Warning: This story is for 18 year olds or older and contains descriptions of sexual contact between males, both adults and teenagers. If it is illegal for you to read, or you find the subject objectionable, read no further please do not stay and read this entry. This is a cautionary tale for young people about a boy who might have fallen into a life of exploitation except for a dedicated teacher and an involved police officer who took him firmly in hand. All characters are imaginary. eliotmoore@hotmail.com.




The problem started when Conrad moved in. Sam's mom met Conrad's dad on the internet. After an appropriate period of cyber sex and two serious chats largely characterized by honesty, they decided to try out each others fleshware. They all moved in and Sam's life changed for the worst. Conrad was fifteen and Sam was fourteen. Their parents didn't stay home much and they didn't seem to care if the boys drank their beer or smoked a little dope in the basement; as long as someone was watching little Mike.

Sam realized Conrad set him up about two blow jobs too late. Conrad got him drunk and convinced him to tease Mickey. Sam chased the boy around the house tackling and tickling him till he had to wiz. Sam finally grabbed Mickey and carried him to the bathroom for his shower. Conrad and Mike laughed like it was very funny. Mike giggled when Sam stripped his clothes off and told Mike to get in the old tub for his bath. The kid wouldn't do it unless Sam or Conrad got in with him. The boys laughed and Sam stripped and picked the boy up and stepped into the water. Mike washed himself while Sam stood over him and watched. At the time Sam had not thought about Conrad with the video camera. Mike turned around in the tub and told Sam to look at his boner. The little ten-year old had a soapy woody. Sam was telling him not to be silly when the kid grabbed his legs and kissed Sam's cock. Sam pushed the kid away and told him not to be gross. Sam thought that was the end of things; but it was just the beginning of a nightmare that seemed to have no end.

Conrad showed him the pictures a few days later. Sam had to admit the video was damaging. Put together in a series it looked like he was getting a blow job from the little kid. Conrad told him he wanted to take a few more pictures and Sam told him to fuck off. Conrad told him a few pictures might find their way to school. Sam made his next mistake. He agreed to take the next set of pictures.

Conrad kept the first series of pictures simple. He just asked Sam to take his clothes off while he took pictures. He liked shots of Sam's ass and crotch. The next time they took pictures of him jacking off on the bed. When he came they took close-ups of the jizm dripping down his fingers. The next set of pictures was taken in the bathtub.

Conrad wanted Sam to blow him and when Sam told him to go to hell Conrad posted his monkey spanking series on alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.teen.male. It stayed up long enough to get Conrad's message across. Sam gave in and played the skin flute. The boys shared a room so after that Sam was pretty much Conrad's bitch.

Conrad wanted to add man-sex to his picture collection. The only problem was finding an older partner for his boy-toy. Conrad couldn't run the risk of doing the pictures himself. While he was puzzling through the problem Sam stumbled over a problem of his own. Mr. Mann found Sam's monkey spanking series and added it to his private collection. Rick Mann was instantly attracted to the boy's slim features; particularly his inviting ass and the boy juice dribbling out of his sweet little woody. Rick began to take more notice of Sam in class. Sam responded in a friendly way toward the handsome twenty-three year old. He was a gentle teacher and a good coach. Rick jumped on him one Friday when Sam was fooling around in class and laid a detention on the youngster. Sam was surprised to get it, but didn’t mind being held back for an hour. He liked the young teacher and he was always looking for excuses to avoid going home with Conrad. It was like the only life Conrad had was thinking up things to do with Sam and Mike.

Sam showed up after school and Mr. Mann set him to work writing out the rules for backgammon. He left him at it for half an hour and puttered around the classroom and hallways. He returned when the last dedicated teacher had taken off for the weekend. Rick locked and closed his door before calling Sam back into the work room at the back of the classroom. Sam got up on a chair and started moving some boxes around the top of the shelves. He liked helping the teacher. Mr. Mann closed the work room door and told Sam he had seen his pictures on the web. Sam didn’t know how to answer that; particularly when Mr. Mann showed him one of the better pictures. He had not thought his cock and balls were that big till he saw them printed in life size. Sam was just standing on the chair feeling stupid when Mr. Mann unfastened his pants and pulled his dick free. Mr. Mann told him the picture would be their secret if Sam put out a little every now and then. Sam was still deciding what he should do when the young teacher started vacuuming juice out of his rod. When Sam had given it up to the teacher Mr. Mann told him to blow his cock. Sam did his best and choked on the man’s load. Sam went home with a new problem. Mr. Mann was good for a detention once or twice a week. After a while the detentions became tutoring sessions and before long Mr. Mann was playing hide the salami with Sam’s ass.

