This story is purely a work of fiction and not intended to depict any living, past or present, human being.

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Before I go on with my story, allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Terry Thomas, and presently, at the time of this particular story, I am 26 years old. I stand an even six feet tall, and weigh a pretty solid 180 pounds. My hair is blond and wavy, and my eyes are brown. What do I do for a living? Well, I'm an Athletic Director for a middle school.

When I was searching for a job within the educational field, I was honored to have explored numerous schools, and opportunities. Though the school I am employed at now didn't offer the most money, it did however offer the most intriguing opportunity. The day of my interview, I was given a tour of the facility. Initially, I wasn't impressed in the least, that was until I was showed where my new office was located.

I guess it was around mid day when we entered the Athletic Director's office. Just like most middle school offices, this one wasn't that much different, except for one tiny wee little bit thing. This office had a huge window that over looked the boy's locker room and shower area. Speaking of the shower, there wasn't any stalls whatsoever. It had about 10 shower heads, and everything was in plain view from where I had been standing.

While I was being shown the office, I marveled over the fact that there was 8 young boys, all naked, taking a shower. The other thing you are probably already aware of is that I am a true born lover of boys. Standing there, cock pulsating with my every heartbeat, I watched in awe at their shiny, soapy, bodies. Three of those eight boys were facing me, and I was stunned to be able to stand there and ogle over their young boy prides like it was no big deal.

Once we left the office, I was given a tour of the boys locker room. I'm no genius, but once inside the locker room, I quickly realized that the window inside the AD's office was one giant two-way mirror. From inside the locker room, the boys could inspect themselves, but inside the office, I could easily stand there, in total privacy, and inspect them without anyone suspecting anything.

Naturally, being a boy lover, I took the job at this school. Ironically enough, the school's mascot name was called the "Fighting Gamecocks." Having already seen my new office, naturally, I couldn't wait to begin my new career at this middle school. More so, I was chomping at the bits to get inside my office so I could begin my favorite past time, watching gorgeous young boys.

My first day, and here I was, my six inch cock in hand, stroking feverishly while admiring two boys, both around 12 years old, taking a shower. My face was pressed against the window as my eyes ravished their awesomely delightful bodies. I watched in awe as one of the boys began lathering his tantalizing butt cheeks with soap, while conducting a mild conversation with the other naked boy.

The scene taking place before my very eyes was hotter than hell, and I was skinning my cut cock fast and furiously. My tongue wanted so desperately to join them, dining graciously within their creamy colored mounds of glorified butt cheeks, but I knew I couldn't. All I could do was stand there, stroke my cock, and take in the spectacular view of two naked young boys.

Almost in unison, both boys turned, and were now facing me. My jaw must have dropped to the floor as I intently stared at their young boy cocks and tiny baby makers. One boy was totally hairless while the other one had just started getting a few little hairs on either side of his inch and half flaccid cut boy pipe. I watched immensely as they worked the soap upon their scrawny nut sac, acting as innocent as the day they had been born.

It didn't take me too long before I was hammering my cream from my cock, firing my heavy load onto the window, while using my tongue to lick the glass, dreaming that my tongue was ravishing both of their young tender bodies. The only thing that could have been better for me was actually being with the boys, but I wasn't about to complain at all. This beloved window was giving me the treat of a lifetime that anyone like myself would kill for this very same opportunity.

For the next three weeks, I became obsessed with staring at all the numerous boys who partook in the locker room activities, not to mention, showering their magnificent young bodies. Naturally, I had picked out my favorites, but even more so, I had hand picked this one boy in particular. To me, in my eyes, not even in one of my wildest fantasies could I have ever dreamed of a boy equalling, or even coming close to for that matter, than young Corey.

Let me tell you about Corey in the way I see him, then maybe, you might be able to get a visual for yourself. I had already read Corey's records, so I knew for a fact that he had just celebrated his 12th birthday. Without having personally measured him, I'd guess he stands somewhere around the 4'10" range, and soaking wet, can't weigh no more than 80 pounds.

Everything about this boy in particular stood out like a sore thumb, and in a good way. Corey's hair is best described as being dirty blond, and rather curly. His little ears are partially covered by his gorgeous hair, to which, evenly falls just below his shoulder line. Corey's mop of hair flashes beyond his forehead, joining forces with his medium dirty blond thickness of his eyebrows. The boy's eyes are a feast within their very own. A splash of metallic blue mixed with a sparkling touch of emerald green has the unique honor of being able to stop you dead in your tracks at a single glance.

