At the Border
By DerekGuy17

Note: This story series includes depictions and descriptions of forced gay sex among young men college-aged school students. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict any real events. There is no country of Estavia.
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"Suck!"� the blond one shouted into my ear.

My lips were tight as I shook my head in refusal. We were both on our knees. Donny was already sucking the shorter one's dick. I was supposed to blow the taller captor. Well captor maybe was strong. The three guards were about our age and were holding us at their mercy. We were false accused of stealing. The cash found in my bag wasn't mine. I haven't stolen anything since I was 7 and took a dollar out of my dad's wallet. The look of hurt and disgust Dad gave me that day got me to fess up and never take anything again. I didn't even try the grapes at the supermarket.

But the border guards had found several hundred thousand Estavians or.... I don't know what the hell the currency is here. And now we were in a world of trouble.

It was the trip we had been planning for years. Eight weeks in Europe with a backpack and a Eurorail pass and no set plans. Donny and I first discussed it our junior year of high school and now, in the summer between junior and senior year of college, we were doing it.

This was week six. We had just been in Kiev, considered a hot place to go since Soviet domination in the Ukraine ended. While waiting at the train station, a group of guys about our age told us they had just come from Estavia, an independent former Soviet republic near Belarus. They said the women were hot and willing, the booze and food were plentiful, and the ration of exchange with the dollar was phenomenal. Since our own funds had started to run a little low - a little too much fun in Amsterdam was one reason and some ill-advised choices in Monte Carlo another - we decided to give it a go. After some searching, we found the right Eurorail line to the stop in an obscure part of Ukraine. From there it was a short walk over the border and into Estavia.

Estavia was certainly a disappointment. It was cheap, but most places only accepted the local currency and we didn't want to get stuck with excess Estavian dollars. The "hot" women seemed to have mostly been a fantasy. The few we saw were zealously guarded by angry looking boyfriends, brothers, and fathers. After an average meal and nothing to do but drink late into the evening, Donny and I decided this was a huge mistake and planned to take an early train back to more expensive, but more civilized neighborhoods at dawn.

We reached the border very early - both of us could drink like a fish and be fine in the morning so we were clear headed and full of energy. We prepared to sail through customs and hustle down to the train station in Ukraine. Three guards were manning the border. Two appeared to be the border guards and were armed. The third didn't have a uniform on, but seemed to be the customs official.

They insisted on going through our tightly packed bags and then began yelling at us. We didn't have a clue what they were saying and our attempts at using English, Spanish (Donny), French and Italian (me), and even the eight words in Russian Donny had learned from a guy he was talking to on the train last week were useless. They dragged both our luggage and us into the one room shack that seemed to serve as guard house and interrogation room. The customs official began dumping our bags out while the other two guards removed their guns and held us prisoner.

"What the fuck, Charlie?"� Donny whispered. He was clearly scared. I was trying hard to keep a brave face, but I was terrified too. I had never had a gun drawn on me before. The pistols looked real and deadly. The guards also seemed reckless, wild. The two with the guns both appeared to be in their early 20s. The one nearest me was about 6' 2"� with dark, short hair. He was very aggressive and seemed continually angry. The one next to Donny was about 5'7"� and had similar close-cropped dark hair, but it had grown out a bit more since his last buzz cut. He was quiet and took orders from the other two.

Pulling out all our stuff from our bags was the blond one, who was maybe 19-years-old at most. His hair was longer and his eyes were a dark blue. He was the clear ranking officer of the group and he also had the best command of English of the three.

Between us, we naturally had a fair amount of electronics "“ two iPods, one digital camera, an international cell phone, our watches, and a Game Boy that Donny insisted on bringing. The blond held up each device like it was a pound of cocaine in a drug bust. I stayed silent. Donny was sweating and I worried he would break. I had history to think so. Donny could go nuts, although it had been helpful that one time.

