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Chapter 13: Blur

Dean was very happy, having heard a love confession from Keith, he felt like he was on the ninth cloud.

"You are late Dean, hurry up and get fresh, dinner in 30 minutes!" his mom said peering him through her glasses.

"Yes mom!" Dean said and went upstairs to his room.

"He seems oddly obedient today, Did something happen?" his mom wondered.

"Welcome back," Jake said as he opened his own room door and Dean slipped inside. Jake smiled at him and sat on his chair while Dean set on the bed facing each other.

"Seems like everything went fine?" Dean asked

Jake nodded with a big smile.

"Is that so? I am so glad" Dean said as he leaned forward and kissed his brother.

"It is all thanks to you," Jake said and blushed slightly.

"Did you talk about the things that went the other day?"

"Yeah, we did. And... he confessed that he had ... always liked me more than a friend" Jake had a red face now.

"And...?" Dean asked, "Shit, this is interesting," he thought.

"And then he felt sorry for what he did. He told me that it was pretty much all hormone rush at the moment, but he felt guilty doing that with me. He cried a bit afterward. I really felt bad for him and calmed him down telling everything was okay and that I would still like to be friends with him"

"That is sweet Jake. So are things back to normal between you two?"

"Yeah. By things we had done together that afternoon..., I think that I have got closer to him in some way. I didn't tell him that though, but I just... feel like it."

"I know that. Jake..., things might not be the same between you two, in fact, they might never be the same. But I know they will be better. I just know it"

"I too think that, and I am glad that we are still best friends"

"Me too," Dean said and Jake hugged him. "Thank you" he whispered. Dean hugged him back and told that he knew that he would handle everything just right.

"Oh yeah Jake, mom said dinner in 30 minutes, so come back down by then okay?" Dean said as he got out of the room.

"I will"

"Am I shipping Jake x Corey?... Fuck yess!, it would be too fantastic if it turns out the way I am thinking, but it might be too soon. Fuck, why am I thinking like a fangirl shipping their favorite characters??" Dean thought as he entered the bathroom. "And then tomorrow I have to meet Andy too... It might be a good opportunity to make a new friend. That is unless I mess it up somehow..." "But Keith's confession... fuck! I am so excited how it will all continue from now. We are unofficially lovers now, aren't we? Will things be any different between us now? And if so then how?" Dean wondered as he splashed water across his face.

"I should probably check Facebook if there is any other message from Andy," he thought as he opened his laptop. "Twelve notifs...? Mark...? Must be that he posted something... So he is off to Croatia with his family? Looks like he is having fun. Now that I think, it has been many days that I jerked thinking about his cock and him in particular... I suppose things are changing... but I would be happy to spend some time with him again when he comes back... hmmm.. there is one message from Andy, let us see..." "Hey! Wanted to confirm whether you are up for tomorrow?" it said. "Of course" Dean replied. "At 3 in the cafeteria near book shop okay?" he added. "Good, this is done" "Let me again see what he looks like... yeah, I remember now.. he does have good looks, I will give him that," Dean said as he opened Andy's page. "Looks like his family... Interesting, so he has a sister huh? Appears to be younger than him though... They must be his friends!, I don't completely disagree with his taste though" Dean thought as he fished through more and more posts. "Wait, is he in a bar in this one? Appears to be one..., but how did he get in? And he is drinking with two other girls? Wow! They appear to be older than him. Fuck! he seems a pro at this, I might just embarrass myself completely if I go unprepared... Do I have a girlfriend? Nope, Do I want one? Definitely nope, but our conversation is guaranteed to steer that way, I must come up with some fake info in that case, and say like 'oh my girlfriend isn't really into me posting our private pics on social media', but what if he says he wants to meet her? I guess in that case I will have to use my trump card. Though I would want to avoid it as much as possible. Shit, this meeting is becoming more of a nuisance than I thought. He seems to be good at other sports too... I will appear as a complete dimbo... but wait, I shouldn't completely underestimate myself, I am good at tennis and an above average in basketball. I think it would be good if the conversation comes to these topics. I think I am overthinking it a bit too much, maybe because I have a thing for guys. I will just have to go with the flow I guess... But damn Mark!, you look hot in that costume, must be some sort of a custom..." Dean thought as he rummaged through posts.

"Dean, mom is calling us for dinner" Jake spoke as he peeked inside through the door.

"Coming!" Dean said as he hurriedly closed everything before scurrying down with Jake.


"I have to admit that I have fallen for Dean quite hard. And I confessed it. Yeah..., a guy 9 years younger than me. But that is what it is. They say love is blind, perhaps this is what they mean by it." Keith thought as he started making dinner.

"What about Peter? I had promised that tonight we will have sex. But I am not prepared for it, especially after that confession to Dean. Fuck, why do I always have to make these decisions?" "... Not like I wanted myself to be in such a position. But I guess it is also a privilege to have a go with two of them on the same day.... Now that is dirty!" Keith thought and laughed a bit. "Oh yeah! I have that card to play today, so maybe I can get off without sex with Peter. This is all so opportune!"

After dinner, Peter washed the dishes and was off to Keith's room. "Hey Keith, I thought today we will be having a night for just ourselves? What is with this work?" Peter said as he sat on the couch. The same one where Keith and Dean had made out a few hours ago.

"I am sorry Pete, but you know Steph is here tomorrow right?"

"Is it again one of your all-nighter?"

"Yeah!, I got into some trouble with her last week, I must get it all right tomorrow," Keith said making everything up, he was already done with his work that afternoon. There was a short pause.

"Keith... It seems I am getting less and less time with you now. I don't know but I feel a sudden distance between us" Peter said

Keith was taken aback by this. "It is nothing like that Pete, and haven't we gone without sex for weeks before?"

"Yeah we have, but something feels off this time," Peter said as he draped his arms over Keith and gave his neck a short peck. "I want to have it with you now, but I will wait..." Peter said as he got up and decided to leave. Keith got up and kissed Peter longingly for some time who reciprocated back with equal vigor caressing Keith's hair. "I vouch we will have it tomorrow", "Then tomorrow it will be.." Peter said as he looked at Keith and leaned to give another kiss. They both knew the other was hard at this point. "Goodnight Keith, and don't stress too much over it," Peter said as he walked out of the room leaving Keith alone to his self faked work.

"God!, Why do I have to do this? Should I just tell Pete that I have someone that I love?..." Keith thought as he aimlessly moved pencil over the white sheet unable to grasp a single thought.

"...But for now, I will just have to go over my pretense" Keith said as he sighed looking pained by all of this.

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