Breaking Lance


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Chapter 8 - Lance meets the paper boy.

Lance woke up feeling warmth agains his back, opening his eyes he saw Vince's arm wrapped around him. He hugged it tight and let out a contented groan, so this is what it feels like to wake up with someone next to you.

Vince was already awake but didn't want to disturb his sleeping beauty, it felt so wonderful spooning against him, feeling his warm body next to his.

Lance sensed that Vince was awake and rolled on his back, "Good morning beautiful," Vince said.

"Hey handsome," Lance replied smiling.

Vince stroked the boy's naked body, "How you feeling?"

"Wonderful," Lance replied burying his head into Vince's neck. He wrapped his arms around him and hugged him tight.

"Woah, what did I do to deserve that?" Vince asked.

"I want to thank you."

"What for?"

"For opening my eyes," he looked Vince deep into this eyes, "I had no idea I was gay but now it feels so right."

"Glad I could be of help."

Vince got up and before Lance could do anything pulled the boy off the bed and hauled him over his shoulder.

"Argh! What are you doing?" Lance cried.

"It's time for a shower young man," Vince said as he carried him to the bathroom.

"I could have walked you know," Lance added relaxing on Vince's shoulder.

"Yeah but this is more fun."

Once in the shower they pretty much did what they had done the previous day, piss play and an enema except Vince hooked Lance's arms to the ceiling to wash him. Lance loved the feeling of helplessness as Vince soaped his body all over.

After they dried off they returned to the bedroom and as Vince opened the curtains he saw a young man walking towards his house.

"The paper boy is here, I forgot he comes this morning for his collection," Vince said.

Lance looked out of the window, "Wow, he's cute," he said without thinking then realising that he was now looking at guys sexually.

"Yeah, isn't he?"

"Have you been with him?" Lance asked.

"No, he only turned eighteen last week, I won't go with anyone younger, I'm pretty certain he's gay though."

"Do you think he'd like to play?" Lance asked his cock growing.

Vince looked at Lance with surprise followed by a huge grin. "You little tart you, I like your thinking."

He tied Lance's arms behind his back, "Come down stairs in five minutes and kneel by my feet, don't talk to him or me, you know, speak when spoken to."

"Yes sir," Lance replied obediently.

"Oh wait, I know," Vince went to a drawer and pulled out a ball gag. Lance looked alarmed as Vince put it in his mouth.

"What's this for?" is what he tried to say but instead it came out as "Wmmff difff ffrrrr?"

"I want it to look good," Vince said.

Just then the door bell rang so Vince put on his dressing gown and headed downstairs.

"Hello Bobby, come in," Vince said as he opened the door.

"Hello Mr Tranter," Bobby replied, his voice still sounding very adolescent.

Bobby was slim, fairly tall and sported a nice head of red hair. His face was very cute and dotted with freckles across his nose and had big blue eyes that showed his naivety. Bobby was one of the trendy kids with his jeans riding low, showing his underwear and the shape of his cute ass. For his top he was wearing a zip up sweatshirt with a hood.

"Now Bobby, I've told you call me Vince."

"Sorry yes Mr.. I mean Vince."

"Take a seat, I'll just get you a drink, Diet coke was it?" Vince asked.

"Yes please," Bobby felt a little uncomfortable calling Vince by his first name but the man was very friendly and he liked his company.

Vince returned with a glass of diet coke and handed it to him.

The boy sat in an armchair next to the fireplace and Vince sat on the sofa that was opposite the fireplace but adjacent to the chair.

"So how have you been? Turned eighteen last week I hear," Vince asked. Bobby nodded. "Did you have a party?"

"Not really, just a drink with some of my family," he replied.

"You know it must take you ages collecting the paper money if you stop at everyones house for a drink," Vince said in jest.

"Oh no, yours is the last on my round, I only ever stop at yours for a drink," Bobby replied sipping his coke.

"Why is that Bobby? Why do you like stopping at mine?" Vince asked.

