Anal Obsession by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction about man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictive. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to always use condom during real sex.

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Title : Anal Obsession
Written by : Hector Himeros
Edited by : Richard J Boro
Words : 7,471 words
Scene : M/M, straight/gay, interracial, masturbation, bondage, oral, anal
Setting : Department store
Location : Sydney - Australia
Time : Present day
Character #1 : Rick Bruce - 30 - cut Caucasian (Australian) man gay bottom
Character #2 : Phuoc- 20s - cut Asian (Vietnamese) man straight - top
Extra #1 : Andy Hayward - 33 - cut - Caucasian (Australian) man - gay - top

Rick Bruce is a security guard, working in a big department store in Australia. One night, after the stores closed, Rick had the urge to masturbate. Standing in front of a mirror, Rick took off his clothes and got naked. While he stroked his manhood, he decided to have some anal fun by shoving a nightstick up his ass. At the same time, Phuoc, a straight Vietnamese young man infiltrated the store to steal some things. When he saw Rick's perversion, he could not help watching it. Gradually, Phuoc sported a hard-on which could only be tamed by fucking Rick's ass.

Almost everyone in Sydney had already been asleep, except for some people who worked the night shift. One of those people was Rick Bruce. Using a flashlight, Rick was patrolling inside the department store where he worked. That white man loved his job as a security guard, because he was simply paid to walk around. The watch around his arm pointed out that it was nearly 1 AM. The sounds of his boot echoed through the massive building. Even his own breath could be heard clearly. Yawning, Rick was getting bored with the darkness around him. Flipping on the light switch, he lit up the area around him. Standing in front of a clothes store, Rick found himself facing a mirror inside the store. For several minutes, he just stood there, captivated by his own reflection. Rick indeed liked seeing himself in the security uniform; he looked very manly. Rubbing his body, Rick noticed how handsome he was in uniform. Uncomfortably, he pulled at the collar. His neck was bathed in a steady stream of sweat. In fact, the entire uniform had been drenched in sweat. Since the air conditioner was turned off, the temperature inside the department store rose significantly. Hurriedly, the 30-year-old security guard unbuttoned the uniform that he was wearing. One by one, the buttons were undone. Hanging open, the shirt revealed a sweaty athletic torso.

As a security officer, he had undergone tough physical training, thus his body was shaped up pretty well. Some body fat managed to infiltrate his body, mostly around his chest and waist, but it did not undermine Rick's aura of sexiness. The narrow valley between the bulging mounds of his chest was streaked with sweat. Using his hand, Rick wiped off the traces of sweat. Wanting to get more comfortable, the security guard decided to take off his wet shirt. As the shirt fell onto the floor, he sighed with great relief. Feeling much better, Rick glanced again at the mirror. He saw himself standing there, bare-chested. The ceiling light shone upon his sweaty body, creating artistic lighting. The shadow revealed the contour of his body more clearly. Flexing his muscles, Rick was indulging himself in worshipping his own body.

One hand, reaching down his trousers, began unsnapping the button. The dampness inside those trousers was unbearable as sweat kept dampening his crotch. After unzipping the zipper, Rick immediately shucked the trousers off. Stepping out of them, Rick had nothing on except a pair of damp white briefs. His entire body glistened, covered in a thin film of sweat, as he was literally in heat. His almost-naked body looked arousing, muscles nicely bulging around the torso. Seeing his own body in the mirror excited Rick very much. Slowly, his cock came to life as blood was pumped into its main vein. A big bulge formed inside his briefs, cramping the space. Moaning, Rick grabbed his tenting package and started squeezing it. Pleasure coursed down his body instantly as his fingers adeptly massaged the enlarged cock through the dampened fabric. Unaware of his surroundings, Rick was deeply engaged in self-pleasure. Since he was the only one there, he decided to slide down the damp briefs, exposing the hard-on. A circumcised dick sprang out, hitting Rick's lower abdomen. The naked security guard admired how his naked body looked, reflected in the mirror. His lewd groans echoed through the building. Skillfully, his hand manipulated the throbbing manhood, stroking the shaft. "Oh yeah. It feels so good. Oh! I haven't jacked my dick in days. My nuts are full of cum. I have to shoot my loads now."

Not far from where Rick stood, hidden in the darkness, was a dark manly figure. A thief had infiltrated the department store! He was dressed in black, wearing a tight black T-shirt and black trousers. Judging from his physical appearance, it seemed that he kept himself in good shape. Not wearing any mask, he revealed an oriental face; a Vietnamese face to be exact. Indeed, there are many Asian immigrants living in Australia. Some, like Phuoc, unfortunately preferred to lead a life of crime. Being in his early 20s, Phuoc was still considered young. Silently, he hid in the shadow as he curiously watched what Rick was doing. Rick's pleasurable groans echoed through the walls and reached the thief's ears. "Oh shit! There's a naked man jacking off," he gasped to himself. His eagle-sharp eyes quickly spotted Rick's uniform lying on the floor. "Double damn! He's a security guard! What the fuck?" Instinctively, Phuoc wanted to back away, since he did not want to mess with a security guard. But seeing how perverted Rick was, Phuoc reconsidered his plan. "He's got me really horny. Shit! Now I'm hard, too." Reaching down, he touched the growing tent in his trousers. From his hiding place, the thief took his time to study Rick's naked body. Enjoying the erotic scene, Phuoc continued to squeeze his ever growing erection.