His long, upturned dirty blond eyelashes offers the distinct impression that they were not natural, but I knew they were. Corey's tiny pug nose was perfect, and blemish free. Each side of his creamy colored slender cheeks contained two perfectly small indentations, even if his face was not offering his priceless, heart stopping, smile. Without having to really say it, but I'll toss it in anyways, but Corey's mouth was small, however his lips constantly looked as though he had been using a mild cherry colored lip stick for its breath taking coloration.

Then, there was the boy's chin. It too is slender, but displayed a prominent cleft that only magnified the boy's overall facial splendor. Moving on, the boy's chest is somewhat defined for being a normal 12 year old. His tiny speck of rose bud colored nipples always made my cock jerk and twitch to no end. His stomach muscles rippled with his every breath and was as hairless as the day he was born.

Having the distinct privilege of seeing Corey raise his arms over his head, I clearly saw that his creamy colored armpits offered no signs of hair life whatsoever. The only hair life I was able to see was the light dusting of peach fuzz scarcely scattered about his lower forearm area. Corey's hairless thighs were slender, yet solid, offering a well formed muscularity disposition. Even his shins showed no signs of evident hair growth. For some strange reason, I even ogled over his tiny feet with their perfectly shaped little toes.

Now, now it's time to describe his backside. The boy's back is totally flawless! Creamy complexion and danced graciously with a mild muscle tone. Corey's butt, yes his butt, is not a normal one by far. He is a boy, and I know that all too well, however, this boy's butt is something else entirely. It's small, in even contrast with the rest of his overall perfection, but it is shapely however. More so, the boy's butt looks like two little watermelons lost in a splendid sea of mouth watering cream. I couldn't even see a single freckle displayed on either of his voluptuous little butt cheeks. I don't even know if words could even come close as to describing the perfections of his butt. They were bubbly, but also gave the unique impression that both elegant melons were solid with powerful muscles.

To some, this may sound a bit sick, but to others, well, you'll more than likely understand. But, in my warped perverted mind, I had actually convinced myself that nothing smelly could ever come out of Corey's heavenly constructed butt. Not only did he look that good, but his one-of-a-kind butt was just too down right perfect for anything bad to present itself. To me, and probably only to me, that's just the way I saw it!

On to describing his boyhood. Well, Corey's 12 year old circumcised cock is also a creamy color. I've never seen it erect, but soft, it's a good two inches. The head is a pale pinkish in color, and the piss slit is nothing more than a tiny little line. The head itself is about the same width as his flaccid boy stick, but whoever the doctor was that circumcised him should be given an award for his perfection. Even the little scar was pert near invisible.

Corey's pubic area was completely bald, offering not even a hint of peach fuzz. The boy's young balls were just as hairless. I'd say Corey's future baby makes are about the size of a lima bean, held within a creamy colored smooth looking sac, trapping them seemingly close to his body. Just by sight, I could tell that his young balls had dropped, but in no way be considered low hangers, nor did they hold fast to the comfort of their sockets either. To me, even his nuggets made my cock cringe in sheer throbbing delight.

Unlike many boys his age, Corey took extreme pride in his personal hygiene. I couldn't tell you how many times while he was showering, Corey made sure that every part of his perfect body was well cleaned. Each and every time, I blew my load as I watched his little soapy fingers dip into his tiny butt crack and make sure that that area was super clean. Often times, just by watching him clean his butt crack, I began wondering if he wasn't actually shoving a soapy finger, or two, up his anal chute. From my vantage point, I couldn't be sure.

When Corey finished his shower, and unlike the vast majority of the boys, he would stand at the sink, still naked, and brush his perfectly straight, and amazingly white, teeth. That too, watching his young hairless cock sway back and forth while brushing his teeth always made my cock erupt into a volcanic type, sperm shooting, toe curling, madness.

As the days passed, my obsession over Corey grew into a gut wrenching feverish state. It's a wonder I had any flesh left on my cock, thanks in all to Corey and his utter perfections. I still jerked off at seeing some of the other boys as well, but Corey had quickly become my ultimate favorite. Though there were some boys who were down right gorgeous, however, none could even come close to Corey.

Then one day, as my perverse luck would have it, I saw Corey taking his shower, but this time, the locker room was empty. Taking this as a moment to take my perverted actions a bit further, I quietly snuck into the boys locker room, keeping both ears trained on hearing the shower. I walked straight up to Corey's locker and opened it. Oddly enough, Corey did have a lock, but it was just hanging there, not even fastened.