Conrad was still toying with possible partners when Sam started cutting grass for Mr. Mann on Saturday mornings. Sam actually did cut the grass. Rick liked to see him out there pushing the mower up and down the lawn with his shirt off. After Sam finished the yard work he did some sheet work for Mr. Mann in the house. The weeks past and Sam got used to getting nailed by Mr. Mann. His teacher made sure his student learned to enjoy himself a little. They usually had a good work out together and Mr. Mann made sure Sam was squeezed dry when they quit for the day. By the time summer vacation started Mr. Mann had the cleanest yard in the neighborhood and Sam’s ass had more miles on it than a fourteen-year old Greyhound bus.

Rick Mann was starting to like the boy for more than his baby-fresh buns, sweet lips and thrusting one-eyed monk. While he was chewing on Sam’s balls he paused to ask the writhing teenager why he had posted pictures of himself cleaning his pipes. Sam propped himself up and told his teacher that his twisted step brother Conrad had done it to him. Rick grabbed his throbbing rod and started licking it like it was a Popsicle. He asked Sam to explain what he meant. Sam told the story pausing only to gasp while he shot his juice into Mr. Mann’s eager mouth. Ignoring the fact that he was exploiting Sam like the International Monetary Fund screws over a third world country Rick suggested Sam should get out from under Conrad’s thumb. Rick drove his cock into the boy and told him Conrad shouldn’t be allowed to just fuck him over. The young man thought about the problem while he held the boy’s legs up and rocked him back and forth. He pulled out and let Sam’s legs drop back down. Rick grabbed Sam’s hips. He finally suggested Sam get some shots of his own. He flipped Sam over and asked him if Conrad did his little brother. Sam waited until Mr. Mann had slipped his meat back in and told his teacher they were a regular item around the house. If Conrad wasn’t pushing his rod into Sam he was diddling his little brother. Mr. Mann pulled out again and picked up a thin digital camera next to his bed. He handed it to Sam and slid back into his wet ass. Sam looked the camera over while his teacher rotated his cock and finally lubricated Sam’s colon with thick cream. The boy thought it was worth a try. While Rick went off to clean himself, Sam stretched like a cat and fell asleep on his teacher’s bed.

Conrad was anything but unpredictable that night. He had given up on finding Sam another partner. The risk of involving someone new was too great in his mind. He took a new series of pictures where Sam rubbed his dick up and down Mike’s crack until he’d made a little puddle on the boy’s back. Then he gave Sam the chance to produce his own video. Sam had to guess at his camera angles because he couldn’t let Conrad see the digital. After the two boys went to sleep Sam slipped into the bathroom to check his work. He managed two video clips of Conrad grunting while he jiggled his fat ass over Mike. Conrad assisted production by shooting his mouth off while he spread jam between his brother’s toasty muffins.

Conrad woke up with a hard on and a solution to his problem the next morning. While Sam had breakfast on his dick he explained it was time to take the Sam Experience on the road. Conrad figured there must be some Johns interested in fourteen-year old ass. Sam swallowed his milk and wiped his chin before pointing out he was almost fifteen. Conrad wasn’t worried; he went off to think about it while he played on the computer. Sam slipped off to see if the grass had grown over night.

Mr. Mann sat Sam down on his cock while they both took a look at the two videos. While he petted Sam’s dog he suggested Sam might want to try for a few more images before he sprang it on his pedophile step brother. The twenty-three year old exploded about the same time the fourteen-year old popped his spunk all over the keyboard. Later, while Rick pushed a soapy finger into Sam’s tight hole in the shower he explained it took ammunition to go to war. Sam told his teacher about Conrad’s morning insight. Rick thought that offered a better opportunity than a camera hiding under the pillow. Rick knew a few people who could help out when the time came.

Conrad planned to take Sam down to an unattractive part of town with too many young people leaning against lamp posts. He figured all they had to do was stand on a street corner while the cars came by. He was pretty sure the John’s would let him take pictures if they didn’t charge anything. Sam didn’t see why a middle aged guy would want to have his picture taken with an almost fifteen-year old boy, free sex or not. Besides, Sam so didn’t want to be reamed out by some old guy. In the evening while Conrad fussed with his camera Sam called Mr. Mann and begged for help. This teacher told him not to worry.