Bobby suddenly looked nervous as though he'd been caught out, "Er.. Um ..well.."

Vince laughed, "It's ok Bobby, I like having you here, it's nice to have someone to chat to," he said letting him off, Bobby laughed nervously.

The truth was that Bobby had heard rumours about Vince, about him liking boys and had often been seen with them entering his house. In the few months Bobby had been visiting Vince he'd never seen any evidence of this and he doubted the rumours were true. Even so he'd taken quite a liking to Vince and he still hoped that maybe something would happen. Bobby was painfully shy though and for all the will in the world he just hadn't got the courage to make any move.

Just then Lance walked in the room, his cock fully erect and swinging as he walked, Bobby almost dropped the glass, his mouth did though, wide open. Lance knelt down next to Vince but made sure his cock was clearly visible, his heart was pounding, it was so daring. Bobby's heart was racing too, like a steam train at full speed, a naked boy had just knelt down next to Vince with his hands tied behind his back, a gag in his mouth and an erection that was pointing to the sky. It seemed the rumours were true after all. Bobby's head was spinning, he didn't know what to make of it, was this Vince's boyfriend? Is the fact he's naked means that something might happen? Why was he tied up? Why did he have a gag in his mouth?

"Oh this is Lance," Vince said, "he's staying with me for the weekend, say hello to Bobby Lance."

"Hmmmmmm Bmmmmbmmm."

"H-h-h-h-hello," Bobby stuttered, not knowing where to look, he was sweating now and a sizeable bulge had risen in his trousers. Vince smiled now knowing that Bobby was turned on at seeing Lance like this. Bobby tried to hide it by covering it with the glass in his hands.

"You're probably wondering why he's tied up," Vince said. Bobby nodded. "Well he lost a bet with me and he has to be my slave for the weekend."

"S-s-s-slave?" Bobby almost dropped the glass again. It's at this point Bobby thought he should probably leave but his cock was so hard it would have been obvious, he felt trapped there, plus he really didn't want to leave.

"Yes in fact I was about to punish him, he didn't make the beds properly this morning," Vince said.

Lance looked at Vince with alarm, Aw crap! He hadn't counted on Vince dishing out punishment, what's this about making the beds? He thought, He was obviously making up punishments for Bobby's sake.

"You don't mind if I give him a spanking do you?" Vince asked, "I'm sure you've seen it all before."

Bobby gripped the glass tightly, his knuckles turning white, in fact Bobby had never seen it before, this was really bizarre what was happening in front of him but his cock stiffened even more at the thought of seeing Lance get spanked. Vince lifted Lance up and facing him away from Bobby got him to lie across his lap. Then he adjusted his legs so one was up on the couch while the other was on the floor making his legs wide enough for Bobby to see his hole and cock pointing down and back against Vince's knee.

Bobby swallowed hard.


"Mmmmph!" Lance shouted.

"Does your daddy spank you when you're bad Bobby?" Vince asked.

"Er n-n-n-no, I d-d-d-don't have a d-d-d-daddy," he stuttered.



"So what happens when you do bad?" Vince asked.

"Er I j-j-just get t-t-told off."



"What's the worst thing that you did Bobby?"

"I s-s-stole fifty quid from me m-m-mom once."



"Oh Bobby that was really naughty, and you didn't get a spanking for it?"

Bobby shook his head.



"Don't you think you should get a spanking for it?"

Bobby swallowed hard again, "Er I g-g-guess so," he said.

Vince stopped spanking and Lance resumed his position at Vince's side.

"Come here Bobby, I think you need to be spanked for stealing that money, something that bad needs to be punished," Vince said in a strong calm voice.

Bobby started shaking, he went to put the glass on the table but his hand was shaking so bad he had trouble putting it down. Vince grabbed his hand and helped him, then keeping hold of him pulled the boy over to him. Even though Bobby was shaking Vince could see that he wanted, it was in his eyes. To Calm him down Vince stroked his hair with one hand and stroked his ass through his exposed undies with the other. In this position Bobby was staring directly at Lance's hard dripping cock. When Bobby had calmed down enough Vince brought his hand down with an audible slap, Bobby grunted.