Minutes passed. The first drop of precum finally slowly dripped out of Rick's piss slit. The pearly liquid was soon rubbed off, smearing the head. His callused palm gently rubbed the sensitive cock head, massaging the growing organ. Groans continued to echo as Rick drowned himself in his masturbation. Being a narcissist, the sight of his own naked body excited him very much. Needless to say, Rick was a homosexual man and he loved it. Whenever he looked at his bare body, Rick could not forget about his training in the academy. The hard physical exercises, which he endured there, had carved out every muscle within his body. One hand rubbing the nipple, Rick let his mind recall all the horny experiences that his seniors had put him into. During his first night in the academy, those perverted seniors, one by one, raped Rick's virgin ass. That was how they converted Rick into homosexuality, as well as turning him into an obedient sex slave. Those horny memories lived inside his mind. Touching his own naked body, Rick closed his eyes and imagined the horny moments he spent with his seniors. In order to make it more real, he pretended that he could hear his seniors taunting him. "Oh, don't fuck my ass, seniors. Please leave my ass alone. You guys just fucked me an hour ago," he pleaded, carried away in his dirty fantasy. Although he spoke softly, his voice resounded through the walls. Bending his naked body over, Rick took a nightstick from his trousers. Without any hesitation, he brought the blunt edge of that stick to his twitching ass hole. "Ah!" He started groaning as he applied pressure to the stick. Inevitably, the tip of the nightstick sank into Rick's anal opening.

"Damn! What a pervert!" Phuoc gasped again with disbelief. "He's a faggot. And he's fucking his ass with a nightstick. Man, I've never seen a fag fuck himself. This is so fucking hot! My cock is getting harder. Shit!" As a young adult man, Phuoc found that it was hard to say no to lust even though it was man-to-man lust. Massaging the tenting package, he gently repositioned the erect cock. But apparently his manhood had a mind of its own, refusing to stop growing. "Fuck! I'm precumming," he gasped, noticing the dampness inside his underwear. "I'd better whip it out and start jacking off," Phuoc said to himself. After unzipping, he carefully slid the trousers down, together with the underwear. As soon as it happened, his throbbing male member sprang out. The head was rather slimy, covered in a thin layer of precum. "Oh!" he silently gasped as he accidentally touched the naked mushroom-shaped head; it was indeed quite sensitive to the touch. "Damn! I need lube," he sighed. Normally, he would spit loudly into his palm, but his current condition required him to be quiet. So, instead of spitting, Phuoc drooled and let the saliva hit his dick head. "Oh yeah! Fuck yourself. Entertain me," he whispered, gingerly stroking his cock. To get a better position, Phuoc decided to kneel down. "Yeah, shove the baton deeper into your asshole. Damn! You're hot."

The show continued as Rick managed to push the tip of the baton into his clenched ass hole. In order to do that, Rick had to spread his legs wide to expose the twitching asshole. Both knees were bent slightly to support the balance of the upper body. "Ah! My ass!" Wincing in pain, Rick groaned as he forced the blunt object to reach the depths of his hole without any lube. The friction caused some minor cuts around the lips, creating burning-like pain. "Ah, it hurts! Your cock is too big. Take it out, Sir" he whimpered, still pretending that he was being raped by one of his seniors. The burning pain continued to torture Rick's ass lips but Rick kept shoving the nightstick in. Sliding in with much difficulty, half of the baton finally resided inside his rectum. The thickness spread Rick's asshole apart, gagging the fuck canal. "Oh! I'm so full of your dick, Sir. Fuck my ass, Sir," Rick moaned as he drowned deeper in his perverted fantasy. Carefully, he began fucking his ass, but it was not easy. The absence of lube made it hard to shove the stick in and out. Thus the anal penetration only added more wounds to his ass. "Oh, fuck! I'm getting fucked. Oh yes! Do my ass. Give me your cock, Sir! Treat me like your slut. Ah yes!"

"He enjoys it very much. Damn! The nightstick penetrates his ass. Doesn't it hurt?" More precum dripped out, wetting Phuoc's glans penis. "Shit! I've never produced so much precum like this. That security guard is really arousing me," Phuoc thought, fixing his eyes on him. Even though he was having an erection towards a man, Phuoc never considered himself as a gay man. The horniness that he felt simply existed because he could feel Rick's horniness. "I always get horny whenever I see a horny man. And that homo seems to enjoy himself very much." From his hiding place, Phuoc could only see Rick's sweaty bare back. "Damn! I can't see his dick. Is it long?"