When Donny and I were twelve, we were often harassed at school for our looks, our grades, and for being, in their words, fags. One day, a group of bullies had cornered us and were threatening us, insulting us, and demanding our money. Donny had broken into tears, which only made them laugh and call him a sissy boy. He began to sob uncontrollably. I used the distraction to our advantage and kicked the lead bully right into the crotch. Luckily I was into a hiking boots phase at the time - I don't know why. Then I turned and kneed a second one hard in the nuts as well. The group was stunned, but they kept us cornered as the their fallen comrades slowly recovered. The main jackass harassing us got up and came right towards me with a murderous intent. Donny stepped in between us and landed the best punch I have ever seen anyone throw. The bully collapsed with blood streaming. Donny then went nuts and began to wail on the fallen asshole. His friends were unsure what to do and scattered. I was able to grab my friend and pull him away to safety. The bullies never bothered us in middle school again and the main bully, when he returned to school three days later, had a broken nose, two back eyes, and looked like he stepped in front of a speeding truck.

Eight years later, we still often operated that way. I took the first risk and then Donny, emboldened by my actions, followed suit. Usually he didn't go nuts anymore. I had known Donny nearly all my life. Donny had moved next door to me when we were seven and within five minutes of his arrival we were best friends. We were two peas in a pod - Charlie and Donny. In 13 years of friendship, we almost never had an argument. Back then we were two short, energetic little boys. Now things had changed.

Donny was 6' even. He was way too skinny and I always told him he needed to eat more and work out more. He had curly brown hair that he used to keep in a big "˜fro, but before this trip had shaved it all down. After a month of travel it was a twisted mat of light brown curly locks that he somehow made work. I was 5'10"�, but more built. A year ago, I had kicked the cigarette habit I developed in 10th grade and had celebrated by working hard to get into shape. Between tennis, racquetball, track, and ultimate Frisbee, I had made it fun. I had not cut my hair before the trip, so it was getting rather long - I looked like a 70s pop singer with dark brown hair to the base of my neck and long thick sideburns. I had also let grow that little bit of hair just on my chin where I hated to shave. We looked like two regular American twenty-year-old college students. We had found some great adventures on our trip so far, but this was a surreal moment we wished would end.

"Ah!"� shouted the blond. He had reached into a side pocket of my backpack and pulled out something wrapped in a yellow t-shirt that I didn't recognize. Dropping it on the table, the shirt fell open to reveal two bundles of bills wrapped in rubber bands. "Where you get this?"� he asked menacingly.

I began to protest, "I have never seen that befo..."�

"Lie! Lie!"� he interrupted. "You steal this money from my country?"�

"Where would I use your country's money? No one in Europe accepts it."� I knew it was foolish to try and use logic, but three years working towards law school had my mind focused that way.

"You use money! You take money!"� he pounded the table. I stared into his dark blue clear eyes. There was a little fear there. He was lying. He had planted the money for some reason. I glanced at Donny whose look told me he had never seen the money before either which I knew,

"You steal more?"� the blond accused us. "We check!"� He then barked in Estavian or whatever they spoke and the two brunettes shook their guns and ordered us to stand. The taller brunette with the gun, who I had begun to call in my head Igor, passed his gun to the blond, who I named Malibu because he looked like he could almost be a surfer from southern California. The shorter brunette, now called Boris, put his gun down. This was not the Marines, I could see. Malibu was uncomfortable holding the gun and Boris's gun was exposed - Donny could have grabbed it if he wanted to. I wonder what would have happened if he had.

But waving the semi-automatic around, Malibu ordered us to strip. Igor and Boris started yanking at our clothing.

"What should we do, Charlie?"� Donny whispered.

"I think we go along with it for now,"� I quickly whispered. "We can't really make a run for it - they put our passports and wallets in the desk drawer."�

"Quiet!"� Malibu ordered.