Bobby couldn't believe this was happening, one of his wildest fantasies was coming true. When he was fourteen he had been messing around with his uncles laptop and carelessly dropped it, his uncle was furious and gave Bobby the strap. Bobby had found it had turned him on big time and immediately after wanked off in the bathroom.

"You've been a bad boy haven't you Bobby?" Vince asked.

"Yes Sir," Bobby replied his voice cracking with nervousness and excitement.



"These trousers are in the way, stand up Bobby," Vince commanded.

Bobby stood and Vince unfastened the belt buckle, the trousers quickly pooled around his ankles, the bulge in his underwear very prominent. Lance looked in astonishment, it was huge, is everyone bigger than me? He wondered. Vince leant over and removed Bobby's shoes then helped him out of his trousers.

"Take off your top," he ordered.

Bobby complied willingly unzipping his hoodie and revealing a slim smooth and somewhat sunken chest.

Vince pulled Bobby back onto his lap.


"Oooooh!" Bobby cried, it sounded more like a groan of pleasure than pain.

"Are you going to steal from your mother again?" Vince asked.

"No Sir, sorry Sir," Bobby replied.

Lance was amazed at this boy, he was a natural sub, he was calling Vince Sir without even being told to.



"I don't think you can feel it properly through these undies," Vince said.

He grabbed the waistband and slowly lowered them down, Bobby's hard cock was stopping them from going any lower but his buttocks were fully exposed.



"That's better," Vince said.

He caresses Bobby's round orbs for as while causing him to whimper with pleasure.



Vince pry's open his ass cheeks exposing his anus, "You have a nice ass Bobby, have you ever had a cock in here?" Vince asked boldly as he ran a finger over it.

Bobby gasped, "N-n-n-n-n-no Sir," He whimpered at the suddenly possibility he may get fucked.

"So you're still a virgin Bobby?"

"Y-y-y-yes Sir,"


"What else have you done bad Bobby? What else do you need to be punished for?" Vince asked.


"Urghh! I stole a shirt from a shop once," Bobby confessed.

"What? Shoplifting? Wow Bobby that is serious, I think you need something a bit more substantial than my hand. Stand up," Vince ordered.

Bobby stood and Lance looked at the huge bulge in his underwear again, it was straining to get out and there was a wet patch where his cock was leaking precum.

"Kneel down and put your hands behind your head," Vince commanded.

Bobby complied and Vince stood up. Bobby and Lance looked at him as his dressing gown opened enough for his fully erect cock to stick out, Bobby gasped when he saw it.

"Now don't move, I'll be back in a moment," Vince said.

Bobby and Lance stared at each other, looking at each others cocks and back at their faces. Bobby was still shaking but not with fear or nervousness but with excitement, he'd never been so turned on.

Vince returned with the paddle and a few other items that he placed behind the sofa out of sight. He waked behind Bobby and removed his robe, his cock stood proud, Lance's mouth watered.

"Stand up," Vince commanded. Bobby did so and Vince peeled down his underwear freeing his cock that sprang up and pointed directly at Lance. Lance marvelled at his size, it was the same as Vince's, a good nine inches but not as thick.

"Keep your hands behind your head at all times," Vince ordered Bobby.

He placed one hand on Bobby's stomach then swiped at his ass with the paddle.



"You're a bad boy Bobby, don't you know shoplifting his illegal?" Vince asked.

"Y-y-y-yes Sir."


"ARRRRGHH! I'm sorry Sir."

"So you should be."





"Are you going to do it again?"


"URRRRGGHHH! N-n-n-never Sir!"



Lance is looking at Bobby's face, he doesn't have a look of pain, it's more like he's in the throw of complete passion.


"URRRRRGGGGGHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUCK!" Bobby shouted as his cock suddenly blasted out thick ropes of spunk a good four feet in the air. Lance was startled as it landed on his face and chest. Vince saw this and quickly acted.


