Bad Santa by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction about man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictive. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to always use condom during real sex.

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Title : Bad Santa
Written by : Hector Himeros
Words : 13,280 words
Scene : M/M, straight/gay, masturbation, reluctant, oral, anal
Setting : Department store, warehouse
Location : Sydney - Australia
Time : Present day
Character #1 : Randall Wilson - 30 - cut -- Caucasian (Australian) man -- gay -- top
Character #2 : Cliff Davis - 29 - cut - Caucasian (Australian) man -straight - bottom
Extra #1 : Andy Hayward - 33 - ? - Caucasian (Australian) man - gay - ?
Extra #2 : Rick - 24 - ? - Caucasian (Australian) man - gay - ?
Extra #3 : Tim Davis - 5 - Caucasian (Australian) man - (non sexual role)

Rick Bruce is a security guard, working in a big department store in Australia. One night, after the stores closed, Rick had the urge to masturbate. Standing in front of a mirror, Rick took off his clothes and got naked. While he stroked his manhood, he decided to have some anal fun by shoving a nightstick up his ass. At the same time, Phuoc, a straight Vietnamese young man infiltrated the store to steal some things. When he saw Rick's perversion, he could not help watching it. Gradually, Phuoc sported a hard-on which could only be tamed by fucking Rick's ass.

Christmas day had come, again. All of a sudden, the adult were taken over by shopping frenzy, while the children simply could not wait to get their hands on the presents prepared by Santa Claus. Unarguably, Christmas was indeed a special day for everyone, except Randall. To him, Christmas was just like any other work days. For the last three years, he got additional income by playing Santa in a shopping department. Randall actually did not cut out to be a Santa. One thing for sure, he was much younger compared to the traditional Santa. Randall did not possess a beer-belly, either. Rough physical life had shaped Randall's body well, filling muscles into it. Thus, in order to be a believable Santa, Randall had to wear phony white beard and cotton-stuffed costume. The job wasn't so bad because he was practically paid to sit on a stage, cramped with Christmas decoration, to entertain the kids. However, Randall halfheartedly did his job because he hated kids. Yet, he had to do it anyway if he wanted to get extra money.

One night, the shopping mall was filled with enthusiastic kids and their proud parents. As usual, Randall forced himself to smile as he handed gifts to each kid. However, Randall's attention was immediately drawn to a handsome young father. The young dad was taking his 5 year-old boy to see Santa. Not being able to withstand sexual temptation, Randall felt his knees were buckling as he saw that man lead his little son to the stage. 'Damn! That's a very sexy young father,' Randall gasped, secretly checking out the young dad's handsome features. 'I think he's around my age. Fuck! I'm having a hard-on. I'm always having a soft spot for married man. That man is really my ultimate fantasy. And I have to have him, by force or by will. He's gonna be mine tonight.' Fortunately, the costume he wore was loose enough to conceal the obscene erection. For a second, Randall was deep in his sexual thought. Suddenly, he was pulled back to reality as the sexy dad gently shoved his son into Randall's arms. 'Fuck! I hate kids,' Randall thought as he willy-nilly accepted the young boy and placed him on the lap. 'But I surely would love to fuck his dad's ass,' he thought as he looked at the young kid's innocent face. Looking up, he saw the young dad step back and waited for his kid to get the gift.

Innocently, the kid looked up at Randall's bearded face. "Santa, what's this? It feels hard," he asked innocently. Fortunately, a Christmas carol was echoing rather loudly through the mall. Thus, no one could hear the kid's innocent question. "It's hard, Santa. Is this your secret gift for me?"

'Shit! This little brat is sitting on my hard-on. Fuck! I'm not a pedophile. I hate snotty kids. But I have to control my annoyance if I want to get total access to his dad's straight ass. Hey, maybe I can use this tiny brat to my advantage,' he thought, handing a gift to that kid. "Ho, ho, ho! This is Santa's gift for you," Randall said to the boy, lowering his voice. "Santa will give you more presents if you can get your daddy to help Santa. Ask your dad to meet Santa in the storage room. Santa keeps his presents there." After the kid thanked him, Randall watched him run to his dad. Never did Randall let the young dad stay out of his sight. Apparently, the young dad got the message. He stood up and waved his hand at Randall. 'Perfect,' Randall thought, trying hard not to massage his erection. "Next!"


Cliff just turned 29 that year. Being a single dad was hard but he liked it. When his kid told him that Santa needed his help in the storage area, he thought, 'Why not?' After all, it was Cliff's nature to always help others in need. Thus, he purposely waited until the shopping mall closed. Then he took his kid to his car and asked him to wait there. "Don't go anywhere, OK? Daddy's gonna be back, right after Daddy helps Santa." After making sure that his son was safe, Cliff went back into the mall. He wasn't surprised to see the glass front door locked. Through the display glass, he noticed that the glimmering lights inside had been turned off. The mall was practically empty and dark. Turning his head back, Cliff saw two security guards walk towards him. They nodded their heads when Cliff said that Santa needed his help in the storage area. After getting the direction, Cliff thanked them and headed to the back of the building.

"It seems that Randall has done it again. He always manages to lure straight men into the storage room where he fucks them without any disturbance," a security guard whispered to his fellow guard. On his shirt was a name pin, bearing the name Andy Heyward. Cupping his own cock through the trousers, Andy lustfully stared at Cliff's back. "Damn! I get hard thinking about what Randall will do to him. That man will definitely become a faggot after Randall breeds his ass." A bulge was growing in the security guard's trousers. With his strong hand, he squeezed his own erection. "At least, Randall always gives us a chance to fuck his victims afterward. Come on, Rick. Let's go to the monitor room. We can watch the whole show from there. The camera in the storage room can capture every little detail of the perverted scene. I think I may need record this one for my personal use." Without waiting for his friend, Andy quickly rushed to the control room. Rick followed.

Innocently, Cliff had no idea what would happen to him there. "Here it is. Storage room," he told himself, opening the door. "Santa, are you there?" There was no answer. As the door closed behind him, Cliff walked further into a large hall. The place was almost as large as a plane hangar. Several dim neon lights lit up the room. Carton boxes, in uncountable amount, were piling up in every corner. The lack of ventilation soon drew sweat drops out of Cliff's body, despite the low temperature outside. Sweat dampening the front of his shirt, Cliff undid several buttons and displayed the narrow valley between his pecs. As the shirt got wetter, it could not hide the outline of Cliff's body. Like most men, Cliff did not bother to work out. However, he was genetically gifted with big bones. Thus, he looked strong and sturdy, despite the lack of athletic muscles. "Santa, where are you?" he asked again, trying to spot Santa among the towering stacks of boxes. He failed to find Santa, but he did find something interesting. A straight porn magazine. It was left lying on top of one of the boxes. It was quite obvious that someone had left it there on purpose. Yet, Cliff was too naive to consider that possibility. After browsing a few pages, Cliff was immediately taken over by his lust. Not long afterward, he even forgot where he was.

"Damn! The photos are hot. I'm so fucking horny," he whispered to himself, his eyes staring at the pages. Inevitably, a hard-on grew inside his tight trousers. Throbbing hard, the erect manhood struggled to free itself from the confines. A huge lump was imprinted at the front of Cliff's trousers. Holding the magazine in one hand, he used the other hand to massage the growing erection through the fabric. 'I haven't fucked for years. All these times, I've only made love to my hand. Fuck! I really need some real sex.' Hungrily, his eyes were devouring the obscene content of that magazine. The longer he stared at the pages, the hornier he became. 'Fuck! It's getting hotter in here.' Without thinking, he quickly undid the rest of the buttons and let his shirt fall onto the dusty floor. 'Yeah, I feel much better,' he said, shrugging his shoulders. Although there were no bulging muscles in his body, Cliff looked quite sexy nonetheless. Sweat, in the form of a thin layer, coated his entire body. From a far, Cliff's body glistened like the surface of a porcelain statue. Some body fat, mixed with muscles, was accumulated in Cliff's pecs. From afar, his torso looked quite hefty. The quarter-sized nipples stood proudly, guarding the pecs. There was hardly any nipple hair around the aureolae. Their rather dark color contrasted with the pale skin complexion.