"Ah fuck!" One of Rick's hands reached for the store's glass display, to support the weight of his body. As he looked into the mirror, he saw a different man there. The manly security officer whom he saw a few minutes ago was no longer there. Instead, Rick saw a male slut who degraded himself in order to get more sex. "Oh!" Rick moaned again. The naked security guard, still wincing in pain, bent his shirtless body over as the nightstick fucked his ass in steady rhythm. "Ah, yeah! Fuck me. Fuck my ass." Rick's sexual fantasy was so real to him that he soon reached the shattering climax. "Oh! I'm cumming. Yes, I'm cumming. Shit!" Rick screamed in ecstasy as his cum was shot out. Spurts after spurts of thick warm man juice splashed against the window display. "Ah! Oh fuck! Yes, I'm cumming!" The guard's body shuddered as A great orgasm took over, the knees buckling. Shakily, his other hand still fucked the clenching asshole with the stick. Groaning loudly, Rick was milking the pulsating rod without any mercy. "Fuck! Oh!" Rick growled, holding onto the glass display for support. In seconds, the cum shot weakened and turned into dribbles. On the floor was a pool of milky liquid, dripping from Rick's cock. He continued to groan as he milked out the last drop of cum. When it was over, Rick sighed with great satisfaction. "Ah!" he moaned as he pulled the nightstick out of his swollen ass. For a moment, he just stood there, leaning toward the window display. His chest was heaving up and down, sweating profusely.

Phuoc was left breathless when the sex show was over. "This is unbelievable. I just saw a gay man fuck himself until he came. That was the hottest thing that I've ever seen. Damn! I haven't reached my orgasm yet." Furiously, the Vietnamese guy was jerking his dick. The fisting hand encircled his pecker and held it securely. The mixture of precum and saliva managed to protect the sensitive dick head from friction. "Oh! I'm so horny but I can't cum. Damn!" Unlike most men, Phuoc needed a longer time to cum by jacking off. "I need the real thing. I need to fuck!"

On the window display, Rick's gooey cum slid down the glassy vertical surface. Gradually, the cum glob crept down, leaving wet trails behind. Amazed by his own cum shots, Rick observed the mess that he had created. Squatting down, he brought his face close to the glassy surface. "I can smell my own cum. And it does smell wonderful." Without thinking, Rick slipped out his tongue. Hurriedly, he caught the cum glob with the tongue. It might sound kinky but Rick loved tasting his own cock juice. Greedily, he lapped up as much gooey mess as he could gather. Hanging down, Rick's spent dick slowly turned flaccid.

"Fuck! That homo is very kinky. I like it." Lifting up his arms, Phuoc took off his black shirt. As he got on his feet, Phuoc devised a plan to rape Rick's ass. "I've never fucked a man's ass before. I wonder what it's like. Fuck! He has a hole to fuck, and I'm gonna fuck him till he begs me to stop," the thief whispered, looking down at his cock. Phuoc's meat was throbbing quite hard, demanding its right to cum. Stroking his cock several times, Phuoc prepared himself for what was going to come. Silently, he sneaked up behind Rick, trying not to make any sound. Phuoc's hard dick was peeping through the unzipped fly, bobbing up and down. 'I'm so close now. He's only inches away from me,' Phuoc thought, getting ready to subdue the naked security guard. Rick, of course, had no idea that a man was standing behind him. "Gotcha!" Phuoc yelled as he locked Rick's neck with his strong arms.

"What the fuck!" Rick gasped, not knowing what just happened. The first thing that came to his mind was that someone wanted to kill him, thus Rick fought hard for his life. "Argh!" he yelled, exerting much strength to break free from the strong grip. As Rick turned his head around, he caught a glimpse of a shirtless oriental young man. So many questions came to his mind at that time, but he had no time to think about the answers. "Argh!" Rick yelled again, as he threw himself hard against that young man. Yet, something went terribly wrong. Somehow, Phuoc managed to avoid it, letting Rick hit the air. Thus, inevitable, Rick's body fell down with a loud thud, crashing to the floor. And suddenly, Rick's world turned dark.


"Oh, my head. Where am I?" Rick groaned, his body aching all over. Severe dizziness attacked his head as he tried to think. The coldness of the floor gave him a hint that he was lying stark naked there. When he tried to move his hands, he found himself tied and helpless. Both of them were tied to his back, secured by thick rope. His legs were tied, too. Thus he was completely immobile. Seconds later, he noticed that the floor, where he lay, was wet. 'I'm lying on top of my own cum puddle,' he concluded, recognizing the familiar smell. 'Damn! Who did this to me? And why?' Curling up on the floor, he spotted a pair of bare feet in front of him. Those legs were covered in thick hair, looking very manly. With much effort, Rick looked up to get a better view of his captor. Surprised, Rick found him standing as naked as Rick was. "Who are you? Why are you doing this to me? Untie me now!"

"Ah, you're awake," Phuoc said, squatting down. "Listen to me. I know who you are. You're a fucking faggot who loves to suck dicks. I saw you jack off." To show Rick who was in charge, Phuoc grabbed a handful of Rick's short hair and pulled it hard enough to make Rick wince. "If you need a real man to fuck your ass, I'm here for you. I can make your dirty fantasy come true." After releasing Rick's hair, Phuoc pulled Rick's body upward and made him kneel. "I've never had sex with any man before. You're gonna be my first and I'm gonna enjoy it." To emphasize that he did mean business, he rubbed Rick's erect nipples and twisted them both as hard as he could. The handsome guard instantly cried out in pain, his body bucking wildly against the restraint. Seeing Rick's reaction, Phuoc smiled victoriously. "I'd love to play with your smooth white body, faggot," he commented, kneeling in front of the helpless guard. When their eyes met, Phuoc could see how much Rick longed to get raped. "I bet that you like this," he said as he ran his callused palms over Rick's naked body.