Once I had his licker door open, I could see his dirty clothes, neatly folded, just resting there for my deceptive pleasure. My hands shook out of nervousness, but my fingers managed to retrieve his freshly worn undies. His underwear was a white bikini briefs, and after inspecting the outside of them, I hurriedly turned them inside out. At first, I just used my eyes to inspect the interior for any signs of whatever. I didn't even see any significant signs of left over pee remnants. Being unable to control my perverted thoughts any longer, I quickly buried my nose right in the spot where I knew his lovely boy pole and tender baby makers once had peacefully rested.

The smell, that awesome aroma erupting into my lungs was something I could never had dreamed of. The fragrance filling my insides could only be compared of pure boy scent mixed with a faint offering of something like baby powder. To say the least, I had become even more addicted to young Corey than ever before. My nose soon found itself inhaling deeply into the area I knew protected his most hidden treasure, that is of course, his butt hole. Even that fragrance held me at bay. Believe me, there wasn't any aroma even close to being foul. That too, offered just a touch of a baby powder fragrance.

Oddly enough, I went on to sniff his dirty socks and shoes. Even those smelled enchantingly! No matter how hard I smelled, there wasn't one single item belonging to Corey that offered even the slightest hint of dirtiness. That certainly didn't help my rapidly growing addiction over the boy by any means. I guess, somewhere in the back of my mind, I was honestly hoping to find a skid mark, or something, indicating that the boy was just like every other boy, only being that he was unquestionably, flat fucking gorgeous. When that didn't happen, my mind soared even higher into a perverted highness.

For the next few days, when Corey was alone in the shower, I repeated those steps to his locker. Like a thief in the night, I smelled his clothing furiously, especially his recently worn underwear. Not one single time did my inhaling nostrils offer the slightest indication of anything remotely close as to being foul.

Each day, when Corey was alone taking a shower, I stole the moment to sneak in the boys locker room, and smell his divine purity. I was so engrossed at sniffing his underwear that I didn't pay any attention to the shower being shut off. I had his undies tucked inside out, and my nose was deeply buried into the crotch area, sniffing frantically.

"Coach, what's going on?" Corey's voice echoed sharply into both of my ears.

If my hands weren't shaking before, they now were. I had been busted with his underwear shoved up my nostrils, and now was frozen dead in my tracks with every hair on my body standing at attention. Slowly, I sort of forced his underwear from my nose while turning my head to face him. I was probably three shades whiter as I was now looking at him, standing just a few from me, totally naked with the towel draped over his left shoulder.

Corey spoke again, "Coach, why were you smelling my underwear?"

My only reaction was to lie, and with my voice nervously cracking, I responded, "I, I uh, wasn't smelling them, honestly. I uh, I was just uh, checking to see if there was a uh, uh a name in them. I saw that the lock wasn't secured, and uh, thought somebody left them."

Corey flashed me his five star smile, shook his head from side to side, then softly stated, "Yeah, right coach! It still looks to me like you were smelling them, but, whatever!"

Trying to sound more like an authoritarian, I fired back, "Look Corey, kids leave their belongings in here all the time. Why on earth would I be smelling somebody's dirty underwear?"

Without skipping a beat, Corey turned towards the sink while looking at me through the mirror. Applying a dab of toothpaste on his brush, Corey responded, "Okay, okay, really, it's no big deal coach! I'm just saying that it looked like you were smelling them, that's all, and besides, that's my locker, and that was my underwear you were holding up to your face. Coach, come on now, it's over, no big deal."

Feeling mildly better about myself at attempting to persuade Corey into believing my lie, I now found my eyes glued to his tantalizing butt. By now, he was in the process of brushing his teeth, and I my feet were glued to the floor watching his butt muscles flex sharply as he scrubbed his teeth.

For however long it took him to brush his teeth, I dare not move, as if captured in some form of erotic trance, ogling at his bare mouth watering butt. It wasn't until he washed the toothpaste out with water, then walked right up to me, that I became aware of the fact my mouth was wide open.

Corey walked right up to me, looked up, then winked with his left eye, and began dressing. Still, I was held in a captive trance, totally unable to move a single muscle. For a breath taking moment, there was an erie silence in the locker room as I watched him put his clothes on.

After tying his remaining shoe, then standing up, Corey flashed that breath stealing smile at me, then ever so angelically whispered, "Coach, do you think me and you could talk? I uh, I got something sort of personal to uh, um say."

Naturally, I would have happily agreed to anything just so long to prolong listening to his soft angelic voice sing into my ears. With that being mentioned, I replied, "Absolutely Corey. I'll always find the time to talk with you."