Without Cliff's knowing it, Randall had been watching him from behind. Rubbing the front of his red trousers, Randall gave a snide grin. 'He took the bait. And now, he's jacking off.' After chuckling silently for a while, Randall continued, 'All men, either gay or straight, are alike. Their brains are fueled with sex. Fuck! Look at his sweaty body. Oh my, I would love to run my hands all over it, especially on his pecs. Damn! He makes me horny.' At then, Randall had already taken off his fake Santa's beard. Displaying a sweat-drenched torso, he had also taken off the upper costume. Exposed to the humidity, Randall's body could not stop producing sweat, either. A generous amount of sweat in forms of tiny drops was rolling down his hairy body. The muscles bulged, looking as if they were about to burst. Randall's body was indeed quite sinewy, owing to the hard physical work he had done all his life. "Oh," he softly gasped, trying hard to suppress his desire to immediately fuck Cliff's ass. The only piece of clothes that he still wore, besides the shoes, was a pair of rather damp Santa's trousers. A noticeable lump formed, sticking out of the fabric. A wet stain decorated the front part, declaring how horny Randall was. 'Fuck! I really want to fuck that sexy young dad. I can imagine how tight his straight ass is. Yeah, I can cum inside it in seconds. Oh, he is so fucking desirable. Although, I really want to breed him now, I need to see him finish his business first. There's nothing more erotic than watching a straight man shoot off his cock juice.' Thus, Randall chose to stay hidden and watched the whole lewd scene unravel.

"Oh, yeah! Ah! It's hot." Cliff got the courage to moan his pleasure. He figured that no one would hear him. "These photos are very sexy. I want to fuck," he gasped, having the nerve to vocalize his feeling. Looking down, he noticed how big his erection was. It was time to let his dick loose. Seconds later, the sound of the zipper was heard. As the trousers slid down, a hard circumcised dick sprang out. Its head had been coated with a handsome amount of precum. But most of the liquid had been sucked off by the fabric of his damp underwear. When Cliff turned his body around, he accidentally gave Randall an unobstructed view of his frontal nudity. Needless to say, Randall was very excited about that. "Oh! I'm so fucking horny! If I don't jack off, I may rape anything that moves. I have to cum now," Cliff said, holding the magazine in one hand. The other hand grabbed the length of his dick, choking it. The straight man certainly wasted no time to masturbate. "Oh yeah, I wish I could really fucked you. Oh! Your body is so hot. Yeah," he slurred, imagining himself talking to the female model from the magazine. Cliff never took his eyes off the naked photos, page after page. Cliff really enjoyed his masturbatory moment. His cock could tell no lie.

Upon closer inspection, Cliff's dick head was unique, unlike most common cocks. Cliff had been circumcised since birth. Perhaps that's why his dick head was shaped smaller than the shaft. The head resembled a blunt arrow head, instead of a mushroom. Nevertheless, Cliff's dick was proven to be fully functional because, after all, Cliff had a son. In Cliff's callused palm, the man meat throbbed. From its narrow piss slit, a drop of precum was expelled. After a few strokes, the dick completely hardened. More precum flowed out, which was soon rubbed off around the head and along the shaft to serve as lubrication. Some precum drops even found their way down onto the floor. As minutes went by, Cliff's entire body was soaking wet with excessive sweat.

"Oh, yeah! I'm so horny. Yeah! Oh!" Cliff moaned, his mouth gaping open. "Oh, I need more stimulation," he said, before putting the magazine down. To Randall's disappointment, Cliff once again turned his back on him and showed him his exposed backside. "Yeah, I'm jacking off. Oh! And it feels so damn good. Fuck! Yeah!" With his free hand, Cliff reached for the nipple and began fingering it. His eyes were still fixed to the magazine in front of him. Lewd moans continued to fill the room. "I want to fuck you. I would love to stick my cock in you and pump you till I cum. Ah!" Flexing his legs, Cliff lowered his ass down as if he was about to push it into a fuck hole. Then, Cliff feverishly thrust his dick forward, fucking the air. "Oh, baby! Yeah! Oh yes!" he groaned, lost in his dirty fantasy.

Meanwhile, Randall silently crept behind the piles of boxes until he got a better viewing angle. From his new position, he could spot the side view of Cliff's body. Trying to restrain his burning desire, the shirtless muscular Santa gulped his saliva down. 'His dick looks quite long. Maybe, it's around 8 inches? I wonder how his wife took that monstrous cock. The fuck rod is not exactly thick, but it's rather long. I'm sure that it could reach my prostate easily if he ever fucked my ass.' Deep in his lascivious imagination, Randall was stroking himself through the trousers. 'I can't wait to fuck his ass and to make him fuck mine. It must be great.' Randall was indeed versatile. As long as it was pleasurable, he was willing to bottom. Since he was very fond of Cliff, Randall thought about giving up his ass for the straight man if time permitted. Kneeling on the floor, Randall lowered his red trousers and tucked the waist band under his ball sack. Taking his cut dick in his hand, the horny man began milking himself. 'Oh, yeah. Let me see you cum. Yeah! Your straight cum must taste delicious. Oh, I wish I were the one in your bed every night.' Pulsating, Randall's dick gave off its fluid. 'I want to see you cum! Come on, shoot it. Cum for me,' he whispered, panting heavily.

"Oh! Fuck! I can't take this anymore. I'm gonna cum! Oh!" His body shuddering, Cliff groaned all of a sudden. Throwing his head back, the young father prepared himself for the inevitable orgasmic eruption. "Fuck! I'm cumming! Oh, yes! Fuck!" His hips shuddering, Cliff finally reached the climax. Arching his back, he slammed his dick forward as if he buried it deep into a fuck canal. The dick in his fist pulsated and immediately released its gushing cream. "Shit! I'm cumming!" he cried loudly. At that moment, he did not care about the fact that his groans were loud enough to be heard from outside. There was only one thing in his mind, at then, which was the sheer ecstasy of ejaculation. Involuntarily, he let his man milk loose. Repeatedly, Cliff whimpered and grunted like an angry bull. Thick creamy loads jetted out from the narrow cock slit. The first shot landed inches away from where Cliff stood. The gooey load hit a carton box. Instantly, it wetted the carton and left its distinctive stain. Soon enough, the second load followed. Each time the dick spewed out a load, it throbbed out of control. Cliff continued to wail as his whole body shook. "Fuck! Yeah! I'm cumming! Shit! Ah, fuck!" The rest of the loads dripped to the floor as the ejaculation lost its intensity. But some reached the magazine, too. "Ah, fuck," he moaned weakly, shaking out the last drop of his cock juice.

His chest heaving, Cliff wiped his sweaty torso with his left hand. He obviously couldn't use the right hand because it was previously used to milk his cock. It was practically covered in a thick layer of cum. Cliff continued to dry his torso and back, in order to get rid of the excessive perspiration. Slowly, Cliff's dick grew flaccid, returning to its normal size. A string of cum down hung from the slit, swaying between his legs. Finding no rag, Cliff decided to smear the boxes with his cum-stained palm. While he was busy cleaning his right hand, Randall got ready to make his move. As both of Cliff's hands reached backward to wipe the sweaty buttocks, Randall immediately seized the opportunity. He lunged forward, grabbing both of Cliff's hands in the process. It happened so fast that Cliff did not know what was going on. Shocked, the young father tried to struggle but Randall had already pinned Cliff's hands to the back. Wincing in pain, Cliff realized that he was in deep trouble.

"Fuck! Let me go! My hands hurt! Oh! Please," Cliff begged, bending his body to ease the pain. He tried to calm himself but ended up getting more panicky. 'Fuck! I've been caught red-handed. Damn! I shouldn't have jacked off. I was so stupid. Now what am I gonna do?' Cliff's softening dick shook as his body made futile attempt to struggle. "Let me go, please. I know I'm wrong. I'm sorry," he begged again, dropping to his knees. Then ruthlessly, Cliff's body was turned. How surprised he was when he saw a nearly naked muscular man wearing Santa's trousers. "You?" he asked, gripped by fear and anger. "You're the Santa, aren't you? You've set me up!" But before Cliff could say more, he groaned again as his hands were pinned. "I give up! Have mercy on me, please." Knowing that he couldn't fight Randall physically, Cliff tried begging. However, one thing worried Cliff the most. His fear grew as he saw Randall's erect dick sway before his face.

"Yeah, I'm the Santa. Surprise!" Randall said mockingly. "I did set this up for you. But you seemed to enjoy it, a lot." Purposely, Randall slapped his erect dick against Cliff's face. "And you took the bait," Randall added, enjoying the terror on the handsome man's face. "You're one hell of a hot young daddy. A straight married man. Imagine how lucky I am to have you in my gripping arms. Oh yeah, you're mine now, daddy." As Cliff stubbornly tried to free his arms, Randall applied more strength and forced the naked young father to total submission. "Stop fighting me. You have nowhere to go. Don't forget that you're naked now. Even if somehow you manage to run away, can you imagine what people will say when they see your naked body?" Seeing the fear on his victim's face, Randall chuckled victoriously. "Surrender yourself. You're under my control now. So, stop fighting and do exactly as I tell you to. Or..." he paused for a while, trying to get a better idea to threaten Cliff. "Or else you may never see your son again."