"Oh!" Rick immediately gasped, knowing that he could not resist the temptation. Rick's naked body shuddered as soon as Phuoc' hands landed on its surface. "Oh yeah," Rick moaned, starting to get sexually excited. 'Fuck! This Asian guy knows my hot spots. He touched them and I got hard instantly. At least I know that he only wants to rape me, and not to kill me,' Rick thought, moaning more loudly. Unavoidably, Rick's cock hardened again, blood pumping into its veins. Rick took a glance at Phuoc's face and thought, 'This guy is quite hot. I like his handsome oriental face. And he does have a very nice body. It's quite athletic.' In his mind, Rick imagined how good it would be to be dominated by a rough Asian guy like Phuoc. "Oh yeah! Grope my body. I need a man so bad. I want to get fucked," Rick said, showing no shame at all. "Fuck my ass, Sir." Without being asked, Rick added the word 'Sir' to show Phuoc that he did want to be dominated.

"Good to hear that, faggot, coz I do want to fuck your white ass," Phuoc replied, squeezing Rick's right pec. "Do you know how horny I am? I jacked my cock while I watched you, but I couldn't cum. I need to vent my sexual frustration." Standing up, Phuoc brought his erect dick close to Rick's lips. "Do you see my hard dick? It longs to get sucked. So open your mouth now and suck it," he ordered, grabbing Rick's hair. "Suck my cock till I'm ready to fuck your worthless ass."

Giving no resistance, Rick obediently opened his mouth and let Phuoc's cock slide in. The acrid smell of muskiness hit Rick's nostrils as soon as they made contact with Phuoc's thick bush. It was the smell of manliness, only making Rick hornier. Phuoc's manhood buried itself deep in Rick's wet mouth. Upon knowing that he was being sucked, the horny thief moaned out his pleasure. It was music to Rick's ears, spurring him to suck even harder. Rick was motivated to milk out Phuoc's cum as fast as he could. It had been awhile since Rick had a cock in his mouth. He did miss the taste of another man's cock juice. Rick's lips forming a tight O, that guard put all his sucking skills into practice. Loud slurping sound echoed, mixing with Phuoc's ecstatic whimpers. The dick throbbed in Rick's mouth, oozing out a streamlet of clear liquid. With his tongue, Rick licked the fluid up, cleaning the dick head. He gulped down as much precum as he could find, savoring its juiciness. Rick's naked body tingled with excitement as it longed to taste precum. Wanting to get more, he applied more strength in the suction.

At first, Phuoc was surprised to notice how pleasurable it was to get a blowjob from a man. He certainly did not expect it. "Damn! You suck much better than my girlfriend. Oh! Fuck! Ah yeah! Suck my cock, faggot. You like cock, right? Suck mine. Make me cum in your mouth. Yes!" Grabbing Rick's head, Phuoc brought it close to the dick so that Rick could deep-throat him. "Fuck yeah! Keep sucking me!" Phuoc groaned, bending his body over to reach for Rick's back. "Let me see your fuck hole, faggot. I'm gonna fuck it with my cock later. Ah!" A closer look revealed that Rick's ass lips were puffy and wounded. Small cuts had injured them as the result of the rough penetration which Rick did to himself earlier. "Damn! You really like to get fucked, don't you?" Phuoc asked as he saw the evidence. Curiously, Phuoc rubbed the swollen asshole with his index finger. As soon as Phuoc touched that part, Rick groaned in pain. Rick's voice vibrated through Phuoc's sucked cock, adding more stimulation. "Fuck!" Phuoc groaned, his body shuddering. "Shit! You've fucked yourself till your ass turns like that." Placing a finger on the swollen anal opening, Phuoc roughly inserted it into Rick's battered ass. That, of course, sent Rick screaming, racking his entire body with pain. "Yeah, scream for me, faggot. No one can hear you coz the department store is closed. I can rape you and no one can stop me. Oh yeah! I'm gonna enjoy it, faggot."

Rick was not stupid. His instinct told him that Phuoc was a thief. Yet, Rick longed to get raped by another man, therefore, he did not mind being sexually violated by a thief. Making muffled moans, Rick obviously enjoyed being dominated. "Oh! Fuck my ass, Sir. It hurts so good. Oh! Sir, you know what I want. Finger-fuck my ass, Sir. Don't stop. Ah!" Rick said, taking a break from sucking. His body shuddered as waves of pain, radiating from his swollen ass, washed over him. "Ah! My ass!" he cried, before finally resuming the sucking. Since both hands and feet were tied up, Rick could not control the fucking rhythm. No matter how hurtful it was, he had to be able to endure it. Occasionally, Rick was gagged by Phuoc's ferocious mouth fuck. The Vietnamese dick gave Rick no mercy, boring his mouth constantly.