Corey sat down on the long bench, and I sat right next to him on his right side. I watched as he took in a deep breath, then his soft angelic voice cracked the air, "Coach, I was wondering, but what's your thoughts on an adult having sex with a minor?"

Listening to his question, and trying to be the responsible adult, I fired back, "For one thing, in the eyes of the law, it's highly illegal."

Shooting right back at me, Corey fired, "Yeah, other than the illegal part, let's say they were both willing, do you reckon it would be alright then?"

Not really knowing on where this conversation was going, and now trying my hardest to give him what I knew was the appropriate response, I said, "Corey, the law is the law, even if both were willing! The adult half, if anyone ever found out, would get into some serious trouble, even possibly, spending a lot of time in prison. One must consider the potential outcome of things before knowingly break the law."

Corey shot right back, "Let's say that both would never tell a soul. What then?"

The boy was putting me into a pickle, one in which I certainly didn't feel comfortable with. In my years as a boy lover, I had only acted on my perversion with two boys. One of which was 15, and the other was 16. Even though I admired boys Corey's age, I never gave it much thought to actually seek them out.

Looking into his sparkling eyes, I whispered, "I guess if they both felt that strongly about it, then sure, then I guess it would be okay, just so long as nobody gets hurt. Corey, be honest with me, but what's with the questions about this?"

His eyes slowly trailed off mine, and began gleaming at the floor while breathing rather awkwardly. I watched as his little fingers dug into his thighs as his head sort of began making a nodding motion. After a few short seconds, Corey raised his head, angling directly at mine, then whispered, "Coach, please don't take this the wrong way, and please hear me out before you say anything. I may be just 12, but I'm not dumb. I've been in your office plenty of times and know all about that two-way mirror. I've watched you literally break your neck to get into your office when I go into the locker room. Ask yourself this coach, but why, all of a sudden, I start taking my showers knowing that the locker room would be empty? Why would I intentionally start forgetting to lock my locker? Go on coach, ask yourself those questions!"

Silently, I did! He was right about me breaking my neck to go watch him, and I wasn't all that sure why he chose to shower when the locker room was empty. While my mind rapidly pondered his questions, Corey began talking, "Coach, you do realize that adults aren't the only ones who have fantasies, right? Even boys my age fantasize about things too. Here it is coach, this is my problem. (Corey paused briefly before speaking) Our so-called laws fail to realize that there are some boys, boys my age, who already know what they want sexually. I'm gay coach, and I've known it ever since I could remember. When the other guys talk about the girls, I'm always thinking about the guys. I not only think about the guys, but it's the older ones that gets my attention. Boys my age doesn't really do a thing for me, if you know what I mean coach. Now granted, I've never done anything with a guy, but that still don't stop me from fantasizing about it none."

While he spoke, I sat there and my cock was throbbing and oozing pre-cum by the gallons. Once again, doing my best to be the adult, I offered, "Corey, it's okay to be gay, if that's your thing. Believe me, and I mean this with all good intentions, but you will never, ever have a problem finding anyone who would not jump at the chance to have sex with you. Besides, you've got plenty of time to find that special someone. Just give it some time, and trying not to sound too personal, but you probably are not capable of shooting sperm just yet."

Corey fired right back, "Oh no coach, I've been producing sperm for over a year now. Shucks, I beat my meat three to five times a day now."

That was something I truly wanted to hear. As I sat there, my taste buds sweltered around the fantasy of slurping his cream de la cream. Oh how I wanted to tell this young boy of my ultimate desires, but somehow, I just couldn't. Had he simply asked me, I would have gladly loved every perfect inch of his body, and although he was tossing out some pretty good clues, my mind wasn't grasping them.

While I was pleasing myself of those thoughts, Corey continued, "Coach, I don't want to wait! I want to experience sex! I've surfed the internet and read tons of stories where some lucky man has sex with a boy, a boy my age, and who was just like me, who wanted it to happen. I've even seen pictures where some grown man has his big cock stuck up some young boy's butt. I've read about it, saw the photos, and now, now I want to live it. Not to rehash a past event, but when I saw you holding my underwear up to your nose, I was kind of hoping that you would be the one to teach me all about sex."

My heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was causing my entire body to vibrate right off of the bench. I heard every single precious word he had just said, especially the part he was hoping that I would be the one to teach him about sex. Looking into his passionate eyes, I whispered, "Follow me Corey!"

I had enough sense about myself to know that the locker room wasn't the safest place to do anything, so we walked inside my office. Once we were inside, I quickly locked the lock to ensure further privacy. The last thing I needed was someone to walk in seeing me suck feverishly on Corey's hard cock.