I pulled off my jacket, and then my long sleeved shirt. It had gotten colder that morning and we were dressed for the cooler mountain weather. I saw Donny was following my lead. I picked up my knee and placed my foot on the chair to untie my sneakers. With Malibu barking at us and his two sidekicks pulling at our clothing, we were soon both down to only our jeans. The cool wind hit my chest and my nipples, always sensitive to any touch, were hard.

After some more orders from Malibu to Boris and Igor, they began to frisk us. I have been frisked before - at the airport and once by a cop busting a frat party - and this was not a like any other frisk. Igor ran his hands across my ass and squeezed on each cheek. He reached into each pocket and pulled out any contents while also groping my balls through the fabric. He rubbed his hand across my crotch and copped a feel. His hands went down my inseam and them immediately back up for another grope. I had my back to Donny so I couldn't see what was happening to him, but I guessed it was the same.

"Take pants off!"� Malibu yelled.

I shot him a harsh glance, but the gun in his hand made me comply. I glanced towards my friend. We were both wearing boxer briefs - actually identical ones since Donny had borrowed a pair of my underwear this morning since he was out. Boris immediately started "frisking"� Donny again and was soon simply rubbing his hands on Donny's crotch, making him hard. Igor had decided to push his cold hands into the back of my briefs and massage my ass.

"I think they're gonna rape us, Charlie,"� Donny mumbled to me.

"Nowhere to run, Donny,"� I lamented. "But watch for an opening."�

They must have done this before because we were naked and on our knees within a few seconds. I was slightly hard from the tension and physical pressure, but was still mostly flaccid from fear and nausea. I couldn't see Donny's situation clearly, but I remembered from High School that he got hard rather easily. Then the zippers went down.

Both of our brunette captors had undone the front of their uniforms and pulled out their already erect uncut cocks. Boris, who was moving towards Donny, was small and stubby, matching his height. Igor, pointing towards me, was longer, but didn't appear huge. Well, let me rephrase. In terms of seeing of dicks close up, I had no idea how he stacked up. Looking at it close up it did appear to be gigantic - but comparing it to mine, I knew I was bigger.

Igor started pushing his cock head against my closed lips. When I didn't open, he started smacking me with it, making it all the harder. Malibu shouted repeatedly in words I couldn't understand. A sideways glance at Donny revealed that he had already taken Boris's cock in his mouth and based on Boris's smile was already doing a fine job.

I heard a gun cock and saw Malibu standing next to me with a pistol aimed in the general direction of my head. "Suck!"� he shouted. I opened up my mouth.

I had never had a sexual experience with a man before. Sure, Donny and I had wrestled and had inadvertent contact. And during this trip we had to share plenty of beds and seen each other nude, but nothing sexual, even though I thought Donny was curious. I was going to learn fast - and it was going to be ugly and painful, I was sure.

Igor had grabbed my head and started to determine the pace of the blowjob. I knew what I was supposed to do in sucking him. I just didn't want to do it. His cock went in and out of my mouth. I relaxed my throat enough that he wasn't choking me and I wasn't gagging, but I also wasn't helping. My tongue remained still, so he only had the benefit of my lips. I did keep my teeth away not wanting to upset him. Igor pushed my head faster and faster, but when Boris started to grunt, Igor slowed as we both looked towards Donny.

Donny was going to town. He was licking Boris's cock on the side and using his hands to massage the guard's balls and shaft. Boris was loving every moment and kept smiling, pointing, and saying things to the other two. Suddenly, Malibu said a few quick things. With great disappointment, Boris pulled out.

They moved us around quickly. Donny was pushed into a chair. Boris took the gun even as he still had a raging hard-on. Malibu's cock flopped out of his pants. As he shoved it into my best friend's mouth, it grew in size until I could see it was damn big. Igor positioned me on my knees near Donny's knees. My friend's cock was solidly hard. I knew he was 6 ½"� from the discussions on sex we had all summer long. I also knew these weren't the first cocks Donny had sucked. He had "experimented"� as he called it, but tried to assure me he was really straight. Or, at least, he thought he was probably straight...maybe. I didn't care if he was gay or bi or straight. In fact, the stories he told about him and his girlfriend's brother were really, really hot. But we had never seen each other in that way.