"Suck my cock, homo. Yeah, suck me," Phuoc said, encouraging the security guard. After his first experience of being sucked by a man, Phuoc was determined to cum inside Rick's mouth. "I'm so horny. Ah! I'm so close to cumming, faggot," he warned, breathing erratically. "Oh yeah! Fuck! Keep sucking me. Use your tongue on my dick head. Ah fuck!" Phuoc cried, still bending his body over Rick's. Furiously, he slammed his dick hard into Rick's oral orifice. "Make me cum, faggot. I want to cum. Ah!" Seconds went by and Phuoc sensed that he was near his orgasm. Having not come for several days, Rick had already collected his cum in the hanging sack. Phuoc was more than ready to ejaculate. "Fuck! I'm gonna cum. Shit!" Just seconds before his dick erupted, Phuoc immediately stood up and pulled his manhood out of Rick's mouth.

"Ah!" Rick cried when Phuoc's thick finger suddenly left his ass. Just as Rick opened his mouth, he lost the cock which he sucked. "No, give me back your cock. Let me suck it, Sir. I want your cock. I need your Asian cock, Sir. Let me have it," he pleaded, looking very disappointed. Nodding up and down, Rick's manhood had been erect for several minutes. Its head was still coated with drying layer of cum. Having his hands tied up, Rick had no way to stroke his manhood. Unattended, the rock-hard fuck pole throbbed as it occasionally oozed out its precum. Whenever Rick tightened the muscles around the crotch, his dick throbbed harder.

"You'll get my cum, homo. I'm gonna milk out my cock juice and make you suck it," Phuoc said, breathing hard. "Fuck! Here I come. Damn! Drink my cum. Take it all. Gulp it down. Take my cum, oh! Yes, take it! Oh, yeah!" The Vietnamese guy was jacking his dick only inches away from Rick's watering mouth. Dripping, Phuoc's dick head turned red as blood converged inside its veins. As the shaft was being masturbated, droplets of precum splattered everywhere. Some landed on Rick's face. With a loud growl, Phuoc at last reached the point of no return. "I'm cumming! Fuck!" he yelled, shoving his dick into Rick's open mouth. Sinking the rod deep into the guard's mouth, Phuoc ejaculated. Whimpering, Phuoc shuddered violently as his cock released shots of thick cream down Rick's throat. "Fuck! Drink it, homo. Oh! Yes!" Most of the cum made its way down Rick's throat, but some was spilled out and smeared his lips. Grunting like a bull, Phuoc continued to wring his ball sack. The cum squirted incessantly, as if it would never stop. But, of course, in the end, it did stop. Sighing with much relief, Phuoc pulled out his oozing cock. Using his hand, he milked out the last drop of cum. "Fuck!" he sighed, enjoying the last wave of orgasm. Wanting to degrade Rick, Phuoc wiped his slimy manhood on Rick's chin. Looking down at Rick's trussed up body, he sneered while asking, "Do you want to get fucked, too?"

"Yes, please fuck me," Rick immediately replied, almost without thinking. "Rape my body. Use me. Fuck me, please. I haven't been fucked for months. I desperately need it. I need a cock like yours to enter my ass," Rick begged, giving a pleading look. Missing the excitement of being dominated, Rick wanted Phuoc to rape his ass. That was his only chance to relive his rape experience. "Rape me, please. I want it. You can even fist my ass." The guard's eyes glistened with lust as he mentioned the word 'fist'. Moaning, he desperately wanted to grab his own cock and stroked it, but he could not. "Fuck my ass, please," he asked again, begging earnestly.

"I'm gonna rape you, faggot. Oh yes, you'll scream for my mercy." Laughing mockingly at the perverted security guard, the thief came up with a perverted idea. Rudely, he pushed Rick's body until it fell onto the floor. Rick gave out a groan of pain as his body fell with a thud. Kneeling next to Rick's body, Phuoc rolled it around until Rick was lying on his own stomach. "Perfect. If you lie on your stomach, you'll expose your ass. I have total access to it. I can rape it as much as I want." Rick's ass was indeed vulnerably exposed, having nothing to protect it from the upcoming invasion. Deliberately, Phuoc delivered a few hard slaps across Rick's ass cheeks. Red marks formed, giving off A stinging sensation. "I'm gonna rape your worthless ass, homo. I'm gonna make you scream in pain." Using two fingers, Phuoc gave Rick's ass another finger-fucking session. To Phuoc's pleasure, he heard the guard scream out as Phuoc jammed the hole. "Yeah, keep groaning. Let me hear it. Oh, yeah! You're turned on, huh? You like men finger-fucking your ass? What a pervert." Not having any bottle of lube, Phuoc spat on Rick's asshole. The spit slowly flowed into the puffy lips, serving as natural lube. "Do you like it, huh? I'm fucking you with my fingers. Do you want more?" he asked, observing Rick's reaction.

Breathing heavily, the guard got very excited as he was laid down on his stomach. His throbbing cock was pressed hard against the cold floor, leaking out some precum. "Yes! I like it, Sir. I want it. Please keep finger-fucking my ass, Sir," Rick replied, moaning from time to time. "Ah, it hurts. Yes, fuck my ass, Sir. Open it up. Oh yes! Do whatever you want with my ass. It's yours, Sir" Rick groaned, wincing painfully. During his training years in the academy, Rick was raped many times by his seniors. Thus, it explained why he was so addicted to ass rape. The more he was hurt anally, the more excited he became. "Fuck my ass with your fingers, Sir. Oh, yes! Hurt my ass, Sir." Writhing on the floor like a worm, Rick absorbed the sensation. The wild movement of his body had indirectly massaged the cock head, stroking it to orgasm.

