought.

"Now for my next order, Keith, I wish to have a tender and loving shoulder massage from you, will you?"

"Massage is best given and taken on bare shoulders, if you don't mind can I...?"

"Fuck, here he goes," Dean thought, "I leave everything up to you," he said and laughed inwardly at his own craftiness.

"As you command, master!"

Keith slowly stripped off Dean's shirt exposing his heaving chest and developing abs. He admired it for a few moments before moving behind Dean and starting to work on his shoulders. Dean relaxed as he felt Keith working on him. Keith slowly rubbed teen's shoulders with his thumbs gently circling his collar bone muscles. He increased his pace as he moved behind and started to work on the back area with an increased pressure of his fingers. Dean moaned slightly at this change but he was completely enjoying this. He then moved back to front and with long strides of his hand, he began to work on teen's chest. He tantalizingly rubbed one of his nipples and then left abruptly. Dean muttered a "Hey!" at this, but Keith continued to work his way back to the collar bone and then his arms. Dean was ecstatically breathing, his heart pounding faster. No longer did he feel that he was in control of anything, but he just felt glad that Keith was giving him attention and more so, that he was enjoying it too. After a few more minutes Keith announced that the massage session had come to an end.

"Was it good?" Keith asked.

"That felt great!" Dean said as he wore his shirt, still not completely over his ecstasy. "I bet you can be working in one of those spas with those skills"

"Well, I may consider it if I leave my current job" "So, what is the next thing you wanna do?" Keith asked

"I can't... Keith, I just can't play this, can we stop?"

"Are you sure? you might never get an opportunity like this again!"

"Yeah.., I am," Dean said and smiled, "Besides, I am not really good at taking command of things, I just sort of go with what others want from me. I just played along because you wanted me to. ...Sorry!"

"Don't be... I should have asked first", There was a small pause.

"Dean, can we spend some time alone?" Keith asked as he gently put his hands on Dean's shoulders.

Dean gazed at Keith and leaned forward to give him a kiss. "Not here!" Keith said as he put both his hands on Dean's shoulders. "Let us go to my bed"

Dean nodded and followed Keith to his bed and laid down. "You don't wanna remove your shirt?" Keith asked

"Nope!" Dean said mischievously, "I will have it removed" he added

"Oh!, Is that so?, then may I ask who is going to remove? Because I am not, and there are just we both here" Keith played along as he came on to bed.

"That is unfortunate! if you aren't; going to, then we will have to make do without removing it" Dean said with a chuckle

"I don't mind... as long as I can remove this!" Keith said as he pulled down Dean's shorts to his knees revealing a bulge in his undies.

They both laughed. "I lose Keith" "strip my shirt" Dean said seductively

"If you ask me so lovingly, I can't deny can I?" Keith said once, before removing Dean's shirt and his shorts completely.

They both gazed at each other before Dean moved in closer and started kissing Keith's neck as hard as he could, at this point all he cared about was him going as fast and as hard as he could into him. Driven by the sex drive, both Keith and Dean dove into each other, almost animalistically. They wanted to love each other hard, and as hard as it was possible. Keith laid down and Dean came on top of him, the teen was apparently overwhelming, as he pushed his face deep in Keith's chest licking him and biting him like a beast in rage. Keith moaned slightly and he was extremely turned on by this as he put his hands on Dean's butt cheeks, slowly squeezing them.

Dean then slowed down a bit, before plunging his tongue deep in Keith's mouth and exploring every bit of it. Keith took hold of Dean's head as he too began kissing Dean wildly, and almost involuntarily, Dean had started thrusting his groin into Keith's as though he was fucking. Keith was over the edge as he felt Dean's dick thrusting against his own. Dean was almost unstoppable as he continued to kiss Keith with added heat and passion. There breaths colliding with each other as their flaming bodies snuggled together. Dean was totally controlling the entire thing, but Keith found something about it irresistible, that he wanted to let teen have his way with him. Dean then went on to kiss his cheeks and nibble his earlobes, before coming down to his nipples and cock. Dean moved his head into Keith's brief which was wet with his precum, licking and sniffing it.

Keith removed his briefs releasing his cock from its restraint. Dean didn't waste any time as he wrapped his tongue around the cock head swirling it in circular motions. Keith moved his hands behind Dean's head, slowly playing with his hair as the teen went in to take more of his cock. Keith ushered a moan as Dean took in more than half his cock inside his mouth, sucking on it like a straw. "Dean... you sure are making me... hard to control this" Keith said in between the pleasure he was receiving. "Don't hold back,... because I am definitely not!" Dean said as he once again pushed Keith's cock in his mouth and simultaneously his hands were playing with his scrotum giving it a squeeze from time to time. "Fuck!" Keith said before overturning Dean. Keith was now on top of him. "I am sorry Dean, but I have got to do this," he said before plunging his face into the teen's neck licking and biting it before giving him a long and heated kiss. Dean was panting and so was Keith, but neither wanted to stop. Keith placed a flurry of kisses starting from Dean's chest up to his navel before reaching down to Dean's bulging briefs. Keith slowly stripped it down to remove it. Dean's cock was finally free pointing straight at Keith's face as if demanding him.