"Suck!"� Igor called, pushing my head towards Donny's dick. "Suck it!"�

It was one thing to be forced to suck a stranger's cock. But my best friend's? No way.

"Suck it!!!!"� Igor shouted and shoved my whole head into Donny's crotch. With reluctance, I reached up and touched Donny's cock for the first time and gently put it into my mouth. Donny was uncircumcised, unlike me, and immediately tensed up when my mouth touched his member. I could sort of see him glance down and note what was happening, but Malibu was forcing him to suck him pretty hard and fast.

What would make this all go away quickest? I wondered. If Donny got Malibu off, maybe he'd chill. But there was still Igor and Boris, neither of whom were getting serviced. I started to suck Donny doing my best. I disassociated myself from the whole moment - shutting off my conscious mind - and began to mimic some of the better blowjobs I had received. This was Donny I was sucking! Damn...

Malibu started to shout a bunch and I stopped my work to look up and see him grab Donny's head tightly. Based on the sounds and body reactions, I knew he was cumming into Donny's mouth.

"Suck it!"� Igor screamed at me again, so I went back to work, even as Donny had to deal with semen flooding his mouth and dripping onto his chin and chest. With Igor now pushing my head down faster and faster, I couldn't see anything, They certainly liked their blowjobs quick here in Estavia. I heard Donny moan a little and even say, "Oh Charlie,"� which kind of wigged me out.

Then I was suddenly pulled off Donny and we were both repositioned. They pushed Donny onto all fours and Boris was moving his still throbbing cock towards Donny's ass. I wanted to protest, but Malibu, still naked, was now waving the gun. Igor turned me perpendicular to my friend and had me slide underneath him. "Suck it!"� he screamed and I resumed blowing Donny from my back. It hurt my neck like hell to keep reaching up, so I started to use my hands more and more.

Igor, I could see from the feet, moved over to Donny's mouth and had my friend start blowing him just as Boris inserted his cock to fuck him. After a couple minutes, the strange sexual rhythm was established and both Boris and Igor sounded very happy. Then I felt something weird. It actually took a second to realize it, but there were lips on dick. From my cramped position trapped under the body, I couldn't see clearly, but it was obviously Malibu who was now blowing me! And doing a heck of a job. Despite my disgust, fear, and anger, Malibu was getting me totally hard.

Not surprisingly, given his earlier stimulation, Boris pulled out and apparently came all over Donny's back. Then Igor moved around and replaced Boris in fucking Donny's ass. Malibu and Boris meanwhile, pulled me from under Donny and had me stand up. They both were pointing to and touching my cock,. When I was soft, my cock seemed perfectly average. When I was fully hard, I was 8 ½"� and really thick. It was a powerful piece of circumcised meat. I think the surprising size combined with being cut attracted their attention as both of them took turns stroking and sucking me.

Malibu shouted a few more orders. Igor, with incredibly reluctance, stopped fucking Donny. They stood Donny up and then leaned him over the desk.

"Fuck him!"� they shouted, all three of them together. Were they serious? I couldn't fuck Donny. I wouldn't.

"Fuck him!!!!!!"� Malibu was yelling at the top of his lungs and waving one of the semis- around wildly.

"Do it, Charlie,"� Donny called from the desk. "It doesn't mean a thing. It doesn't mean a thing."�

I walked up Donny's round pink ass. It had red thumbprints from where the guards had pressed too hard. Using one hand to help open his cheeks, I gently pushed the top part of my cock into his hole.

"More!"� Malibu yelled, and so I pushed in further. As you can imagine, it wasn't long before I had inserted the entire thing into Donny's ass and began to push in and out. I'd be lying if I didn't admit it felt good.