"URRRRRGGGGHHHHH!" Bobby cried as he continued to blast his cum and shower Lance. Lance wished he didn't have the gag so he could catch some in his mouth.

It didn't seem to stop, it kept blasting out smothering Lance who was so turned on by it that if his hands weren't tied he wouldn't have been able to resist wanking and blowing his own load.

"My God Bobby, when did you last cum?" Vince asked.

"A week ago Sir," Bobby panted.

Vince stood behind Bobby and wrapping his arms round him held him close, his cock pressing between the cheeks of his ass. Bobby went to lower his arms, "Keep your arms up," Vince ordered. "Do you like my slave Bobby?" Vince asked in his ear as he gently caressed Bobby's body, The boy groaned with pleasure as he experienced the touch of another man on his naked skin for the first time.

"Yes Sir," Bobby groaned.

"What do you like about him?"

"He has nice eyes Sir."

"What else Bobby?"

"Er, he has a nice cock."

"What would you like to do to him?"

"I'd like to kiss him Sir."

Vince moved to Lance and removed the gag, "Ok Bobby, you can kiss my slave now," he said.

Bobby dropped to his knees in front of Lance still keeping his arms above his head.

"You can lower your arms now," Vince tells him.

Lance who was sitting back on his legs knelt up so Bobby's face was just inches from his. Bobby nervously placed his hands on Lance's shoulders and leaned in, Lance moved in to meet him. Bobby closed his eye and anticipated the moment when their lips would meet, when they did he let out a soft moan, Lance's lips were soft and tasted of semen. Lance's tongue sought entrance so he opened and let the invading tongue explore. Vince untied Lance's hands and now free Lance quickly wrapped his arms round Bobby and pulled him close, smearing the cum on him between them. They kissed passionately while Vince sat back on the couch and watched them while he stroked his cock.

As they kissed Lance caressed Bobby's back and buttocks, Bobby took the cue and did the same.

"Do you like Bobby Slave?" Vince asked Lance.

"Yes Sir," Lance replied breaking from the kiss.

"Do you think he would make a good slave?" Bobby looked at Vince with a hint of fear but mainly excitement at the possibility of being a slave.

"Yes Sir, he's very obedient," Lance replied.

"Bobby, have you ever sucked cock?" Vince asked.

"N-n-no Sir."

"Why don't you suck on my slave's cock?" he suggested.

"Y-y-yes Sir," Bobby immediately got down and took Lance's cock in his mouth sucking it hard.

"Slowly Bobby, lick the head some first," Vince instructed.

Bobby pulled away and looked at Vince feeling a little foolish, following Vince's instructions he licked the head lapping up some of the precum oozing out, it tasted nice so he licked it some more.

"Ok Bobby now put it in your mouth and suck it slowly, use your tongue when it's in to massage it," Vince coached.

Bobby did so and he now had the very first cock in his mouth ever, in that instance he knew he was born to suck cock, it felt the most natural thing in the world to him. Lance groaned as he watched Bobby's virgin mouth slip over his throbbing cock, leaning back he grabbed hold of his ankles while placing his other hand on Bobby's head.

"That's it Bobby, suck him deeper, use plenty of saliva," Vince instructed as he slowly jerked him self to two hot naked boy's having sex right in front of him.

Bobby gagged when Lance's cock touched the back of his throat. He tried again this time as he swallowed Lance's cock slid down the back of his throat and he realised his nose was against Lance's groin. Lance groaned loudly as he felt his cock head slip down the boy's throat.

"Excellent Bobby, keep doing that," Vince encouraged him.

Bobby took up a rhythm sucking Lance in deep and them back out to the tip. Lance made noises of pleasure that let Bobby know what a wonderful job he was doing. Bobby was pleased he was able to bring pleasure to this naked slave so he picked up the pace sucking Lance in harder. Lance felt the pressure in his balls and knew he was about to cum.

"Urrghh permission to cum sir!" he gasped.

"Would you like my slave to cum Bobby?" Vince asked.