"No! Don't you dare hurt my Timmy! I won't let you lay your filthy homo hands on my son. I swear I'm gonna fucking kill you if you..." But before Cliff managed to finish his threat, he howled painfully as Randall tortured his pinned hands. "Ah, please. Don't hurt, my Timmy. I beg you," Cliff suddenly sobbed, not being able to hide his emotion. Never in his life had Cliff felt so helpless like that. He feared for the safety of his son. 'I have to do whatever I can to ensure Timmy's safety. I don't want this sick bastard to sodomize my underage son. I have to do whatever this homo tells me to do. I must do it, for Timmy's sake,' Cliff told himself, preparing for the worse and hoping for the best. Even though Cliff was in pain, he tried to look strong. Randall was indeed more muscular than Cliff, but it didn't stop Cliff from deliberately flexing his muscles. Cliff wanted to show Randall that he was not as weak as Randall thought.

'It's gonna be easy to bag this guy. He loves his son too much,' Randall laughed in his heart. Actually, Randall wasn't a sadist. He did not have the heart to hurt kids although he despised them. However, he needed to threaten Cliff, or else Cliff would not submit himself so easily like that. "Yeah, that's it. Don't fight me if you know what the best for your kid. Do what I say and I won't hurt your kid." Slowly, Randall loosened the grip. To his expectation, Cliff offered no fight. "Yeah, submit to me. Oh, I'm so horny for you. I can't control my dick. It longs to fuck your straight ass." As he talked, he shoved his leaking dick forward and smeared Cliff's face with its precum. Cliff tried to avoid it but Randall quickly admonished him. "Don't fight my cock. Let me smear your handsome face with my precum. Yeah, I'm getting hornier."

'This man is crazy. He wants to turn me into a homo,' Cliff thought, disgust welling up inside him. Yet, there was nothing that he could do to escape. Cliff had no choice but to bear the humiliation as he knelt silently. Whenever Randall's slimy dick head brushed Cliff's nostrils, Cliff was instinctively overwhelmed with disgust. For several times, he retched but fortunately he did not vomit. 'It's disgusting!" he yelled in his head. Precum was a familiar substance to Cliff, because he produced much precum whenever he jacked off. However, having another man's precum rubbed on his face was a different matter entirely. As a straight man, Cliff was disgusted. Not to mention, the precum had a nauseating smell. Closing his eyes, Cliff tried to think of something else. But nothing could make him forget that a cock was being rubbed on his face.

"Good. You have stopped resisting," Randall commented, releasing Cliff's hands completely. Standing before his victim, he glanced down and made an eye contact with Cliff. "First of all, I want you to take off my trousers." Silence hung for a moment but Cliff did not do anything but staring back at Randall. "I said, take off my trousers. Do it." To prove his point, he kicked Cliff's stomach. The young daddy groaned, holding his aching stomach. Randall made sure that the kick he delivered was harmless enough for he had no intention to hurt Cliff physically in any way, except by raping him. "Take off my trousers. Now!" Randall repeated, trying to sound authoritative. Hanging out from the unzipped trousers, Randall's dick defiantly throbbed in front of Cliff's face.

His hands shaking with fear, Cliff grabbed the waistband of the red trousers. As his eyes met Randall's piss slit, he felt quite intimidated by the leaking manhood. No matter how hard he tried to look away, something inside him forced him not to. Thus, Cliff was compelled to maintain an eye contact with the very object which would deflower his ass. 'This is sick!' he thought, scolding himself for getting fascinated by another man's erection. Without thinking, he quickly pulled the trousers down, hoping that the ordeal would end soon. However, he accidentally brushed his lips against Randall's drooling cock. But before Cliff could pull away, Randall had already taken hold of Cliff's head and made him suck the cock. Immediately, Cliff struggled for his dignity. "No! Let me go! Please don't. I'm not a homo. Please, release me. Oh!" In desperate attempt to free himself, Cliff unintentionally grabbed Randall's naked butt. It was the first time ever that Cliff held another man's bare ass. And it sure felt awkward. At the same time, Cliff fought to liberate his mouth from Randall's cock. "No! Please," Cliff begged again.

"Don't be shy, daddy. Take my dick. Come on. Try tasting it. You may eventually like its taste, I promise," Randall said, eager to push his cock into Cliff's mouth. Randall's hairy torso expanded as air was drawn into the lungs. The torso was still somewhat dampened by the sweat. Body hair grew almost evenly, covering the pecs and the middle part of the abdomen. It trailed its way down and formed a jungle of pubic hair around the crotch. Two hardened pinkish nipples stood out among the damp mat of chest hair. Flexing his biceps, Randall forced Cliff to take the dick into his mouth. "Open up. Don't fight me. I've warned you. You love your son, don't you?" The threat seemed to work like a charm as Cliff suddenly stopped resisting. "Good. Now, open up and take my dick. Come on. You can do it."

'Fuck! I don't like cock. But what can I do?' Cliff thought, gripped by both fear and disgust. Close to Randall's cock, Cliff's nose immediately picked up the acrid scent of Randall's musky odor. Again, the urge to retch overcame Cliff. Reluctantly, Cliff pried his mouth open. Ever so slowly, his mouth gaped open. For a straight man like Cliff, it was certainly the hardest thing to do. But as a good dad, he did what he had to do to protect his son, even by sacrificing his own body to be used sexually. 'Fuck! I'm gonna suck a cock.' Just thinking about another man's dick made his body shiver. Finally, Cliff got the courage to sink Randall's throbbing male member into his mouth. Opening his mouth as wide as he could, Cliff desperately tried to push the whole length into his unwilling mouth. As the dick head made contact with Cliff's tongue, Cliff got a taste of another man's precum. 'Yuck! It tastes horrible,' he thought. Yet, he tried to suppress the overwhelming disgust. For several times, he almost retched.

Grinning, Randall was quite satisfied with Cliff's initial effort. "Take my whole dick in. Lick the head. Hmm... not bad for a beginner." Involuntarily, Randall's naked body shuddered, owing to the stimulation it received from Cliff's untrained tongue. "Your mouth is quite warm and wet at the same time. Fuck, yeah! I'm horny for you." When Cliff's tongue darted across Randall's dick slit, Randall moaned more loudly. "Fuck! Lick my cock slit. Fuck it with the tip of your tongue. Oh yes! It feels so damn good." A wave of pleasure coursed down Randall's spine, forcing him to gasp for breath. A drop of precum exuded from the slit. Overwhelmed by sexual pleasure, Randall flexed his pubic muscles. Randall's dick was stretched longer and harder, bringing the head close to the ceiling of Cliff's mouth. "Oh fuck! You're a natural. You suck my cock so well. Oh!" Randall let out another groan. When his broad torso flexed, it created the illusion as if it had been bigger in size.

The confused young father had no idea how to please a man sexually. However, he did his best to imitate the scenes which he often saw in straight porn flicks. Never in his life had he thought that he would end up sucking a cock in his very mouth. It was quite a humiliating experience. "Oh!" he produced a muffled groan. Randall's precum generously filled Cliff's oral cavity. The straight daddy obviously was having a difficult time to cope with the big cock. 'This homo wants me to suck his cock. Then I'm gonna suck him. Maybe if I can get him to spill his cum, he will release me and forget about fucking my ass. I'd rather suck a cock than take it up my ass. I dare not think about how painful it will be to have such a big dick shoved into my ass.' Thinking that he would escape the anal rape, he earnestly gave Randall the best oral service. But since giving oral sex to another man was not his specialty, he had some trouble with it. He was rather clumsy. 'I have to do it well. I must make this homo shoot his cum in my mouth.'

For a moment, Randall was misled, thinking that Cliff was eager to perform fellatio. "Tongue my cock head. Oh yes! You're doing it like a pro, baby! Ah! I'm very horny. Lick my precum," Randall gasped, his entire body growing tense. "You really like sucking my cock, don't you? I can feel it." Hissing out his passion, Randall held Cliff's head and made sure that it did not move. Wanting to give Cliff a chance to prove his sucking ability, Randall did not pump Cliff's mouth with his dick. He let the young dad to slobber on the cock. Groaning incoherently, Randall kept encouraging Cliff to continue sucking. "You're incredible. I love your mouth. Oh yes! Suck my big dick." Inside Cliff's drooling mouth, Randall's dick rested on Cliff's tongue. Excitedly, the dick gave off its precious precum for Cliff. "Oh! I'm so horny. Yes! Do it. Keep sucking my dick. Ah yes!" Instinctively, his grip on Cliff's head tightened.

Another wave of disgust hit Cliff's mind as Randall's precum flooded his tongue. Forcibly, Cliff had to gulp the viscous fluid down. However, the tongue got another taste of it in the process. 'Shit! I can't stand tasting another man's precum. It's beyond gross!' Clumsily, he swirled his tongue around Randall's thick dick. The aroma of dry cum, piss and sweat filled Cliff's nostrils as he sank the cock deeper into his mouth. However, as the cock head nearly touched the back of the throat, Cliff gagged. Soon, he coughed violently but he couldn't pull away. With his head pressed hard against Randall's crotch, he had no way to keep sucking. 'I must make him cum. He has to cum.' Making Randall cum in his mouth was Cliff's goal. It was the only way to save himself from the rage of Randall's dick. With one hand, he held the base of Randall's dick. Carefully, he was milking the shaft, masturbating it. It was a technique which he copied from porn movies. And it seemed to work because Randall started to groan more loudly.