They kept screaming at me "Fast! More! Harder!"� and took delight in watching us fuck. I usually take a long time to cum and under these circumstances, it wasn't any easier. They must have gotten bored, because after a while, they decided to move onto another game - Donny fucking me.

I was pushed onto the desk on my back with my feet and legs in the air. Donny and I made eye contact and our friendship spoke volumes. This wasn't changing our friendship for the worse, it was only making us tighter and closer and better friends than ever - overcoming this shared experience. Donny's slow entry was too painful. "Just do it!"� I screamed, always being one to jump into the cold swimming pool and to tear off band-aids in one rip. He pushed all the way in.

Donny had described what getting ass-fucked was like a few days ago, and was right. I sort felt like I was taking a strange dump. Just as that could be both painful and pleasurable simultaneously, so was this. Donny told me to relax my ass muscles and it'd be better, so I listened. Just as Donny was in rhythm, Igor grabbed my head and shoved his cock into my mouth. Having two cocks inside my body when I never imagined I'd ever have one was challenging. But then I felt that sensation again and Malibu had climbed on the table and was sucking me, making me hard.

As my body became this plaything with sensations and reactions happening all over beyond my control, I heard Donny call out something I couldn't make out. Then it felt all weird and then wet down by my ass. Donny was cumming and had pulled out spraying my butt cheeks and then the floor. He was crying and apologizing and cursing. I couldn't say a thing with Igor's cock in my mouth.

Igor and Boris started to laugh and shout at each other. Malibu pulled off my dick and said more to his compatriots. If we could only get Igor to cum, maybe they'd stop. I started to improve my efforts on the blowjob when they pulled me off the table. Soon Donnie was back on his knees and before we could exchange any conversation, my dick had been shoved in his mouth.

"You make cum!"� Malibu yelled as Igor resumed fucking Donny. With everything that was happening, I could say one thing: Donny was a damn good cocksucker. I usually couldn't cum from a girl sucking me because her mouth got too tired too quickly. Donny seemed to be holding up remarkably even as Igor shook his body more and more.

Igor shot inside Donny with heavy ugly grunts making me feel positively ill, I could still taste his foul member on my tongue. I hoped that would be it. Donny was getting me close but I worried he was also moving to a breaking point.

"Stop!"� Malibu shouted. I could see the blond was fully hard again and feared we would now endure round two. They pushed me into a chair and Igor grabbed the back of my head. He pushed me down towards my own cock and Malibu told me "Suck you!"� Like most boys, I had tried seeing if I could suck myself. At the time, I was 15 or so, I couldn't. I hadn't really tried again. Apparently, I now discovered, with the right motivation like a gun at my head, I could. With Igor leaning heavily on my head and shoulders, my lips just touched my cock head and under their orders, I licked my own cock head. My dick was quickly losing hardness in this position. They must have seen this and Malibu put down the gun and moved between my legs. He seemed to not get enough of the taste of my cock. Boris and Igor had Donny on his knees taking turns sucking each of them, both having gotten hard again.

That's when I noticed it. No one was holding a gun anymore. Well, fuck this. I positioned Malibu to started sucking my balls. I knew I had to do this in one move or it'd never work. And it would only work once. I looked around to be sure. The gun was on the desk in front of me. The other pistol had been left on the chair on the far side of the desk nearer to Donny. I also realized I could talk even if Donny couldn't respond. But I had to make sure they didn't get it.

"Onny-day,"� I called quietly and quickly. "In a oment-may, ab-gray the istol-pay."�

Donny's eyes grew wide. "On the air-chay,"� I added. I hoped in these confusing circumstances he understood - but we had used pig Latin earlier on the trip to talk English in front of other Europeans.

I waited and then waited a moment more. Malibu's dick was hard as he sat on the floor giving me a rather sloppy blowjob. He was licking my shaft. I had to make sure he didn't have my dick in his mouth. My dick had repeatedly gone from hard to soft in such uncomfortable ways in the last hour that I wasn't sure if I was ready to bust or never wanted to cum again. Making sure Donny seemed ready, I lifted up my left foot and brought it down as hard as I could on Malibu's erect member.