Bobby pulled off gasping for breath, "Yes Sir!"

"Would you like my slave to cum in your mouth Bobby?"

Bobby doesn't pull off this time, he just makes a noise affirming Vince's question.

"Ok Slave you can cum," Vince said to Lance.

Lance was already at the point of no return, "URRRRGHH FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" he shouted as his cum blasted into Bobby's mouth. Bobby sucked furiously as the spunk filled his mouth so he swallowed it as quickly as he could but there was too much, some leaked out and trickled down Lance's shaft.

"How was that slave, did Bobby give good head?" Vince asked.

"Yes Sir! He gave amazing head," Lance replied.

Bobby sat up feeling really proud, his cock standing very proud and hard too.

"I think one good deed deserves another don't you Slave?" Vince asked Lance.

"Yes Sir," he replied.

"What would you like to do to repay the favour?" Vince asked.

"I'd like to taste his ass Sir," Lance replied eagerly.

Vince like the way Lance was thinking, he had the same idea himself. "Lie on the floor Bobby, on your back," Vince instructed him.

Bobby did so and Vince knelt above his head, "Lift up your legs." As he did so Vince took hold of his feet and pulled them to his chest. In that position Bobby was looking up at Vince's hard dripping cock looming over his face.

With is ass fully exposed Vince gave Lance the go-ahead and Lance wasted no time. His tongue immediately began licking around Bobby's tight virgin hole. Bobby gasped at the sensation and looked down at Lance between his legs.

"Oh God that feels incredible," he panted. He threw his head back and closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation.

Lance was loving it too, it was something else he'd discovered about himself, he loved to eat ass. Vince pulled down harder on Bobby's legs pulling his ass higher in the air, Lance stayed with it and kept his tongue lapping away at the tight ring of muscle in Bobby's anus.

Bobby's cock was almost touching his mouth so Vince pushed a little harder down and sure enough is cock brushed against his lips. Bobby opened his eyes and saw his cock at this mouth, instinctively he stuck out his tongue and licked its head.

"Can you suck your own cock Bobby?" Vince asked.

"Uh huh," Bobby replied.

Vince pulled down even harder on his legs and Bobby opened his mouth allowing a quarter of his cock to slide in, Lance stopped to look.

"Oh wow, that's awesome!" Lance said amazed.

Vince lifted up Bobby's head with his free hand and more of his cock slid in.

"Oh I so wish I could do that," Lance said then got back to licking out Bobby's hole but keeping his eye's on Bobby sucking his own cock all the time.

Vince let go of Bobby's head and taking each of Lance's hands gets him to hold Bobby's legs in position while he fetched some other items from behind the sofa. Bobby's cock popped out of his mouth but he grabbed his ass with both hands and it was soon back in.

Vince positioned himself back at Bobby's head and produced an eight inch Dildo. Bobby saw it and got worried.

"W-w-w-what's that for?" he asked nervously.

"We're going to fuck you with it," Vince explained.

"Please Sir it's too big," Bobby pleaded. Bobby had always thought he might like to be fucked, that was until he tried pushing a screwdriver handle up his ass, the pain was so intense that he swore he would never do that again.

"Don't worry Bobby, you'll enjoy it," Vince said, "finger his ass, open him up a little," he instructed Lance.

Lance stopped licking and placed his finger at Bobby's hole, Bobby started to panic a little and tried to get up but Vince had too firm a grip on him. Lance's finger slipped inside easily as his hole was well lubricated from all of Lance's saliva. Bobby was too scared of the dildo to notice the sensation of the finger.

"Please sir I don't think I can take it," Bobbly pleaded again.

Vince bent down and kissed him, Bobby groaned and accepted Vince's probing tongue. Then pulling away he spoke softly in his ear, "Do you trust me Bobby?"

Bobby swallowed hard, "Y-y-yes I think so," he replied.

"I'm not going to lie to you, it may hurt to start with but believe me the pain will go and the pleasure you will feel is wonderful. You're a natural sub, you will love this as much as sucking cock," Vince said trying to reassure him. "How does my slave's finger feel?"