"Where did you learn that? Oh! I can feel my cum churn in my balls. Fuck yeah!" Randall gasped, his body jerking involuntarily from time to time. "Are you sure that you're straight? Coz you suck my cock so well," he continued, teasing Cliff. To tell the truth, Cliff's sucking technique was rather bad. However, Randall only wanted to humiliate Cliff because no straight man wanted to hear praises about how well he sucked a dick. Systematically, Randall was breaking Cliff's mental defense. "Suck my dick, baby. You seem to enjoy it, don't you? Yeah, you love cocks. I can see that in your eyes and feel it in your mouth. Oh! This is fucking great. " Randall moved his hands. Instead of holding Cliff's head, he trailed down Cliff's upper arms and gripped them securely. "What a sexy body you have there. I want to feel your big strong arms. Yeah, I love men with big arms." As the words slurred out, Randall squeezed Cliff's biceps.

Groggily, Cliff let another man grope his body sexually. It felt really awkward. No matter how hard he blocked the sensation, he couldn't forget that the hands groping his arms belonged to a man. 'Fuck! The homo is feeling up my arms. Oh! I can't pretend it's not happening. I can clearly feel that I'm being groped by a man. Damn!' The groping had somewhat ruined Cliff's concentration. A loud slurping noise resounded when Randall's dick slipped out of Cliff's mouth. Looking up at Randall's face, the young daddy wished to tell Randall that he did not like to be touched by a man sexually. But he dared not say so. Thus, he forced himself to continue the oral service. The awkwardness in Cliff grew as Randall's hands touched Cliff's broad shoulders. With a cock lodged in his mouth, Cliff could not say anything but unwillingly moan out his pleasure. 'Fuck! He's massaging my shoulders. I don't like it but I have to admit that it feels great. Fuck!' Slowly, he was carried away and failed to realize that he had been drawn into the ecstasy of gay sex.

"You like it, huh? It feels great to have a muscle man like me massage your broad shoulders, doesn't it? Oh yeah, I'm massaging your body now. Relax your muscles and enjoy it," Randall teased, squeezing the muscles around the shoulder area. "You do have a nice body. It's not as muscular as mine but it sure looks sexy. I can feel your muscles as I knead your flesh." Apparently, Randall was quite turned on as he ran his hands across Cliff's shoulders. Randall's dick throbbed again, leaking out its juice. Randall's callused palms then continued to slide downward, heading towards Cliff's sweaty torso. "I want to feel your pecs. I've been staring at them for some time. Now, I can squeeze your fleshy pecs in my hands." As the hands moved, they wiped away all the sweat beads that coated Cliff's chest. Cliff's naked body shuddered as it could not resist the pleasure radiating from Randall's hands. "Yeah, you love it. You want to be touched. Yes, I'm gonna touch your naked body. I'll grope it and feel its flesh. Especially your broad bulging pecs." Randall said, his voice hoarse with lust. Intentionally, he gripped both of Cliff's pecs. It forced a muffled gasp out of the young father's stuffed mouth.

'Fuck! He grips both of my pecs. Ah! My nipples are twisted in his palms. Shit!' All Cliff could do was flinching helplessly, but Randall did not release his grip. Despite Cliff's struggle, Randall's dick was still lodged securely in Cliff's sucking mouth. Some drool, mixed with precum, seeped out from the sides on Cliff's mouth. Having sensitive nipples, Cliff couldn't tolerate the lustful squeezing on his pecs. Even a slight touch on the nipple could drive him up the wall. Muffled groans continued to resound from his mouth. Accidentally, Randall's dick was pushed in too deep. Immediately, Cliff retched just as Randall's dick touched the glottal stop. This time, Cliff exhibited violent reaction. His eyes, suddenly, broke into tears. However, they were not the tears of pain or humiliation. The tears came as the result of automatic reaction of gagging. At the same time, he also coughed out some snot from the nostrils. Cliff was in such a mess. With tears in his eyes, his vision got blurry.

In regular interval, precum flooded Cliff's mouth. The limpid salty liquid seeped into the taste buds and lingered there for a moment until Cliff gulped it down his throat. For several minutes, the young daddy was intoxicated by the taste of precum. It was so overwhelming that Cliff's tongue went numb. Simultaneously, Cliff received erotic massage from Randall's strong hands. Although his dignity as a straight man wouldn't allow him, he was helpless to deny how enjoyable it was to be groped by another man. No women had ever touched him like that. Randall's hands seemed to know well all the erogenic spots. Cliff's pecs were massaged and kneaded, Randall's fingers dancing around the nipples. To Cliff's own surprise, he heard a muffled moan of pleasure escaped from his mouth. Before he knew what happened, he realized that he could not think straight. All he could feel was pure lust washing down his body.

"Isn't my big dick delicious, huh? You like sucking a real man's dick, right? Yeah, your glassy eyes tell all," Randall commented lewdly. Just as he finished talking, he took control over Cliff's mouth and fucked it hard. "I'm gonna use your mouth like a tight asshole. Yeah, baby. I'm gonna fuck your mouth till it gapes open. Then I'm gonna dump my manly loads in your mouth. You want that, don't you? You want me to cum in your mouth? Don't worry. I have plenty of cum inside my big hanging balls. I haven't come in more than a week." To emphasize how horny he was, Randall took hold of Cliff's left nipple and gave it a twist. Simultaneously, Cliff groaned painfully, twisting his body. "Who told you to stop sucking, huh? Don't stop! Keep sucking my dick," Randall ordered, slapping the back of Cliff's head. Rudely, he grasped Cliff's head as if he was about to crush it. He then held Cliff's ears, treating them as handles. "I'm gonna pump your mouth. And I'm gonna give you a taste of a real man's spunk."

Not knowing how to respond, Cliff could barely handle Randall's rough treatment. Randall was fucking Cliff's mouth so hard that Cliff had breathing difficulty. However, the young dad couldn't pull away because Randall had secured his head. His eyes widening in panic, Cliff tried to tell Randall to slow down. But no voice came out, except a series of incoherent groans. Mercilessly, Randall continued to bang Cliff's mouth. The thick manmeat forced its way in, pumping Cliff's mouth for all it's worth. Slimy precum smeared Cliff's lips as it emanated acrid smell. The hard banging caused Cliff to lose his balance. The young father instinctively groped Randall's muscular body for support. Wrapping his arms around Randall's hips, he helplessly let Randall use his mouth. Cliff's sweaty body was rocking back and forth like a ragged doll.

"Oh yeah, baby! I'm close. I'm gonna shoot my cum in your mouth. When I do, I want you to drink it. Don't let it drip out of your mouth. I mean it. Ah!" Randall warned him before hand. Roughly, he let one hand of his hands comb Cliff's short brown hair before it grabbed the hair without mercy. "Groan for me. I want to hear your sexy groan. Fuck! I want to cum so bad. And when I do, I'm gonna hose your mouth down." The muscles within Randall's calves contracted as he slammed his hips forward. Each time he delivered his dick, he drove the manmeat deeper into Cliff's oral orifice. "Fuck! Take it! Take my cock in your mouth. Oh yeah! Lick it. Suck it. Oh, fuck!" Letting his head fall back, the muscular man vocalized his pleasure.

As a man who often masturbated, Cliff knew for sure that Randall was close to ejaculating his seed. He tried to boost the stimulation by sloppily cleaning the excessive precum with his tongue while letting Randall fuck his mouth. Still kneeling, Cliff was having trouble in maintaining the balance of his body. Leaning forward, he needed to hold onto Randall's hips. Whenever the cock sank in, Cliff's head would rock backward slightly. At one point, Cliff looked up and saw how menacingly Randall's pecs looked. Two bulging mounds of hairy pecs hung above Cliff's head. Most of the chest hair had been shaved thus Cliff could easily spot Randall's nipples. The hardened tips seemed to hang downward, owing to the weight of the pecs, challenging Cliff to touch them. Strong masculine aura emanated from Randall's entire body, overpowering Cliff's mind. Gradually, Cliff embraced his gay side as he marveled at the beauty for Randall's pecs. Feeding on Randall's excessive precum disoriented Cliff, like aphrodisiac. Helpless to control his own body, Cliff started to sport an erection. The limp dick lengthened and hardened until it became as hard as steel. Instantly, his face went red. And he knew that Randall witnessed the process of his erection.