Keith took Dean's cock in his hands and started to jack it, while his other hand went down below Dean's scrotum and beyond where his ass cheeks were. Keith rubbed this area for a while with his fingers, Dean only gasped thinking that Keith just might fuck him. Keith gently took in the teen's cock head lubed with his own precum, and slowly moved down until all of the teen's cock was inside his mouth, after which he began thrusting his head in an up-down motion, firmly gripping the cock each time. It wasn't long that Keith noticed that Dean was near. He stopped and moved back to Dean's face. Dean looked at him baffled, "Why did you stop? I was about to....", he asked but was kiss shut by Keith "I know that, but before it, there is something I must do... " "Turn around"

Dean knew that Keith was about to fuck him and he willingly complied. "If I would have my virginity taken, it would rather be by him," he thought as he turned. Keith held the ass cheeks and spread them wide enough to catch a glimpse of teen's puckered love hole. He came closer and Dean ushered an "Ahh..." as he felt Keith's hot breath on his ass cheeks. Keith slowly started kissing the region before moving his tongue to its final destination. He licked the skin around it a few times. Dean was ecstatic at this point as he squirmed around at the unknown sensations pervading his mind and body. It definitely was a new experience for him as no one had ever actually played with his butt like that before, but he liked the attention it was getting. He wouldn't mind if Keith were to take his virginity right now. Keith continued to play with his butthole licking it and slowly piercing his way into it through his tongue. Dean moaned as he felt a hot object penetrate his ass, it felt weird but in a good way. Keith moved his tongue around a bit and then he went deeper, hungrily moving to taste every part of that love hole. He then moved on to Dean's shoulders caressing them and moving his face into teens' and kissing him gently.

"I want to make you mine" he whispered

"Please..." Dean said in a pleading tone.

"But we have to get you ready first. It is still firm and I don't want to do you rough" Keith said as his dick moved over Dean's ass spreading precum on them.

Dean nodded and Keith went back to tongue fuck his hole, driving it in and out like a spear rhythmically. Dean was getting used to it as he felt his hole relax a bit after this.

"I am sorry if it hurts a bit, you can tell me to stop anytime okay?" Keith said as he bought his finger near to Dean's love hole.

Dean nodded, but he was nervous anticipating how it would all go and how it would end. But he realized that it is all or nothing and that he was going for all today. Keith pushed his finger inside slowly. It was tight, but with the tongue fucking he had done earlier, it was not that difficult. Dean let out a moan as he felt something pierce his ass hole, but he was determined not to show any pain. Keith went deeper until his second knuckle went in. Dean let out a louder moan.

Keith went up and kissed him again assuring that they would only go until his ass can accommodate both his fingers. Dean thought that it might be good to follow this as it would give him more time to prepare. Keith went back to finger fucking the ass, circling in a rhythmic way until he was sure he had made a way for his second finger. He then carefully inserted his second finger and went back to kissing Dean. Dean gasped as he felt Keith kissing him at the same time going deeper into his hole. Keith got both fingers inside and moved them around in a scissor-like fashion in hopes to widen the hole for his cock. "Fuck! Dean, you are so damn hot in here" Keith said as he continued to kiss the teen. After he was sure that his fingers had done enough, he went back down and licked his hole again, his tongue went deeper with much ease now.

"We are making a good way here!" Keith said before turning Dean again and sucking on his cock. The purple cock head covered with precum twitched as it felt the hotness of the tongue enveloping it whole. It didn't take much time for Dean to blow his load after all that foreplay and teasing. "Fuck, here it comes," he said as he sent 4 blasts of cum down in Keith.

Keith laid down with his still erect member throbbing wildly, veins starting to show around his foreskin. Dean got up and moved his hand over Keith's member jacking it slowly. He moved his tongue around a bit before sucking it hard. After a few minutes Keith felt he was close, "I am gonna.." but before he could finish this, he sent six huge spurts of hot thick cum down the teen's throat. Dean continued to suck away at his still rock hard cock before moving back up and kissing him.

"That was great Dean!" Keith said sluggishly as he caressed the boy's hair.

"I am glad I could return the favor," Dean said as he got closer to Keith and laid down with his eyes closed.

Keith moved in closer and kissed Dean's cheeks, "You are the best Dean, truly" he whispered, before Dean too came in closer and they both nestled together

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