Bobby was suddenly aware of Lance's probing finger inside his ass and to his surprise it did feel rather wonderful.

"It feels nice Sir," Bobby replied.

Just then Lance stroked his finger over Bobby's prostate. "Oh my God! What was that?" he shouted as it sent an electrical charge round his body.

"That's your G-spot," Vince explained, "it's the reason why some men like being fucked."

Lance stroked it again causing Bobby to shiver, he had an overwhelming desire to cum now. "Oh God it feels wonderful." Bobby panted.

Vince handed the dildo to Lance and he placed the head at Bobby's opening. Anticipating the pain Bobby shut his eyes and tensed up.

"Relax Bobby otherwise it'll just hurt more," Vince said.

Lance pushed but Bobby was still too tense so Vince slapped him hard on his ass cheeks, knocking all the tension from his muscles. The head of the dildo slipped in and Bobby gasped at the sudden sensation of fullness in his ring pieced, but where was the pain? Apart from a hot sensation on his sphincter it didn't hurt.

"Are you ok?" Vince asked.

"Er yeah," Bobby replied a little surprised.

"Any pain?"


"How does it feel?"


Vince nodded at Lance and he pushed the dildo deeper.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" Bobby shouted as he felt the ribbed veins on the dildo sliding past his tight ring of muscle, the sensation was mind blowing. He looked up between his legs and saw the dildo slowly disappearing into his ass. It brushed past his prostate causing him to cry out in pure ecstasy, he couldn't believe he got it so wrong with the screwdriver handle. Bobby felt wonderfully full as the dildo slipped completely inside him. Slowly Lance pulled it completely out then slid it completely back in. Lance was entranced as he watched the dildo sliding into the boy's virgin hole.

"I think from the look on your face you're enjoying that," Vince commented.

"Oh god yeah! It's fucking amazing. Oh fuck me faster please."

Lance picked up the pace ramming it deep then pulling it completely out. Bobby was suddenly aware of an orgasm building.

"Oh Jesus! I'm gonna shoot!" he cried.

Vince quickly grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed tight, stifling his orgasm, "not yet you don't," he said.

Vince told Lance to remove the dildo and as soon as Bobby came down from his orgasm he let go of his legs.

"Are you ready for real cock?" Vince asked.

Bobby nodded his head eagerly.

"Ok then, slave lie down on your back," Vince commanded Lance.

Lance smiled when he realised he was going to be fucking someone for the first time in his life. He got on the floor as Vince helped Bobby to his feet.

"Here make sure there's plenty of this on his cock," Vince said handing Bobby a tube of lubricant.

Kneeling down and straddling Lance's legs he applied the lube while Vince sat back on the sofa and stroked his huge cock. Lance groaned as Bobby's hand slid up and down his now very slippery cock.

"Ok Bobby, now squat over his cock, you can control it better that way," Vince instructed him.

Placing his feet either side of Lance he lowered his ass down. Lance could see his hole clearly and held his cock inline with it. As Bobby lowered he could feel the cock head against his sphincter. This is it, I'm going to lose my virginity at last, he thought. He relaxed and Lance's cock slipped inside causing Lance to groan as the ring of muscle gripped his cock tightly. Bobby dropped lower and lower, feeling Lance slowly fill him up and soon his ass was resting on Lance's groin. Lance savoured the sensation of having his cock in someones ass for the very first time, it felt so warm and tight.

Bobby lifted up then lowered himself again, "Oh God, it feels so good," he panted.

"How doe's Bobby's ass feel slave?" Vince asked.

"Wonderful Sir, he's so tight and warm, it's hard to describe," Lance replied.

Bobby picked up speed and his cock started to slap against Lance's stomach, Lance went to grab it and wank him but Vince stopped him.

"No, leave that you won't need to touch it," Vince said.

"Urrrgggh fuck yeah! Urggghh!" Bobby panted as he rode Lance's cock faster and faster.