"Look at your dick. You're getting hard," Randall mocked, his eyes fixed to Cliff's manhood. There was excitement in the tone of his husky voice. "I think you're not straight after all. Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun." Obviously, Randall was turned on to see another man's erection. Randall's dick throbbed furiously inside, wildly hitting the ceiling of Cliff's mouth. Fucking with so much vigor, he almost hurt Cliff's mouth. Glaring, the purplish cock head slammed itself in hard. "Yeah, take my fucking dick. Oh! You're mine!" The stifled noises of Cliff's predicament only pushed Randall closer to the brink of orgasm. "I'm gonna choke you with my big dick. Oh, I'm so close, shit! You'll be my whore. I'll pour down my hot gooey cock juice down your throat." The muscles within the hips worked hard, supporting Cliff's penetrative movement. Several drops of sweat rolled down Randall's muscled body. "Yeah! I'm gonna cum! Get ready!" he warned, wincing as though he was in great pain.

His imagination running wild, Cliff saw in his mind what it would be like when Randall came. He pictured that a thick cum shot would jet out from the narrow piss slit and fill his mouth. The dick head would throb with abandon, shooting almost endlessly. To his surprise, the horny vivid imagination kept his dick hard all the time. The veins around Cliff's shaft seemed to grow larger, almost to the point of bursting. Moaning desperately, Cliff shoved his crotch forward, trying to rub the aching dick head across Randall's hairy legs. Fortunately, Randall's legs were within range. Frantically, Cliff ground his slimy dick against one of them. A muffled groan of satisfaction resounded. Cliff's face showed so much bliss. The urge that he felt was rather instinctive. Without realizing it, Cliff was slowly converted into homosexuality. The lust drove him crazy, forcing him to do anything to relieve the tension in his throbbing dick. For the umpteenth time, Cliff grabbed Randall's ass buns and clung onto them. Unfortunately, sweat had already dampened the ass. Thus, it was hard to get a strong grasp. As lewd grunts filled the room, Randall suddenly spewed out his cum deep into Cliff's mouth!

"Shit! Here I come! I'm cumming for you, slut! Take it!" Randall cried, throwing his head back. Roaring loudly, he let orgasm take over his body. At the same time, every muscle within his body grew tense. Violent convulsion followed, like he was electrocuted. Out of control, Randall flinched and bucked. "Oh! Fuck! I'm cumming! Oh! Take my cum! Ah yes! Shit, ah! I'm cumming for you!" he cried again, his eyes wide open. Frantically, he slammed his thick meat in and out of Cliff's abused mouth. Drool and precum coated the male organ, creating a gooey mess. Some of the mixed liquid spurted out from the sides of Cliff's mouth. Like a piston, Randall's manhood pumped out its content. The first shot immediately hit the back of Cliff's throat, almost choking him. But before Cliff could gulp it down, the second load came. Repeatedly, a torrent of cock juice filled Cliff's unprepared mouth. The pungent taste invaded the taste buds, overpowering Cliff's senses. His Adam's apple furiously bobbed up and down as thick manly fluid ran down his throat. The ejaculation happened for several seconds. Grunts of pleasure echoed in the dimly lit storage room. With a long sigh of satisfaction, Randall finished his orgasm. "Ah, you're natural, baby. You sucked like a pro," he sighed, shuddering. Carefully, he withdrew his flaccid manhood.

Shaking his head, Cliff couldn't believe what just happened. Everything felt quite surreal. His mind was still numb after the overwhelming taste of cum. He had no idea whether he was disgusted or excited. After all, it was his first experience. Cliff's smooth sweaty chest was heaving up and down. Dumbfounded, he sat down, the round sweaty ass pressed flat against the floor. "I can't fucking believe it. I just drank another man's cum," he sighed to himself. The bitter taste still lingered in his tongue. Some gooey cum was still sliding down his throat, giving off tickling sensation. Clearing his throat, Cliff gulped down his saliva several times to push the cum down. As the orgasmic commotion was over, Cliff found that his dick went soft, too. "It was quite intense. I never knew I could do it," he said, breathing hard. Looking up, he saw Randall stand above him. A drop of cum dripped down from the tip of Randall's dick. "I've done what you wanted. Let me go, please," Cliff begged.

"Who said I'd let you go after you'd sucked my dick, huh? I never said that," Randall responded nonchalantly. Trying to intimidate Cliff, he bent over and brought his face as closely as possible to Cliff's. When their noses touched each other, Randall stared into Cliff's eyes and said, "I haven't fucked your straight virgin ass, yet. Until I have flooded your ass with my cum, I will never let you go. Do you hear me?" With no warning, suddenly Randall bumped his forehead to Cliff's. Not expecting anything like that, Cliff lost his balance and fell onto his back. A groan of pain came from Cliff's quivering mouth. Randall quickly seized the opportunity to immobilize Cliff. "You didn't see that coming, huh?" Randall asked, jeering at the helpless man. Randall rubbed his own forehead, however he looked alright. Before Cliff regained control of his body, Randall quickly grabbed him by the shoulders and forced him to stand. "Stand up. The fun has just begun." Out of nowhere, Randall produced two pairs of handcuffs. "I borrowed these from the security guards. With these, you won't be able to fight me as I rape your tight hot ass."

Still disoriented from the head butt, Cliff did nothing when Randall manhandled his naked body. He had no choice but to let Randall cuff each of his hand with a pair of handcuffs. Deep in his mind, Cliff knew that he had to fight back. Yet, he could barely move his limbs. He simply had no more energy to fight. Above their heads was a set of pipes fixed onto the ceiling. Yet, the pipes led to nowhere, placed there intentionally as if they were decorations. Cliff watched in despair as both of his hands were raised. Adeptly, Randall secured them to the pipe. Standing shakily, Cliff perceived that his fate had been sealed. Both of his arms were lifted, hanging down from the ceiling. His hairless armpits, dampened with sweat, were exposed. As the pectoral muscles were stretched upward, Cliff's pecs looked flatter. His two pointy nipples remained erect.

Walking around, Randall admired his own handiwork. "You're mine now. And I'm gonna fuck you, like it or not. You may think that you're straight. But I promise you, after your ass meets my cock, you're going to turn into a cock worshiper, a faggot, a slut who only wants to serve other men's lust. You'll see." Despite the fact that Randall just shot his loads, he soon regained his erection. Grabbing the slimy dick, he stroked it several times to maintain its erection. "I can imagine how pleasurable it will be to rip your straight ass open with my big dick. You'll scream with much pain but you're gonna love it. Then, I'm gonna fuck you again and again until I cum. I'll breed you," Randall added, standing behind Cliff's naked body. Sensually, Randall pressed his muscular body against Cliff's sweaty back. "Don't repress yourself. Let yourself get horny. I want to see your cock get hard." Fondling Cliff's torso from behind, Randall did his best to incite Cliff's lust. "I really love your body. Man, you're so sexy," Randall sighed, inhaling the smell of Cliff's damp hair.

"No, please. Don't do this," Cliff begged, his voice hoarse. His whole body shuddered with fear as he felt Randall's hard dick press the ass crack. "I'm straight. I'm not queer like you. Please. I'll suck your dick again. Anything but being fucked. Have mercy, please," Cliff begged, almost sniveling. In his entire life, he had never felt so frightened like that. A sex-crazed gay man was about to fuck his straight ass. Just thinking about the anal pain sent shiver down Cliff's spine. "Spare my ass, please. I will suck your cock again. I will drink your cum, all of it. I will also lick your body. Please, I'll do anything. Anything but this..." But before he begged more, he was silenced by Randall's hand. The strong callused hand blocked his mouth, preventing him from talking.

"Don't waste your time. I'm not gonna let you go, not before I finish dumping my seed up your ass," Randall whispered, his lips close to Cliff's ear. Lewdly, Randall rubbed his erection against Cliff's ass buns. "Do you feel how hard my cock is? Can you fell it throb? It longs to enter your tight straight ass. Yeah, I'll make love to you. Your asshole will be pried open and my cock will plunge in. It will hurt at first but I guarantee that you will enjoy it afterward." His hand shaking lustfully, Randall traced the contours of Cliff's body. His fingers were dancing on Cliff's sweaty skin. There were several drops of sweat, clinging onto the nude body, were wiped off. Randall chuckled, noticing that Cliff's body shuddered under his touch. "Nothing feels more wonderful than being touched by a man, right?"

His head thrown back, Cliff did his best to fight off the pleasure because a small part of him couldn't accept the fact that he's turning gay. However, he was powerless. In his mind, he wondered why another man's hand could bring so much pleasure to his naked body. As Randall released Cliff's mouth, Cliff was able to vocalize his pleasure. Looking down, he saw both of Randall's hands work together to stir the horniness inside him. Those hands groped Cliff's torso, massaging every muscle they found. At times, they lingered on Cliff's nipples and gave several light pinches. The nipples soon swelled under the constant stimulation. The sensation drove Cliff crazy. "Oh! My nipples! Fuck! They're so sensitive, ah!" he cried, involuntarily jerking against the restraint. Like a bronco, he bucked his body wildly. No matter how hard he did it, he could not throw Randall off his body. "Ah! Fuck! I'm so horny. It can't be happening. A man makes my cock hard." To his horror, his dick throbbed excitedly without being touched. Crying in defeat, Cliff cursed himself. "Fuck! No! I'm turning queer!"