Half an hour later the boys were standing on a street corner watching the cars creep by. Conrad sat on some steps fidgeting while Sam leaned against a telephone post looking sexy. Sam felt very self conscious out on the curb. He wondered if Mr. Mann could come through for him. Conrad wanted to do the talking but he was realistic about it. Johns were not going to stop and talk to a chubby sixteen year old. They would cruise right by him before he had a chance to explain he was just pimping for the slender fourteen-year old.

Sam was looking for a black Honda. Everyone else who stopped to talk for him got sent on their way. After he turned someone down he would turn helplessly back to Conrad and shrug his shoulders. The boy was intimated by the number of suits who wanted to start a fire between his skinny butt cheeks. Sam could see that Conrad was getting concerned. He was worried he would have to say yes to one of the erections he saw saluting him. Finally the Honda cruised up to the curb and Sam leaned into the car cautiously. He didn’t know the older man but he was reassured when the man told him Mr. Mann had sent him. Sam waved Conrad over and he let the excited boy try to swing his deal. He jumped a little when Conrad turned to him and explained the John only wanted the older boy. Conrad looked at Sam like they were sharing the decision. Conrad looked pleased the man wanted his ass and promised he would be back for the younger boy. Sam shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t care if he never got in the car.

Sam didn’t know what to do while Conrad was gone. He was not interested in the cars that kept cruising past and he was starting to feel like a new toy in a display window. He didn’t want to be taken home and broken. He was relieved when Mr. Mann pulled up and hurried him into his car. Sam asked about Conrad and his teacher told him he wasn’t free for a long time. Rick drove out of the neighborhood checking for the police and scolding Sam for hanging out on down town street corners. All that would come of it was being exploited by some pimp and having his body turned into a playground by some older man. The youth tried not to think about the men in the cars who had wanted to paw his body while Mr. Mann wiped Sam's sticky cum off his hand. He promised he would be careful as he zipped up his pants. Sam knew it had been a close call. They went back to Mr. Mann’s house so Sam could learn first hand what his teacher had been talking about.

Mickey was surprised when the tired Sam came home by himself. Sam eased his body into a hot bath and told the eleven-year old to leave him alone. The longer Conrad stayed away the better things were. As he let the hot water sooth his tender ass he hoped the evil sixteen-year old was getting a brutal work-out. Mike kept coming in to see what he was doing. He finally just sat on the vanity and watched Sam. Mickey was a mini-Conrad without the zits or weight problem.

Sam wanted to be left in peace so he told Mickey to play a game or chat with a friend. Mickey told Sam that he was the only friend he had. Sam thought that was a sad thought. He told Mickey to get out of the bathroom and to get a life. Mickey left him in peace. Sam enjoyed a Conrad/Mike free soak until the water got cold. When he was cold he got out and headed for his room. He heard Mickey crying in the other bedroom so he stopped in to see what was bothering the kid. Sam had hurt his feelings. He thought Sam was mean. Conrad wouldn't let him play with the other boys his age. He always had to stay home in case Conrad wanted to play. Sam sat next to him and put an arm around Mickey’s shoulder. He slapped Mickey’s hand when he tried to touch his dick. Sam told Mickey friends didn't feel each other up. Then he had to tell him friends didn't play with their own dicks either. Then he had to tell him friends didn't play with the hair on each others legs. Mickey stopped trying to touch Sam or himself. Ever since he was six he had done what Conrad asked. He didn't know what else to do.

They ended up watching T.V. together and Sam had to make Mickey sit across the room. Conrad still wasn't home when the boys went to sleep. It was summer vacation but Mickey got bored and Mr. Mann had tired Sam out.

Sam woke up to find Mike snuggled up to him in bed. Conrad was passed out on his bed and the familiar stench of male passion filled the air. Sam had to stop Mickey from touching him again and that woke Conrad up. Mickey hid behind Sam's back while the fourteen-year old listened to the excitement of Conrad's evening. No piece of two-ply could have been prouder than Conrad was to be used as ass wipe. The man had taken him to a motel where two other men took turns stretching his colon while the driver took some pictures. All three pissed in his mouth while he stroked his own meat. When he wasn't so tired he'd try that out on Sam. He gave the driver a blow job before he dropped him a couple of blocks away from where he had left Sam. Conrad had been pissed off when he couldn't find Sam. People kept stopping him so he took a few more trips before walking home. The sixteen-year old rolled onto his feet and reached into his pocket. He pulled a dirty roll of twenties out and flashed it in Sam's face; two hundred and sixty bucks. It would have been more if he had thought to ask the first three men for money. It sure beat what Sam got for cutting lawns. Sam wondered if Conrad had remembered to use rubbers.