Vince got up and knelt at Lance's head and lowered himself so his cock was touching his slave's lips. Lance turned his head and opening his lips accepted Vince's cock allowing him to slowly fuck his mouth.

Bobby was fucking himself furiously on Lance's cock now, "OH GOD! URRRGHHHHH FUCK! URRGGHH! URGGHH! URRGHH! IT FEELS SO GOOD!" he shouted.

Lance was getting close, he needed to ask for permission to cum but couldn't with his mouth full of Cock.

Bobby's orgasm was slowly creeping up on him, he was so used to it just racing up but this had got his body quivering all over. His legs were trembling badly now and he was losing muscle control which meant he couldn't go as fast. As he lowered himself once more Lance's cock brushed against his prostate causing his orgasm to slip over the edge.

"UUURRRRRRGHHH FUUUUUUUCK! I'M CUUUMMMMING! OH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST ALMIGHTY! UUUUUURRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!" His legs gave way and he slammed down on Lance's cock hard as his nine inches erupted a massive bolt of cum all over Vince and Lance. Being shot at with Bobby's spunk sends Vince over the edge too and he grunted loudly as his cock blasted his cum into Lance's mouth. Bobby was still squirting huge ropes of cum as Lance hungrily swallowed his masters load. Slowly Bobby's orgasm subsided but not before he'd drenched Vince and Lance. Vince's orgasm ended too and he pulled his cock out of Lance's mouth, some cum escaped and dribbled on the floor.

Lance still hadn't cum but he was close, he started bucking his hips trying to fuck Bobby but Vince leaned over and placed his hand on his groin stopping him.

"Not yet," Vince commanded.

Lance groaned, "Please Sir, please let me cum, I really want to shoot inside Bobby," he pleaded.

Vince shushed him then helped Bobby up and Lance's cock fell out with an audible pop. As Bobby stood he looked at the clock and began to panic.

"Oh fuck! I'm late!" he shouted.

"Late for what?" Vince asked.

"I'm supposed to be babysitting my little sisters while my mother goes out, I'm already fifteen minutes late, she's going to kill me!" Bobby said as he hurriedly got dressed.

"Seems to me that's worthy of another spanking," Vince winked.

Bobby smiled, "Can I come back again?" he asked putting on his shoes.

"Sure anytime you need some male company, you're always welcome," Vince patted him on the ass. Bobby smiled and left.

Vince turned to Lance and caught him wanking his cock, the look on his face showing he was about to shoot. Vince quickly dove down and pulled his hands away leaving his cock to bounce wildly on the edge of an orgasm.

"Nooo! Please Sir! Please let me cum!" Lance pleaded.

"What have I told you, you only cum when I say you can!" Vince boomed. He grabbed Lance by the arm, lifted him up and threw him on the couch. Then getting between his legs lifted them up to his head and pushed them down so his ass was pointing out on the couch. With one hand he picked up the paddle while with the other and his body weight he pressed down on lances legs pinning him to the couch.

"No! Please Sir, please don't! I beg you!"


"ARRRGHH! I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry, please stop!"

"I'm very disappointed in you," Vince said.


Lance's low tolerance for pain soon had him crying.

"ARRGHHH! Please I'm sorry,"


Lance was sobbing now and Vince threw the paddle on the floor.

"When are you going to lean I won't tolerate any disobedience," Vince said.

"I'm sorry, I won't do it again, I promise," Lance sobbed.

"I don't think I can trust you now, if we were together I would have to chastise you," Vince said.

Lance heard the words "together." Him and Vince a couple? He thought about it, could it really happen? Vince was now stroking Lance's ass cheeks helping to sooth them but still keeping his weight on the boy. Lance groaned between sobs at Vince's tender touch. Vince then started probing his hole, running his finger round the tight muscle. He wet his finger and slipped it inside causing Lance to cry out with pleasure, he loved this boy's ass, it was so sexy.

Picking up the lube he applied a generous amount to Lance's hole then picked up the dildo. Vince pushed it at Lance's hole and it slipped in as Lance relaxed.