"That's a good start," Randall continued, touching Cliff's body from behind. Closing his eyes, he felt every little detail of Cliff's contours. Deliberately, he squeezed Cliff's pecs several times, causing Cliff to groan. "I love your bulging pecs. They're so full that I think I can milk them. Oh, your son is very lucky to have a sexy dad like you. I wish I had a father like you. Speaking of sexy, I don't think I can wait any longer. I'm so horny for you. My cock is aching. I want to fuck your ass and cum inside it, again and again. Yeah, your ass belongs to me." To accentuate his point, Randall pulled back one hand and used it to slap Cliff's left ass bun. A gasp of surprise escaped Cliff's quivering lips, echoing through the large storage room. "Get ready for some real fun," he said. "Here I come."

"No! No!" Cliff yelped, frightened. Frantically, he was pulling against the handcuffs. But he accomplished nothing, except adding pain to his wrists. "Fuck! No! Don't fuck my straight ass! I'm not a homo! Stop it, no!" Kicking wildly, he tried to defend his anal dignity but he was easily subdued. Randall's strong arms encircled Cliff's hips, steadying them. In a matter of seconds, Cliff was immobilized. "No! Leave my ass alone! Do you hear me, homo?! Don't fuck my ass! No!" At that point, there was unspeakable rage broiling in him. He no longer cared whether he offended Randall with his words. He simply wanted Randall to leave his ass. "Stop it! Don't go any nearer! Leave me! No!"

"So, you think you can stop me from fucking your ass, huh?" Randall asked, his voice turning menacing. "You're wrong, buddy. Coz I will fuck you and there's nothing you can do to stop me. I'm quite determined to do so. To me, you're just a fresh meat in my hand. Another sexual conquest. Do you have any idea how many straight men that I have fucked in this room, huh? I lose count myself. But you're gonna be my best conquest because I desire you very much. You're the most handsome married man I've ever seen. And your not-so-athletic body is very sexy. I won't get bored fucking your ass." After saying those words, Randall tightened his grip around Cliff's hips. The blunt nails sank in, leaving reddish marks on Cliff's skin. "I'm gonna fuck your ass now. Get ready because I'm gonna bang your ass hard." Randall pulled Cliff's ass closer and slipped the head of his leaking dick into Cliff's ass crack. Next, he thrust his hips forward. Inevitably, Randall's throbbing dick began pushing against Cliff's twitching asshole. "Ah, fuck! It's so tight," Randall croaked.

Almost simultaneously, Cliff howled, "Oh, shit! No! Ah!" His cry was quite loud but it only echoed around the storage room. His voice could not reach the outside world. Nobody knew that Cliff was being raped there, except those two perverted security guards. "Stop it! You're hurting me. No! Please stop," Cliff cried, his eyes welling with tears. Instinctively, he exerted the muscles around the sphincter to stop the anal invasion. "Oh! Fuck! No!" But his vain effort only added to his own misery. "Your dick is too big. It won't fit in. Stop! You'll rip my ass apart!" Gripped by panic, Cliff started to yell as loudly as he could. Utilizing all his strength, he bucked against the cuffs. Meanwhile, he felt a blunt warm object push its way in through his asshole. "No! Ah!" he yelped, his eyes widening with fear.

"Shit! Your ass is too tight for me. Oh!" Randall growled feverishly. "Stop fighting me," he quickly added, sounding quite frustrated. Clearly, it was almost impossible to penetrate Cliff's ass if Cliff didn't stop bucking. "If you stop struggling, it will be less painful," Randall barked, trying to get control of Cliff's legs. After several minutes of physical struggle, to Randall's prediction, Cliff finally surrendered. The young father was too tired to fight, his body hanging limply. Randall smirked, getting turned on by Cliff's muscular contractions. Immediately, he released Cliff's legs, only to grasp Cliff's ass buns. Roughly, he pulled the buns apart, exposing Cliff's twitching ass hole. Against Cliff's wish, Randall positioned his dick at the anal entrance. After releasing the ass cheeks, Randall took hold of the hips again. His dick was left there, safely lodged in the ass crack. "Your ass is so warm. I think I can cum in any second. Fuck! I haven't even fucked your ass yet. That's because you're too sexy. So, can you feel my dick? Doesn't it feel good, huh? Tell me that you want my cock. Let me hear you beg."

"No! I don't want your cock, you pervert! Fuck off!" Cliff yelled, his chest heaving. However, when he looked down, he realized that his cock was still hard. For some strange reasons which he could not understand, he liked being treated like that. 'What's going on here? I get hard! Why? Somehow, I'm horny as I'm hung naked with a man who is about to rape my ass.' Fisting both of his hands, Cliff braced himself for the worst. The blunt object began to push. "Fuck!" Cliff groaned, gritting his teeth. By instinct, Cliff's asshole contracted, blocking the way. But, this time, Randall's dick relentlessly pushed forward. Its slimy head provided the lube needed for the penetration. As the dick pulsated, it drooled out a stream of precum. The slippery fluid soon lubricated the hole. "Ah!" Cliff groaned in despair, his asshole starting to give in. "No! It can't be! I don't want to get fucked by a man! No!" Despite Cliff's loud protest, Randall's dick kept making progress.

His hands encircling Cliff's stomach, Randall forced his dick in. Randall's face was contorting, desperately waiting for the glorious moment when his dick successfully popped in. "Oh! It's so damn tight! Shit!" But he did not give up that easily. Applying more pressure, he jammed his dick in with a series of steady pushes. "Open up for me. Let me in, ah!" Randall groaned. "I want your ass. I want to fuck you. You're mine to fuck!" The constant pressure managed to push some precum through the clenched asshole. As soon as the fluid was spread evenly across the anal ring, Cliff's anal defense decreased. "Let my cock in. I want to fuck your ass. Ah!" Randall groaned. Slowly, Randall's manmeat inched forward. The anal ring was pushed inward, not being able to withstand the assault. "Yes! I can feel it. Your ass has opened up for me. Yes! Take my cock. Let me breed your ass!"

"No!" Cliff cried desperately. He could feel his asshole open but he had no way to fight it. He just hung there by the cuffs, sobbing hysterically. At the same time, waves of anal pain hit him. "Fuck! It hurts! Stop it!" Jerking, he tried to avoid the penetration but he could not do much to protect himself. The pain grew worse as Randall's dick head stretched Cliff's asshole wider. "Shit! You're tearing my asshole. Your dick is too big! Pull it out, please!" Cliff cried, his mouth gaping. There was no exact word which could correctly describe the pain he endured. "It's fucking hurts! Oh! Please, stop! No!" Tears ran down his cheeks, soaking his handsome features. Almost every muscle in his body flexed, bracing for the anal ordeal. "Shit! I'm being fucked by a man! Ah! Fuck!" The initial penetration occurred for a minute but, to Cliff, it felt like hours. "Ah! My ass! You've torn my ass," Cliff sobbed, biting his lower lip. A strange sensation took over Cliff, spreading from his ass. It felt like he was about to defecate. However, no matter how uncomfortable it was, he enjoyed it. As a straight man, certainly he had no idea that what he experienced was normal. His ass, at that time, was simply trying to expel the foreign object. Confused, he could only stand there and let Randall plant the dick in deeper. "Oh, fuck!" Cliff grunted, fighting the uncomfortable sensation in his bowels. And suddenly, the ass lips snapped back. The cock head was in!

"I'm in your ass now," Randall breathed, sweat running down his head. His muscular torso expanded as he took in some air. "We're one now. Oh, I can't believe how tight your ass is. It's the tightest ass ever!" To get a more comfortable position, Randall pulled Cliff's hips closer, forcing Cliff to slightly bend his body over. "Yeah, that's better. Now I can easily pump your ass and dump my loads in it. You'll love it." With a long grunt, Randall began to push the rest of his dick in. "Yeah, baby! Take that! Oh!" Without much difficulty, the whole length was buried. Randall's heavy balls banged themselves against Cliff's inner thighs. "Feel my manliness. Yeah! I love your ass. It feels so hot inside. And it's milking my dick already."

Unfortunately, Cliff could not feel the bliss that Randall felt. The straight man only received nothing but excruciating pain. His ass lips were burning, like they were on fire. "My ass! It hurts. Oh, stop, please. It hurts!" he whimpered, sobbing with abandon. The presence of Randall's dick inside him cramped his bowels. Instinctively, Cliff attempted to clench his ass. "Oh!" he winced, realizing that his anal ring must have been bruised badly. "Fuck!" he groaned again as Randall withdrew his dick. For a quick second, Cliff let out a sigh of relief. But before Cliff could finish taking in one deep breath, Randall's cock invaded again. "No!" Cliff's naked body rocked forward. His sweaty face was contorted excruciatingly. "No! You've broken me. I'm no longer a real man. Fuck you!" Cliff cried, knowing that his pride as a man had been stripped away. Another groan resounded as the dick was withdrawn.

