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Chapter 15: Andy (II)

Both Andy and Dean walked through the park before leaving for there homes.

"Could we arrange it again?" Andy asked

"Of course, I would like to in fact" Dean replied.

"How about same time again next week?"

"That is what I had in mind!"

"Cool! You can have my phone number just in case"

"Just in case?" Dean thought as he unlocked his phone and lent it to Andy.

"Wow! that background.." Andy said as he looked at a red bra and panties scattered above the beach sand. Of course, this was a fake created by Dean to appear straight.

"Shit!, I mean... " Dean stammered.

"It's fine really.., besides we are both guys," Andy said which made Dean fluster a bit.

Just then Andy screamed and fell on his knees. "What's wrong?" Dean asked as he looked at Andy.

"Something just pierced my shoes sole, I think it's a pin"

"Can you get up?"

"I suppose.." Andy tried getting up but realized he had hurt his foot badly as he stumbled and fell back. "I can't..."

"Have you hurt your leg somewhere?"

"Yeah! pretty bad actually"

"Wait!" Dean said as he helped Andy to get up supporting him and gently taking him to a bench. He then sat in front of Andy and pulled his shoes down removing the pin from them. There was a small blood stain on Andy's socks. "You sit here till I grab some supplies," Dean said before rushing away.

"He is really badly hurt, I don't think he has a fracture so that's alright, but some muscles in his leg must have sprained," he thought as he rushed to a medical store. Bringing the needed items, he rushed back to Andy.

"What are these?" Andy asked

"Don't worry, it is just some first aid to ease out the pain" Dean said as he drenched the cotton in the antiseptic and bought it near to the bruise on Andy's knees. "Aahhh!" Andy cried.

"It will hurt a bit at first" Dean assured as he looked back up at Andy and then continued to massage the wet cotton on the bruise. The drops from his wet hairs were falling on Andy's legs but he didn't notice until Andy began to dry his hair through his hanky. "You will catch a cold if you keep them wet for too long," Andy said and smiled as Dean looked up.

Dean then applied some ointment on the bruise and pulled down the socks. He then applied the antiseptic drenched cotton to the injured area as Andy moaned.

Andy looked at Dean who was busy treating his wound. He then leaned forward and bought his face near Dean's ears. "You didn't have to go that far" he whispered as his lips very lightly brushed against Dean's earlobes.

Dean felt the hotness of Andy's breath near his cold ear and he shuddered but didn't say anything as he continued to move the wet cotton in circles. Andy leaned a bit longer and then retreated. After making sure everything was okay, Dean finally sat on the bench beside Andy.

"Dean... I think I know why Liz might have fallen for you... It is your nature, Dean"

"I don't know about that Andy... but I suppose I did what anyone would have done if they were me"

"You are wrong Dean, I doubt anyone would go as far as you did... and that too for a person they just met an hour ago"

"I.. just did what I felt like doing.. isn't it the most natural course of action?"

"It is Dean... it is!" there was a short pause.

"I don't think you can go back to your home alone can you?" Dean asked Andy nodded saying that he wasn't even sure he can walk without tripping.

"Should I call an uber?"

"I actually have a bike in the parking lot.. do you mind if you can give me a ride to my home? I will call an uber for you from there" Andy said

"What do I do..?" "Should I take up his invitation?, I suppose there is no harm, besides I still have plenty of time.. and to be honest I really want to spend some more time with him.. he is really cool" Dean thought before saying yes.

Andy got near his bike and gave the keys to Dean. "I am in your hands now," Andy said and smiled as Dean started the bike and helped Andy get behind him. "Keep me good on directions" Dean said as they both headed out onto the street. The sun had begun to emerge from behind the clouds but cool winds still continued to sweep time to time. Andy continued to direct Dean for his home. Then suddenly he moved his hands and grabbed Dean's waist tightly. Dean fumbled a bit but continued to drive the bike. "What is he doing?"..."He is clearly flirting with me, isn't he? ... Shit! I am loving this attention, hold me tighter" he thought. Andy moved a bit closer to Dean seeing how Dean had not responded to his previous move. "I don't want to appear too gay.. and then again I don't want him to stop either... why this has to be so tough??" Dean thought. Before long they had reached a posh area as Andy directed Dean to his house. Dean was shocked. No one he had been friends with had a house as big and as well built as Andy's, those outdoor decorations, those lamps adorning the front garden and an outdoor pool, and to add this was just the front, they were not even inside.

"I am sorry Dean, but I don't really want people to know I have a rich family.. can you keep this little secret to yourself?" Andy asked

"You can trust me"

"Oh, that I do! please come in," Andy said as he rung the doorbell.

A maid opened the door, "Of course he would have servants!" Dean thought as he entered along with Andy.

"Janice, he is my friend Dean. Can you get us some snacks in my room?"

"What happened to you?" Janice exclaimed as she looked Andy's arm around Dean.

"Oh god!, I just fell in the park fine?... And don't tell anyone about this am I clear?"

"Yes.. sir what drink you prefer?" Janice looked at Dean.

"Please.. call me Dean, and anything would do for me," Dean said as he blushed

"Janice, just bring him what you would for me fine"

Looking at the interior Dean was even more astonished as he just stood there in a mute stupor. "Dean... let us go to my room" Andy said as he led him to his room on the first floor.

"I am sorry for this extravaganza.. but my family loves to boast around.. I am the only 'odd one out' I suppose"

"No no... It is really fine, in fact, this house is really something"

"Hey!.. your clothes are all wet.. why don't you take a shower and get changed? You can have my clothes, I am pretty sure they would fit you well"

"It is really fi..."

"Please, at least let me do this much for you," Andy asked pleadingly.

"If you insist I would take on the offer," Dean said.

"Great, just throw your clothes out and I will have them washed"

Dean nodded as he saw Andy smiling. He went to the bathroom and threw his clothes outside as he settled in the bath. It had a sweet natural aroma to it and the bathroom itself had too many varieties of soap, shampoos, conditioner, etc. "How rich is he anyway?.. and what do his parents do? Speaking of which I didn't see them when I came" Dean thought as he luxuriously took his own time deciding which soap and shampoo to use. "This is good! And this bathroom is more spacious than the biggest one in our home... I am jealous of him... but what were those signs that I noted when he clenched my waist? Is he interested in me or am I reading too much into it?"

After having the bath, Dean came out in nothing but a towel. "Here your clothes" Andy said pointing to a neatly stacked shirt and trouser. "Don't mind me!" Andy said and looked away. Dean removed his towel and began to dress.

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