The blond Estavian screamed out in shock and pain, but I pushed off of his body to give me leverage and capitulated towards the desk. In one moment I had the gun and was pointing it at my captors. I looked up.

Donny wasn't holding the pistol. Boris was. And had it aimed at my best friend's temple. Shit.

"Drop the gun!"� I shouted. My dad was a hunter and I knew enough about guns to know how use one. The safety was off and I had it lined up on Boris's skull.

"You drop!"� Boris yelled. Malibu was still writhing on the floor in pain. Where was Igor? Oh, he was also on the floor holding his dick I guess Donny must have bit him or something. That was probably the moment Donny lost in grabbing the pistol first.

"Drop it!"� I screamed ready to blow his head off knowing he had it held right at Donny's temple.

"You drop!"� he shouted back. We weren't going to get anywhere like this - and Igor and Malibu would soon recover. And then it happened. Donny pivoted his right arm at the elbow bring the back of his fist in contact with the bridge of Boris's nose. At the same time, he threw his body backwards.

"No!"� I screamed as his pistol shot and let a burst go from my own gun without thinking.

The moments froze and then quickly sped up. Boris's shot had missed Donny. My shot had missed Boris.  But now I had the only gun, Boris's nose was bleeding and Donny landed a more substantial punch into Boris's stomach.

"Get the pistol,"� I yelled. I knew he didn't know shit about guns.

We had the three assailants move to one side of the room. I would have shot any of them in a second. Donny had gotten dressed, found all our money and passports while I held the gun on them. The hard part was my getting dressed. But then I realized they didn't know Donny didn't know how to use a gun. I quickly got dressed while he pretended to be ready to shoot.

"Just joke! Not bad! Just joke!"� Malibu was crying. Igor was still in a lot of pain - Donny must have bitten him something good. Boris was still in shock and still bleeding.

"You want to take some revenge?"� Donny asked me.

"Be a rapist, just like them? I don't think so. I may an awful case of blue balls, but I am not going to be like them. Let's get the fuck out of here."� I smiled at my best friend.

I emptied out the bullets of one of the pistols and we picked up our repacked bags while I held the other loaded gun. We had to get out of there quickly before anyone else showed up. Donny went through the desk drawer to make sure he hadn't missed anything of ours when he found a key. He used it to open the other locked drawers of the desk. Inside, he found a treasure trove of stuff the men must have stolen off other tourists. While no wallets or passports were there, it was filled with a variety of electronics and personal items. He also pulled out a big bag of pot, and two smaller bags of what appeared to be cocaine, but neither of us could be sure. And there was several thousands dollars in American money, and a bit more than that in Euros, along with random currency in small amounts.

Donny smiled. "Revenge comes in many forms, Charlie."� Soon he had the three naked men posing. Boris's nose had stopped bleeding by this time and Malibu had seemed to recover, but Igor was still hunched over in pain. He had them pose positions of blowing, fucking, and groping each other while he took photos with his own digital camera as well as with several of the cameras found in the desk. Then he poured some of the stuff we thought was cocaine all over Igor's face and some all over Malibu's dick and took a few more pictures. Finally, he dumped money, the rest of the coke, and some of the electronics on top of the three guards. He also took a few of the digital cameras he had just used.

"You follow, we show everyone. Everyone!"� Donny yelled at them. "We send to embassy. We put on internet. We send to your mothers."� He shook his camera at them.

"Assholes!"� I muttered as the three scumbags as the two of us backed out of the room.

Back in the fresh late-morning air, we walked quickly and quietly. I dumped the pistol into a garbage can and we saw the border station was unattended with Boris, Igor, and Malibu inside. We hustled over the border and ran top speed the mile and a half to the Ukrainian train station. We were safe, but I'd feel better when Estavia was miles away.