Noticing that Rick was turned on, Phuoc decided to insert the third finger. "You want more, huh? Take this then, faggot," Phuoc chuckled mockingly, smirking to himself. Wanting to know how far he could stretch Rick's asshole, he finally slipped in the third finger. It was not easy, owing to the narrow space, but he managed to cramp it in. "How does it feel now, homo? Do you like it?" Without giving any warning, Phuoc twisted his arm. Those three fingers were suddenly rotated, stretching the ass lips. "Fuck yeah! Your ass is amazing, homo. I do think that you're born to be a fuck toy."

"Ah! Fuck!" Rick screamed, pain coursing down his body. "It hurts so much," he whimpered, his naked body jerking painfully. Yet, despite the pain, Rick still craved for more anal pain. Pain induced by sexual activity could keep Rick's cock hard, and even make it shoot. "Fuck my ass! Stretch it! Oh yes! Sir, stretch my ass!" Pain overcoming Rick's body, Rick's voice wavered as he tried to bear waves of pain. "Hurt my ass, Sir. Come on, hurt it more. Give me more pain, Sir. Ah!"

"Are you challenging me, faggot? Do you think that I can't give you anymore pain than what I've given you?" Phuoc was determined to give maximum pain to Rick's battered ass. "You asked for it," he warned, getting ready to fist the ass. As soon as he finished talking, he plunged the fourth and the fifth finger in. Five fingers were stretching Rick's asshole apart, forcing it to gape open. The response was immediate; Rick howled out in great pain. "Yes! Take it!" Phuoc exclaimed, somehow getting satisfaction from seeing Rick endure his pain. "You fucking homo, take it! I'm fucking you with my fingers. I'm fisting your hole." Actually, only four fingers which were planted entirely in Rick's warm rectum. The thumb had not been pushed in entirely. Pushing the fingers deeper into the ass, Phuoc forced his hand in. "Take my hand. It's going to rip your ass apart!" Yet, fisting could not happen without proper lubrication. Thus the Vietnamese guy spat at the jammed hole, in order to ease the penetration. "How about this, homo? Does it hurt? Do you like it? I'm gonna hurt your ass beyond your wildest fantasy, you fucking pervert."

"Ah, fuck!" The security guard cried out in pain, the muscles within his body contracting. His scream resounded through the building. The pain had overcome him, rendering him speechless. He could only groan as the pain became unbearable. The minor cuts, which he inflicted on himself earlier, were stretched and ripped, forming larger wounds. Blood began to trickle, but it was only a tiny amount. At some points, Rick almost failed to bear the pain and wished that Phuoc would have left his ass alone. Yet, he knew that even if he begged the thief to stop, that guy would have never wanted to comply. "Oh! It hurts! Ah!" Howling loudly, Rick tried to make the best out of the worst. After all, he himself had asked for it. Bucking hard on the cold floor, he distracted his mind from the pain. Gritting his teeth to bear the pain, Rick could not stop sweating. Drops of sweat rolled out from the pores and formed streamlets, flooding the floor. Like a fish, he finned helplessly as the thief continued the anal assault.

"Open up your hole for me, faggot. My fist nearly pops in. Oh yeah! Take it all into your ass," Phuoc said, getting excited to see his fist disappear into Rick's ass inch by inch. And, all of a sudden, Phuoc managed to plunge his entire fist into Rick's ass. The ass lips clamped on his wrist, like a rubber band. "Fuck! Your asshole is tight! Your ass feels mushy, wet, and warm," Phuoc commented, as he wiggled his fingers. Rick's rectum was ravaged as it could hardly accommodate a fist in it. "Shit! My fist is in your ass now. And now, feel this." Clenching up his fist, Phuoc started to fuck Rick's ass. At first, he slowly withdrew the fist which was not easy to do owing to the tightness of Rick's fuck hole. The ass lips were forced to stretch as Phuoc's fist passed through it. Needless to say, it was a painful process for Rick. "Yeah, take it. I'm fisting you. Your ass is mine, homo. Yes, take it all. Scream for me, let me hear it," Phuoc said, his voice wavering with excitement.

"Oh! My ass!" Rick screamed, writhing painfully. The pain was beyond words; Rick could not describe it. The muscles within his body contracted as he braced himself to endure the ordeal. Cold sweat dampened his entire body, flowing in abundance. The pain, however, did not kill Rick's erection. On the contrary, anal pain made his erection last longer. "Ah! Fuck me, oh!" Rick whimpered, surrendering himself. Tears, at times, uncontrollably dripped from Rick's eyes. Rick wished that he could have dried his eyes with his hand. But having his hands tied, he could only wring the tears out by blinking his eyes several times.