"Take it like a man! Fuck yeah! I love your ass!" Randall grunted incoherently. From the blissful looks of his face, Randall obviously enjoyed fucking Cliff's ass. "Yes! Oh! Your ass feels great! Fucking squeeze my shaft! Flex your asshole. Yes, just like that! Oh, shit!" Letting his head fall back, Randall slammed his dick in. The erect manhood haphazardly hit the wall of Cliff's rectum. Repeatedly, he was poking the ass relentlessly. "Yeah! Oh! Take this! Oh yeah! Fuck! Your ass is tight!" For several minutes, Randall continued to babble. While he was busy moaning out his ecstasy, he took pleasure in listening to Cliff's painful groans. "Groan for me. Let me hear you cry as I rape your straight ass. Oh yeah! I want you to moan."

"Shit! Oh!" Cliff groaned, his head reeling. Never in his life had he felt any pain as excruciating as that. Again and again, Randall's dick was pumped into Cliff's fuck canal. And each time the cock slid in, Cliff felt as though a part of him was crushed. He was no longer a real man, he thought. Weeping, Cliff forced himself to withstand the anal assault. However, the pain grew worse as the tender surface of his anal entrance was chafed. Cliff even thought that his asshole might have bled from the merciless fuck. "My ass! Oh, you hurt my ass! Your dick is too big! You're torturing me!" Not being able to stop moaning, he desperately pulled against the restraints. "Ah! Fuck! Oh! he cried, tears still streaming down his handsome face. But, as time passed, the pain gradually lessened. When Cliff's ass received the first penetration, it was dry because it wasn't lubricated. Yet, flooded by Randall's precum, the ass then turned sloppy. The liquid continued to flow regularly, as if it wouldn't stop. The precum lube eased the friction between Randall's dick and Cliff's ass lips. Thus, in the end, it didn't hurt anymore. Cliff was surprised when the pain miraculously dissipated. "What happened? Why don't I feel the pain anymore? What's going on?" he asked, panting.

"That means you're a faggot now," Randall answered, snickering. Randall's bulging muscles were forced to work hard. Instead of gripping Cliff's waist, Randall moved his hands up to Cliff's perspiring torso. "I know you love my dick. Yeah, it feels good, doesn't it, huh?" After finding Cliff's hanging pecs, Randall quickly grasped them. Each hand cupped one pec. Cliff's erect nipples were held captive under the callused palms. Knowing how sensitive the nipples were, Randal deliberately squeezed the pecs in circular motion. A groan was inevitable. "Yes, I love hearing you groan. It's so sexy. Hearing the groans of sex makes me so horny. I'm gonna fuck you so hard that your ass will gape open. You'll beg me to keep fucking you, you'll see." Holding onto Cliff's chest, Randall continued his anal assault. "Fuck! Oh yes! Fuck! I love fucking your ass. And I love your body! Ah! You're my sweetest conquest."

"I don't' know what happens... Damn! It starts to feel good. Ah!" On one side, he hated the fact that he was being raped by a gay man. Yet, on the other side, he was powerless to deny the pleasure. Cliff had no idea how Randall did it. Each time Randall's cock forced its way in, it hit something deep in Cliff's ass. "Oh! Your cock is hitting my something in me. The sensation is like an orgasm. Oh! Do it again. Fuck me deeper! Please!" What Cliff referred to was his prostate. But, as a straight man, he knew nothing about that. "Yes! Keep fucking that spot. Oh! Fuck my ass!" Hearing himself saying those words, Cliff was dumbfounded. However, he did know that no man could resist lust. "Yes! I love it! Oh! Fuck my ass! Fuck me! Ah!" Willingly, Cliff backed his ass to meet Randall's powerful thrusts. "Yes! Ah! It feels great, ah! I don't believe. I like getting fucked by a gay man. Oh! Yeah!" Cliff no longer gave a damn about his heterosexuality. All he wanted was sexual pleasure and Randall could provide it. "Fuck my straight ass. Fuck it hard. Fuck it deep. Ah! Just fuck me!" he raved, his body hanging from the restraints.

"Yeah, I know that you're a slut from the first time I saw you. Handsome straight men like you always love sex. And they are also the best bottoms. Ah! Milk my cock with your tight ass. Come on. Use your ass muscles. Squeeze my hard dick. Squeeze it hard. Oh yeah, like that! Ah yes!" Choked by Cliff's ass ring, Randall's dick pulsated and spewed out its precum generously. Cliff's rectum was thoroughly coated with precum. Some of the liquid dripped down Cliff's thighs, seeping out from the swollen fuck hole. "Damn! I can't get enough of your ass. It's pleasurably tight. I can fuck it forever. Oh! You make me so horny. Yeah, you're so desirable. I want you." In and out, Randall's thick dick was pistoning the fuck hole. Since he had come earlier, he needed more time to reach another ejaculation.

The force of the thrust really strong, rocking Cliff back and forth. Cliff had nothing to hold onto for support, except letting those handcuffs bit into his wrists. To stabilize Cliff's rocking body, Randall pulled it close to his own. That way, Cliff received a deeper penetration. "Oh, shit! I can't believe I'm saying this. I love your big dick in me! Fuck my ass! Screw me!" Cliff howled deliriously. "Breed my ass. Screw me harder! Ah yes! Fuck me!" he cried, turning into a complete slut. Cliff's dick was still throbbing, its head dripping wet with precum. Despite the unique shape of Cliff's dick head, its head smaller than its shaft, it produced much precum. "Fuck! I'm so horny, ah! Please, stroke my cock. I want to cum. Jack me off, please," he begged, his cock contracting. The purplish veins, running across the shaft, looked as if they were about to burst. "I want to cum. Please, milk my cock," he pleaded again, turning his head around.

"No need for hands," Randall whispered, his chest expanding. "I'm gonna make you cum without even touching your dick. It will be the most awesome experience for you. You'll see." His hips gyrating, Randall maneuvered his dick through the clenching anal canal. Just by driving his dick to different directions, he could pinpoint where Cliff's prostate was. Randall also used Cliff's groans as guidance. If the groans were louder, it meant that Randall hit the right spot. "Oh yeah! You like this spot, don't you? It must be your happy spot then. Yeah, take my big dick. I'm hitting your prostate with my dick head. Oh! I can feel it. Your inner organ feels so soft against my sensitive dick head. I'm gonna squirt my cum and breed you!" Clutching Cliff's pecs, Randall drove his dick in and out rigorously. The fucking rhythm increased in speed, faster than before. Looking up, Randall glanced at a hidden camera which was placed strategically on the ceiling. "Yeah, are you guys watching this? I'm fucking this straight man. And he's fucking loves it. He loves my big cock. I know you guys must be jacking off right now or maybe even are having sex in the control room." He then turned his attention back to Cliff. "Are you there yet? Are you close to cumming, huh? Tell me."

"Not yet. But I can feel that it's coming. Oh! Harder! Please, fuck me harder!" Cliff groaned, throwing himself back to Randall's dick. "Fuck me harder. Shove it all the way in. Yeah! I love getting fucked. I love it! Oh! Your big dick feels so good in my ass. Yeah, fuck me. Use my ass. It's all yours. Fuck, ah!" Cliff raved, not worried about his gay side taking control. A drop of precum stretched down from Cliff's cock slit. Shiny like gossamer, the precum drop swayed as Cliff's body rocked. A second later, it snapped off and dripped onto the floor. "Ah! I keep precumming. I can't stand it. I want to cum. Please, make me cum, ah!" In Cliff's hanging balls, there was indescribable pressure that kept building up. Yet, it was not strong enough to push the cum out. No matter how hard Cliff tried to contract his dick, he could to get himself an orgasm. Nevertheless, precum continued to flow out in copious amount. Some flowed down the shaft. The rest just dripped onto the floor. Stains of precum were found all over the floor, splattered from Cliff's dick. "Jerk me off, please. Make me cum. Ah!" he cried desperately.

"I'll make you cum. Just shut your mouth and enjoy the fuck," Randall said, refusing to manhandle Cliff's dick. Actually, he did it on purpose. He wanted Cliff to feel the joy of cumming without being touched. If Cliff liked it, he might turn gay much faster. While fucking Cliff's ass, Randall continued to pinch and pull at Cliff's pebbled nipples. Droplets of sweat turned into large beads as they rolled down. Randall's entire body glistened as if he just stepped out of a steam room. The short chest hair on the torso was completely drenched. "I'm gonna keep fucking your ass until I unload all my cum. You're mine, yeah!" Rocking back and forth, Randall's naked body pressed hard against Cliff's back. To Cliff, Randall's nipples felt like two tiny pointy objects that kept brushing up and down. Randall's nipples were quite sensitive. By rubbing them to Cliff's sweaty back, Randall attempted to accelerate his own orgasm. "Oh! Fuck! Yeah! Oh! I'm fucking your ass. Feel my manliness over you. "Oh! This ass feels so great." Apparently, it worked! "Fuck! I'm so close now. I'm gonna cum up your ass. Oh!" Randall warned.