In the short time frame it had taken me to secure the lock, Corey had already kicked out of his shoes and was in the process of peeling off his remaining sock. I stood in front of him, cupping his slender face with both of my hands, then whispered, "This is just between us right?"

Corey, with his eagerness conquering his voice, replied, "I promise coach, nobody will ever know."

I sank my lips over his and pushed my tongue deep into his minty fresh hot little mouth. Being that this was his first time having a tongue swim around inside his mouth, Corey was a bit unsure what to do, however, within a very short time, his natural born instincts took over, and his slithering hot little tongue was swabbing around inside mine.

While our tongues were busy, my hands were busy groping all over his appetizing voluptuous little butt. It was just as I had imagined. Though they were perfectly shaped, his butt cheeks were as solid as two bricks. I squeezed those mounds, grunting heavily down his throat, relishing in the glow of his minty tasting saliva.

At some point while our lips were glued together, our clothes became nothing more than a pile of laundry on the floor. Rubbing my hands up and down his silky smooth back sent goose bumps popping up all over my body. I felt his small hands grip, and caress, my butt cheeks as he drove his tongue inside my mouth that much harder. While his hands toyed with my butt cheeks, my left hand worked his back area while my right hand dove upon his silky smooth tantalizing butt.

The texture of his mind bending butt was nothing less than elegantly graceful. I worked my fingers inside his tight little crack, and my legs almost buckled when my fingertip graced his most prized hidden treasure, his tiny bung hole. When my finger struck his anus, Corey arched his body higher into the air while his precious moans vibrated in a steady motion down my throat.

Wanting more, I forced my lips from his. Once our kiss had broken, I stepped back to inhale this boy's overwhelming, intoxicating, natural born, breath taking, beauty. He was standing still, both of his young eyes gleaming upon my raging erection. My own eyes were just as busy staring at his erect boy pride. His prized beauty protruded from his perfect little body a good four inches, and was as straight as an arrow, with no arch coursing the creamy shaft whatsoever. Corey's pale pinkish, mushroom shaped cock head displayed the same girth as his beloved creamy smooth shaft. The shaft itself was an even thickness, from the hairless base to the very tip. If I had to judge the boy's mouth watering girth of his delightful boy pole, I would estimate it to be as big around as a quarter. It wasn't too long, nor was it too short. Being that his boyhood wasn't thick, I had already made up my mind that it was a perfect size for sucking.

Corey pointed at my dick with a right finger, then softly whispered, "Wow coach, you've got a big dick!"

I looked down at my engorged six inches of man meat as it jutted from my body upwards at a 45 degree angle. By no means could I ever declare that I have a big cock. In all reality, it's a stretch to say it's even six inches long. Also, my cock falls more on the slender side of things.

Offering a slight chuckle, I fired back, "Only in my dreams do I have a big one. You, you my young little prince, well, you are pure perfection!"

Corey flashed me that award winning smile of his, then replied, "Thanks coach, but I'm just a regular guy who wants to experience his fantasies first hand."

The next thing I knew, Corey stepped right up in front of me, dropped to both knees, and then slid his mouth over my pre-cum oozing cock head. Instantly, my body fell weak and it felt like bottle rockets were exploding everywhere throughout my entire body. Thankfully, my hands gripped onto the edge of my desk that was right behind me. Corey's right hand graced the base of my cock while his left hand began caressing my neatly shaven balls.

His little fingers had the power to fire surges of body tingling electricity into me at will. Being that this was his first attempt at sucking a cock, he did brush my cock with his teeth a few times, but within a few seconds, Corey's mouth made the adjustment, and soon, his fiery hot little mouth was performing one hell of a magic act on my throbbing man meat.

Just my bear like moans mixed in with the slurping sounds his mouth was making milking on my cock was darting upon each concrete wall inside my office. My legs shook violently as I began tossing my head to and fro. Though he tried, Corey wasn't able to work my entire cock into his young unskilled mouth. He did gag several times, but not once did he stop sucking my dick.

As his mouth bobbed up and down on my cock, one of his fingers shot inside my butt crack and landed squarely on my butt hole. I could feel the little nub as it pried and pressed sharply at my back door while his mouth seemingly increased its vacuuming pressure.

I do recall making a couple of attempts at warning him, but my little gorgeous angel refused to release my cock from his mouth's prison like cell. When I felt his fingertip push itself into my ass, my cum valve opened, and soon, my cock was firing round after round of thick man juice into his pretty little mouth. Corey only increased his cock sucking pressure as my rocketing sperm seemed endless.