At the ticket window, I asked for the first train heading west. The ticket agent tried to explain that the first train was an express to Prague arriving in ten minutes, but our Eurorail passes weren't good for it as it was a luxury train.

"So, we can't buy tickets?"� I pleaded. The next train wasn't for another two hours.

"Only first class tickets. Very expensive. 1000 Euro each."�

"We'll take it,"� Donny said to my surprise. He pulled out a giant wad of Euros and peeled off the bills.

"Where the fuck did...?"� I began to ask.

"I didn't leave everything with the guards,"� he smiled.

The train arrived soon and the porter, quite dubious at our attire, reluctantly led us to a private cabin. When Donny tipped him 50 Euro, he brightened considerably and soon we had a delicious breakfast delivered to our comfortable train car that was nicer than any hotel room we had been in for the past six weeks.

After we had some food and coffee in us, we finally looked at each other in the eyes and knew it was time to talk.

"You don't have to say it,"� I said, "I know. Whatever happened there wasn't our choice so it doesn't matter. It didn't happen."�

"I wasn't going to say that,"� Donny responded. "I was going to say that move you did with the kicking and jumping over the desk was fucking awesome. You were out of a TV show or something."�

"Why didn't you get the pistol?,"� I asked just for curiosity sake.

"When you moved, I was surprised, so I chomped down on Igor's dick. As I went for the pistol, Boris simply beat me to it."�

"Well, that punch to the face was amazing. I guess what we did at 12 - me a kick to the groin, you a punch to the face - was practice for today."�

Donny looked right in my face. "Has you dick always been so huge? I don't remember it being so big."�

I laughed. The first happy emotion I had felt in what seemed like forever. "You haven't ever seen it hard, I'm a grow-er, not a show-er."�

  "Ummm...I know how much you don't like stealing, Charlie,"� Donny whispered. "But I did take all the Euros."�

"I know,"� I acknowledged.

"And I also took all the US Dollars. And a couple of the nicer looking cameras and watches and stuff. I mean, they shouldn't have it and we can give some to charity. No worries."�

"Too bad you didn't take the pot,"� I joked.

"Well..."� Donny reached into his bag and pulled out the big bag of weed. I smiled.

"Charlie, are you okay?"� he asked me after we had finished off our first joint.

"I'm okay,"� I mumbled. "What about you? You had it much worse."�

"But it wasn't all new to me. I mean, I had done those things before. You hadn't."�

"Yeah. But actually, it wasn't the stuff they had me do that was the problem. Some of it even felt nice. I mean, when you were fu...well, you know. It was why we were doing it and I didn't want to hurt you. You're my best friend and it wasn't the way...."�

"What are you saying, Charlie?"�

"Donny, I know you are gay or whatever. You don't have to work so hard at avoiding talking about it with me anymore or pretending that you are not. I know you were cruising in Prague and Amsterdam and London for guys and that you didn't follow through cause you didn't want to make me uncomfortable."� Donny's look told me my words were on the mark. "I kinda liked the stuff we were doing - at least doing it with you. I don't think it means anything, but I only regret those bastards did stuff to you, not anything they had you and me do."�

"Thanks, Charlie. I knew you knew, but I just didn't know how to bring it up. This certainly would not have been my first choice."� We both had a small chuckle. "And I'm okay. I've had it rough before and I knew that if I got them off really quickly, we might be able to get out of there."�

  "And you apparently you do it very well..."�

Donny half-smiled. "Well, maybe. I mean...I was working fierce on your cock and got nothing. I mean, I got off on your ass, but my mouth didn't do it for you?"�

"Donny, I was under gun point and you are my best..."� I realized he was joking. "I still haven't gotten off. I'll head to the bathroom I think. Probably a good idea."�

Just then the train entered a tunnel.

"No need to go that far,"� Donny said as he flipped off the room's light switch.

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