Conrad planned to go out again that night and he figured Sam would be good for a hundred. Conrad generously told him he could keep some of the money himself. The older boy forgot his morning blow job and went off to the shower. He paused in the door to proudly announce his buns were stuck together with white glue. Goodbye protection, hello STD's.

While Conrad sluiced the accumulated jizm of seven or eight middle aged Johns off his body Sam made a quiet call to Mr. Mann. He wasn't keen on adding disease-ridden hustler to his high school resume. Mr. Mann promised an afternoon matinee at his house. Sam went back to bed. He wasn't all that tired but he knew he might be the hot buttered popcorn in Mr. Mann's lap in the afternoon. Mike was still in his bed. Sam guessed he was hiding out. For someone who had spent half of his life as Conrad's personal bar of soap the boy was showing some independence. Sam managed to drift back to sleep. When they got up at lunch time Conrad was sleeping on the couch.

Sam found Mr. Mann had a visitor when he stepped in to see the feature presentation. Mr. Hillier was the driver of the black Honda. Conrad would not have recognized him because the bald twenty-two year old police officer had been wearing a grey wig and moustache. Jack Hillier and Rick Mann settled Sam between them and shared the movie with some beer.

Between them, the teacher and the policeman had produced an instructional video complete with a cheesy sound track and boring voice over that droned on and on. They called their video Heart of Darkness. Watching it Sam had to admit it was engaging. Conrad was definitely the star. From the first restaged shot of him getting into the car to the final footage of him standing under a street lamp waiting for his next trick his chubby step brother played it up for the camera. Sam thought Conrad and Mike's dad would particularly like the part where his son does a line of coke and then tries to lap dance. The men had worked in Sam's clips of Conrad and Mike. Sam was sorry the clips were not better. He thought they ruined the quality of the film.

After the film the men felt like a Samwich. Being adults they felt they had to drive the message home for the young adolescent. Sam had to endure a double barreled lecture on the dangers of multiple partners and unprotected sex. All Sam could do with Rick's cock filling his throat was make noises so the men knew he was listening. Mr. Heller didn't have Mr. Mann's experience with teaching teenagers. Rick wasn't sure Sam was paying attention to the young officer. He thought it was more likely Sam was distracted by the testicle Rick was nibbling on. It was hard to think of important life lessons when it feels like someone is biting off your ball.

Mr. Mann waited for Sam to suck the cream off his dick before he spit Sam's ball out and started to give him a pop quiz. Lying on the bottom he had a close view of Jack's angry cock sliding in and out of Sam's slick ass. Sam was a good student. He remembered what the two concerned men had to say about sex with people you didn't know and the importance of respecting yourself. Rick hoped Jack’s point would sink into the impressionable youth. The men were tired after their movie making so they simply took turns on Sam's cock. They kept him up a long time before they learned the fourteen-year old could hit own nipple with the first shot. They sent Sam home with three copies of Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" and a very sore cock. Sam thought officer Hillier was okay. He had even told Sam not to be shy if he saw him on patrol; they could have a snack together. Sam was a good kid and he didn’t like to get into trouble, but fifteen-year old boys didn’t need a reputation with their friends as teacher’s pets or police narks. You had to keep some distance from adults.

When Sam got down to the basement he found Conrad exploring the capacity of Mickey's eleven-year old butt. Sam hoped the cucumber didn't find its way into tonight's tossed salad or Sam would be tossing something of his own. Mr. Mann was right; it was time to shut Conrad's gay little party down.

Sam slipped one copy of Heart of Darkness into page 99 of Alice in Wonderland and put another in the DVD. Then he went to the bathroom for a hot wash cloth and some medicated cream. He poked his head into the bedroom and told the brothers he had a new DVD to show them. The vegetable popped out of Mickey and Mickey popped off of Conrad. While they waited for Conrad to dispose of the salad Sam mopped up the blood and put cream on Mickey's pucker. Conrad watched three minutes of the movie before he pulled the disk out and broke it. Mickey protested and told Conrad he wanted to see more of it. Sam handed him the second disk and Mickey tried to put it in the player but Conrad took it away and broke it too. Conrad tried to intimidate Sam into giving him all the copies but he knew from experience that he could never be sure. Sam told his step brother that if his naked prick even touched him or Mike there would be a major video release. Conrad threatened to publish the extensive Sam collection. Sam's opinion was that his wanking off would come as no surprise to most people. Sam advised Conrad to walk away from it. The horny blackmailer had his new hobby to keep him busy. Conrad needed to think about it so he left the pair sitting on the couch.