Only when the last tid bit of cum got sucked into his mouth did the boy release my deflating cock from his mouth's clutches. My head was still spinning wildly as he stood up before me. I watched in awe as Corey leaned his head back a little, opening his mouth to reveal the huge cum puddle floating around inside. With his mouth still open, his glowing little eyes held me within their magnetic trance. Then, I saw him as he swallowed, sending my seed flowing down his gulping throat. Corey did this until the last of my man seed trickled down his throat.

With his eyes still zeroing in on mine, Corey smacked his lips, then said, "Whew, you shot a lot coach! Ummmmmmmm, I definitely could get use to sucking on that big cock of yours!"

Seeking out something to reply, I blurted out, "So, how was your first taste of man juice?"

Corey wiped his mouth with his right forearm, then excitingly replied, "It wasn't as salty as I figured it would be, and it wasn't bitter. Coach, to be honest, I kind of like it, especially when it comes shooting out inside my mouth."

Seeing the young gorgeous creation of pure utter perfection standing there buck naked, and sporting an erection, made me realize I couldn't just stand there any longer. So, it was my turn to drop to my knees. Using my nose, I pushed up on his cock and savagely began sucking on his hairless balls. His fresh scent, graced with some mild fragrance of baby powder was doing something magical on me.

Corey cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss!"

I had both of his tender little cream makers in my mouth, and my tongue was basking in the task of making love to each one, making sure that both received equal attention. While my mouth was ravishing his balls, my hands wasted very little time in locking themselves onto Corey's one-of-a-kind shapely butt. I could only grin as I watched him start arching his body upwards, using his curling little toes to push himself higher and higher.

Knowing that time really wasn't on my side, I released his young balls, then ever so hungrily, slid my mouth over his silky smooth, rock hard, boy cock. As my mouth slid graciously backwards and forwards, my fingertips busied themselves by drawing miniature circles directly on his tiny butt hole. When my fingers struck his asshole, Corey's mouth fell wide open as pure angelic sounds eloquently cut through the room.

Both of his hands latched onto the back of my head as the pleasures of a lifetime raced through his shaking body. His hips began gyrating, shoving his boy pole in and out of my mouth, timed only with my own oral giving motions. My left hand cupped his hairless balls and began caressing them, while occasionally pulling down on them.

I had only been sucking the boy's cock for about a minute when Corey yelled, "I'm uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I, I, I'm ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

I felt his young cock expand, then moaned myself as I felt the hot watery goo shoot, striking the roof of my mouth with joyous boy cum pellets. His body rocked as his perfect boyhood unleashed its powerful energy, sending a good eight or so forceful strands of prized boy juice flying sharply into my eager mouth. I held his loving nectar inside my mouth, patiently awaiting for the last drop before even contemplating tasting his divine semen.

Corey's cock was still rock hard, although the last of his cream had lovingly been vacuumed free from his erect boy pole. With some reluctancy, I eased my mouth off of his tool of sheer pleasure, then tilted my head while showing him his sea of sperm as it puddled inside my mouth.

As if I were some wine tasting connoisseur, I allowed just a small portion to enter my throat. At the first taste of Corey's cum, my body instantly went into a mild seizure like rage. If I had to describe his sperm, then I could only offer that it was definitely gooey, excitingly hot, and offered no apparent taste whatsoever. There wasn't even a hint of a salt taste, so therefor, the boy's cum was virtually tasteless. I swallowed every bit of the gooey nectar, passionately moaning each time my throat sent the goo down to my stomach.

After I had swallowed the last bit, I knew I needed some more of this angel's young gorgeous body. With that being said, I slung the few items on top of my desk onto the floor, then guided Corey on top of my desk. Now, I had Corey in a doggy style position with me sitting on my large leather back office chair, and both of my twitching eyes staring in absolute awe at the prize before me. I was looking straight at the boy's mystifying tiny asshole. With his legs spread widely, his butt crack had opened, allowing his most hidden of all treasures to present itself to me.

The treat now visible before my very eyes was just that, a treat. His butt hole was a tiny indentation in a sea of creamy smooth flesh. Without thinking, I scooted the chair forwards until my nose was pressing peacefully up against Corey's pert near microscopic asshole. Inhaling deeply, my grunts grew into more of a growl. The fragrance feeding my animal like desires was sexually overpowering. Once again, the only aroma my nostrils were capable of capturing was an aromatic soap odor mixed perfectly with that ever so chilling mild baby powder fragrance.