"Wow! I never thought that a man's ass can endure such stretching," Phuoc whispered to himself. As the fist was half-way out, he shoved it back. "Feel my fist, faggot. I'm fucking your ass with it. Take it!" Phuoc sank his fist deep until Rick's asshole swallowed the wrist. As soon as it happened, he pulled the fist out. In and out, Phuoc's fist went through Rick's gaping ass. "Take it, homo. Yeah! Take my fist. Oh you're really a homo pervert." Just as he began enjoying fisting Rick, he noticed that he had just his hard-on back. "Damn! I'm hard again. Oh you're gonna feel my cock, homo. After I'm done fisting you, I'm gonna breed you. Oh yeah! It turns you on, right? You want my big Asian cock up your ass. Fuck you, faggot!"

Rick whimpered more loudly, enduring the pain that Phuoc put him into. A giant object tore his ass apart, but a part of Rick really enjoyed it. "Fuck! Fuck my ass! Fist me, Sir. Oh yes! Give me pain, Sir!" Repeatedly, Phuoc's fist was fucking Rick's rectum with no mercy. During the penetration, it hit Rick's prostate several times. Each time it happened, it sent pleasurable tingles down Rick's naked body. Rick could hardly feel any pain afterwards. "Oh! Fuck me, Sir! Fist my ass! Oh!" Whimpering, Rick had taken the fisting like a real man. 'Damn! It's been years since I got fisted. I was often fisted back in the academy. All of the seniors love my ass. This Asian guy really knows how to fist. I like his rudeness.' Groaning, he urged Phuoc to drill his hole harder. "Fist me harder, Sir. Fist my ass hard. Oh yeah, fist it!"

"Yeah, take it. I'm gonna fist you till you blow your wads," Phuoc replied, smirking at himself. Violently, he thrust his fist in and out, not caring whether Rick was in pain or not. After some minutes of rough fisting, Rick's asshole turned more flexible. The fuck canal, although was still tight, had turned looser. "Damn! You've begun to get used to it, huh? Your cries of pain have died down. Maybe I need to take this fisting to a new level." Rudely, he grabbed Rick's arm and rolled the body over. "Damn! Your cock is leaking precum!" Phuoc commented as he craned his head over. Carefully, he repositioned Rick's body so that it rested on one side. He also repositioned his own arm, in order to get a better angle. "Ready or not. Here I come," Phuoc said, pushing in the rest of the arm. It was certainly not easy but Phuoc did not care. "Shit! Your cock throbs hard when I fist your ass deeper. Pervert!"

"Ah!" Rick cried, noticing the new kind of pain. If Rick had not been tied, he would have called off the whole fisting activity. Yet, the fact that he was helpless aroused him even more. He wanted the Vietnamese guy to hurt his ass and to dominate him. "Sir! Oh! Fuck! It hurts, Sir! Ah!" he whimpered, feeling his dick throb. 'Damn! If I hadn't been tied, I would have grabbed my dick and jerked it to an explosive orgasm.' By contracting the muscles around his manhood, he squeezed out more precum without even touching the dick. "Sir, I'm so horny. Jack me off, Sir. Please, I need to cum," Rick pleaded, almost sobbing. But to his disappointment, he was ignored. "Sir, please. Milk my homo dick. I need to cum, Sir. Ah!"

"Cum by yourself, faggot. I'm not gonna touch your homo dick," Phuoc mocked, chuckling cruelly. It gave him much pleasure to see Rick's desperation to cum. "Fuck! I myself am horny, too. I'm going to fuck your ass after this. I won't give your ass any rest, faggot." With his left hand, Phuoc jerked his own dick to keep it hard and ready. As he wiggled his fingers inside Rick's ass, he felt something fleshy. "What is this?" he asked himself. Curiously, he rubbed the small object, massaging it slowly. Phuoc had no idea that he had just located Rick's prostate. He also did not know that a stimulated prostate could make a man ejaculate his loads. "You seem to get much pleasure when I press this fleshy thing. What is it?"

"Oh yes! Fuck!" Rick cried, orgasm taking his body over. It happened very fast, releasing Rick from his pent-up lust. Out of the blue, Rick's naked body shook violently. The rope that bound him almost failed to restrain it. Phuoc was surprised to see such violent reaction. It seemed that his prostate-massage had sent massive orgasmic signal to Rick's leaking cock. Thus, the security guard reached his climax in a spectacular way! With a loud howl, Rick groaned out his orgasm. It sounded as if he was in pain. Rick's entire body shook and shuddered as his cock spurted ropey strings of cum. "I'm cumming, Sir! Oh! Fuck yes!" Rick cried, his body jerking beyond control. The spurted warm jizz created a puddle near Rick's body. As the puddle expanded, it seeped underneath Rick's body. "Yes! I'm cumming! Oh!" Rick growled, his head reeling with overwhelming excitement. But during the shattering orgasm, suddenly, the fist left Rick's ass. The sudden withdrawal added more wounds to the ass lips, and spurred Rick to growl again. Another massive load exploded, shooting out from Rick's cock slit. He had never experienced orgasm in such intensity; it was simply the best. No matter how good the ejaculation was, it finally ended in seconds. "Oh," Rick sighed, feeling as if his balls had been emptied. Yet, even when there was no more cum to shoot, Rick's body still shuddered from the orgasmic afterglow.