"Oh Sir, that feels so good," Lance said.

Vince slid it in deeper and once fully inside twisted it, "Oh fuck! Oh God Sir yes" Lance cried. Vince stood the boy's cock up but didn't do anything with it.

Slowly Vince slid the dildo completely out then shoved it back in again, "Do you like this boy?"

"Oh God yes Sir! Yes! Please do it harder," Lance begged.

Vince picked up the pace, still pulling completely out before ramming it back in deep. It battered against his prostate stimulating the boy so much he knew that an orgasm was imminent.

"Permission to cum Sir," he asked.

Vince said nothing but kept ramming the dildo up the boy's ass.

"Please Sir, permission to cum Sir!" Lance was getting desperate, his orgasm fast approaching but sill Vince said nothing.

"SIR! PLEASE I'M GOING TO CUM SIR! PLEASE STOP!" he started to panic knowing he needed that permission but still Vince just kept on fucking him with the dildo.

"UUUURRRGGGHH FUCK! SIIIRRRR! I'M CUUMMMIINNG! URRGGGHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCKK!" Lance's cock exploded spraying cum high in the air. Vince quickly devoured his cock and swallowed the boy's juices as his boy spasmed and ejected the creamy matter.

"URRRGGGHHH FUCK! SIR! OH MY GOD!" he shouted as he continued to blast his load into Vince's mouth.

Vince kept fucking him with the dildo and sucking his now spent cock and what was an amazing orgasm now turned into torture for Lance, his cock very sensitive, Vince's sucking causing him to wince.

"Arrrghh stop! Please! Arrrgh stop, stop, stop, stop! Please stop!" he panted.

Eventually Vince stopped, pulled the dildo out and let Lance lower his legs. Then he kissed the boy tenderly.

"Aren't you going to beat me for cumming without permission?" Lance asked.

"No, you was so good with Bobby I thought you deserved a treat," Vince said.

Lance sat up and pinning Vince back on the couch straddle his lap, kissing him passionately.

"I love you Sir," Lance said when they broke for air.

Vince's eyes glazed over and he stood quickly causing Lance to fall on the floor startling the boy.

"Sir?" Lance asked confused at Vince's reaction.

Vince was staring at the fireplace, something was wrong. Lance stood and wrapped his arms round Vince only to be violently pushed away causing him to slam down on the couch.

Lance was getting scared now as Vince walked out of the room. He returned quickly holding Lance's clothes.

"Time for you to go," Vince said harshly as he threw them at Lance.

"What? Why?" Lance asked confused at Vince's sudden coldness.

"You've fulfilled your side of the bargain, here's your money, now it's time you went home," Vince said as he took two hundred pounds from his wallet.

"B-b-but I don't want to go yet, we've still got all day," Lance pleaded, "please I want to spend some more time with you," Lance stood and went to put his arms round Vince again, but again Vince pushed him away and back on the couch.

"I told you, go home," Vince boomed. He turned away and picked up his dressing gown. The rejection Vince was showing hurt Lance way more than any of the beatings.

"But I love you!" Lance shouted, tears swelling in his eyes.

"Get dressed and go or do I have to kick you out naked?" Vince yelled startling Lance.

Lance quietly removed his cuffs and got dressed sobbing heavily now and completely confused at Vince's reaction. Vince had his back to him and was leaning on the mantlepiece looking at the picture of Anthony.

Picking up the money he looked at Vince through teary eyes.

"Please, what did I do wrong?" Lance sobbed.

Vince turned around, Lance thought he was going to speak but instead he headed for the front door and opened it. "Leave."

Lance walked out and the door slammed behind him. He dropped to his knees on the steps blubbering uncontrollably, his world was completely upside-down now, the man who took his virginity and showed him a whole new wonderful world of sex was rejecting him, the pain was unbearable.

Lance pulled himself together and walked down the driveway to the road, all the time being watched by Vince in the window, Lance didn't see the tears in his eyes.