Corey leaned his face at an angle to try and see what I was up to as he spoke, "Coach, coach, what are you fixing to doooooooooooooo!"

Just as he was finishing his last word, I slammed my tongue onto his sweet smelling asshole. My face was right where it should be, located directly in between the most gorgeous ass cheeks ever sculptured, dining ferociously on the most mystifying asshole that's ever glorified this planet.

At some point, Corey reached back with both hands and peeled his beloved butt cheeks even wider. Like a mad man with no conscious, I lapped at his backdoor until I was able to shove my tongue deeply into the boy's fiery hot, muscle crushing, virgin anal canal.

By now, time meant absolutely nothing to me, just dining on Corey's ass was all that mattered, and I was doing some ass eating like never before. I'm not sure how long I pleasured myself eating this boy's delicious ass, but I did know that my jaw was beginning to ache, not to mention my lapping, anal probing tongue.

Only when I heard Corey cry out that he was getting close did I fight against my own desires, and force my tongue out of his bung chute. I had Corey flip over where I immediately went back to work sucking his cock. My mouth hadn't been on his cock for nearly 30 seconds before I was graciously treated with more of his watery boy cream.

While he was lost within a powerful body bucking orgasm, I took that split second to ease my right middle finger all the way up his hot little anal chute. Immediately, my anal probing finger was greeted with the scorching fiery heat and the bone crushing coiling anal muscles. Feeling my finger up his butt, and loathing in the way his soothing jets of boy seed splashed inside my mouth, sent me straight into orbit.

This time, with the last of his seed dribbling into my mouth, Corey's cock went triumphantly limp. I grunted and groaned as the watery boy nectar slid down my throat with effortless ease. Just as in the first case, his cum still offered no taste. I happily sipped on his life giving seed until there was nothing left to swallow but my own saliva.

I was standing at the edge of my desk, peering down on the heavy breathing beauty. I guess, in my own mind, our little sexual episode was over, for at least, right now. His eyes were closed and his little mouth was partially open, grasping frantically for some well deserved oxygen. Corey's little body shook in a seizure like frenzy. All I could do was stand there, frozen in time, in total awe of such a perfect and priceless vision.

By now, my hands were softly caressing his thighs while my eyes feasted upon his naked body. My own cock had resumed its rigid fashion, pointing itself slightly upwards. I knew then that I could easily spend a lifetime eating every square inch of Corey's utterly perfect body.

While my eyes freely roamed his body, Corey's managed to open his eyes, then he ever so softly whispered, "Coach, that was awesome!"

In response, I whispered, "No Corey, you are awesome!"

Then, he sort of took me by surprise when he whispered, "Coach, put it in me please. I got to know what it feels like, you know, when you uh, you fuck me."

I'm not saying I wasn't ready, but after having felt the super tightness of just having a finger up his ass, I honestly didn't want to hurt him. Once again, I'm not hung like a horse, but this is a 12 year old boy who has got one hell of a virgin ass.

Looking passionately into his eyes, and with the utmost of concerns, I said, "Corey, I don't want to hurt you. It's going to hurt no matter how hard I try not for it to. So, you just might want to...."

He cut me off by adding, "Coach, I'm asking you to fuck me! I'll deal with the pain, but you got to understand, this is something I just got to experience. Please, pretty please put it in me!"

Without replying back, I walked over to my wall locker and retrieved my jack-off lubrication and a towel. Stepping back in between his spread legs, I wrapped my hands around his thighs and pushed his entire body towards me so that his butt cheeks was just off the edge of the desk.

Pouring some lubrication on my right fingers, I eased one up his bone crushing chute. I had to admit, it not only looked good seeing my finger dive into his rectum, but it also felt awesomely good as well. Corey whimpered as his ass clinched down on my exploring finger. In time, I worked another finger up his breath taking chute. Corey was doing everything imaginable to keep his voice somewhat muffled.

When I inserted a third finger, Corey's body began humping the air as it devoured my fingers with the most intense pressure I've ever felt. He was grunting and whimpering like crazy as I used my three fingers to ram his virginal chute.

Crying out, Corey screamed, "Coach, coach, noooooooooowwwwwww!"

I pried my fingers from his anal clutches and smeared some lubrication all over my throbbing erection. Wiping off the excess, I stepped right up to him, holding the base of my cock with my right hand, and pressed my cock head up against his shiny, already sealed, asshole.

My cock head was refused entry and just slid up and down the short length of his splendid butt crack. As if Corey couldn't do anything else to surprise me, I watched him as he shoved both feet behind his head, then placed both arms on the inside of his widely spread thighs.