Conrad had a fit when he came back and found Sam had kicked him out of his room and moved Mickey in. Sam thought he had been considerate. Mickey had helped him put all the stuff away and decorated Conrad’s walls with his favorite posters. They had found one of Conrad's stashes including a copy of Sam and Mike. They edited it just to be on the safe side. Eventually the angry teenager retreated to his new room to sulk. Mike was very happy but Sam had to run through the rules. No more sex. Mickey was okay with that, but he thought he owed Sam something for getting Conrad's dick out of his ass. Sam suggested he could remember to stay out of the room when he brought a girl friend over. Mickey wanted to know where the girl friend was and Sam told him he needed a little time to work that out.

That night Conrad went to work and Sam showed Mickey the complete video. Mike appreciated the part where Conrad’s mouth got washed out. Sam broke his no sex rule and let Mickey celebrate his new life on the tip of his cock at the end of the movie. He broke it again a year later when Mickey's gun started to fire live ammunition. He figured he owed the kid one shot.

By then Sam had his girl friend and the first year with Conrad and Mike was just a painful memory. Mike came out of his shell and Conrad went into a strange one. Sam hung out at his girl friend's place most of the time so Mike and his friends had the run of the basement. Mike was doing okay considering his friends were creeped out by Conrad and his new friends. They swarmed Sam whenever he came home and left when one of Conrad's friends swished over to pitch his tent at one of Conrad’s camp outs.

When he found Mickey sucking face with a girl after school he realized they really had beat Conrad's game. They sat together like brothers do watching reruns on TV while the thirteen-year old tried to pick up tips on girls from the sixteen-year old. Conrad sat to join them before he went to work. He teased Mike about his girl friend and offered him some tips he probably would not find very helpful with a young girl. The younger boys were used to their brother's many piercings and the tattoos he had started wasting his money on. Conrad was too thin now and Sam worried about the smudge of powder on his nostril and the tremor in his hands as he lit a cigarette. Sam guessed the nights were not as fun now that Conrad had a pimp.

Sam confessed he felt guilty about it one day when he was doing the lawn for Mr. Mann. He asked his former teacher if it was their fault Conrad had turned into a mincing fairy selling his faded youth, and the last of his self respect on the street. Rick considered the question seriously as he rolled his tongue around the ball clasped securely in his teeth and probed the slick cleft between Sam's cheeks as the sixteen-year old jerked convulsively against the nylon cords. He released the saliva-covered sack and rested himself on Sam's still slim body. It was a fair question. He told Sam he shouldn't feel responsible. Perhaps they had given Conrad an extra push in the wrong direction. Sure his friends had not been able to resist picking the then chunky trick up a few more times and recommending him to bikers as a soft ride; but it had been Conrad's idea to work the streets in the first place and it was Conrad's decision to drop out of school and stay on the streets. Rick ran a finger through a puddle of jizm on Sam's taught belly while he continued. Sometimes your hands are tied by the poor choices you have made. Some people just couldn't see they were being used. Sam needed to remember that part of growing up meant knowing when to walk away from the people who just wanted to manipulate you. Sam nodded his head and thought he understood where Mr. Mann was heading. Rick had nothing important planned for the day so he decided to nibble on Sam’s scrotum some more. Sam quivered as he felt the mouth envelope his other ball. Mr. Mann was right, it was up to Conrad. He had made his bed and now he had to lie in it. Till he learned how to cut himself loose from his bad companions he would just have to take what came around. Rick had him straining against the ropes again when Jack eased his cock back into Sam's open mouth for a second time. Mr. Hillier agreed with Mr. Mann. It was a matter of accepting responsibility for your own decisions and not complaining about the inevitable consequences. He added a sober prediction of his own for the boy to chew over along with the policeman's throbbing member. If you kept walking into trouble you would eventually get nailed by the law. As Sam began jerking out a fresh load of jizm onto his sweaty body he decided the two men were probably right.