"Make me cum first. I want to cum," Cliff groaned desperately. Indeed, he could barely feel any pain radiating from his abused ass. The ass ring went numb. All Cliff felt, at that moment, was pure ecstasy in the form of waves. They came from his stimulated prostate which was located deep inside the ass. "Oh!" he groaned again as Randall's dick hit the spot again. But, at then, the pressure doubled. Cliff knew that he was on the brink of an explosive orgasm. "I can feel it! My cum is rising up from my balls. I'm gonna cum! Oh! Fuck me harder. Make me cum with your cock. Oh please," he begged frustratedly, almost crying. To Cliff's disappointment, the journey to orgasm was agonizingly slow. But he knew that he would reach it in the end. "Oh! Fuck!" Cliff groaned, his body jerking.

"Yeah, shoot it. Shoot your cum out. Let me see it. Come on. I want you to cum," Randall encouraged Cliff, whispering naughty sentences in his ear. Deliberately, Randall continued to finger both of Cliff's nipples. The fingers worked adeptly, slowly rubbing the nipples in circular motion. Randall knew exactly how to get a man sexually excited. "Shoot your cock juice. Cum! I know you want to. Let orgasm take over your sexy body. Yeah, cum!" At the same time, Randall, too, felt the urge of cumming. "Shit! I think I'm gonna cum soon. Oh! I don't think I can hold on for any longer. Fuck! My cum is rushing out. Oh! Fuck yeah!" Randall groaned all of a sudden, wincing. Instead of slowing down, he picked up the pace. Nothing could stop him from fucking Cliff's ass, not even orgasm. "I want to fuck your ass forever. Oh! I'm in love with your ass," Randall groaned, his body shuddering. Inside, Randall's leaking dick furiously hit Cliff's prostate over and over. Precum flooded the already drenched fuck canal. Each poke brought Cliff closer to orgasm. "Yeah, cum for me. Shoot your cock juice. Cum for me!" Randall demanded, his voice turning hoarse. Just as Randall was about to cum, he delivered one hard thrust.

However, it was Cliff who won the orgasm race. "Shit! Yes! I'm cumming! Oh!" Cliff yelled, noticing the unmistakable feeling of orgasm. Looking down at his own throbbing dick, he witnessed the most incredible ejaculation ever. "Fuck! I'm cumming without touching myself. Oh!" he roared, his body convulsing. A large volley of thick gooey white cum shot out from his gaping piss slit. Simultaneously, Cliff's body was seized by the most powerful force of orgasm. It was the best one, unlike anything he ever had. Another cum gob soon followed. However, the second cum shot was rather weak. The rest of the shots just dribbled down like water dripping from a faucet. Cliff could not stop groaning, voicing his ecstasy. The orgasm was too overwhelming, leaving him breathless. "Fuck! It feels so good. I'm cumming! Oh, my cock cums! Yes! Oh!" His body growing tense, every muscle within it contracted. Cliff's cock continued to spew its loads as cum puddles formed on the floor. The orgasm only lasted for several seconds, but it felt like forever. "Fuck! I never thought a man could make me cum like that," Cliff whimpered weakly at the end of his ejaculation. Jerking one last time, Cliff's dick finally stopped spurting. Nevertheless, Cliff still had to withstand the anal assault because Randall had not ejaculated yet.

Seconds later, it was Randall's turn to blow his loads. "Here I cum, you fucker! Oh! You've milked my dick with your ass. I'm cumming!" Randall grunted, bucking his body like a mad horse. Powerfully, he slammed his thick meat into Cliff's willing asshole. "Take it! Take my cock! I'm cumming for you! Ah! It's coming!" he yelled, throwing his head back. And it happened! "Oh! Shit!" he cried, his handsome face contorting. A big load jetted out and splattered the innards of Cliff's rectum. Another one followed. It was then followed by another cum load. Repeatedly, Randall's dick was shooting out its content. "Shit! I'm breeding you! You're mine! You have my cum in your body! Take it, oh! Fuck!" Dirty sentences flowed out from his quivering mouth. However, there were no words that could exactly describe the ecstasy Randall felt. Both of his legs began to buckle, wrecked by the awesome force of orgasm. Working his hips, Randall planted his cock in for one last time before ending the fuck session. "Ah!" he sighed, embracing Cliff's sweaty body lovingly. "Oh, you're amazing. I love fucking your ass," he added, hugging Cliff's body more tightly.

"You're amazing, too," Cliff responded, sighing with great relief. "I never thought that having sex with a man could bring so much pleasure. I think I'm addicted to it now." Hanging from the handcuffs, Cliff let his legs rest. His body was hanging from the ceiling. Cliff squirmed when he felt Randall's dick turn flaccid. As it shriveled, it slipped away and unplugged Cliff's puffy asshole. At the same time as the manhood left the hole, a stream of cum flow out from Cliff's abused ass. "Oh! I can feel your cum flow out. Man, it feels so sexy," Cliff said weakly, yet still excited. "It felt so good. I want more," Cliff said. "I love the way your cock filled my ass. And when you fucked me, you brought me ecstasy." Closing his eyes, Cliff tried to replay the earlier intimate moment in his mind.

"Don't worry. I would love to fuck your ass anytime you want. You can come back tomorrow. I'll still be here," Randall said, groping Cliff's perspiring torso from behind. "Now, tell me, what do you want from Santa this year? What present do you want to get? Tell Santa. Santa may give it to you," Randall said, circling one of Cliff's nipples with his index finger.

"I want to get fucked. More..." Cliff said, looking up at the ceiling. "I need more cocks. I need more men. I want to be used, to get fucked. I want to serve men's lust. Oh, I want to get fucked again," he added. "Will you fuck me again? Now, please?" To emphasize his wish, Cliff lasciviously shook his buttocks. "My ass needs to get fucked. Fuck me now, please. Again. More fuck," he slurred, almost sounding like a drunkard.

"Santa will certainly make your wish come true," Randall said, whispering close to Cliff's ear. Looking up at the hidden camera, Randall called out to those horny security guards. "Hey, guys. You've heard what this straight man wants, right? He wants to get fucked. So get your asses down here. And let's party." There was no need to repeat the invitation. Randall knew that those horny guards would immediately run down to the storage room as fast as they could. Minutes later, the door opened. "Hey, guys. There you are. Come on in." The naked Santa waved at Andy and Rick, not making any attempt to hide his nakedness.

Grinning, Andy and Rick stood there stark naked, not even wearing any shoes or socks. Their cocks were rock-hard, glistening with dripping precum. From the looks of them, it was quite obvious that they just had sex in the control room. Sweat beads covered their naked athletic bodies. The smell of sex was so strong, coming from them. There were also some cum stains all over their bodies. However, those security guards' lust was insatiable. And they were ready to have more sexual fun with Cliff and Randall. Looking at Cliff's nude body, Andy could not help commenting, "What a sexy man you have there, Randall. Rick and I sure don't want to miss the party." And with that, both men stepped in and the door closed behind them. "Let's fuck," Andy added.


Hours later, Cliff walked to his car, hobbling. He had no idea what the time was but he knew it must have been quite late. Cliff's hair was still damp from the overflowing sweat. Each step that he took caused his ass cheeks to squeeze each other, thus releasing waves of pain. That night, Cliff's ass had taken up three different cocks. To him, all of them were quite big, considering that it was his first gay sexual experience. The rigorous fucking had temporarily caused Cliff's ass to lose its ability to clench. Although his trousers were thick, they could not conceal the seeping cum from his ass. Cum had also dampened the front of the trousers. After unlocking the car door, Cliff stepped in and carefully sat on the driver seat. He winced as his ass was pressed down by his weight. Timmy was half asleep next to him.

When the boy saw his dad return, he woke up and excitedly inquired about Santa. Cliff answered, "Santa has given Dad a very special gift, son. It's the gift of manhood." When his son asked what it meant, Cliff deliberately ignored him. "Be patient, Timmy. One day, Santa is going to give that gift to you, too, when you're old enough. You'll love it." Noticing that Timmy was too sleepy to continue his questions, Cliff added, "Go to sleep, Timmy. Daddy is gonna drive us home. Merry Christmas, my son." After kissing his son's forehead, Cliff started the engine and drove away.


1. This story is a spin off of a previously published story, Anal Obsession. Both stories have no direct connection, either sequel or prequel. The only thing that connects them is the security guard, Andy Hayward. You last saw him when he was about to fuck the delirious Rick Bruce. It means that both stories happen in the same shopping mall.
2. Bad Santa will continue his sexual adventure when Tim reaches 18 years old. Cliff will help Randall deflower his own son! Stay tuned for the sequel!

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