I pushed forward one more time with a bit more muscle, and my cock head forced its way into his anal kingdom, followed with a good couple of inches.

Corey's mouth slung open as he yelled, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwwdddddd! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt huuuuuuuurrrrrrrrtttttttttsssssssss!"

I did have enough sense to ask him if he wanted me to pull it out, but his only response was shaking his head from side to side, indicating an affirmative "No." The part of my cock wedged inside his ass was virtually being crushed by his retaliating anal muscles. I tried to keep myself still, but the bone crushing pressure was just too much, so I inched another inch or so of my cock up his miraculous anal highway.

Corey was literally shoving his left forearm into his mouth to muffle his screams, and I could clearly see the pain written all over his angelic face. Once again, I asked him if he wanted me to pull it out, and once again, he shook his head violently in the form of a "NO" being his response.

Somehow, I slowly managed to inch my entire slow cooked cock up his fiery hot anal oven. My balls rested up against his tiny crack as I held my cock in place, doing all I could do to keep myself from fucking the living hell out of him. His teeth were clinched together and his mouth echoed a hissing sound.

The boy's anal muscles aggressively began coiling around my cock, squeezing and choking, forcing me to make somewhat of a retreat. Slowly, ever so slowly, I worked my cock out of his anal trap all the way to the point I could see the crown of my cock head, then just as slowly, pushed it all the way back inside of him.

As the clock ticked, my pace began increasing. My ass plowing motions were steady, yet, not hard, or at least, not just yet. I kept my eyes on his gorgeous face, waiting patiently for a sign indicating some form of pleasure.

Then, several strokes later, Corey placed both of his little hands behind my head, looking pleadingly into my eyes, then whispered, "This feeeeeeeelllllllllllllsssssssss sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddd!"

That was all it took for me to start pile driving my cock in and out of his amazingly tight ass. With each inward heavy thrust, Corey's breath shot into my face, feeding me with even more soaring energy. I had become nothing more than an animal, slamming my adult cock in and out of his 12 year old youthful, once virgin, ass. My balls sharply slapped his ass crack as my thrusting became nothing short of violent.

As my cock wailed away at his ass, I watched as Corey's untouched cock began spraying its watery spunk all over the boy's chin and chest. With Corey's body being caught in an explosive orgasm, his anal muscles coiled with an even higher intensity. My own orgasm stole my breath as it felt like the first sperm ball literally exploded out of my piss slit, followed with a constant succession of sperm missiles.

My frantic and furious thrusting grew intense as I hammered away at sending my thick man seed up this gorgeous boy's breath taking ass. The anal assault my cock was giving his ass was pure violent at best, and even now, with my cock well spent and completely soft, my flesh pounding aggression continued.

It was as if my body was on remote control. I knew I had no more cum to offer, and I could feel my cock's softness, but for some unexplainable reason, I couldn't stop myself from fucking this boy's ass with a wild animal like aggression. Corey was clamping down on his arms while making all sorts of whimpering like sounds.

Like all good things, eventually, my limp cock plopped out of his butt. I stood there on shaking legs, fighting against all the odds to capture my breath. Corey unfolded his legs and let them dangle off the edge of the desk, panting sharply. Once my eyes became somewhat focused, I saw the puddles of Corey's cum as they danced with his every breath on his chest and rippling stomach. Some of his watery cum had dripped from his chin onto his throat, forming a delightful puddle.

Without having to think, I leaned forward, using the desk for support, and began lapping up his boy spunk for all I was worth. I didn't stop until I had eagerly lapped up every delicious morsel of his patented boy spunk.

After I had swallowed the last bit of Corey's appetizing cream, I saw that he now had both eyes open. Seeing into his eyes, I whispered, "Well, how was it?"

Corey smiled, stealing my breath in the process, then replied, "It was way better than any of the stories I had read, that's for sure!"

Rubbing his rippling stomach with my right hand, I tossed back, "Corey, if you had to say that there was one thing in particular you enjoyed most, what would that be?"

I could see him contemplating the answer, and within a few seconds, he replied, "Coach, it was all really awesome, but uh, I really, really liked it when you had your tongue up my butt. I had read about that, but never really thought anyone would do such a thing. I mean, after all, that's where we poop you know!"

Smiling back at him, I shot back, "Corey, I'd happily eat that ass of yours anytime you want me to!"

Corey shot me a wink, then softly whispered, "How about tomorrow coach?"

Winking back at him, I said, "Great, then tomorrow it is!"