"I want to cum again. But this time, I want to cum in your ass," Phuoc said, rudely rolling Rick's body on the stomach. The fist had left Rick's asshole gaping open. Although the hole could still clench shut, it had somewhat been loosened. Holding his drooling cock, Phuoc jerked it for several times. "Your ass looks so fuckable. And I'm going to fuck it now." Phuoc hurriedly laid his body down, on top of Rick's. Not having any gay feelings towards Rick, Phuoc did not want to kiss Rick's neck. The Asian guy just wanted to fuck and shoot his cum inside Rick's ass, nothing more. "Yeah fuck you, faggot!" he groaned, aligning his dick head with Rick's loose asshole. Without much effort, Phuoc planted his fuck tool into the hole. "Oh, yeah! Now I'm fucking you with my cock. Take it, homo!" Thrusting his hips, he began to shove the cock in and out. The rhythm was quite fast and hard. "Damn! Your asshole still feels tight. I can't believe it, I'm fucking a security guard's ass. Oh yeah!"

Rick was gritting his teeth as he endured the anal pain. After being stretched, Rick's ass lips were able to accommodate Phuoc's manhood easily. But, owing to the wounds around the tender anal ring, getting fucked felt quite painful. "Oh! My ass hurts! Ah!" Rick whimpered, nearly sobbing. Since he just ejaculated, he temporarily had no desire for sex. Thus, when Phuoc mounted him, it felt like a genuine rape. "My ass still hurts. Ah!" Instinctively, Rick tried to throw Phuoc off his body, but he was too tired to buck. Groaning painfully, Rick only hoped that Phuoc would ejaculate soon. Lying on the floor, Rick's body bathed in sweat and cum. Wincing, he took the fuck like a man. With each thrust, Rick's body was rocked forward.

"Oh damn! Your ass feels so good!" Phuoc groaned, throwing back his head. The muscles in his body flexed as the pleasure of copulation ran through the body. Grabbing Rick's shoulders, Phuoc slammed his rod in and out. "Fuck you! Oh yes! I'm fucking you, faggot! Take my cock. Oh! It's the cock of a real man. Yeah!" Inside the rectum, Phuoc's dick head could not stop drooling. More precum oozed out, lubricating the rectal walls. "Damn! I think I'm close to cumming." Apparently, he had no intention to delay his second orgasm. Phuoc simply let the orgasm came prematurely. "Shit! I'm gonna flood your ass with my seed. Yeah! Your ass is mine, faggot!" Just seconds after he talked, he suddenly jerked uncontrollably. "I'm cumming! Fuck!" he yelped, fucking Rick's ass harder. Howling as if he had been in pain, the thief creamed Rick's ass with his manly seed. "Oh! I'm cumming! Shit! Take my cum, slut! Oh yes! Oh!" His cum was splashed into Rick's aching rectum, coating the fleshy walls. And, somehow, Phuoc's cock juice managed to soothe Rick's anal pain.

Rick gradually sank into deep unconsciousness, out of exhaustion. He even did not realize when Phuoc stopped humping him. Far in the distance, he could hear Phuoc's voice, but it was almost inaudible. Rick only knew that he was so tired and that he needed a rest...


Wincing, Rick finally woke up after hours of sleep. "Oh fuck! My body is aching all over." The first thing that he noticed was the blinding sunlight. Morning had come apparently. Rick had to close his eyelids for several seconds in order to adjust himself to the brightness. "Damn! I'm still tied up. I can't break free." Helplessly, the handsome security guard could only lie on the floor, waiting for someone to free him. 'Andy will find me. He always comes early,' he thought, trying to calm himself down. Inevitably, Rick's perverted mind imagined what would happen when Andy did find him. 'I'm naked and tied up. There's dry cum all over my body. How would Andy react to that?' The floor, underneath his body, was full of drying cum cracks. The smell of sex was so overwhelming. Naughty fantasy flitted across Rick's man. Once again, the flaccid dick grew longer and harder as his imagination turned raunchier. 'Oh fuck! I'm getting hard again. Andy is indeed very hot. I hope he will rape my ass, too.' Minutes passed but it felt like hours. Just as Rick was about to fall asleep, he heard boot steps coming towards him.

"Rick! Oh man! What happened to you?" A handsome security guard, looking very worried, ran over to Rick. "Damn! Who did this to you?" Kneeling next to Rick's helpless body, Andy Hayward tried to untie his friend. Observing Rick's naked back side, he noticed that Rick's ass had been raped. He also found some cum cracks on the floor and on his friend's naked body. "Rick, are you ok? Talk to me, man," he said worriedly after untying Rick's hands. But the answer that he received was very surprising.

"Andy, fuck my ass, please. I need to get fucked. I want more cock. Please fuck my ass," Rick slurred weakly, sounding like a drunkard. Looking up, he saw his friend's handsome face. "You're so handsome, Andy. Will you fuck me?" To let Andy know that he did mean it, Rick grabbed Andy's cock through the trousers. "Fuck me. Fuck me, please."

Andy's face went red for a few seconds, hearing such lewd request. "Alright, you stay here. Help is on the way," he responded, unzipping his fly.


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